GERMANY: School warns parents not to allow their daughters to wear short skirts because Muslim illegal aliens are being housed next to the school gym

8524698Emergency accommodation for 200 Syrian Muslim illegals was erected right next to the gym of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in Bavaria. And the school is worried about Muslims being offended by clothing that normal school girls wear. So worried, in fact, that the headteacher recently sent out a letter to parents to restrict what their daughters wear.

Will provoke Muslim rapists

Will provoke Muslim rapists

The Local (h/t Marina S)  “For the Muslim invaders, access to the school gardens and buildings is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the school grounds during the day. The number of teachers on duty during breaks has been increased,” read the letter from headteacher Martin Thalhammer. The letter goes on to give students instructions on how to deal with the situation.

Will provoke Muslim rapists

Will provoke Muslim rapists

 “The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslims and speak Arabic. The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to, in order to avoid offending the Muslims. Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.” (In other words – rape)

Will provoke Muslim rapsits

Will provoke Muslim rapsits

The letter has not been met favourably by some parents, but a local politician, who did not want to be named, told Die Welt the move was “absolutely necessary”. “When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis,” he said. “These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, might follow the girls (and try to rape them).

“It is my duty to look after the children. Therefore I wanted to inform everyone about what is going on at school and what the gym is being used for.” “It was my responsibility to remind everyone that two cultures are coming together here,” he continued. (And it is the duty of the uninvited guests to conform to the ways of the country that took them in…not the other way around)

Is this how German girls are supposed to dress now?

Is this how German girls are supposed to dress now?


What does it say about Europe when the identity of a national hero who helps thwart a Muslim terrorist attack has to be concealed for fear of reprisals from the Muslim fifth column?

“Help me protect the identity of this person,” insisted police chief, “I believe his personal safety is at stake!”


DMF  The suspect was arrested shortly after the attack. It was a fireman from the SDIS of Isère (Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours) [Municipal Fire and Emergency Service] who was called on to control the fire and explosion who “neutralized him with a lot of courage and sang-froid” declared Bernard Cazeneuve.

This fireman, whose identity is, today, being kept secret to protect him, “proceeded to incapacitate” this individual, said the Minister of the Interior. Bernard Cazeneuve insisted on thanking him as well as his colleagues for the “promptness and efficiency of this intervention”.   

The Isère chief of police Jean-Paul Bonnetain, emphasised the courage of the fireman: “the suspect defended himself and the fireman was slightly injured. But he took control of the situation and he was able to hand the Muslim terrorist over to the police.”  

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French prime minister’s remarks on Islam practically guarantee that Marine LePen of Front National will become the next president of France

BN-HD970_edpWin_G_20150227121842Prime Minister Manuel Vallis in a forum with the theme ‘Republic and Islam: Together accept the challenge,’ said “We must help Islam to grow and solidify its position in France.” Ironically, in his address, he emphasized ‘love and secularism,’ which is contradictory to everything Islam stands for.

Lalsace (via DVM)  The question of the place of Islam in the republic is “a tough question,” according to the Prime Minister who made a simple observation: “The Republic has only existed for two centuries, Islam for 14 centuries, and secularism for a hundred years. “ “We must bring forth an Islam deeply rooted and established in France, in the Republic (Well there goes any possibility of a future for secularism).”


I am convinced that in the coming years, Islam will play an important role in the world. And this role is played in France because we are under siege from millions of Muslims who live in France. If we show the youth that this is where it can happen, we gain a huge ideological battle. “Make it clear to young Muslims, too,” they do not have to assimilate into French culture “but simply” to fully exercise their citizenship.” 

London, UK. 24th January 2014. Abu Walaa, founder of Muslim Prisoners,holds a placard reading "Muslims reject democracy and secularism!" outside the Regents Park Mosque. © Piero Cruciatti/Alamy Live News

Last week, Valis also stressed there was no link between extremism and Islam, as he opened a conference aimed at improving ties with France’s large Muslim community. “We must say all of this is not Islam,” said Valls.  “The hate speech, the self-proclaimed imams in our neighborhoods and our prisons who are promoting violence and terrorism.”

Uh Oh! Kissing a Muslim woman who is not your wife could get your head cut off

Uh Oh! Kissing a Muslim woman who is not your wife could get your head cut off

Radicalization, however, will not be among the topics discussed during the half-day long gathering at France’s interior ministry, which said putting it on the table would be “a bad message to the French and to the Muslim community.” The gathering is a tricky exercise for the government because it is seeking an improved dialogue with the Muslim community, but it must avoid appearances that it is singling it out.

When former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing opposition party held an internal meeting earlier this month on the “question of Islam” in France, it drew criticism from Muslim groups and some members of the party for “stigmatizing” the religion.


Marine LePen, on the other hand…leader of Front National, which has become the largest party in France, could be preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French territory. The solution was mentioned as a means to counter the great European population replacement, the result of widespread Islamization of the country.


For the establishment of the State of Emergency in 2017, the president of the National Front may well prohibit Islam temporarily for safety reasons, before emptying France of its Muslims and/or stopping immigration from Muslim countries. This will require that Marine Le Pen reaches the presidency of the republic, but this should be a formality given her leading position in the current polls.

The last time that Act No. 55-385 of 3 April 1955 governing the state of emergency was used goes back to 2005, when Jacques Chirac, former president, had brought up the subject because of the Muslim suburban riots, something that continues to this day.

This is not only a problem for France, but a problem that has grown exponentially  in the past five years.



FINALLY! Photo released of the ‘BOSNIAN MUSLIM’ terrorist in Austria who intentionally crashed his car into pedestrians in the streets of Graz

Photo of bearded Bosnian Muslim Alen Rizvanovic have been published by the Austrian newspaper Krone Zeitung. Rizvanović’s gaze is directed forward right before he plowed into several innocent people in the streets of Graz, killing 3 and wounding many, then getting out of his car and stabbing old people.


Cazin-Danas (h/t Kitty)  After the bloody attack, Rizvanovic was arrested, and prosecution spokesman Christian Kroschl conveyed that Rizvanović in court said he felt as if he was being chased, and that “there are voices in my head.”

Alen Rizvanovic is from the Bosnian muslim town of Bihac. ONLY muslims in Bosnia are referred to as “Bosnian”. That term is NEVER used to describe Serbs and Croats in Bosnia.

ORIGINAL STORY: updated-sudden-jihad-syndrome-bosnian-yes-hes-a-muslim-as-expected-man-drives-car-at-90-mph-into-crowd-of-shoppers-before-getting-out-and-stabbing-elderly-bystanders








Designated Terrorist Group CAIR asks President of China to end denial of religious freedom for Uighur Muslims

President of China responds to CAIR: fuck-vi

A delegate from the Xinjiang provincial delegation is seen before the start of their meeting with representatives from the National People's Congress in Beijing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/22/15 (Muslim Brotherhood front group and UAE-designated terrorist organization) Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), today urged the People’s Republic of China to end all state-sanctioned denial of religious freedoms targeting Muslims in that nation’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Ramadan 2015: China bans Ramadan fasting for Muslims


In a letter to President Xi Jinping, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote in part:

“The ability of Muslims in Xinjiang to freely practice their faith is allegedly being obstructed by local authorities who routinely attempt to ban fasting during Ramadan under a state campaign to suppress Islamic religious practices and local Muslim traditions.

“These acts of state religious suppression also reportedly include harassing Muslim men who grow beards and women who wear Islamic attire. It is also reported that Muslims under the age of 18 are prohibited from practicing their religion and that authorities impose heavy fines on families whose children study the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, or fast during Ramadan.

31642739 “The Chinese Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to those who practice Islam. As a signatory to the United Nations Charter, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the People’s Republic of China is responsible for ensuring that Muslims in Xinjiang and across greater China are entitled to equal protection under the law against any state discrimination and against any incitement to discrimination. . .

28_muslim-women-e1427747315191 Kashi-Kaxgar-all-women-should-remove-veil-in-civilized-society “The American Muslim community and CAIR respectfully urge the People’s Republic of China to uphold its own laws and international conventions by removing all barriers to religious freedom for the Muslims in Xinjiang, for Muslims throughout China and for the rights of all other people of faith in your nation.”

CAIR also requested a meeting between the Chinese ambassador in Washington, D.C., and representatives of the American Muslim community and other concerned parties to discuss the issue of religious freedom. (Yeah, when pigs fly)


In case you think China will give this request one second of consideration, check out these links:



























Ex-Muslim turned anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali advises Canada to maintain active surveillance of all mosques and Islamic schools

IslamAyaanHirsiAliBNI140413-viAyaan Hirsi Ali, a former devout Muslim, best-selling author, ex-politician, and now a fellow at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, warns that the violent doctrine of Islam is spreading in Canada through the foundation of mosques, Islamic centres and Islamic schools by wealthy Gulf state investors with the most radical of extremist goals.


Ottawa Citizen  Hirsi Ali says, “You should be looking out for the sprouting of mosques and Islamic centres. You should be looking out for the establishment of Islamic schools and anything that costs money,” she said via a video link from Boston. “Countries like Saudi Arabia and the oil-wealthy Gulf countries that have absolutely everything that money can buy, yet many of them choose, for their philanthropy, radical Islamic goals, institutions, activities, jihad.

“For the outside, for the non-Muslim, especially in the West where we believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom of conscience, when people come here and establish a network of schools, Islamic centres, mosques, it all falls within our freedoms and our laws but we rarely take an interest in the content of what is being preached and what’s being disseminated.”


Hirsi Ali warned Canadian parliamentarians that some North American Muslim communities are heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood and “Medina Muslims” who advocate abandoning mainstream social values, beliefs and customs to follow their strict interpretation of Islam, including holy war against the West.

Effectively combating radical influences and the resulting spread of Islamic terrorism has not, and will not, happen until Canada, the United States and other western nations really define what the problem is and how to identify it, she told the committee.


“Medina Muslims,” are comprised of fundamentalists and radicals, both violent and non-violent, who at a minimum want to live under sharia law, which dictates moral, economic, military and social behaviour. 

Beginning in the seventh century, the Prophet Muhammed and the then-new religion of Islam used the Saudi Arabian city as a base to conquer enemy armies and their empires. Its name is now shorthand for the militarization of Islam that modern Medina Muslims want to replicate, she said.


“I don’t know how big the Medina group is, I think today it’s much bigger than it was after 9/11.” “It will be too late to focus on the Medina Muslims only after they engage in acts of jihad, but I would like us to start focusing on them early on … in the weeks, the months and the years that they are preaching, preparing and cultivating the minds of young people.”

“If an imam or a mosque or a Muslim centre is teaching that absolutely everything that’s in the Quran, particularly in Medina, and absolutely everything that the Prophet Muhammad said and did, particularly in Medina, is what the practice of Islam is, then you should have red flags all over the place.”

In addition, “If they’re preaching sharia law, even though it’s Canada where it seems inconceivable to practice sharia law, you have a red flag.”


A random survey of 100 representative mosques in the U.S. was conducted to measure the correlation between Sharia adherence and dogma calling for violence against non-believers.  Of the 100 mosques surveyed, 51% had texts on site rated as severely advocating violence; 30% had texts rated as moderately advocating violence; and 19% had no violent texts at all.  Mosques that presented as Sharia adherent were more likely to feature violence-positive texts on site than were their non-Sharia-adherent counterparts. 

In 84.5% of the mosques, the imam recommended studying violence-positive texts.  The leadership at Sharia-adherent mosques was more likely to recommend that a worshipper study violence-positive texts than leadership at non-Sharia-adherent mosques.  Fifty-eight percent of the mosques invited guest imams known to promote violent jihad.  The leadership of mosques that featured violence-positive literature was more likely to invite guest imams who were known to promote violent jihad than was the leadership of mosques that did not feature violence-positive literature on mosque premises.



DENMARK: Muslim immigration means “Danes can no longer sit on their own balcony and eat a ham sandwich”

MUSLIM immigrant gangs in Denmark are stronger than ever and hatred for the native Danish population continues to escalate.


10 NEWS  In certain parts of Copenhagen, it is simply too dangerous for Danes to live there. Ethnic Danes feel unsafe there. They can not even sit outside and eat a ham sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted by Muslim gangs.

Muslim thugs gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

Muslim thugs gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

Muslims say they hate Denmark and the Danes. And these young Muslims who were born and raised in Denmark. The youths are attracted by radical religious environments and immigrant gangs, where they come together to hate Denmark.’

Snipers attack police in Muslim area, locals reluctant to come forward as witnesses

Snipers attack police in Muslim area, locals reluctant to come forward as witnesses

Muslims are using immigrant gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in residential areas throughoutDenmark. The unholy alliance between religious extremists and hardcore criminals is prevalent in residential areas where  younger people being forced to behave in certain ways and women are forced to dress in particular ways.

Muslim gang members typically support individual imams and mosques with a strict interpretation of Islam.




“You take them.” “No, YOU take them.” “NO, YOU TAKE THEM!”

_83639054_ventimepaAt least 200 North African Muslim illegal aliens were stranded in Ventimiglia, near the Italian-French border, after French customs closed the border, refusing to allow the invaders to enter for the fourth day in a row.




Migrants from Eritrea sit near tents as they live in a make-shift camp under a metro bridge in Paris


Many of waiting parasite wannabes have set up make-shift camps along the shoreline. They refuse to register with Italian authorities, because they are demanding to be sent to other parts of Europe where the welfare benefits are more generous. France says it is up to Italy to house them and assess their asylum claims, as they arrived in Italy by boat. In response, the invaders have organized sit-ins and taken up residence in railway stations an in the streets.

General view of migrants from Eritrea who stand and sit near tents as they live in a make-shift camp under a metro bridge in Paris

Migrants from Eritrea sit near tents as they live in a make-shift camp under a metro bridge in Paris

France and Italy are part of the EU’s Schengen zone, where border controls are minimal. But states can tighten border checks in exceptional circumstances, for example to deal with an unexpected migrant influx. Italy is struggling to cope with boatloads of illegal aliens arriving in unprecedented numbers from Libya.



Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra jihadists’ mass killing on Druze population in Syria could spur retaliation by Israel

0The latest religious minority to be caught in the Syrian crossfire are the Druze, who have long enjoyed the protection of the Assad regime, but now find themselves under attack from the terror group Al Nusra Front and could soon look to Israel for help. Al-Nusra commander accused the Druze of being “kuffar” (infidels) before ordering the killings.

Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra members pose on a tank in northern Idlib province.

Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra members pose on a tank in northern Idlib province.

FOX News  The slaughter Wednesday of more than 20 Druze, included several elderly people and a child.  The attack on Syria’s Druze community, a monotheistic religion that incorporates elements including philosophy, Judaisim, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, could signal a coming humanitarian crisis, according to officials in Israel, which has a sizeable Druze population of its own.

Al-Nusra Front is part of a rebel alliance (Obama's pals?) that now controls much of Idlib province

Al-Nusra Front is part of a jihadist alliance (Obama’s pals?) that now controls much of Idlib province

With embattled President Bashar al-Assad pulling forces back to defend Damascus, the nation’s estimated 700,000 Druze have no protection should the terrorist groups fighting to take over the nation turn their attention to them, as they have Christians and Kurds.

“We do not plan to sit idly by while our brothers are being slaughtered in Syria.” – Ayoob Kara, Israeli official and Druze

Wednesday’s attack on Druze in Qalb Lawzi, in the northern province of Idlib, came after a Tunisian leader of Al Nusra seized the home of a Syrian Druze soldier loyal to Assad, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A crowd gathered and the Al Nusra leader was killed under circumstances that remain unclear.


“Reinforcements [took over] the village,” the Observatory reported. “After that, Al-Nusra opened fire on the civilians, leading to the death of 20 people.” Some reports now suggest up to 24 were killed, including a young girl and several elderly villagers.

Israel, whose Druze community is generally highly-regarded, has so far stayed out of the Syrian war. But recent events have prompted speculation that Israel could move to aid Syria’s Druze population considering the faith’s status in the Jewish State.

DRUZE officer, Col. Ghassan Alian of Shfaram, the brigade’s deputy commander, tapped to steer one of the IDF’s most iconic units

DRUZE officer, Col. Ghassan Alian of Shfaram, the brigade’s deputy commander, tapped to steer one of the IDF’s most iconic units

“We are the only non-Jewish minority that is drafted into the military, and we have an even higher percentage in the combat units and as officers than the Jewish members themselves,” Israeli Druze poet Reda Mansour, currently Israel’s ambassador to Brazil, said in 2008. “So we are considered a very nationalistic, patriotic community.”

Today, 85% of Israel’s male Druze population chooses to join the Israeli military. About 130 Druze sailors currently serve in the Navy, and many of them plan to continue their service far beyond their scheduled release dates.

Today, 85% of Israel’s male Druze population chooses to join the Israeli military. About 130 Druze sailors currently serve in the Navy, and many of them plan to continue their service far beyond their scheduled release dates.

It was a Druze police officer, Zidan Saif, who fought and died trying to save the lives of four rabbis who were killed in a Jerusalem synagogue last November by a Palestinian gunman.

The Druze religion originally stemmed from Islam but is seen as heresy by most Muslims. Any intervention by Israel, either by sending arms to Syria’s Druze to defend themselves or by opening the border to grant then sanctuary, could draw Israel into the ever-widening regional crisis.

3 Days Ago:


“We’re going to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ you, you filthy French shit”

elderlycouple-vi-300x219At the recent annual picnic for elderly French veterans of the Algerian War, which is sponsored by the FNACA (Federation of Ex-servicemen in Algeria) in the district of Grandes Terres in Saint-Fons, nothing went as expected: Muslim savages attacked the elderly veterans, many in their 80’s, hurling stones and other projectiles at them.


DMF  When the tables had just been set up in the shade of the trees right next to the city-owned land of a building, a rain of projectiles fell on the guests: empty beer and whisky bottles, broom handles and stones thrown with slingshots. 

ISIS tells French jihadis to operate within France, advising them to terrorize the people so that they won’t be able to sleep out of fear and horror.


According to a witness quoted by Le Progrès: ‘We heard them shouting: “We’re going to Charlie Hebdo you, you filthy French shit!”

During the incident, a woman in her 80s was transported to Saint-Fons hospital because she was struck in the head by the base of a parasol.

Gee, ya think?

Oh here we go, even when Muslims massacre non-Muslims, Muslims always make themselves the victim


MUSLIMS IN AUSTRALIA are outraged that PM Tony Abbott has proposed revoking Australian citizenship of jihadis who join the Islamic State (ISIS)

article-2664230-1EFB1DF100000578-148_634x353Plans have been underway in Canberra to annul Australian passports for alleged terrorists of dual nationality. A new legislation could enable Australia to revoke citizenship rights for more than 100 Muslims from Australia believed to be fighting with the Islamic State. (How about revoking the citizenship of Muslims in Australia who are outraged by this?)


Big News Network  Muslim activists in Australia said the move only strengthens executive power and called the measure one-sided, The Guardian reported. Silma Ihram, of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, said Muslims are “extraordinarily frustrated” at the lack of any “real” consultation with Muslim community groups, prior to the signing of a letter that supported the decision.

Known as the "Ginger JIHADI," Australian jihadist appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video in which he says the terror group will not stop their murderous campaign ‘until the black flag is flying high in every single land’

Known as the “Ginger JIHADI,” this teenage Australian jihadist appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video in which he says the terror group will not stop their murderous campaign ‘until the black flag is flying high in every single land’

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has received support from 40 Australian government officials on the issue – leaving Australian Muslims “numbed by the progress and speed of the government” on national security laws, according to Ihram.

“Some members of [the] Muslim community [in Australia] could end up like Rohingya – stateless…we could be the next lot shipped over to Cambodia,” she said. (Good, let them stay in Syria) Idiotic infidel Amanda Vanstone, a former immigration minister, also criticized Canberra’s growing inclination to deprive citizenship to suspected terrorists.

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh has joined Islamic State, and urges other medics to join him in Syria

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh has joined the Islamic State, and urges other medics to join him in Syria

But Prime Minister Tony Abbott said stricter controls are necessary to protect Australia from those trying “to destroy us.” He has said Australian nationals without dual citizenship could also lose their rights, including second-generation migrants, if they are eligible for passports from another country.

Australia is still pursuing the capture of a convicted terrorist, Khaled Sharrouf, who managed to pull his family into the war in Syria in 2013. In 2014, Sharrouf, a Sydney-based criminal of Lebanese descent, posted a photograph online showing his seven-year-old son holding up a severed head in Syria.

Australian Khaled Sharrouf with ISIS flag

Australian Khaled Sharrouf in Syria with ISIS flag

Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, said she wants to leave Syria and return to Australia with her five children. Greg Barton, an analyst at Monash University in Australia, said Nettleton could face serious charges of supporting terrorism if she returns home. “If she were to come back she would certainly face prosecution and time in jail,” he said.


BRITISH volunteer who went to Syria to fight AGAINST ISIS fears he will be prosecuted when he returns to the UK

_83550046_harry2_bbcThousands of foreign (Muslim) fighters in Syria and Iraq have left their comfortable lives in the West to take up arms with the Islamic State (ISIS) savages. But  a few (non-Muslim) western foreigners have gone to Syria, too, but they are fighting alongside Kurdish forces, battling against the jihadist group in northern Syria.

BBC  As they start to return home they run the risk of being prosecuted in their home countries. Britons are warned against traveling to Iraq and Syria, and certainly warned against joining the conflict, whichever side they choose. 
Harry was a former currency trader, with no military experience. Tall and slim, his curly-haired head would stick out a mile in north-eastern Syria. And what ISIS would have done to get their hands on 28-year-old, terribly well-mannered Harry. Having beheaded most of their Western hostages, ISIS would have viewed Harry as a trophy whom they might have burned alive in a cage or beheaded for the whole world to see.


FRANCE: Banned Islamic group on trial for terrorism after Jewish ‘hit list’ is discovered

LHuDU‘Forsane Alizza,’ a French Islamic group which claimed to be fighting ‘Islamophobia,’ has been charged with planning terrorist attacks. The fourteen members of Forsane Alizza, which translates to ‘The Knights of Pride,’ were charged with criminal conspiracy related to a terrorist enterprise and illegal possession of weapons.


TownHall  The charges came after a hit list was discovered:

The “hit list” was found during a March 2012 raid on the home of group leader Mohamed Achamlane, 37, in which they also seized an English-language manual on how to build a nuclear bomb, along with three demilitarised assault rifles, three revolvers and “easy recipes” for home-made explosives.

On Achamlane’s hard disk, investigators found a file called “target.txt”, containing the names of ten Jewish stores, five of which belonged to Hyper Cacher.


The defense is claiming that there wasn’t any intent for the group to carry out these attacks, they only wanted to “unite young Muslims.”

And then there’s this

The group was created in 2010 with the official goal of stopping the spread of Islamophobia. It staged several public protests against banning the full veil, later producing a video glorifying Osama bin Laden, the late al Qaeda leader. In a web chat, its leader went on to praise the Mohamed Merah killings of several Jews as “a blessing from Allah” and to pledge inflicting more “scars on France”.


Maybe this Islamic group is trying to unite young Muslims- unite young Muslim in committing acts of terror against innocent civilians in the name of jihad. 

The religion of peace, ladies and gentlemen.


NORTHERN ITALIAN town ordered to stop accepting Muslim illegal alien invaders because the situation is “like a bomb getting ready to go off”


The Italian president of the northern Italian region of Lombardy has said he will no longer allow any migrants to enter the region following the huge rise in Muslim illegal alien trafficking to Italy.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  In comments supported by other senior leaders in the region, Roberto Maroni, former leader of the right-wing Lega Nord, said he had told mayors and other officials in Lombardy to refuse the central government’s demand for the settling of Muslim illegal aliens in the region.

EU-Innenminister reden über Flüchtlingswelle

Maroni, who has been the region’s president since February 2013, has reinforced his demand by threatening to cut the funding to any municipalities who disobey his banning order.

Veneto regional president Luca Zaia, has already shown his support for Maroni’s views. The fellow right-wing supporter said that the Muslim invader problem was ‘like a bomb ready to go off.’


The news comes after European warships reportedly rescued up to 6,000 Muslim illegal aliens in the Mediterranean, attempting to cross into Europe over the weekend.

Maroni took to social media to get the verdict on his radical solution to the influx of Muslims arriving to Italy.


Asking whether it was right ‘that Lombardy mayors must refuse to welcome clandestine illegals’, the regional president’s statement was openly backed by many of his supporters.

According to AFP, Veneto regional president Luca Zaia supported Maroni because ‘the social tensions are absolutely crazy’ in the regions affected by massive illegal alien invasion of Italy.


Giovanni Toti, who was only recently elected president of the northern region of Liguria, was also quick to back Maroni’s hardline anti-illegal immigration stance, commenting: ‘We will not receive any more invaders.’

Similar views were expressed by mayors in southern region of Sicily, where vast numbers of illegal aliens have targeted as their gateway into Europe. 


Once the biggest opposition party in Italy,Lega Nord (meaning Northern League) has historically aimed to turn Italy into a federalist state with a tough attitude to illegal immigration.

Led by Matteo Salvini, the right-wing party made gains in recent elections, emphasizing a tough approach to illegal immigration.


Maroni’s anti-illegal immigration comments come after 1,200 Muslim invaders were rescued by HMS Bukwark at various points along the Libyan coast at the weekend.

They were plucked from nine vessels – six of them rubber dinghies – set adrift off the coast as ministers fear half a million more people are waiting to make the trip, all hoping to be rescued by the military.


As those rescued clambered aboard HMS Bulwark in the Mediterranean, many took the opportunity to disclose the harrowing journey they had faced since fleeing the country. One of those rescued said: ‘It was no problem.’ Others said they felt like they had been in hell. 

Yasin, 29, from Islamabad, Pakistan, summed up many of the Muslim illegals’ feelings. She said: ‘The Royal Navy has saved my life. I want to live in Europe because I feel safe here. 


‘Libya is very dangerous. I have lost my money I have lost my government. I don’t know what Italy can do for me so I need to see if I will stay there.’ 

Already this year, over 76,000 migrants have made the 260-mile crossing to Europe – 40,000 of them are now in Italy. Over the weekend at least 4,000 people were rescued by 11 different European vessels.