French school newspaper editor gets death threats for publishing a story about the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Teachers and students at a French school rallied in support of a pupil who received death threats for publishing an edition of the school newspaper in support of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

"And I will kill you"

“And I will kill you”

The Local  The student, 17-year-old Louis, published a special edition of the paper in January after Muslim jihadists went on a killing spree on the streets of Paris that left 17 people dead and saw the capital gripped with fear for three days.

Two of them stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo killing 12 people, including journalists and police officers, and sparking a global outpouring in support of free speech.

The school paper edition — titled “Je Suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) after the slogan that went viral following the attack — included poems, opinion pieces and drawings. It did not include any of the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published by Charlie Hebdo that had angered the Islamists.


“It was a tribute to the 17 victims without discrimination — for Jews, journalists, police officers,” Louis, whose surname was not given, told AFP. Police have opened an inquiry into the death threats against him, including seven letters in total, two of which contained bullets. The last one at the beginning of May “seemed like an ultimatum”, Louis said.

The 17-year-old’s mother said she was deeply worried about the mental state of her son, who only sleeps a few hours a night, “won’t go out in the street alone” and now carried two tear gas cannisters on him at all times. “This has been going on for months,” complained history teacher Pascale Morel. “We didn’t say anything at first while the (police) inquiry was being carried out, but nothing concrete has been done.”


Many young people of Muslim backgrounds resented the fact the magazine had published provocative images of Mohammed and did so again in the “survivors” edition following the massacre of most of the magazine’s team.

Even in the days after the attacks schools reported that pupils were refusing to respect a minute’s silence to remember the victims and there were also reports of young pupils being attacked by Muslims and threatened for showing support for the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan.


Why Australia and Thailand refuse to take in any Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens from Myanmar (Burma)

Even the Rohingya Muslims’ own native country of Bangladesh won’t take them back and have turned their boats around when they have tried to land there in the past. (See links below)

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, confirmed Thursday that none of the more than 8,000 Rohingya refugees caught in a weeks-long standoff at sea will be resettled in Australia. Thailand has said the same as they enough problems with their violent Muslim population there as it is.  An estimated 6,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar have been left abandoned as several other countries in Southeast Asia have also turned away boats carrying hundreds.  The reason Muslims are being pushed out of Myanmar is because of all the violence, rape, and crime they have inflicted on the Buddhists there.
































Islamic State (ISIS) seizes control of ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, and post their latest beheadings photos

Islamic State militants stormed the Syrian city of Palmyra on Wednesday, seizing it from government forces in fierce fighting as civilians were evacuated and Syria’s antiquities chief called on the world to save its ancient monuments.


Reuters  The capture of Palmyra is the first time the al Qaeda offshoot has taken control of a city directly from the Syrian army and allied forces, which have already lost ground in the northwest and south to other insurgent groups in recent weeks.


The central city, also known as Tadmur, is built alongside the remains of a oasis civilisation whose colonnaded streets, temple and theatre have stood for 2,000 years.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said Islamic State had seized almost all of the city. It said it was unclear what had happened to forces stationed at an army outpost on its outskirts or the fate of a major military prison.

The attack is part of a westward advance by Islamic State that is adding to the pressures on the overstretched military and allied militia. The group holds tracts of land in the north and east of Syria and is now edging towards the more heavily populated areas along the western flank of the country.


Palmyra’s ancient monuments, which lie on the south-western fringe of the modern city, were put on UNESCO’s World Heritage in danger list in 2013. The ruins were part of a desert oasis that was one of the most significant cultural centres of the ancient world.


Islamic State supporters posted pictures on social media showing what they said were gunmen in the streets of Palmyra, which is the location of one of Syria’s biggest weapons depots as well as army bases, an airport and a major prison.

Dozens murdered as ISIS plans the demolition of one of the world’s greatest heritage sites:


ISIS vows to behead Barack Hussein Obama, publishes bloody photo online

Following the news today that US elite forces had executed ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf, ISIS supporters are threatening to kill Barack Obama.


Vocativ (h/t  Gateway) reported:

Shaken by a daring U.S. military strike deep in ISIS territory, supporters of the extremist organization were vowing revenge for the killing of senior leader Abu Sayyaf or claiming the special operations mission never took place, a Vocativ analysis reveals.

“If they took Abu Sayyaf, we will take Obama,” one ISIS supporter posted in the hours after the raid, which took place near the eastern Syrian city of al-Amr.
Translation: If your goal is killing Abu Sayyaf then our goal is killing Obama and the worshipers of the cross. We have attacks coming against you.

Elite American commandos carried out the rare, overnight military operation, killing Sayyaf, capturing his wife, and freeing a Yezidi woman believed to have been held as their slave, the Pentagon said Saturday. Defense Secretary Ash Carter heralded the mission as a “significant blow” to the Islamic State.

لئن كان هدفكم قتل سياف فهدفنا قتل أوباما وعباد الصليب…فبإذن الله لنا صولات وجولات معكم ياعباد الصليب.

— أبو الوليد الليبي (@ebn_alkim) May 16, 2015


Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are shaving their beards to blend in with North African and Middle East refugees flooding into Europe by boat

article-2722878-2077B9D800000578-335_634x459-300x217The Islamic State (ISIS) is smuggling fighters into Europe by telling them to shave their beards and disguise themselves as refugees before boarding human trafficking boats to Italy. Such jihadists are considered ‘prize operatives’ because they can travel undetected around Europe – and to Britain.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Maria J) ISIS is also funding terrorism by taxing the people smugglers. The extremists make £60,000 per boat of refugees who attempt the journey, it is claimed. Based on the number who crossed the Mediterranean last year – around 219,000 – IS could be making millions each year from the crisis.

The group is thought to be forcing families in refugee camps on the borders of Lebanon and Jordan to flee to Libya, and ordering the traffickers to hand over half their profits. The migrants are forced to join IS or take a seven-day Sharia law course before traveling to Europe.


‘They use the boats for their people who they want to send to Europe as the European police don’t know who is from ISIS and who is a refugee or not.

‘The boat owners have a list of who to take but some people come suddenly out of the list and they’re told, “Take them with you” … they come alone and in the boat they are not scared at all. They are for ISIS, 100 per cent.’


UK Daily Mail Flouting their terror credentials, with Rome’s Colosseum as the backdrop, ISIS supporters have posted photos purporting to show they are already in Europe and counting down ‘till the zero hour’.

The alarming images, published on Twitter, have emerged as Libyan intelligence claims that the Islamic State are exploiting the Mediterranean refugee emergency to send its fighters into the heart of Europe.


ISIS have made frightening inroads into Libya in recent months taking control of several cities including Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace. Having executed dozens of Christians in several breathtakingly bloodthirsty attacks on the shores of the Mediterranean they then pointed their sabres toward Europe.

There have been growing fears that militants would take advantage of tens of thousands of migrants surging across the Mediterranean to send operatives to Europe. Now it appears -they have already arrived.

The threatening photos apparently taken at landmarks and train stations in Italy show a piece of paper displaying the Islamic state logo and messages such as ‘Islamic State in Rome. We are in your streets.’


One ominous post was accompanied by the Arabic for ‘#Islamic State in Rome. Now is observing and locating for the target. Waiting for the zero hour.’ Some of the pictures show venues in Milan, including the city’s cathedral and the venues of the Expo exhibition in several others.

Police vehicles in the background of many of the pictures seem intended to further underline the would-be terrorists’ boldness.

It is not the first time that the jihadist group have identified Rome, the home of Christianity, as a symbolic target. Previously the Islamic militants’ own magazine published a mock-up of the black flag of ISIS flying over St Peter’s square on the front page of their propaganda magazine Dabiq.


The pictures have emerged as the Libyan government warned that ISIS terrorists are on their way to Europe hidden amongst refugees.

Minister of Information Omar al Gawari of the Tobruk elected government told Italian news agency ANSA: ‘In the next few weeks Italy will see the arrival of boats carrying not only poor immigrants from Africa but Daesh (IS).’ He appealed for an end to an arms embargo that would allow the Tobruk government to tackle human trafficking which he claimed was allowed by the rival Islamist government in Tripoli.

‘To combat terrorism the Libyans want the arms embargo lifted and they will pay with their own money to buy the necessary arms to restore peace and security in the country.’


While there are no plans to lift the arms embargo, the UK is expected to play a leading role in an EU naval operation against the trafficking organizations, at the same time striking a blow to one of the Islamic State’s most profitable funding mechanisms.

Abdul Basit Haroun an advisor to the Libyan government said the militant group was making millions from the trafficking trade while using it to smuggle their own men into Europe.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: ‘They give permission for the boat owner to use the spot under their control and they charge them for that 50/50 of whatever they make.


‘They use the boats for their people who they want to send to Europe as the European police don’t know who is from IS and who is a normal refugee or not.

EU border agency risk analysis for 2015 warned that with record numbers of migrants arriving resources are being used up covering their basic reception needs at the expense of security screening.

The report by Frontex said that foreign fighters who are not allowed to return home could use the trafficking networks’ boats to slip back into Europe.




IT’S OFFICIAL! The Islamic State (ISIS) has taken Ramadi and the city is in total collapse

imagesISIS militants took control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi Sunday, according to a senior Iraqi security official, dealing a strategic blow to Iraqi forces trying to push ISIS fighters out of key cities.

The terrorist group had raised their black flag over the local government compound in Ramadi, which is about 60 miles west of Baghdad, on Friday. On Sunday, 90 percent of the city was under ISIS control, according to the Iraqi official said.“Logically, the city has fallen,” he said.




MUSLIM TERRORISTS WIN! Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist after death threats over her articles on Islam

1110Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been accused of hypocrisy after it suspended a journalist who has received death threats for her articles attacking Islamic extremism. Zineb El Rhazoui, 33, was called to a preliminary dismissal hearing to remind her of her ‘obligations’ towards the French weekly following ‘numerous incidents.’

Charlie Hebdo columnist Zineb El Rhazoui, 33, (centre) has been suspended by the satirical magazine

Charlie Hebdo columnist Zineb El Rhazoui, 33, (centre) has been suspended by the satirical magazine

UK Daily Mail  The French-Moroccan columnist accused her employers of trying to ‘punish her’ for speaking out about the direction of the magazine four months after the jihadist attack which left 12 dead. 

‘I am shocked and appalled that a management that has received so much support after the January attacks could show so little support for one of its employees, who is under pressure like everyone in the team and has faced threats,’ she told Le Monde.


‘My husband lost his job and had to leave Morocco because the jihadists revealed his workplace. I am under threat and having to live with friends or in a hotel and the management is thinking of firing me. Bravo Charlie.’ 

The move has prompted outrage on social media with thousands calling the decision ‘absurd’ and bewildering’. Mrs El Rhazoui and her husband, Moroccan writer Jaouad Benaïssi, received death threats on Twitter from people claiming to be from Islamic State in February.


Photoshopped images of the couple dressed as ISIS prisoners about to be executed emerged on social media along with a map showing the places the journalist often visited.

Speaking at the time she said: ‘Pictures of my husband, his workplace and geolocation information have been published, as well as various suggestions on how to bump us off.’


The human rights campaigner was one of 15 Charlie Hebdo writers, editors and cartoonists who wrote an open letter criticising the magazine’s owners and management in late March.

Millions of people around the world were inspired to declare ‘Je Suis Charlie’ to show their solidarity. But now thousands, including the magazine’s own writers, have accused the weekly of ‘hypocrisy’ after failing to support its own staff. 


Writer Patrick Pelloux said: ‘We are all still trying to cope with life after the attack,’ he said. ‘It is nasty and unfair to call a disciplinary meeting for a member of staff who is still suffering incredibly.’ 

‘It is paradoxical that the magazine receives prizes for freedom of expression while disciplining a journalist whose life is under threat’. 

We could have predicted this following the post Charlie Hebdo attack magazine cover which “forgave the Muslim killers.”



Southern Thailand rocked by multiple bomb blasts, Muslim insurgents main suspects

Several bomb blasts rocked Thailand late Thursday and Friday morning, injuring at least 15 people. Officials suspect the bombs were set off by Muslim insurgents using remotes from a city in the country’s restive south.


IB TIMES (h/t J-M LL-R)  Officials also found two bombs that did not explode while the rest of the improvised bombs went off in 17 places in Yala province in southern Thailand, the Associated Press (AP) reported, citing Police Col. Jamlong Suwalak.

Some witnesses reportedly saw two men throw a grenade at a local breakfast restaurant while riding a motorcycle. The grenade injured one person. Netchanok Sintiratti, a nurse at the Yala Hospital, reportedly said that an 11-year-old boy was also among the people injured in Thursday’s explosions.


Yala province is one of the three provinces, besides Pattani and Narathiwat, where Muslims are in majority in an otherwise Buddhist country. Islamic insurgency in Thailand began in 2004 and since then over 5,000 people have been killed in attacks. The rebels have not issued a specific demand but are believed to be fighting for an independent state, the AP reported.

Over 93 percent of the Thai population follows Buddhism while only about 5 percent of the population is believed to be Muslim.














French Mayor under fire for calling for Islam to be banned in France

The mayor of a small town in the southeast of France is sending out tweets with the message: “We must ban the Muslim faith in France.”


World Bulletin  Robert Chardon is mayor of Venelles, a town near Aix-en-Provence with a population of 8,000. He represents the Union for a Popular Movement party, one of the largest conservative parties in France, and that of former president Nicolas Sarkozy. He is also vice president of the Organization of Municipalities around Aix-en-Provence.



Since Thursday, he has been sending out various tweets with the anti-Muslim message. “We also need a Marshall Plan to send Muslims to countries where the religion is practiced,” he said in his tweets.



According to him, Islam belongs to the Maghreb and France should welcome more of its “brothers” among the Oriental Christians. He also said France’s 1905 secularism law — which guarantees freedom of religion — should be removed and  ” the Republic should promotes the practice of the Christian faith.”



He told the French daily Le Monde that “it’s the only solution for most of France’s problems.”

Under the terms of French law, Chardon could be liable for criminal prosecution for making these remarks.



Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Abdallah Zekri, president of the National Observatory against Islamophobia, denounced Chardon’s comments describing them as “unacceptable” and as a breach of France’ secularism “that grants citizens the freedom of belief.”



” It is not up to a racist mayor, who knows nothing about religions to decide such a thing,”Zekri added. He urged French authorities and Sarkozy to declare their “clear” position regarding the mayor’s remarks.

Sudouest  As a result of his remarks, Robert Chardon was hospitalized under the involuntary confinement provision at the request of a third party in view of “the incoherence of his words”



Not surprisingly, Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the Mayor’s remarks.


Leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) confirms what everyone knows but Muslims and their Leftist allies refuse to admit: “Islam is a religion of war”

Contrary to recent media reports of his death, ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, appears to be very much alive and has sent out an audio tape today urging Muslims worldwide to join the jihadi group.


Daily Caller  The message, whose title is translated as “March Forth Whether Light or Heavy,” relies heavily on Quranic passages and arcane myths about the end of the world. The leader uses them to argue that “there is no excuse for any Muslim who is capable of performing hijrah [immigration] to the Islamic State, or capable of carrying a weapon where he is.” The English translation used here was released simultaneously by official Islamic State channels.

He goes on to insist to his audience that “Islam was never for a day the religion of peace. Islam is the religion of war.” The translated by official channels as “war,” qitāl, is not the most common Arabic word for war, and more frequently translated as “fighting” or “combat.”

He also denounces “America and its allies from amongst the Jews, Crusaders, Rāfidah (Shiites), secularists, atheists, and apostates,” dismissing as lies the claim that the U.S.-led military campaign against his group “is to aid the weak and oppressed, help the poor, relieve the afflicted, liberate the enslaved, defend the innocent and peaceful, and prevent the shedding of their blood.” Sunni Arab allies of the United States, meanwhile, he calls “guard dogs.”

In recent weeks, rumors have circulated about Baghdadi’s death or incapacitation in the U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the group in Syria and Iraq. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense claims that his deputy, a man named Abu Alaa al-Afri, was killed in recent weeks — a claim the Pentagon denies.