Barack Hussein Obama refused to help Jordan fight the Islamic State (ISIS), so Israel is helping them

The Obama Regime this year turned down a request from Jordan for Predator spy drones that would help it locate targets in the war against the Islamic State, so, instead, the state of Israel will supply them.

Jordan's King Abdullah II and Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Washington Times  The refusal, disclosed by a House Armed Services Committee member, has gained attention since Jordan has emerged as a critical player in a U.S.-led coalition to destroy the Islamist terrorist group in the days after it released a video of its execution by fire of a captured Jordanian military pilot.


Members of Congress  called on the White House to approve a list of weapons for King Abdullah II, a strong U.S. ally. “The decision to deny the request should be reversed immediately,” Mr. Hunter wrote. “Doing so will provide Jordan critical mission capability in the fight against the Islamic State and ensure Jordan is given every advantage.

The Arab Daily News  In another sign of the increased cooperation and strategic military alliance between Israel and Jordan, news reports said that Israel will supply Jordan with two types of drones to help Jordan fight the Islamic State in Iraq, ISIS.


The London based Jane’s Defense magazine which reported the news earlier this week based on Israeli news sources said that Israel will supply Jordan with 12 “Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron TP strategic and Elbit Systems Skylark tactical UAVs.” The Heron TP is the largest and most sophisticated UAV in service since entering the IDF in 2010. The drone can fly to an altitude of 45,000 feet and stay there for up to 40 hours if necessary.

Israel has been helping Jordan in its fight against the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria by supplying its former foe turned strategic ally with high tech weapons to protect its borders against the terrorist group.

The Heron TP (Eitan) UAV is designed to fly at high altitude on missions spanning over several days. This HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) UAV has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 and weighs 4.5 tons; and of that, 1,000 Kg is payload. The Eitan, derived from the `Heron' MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) platform, was developed by Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI).

The Heron TP (Eitan) UAV is designed to fly at high altitude on missions spanning over several days. This HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) UAV has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 and weighs 4.5 tons; and of that, 1,000 Kg is payload. The Eitan, derived from the `Heron’ MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) platform, was developed by Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI).

An Israeli defense website reported last week that a joint Jordanian-Israeli command and control war room is currently leading the air campaign against ISIS from a base in northern Jordan. 

Sources in the Pentagon, however, who did not wish to be identified for this story told the Arab Daily News that the Israeli drones will help Jordanian Special Forces currently fighting ISIS in Iraq and supporting the US troops on the ground there. A total of 12 Israeli-made UAVs will be delivered to Jordan in the near future.

Jordanian and Israel flags fly side by side at Peace Park

Jordanian and Israel flags fly side by side at Peace Park

Images seen online on August 13 also showed Royal Jordanian Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons parked next to Israeli Air Force Boeing F-151 Eagle (Ra’am) fighters at Lajes Field in the Azores on their way to the United States for joint exercises, accompanied by a group of Israeli Air Force KC-707 fuel tankers.

Also last month,  with its retired Cobra helicopters after the US performed the necessary overhaul and updates. The Arab Daily News also reported that Israeli fuel tankers refueled Jordanian F16s Mid Air on their way to the US to participate along with Israeli F15s in Red Flag military exercise at Nellis Air Force Base North of Las Vegas Nevada.

Cobra helicopter

Cobra helicopter




CANADA: Media mostly silent after court backs government funding cuts to antisemitic Arab Muslim group

276735_483324711684303_143814719_nAn appeals court has upheld the Conservative Harper government’s decision to cut funding to the “radical and anti-Semitic” Canadian Arab Federation, that once was headed by a Liberal candidate.


National Post (h/t Mars)  In 2009, then-Citizenship and Immigration minister Jason Kenney cut $1 million in annual funding to the Canadian Arab Federation, arguing that the group’s leadership had repeatedly expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah. The Federation had a long track record of “expressing hateful, antisemitic views, and glorifying terrorists,” said Kenney in a Wednesday email to the National Post.

The group has subsequently failed in two lawsuits to have the funding reinstated. The Federal Court upheld Kenney’s decision in 2014, followed more recently by the Federal Court of Appeal. The Canadian Arab Federation had been paid an annual sum of $1 million in exchange for providing language-training services to new immigrants.

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney

In severing ties with the group, Kenney’s office had cited several specific incidents, including a CAF executive attending a Cairo conference where Hamas and Hezbollah delegates were present, and a CAF-organized rally in which the Hezbollah flag was flown.

Last year, a decision by Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn wrote that, based on the Ministry’s evidence, “CAF appears to support organizations that Canada has declared to be terrorist organizations and which are arguably anti-Semitic.”

The most recent court decision, released by the Federal Appeal Court in July, rejected CAF claims that Kenney’s decision was an “abuse of authority” or “a blatant attempt to suppress criticism of Israel.” Paul Champ, a lawyer for the group, said they are “seriously considering” taking the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Muslim cleric outraged at Donald Trump’s plan to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis by moving all the Palestinians to Puerto Rico

Keep in mind that this is a satire, but true to form, Muslims, once again, prove that they have no sense of humor, especially about their own miserable selves.


Times of Israel  The parody news site The Mideast Beast reported on a fake “controversial peace proposal” by the colorful Trump to “give the US island territory of Puerto Rico to the Palestinians as compensation for surrendering to Israel.”

In an article titled “Donald Trump: Move the Palestinians to Puerto Rico,” the made-up plan is described thus: “the US would fund the relocation of all four or so million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Caribbean archipelago, and offer them ‘free housing, job training and a lifetime supply of deodorant.’”


It mocks Trump’s comments against Latino immigrants: “Unlike native Puerto Ricans, however, the so-called ‘Puertostinians’ would not be able to relocate to the US proper if they don’t like their new homeland: ‘We’re overrun by Mexican criminals as it is.’”

And in one paragraph,  Trump heralds Americans’ stereotypes of Muslims: “‘There’s a fortune to be made by fulfilling people’s jihadist sex fantasies on a Disney-scale,’ he said, outlining some of the main attractions of ‘Trump Gaza’: a topless ‘72 Virgins Casino,’ ‘Safari-style’ tours to mock refugee and jihadist training camps, ‘Shoot Your Own Rocket’ and ‘Dig Your Own Tunnel’ workshops, ‘Catch a Zionist’ competitions, ‘Torture a POW’ sessions, as well as underground ‘Abu Ghraib-themed’ BDSM parties. ‘Let the Puertostinians both preserve and profit from their native culture,’ Trump said.”


However, it is well-known that Trump is a strong supporter of Israel which likely triggered the angry response (below video) from the Muslim cleric.

In response, a visibly angry Palestinian cleric, Issam Amira, who the MEMRI research center identified with Hizb ut-Tahrir, devoted a Friday sermon earlier this month to slamming the plan.


PARIS tightens security at ‘Tel Aviv on the Seine’ beach event as pro-Hamas supporters call the event “obscene”

An extra 300 police officers will be deployed in Paris on Thursday, August 13th, when the city recreates the beaches of Tel Aviv on the banks of the river Seine.


VICE News  Dubbed “Tel Aviv sur Seine” (Tel Aviv on Seine) on social media, the event is part of an annual initiative known as Paris Plages (Paris Beaches), in which the banks of the Seine are transformed into a temporary public beach. Thefestival includes food trucks, concerts, and games, and will run from 10 AM to 10 PM.

People relax on deckchairs as "Paris Plages" opens along the banks of River Seine in Paris

Pro-Palestinian advocates and France’s leftist politicians have reacted angrily to the event, which comes just one year after the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. Tense discussions and images of devastation in Gaza have flooded social media, prompting the authorities to increase security out of fear of violence. A Paris government spokesperson told VICE News that the Tel Aviv-themed event is “high-risk.”


Others have been outspoken against the event, including local councilor and Left Party Secretary Danielle Simonnet, who accused the city of “utter indecency.”

Simonnet had urged the city to cancel the “cynical” event in a statement published on her website, proposing instead to schedule “meetings and debates” about the current political situation in Israel.


Conservative lawmaker Eric Ciotti fired back at critics of the event, saying he was “scandalised” by the reaction of France’s “far-left,” whose rhetoric he accused of having “anti-Semitic overtones.”

The pro-Palestinian group CAPJPO-Europalestine has urged protesters to gather on the banks of the Seine on Thursday between noon and 9pm for a “Gaza sur Seine” protest against an event it has described as “obscene.”


IRAN: Ayatollah calls for the Muslim world to unite and kick ALL the Jews out of the region

DailyMail24-340x179Iran’s Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, a radical Shiite cleric whose position grants him enormous influence in Tehran and who is appointed directly by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, called on Friday for the Muslim nations of the world to “unite and expel the Jews from this region.”

They did that already, in 1948, when the Arab nations kicked nearly 1 million Jews out and stole all their property.


Breitbart  The prayer leader, who often leads chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ took the time to thank Iran’s negotiators for reaching an agreement he believed was favorable to the regime in Tehran, Iran’s state-run IRIB news service reported.

Kashani told worshippers that Israel will only be satisfied with their position in the world “when all nations have perished and they alone remain in this world.” This is why Israel has “no qualms whatsoever about spilling innocent blood,” the Ayatollah said.


“This regime [Israel] is amongst the vilest, inhuman and bloodthirsty regimes in the world, and Muslim nations must unite and expel the Zionists from this region if they want to live in peace and security,” Kashani added.

By calling for the expulsion of “Zionists,” Kashani specifically singles out the Jews of Israel, and not its Arab population.


The cleric told the crowd that the United States–which is “the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world,” according to Kashani–is in cahoots with not only Saudi Arabia and Israel, but also with the Islamic State terror group. The three supposed allies of the U.S. are responsible for the poor conditions of Palestinians, he alleged.



“The U.S. trains and exports terrorists,” he told the Tehran University audience. “Terrorism is a tool in the hands of global powers. They cultivate and nourish terrorism, and they export terrorism,” he said of the U.S. and world powers.

Like most Ayatollahs who serve in leadership positions in Tehran, Kashani has often used vile language to attack the western world. In 2014, he called for the last Shiite messiah to come to earth and “behead Western leaders.” In 2005, he blamed the United States and Israel for the creation of Al Qaeda.


Muslims outraged that Israel built a nightclub and café on a former Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem

Israeli authorities yesterday opened a new pub and café built on part of the land stolen from the Jews for the Islamic cemetery of Ma’manillah in the old city of Jerusalem, Quds Press reported.


MiddleEastMonitor PalInfo In a statement, Al-Aqsa Organisation for Waqf and Heritage condemned the “violation” against the cemetery, in yet another  Israeli attempt to “Judaize” the historic Jewish capital of Israel, noting that opening this pub came as part of a series of what Muslims claim are violations against this historic cemetery.

Ma’manillah is a historic Muslim cemetery that contains the remains of figures from the early Islamic period. It includes several historic shrines and tombs. Muslims stopped using it in 1927 when the Supreme Muslim Council decided to preserve it as an historic site.

The grand mufti of Jerusalem and the Pal

The Foundation which visited the cemetery asked the Islamic and Arab countries as well as the Palestinian people to urgently work on confronting such desecration of the cemetery in which a number of the Sahaba (Prophet Mohammad’s friends) and many of the Islamic “scientists” (Islamic ‘scientist’ is an oxymoron) allegedly were buried over 1400 years ago. The cemetery is the biggest and oldest graveyard in Israel.

According to Israeli media sources, the facility lies on an area of 250 square meters over a land of an area of 450 square meters. It is equipped for public ceremonies with 110 chairs including a bar and a wide courtyard and will be run by an Israeli company. DRINK UP! 



Why are Hollywood Jews so silent on the disastrous Iran deal?

Because the vast majority of Hollywood Jews are die-hard leftists, just like  Obama, to whom they have donated millions of dollars in campaign contributions. They wouldn’t dare cross him and risk being banned from White House rap parties.


Breitbart (h/t Robert S)  Perhaps these posters will get their attention? Several street art posters appeared in West Los Angeles ahead of a rally Sunday against the new Iran nuclear deal. The posters, by conservative guerilla artist Sabo from








JERUSALEM: Two Jews injured, one seriously, when Muslim terrorist firebombs their car

Israeli police say two people were hurt when a fire bomb was thrown at a passing car in Jerusalem. Inside the car was a woman, 27, who was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in stable condition with serious burns to her body. 


Vosiznelas  Her husband, who was also in the vehicle, was unharmed, although the car was completely burnt. The damaged vehicle also hit a pedestrian, who suffered light injuries.


Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said a woman was seriously wounded. She said another person was also hurt, probably as a result of the woman’s car crashing into another vehicle.

She said it was too early to tell who had carried out the attack, but that similar attacks in the past had been carried out by Palestinian Muslims.


IS IT THE HEAT OR THE INBREEDING? Muslim Deputy Minister insists a make-believe people called “Palestinians” were living in Jerusalem centuries before there was a Jewish religion

PA Deputy Minister, Salwa Hadib, says so-called ‘Palestinians’ have been present in Jerusalem for thousands of years before Jews were invented, claiming that an Israeli engineer and an archeologist just threw some Israeli coins on the ground to prove that Jews were in Jerusalem all that time.


U.S. State Department threatens Israel against demolishing an illegal Palestinian settlement

_3422_07-viU.S. State Department thugs urge Israeli authorities to find a ‘solution’ to illegally built Sussiya, whose eviction ‘would be harmful and provocative.’ The US has called on Jerusalem not to demolish the West Bank town, which, Israeli authorities say, has been constructed illegally by Muslims, warning that such action could have a wide impact on the region. (Yes, it will. It will allow more Jews to build homes on their own land)

Times of Israel  We strongly urge the Israeli authorities to refrain from carrying out any demolitions in the village” of Sussiya, State Department spokesperson John Kirby said in a Thursday press briefing.



Israel’s Supreme Court ruled last month that the Civil Administration, Israel’s military governing authority in the West Bank, had the right to demolish Palestinian homes in Sussiya because they had been built without permission.

The town’s residents argue that they had no choice but to build illegally, because the Civil Administration rarely grants permits to Palestinians in the West Bank’s Area C — a zone officially controlled by the Israel Defense Forces as per the 1993 Oslo peace accords. Kirby said the evictions and demolitions “would be harmful and provocative.” (Who cares?)

John Kerry

He added that “such actions have an impact beyond those individuals and families who are evicted. We are concerned that the demolition of this village may worsen the atmosphere for a peaceful resolution and would set a damaging standard for displacement and land confiscation.”

In June, diplomats from all 28 European member states traveled to Sussiya to protest Israel’s decision.

Ask me if I give a flying f*uck"

“Go ahead, ask me if I give a flying f*uck”

The delegation visited the town in the Hebron Hills and urged Israel not to evict its 300 residents, saying that the move would reduce the possibility of achieving a two-state solution, The Telegraph UK reported. (Well, DUH! That’s the idea)

John Gatt-Rutter, the EU representative in Jerusalem, said Sussiya had become “a byword for a policy that has deprived Palestinians of their land and resources,” according to The Telegraph. (No land in Israel is ‘palestinian’ land)




Looking forward to the day when there will be no more Muslims occupying land in the Jewish State of Israel.

Mondoweiss  A new ad is appearing in buses and bus shelters in some Connecticut cities. It features the famous maps of disappearing Palestinian land, along with a quote from David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister:

“I favor partition of the country because when we become a strong power after the establishment of the state, we will abolish partition and spread throughout all of Palestine.”


The ads come from the virulently anti-Israel Henry Clifford’s Committee for ‘Peace’ in Israel and Palestine. In the spring Clifford ran this ad in the Hartford Courant using the same Ben-Gurion quote then stating that the U.S. does nothing to stop the Israeli settlement project. “Our tax dollars assist Israel in doing what we ask them not to do.” 

Muslim and pro-Muslim leftist groups have been perpetrating this same lie for several years. Their latest reincarnation of ‘Disappearing Palestine’ will fall on deaf ears as all the other attempts have.





The rest of the story:



ONCE A NAZI…Lufthansa Airlines ‘Free Baggage’ Policy: YES for Muslim terrorists, NO for travelers to Israel

397416 For probably the first time since 1933, an organized Jewish boycott of German products has been called, following Lufthansa’s admission that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that cannot benefit from the German airline’s special free baggage allowance policy.

INN (h/t bonampak) As Lufthansa’s website explains, Economy Class travelers are permitted one free bag or suitcase of up to 23 kilograms (50 pounds).  However, a special baggage policy exists for those traveling to “the United States, Canada, Mexico and Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.”


The more generous policy, which allows two suitcases (up to 23 kilograms each) free of charge, conspicuously excludes travelers to and from Israel.

Asked if this was an accidental oversight by the airline, Lufthansa jumped away from it. The ZOA reports that Lufthansa, in its response, did not dispute or justify the existence of the policy, though it denies that it is discriminatory. 

Instead, the German airline referred vaguely to baggage allowances that are “based on economic and commercial factors,” offering no explanationas to how these factors identically affect every Arab/Muslim country in the Middle East, but not Israel.