Is Barack Hussein Obama behind Turkey’s planned ‘false flag’ operation to get NATO into a war with Syria?

Erdogan Obama Cannes 2011

With Obama talking about giving  air support* to the jihadist rebels in Syria, it looks more and more like this ‘Turkish’ plan to engage Syria, which was blown open on Youtube (causing Erdogan to shut down the site), actually came right out the White House, with Turkey acting as the US proxy.

Obama hinting at giving air support to rebels in Syria


Days after banning Twitter in Turkey, Obama’s BFF Erdogan blocks Youtube

Erdogan Obama Cannes 2011

The increasingly radicalized Islamist Prine Minister Recep Erdogan bars the Youtube video site after leaked audio recording of Turkish officials discussing Syria appeared online. 

Neither Twitter nor Youtube websites can be reached on Turkish Internet networks. The crackdown comes just days before Turks are expected to go to the polls in nationwide municipal elections.


CNN  The Turkish government said its YouTube block came as a response to the leak of a conversation between top government officials purportedly discussing the possibility of going to war with neighboring Syria. Turkey’s top media regulating agency announced a similar ban on the broadcast of the conversation to television and radio channels.

“It is seen as appropriate that a temporary broadcast ban be implemented on the voice recordings on social media and alleged to be between the foreign minister, the head of the National Intelligence Agency and military officials,” the Radio and Television Supreme Council — Turkey’s chief media regulating agency — announced on its website.


Turkey’s political elite has been battered by a campaign of wiretap leaks recorded by unknown operatives and distributed daily for more than a month on the Internet.

Until Wednesday, all of the wiretaps seemed to be recordings of phone conversations between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his inner circle, government officials and some top corporate executives. Erdogan has called some recordings “immorally edited material,” including a conversation in which a man who sounds like the Prime Minister purportedly instructs his son to hide tens of millions of dollars in cash from police investigators.


But he has also confirmed the authenticity of other wiretaps, in which he is heard instructing the head of a major television news network to cut short the live broadcast of a rival politician’s speech in Parliament. Turkey’s government has accused social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, of being used to spread false information and lies since the leaked, high-level conversations from inside the current government have spread online.

“We’re seeing reports that some users are not able to access YouTube in Turkey. There is no technical issue on our side and we’re looking into the situation,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. YouTube is owned by Google.

Unlike previously leaked recordings — which all sounded like telephone conversations — the recording released on Wednesday sounds like audio coming from a microphone planted in a room where a meeting is being held.


“Monitoring such a meeting of a highly confidential nature which was held at a location such as the office of the Foreign Minister, where the most sensitive security issues of the State are discussed and releasing these conversations to the public are a despicable attack, an act of espionage and a very serious crime against the national security of Turkey,” announced Turkey’s Foreign Ministry in a statement on Thursday.

This week a Turkish court overruled the government’s ban of Twitter, but the website is still blocked. According to legal procedures, Turkish authorities have 30 days to implement the court injunction.


MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED! One of the best reasons there is for the Russian takeover of Crimea

UnknownChallenging the unrepresentative March 16th vote, Crimea’s indigenous Muslim Tatars are considering their own referendum on whether to join Ukraine or Russia, putting it as an inherited right to decide fate of their homeland.

On Islam  The Tatars, who have inhabited Crimea for centuries, were deported in May 1944 by Stalin, who accused them of collaborating with the Nazis. (They were!)

Crimean Tartar Muslim Leader Refat Chubarov appears to be leading followers in the Nazi salute now!

Crimean Tartar Muslim Leader Refat Chubarov appears to be leading followers in the Nazi salute now!

Refat Chubarov, the head of the 250-member Crimean Muslim Tatars’ main assembly, told Reuters on Tuesday, March 25. “The Crimean Tatars should determine their fate themselves. “Nobody asked us, the Crimean Tatars … in what conditions we want to live,” he said. “Should the question feature prominently during the meeting, we will seek options of holding our own referendum.”

After Russian annexation of Crimea, fears of Muslim Tatars were doubled, voicing concerns over losing freedom and reviving the memories of exile and prosecution they faced in 1944. Boycotted by Tatar, Chubarov dismissed the hastily organized March 16 referendum as held at gunpoint under the gaze of Russian soldiers.

Tartar Sunni Muslims pose a threat to Russia's occupation of Crimea

Tartar Sunni Muslims pose a threat to Russia’s occupation of Crimea

Representing about 15 percent on the Black Sea peninsula’s population, the suggested Tatar’s vote was likely to present a challenge to Russia from within to the peninsula. “We are fewer than ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians, but this is our land, we do not have any other place outside of Crimea,” said Chubarov.


As Crimean Tatars voiced increasing fears from losing their freedom under the Russian rule, a leading Muslim organization has expressed concern on the security and well-being of the indigenous minority. “It is of the utmost importance for the OIC that the right of citizenship, lives, religious and cultural heritage and property should be safeguarded,” the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said in a statement cited by Bernama.

The 57-member state organization warned that any recurrence of the past suffering of the Crimean Tatars who were expelled from their homeland in Crimea in the 20th Century should not be allowed.

Crimean Tartar Muslims with their own flag

Crimean Tartar Muslims with their own flag rally against Russian takeover

After discovery of their collaboration with Nazis, the entire Tatar population, more than 200,000 people, was transported in brutal conditions thousands of miles away to Uzbekistan and other locations. Many died along the way or soon after arriving. The Soviets confiscated their homes, destroying their mosques and turning them into warehouses. One was converted into a Museum of Atheism.

It was not until perestroika in the late 1980s that most of the Tatars were allowed back, a migration that continued after Ukraine became independent with the Soviet collapse in 1991. (Big mistake)






TURKEY’s increasingly Islamofascist prime minister blocks Twitter access

images-1Making good on his promise to “wipe out Twitter” following incriminating allegations of corruption within his regime, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shut down the social media network to prevent further damage to his reputation going forth to upcoming elections. 

NBC News Turkey’s president took to Twitter to criticize his prime minister after the powerful but embattled premier vowed to “wipe out” the social networking site.


“One cannot approve of the complete closure of social media platforms,”President Abdullah Gul tweeted on Friday, adding that only individual Internet pages should be blocked if there is a court order on the grounds that a person’s privacy was being violated.

Turkey’s courts on Friday blocked access to Twitter after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at the service. But Gul — and other tech-savvy Turks – got around the ban using the hashtag #TwitterisblockedinTurkey.


“Twitter, mwitter!,” Erdogan earlier told thousands of supporters at a rally late on Thursday, slamming the service with a phrase translating roughly as “Twitter, schmitter!” He is battling a corruption scandal that has been fed by social media full of alleged evidence of government wrongdoing.

“The international community can say this, can say that. I don’t care at all. Everyone will see how powerful the Republic of Turkey is,” Erdogan added late Thursday. (Barack Hussein Obama seen nodding in agreement)


Gul and Erdogan both belong to the AK Party, which is facing local elections on March 30.

The administration has already tightened Internet controls, handed government more influence over the courts and reassigned thousands of police and hundreds of prosecutors and judges as it fights accusations which Erdogan has cast as a plot by political enemies to oust him.



Second wave of savages from Morocco breaks into Melilla, territory of Spain, the biggest border jump to date

Melilla tAround 500 sub-Saharan MUSLIM immigrants succeeded in jumping the border fence separating the Spanish exclave of Melilla from Moroccan territory early Tuesday morning. The massive run on the fence took place around 8am near Nano river, several sources confirmed. This is the largest jump to date.

El Pais (h/t Maria J)  A high-ranking official at the Spanish Interior Ministry called the event “very worrisome” and said it underscored “the severe migratory pressure on both autonomous cities,” a reference to Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s two exclaves in North Africa.


The illegal alien invaders, who say they come from Mali and Senegal, immediately headed for the local temporary immigrant holding center (CETI) amid jubilant cries of “Bosa, bosa,” which witnesses said means “victory.”

In January and February, 530 illegals managed to enter Spanish territory by making it over Melilla’s barbed-wire fence. That is triple the monthly average for last year, which saw a total of 1,074 undocumented migrants slip in.


Last Sunday, the Spanish Civil Guard and Moroccan police repelled a coordinated attempt by around 200 sub-Saharans to storm the fence in small groups.

Spain has requested financial assistance from the European Union to police the borders. Meanwhile, Ceuta and Melilla have announced a summit on March 27 to deal with the issue of illegal immigration.

h/t Don Laird



‘TERRAIN MASKING’ theory: Malaysia Airlines 370 flew at or below 5,000 feet to avoid local radar systems

Bi6iYJuCYAAbdrL.jpg-mediumNew Straits Times is now reporting a theory that the missing Malaysia Airlines MH 370 may have been flying at 5,000 feet (or below) possibly using “terrain masking” to avoid local radar over three countries citing local sources in Malaysia. If true, this would raise the aspect of a terrorist takeover.

New Straits Times  All countries in the area, including India and Pakistan, have stated there was no flight over their respective areas. Maybe that’s because the flight dropped to 5,000 feet after turning back from Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route on March 8. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 dropped to an altitude of 5,000 feet, or possibly lower, to defeat commercial (secondary) radar coverage after it turned back from its Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route on March 8.


Investigators are poring over the Boeing 777-200ER’s flight profile to determine if it had flown low and used “terrain masking” during most of the eight hours it was missing from the radar coverage of possibly at least three countries.

Top officials, who make up the technical team that had been holed up from morning till late at night here, are looking at the possibility that the jetliner, carrying 239 people, had taken advantage of the busy airways over the Bay of Bengal. By sticking to commercial routes, the flight may not have raised the suspicion of those manning primary (military) radars of the nations it overflew. To them, MH370 would appear to be just another commercial aircraft on its way to its destination.

“The person who had control over the aircraft has a solid knowledge of avionics and navigation, and left a clean track. It passed low over Kelantan, that was true,” said officials. “It’s possible that the aircraft had hugged the terrain in some areas, that are mountainous to avoid radar detection.”


This technique is called terrain masking and is used by military pilots to fly to their targets stealthily, using the topography to mask their approach from prying microwaves. This type of flying is considered very dangerous, especially in low-light conditions and spatial disorientation, and airsickness could easily set in. The stresses and loads it puts on the airframe, especially an airliner of the 777′s size, are tremendous.

“While the ongoing search is divided into two massive areas, the data that the investigating team is collating is leading us more towards the north,” sources said.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the flight data showed that the plane’s last communication with the satellite, reported as Inmarsat, was in one of two possible corridors: a northern corridor, stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand; or a southern corridor, stretching roughly from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Sources close to the investigation by a multinational team told the New Straits Times that the probe would also focus on regions with disused airports equipped with long runways capable of handling “heavies” like the Triple Seven. If anything, the area investigators could be covering has been narrowed down to MH370′s eight hours of flight time, based on the jet’s fuel load.


This followed MAS’ confirmation of records that showed that the pilot had not made any amendments to the plane’s fuel requirements. It was enough to take it to Beijing, with a 45-minute reserve in case of diversion to an alternate field.

Investigators are also factoring in the extra fuel the aircraft would have burnt in the denser lower air if it had flown “down on the deck” for sustained periods. Pilots agree that MH370 would lose up to about two hours of fuel. Any erratic manoeuvres would have also eaten into the jet’s fuel reserves. “Going by the hijacking theory, assuming it had landed, where would one hide a Boeing 777?” one said.

From about the time the aircraft made the turnback at waypoint Igari near the Vietnamese airspace, right up to the point where it left military primary radar coverage, six routine automated signals from the aircraft (known as electronic handshakes or “pings”) were registered on the Inmarsat satellite network. The last confirmed handshake was at 8.11am on Saturday, which would indicate that the aircraft continued flying for nearly seven hours after contact was lost.





ISRAEL on high alert for possible attack from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane


WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Malaysian authorities reject outside help from extensive Intelligence resources to locate missing Malaysia Airlines plane

1011602_10152309782526178_1720318591_nWith malicious intent strongly suspected in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, American intelligence and law enforcement agencies renewed their search over the weekend for any evidence that the plane’s diversion was part of a terrorist plot. But they have found nothing so far and their efforts have been limited by the Malaysian authorities’ refusal to accept large-scale American assistance.


NY Times  There are just two F.B.I. agents in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, where local investigators are hunting for clues that the two pilots or any of the other 237 people on board had links to militant groups or other motives to hijack the flight. In the days after the plane went missing on March 8, American investigators scoured their huge intelligence databases for information about those on board but came up dry.

“We just don’t have the right to just take over the investigation,” said a senior American official who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing. “There’s not a whole lot we can do absent of a request from them for more help or a development that relates to information we may have.”

MH370 on China-K border

With no obvious motive apparent, American investigators are considering a range of possibilities, though they caution that all remain merely speculative. Among them are involvement by Al Qaeda’s Southeast Asian affiliate, which once discussed recruiting commercial pilots in Malaysia to crash a plane; an act by members of China’s Uighur minority, who have recently become more militant and could conceivably have targeted a plane headed to Beijing; a lone-wolf attack by someone without ties to established terrorist groups; or even a suicidal move by a troubled individual.

Several senior American officials have played down the possibility that a terrorist network was behind the plane’s disappearance because no group has claimed responsibility for it. They said intelligence agencies had not detected chatter among terrorists about such a plot. Given the lack of traditional militant “signatures,” one official said, if terrorists were behind the episode, “it would be unlike anything we have seen before.” (Muslim terrorists keep trying to changing their MO’s, rarely doing the exact same thing twice)

Malaysia Airlines ad


So, who is Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, for whom missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 pilot was such a ‘fanatical supporter?’

article-2581817-1C56DB9E00000578-105_964x699-e1395014073500An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Democracy is Dead’ slogan as it has been revealed he could have hijacked the plane in an anti-government protest. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was said to be a ‘fanatical’ supporter of the country’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim – jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared. It has also been revealed that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

UK Daily Mail   Police sources have confirmed that Shah was a vocal political activist – and fear that the court decision left him profoundly upset. It was against this background that, seven hours later, he took control of a Boeing 777-200 bound for Beijing and carrying 238 passengers and crew.

Global MB Report  But who exactly is Anwar Ibrahim, the politician? Back in 2008, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is closely tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood, said he had sufficient parliamentary backing to “bring down the government.”

In April 2013, radical cleric and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Youssef Qaradawi wrote a letter endorsing opposition candidate Anwar Ibrahim for Prime Minister.


Anwar Ibrahim is a Malaysian politician and leader of the opposition PKE Party (People’s Justice Party). Ibrahim was a Deputy Prime Minister in Malaysia under  Mahathir bin Mohamad but following increasingly discord between the two men, Ibrahim was accused and convicted of sodomy in 1998 and was jailed until the verdict was over turned in 2004 and he was released from prison. He was re-arrested on the same charges in 2008 but acquitted in 2012 after a two-year trial. 

Ibrahim has many known ties to the global U.S Muslim Brotherhood including helping to found the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) where he currently serves as a director,  serving as a trustee for the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) during the 1970′s and early 1980′s, and appearances at numerous Brotherhood-linked conferences. In 2011, he was a participant in the 2011 U.S.-Islamic World Forum, held in the US for the first time and which included a large number of individuals tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood as well as their supporters.  Media coverage on Ibrahim generally ignores this history which may be explained by a 2008 article from the Malaysian media on how Ibrahim has reinvented himself.

Anwar Ibrahim together with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousset

Anwar Ibrahim together with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Youssef al-Qaradawi

Youssef Qaradawi is the most important leader of the Global Muslim Brotherhood and can be considered to be the de facto spiritual leader of the movement. He is also considered to be the “spiritual guide” for Hamas and his fatwas in support of suicide bombings against Israeli citizens were utilized by Hamas to justify their operations.  In 2004, Qaradawi turned down the offer to head he Egyptian Brotherhood after the death of the Supreme Guide. He is based in Qatar and has said the Qatari Emir has protected from being designated as a terrorist by the U.S. He has also reportedly amassed substantial wealth by serving as the Shari’ah adviserto many important Islamic banks and funds. Qaradawi has made frequent extremist statements including:

  • Predicting that Islam will conquer Europe through peaceful means.

  • Calling Hitler a divine punishment for the “misdeeds of the Jews” and that the Holocaust was exaggerated.

  • Saying that he wants to end his life “in the service of Jihad” by visiting Israel and throwing a bomb, becoming a “martyr” in the process

  • Calling for the death of all Jews.

  • Calling for the collapse of the US if it doesn’t end its “unjust ways.”

A short clip of al-Qaradawi advocating for the Islamic takeover of Europe:


ISRAEL on high alert for possible attack from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane




Uighur Muslim leader in Pakistan hideout vows revenge on China

pitAny connection to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight? Abdullah Mansour, leader of the rebel Turkestan Islamic Party, said it was his holy duty to fight the Chinese. “The fight against China is our Islamic responsibility and we have to fulfill it,” he said from an undisclosed location. “China is not only our enemy, but it is the enemy of all Muslims. We have plans for many attacks in China,” he said, speaking in the Uighur language through an interpreter.

REUTERS (h/t Mike F)  Entrenched in secret mountain bases on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, Uighur fighters are gearing up for retribution against China to avenge the deaths of comrades in Beijing’s crackdown on a separatist movement, their leader told Reuters.

Xinjiang Officials Claim Over Uighur Militants Ties Could Strain Beijings Bond With Regional Ally

China, Pakistan’s only major ally in the region, has long urged Islamabad to weed out what it says are militants from its western region of Xinjiang, who are holed up in a lawless tribal belt, home to a lethal mix of militant groups, including the Taliban and al Qaeda.

A mass stabbing at a train station in the Chinese city of Kunming two weeks ago, in which at least 29 people were killed, has put a new spotlight on the largely Muslim Uighur ethnic minority from Xinjiang, where Beijing says armed groups seek to establish an independent state called East Turkestan.

Beijing has called the Kunming bloodshed a “terrorist attack” carried out by militants, and says separatists operate training camps across the rugged border which abuts Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Dead bodies of Chinese citizens after mass knife attacks by Uighur Muslims

Dead bodies of Chinese civilians after mass knife attacks by Uighur Muslims

“We have a message to China that East Turkestan people and other Muslims have woken up. They cannot suppress us and Islam any more. Muslims will take revenge.” Mansour spoke on a crackly line using a mobile phone with an Afghan SIM card in a brief statement which gave Reuters no chance to ask about the Kunming attack.

The separatists hide mainly in the troubled North Waziristan region, where they are treated by their Pakistani Taliban hosts as guests of honor, militant and Pakistani intelligence sources say.

The Turkestan Islamic Party, which China equates with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), keeps a low profile in Pakistan. Unlike the Taliban, it almost never posts videos promoting its activities or ideology. Its exact size is unknown and some experts dispute its ability to orchestrate attacks in China, or that is exists at all as a cohesive group.


Getting hold of leaders such as Mansour is almost impossible and interviews are usually very brief and conducted from undisclosed locations through a Pashto-speaking translator. Pakistani intelligence sources say they number about 400 fighters, and are clustered around the remote Mir Ali area, sharing bases with other foreign insurgents, particularly Uzbeks, who speak a similar language.

In Afghanistan, two security reports sent to expatriates working there this year warned of attacks on a Chinese hotel, Chinese companies and other targets in Kabul. There have been no attacks so far.

According to Afghan Taliban sources, there are about 250 Uighur militants in Afghanistan’s Nuristan and Kunar provinces. “They live here with us but are always concerned about their people and mission in China. They are nice people, good Muslims and the best fighters,” a senior Taliban commander said.


He added that Uighur militants were not fond of guns, and resorted mostly to knives and daggers. China has stepped up security in Xinjiang after a vehicle ploughed into tourists on the edge of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in October, killing the three people in the car and two bystanders. China labeled it a suicide attack by militants from the region.

Mansour released a Uighur-language video weeks after the Tiananmen incident, calling it a “jihadi operation” by its holy warriors.

Attempts by Taliban insurgents to carve out new hideouts in northern areas of Pakistan near China’s border have helped create a new corridor for Uighurs leading into their homeland. “In the last couple of years, Taliban militants have got nearer and nearer to the Chinese border,” said Mahsud. “There has been a lot of movement there. Perhaps that gives them the logistical support that they require to cross over into China.”



MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

Evidence of a plot by Malaysian terrorists to hijack a passenger jet in a 9/11-style attack is being investigated in connection with the disappearance of Flight MH370 An al-Qaeda informant told a court last week that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane, using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open the cockpit door.

Saajid Muhammad Badat

Saajid Muhammad Badat

UK Telegraph  Security experts said the evidence from a convicted British terrorist was “credible”. The informant said that he had met the Malaysian jihadists – one of whom was a pilot – in Afghanistan and given them a shoe bomb to use to take control of an aircraft.

In evidence in a court case last Tuesday, Saajid Badat, a British-born Muslim from Gloucester, said that he had been instructed at a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan to give a shoe bomb to the Malaysians . Giving evidence at the trial in New York of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, Badat said: “I gave one of my shoes to the Malaysians. I think it was to access the cockpit.”

Badat, who spoke via video link and is in hiding in the UK, said the Malaysian plot was being masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the principal architect of 9/11.

According to Badat, Mohammed kept a list of the world’s tallest buildings and crossed out New York’s Twin Towers after the September 11, 2001 attacks with hijacked airliners as “a joke to make us laugh” Badat told the court last week that he believed the Malaysians, including the pilot, were “ready to perform an act.”

During the meeting, the possibility was raised that the cockpit door might be locked. Badat told the court: “So I said, ‘How about I give you one of my bombs to open a cockpit door?’ ”

The disclosure that Malaysians were plotting a 9/11-style attack raises the prospect that both pilots were overpowered and the plane intended for use as a fuel-filled bomb. One possible target, if the scenario is correct, will have been the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, a symbol of Malaysia’s modernity and the world’s tallest buildings from 1998 until 2004.

Badat, who was jailed for 13 years in 2005 for his part in a conspiracy with the “shoe bomber” Richard Reid to blow up a transatlantic jet, had given similar evidence in 2012. In other words, his claims were first made long before the disappearance of Flight MH370.

In the earlier case, during the trial of Adis Medunjanin, an American who was later convicted of conspiring to blow up New York subways, Badat told prosecutors of the Malaysian shoe bomb plot. Asked what he knew of the Malaysian group, he replied: “I learnt that they had a group, uh, ready to perform a similar hijacking to 9/11.” Asked if he helped them, he said: “I provided them with one of my shoes because both had been, uh, both had explosives inserted into them.”

Prof Anthony Glees, director of the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, said the prospect of an Islamist plot offered one explanation for why the Malaysian authorities “have not been telling us the whole truth”.

Prof Glees said: “I believed this was a hijacking as soon as we were told that the plane had altered its flight path. “Evidence that it turned back to Malaysia means that this could easily have been a Malaysian Islamist plot to turn the plane into a 9/11-style bomb to fly it into a building in Kuala Lumpur.

“Now we know there is evidence of a Malaysian terror cell with ambitions to carry out such an attack and so this makes it even more credible.”

Prof Glees added: “Islamist terrorists in Malaysia present the country with a really serious political problem. The global repercussions of another 9/11 attack, including grounded aircraft and stock markets crashes, is something no government would want to face.”

James Healy-Pratt, head of aviation at Stuarts Law solicitors, said the lack of information suggested Malaysian authorities may have something to hide.

Last May, two Malaysian men were arrested for links to al-Qaeda and charged with joining the Tanzim al-Qaeda Malaysia group. In a separate incident two other men from Malaysia were held in Lebanon as they allegedly tried to cross into Syria to join Islamist extremists fighting the Assad regime.

In 2001 Yazid Sufaat, a biochemist and former army captain, was imprisoned for seven years under internal security laws on suspicion of being part of the Jemaah Islamiah network, the terrorist organisation behind a series of bombings in south east Asia including the Bali nightclub massacre in which 202 people were killed in 2002.

Yazid, who was released in 2008, was also suspected of providing lodging for two of the 9/11 hijackers. Malaysian sources, however, insisted Islamic terrorism carried out by Malaysian jihadists is unlikely since the country has only a tiny number of Muslim fundamentalists.

But after a week of wildly fluctuating theories, the admission by Malaysia’s prime minister yesterday that the plane had been deliberately re-routed and flown for hours with communication systems switched off to disguise its flight path provided the most significant clues yet as to what might have happened. Mr Najib stopped short of confirming Flight MH370 had been hijacked.

The new information appears to rule out previous theories that the plane suffered a sudden mid-air explosion, catastrophic equipment or structural failure, or a crash into the South China Sea.

Prior to the press conference, a senior Malaysian military official told one news agency that investigators now believed the plane was commandeered by a “skilled, competent and current pilot” who knew how to avoid radar.

The pilot and co-pilot because are regarded as the most likely to have the specialist aviation expertise to locate and switch off radar, satellite and other transponders to remove the aircraft from the ‘grid’ before changing its direction. But investigators said there was no evidence against members of the crew and it was possible that some of its passengers also had the knowledge required.



MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

images-1Early on, a claim by Uighur Muslims taking credit for the missing flight was quickly discounted, but now is being reexamined. Uighur Muslims have been behind virtually all the terror attacks in China over the past 6 years, but their methods are neither sophisticated nor technologically advanced – mostly knife attacks or homemade bombs.

See More on China’s Uighur Muslims

News. AU (h/t Susan K)  Claims last week by a Malay newspaper that a 35-year-old Uighur man from China’s violent, autonomous Muslim province was on Flight MH370 may be looked at in new light after being written off as irrelevant. An email sent to journalists, supposedly from representatives from the Uighur separatist movement, claimed for responsibility for the Malaysia Airlines flight’s disappearance. The emails were dismissed as opportunistic and troublemaking. 


Malaysia’s Harian Metro claimed the man had taken flight-simulator training in Sweden in 2005.

Malaysian police hosed down suspicion, but claims by Prime Minister Najib Razak that the plane could be have disappeared on a corridor up to Kazakhstan will attract new interest.

The Uighur heartland stretches from western China to Kyrgyzstan, directly beneath the “Kazakhstan‎ corridor” to which Mr Razak referred. China blames Uighurs for two bloodthirsty and deadly mass knife attacks on innocent Chinese citizens within the last fortnight.

Uighur rebel Abdullah Mansour told Reuters from an undisclosed location Pakistan in recent days that the intent was to bring the Holy Fight to China. “The fight against China is our Islamic responsibility and we have to fulfill it,” he said. Pakistan is also along Mr Razak’s so-called Kazakhstan‎ corridor.

If the plane had turned west from the South China Sea, then turned northwest towards Kazakhstan, it would have taken a direct path over Uighur heartland — but also over many other countries.


In December, the US released the last of three of 22 Uighurs that had been detained in Guantánamo Bay since 2001, after being detained for fighting with the Taliban. The men were taken by Slovakia, because China would not take them.