FRANCE: Muslim enters church during Easter mass, lays out his prayer rug and starts reciting quranic verses

The worshippers present at the scene were dumbfounded. In a collegiate church full to bursting, a man wearing Muslim garb and headgear came to pray on his prayer rug which he placed to the the left of the altar, while the Easter mass was underway. 

A-man-raises-his-hands-in-prayer-while-sitting-on-a-prayer-mat-outside-a-mosque-on-the-first-Friday-of-Ramadan-in-Srinagar-on-August-5-2011.-ReutersFayaz-Kabli-960x525 via DMF  The man read verses from the quran before writing some lines in Arabic in the parish register. After having caused disruption for the first time during the mass on Palm Sunday one week ago in la Bedugue then in the collegiate church, some worshippers had warned the police. 

A team came to ask him to leave the premises. The deputy commissioner, who had been notified of this disruption to public order, insisted on specifying: “We don’t need to generalise. This inappropriate attitude comes from an individual who is clearly disturbed.” 

But based on a photograph (below) of the parish register where the Muslim infiltrator wrote in Arabic, he wasn’t “mad” at all, as he wrote carefully in Moroccan-style calligraphy an extract from Sura 112 of the quran which warns explicitly against Christ’s claim that God was his father:

“In the name of God, the all-merciful, the Merciful,” Say : “He is God, He is One, God of bliss, Who does not beget nor was begotten, Which nothing can equal”




INDIA: Hindu leader calling for eviction of Muslims from Hindu areas

UnknownVishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) president Pravin Togadia sent temperatures soaring in Bhavnagar on Saturday evening with a hate speech that targeted Muslims for buying properties in Hindu areas. (How about sending ALL the Muslims back to Pakistan, where they belong?)

Times of India  At night, Togadia joined a group of VHP and Bajrang Dal members on a street protest outside a house purchased by a Muslim businessman near Meghani Circle. While saffron groups have been regularly organizing ‘Ram Dhuns’ and ‘Ram Darbars’ to thwart such deals, Togadia went a step further by asking the protesters to take complete control of the house and put a ‘Bajrang Dal’ board on it. 

One man's "hate" speech is another man's patriotism

One man’s “hate” speech is another man’s patriotism

Togadia told the gathering that there were two ways to stop such deals. One is to pressurize the state government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act in Bhavnagar, which prevents inter-community sale of immovable property. The second is to take forcible possession of the house and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years. 

He gave the Muslim occupant 48 hours to vacate the house. “If he does not relent, go with stones, tyres and tomatoes to his office. There is nothing wrong in it. Killers of Rajiv Gandhi have not been hanged … there is nothing to fear and the case will go on,” Togadia told the charged-up gathering. 

i-Asaduddin-Owaisi-Praveen-Togadia-Akbaruddin-No-Case-Action“I have done it in the past and Muslims have lost both property and money,” he said. 

He also said that this election is the best time to pressurize political parties to ensure safety of Hindus. “Don’t be reluctant to pressurize Congress or BJP for the sake of Hindus’ safety,” he said. 


Still enraged about the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, Barack Hussein Obama, Turkey, Qatar, & the Muslim Brotherhood are backing new jihadist army to violently destroy Egypt’s Government

ErdoganObamaCannes2011-viThe struggle for Egypt is on the verge of a major escalation as the key sponsors of the al Qaeda-linked jihadist cause in Syria are now committed to a similar campaign against Egypt. Attempts to create a “Free Egytian Army” in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda and under Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free Muslim Brotherhood detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections.


Commenting on the situation in Egypt, informed military sources told Al-Akhbar  that “Egypt is in a real crisis,” in reference to the gravity of the delicate situation in which the country is going through.  “Factories in Libya are making Egyptian army uniforms and distributing them to members of the Free Egyptian Army, in preparation to enter the country in the future and implement those schemes and awaiting the zero hour, which will be set by the intelligence agencies that control them,” the sources explained.


World Tribune  The overall strategic objective is to prevent the emergence of an inward-looking regional order based on the Arab heartland, shielded by the Fertile Crescent of Minorities, and thus excluding the external forces. A strong and stable Egypt is considered a cornerstone of such a regional posture.

Because Russia is the primary supporter and sponsor of Egypt and the emerging regional order, the sponsors of the jihadists are convinced the U.S. Barack Obama Administration supports them just as Obama is supporting their jihad in Syria. Jihadist sources directly involved in the sponsorship of jihadist causes in Syria and Egypt just reported on the comparable effort against Egypt.

President apparent, former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi  has formed new ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin

President apparent, former Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has formed new military and economic ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin

According to these jihadist sources, “attempts to create a Free Egyptian Army in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the Muslim Brothers and Al Qaeda and under Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free Muslim Brothers detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections.”

Large quantities of weapons, vehicles and other equipment are being delivered to the Egyptian groups and stored in the Darna self-declared “Emirate” in Libya’s Cyrenaica region, pending dispatch into Egypt. Most of the combatants engaged were reported to be experienced jihadis, mostly not of Libyan citizenship, but including a considerable number of Sudanese and other fighters who had gained experience in Syria and elsewhere.


The Emir (Commander) of the Free Egyptian Army is Sharif al-Radwani. He is currently running the training camps and weapon storage site of the Free Egyptian Army in Libya. In recent years, Sharif al-Radwani participated in the jihads in Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan-Pakistan. The key commander responsible for coordination with foreign sponsors and intelligence services is Ismail al-Salabi. He is a senior member of the Al Qaeda high command. Significantly, Ismail al-Salabi is a friend and confidant of the head of Qatari intelligence, Ghanem al-Kubaisi, and both meet frequently.

The senior commanders are also coordinating with the supreme leaders of the clandestine arm of the Muslim Brothers the launch of terrorist operations inside Egypt. The jihadist sources specified that “Kami al-Saifi and Ismail al-Salabi, who are both in Al Qaeda, were in contact with the Muslim Brothers’ (Ikhwan) Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater and have a special role to play in creating instability prior to the upcoming presidential elections”.

Egyptian supporters of ouster of Morsi, condemn Obama and Erdogan for their support of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Egyptian supporters of the ouster of Morsi, condemn Obama and Erdogan for their support of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Significantly, the Free Egyptian Army is being organized and run separately, but parallel, to the ongoing expansion of the armed jihadist groups in and out of the Sinai, particularly the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem) forces. The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis started as Sinai-based and Egyptian off-shoots of the Hamas forces in Gaza affiliated with the Egyptian Muslim Brothers (of which the Hamas is an extension)

In mid-July 2013, soon after the Egyptian military overthrew the Morsi Administration and saved Egypt from collapse, the Muslim Brothers established a command post at the Gaza Beach Hotel in the Gaza Strip. The primary mission of the command post is to organize and run the Islamist resistance and, should the need arise, a civil war in Egypt. The Muslim Brothers cooperate closely with the Hamas and the various Al Qaida-affiliated neo-salafist and jihadist forces in Sinai.


The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in its current structure and role was funded in late-August 2013 by the Muslim Brothers leadership. The turning point was a deal between Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater and Muhammad al-Zawahiri — Ayman’s brother and leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad – which brought the Hamas special operations command and numerous takfiri networks inside Egypt into the deal. As part of the agreement, the Muslim Brothers committed to supplying both Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and Hamas with weapons from Libya which would be delivered through the Gaza tunnels.


Qatar agreed to fund these weapons and both Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials coordinated the weapons purchase and delivery with their Libyan counterparts. Little wonder that Hamas officials often refer to Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis as “the military wing of the Muslim Brothers” in Egypt.

The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis networks have since carried out numerous car-bombings, shooting attacks and assassinations of senior security personnel. The jihadist commanders consider this the beginning of a long jihad which would ultimately restore Islamofascist/Muslim Brotherhood government to Egypt.


The jihadists are escalating their jihad to destabilize Egypt through “the battle for avenging the Muslims of Egypt.” According to the jihadist sources, the primary objectives of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis are “to target vital installations, mainly the bombing of the Aswan High Dam, which was at the top of their target list, in addition to targeting a number of churches, places of worship, and police and army facilities”.


The rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

LOVIN’ EGYPTIAN JUSTICE! Two more Muslim Brotherhood thugs sentenced to death for throwing people off a roof

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood rioters clash with police again following announcement of candidacy for President by wildly popular General al-Sisi

U.S. threatens “serious consequences” if Egypt carries out the death penalty verdict on 529 convicted Muslim Brotherhood thugs & terrorists

IT’S OFFICIAL! General al-Sisi declares his candidacy for president of Egypt

EGYPT bars Turkey and Qatar from Islamic affairs summit because of their support for the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood

WOO HOO! Egypt sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood/Mohamed Morsi supporters to death!


First Egypt, then Saudi Arabia…now Bahrain and the UAE blacklist the Muslim Brotherhood, pulling their ambassadors from Qatar, a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold

Egypt and 3 Arab Gulf states recall ambassadors from Qatar because of its support for the Muslim Brotherhood

MORE GOOD NEWS! Egypt to revoke citizenship of nearly 14,000 Palestinians affiliated with Hamas

First Egypt, now Saudi Arabia declares the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group…while Obama gives them VIP status letting them bypass airport security

An Egyptian woman’s account of what the Muslim Brotherhood did while in power and the Obama Regime’s support of them

Egyptian Doctor files complaint with U.S. Congress accusing Obama of using American taxpayers’ dollars to fund terrorism in Egypt

EGYPT rejects Barack Hussein Obama’s pick for new U.S. Ambassador

EGYPT attacks al-Jazeera on charges of aiding and abetting the enemy – The Muslim Brotherhood

EGYPT takes control of mosques in order to further purge the country of Muslim Brotherhood influence

COURAGE!! General El-Sisi, the most popular man in Egypt, calls for a total “reformation of Islam”

By decimating the Muslim Brotherhood, EGYPT leads the world in fighting Islamic terrorism

EGYPTIANS have sized up John Kerry for the two-faced liar that he is

EXPOSED IN EGYPT! The Barack Hussein Obama–Muslim Brotherhood–al-Qaeda alliance

EGYPT WARNS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: “If anything happens to stop General al-Sisi from becoming our next president, you will pay the price!”

EGYPT SHOCKER! Russia reveals U.S. confidential report about Obama plan to get Egyptian Army involved in a civil war to overthrow General Sisi

Egypt has submitted a complaint charging U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

WOO HOO! With the Muslim Brotherhood now crushed, Egypt puts Hamas in its crosshairs

EGYPTIANS want to know: “Will Americans ever revolt against the terrorist in the White House?”

Letter from Egypt about how ‘great’ life could be under the Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood

Oh, NOES! U.S. State Department reiterates its concern over Egypt’s formal declaration that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “terrorist group”

Message to Barack Hussein Obama from Egypt: “If you are Muslim Brotherhood, you are a terrorist”

EGYPT: Not only was Obama named as a co-conspirator with the Muslim Brotherhood, now Hillary Clinton has been named as a collaborator in Muslim Brotherhood domestic insurrections

ANOTHER SHOCKER! Egyptian Intelligence reveals documents on the case against the Obama Regime and its secret collaboration with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian lawyers name Barack Hussein Obama as a co-conspirator in ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s upcoming war crimes trial

How Egypt deals with it’s Muslim Brotherhood problem (WARNING: Graphic Images)

EGYPT: Obama continues to support a deposed leader who was neither democratically nor legitimately elected



AUSTRALIA: Muslim brawl breaks out after three Muslims were convicted of brawling with police

image.aspxMoments after three Muslim brothers were convicted over a brawl with police, there was screaming, punching and wailing as another altercation with officers erupted at a Sydney court.

SMH (h/t Marina)  Dozens of police officers have been involved in a brawl inside a Sydney court with a family on trial for brawling with police.

One officer was “smacked in the face” during the fight, witness and 2UE court reporter Leonie Ryan said. The fight broke out minutes after Adel, Hussain and Ali Mehanna were convicted of numerous offences, including affray, resisting arrest and assaulting police during a fight that broke out outside their Bankstown home on January 1, 2013.


Five Mehanna family members were facing police assault charges after the brawl. Ali Mehanna, who was allegedly involved in Tuesday’s scrum on level four, kept screaming: “This is police brutality. Ryan said Adel Mehanna was inside the dock of the courtroom when he started screaming: “I’m going to f—ing kill you.”

Officers then stormed in as Corrective Services attempted to take him away. “We walked out of court, we were standing outside the doors and all of a sudden we just hear screaming. We turned around and it was almost like a football match brawl,” she said.

As bewildered members of staff and the public stared on, six officers tried to restrain one of the brothers who lay writhing on the floor, screaming: “Help me, somebody help me.” His mother Rafah Mehanna wailed and screamed out “No, no”. She was later taken from the court in an ambulance.


“There were punches being thrown everywhere. It was just fists flying everywhere and screaming.” She said one police officer was punched in the face before a man was tackled to the ground and handcuffed.

Ali Mehanna told reporters outside the court that his brother, who was arrested over the brawl, was the victim of an “unprovoked attack”. “They provoked my brother as he walked out, they found a reason and then ‘bang’ they jumped on him,” Ali Mehanna said.

Family supporter Hassan Anthony kept repeating the words “police brutality”. “They hit him [a family] to the face, they kneed him in the back,” Mr Anthony said. “There was no mercy, all because they [police officers] are wearing the colour blue,” he said.


NIGERIA: More than 100 schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamic terror group Boko Haram

boko-haramHeavily armed men have kidnapped more than 100 girls from a secondary school in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state and torched the surrounding town, a day after a deadly bombing in the African state’s capital.

Al-Jazeera (h/t Maria J) No one claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s kidnapping, but fingers were pointed at fighters of the armed group Boko Haram, which means “Western education is forbidden”.

Nigerian schoolgirls

Nigerian schoolgirls

The attackers killed a soldier and police officer guarding the school, then took off with at least 100 students, a State Security Service official said.

Some of the girls managed to escape from the back of an open lorry, other officials said.

“Many girls were abducted by the rampaging gunmen who stormed the school in a convoy of vehicles,” Emmanuel Sam, an education official in the town of Chibok, where the attack took place, told AFP news agency.

BOKO HARAM terrorists

BOKO HARAM terrorists

He spoke from Borno’s capital Maiduguri where he said he fled after the attack at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok.

The attackers came “in trucks and on motorcycles and headed to the school”, where they overpowered soldiers deployed to guard it, a witness who requested anonymity said.

Boko Haram has repeatedly attacked schools in the northeast during an insurgency that has killed thousands since 2009. In an attack earlier this year in Borno, witnesses said Boko Haram fighters surrounded a girls’ school, forced the students to leave and ordered them to immediately return to their villages. (Yet, the president of the United States tells Nigeria to show restraint in going after these terrorists)


The fighters are known to be abducting girls to use as cooks and sex slaves. Boko Haram wants to establish a state ruling by Islamic law in the northeast. Nigeria’s Muslims mainly live in the north while Christians mostly in the south.


It’s true! Al-Qaeda IS on the run…and it’s spreading like wildfire

Last week, a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee held a hearing provocatively titled “Is Al-Qaeda Winning?” The answers that the Subcommittee on Terrorism and Nonproliferation received were profoundly unsettling.


Heritage  Al-Qaeda has made a comeback in Iraqand gained followers in Egypt, LibyaMaliEast Africa, and Yemen.


Former Senator Joseph Lieberman (I–Conn.) testified that Syria had become a key focal point of al-Qaeda’s efforts. He noted that there are more foreign militants fighting in Syria today than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the past 10 years:  “Put very bluntly, Syria has become the most dangerous terrorist sanctuary in the world today—and the United States has not coherent or credible policy for dealing with it.”

Christian Village

Frederick Kagan, director of the critical threats project at the American Enterprise Institute, warned that the Obama Administration has underestimated the threat posed by al-Qaeda’s ideology, which has inspired a global insurgency.


He assessed that al-Qaeda’s “brand is spreading like wildfire, the groups affiliating themselves with it control more fighters, land and wealth than they ever have, and they are opening up new fronts.”


Heritage Foundation analysts long have warned about the more permissive environment that al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups have exploited in many countries destabilized by the “Arab Spring” uprisings.  Syria, in particular, has been a magnet for foreign militants and a rich recruiting ground for al-Qaeda.


The chief takeaway from the hearing was that the Obama Administration needs to focus more on the revolutionary threat posed by al-Qaeda and its affiliates in the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, the administration should alter its narrow definition of the al-Qaeda threat, which it currently holds as the immediate terrorist threat posed by the al-Qaeda core group based in Pakistan.


FRANCE: ‘NO GO’ zone Muslim areas where non-Muslims, especially white non-Muslims, dare not go

1348425635-hardline-islamists-protest-outside-the-french-embassy-in-london_14672841Anti-white racist attacks by Muslims in France are soaring and the excuse is “Islam.” Islamic holy books command violence, torture, and even killing of unbelievers who refuse to accept Islam. The only alternative is to become a ‘dhimmi,’ which means you can live among Muslims, but cannot practice your religion and must pay a special ‘infidel’ tax.

Support Generation Identitaire - young Frenchmen protesting against the Balkanization of their county and acting as roving security patrols to prevent Muslim attacks against whites in the subway and on buses. Elect Marine Le Pen of Front National for president in 2017.


h/t paris p


Australia: Police are hunting three Arab Muslims who allegedly gang-raped two 16 year old girls

UnknownOn April 9th, two 16 year-old Sydney schoolgirls were gang-raped in broad daylight by three Middle Eastern men in Fairfield Park, as rapes by Muslim asylum seekers continue to increase across Western Sydney’s ethnic ghetto.

Party for Freedom (h/t Alastair)  The girls had played hooky from school, but got lost and had asked passengers on a train for directions. The alleged Muslim attackers persuaded the lost girls to get off the train at Fairfield under the pretense of taking them to the right bus terminal. The trusting girls were then taken to Fairfield Park and repeatedly raped by the three “Middle Eastern” attackers.

Fairfield Park

It was only a few months ago that a gang of six African men plied a young Maori girl with alcohol and repeatedly raped her in the Bill Colbourne Reserve, Bankstown. This unfortunate gang rape incident pushed racial tensions close to boiling point in multicultural and multiracial western Sydney.

Bankstown is the face of ‘dysfunctional multicultural’ Australia, a locality where over 30% of the residents are under the age of 19 and home to 200 different ethnic and religious groups. In other words – an area colonised by taxpayer funded third world intruders at the expense of traditional Australians.

Western Sydney changed for the worse changed in mid 70’s when Labor’s Al Grasby implemented the multicultural experiment coupled with large-scale third world immigration. 

Islamic arab taxi driver Hassan Nagi (39) from Bexley in Western Sydney was convicted and jaileddin Sydney for raping three female passengers aged 31, 23 and 27 between 2003 and 2007.  Nagi was HIV positive and had been  frequenting prostitutes since the age of 20. 

14 Lebanese Muslim men committed a series of gang rapes that were racially, ethnically and religiously motivated and became known as the ‘Sydney gang rapes.’  A phone call from one  said, “We’ve got a slut, Bro” after which the girl was forced to fellate eight males repeatedly.

"We've go a slut. bro"

“We’ve go a slut, bro”

The orgy continued two nights later on the 12th August when two Muslim males raped a teenager girl with twelve men standing around watching. While one was raping the Australian girl, the second rapist held a gun to her head and kicked her in the stomach.


A woman of Aboriginal Australian background was taken to three separate locations of 6 hours and raped 25 times by fourteen Muslim men. The victim was called an “Aussie pig” and asked by her attackers if “Leb cock tasted better than Aussie cock” and also made clear that she would be raped “Leb style.” 

The madness resumed when three Muslim men repeatedly raped another two teenagers over a span of five hours. One of the victims was told, “You deserve it because you’re an Australian.”




France: 18-year-old girl raped by 4 Muslim minors “because she is French and the French are all sons of whores”

A young French girl of 18 gets off the train at Évry station. At the exit, while using her cell phone, 4 Muslim teenagers abduct her and take her to a neighboring park. They rob her of everything she has, then undress her and take turns raping her.


DMF  An indescribable rape of savage cruelty, the four tortured her for several hours before abandoning her, wounded and bleeding. A passing motorist stopped to help her and called emergency services. The girl is now traumatized for life. Thanks to her detailed descriptions and CCTV images, the Évry police arrest the four suspects in less than 24 hours and get them with their DNA.


The four Muslim thugs are minors: two are 13, one 15, the fourth 17. Three of them are Turkish brothers, and the other Moroccan. The 17 year old was freed from prison after serving  two-thirds of a two-year sentence for a rape committed against the son of a non-commissioned officer in the gendarmerie.  Two of the others have already been arrested for theft with violence. 

During questioning, the minors didn’t express the slightest remorse. On the contrary, they expressed their hatred: they attacked her only because she was French and “the French are all sons of whores”. The judge ordered them to be incarcerated  for gang rape and barbarism, as well as for racism. Valeurs Actuelles



Muslim gang rape in France is getting as bad as in the UK


Could an anti-Muslim nationalist Hindu leader become India’s next prime minister?

At BNI, we certainly hope so. As elections are about to begin in India on April 7, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is well ahead in the polls. Needless to say, India’s 130 million Muslims are not happy.

Check out Modi’s blog in English HERE


DW  Modi is the long-standing chief minister – the equivalent of a governor – of the northwestern state of Gujarat. It was there, in 2002, that he presided over what the Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy has called “a carefully planned genocide of Muslims in the state.” Here’s what happened: Muslims attacked a train, killing 59 Hindu pilgrims. As “revenge,” Hindu mobs murdered at least 1000 people; women were gang-raped and burned alive; some 150,000 Muslims were forced from their homes.

Narendra Modi (6)

The Indian politician, who has been the chief minister of the northwestern state of Gujarat since 2001, was accused of ordering the police not to intervene in the communal violence, but was cleared of all charges. Despite being cleared of any wrongdoing by a Supreme Court panel in 2012, his critics continue to blame him for the deadly religious riots.


Modi, who is now the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for April-May this year, is an extremely polarizing figure in India. He is loved by the majority of Hindu nationalists, whereas many Muslims and secular Indians hate him. But nowhere is the 63-year-old more feared and despised than in the neighboring Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Gujarat-Narendra Modi10

“Most Indians probably think that Modi was unfairly maligned for his alleged involvement in the Gujarat killings, but for Pakistanis he was the mastermind of the massacre,” Abuzar Sharif, a journalist in Karachi, told DW. “Nobody has any proof of his role in the riots, but here in Pakistan, perceptions are stronger than reality. Modi is considered not only an anti-Pakistan politician, but also an anti-Islam Hindu fanatic,” the journalist added. (All the more reason why he should become PM)


“It is alarming that both India and Pakistan are witnessing an increase in religious extremism and the liberal and secular parties are taking a back seat. In Pakistan, we have a conservative premier who is known for his ties with hard-line Sunni groups,” Sharif said.


The journalist explains that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is also pursuing a policy of appeasing the Taliban, who are strictly against India. “Across the border, Modi is gaining popularity. This doesn’t augur well for the nuclear-armed South Asia,” he added.

Observers such as Sharif speculate that if Modi comes to power, Indo-Pakistani ties are likely to worsen, thus allowing Pakistani Islamists to push their anti-Indian agenda with more vigor.





TURKEY: Why is the EU considering membership for a country now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Under the leadership of PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP ‘Justice and Development’ Party in Turkey is an organization founded on the same Islamofascist principles as the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet many EU leaders are ready to accept Turkey as a full member.


(If you recall, ousted Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi’s Freedom and Justice party, was also a spinoff of the Muslim Brotherhood)

CBN  Erdogan sees himself as an Islamist and a Turk first and foremost and so he’s synthesizing Turkish nationalism with the Muslim Brotherhood and has a close relationship with terror group Hamas, (as well as with Barack Hussein Obama) all of whom are committed to Israel’s destruction.

Hamas leader Haniyeh with Erdogan. Egypt barred Turkish Prime Minister from entering Gaza because of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood

Hamas leader Haniyeh with Erdogan. Egypt barred Turkish Prime Minister from entering Gaza last summer because of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

Turkey has also become a key support hub and transit point for global jihadists traveling to neighboring Syria to battle the Assad regime. Not to mention a hub and transit point for weapons being shipped by the CIA from Benghazi to Syrian jihadist rebels.

There are now multiple cities along the southeastern border of Turkey that appear to be safe havens for various jihadi groups. More journalists are in jail in Turkey than in any other country. And Erdogan violently put down anti-government protests in Istanbul last year.




SEVEN gun shots fired into the home of Nathan Abela, leader of the Australian Defence League


In a western Sydney shooting, the president of the anti-Islam group ‘Australian Defence League’ became the victim of a targeted attack on his home last night.

Daily Telegraph  (h/t aussie news&views) Nathan Abela, 24, said “up to seven” shots were fired into his Greystanes townhouse around 11.15pm in what police said they believed was a targeted attack. He said a man walked to his door and asked if he had the right house before firing into his front door and windows, forcing him to duck for cover.

Nathan Abela

Nathan Abela

The ADL are an anti-Islam group who are very vocal in their opposition to the religion, regularly posting derogatory informative updates to their near 2,000 Facebook followers. They have also held small scale protests in Sydney’s CBD protesting the religion’s presence in Australia.


Mr Abela appeared on Ray Hadley’s 2GB show less than a week ago, with Mr Hadley describing him as a “liar” and a “grub” for secretly recording a conversation with his personal assistant and posting it on YouTube.

He regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel, showing him phoning people to ask if they are ‘proud of being a Muslim’ or hands out anti-Islam flyers.


Mr Abela said he was on the computer when he heard people knock on his door. “When I heard the knocks I walked to the door knowing full well it wasn’t the police or anyone else, I could tell by their voice,” he said.

“They said ‘Nathan, Nathan, is that you?’ and I said yes, and as soon as I said yes I knew I had to dive to the other side of the room. “ “That instant it was like bang, bang, bang, bang, I dove from one side of the room to the other, laid low to the ground, slid, and then got into position to defend myself and ready for whatever and that was it, they must have just fled.”


Mr Abela was treated by paramedics at the scene for a minor shoulder injury sustained while performing an “army roll” to dodge the shots.

“I believe I tore every ligament in my shoulder because of the way I avoided getting shot. I wasn’t really thinking about the pain at the time. It happened very fast.”

Police had last night cordoned off the home while forensics officers investigated. No arrests have been made, but witnesses reported seeing a silver Audi driving away from the home around the time of the shooting.