CALLING ALL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS! Come one, come all, EU declares it will not send back any illegal alien Muslim invaders, not even the terrorists among you

Unlike Australia, which solved it’s Muslim boat people problem by turning back the boats before they could land, the European Union’s top diplomat has assured the U.N. Security Council that under a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling, “no refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will.”



MESSAGE TO AMERICA: Islamic State (ISIS) actual threat or internet hoax?

A group of hackers affiliated with ISIS are threatening to carry out a cyber attack—dubbed “Message to America”—against a number of targets 2 p.m. EST today. The targets were not identified on ISIS forums and social channels but the hackers are promising something “surprising” that “will frighten America.”



VOCATIV  ISIS supporters calling themselves the Cyber Caliphate hacked into the Twitter account of the United States Central Command in January. Twitter suspended the account detailing the planned attack about 9 a.m. EST.


“Brothers n Sisters if you are in europe stay away from police stations or goverment buildings,” warns another tweet by ‘@71LastTweep’, who also claims that he has, “Done Recording My Final Message, Love You Mom See You in Jannah  Bi’idnillah #LondonAttack.”


The targets were not specifically identified on ISIS forums and social channels, but the hackers are promising something “surprising” that “will frighten America,” according to


Jihadists identifying themselves with the terror group ISIS are brazenly tweeting about plans to attack yet another major western city under the Twitter hashtag #LondonAttack.


Images and threats posted to the social network include photographs of guns and suicide belts, with one user named ‘Abu Aiman Al kinyi’ warning, “Bismillah we are coming #londonattack.”


“TNT explosive belt full with ball baring shrapnel, imagine how much damage this can do in #UK in a place full of ppl,” states ‘Abu Abdullah Britani’ in another tweet, while another picture of the same device is accompanied with the words, “Very discreet, easy to carry & concealed under the clothing. They’d never know, walk into a police station, TA office.”


Another tweet shows Paddington Underground Station on a map alongside a suicide belt and the words, “Let the reality hit home, the taste of chaos, carnage & bloodshed. #foreignpolicy #QaribanQariba.


“Good idea, planning to use this one very soon #londonattack,” states a tweet by the user ‘@jwilliam384847′ alongside another image of what appears to be an explosive device. “Look at all the ball bearings #londonattack soon inshaAllah,” says another tweet by the same user.


The accounts making these threats have been active for hours although Twitter has yet to shut them down at time of press. Scotland Yard authorities are reportedly aware of the threats.


Meanwhile, ISIS sympathizers are also promising to carry out a cyber attacked dubbed “Message to America” against a number of targets this afternoon at 2pm EST.

Weeks before the Charlie Hebdo massacre,it was predicted that ISIS would attack targets in western (or westernized) countries. Since that time jihadists that were inspired by or who had ties to the terror organization have staged violence in Paris, Sydney, Copenhagen and Texas.




MACEDONIA: Armed Albanian Muslim terrorists kill 5 (now 8) cops, injure 30

reg-makedomnija_310x186An armed group attacked special forces police Saturday in a town in northern Macedonia in a clash that killed five eight police officers and injured more than 30, officials said, amid a political crisis that has raised concern about the stability of the Balkan nation. 


AP  (h/t Maksim) Interior minister Gordana Jankulovska said that the Muslim “terrorist group,” which had entered Macedonia from an unspecified neighboring country, planned to “use the current political situation to perform attacks on state institutions.”

Jankulovska said more than 20 members of the armed group had surrendered, but added that the police operation is still ongoing because other attackers have refused to give up. 

Macedonia Shootings

Kumanovo is an ethnically mixed town located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of the capital Skopje, near the border with Kosovo and Serbia. The region was the center of hostilities between ethnic Albanian rebels and government forces during the ethnic conflict in 2001.

Ethnic Albanian Muslims, who make up about 30% of Macedonia’s 2 million people, took up arms in 2001 demanding more rights. The conflict ended after six months with a western-brokered peace deal that granted more rights to the minority group.

Wherever in the world there are Muslims, violence follows.

Apparently the terrorists in Macedonia had planned several attacks to destabilize the country by attacking state buildings and public areas. The 40 plus-strong group was targeting state institutions, sports events and shopping malls and was made up of well-trained fighters who had participated in attacks in the region and the Middle East. Read More


AUSTRALIA: Mother’s Day bomb plot by two Muslim teenage terrorist wannabes foiled by police

Anti-terror police arrest Muslim doctor’s teenage son in Melbourne and another Muslim teen, 14, in Sydney, after dramatic raids in which they found three improvised explosive devices (IED), which bomb squad officers detonated before the two terror teens had the chance to set them off on Sunday in Melbourne. 

One of the two terror teens arrested

One of the two terror teens arrested

UK Daily Mail (h/t Jenny V)  Bomb squad officers also removed a number of home-made devices from a home in Greenvale, a quiet suburb north of Melbourne. The Sydney raid was more low-key because of the age of the suspect, according to The Herald Sun.

The devices were taken away by Victoria Police’s bomb squad and were destroyed in ‘controlled detonation… to dispose of these devices’. The first device was detonated about 8:30pm, according to Victoria Police. The bombs were be detonated at a nearby reserve, after a 300 metre exclusion zone set up around the site.


According to reports, the arrested teen regularly spoke about ISIS on his Facebook page, branded the United States terrorists, and said those who don’t pray five times a day are not Muslim. He also posted long rants about the current situation in Syria, with some coming just hours before he was arrested.


Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police carried out the high-level joint operation in Melbourne’s northern suburbs on Friday afternoon, arresting one man and detaining six women.

Balaclava-clad officers with assault rifles swarmed a two-storey home in Greenvale about 12:30pm, ordering the occupants out of a house. A man left the house and surrendered to police, before six women emerged from the property a short time later.


American jihadi linked to al-Shabaab in Somalia urged Muslims to attack the Mohammed cartoon contest

Mujahid Miski, American jihadi in Somalia

Mujahid Miski, American jihadi in Somalia

A jihadist in Somalia believed to have ties to al-Shabaab tweeted a message demanding Americans attack the ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Garland, Texas, Sunday. The discovery of these tweets follows reports from at least one law enforcement official that the gunmen responded directly to Twitter requests to attack the event.

Breitbart  American jihadist Mohamed Abduhallahi Hassan, also known as Mujahid Miski,” asked Islam’s brothers in the United States to attack the Draw Muhammad event, SITE Intelligence reports:


“If only we had men like these brothers in the #States,” he said in another tweet. “Our beloved Muhammad would not have been drawn.”


He also claimed he spoke personally with at least one of the gunmen in Texas, but the FBI did not provide more information.

“He was truly a man of wisdom. I’m gonna miss his greeting every morning on twitter,” he wrote.

Here is a screenshot of his old account:


This account is believed to be Hassan’s 31st, as Twitter kept suspending his accounts for jihadist activity. While SITE and the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) have reported that others pushed Muslims in America to attack, Hassan’s account appears to be the only one still available online, due to Twitter’s policy of shutting down jihadist accounts.


These calls to violence are especially notable because the IPT source claims Simpson “apparently saw some of those calls to violence and headed to Texas intending to kill as many of the Garland conference attendees as possible,” rather than independently forming the plan of attack.

David Isben, the executive director of the Counter Extremism project, considers Hassan “one of the most influential terror recruiters to have taken to Twitter.” The group, along with Twitter, cannot stop Hassan from returning to social media. Hassan, originally from Minneapolis, left for Somalia in 2008 when he was only 17-years-old.

Hassan regularly calls for violence on his social media accounts. He once demanded “the beheading of Frances Townsend, the Counter Extremism Project president and former homeland security advisor to former President George W. Bush.”


CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank claims Simpson tweeted out his links to ISIS right before the attack:

May Allah accept us as mujahideen,” the tweet said, adding that Simpson and his fellow attacker had pledged loyalty to “Amirul Mu’mineen” (the leader of the faithful) — a description that CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said likely refers to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

However, there is concrete proof of Simpson’s interest in al-Shabaab. He was arrested in 2010 after the FBI began following him in 2006 “because of his radical leanings.” They sent an informant to Simpson’s mosque, whom Simpson told he was hoping to “bounce” to Somalia. He was arrested upon making plans to travel to Somalia through South Africa “under the pretense of studying at a madrassa.” The government could not place him on the No Fly List and only charged him with making false statements.


New English Review Other Twitter messages posted by known Islamic State members indicate that he was in contact with ISIS operatives. While the ISIS link remains uncertain at this moment, ISIS supporters were quick to praise the attack and honor the perpetrators as martyrs for the cause of jihad.

This screenshot shows the Twitter profile of one of the alleged perpetrators, with the social media handle of “Mutawakil” (“one who places his faith in Allah”). In his last tweet, he claims that both attackers had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and uses the hashtag #texasattack just hours prior to the event itself.


His Twitter account shows him to be an online supporter of ISIS whose account had been frequently shut down for spreading jihadi content. He was followed by over 1,000 accounts, and tweeted regularly. He uses a picture of the late Yemeni-American preacher and Al-Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki, killed in an American drone strike, as his profile.

His social media contacts include several known ISIS operatives. One possible direct contact, the Minnesotan Somali-American Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein, known as Mujahid Miski, who is currently fighting with the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen in Somalia, tweeted immediately following the attack: “I’m gonna miss Mutawakil, he was truly a man of wisdom.


I’m gonna miss his greeting every morning on Twitter.” Miski added “I’m gonna miss how he always used to talk speak of the Hoor Al Ayn [virgin of paradise promised to martyrs]. How he always said he wanted to meet her.” In a May 4 tweet, Miski wrote: “Our brother Mutawakil in 2008 wanted to Make #Hijrah to Somalia but a Murtad spied on him. Allah swt was preparing him for something better.”

Mujahid Miski also claimed awareness of what the perpetrator had dreamed about prior to the attack. “Mutawakil saw himself in a dream walking in a road and a woman looking from the sky with a niqab. He was frightened the interpretation of his dream was that the #hoor Al-Ayn [virgins in paradise] were waiting for him eagerly and that he should hasten to meeting them too.”


Such dreams are commonly told by jihadi fighters, and are often used to reinforce the operatives’ morale and resolve before they embark on suicide missions.


Also tweeting about Mutawakil and #hoor_al_ayn were Irish ISIS supporter “Abu Khalid” and another Western supporter, “Ibn Rushd AlLubnani.” Abu Khalid wrote: “brother @atawaakul was talking about #hoor_al_ayn for several days, he surely was planning for this. he was a revert [i.e. convert to Islam] (so far as I know).” Ibn Rushd AlLubnani wrote: “Just a few days ago @atawaakul was talking about Hoor al ayn on twitter and the sisters were getting upset with him. Little did they know…”


British ISIS fighter Junaid Hussain, who is known as Abu Hussain Al Britani, tweeted ominously hours before the attack and praised the two perpetrators after it occurred: “The knives have been sharpened; soon we will come to your streets with death and slaughter! #QaribanQariba [soon, soon] … Allahu Akbar!


Two of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad art exhibition in Texas! #TexasAttack” He also advocated and threatened further attacks: “Kill Those That Insult The Prophet – #GarlandShooting … They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State – #garlandshooting #TexasAttack … If there is no check on the freedom of your speech, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions #GarlandShooting #TexasAttack.”


Another American ISIS operative with the alias Abu Khalid Al-Amriki upon learning of the attack on Twitter, praised the attempt and threatened more to come. The drawn Sword on the one that Insults the messenger of Allah. Let this be a wakeup call for all cartoonists. We are coming for you.” On March 29, Abu Khalid had claimed on Twitter that he was in contact with ISIS supporters in the USA and that one of them was prepared to carry out an operation.


ISIS operative Abu Hamza Al-habashi tweeted after the attack: “Allahu Akbar The two Brothers attained shadah[martyrdom] in texas! The disbelievers will never understand our love for death. May Allah accept them.”.


Online ISIS supporters immediately reacted to the Texas attack by praising the perpetrators and elevating them to the rank of martyrs in the cause of jihad. For example, ISIS supporter “Australi Witness,” who recently called for targeting Australian cartoonists, tweeted: “May Allah reward the Garland mujahideen with a seat right next to the Prophet in Jannah [heaven].”


The pro-ISIS London-based sheikh Anjem Choudary also reacted to the event on Twitter, by justifying the attack as retribution for the insult to the prophet Muhammad: “Once again we see that people refuse to learn the lesson that insulting the Prophet Muhammad is a deadly pursuit …


#garlandshooting the world should know that, for Muslims, the honor of the Messenger Muhammad is dearer to them than their own lives! … #garlandshooting we must learn the lessons from Rushdie, Hirsi Ali, Theo Van Gogh & Chalie Hebdo not to insult the Messenger Muhammad! … #garlandshooting Freedom of speech does not extend to insulting the Messenger Muhammad (saw) & hence provoking the anger of 1/4 of the world.”



Did Obama bar an Iraqi nun from entering the U.S. to testify about ISIS atrocities because she is a Christian?


Sister Diana Momeka, the only Christian in a delegation of Iraqi minority groups, was coming to tell Americans about the Islamic State’s (ISIS) persecution and slaughter of Christians in Iraq, but the State Department won’t let her in.

National Review  Sister Diana Momeka was the only Christian in the delegation and the only member blocked from the trip, leading some of her American supporters to question why she was singled out.

Why is the United States barring Sister Diana Momeka, a persecuted Iraqi Catholic nun — an internationally respected and leading representative of the Nineveh Christians who have been killed and deported by ISIS — from coming to Washington to testify about this catastrophe?

Earlier this week, we learned that every member of an Iraqi delegation of minority groups, including representatives of the Yazidi and Turkmen Shia religious communities, has been granted visas to come for official meetings in Washington — save one. The single delegate whose visitor visa was denied happens to be the group’s only Christian from Iraq.

Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena was informed on Tuesday by the U.S. consulate in Erbil that her non-immigrant-visa application has been rejected. The reason given in the denial letter is:  You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the visa.


She told me in a phone conversation that, to her face, consular officer Christopher Patch told her she was denied because she is an “IDP” or Internally Displaced Person. “That really hurt,” she said. Essentially, the State Department was calling her a deceiver.

The State Department officials made the determination that the Catholic nun could be falsely asserting that she intends to visit Washington when secretly she could be intending to stay. That would constitute illegal immigration, and that, of course, is strictly forbidden (except if you are Hispanic, Black, or Muslim)  Once here, she could also be at risk for claiming political asylum, and the U.S. seems determined to deny ISIS’s Christian victims that status.

Sister Diana Momeka

Sister Diana Momeka

In reality, Sister Diana had meetings set up with the Senate and House foreign-relations committees, the State Department, USAID, and various NGOs. In support of her application, Sister Diana had multiple documents vouching for her and the temporary nature of her visit. 

She also submitted an invitation from her sponsors, two highly respected Washington-area institutions, the Institute for Global Engagement and former congressman Frank Wolf’s (R., Va.) 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative. For good measure, she also had a letter of endorsement for her visit from Representative Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.).

The State Department wasn’t buying. It either thought that they were all in on a scheme by the nun or that Sister Diana was plotting to deceive her well-placed friends and supporters, as well as the U.S. government.


Until ISIS stormed into Qaraqosh last August, Sister Diana had a distinguished academic career and had been teaching an intensive course on spiritual direction at St. Ephrem Seminary, as well as English and peacemaking courses. She, along with the town’s 50,000 other, mostly Christian, residents, fled for their lives from ISIS during the second week of August. Since then, the 30-something religious woman has served as a spokesperson for this community, as well as for the over 100,000 other Christians driven into Kurdistan under the ISIS “convert or die” policy. 

She is  viewed as a critical voice to awaken the church in the West to the suffering of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq.” But in the eyes of the U.S. consulate, she is just another Christian IDP. 

Adding insult to injury: In its 2015 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, issued this week, the State Department pledged that “every overseas post and domestic bureau will seek opportunities to engage religious leaders,” as part of its pursuit of countering “violent extremism.” Opportunities to engage with everyone, that is, except Catholic nuns in Iraq.




Thanks to out-of-control Muslim immigration, the streets of France will now look as they did during WWII


French President François Hollande announced on Thursday that a 7,000-strong force would be dedicated to patrolling sensitive (aka Muslim immigrant) areas around the country on a permanent basis as the country boosts security in the aftermath of the Paris Islamic terror attacks.

The Local  President Francois Hollande announced on Wednesday that France would increase its defence budget by close to €4billion over four years, in response to extremist threats after the Paris jihadist attacks.


He also said that military patrols at sensitive sites throughout France that were set up after the January attacks would be made permanent, with a 7,000-strong force dedicated to internal security.

That means there will be around 3,000 less troops on the streets guarding synagogues, tourist sites and other sensitive landmarks, as there are currently around 10,000 on duty as part of the post terror attacks operation named Sentinelle.


The announcements came nearly four months after jihadists went on a three-day killing spree in Paris, leaving 17 people dead and putting France and neighbouring European countries on high alert.

Speaking after calling a defence council, Hollande said the decisions were taken to ensure France’s internal security but also the safety of military forces currently engaged in operations abroad, such as in the Sahel region or in the Central African Republic.


“We have the duty to support people who may come under threat, but we also defend our own security,” he told reporters.

“It’s a significant effort, it’s even a very big effort,” Hollande said, acknowledging France’s ballooning budget deficit and its ongoing quest for growth and jobs.


“I made this choice for France, for its protection, its security, and I know that if they want to have confidence in the future, the French must feel safe everywhere.”

In March top counter-terrorism officials warned that the threat of a jihadist attack in France has reached a level “without precedent” and new attacks are inevitable.


“The number of targets has exploded. There are two or three thousand, maybe four thousand, people identified or suspected of evil intentions,” one official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

They also warned that stationing thousands of soldiers at sensitive sights around the country would do little to prevent terror attacks.


France’s armed forces have been at the forefront of some high profile recent conflicts, most notably the NATO operation to oust former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the recent military intervention in Mali against Islamist rebels and in the Central African Republic.

France is also involved in the bombing campaign against Isis targets in Iraq.


Hollande’s announcement comes exactly a year after it was announced that France’s drive to balance the books would see 20,000 posts deleted from the army by 2019.

In October last year the Minister of Defence announced the scrapping of an artillery regiment and the loss of 7,500 jobs, as the country battles a ballooning budget deficit.




ISLAM = NAZISM…And the Conservative party in Denmark has declared war against ‘Nazi Islam’

Finally, a political party in Denmark with the guts to say ‘the emperor has no clothes.’ “Islam and Nazism are in the same family,” says party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Parliament candidate Naser Khader.

party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Stop Nazi Islam poster

Conservative party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and Stop Nazi Islam poster

Jyllands Posten  Politicians are awakening to the fact that there are a lot of votes to be gained by not being afraid to criticize Islam.  The Conservatives’ controversial new campaign and declaration of war against ‘Nazi Islamism’ has leftists and Muslims in an uproar on Facebook. But Søren Pape, leader of the Conservatives, who admits that ‘Nazi Islamism is a strong word to use’ –  states that ‘Islamists and Nazis basically share the same mindset’.

The Conservatives are really popular today. And while party chairman Søren Pape Poulsen has launched a new ad campaign with a number of political issues, the one that has gained the most attention is the one whose theme is“Stop Nazi Islamism.” 

Muslims in Denmark

Muslims in Denmark

The party’s chairman Søren Pape Poulsen and parliamentary candidate in Aarhus, Naser Khader (K), believe that there are great similarities between the extreme Islamism and Nazism. Therefore, the party will now say a clear ‘to “naziislamismen”.

JP ask Pape “What caused you to pull Nazi card?” Your ad mentions nothing of the majority of the world’s Muslims who practice Islam in peace. Your ad has only a heading that says Stop Nazi Islamism.” 


“The headline should make that people will want to hear a little more about what we mean. And that’s it, we will fold out all the places we possibly can get to it,” replies Pape.

He acknowledges that “Nazi Islamism” is a strong word to use. But he wants Conservatives to put the peaceful, Danish Muslims on the defensive, because the extremist Muslims and peaceful Muslims share the same, often violent and hateful beliefs found all over the quran. 

“They have hatred for the West and hatred of the Jews in common. Islamists use the same argument for their hatred of Jews that the Nazis did – the stamps them as subhuman and destroys cultural objects because they are considered evil.”

In this video, Denmark Muslims threaten to behead the elderly:

JP: Can you imagine any Danish politicians who are in favor of what you call “the Nazi Islamism”?

“No, but there may be a difference whether you want to go and be so neat and correct, as you have been for many years or whether they will put their foot down. This is about to say clearly that there are things, which means more conservative than others. It is an important value for us to take this showdown, “said the chairman and emphasizes that there can be a” proper debate “about the subject before you call things their proper name.

Terrorist-linked Hizb-un-Tahrir marches in the streets of Denmark

Terror-linked Hizb ut-Tahrir marches in the streets of Denmark

JP: The media usually ridicule people who “pull the Nazi card,” saying they have lost the argument. Are not you worried about that?

“No, we are running a special campaign over the next three weeks and this is just one of the things we focus on. I think it’s important that we are not trying to be politically correct and are calling things by their right name.”

The Muslim action:

Muslims rioted over publication of Danish Mohammed cartoons

Muslims in Denmark and all around the world rioted over publication of Danish Mohammed cartoons

The Danish Reaction:

The politically correct response to Muslim violence over Mohammed cartoons

The politically correct response to Muslim violence over Mohammed cartoons

JP: Do you use also the term to provoke?

“Yeah, that sometimes you have to shock people a little before it gets their attention. We could also have stood and held long talks about this, but I am quite sure that a word like Nazi Islamism course gives attention and hopefully it gives us the opportunity to tell you what we mean by it. “

In a letter to the editor in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune  Pape and Naser Khader elaborate the concept of “Nazi Islamism under the heading” Islamism and Nazism is in the family. “


“Our choice of words is not taken out of thin air. Part of Islamism DNA is hatred of Western democracy and hatred for Jews. It has been possible to look at the two terrorist actions committed in Copenhagen and Paris. The first went for democracy and then the Jews, “wrote the two and continues:

“The Islamists are using even the same kind of argument in their hatred of Jews that the Nazis did in his time. They cut off the people they label the people.” Nazi Islamism as “the greatest danger we face today.”


More on the Muslim problem in DENMARK


Hmmm, ONLY 55% of Americans have a very unfavorable view of Islam?

Overall, just 55% of Americans had either a somewhat or very unfavorable view of Islam, while one in four said they were not sure how they viewed it. Just 7% said they had a very favorable view of the religion, and 14% said they saw it somewhat favorably. (Apparently, not enough people know about BNI)


10 News  The findings, detailed in a HuffPost/YouGov poll on Americans’ views of Muslims released Friday as part of HuffPost Religion’s week-long Muslim Life in America series, show a nation of fractured opinions and experiences when it comes to Islam, with stark differences among age groups and political affiliations.

When broken down by age and political affiliation, younger Americans and Democrats were more likely to feel goodwill toward Islam and to want to learn about it. Democrats were 16 percentage points more likely than Republicans to hold favorable views, and 13 points more likely to say they would be interested in learning more. (Here you go)


Forty percent of those ages 18 to 29 had an unfavorable view of Islam, compared with 63 percent of those ages 45 to 64, and 58 percent of those 65 and older. People under 29 were more likely to have Muslim friends, and were 20 points more likely than any other age group to say they would want to learn more about Islam.

PEW poll from 2011 (before all the Islamic State atrocities) shows that “Europeans believe their relations with Muslims are bad: France (62%), Germany (61%), Spain (58%) and Britain (52%). The poll also shows that most Europeans believe Muslims in their countries do not want to integrate: Germany (72%), Spain (69%), France (54%) and Britain (52%). The Pew survey shows that almost 60% of Europeans believe Muslims are “fanatical,” 50% believe they are “violent” and only 22% believe they are “respectful of women.” In response to the question “Which religion is most violent?” 90% of French say Islam, as do 87% of Spaniards, 79% of Germans and 75% of Britons. The poll also shows that more than two-thirds of Germans (73%), Britons (70%), French (68%) and Spanish (61%) are worried about Islamic extremists in their countries.”



Anti-Islamization Belgian Flemish party ‘Vlaams Belang’ leader confirms attempted attack on him by a Muslim

An armed Muslim man went to the home of Filip DeWinter, leader of Vlaams Belang, with the goal of assassinating him. He was not home at the time but his pregnant daughter, son-in-law, and grandson were there and were threatened.

An armed and masked man with sunglasses, a scarf and a black hood, pulled a gun on DeWinter’s son-in-law outside the home and asked in broken English where is Filip Dewinter? The daughter came out of the doorway and the gunman asked if she was DeWinter’s daughter? Then he just grabbed his backpack and ran off.

h/t Roni Stoker


Former Guantanamo Muslim terrorist prisoners demand more compensation from the U.S.

Four former Guantanamo Bay prisoners protested in front of the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, complaining over “broken promises” and demanding greater financial support from Washington.

Former Guantanamo detainees Omar Mahmoud Faraj (L), Ali Shabaan (C) and Abdul din Muhammed Tawes (2nd R)  in front of the U.S. embassy in Montevideo

Former Guantanamo detainees Omar Mahmoud Faraj (L), Ali Shabaan (C) and Abdul din Muhammed Tawes (2nd R) in front of the U.S. embassy in Montevideo

RT  The Muslims are part of a group of six detainees who were released from the US military prison in 2014 and granted refugee status by the South American country under then-president Jose Mujica. The Uruguayan government resettled the men into a four-bedroom house, where they have been staying for the past few months since their release. Ex-prisoners complained about their housing conditions.

One of the six men, Tunisian Adel bin Muhammad El Ouerghi, said “we are too many to stay in the house” and complained they had to stay in a hotel from time to time, AP reports. But the men were recently evicted from the hotel as they had no funds to pay the bills.


Another former detainee Omar Mahmud Faraj said the Uruguayan government had “promised many things, but so far these are only words.” At the moment each of them receives around $600 (roughly 15,000 pesos) per month to cover food, clothes and other items.

El Ouerghi says “I want to live here and bring my family here, how am I supposed to pay for gas and water bills and food with only 15,000 pesos?” (How about getting a job?)

The six Muslim terrorists were detained back in 2002. They were never charged and spent over a decade in the Guantanamo Bay Military prison. They were cleared for release in 2010, but were unable to go back home because their own countries refused to accept them and had to stay in prison while the US authorities found a country willing to host the former terror suspects.

Ken O’Keefe, the former US Marine interviewed in this Iranian Press TV video below, is a scumbag anti-American traitor who should be sitting in Guantanamo himself, but has been given sanctuary in London.


“I wish I’d come sooner,” says blue-eyed Australian Muslim doctor who is the face of new propaganda campaign for terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria… and he urges others to join him

An Australian-accented Muslim doctor who has joined ISIS is promoting the Islamic State’s launch of its own healthcare service in Syria.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Adrian G) The propaganda video shows a man with an Australian accent who calls himself ‘Abu Yusuf’ and calls on foreign doctors to travel to the ISIS stronghold Raqqa to help launch the ISHS (the Islamic State Health Service), which appears to be mimicking Britain’s National Health Service.

The vision shows Yusuf handling babies in a maternity ward while wearing western-style blue surgical scrubs and a stethoscope inside the paediatric ward of a Syrian hospital. ‘My name is Abu Yusuf. I made hijrah from Australia to the Islamic State to live under the khilafah,’ he says.

First official ISIS newborn with ISIS birth certificate and appropriate gifts

First official ISIS newborn with ISIS birth certificate and appropriate gifts

‘I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam, to help the Muslim Ummah (community) in the area that I could which is the medical field.’ He claims to be sad he delayed traveling to Syria for so long. 

‘It is disappointing to think how many fellow Muslims brothers and sisters in the medical field, who are doctors and nurses, physios, who are still living in the West and unfortunately the Muslims living here are suffering, not necessary from a lack of equipment or medicine but a mainly a lack of qualified medical care.’ 

Yusuf urges foreign Muslims with medical training to come forward and join the latest caliphate initiative. ‘We really need your help. It is not the equipment that we are lacking, it is truly just the staff. Inshallah see you soon.’

But that’s not all. Here’s more about this Islamopig:

‘A creep, a fraud and a sleazeball': Australian ISIS doctor was a ‘two-faced sexual predator’ who had sex with a drug-using prostitute patient after spying on her medical records


AMSTERDAM: 96-year-old healthy Christian grandmother brutally assassinated in the street after being stabbed by an Iraqi Muslim illegal alien

islamsterdam2The woman was attacked as she walked with a walker in the Govert Flinck in the Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pipe. The 24-year-old Iraqi MUSLIM savage stabbed her, for no reason, several times in her stomach and hit her several times.

The victim managed to escape to her house and called  police.  Police were able to quickly apprehend her attacker who still had the knife with him. The police reported that he said he had taken a train from Arnhem to Amsterdam especially for finding a victim to assassinate. The woman  succumbed to her injuries and died in the hospital.

h/t Roni Stoker


Canadian judge grants bail to al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr

This Muslim terrorist was released to Canada from Guantanamo Bay by Barack Hussein Obama.

Canada’s dhimmi media loves this so-called “child soldier” but the average Canadian doesn’t share their affection. Especially after the Muslim terror attack on Parliament Hill. Khadr has never taken responsibility for his crimes or renounced Al Qaeda. He will now become a propaganda tool to demonize the West.