CINCINNATI: Muslim woman dressed in Islamic supremacist garb alleges she was called a “terrorist” and nearly run over in the street

Haneen-Jasim-WLWT-800x430Haneen Jasim said she was wearing her hijab as she walked home Saturday night from studying at a Starbucks near the University of Cincinnati, reported WLWT-TV. The 22-year-old student said the driver started honking his horn, cursing and calling her a terrorist as she crossed the street — and then he drove straight toward her and didn’t stop.  

Raw Story  “Within an instant he tried to run over me,” Jasim said. “If it wasn’t for the three people in front of me, grabbing me onto the sidewalk, I would have been dead right there.” Jasim said the man drove away before she could read his license plate number, and she wasn’t sure police could help her without that information. (So where are the 3 witnesses?)
So she instead called the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), whose officials said this was the third such incident of anti-Muslim harassment reported in Cincinnati since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Karen Dabdoub, executive director of the local CAIR chapter said a Muslim woman was assaulted in a Kroger parking lot, and another Muslim woman was insulted and spat on by someone in a passing car. (Hey, sticks and stones…)
Too bad the sharia-compliant media feel the need to waste viewers’ time on these non-stories that are never backed up by any real evidence.


ALERT THE FEDS! Someone sent a letter to Muslims saying “Convert to Christianity before it’s too late”

And to hear the sharia-compliant media in San Antonio, Texas wax on about this “threat to the Muslim community,” one would think there was a ticking time bomb inside the letter.

But that’s not all…a Hispanic man was arrested for trespassing after he walked into the Islamic Center of San Antonio with his shoes on, looking for a place to pray, but not knowing he was not allowed to sit near women in the mosque.


Somebody please inform FOX News in San Diego that Islam is NOT a ‘race’

When somebody tries to pull off a Muslim supremacist’s headbag, it is anti-Muslim, NOT racist.

Ladies, think back to all the times when you were in elementary school and boys pulled your hair. If you were a Muslim, you not only could get major network news coverage of the alleged ‘hate’ crime, you could demand an investigation by local law enforcement and the feds.

Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim Student Association, will hold an anti-‘Islamophobia’ demonstration on campus Monday (following the above horrific ‘hate’ crime), in case any of you Islamic terrorist sympathizers wish to attend.


Hey, cupcake, It’s “repudiate,” NOT “repudate”

Then again, she’s reporting on designated terrorist group CAIR’s whining over a Kansas Commissioner’s alleged anti-Mohammed remarks…so who cares?

CAIR-Kansas today called on that state’s political and religious leaders to repudiate the bigoted and ‘Islamophobic’ views expressed by Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn in a slide presentation to a session of the county commissioners. At Wednesday’s commission meeting, Peterjohn, saying he was providing a “public warning for citizens,” offered a slide show of people who are named Mohammed who have committed crimes.

While we’re on subject of CAIR’s perpetual whining…

CAIR Condemns Donald Trump’s Statement on Closing U.S. Mosques

Ben Carson Compares Syrian Refugees to Rabid, ‘Mad’ Dogs

CAIR Calls on Donald Trump to Clarify ‘Looking At’ Getting Rid of Muslims

Donald Trump Has Big Plans for ‘Radical Islamic’ Terrorists

CAIR Announces Quran Giveaway in Response to Ben Carson’s Anti-Muslim Remarks



FIVE spokesjihadists from designated terrorist group CAIR are outraged that so many governors are refusing to take in Muslim terrorists posing as refugees



CAIR-New Jersey

CAIR ‘Islamophobia’ Director

And it wouldn’t be a CAIR whinefest without the proverbial claim” “Terrorism has no religion.” (And when the terrorists are Muslims, as the vast majority are, they don’t care what non-Muslim religion you are, they are equal opportunity throat-cutters)



So, is painting a peace symbol on a mosque considered a ‘hate crime,’ too?

mosquevandalismimage1Apparently, it is, if it has the Eiffel Tower as part of the design. Designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding a federal hate crime investigation after someone spray-painted an outline of the Eiffel Tower inside a peace symbol on an outside wall of The Islamic Center of Omaha.

WOWT  “The FBI and local law enforcement authorities should investigate the possible bias motive for this vandalism and allocate whatever resources are necessary to bring the ‘perpetrator’ to justice,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.


ALL TOGETHER NOW: “The Islamic State (ISIS) has nothing to do with Islam”…say all the spokesjihadists from designated terrorist group CAIR


New Jersey Muslim groups say “The religion of Islam is against terrorism and Muslim terrorists do not represent Muslims.”

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and if you say so, you are an “Islamophobe.”

“Refusing to accept Syrian jihadists posing as refugees flies in the face of American principles.”

“Stopping unscreened refugee outreach is not fighting terrorism.” (Except when the terrorists are unscreened refugees?)

Ewwwww, a Florida mosque got a threatening phone call. Call in the Feds.

Oh, lookie here, an ex-Christian in a Muslim headbag working for CAIR says “we shouldn’t fear Muslims.”

“We have to bring in as many unscreened Muslim terrorists posing as refugees as possible or else the terrorists win.”


OREGON City Councilor under fire from CAIR for a Facebook post calling Muslims “pure evil like Hitler”

cair-hit-listIt’s the usual witch hunt by designated terrorist group CAIR: First they demand an apology. Then they demand everyone in his party repudiate his remarks. Then they demand he be fired from his post. But so far, Dallas (Oregon) City Councilman Micky Garus not only hasn’t backed down from his remarks, he is doubling down on them. Can he withstand the relentless harassment by CAIR? Few politicians have.

Micky Garus

Micky Garus

Raw Story  In a Nov. 7 Facebook post, Garus said the U.S. was “heading down an extremely dangerous path” because the Muslim population was growing rapidly. According to The Oregonian, Garus linked his post to a story by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, which pointed out that three Muslim candidates had been elected in Michigan.

“Those who practice Islamic Faith, ‘Muslims’ pose a grave threat to our culture,” Garus wrote. 

“Do you feel comfortable having this growing Muslim population in our country, knowing that their ultimate goal is too [sic] cleanse the earth of all nonbelievers?” the city councilor asked. “Are we okay allowing them to take over our local, state and eventually federal governments?”

“If I were talking about Hitler or the Nazi party, would you be offended?” he continued. “And just like the Jewish people, Austria, and much of Europe, whom believed there was no danger and did nothing to prevent Hitler, and the Nazi’s rise. I fear we will suffer a similar fate if not more barbaric.”


 Then he doubled down on his anti-Muslim rhetoric in a statement defending the comments.

“Can we logically say that an increase of political rule from a religion that historically oppresses individual rights and other religions is a good thing, based on the history of that religion and the associated intolerance that it has displayed?” Garus asked. “There are also numerous current examples of Islamic behavior that fill the headlines every day! Do we want the United States to have more freedoms or fewer freedoms? Do we want the United States to exist in the same type of theocracy as Iran or Saudi Arabia?”

“I agree the majority of Muslims see freedom of religion as a precious value, but historically when Muslims gain positions of power in government, the acceptance of traditions and practices such as Sharia Law become the norm.”


Local Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari blasted Garus over his “bigoted views.”

“Councilor Garus has the right to hold bigoted views, but such extremist and un-American opinions raises serious questions about his ability to represent constituents of all faiths and backgrounds,” Bukhari said in a statement. “The City Council must take a stance against Islamophobia by clearly repudiating Councilor Garus’ bigoted views.” (Told ya so!)

Bukhari warned that Garus’ rhetoric was endangering the lives of Muslims. (Oh, here we go, pulling out the ‘victim’ card) “Hate speech leads to hate crimes, and Councilor Garus’ dangerous rant and the City Council’s timid response will contribute to an atmosphere that threatens the safety of not only thousands of everyday American Muslim women and children, but millions more who might ‘look Muslim,’” the statement said. 

However, Dallas Council President Jim Fairchild insisted that Garus had not done anything wrong!

Email your support to him:


SHAMEFUL! Only a few patriots turned out to protest Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s float at the Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa yesterday

Both CAIR and the organizers of the parade allege to have received death threats. Obviously, not enough people know what a threat CAIR is to America or more would have been enraged at this Muslim Brotherhood front group’s efforts to soil Veterans Day, while mocking the people who have died fighting against their filthy death cult posing as a religion.





TULSA SPITS ON U.S. VETERANS! Will allow designated terrorist group CAIR to enter a float in the Veterans Day Parade but not the Confederate Veterans

AFLC_CAIR_banner2vi-viA Tulsa, Oklahoma group called Confederate Veterans Lives Matter said it is filing a complaint against the city after it was denied a chance to participate in Wednesday’s Veterans Day Parade. Meanwhile, a float for the Oklahoma chapter of the terrorism-sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) was approved without issue.


Washington Times  (h/t Mike F) Organizers for Confederate Veterans Lives Matter said they had planned to add their float to the parade to honor what they said is an often-overlooked group: Confederate veterans, a local CBS News affiliate reported.

“Just a regular old float, have the Confederate flag up there like we have mounted on our trucks, and have some people on the float, and wave our flags and have some visibility,” said Allen Branch.


But parade organizers said the group submitted their application past the due date. The committee also said it does not allow any group that pushes an agenda, and it believes “Confederate Veterans Lives Matter,” a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, does just that, CBS reported.


On Sunday, about 50 people gathered at the Richard L. Jones Jr. Airport to protest the fact that CAIR is participating in this year’s event, marking the first time in 97 years that Oklahoma Muslims will have a float, a local ABC News affiliate reported.


Veterans in the area believe CAIR is not participating for the right reasons. “What bothers me is that it’s not that there was a Muslim in the United States military,” said David Bell, a protest participant. “That doesn’t bother me at all. What bothers me is that people are using the organization CAIR to in fact infiltrate our country under the pretense that they are veterans.”