UK Police Commissioner in town where 1,400 children were sexually abused and exploited by Muslim paedophiles refuses to resign

untitledfff-1Shaun Wright headed children’s services at Rotherham Council from 2005 – 2010 when the abuse was going on, before becoming South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. “How many of those victims could have been spared if action had been taken by Rotherham Council? Shaun Wright was in the position to influence that decision.” 

EuroNews  “The fact is that when he was a cabinet member of children’s services in Rotherham there were three, not one, two, but three reports, which highlighted the situation and nothing was done about it,” said Colin Ross, leader of the Liberal Democratic group on Sheffield Council. Police are also being blamed for failing to protect children as young as 11 who were groomed, threatened and raped by multiple sexual predators – mostly described as of Asian origin. Victims were white girls. An independent report into the abuse, between 1997 and 2013, found that council staff were afraid of being labeled ‘racist.’






Very young boys pledge allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS)

Grooming young children for jihad.

Al-Arabiya  As soon as the boy finishes the pledge, a voice heard from behind the camera asks the boy how he feels about joining ISIS. The video ends as the camera holder tells the boy: “Are you now ready to die in the way of Allah?” The boy replies: “Yes, God willing.”

But the boy above is far from the youngest of the ISIS recruits. Here’s a four-year-old learning to shoot a machine gun to “slaughter infidels.”

UK Mirror  Wearing a balaclava, firing off machine gun rounds and pledging to ‘slaughter infidels’ – this young terrorist bears all the hallmarks of an al-Qaeda recruit. The only difference being he is no more than four-years-old. This shocking footage from war-torn Syria claims to reveal the youngest member of  the ISIS a jihadist group based in Iraq and Syria.

The young boy tells the cameraman his name is Abu Bakr, originally from Uzbekistan. He urges other Muslims to join the fight and warns infidels they are going to be ‘slaughtered’. He also pledges allegiance to his namesake, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the powerful new leader of ISIS and one of the most wanted men in the world.


Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists kidnap more than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls in a two-week rampage

Amnesty International said the victims, some just babies, were snatched from villages and are being forced into marriage or sold as sex slaves. Girls raped by ISIS are jumping to their deaths from Mt. Sinjar.

UK Mirror  Up to 3,000 women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State thugs on the rampage in Iraq over the past two weeks, it is feared. They face the terrifying prospect of being forced into marriage or sold as sex slaves, reports the Sunday People.

Amnesty International said the victims, some just babies, were snatched from villages overrun by the heavily-armed jihadists. Hundreds of male villagers who refuse to convert to Islam have been mercilessly shot dead.


Meanwhile US jets continued to pound Islamic State positions and British planes airlifted relief supplies to refugees yesterday.

The militants have executed 700 members of the Al-Sheeitat tribe in eastern Syria, a monitoring group claimed last night. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said many were beheaded.


It also emerged that 400 men from Iraq’s Yazidi community were slaughtered in cold blood in just 48 hours after the village of Kojo was taken. Senior Kurdish ­officials said 82 men died on Friday and 312.

Militants took men away in groups of a few dozen and shot them with assault rifles on the edge of the village, according to a wounded man who escaped by feigning death. They then strolled around finishing off any who appeared to be alive with their pistols, the 42-year-old said.


He added: “They thought we were all dead. When they went we ran away. “We hid in a valley until sundown, and then we fled to the mountains.”

A hundred women and girls from Kojo were taken away. Their fate is uncertain, like thousands of women snatched since Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, ­launched its cruel onslaught on August 3. Amnesty spokeswoman Donatella Rovera said yesterday: “The victims are of all ages. “It seems they took away entire families, all those who did not manage to flee.”


The women and girls are said to be held in Islamic State-controlled Tal Afar , east of Mount Sinjar, or the city of Mosul.

Two women, Leila Khalaf and Wadhan Khalaf, were among those kidnapped from Mujamma Jazira village. A male relative, Dakhil Atto Solo, said the abductions happened after residents tried to resist the attack by Islamic State (IS). He recalled: “We tried to defend our villages but they had much bigger weapons. All we had were our Kalashnikov rifles.


“They executed 300 men and took the women to their prisons. Only God can save them now.” The family had managed to save their children, Mr Solo said. But he went on: “The women were in a house surrounded by IS. We had to ­escape. “Now the children cry for their mothers all the time. ‘Mama, mama,’ they wail. But there is no Mama.”

The father of one kidnapped girl revealed she had told him she was about to be sold as a sex slave for just 10 US dollars. Khandhar Kaliph’s daughter fell into the hands of IS fighters when they captured the mountain town Sinjar.


Speaking after she rang home using a phone being passed around the hostages, he said: “She said she is going to be sold as a slave this afternoon. “What can a ­father say to that? How can I help? We all feel so useless. “The world needs to know that our women are being ­enslaved, young and old alike.”

A message on a Twitter account apparently belonging to British IS militant Abu Muthana, a former Cardiff schoolboy, ­appeared to gloat about capturing women and girls and taking them to Syria. It read: “I confirm we have hundreds of Yazidi slave women in Syria. How about that for news!”


Senior United Nations officials condemned “barbaric acts” by IS in a statement. It said: “We are gravely concerned by ­reports of acts of violence, including sexual violence, against women and teenage girls and boys ­belonging to Iraqi minorities.

“Atrocious accounts of abduction of Yazidi, Christian, Turkomen and Shabak women, girls and boys, and reports of savage rapes, are reaching us in an alarming manner.” Terror of the wave of violence and killing has driven 1.2 million Iraqis from their homes. Whole communities of Yazidis and Christians have fled, along with Shia Iraqis, who the Sunni IS militants do not regard as true Muslims.


At least 11 Islamic State fighters were killed in air strikes near north Iraq’s Mosul dam as American fighters and drones provided cover for Iraqi and Kurdish troops. The dam, was captured by jidhadists on August 7.

Britain airlifted 8,000 kitchen sets to Iraq to allow 40,000 refugees formerly trapped on Mount Sinjar to cook for themselves instead of queuing at makeshift canteens. Two Airbus jets touched down in the Kurdish capital Erbil with a load including cutlery, pots and pans, plates and cups.


Britain has so far committed £13million aid in response to the crisis . The UK also said on Friday it would “consider favourably” any request by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters for arms supplies.

But it came amid anger that countries on a Government watchlist for human rights abuses ­are being prioritised for ­increased arms sales. Sales of guns, ammunition, vehicles, explosives and tear gas to oppressive dictatorships are revealed in documents seen by the Sunday People.


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has sought to ­increase licences to Middle Eastern states such as Libya, Bahrain and Iraq. The Government also sought to beef-up arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. All five are listed by the Foreign Office as of ­human rights concern.

Data collected by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) also ­reveals the Government has agreed arms export licences with a further 12 countries on the human rights watch list.


Andrew Smith of CAAT said: “Selling arms to these countries is at odds with the Government’s claims that it promotes human rights abroad. When weapons get sold into a warzone you can’t control them.”

Since 2008 the Government has agreed £5.5billion in arms licences to Saudi Arabia, more than £43million to Iraq, £76million with Libya, £134million with Pakistan and £30million with Bahrain. It is possible British-built weapons are now in the hands of Islamic State after after the fanatics pillaged bases abandoned by the fleeing Iraqi army.





ISIS terrorists just massacred 80 more Yazidis and kidnapped several women and girls because they refused to convert to Islam











One of the blonde-haired Yazidi girls whom ISIS has threatened to impregnate in order to rid them of the blonde-haired, blue-eye gene

Somehow, this little girl doesn’t look too happy about her future as a sex slave for Islamic jihadists.

ORIGINAL STORY: islamic-state-isis-terrorists-want-to-impregnate-yazidi-women-to-eliminate-blonde-haired-blue-eyed-bloodline

According to the Kurdish intelligence sources, the girls and women are being sold to traffickers to work in bordellos across the Middle East. They also say they’ve received information that the captured women are sold for a price of between $500 and $43,000 US dollars. Other reports say some other women have been forced to marry ISIS terrorists, who have captured thousands of women including at least 1200 of them from Sinjar. 


Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: “A child I baptized was cut in half by ISIS”

The five-year-old son of a founding member of Baghdad’s Anglican church was cut in half during an attack by Islamic State terrorists on the Christian town of Qaraqosh.


Anglican News  In an interview today, an emotional Canon Andrew White told ACNS that he christened the boy several years ago, “I’m almost in tears because I’ve just had somebody in my room whose little child was cut in half,” he said. “I baptized his child in my church in Baghdad. This little boy, they named him after me – he was called Andrew.”


Though the move north should have proved safer for the Iraqi Christian family, the Islamic State made sure that it became a place of terror. “This town of Qaraqosh is a Christian village so they knew everybody there was part of their target group,” said Canon White. “They [the Islamic State] attacked the whole of the town. They bombed it, they shot at people.”

The Islamic State group captured Qaraqosh overnight Wednesday/Thursday after the withdrawal of Kurdish forces. The boy’s family, along with many other townspeople, have now fled to Irbil. However, news reports suggest this may be the Islamic State’s next destination.


IRAQ: ISIS orders genital mutilation of all girls and women ages 11 – 46

The al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has ordered all girls and women between the ages of 11 and 46 in and around Iraq’s northern city of Mosul to undergo female genital mutilation, the United Nations said on Thursday.


Al-Arabiya (h/t Maria J)  “It is a fatwa (or religious edict) of ISIS, we learnt this this morning,” said Jacqueline Badcock, the number two U.N. official in Iraq. The “fatwa” would potentially affect 4 million women and girls, Badcock told reporters in Geneva by videolink from Arbil.

“This is something very new for Iraq, particularly in this area, and is of grave concern and does need to be addressed,” she said, according to Reuters. “This is not the will of Iraqi people, or the women of Iraq in these vulnerable areas covered by the terrorists,” she added.

No one was immediately available for comment from Islamic State which has led an offensive through northern and western Iraq.

FGM, the partial or total removal of external female genitalia, is a tradition practiced widely in many Muslim countries and often justified as a means of suppressing a woman’s sexual desire to prevent “immoral” behavior.

Worldwide, more than 130 million girls and women have undergone FGM and more than 700 million women alive today were children when they were married. The practice of FGM previously occurred only in isolated pockets of Iraq, mainly Kurdistan, according to Badcock.

Mosul city currently has some two million people, more than half of whom are women as there are many female-headed households in the area, she said. Several more million people live in surrounding areas, she added.

“There are reports of rapes of women, of forced marriages,” Badcock added.

An estimated 130 million young girls have undergone sexual mutilation, mostly in Muslim countries, but now, apparently in Great Britain, Europe, and the USA, too. 


















AFGHANISTAN: Five year old boy dies from being brutally gang-raped

A five-year-old child in the Afghan city of Herat died this week after being the victim of a gang rape, from which he sustained fatal injuries. The incident has triggered another wave of outrage in the nation, which has struggled for centuries against Islamic cultural norms promoting rape.

This is a young Afghan boy but not the one in this story

This is a young Afghan boy but not the one in this story

Breitbart  (h/t Rob E) According to the Afghanistan Times, the boy, who was not named by police, was raped by two other boys in succession. The two boys, neighbors of the victim, raped the five-year-old repeatedly until they became aware that the boy’s life was in danger. According to Herat Police spokesman Abdul Rauf Ahmadi, “When the accusers came to know that [the] life of the child was in danger after [the] sexual assault then the two assaulters tried to shift the victim to [the] hospital. However, he lost his life on the way as result of serious injuries.” 

The boys have been arrested following the incident, though given the nature of rape law in Afghanistan, convicting rapists is a difficult matter. The Afghanistan Times notes, for example, that doctors are already claiming the rape was not the cause of death. One doctor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the boy appeared to have been choked in addition to being raped: “Therefore, we are sure that the boy did not die because of injuries but of choking.”

In addition to the legal situation surrounding child rape, much of Afghan culture is plagued by the persistence of the rape of children. One institution that persists in this realm is the practice of bacha bazi (see links below), in which older men take on pre-pubescent male lovers. The U.S. State Department called this practice a “widespread, culturally sanctioned form of male rape.”

BACHA BAZI - This is the ancient Islamic cultural practice of older men being with prepubescent boys.

BACHA BAZI – This is the ancient Islamic cultural practice of older men being with prepubescent boys.







SYRIA: ISIS leader’s bride to be

Filmed in Syria by an ISIS jihadist from Belgium.


ISIS terrorists: What do you want to be in the future?
Girl: A surgeon.
ISIS terrorists: For who?
Girl: For the Islamic State.
ISIS terrorists: For the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria?
Girl: Yes.
ISIS terrorist: Who is the prince of the state?
Girl: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
ISIS terrorist: Prince Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, yes… In witch state you are in?
Girl: Ar-Raqqah (city in Syria).
ISIS terrorist: Salam, salam, if the members of ISIS left Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, would you leave him?
Girl: No.


“ALLAH CHOSE YOU” – ISIS and other jihadist groups recruit children for suicide missions


Obama-backed Syrian rebel groups, including ISIS fighters, have been recruiting 10 – 17-year-old children for military operations sometimes under the guise of offering education, says HRW. The teens were taught how to use weapons and were even sent on suicide missions.

HumanRightsActivists  “Opposition armed groups used boys as young as 15 as fighters and children as young as 14 in support roles. Some children who participated were detained or killed in battle,” says the latest report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW).


The report, “‘Maybe We Live and Maybe We Die’: Recruitment and Use of Children by Armed Groups in Syria,” deals with experiences of 25 boys who are current or former members of opposition armed groups.

Though the rebels mostly “employed” children of 15-17, one doctor described treating a boy of between 10 and 12 years old. He said that the boy’s job was “to whip prisoners held in an ISIS detention facility.”

“Boys interviewed fought on the frontlines, spied on hostile forces, acted as snipers, treated the wounded on battlefields, and ferried ammunition and other supplies to battles while fighting raged,” HRW’s report says.


The number of children fighting on behalf of the rebels is as yet unknown, the report says. But it gives the data from the Violations Documenting Center, a Syrian monitoring group, which by May 2014 recorded 194 “non-civilian” male children killed since September 2011.

According to the rights watchdog, the children were taken by several extremist organizations. Among them were the Free Syrian Army (FSA), extremist Islamist forces such as the Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), and Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) military and Asayish police forces in Kurdish-controlled parts of northern Syria.


The boys say they have joined the rebels due to different reasons. Some of them followed their relatives or friends who already served there. Other recruits “lived in battle zones without open schools, participated in public protests, or had personally suffered at the hands of the government,” HWR says.

The commanders sometimes asked the children and adults to take part in suicide missions, the boys added. “Sometimes fighters volunteered, and sometimes [commanders] said, ‘Allah chose you,’” said Majed, 16, recruited by Jabhat al-Nusra in Daraa, a city in southwestern Syria.


With more than 600,000 American-trained troops in Iraq, why are they arming children?


Disturbing images from Iraq show heavily armed children standing alongside both bloodthirsty jihadists and government forces during the escalating sectarian conflict. A video shows several boys no older than 10 clutching automatic weapons as they calmly watch Sunni rebel fighters blow away a defenseless captive with a bullet to the back of the head.

NY Post  The grisly footage shows the kneeling prisoner being heckled by a swarm of jihadi fighters in the city of Mosul before the execution. After the doomed man is killed, the rebels and the kids cackle and celebrate in the background. In other regions of the war-ravaged nation, children with guns were photographed flanking forces loyal to the government and roving Shiite militias.

The images emerged as government troops battled to prevent Sunni insurgents from annexing Baquba — a pivotal battleground just 40 miles from the capital of Baghdad. Rebels infiltrated sections of the city, but officials claimed they backed off when confronted by soldiers and volunteer Shiite militiamen who’ve signed up in droves to fight the insurgency.

“Everything in the city is now under control, and the groups of armed men are not seen in the city,” said Brig. Gen. Jameel Kamal al-Shimmari.Opposition fighters claimed that they remain entrenched in several neighborhoods.

Also in Baquba, 44 Sunni inmates were killed in a provincial jailhouse. Insurgent leaders said the men were all shot in the head and chest at close range as the rebels closed in on the jail. But government officials countered that the insurgents were responsible for the deaths when they stormed the facility with hand grenades.

The Baquba collisions forced the closure of a major oil refinery in the area that has cut off fuel and power to entire swaths of Iraq. The jailhouse killings stoked fears that Shiite fighters are conducting lethal reprisals against Sunni civilians and fighters . The bullet-riddled corpses of four reportedly Sunni men were found in a Shiite district in Baghdad in what officials suspect were revenge killings.

Also in Baghdad, the bodies of a respected Sunni Muslim cleric and his two assistants were discovered in a morgue after they were allegedly kidnapped by Shiite militiamen. The Muslim Scholars Association said in a statement that Imam Nihad al-Jibouri and his assistants were abducted by men wearing government security force uniforms in the mixed Saidiyah neighborhood last Thursday. Stunned allies of the slain cleric vowed swift revenge.

ISIS in Syria executing Obama-backed FSA rebels and children:

The bloodletting also hit a heavily Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad where a car bomb killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. Sunni rebels have vowed to topple the wobbling regime of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and are calling on fighters and extremists to join them in their march toward the capital. Despite the sporadic violence since the rebel offensive began, government forces retain full control of the capital.

The spiraling crisis has aligned interests between unlikely partners — the United States and Iran. Iran’s Shiite leaders are angry over the Sunni uprising in their neighboring nation and the old foes have considered some form of joint action to end the chaos. More than 5,000 Iranians have signed up online to defend Shiite holy places within Iraq that the rebels have openly threatened to overrun.

ISIS executes 2 children in Syria:

The Iraqi regime is trying to steady itself after the al-Qaeda-inspired group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, suddenly took control of large areas of the country in northern and western Iraq. Stunned by the swiftness and severity of the initial assault, many Iraqi soldiers fled their posts. The chaos and fighting has driven roughly half a million people from their homes in Iraq just three years after US troops departed.

The battle-hardened fighters of ISIS, trained and armed by the U.S., rose to prominence in neighboring Syria where they continue to wage war for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad against rebels there.