SHOCKER! Palestinian activist says, “We have to get rid of Hamas”

Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid

Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid

“For over 26 years, I have dedicated my life to the defense of human rights. But the last month has been particularly hard for me. Death and the rubble of Gaza are like a tsunami. But as a Palestinian, I must admit: I am responsible for what happened. We can not deny our responsibility for our own dead.” –Bassem Eid

Israel Today  “Most Palestinians are against missile attacks on Israel. But we elected Hamas with the knowledge that doing so would bring about the death of our own people. We knew Hamas was digging tunnels, which eventually lead to our own destruction. …Hamas also knew that an attack on Israel would result in a high death toll. But the Hamas leadership is only interested in their own victory, not about the people.”


“Hamas requires death. Death brings her power and money for more weapons. Hamas was never interested in liberating the Palestinian people from occupation. And Israel will not be able to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Only we, the Palestinian people, can do that. The Palestinians in Gaza have to rebel against the Hamas regime.”

“Will we learn from this latest tragedy? I think so. We must first get rid of Hamas and demilitarize the Gaza Strip. Then the border crossings can be opened. And I say this as a loyal Palestinian. I say this because I care about the future of my people. ”



HAMAS says, “Israelis won’t go home until WE let them go home”

Hamas blowhard, Sami Abu-Zuhri, claims that it is Hamas that has the power in the truce talks, not Netanyahu; calls for full lifting of blockade. (Don’t dream, terror boy)


INN  Even as Israel eased the ban on Gaza fishermen Sunday in a “goodwill”gesture during the Cairo truce talks, Hamas declared that only it will decide “when Israelis return to their homes” in the rocket-beleaguered south.

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu-Zuhri said “the Israelis won’t be secureuntil our people are secure, until they remove the blockade from us completely.” Ironically given his “concern” for Gaza residents’ security, Abu-Zuhri early in the operation exhorted Gazans to serve as human shields in a TV interview.


Abu-Zuhri spoke on Sunday while at a Hamas support rally in Rafah, according to the Palestinian Arab Ma’an News Agency. “The Israelis won’t return to their homes until Hamas lets them, and not (Prime Minister Binyamin) Netanyahu,” threatened Abu-Zuhri. “The preference is to reach an agreement, but the occupier needs to stop delaying; we are looking for an agreement not from weakness but rather from a position of power.”

The threat comes as many residents of the south near Gaza have been displaced from their homes for over a month, under the ongoing barrage of rocket and terror tunnel attacks that are on a temporary pause during the ceasefire set to end Monday night.


Above cartoon courtesy of Legal Insurrection

Ten thousand people joined residents of the Gaza Belt area protesting in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square last Thursday, where they called on Israel to finish the job in Gaza, ending the threat through decisive action.

However, as noted above Israel on Sunday made one-sided concessions before any agreement was reached. Abu-Zuhri’s threats come after Hamas said it is conducting talks with Israel “at gunpoint.

Abu-Zuhri’s comment about not looking for an agreement out of a position of weakness may come in response to Netanyahu’s remarks Sunday, in which he said “if Hamas thinks it will make up for its military losses with a political achievement, it is wrong.”





CAIRO: A solid Netanyahu-Sisi-Abbas negotiating bloc tells US and EU, “No, thanks, we don’t need your help”

A three-way bloc fronted the talks for a durable truce in Gaza when they resumed in Cairo, on Sunday, August 17th. Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have lined up in a solid phalanx against the Islamist Hamas-Islamic Jihad alliance.


DEBKA  (h/t Susan K) Their lineup, backed from the wings by Saudi King Abdullah and Russian President Vladimir Putin, set itself five objectives:

1.  To confront Hamas with a solid political-security front which is beyond its power to break.

2.  To corner Hamas into accepting the Egyptian ceasefire proposion unchanged and unconditionally.

3.  To compel Hamas to disarm, i.e. dismantle its rockets and tunnels, so pulling the teeth of its military wing, Ezz e-Din al-Qassam.

4.  To distance the Obama administration from the triple bloc’s dealings with the Palestinian Islamist factions.

5.  To keep the Europeans from interfering in those dealings.

The foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and Italy meeting in Brussels offered Friday to take charge of Gaza’s border crossings and work to prevent illegal arms flows. Saturday, Cairo, Jerusalem and Ramallah politely informed Brussels that they preferred to handle this situation on their own and no European diplomatic or security assistance was needed.


The quiet shaping of this three-way alliance for resolving the Gaza conflict, by means of a sustainable cessation of hostilities, kept most of Israel’s and world media guessing, says DEBKAfile. In the interests of tight secrecy, Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon chose to keep the rest of the cabinet in the dark as well, incurring loud complaints from ministers.


The proposition the three partners have formulated puts Hamas and Jihad on the spot. The Arab world has abandoned them and their only source of funding is Tehran. So their choices are grim: Face an escalated war that Israel will fight until the bitter end, or swallow hard and accept the only proposition on the table which is tantamount to disarmament and capitulation.

Their isolation is complete. The Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian leaders have managed to cut Hamas away from any backing in Washington, Qatar and Turkey as well as blocking its path to Moscow.

To encourage Hamas to choose the right path, the Israel Air Force is cruising around-the-clock over Hamas bases and command centers in the Gaza Strip, ready at a signal to switch to the offensive if the Palestinian fundamentalists make the wrong choice in Cairo. Mahmoud Abbas, who appeared to be sitting on the sidelines of the Gaza conflict during Israel’s month-long military operation, finally threw in his lot with Sisi and Netanyahu when it came to the crunch.



THANK YOU, HAMAS…thanks for rejecting a ceasefire proposal that would have given you nearly everything you wanted

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In their time-honored tradition of ‘never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity,’ Palestinians turn down a great peace proposal that should never have been offered to them in the first place. Hamas reportedly rejected a comprehensive, 11-clause long term ceasefire proposal on Saturday. Egypt has warned that this proposal will be its final effort to secure a lasting end to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Breitbart  According to details leaked by Egyptian newspaper al-Shorouk, the 11-clause proposal contained several key concessions to the Palestinian delegation, including the opening of border crossings between Israel and Gaza, the elimination of the so-called “buffer zones” along the Israel-Gaza border, the extension of the fishing zone to 12 miles off the Gazan coast, and the assistance of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in rebuilding the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip.


The proposal also called for negotiations to resume after a month of quiet, at which time the issues of a seaport and airport in Gaza would be discussed. Egypt has warned that its latest proposal will be its final effort, Israel Radio reported on Friday.

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said the Egyptian proposal did not meet the needs of the Palestinian people.

Another member of the Palestinian delegation, Bassam Salhi, said progress was being made in the negotiations but put the chance of a long-term ceasefire agreement at “no greater than 50%,” according to Ynet News.


The armed military wing of Hamas, the Iz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, tweeted the following message on Saturday night, vowing to “continue the struggle.”


— Al-Qassam Brigades (@Qassam_English) August 16, 2014

Terror wing of ‘moderate’ Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah displays massive arsenal in Gaza video after taking part in Hamas war, vows to increase attacks. 


INN  Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction, often touted internationally as a “moderate” alternative to Hamas, has declared its intentions to further increase its terror attacks against Israeli citizens. A new video  released to YouTube by Fatah’s “military wing,” the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, declares the unity of Fatah’s various military branches, and announces a recent decision to strengthen Fatah’s military activities.

As demonstrated by the armed presence in Gaza, Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades has reportedly taken an active part in the terror war being fought against Israel from Gaza, joining Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror organizations against Israel during Operation Protective Edge. In Judea and Samaria, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades have likewise declared “open war” on the Jewish state.

While there has been a common perception globally that Abbas’s Fatah is somehow more “moderate” and accessible as a peace partner than Hamas or other alternative groups, Fatah has been open about its goals to destroy Israel. The group just last Sunday falsely claimed to have murdered 11,000 Israelis, and has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel.

abbas reject





OUTSTANDING! Russia is boycotting European produce and will replace it with imported produce from Israel

UnknownYes, God does work in mysterious ways. Due to the deterioration of its relations with Europe related to the growing crisis in Ukraine, Russia has decided to turn to Israel for its imports of agricultural products.

Haaretz (h/t Susan K)  Russia has decided to increase its fruit and vegetable imports from Israel, after deciding to boycott imports from Europe as part of the ongoing diplomatic spat between Russia and the West.

Ties between Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin have become much closer since Obama has been in office

Ties between Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin have become much closer since Obama has been in office

This development comes as buyers in Gaza, Jordan and some European nations have started refusing to buy Israeli mangoes due to Operation Protective Edge. Most recently, a buyer for a supermarket chain in Montreal announced that it would not be buying Israeli fruit.

Amir Porat, marketing manager for Adom Fruits, which exports primarily pomegranate and mango, said that as opposed to the Montreal buyer, his buyers in Canada are still interested in Israeli produce. “My customer is happy to receive Israeli products, he’s clearly pro-Israel and very satisfied with the produce,” said Porat. He acknowledged that not all Canadians may feel that way, however.

pic 7

Due to the tension between Russia and Europe, and Russia’s decision to halt imports from Europe, Israel has been asked to increase exports of fruits, specifically apples and plums, said Porat. Porat noted that lower European demand could be tied to an excess of produce there created by the Russian boycott, and not necessarily due to anti-Israel sentiments in Europe.

Meanwhile, Israeli importers and exporters are reconsidering ties with Turkey as relations with that nation sour. The Foreign Ministry has recommended against flights to Turkey, and businesses are reconsidering their ties there. While Turkish businesses have said they are interested in continuing to work with Israelis, some Israelis are considering leaving the Turkish market, particularly importers and exporters of medical equipment.


Empty produce shelves in Russia will soon be filled with Israeli products

Empty produce shelves in Russia will soon be filled with Israeli products


HAMAS admits to kicking out foreign journalists from Gaza who filmed Hamas rockets being fired at Israel from civilian areas

In an interview with Mayadeen TV, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Isra Al-Mudallal, head of foreign relations in the Hamas Information Ministry, confirms that Hamas security personnel would confront journalists suspected of filming its terrorist operations.

IPT  Throughout the latest conflict, Hamas has threatened and interrogated Western journalists, preventing them from covering the terrorist organization’s use of human shields. Recently, a Spanish journalist confirmed that Hamas launched rockets from the press hotel in Gaza, according to the Algemeiner website. Fernando Gutierrez, writing for Metilla Hoy, tweeted in Spanish: “On Saturday, 9th of August, Hamas launched a batter of rockets from press hotel. What was their intent? To provoke Israel to kill us? #SaveGazaFromHamas.


Israeli Economics Minister Naftali Bennett: “For every rocket launched into Israel, Israel should bomb 20 Hamas commanders’ homes in Gaza

Nafatali Bennett wants Israel to stop negotiating with Hamas. “We have the power. We don’t need to compromise.” (Bennett for Prime Minister!)

Bennett to Sky News: "Are you kidding me?"

Bennett to Sky News: “Are you kidding me?”

INN  Jewish Home Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said Thursday that it is time to stop the “unbecoming” negotiations with Hamas and opt for unilateral action against the terror organization.

“Open up the crossings into Gaza for humanitarian equipment, and respond with disproprtionate force to any fire on the southern communities,” Bennett prescribed, as he entered a session of the Diplomacy and Security Cabinet.

Residents of the so-called Gaza Belt, which is hardest hit by Hamas’s rockets, mortar shells and tunnels, require a specific solution, he said. “If we have to move them to guest rooms in the north for a month or two, we will do that. And for every shell that is fired, we will destroy 20 homes of Hamas commanders and rocket factories. We are the ones with the power. There is no reason to plead.”

Minutes after the cabinet session began, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu left it in order to talk to the heads of southern regional authorities, ahead of the rally that they are holding in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv. 

Listen to the Sky News dhimmi Hamas apologist accuse Israel of “disproportionate response.”


BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is blocking missile shipments paid for by Israel on behalf of his pals from Hamas


Obama Regime officials stop missile transfer, order all future transfers to be scrutinized in sign of Obama’s further hostility toward the Jewish state. 

INN (h/t Susan K)  A new report reveals that US President Barack Obama’s administration stopped a shipment of missiles to Israel late last month and tightened weapons shipment procedures to Israel, as tensions between the two nations grow amid Operation Protective Edge.

The report in the Wall Street Journal, released Wednesday night, cites US officials in Obama’s administration, who say they discovered Israel had requested a large number of Hellfire missiles directly through military-to-military channels. An initial batch of the missiles was about to be shipped, according to sources in Israel and the US Congress.


At that point, the Pentagon stepped in and put the transfer on hold. Further, top White House officials instructed various US military agencies to consult with the US State Department before approving any additional requests from Israel.

A senior Obama administration official was quoted in the report as sayingthe transfer shouldn’t have been a routine “check-the-box approval,” given Israel’s defensive operation in Gaza against Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US.

The decision to clamp down on future transfers was the equivalent of “the United States saying ‘the buck stops here. Wait a second…It’s not OK anymore,’” said the official.


A Israeli defense official confirmed the reports to Walla! on Thursday, saying “the US delayed a shipment of Hellfire missiles to the Israeli airforce.” He added “apparently it was (done) on the background of national tension” with Israel.

Obama has been at odds with Israel over the defensive operation in Gaza, making various attempts to press Israel into accepting a truce with the adamant terrorist organization of Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly responded to the pressure by telling the administration “not to ever second guess me again,” after Hamas committed one of its many ceasefire violations.


Currently a new five-day ceasefire has come into effect as of Wednesday at midnight, with Obama calling Netanyahu shortly ahead of when it came into effect to push for a “sustainable” ceasefire. According to US officials cited in the Wall Street Journal report, the Wednesday night phone call between Obama and Netanyahu was “particularly combative.”

The report noted that on July 20, ahead of the Hellfire missile cancellation, the IDF asked the US military for various munitions such as 120-mm mortar shells and 40-mm illuminating rounds, without the knowledge of Obama’s administration. Three days later the request was approved by the military, without Obama or US Secretary of State John Kerry being approached for approval, given that their approval was not required for such a transfer.


The transfer without Obama’s unnecessary approval was followed by a similar incident ahead of the Hellfire cancellation, which occurred the same day as the July 30 IDF strike on terrorists adjacent to a UN school, which the US slammed as “disgraceful.

In response, the IDF confirmed it targeted Islamic Jihad terrorists in the vicinity of the school. Previously the IDF provided video evidence that Hamas fires rockets from inside schools; further, UNRWA schools have been used in at least three cases to store Hamas rockets, after which UNRWA repeatedly returned the rockets to Hamas.

On the same day as the UN school strike, US reports said the 120-mm and 40-mm rounds had been released by the US army to the IDF, with one Obama administration official saying “we were blindsided.”


A US defense official responded, saying “there was no intent to blindside anyone. The process for this transfer was followed precisely along the lines that it should have.”

Demonstrating the tense ties between Obama’s administration and Israel, a senior official of the administration told the Wall Street Journal “we have many, many friends around the world. The United States is their (Israel’s) strongest friend.”


“The notion that they are playing the United States, or that they’re manipulating us publicly, completely miscalculates their place in the world,” added the official.

The US decision to tighten down on arms transfers to Israel comes as the UK is threatening similar actions. On Tuesday, the British government threatened to suspend 12 arms export licenses to Israel if fighting resumed in Gaza.



ARAB-AMERICAN columnist blames Western media for emboldening Hamas terrorists

Caliphate-Crescent-eclipse-17192National Review columnist Lee Habeeb appeared on CNN’s dreadful morning program “New Day” to lay out an articulate, intellectual, and ethical case for how recent news coverage of Israel’s war of self defense in Gaza has turned the American media into the public relations branch of the terror group Hamas.

Breitbart  (h/t Mike F) Unable to defend its appalling anti-Israel coverage, CNN not only is pretending there is a moral equivalence, it has has voluntarily become a public relations outlet for this evil — which has the added horror of encouraging Hamas to use more innocent children as human shields.  Lee Habeeb says: 

“The goal of Hamas’s strategy, the point of the spear is the media and dead children and dead women. They used to use women as human bombs, women and children. Now they’re using them as human shields. The American people, the world need to know Hamas’s strategy. And I don’t believe that the media is covering it. Where are the Hamas soldiers? We don’t see them because they’re hiding. We see the Israeli soldiers. They’re wearing uniforms. Why do we only see the images of dead women and children and not the images of Hamas soldiers? That needs to be contextualized by the media.”




MALAYSIA: Student under investigation for sedition for liking a ‘Pro-Israel’ Facebook page

The alleged screen capture of the ‘I love Israel’ post from the teen’s Facebook was uploaded by a teacher onto her own Facebook page, with a comment saying: “My student likes Israel? How shameful for me.”

For a country reeling from two recent airline disasters, this isn’t going to help their image as a so-called “moderate” Muslim nation.


Today Online  (h/t CC Leong) A Penang police probe into a secondary school student for sedition for allegedly liking an “I love Israel” Facebook page has sparked an outcry in Malaysia, with some questioning the action and others criticising the police’s move. Anti-Israel sentiments have been running high in Malaysia since the outbreak of conflict on July 8 between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, where close to 2,000 people have died, most of them Palestinian civilians.

On news portal The Malay Mail’s Facebook page, one user commented: “Stupid teen! Why love the country that killing children & women?!!” Internet users have also criticised the move. “What about all the people who visit Israel? Are they under investigation too?” asked user B Huan Yap on The Malaysian Insider’s Facebook page.

The 17-year-old student had on Monday gone to the police to file a report and seek aid, after he had been threatened with immolation over the Facebook “like”, which was allegedly screen captured and circulated by a teacher from his school. Instead, he was yesterday called in by the police for questioning.

Under Malaysia’s laws, sedition includes acts that raise discontent or disaffection among people in the country and promote feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population.

The student has since deactivated his Facebook account. “He is now living in fear for liking the page,” said Mr Rahim.



HAMAS spokesterrorist: “Our fighters are all civilians. That’s why we can say Israel is targeting civilians”

tumblr_n9w3qnhbKM1s4lolfo1_500Hamas TV Host: “The Palestinian public is a civilian public. Even the Security Forces – traffic police and  civil defense – are all civilian forces. Hamas Jihadist fighters are Palestinian civilians fulfilling their religious and national duty. This is why we cannot make the distinction and say ‘a civilian car’, ‘a civilian target’ and so on – since we have no regular army and no real military targets.”

You don’t say! 10-vi



BROOKLYN: Cops bust man for driving by a mosque with Israeli flags on his car and blasting Israeli music

A Jewish man fired up by the Mideast conflict between Israel and Hamas nearly started a holy war of his own in Brooklyn — when he repeatedly drove his SUV draped with Israeli flags past a mosque while blaring Israeli music and flashing strobe lights.

But when Muslims blast the eardrum shattering Islamic Call to Prayer in the neighborhood five times a day beginning at 5AM, we aren’t allowed to complain because they are expressing their religious beliefs.


NY Post  Officials charged Chaim Weiss, 20, Wednesday after he was allegedly caught on a surveillance camera repeatedly driving past the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge in a car ‘festooned with four Israeli flags. The Borough Park man allegedly drove by the mosque several times, playing Israeli tunes so loud that those inside could hear him as they recited Koran verses, officials said.

Chaim Weiss, 20, was arrested by cops from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force for his stunt at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on July 20 during a 4 a.m. service for Ramadan, one of the most holy times of the year for Muslims.

Others who were worshiping outside because of an overflow crowd watched with outrage as Weiss cruised past. “This Jewish guy was driving by looking at people praying,” said Sarah Eljadu, a congregant. “People were angry. Why was he playing music and hanging an Israeli flag? They are killing us.”


“Seven or more times this guy drove up and down the street during the prayer service blasting ­Israeli music with Israeli flags dotting the car,” an NYPD spokesman said. Weiss knew that the neighborhood was predominantly Muslim — and admitted he hatched the plan to demonstrate “support for the Israeli people in Israel,” the complaint said.

The worshipers eventually called cops and showed surveillance video of the prank. The footage led cops to bust Weiss at the scene on misdemeanor charges of disruption or disturbance of a religious service and of disorderly conduct, court records say. He was not charged with a hate crime.

A police source said cops decided to cuff Weiss and put him through the court system because of the blatant nature of the disruption of the Ramadan service, amid heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Bay Ridge Mosque Targeted in Music Hate Crime



DESPICABLE! Palestinian mother whose son is being treated by Jewish doctors in an Israeli hospital hopes he becomes a jihadist against Israel

The Israeli government opened its doors to treat her son (free of charge, no doubt) with a heart condition. Instead of being eternally grateful, she advocates for her son to become a jihadist or suicide bomber against Israel when he gets out of the hospital.

Despicable? Yes. Predictable?  Also YES.

Gateway Pundit (h/t Mike G)