Islamic State (ISIS) spokesman refers to Secretary of State Kerry as “the old uncircumcised geezer” and Obama as “the mule of the Jews” while calling for the killing of 10 million Americans


President Obama Makes A Statement

An Islamic State (ISIS) spokesman, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, has posted a call to arms for Muslims around the world to kill American and Western citizens for their governments’ role in a coalition against ISIS.  

Shoebat  He then asks Muslims to do whatever they can to kill those who do not share their faith.But what the average American is unaware of are the ISIS more shocking Islamic injunctions that permit Muslims everywhere to carry out killings by ordering them to cause as much as ten million American casualties.

Spokesman: Abu Mohammad al-Adnani (above) attacked Pres. Barack Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry in a new audio recording released yesterday by ISIS

Spokesman: Abu Mohammad al-Adnani (above) attacked Pres. Barack Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry in a new audio recording released yesterday by ISIS

And while the average American got used to learning what Jihad meant, there is more shocking Islamic jurisprudence needed in order to understand what is at hand which circulates the social media to prepare Muslims to do indiscriminate killing of Americans. For the first time, perhaps Americans can see such rules of engagement regarding Jihad Al-Radi’ (Repulse Jihad) and Jihad Tabyeet (Jihad by perfecting the killing methods). Here, enter the world of American slumber, whether by naïveté or by design, you decide.


Following Australia’s largest terror raids and France’s first air strikes on ISIS, spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani ash-Shami called on supporters to launch insider attacks on western populations:

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever … including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.”

He added:

“You will not be safe, even in your own bedrooms while you sleep. Your Crusader campaign will fail. You will pay the price and we will hit you on your home front in a way that will cripple you to never extend your long arm ever again.” 

In what Islam calls Repulse Jihad, which is basically using weapons of mass destruction, which was known in Islamic warfare, to put a complete stop and end of the enemy once and for all. ISIS then gives the response:

“If the infidels cannot be repulsed from the Muslims except by resorting to using such weapons, then it may be used even if it killed and wiped them out completely including decimating their crops and their descendants. I will include the details in my letter I mentioned. Therefore the question is asked and the answer is given and the matter is closed and concluded.”

The letter and the details is what every ISIS leader carries on his laptop and is what is disseminated to their operatives globally. But its also quite widespread on the social network media in Arabic and that laptop discovery should not be shocking at all. It is what ISIS uses as well as several Jihadi networks who post the teachings for general public use for all Muslims residing in western societies. 

On page 5, what westerns do not understand when they ask “why” and “what type of human being can kill indiscriminately”, ISIS explains the first lesson in such killing is that its what they term Ihsan, in English, it is “The act of kindness and charity.”

It was shown in Sahih … the Prophet said “Allah wrote everything we need to know about Ihsan (kindness) so if you kill perfect your killing and if you slaughter, perfect your slaughter and sharpen your blade and comfort your sacrifice.” 

What ISIS sees from their perspective is that killing Americans is an act of mercy:

“Ibn Rajab said regarding Allah’s mercy in his collection on science and governance, p 112: “in charity it is permissible to kill people and animals in the easiest way and do not increase in the torture and the easiest method to kill a human being is to strike off the neck with the sword of violence in accordance to the Quran when “you meet the unbelievers then strike off their necks”(Quran) “فإذالقيتمالذينكفروافضربالرقاب” and it also said: “I will spread horror/terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite above their necks and smite there fingertips thereof.”

The act of killing the infidel is an act of mercy in Islam in which the unbeliever is treated like a sacrificial offering to Allah.

The ISIS manifesto discusses the Fatwa on using weapons of mass destruction to permit the killing of Ten Million Americans:

Section I: evidence for an age to use specific weapons for a particular enemy:
And so like if America at this time; the issue to hit with these weapons [mass destruction] is permissible without mentioning the evidence of the second section the following (evidence of general legality); because Allah Almighty says “to punish in similar fashion as you were afflicted”, and the Almighty says “Attack who attacks you in similar ways as you were attacked,” and the Almighty says “Pay evil with evil,” so the observer sees American aggression on Muslims and their lands during the past decades concludes the permission to use aggression with reciprocity only as has been collected by some of the brothers the number of dead from amongst the Muslims with their weapons of direct and indirect, methods to bring the number close to ten million. And as for the lands that [America] burned with their bombs and their explosives and rockets not one can enumerate except Allah, and whatever else happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this is what caused the wars on many of the Muslims causing homelessness. So if bomb is launched at them that will kill ten million of them, and it will burn their land as much as they burned the Muslim lands this is therefore permissible without the need to mention any other evidence, but other evidence may be needed if we are to perish of them more than this number!

In ISIS view the Muslim is to avenge for all Muslim deaths including even Hiroshima and Nagasaki to avenge all the killings caused by the United States using nuclear bombs.

In the “Message Regarding The Ruling For Using Weapons of Mass Destruction” ISIS gives the evidence from Islamic ruling in what Americans need to begin to learn more about, the Islamic teaching of Tabyeet. It is derived from several jurisprudence. For example, Al-Bahutti from his work titled Kashf Al-Qina’ (Removing The Veil):

“And so it is allowed to throw at them, that is the Kafirs [unbelievers] with fire, snakes, scorpions while using the catapults. It is also permissible to smoke them, open water on them in order to drown them, destroy their buildings on top of them. Since in the meaning of Tabyeet is that if you kill, do it well …And it is permissible to kill them therefore even if amongst them are women and children since this is included in Tabyeet


The laptop which this manifesto was found which was seized from an Isis base in Syria contains plans to launch devastating terror attacks also contains instructions on how to build explosives, use disguises to travel undetected, and plans to build chemical weapons.

“The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” a document retrieved from the computer stated.


AUSTRALIA: After a Muslim beheading plot unleashed massive anti-Islamic terror raids, why did police release 5 bearded, smirking Muslims who were caught snooping around a nuclear reactor?


A group  of five devout Muslim men triggered a security scare at Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor yesterday after two vehicles parked about 100m from the front security gate. The five Muslims, who were with two children, were interviewed by NSW and federal police for about 20 minutes after they were spotted near the highly sensitive site at 5.15pm.

Daily Telegraph  Police quizzed the Muslim men about their movements, taking down particulars from each of them and checking their identifications. After the discussions, the Muslim men were allowed to go without charge, with police warning them that Lucas Heights is a protected Commonwealth facility controlled by the Australian Nuclear Science And Technology Organization.


But a police source raised the question of why the Muslim men — who had earlier been seen walking along a track near bushland off New Illawarra Rd — were at a location clearly marked as restricted Commonwealth land. “That’s the most concerning question and explains why so many police raced to the scene,” the source said.

Nine News reported that at least two of the men, wearing Islamic robes, were seen praying not long after they had been stopped by police. (Praying for the deaths of Australian unbelievers, no doubt)

Muslim headbangers praying at nuclear site

Muslim headbangers praying at nuclear site

It is believed police warned the men that trespassing in the restricted zone was potentially an offence that carries a $2000 maximum fine and/or up to six months in jail depending on the circumstances. A police spokesman said: “Following inquiries, all Muslim occupants of the vehicles were ­allowed to leave.”


The Lucas Heights facility is heavily protected and security has been progressively increased in the wake of several security scares and incidents in recent times involving bushwalkers and trail-bike riders. One unrelated example was a Muslim terror plot involving French Islamic convert Willie Brigitte in 2003.


The facility was also the focus of the foiled Pendennis terror plot involving Australian-born terrorist Mohamed Elomar (photo below), who was photographed proudly holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers while fighting with Islamic State militants. He was arrested in 2005 and jailed for being the bombmaker in the Pendennis plot to blow up the nuclear reactor and the MCG.



The area is subject to restricted airspace and is bound by perimeter fencing, CCTV cameras, barriers and tyre-shredding road spikes. A huge steel protective barrier was built over the nuclear reactor in 2004 to protect its core if an aircraft was flown into it.

Dubbed the “chip basket”, the striking 30m-long feature, the first of its kind in the world, acts as a net to catch a terrorist-piloted aircraft. Personnel vetting, information security and technology measures are part of the security measures on the site, 31km southwest of Sydney.



IRAQ: ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) poison chlorine gas attack kills 300 Iraqi soldiers

Three hundred Iraqi soldiers died in a chlorine gas attack carried out by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, said Ali al-Budairi, an Iraqi MP from the Shia-dominated National Iraqi alliance in the Iraqi Parliament on Monday.


Daily Sabah  It is unclear when the attacks took place. ISIS’s use of chlorine gas in attacks isn’t new. There are reports that the ISIS militants used chlorine-war gas before. Speaking at a press conference in the Iraqi Parliament on Monday, Ali al-Budairi said: “ISIS killed 300 out of 400 soldiers they besieged in Saqlawiya district of northern Fallujah, using chlorine gas.”

Al-Budairi held Anbar’s operations chief Rashid Falih and new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responsible for failing to immediately send army backup to the district.

ISIS, which already controls parts of Syria, has extended its reach into Iraq since June 10. Violence conducted by the ISIS militants has claimed more than 1,400 lives in Iraq, and caused 1.2 million Iraqis, including Turkmens, Arabs, Christians and Ezidis, to flee their homes.



“We will slit his throat,” says ISIS-linked Algerian terror group, in video threatening to behead French hostage unless France stops air strikes on Iraq

An Algerian group linked to Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists threatened to kill a French hostage unless France ends air strikes on ISIS in Iraq. ‘It is up to Hollande, president of the criminal French state, to halt the attacks within 24 hours of this statement, otherwise his national Herve Gourdel will have his throat slit,’ one kidnapper says in the video.

French tourist, Herve Pierre Gourdel sitting between two armed jihadists at an undisclosed location

French tourist, Herve Pierre Gourdel sitting between two armed jihadists at an undisclosed location

UK Daily Mail  Jund al-Khilifa (Soldiers of the Caliphate), which has pledged allegiance to ISIS, said in the video that it carried out Sunday’s kidnapping of the Frenchman in a mountainous region of eastern Algeria where Al-Qaeda is active.

The hostage, Herve Pierre Gourdel, 55, white-haired and bespectacled, is shown squatting on the ground flanked by two hooded men clutching Kalashnikov assault rifles, as he asks for French President Francois Hollande to intervene. Gourdel says he is a native of Nice in southern France who works as a mountain guide, and that he only arrived in Algeria on Saturday. He was seized while hiking with Algerian friends.

In the video, Gourdel says: ‘I am in the hands of Jund al-Khilifa, an Algerian armed group,’‘This armed group is asking me to ask you (President Hollande) to not intervene in Iraq.  ‘They are holding me as a hostage and I ask you Mr President to do everything to get me out of this bad situation and I thank you.’

The kidnappers say they are responding to a call from ISIS, posted just hours earlier, for Muslims to kill citizens of countries taking part in the U.S.-led coalition against the jihadists who have seized of large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

‘If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian or any other disbeliever… including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him,’ said ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani. ‘Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military,’ he said in the message, which was released in multiple languages.

France mounted its first air strike to beat back the ISIS in Iraq on Friday, joining an aerial assault which the United States launched on August 8.

Two Rafales, one C-135FR Tanker were involved in a 7-hour mission from Al Dhafra to Iraq (1,700 kilometers) to destroy an ISIS  target in northern Iraq on Sept. 19. Four GBU-12 LGB (Laser-Guided Bombs) were dropped by the two multi-role planes to hit a munition and fuel depot near the town of Zumar.

Two Rafales, one C-135FR Tanker were involved in a 7-hour mission from Al Dhafra to Iraq (1,700 kilometers) to destroy an ISIS target in northern Iraq on Sept. 19.
Four GBU-12 LGB (Laser-Guided Bombs) were dropped by the two multi-role planes to hit a munition and fuel depot near the town of Zumar.


AUSTRALIANS: Please support the ‘Australian Defence League’ against Islamization of your country

224712_217225394962860_5926043_nAustralian Defence League marches into the snake pit of Islamofascism in Lakemba, home to the largest mosque/jihad training center in Australia which has become a NO-GO zone for non-Muslims where police turn a blind eye.

RELATED STORY/VIDEO: right-on-schedule-the-anti-terror-police-raids-arent-even-24-hours-old-and-hundreds-of-australian-muslims-already-are-pulling-out-the-victim-card


RUSSIA pledges to fight against ISIS but NOT with a U.S. led coalition whose real goal is to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government


Russia will not “buy tickets” to the international coalition that is being created by the US to fight the Islamic State, but will continue its aid to Iraq, Syria and other nations that are actively fighting ISIS terrorists.

RT  “The anti-ISIS coalition is not a club party – we do not expect any invitations and we are not going to buy entry tickets,” said Ilya Rogachev, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for New Challenges and Threats. At the same time Russia will continue to support all states that fight against the Islamic State, the official told the Interfax news agency on Friday.


Rogachev used the older name ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) for the group that was also known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and that is now acting simply under the name Islamic State (IS).

Russia supports Iraq and its help has already allowed this country to improve its defenses markedly. It is also supporting the Syrian government in its fight against extremism, Rogachev told reporters. He added that Russia was ready to help all IS opponents, including members of the coalition being formed by the US, but under the condition that they stop using double standards and remain within the framework of international law.


On September 11, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Voice of America radio that the US presidential administration was disappointed by Russia’s initial reaction to Barack Obama’s speech on the Islamic State and the threats that come from this group. Kerry also noted that the Islamic State represented a direct threat to Russia itself. The US official said that in his view Russia must join the international fight against the IS terrorists.

Kerry’s words were a reaction to the position expressed by Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Aleksander Lukashevich, who had earlier warned the US and its allies against launching an attack against IS on Syrian territory, saying that such actions would amount to an act of aggression and a violation of international law.


Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov urged all nations not to show political ambitions while fighting terrorism. Lavrov made this statement during the Paris conference dedicated to the situation in Iraq and the rise of the Islamic State group.

Syria and Iran are our natural allies in the fight against IS, and their participation in today’s meeting could have significantly enriched our work. Moral standards on which the anti-terrorism battle is based shouldn’t become vague,” the top Russian diplomat said.



Muslim savages shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ spark one of Australia’s worst prison riots in 10 years just days after Muslim beheadings plot setsoff massive anti-Islamic terror police raids

975416-islamic-protest-in-the-streets-of-sydneyGoulburn Jail’s decision to cancel Islamic prayer gatherings causes Muslim prisoners to go berserk. With shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” Muslim inmates at the maximum security facility, armed with homemade weapons threatened guards and smashed through an internal fence at the state’s toughest jail, which was in lockdown yesterday.

Daily Telegraph (h/t Kenneth N)  The riot came as prison authorities cracked down on Muslim prayer meetings in the state’s jails, believed to be a key way Islamic extremists foment their hatred and plot their attacks. Prisoners at ­Supermax, the high security compound on the jail’s grounds, are able to plot acts of terror from behind bars because they are allowed to write letters, make phone calls and have visits – even though they are in ‘confinement’.


Tensions have been running high in the prison system as federal and NSW police step up their surveillance of suspected Muslim terrorists and any of their associates inside and outside prisons after the country’s terror alert was raised to high.

A source has revealed how the violence began in the maximum wing of the Goulburn facility about 3pm on Saturday when a number of ringleaders refused to line up for afternoon muster. The source said the unrest had begun as a result of some privileges being requested — and denied — for a handful of inmates, but the situation quickly turned into a full-scale riot along religious lines.

The Muslim were refusing to go into their cells. They refused to line up, then it went from there and exploded.” The riot did not involve convicted terrorists held in Goulburn’s Supermax, who remain under constant surveillance.


Those inmates include ­Mohamed Ali Elomar who is serving a 21-year sentence for his leadership in the 2005 ­Pendennis terror plot. He is the uncle of former boxer Mohamed Elomar, one of the Australian jihadis currently fighting with the Islamic State in Syria. Mohamed Elomar is with Khaled Sharrouf, who had been jailed along with Ali Elomar over the 2005 plot and fled overseas last year when he was released from jail.

These men are considered to be so dangerous that they are escorted to court ­appearances and other appointments by guards armed with guns while being supported by helicopters and armoured vehicles. Despite this, a high ranking former official told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘They are kept in isolation but that means nothing in jail.

Khaled Sharrouf served time in Supermax over a terrorist plot before fleeing to fight with IS militants in Syria

Khaled Sharrouf served time in Supermax over a terrorist plot before fleeing to fight with IS militants in Syria

‘Messages are passed on in many ways. They are in segregation wings but can still communicate with the outside world. It is not hard because they still get ­visitation rights, which are their first outlet,’ he said.

Prison authorities have banned Islamic prayer meetings in some Sydney jails after intelligence found some key jihadist figures are still operating from behind bars.

A group of Muslims were also stopped from attending prayer on Friday at Dawn de Loas Correctional Centre in Silverwater in Sydney’s west, as there are concerns the unsupervised meetings could be used for alternate purposes, The Daily Telegraph reported. 

Australian police are accustomed to Muslim riots which seem to break out on a regular basis whenever Muslims feel offended:


HUMZA YOUSAF: The terror-linked Muslim radical behind the Scottish Independence movement

_77630887_humzaAs Scotland votes on independence (defeated), in a campaign led by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and a coterie of advisors, few can claim more influence than Muslim member of the Scottish Parliament Humza Yousaf.

Breitbart  (h/t Hanna) Yousaf was recently described by the BBC’s Andrew Neil as “the power behind Alex Salmond”. But how much do we know about the 29-year-old chalked up to be an independent Scotland’s Foreign Secretary and perhaps even Prime Minister.

Alex Salmond with Humza Yousaf

Alex Salmond with Humza Yousaf

But Yousaf was willing to go further than his contemporaries to get what he wanted. The Guardian reports he joined a human blockade of the Charing Cross exit of the M8 motorway. In 2012 he described his experiences: “We had our two hours, freezing our arses off. And that was it: I was hooked.”

Initially he was attracted to the Scottish National Party’s opposition to the War on Terror, but he also became interested in its socialist views. Like many in the party he sees leaving the United Kingdom as a good way to push a much more left-wing pro-Islam agenda in Scotland.

No surprise, Alex Salmond had strong support from muslim community

No surprise, Alex Salmond had strong support from muslim community

Prior to his election to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, Yousaf had been a media spokesman for Islamic Relief (see below), a charity that has been accused on a number of occasions of being a front group for radical Islamism. Yousaf was a volunteer for Islamic Relief since the age of 10.

Yousaf was also heavily involved in a community radio station for over a decade and helped organise food parcels for asylum seekers.  After just one year in the Scottish Parliament, he was appointed Minister for External Affairs and International Development, equivalent to Foreign Secretary. This senior role is bound to make him a genuine contender for Prime Minister once Alex Salmond steps out of the way. This would make him the first Muslim head of government in Europe since the Crusades.

Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf

But his rise to the top has not been without its hiccups. He was also embroiled in a financial scandal after his cousin Osama Saeed – a former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman – was awarded £400,000 for a Muslim festival entitled “IslamExpo”.  Furthermore, the Scottish Herald reported on what became known as a “lunchgate” scandal, where Saeed and Yousaf collaborated to fundraise on the back of cash for access. “The auctioneer was Humza Yousaf, who works for both Salmond and Sturgeon at Holyrood. “Yousaf’s patter was wasn’t subtle. The link between cash, parliament and the ministers’ time was explicit.”

It is unclear what Saeed’s group, the Scottish Islamic Foundation, is doing now but in the past it has been accused of having extremist links. When they met with the British government they took Mohammed Sawalha – the subject of a BBC Panorama expose into Islamist terrorist group Hamas – with them. “The two men travelled to Sawalha’s home. His visitor’s name was Mohammed Salah. Salah’s mission was to distribute funds. Sawalha told him who to meet in the Palestinian territories…. With Sawalha’s agreement Salah began distributing about a quarter of a million dollars to local Hamas operatives. “

Yousaf is happily married to Gail Lythgoe, a red-headed Muslim convert. He recently called for Scotland to take in Palestinian refugees, and urged a full arms embargo of the State of Israel.

NOT JUST IN SCOTLAND: Islamic radicals target spain independence parties

Scottish MP Humza  Yousaf demands boycott of all Israeli goods

Scottish MP Humza Yousaf demands boycott of all Israeli goods

Islamic Relief Worldwide, a British charity accused of links to terrorism, was presented with £398,000 of the taxpayers’ money by the Scottish Government last year, as part of its £9 million International Development Fund.

The funding was announced by Scottish politician Humza Yousaf, formerly the Media spokesperson for Islamic Relief Worldwide, and currently a Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and Minister for External Affairs and International Development. This grant comes in addition to the European Union’s grant of €22 million provided to Islamic Relief Worldwide between 2007 and 2011.

In November 2012, the Swiss Bank UBS closed the account of, and blocked all donations to, Islamic Relief due to “counter-terror concerns.”


A considerable number of Islamic Relief officials are also connected to extremist groups:

  • Ibrahim El-Zayat, a trustee of Islamic Relief, is a leader in both the European and the German Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist Islamist organization with branches all around the world.
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi, the former head of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), was also previously a director of Islamic Relief. FIOE is a leading advocate of jihadist Egyptian scholar, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.
  • Issam Al-Bashir, a former Director of Islamic Relief, is the former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Sudan and has held many positions associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Dr. Hani Al-Banna, the co-founder of Islamic Relief Worldwide, was formerly affiliated with Muslim Aid, a London-based Islamic “charity” which was previously a “partner organization” of the Al-Salah Islamic Association. The US Government has officially designated Al Salah a terrorist entity.



MINNESOTASTAN MUSLIM? ISIS terrorist with American accent warns America

ISIS video features an English-speaking man with a North American accent shown orchestrating the mass execution of several Syrian men. Intelligence community is trying to figure out who he is.

Not to worry, Democrats in the Senate have blocked passage of a bill that would revoke the U.S. citizenship of Americans who join ISIS overseas. How long before he will be executing Americans in the streets?



AUSTRALIA: Angry protesters warn of beheadings at anti-mosque rally

Police had to keep anti-mosque protesters and supporters apart at an emotion-charged rally on the Sunshine Coast today. More than 500 people – about 80% of them ‘against’ the Islamic mosque, converged on land near the Stella Maris Catholic Church to protest the mosque plan. 


Sunshine Coast Daily (h/t Kenneth N) Streets around the protest were blocked off by police while plain clothes and uniform police had to repeatedly warn anti-mosque protesters to tone their comments and anger down. An equally vocal contingent of young people defended the right of Islamic people to set up their own church, saying Australia was a democratic country.

But protesters accused the youth of being ‘bussed in’ from the Gold Coast with some even resorting to insults over their university fees.  The situation became repeatedly heated as supporters of the mosque tried to convince opponents that most Islamic people were peace loving and represented no threat to Australia’s way of life. Supporters of the mosque sang iconic Australian tunes, prompting outrage from the anti-mosque crowd.


Opponents, however, warned of beheadings, the introduction of sharia law, the loss of rights for women and the undermining of the Australian way of life. Those supporting the mosque were told to ‘go back where you come from’ repeatedly by the more vocal minority in the crowd.

At one point police were booed as they ordered a protester to get down from a stage as he spoke of beheadings and his fears over a mosque. Protesters questioned what happened to freedom of speech in Australia. The crowd cheered as supporters lifted the man onto their shoulders so he could continue speaking.

Some of those supporting the mosque accused Christians of showing more hate than love while opponents said it was their right to defend Australia’s Christian heritage. One elderly man brought with him a Koran, challenging the young people to read it, asking whether they really knew what was in it, or what the Islamic faith stood for. (Thereby confirming everything the anti-mosque crowd was protesting)


AUSTRALIA: “Alert! Your time has passed, we strike above the neck,” reads threatening note pinned to a house torched in Melbourne last night.


Melbourne police are investigating a laminated note on the fire-ravaged house in Doncaster, that contained a symbol associated with Islam and made a number of threats. But police are not treating the arson as a terror attack or hate crime. (Of course they aren’t, wouldn’t want to link Muslims with a threat)

Herald Sun (h/t Kenneth N)   “ALERT … your time has passed,” it said. “Only the beginning more to come here or homeland, your next move will determine our next attack. We strike above the neck.”

Senior Sgt Tim Hardiman said police would forensically examine the note and its contents. “There were some comments in the note which we do have some concerns about but at this stage we are not treating it as anything other than a house fire and an arson.

“The note is something we are investigating but we are not jumping to any conclusions. “I understand it can be alarming for people in the vicinity but what I can say is Victoria Police is here to protect everyone in the community regardless of race or religion.” No one was injured but MFB spokeswoman Heather Stockton said there was extensive damage to the property.

Article Lead - wide6138405410jo3fimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.10jo8m.png1411181319079.jpg-620x349

The arson attack came the day after Australia’s biggest anti-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane, with police alleging a plot to behead members of the public had been foiled.


Meet Australia’s Muslim terrorist behind the recent beheading plot

Top terrorist recruiter Mohammad Baryalei is behind an Islamic State (ISIS) plot to murder Australians by beheading on video, police say, sparking the nation’s biggest ever counter-terrorism raids and prompting warnings of a high alert for a further 18 months.






RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! The anti-terror police raids aren’t even 24 hours old and hundreds of Australian Muslims already are pulling out the victim card

As authorities thwart Islamic ‘beheading’ plot in Australia’s biggest ever counter-terrorism raids, hundreds of Muslim perpetual whiners join Sydney protest claiming they are being “terrorized by police raids on their homes.”

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEOS: australia-massive-anti-terror-raids-in-progress-to-ward-off-potential-islamic-attacks-in-sydney-brisbane


AU NEWS (h/t infidel)  Hundreds of Muslim protesters in Sydney have called on Muslims to stand as one against government aggression following raids by combined state and federal officers that saw one man arrested on terrorism related charges and others detained. Hundreds of protesters in Sydney have called on Muslims to stand as one against government aggression.

The emerging reality of terrorism in Australia struck home just before dawn on Thursday when more than 800 police launched synchronised raids on houses and vehicles across Sydney’s west and north-west, and Brisbane’s south. The raids foiled a plot involving a man believed to be Australia’s most senior Islamic State member who called contacts in Australia and asked them to carry out a campaign of random public beheadings in Sydney and Brisbane, the ABC understands.

Mohammad Baryalei the Muslim who sparked the anti-terror raids was  a former Kings Cross bouncer now fighting with Islamic State is accused of encouraging Australians to carry out gruesome terrorist attacks on Sydney's streets.

Mohammad Baryalei the Australian Muslim who sparked the anti-terror raids was
a former Kings Cross bouncer now fighting with Islamic State is accused of encouraging Australians to carry out gruesome terrorist attacks on Sydney’s streets.

AN urgent meeting was called by members of the Muslim community who are furious about today’s anti-terror raids in Sydney. A speaker at the protest said they were not there to interfere with security, despite what many believed. “We are not here to determine guilt or innocence … but we are greatly concerned.”

He said women and children had been terrified during the raids and homes “smashed” as the raids were carried out, adding they took place only days after the Government claimed there was no direct threat. (Apparently, they discovered one)

He said they were “not fools” and could see through the “spin” and “propaganda” of the Abbott Government who he insisted were seeking to politicise the security situation. 


He said history was repeating itself and the Prime Minister was simply following the example set by John Howard in 2005. (Thank God!) “Tony Abbott doesn’t have a creative mind, we know that ..” (Yeah, because he isn’t fooled by the so-called “moderate” muslim spin on Islamic terrorism)

He drew a direct link between today’s raids and arrests and the anti-terror bills about to be Introduced to Parliament. The crowd chanted “we reject the terror laws, they only serve American wars”. “Terror raids can’t break the spirit of Muslims” and “stop terrorizing Muslims” were some of the signs held by protestors listening to the speakers at Lakemba station. “These are the same people who brought us children overboard and Iraq. (You mean the illegal aliens from Iraq who drowned trying to invade Australia by boat?)


“So what do we expect from this tale from ASIO and the police commissioner?” There were about 100 people at Lakemba station for the protest in response to what organisers say is the Federal Government’s heavy-handed approach to the raids, which resulted in 15 arrests.

“My house was raided by these police pigs,” a teen from within the crowd screamed. He claimed his mother was assaulted by the police, who he kept referring to as “pigs” or “dogs”. He alleged she was assaulted as she tried to cover herself with a bed sheet . “They tried to take the blanket off my mother…Pigs came and tried to take it off my mother as she was dressed like any woman would dress for her husband.” (Yeah, that’s really bad. They should have just arrested her)

He woke up to her screams. “The dog punched my Muslim mother on the ear…” The boy screamed, growing increasingly agitated as he asked his ‘brothers and sisters’ what they would have done”.


The officers were covered by helmets and balaclavas and broke doors to gain entry to their home. “They didn’t knock – At least have some respect …they came in breaking the door and wanted to see (my mother) half naked.” (I’m sure the last thing they wanted to do was see your fat ugly bagheaded mother naked)

The boy said he was thrown on floor and handcuffed. “And a dog puts his boot on the back of my neck and chucks me onto the wall.” (Good!)

“The Australian government has overnight carried out “the biggest anti-terror raids in Australian history”. Just as in 2005, these raids come on the eve of new laws being tabled in parliament next week! Many families terrorised in the middle of the night, people beaten, and stories of harsh, unjust policing are emerging,” the Facebook post said.

It claimed: “The Muslim community is squarely the target of these raids and laws, the climate of hysteria only increases as the government fabricates reasons for these draconian laws.” (The Muslim community is behind ALL the terrorism)

The anonymous post said the community needed to “raise your voice as one” if they were angry about what occurred. “Spread the word, invite Muslims and non-Muslims and send a strong message against this government aggression.” (Go to jail, directly to jail. Do not pass CentreLink. Do not collect your welfare benefits)


“LEND ME YOUR EARS!” British journalist, John Cantlie, held by ISIS, in propaganda video critical of the West

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a haunting video that shows John Cantlie, a British hostage and former war reporter for several British newspapers, pledging to expose the “truth behind the Islamic State.”

A photo of John Cantlie from 2012 before his capture by Islamic terrorists

A photo of John Cantlie from 2012 before his capture by Islamic terrorists

IB Times  “Over the next few programmes, I am going to show you the truth as the Western media tries to drag the public back to the abyss of another war with the Islamic State,” he says.  “I’m going to show you the truth behind the systems and motivation of the Islamic State, and how the Western media – the very organization I used to work for – can twist and manipulate that truth for the public back home. There are two sides to every story – think you’re getting the whole picture?

Cantlie, believed to be 43, says how he will broadcast a series of videos that will aim to reveal the “manipulated truths” used by the Western media. Cantlie’s whereabouts are currently unknown but it is likely he is being held in Syria where other hostages James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines were murdered in IS’s de-facto capital of Raqqa.

Cantlie wrote eyewitness dispatches from Syria for the Sunday Telegraph, detailing the conflict between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the rebels fighting to overthrow his regime.



OBAMA’S “MODERATE” SYRIAN REBELS: “Our jihad started in Syria and it won’t finish until we are on your land and this banner in Allah’s name, will be raised on the White House”

isis-islamic-state-says-will-raise-flag-of-allah-in-the-white-house-sharia-lawATTENTION AMERICA! These are the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels to whom Barack Hussein Obama just pledged $500 million. Call them what you will – FSA, Free Syrian Army or Syrian Opposition – they are all ISIS and Obama has been arming, funding, and using our troops to train them for more than two years. Now he is going to give them $500 million more of your tax dollars. What are you going to do?

These “moderates” are anything but moderate. They not only are no different than the al Qaeda offshoots of al-Nusra Front and ISIS, but most of them have joined forces with one of these groups. There is no Free Syrian Army. There are only Islamic terrorist groups whose mutual goal is to bring down the secular Assad Regime and replace it with an Islamic Caliphate.

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