He’s baaaack! Syrian Junior Jihadi hate preacher says, “Men should stop chasing half-naked women.”

After all, aren’t there more than enough goats and donkeys to go around?

A young boy called Abu Ja’far (“The Father of Ja’far”) preaching to a small gathering about the “black-eyed virgins of Paradise.” The boy represents the Center for Preachers of Jihad was founded by Saudi preacher Abdallah Al-Muhaisini, one of the veteran foreign fighters in Syria, who announced in September that he was opening a military training camp for boys aged 14 and over.

EARLIER Abu Ja’far video: syria-hitler-youth-lives-only-now-they-are-called-isis-jihadi-youth


AFGHANISTAN: Even where child rape is an everyday occurrence, the rape of a 3-year-old girl shocks community

Listless and silent, 3-year-old Neelofar is in a critical condition after being gagged, raped, and nearly killed by an 18-year-old neighbor, in a male-dominated and segregated society, where rape victims are viewed as outcasts, even as prostitutes.


BBC   The girl’s father, Abdul, fears that because they are poor, the authorities will not take the case seriously and ensure the man responsible is prosecuted. “If the government does not give me my rights based on Sharia and Afghan law, I will bring my other six children and kill them in front of the presidential palace and I will leave Afghanistan. My wife and mother also say they will kill themselves.”

The rape of Neelofar is just one of several attacks on young Afghan children which have occurred this month. Doctors are hopeful she will survive her injuries. But it is not clear if she will ever be able to return to her village because of the stigma of being raped.


Iraqi doctors say the sexual and physical abuse of Yazidi girls at the hands of the Islamic State savages is beyond anything they have ever seen

Women belonging to Iraq’s Yazidi minority, who follow a religion that is neither Christian nor Muslim, have borne much of the worst of the horrors to which Islamic State terrorists subject so-called “infidels.” Turned into sex slaves for and sold as wives to jihadists, the Iraqi doctors who treat them say the abuse they have suffered is shocking.


Breitbart (h/t Rob E)  Speaking anonymously to Niqash, a publication focusing on Iraqi issues, doctors working in and around Mosul, the largest city in Iraq under Islamic State control, say Yazidis are among the most abused of those facing extinction at the hands of the terrorist group.

“It is a public, collective act of rape,” said one doctor, who remained anonymous for fear of retribution from Islamic State terrorists. “I treated about ten women and I was stunned to find one who was just 13 years old. Her mental and physical health were very bad,” he noted.

Another woman arrived in a such a state that doctors almost pronounced her dead. “She had been on a hunger strike after being raped by several of the IS gunmen and if she had not been brought to hospital, I am sure she would be dead by now,” the doctor said.


Another doctor in Mosul told the story of “Layla,” a Yazidi girl who is the focal point of the article, perhaps because hers was the story doctors could tell with the most detail. Layla was not a sex slave, but married off to a jihadist, one who forced her to convert to Islam and was clearly abusive. Layla was brought to live in the small town of Tal Afar, where her Arab neighbors noticed her deterioration, and finally one woman requested that her husband let her travel to Mosul for medical treatment. He, surprisingly, acquiesced, though demanding another Islamic State jihadist accompany the women.

A doctor described Layla as “pale and she had physical and psychological pain,” yet by virtue of being relatively intact, he said, “she was in better condition than some of the other Yazidi women we have treated here. Those women were beaten because they did not yield to the demands of the IS group members.”

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Yazidi girls are raped by ISIS savages in order to get rid of the "blonde hair" gene

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Yazidi girls are favored rape targets by ISIS savages in order to impregnate them to get rid of their “blonde hair gene”

The plight of Yazidi women during the Islamic State takeover of northern Iraq has become one of the most catastrophic humanitarian disasters of this war. The few that have escaped tell of a miserable existence in terrorist-run brothels, in which the jihadists force themselves by the dozen on the women, some barely adolescents.

The brothels are often run by women, the wives of Islamic State jihadists or recruits to the Islamic State themselves, many from Western countries. While the number of Yazidis being subjected to this abuse remains unknown, it is estimated that it may be in the thousands, with reports of hundreds of Yazidi women being abducted in individual attacks on towns.






ISIS terrorists just massacred 80 more Yazidis and kidnapped several women and girls because they refused to convert to Islam







DISGRACEFUL: The doctor and father of a 13-year-old girl who died after undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM) have been acquitted in Egypt.

Doctor Raslan Fadl was cleared of all charges alongside the father of Suhair al-Bataa, a lawyer in the case said. The practice of FGM was banned in Egypt in 2008 but is still widespread. More than 90% of Egyptian women aged under 50 have experienced it, according to government statistics.


BBC  The removal of all or part of the external genitalia is done in the name of promoting chastity. Some parents see it as a religious duty in spite of a  ruling against it. Now-ousted president Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, tried, while he was in office, to have FGM mandated for every girl and enforced by the government. Current president al-Sisi has been trying to have the ban enforced but because so many of the FGM procedures are not done by doctors, it is very difficult.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this year, the dead girl’s relatives defended the practice of FGM, and insisted no-one was to blame for her death.

Campaigners against FGM – in Egypt and abroad – hoped this prosecution would serve as a deterrent. They pushed hard to get the authorities to bring the case, and hoped to see jail terms handed down. The legislation banning FGM in Egypt allows for sentences of up to two years. After both defendants were acquitted, activists said the case would put more girls at risk.

Egyptian Muslim woman explains why they mutilate their daughters’ genitals.

Female Circumcision of Egyptian Muslim women has been adopted and promoted by various groups within Islam. The practice of circumcision in Islam comes from the Hadith, Shariah law, and the consensus of Islamic communities.


ISIS is using execution videos to desensitize children to beheadings and slaughter

Sickening new images also emerged showing young Syrian children being trained at a military camp run by Islamic State terrorists. The photographs, understood to have been taken at a school near the jihadis’ de facto capital Raqqa, show children barely older than five being taught basic combat and survival skills, learning how to use enormous assault rifles, and being given lessons in extremist ideology.


FRENCH Video of child jihadists from France with real weapons in Raqqa, Syria.


Young kidnapped Kurdish boys are being brainwashed and tortured into becoming junior jihadis by ISIS

More evidence that children are being indoctrinated and trained to become jihadists in territories controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS) group has emerged in the form of a video showing a little boy learning to shoot and kill. 


A child, looking as young as five, is seen firing a pellet gun as he re-enacts a combat scenario running through the streets of a Syrian city, in footage posted online by an activist group.

The blonde-haired boy takes cover behind walls and pauses to reload his weapon acting like an experienced fighter, while another two children and a suspect militant look on. The video was posted online by Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently – a small activist collective which secretly documents the shocking violence and oppression inflicted by the IS on their home city. Raqqa, in northeaster Syria, is a stronghold of the Islamist radicals of and it is considered their de facto capital.

This video is yet more evidence of Islamic State seeking to indoctrinate children from a very young age in an attempt to entrench its hold over the region. IS has been known to groom children to take part in jihad and has preyed upon the children of Raqqa, with the objective of creating an entire generation for whom Islamic extremism and acts of terrorism are normal practice.


CANADA: Will Harper government’s “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Bill” outrage Muslims?

If passed, the act would protect Muslim women from early and forced marriages, polygamy, female genital mutilation and all forms of honor killings.


Inside Toronto (h/t Maria J)  Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander introduced legislation Wednesday afternoon to ban people in polygamous and early and forced marriages from immigrating to Canada.  Alexander said the practices, including female genital mutilation and honor-based violence, are “incompatible with Canadian values.” 

Alexander and Minister of Labour and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Dr. Kellie Leitch announced the federal government bill at a news conference Wednesday morning at Rexdale Women’s Centre. Alexander would not provide details of the legislation, entitled the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices, until it was tabled Wednesday afternoon. 


“We want to make certain Muslim immigrant women and girls are protected and not subjected to isolation, disenfranchisement and violence once they arrive in Canada,” Alexander told approximately 40 Rexdale Women Centre staff. 

Rexdale Women’s Centre is an independent, not-for-profit agency that provided services last year to more than 10,000 clients in the areas of settlement, English language classes, violence prevention, children, family support and post-settlement services. 


Fatima Filippi, Rexdale Women’s Centre’s executive director, welcomed Alexander’s bill.  “We’re encouraged by the steps being taken even though we have not seen the legislation. We’re encouraged that it will make a difference to the women we work with,” Filippi said in an interview following the ministers’ remarks. 

The 2013 Throne Speech promised action to stop early and forced marriages, polygamy, female genital mutilation and so-called honour-based killings.  All are issues of concern to the Harper government in light of the multiple murders in 2009 of female members of Montreal’s Shafia family, Alexander said. An Afghan-Canadian man, his second wife and their son, were convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of his three teenaged daughters and his first wife — killed because he felt the girls’ dating and dress brought dishonour to his family. 

original honor-killing-family-trial-11.1.2012

“As a government, as a society we have got to work tirelessly to make sure that what happened to (these women) never happens again on Canadian soil,” Alexander said.  “Young women seeking a better life for themselves and their families in Canada should never be subject to constant fear, threat of violence or death.  “The fact is, these practices are occurring on Canadian soil too often with potential for severe and sometimes fatal consequences to the victims of such violent acts.” 

The minister said provisions in the bill would prevent perpetrators from arguing provocation or cultural differences as mitigating factors.  “Honour-based killings are nothing more than murders,” Alexander said.  “We will be making it clear to anyone who may doubt how serious we are that we do not, under any circumstance, accept or allow the propagation, support or enactment of barbaric cultural practices on Canadian soil. 

Female Genital Mutilation3

“The bill we intend on tabling later today will show, quite clearly, that our Canadian values do not extend to barbaric acts.”  The legislation would eliminate early and forced marriage from Canada’s immigration program, as well as domestically, Alexander said.  Changes would also strengthen the ability of immigration authorities to clamp down on polygamy, of which, Alexander said, there are at least hundreds of cases. 

Alexander noted the case of an Afghan immigrant accused of stabbing his wife to death last year, allegedly because he felt dishonoured by her independence and search for employment.  Leitch related how a 14-year-old girl disclosed to her she was the victim of genital mutilation when Leitch was a medical resident at The Hospital for Sick Children.  “As a surgeon, as a woman, as a Canadian that is an unacceptable act,” Leitch said. 


While violence against women and girls is unacceptable to most Canadians, it still occurs in homes, workplaces and on our streets, and affects diverse cultural communities, Leitch lamented.  “Some immigrant women in Canada may not be familiar with our laws, and may not know that certain harmful practices are illegal, inappropriate and forms of violence,” Leitch said. 

“Canada is a free and open society built on a premise of equality for all Canadians and we will not tolerate harmful social practices and conditions that injure any individual.” 


Reporters asked Leitch to comment on whether the government needs to do more to protect women amid often non-reporting of workplace harassment and violence in the wake of the publication in the past week of multiple allegations of abuse and harassment by former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi.  “One is too many,” Leitch said. “Anyone who has been through violence, harassment or cyberbullying, that is unacceptable…We encourage everyone if they are experiencing harassment, please come forward.” 

Leitch said multiple government ministers are working together on initiatives to combat harassment and violence.  Since CBC fired Ghomeshi on Oct. 26, the Toronto Star and other media outlets have published the accounts of nine women accusing the former host of radio show Q of harassment, physical abuse and sexual assault. 



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SYRIA: Hitler Youth lives! Only now they are called ISIS Jihadi Youth

This video-clip features a boy called Abu Ja’far and is titled “The Jihad.” In the “street sermon,” which attracted a small crowd of children and adults and was guarded by an armed militant, the boy curses Barack Hussein Obama, calls for Jihad, and vows to conquer the Arabian Peninsula and kill all its rulers.

Make you wish there was an American drone overhead with a hellfire missile aimed directly at this child terrorist’s head.


How ISIS is indoctrinating children into becoming junior jihadis

ISIS uses children in videos to celebrate the slaughter of *infidels. See enough of this as a child and you become totally desensitized to killing and violence, making it seem normal. Music gives it a festive air.

*infidels to ISIS are not only non-Muslims butt also Muslims who don’t want to follow the kind of barbaric sharia law that ISIS practices


IRAQ: “If you want your Yazidi sex slave to have blue eyes, it’s gonna cost you”

UnknownIslamic State (ISIS) paedophile savages yuck it up about using Yazidi female captives as sex slaves, whom they are happy to share with the highest bidder. But you’ll pay a big premium if you want pre-pubescent jail bait or blue-eyed Yazidis.

Youtube keeps taking the video down. If  this one is gone, click on the video below it:



 The below video will play if you click the screen twice:

Youtube took down the version with English subtitles but here’s what they are saying:

This is the first video of isis talking about about the yazidi girls they kidnapped in shingal and sell them as sex slaves. This video was found on a dead terrorist phone and given to  RUDAW by peshmergas
1st terrorist : today is the day we . we get our slaves , i cant believe it

2nd terrorist : we will all get our slaves

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist : who want to sell there slaves ? . i will buy it .and if they give to me for free its much better

3ed terrorist : where is my yazidi slave ?

1st terrorist :who want to sell there slave ill buy them

4th terrorist : ill sell mine

1st terrorist : how much ? can we exchange her for my gun ? its diffrent if her eyes ware blue . ill put 4 of them on my back and take them home  it dosent matter how old she is it makes no  different if she has tooth or not

5th terrorist : i want the yazidi slaves . i want to buy 2 of them

camera man : me and faruk we dont want them

camera man : do u only want one yazidi ?

6th terrorist : (shakes his head ) yes

camera man : u can do what ever u want to her

6th terrorist : laughing

camera man : abu khalid do u want a slave 2 ?

camera man : muffad . ur yazidi is dead

7th terrorist : she died ?

and the video ends

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d94_1414852544#FfGiu44ABH6Sv17t.99



Islamic State (ISIS) School of Jihad for ‘grooming’ child jihadis

Forced viewings of beheadings and torture, training with weapons almost as big as they are and daily lessons in extremist theology. If you’re a boy growing up in ISIS-controlled territory across Syria and Iraq, the word education means something very different.

The one-finger salute is the salute of Isis

The one-finger salute is the symbol of ISIS

Independent  (h/t Mike F) Official Isis media outlets are circulating videos and images which they claim show life in the “School of Jihad”, where children under the age of 10 are encouraged to fire AK47 rifles and acclimatised to the horrors of war.

As part of a series of propaganda releases created by Muassissat al-Furqan for the group’s media wing, young children appear in videos that experts say are an attempt to show the “utopia” of the world under Isis.

Yet what they actually portray has been described by a UN Human Rights Council report as “a war crime” – the recruitment and military use of children under the age of 15.

One video has been titled on YouTube “Cubs of the Islamic State” – the name by which Isis now refers to itself. A voice-over in Arabic boasts that these “cubs” are sure in their faith and in the auspices of Isis.

Children sat before a teacher, who remains unidentified, are asked about the principles and tenets of Islam, in what appears to be a lesson in religion. The video then cuts to interviews and clips of children from the “school” singing and speaking – alongside them the barrels of AK47s can just be seen in shot.

Another clip posted as part of the “Messages from the Land of the Final Battles” series appears to be a graduation video. It shows the new “School of Jihad” graduates lined up before a stage, listening to a speaker, while rows of adults who are thought to be their parents can be seen watching on.