SERIOUSLY? UN report says ‘unprecedented’ number of jihadists are flocking to join ISIS… partly because of the terror group’s love of posting cute kitten photos on Twitter

Foreign jihadists from more than 80 countries have flocked to fight in Iraq and Syria on an ‘unprecedented scale’, according to extracts of a UN report.

American Muslim convert suicide bomber who blew himself up in Syria

American Muslim convert suicide bomber who blew himself up in Syria

UK Daily Mail  Around 15,000 people have travelled to fight alongside Islamic State (ISIS) and other hardcore militant groups from ‘countries that have not previously faced challenges relating to Al Qaeda,’ it said.

The study found a new breed of terrorist was being attracted by the extremist group’s ‘cosmopolitan’ use of social media, pointing to examples when jihadists posted ‘kitten photographs’ on Twitter. ISIS leaders recognise ‘the terror and recruitment value of multi-channel, multi-language social and other media messaging,’ it added. 


The number of foreign jihadists travelling to fight since 2010 exceeds the cumulative total of the 20 preceding years ‘many times’, the Security Council study found.  ‘There are instances of foreign terrorist fighters from France, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland operating together,’ the report said, according to the Guardian.

Britain’s top police officer, Bernard Hogan-Howe, estimated last week that five people a week were leaving the country to fight with ISIS.  Security officials estimate there are currently around 500 British nationals fighting in Syria and Iraq. Dozens have been arrested for preparing to leave to join the IS group or helping others to do so.


France is also moving closer to adopting an ‘anti-terrorism’ law which would slap a travel ban on anyone suspected of planning to wage jihad. The UN warned that more nations than ever face the problem of dealing with fighters returning from the battle zone.

The US Central Intelligence Agency last month announced figures showing that there were around 20,000 to 31,500 ISIS fighters active in Iraq and Syria, much higher than previous estimates.  A US security official estimated that there were close to 2,000 westerners among the 15,000 foreign fighters.


Previous figures showed there were 7,000 foreign jihadists fighting in March and 12,000 in July suggesting 1,000 a month were travelling to fight, despite the launch of U.S. air strikes three months ago, although there is a lag of a few weeks in the figures. 

The report was produced by a committee that monitors Al Qaeda and concluded that the once mighty and feared group was now ‘maneuvering for relevance’ following the rise of the even more militant ISIS, which was booted out of Al Qaeda by leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Despite the split, the UN concluded that the legal basis for US President Barack Obama’s fight against ISIS was justified by its ideological congruence with Al Qaeda and considered the two groups as part of a broader movement. 




CANADA: Another phony ‘social experiment’ with bad actors trying to show that fear of Muslims is “racist”

Leftist bleeding hearts try to convince us that terrorists are just crazy people and their violence has nothing to do with Islam. Sorry guys, real people aren’t buying your crap. Muslims ARE a threat.

These fake set up scenarios are a joke, a bad joke. Notice how the dialog sounds like it came right out of the CAIR talking points.


14-year-old Turkish Muslim boy accused of plotting to bomb a train station in Austria

The Austrian state prosecutor’s office says a 14-year-old Muslim boy has been arrested on suspicion of planning to place a bomb in a busy Viennese train station and could be charged with belonging to a terrorist organization.


CTV News  A spokeswoman of the state prosecutor’s office, Michaela Obenaus, on Wednesday identified the suspect only as an Austrian citizen with Turkish roots who has lived for eight years in Austria.

Obenaus said the juvenile told police that he wants to fight on the side of Islamic extremists, had researched building a bomb on the internet and had mentioned Vienna’s downtown Westbahnhof rail station as a possible target.



CHINA warning Muslim students not to practice Islam in their homes


BEIJING—­Schools in China’s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region, where a series of attacks by Muslim terrorists has left hundreds dead in recent months, said they would actively discourage the religious practice of Islam at home, state-run media reported.

Manila Standard Today  Principals at more than 2,000 kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Kashgar, near China’s border with Pakistan, signed a pledge to “defend schools against the infiltration of religion”, according to a report by the Global Times, which is close to the Communist Party.


Party members, teachers and underage students should not practise religion either at school or at home, it quoted a Kashgar education official as saying.

Xinjiang is home to more than 10 million Muslims, mostly members of the Uighur minority, some of whom chafe under Beijing’s rule. Children younger than 18 are banned from entering mosques throughout the region.


Beijing has blamed a series of recent violent attacks on separatists from Xinjiang motivated by religious extremism, and linked them to overseas groups. Rights groups accuse China’s government of cultural and religious repression which they say fuels unrest.

Kashgar’s education bureau has sought to fight extremism by regulating student dress, said the official quoted in the Global Times report, who expressed concern over students displaying no religious affiliation at school but then going home to study it under their parents’ guidance.



HOORAY! Australia’s most senior Islamic State leader, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, reportedly has been killed


AUTHORITIES are trying to confirm reports that Australia’s most senior Islamic State leader, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, has been killed. The fugitive Australian terrorist and ISIS recruiter, who allegedly masterminded a foiled plot to kill a random member of the public in Sydney, was believed to be in Syria.

The Australian  (h/t Eric M) Reports of the death emerged as the Senate overwhelmingly endorsed new criminal sanctions against Australian terrorists, giving authorities the power to arrest and charge suspects who travel to conflict zones.

Abdul Salam Mahmoud, an activist from Street Dawah Australia purportedly in Syria, last night wrote on Facebook that Baryalei had been “martyred”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop could not confirm the death “at this stage” as agencies were working to verify the reports. “It does highlight what the government has been saying, that Australians who leave this country to fight in Iraq and Syria are putting themselves in mortal danger; they have a great risk of being killed,” Ms Bishop told the National Press Club in Canberra. (You say that as if it were a BAD thing)

News of the death was also tweeted about 11 hours ago by a British-based researcher Shiraz Maher, from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at Kings College in London.

Abdul Salam Mahmoud, also known as Yassin Ali, wrote on Facebook: “I’ve just received the news that our beloved brother Mohamed Ali who was recently strongly attacked by Australian media has been martyred. He was a brother a friend and our leader in street dawah Sydney.”

Baryalei was believed to have been holed up in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the stronghold of the terror group and the “capital” of its self-declared caliphate.

As reported by The Australian, Baryalei initially travelled to Syria with Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qa’ida’s official affiliate in Syria and Islamic State’s rival. Baryalei was initially close to fellow Australian Abu Sulyaman, one of Jabhat al-Nusra’s top officials. He soon defected to Islamic State, where he went on to become one of the most senior Australians to fight among the Syrian jihadists.


GERMAN INTELLIGENCE reports Islamic State (ISIS) has anti-aircraft weapons capable of downing passenger jets

Officials from the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) federal intelligence service told Germany’s members of Parliament in a secret briefing last week that the Islamic State (ISIS) may have the capabilities to strike down a passenger jet. (Like Air Force One?)


Breitbart  According to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, the BND intelligence agency, which is Germany’s equivalent of America’s CIA, told parliamentarians that ISIS fighters may be in possession of man-portable rocket launchers that were stolen from Syrian military stockpiles as well as US MANPADS stolen from the Iraqi Army. They ranged from decades old to advanced MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems).


Separately, approximately 1,800 German nationals are reportedly fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, according to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungsschutz). Frankfurt’s Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said on Sunday that German officials revised the previous estimate from 450 and multiplied it by four “in order to get a realistic number.”


Included in the 1,800 German jihadists are 40 women and a 13-year old boy, according to German media reports. Regarding Germany’s current internal strife, Israel’s ambassador to Berlin said, “Germany’s society should be concerned. Today extremists agitate against Jews, tomorrow against Yezidis and Kurds, and perhaps the day after against Christians. Germany’s democracy is in danger.”

The number of Islamic radicals is allegedly increasing rapidly in Germany, with intelligence officials estimating that 7,000 Salafist jihadis could be within the country by the end of the year. The Salafis are a radical sect within Islam where followers pursue a strict and literal interpretation of the Quran. The movement is most prevalent in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.



TURKEY: Six packets of suspicious yellow powder sent to several Western consulates in Istanbul

The Turkish Ministry of Health has said initial findings indicate that there is no trace of a biological agent in yellow powder that was sent to five İstanbul consulates general on Friday, adding that further tests are being conducted.

Today’s Zaman  Suspicious envelopes were found at the US, Belgian, Canadian, French and German consulates general in İstanbul on Friday, prompting units from the Prime Ministry’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) to conduct detailed searches of the buildings. More than a dozen consulate employees who were in contact with the substance were put under medical observation as a precaution.


Interview with a captured ISIS jihadi

He talks about all the foreigners in ISIS. Lots of Saudis, Tunisians, Libyans. Lots of Europeans and Americans…and shockingly, there were twice the number of American women as men. Lured by the lofty goals of the Islamic State, they come to marry the fighters.


Lt. Col. Allen West On Ottawa Attack: “Shut down mosques of perpetrators and deport the Imams”

Now, if only we could get him to run for President!


Fox News contributor Allen West believes the Western world should respond to the Ottawa MUSLIM terrorist attack by shutting down “the mosques and Islamic Centers where these individuals are attending” and deporting the imams. That place of so-called worship, which is just proselytizing, you know, hate and violence, they have to be shut down. West added that closing these places “of so-called worship” is “the only way we send a message into the Muslim communities” that we’re “not going to tolerate these snake pits of sedition.”

West was speaking on the October 23 edition of BlogTalkRadio’s REELTalk. Here’s his reaction to the Ottawa attack: