FRANCE on brink of civil war? French Army prepares amid fears of September 11th-style attack or missile strike on airliner by Muslims

French security forces are bracing for riots in the streets following reports of possible impending missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack by Muslim terrorists. “Airlines have been warned of a possible attack on a plane but pilots are unsure how to take evasive action.”


UK Telegraph (h/t Emma)  After Friday’s thwarted attempt to massacre passengers on an Amsterdam-Paris train and a series of terrorist attacks and attempted killings in France this year, President François Hollande warned the nation to prepare for more violence, considered inevitable as the Islamist threat grows.

The army has made contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory”, meaning to win back control of neighbourhoods where the Muslim population become hostile to the security forces and where guns are easily obtainable, according to the source. 

“There are a lot of alienated and angry fourth-generation Muslim immigrant kids in the suburbs and the prospect of Islamic radicalization is increasingly likely,” the source said. 

Muslim 'youth' torch cars and buses and riot in the streets several times a year

Muslim ‘youth’ in French suburbs torch cars and riot in the streets at least a few time every year

“The idea that attacks like the one on the train are carried out by individuals acting on their own is not credible. We’re dealing with highly-organized networks of militant Islamists embarked on a campaign of violence and determined to intensify it.” 

Kalashnikov automatic rifles — used by the train gunman and Islamist terrorists who killed 17 people in Paris in January — and anti-tank missiles are now obtainable in France. Many were smuggled in from the former Yugoslavia after the Balkan wars in the 1990s. More weapons have come in from Libya, the sources said, adding that organised crime and terrorist groups were working together to procure them.


We don’t know what happened to the arms we (France) gave to Libyan rebels. It’s worrying,” the source said. (Obama sent them to the Syrian rebels via Turkey)

In the chaos following the fall of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, French officials described the north African country as an “open-air arms market”. In 2011, France admitted to sending “light weapons” to Libyan rebels in 2011, but French media reported that consignments of heavier arms, including European-made Milan anti-tank missiles were also sent. 


There were fears that ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups were procuring heavy weapons from the stocks of Gaddafi’s former army, and that rebel groups were losing control of their own arms. 

As early as 2010, an anti-tank missile was seized by police along with several tons of cannabis. Since then, an unknown number of rocket-propelled grenades and missiles are believed to have been smuggled into the country. 

A missile attack could be devastating for an airliner, particularly if the plane was taking off and full of fuel. The main Paris airport at Roissy is near drug-infested suburbs of the capital prone to violence. 


Agents of the DGSI, France’s equivalent of MI5, warned they are powerless to improve surveillance of Muslim terrorists bent on losing their lives to cause maximum carnage, and have been “lucky” to have avoided far worse catastrophes since the Paris Muslim terrorist attacks in January that killed 17, Le Canard Enchaîné, the investigative and satirical weekly, reported.

“We’ve been lucky. Passengers in a train who neutralise a suspect, another who shoots himself in the foot then calls the emergency services, and a third who fails to blow up a chemical factory; without these fortuitous turns of events, the human and material toll would have been much higher. And we wouldn’t have been able to change a thing,” he told the weekly.



Thai police arrest Turkish Muslim suspect in Bangkok bombings that killed 20 and injured hundreds


Police have arrested Turkish (Muslim) national over Hindu shrine blast that left 20 dead and scores wounded after finding ‘bomb making materials in his apartment.’ Officers say Adem Karadag fits the description of the man  seen on CCTV leaving a rucksack near the scene of the massive explosion.


UK Mirror (h/t Barbara R)  Officers raided an apartment in northern Bangkok this morning and found possible bomb-making equipment. National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said the suspect – named by authorities as Adem Karadag – was a foreign national who “looks like the one we are looking for.”


As images emerged of Karadag in handcuffs, Thavornsiri added: “They also found a lot of materials which can be used to make bombs.” Police say Karadag is Turkish, and several Thai TV channels showed an image of a passport reportedly found in the apartment during the police raid.


A blast tore through the crowded Erawan Shrine in the Thai capital on August 17, killing 20 people including one Brit. Following the attack, police released CCTV images of their prime suspect – a young man with shaggy dark hair, dressed in a yellow shirt and seen dropping off a backpack before casually leaving the scene. Minutes later, the bomb went off.

The military government said the bombing was an attack aimed at hurting Thailand’s troubled economy, and authorities had offered a $85,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the main suspect.

Officials have had different theories about the identity of the man, saying he could be foreign, or a Thai man pretending to be foreign. Police have been criticised for providing contradictory information, and it was reported yesterday that authorities had not checked some CCTV footage taken minutes after the blast, which featured a man dressed like the chief suspect.

The Explosion:


















CANADASTAN? Handicapped Toronto man denied subsidized housing because he is ‘NOT A MUSLIM’


NON-MUSLIMS NEED NOT APPLY: A disabled Toronto man had his name removed from the waiting list for a subsidized city apartment because he does not meet the main criteria for living there: Being Muslim.

GLOBAL NEWS (h/t Ryan H & Susan K)  At 21, Austin Lewis of Toronto lives his life in a wheelchair. Now, he’s also dealing with another obstacle when it comes to getting a subsidized apartment: he has the wrong religion. 



Lewis is attempting to find subsidized, rent-to-income accommodations in Toronto. He has applied to dozens of apartments through Housing Connections, an organization that manages a waiting list of applicants applying for subsidized housing. This week, Lewis received a letter from Housing Connections, informing him he would be taken off the list for an apartment at 3001 Finch Ave. West, operated by Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace Inc.

The letter reads, in part: “The vision of this community includes providing housing for households in which at least one person is a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. This means if none of the individuals of your household are a member … you will be removed from the waiting list.”

Lewis' Mother

Lewis’ Mother Laura Whiteway

“It’s prejudiced, it’s racist,” said Laura Whiteway of Brampton, Lewis’s mother. “It’s wrong on every single level: this goes against everything Canada represents to me.” Whiteway contacted Global News after receiving the letter, which she says unfairly discriminates against her son because he is not Muslim.

Under provincial law, renters aren’t supposed to be denied accommodations on the basis of religion. “The purpose of the Human Rights Code in Ontario is to make sure people feel as though they are part of the community and that their dignity and their worth is protected,” said Shane Martinez, a Toronto criminal defence lawyer who specializes in human rights issues.

But the city of Toronto says the practice of allowing only certain ethnic or religious groups is legally acceptable.

Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace

Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace

“Ahmadiyya has received approval under Council authority to enter into an Agreement to establish a Mandate to restrict tenancy to ‘members of the Muslim Jama’at’ in accordance with the requirements approved by City Council in November 2002.

It gives new meaning to the segregated (by choice) Muslim dominant areas of Europe known as ‘NO-GO ZONES’ where non-Muslims dare not go, sharia rules, and even the streets have Muslim names.


The Agreement to Establish a Mandate has been executed by both parties and has a five year term with an effective date of Jan 1, 2015,” according to John Gosgnach, communications manager for the City of Toronto.

“The City’s mandate policy allows social housing providers to restrict their housing to individuals belonging to an identifiable ethnic or religious group if specific conditions are met,” Gosgnach said.



Oh, THIS IS RICH! Moroccan MUSLIM terrorist says he found weapon arsenal in children’s playground and only wanted to rob train passengers

1910532061_B976347636Z.1_20150822225739_000_G8252B2SU.1-0Ayoub el Khazzani, 26, devout Muslim, is “dumbfounded” that anyone would think he was an Islamic terrorist because he only intended to rob people because he was “hungry,” says his lawyer with a straight face. As details emerge of the gunman’s ISIS terror connections, lawyer Sophie David said her client looked “ill and malnourished.”  (Yeah, getting the crap beat out of you by 3 Americans could give you a sick feeling)

2 American heroes who took the terrorist down

3 American heroes who took the terrorist down

UK Daily Mail  Thwarted train gunman Ayoub El Khazzani has laughed at accusations he was trying to carry out a terrorist attack on the Amsterdam to Paris express, his lawyer has claimed. Morocco-born MUSLIM El Khazzani, 26, says he does not see why his actions on the Thalys train on Friday have caused such an outcry and insisted that he was only interested in ‘robbing the passengers’.

The suspect was already on government officials’ radars in four European countries before he carried out the alleged attack on Friday evening. He is reported to have been deemed a terrorist threat following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and to have fought with ISIS in Syria earlier this year.



French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Saturday that Spanish authorities had flagged the jihadi to French officials last February because he belongs to the ‘radical Islamist movement’ – something El-Khazzani appeared to support on his Facebook page, which has since been deleted.

His lawyer Sophie David told Le Parisien newspaper today that El Khazzani ‘can’t understand why this affair has generated such publicity’.  ‘He denies being involved in any kind of terrorist plot. The suggestion [that he had embarked on a terrorist attack] made him laugh.’ 

She added: ‘[I saw] somebody who was very sick, somebody very weakened physically, as if he suffered from malnutrition, very, very thin and very haggard.’ ‘He says he found this Kalashnikov automatic rifle, his Luger pistol and a mobile phone in a suitcase, which had been left in a park close to the Brussels railway station in Belgium where he slept rough,’ his lawyer amed told Le Parisien.



El-Khazzani, who was reportedly radicalised while living in Spain, was subsequently placed on an intelligence watch list in France. Officials confirmed through fingerprints their suspicions that the Thalys train terrorist was the same man who had been on their radar.

El-Khazzani was believed to have flown from Berlin to Istanbul on May 10 this year. Turkey is a preferred flight destination for would-be jihadists heading for Syria. He is thought to have received military training with ISIS there, before traveling to Syria to fight with the terror group, The Telegraph reports

AK-47 and 9 Magazines of ammunition found in his backpack

AK-47 and 9 Magazines of ammunition found in his backpack

The suspect had left France in 2014, before traveling to Syria and returning to France to assemble a horde of deadly weapons, it is said. He was arrested in Spain at least once for a drug-related offense, the Spanish counter-terrorism source said. Cazeneuve said the man had also lived in Belgium and that inquiries ‘should establish precisely the activities and travels of this terrorist’.

French newspaper Le Voix du Nord reported that the jihadi may have had connections to a group involved in a suspected Islamist shooting in Belgium in January. The Belgian government confirmed an inquiry into the shooting is under way, but would not comment further on any potential link.



Meanwhile, the suspect’s father defended him as a ‘good boy’ today, and insisted that he would never want to kill anyone.   (Aren’t they all?) Mohamed Khazzani, 64, broke down in tears as he recalled the moment police knocked on the door of his rundown flat to tell him his son had been arrested with a Kalashnikov on board a packed Paris-bound high-speed train.

The dad-of-six, who lives in the southern Spanish port city of Algeciras after emigrating from his native Morocco, told MailOnline: ‘They’re saying Ayoub is a terrorist but I just cannot believe what I am hearing.  ‘My son a terrorist? The only terrorism he is guilty of is terrorism for bread because he hasn’t got enough money to feed himself properly.’  

Mr Khazzani spoke out from his rubbish-strewn flat on the fifth floor of a dilapidated eleventh-floor tower black in the rundown Algeciras neighbourhood of El Saladillo. He admitted he is an illegal squatter in the grubby three-bed apartment, which he was said was owned by a bank after the previous owner was evicted. 

The father said, “Ayoub was ‘religious’ and never smoked or drank alcohol.'”(DING DING DING! Definitely a terrorist)

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AUSTRALIA: Police release photos of Muslim-looking pervert who exposed his genitals to two young women, then tried to rape their dogs in broad daylight

Police are searching for a South Asian or Middle Eastern-looking man now on the run after assaulting and attempting to have sex with the dogs as their stunned owners looked on in horror. 


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Nimrod) Two women, aged 20 and 23, were walking their dogs through Greystanes in Sydney’s west in the middle of the afternoon when a man on a bike exposed his genitals to both women before assaulting one of the dogs and attempting to rape the other one.

Police have since released two images of a man and one of a bike in a hope he may be seen by the public.


The man is described as South Asian in appearance, 180-190cm tall, with a dark complexion, unshaven, with short black hair. The man was wearing a grey t-shirt, dark blue shorts and dirty red and white skater shoes when he approached the women.

At 8.15 am on Monday morning, detectives spotted a man of a similar description on Gipps Road in Greystanes. They pursued him on foot and called in the Dog Squad, but the man fled and has since been unable to be located, a police spokesperson said. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.




FRENCH TRAIN OF TERROR: Muslim terrorist who tried to massacre multiple passengers was known to 3 EU Intelligence Services, lived in Spain and France, and is believed to have trained with ISIS in Syria last year

drapeauxpPlenty of gratitude on display in France for their American saviors (Hey, we haven’t forgotten how you helped us defeat the British in the Revolutionary War). Moroccan born MUSLIM attacker armed with Kalashnikov shouted “give me back my gun” as he was foiled by three Americans, including two off-duty U.S. Military servicemen.


CNN The struggle was brief, bloody and chaotic. The high-speed train was zipping from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday when a shirtless man emerged from the bathroom — a rifle slung over his shoulder, witnesses said. Three Americans — a civilian, an Air Force member and a National Guard member, with help from a British man — jumped into action. They quickly tackled him, possibly averting a massacre aboard the train.

In the terrorist's backpack was found nine magazines of ammunition with enough rounds to kill all 554 passengers on the train.

In the terrorist’s backpack was found nine magazines of ammunition with enough rounds to kill all 554 passengers on the train.

Alek Skarlatos yells, ‘Get him!,’ so my friend Spencer Stone immediately gets up to charge the guy, followed by Alek, then myself,” said Anthony Sadler, the civilian among the three. Stone is an Air Force member while Skarlatos is in the National Guard. “The three of us beat up the guy,” Sadler said. “In the process, Spencer gets slashed multiple times by the box cutter, and Alek takes the AK away.”

U.S. Air Force off-duty serviceman Spencer Stone departs the Clinique Lille Sud, which specializes in hand injuries, in Lesquin, France.

UK Telegraph  Pictures just in show Spencer Stone, one of the American heroes, leaving hospital in Lille. He looks a bit battered and bruised but otherwise in reasonable shape. Earlier, his mother said he had surgery on Saturday morning to repair some of the damage to his fingers and would need physiotherapy to get full movement back. Witnesses said that Stone provided first aid to others before worrying about his own injuries



Francois Hollande, the French president, has also now offered his “heartfelt thanks” to Barack Obama for the “exemplary conduct” shown by three American citizens who overpowered a gunman on a packed Amsterdam-Paris train.

UK Express  A Spanish anti-terrorist official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed the 26-year-old Moroccan suspect had lived in Spain until last year, moved to France then travelled to Syria where he is believed to have trained with ISIS before returning to France. French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said the suspect had been flagged by Spanish authorities last year for links to ISIS. 

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was on board with his girlfriend and two children, has criticised the train staff for locking themselves in a special carriage and leaving passengers to fend for themselves. It was no thanks to the train staff that the three Americans and one British man risked their lives to save the other passengers.

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade

quotes_1817837aHe said: “We heard screaming passengers in English, ‘He shoots! He shoots! He has a Kalashnikov!” “Suddenly, members of the crew ran into the hallway and their faces were pale.” He said the staff rushed towards a locked car and opened it “with a special key” before locking themselves inside.

Mr Anglade claims he and other passengers banged on the door and shouted at staff to open up, but their cries for help were ignored. He said: “Nobody replied, there was radio silence. It was terrible and unbearable, it was inhumane.

UK Telegraph  The thwarted attack shows once again just how difficult it is for intelligence services trying to track potential jihadists. In a timely interview with CTC Sentinel, the in-house journal of the US military academy at West Point.published on the same day as the attack, Alain Grignard, a senior member of Belgium’s counter-terrorism police unit, said the terrorist threat had “never been higher in all the years I’ve been working”.

QuoteIt boils down to mathematics and it’s all linked to the Syria dynamic. There’s no way of knowing the exact numbers but I can tell you with certainty that at least 300 have travelled – that’s the number we have sufficient evidence to bring charges against. At least 100 have returned to Belgium, but we are under no illusions that there aren’t more we don’t know about. It’s impossible to do surveillance on everybody.

Col Tim Collins argues that it needed the American can-do attitude to overpower a gunman aboard the train to Paris. What would have happened if they had not been there? 

quotes_1817837aI’ve always said that I felt I could trust putting my life in Alek’s hands. the traditional European reserve been in play it is likely that there would have been wholesale murder. As it was the strong tradition of US servicemen to be “always on duty”, they no doubt saved lives. 

In my experience, the US serviceman does not experience the excruciating levels of self-consciousness that dogs the European armies. Despite a low during the Vietnam era, US service personnel are proud of their country’s uniform and service and the nation is proud right back.

Alek Skarlatos was on holiday in Europe after just completing a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Oregon National Guard.

QuoteHis step-mother, Karen Skarlatos, said he was just the sort of man to put himself in danger to protect others. 


National Guardsman ALEK SKARLATOS

US National Guard soldier Alek Skarlatos, 22, said he helped tackle the attacker with his friend Spencer Stone, who is in the US Air Force, who was stabbed in the neck. He said: “I just got back from Afghanistan last month, and this was my vacation from Afghanistan.”

Their friend, Anthony Sadler, was travelling with them and described the moment the pair jumped into action. He said: “As he was cocking it to shoot it, Alek just yells, `Spencer, go!’ And Spencer runs down the aisle.

Americans Alek Skarlatos (from left), Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler

Americans Alek Skarlatos (from left), Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler

Spencer makes first contact, he tackles the guy, Alek wrestles the gun away from him, and the gunman pulls out a box cutter and slices Spencer a few times. And the three of us beat him until he was unconscious.

“He was just telling us to give back his gun. ‘Give me back my gun! Give me back my gun!’ But we just carried on beating him up and immobilized him and that was it.” 

Reuters reports that Belgium’s prime minister called on Saturday for urgent talks with France, Germany and the Netherlands to seek more security measures on cross-border trains, after a gunman was wrestled to the ground by passengers.  The prime minister’s office said the train gunman, whis is being held in France where he was arrested, was known to Belgian authorities, which had been informed by Spain that he was a security risk.

 French emergency services transport a victim after a shooting on the Amsterdam to Paris Thalys high-speed train in Arras, France

French emergency services transport a victim after a shooting on the Amsterdam to Paris Thalys high-speed train in Arras, France

Gen Philip Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Commander in Europe and head of US European Command, has also paid tribute to the actions of off-duty American personnel:

QuoteThese men are heroes. Actions like this clearly illustrate the courage and commitment our young men and women have all the time, whether they are on duty or on leave. We are extremely proud of their efforts and now are praying for our injured airman to have a speedy recovery.

Chris Norman, British businessman who helped overcome the attacker on the train: “I realized the only way to survive was to go for him.”

British man CHRIS NORMAN who helped subdue attacker

British man CHRIS NORMAN who helped subdue attacker

quotes_1817837aHe said: “I was just sitting working on my computer. I saw a man with a Kalashnikov. I said to myself s***. “I heard an American saying, ‘go get him’, then someone else saying, ‘Don’t you do that buddy’. Then I realized the only way to survive was to go for him.”  He added: “I’m not a hero I just did what I could.”


New information on the Muslim terrorist attack on French train

“Spencer, go!’ How hero American airman charged Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist on French train, tackled him and beat him unconscious with the help of his comrade in arms and a friend.

Moroccan Muslim terrorist subdued by U.S. Servicemen and tied up with T-shirts on floor of train

Moroccan Muslim terrorist subdued by U.S. Servicemen and tied up with T-shirts on floor of train

  • Train staff on board train which was the scene of a foiled terrorist attack accused of abandoning passengers

  • A man named in reports as Ayoub el-Qahzzani opened fire on train which had more than 550 passengers on board 

  •  He was arrested by police at a train station in Arras and was initially taken to hospital but is now in custody

  • The 26-year-old Moroccan national is a suspected radical Islamist who was known to security services 

  • Air Force airman Spencer Stone ran at the gunman when he opened fire on the high speed service to Paris 

  • Was on the train with friend Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was travelling through Europe

  •  With the help of Anthony Sadler, from California, and British national Chris Norman, they stopped the attack

  • Three people, including Stone, wounded in the attack and French police have hailed the bravery of the bystanders

  • French media report the man denies being a terrorist and instead claims he wanted to carry out an armed robbery 

  • Also claims he wanted to ransom off passengers and he found the weapons in a bag ‘by chance in a Brussels Park’

The Muslim terrorist had been under French police surveillance after foreign security services identified him as dangerous.

The Muslim terrorist had been under French police surveillance after foreign security services identified him as dangerous.

UK Daily Mail  The US servicemen who tackled a Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist to the ground in a packed Paris-bound train have described the moment they leaped into action. 

Spencer Stone, a U.S. Air Force airman, was travelling with Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was on leave after a tour of Afghanistan, and their Californian friend Anthony Sadler when he heard the gunman load his weapon in the toilet.

Alek Skarlatos of Oregon National Guard

Alek Skarlatos of Oregon National Guard

Spencer Stone, of the U.S. Air Force

Spencer Stone, of the U.S. Air Force

‘We heard a gunshot, and we heard glass breaking behind us, and saw a train employee sprint past us down the aisle,’ Sadler said from France. They then saw a gunman entering the train car with an automatic rifle.

‘As he was cocking it to shoot it, Alek just yells, “Spencer, go!” And Spencer runs down the aisle,’ Sadler continued. ‘Spencer makes first contact, he tackles the guy, Alek wrestles gun away from him, and the gunman pulls out a box cutter and slices Spencer a few times. And the three of us beat him until he was unconscious.’ 

As they beat the man – named in reports as Ayoub el-Qahzzani – he pleaded with them to return his AK-47, Sadler explained.

Machine gun on seat surrounded by blood stains on the windows

Machine gun on seat surrounded by blood stains on the windows

‘He was just telling us to give back his gun. “Give me back my gun! Give me back my gun!” But we just carried on beating him up and immobilised him and that was it.’

The men, along with fellow passenger British IT consultant Chris Norman, have since been commended for their bravery by President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande has tweeted that he will meet the men tomorrow to thank them. 

As details emerge of the foiled terrorist attack, staff on board the high speed train have come under fire for allegedly barricading themselves in their staff room and locking the door, leaving passengers to fend for themselves. 

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was on board the Thalys train during the attack has slammed train staff who he claims locked themselves in an office away from the attacker and refused to help the trapped passengers. The actor told Paris Match: ‘We heard screaming passengers in English, ‘He shoots! He shoots! He has a Kalashnikov!”

Video footage of the aftermath has emerged, showing what appears to be the gunman lying on the floor, moaning with pain, with his hands and feet tied up with t-shirts after he was beaten unconscious. 

Press Conference with train heroes:


EXCELLENT! Myanmar (Burma) Buddhists pass ‘extreme’ religion bills that will encourage even more Rohingya Muslims to leave the country

20150401184135Myanmar’s parliament passed two bills on Thursday that are widely believed to offer further legal cover to the country’s harsh policies toward its Rohingya Muslim population. Proposed by Buddhist nationalists who claim that their traditions are threatened by the country’s Muslims, not to mention their women and monks, the bills regulate religious conversion and polygamy.

Nobody wants the Rohingya Muslims, not even other Muslims.


Think Progress (h/t Robert S)  While details about the bills have not yet been released, advocates believe the measures targeting the country’s Rohingya, who are denied citizenship despite the fact that many of them have lived in Myanmar for generations (No, they haven’t).


“These discriminatory draft laws risk fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment,” Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, told ThinkProgress in an email.

The bills are particularly vexing ahead elections which are slated for early November. 

“Parliament has not only shown disregard for basic human rights norms, but turned up the heat on Burma’s tense intercommunal relations and potentially put an already fragile transition at risk, with landmark elections right around the corner,” Roberston added.


The election is expected to be the freest and fairest seen in Myanmar for decades. The country has been transitioning from military rule towards democracy since 2011.

Aung San Suu Kyi, an opposition leader and Nobel Laureate who lived under house arrest for 15 years, is expected to win the upcoming elections.

While she is widely seen as an advocate for democracy in the country, she has remained largely silent on the plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya population. While many believe she has not addressed the issue for fear of alienating voters ahead of the election, others, including the Dalai Lama, have urged her to take a decisive stance on the matter.







THIS IS WHY - Buddhist women get beheaded by Muslims

THIS IS WHY – Buddhist women get beheaded by Muslims



While Myanmar has opened up to foreign businesses and visitors and allowed for increased press freedoms in recent years, it has continued to persecute the ethnic Rohingya through a series of discriminatory laws. Myanmar has limited the number of children the Rohingya can have to two and restricted the frequency of their pregnancies to one every three years.

Hundreds of Rohingya have been killed in religion-fueled violence, and 140,000 have abandoned their homes to live in “apartheid-like” conditions. Over the course of the last year, tens of thousands of them have fled Myanmar on dangerous, often over-crowded boats to Muslim countries that don’t want them either. (Barack Hussein Obama is taking them in and dumping them in Christian towns. rohingya-muslims-are-definitely-being-brought-to-american-towns)


BUH BYE! Don’t come back.

“We’ve seen a deterioration in the living conditions of the Rohingya [after 2012],” Naomi Kikoler of the Holocaust Memorial Museum told ThinkProgress in May. “What is so particularly concerning right now is the very public and overt discriminatory practices of the government, but also the very virulent hate speech that’s being espoused by religious leaders.”

marching-to-genocide-in-burma-5-638 marching-to-genocide-in-burma-4-638

Authorities in Myanmar set “Rakhine State Action Plan” into motion last year, and as such have given Rohingya people a choice between accepting second-class status as “Bengali” residents of Myanmar, or be forced into government-built camps. 


“It’s a perfectly oiled plan,” one unnamed Rohingya activist told France 24. They want to get rid of the entire Rohingya population. Here, the first step is to force us to live in these camps in Arakan, and then it’ll be death.”  (Good!)































QUEBEC’S PROPOSED ANTI-HATE SPEECH LAWS? Hey Muslims, be careful what you wish for

7b51ad3a8f87ea0519e5385ab818f6-viWell, well, Muslims in Quebec fear that proposed ‘hate speech law’ could potentially get the quran banned and followers of it arrested. Quebec’s proposed anti-hate speech legislation allegedly is a plan to fight Islamophobia, Muslim radicalization and violent extremism, but Muslims have concerns that the proposed bill could backfire.

CTV News  Public hearings on Bill 59 resumed this week in the National Assembly, with representatives from the Muslim Canadian Forum, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, and the Muslim Council of Montreal among those speaking Thursday afternoon.


The government says the bill is a response to three things: the attacks against Canadian soldiers in Quebec and in Ottawa last autumn; to young Quebecers leaving or attempting to join jihadist groups in the Middle East; and to a public backlash against the Muslim community.

For Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, the law has its merits. He said the bill can turn out to be positive for Quebec’s society, but it’s not completely clear.


“We are looking for some clarifications of definitions. What exactly is hate speech? We would really like for this to be clarified,” he said.

The bill gives the Quebec Human Rights commission the power to create that definition, and to investigate any complaints. Those eventually found guilty by the Commission would have their names published on a website for all to see, so some say this has the potential to turn into a witch hunt.


“We cannot call for hate, we cannot call for violence against a group of people. This is what it’s all about, it’s a bill about protection,” said Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee.

But Salam Elmenyawi of the Muslim Council of Montreal feels the bill isn’t necessary. “There’s no need for a new regulation, especially if we’re not using the old one. We already have the right tools in the criminal code,” he said.


And while the anti-hate speech bill is partly an effort to fight Islamophobia, Elmenyawi fears it could end up  targeting the Muslim community. “A lot is left for the discretion of a civil servant in an administrative process that can destroy somebody’s life,” he said.

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women is concerned about the language in the bill dealing with so-called “honour” crimes. Member Samaa Elibyari said she fears it could promote harmful stereotypes about Islam.


“If you talk about an honour crime, you are maybe implying that there could be an excuse. However a crime is a crime, and there’s no excuse,” she said.

Despite the sensitive nature of the bill, the justice minister says the tone of the debate has been respectful. “There have been some critics, but the exchanges and the dialogue has been present. It’s very soft, and that’s the way it should be when we’re talking about a delicate issue,” Vallee said.

There are still several days set aside for various interest groups to speak at these hearings, which will continue until late September.


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YES, HE’S A MUSLIM! Unarmed US Marines avert high-speed train massacre by taking down Kalashnikov-wielding gunman who injured 3 enroute to Paris from Amsterdam

41YuUurA1-LA Moroccan MUSLIM gunman, who opened fire with an assault rifle onboard a high-speed train was taken down by a group of US Marines who were traveling on the service.  The Muslim terrorist, known by French intelligence services, is understood to have been overheard loading the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle in the toilet by the un-armed Marines. 

UPDATE (h/t Jeanne) A US Marine is in critical condition after tackling a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on a train between Amsterdam and Paris, according to French media reports. The serviceman, who has not been named, was one of two Americans on leave – possibly embassy guards – who tackled the 26-year-old Moroccan national to the ground after hearing him load up a gun in the toilet. 

In the scuffle, one of the Marines was shot and is now in a critical condition, France Info reports. He was airlifted to CHR hospital in Lille, France. The other Marine was stabbed, and has been taken to the central hospital of Arras with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Addressing reporters at the station in Arras, northern France, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve praised their bravery. ‘I would like to express our gratitude to and admiration for these two American passengers,’ said Cazeneuve.

‘Thanks to the calm composure of the two American passengers, we have avoided a tragedy. Without them we would have faced a terrible drama.’ ‘They were particularly courageous and showed extreme bravery in extremely difficult circumstances.’

This Daily Mail article does not confirm that the gunman is a Muslim, but breaking reports on radio do. If you enlarge the below photo of the gunman here: Daily Mail, he looks like a Muslim of Moroccan origin.


Daily Mail  (h/t Susan K) Three people were injured when the MUSLIM opened fire, but he was soon forced to the ground and detained. The MUSLIM man was arrested by police near the town of Arras in northern France. 

Train company Thalys confirmed the incident happened. A spokesman said: ‘The situation is under control, the travellers are safe. The train stopped and the emergency services are on site.’


A report on Twitter said that three US Marines detained the Muslim gunman until emergency services arrived.  French newspaper Le Monde is reporting that one Briton and one American may be among the injured.  

The motives behind the attack were not immediately known, although a spokesman for the interior minister said: ‘It is too early to speak of a a Muslim terrorist link’. (That’s code for he is a Muslim but we don’t know if he is a lone wolf or affiliated with terrorists)

French police recovered at least nine full magazines of ammunition from the suspect's backpack

French police recovered at least nine full magazines of ammunition from the suspect’s backpack

A spokesman for the French state rail company SNCF said that the assailant was armed with guns and knives but gave no further details about the attack. The spokesman had said earlier that three people were injured, two of them seriously, and that at least one suffered gunshot wounds.

An injured man is helped from Arras railway station following a shooting incident on a train to Paris from Amsterdam. Source:

An injured man is helped from Arras railway station following a shooting incident on a train to Paris from Amsterdam. 


GERMANY: Illegal alien Muslim savages riot over alleged torn quran at detention center

german-muslimsAt least 15 Muslim thugs were injured in an all out brawl at an illegal alien shelter in central Germany over a torn quran by an Aghani illegal, police said today, in fresh tensions as the country braces to host 800,000 MUSLIM freeloaders, jihadists and rapists this year.  Around 100 illegals took part in the riot at the shelter in Thüringen, previously criticized (by leftist sympathizers) for overcrowding.


Malaysian Insider  Violence erupted after about 20 refugees in the overcrowded shelter went in pursuit of another resident yesterday, accusing him of ripping pages out of a Quran, local police said.

The man was eventually saved by the shelter’s guards as well as police, prompting the mob to turn their anger on the security forces. About 50 people armed with steel rods began throwing stones at the officers, leaving at least 10 people injured, including three police.

MUSLIMS destroyed windows of registration center for refugees in Suhl

MUSLIMS destroyed windows of registration center for illegal aliens in Suhl

Windows were smashed, furniture flung out of windows and even dividing walls in the shelter hacked down in the rampage that lasted several hours in the town of Suhl in Thuringia.

Germany is struggling to accommodate a wave of invaders from war zones such as Syria but also economic parasite wannabes from countries that are not at war like Albania and Kosovo. It was not immediately clear where the victim and his assailants were from.

Muslims whine over torn quran

Muslims whine over torn quran

The sudden surge in asylum demands this year has left authorities scrambling to house the Muslim illegals, with schools and tents used as temporary shelter.

Local officials have repeatedly raised concerns of overcrowding, saying that they were unable to cope with the accelerating demand. The illegal alien home in Suhl has a capacity for 1,200 people but is currently hosting 1,700.

MUSLIMS destroy office at refugee center

MUSLIMS destroy office at refugee center

The state premier for Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, told public broadcaster MDR that different ethnic groups should be separated in refugee homes in order to prevent such violence from erupting.

But the authorities were hamstrung by a lack of available shelter, he added. “We need to expand our capacity urgently,” Ramelow stressed. (No, you need to stop them from coming in)

Berlin now expects to receive up 800,000 asylum-seekers this year – four times more than in 2014 – as the latest figures show numbers accelerating dramatically.



CANADA: So, why does Justin Trudeau seem to spend so much time in bed with radical Muslims?

CKNjngmUAAQgT43.jpg-largeRecently, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau met privately with a group of Islamic leaders inside a Regina mosque, an event from which the media were barred. The Liberal party is keeping a tight lid on what transpired during the two-hour, closed-door session last Tuesday.

TORONTO SUN The gathering may well be one of the few election events of 2015 that will go unreported because as one correspondent assigned to cover the story told me: “Unfortunately I wasn’t permitted inside.”

It seems almost every time Trudeau steps inside a mosque, he walks into a minefield of controversy.


In March 2011 he visited a mosque in Montreal that a month later was classified by U.S. intelligence as an al-QaEda recruitment centre. Trudeau pleaded ignorance, arguing the mosque’s link to al-Qaeda came up only after he had visited it. In fact, as early as 2006, CBC’s Radio Canada had done a lengthy investigative report on that mosque, identifying it as a well-known centre of radical anti-West rhetoric.


In 2013, Trudeau spent an evening at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Islamic centre west of Toronto during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The parent organization of ISNA in the U.S. has been listed by the U.S. Justice Department as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terror funding trial.

ISNA was never charged with any crime, but prosecutors listed it as one of the “entities who are and/or were members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood”. (A federal judge later ruled the document should not have been released and ISNA said its inclusion was guilt by association.)

Justin_Trudeau muslim brotherhood

The Regina mosque where Trudeau held his closed-door meeting last week “recommends” the ISNA website to its members on its web page.

A Liberal press release made no mention of the event. When I pressed for an explanation, a Liberal staffer in Ottawa called me saying it was not Liberal policy to make visits to religious institutions open to the media.

But that’s not accurate. Trudeau has been photographed praying alongside Muslims in a Surrey mosque.


Next, I asked Liberal MP Ralph Goodale who had accompanied Trudeau, why the media was barred from the Regina mosque event. His answer was: “Media was present for coverage at door to mosque. Inside was regular evening prayer. Not our place to invite media.”

But that does not match the account by Regina’s Leader-Post newspaper. It said, “The Liberal leader arrived in Regina on Tuesday evening and headed to a south-end mosque where … the media was not permitted to attend.” The reporter, Nathan Liewicki, later told me, “A (Liberal) party spokesperson said Trudeau was going to be at the mosque and that the media were not able to attend.”

Trudeau was keynote speaker at Hamas-linked Islamic Relief function

Trudeau was keynote speaker at Hamas-linked Islamic Relief function

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the mosque told me in an email Trudeau met with many members of the local Muslim community during his visit adding: “It was wrongly reported in the media that they were not allowed to attend. The coordinator from the Liberal party was asked to arrange for (a) media person if they wanted.”


Contrast the Liberals’ secrecy with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s visit to a Hindu temple in Toronto on Monday. It was an open event with no restrictions on the media while the Liberal one was shrouded in secrecy.

Trudeau owes an explanation to Canadians. What was discussed behind closed doors with Islamic leaders inside that mosque?

Trudeau outed for meeting with Muslim leader who publishes that men should beat their wives

Trudeau outed for meeting with Muslim leader Shaykh Omar Subedar who publishes that men should beat their wives





Alleged Islamic State (ISIS) HIT LIST has approx. 1,400 names and contact information for American ‘targets’

hit-listA group calling itself the Islamic State Hacking Division this week posted online a purported list of names and contacts for Americans it refers to as “targets,” according to officials.


CNN  Though the legitimacy of the list is questionable, and much of the information it contains is outdated, the message claims to provide the phone numbers, locations, and “passwords” for 1400 American government and military personnel as well as purported credit card numbers, and excerpts of some Facebook chats.

“We are extracting confidential data,” the message says, “and passing on your personal information to the soldiers of the khilafah, who soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!” Several online terror trackers were unable to confirm whether the list actually came from ISIS. The FBI and Pentagon both say they are investigating.


Thai police are searching for a ‘Middle Eastern looking man’ in Muslim communities as they continue to probe two deadly bombings in Bangkok

The bombs used are similar to those used by Muslim terrorists. New details have emerged in Thailand’s investigation of twin bombings in Bangkok which killed more than 20 people and left at least 125 wounded. Police are now focusing on the Uighur Muslim community there.

Artist sketch of Muslim-looking Bangkok bomber who left a backpack under a seat with the bombs in it

Artist sketch of Muslim-looking Bangkok bomber who left a backpack under a seat with the bombs in it

Original story: thailand-at-least-27-dead-and-scores-injured-in-terrorist-bomb-attack-in-front-of-hindu-shrine-in-bangkok

INN  According to Police Colonel Kamthon Ouicharoen, a bomb expert at the Metropolitan Police Bureau, the first bomb, which detonated near the Erawan shrine, was an improvised explosive device that looked like a model typically assembled abroad by Muslim terrorists.

Sources close to the investigation say it is focusing on a revenge motive by Uygher Muslim terrorists in response to the Thai government’s deportation of Chinese Muslim migrants in July.

Suspected bomber in yellow shirt

Suspected bomber in yellow shirt

Assistant national police chief Prawut Thawornsiri said that an improvised pipe bomb was also used in the second attack at the Sathon pier. Thrown from the Taksin Bridge, it hit a pillar and fell into a canal where it detonated harmlessly.  Police Lieutenant Gen Prawut believes the bomber wanted to throw the device onto a busy walking platform, but missed. With a range of 30-50 meters, it had the capability to “inflict many casualties,” Kamthon added.

The police bomb squad also found a number of 5-millimeter-diameter ball bearings scattered around the area, similar to those used by Iranian terrorists discovered assembling a bomb in Soi Sukhumvit in 2012. Top police officials as well as Thailand’s prime minister have, however, remained mum on the subject of motive, urging the media to report responsibly and avoid causing more panic.

Popular foreign tourist attraction Hindu shrine which was the target of the attack

Popular foreign tourist attraction Hindu shrine which was the target of the attack

Police did admit, though, that they are searching for a “Middle Eastern-looking man,” caught on a CCTV camera, who they are “more than 50% certain” was the bomber.

The footage shows a young, slightly built man wearing a yellow T-shirt, black-framed glasses and carrying a backpack. He is seen wandering around the shrine, sitting down, and leaving the area without his backpack.

Searches are being conducted in Nana sois 3 ,5, 9 and 11 – a neighborhood popular with Uigher Muslim migrants.