Designated Terrorist Group CAIR on another witch hunt to get a Republican lawmaker reprimanded and/or fired

Republican lawmaker Sheila Butt in Tennessee suggested forming an NAACP for white people (NAAWP) and designated Islamic terrorist group CAIR is demanding that Republican leaders repudiate what it considers a “racist” Facebook post.


Tennessean  Republican Rep. Sheila Butt’s Facebook post said, “It is time for a Council on Christian Relations and an NAAWP in this Country.” She was commenting on a Jan. 26 open letter from the Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) urging potential Republican presidential candidates to reject so-called “Islamophobia” and reach out to American Muslim voters.

Butt issued a public statement later defending her post. “It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist,” the statement said. “Instead of realizing my post was actually about making sure that every race, religion, gender, and culture has a seat at the table, liberal groups have once again incorrectly and falsely jumped the gun.”

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Butt’s response is not acceptable.


No matter how many so-called ‘hate crimes’ Muslims report, they are still a fraction of those against Jews, yet we don’t hear Jews constantly whining about it

hooper-babyWASHINGTON STATE: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s latest addition to its never-ending whineapalooza about anti-Muslim hate ‘crimes’ (mostly graffiti and minor vandalism) and the willing leftist ‘dhimmi’ media who give them unlimited access.

Seattle Globalist  “Everything from beatings of women and men… arson attacks, graffiti, death threats …” Arsalan Bukhari, Executive Director of the Washington state Council on American-Islamic Relations (or CAIR) lists recent hate crimes against Muslims in the Northwest states.

Arsalan Bukhari the Executive Director of CAIR-WA

Arsalan Bukhari the Executive Director of CAIR-WA

He’s doing so in a low-ceilinged, fluorescent-lit conference room that doubles as a kitchen. But I can’t tell you much more about the Seattle CAIR office because its location is secret — a necessity when your organization receives as many as 10 threats a year. (10 a year? I get at least 10 a month from muslims)

Earlier this month, residents of Bothell woke to a swastika and the words “GET OUT” scrawled in red on the chalk white walls of a local Hindu temple. A nearby school was vandalized with “MUSLIMS GET OUT” alongside another red spray-painted swastika.


In December a cabbie was beaten by his passenger in the Magnolia neighborhood. The man called the driver a “terrorist” and told him “you should go back to your own country” before he punched him repeatedly in the face.

These statistics have some Muslims in our state (estimated to number near 100,000) eager to communicate the devastating impact of hate crimes — crimes defined by the FBI as motivated by “bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation” — on their communities.


Hate crimes against Muslims nationally remain five times higher than before the Sept. 11 attacks. (Yet they are still a fraction of what Jews get) In Washington, hate crimes in general have increased in the past three years. The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs reported almost 300 incidents in 2013 — the most recent year available. 

Zahra Abidi is program director for the Zainab Organization, an Islamic center and mosque in Lynnwood that received an emailed bomb threat in September 2012. “When I first saw the email I was angry,” Abidi says. “But the fear hit me there on the street.” (2012? Gee, you really had to do some digging to find that one)

The threat mentioned bombs going off and Mohammad cartoons. The perpetrator was identified and made to enter a “therapeutic alternative to prosecution,” but Abidi says the police response felt casual, especially when compared to police action in similar scenarios.

“They didn’t even come and check our mosque,” says Abidi, “And I said, ‘yeah, if this was a synagogue or a church would you do this? Or if this was a Muslim threatening [to bomb something]?’ ” 


Abidi says the threat may have seemed insignificant to some, but the experience has deeply affected her and Zainab. Many members stayed away from the center long after the threat had cleared, and Abidi says she still feels like a target when she’s walking to her car after work.

And it’s not just Muslims who feel like targets. CAIR works with many communities that are attacked for being “perceived as Muslim” including South Asians and Hindus (as Bukhari believes was possibly the case in the recent temple graffiti), Hispanics and African Americans. 


Members of one particularly hard-hit group, Sikhs, are often targeted when they’re mistaken for Muslims because of the turbans worn by some followers. Bukhari notes the growing South Asian community in our region and says he sometimes receives phone calls from people referencing a “Muslim community” who, it turns out, are referring to Sikhs.

“Hate crimes and discrimination comes from a lack of understanding and information about who these populations are, as well as a desire to target and other-ize people,” says Washington state Sen. Pramila Jayapal, who was founder of Hate Free Zone (now OneAmerica), an organization formed after 9/11 to address backlash against immigrant communities.

hate crime derby 2012

Jayapal says the xenophobia, prejudice and racism that lead to hate crimes “doesn’t get solved quickly,” but she believes education is key. Abidi and Bukhari agree, and CAIR is working on a program that will offer training and class visits that educate teachers and students about Islam.

In the meantime, Bukhari hopes to communicate to media-makers, law enforcement, politicians and citizens the consequences of even nonviolent, hate crimes.

religion brkdown hate crimes

“It’s not just a building where a few hundred dollars’ worth of damage might have been caused… It’s lives, livelihoods, self-esteem and a sense of security that is affected by these things,” says Bukhari, who urges law enforcement to treat the recent Bothell graffiti as a hate crime. “It’s not a crime just against one person, one building, it’s a crime against a… community.”


Oh, NOES! CAIR-Houston issues Community Safety Alert after “threat” to mosque

The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today (3/2/15) issued a community safety alert to Muslims after an apparent threat was posted recently on social media promoting a lecture at the Masjid Hamza Islamic center in southwest Houston. Mosque officials immediately reported the message to the Houston Police and the FBI.

Houston Police and FBI response: “YAWN”


“In this time of increased anti-Muslim sentiment and a spike in incidents targeting Islamic institutions nationwide, the Muslim community must take threats like these very seriously,” said CAIR-Houston Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll.





GOD FORBID! Young Muslim baghead says “We are America’s future”

This non-violent Muslim ‘takeover’ of the Oklahoma State Capital Building happened three days ago, but designated terrorist group CAIR is still putting out ‘dhimmi’ media stories about the ‘Muslim Day’ Jihad – an Islamic prayer ritual inside a government building, which was protested by real Americans.





Interviews with Christians banned from entering the Oklahoma State Capital while Muslim asslifters prayed for our demise on “Muslim Day” organized by designated terrorist group CAIR

ORIGINAL STORY HERE: police-grab-christian-woman-protesting-muslim-call-to-prayer-in-oklahoma-state-capital-building

Enid News  Few lawmakers attended Muslim Day, as it was held on a day when the Legislature was out of session. (See, they weren’t there to talk to lawmakers, they were there to shove their Islamic supremacism in American’s faces) 

Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which organized the event, said Muslims plan to return next week to hand out copies of Quran, the Islamic holy book, to lawmakers. He said he hopes it serves as a “educational resource” to teach what Muslims really believe. (I hope you’ll be giving them authentic qurans and not the whitewashed, sanitized of all the violence versions you usually give out to unbelievers)


IOWA: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands federal, state, and local ‘hate crime’ investigation of threatening letter left on door of mosque

An anonymous envelope that said “To all (expletive) Muslims,” was left on the door of the Darul Arqum Islamic Center in Ames, Iowa. Three notes inside the envelope said “We will burn all of you,” “Leave our country” and “We hate you.”



Ames Tribune  The Iowa chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is calling for a local, state and national law enforcement investigation. 

“This threat to a house of worship should be investigated as a hate crime and all available resources should be devoted to bringing the perpetrator to justice,” said Miriam Amer, CAIR-IA executive director, in a statement. (Yes, because federal, state, and local law enforcement have nothing better to do than chase down anonymous letter writers)

“We view this threat as just part of a recent spike in hate incidents targeting American Muslims and their institutions nationwide.” Ames Police officers will be doing extra patrols in the area of the mosque while they continue to investigate.



Police grab Christian woman protesting Muslim Call to Prayer in Oklahoma State Capital Building

Who the hell allowed Muslim extremists from designated terrorist group CAIR to desecrate the Capital Building with their offensive Call to Prayer?


Even worse, look at all the Christophobes sprawled out on the floor of the State Capital Building, blocking any real American citizens from entering. Disgusting!

Star Tribune  So-called ‘Muslim Day’ participants at Oklahoma Capitol were met by a group of angry anti-Islam protesters.   Adam Soltani, the group’s executive director, said Muslims in Oklahoma are increasingly being targeted with anti-Islamic rhetoric, some of it from Republican state legislators, making it even more important to learn how government operates. For example, Republican Rep. John Bennett is a frequent critic of CAIR who has said he believes Islam is a threat to America.


The Muslim man, Alton Nolen, who cut off the head of an Oklahoma Christian grandmother at work was unavailable to attend Muslim Day at the Capital.



















Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands apology after North Dakota Republicans cancel Muslim Imam’s opening prayer on ASH WEDNESDAY

whenpigsfly1-viUNBELIEVABLE! The largest terrorism-linked Muslim pressure group in the U.S., CAIR, is demanding that North Dakota House Republicans apologize for canceling a Muslim’s opening floor session prayer on Ash Wednesday and having a Christian deliver the invocation instead.


What idiot invited a Muslim to give a filthy Islamic prayer on a Christian Holy Day in the first place?

ABC News  Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Friday that Koleilat and other Muslims in North Dakota deserve an apology from lawmakers for what he called “religious bigotry and exclusion.” 

Like this?


The incident Wednesday could be a learning experience for lawmakers, Hussein said.

Rep. Al Carlson, the House majority leader, said some lawmakers believed it was “probably more appropriate to have a Christian” (probably?) lead the prayer on the day that marks the beginning of the Easter season. 

Rep. Dwight Kiefert said he was among the most vocal regarding not having a Christian deliver the prayer on Ash Wednesday.

“I just posed the question on why a Christian wasn’t giving the prayer on that holy day,” said the Valley City Republican who represents District 24. A posting on the District 24 Republicans’ Facebook page earlier this week called Koleilat’s planned prayer prior to the House floor session on Ash Wednesday “political correctness at its worst.”