Islamic State (ISIS) message to the United States: “We will drown all of you in blood”


Islamic State militants have threatened to attack U.S. targets ‘in any place’ in revenge for American air strikes against them in Iraq.  The extremist group posted a chilling video showing a blood-spattered Star and Stripes next to the jihadist flag with the message in English: ‘We will drown all of you in blood.’

Daily Caller  The message was accompanied by photographs of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of sniper shootings. You almost get the sense the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is trying to tell America something.


The terror group — which changed its name simply to the Islamic State since conquering significant swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria — issued yet another violent threat against America, reports Reuters. In a message posted online Monday, the group warned: ”We will drown all of you in blood.”

“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for ISIS, told VICE Media in one interview from the ISIS-controlled Syrian city of Raqqa. ”We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”


ISIS issued its latest threat on the same day President Barack Obama said in a press conference from the White House that American military assistance helped Iraqi and Kurdish forces retake a strategic dam recently conquered by ISIS. Earlier this month, President Obama authorized American military strikes on ISIS in order to prevent it from advancing on the Kurdish city of Erbil in Iraq.

According to Reuters, ISIS has warned it will strike Americans “anywhere” in response to U.S. attacks against its forces.

This is not the first time ISIS has threatened to strike the United States and its interests abroad. In recent interviews with VICE Media, ISIS members repeatedly warned the United States that it was among its targets. (WATCH: Child ISIS Member Threatens America With Destruction)


An American intelligence official warned last week that ISIS “sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable.” Some terrorism experts and elected officials now say that ISIS is a greater threat to America than al Qaida was before the September 11, 2001 attacks.


AUSTRALIA: Leftist morons warn PM Tony Abbott NOT to cut welfare benefits for Muslim extremists or they will become even more violent

images12Australian terrorism so-called ‘experts’ have questioned the government’s move to cut welfare payments to people involved in extremist conduct, saying it could push potential extremists into the arms of terror organizations. Victoria University Professor Michele Grossman said people drawn to extremism already felt alienated from the community and that the federal government’s plan would ”compound” people’s lack of belonging.

(I bet deporting them would really make them feel unwelcome)

SMH (h/t Kenneth N)  ”It’s a very, very risky strategy,” she said. ”If you deny people who need benefits, it draws them to seek alternative forms of support.” Professor Grossman, whose research focuses on countering violent extremism, said recruiters for violent organizations often used financial support to appeal to new members. (How about forcing them to get a job?)


At the weekend, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the government would introduce legislation to stop welfare payments for Australians who are involved in extremist conduct.  Mr Abbott said payments would be cancelled if national security agencies assessed someone as a ”serious threat to Australia’s national security.” 

He cited the case of Khaled Sharrouf, believed to be fighting in the Middle East, who continued to receive welfare payments after he had fled Australia for Syria. The government plans to introduce the legislation to Parliament after it returns for the spring sitting at the end of August.

Australian-born Khaled Sharrouf with ISIS in Iraq

Australian-born Khaled Sharrouf with ISIS in Iraq

Monash University professor Greg Barton said that in cutting welfare payments, the government risked losing the trust of the broader Muslim community. ”The danger is the small advantage you might get in stopping some individuals receiving state benefits is outweighed by a much bigger loss of confidence across the whole community,” he said. Professor Barton, who is part of the Global Terrorism Research Centre, said Australian Muslims were feeling ”very fragile.” (Then they should get the hell out of Australia. Even better, kick them out)

The welfare move comes in the wake of proposed new counter-terrorism laws that will broaden the definition of terrorist activity and make it easier to arrest suspects and cancel passports. Professor Barton said that if the government wanted to clamp down on welfare payments to extremists, it should be done ”very quietly and consultatively and not trumpeted.” (Trumpet it loud and clear so that more Muslim parasites won’t want to come to Australia)


Dr Anne Aly from Curtin University said that while there was good cause to suspend welfare in the case of someone like Sharrouf, the government needed to be aware of how its actions could become part of conspiracy theories ”that Muslims are being targeted.” (That’s the idea, idiot)

The co-founder of People Against Violent Extremism said welfare should only be cut in extreme cases. ‘Whenever you remove somebody’s source of income, you’re much more likely to lead them down a path of crime,” she said. Dr Aly said that the government would be better off investing in deradicalization programs to get people ”out of becoming engaged before it’s too late”. (Don’t you just love these pseudo-intellectual muslim sympathizers? The only way to deradicalize muslims is to make them leave Islam) 

Radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Australia

Radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Australia


Shhhh…”Our lips are sealed,” say Sydney Police re: Central Railway Station bomb plot

Unknown-1Police are refusing to comment on reports Sydney’s busy Central Railway Station station was a possible target for explosive chemicals found stockpiled at a Brisbane house. Nine News says police are investigating if the railway station, and another location in Newcastle, north of Sydney, might have been targets for more than 50 kilograms of explosive material found at a Pullenvale house last week.


SKY News  (h/t Kenneth N) Nine says police identified the sites after two crudely-drawn mud maps were found at the house, were officers carried out 17 controlled blasts last week to rid the property of highly volatile chemicals. They reportedly include three types of peroxide-derived mixers, including one known as DMDT which Nine said was used in the 2005 bombings that targeted London’s transport network.

One of the mud maps carried the words ‘George Street’ and ‘uniform’ and an arrow pointing to an intersection. Police believe it identifies the corner of George Street and Rawson Place, next to Sydney’s Central station, Nine said. At the end of the street is a uniform shop. The other mud map carries the words ‘brothel’, ‘bridge’ and ‘grave’, believed to identify a site in Newcastle where there’s a brothel across the road from a cemetery and close to a small railway overpass, Nine said.


Queensland police are refusing to comment on every aspect of the report, saying only that the investigation involves multiple agencies and is ongoing. They’ve also declined to answer specific questions, including if they have interviewed the former tenant of the Pullenvale house who is now in custody in Newcastle on unrelated charges.

Australian Federal Police told AAP they are assisting Queensland police, but state officers are in charge of the probe. Specialist x-ray equipment is reportedly being brought in to look through the walls and the floors of the Pullenvale house.

NSW Police are also refusing to comment on the investigation, despite the suggestion of two potential target sites in the state. A spokesman for NSW Police Minister Stuart Ayres said he was aware of the incident, but would not be commenting while the police investigation is underway.


Nine has said 29kg of explosive chemicals were found at the house, alongside another 22 litres of liquid explosive material. They comprised three distinct types of peroxide-derived mixers: TATP, HMDT, and DMDT, with the latter used in the London attacks.

Police have not said if they know the whereabouts of a woman who was living at the Pullenvale house with the man now in custody in Newcastle. The man is facing charges dating from 2012 of wounding, assault, weapon and drug possession. He’s due to face a NSW court again later this month.

Personnel from the Australian Defence Force will examine the interior of the home on Tuesday, police told reporters outside the Pullenvale home. Recent police activity has been focused on the property’s main garage, where more chemicals have been found.



ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) vows to wipe United States off the map

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has vowed to erase the United States “off the map” as it denies it had “lost power” following American air strikes.


ITV  In a statement, the group said the US will be “erased soon by the caliphate knights”.

The Roman dog only pushed his air force in a new mess,and entered an alliance with the Kurds to commit the stupidity he has yet to awake from!

Apparently this idiot forgot the Iraq swamp where tens of thousands of crusaders were exterminated and tens of thousands injured years ago.

Not to mention the economic losses and financial crisis that nearly erased the United States off the map; and it will be erased soon by the caliphate knights.

Gateway Pundit  A photo posted to Twitter on Saturday by a supporter of the terrorist group the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) shows a cellphone screen with a large image of the black flag of jihad being held up so the White House is seen in the background. The Twitter account @mhajr93 posted the image.


ISLAMIC STATE also claimed responsibility for a Kurdish helicopter crash which killed the pilot and injured a US journalist and an Iraqi member of parliament. Reporters near Mosul Dam say “fierce fighting” is ongoing in the area, as Kurdish forces – backed by US air strikes – continue with their offensive to retake the strategic facility.

Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit reported on ISIS’ vow to one day “raise the flag of Muhammad in the White House.”

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) told Newsmax TV on Friday he is concerned Americans fighting with ISIS overseas could bring their jihad back to the United States:

““There are over 115 Americans, American citizens with passports, who are part of ISIS, and there are several thousand Europeans from France, from England, from Germany, from Scandinavian countries, who are fighting with ISIS,” Wolf said on “America’s Forum.” “In fact one of them who went over to fight was from Florida, came back, went back, said hateful things on the Internet, and was killed in a suicide bombing. So this has potential to come to the homeland.””

 قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev Follow #AmessagefromISIStoUS  We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere

قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev
We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets
You are our goals anywhere


AUSTRALIA: Muslim supporter of ISIS arrested on charges of anti-Christian harassment of store owner

926781_772266519473922_379405438_aA teenage supporter of the terrorist group Islamic State, who gained notoriety after an appearance on television last week, has been arrested over an alleged religious attack on a cleaner at a western Sydney shopping centre.  In an incident that raises fears of growing Muslim violence in Australia, the 19-year-old, who goes by the Islamic alias Abu Bakr, allegedly verbally abused, threatened and intimidated a store owner at Bankstown Central shopping centre.

Abu Bakr, a Bankstown labourer, is among 20 Sydney men whose passports were cancelled by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

Abu Bakr, a Bankstown labourer, is among 20 Sydney Muslim men whose passports were cancelled by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

SMH  (h/t Cathari) He was kicked out of the centre by security but allegedly returned 1½ hours later and again abused the man, who was still cleaning.  Security again escorted Abu Bakr and a friend out of the centre and called police, who launched an investigation.  Police sources told Fairfax Media the alleged abuse was being treated as a religious “hate crime”.  A spokeswoman said the cleaner did not know the teenager and he was “fearful”.

Abu Bakr walked off the set of SBS program Insight last week after being quizzed on his passport cancellation and his support for the gruesome actions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  He is one of a growing number of young Sydneysiders who are outspoken in their support of the terrorist group.


Two Sydney men, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, are among a handful of Australians believed to be fighting with the Islamic State in the Middle East.  Abu Bakr had his passport cancelled by ASIO in December last year because the spy agency said he “holds an extreme ideology and is planning to travel in order to engage in militant extremism”. In an interview with Fairfax last year, he said his “brothers” had been randomly targeted by intelligence authorities since the conflict in Syria began.

“If you refuse to be silent on something, on the injustice, on the evil, on the raping and killing and bombing in Syria, then they label you a jihadist or a fanatic or an extremist,” he said in December. The Australian-born part-time labourer, who is of Iraqi and Italian descent, was arrested in a Bankstown lane on Friday afternoon and charged with affray and intimidation. He was charged under his real name, Sulyman Khalid, and given strict bail conditions to appear at Bankstown Local Court on September 10.

Bankstown local area commander Superintendent Dave Eardley said last month that police were aware of the risk of growing tensions in western Sydney stemming from overseas conflicts.  He said police had been meeting Muslim community leaders and monitoring events closely to ensure sectarian and religious violence did not occur.


Yazidi women plead for US planes to bomb their prison rather then being sold into sexual slavery by ISIS

P1010350.JPGThe call came in the early hours, the voice muffled, furtive and shaking with fear. ‘If they see me talking to someone they will kill me for sure, maybe kill all of us.’ This was Nisreen, a 17-year-old seized by the vicious Islamic State forces who have swept through Iraq and Syria spreading fear and panic. She told how she was one of 96 Yazidi girls kidnapped when their towns and villages fell to the fanatics.

UK Daily Mail  Now these teenagers wait in terror to be sold into slavery or forced into marriage with militant Islamists. I know this exact number because I hear them talking,’ said Nisreen. ‘We are sure they have sold us. We do not fear for our lives but for our dignity as women.’ It was a brave phone call from a desperate woman.

Distraught Yazidi man showing photos of his wife and children who were captured by ISIS

Distraught Yazidi man showing photos of his wife and children who were captured by ISIS

The world has heard the hideous stories of refugees fleeing the jihadists but here, for the first time, was a voice from the other side: from a kidnap victim trapped in IS’s newly-won territory.

The husband of another teenage woman, heavily pregnant, held  captive by the IS told me how she would rather the US bombed her prison – with her inside – than be handed out like a piece of property to an extremist fighter. She said: ‘Let those jets come to bomb us and save us from this situation by killing all of us.’ She added death would be a better fate than to ‘be forced off with a strange man.’


These two extraordinary accounts, together with information gathered from numerous first-hand sources in and around Irbil and Dohuk in the past week, reveal for the first time the appalling reality of life for captives held in IS-held Iraq.

Horrifically, we can reveal:


  • A doctor conducts virginity tests to ensure women are ‘pure’ enough for the jihadists.

  • lS leaders have sanctioned ‘Jihad al Niqah’, an extreme form of sexual holy war that permits fighters to take any women they want.

  • Seized women are being handed as gifts to IS fighters, starved into submission and sold off as slaves, while children are stolen to be raised as Muslims and scores of men face conversion or death.

  • lS guards warning captives they will get four chances to convert. Twice they will be asked politely; the third time they will be whipped with a leather strap; if they still refuse at the fourth time of asking, they face death.

  • An official with IS’s religious guards confirmed the atrocities.

The detailed evidence comes from captive women talking from their prisons, dozens of desperate families, a leaked United Nations report and activists collating information amid the chaos of Iraqi Kurdistan with 200,000 refugees driven from their homes by militants.


Salem, a 19-year-old handyman, fled into the Sinjar mountains after fighting for four hours against the Islamist militia until their bullets ran out. His wife Hayam was captured, although eight months pregnant, along with his brother and four younger sisters. He had left Hayam with spare batteries for her mobile phone. She called him several times from a centre crammed with kidnapped women and children, saying they are being ‘tortured’ with starvation and too little drink in the searing heat.

The women have been told they will stay in the school until they convert. Salem added: ‘Some children are still there, some have been taken away. They were told the children are being taken away to teach them the laws of Islam. Some are in Syria, some are in Mosul.’


As he told his tragic story, this young man’s distress was palpable; he broke down at one point in tears. His parents are also both missing. He has contacted Kurdish politicians and Yazidi activists to persuade the US to destroy the school holding his wife. ‘They say death is better than to be forced off with a strange man for the rest of your life.’

All those I spoke to were adamant that conversion was not an option. One authoritative source revealed how a teenage captive killed herself when ordered to wash and change clothes for the first time after 12 days in prison, fearing she was being married off.


‘Every day we do not liberate these girls and women means we lose some more to IS,’ said Narin Shammo, a Yazidi journalist, who has been using social media to try to establish the number of captives. In one day alone, she received 657 possible new cases.

Lurid rumours are circulating of enforced cannibalism, of mass rape, of mothers made to set themselves on fire. And internal UN documents from their mission in Iraq quote reports that IS ‘elements’ killed ‘well over 500 Yazidi individuals’ in retaliation for the first US air strikes last week, according to a source there.


Alarmingly the UN also believes Kurdish Peshmerga forces are being ‘overwhelmed on numerous fronts’ by IS, which has more troops and better equipment. The abuse and atrocities were  confirmed quite happily by the IS official enforcing extreme Islamic rules in Telafar prison when we spoke on Thursday night.

Obaida, an Iraqi from Mosul, insisted his religious laws permitted the kidnap and sale of women. He said: ‘If they convert to Islam they can go back to their homes and we will protect their dignity and safety. ‘But if they resist or turn to atheism they will be like slaves and will be judged and traded according to our laws towards slaves.


‘Selling is according to sharia because they are slaves. But we have not sold anyone yet.’ Obaida claimed some Yazidi had converted, but could only get their wives back if they too agreed to become Muslims. ‘It is not possible in Islam to f*** atheist women.’

He said the captured children were ‘safe’, although added chillingly they would be brought up under their ‘essentials’ of Islam. ‘Then we will release them and provide for them for a proper life.’

This polite bigot said the Yazidi were singled out for special treatment because unlike Jews and Christians, ‘they are not people of the book’. He said IS would fight until they all converted to Islam as part of their mission to drive non-Muslims from their Caliphate.

MoS2 Template Master




ISIS terrorists just massacred 80 more Yazidis and kidnapped several women and girls because they refused to convert to Islam










AUSTRALIAN Radio Host Tom Elliott inteviews man who claims to be an Islamic State military commander

In what some have described as a chilling and frightening interview via Skype, the man describes the Yazidis as the “filthiest creators on earth who are devil worshippers.” He says “we will take all their women and children, and unless they convert to Islam, all of them will be wiped out.”

Whether or not this man is who he says he is, he accurately describes the mission of the Islamic State in their march toward turning the whole world into an Islamic caliphate.


PHEW! Obama cancels rescue mission for Yazidi religious minority stranded on a mountain in Iraq because he says everything there is hunky dory now

Impatient to get back out on the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama has declared the situation in Iraq to be better than previously thought, at least as far as the Yazidis are concerned, and says there is no longer an urgent need to rescue them.

Yazidis continue to flood a UN refugee camp which is physically unable and ill-equipped to handle all of them. Hundreds of Yazidi women and girls have been abducted and are being raped and/or sold as sex slaves. The rest are being threatened by ISIS with death if they don’t convert to Islam. Most of them have lost everything and yet Obama somehow thinks they are okay.


HEY, OBAMA, THIS JUST CAME IN: ISIS terrorists just massacred 80 more Yazidis and kidnapped several women and girls because they refused to convert to Islam










Oh, NOES! UN Security Council threatens Islamic State (ISIS) with a resolution that “deplores and condemns in the strongest terms its terrorist acts and violent ideology”


The United Nations Security Council is set to try and weaken Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria on Friday by blacklisting six people and threatening sanctions against those who finance, recruit or supply weapons to the insurgents, diplomats said.

Reuters  A British-drafted resolution, obtained by Reuters, targets the hardline Islamic State group – an al Qaeda splinter group that has seized swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate – and al Qaeda’s Syrian wing Nusra Front.

Diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the 15-member council was expected to unanimously adopt the resolution.


The draft “deplores and condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist acts of ISIL and its violent extremist ideology, and its continued gross, systematic and widespread abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law.”

A swift and brutal push by Islamic State, previously known as ISIL, to the borders of Iraq’s autonomous ethnic Kurdish region alarmed Baghdad and last week sparked the first U.S. airstrikes in Iraq since the withdrawal of American troops in 2011.


Islamic State has long been blacklisted by the Security Council, while Nusra Front was added earlier this year. Both groups are designated under the U.N. al Qaeda sanctions regime.

The draft resolution names six new people to be placed under an international travel ban, asset freeze and arms embargo: Abdelrahman Mouhamad Zafir al Dabidi al Jahani, Hajjaj Bin Fahd Al Ajmi, Said Arif and Abdul Mohsen Abdallah Ibrahim al Charekh for ties to Nusra Front, Abou Mohamed al Adnani for links to Islamic State and Hamid Hamad Hamid al-Ali for ties to both.


It condemns the recruitment of foreign fighters, demands they all withdraw and “expresses its readiness to consider listing those recruiting for or participating in the activities” of Nusra Front and Islamic State, including through financing or facilitating travel of foreign fighters.

The resolution expresses concern that oilfields captured by both groups “are generating income which support their recruitment efforts and strengthen their operational capability to organize and carry out terrorist attacks.”


It condemns any direct or indirect trade with Islamic State or Nusra Front and warns such moves could lead to sanctions.

The draft resolution would ask U.N. experts – charged with monitoring violations of the council’s al Qaeda sanctions regime – to report “within 90 days on the threat, including to the region, posed by (Islamic State and Nusra Front), their sources of arms, funding, recruitment and demographics, and recommendations for additional action to address the threat.”


Britain initially aimed to adopt the text by the end of August, but accelerated its plan after a surge by Islamic State, which poses the biggest threat to Iraq, a major oil exporter, since Saddam Hussein was toppled by a U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

The resolution is under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which gives the council authority to enforce decisions with economic sanctions or force. However, it does not mandate military force to tackle the insurgents.

While the UN works on its strongly worded letter, ISIS works on beheading more and more people. (WARNING: Extremely graphic)


SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? Toronto Muslim thug stabs a man in the heart just for bumping into him

One suspect, a Muslim named Mohamed Ali, 27, of Toronto is in custody and another one is still at large. Naturally the CBC News report fails to mention the perp’s name or the fact that the area in which the stabbing occurred is infested with Mohammedans.

Suspect in savage stabbing

One of the suspects in savage stabbing

Toronto Police say the victim was stabbed in his chest after bumping into one of his attackers while texting and walking in the area of Yonge and Dundas Sts. around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. “The man he bumped into took exception as a perceived slight and attacked the victim,” Det. Jason Shankaran, of 52 Division, said in a release. “The man was able to defend himself from both his attackers.”

He said the assailants “took exception” to the victim defending himself and the attack escalated. “One of the men then stabbed the 33-year-old man in the heart,” Shankaran said, adding the victim was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

Cops managed to track down and arrest one suspect shortly after the brutal assault. Mohamed Ali, 27, of Toronto, faces charges of attempt murder and aggravated assault. He remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.


AUSTRALIA offers sanctuary to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other persecuted minorities

The Tony Abbott Government has announced that up to 4,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians and members of other minorities fleeing from certain death or enslavement by Islamic State terrorists would be offered sanctuary in Australia. 

PM Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Daily Telegraph  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also not ruled out sending Australian Diggers back into the war zone, saying the “murderous hordes of ISIS, now the Islamic State, are on the march” and threatening genocide on Iraqis.

Mr Abbott’s announcement came as the United States weighed up plans to put troops back on the ground in Iraq following a UN warning that the mass genocide of Yazidi refugees at the hands of IS fighters could be “only hours away”.


UN minority rights expert Rita Izsak warned the 20,000-30,000 trapped people, many of them members of the Yazidi minority, “faced a mass atrocity and potential genocide within days or hours”.

At the same time British Prime Minister David Cameron revealed an international operation is under way to rescue civilians trapped by IS forces on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. Mr Cameron declined to give details but said Britain would play a role, just as it had worked alongside the US in conducting humanitarian aid drops to thousands of Yazidis and other minorities.




CHINESE city bans all Islamic clothing and beards from buses during Xinjiang Games

That’s stupid. They should ban them permanently.

uighur-manUighur Muslims wearing Islamic-style clothing and large beards are banned from riding public buses during the Xinjiang Sports Games in northwestern China. The ban went into effect Monday in the city of Karamay, in the country’s turbulent northwestern Xinjiang region, where Islamic terrorism is soaring. Local authorities said the order applies to “five types of commuters.” These are those who wear veils, head scarves, a loose-fit coat called jilbab, and any clothing with the crescent moon and star, as well as those sporting long beards. Hundreds of people have died in violence over the past year in Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur minority.



IRAQ: To keep their children from dying of thirst, Yazidis on the mountain are cutting their hands to give their children blood to drink

Horrific stories of 30,000 Yazidis trapped by Islamic State jihadists emerge after 8,000 escape down the mountain. Children trapped on a mountain by Islamic State militants in Iraq are drinking blood from their parents to stay alive, it emerged today.


UK Daily Mail  Their horrendous plight was revealed after some 8,000 Yazidis were finally able to escape down Mount Sinjar where they have been under siege from jihadist fighters for the last week. Those fleeing have made it to relative safety at a camp in Dohuk Province in Kurdistan, where they have told horrific stories of the 30,000 who have been left behind.


Sky News correspondent Sherine Tadros, who is at the camp, said: ‘One man has just told us how he saw four children die of thirst. ‘There was nowhere to bury them on the mountain so they just put rocks on their bodies. ‘Another man was saying the children were so thirsty, their parents started cutting their own hands and giving them blood to drink.’


Hundreds of other families have also made it across the border after trekking for hundreds of kilometres through sweltering temperatures to safety. They are being given food, water and medical treatment at shelters in Turkey and Syria after being driven out of their town by ISIS more than a week ago.


Some have been forced to pay smugglers their life savings to take them on perilous journeys across the border into Turkey, sometimes through minefields. They are among several gruelling treks to freedom the community has taken after they were sent scattering to the four corners by the insurgency, which has trapped around 30,000 others on Sinjar Mountain with no food or water.


Around 2,000 Yazidis have made it to a refugee camp in Derabon, a small village near Zakho on the Iraqi Kurdistan-Turkey border. But with no passports, many are having to sit tight and hope the uprising is crushed or pay smugglers to help them avoid the official border crossing at Habur.

Dağda mahsur kalan 51 Yezidi kurtarıldı

One mother who suffers agonising rheumatism told how she and her three young children waded through the Tigris River, tip-toed her way through a minefield and climbed through a barbed-wire fence to make it into Turkey. Half-way through the five-hour journey, Amal said the smuggler wanted her children to leave her behind because she was too slow, but they chose to carry her instead.


The 43-year-old told The Times: ‘My sons gathered around me and they refused. We were not afraid of dying there. We were afraid of dying at the hands of the Islamic State.’


Another teenager has not been so lucky.Amer Omar Pajo said he watched his father get shot in the head by ISIS gunmen as they fled to the mountains and his mother later succumbed to dehydration.


Obama now considering a rescue mission for the Yazidis, but still won’t commit ground troops.


More speculation/confirmation that Barack Hussein Obama paved the way for the rise of ISIS in Iraq

The U.S. is now fighting the same terrorists in Iraq that it armed and trained to overthrow Assad in Syria…the same terrorists who now threaten to raise the black flag of the Islamic State over the White House.