THAILAND: At least 27 dead and scores injured in terrorist bomb attack in front of Hindu shrine in Bangkok

Many of the dead from the huge explosion were foreign tourists. We’re Muslims behind it? Bombers are still at large causing concern about more attacks.

In Thailand’s three southern-most provinces, the Islamic insurgency has claimed more than 5,000 Buddhist lives since 2004 as Muslims use violence to force the Thai government to let them have their own Islamic state in southern Thailand. (See links below)



THAILAND: Bangkok bomb blast


























FRANCE: Muslim illegal alien thugs are terrorizing the residents of Calais, making them virtual prisoners in their homes, afraid to go out

The police do little to nothing about it, yet the fire department will not enter the area without a police escort. Muslim illegals are flooding Calais, trying to get to the UK, while wreaking havoc on the local population. If you dare to complain, YOU get arrested.

Police go out of their way to not to incite the violent Muslims, regularly ignoring calls for help from residents when Muslim thugs try to break into their homes. If you dare to complain, you get arrested and accused of “racism” and “islamophobia.” France is no longer for the French but for all the welfare whores and criminals from the Muslim world, funded by French taxpayers who are, in reality, financing their own demise. Think you are exempt? We will soon see this in every country that has opened its doors to  these Muslim reprobates.

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WAKE-UP CALL? The savage murders of 2 Swedes at IKEA by Muslim illegals spurs a revolt against Sweden’s suicidal open-door policy for Muslims


On September 15th, Swedes will take to the streets to demand the resignation of the current leftist regime that has turned one of the safest, most beautiful countries in the world into a hotbed of Muslim violence, crime, terror, rape, and now Islamic beheadings, too.



Exponerat  (h/t Susan K) Apparently, being singled out as the rape capital of Europe due to massive Muslim immigration wasn’t enough.  Nor was the forcing out of elderly Swedes from their residences to make room for Muslim illegals, or the 55 NO GO Zones where non-Muslims dare not go.


Not to mention the record highs in shooting, stabbings, car burnings, and explosions in Muslim-dominant areas like Malmo. But the savage murder of a mother and her son at an IKEA store by two Muslim asylum seekers seems to have shock the laid back Swedes out of their stupor of complacency.


Facebook group “Demonstration resign” announces a demonstration that will turn be held on the 15th of September. The demonstration’s goal is to force the resignation of the incumbent pro-Muslim invasion government Löfven – a government that is turning on its own citizens to accommodate tens of thousands of Muslim welfare whores, thugs, and jihadists every year.


 We demand a government that puts the safety and dignity of Swedish citizens first.” 

In Sweden 2015:

* 30 deadly explosions by Muslim in Malmö so far this year 
* 55 No Go Zones- denied by our Interior Minister 
* Gang rape of children and women at shocking levels 
* Countelsss shootings and Muslim gangs 
* Hundreds of car torchings
* Multiple Honor killings 
* Forced Child Marriage allowed 
* Sharia-compliant media black out 
* 225,000 Seniors are being denied housing or kicked out of their housing to make room for Muslim immigrants
* Acceptance of organized begging in the streets
* No background checks on new Muslim arrivals 
* Brutal and savage murders by Muslims at rates never seen before


The list goes on all that our government permits made in the quest to be a humanitarian superpower. Following the savage beheading and murders of two Swedish citizens at an IKEA store was the last straw. If you feel like us, you are cordially invited to attend. Your vote is important-you are important. We gather at Riksgatan, Reichstag at 09.00 and expect to be there until 15:00.

For much more about how Muslims are destroying Sweden, look HERE


AUSTRALIAN Defense officials, public servants and member of Parliament now on Islamic State (ISIS) top hit list

051829-ce96993a-40e5-11e5-aee4-367c73406707Australia’s top ISIS fighter Neil Prakash (right), from Melbourne, sent the list to his 1100 followers and urged them to attack. One post he shared said: “Kill them (unbelievers) wherever you find them and enslave their women.”

Prakash, who fights with the ­Islamic State under the nom de guerre Abu Khalid al-Cambodi, was a close associate of Mohamed Ali Baryalei, the Islamic State recruiter who authorities believe ­organised a plot to abduct and behead a member of the public in Sydney. Prakash wis believed to be regularly communicating with ­Islamist radicals in Australia. 


Herald Sun  Counter-Terrorism Minister Michael Keenan confirmed that eight Australians have had their details compromised, Sky News reported today. Their personal details including phone numbers and emails have been shared on social media as the death cult claimed they had hacked American government and military computers.

The member of Parliament told the Herald Sun he had no idea why he was on the list. “If I’d been outspoken, yeah I could understand there being threats, but I’ve never said anything,” he said. “I’m not worried about it. I don’t want to frighten my family or anything.” (No, of course you don’t, better to let them be surprised when your severed head is delivered to the front door)


The list contains hundreds of names — many of whom are American defence personnel — and is being distributed with a chilling message. “We are in your emails and computer systems, watching and recording your every move,” it said.

The Australian Federal Police said it was aware of claims made by the Islamic State hackers, and will liaise with the appropriate agencies. It’s believed the Australians included in the list had been on a subscription database on a non-government computer system which was compromised.


Premier Daniel Andrews said Police Minister Wade Noonan had spoken to the Victorian MP, and that the issue was being taken seriously. “I won’t go into steps that may have been taken or other arrangements but I will say that we are confident and VicPol (Victoria Police) are confident that we are taking this matter seriously and we are dealing with it appropriately,” he said.

“We live in a world and we live in a state where the threat level is higher today than it ever has been, these are very real issues, we take them seriously.

“I think it’s the work of amateur hackers who have gone after easy targets and they are putting the word out there to people they probably don’t even know to look at this, and do something with some of these addresses and details.”


AUSTRALIA: Sydney school’s ‘Registry of students who attend prayer meetings’ has outraged Islamic groups, especially the most radicalized of Islamic groups

094370-marsdenA Sydney school has been ‘caught’ sending letters home to parents claiming the federal government has imposed a register for all students who attend prayer meetings, which radical Islamic groups have grabbed onto as evidence of ‘oppression’ by the Australian government.

(And this is a BAD thing because why?)

Perth Now  In the letter from Marsden High School principal Gus Vrolyk last Wednesday, parents were told that a register of all students who attended prayer meetings and groups would be maintained.


“It is now a federal government requirement that a register of attendance is kept of all students who attend prayer meetings/groups at schools,” the letter stated. “When students attend a prayer meeting/group, their name will be recorded by a teacher and this register will be kept by the school.”

The letter is being circulated by members of hard line jihadist political party ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir,’ who claim the  letter is evidence that the government is monitoring Muslim children. (It’s about time)

Khilafah = Islamic Caliphate (like ISIS)

Khilafah = Islamic Caliphate (like ISIS)

One of the group’s spokesjihadists Hamzah Qureshi shared a photo of the letter, along with the caption: “These are the letters that have started to be sent to Muslim parents in NSW Australia. If your child prays at school, they will be placed on a register. No doubt, such a register will be ‘exploited’ (for counter-terrorism investigations) in the future … It is time for the community to take a stand!

“We believe this world deserves a new world order headed by Islam, an Islamic caliphate,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event for Hizb ut-Tahrir

“We believe this world deserves a new world order headed by Islam, an Islamic caliphate,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event for Hizb ut-Tahrir

The letter also included a permission slip for parents who wished their children to attend prayer meetings to sign.

Last month, NSW premier Mike Baird announced an audit of prayer meetings across the state following revelations a Muslim extremist was preaching to students at a school in Sydney’s west during lunchtimes.




SWEDEN: New Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEA indicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims

11822330_10153618080198938_5381898810920123712_nThe Swedish government and media are doing their best to conceal any evidence that the Eritrean knife attackers who killed two people in IKEA were Muslims. But an independent photo obtained (below) appears to show that at least one of the victims was beheaded in the store.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, we now have a photo that the mainstream media will not post. Nothing is yet confirmed, but expect more to come out about this apparent Islam-inspired beheading of two infidels. Of course, police were quick to point out that they didn’t think the murders were “politically motivated.”

Police in central Sweden have increased security at MUSLIM asylum seeker lodgings, fearing a backlash after two Eritrean asylum seekers were detained on suspicion of murdering two people at an IKEA store. Police said there was no evidence of any political motive. The victims did not have any connection to their attackers, police said. The store temporarily halted knife sales as the attackers used knives from the shelves there.

Per ABCNews

 Security camera footage from the brutal attack reportedly shows the 35-year-old man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section just before two shoppers are attacked. He is seen stabbing and then hacking at the neck of one victim, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

The government has blocked any footage from being released, in order to quell “Islamophobia.” And for two full days, they would not permit the police from even telling the public a Muslim was involved — using that time to deploy troops to “protect” centers where Muslim migrants are publicly housed.

The Express reports the suspect had met with migration officials just hours before the attack, and was soon to be deported. He reportedly got another Muslim Eritrean to join him in the IKEA attack, which was likely religiously or ethnically-motivated out of anger. Both victims were White native Swedes.


20% Enlarged


40% Enlarged




GREECE: On island of Kos, Muslim savages start acting like savages, demanding immediate immigration papers so they can flood Europe

“There will be bloodshed,” warns mayor of Kos after chaos broke out among 1,500 Muslim illegal aliens who staged a protest at a football stadium, demanding food and shelter, as well as immigration papers.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Brenda K)  Yorgos Kyritsis issued the warning as the holiday island descended into a virtual battlefield, with police spraying illegal invaders with fire extinguisher foam in an effort to get them to disperse.  The incident took place during a registration procedure which was taking place at the stadium of Kos town, on the south east of the island.


Mr Kyritsus lambasted the situation as being ‘out of control’, adding: ‘There is a real danger of uncontrollable situations. Blood will be shed.’ 

He claims there are already 7,000 Muslim illegals stranded on Kos which has a population of just 30,000 people. A handful of officers were left trying to impose order on the crowd by hitting the jostling migrants with batons and eventually resorted to blasting them with foam, causing hundreds to flee in panic. 


Overwhelmed Kos authorities are struggling to contain increasing numbers of people arriving clandestinely on rubber dinghies from the nearby Turkish shore. Hundreds of protesting Muslim demanding quick registration began blocking the main coastal road in the island’s main town yesterday morning, staging a sit-in. ‘We want papers, we want to eat!’ they chanted.


As the ugly confrontation with the police unfolded, one migrant said: ‘What can I say – is this Europe? If this is Europe, we’re going back to Syria.’ (Don’t let the door hit you in the ass)

Many of those on Kos, a popular tourist destination (not for long), had been camping in the main town’s parks and squares.


An attempt to have them relocated to a stadium for registration degenerated, with fights breaking out among some of the roughly 1,500 people gathered in a long, crowded queue in the stadium.

Police, who had a force of just a handful of officers to maintain control and carry out the registration, tried to impose order on the crowd by spraying the jostling migrants with fire extinguishers and using batons. Hundreds fled in panic.


The UN refugee agency’s division for Europe said last week that 124,000 refugees and migrants have landed in Greece since the beginning of the year. Similar protests and tension have occurred on several of the islands bearing the brunt of the migrant influx in recent weeks, including Lesbos, where the majority of new arrivals land.




























Fearing Muslims does NOT make you a ‘racist,’ it makes you a survivalist

hqdefaultOh, NOES! Australian Muslims claim to be in trauma over politics of  war on Islamic terror. Islamic Council of Victoria’s president tells ‘anti-racism’ forum that proposed laws to allow the immigration minister to revoke citizenship of people who join the Islamic State (ISIS) were aimed at Muslims. (Well, duh…Maybe because Muslims are the only ones joining ISIS?)


The Guardian  The president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Ghaith Krayem, told an ‘anti-racism’ forum in Melbourne that the federal government’s plans to allow the immigration minister to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals found to join or support terrorist groups “would make criminals of people based on suspicion and suspicion alone.”


He said it was clearly aimed at Muslims, as two people fighting with Kurds against Islamic State had returned to Australia without charge. “But the moment a Muslim says ‘I want to come home’, what does our prime minister do? If you come home, you’ll be arrested, and the full force of the law will be applied.

Australian Muslim women who support ISIS

Australian Muslim women who joined  ISIS in Syria

“The Muslim community is a community under siege,” Krayem said, pointing out the small amount of money given to social programs within the Muslim community compared with the $1.2bn boost in funding for intelligence agencies and law enforcement in the May budget. “It’s a community in trauma.” (Nobody is forcing you to stay in Australia, get out)


Australia has passed more than 50 terror-related laws and spent more than $30bn on the “war on terror”. He said the result had been a polarisation of the community as the government used the fear of terrorism to pursue wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Muslim woman tells Melbourne ‘Islamophobia’ forum “racism hurts.” (What ‘race’ is Islam?)


ABC  Nasrin Amin did not know Martin PlaceMuslim terrorist gunman Man Haron Monis but during December’s deadly siege the Melbourne IT worker said she felt his actions personally. “I was returning from work on the train — a lady started pushing me with her bag and she started yelling at me and telling me to go back to the Middle East. I didn’t come from the Middle East,” the Bangladeshi native said.


She claims was “attacked” verbally twice around that time and admitted she was “shaken inside” and lived in fear. She would sit next to the emergency button on the train just in case she was attacked again. “Racism hurts”, she told a 200-strong crowd at a forum on Islamophobia in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. (Too bad. Muslims are not a race)

Ms Amin wears a black headbag that covers half of her face (and wonders why people have disdain for her). Incidents included Muslim women having their head bags pulled off them, and in one case, a woman alleges she had coffee thrown on her.


“From a victim’s point of view, Islamophobia is racism,” Ms Amin said. (Except that it isn’t, you hijacked the word just to get pity). Melbourne’s Muslim community is increasingly concerned about anti-Islamic sentiment. (Especially after reports of increasing Islamic terrorism make headlines on a regular basis)

“People can say Islam is not a race … but from a victim’s point of view this kind of abuse … affects our lives, how we go on with our daily lives.” (That does not make it racism) 

Hatred was directed at Muslims in the town of Bendigo after the council there approved the building of a mosque, which was massively opposed by local residents. The emergence of ISIS radicalized Muslim youths from Melbourne’s suburbs also added to heightened suspicion and, in some cases, threats made against local Muslims.


The forum heard that for Muslims much of the national debate and several federal policies — including the war on terror, anti-terrorism legislation including a proposal to strip citizenship — seem to be directed against them, said Doctor Yassir Morsi from the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia. “It’s tied to the asylum seeker debates and immigration debates.


He said scrutiny of Australian Muslims began in the wake of the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, but escalated in the media and in the political sphere. 


“I can’t really remember a week without there being story of something or other about Islam or Muslims and their threat,” Dr Morsi said.



Ms Amin is also concerned about “the media and politicians’ publicity of the highly publicised raid cases”. “If you look at those anti-terrorism raid cases of Muslim homes, as soon as they are on the television, the news, that’s when the Muslim women start to get attacked.” (And rightly so) sample2


ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) terror plot uncovered to assassinate Queen Elizabeth at WWII event next week

tumblr_nss7xxyHdb1u5f06vo1_1280Police and MI5 in a frantic race against time to foil ‘spectacular’ Boston Marathon copycat IED attack next Saturday as British Islamic State (ISIS) homegrown Muslim terrorists plan to blow up the Queen next weekend at an event to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This follows another similar plot against the Queen last November.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  The Muslims aim to strike on Saturday by exploding a deadly pressure cooker bomb during events in Central London to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day – Victory in Japan. Such an attack, if successful, would cause high casualties and represent the realisation of long-held fears of a terror ‘spectacular’ by home-based Muslim extremists.


Sources have told this newspaper that a specific threat was made against the Queen, triggering an urgent review of security arrangements for next weekend’s events.

The plot is understood to involve a device similar to that used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing which killed three people and injured more than 260. In the UK’s most deadly terror attack of recent years – the July 7 London bombings – 52 people were killed and more than 700 injured when four suicide bombers struck on Tube trains and a bus in Central London in 2005.


Typically, having been warned about next week’s planned attack, the Queen indicated her determination to attend the event to ‘honour the fallen’.

Senior members of Scotland Yard’s Royal Protection branch, SO14, have been informed, along with SO1 Specialist Protection, the unit responsible for the security of the Prime Minister and any dignitaries considered to be ‘under threat from terrorist attack’. The Home Office has also been made aware of the plot.


While hundreds of ISIS converts have left UK for Syria and Iraq over the past two years, others have been urged to remain in the UK and launch attacks on home soil.

Other members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles, who is identified in intelligence reports as another possible target, are also due to attend. They will join Prime Minister David Cameron, assorted dignitaries, more than 1,000 veterans of the Far East campaign and their families, and serving members of the Armed Forces.


And with thousands of members of the public expected to line the streets around Whitehall and Westminster Abbey, police fear enormous potential for carnage. Some intelligence reports suggest that the 2pm drumhead service in Horse Guards Parade, just half a mile from Downing Street, might be a specific target.


Two months ago, a series of terror manuals providing step-by-step instructions on how to launch ‘lone wolf’ attacks on the UK and the West were circulated online. They gave detailed advice on bomb-making, assassinations and firearms techniques similar to those deployed by terrorists during attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.


Last November, police stopped an alleged plan to launch an attack on Remembrance Sunday after arresting four men in London and High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Last month, police chiefs warned officers not to wear their uniforms to and from work as Islamic terrorists were looking to target officers.

In a separate development this newspaper can disclose that British Special Forces are watching migrants in Calais and Dover to detain IS terrorists attempting to enter Britain.

RUN AND HIDE - UK anti-terrorism plan

RUN AND HIDE – UK anti-terrorism plan


IRAN: Ayatollah calls for the Muslim world to unite and kick ALL the Jews out of the region

DailyMail24-340x179Iran’s Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, a radical Shiite cleric whose position grants him enormous influence in Tehran and who is appointed directly by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, called on Friday for the Muslim nations of the world to “unite and expel the Jews from this region.”

They did that already, in 1948, when the Arab nations kicked nearly 1 million Jews out and stole all their property.


Breitbart  The prayer leader, who often leads chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ took the time to thank Iran’s negotiators for reaching an agreement he believed was favorable to the regime in Tehran, Iran’s state-run IRIB news service reported.

Kashani told worshippers that Israel will only be satisfied with their position in the world “when all nations have perished and they alone remain in this world.” This is why Israel has “no qualms whatsoever about spilling innocent blood,” the Ayatollah said.


“This regime [Israel] is amongst the vilest, inhuman and bloodthirsty regimes in the world, and Muslim nations must unite and expel the Zionists from this region if they want to live in peace and security,” Kashani added.

By calling for the expulsion of “Zionists,” Kashani specifically singles out the Jews of Israel, and not its Arab population.


The cleric told the crowd that the United States–which is “the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world,” according to Kashani–is in cahoots with not only Saudi Arabia and Israel, but also with the Islamic State terror group. The three supposed allies of the U.S. are responsible for the poor conditions of Palestinians, he alleged.



“The U.S. trains and exports terrorists,” he told the Tehran University audience. “Terrorism is a tool in the hands of global powers. They cultivate and nourish terrorism, and they export terrorism,” he said of the U.S. and world powers.

Like most Ayatollahs who serve in leadership positions in Tehran, Kashani has often used vile language to attack the western world. In 2014, he called for the last Shiite messiah to come to earth and “behead Western leaders.” In 2005, he blamed the United States and Israel for the creation of Al Qaeda.


Despite Chancellor Angela Merkel taking in more Muslim illegal aliens than anyone, the Islamic State (ISIS) calls for lone wolf attacks against Germans

A new Islamic State propaganda video, believed to be the first filmed in the German language, has threatened the life of Angela Merkel and called on believers to attack Germany and Austria.


Breitbart (h/t Mike F)  Germany’s Die Welt reports at least two of the Jihadists seen in the film – which includes pronouncements on Jihad and the execution of two prisoners with assault rifles – are European citizens. Abu Omar al-Almani, a German, and Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud both speak in the film, calling on Muslims living in either country to either travel to the Islamic State, or to wage holy war at home.

Calling on Muslims to become ‘lone wolf’ killers Mohamed Mahmoud, who was jailed for four years for terrorism offences in Germany but escaped to the Islamic world says: “My brothers and sisters, either you come here and join the Mujahideen, or you lead the jihad in Germany and Austria. You do not need much, just take a large knife and kill every unbeliever. They are like dogs!”.

German ISIS  jihadist Christian Emde says, "Islam will conquer Europe"

German ISIS jihadist Christian Emde says, “Islam will conquer Europe”

He also threatened to kill German chancellor Angela Merkel, who authorised last years donation of €70 million of second hand military equipment to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State. Surplus German army equipment flown out to Syria included 16,000 rifles, 2,500 Panzerfaust-3 antitank rockets, 8 million rounds of ammunition, 10,000 hand grenades, and 100 military vehicles. Almost immediately after the weapons arrived in Syria, German-made hand grenades began mysteriously appearing in Islamic State armouries.

Mohamed Mahmoud said of Merkel: “Oh Merkel, you dirty bitch. We will take revenge for the insult of the prophet, we will take revenge for the Afghan Muslim blood that you have shed. We will take revenge for the shipment of arms to the rebels here in the Islamic state. Our revenge will be with you!”.

This despite the fact that, recently, Dresden residents woke up to find their city turned into a squatter/jihadist camp for 2,000 North African & Middle Eastern MUSLIM illegal aliens. The German city which dared to stand up to its government’s policy of accepting Islamization and massive MUSLIM immigration appears to have been punished for its dissent by the zero-notice imposition of a MUSLIM invader camp in a Dresden city park.




RUSSIAN Airline Aeroflot stops four questionable Muslim students from boarding its flight to Istanbul

Aeroflot refused to take four Muslim students to Turkey from Delhi’s IGI airport on grounds they had doubts about their identities and documents.


UK Daily Mail  According to the students, the airline didn’t give any reason but asked the quartet to travel with Turkish Airlines before throwing them out of the terminal building.  The students have filed complaints with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and Aeroflot. 

Mohammad Iqbal Rather, Showkat Ahmad Dar and Mohammad Dawood Sofi, three of the four students banned from travelling to Turkey

Mohammad Iqbal Rather, Showkat Ahmad Dar and Mohammad Dawood Sofi, 3 of the 4  students banned from traveling to Turkey

One of the fliers — Mohd Iqbal Rather, a student of Aligarh Muslim University said: “We reached Delhi airport on Thursday around 1.30am to catch Aeroflot flight number SU 233. When we went to the airline counter, officials told us that we can’t travel to Istanbul with Aeroflot. Later, they asked their colleagues to take us out of the terminal building. We were humiliated despite the fact that we had proper visa, tickets and other documents.” 

According to Aeroflot: “We allowed two students but other four were doubtful. They didn’t have luggage, money and original invitation of the conference. When we consulted it with Immigration Department, Immigration Bureau informed us that one of the persons has travelled to Pakistan frequently but was unable to provide proper reason for travelling to that country. Besides, the students were not sure about their duration of stay and details of the conference,” the official said.

Iqbal claims he was traveling with three other students to Turkey to attend a nine-day conference on “Concept of Social Justice in Islam.” 

Edward Snowden Lands In Moscow



Islamic State (ISIS) threatens to behead Croatian man in 48 hours unless female prisoners in Egypt are released

BUH BYE. 3-vi


UK Daily Mail  A video purportedly released by ISIS has threatened to kill a Croatian father-of-two if Egyptian authorities do not release ‘Muslim women’ held in prison within 48 hours. Reading from a note, he identifies himself as 30-year-old Tomislav Salopek, and says ISIS fighters captured him on July 22. 

If Egyptian authorities do not act, he says, he will be killed. ‘My name is Tomislav Salopek, I am 30 years old and I am coming from Croatia. I am married and I have two children,’ he tells the camera, also revealing he works for a French company and is based in Cairo. 

Mr Salopek continues: ‘They want to substitute me with the Muslim womens arrested in Egyptian prisons. ‘This matter have to be achieved before 48 hours from now, if not the soldiers of Wilyat Sina will kill me.’ Wilyat Sina is the Arabic phrase for the Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State.

According to LinkedIn, Mr Salopek is a topographer, and has previously worked in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Marocco, Iraq, Kurdistan and the Czech Republic.