OKLAHOMA MUSLIM who beheaded a Christian grandmother and tried to behead another woman in their workplace found competent to stand trial

Sorry CAIR, your Muslim brother beheader won’t be able to use the “mental problems” defense that’s become the favorite excuse for Muslim violence. And don’t try to tell us this had “nothing to do with Islam.”


Newson6 (h/t Timothy C)  Alton Nolen also known as Jahkeem Yisrael, the Mohammedan accused of beheading his co-worker and attempting to behead another worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, has been deemed competent to stand trial.

The competency trial began on Monday for Alton Nolen, who is accused of beheading 54-year-old Colleen Hufford. Nolen had been suspended from his job at Vaughan Foods processing plant where they worked when the attack occurred on Sept. 25, 2014.


During the trial, Nolen’s defense team contends their client is not competent to stand trial because he has a learning disability. 

However, on Wednesday, District Judge Lori Walkley deemed Nolen competent to stand trial, stating, “because there is no other evidence of a defect, psychological or otherwise, that would prevent Defendant from assisting in his defense, there is no dispute that he is able to appreciate the nature of the charges made against him. This court finds that Defendant is competent to undergo further criminal proceedings in this matter.”


The judge ordered to resume proceedings in this case, which have been stayed pending the determination of Nolen’s competency. 

Looks like Oklahoma can expect more beheadings by Muslims.













Islamic State (ISIS) beheads a man screaming for his life in the street as a large crowd looks on

Pinned face down in the middle of the street by four ISIS militants, the condemned man struggles for his life, screaming for help that bystanders dare not give.


UK Daily Mail  As an executioner looks on, his helpers finally manage to immobilise the victim – who has not even the scant comfort of a blindfold – with three on the man’s body and a fourth pulling his head to expose his neck.

In an instant the executioner swings a cruel, curved blade. The struggling abruptly ends and the sandy street beneath the condemned man is stained with a burst of crimson blood. This was the gruesome scene that unfolded yesterday in Al-Shadadi, a town of 25,000 in north-east Syria, as Islamist militants enforced the hardline religious law of their Islamic Caliphate.


Dozens of bystanders watched the victim – whose crime is not known – as he screamed for help. But none dared intervene against the armed religious fanatics who now control their town. The United Nations human rights watchdog last week warned that Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq had been meting out ‘cruel and inhuman’ punishments to victims accused of violating sharia law.

The group had posted photos of two men being crucified for alleged banditry, women stoned to death after accusations of adultery, and men thrown from a tall building after claims they were homosexuals, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said. ‘In just the first two weeks of this year, reports indicate that three female lawyers were executed.’

Below video is not graphic as far as ISIS beheadings go.

This video, also from Syria, is FAR MORE GRAPHIC, as Ahrar ash-Sham jihadists behead a dying Chechen mujaheddin who was fighting with ISIS. 



Islamic State (ISIS) beheads Croatian man after Egypt ignores demand to release Muslim women prisoners

Croatian citizen Tomislav Salopek has been beheaded by ISIS, according to photos published by the group on social media. The pictures were uploaded on the morning of August 12th.


Heavy  Jihadis loyal to the Islamic State in Egypt claim to have brutally beheaded the Croatian hostage who was seen begging for his life in a chilling video message released last week. Depraved ISIS supporters took to social media to share a photograph purporting to show the body of 30-year-old Tomislav Salopek, who has been held by militants in Sinai province since July 22 after being kidnapped in the capital Cairo.

The 31-year-old had been held by the group since July 22 when he was kidnapped close to Cairo, Egypt. His death, ISIS says, was due to Croatia’s role in the war against the Islamic State.

Tomislav Salopek reading a statement right before he was brutally killed by an Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State

Tomislav Salopek reading a statement right before he was brutally killed by an Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State

In the new video, it’s said that Salopek will die unless Egypt releases “muslim women” from jail in 48 hours. Salopek is shown in a yellow jumpsuit, kneeling down in front of a masked knife-wielding terrorist. The clip of Salopek begging for his life has been removed from YouTube due to a violation of the site’s terms of service. The video was released on August 5. The photos of Salopek were verified by the terrorism watchdog SITE Intel.

The gruesome image appears to show Mr Salopek’s severed head placed on his back – a trademark of ISIS militants who have brutally beheaded at least seven Western hostages over the past year. Buried in the sand next to his bloodied corpse is the chilling black and white flag used by ISIS. 


In the images released by ISIS, one highlights Croatia’s support for Egypt in the War on Terror, the other for Croatia’s support of Kurdish rebels. The Independent reports that the Egyptian interior ministry have not yet confirmed Salopek’s death and were working to confirm the authenticity of the photos. The Croatian foreign ministry said the same though the BBC reports that the country’s prime minister is preparing a statement on the execution. A spokesman for Salopek’s employers said “we fear the the worst,” reports the Associated Press.

Salopek had been working in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, as a surveyor for the French company CGG. Reuters reported two days after he was taken that his car was stopped by militants while Salopek was traveling to work. The specific group responsible for his capture were ISIS-Egyptian offshoot Wilyat Sina. He’s the first civilian to be taken hostage by the group. 


CNN reported in February 2015 that Croatia was considered a part of the coalition to battle ISIS. Also in the coalition are Croatia’s neighbors Serbia and the predominately Muslim country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In July 2015, an ISIS video encouraged Muslims in the Balkan countries to take up arms and establish Sharia Law in the region. 



SYRIA: Man is beheaded and then his corpse is crucified for leaving Islam by Islamic State Muslim savages (Viewer Discretion Advised)

On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “ridda,” or defection from Islam, which is the very label Muslims give to Muslims who convert to Christianity. The statement also accuses him of “blaspheming Allah.”


Shoebat  Beheading and crucifying are punishments prescribed in the quran for those who defect from Islam. As the quran itself says:

The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet from opposite ends or be banished from the land.” 

saker-2-1024x576 saker-3-1024x576 saker-4-1024x576 saker-5-1024x576 saker-6-1024x576 saker-7-1024x576


Islamic State (ISIS) child jihadi carries out a savage beheading of a Syrian Army soldier

‘Cub of the Caliphate,’  no older than about 10, is seen executing a Syrian Army soldier by decapitation as the terror group increasingly uses young boys to kill.

Screen shot 2015-07-17 at 8.18.11 AM.JPG

HEAVY  A new video (below) purportedly released by the Islamic State shows a young boy soldier beheading a Syrian army officer in Palmyra, Syria.

UK Daily Mail  Wearing camouflage and a black headdress, the boy’s face is uncovered – revealing a chilling dead-eyed stare that offers a glimpse of the evil he has witnessed carried out by ISIS’ killers.


The regime soldier is seen being forced to lay on his stomach as the young boy approaches him from behind, pulls his head back by the hair, and uses a small knife to slit the man’s throat and set about beheading him. 


In a moment of true horror the child then lifts the victim’s severed head in a warped celebration of the brutal murder. He then places the head on the victim’s back.


Throughout the entire killing, a senior ISIS fighter is seen observing the shocking scene.  At the end of the video the older militant turns to the camera and makes a chilling threat to the West.

‘Our goal is not only Palmyra or Homs or Damascus, rather our goal is to conquer Bayt al- Maqdes [Jerusalem] and Rome, God willing,’ according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who say they were sent a copy of the video.

Sorry, looks like the video has already been removed. Cowards.

You can see an uncensored beheading of a man by a 12-year-old Taliban child soldier here:



FRANCE: MUSLIM TERRORIST suspect sent out a photo of the severed head of his boss hanging on a fence

Grenoble attacker, Yassin Salhi, the French MUSLIM who allegedly decapitated his boss and hung the head from a company fence took a selfie with the severed head — and shared the perverse pic with a friend.


NY DAILY NEWS  Yassin Salhi, 35, allegedly sent the gruesome photo via WhatsApp to a Canadian cell phone number, according to officials. French investigators were hunting for the recipient of the selfie, but were unable to confirm media reports that it was a person now in Syria.

Salhi was arrested Friday after killing his boss, Herve Cornara, and unsuccessfully trying to set off an explosion at the U.S.-owned Air Products factory near Lyon by plowing a truck into an area containing flammable liquids. The suspect instead caused only a small explosion and was attempting to ignite bottles of acetone when he was overpowered by firefighters.

Herve Cornara, beheaded by MUSLIM terrorist suspect Yassin Salhi

Herve Cornara, the man beheaded by MUSLIM terrorist suspect Yassin Salhi

 Before his capture, Salhi allegedly strangled and beheaded his boss, took the perverse photo, covered Cornara’s head in Arabic writing and attached it to the gates of the factory along with homemade ISIS flags, officials said. “This macabre act of decapitation, staged with flags, is new in France.”

In a scene echoing the gruesome violence used by Islamic terrorist groups in Syria, Mr. Salhi’s 54-year-old boss was found decapitated, prosecutors said. His head was affixed to a fence and framed by a pair of flags emblazoned with the shahada, an Islamic creed declaring “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

Herve Cornara's severed head

Allegedly Herve Cornara’s severed head

Salhi, who does have a history of radical ties, remained in police custody Saturday in Lyon along with his sister and wife. The father of three initially refused to cooperate with French authorities.

Not sure if this is the same person, but According to the JTA, a man called Yassin Salhi was given a six-month suspended jail sentence in 2012 for attacking a Jewish train passenger travelling from Paris to Lyon. 

The assailant, who was not identified by name in French media, hit a man wearing a kipah on Jan. 26, 2011 aboard a train traveling from Paris to Lyon. “You Jews with your skullcaps, you think you run the world,” he said, adding profanities. The assailant then followed the Jewish man to the train bar, making derogatory remarks about him, his mother, father “and your whole race.” He then hit the man in the chest.
Wife of alleged terrorist suspect Yassin Salhi

Wife of alleged terrorist suspect Yassin Salhi


UK: Muslim savage who beheaded 82-year-old white Christian woman gets off with an insanity defense

29DBD07F00000578-3135955-icholas_Salvador_25_had_to_be_tasered_six_times_by_police_after_-m-50_1435062768126Nicholas Salvador, a convert to Islam (photo right), who was charged with the beheading murder of a great grandmother, Palmira Silva, in North London, was found ‘not guilty’ by reason of insanity. (He’s not insane, he’s just acting like a Muslim) The footage had been shown to  the jury, just meters away from where Mrs Silva’s family sat in the public gallery. But the final moments of Mrs Silva’s life had been edited out because it was deemed too distressing.

UK Daily Mail  Chilling footage shows weapon-wielding Muslim convert killer Nicholas Salvador strolling through a north London suburb during a violent 45-minute rampage in which he beheaded a great-grandmother. He was captured on police helicopter camera storming through back gardens in Edmonton, north London, after attacking 82-year-old Italian café owner Palmira Silva with a machete.


‘It is a mercy that she can have had no time to begin to comprehend what was going on. This gentle, intelligent 82-year-old lady should have been able to live her life in peace and with security, proud in the achievements of others, but that was not to be.’  

The footage showed Mrs Silva, who was wearing an apron, approaching Salvador over her garden wall. After a brief exchange, the defendant was then seen climbing into her flowerbed, where he stabbed her repeatedly and beheaded her.


Before the ferocious attack on the elderly woman, bare-chested Salvador – whose nickname is Fat Nick – had beheaded two cats, just three doors away from where the elderly woman lived. The Muslim killer – who was also armed with a wooden stick – then ran amok, tearing down fences and kicking down neighbours’ doors as the police helicopter hovered overhead.


At one point, the 25-year-old strode towards a driver who was sitting in his car and threatened him with the weapon, forcing him to flee from the scene. Seconds after killing Mrs Silva, the heavily built 6ft killer also came within just a few feet of two children who were playing in their back garden, who had to be desperately urged away by police.


His rampage was so ferocious that armed police began smashing windows to rescue residents, warning them to run for their lives amid fears of a further attack. 

The terrifying footage was released today after Salvador, from Enfield, also in north London, was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of insanity.  When police finally cornered him, they were forced to Taser him six times during a violent and chaotic struggle in which Salvador bit a chunk out of one officer’s leg. 

The defendant, who had pleaded not guilty throughout proceedings, will now be locked up indefinitely at Broadmoor maximum security hospital, the home of some of Britain’s most dangerous killers.


THAILAND: Islamic savages behead an innocent elderly Thai man (WARNING: Very Graphic)

The Islamic insurgency in Southern Thailand is quite brutal but rarely commands the attention of the Western media. See links below:

















SAUDI ARABIA is celebrating its 100th beheading this year

On the upside, unlike the brutal, dull-knife beheadings we see carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) savages, at least the Saudis use a long sword which enables them to smite the head off in one fell swoop.


Egypt Independent  Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded a Syrian drug trafficker and a national convicted of murder, taking to 100 the number of executions in the kingdom this year. Under the Gulf state’s strict Islamic sharia legal code, drug trafficking, rape, murder, armed robbery and apostasy are all punishable by death.

The number of executions has surged in 2015 compared with the 87 recorded by AFP for all of last year. But it is still far below the record 192 which rights group Amnesty International said took place in 1995. 


Anyone looking for a job?


AFGHANISTAN: Elderly man accused of being a spy is beheaded by the Islamic State (ISIS) doing business as Khorasan there

elderly-man-beheading-khorasan-isis-in-afghanistan-500x281ISIS in Afghanistan, bearing the name of Khorasan, is doing what other factions of ISIS do: kill opponents and destroy places of worship and other buildings, relics, and items of cultural significance…Just like the Taliban mujahideen did to all the Buddhist temples and statues there. The video was released under the title “Healing Lives By Beheading a Spy Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.



Islamic State (ISIS) cuts off the head of an Iraqi soldier in its latest crappy Islamomusic video


The actual beheading part starts at 05:00 but is censored in typical ISIS style. At the end, the camera pans up to show the bloody head on top of the soldier’s chest.

The new video is entitled “Capturing and Beheading a Safavid Soldier,“ and reportedly filmed north of Baghdad. ISIS is sending a message to the Iraqi Shiite people, quoting the prophet Mohammad who said: “I have brought slaughter to you.



UZBEKISTAN: Devout followers of Islam are beheading people there, too

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has released a video in which jihadists behead one prisoner and are threatening to kill all of the captives, if the Afghan government does not release their fellow jihadists.


The video shows some of the captives delivering their messages, a jihadist delivering his warnings, and images of children in emotional settings. At 6:03, a captive is beheaded.