Controversial, yet brilliant, advertising campaign from the populist anti-Islamization party, Alternative for Germany (AfD)

Texas-based, Harris Media, a consultant that counts Donald Trump and Britain’s conservative UKIP party as its past clients, is working with Germany’s populist AfD party as it seeks election success. A social media blitz is in store.

DW  AfD refers to Alternative for Germany, and is a populist, Eurosceptic party, founded just three years ago and already the country’s fastest-growing political movement.

The below campaign billboard for the “Alternative for Germany“ (AfD) hangs in Nuertingen southwestern Germany, with a slogan reading: “More safety for our women and daughters” under the names of German cities – Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg – where scores of young girls and women were raped by Muslim invaders

Founder Vincent Harris, a Christian conservative still in his 20s, has worked on the digital side of “three presidential races,” according to his website.


“For a family-friendly policy. Making children is fun.”

“No passport – No entry. Protect the borders.”

“Islam has no place in Germany. The freedom of women is non-negotiable!”

His firm worked on projects for the Trump campaign in the Republican primaries, as well as for the presidential campaigns of former Texas Governor Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 2012. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also a client during his successful 2014 campaign, according to the site.

“Islam? It’s doesn’t fit our cuisine. Have faith in yourself Germany.”

According to a report in Spiegel Online, there are three Harris Media employees working at the AfD offices in Berlin. Part of their mission is to distribute materials online, including the anti-Islam posters designed by Thor Kunkel, the author and advertising creative director, who lives in Switzerland.

“Burkas? We prefer bikinis.” Have faith in yourself Germany.”

While the German offices of Google and Facebook have been less than keen to place adverts from the AfD, the Harris Media people can make some calls to Silicon Valley in the US and then the AfD orders for media space are placed from there and put through to Germany.

“The tracks left by the world chancellor in Europe”, highlighting Angela Merkel’s responsibility for the tragic results of mass Muslim migration.

Dramatic images on Facebook delivering the AfD message of right-wing populism have helped the party increase the number of reactions received by their posts.

“Burqa? I prefer Burgundy (wine). Have faith in yourself Germany.”

The ads have been met with the usual outrage, and called “rascist, sexist, and Islamaphobic”, but they are tailored to address German anger about migrants. The AfD is currently polling at around 10 percent with the anti-migrant messages at the core of its campaign.

“New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves. Have faith in yourself Germany.”

As a way of involving potential supporters, invitations are sent out for fans of the various AfD sites to submit their own videos and to frame their photos with AfD symbols. It appears to be a subtle approach, with simple statements such as “Twelve years are enough,” over a photo of Chancellor Angela Merkel appearing on timelines. Only when the image is clicked does it become clear that the AfD is behind the message.

“Colorful diversity? We’ve got enough already. Have faith in yourself Germany.”

According to the report in Spiegel, some of the ideas by the Harris Media people are a little too hot for the AfD staffers in Berlin. A suggestion of the logo “Germany for Germans,” was rejected as being too nationalistic.

“Protect the constitution from Merkel”