FLORIDA: Muslim baghead suing Dominoes Pizza after she was arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up the store

hakimaThe plaintiff, a Muslim woman, claims the Domino’s Pizza manager accused her of threatening to blow the restaurant up. Hakima Benaddi never imagined what would come from her pizza order in July of 2012. “They take you, put you in handcuffs, take you to jail,” Benaddi said tearfully. (Yep, that’s what happens when Muslims act like terrorists here)

WFLA  She wore her headbag to the restaurant for the first time that visit to buy her typical halal veggie pie. She believes it made all the difference in how workers prepared the pizza. “It was deformed, missing ingredients, it’s missing crust,” said Thania Clevenger, Muslim Rights Director of CAIR Florida.


When she went back to complain, an incident unraveled she said that changed her forever. “When I complained- I went to the jail,” Benaddi explained. The Davenport Domino’s manager insisted Benaddi threatened to blow the place up. The accusations led to Benaddi behind bars. “That story damaged my life,” Benaddi said, adding she could not get a job for two months until the charge was eventually dropped. (Job? What job? Your job is to wear a headbag so no one will employ you  and you can spend your time trying to get a big payoff by filing lawsuits against businesses)


Through designated terrorist group CAIR’s litigation jihadists, Benaddi is suing the former franchise owner and his company. “We’re going to see what a jury wants to reward for this but at this time we’re asking for the medical damages she had- she went to the hospital,” Clevenger said. (Crap)

Still, the company played damage control on social media Thursday after the news broke, responding to angry tweets about the alleged incident. A CAIR spokesperson said they wanted to bring the suit earlier but resources in the non-profit delayed them. (Awww, what happened? Did the UAE putting CAIR on its list of designated terrorist groups cut into your donations?)

The below video was put out by CAIR so it is very slanted.


DEMOCRAT MUSLIM Congressman honors Muslim woman for setting up a branch of designated Islamic terrorist group CAIR in Minnesota

HONORING LORI SAROYA: February 12, 2015, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) honored Lori Saroya in the Congress for her leadership and advocacy efforts in promoting the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR in Minnesota.



Star Tribune  Says Ellison: “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Lori Saroya for her contributions and tireless efforts in promoting justice, civil rights and mutual understanding among the Minnesota Islamic community and all peoples of faith. As Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) Mrs. Saroya has been at the forefront of building coalitions and improving Muslim relations across the state.



  • Recognizing a lack of Muslim civil rights advocacy groups in Minnesota she decided to fill the void. In 2007, she co-founded the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. The organization has quickly become a powerful voice for Muslim civil liberties and advocacy across the state. CAIR-MN successfully fought for and won the establishment of the Abu Huraira Islamic Center in St. Anthony, MN despite misguided local opposition. CAIR-MN asked the Justice Department to investigate, which led to a negotiated agreement with the city and the opening of a magnificent new center for gatherings and prayer.
  • In 2014, Mrs. Saroya along with members of CAIR-MN led the first ever Jewish-Muslim Youth Day at the Minnesota Legislature. This ground breaking interfaith program trains students on successfully engaging in dialogue with legislators on the pressing issues of racial profiling, immigration, and safe schools. CAIR-MN has become the go-to legal source for those in the Muslim community. Since 2007 the organization has provided hundreds of Muslims with free legal aid and has become a driving force in fighting unlawful discrimination and bullying in work, schools, and the public sphere.
  • Thanks to Ms. Saroya’s outstanding efforts and hard work, CAIR-MN has immensely benefited the Muslim community in Minnesota. I applaud Ms. Saroya’s extraordinary work in advancing the civil rights of the Muslim community and fostering a more vibrant and culturally understanding Minnesota. On behalf of the people of Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, I wish you continued success and impact in your future advocacy work.

A little information about this Hamas supporter for jihad, Keith Ellison, Muslim convert and US Congressman:



Ellison accused the U.S. of breeding terrorists by somehow persecuting Muslims.

“The reason that we are susceptible to violent extremism is because we have not deepened opportunity in our country enough. Now it’s true that, certainly, economic deprivation makes people susceptible to being lured and seduced. That’s a fact. But it’s also true that not only is it economic deprivation, although it is certainly part of it. The other part of it is social deprivation as well and legal deprivation as well,” he said.

That Muslim terrorism is America’s fault is a frequent theme in Ellison’s speeches. In 2009 he said that “violent extremism with a Muslim veneer is essentially a post-colonial reaction” (i.e., a reaction to Western colonialism of the past) and a manifestation of a “political environment rooted in grievance.”


Ellison tried to downplay Islamist violence last week by suggesting it was on a par with religious violence committed by members of other faiths Islam may only enjoy a near-monopoly on violent extremism but it is very close to cornering the market outright. Outbursts of violence from the occasional deranged Christian are outweighed by the tens of thousands of atrocities committed every year in the name of Islam. No other religions have such bloody track records in the modern era.

And although Ellison may now say he believes Muslims should be held accountable according to law that didn’t seem to be his position in 2008. In a radio interview that year he urged listeners to support University of South Florida professor Sami al-Arian. Al-Arian confessed to conspiring to supply goods and services to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that carried out numerous suicide attacks on Israel. Al-Arian supports suicide-bombing and is known to have chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” at events. After two jihadist suicide bombers murdered 18 people in Israel in 1995, al-Arian referred to the killers as “two mujahidin martyred for the sake of God.” He was recently deported.


Ellison also thinks that law enforcement goes too hard on his fellow Muslims. The police should be more gentle and restrained in their investigations, he suggests.  In Ellison’s view it’s not fair when FBI agents pose as terrorists and work with would-be bombers in order to put them behind bars. Perhaps Ellison would be happier if FBI agents sat at their desks and waited patiently for terrorists to turn themselves in.

When Ellison won his first congressional election on Nov. 7, 2006, at his victory party several of his supporters shouted “Allahu Akbar!” which is the traditional battle cry of jihadists.

ELLISON insisted on being sworn in to Congress on a quran

ELLISON insisted on being sworn in to Congress on a quran

Ellison was a longtime member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He described Farrakhan as “a role model for black youth,” “not an anti-Semite,” and “a sincere, tireless, and uncompromising advocate of the black community and other oppressed people around the world.” He is also a regular at events sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), two groups the Department of Justice has identified as co-conspirators in terrorism financing schemes benefiting Hamas. 

It’s not that Ellison is actively plotting attacks against the United States; he’s making things easier for Muslim terrorists. He’s enabling them. He’s got their back.

















Designated Terrorist Group CAIR strong arms LA public school into replacing accurate teaching materials about Islam with lies and propaganda

15795758_8028937685405463688_o-vi1Despite being named to the UAE list of designated terrorist groups, and exposed by the FBI for its terrorist ties, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR, welcomed a dangerous decision by an Orange County high school to stop distributing academic materials that provided historical facts about Islam and the decision of the publishing company to replace them with updated, whitewashed materials supplied by CAIR.


CAIR  In February, the parents of a Muslim Orange County high school student reported to CAIR-LA two handouts entitled “Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah” and “Explaining Islam” that were distributed to 11th grade world history students as part of a lesson on Islam. The lesson included historical information and discrepancies and was framed in a manner that perpetuated stereotypes (stereotypes grounded in historical facts).


Both handouts drew faulty conclusions about Islam and about the Prophet Muhammad. The handout called “Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah” includes an excerpt from a 1979 TIME magazine article, which provides misleading and inaccurate information about the prophet and is written in a condescending tone.



Similarly, the handout “Explaining Islam” had misleading and inaccurate information about the concept of jihad and the sectarian split following the Prophet Muhammad’s death. Topics of terrorism were also introduced to the students without prior discussion in class, likely causing students to falsely conflate terrorism with Islam. Like this?


CAIR-LA notified the school using the materials and the company that had produced them about the inaccurate content. Both the school and the publisher responded quickly to these concerns, ceasing distribution of the materials and agreeing to print updated, accurate content. Like this?


CAIR-LA will continue to work with the parties involved to ensure accurate information on Islam and Muslims is being used in school curricula. Like this?


“We welcome the quick response from the school and the publishing company and applaud their commitment to providing students accurate information on a topic about which misunderstanding and stereotypes abound,” said CAIR-LA Senior Civil Rights Attorney Fatima Dadabhoy. “Such bias in the curriculum exposes Muslim students to contempt and ridicule among their peers and subjects them to unnecessary marginalization.” (Justifiable bias based on documented Islamic beliefs)



ONCE AGAIN, designated terrorist organization CAIR makes a federal case out of anti-Islam graffiti on a barbaric halal slaughter market

1c169a97847de768c145d6421b4cvi-viAnd because America put a Muslim in the White House, the FBI and law enforcement are regularly required to waste time and resources on these kinds of  petty nuisance ‘crimes,’ which they don’t do for any other religious group. And this wasn’t even graffiti on a mosque, but on a barbaric halal slaughter purveyor.


WGME  CAIR’s national office also called for an FBI hate crime investigation of vandalism in Maine. Police in Portland, Maine, are investigating graffiti spray-painted on a Muslim business. Surveillance video shows a white male painting the graffiti on a side of the Halaal Market early on Sunday.


Members of Maine’s Islamic Community say they are often the target of hate on social media. But now, Portland Police are investigating a rare hate crime which targeted a local Muslim market. It’s a crime no one is taking lightly. Not the police. Not the mayor. And not the owner of the market, who says he was targeted with a hate crime.

621177_20150412_Halaal02 Mahdi Ahmed owns the Portland Halaal Market on St. John St. He says, “It was bad, you know. It’s not OK. It’s not OK. It’s a bad feeling when you see something saying it.” What he saw on the side of his building was a message of hate. Someone spray painted an offensive and vulgar statement referencing Allah, the Muslim word for God, that has since been erased.

Islamic community leader Reza Jalali says, “The social media is filled with anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments. So we’re not surprised.”




TEXAS: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR gets teacher fired for teaching his class the facts about Islam


Despite being named to the UAE list of designated terrorist groups, and exposed by the FBI for its terrorist ties, Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR, has forced the resignation of a senior government and economics teacher at Foster High School in Richmond for handing out materials to students that described Islam as an “ideology of war.”

Below are samples of the handouts:

622x350 622x350-1

ABC13  In a statement released on Tuesday night, a Lamar CISD spokesman said the teacher turned in his resignation on April 8. The teacher, identified by parents familiar with the class as Herby Woolverton, drew public criticism from the Muslim community, including  CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations), which called the eight-page handout “virulently anti-Muslim.”


Irate parents and students took to social media to condemn this forced resignation.


 “I’m here in support of Dale Wolverton,” meeting attendee Sean Davis said. “He’s the definition of what an educator should be,” meeting attendee Austin Falcon said. Others say it’s unfair and they want this veteran teacher back in the classroom.  “If its going to move this way, I don’t want my child here. I’ll take my child somewhere else,” added Davis. 

622x350-5 During the school board meeting, there was strong showing of support for the teacher, who reportedly gave students material claiming that “Muhammad was a false prophet” and that Islam is an ideology of war.



ONLY one student was offended by the handout. Her parents quickly contacted CAIR litigation jihadists, who went to work threatening the school with lawsuits and media intimidation if they did not force the teacher to resign.

This is the executive director of CAIR in Texas

This is the executive director of CAIR in Texas


Foster High School Website

4400 FM 723
Richmond, TX 77406

Map to Campus

Phone: (832)223-3800
Fax: (832)223-3801




MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD front group CAIR leader denies that the Muslim Brotherhood is in America

On Monday April 13 on Capitol Hill, during Muslim Brotherhood Advocacy Day, Tom Trento of The United West asked Hussam Ayloush, capo-de-capo of designated terrorist group CAIR in Los Angeles if there is a Muslim Brotherhood in America.

280 Muslims representing Muslim Brotherhood front groups invaded Capitol Hill in Washington DC yesterday on ‘Muslim Hill Day.’


Notice which American politicians are supporting these terrorist front groups:





STATE DEPARTMENT responds to the lawsuit filed by CAIR over Yemeni Muslims from America stuck in Yemen

Americans have been warned for 15 years not to travel to Yemen. It is not our responsibility to get them out now, despite what designated terrorist group CAIR and the idiot journalist in the press conference think.






Oh, Lookie! ‘Chubby Dougie’ Hooper & Nihad ‘Awadacrap’ of CAIR sue U.S. government for refusing to evacuate Muslims from America now stuck in Yemen

These alleged Muslim American ‘citizens’ were warned by the State Department in February to leave Yemen immediately. They ignored the warnings, and now CAIR is demanding that the US send in its military to evacuate them because of the upsurge in violence.

Get a load of the CAIR lawyer. Wonder if she is one of those Chubby Muslim Convert Girls we always have such a good time mocking at BNI?





HOUSTON: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands the firing of a teacher who presented the truth about Islam to the class

The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on officials at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, to take appropriate disciplinary action against a teacher who allegedly passed out virulently anti-Muslim (but accurate) materials in class.

CAIR-Houston said the material seems to have been taken from an anti-Muslim site on the Internet and contained claims such as: “Muhammad posed as a prophet. . .Both Jesus and Paul warned that after they were gone many false prophets would come. Muhammad is simply one of them. . .”

Other misinformation  accurate information included:

* “Islam is more of an ideology than a religion. It is also an ideology of war. . .”


* “[Islam forces] its ideology on cultures and ultimately on the world through propaganda, subversion, and even physical force when it is deemed necessary, one area of the world at a time.”


* “You will either give into their demands recognizing Islam’s ‘noble’ rule, you will become a Muslim yourself, or you will die.”


* “[Muslims believe] All governments – except Islam – should be overthrown.”

BtTOEqTIYAAXVdb_jpglarge-vi * “. . .everyone will be brought under the yoke of Islam, willingly or unwillingly.”


* “. . .even though generally Islamic followers will say that the ‘believe’ in Jesus and respect Him and the Bible, in fact, neither is really true.”


“We thank school officials for taking this issue seriously and await appropriate disciplinary action for the teacher,” said CAIR-Houston Executive Director Mustafaa Carroll. “Only a strong response to this attempt at student indoctrination will send a message that our schools must never be incubators of hate.”



Oh, BOO HOO…Muslims from America are stuck in Yemen and nobody cares

memee674b932b57e6e3bIgnoring the State Department warnings in February to leave Yemen, one Yemeni Muslim from America went there anyway, and was killed in a mortar strike last week in the southern Yemeni city of Aden…causing designated terrorist group CAIR to step up its demands for the U.S. government to get the rest of Yemeni Muslims from America out.

CNN  Yemeni-Americans are trapped in the conflict, but haven’t gotten any help from the U.S. government, whines CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Zahra Billoo, a spokesIslamist for the Muslim pressure group, who said it’s helping al-Labani’s family and the families of other Yemeni-Americans. 

“All of these other governments, Russia, China, Ethiopia, India … they have all been evacuating their citizens. So to say that it’s impossible for the U.S. to evacuate their citizens is difficult to grasp,” Billoo said.  Responding to the criticism, the U.S. State Department told CNN that there are no current plans to evacuate private U.S. citizens from Yemen.

The Yemeni man killed leaves behind a wife and 3 kids with one more on the way in Yemen. Good, that means 4 fewer Muslims sucking off the government teat in America.




CAIR demands U.S. government evacuate Yemeni Muslims from America who are stuck in Yemen

What they don’t tell you is the U.S. government sent out an advisory in the beginning of February warning all American citizens to get out of Yemen, but apparently, these folks figured it didn’t apply to them. 


WHAT: Press Conference to Call for Evacuation of U.S. Citizens Trapped in Yemen
WHEN: Friday, April 3, 10:00am (Pacific)
WHERE: Steps of City Hall on Polk Street Side, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco
SEE: American Civilians Left Behind in Yemen

The Guardian  US Muslims trying desperately to leave war-torn Yemen fear they have been left to their fate by their own government as fighting escalates between rebel fighters and Washington’s allies. Several countries have evacuated their civilians, including ChinaIndiaPakistan and Somalia.

But the US has not followed suit, despite having three navy ships in nearby waters, including the frigate USS Simpson and the destroyer USS Sterett in or near the Gulf of Aden.


Until recently, Mokhtar Alkanshali was in the port city of Aden, from where he could see those ships. The 26-year-old San Franciscan was in Yemen to work on a project with coffee farmers – partially supported by the government’s foreign development arm USAid – when a Houthi offensive forced President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee the country.

Last week, Saudi Arabia and a coalition of mainly Sunni Arab Gulf states launched a counteroffensive against the Houthis – leaving ordinary Yemenis and other nationals caught between the two sides.

Maybe they can hitch a ride to Pakistan?

Maybe the Yemeni Americans can hitch a ride to Pakistan?

Alkanshali told the Guardian he had just “escaped with my life” from armed militiamen combating the Houthis and their allies, supporters of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. “If they hear me speak English, I will be in immediate danger,” Alkanshali said.

A Pentagon spokesman, Major Roger Cabiness, said he was unaware of any orders received by the military to aid an evacuation. The State Department, whose representatives would not speak on the record, evacuated all its staff from the country after halting embassy operations on 11 February – but indicated that US citizens still in Yemen were on their own. “We have no current plans to evacuate private US citizens from Yemen.

See ya!

See ya!