FRANCE: Two teenage Muslim girls arrested over plot to blow up a synagogue in a suicide bombing

Great Synagogue of Lyon

Great Synagogue of Lyon

According to JSS News and Europe 1, a source from the French security agency the Central Directorate of Homeland Intelligence revealed that two Muslim girls, aged 15 and 17, were arrested in the Tarbes and Venissieux neighborhoods a week ago, after authorities uncovered a plan to carry out a suicide bombing inside the Great Synagogue of Lyon. They were indicted on August 22nd for conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Times of Israel  Two had never met but communicated via social media, the investigation revealed. “These girls were part of a network of young Islamists who were being monitored by security services,” an unnamed security source was quoted by Newsweek as saying. They’re neither the first adolescents nor the first females arrested in France. Some after returning from Syria or fetched by families at the Turkish border.

Great Synagogue of Lyon

The girls are among some 60 people being investigated in France for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise, in one example of how France is taking judicial action against citizens suspected of seeking careers as foreign fighters, even if they have yet to leave French soil. Thousands of European citizens have made the trip to Syrian battlegrounds, but there is no unified plan of action in Europe.

France is leading the way in Europe in the battle against this problem, and its sweep could get even wider with a planned law that would allow passports to be confiscated from those suspected of planning to fight in Syria or Iraq, and would create new measures to prosecute jihadi wannabes or returnees. France also is planning to join other European countries in blocking Internet sites that espouse the jihadi cause.

France, with a Muslim population estimated at 5 million — the largest in Western Europe — is particularly concerned about the flight of youths to the battlefields. French authorities say there are some 900 people from France who have been implicated in jihad — meaning they have taken part in one, plan to join one, or are returning from one. Several dozen have been killed.



Pope Francis reported to be in the crosshairs of the Islamic State (ISIS)

So much for all that Muslim outreach by this Pope.

Italian News - March 22, 2013

CBS  A new report claims that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is targeting Pope Francis — a report that the Vatican says is simply not true.

According to Il Tempo, Israeli sources reportedly told the Italian newspaper that the pope is “in the crosshairs of ISIS.” The report stated that Francis is being targeted because he is “the greatest exponent of the Christian religions” and the “bearer of false truth.”


The Vatican, though, denounced the report. “There is nothing serious to this,” Father Federico Lombardi S.J., a Vatican spokesman, told Catholic News Agency. “There is no particular concern in the Vatican. This news has no foundation.”

The Catholic News Agency reports that Italy has issued a nationwide terror alert, despite no imminent threats or specifics about a potential attack on the country.



BOKO HARAM: “Democracy is worse than homosexuality, worse than sleeping with your mother.” “You are all pagans and we will kill you, even if you do not attack us we will kill you … Allah commands us to kill without pity.”

UnknownThe leader of Nigeria’s Islamofascist group Boko Haram said his fighters now ruled the captured north-eastern town of Gwoza by Islamic law, in the first video to state a territorial claim in more than five years of violent insurrection. His message also contained taunts for Western governments and compared democracy to incest.

SMH  Abubakar Shekau, who leads the insurgents, said in a video that the group would enforce Islamic law in Gwoza, a town of about 250,000 people, in Borno state, about 850 kilometres north-east of the capital, Abuja.


His forces have killed thousands since launching an uprising in 2009, and are seen as the biggest security threat to the continent’s leading energy producer.

In the video, which was released late on Sunday, the militant, who says he is fighting to create an Islamic state in religiously-mixed Nigeria, said his forces had taken control of the hilly border town of Gwoza, near the frontier with Cameroon.

“Allah has granted us success in Gwoza because we have risen to do Allah’s work,” Mr Shekau said, reading out a statement off a notebook, with two masked gunmen on each side of him and three four-wheel-drive vehicles behind him in thinly forested bush.


“Allah commands us to rule Gwoza by Islamic law. In fact, he commands us to rule the rest of the world, not only Nigeria, and now we have started.” “The claim is empty,” Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters said on its Twitter account late Sunday. “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Nigerian state is still intact.”

Boko Haram has been intensifying its campaign of violence ahead of elections scheduled for next February. It killed more than 2000 people in the first six months of the year, according to New York-based Human Rights Watch, most of whom had died in gun and bomb attacks on villages in the majority-Muslim north.


Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency said that fighting has displaced more than 400,000 people in the nation of about 170 million.

In an attack on Sunday in the remote north-eastern town of Gamboru.  “They were shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ [God is Greater] and were shooting sporadically,” Alice Adejuwon, a businesswoman and resident of Gamboru, said. “We saw corpses on the streets as we ran out of the town.”

The video includes footage of what appeared to be an attack on Gwoza, showing fighters, backed by armoured personnel carriers, utility vehicles with attached machineguns, and one tank-like vehicle with track wheels and a large gun. Mr Shekau also taunts France, Israel and the US in the video.


SYRIAN Army attacked on multiple fronts, including air base

Two competing terrorist groups, including Islamic State (ISIS) and the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Nusra, have been attacking Syrian forces, reportedly seizing control of the Golan Heights crossing into Israel and a military air base.

Reuters h/t G.Deckzeijl


ISIS demands $6.6 million ransom and release of a convicted terrorist for American woman aid worker in Syria

A third American hostage held by ISIS has been identified as a 26-year-old bleeding heart American woman who was kidnapped a year ago while doing humanitarian relief work in Syria.

(She’s probably worth a lot of money to them now, as no doubt, they have her working as a sex slave)


ABC News  The terror group is demanding $6.6 million and the release of U.S. prisoners for the life of the young woman, whom a representative for the family requested not be identified.

She is the third of at least four Americans who were known to be held by ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. American journalist James Foley was executed by the group in a video that appeared online last week. Another writer, Steven Sotloff, was seen alive but under duress in the same footage.

In addition to the multi-million dollar ransom, the terror group has also demanded that the U.S. release Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT-trained al-Qaeda affiliated neuroscientist who was convicted by the U.S. in 2010 of trying to kill U.S. officials two years before, according to a supporter of Siddiqui who has been in contact with the hostage’s family.


As ISIS mocks the Obama’s hashtag campaign, over-Botoxed mother of American journalist Steven Sotloff pleads with ISIS for his release


Islamic State (ISIS) supporters are using U.S. hostage Steven Sotloff as brutal fodder in a Twitter campaign which hijacks trending topics with the message #StevensHeadinObamasHands. The TIME reporter was paraded in an orange jumpsuit in the same video which featured James Foley, the U.S. journalist who was abducted in Syria and beheaded.

UK Daily Mail  Now Arabic-speaking extremists are attaching Mr Sotloff’s face to a string of barbaric English-language ‘memes’ in what appears to be a direct appeal to Western citizens. Islamic State supporters have spread the messages in tweets which mention completely unrelated topics in pop culture.


They have included #AskRicky, through which fans of Youtube ‘vlogger’ Ricky Dillon could pose him questions, and #FetusUANDay, where fans of the boy band One Direction examined how much they had changed since their 2011 album Up All Night.  Others have included #NapaEarthquake and #camcam, in which fans of another Youtube celebrity Cameron Dallas post their pictures with him.


Experts say the use of U.S. pop culture – despite being against the extreme interpretation of Sharia law enforced by the militants – encourages Western teenagers to click on the messages and spread them further. Various messages threaten that Mr Sotloff or U.S. soldiers will be murdered and the 9/11 attacks will be repeated. 


Others demand the release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, the detention centre which has been downsized hugely since President Obama ordered its closure in 2009 but remains active.


The hashtag has, however, spread to the point that moderate commentators have begun using it to hit back at the militants in an echo of the #AMessageFromISIStoUS hashtag – which users reversed into #AMessageFromUStoISIS. A huge number of replies have also emanated from Saudi Arabia, whose king denounced Islamist militants earlier this month saying it was ‘shameful and disgraceful that these terrorists are doing this in the name of religion’.


A British propaganda expert who has studied Islamic extremism told MailOnline the influx of Western recruits into Iraq and Syria – including up to 500 from Britain – has given militants a new insight into how to maximise their message of fear.

Professor Nicholas O’Shaughnessy from Queen Mary University of London, who wrote Politics and Propaganda: Weapons of Mass Seduction, said: ‘Al Qaeda before them pioneered a lot of these techniques, but unlike Isis they had certain boundaries. They wouldn’t directly show a killing but instead an explosion in the distance.


‘What Isis have done is to stress the ghoulish side as much as possible, and they’re using very mainstream ideas about celebrity to carry that twisted message. ‘Isis is much more aware of and embedded in Western culture than previous organizations, no doubt helped by the fact that it has a few thousand Western recruits.

‘These Twitter messages are recruiting devices for young males to join them who have no purpose in their lives, who are bored and deeply alienated. They’re using the cultural forms of alienated urban youth to try and recruit them.’


Mr Sotloff, 31, from Miami, Florida, was working as a freelance journalist when he was kidnapped in August last year near Aleppo, Syria.


The video released last week was the first time his parents Arthur and Shirley had heard from him since December, but there are doubts over when the video was shot.

petition calling on the White House to ‘do everything possible’ to free Mr Sotloff has gained more than 10,000 signatures. 


‘EUROPE’S LAST STAND’ – The Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest: New film from the Christian Action Network


“Europe’s Last Stand” is a shocking and graphic documentary by PRB Films, in association with Christian Action Network, which examines the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and its threat to European democracy, freedoms, culture and history. It is also a warning to the U.S: This Islamic invasion – which we are witnessing on its rampage through Europe and the Middle East – is headed to America!

The film will debut in Rome, Italy on Sept. 24th, to be followed later by showings in the U.S. and a DVD available for purchase. See preview video below. To receive a special invitation, please email Cody@Christian

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The European continent, which gave birth to the greatest advances in world civilization, is now on the verge of being extinguished by an unrivaled foe of religious zealots who are on a quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the European continent.

Now, for the first time ever, “Europe’s Last Stand” reveals the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest in an extraordinary film that documents the Islamic strategy for dominating Western Europe.

The film is presented in five parts, revealing each of the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest:

Infiltration Between 1990 and 2009, 26 million Muslims have immigrated to Europe—coming from all directions and pouring into every country. No country has been hit harder than Italy with both legal and illegal Muslim immigrants.

Imams Along with millions of Muslim immigrants arriving in Europe are radical Imams. These extremist Islamic preachers have a large Internet following and guide thousands of European Muslims in their plan to implement Sharia law in the West, and to topple the governments of their home countries.

Isolation Radical Imams want to reject the laws of secular society and replace them with the authority of Sharia in Muslim-controlled districts.Essentially, they want to turn European cities into an Islamic state-within-a-state.

Islamization From forcing banks to remove offensive piggy banks, to arresting citizens for making anti-Muslim comments, to requiring schools to serve Halal food, the goal of the radical Islamist is to force non-believing Europeans to conform to Sharia law. As politicians give-in to the demands of the Islamists, it has some in Europe wondering what happened to their traditional rights and freedoms.

Implosion The final stage of the five pillars of Islamic Conquest is implosion. It happens when a nation loses its pride, when it sheds its uniqueness and honored heritage and when it forfeits its cherished beliefs to accommodate the demands of Sharia law.

“Europe’s Last Stand” is an epic film about the heroes and villains, the champions and quitters, the bold and the weak in this life-and-death struggle for the heart and soul of Western Europe.

More than four years in the making — and with more than a dozen European countries visited and investigated — “Europe’s Last Stand” is the most authoritative film ever produced documenting the rise of Islam in Western Europe.

Violence … Protests … Arrests … they are all joined together with scores of eyewitness and expert testimonies from politicians, activists, business owners and everyday citizens to tell the story of Europe’s Last Stand.

Other great documentaries and books from the Christian Action Network:








WOO HOO! Dutch welfare whore turned ISIS terrorist, famous for posing with severed heads, has reportedly been killed in Northern Iraq

The ISIS jihadi, Khalid K., from the Netherlands, who lived off welfare there for 10 years, has been killed in fighting in Northern Iraq. Various Kurdish fighters from the Peshmerga Army have confirmed the death of the feared jihad fighter, De Telegraaf reports. 


NL Times  The jihadist, alias Abu Abdulrehman al Iraki, was thought to be dead back in June, when the Syrian army announced his death. But the man from Almere continued to publish photographs of gruesome feats he seems to have performed on his Twitter account. Previous activities on Twitter involve K. posing in front of severed heads of opposers that he killed.


In 2011, K. was signaled by Netherlands intelligence service AIVD. He frequently visited the Abou Bakr Assadik mosque in Almere. He spent 14 days in a cell, on suspicion of involvement with terrorist acts.

When K. was freed due to lack of evidence, he traveled immediately to Syria, and allied himself to the armed movement Jubhat al-Nusra and then with IS.

teste tagliate

Khalid K. was allegedly reported killed back in June, but despite reports and rumors from the Syrian Army, his Twitter activities continued.

Now, Kurdish fighters from the Peshmerga army have positively confirmed his demise.



From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up file, ISIS bans pickles in Iraq

imagesLocal sources in Nineveh province say that ISIS (Islamic State) is preventing the sale and purchase of pickles and nuts of all sorts in the markets of the province. The fear of pickle products stems from a fear by ISIS that such products could be used for manufacturing homemade alcohol. GASP!

Shoebat  The source said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, that “ISIS decided to prevent the people of Mosul, from buying and selling all pickled products, as well as nuts of all kinds,” noting that “ISIS shut down shops selling pickled products and destroyed all pickled products in several shops of the city’s markets. ”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “The decision angered residents, who proclaimed its strange for a city which is famous for pickles and trade in all kinds of nuts.”

Previously, ISIS imposed on the people of Mosul strange decisions eliminating wearing jeans and enforcing Afghan style clothing on men and veils for women, as well as the prevention of smoking, Falafel stands, as well as preventing the delivery of ration cards to religious minorities and Christians and also told the citizens to hand over their identification cards for the issuance of new identities for them bearing the logo of the organization.




Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists begin infiltration of Jordan

Between 5 and 7 thousand supporters of ISIS have announced themselves officially in Jordan, and the organization began to raise its flag in several provinces starting from Ma’an.


Shoebat  The sudden development with show of arms in the main roads, and the fighters even began to stop government convoys amid a barrage of bullets and shouts of Allahu Akbar, which raised the ire of observers to the absence of the state and security agencies to prosecute, monitor and follow up on these moves for the supporters of ISIS.

Linked In  A boy in Syria, no more than ten-or eleven-years old, faces the camera clutching a passport emblazoned with the words “Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” Surrounded by jihadist fighters, he begins to threaten the Jordanian monarch and his intelligence services with “tons of tons of explosive car bombs.” The scene, punctuated by cheers and chants of Allahu Akbar (“God is great”), reaches a climax when the Jordanian passport is thrown into a fire.

As the Iraqi cities of Kirkuk, Mosul, and Tikrit fall into the hands of Al Qaeda-influenced jihadists, it is Jordan, nestled between Israel and Iraq, that will serve as a crucial buffer from the terrorist movements that threaten to spill over into the region. It is unlikely that Jordan’s King Abdullah II and his forces will take threats from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (commonly known by its acronym ISIS) lightly.

Benjamin Netanyahu says “Israel will support Jordan in the face of ISIS”


Scenes from ‘Occupied France’

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a series of articles this week on the plight of the indigenous French people forced to live in Muslim-colonized areas.

DMF  It is far from astonishing that doctors are now refusing to do home visits, that the Post Office is often refusing to deliver packages to certain Muslim areas. Some funeral corteges, according to the criminologist Xavier Raufer, are being forced to avoid high-risk sectors, because the crosses on their hearses become targets of choice.



Even pizza delivery workers are sometimes obliged to stop servicing certain districts, Domino’s Pizzas in Poissy being one example. The owner of this franchise doesn’t want to put the lives of his employees in danger any more, after several of them were attacked on Maréchal-Lyautey Avenue. Locals in the area confirm the danger.

A woman admits to us that she no longer wears jewellery for fear of it being stolen. Another person, a resident of the Saint-Exupéry district, confesses that “she can no longer dress as she likes”, for fear of being spat on. At 58, she fears one day having to wear “their cloth prisons”.


The follows scenes are from Nantes, generally considered one of the safer parts of France. A businesswoman planning to open a beauty shop backed out of the idea because of threats, presumably because Muslims don’t approve of women wearing make-up.

Early in the morning, Sylvie, 28, lets us in to her house in the Bellevue district: “It’s quiet until noon, the scum are asleep.” …The young businesswoman has abandoned her plan to open a beauty shop: “I talked about it with an Algerian girlfriend. Her brother told me that he would make my life a misery with his gang if I went on with it. His sister is no longer allowed to see me. Here, it’s not easy being a woman…”


Roger, 75, no longer recognises his district: “In the 70s, there was a good atmosphere. The immigrants started to arrive en masse in the 80s…Ramadan is the worst, with the party all night, the fear in your belly in case you’re caught eating during the day. And their marriages: of so-called unemployed people who drive about in luxury cars, beeping their horns like madmen, provoking traffic jams, waving foreign flags…”

Pointing at torn-open bin bags underneath the buildings, he bemoans the lack of hygiene: “The city council has paid for ‘resident standard-bearers’ who go from door to door organizing cold buffets to explain that throwing your rubbish out of the window is bad…


Add to that the stairwells squatted by drug traffickers and Islamist preachers who threaten you with the flames of hell if you don’t convert: that’s my daily routine. Here, old people like me are completely lost. I’m waiting to die.”

The baker (female): “Everything’s fine, really. Except last month: it was Ramadan, they were making a barbecue in front of my shop window. When I protested, they threatened to kill me and burn my car. But fine, that’s just words…”


A shopkeeper mentions the vulnerability of the elderly: “They have to lower their eyes in front of kids of 12 years old. No one helps them because they are French. They are more and more isolated because there are fewer and fewer shops here, it’s too difficult. The mini-supermarket closed a year ago. The manager was being shaken down. Almost every day, he was beaten. He employed a guy from the district who was letting people steal at night.”

A local person says: “I can’t send my daughter there any more. She was regularly whistled at and insulted. The men of the district ["du quartier", tn: "quartier" really just means district but in modern France it's acquiring a connotation similar to the word ghetto in English] have a particularly archaic vision of women, no doubt for religious or cultural reasons.”



United Arab Emirates (UAE) blames Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan for creation of Islamic State (ISIS)

The newspaper al-Halixh published in UAE, claimed that terrorist groups, mainly ISIS, who have put in targeting Syria and Iraq, are oriented by the Turkish National Intelligence Service.


Mediaelire via Friends of Syria  The newspaper al-Halixh, in writing editorial entitled “Pandora’s Box Turkish” , said that terrorist groups are used to gather Turkish lands, to realize arming and enabling the transition in Syria and that the process observed by Turkish National Intelligence Service.

The newspaper al-Halixhe which blames Turkey with playing a destructive role in order disposing of the Arab states, claiming that Turkey interferes in neighboring states by groups linked to al-Qaeda, which supports groups while trying to non- neighboring countries establish sovereignty by the Muslim Brotherhood using Islamic slogans.


The newspaper, which states that because of government policies that follow, the Turkish lands have taken the form of a land that terrorist organizations use to move to other states, invites Arab and Western countries to throw important steps towards this tw last.

At the end of the article where the quote from the number 2170 decision of the United Nations (UN) issued to attempt to ISIS it and similar organizations, said that the Justice and Development Party of Turkey has become a ‘Trojan Horse’ for terrorists and the Pandora’s box which in Greek mythology is filled with evil.