AUSTRALIA: Alleged vandalism against Perth mosques and Islamic school

Slogans including “Ban Islam” and “Fuck Islam” were spray painted on the walls of a mosque as well as an Islamic school, while beer bottles allegedly were thrown at another mosque.

(Hmmm, maybe it’s a reaction to the recent massive police raids on Muslim jihadists allegedly involved in a plot to behead Australians in the streets. Ya think?)


ABC  Muslim sheikh Burhaan Mehtar said these sorts of religious attacks were becoming more common. “Perhaps it’s better to ignore this minority group that are terrorizing Australian Muslims, but there is a limit to what people can actually digest and they do become fearful at what happened,” he said.

“These type of things breed fear in the hearts of the innocent ladies and children, especially who want to perhaps ride around the worship centre or come by bike to the mosque. (Awwww….boo hoo)

“You do feel a bit stressed, anything can happen.” (Imagine how Australians feel knowing that at any moment a Muslim with a knife might try to take their head off) He said the wider Australian Muslim community was very tolerant, but many were becoming sad and fearful over the perceived rise in anti-Islamic sentiment. (Not perceived, REAL)

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The graffiti came days after a peaceful leftist dhimmi anti-Islamophobia rally in the Perth CBD was interrupted by a group of anti-Muslim protestors. Many of the counter-protestors were issued move on notices by police for inciting violence.

Mr Mehtar encouraged the wider public to attend a national mosque open day this Saturday, to help answer any questions they may have about the religion. (Yeah, right, just what every Australian wants to do – enter an Islamic jihad indoctrination center)

The Southern River Islamic mosque will be open to the public, with activities including a BBQ, guided tours, question and answer sessions and scarf dying. “It is a time to come and have a barbecue with us, have a tour and ask us any questions you wish to ask.” (Will there be pork ribs at the barbecue?)

“If there is something troubling you or on your mind and you feel that Muslims are such and such, come and ask, come and meet us.  “We hope that it’s going to be one of the ways of creating harmony and a balance in society.” (Are you saying that with a straight face?)



DANISH Army veteran threatened with beheading by Muslims in the streets of Copenhagen

A spokesman for Danish vets as well as a decorated veteran himself, former member of the Royal Danish Army, Benjamin Olsen Yeh, was threatened on the streets of Copenhagen with having his throat cut by two Middle Eastern men, ostensibly for his “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker.

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

Examiner  The recipient of the bronze degree of the Nordic Blue Berets Medal of Honour, it was reported in the Danish language media that as Yeh was driving to pick up his daughter, the two men drove up next to him and started yelling and screaming “Not done yet,” the unidentified individuals athreatened the former soldier, and said  “I’ll find you. Just wait until I find you.”

Apparently incensed with his patriotic patch adorning the rear window, the Muslim duo took it up a notch be threatening to murder Yeh as well as his friends. One of them yelled, “Why don’t you remove the sticker? I swear I’ll cut your throat and your friends’!” Then they spat on Yeh’s car.

Denmark is home to approximately 270,000 Muslims, who compromise 4.8 percent of the citizenry out of a population of 5.6 million.

Muslims in Denmark  burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans

Muslims in Denmark burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans


ULTIMATUM to Crimea’s Muslims: Hand over the designated banned Islamic texts or else!

The pro-Moscow president gives a December deadline for compliance with Russian law: “Hand over Islamic religious texts that are prohibited.” Meanwhile, the Muslim Tatars denounce the campaign. Since annexation to Russia, at least 18 members of the Muslim community have “disappeared.” (ONLY 18?)

(Hopefully, the quran is among those books on the list)


ASIA News  The authorities of Crimea (now Russian) have given Muslims three months to voluntarily surrender the literature on Islam, authorized under Ukraine but outlawed by the Russian Federation.

“We call on Muslims in possession of this material to deliver it to the religious authorities over the next three months,” said the president of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, as reported by Interfax. Until the end of December the police will not confiscate the “forbidden literature”, but on the first of January, “everything must be in compliance with Russian norms”. He guaranteed that the list of banned books will be published in the press and there will be an awareness raising campaign among the local population.


Since September, several members of the Muslim community in different areas of the peninsula on the Black Sea have reported police raids in their homes in the hunt for “forbidden literature.” The same reason was given by the authorities of Simferopol in September to justify their raid and then closure of the office of the Majlis, the ‘representative body of Crimean Tatars.

This Muslim community represents 12% of the local population and from the beginning has strongly opposed to the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, confirmed after a controversial referendum. 

Crimean Muslim Tatars, who were victims of Stalinist deportations, are on their guard. In recent months, their representatives have denounced a real campaign of persecution, made up not only of raids and intimidation, but also of kidnapping and physical assaults.

The first of October a 25 year-old Tatar who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances on September 29 was found dead in an abandoned sanatorium in Evpatoria. One of the historical leaders of the Crimean Tatars, the former head of the Majlis Mustafa Zhemilev, denounced in front of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the disappearance of 18 Tatars “since the peninsula was united with Russia.”

Are these Tatare Muslims making the Nazi salute?

Are these Tatar Muslims making the Nazi salute?


BREAKING! MUSLIM TERRORIST in Quebec shot dead after running down and trying to kill two Canadian soldiers with his car

SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME HITS CANADA! Radicalized Quebec Muslim who was shot dead by police after intentionally running down two soldiers in suspected terrorist attack told a 911 operator he was “acting in the name of Allah,” a police source tells QMI Agency. One of the soldiers is in critical condition and the other suffered minor injuries.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the dead suspect, identified as Martin Couture-Rouleau (photos below), had become “radicalized by Islam.”


Toronto Sun  Two police sources told QMI Agency that the incident just after 11:30 a.m. was a possible terrorist attack against the soldiers (reminiscent of the way two Muslims in London ran down and then slaughtered British soldier Lee Rigby in the street), one of whom was in critical condition. Police gunned down Couture-Rouleau, 25, in his hometown of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 30 minutes south of Montreal on Monday morning.

He had led police on a chase after mowing down a uniformed and a plainclothes soldier in the parking lot of an auto-insurance outlet. A source says the suspect called 911 during the chase to say that he carried out his acts in the name of Allah.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the attack left him “troubled” and his office says the dead suspect was “known to federal authorities, including the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team. “Federal authorities have confirmed that there are clear indications that the individual had become radicalized,” the PMO said in a statement late Monday.

Couture-Rouleau became known to the RCMP after being alerted police to the man’s terrorist leanings, a police source told QMI Agency. A neighbor told QMI that Couture-Rouleau had grown out his beard and started wearing a turban after converting to Islam a year ago.

Quebec provincial police said one of the unidentified Canadian soldiers was critically injured when a car struck the pair.

The suspect drove off after running down the soldiers. Cops gave chase and the suspect lost control and rolled his car, which came to rest on its roof at the bottom of a ditch. The suspect allegedly crawled out a window with a long knife and an eyewitness said the man charged at a woman police officer.

“I heard them (police) shout several times, ‘Get out of the car, get out of the car and raise your hands,'” the woman said. “The man got out and charged towards the policewoman. Then that’s when we heard seven gunshots, then the man was on the ground.” Another eyewitness said the suspect put his hands up at first, then “charged like a bull” towards the policewoman before seven or eight gunshots rang out.

The soldiers were hit less than 3 km from the French-language Royal Military College Saint-Jean.


Missing 16-year-old Austrian kid converts to Islam, joins up with the Islamic State (ISIS) to kill infidels

A 16-year-old student whom Interpol reported missing has surfaced in an Internet video calling upon fellow Muslims to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria. The Viennese teenager said that “killing infidels had now become his main goal.”


Breitbart  Austria’s The Local reported that the light-haired teenager was filmed in what some believe is a Syrian slaughterhouse, as dead sheep could be seen in the background of the video. The once-missing teen, Oliver N, has been missing since August 23rd. Reports emerged in late September that he had been sending “threatening” text messages to fellow classmates. Oliver was reportedly enrolled at a vocational school for industry, economy, and transport. 

School officials said that once Oliver converted to Islam, he immediately began to behave and act vastly different (Islamomaniacal?) Previously described as a “very nice student,” his behavior radically changed (to Islamic).

According to The Local, the school’s director, Erich Macho, told Austrian outlet ORF:

[Oliver] was a very nice student, but towards the end of the last school year he converted to Islam and at this point his behaviour changed. He was very open about his conversion – and it was also obvious by his behaviour and things that he said. In hindsight it’s easy to say that we should have done something – he was also distributing Islamic jihadist material to students and teachers.

Erich’s friend Claudia reportedly told Der Standard, “It was as if someone had turned a (jihad) switch in him,” adding that he had posted on Facebook a picture of a heavily-covered woman and called her his wife. 



After Obama touted Yemen as a “success in fighting al-Qaeda,” al-Qaeda on verge of taking over Yemen

Posing yet another terror threat to the United States.


IB Times  Sunni-Shiite tensions escalated in Yemen on Friday when Houthi rebels, who are Shia, clashed with al Qaeda fighters, killing at least 10 people. The clashes between the two Muslim groups signaled the expansion of the sectarian infighting that has ravaged much of the country in the last few weeks.

Tensions have been running high in perpetually unstable Yemen ever since the Houthis, a rebel militia from the Shiite minority, captured the capital Sanaa on Sept. 21. On Oct. 9 more than 45 people were killed in Sanaa when a suicide bomb attack hit supporters of the Houthis. Yemeni officials said the attack, the deadliest since 2012, was launched by Sunni jihadists, affiliated with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who are unhappy with the Houthis gaining political power.

The threat of a full-scale civil war increases with each piece of territory that falls to the Houthis. It may not take much to push Yemen over the edge into a sectarian and tribal war that could tear the country apart, leaving behind the shattered remnants of the Yemeni state for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula  to thrive in.


ISIS Air Force? Terrorist pilots are being trained to fly captured MIGs by ex-Iraqi Air Force pilots

That should be great fun for the U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots, if only Obama allows them to engage. 

ISIS Stealing Fighter Jets

UK Daily Mail  Islamic State leaders in Syria and Iraq are training their fighters to fly captured fighter jets in the hope of establishing an air force, it has been claimed. The terror group is understood to have been carrying out test flights the captured al-Jarrah military airport east of Aleppo, according to a British-based organisation monitoring the Syrian Civil War.

Having captured three fighter jets from the Syrian military, ISIS are using Iraqi pilots who were once officers in Saddam Hussein’s air force to train Syria-based militants to operate the warplanes.


The news comes as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula sought to mend its strained relations with ISIS, urging all jihadist groups operating in the Middle East to unite under the common cause of fighting against Western ‘crusader’ armies.

ISIS’ alleged test flights over the Aleppo countryside are understood to be the first time the terror group – which seized control of vast swathes of Syria and Iraq earlier this year – has taken to the air. ‘They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for Saddam Hussein,’ said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


‘People saw the flights, they went up many times from the airport and they are flying in the skies outside the airport and coming back,’ he said, citing witnesses near al-Jarrah military airport. The airport, which was seized from the Syrian regime earlier this year, is approximately 45 miles from the Turkish border.

It is not clear if the jets are equipped with weaponry nor if the pilots are able to fly long distances, but witnesses said the planes appear to be Soviet-built MiG 21 or MiG 23 models.

ISIS’ alleged test flights come despite American and Arab warplanes carrying out dozens of bombing raids against the group in Syria.



IRAQ: Chemical weapons, WHAT chemical weapons?

You mean the ones left in Iraq that ISIS appears to have used against the Kurds?


FOX News  Disturbing new photos of ethnic Kurds killed by Islamic State fighters are stoking fears the terrorist army may be using chemical weapons seized from Saddam Hussein’s old arsenals, according to a Middle East watchdog.

NY Times  From 2004 to 2011, American and American-trained Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and on at least six occasions were wounded by, chemical weapons remaining from years earlier in Saddam Hussein’s rule. In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.


The pictures (below), obtained by the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA), show the bodies of Syrian Kurds who appear to have been gassed by ISIS in the besieged Kobani region this July. That fighting came just one month after Islamic State forces surged through the once-notorious Muthanna compound in Iraq, the massive base where Hussein began producing chemical weapons in the 1980s, which he used to kill thousands of Kurds in Halabja in northern Iraq in 1988.

Jonathan Spyer, editor of the MERIA Journal, told that experts believe the Kurds were slaughtered in July with what “appears to be a case of mustard gas or some kind of blistering agent.”


“It is fairly concerning that, if the pictures are genuine — and I have no reason to believe they are not — then this [use of chemical weapons] is looking clearer and clearer,” Spyer said.


The images of the dead Syrian Kurds show bodies with large areas of white, blistered skin apparently having been burned away. Nisan Ahmed, the Kurdish authority health minister, told Spyer that, “burns and white spots on the bodies of the dead [indicated] the use of chemicals which led to death without any visible wounds or external bleeding.”


Experts believe the chemical weapons were used on July 12, in the village of Avidko, close to Kobani, the Kurdish town on the Turkish border that is now the scene of fierce fighting between Kurds and Islamic State forces.


If Islamic State fighters did indeed gain chemical weapons in Muthanna, it would corroborate a 2007 CIA report that confirmed their presence there. That report was cited when, in June, Islamic State fighters captured the Muthanna facility from Iraqi soldiers and allegedly seized a cache of chemical weapons, including more than 2,500 degraded chemical rockets contaminated with deadly mustard gas.


But State Department officials said weeks later that they did not believe anything there could be used for warfare. “We do not believe that the complex contains [chemical weapons] materials of military value, and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to safely move the materials,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.


If Islamic State has chemical weapons, they also could have obtained them in Syria, where embattled President Bashar Assad has several factories for making deadly chemical weapons, despite pledging to get rid of them under pressure from the West. The group could even have produced the weapons themselves, using commercially-available ingredients, according to Ryan Mauro, a terrorism analyst for The Clarion Project, a New York research institute.


But Mauro noted that, while use of chemical weapons can have tremendous shock value, conventional weapons are every bit as deadly. 

“The only difference is how the world and international media reacts to chemical weapons with shock and outrage, while stories of greater damage with conventional weapons have become so common that their usage is no longer considered ‘news,'” Mauro said.



THAILAND: Islamic jihadists torch six schools in one night

Sounds like Boko Haram (‘Western education is sin’) has opened up a branch office in Thailand.


IB Times (h/t Susan K)  Insurgents in Thailand have torched six schools in one night, leaving thousands of children unable to attend classes. The arsonists tied the hands and feet of school security guards before pouring gasoline around the buildings in Pattani, southern Thailand, deputy governor of Pattani Somphoch Suwannarat was quoted by the Bangkok Post as saying.

No one was injured during the attack, which aimed at destroying public buildings rather than hurting staff or students, officials said. The torching of the schools is believed to have been carried out by Muslim separatists in retaliation to a recent military operation which killed a separatist leader in Pattani’s Panare district. However, no group has claimed responsibility for the incident.


“The Pattani police chief is now surveying the area,” an official in the Thung Yang Deang district told news agency DPA. Another army official said the attacks were carried out simultaneously to attract public attention. (As if  the Thais aren’t already more than aware of the death and destruction that Muslim squatters carry out in every non-Muslim country that won’t give them their own Islamic state)

This is not the first time that Muslim insurgents set schools on fire. Last march, two schools in the Sungai Padi district were set ablaze. The worst incident of this type in the area occurred in 1993, when 36 school buildings were torched simultaneously.

It is not clear yet whether new buildings will be built to allow students to attend classes. For now, pupils will have to study in tents. Pattani is one of three provinces in the Muslim-majority southern area of Thailand, which is otherwise predominantly Buddhist.


Nearly 6,000 people have died and 10,000 been injured since the 2004 ethnic separatist insurgency, which has pitted separatist Malay Muslims against Buddhists. The Muslim insurgents demand a level of autonomy from Thailand in the Pattai region, which comprises southern Thai provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and parts of Songkhla, and the northern part of Malaysia.

Last February, at least five people, including a 9-year-old boy, were killed in an attack by suspected Islamic militants in southern Thailand. The incident followed the death of a policeman’s wife, who was shot dead and then set on fire at a busy market in Pattani.

Video of savage Muslim beheading attack on young Thai boys from a few years ago (WARNING: Graphic Images)














AUSTRALIA: Woolworths thinks this shirt is “racist”

91% of readers of the Daily Telegraph don’t think so, but Woolworth’s removed the shirt from its stores anyway, no doubt because Leftists and Muslims might find it offensive.

You can buy this shirt online here: Australian Native


Daily Telegraph  (h/t Marina) NINETY-ONE per cent of Daily Telegraph readers have ­condemned a social media campaign to drive patriotic shirts out of Woolworths. In a poll conducted on The Daily Telegraph’s website, the overwhelming majority of 2400 readers voted that the ­singlet tops were not racist.

The backlash against Woolworths over the “accidental” stocking of the shirt promoting Australia has been described as “hypocritical” by a ­government MP. The supplier of the T-shirt — which sports the Australian flag and the words “If you don’t love it, leave” — also expressed concern over social media criticism of the shopping giant.

Only two Woolworths stores, in Cairns and Sydney, sold the T-shirts and all stock was removed on Monday.

Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott, parliamentary secretary to Premier Mike Baird, said he failed to see how the shirt could be labelled racist.  “While I acknowledge that the statement is controversial (Why?), I doubt it deserves the level of condemnation that we have seen” Mr Elliott said. “I’d say the majority of Australians read it and say: ‘Yeah, if you don’t like it here you are free to leave’.’’

Neil Booth, the Sydney businessman who supplied the shirts to Woolworths, said: “My father fought for this country. We believe in freedom of speech and I don’t believe Love it or Leave is discriminatory.”



AUSTRALIA: Dozens of alleged anti-Muslim incidents have Muslims and their leftist dhimmi allies in an uproar

How convenient that they fail to mention that the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment is the result of multiple beheading threats by Australian jihadists that caused panic among Australians and massive counter-Islamic terrorism police raids on Muslims and mosques.


SMH  There have been at least 30 attacks on Muslims (ONLY 30?) – mainly against women wearing the Islamic supremacist headbag (hijab) – in the three weeks since the police anti-terror raids and threats by Islamic State put relations between the Islamic community and mainstream Australia on edge.

Muslim community leaders are compiling a register of religiously motivated incidents, which includes reports of physical and verbal assaults, threats of violence against senior clerics and damage to mosques.


They claim “mistrust” with police had led to the real rate of anti-Islamic episodes going unreported and the threat of segregation for women wearing the niqab (full-face headbag) into Parliament had licensed a new wave of people willing to vent against Muslim women in public in recent days.

Solicitor Lydia Shelly, of the Muslim Legal Network, said:  “We have noticed an increase in attacks against Muslim women in public places, of those who wear a headbag or a hijab.

Lydia Shelly

Lydia Shelly, Baghead convert

“As a Muslim woman, I am very concerned that this is impacting on the rights or perhaps the freedom of movement for Muslim women, because they simply do not feel safe any more. We have had property defaced. We have had death threats issued to our spiritual leaders and threats to bomb the mosques and things like that.”

Ahmed Kilani, who edits the online Muslim Village publication, said it was “pathetic” that NSW Police had a single officer, Sergeant Geoffrey Steer, dedicated to “bias-motivated crimes”, the category that anti-Islamic attacks fit into.

Ever the 'victims,' Muslims protest police counterIslamic terrorism raids

Ever the ‘victims,’ Muslims protest police counterIslamic terrorism raids

A police spokesman disputed that, saying each local area command took responsibility for bias crimes. He said NSW Police “has met with senior Muslim community leaders on a regular basis since Operation Appleby”.

Ertunc Ozen, chief executive of the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance, said the focus on the attire worn by Muslim women was doing the work of the Islamic State by “telling our youth that they do not belong in this country and they never will”

It was also being used by “the more extreme elements in the broader Australian community who actually feel that Muslim people and Muslim thought are totally incompatible with the Australian way of life”, he said.

Muslims in Australia don't get arrested for signs like this

Muslims in Australia don’t get arrested for signs like this

ALLEGED assaults on Muslims including verbal abuse or ‘hate’ speech:


  • A woman in hijab is physically attacked and her car subsequently vandalised with profanities spray painted on it in western Sydney
  •  A heavily pregnant woman verbally abused and intimidated in Sydney 
  •  A mother and her baby verbally abused, spat on and their pram kicked in Sydney
  •  A mother and daughter verbally abused and a passer-by physically assaulted for intervening in Newcastle


  •  A mother and her child verbally abused and told to take her child away from the other children at a playground in  Melbourne


  • A woman in hijab has a cup of coffee hurled through the window of her car in Brisbane
  •  A mother and her baby approached by three men, has her hijab ripped off, is spat on and pushed to the ground in Brisbane  
  • A woman is approached by a man and told to take her hijab off so he can burn it in Brisbane
  • A woman is verbally abused by a man who threatens to burn her house down 

Western Australia

  • A woman is approached by men in a Perth shopping centre who try to rip her hijab from her head


  • Young woman takes off her hijab out of fear for her safety  

Threats and/or attacks on property or institutions:


  • Lakemba Mosque and Auburn Gallipoli Mosque directly threatened in letters sent by the  Australian Defence League  
  • Two cars belonging to a Muslim family has the words ‘Muslim Dog’ spray painted on them in Wentworthville
  • Direct threats against the Grand Mufti of Australia issued by anonymous members of the Australian Defence League via a letter saying “Muslims…Australia will fight you ‘terror for terror’ ‘blood for blood’ ‘bomb for bomb’ ” 
  • Maronite School – Catholic nun threatened by a group waving an ISIS flag reportedly yelling they would ‘slaughter the Christians’ (Doesn’t sound like an anti-Muslim attack to me)
  • Minto Mosque receives a threatening letter from an anonymous source  


  • Mareeba mosque vandalised with the word ‘evil’ spray-painted across the front
  • Logan Mosque subjected to hate attack with anti-Muslim pamphlets dumped on its grounds, saying ‘Terrorists born in Australia are not Australians – they are Muslims’ and ‘Muslims are not welcome in Australia, go back to where you came from’ 
  • Holland Park Mosque has a pig’s head embedded with a cross dumped on its grounds

Watch the lefties whine in the video below: