FRENCH NEWSPAPER claims: “Allahu Akbar attacks have nothing to do with Islam”

One day (yesterday) in the fantasy world of “NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM”

LONDON: Improvised explosive device goes off in a London Underground train in what appears to be another MUSLIM terrorist attack

PARIS: “Allahu Akbar”- shouting Muslim terrorist knife attack on a soldier

FRANCE: In the third Muslim terrorist attack in Europe just today, Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacks two women with hammer

SWEDEN: Police arrest (Muslim) driver carrying several explosives in his car

This is from the website of the “France Soir” newspaper:

A man afflicted by serious psychiatric problems attacked passers-by and police in Toulouse while shouting “Allah Akbar”. Several attacks of this type, without any link to terrorism or even Islamism have occurred in recent months, which at the very least is surprising since they are often carried out by unbalanced people. Source