ANOTHER ISLAMIC BEHEADING – Looks to be the Taliban

Unlike the typical al-Qaeda dull-knife slow beheading, this one features a large cleaver delivering one swift swipe to the back of the neck. However, the first blow fails to totally sever the head from the neck.



Here we go: a typical al-Qaeda beheading carried out in Syria by the Jabhat Al-Nusra Front affiliated with al-Qaeda and a rival to the Islamic State (ISIS).

The victim is accused of working for the Assad Regime.




ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) claims to have beheaded one Japanese hostage, Haruna Yukawa

‘We will NOT give in to terrorism': Japanese Prime Minister in defiant attack on ISIS extremists after video that claims hostage has been beheaded is released. 

Second hostage Kenji Goto

Second hostage Kenji Goto holding up photo of an allegedly beheaded Haruna Yukawa

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  The Japanese government has made a defiant attack on ISIS after the release of a new audio recording purporting to be from one of the hostages pictured with terrorist Jihadi John. In the recording (below), a voice claiming to be that of Kenji Goto, 47, one of the Japanese men who appeared in the terror group’s latest video, says his fellow captive, Haruna Yukawa, has been killed. The new recording claims the terrorists no longer want the money.


‘They are just demanding the release of their imprisoned sister Sajida al-Rishawi. It is simple, you give them Sajida, and I will be released, says Goto in the video ‘Our government representatives are ironically in Jordan where their sister Sajida is held by the Jordanian regime.’

ISIS is demanding the release of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, an attempted suicide bomber who is currently being held by theJordanian regime

ISIS is demanding the release of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, an attempted suicide bomber who is currently being held by theJordanian regime

He blames the death on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and says he will be killed as well if ISIS’s new demand to release a failed female suicide bomber is not met.  Speaking today, Mr Abe condemned the video, branding it ‘outrageous and unacceptable’, but said his government ‘will not give in to terrorism’.

In a televised statement he added: ‘We strongly demand the prompt release of the remaining captive Mr. Kenji Goto, without harm.’ Prime Minister Shinzo Abe added ‘I have a strong sense of anger,’ before reiterating that Japan ‘will not give in to terrorism.’

Kyodo News agency reported that the video has been emailed to the wife of one of the hostages. If the video does turn out to be genuine, then it would be a radical departure from the Islamic State’s usual method of operations. 

ISIS typically uses high-definition video recordings to make its threats, usually recorded somewhere in the desert, though to be located in the area around Raqqa in Syria. The latest clip is accompanied by Arabic subtitles, as is standard for ISIS videos, but is missing the black and white jihadi flag that appears on all other ISIS propaganda.

VIDEO below, sent to hostage Kenji Goto’s family, is allegedly the voice of Goto, freelance journalist, who is relaying ISIS’ demands in exchange for his release: 


Now. before you cloud up and rain over the dead Japanese hostage, please understand that he was a confirmed Muslim Jihadist, who had converted to Islam and had joined up with an ISIS rival Islamic Front.


Shoebat (h/t Russian Bear)  Haruna Yukawa, his first name is not Haruna but Harukana Yukawa  and his Facebook shows him handling an AK47 quite well. Harukana twisted his name to an Islamic name Harun, a common Muslim name. His conversion to Islam became obvious once we investigated Haruna communications and relations on his Facebook in which he had a love relationship with a Jihadi operative named Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i from Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant). 

Here, Haruna Yukawa prepares to fire an AK47 in a military video:

One of Yukawa favorite links is also Jabha Islamiyah (Islamic Front) on his Facebook which the link has posted a Jihadist logo that states “Islam is our pride and we will shatter your democracy.”

In one post Yukawa messages his boyfriend Abu Tamim in classical Arabic, “ana aydan bahibbak” (I love you too). This love relationship with Al-Mari’i will disclose even more truths behind Yukawa.


The Arabic reveals more than just a love relationship, in one post Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i receives a message from Yukawa “I’ve been captured by Al-Qaeda Al-Baghdadi …” which Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i posts and comments on it saying: “Haruna Yukawa [code name] Abu-Mujahid in Islam is now captive with ISIS”. Abu Tamim reveals that his boyfriend, Yukawa, is Muslim convert code named Abu Mujahid, (Arabic: father of Jihad) “in Islam” which signifies he is not only a Muslim, but a Jihadist, yet the media tells us that Yukawa was only “the chief executive of Private Military Company.”

Haruna Yukawa with Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i

Haruna Yukawa with boyfriend Abu Tamim Al-Mari’i

The Islamic Front which Yukawa and Tamim belonged to is a Jihadi group working to establish an Islamic State run Caliphate in Syria and Iraq that differs from ISIS. Yukawa is not the only Japanese who joined the Jihadist groups. There are also other Japanese serving with Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) whom Yukawa likes:

These Japanese, like James Foley are Jihadist sympathizers who pussyfooted with Islam, its obvious that Haruna Yukawa converted to Islam and just like the others did before him and now he dies as a sacrifice, not for any good cause, but to play right into what Shinzo Abe of Japan wants which is a  game plan against the country’s anti-war constitution.

Abu Tamim’s Facebook showing his connection to Haruna and shows his affiliation to Al-Sham Front

Abu Tamim’s Facebook showing his connection to Haruna and shows his affiliation to Al-Sham Front

The Islamic Front which Yukawa and Tamim belonged to is a Jihadi group working to establish an Islamic State run Caliphate in Syria and Iraq that differs from ISIS. Yukawa is not the only Japanese who joined the Jihadist groups. There are also other Japanese serving with Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) whom Yukawa likes:

Yo Zareef Al-Har is also a member of Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) as the logo on the background shows.

Yo Zareef Al-Har is also a member of Jabha Islamiyah of Sham (Islamic Front of the Levant) as the logo on the background shows

Another unknown Japanese serving with Jihadist code named Yo Zareef Al-Har

Another unknown Japanese serving with Jihadist code named Yo Zareef Al-Har


IRAQ: Islamic State’s (ISIS) latest beheading video (WARNING: Graphic)


Three Iraqi men from the town of Sinjar lose their heads. Sinjar Mountain, which you may recall, was where thousands of the Yazidi minority had fled to escape being slaughtered if they did not convert  to Islam, and where hundreds of young girls and women were turned into sex slaves and sold off by ISIS.

Actual beheading begins at 06:00. Click screen below twice to see video:


Beheading of a young schoolgirl (WARNING: Graphic)

No information as to where this took place, but somewhere in Muslimland, a schoolgirl in uniform wearing flip flops and a backpack was beheaded with a large hoe, allegedly by her own father in an ‘honor killing’ for disgracing the family.


Can anyone understand which language is being spoken here? It may give us a clue as to where this happened.



SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists having fun with the beheaded guy (WARNING: Graphic)

A captured Syrian soldier is verbally and physically abused by ISIS before he is beheaded (actual beheading not shown). Afterwards, they continue to berate the severed head sitting on the soldier’s chest. Then they drive the body into town and prop it up against a wall where young boys enjoy placing the severed head on top of the dead guy’s shoulders.



Looks like ISIS had a busy day. Here’s one more:



According to Prince Charles: Muslims beheading people isn’t the problem, internet service providers allowing beheading videos to be shown online is


The Prince of Wales has stepped up pressure on internet service providers over the spread of Muslim jihadist beheading videos online, warning that showing the photos and videos is dragging the world back into “the dark ages of public executions.”  

UK Telegraph (h/t Mike F) Charles said everyone had a “duty of care” to the victims and their families to ensure that the graphic images are not shared or broadcast. (Wouldn’t want to make Muslims look bad, now would we?) 

His intervention follows warnings from Robert Hannigan, the new head of GCHQ, that Facebook and Twitter have become “command and control centres” for terrorists so-called Islamic State – ISIS. 


Last month David Cameron described the internet as an “ungoverned space” and said technology giants must and do more to take down Muslim extremist material to “live up to their social responsibilities.” (Yep, we can’t seem to do anything to stop the Muslim extremists, but we can make reporting about their activities illegal. That’ll show ‘em)

The Prince’s comments came as he visited a church in west London to meet Iraqi Christians whose families have fled the threat of genocide (by Muslims). Islamic extremists attacking other faiths were bringing “nothing but dishonour” on their own religion, he said. (Because beheadings have nothing to do with Islam?)


He also spoke with passion about his own Christian faith, speaking of the need to “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute”. 

But he went on: “As these truly dreadful images of executions and beheadings are transmitted around the world by the internet I cannot help but feel that we are in serious danger in this so-called modern age of descending into the dark ages of public executions. (Better to hide the images and leave people in the dark about the true teachings of Islam, I guess)


“We hear much at present about the ‘duty of care’. “Then ladies and gentlemen I am bound to ask whether there is not a duty of care towards the victims of violence and their families who, like you, are daily distraught by the graphic transmission of violent images of their loved ones.” (Yes, it’s the images that upset people, not the fact that Muslims in their own neighborhood might try to behead them)

He added: “As some of you may know, throughout my life I have appealed for greater understanding between people of faith, for greater tolerance and for harmony between the great religions of the world. (How’s that workin’ out for you, Chuck? Ever hear of Lee Rigby?)

“Therefore for me it is utterly inconceivable that a person of one faith could find it within themselves to persecute a person of another faith, surely to do so brings nothing but dishonour on the faith of the persecutor.” (Not at all, they are considered heroes by many in the Muslim community)

He went on: “It seems to me that all faiths to some extent shine a light on the divine image in every human life.  “If that is so then surely to destroy another human being is to desecrate the image of the divine and to do so in the name of faith is nothing less than a blasphemy.” (Beheading of unbelievers and apostates is found all over the hadiths and in the quran )



SAUDI-style beheading not in Saudi Arabia, probably in Syria or Iraq (WARNING: Graphic)


If there is such a thing as “humane” beheadings, this is it – far preferable to the slow, torturous al-Qaeda and ISIS-style beheadings always done with what appears to be a dull knife.

This is a public execution beheading done with a scimitar type sword. Notice several other decapitated corpses in the background and a crowd in which children are present.



New details emerge about the Christian grandmother who was violently beheaded by a Muslim convert at an Oklahoma food plant


New information released following an autopsy on the victim, Colleen Hufford, 58,  beheaded in September by a Muslim co-worker/terrorist, indicates that she fought to the death. According to official reports, Hufford wasn’t just an innocent victim who didn’t put up a fight – she fought valiantly to save her own life. Sadly, she lost.

Conservative Tribune  (h/t Monica J) Early media reports depicted the gruesome encounter as one where the radical Islamist, Alton Alexander Nolen, (also known as Jah’keem Yisrael) attacked and killed Colleen Hufford from behind. The man, who the media only said was a “recent” Muslim convert, actually had multiple social media postings on Facebook that professed his allegiance to the Islamic State.


But the FBI still classified the crime as “workplace violence” and not what it truly was – domestic terrorism.

Hufford suffered multiple defensive wounds as she fought the Islamist at every turn, doing everything she possibly could to protect her life. The autopsy report clearly shows that she did not die with her back turned. She had wounds across her hands, cheeks, arms and neck before she was injured enough that the Islamist was able to carry out the beheading.


“Evidence from the autopsy indicates Hufford put up a fight before her death. The autopsy describes multiple defensive injuries to both hands and her right arm and other injuries to Hufford’s cheek, chest and upper arm.” Hufford was a hero in her own right. Though she ultimately lost the battle for her life, she gave it all she had.

Did Obama ever acknowledge her death? Not a bit. As a matter of fact, he never mentioned her name once in public.

Hufford won’t get the attention she deserves. We have the utmost respect for this American woman for at least attempting to fight this Islamic monster off before he took her life for no reason. The killer remains in jail, where he’ll rot for a long time to come or hopefully face the death penalty.












SYRIA: What’s the difference between a beheading by ISIS and a beheading by a ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel group?

The sharpness of the knives? Apparently, the beheader can’t quite get the head off by slitting the neck so he pulls out a meat cleaver to finish the job. 

Video allegedly shows a non-ISIS group beheading a man with a cast on his arm. It was carried out by either the al-Nusra Front or one of the so-called ‘moderate’ rebel groups that Barack Hussein Obama has been supporting and training.