Pope ‘Neville Chamberlain’ Francis is kissing the feet of Muslims again

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five MUSLIM ‘immigrants.’ The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands. Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.


Raymond Ibrahim  (h/t TROP) Don Scarda, pastor of St. Barnabas, said the event was led by five “foreigners.”  By the time police arrived at the chapel, the unidentified attackers had already fled.

The incident has caused a stir among locals. Some have lambasted Pope Francis who is accused of appeasing  immigrants—mostly Muslims—to wild extremes.   Earlier he had said that “Muslims, through their own humanity, cultural values, expand the sense of human brotherhood.”

Although the Diocese condemned the act of sacrilege against the Madonna statue, it also followed the Pope’s lead by absolving Islam of any responsibility for what happened.  In the words of Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, the auxiliary bishop of Città della Pieve, near Perugia:

“For Islam, the figure of Mary is very important: she is the mother of the Prophet Jesus conceived in virginity, and the Blessed Virgin is the most holy woman.  Muslims pray at the Marian shrines in the Middle East. We cannot see in this act of vandalism—which as I said is wrong in every way—an episode of religious hatred. It is important not to feed mutual suspicion, especially at this time.”

the Pope kisses the foot of a young man in a Roman detention centre

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has called on Catholics and Western people in general to refrain from insulting other religions—namely Islam: “It’s normal, it’s normal [violence]. One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”


Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre by Muslim savages, the EU considers imposing Islamic sharia blasphemy laws that would ban ‘Islamophobia’


After the Charlie Hebdo and related Muslim terrorist attacks, the European Union is being presented with proposals from Muslim groups to ban ‘Islamophobia,’ so as to stem a perceived backlash against Muslims. (Hmmm, kind of like the Nazis demanding Europe impose a ban on ‘Naziphobia’ during WWII)

Organization of Islamic Cooperation considers taking legal action against Charlie Hebdo magazine for hurting the feelings of Muslims

The Commentator (h/t Linda R)  Diplomatic and NGO sources in Brussels say that the European Union is now considering proposals from Muslim groups to strengthen laws against “hate speech” following the fatal attacks in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and a Jewish Supermarket.



The proposals are based on fears that the attacks by Islamists could provoke a backlash against Europe’s growing Muslim community, leaders of which uniformly condemned the killings, while simultaneously protesting against denigration of Muhammed.

Mainstream Muslim leaders have close contacts with the European Union and its related institutions, as do the leaders of other faith groups.


The sources, consulted in the last two days, who insisted upon anonymity, said that senior EU officials were sympathetic to calls for libel and hate-speech laws to be strengthened, but were sceptical of getting support from member governments or from the European Parliament where Right-leaning parties increased their presence at last year’s European elections.

One well-informed member of a non-governmental orgainsation in Brussels said: “The conversation is going on. In fact, it’s the only game in town after Paris. But you aren’t going to get anyone to go on the record right now.  Everyone’s too scared, and I don’t mean scared of the Islamists, I mean scared of being accused of being politically correct, even if they are. “


“The Jewish groups are terrrified, but let’s face it, how many Jews are there in Europe against the number of Muslims?. But, yes, they are considering a ban on Islamophobia”.

Opinion polls show that the majority of European Union Muslims want Sharia law for their communities, but do not believe that that should extend to the non-Muslim majority. However, they do believe that insulting the Muslim Prophet should be against the law.

In 2003, the EU suppressed a report on anti-Semitism in Europe which concluded that attacks on Jews were mainly perpetrated by young Muslims.



As violent anti-Charlie Hebdo protests erupt all over the Muslim world, French President Hollande defends latest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cover

French President Francois Hollande emphasized the importance of free speech* in France today in the wake of violent demonstrations by Muslims in Africa and the Middle East over the most recent cover of the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

*Apparently that importance does not apply to the group planning a large anti-Islam protest this weekend as France has just stopped it from taking place.



IB TIMES  “There are tensions abroad where people don’t understand our attachment to the freedom of speech,” Hollande said during a visit to the southern city of Tulle, according to Reuters. “We’ve seen the protests, and I would say that in France all beliefs are respected.”

The highly sought latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, which was published by the magazine’s surviving staffers this week, features a weeping cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad on its cover holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign under a French-language headline meaning “All Is Forgiven.”



The cartoon sparked violent demonstrations that led to deaths in Algeria, Niger and Pakistan Friday, Reuters reported. Cartoons depicting the prophet in previous Charlie Hebdo publications prompted a deadly attack on the magazine’s editorial office in Paris Jan. 7.



Anti-Charlie Hebdo rioters in Niger — reportedly armed with clubs and Molotov cocktails — torched at least two churches Saturday and pillaged several French-linked businesses and Christian shops in the capital city of Niamey. French citizens were told to stay indoors by the French embassy in Niamey, according to Agence France-Presse. “Be very cautious, avoid going out,” the embassy reportedly said on its website.

58217090100488640360no1314Protests turned deadly in a second city in Niger Friday, when a police officer and three civilians were killed in Zinder. Another 45 people were injured in the demonstrations, which left three churches ravaged and the French cultural center burned to the ground, AFP reported. “The protesters are crying out in local Hausa language: ‘Charlie is Satan — let hell engulf those supporting Charlie,’” Aboubacar Mamane, a shopkeeper in Zinder, told Voice of America News.



Police in the Pakistani city of Karachi fired tear gas and water at several hundred demonstrators outside the French consulate Friday, AFP reported. Anti-Charlie Hebdo protests also took place in other major Pakistani cities, including Islamabad and Lahore, VOA News said.


Several police in Algeria were injured during a clash with demonstrators in the capital city of Algiers, after hundreds had marched peacefully with signs saying, “I am Muhammad,” according to VOA News.



“We’ve supported these countries in the fight against terrorism,” Reuters quoted Hollande as saying. “I still want to express my solidarity [with them], but at the same time France has principles and values, in particular, freedom of expression.”

In Turkey, people held up signs saying “If you are Charlie, we are Kouichi (the killers of Charlie Hebdo staff)



Meanwhile, demonstrations took place in the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan and Turkey, as well as in the West African nations of Mali, Mauritania and Senegal.


“Islam is compatible with democracy, and we should refuse any confusion [about this],” Hollande said during a meeting at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris Thursday. He added that France respects the Muslim world, but his country is devoted to freedom and democracy.

“France is a friend, but it is a country that has rules, principles and values. One of them is not negotiable — freedom and democracy,” he said, according to Reuters.



RUSSIA: Signs of anti-Muslim hatred now apparent in Moscow mosque graffiti

logoThe British version of CAIR Whiners Inc., TELL MAMA, is reporting on one mosque being decorated with anti-Islam graffiti. 

Tell Mama  This mosque in Moscow was targeted for anti-Muslim hate on the evening of the 11th of January. The walls were covered with intimidating and highly offensive anti-Muslim literature as can be seen from the associated pictures.


What is clear is that mosques are usually the institutions targeted by anti-Muslim bigots. Our data also shows that usual times for the targeting of mosques for anti-Muslim activity is between 10 pm to 3 am in the morning.


We urge mosques to be vigilant and to ensure that lighting around the mosque is maintained and that visible volunteer patrols walk around the mosque when possible to ensure that all is well. Further support and advice can be obtained from your local Safer Neigbourhood Team.



GERMANY: Islamic terrorism-related news over the past few days

Germany arrests suspected Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist after he returns from Syria.

Fatih K, alleged member of the terrorist group Jund al-Sham operating in Syria, sits in the dock of the superior court of Justice in Berlin

Fatih K, alleged member of the terrorist group Jund al-Sham operating in Syria, sits in the dock of the superior court of Justice in Berlin

Daily Star German police arrested a suspected ISIS supporter who was recently in Syria and raided his apartment in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, federal prosecutors said on Sunday.

The 24-year-old suspect, who has German citizenship, was suspected of having joined ISIS during a stay in Syria from October 2013 until November 2014, a spokeswoman of the federal prosecutor general said.

There were no indications, however, that the man identified as Nils D. had concrete plans for an attack and there was also no connection to the Jan. 7-9 Islamist militant attacks in Paris in which 17 people were killed, she said.

German intelligence authorities estimate that at least 550 people have left Germany for Syria and around 180 have returned. Many are under criminal investigation.

Suspected Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists planning attacks were arrested in Berlin.

The Local  Overnight raids in Berlin ended in the arrest a pair of Turkish men for planning a terrorist attack on Friday, though the German capital was not their intended target.

A special operations commander takes the arrested man to a waiting vehicle in Berlin

A special operations commander takes the arrested man to a waiting vehicle in Berlin

According to police and Berlin state prosecutors, the two men, aged 41 and 43, had pledged allegiance to terrorist political group Islamic State (Isis) and were planning a massive attack on Syrian soil. 

Ismet D., 41, had declared himself as the Emir – or general – of an Islamic group in Berlin. There members were of Turkish, Russian, Czech and Dagestani origins. Police said Ismet D. carried out lessons in Islam that radicalized the group and convinced them to partake in jihadi attacks against “non-believers” in Syria.

Police officers walk near the the hotel 'Bayerischer Hof' during the annual Munich Security Conference

The 42-year-old Emin F. was arrested for being the financier of the group’s plans. Three other men are being held in suspicion of having a participatory role in the planned attacks.

Around 250 officers and three Special Operations commands carried out the raids on 11 homes that were mostly located in the Moabit and Wedding regions.

Family of Lebanese Muslims assault and wound 14 police officers in violent revenge attack.

Searchlight Germany  After an alleged robber of Lebanese origin fell from the seventh floor of a courthouse while trying to escape, his outraged family members tried to storm the clinic in Hamelin where he was being treated for his injuries, wounding 14 police officers.


Hamelin was “in a state of shock” after the violent attack, city spokesman Thomas Wahmes said, while state parliament representative Tjark Bartels called it “unrestrained violence”.

Prosecutors in Hanover said that the man, who was accused of robbing a petrol station in nearby Aerzen with his brother on Tuesday, fell from the building while trying to escape. Witnesses said that the 26-year-old managed to slip his handcuffs while talking with his defender before climbing out of the window.


The local Deister- und Weserzeitung newspaper quoted relatives who said that he had been pushed out of the window. “The members of his extended family threw stones which they had torn up from the pavement at the police officers who were there to protect the clinic and attacked them with pepper spray”, police spokesman Jens Petersen said.

As well as injuring the 14 officers, the family – – broke a number of windowpanes and the glass door of the clinic. A small group of the attackers made it inside the clinic buildings by a rear entrance before being forced back outside by the officers, who summoned reinforcements from the whole region to deal with the onslaught.


Doctors tried to save the 26-year-old’s life while the pitched battle raged between his relatives and the police outside, but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. Several family members are now being investigated for actual bodily harm, breach of the peace and property damage charges. None of them has yet been arrested. 

3 Palestinian Muslims admit to carrying out arson attack on a synagogue in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Local  One 24-year-old man told a court in Wuppertal that the group had carried out the attack in despair at violence in their homeland between the Israeli armed forces and Palestinians. The man’s two accomplices, an 18-year-old and a 29-year-old, admitted their parts in the attack as well.


Armed with home-made firebombs, the men approached the synagogue and threw the makeshift weapons on the night of Sunday July 28th. A security camera at a petrol station captured two of the accused filling bottles with diesel, while a neighbour alerted the police.

Investigators said that the Molotov cocktails were amateurishly put together. “We threw the bottles, both the others ran away and I stayed,” the 24-year-old said.

“Two of the accused are from West Jordan, where nothing happened [last summer]. I believe this is pure anti-Semitism“, Leonid Goldberg, President of the Jewish community in Wuppertal, said after sitting through the court hearing.

Chancellor Angela Merkel under fire for her mass Muslim immigration policies

Chancellor Angela Merkel under fire for her mass Muslim immigration policies


FINLAND: SOMALI MUSLIM man who hacked two men to death with an axe at a Pub has been killed by police

A SOMALI MUSLIM immigrant attacked and hacked two men to death with an axe at a pub in Tuira area of Oulu, police said. The attack took place at about 6:00pm and included one employee of the pub.


YLE   via Liveleak (h/t Maria J)  The police on late Wednesday night captured the man suspected of the killings. The suspect was apparently nabbed at Myllyoja neighbourhood in Oulu, where a huge police operation was under way. News agency STT had earlier reported that one of the victims of the axe killing was inside the pub while the other one was outside.

According to STT reporters, the area had been widely cordoned off, but there was movement of people still on a street nearby the pub. The police confirmed that one of the victims was a male employee of the pub. A shopkeeper at a nearby store told STT reporters that the shop was forced to remain closed for a while after a boy came to the shop and informed what had happened in the pub.

Police apprehended the suspect in two murders committed on Wednesday evening in Oulu. Police say they shot the man during the operation. The police officer was wearing a helmet, so he got away with slight injuries. No motive is yet known. (He was a Muslim, that’s the only motive he needs)

Candles placed outside the pub where the killings took place

Candles placed outside the pub where the killings took place



BREAKING! At least 3 reported dead in counter-jihadist terror raid in Belgium

At least three people were killed in an anti-terror raid in Belgium Thursday that one official confirmed was “jihadist related,” and a man suspected of selling guns used in last week’s terror attacks in France was being detained in another part of the country.


FOX News (h/t Maria J)  The deadly raid was in Verviers, in eastern Belgium, according to the Telegraph. It was not immediately clear if the dead were terror suspects or if any authorities had been killed. Federal prosecutors were quoted as saying there had been a police operation near the center of Verviers.

Explosions and gunfire were apparently heard near the station, according to Belgium’s public broadcaster RTBF. The Belga news agency said there were several casualties and police activity was continuing.

“An operation is under way,” a source in the mayor’s office told AFP without giving further details. Another official told the agency it was “jihadist-related.”

Earlier, Reuters reported that Belgian authorities detained a man for arms dealing and are investigating whether he supplied one of the Islamist gunmen involved in the attacks in Paris, including a raid on the headquarters of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a separate siege at a Jewish supermarket two days later.


GOOD NEWS, CANADA! Canadian jihadi who joined ISIS has reportedly been killed in Syria

Government officials are looking into reports that a Canadian convert to Islam who starred in an ISIS propaganda video has been killed in Syria while fighting for the Islamic State terrorist group.


CFRA  John Maguire, 23, who used the name Abu Anwar Al-Canadi, was killed in northern Syria, according to a pro-ISIS Twitter account.

The former University of Ottawa student who grew up in Kemptville had tried to encourage attacks on Canadian soil in a video posted online last December. The Prime Minister’s Office said it was aware of reports Maguire had been killed, and was “seeking additional information on them.”

The Public Safety Minister’s office released a statement saying it could not speak about specific cases, but warned other Canadians planning to join ISIS, also known as ISIL and the Islamic State. “Any individual who decides to join the ISIS jihadists runs the risk of meeting their ultimate demise,” the statement said.




Latest Islamic State (ISIS) video threatens more attacks in U.S. and Europe

French-speaking ISIS terrorist tells Islamic State followers to “resist with all means, kill them, slaughter them, burn their cars and homes.”

Vocativ (h/t Kitty)  The official ISIS media outlet in Raqqa, Syria, published a new propaganda video on Wednesday that shows French-speaking ISIS militants urging their brothers in Europe to slaughter infidels and kill more police. Three ISIS members speak in French dotted with Arabic expressions and threaten more attacks in Europe and the United States. The first two militants appear to have North African and West African accents, respectively, while the third speaks in an accent suggesting he is from the suburbs of Paris. I say to my brothers, if you see a police officer—kill him. Kill them all. Kill all infidels that you see in the streets.”


Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia leader says Muslim terrorist massacre on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists is a “cure” (for blasphemy)

200px-HizbTahrir_logo_mainIsmail Alwahwah, hardline Muslim leader from Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group advocating for an Islamic caliphate, who also attended rallies with Martin Place Islamic terrorist Man Haron Monis, says the attacks were a reaction to “daily humiliation of Muslims and insults to their book and prophet.”

“We believe this world deserves a new world order headed by Islam,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event headed by the  Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation.

“We believe this world deserves a new world order headed by Islam, an Islamic caliphate,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event for Hizb ut-Tahrir 

Daily Telegraph (h/t Gerald P)  The Bankstown man – whose organization describe themselves as a “political party whose ideology is Islam” – headed his vile article “Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the physical law of compression” and used scientific analogies to justify the brutal slaughter.

“The pressure — is responsible for triggering the explosion, the cure has always focused on eliminating pressure or reducing it,” he wrote. “As a result, it is assumed necessary in all cases to ensure that the pressure does not exceed the red lines, which will then ultimately lead to irreversible problems.”

The Red X is placed over one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists

The Red X is placed over one of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists

He said the Islamic extremists who stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices and murdered 12 people — including editors, staff, policemen and maintenance workers — were part of an explosion triggered by pressure from the west.

“Woe, time and again, to all those who point the finger at any pressure when it gets a blast from the Muslims, regardless of size……For the accusation is ready; You justify the explosion, you justify terrorism,” Alwahwah wrote.

On Sunday Hizb ut-Tahrir released a statement refusing to condemn the terrorist attacks, instead criticising the satirical French magazine, describing western leaders as criminals and warning Australians that insults to their religion would end in violence.

Khilafah = Caliphate

Khilafah = Caliphate

“It seems some in Australia are arrogantly and irresponsibly heedless of the fact that provoking and insulting a people’s core beliefs is a matter that can only end in acrimony for everyone concerned,” the statement — titled We Will Not Abandon Our Prophet — read.

“The actions of Charlie Hebdo have been rightly criticised by many sane voices in Europe. Scores of people of faith and no faith, with the slightest concern for societal harmony, have expressed their disapproval of the deliberate insult and provocation of a people’s core beliefs, warning that such actions will generate responses that are undesirable to communal harmony.


“Muslims, too, have red lines over which no compromise can be accepted. Ignoring this fact is ignorance at best and blind arrogance at worst.” The chilling words appeared on the website of the Australian branch of a global anti-democratic movement based on imposing an Islamic caliphate.

In the past they have drawn controversy for supporting sharia law and for a planned talk last year titled “Honour killings are morally justified.”




FRENCH school teachers shocked and disgusted at reaction of many Muslim students to Charlie Hebdo massacre


A moment of silence for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre requested by teachers in French schools was met with contempt, provocation, and outrage by many Muslim students in their classrooms.

Fdesouche (via Vlad Tepes h/t Susan K) As the teacher explains: On the morning of January 8th, our minister notified us by email of our duty to explain the values of the Republic.  As teachers, it is our duty to explain the facts to our students, to promote contemplation, to help them understand.


My first exchange was with my 5th grade class of 12-year old students.  They were very quiet, until one who asked me: “Why observe one minute of silence for people I never knew?”

 I summarized the events: human beings were killed.  To ensure the moment of silence would be observed, I told them: “Do you realize the victims left home yesterday morning and said to their family ‘See you later’?” During this moment of silence,a few of the Muslim students lowered their heads, but the majority of them in the class display joy and bravado over the killings.  

In other classrooms, it was a lot worse. During the silent moment,  Muslims kept on talking, saying horrible things, while others were laughing, causing the teachers to throw them out of the class and send them to the principal’s office.


In a 4th grade class, the Muslims students were noisy and agitated. One Muslim girl said:

“Madame”, she says to me, “we will not allow ourselves to be insulted by a drawing of the prophet, it’s normal that we exact revenge.  It is more than a mockery, it is an insult !” Other Muslims nodded in agreement.

When the teacher tried to open a discussion on the principle of freedom and freedom of expression, a  group of four Muslim students became agitated: “Why do they keep on, Madame, since we already had threatened them?” Telling them that Charlie Hebdo mocked all religions had no effect.

There are more accounts from other teachers in other links, which BNI contributor Susan K has summarized and translated below:

 * Moment of silence, from one student to his teacher:  ” I’ll smack you with the ‘kalachnikov (gun)'”

 * In one elementary school of Seine-Saint-Denis, some 80% of Muslim students of one class refused to observe the minute of silence. 

 * On her Facebook page, one teacher tells of her harrowing Thursday and will be requesting a transfer.  Her day started off at 8:00 a.m. with a student greeting “Me, I’m with the killers”… 

 * Paris 3rd year college classroom: “Madame, I refuse to observe a moment of silence for people like that.” While another said: “They deserved it.  You reap what you sow when you provoke.”  

I'll take this JE SUIS CHARLIE

I’ll take this “JE SUIS CHARLIE”


PARIS: MUSLIM terrorist Amedy Coulibaly pledges his allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS)

Before taking part in the Muslim terrorist attacks in France, Amedy Coulibaly made a video in front of an ISIS flag, pledging that what he was about to do would be done on behalf of ISIS as an expression of support for Islamic State Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Washington Post  Amedy Coulibaly, the man who killed a policewoman, and probably a jogger before killing four hostages at a Paris supermarket on Friday before he was fatally shot by police,  is seen here pledging allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Speaking in French and occasionally lapsing into broken Arabic, he is shown wearing a flak vest, then a leather jacket and later a traditional African robe while he explains his motives for carrying out the attack and urges other Muslims also to take up arms.

Coulibaly, who also is thought to have fatally shot a French policewoman Thursday, is introduced as Abou Bassir AbdAllah al-Ifriqi and a “soldier of the caliphate.”


PARIS: MUSLIM terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who killed a policewoman & 4 hostages in Kosher market is linked to another shooting of a jogger in a park

Amedy Coulibaly apparently also shot a jogger in the park near his flat. The story comes out a “martyrdom” video emerged apparently showing him pledging allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Amedy Coulibaly, Muslim terrorist

Amedy Coulibaly, Muslim terrorist, now dead

Channel4 (h/t Stephanie) The park is a five minute walk from the flat he lived in with his partner Hayat BoumeddieneChannel 4 News has learnt that detectives believe he came here to practice using his gun before killing a policewoman and then laying siege to a kosher supermarket.

On Wednesday morning, Paris was in chaos. Coulibaly’s associates Cherif and Said Kouachi had carried out a murderous attack on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They had gone on the run and thousands of police officers were hunting them across the city.


During the confusion, investigators believe Amedy Coulibaly went out to the park. A man was out jogging, when suddenly he was fired upon. He was critically injured but managed to get one of the houses for help. Ballistics tests on shell cases from the park link them to the automatic weapon used at the kosher store.

The couple’s front door is now sealed with police tape, a notice explaining it had been searched during an investigation into “murder and terrorism.” 

A neighbor said the jogger was clearly badly injured and pleaded for help.