Islamic State (ISIS) School of Jihad for ‘grooming’ child jihadis

Forced viewings of beheadings and torture, training with weapons almost as big as they are and daily lessons in extremist theology. If you’re a boy growing up in ISIS-controlled territory across Syria and Iraq, the word education means something very different.

The one-finger salute is the salute of Isis

The one-finger salute is the symbol of ISIS

Independent  (h/t Mike F) Official Isis media outlets are circulating videos and images which they claim show life in the “School of Jihad”, where children under the age of 10 are encouraged to fire AK47 rifles and acclimatised to the horrors of war.

As part of a series of propaganda releases created by Muassissat al-Furqan for the group’s media wing, young children appear in videos that experts say are an attempt to show the “utopia” of the world under Isis.

Yet what they actually portray has been described by a UN Human Rights Council report as “a war crime” – the recruitment and military use of children under the age of 15.

One video has been titled on YouTube “Cubs of the Islamic State” – the name by which Isis now refers to itself. A voice-over in Arabic boasts that these “cubs” are sure in their faith and in the auspices of Isis.

Children sat before a teacher, who remains unidentified, are asked about the principles and tenets of Islam, in what appears to be a lesson in religion. The video then cuts to interviews and clips of children from the “school” singing and speaking – alongside them the barrels of AK47s can just be seen in shot.

Another clip posted as part of the “Messages from the Land of the Final Battles” series appears to be a graduation video. It shows the new “School of Jihad” graduates lined up before a stage, listening to a speaker, while rows of adults who are thought to be their parents can be seen watching on.


10-year-old little ISIS terrorist-in-training junior jihadi killed in Syria

1412864611980_Image_galleryImage_social_media_picture_of_a‘Our youngest martyr’ ISIS boasts a jihadi fighter aged just TEN was killed as he went into battle with his father in Syria. Islamic State militants and sympathizers are triumphantly circulating images of a 10-year-old boy they claim has been ‘martyred’ while fighting alongside his father in Syria.

UK Daily Mail  Describing the child as ISIS’ youngest jihadist, chilling photographs taken before his alleged death show him smiling at the camera, wearing military fatigues and brandishing a huge assault rifle.


ISIS sympathisers took to social media to identify the ‘cub fighter’ by his alleged nom de guerre Abu Ubaidah, adding that both he and his father were killed during clashes in Syria in recent weeks, but not specifying exactly where they died or who they had been fighting against.

Several images, which have not been independently verified, emerged on social media this week after a video reporting the deaths of the boy and his father was uploaded to YouTube in September.

The original video – distributed by the pro-Isis media group Al-A’amaq – is understood to have since been removed, but a number of photographs of the boy have since been widely shared by ISIS militants and their sympathisers on social media.


One image shows the boy standing inside a house, grinning as he struggles to hold an assault rifle so large that it threatens to topple him over.

Another picture shows him smiling sweetly while wearing an ammunition vest as he stands next to a van that has been converted into an armoured vehicle with a large plank of wood and bull bars.

Other images show him posing with a man understood to be his father, who militants named as ‘Baghdadi’. In those images the boy identified as Abu Ubaidah is seen calmly holding another large rifle while surrounded by bearded men wearing military clothing.


Last week a 24-year-old Muslim convert admitted taking her infant son to live among Islamic State terrorists in the Syrian city of Raqqa because she believes he will lead a ‘better life’ under their brutal regime.

Asiya Ummi Abdullah denied that children are unhappy living under the oppressive rule of ISIS’ religious fanatics and explained that she felt her three-year-old son’s spiritual well-being was better served in the group’s de facto capital, where public crucifixions and beheadings are commonplace.

Ummi Abduallah – who had lived in Turkey since her teens but was born in Kyrgyzstan – said moving to the militant stronghold in Syria was in part to shield the young boy from the sex, crime, drugs and alcohol she sees as rampant in her home town Istanbul. Who says children here are unhappy?… He will know God and live under his rules,’ she said.

ISIS junior jihadi parades around with a severed head

ISIS junior jihadi parades around with a severed head

ISIS – which rebranded as Islamic State earlier this year after establishing a self-described caliphate in the vast swaths of Syria and Iraq under its control – has long groomed children to take part in jihad. The practice was the subject of the second episode of VICE’s groundbreaking ‘Islamic State’ documentary series.

The film showed very young boys being asked whether they want to be a suicide bomber or a jihadist when they grow up, and being forced to recite calls for the murder of Western ‘infidels’.


In the footage, ISIS’ PR man Abu Moussa – who has since been killed – describes how every male child under the age of 15 is forced to attend a ‘Sharia camp’ to be taught the militant group’s radical interpretation of Islam.

At the age of 16 the boys are sent to a military camp, where they are given intensive training in the art of warfare. After that they are prepared for possible future as either front-line militia or suicide bombers.








SYRIA: Islamic Terrorists bomb primary school, at least 48 dead, including 41 children

Not sure if this is the ‘work’ of ISIS or al-Nusra Front terrorists. Two car bombs were exploded in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday afternoon near a school killing at least 48 people including 41 children.

Middle East Eye  (h/t Martin) The explosions took place as children were leaving school at the end of classes on Wednesday in a neighbourhood dominated by minority Alawites, a Shiite offshoot sect that President Bashar al-Assad belongs to.

The first blast was from a car bomb and was detonated in front of the Ekrimah primary school, followed minutes later by a suicide bomber who drove by and detonated his vehicle, state televison reported.It was the deadliest strike to hit the government-controlled area in over a year.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group said the toll could rise as body parts were still being collected from the scene and several of the wounded were in serious condition.

Footage from the aftermath of the attack shows parents screaming and looking for their children amid scattered schoolbags and blood on the ground as a car burns nearby. In another clip, a man pulls the limp body of a young girl in a red dress covered in dust from the rubble, as blood trickles down her face. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Homs was once dubbed “the capital of the revolution” against Assad. Most of the city, including the shelled-out ruins of the Old Town, has returned to regime control after two years of bombardment and siege. Since re-capturing the city, Syrian forces have struggled to secure it. The district has been targeted more than once before, including on 19 June, when at least six people were killed in a car bomb attack.

“Homs is a city that is under the complete control of the regime who won the battle there months ago and yet you still find that the pro-regime communities are vulnerable to spectacular terrorist attacks,” said Aboud Dandachi, an IT worker from Homs who spoke to Middle East Eye via Skype from Istanbul. “The problem is that a lot of the checkpoints in and around the city are controlled by “Shabiha” so-called pro-government militias some of whom are easily bribed. 

Homs, a strategic city in central Syria close to the border with Lebanon, has been vital to the government and the rebels since the uprising broke out in 2011. The city has for years served as a kind of administrative capital as well as a hub through which major roads that crisscross Syria feed into.   

For the regime, control of Homs is a matter of life and death,” said Dandachi. “It is the gateway to cities across the country, Syria’s jugular vein. The regime would sacrifice huge chunks of Syria so long as it controls Homs. That is where the revolution should have succeeded.”


IRAQ: Teenage Yazidi girl tells of being abducted, forcibly converted and repeatedly raped by ISIS savages

She was one of the lucky ones who was able to escape. Many of her friends are still being held captive by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and used as sex slaves.


CNN  “Aria” is only 15. She was taken to a three-story house where she and her sister-in-law were locked in with dozens of other teenage girls who’d been captured. “In Mosul they tried to make us change our faith and religion,” she said. “They said to us, ‘Read our Quran.’ A couple of the girls said, ‘We never went to school – we can’t read.’

For more than three weeks, Aria stayed here under horrific conditions. During this time, a sheik came and collected 20 girls including her 14-year-old sister-in-law. “He forced himself on her. I was so scared. A lot of my friends were raped. It’s hard to talk about it.” (Aria claims she was not raped but we know that’s only because of her shame in admitting it)


Aria and her friend were then taken to Fallujah by two ISIS  savages. “They were really filthy. They had long beards; they were really tall and big. Even men would be scared of them. They forced us to marry them, threatening to hurt us if we didn’t. They gave us a phone to call our families to tell them we’d converted.” Using this phone, they secretly called her friend’s uncle who knew people in Fallujah who were prepared to help. When the militants left the house, the girls – dressed in niqabs — escaped.

Aria was reunited with her family in this refugee camp, where she learned her brother had been shot in the head and killed. Sexual abuse is a taboo subject in this culture and to admit being a victim is unheard of.  Aria doesn’t want to stay at the camp. Everyone knows what happened to her and she says they gossip and look at her whenever she goes outside. But her shame is dwarfed by her guilt after learning what happened to the other girls once ISIS discovered they’d fled.

“They raped them because we escaped. That was the punishment. They tightened security so no girls can escape anymore.





ISIS terrorists just massacred 80 more Yazidis and kidnapped several women and girls because they refused to convert to Islam








Junior Jihadis as young as 13 are leaving Germany to join the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq


Hans-Georg Maaßen, head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), told the Rheinische Post at the weekend that at least 24 children had headed to the Middle East from Germany. “The youngest was 13,” he said.

The Local  Of the 24 who have left, five children have returned with battle fighting experience, Maaßen said. Among the 24, there were also four girls who, according to Maaßen, travelled with a “romantic ideal of marrying a jihadist.” They married fighters who they met online, the BfV head added.


Around 400 Germans have joined jihadists in Iraq and Syria, security services believe. The majority are young, male and poorly educated and around 130 have returned.

One 30-year-old Turkish man was arrested by a special police unit in Berlin on Monday after returning from an Isis training camp in Syria. He was allegedly trained in weapons handing by Isis in Syria from January to August this year.

Is this ISIS' youngest fanatic? Younes Abaaoud, 13, from Belgium, has fled his home to fight in Syria

Is this ISIS’ youngest jihadist? Younes Abaaoud, 13, from Belgium, has fled his home to fight in Syria

Maaßen said none of the child fighters who have returned were previously known to police. They only became aware of them when their parents reported them missing or when foreign intelligence agencies contacted the BfV.

“The vast majority are from migration backgrounds,” Maaßen added. Many failed at school or didn’t get on with their family.






VANCOUVER: Muslim paedophile convicted on 30 counts of sex trafficking of young girls

Looks like the problem making headlines in Rotherham, UK is popping up in Vancouver, Canada, now. Hopefully the Canadians will take this a lot more seriously than officials in Rotherham, who, not wanting to be accused of ‘racism,’ ignored the crisis of 1400 white girls as young as 11 in one town being sold as sex slaves for Muslims.


ROTHERHAM Muslim sex gang stories:






Islamic State (ISIS): Never too soon to start Junior Jihadi training

Chilling picture posted online shows an infant lying on an ISIS flag next to a Kalashnikov rifle and several grenades, believed to have been posted by Islamic State terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq as part of their online propaganda campaign.


UK Daily Mail  It shows the child – who appears to be less than six months old – lying on its back on the black flag now associated with the group terrorising the Middle East. Where other babies its age might have soft toys scattered around them, the child has been cynically positioned next to a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol and hand grenades.

The baby in the image – which was posted on Twitter beneath the hashtag #IS – is believed to be youngest child yet used as part of the group’s social media campaign. The photo caused a furious backlash online, with one user accusing the organization of using ‘babies as weapons to kill the innocent’.


The picture is the latest in a series of shocking images which raise fears that a generation of children in the region are being radicalized from a very young age. 

Last month, terrorist Khaled Sharrouf posted a Twitter image of his son, believed to be age seven, gripping the severed head of a Syrian soldier.  His father, a suspected war criminal, posted the photo alongside the caption: ‘That’s my boy!’.


Another photo posted by Sharrouf shows him posing with his three young sons dressed in identical camouflage fatigues and wielding machine guns.


Earlier this week, disturbing footage emerged of a masked child firing an AK47 assault rifle while shouting Islamic slogans in Syria. They show a young boy, who appears to be no older than six-years-old, being instructed to fire the weapon by an man who then praises him and encourages him to join in religious chanting.


PAKISTANI Muslim men don’t think there is anything wrong with raping young boys, VERY young boys


Ijaz, a bus conductor in his early twenties, spends his days travelling through the bustling streets of Peshawar in northern Pakistan, working hard to scrape a living. Instead of going home come nightfall, he, and many others, spend their time with street children, paying them as little as 75p for sex and when they have no money, brutally abusing them.

UK Daily Mail  But the children falling prey to these men aren’t the ones you might expect. With girls kept at home by their parents, the majority of victims are boys – some as young as six years old. ‘Once, there was a boy on the bus and everyone had sex with him,’ confesses Ijaz who admits to raping 12 different children during his career as a bus conductor. ‘I did it too but what else could I do? They invited me. And he was that kind of boy anyway.’


Sexual abuse in Pakistan is rife. An estimated four million children in the country are forced into work from an early age due to poverty and of those, more than a million live on the streets where they are easy prey for men like Ijaz. A recent survey of 1,800 men found that a third believe that not only is raping little boys not a crime, it’s not even a bad thing to do. 

As a result, an estimated 90 per cent of street children have been victims of sexual abuse at some point in their lives. One such boy is Naeem, 13, who has been on the streets, off and on, since running away from his violent brother who repeatedly beat him following their parents’ death. He was eight at the time. ‘I was lying here sleeping and four people grabbed me and threw me into a car,’ he sobs. ‘One was a bus driver, the others were heroin addicts. All four of them raped me.’


Many of Pakistan’s abusers are bus drivers. One man who knows this all too well is Hassan Deen, an entrepreneur who rents beds – and sometimes boys – to drivers at Peshawar’s largest bus depot. ‘A bus driver rents a bed from me and he says he’ll pay an extra 50 (50p) or 100 rupees (£1) if I can get him a boy,’ explains Mr Deen. ‘There’s often a kid wandering the streets alone. We tell these boys we’ll provide food and shelter if they come with us. That’s how we lure them in.’

And Naeen isn’t alone. Another street child, nine-year-old Akeeb has also been approached by men on the street but has so far managed to escape. ‘I don’t get scared if I have a friend with me,’ he says. ‘I get bothered a lot by the bus driver, the van driver. They tell me to climb on the roof of the bus and do bad things with them. Sometimes they offer me a soft drink in return.’


Unsurprisingly, the impact of this abuse on the children is severe. Along with psychological problems, a Save the Children report showed that as many as one in 10 are murdered by the men who abuse them.

Others go on to become abusers themselves, among them 13-year-old Naeem. ‘There was a boy, about 10 or 11,’ he confesses, shame-faced.  ‘I took him to the cinema and spent money on him and he was OK with it. But when we left the cinema, he said he didn’t want to do it anymore so then I grabbed his hand and forced him.’

Although there are laws in place to protect children, police rarely bother themselves with the plight of the street children, with many saying that the ever-present threat of Taliban bombs trumps saving small boys.


UK Police Commissioner in town where 1,400 children were sexually abused and exploited by Muslim paedophiles refuses to resign

untitledfff-1Shaun Wright headed children’s services at Rotherham Council from 2005 – 2010 when the abuse was going on, before becoming South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. “How many of those victims could have been spared if action had been taken by Rotherham Council? Shaun Wright was in the position to influence that decision.” 

EuroNews  “The fact is that when he was a cabinet member of children’s services in Rotherham there were three, not one, two, but three reports, which highlighted the situation and nothing was done about it,” said Colin Ross, leader of the Liberal Democratic group on Sheffield Council. Police are also being blamed for failing to protect children as young as 11 who were groomed, threatened and raped by multiple sexual predators – mostly described as of Asian origin. Victims were white girls. An independent report into the abuse, between 1997 and 2013, found that council staff were afraid of being labeled ‘racist.’