‘PALLYWOOD’ films an alleged Israeli “atrocity” that got picked up by many in the Mainstream Media


The far leftist pro-Hamas International Solidarity Movement took part in the making of this ‘Pallywood’ Israeli atrocity in Gaza. Be sure to watch what follows the filming of the ‘atrocity’ to see it totally discredited.

THE STORY that accompanied  the fake video as reported by several in the MSM went something like this: 

A young Palestinian has allegedly been killed by an Israeli sniper as he searched through rubble for his family after heavy shelling. The man had been rescuing casualties and was hunting for his own relatives when he was shot twice in Gaza City, according to a TV crew from activists the pro-Palestine International Solidarity Movement.

Member Muhammad Abdellah said: “Israeli soldier sniper hit him in his hip, so he laid down. And I started to ask him ‘can you move?’ But he said ‘no, I cannot move, my blood is going everywhere’.’’ Moments later, with the activists unable to reach him for fear of being shot themselves, the man was seen taking a second bullet. Mr Abdellah said: “I guess it was in his heart, because he was dying in front of our eyes.”


BELGIUM: Cafe posts signs saying “Dogs are allowed but Jews aren’t”

UnknownA Belgian cafe owner is under fire for broadcasting blatant Jew-hatred in his store window. A sign in Turkish and French announced, “Dogs are allowed in this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.” The French version of the sign replaced “Jews” with “Zionists.”

NY Daily News  (h/t Martin V) Along with the sign, the cafe owners hung a Palestinian flag and a kaffieh, a Palestinian shawl. The Israeli flag was also in the window, but it was crossed out with a giant red “X”. Saint-Nicolas’ mayor sent police to the cafe to remove the sign. But the The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism (LBCA) is demanding more action.


The incidence bore a chilling resemblance to another reported act of anti-Semitism that occured in Belgium last week. An Orthodox Jewish woman claimed that a shop owner in Antwerp refused to sell her merchandise “out of protest.” An employee of the store told Joods Actueel, a Jewish Daily, that the shop had temporarily decided not to sell to Jews, although the CEO denies this.

The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy have confirmed a rise in anti-Semitic protests and violents over the past few days over the conflicts in Gaza. “Anti-Semitic rhetoric and hostility against Jews, attacks on people of Jewish belief and synagogues have no place in our societies,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, France’s Laurent Fabius and Italy’s Federica Mogherini said in a joint statement issued in Brussels.

Since the outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas, participants at anti-Israel demonstrations across Germany have frequently used anti-Semitic slogans and also called for Jews to be gassed — a reference to the killing of Jews by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

In France, pro-Palestinian youths have clashed repeatedly with police, and on Sunday set fire to cars, pillaged stores and attacked two synagogues in the Paris suburbs, while Italy has also seen pro-Palestinian demonstrations.



MEDIA FAIL! Blaming Israel for bombing Gaza hospital and refugee camp when it was Hamas-launched rockets that fell short and hit Gaza

The Gaza Strip’s main hospital and the third largest Palestinian refugee camp were both struck by failed rocket attacks launched by Gaza terrorists, the Israel Defense Forces said today.


WND Aaron Klein  (h/t Frederic F) The rockets were aimed at Israeli residential neighborhoods near the Gaza Strip but fell short and hit Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital and the Al-Shati refugee camp instead, a senior IDF spokesperson said.

Several major media outlets immediately reported Israel was behind the strikes just outside the Al-Shifa hospital, based solely on Palestinian claims and before any official IDF reaction.


NBC News was the first English-language media outlet to run with the story reporting from Gaza that “Israeli strikes hit within yards of Gaza’s main hospital as well as at a refugee camp on Monday, leaving at least 30 dead and wounded.”

The lead sentence stated as fact that Israel was behind the strikes.


NBC News added in the second sentence the attack near the Al-Shifa Hospital “caused some damage to the outpatient clinic, according to witnesses including an NBC News crew on the ground in the area.”

Canada’s CBC News reported: “Israeli airstrikes hit the compound of Gaza City’s main hospital and a nearby park Monday, causing casualties, according to the Gaza police operations room and a Palestinian health official.”


The CBC did not report that the Gaza police force and the territory’s main health ministry are run by Hamas.

Israel in the 1980s refurbished the hospital as part of an outreach effort to improve relations with Palestinians. Part of the Israeli reconstruction included a large underground cement basement with room for offices.



Muslim Cleric says: “Egypt should annex Gaza and lead Arab armies in the extermination of the Jews”

Uhhh…I guess he hasn’t been paying attention to Egypt’s public support for Israel in its current conflict with Hamas. (See links below)













Did you know that the United Nations has been supplying Hamas terrorists with food and other dry goods?

IDF troops discovered large bags of UNRWA supplies in a massive Hamas terror tunnel underneath Gaza, that was dug 25 meters deep to withstand airstrikes.

Elder of Ziyon  In these bunkers they found large bags of UNRWA aid. Clearly UNRWA doesn’t hand out these large sacks of rice and other goods directly to Gazans, these sacks could only be obtained from UNRWA employees themselves – who are clearly part of the Hamas tunnel digging teams.

Can everyone say bunker buster?




ISRAEL: Arab Muslim ‘Hit and Run’ Jihad at Israeli bus stop

Palestinian Arab driver intentionally drives into a crowd of Jews in Gush Etzion, then speeds away.

BCF (h/t SusanK)   As you can see in the video, the Arab driver swerved into a group of people, mostly women and girls standing at a Gush Etzion Junction bus stop. One woman, 20, was injured in the attack, and was taken to Hadassah Ein Karen hospital. The driver drove off and was captured south of Gush Etzion. The footage was captured by the security camera overlooking the bus stop.


Al-Jazeera Analysis of Gaza casualties in Operation Protective Edge – as of July 25th


Here is the latest based on the 627 names listed at Al Jazeera, and taken from the Gaza Health Ministry.

IsraellyCool  Note that this analysis eliminates duplicated names found, and delineates those whose age or gender was not identified, in order to make the analysis as accurate as possible.


What this analysis indicates even more clearly than the previous two is how even those numbers provided by the Gaza Health Ministry do not support claims that Israel is targeting civilians or indiscriminately killing them, and do support IDF claims that we are trying to pinpoint the terrorists. How else do you explain:

  • The highest demographic category of those killed being young males of fighting age (18-28) – 32% (73% x 44%)
  • Over 42% of those killed have been males of age 18-38 (i.e including others who could very well be combatants)
  • When compared to the overall population of Gaza, a disproportionately high percentage of young to middle age males have been killed
  • Despite comprising approximately 50% of the population, the percentage of women killed is 21%.
  • Despite comprising  approximately 50% of the population, the percentage of children under 14 killed is 15%.





Bear in mind also that some of these casualties were likely not killed by Israeli strikes (e.g. killed by Hamas’ rockets landing in their own territory, or killed as “collaborators”).




ISRAEL WILL WIN…if only Obama can restrain himself from helping Hamas terrorists

netanyahuobamaphone-viBut we know the chances of that are slim to none. Slandered, despised, insulted, degraded, Israel is nonetheless winning its war against Hamas. The number of rocket attacks launched by the terror group each day has been halved. The IDF is uprooting the underground tunnels Hamas uses to smuggle weapons, contraband, and terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Free Beacon  On Wednesday evening, Israel’s Channel Two newscast carried footage of Hamas terrorists surrendering to the IDF. The jihadists carried white flags. They stripped to their shorts, proving they were not wearing suicide belts. These are facts Hamas does not want you to know, images Hamas does not want you to see.


And you probably won’t see them (except at BNI). Since the evening of July 17, when Israel launched its ground offensive, Western media has been filled with Hamas propaganda. In the United States, the debate over the conflict is invariably couched in terms favorable to Hamas: Are civilian casualties too high? Is it safe to fly into Ben-Gurion airport? Has the IDF targeted schools and hospitals? One MSNBC anchor calls Israel, which abandoned Gaza in 2005, the occupying authority.” Another praises a “gutsy” Israeli, who refuses to serve in her nation’s military.

On CNN, the Islamist Turkish prime minister says Israel has surpassed what Hitler did.” A CNN reporter calls Israelis “scum”; a NBC reporter tweets a scurrilous article calling U.S. Jews who join the IDF “America’s Israeli jihadists; and a writer for Gawker says it’s time to send the Jews back to Germany. Reporters once embedded with military forces. Now the talking points of a military force—the talking points of Hamas—are embedded in the U.S. media.


And yet the immediate danger to the success of this necessary war does not come from the electronic intifada. It does not come from resurgent anti-Semitism, or the United Nations Human Rights Council, or the failure of so many Western elites to recognize the causes of this war, their inability to distinguish between a democratic country struggling to protect its people and a terror state using children as hostages. Hate, law-fare, decadence—they are all challenges for Israel. But Israel can endure them for now. Israel is used to it.


What Israel should not endure is the premature conclusion of hostilities. Disarming Hamas—seizing its rocket caches, collapsing its tunnels, killing and capturing its forces—is vital to Israeli security. And an artificial ceasefire imposed by outside powers, a ceasefire written in terms favorable to Hamas, would undermine the security gains Israel has made to date. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have given no sign that they recognize this fact. Or maybe they understand it all too well: The Obama administration’s top priority is imposing a ceasefire at exactly the moment when Israel’s military success is becoming clear.


Secretary Kerry arrived in Cairo earlier this week. No one wanted him there. Egypt’s ruler, General Sisi, has no interest in saving Hamas through international diplomacy: The Muslim Brotherhood is his mortal enemy. Kerry then went from Cairo to Jerusalem, where he met with U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon, who flew to the meeting on a plane chartered by Qatar, Hamas’ primary source of cash. Kerry also met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is too gracious to tell the secretary to go back to Boston. (Israel’s former ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, has said publicly what the Israeli government will not: Kerry is an unwelcome guest.) Next up was Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, who honored Kerry’s presence by endorsing Hamas’s call for a “Day of Rage” in the West Bank. Kerry “will soon decide if Hamas and Israel are willing to agree on a Gaza ceasefire,” Reuters says.

Kerry will decide? Who died and made him king?

There is no ceasefire in Gaza because a ceasefire is in no one’s interest. Israel’s objective is clear: degrade Hamas’ capability to fire rockets at Israeli civilians and attack Israeli communities from underground. As for Hamas, its interest is irrational, macabre, and deranged, but no less obvious: Promote itself as the leader of the worldwide struggle against Zionism and Judaism, while ensuring collateral damage that will foment outrage at Israel. That is why Hamas stores weapons in schools, why its military headquarters is in the basement of a hospital. Hamas is not interested in minimizing pain. Hamas wants to maximize it.


Who wants a ceasefire? Obama and Kerry. They need the diplomatic victory after the failure of their misguided and poorly executed bid to reconcile the irreconcilable. The president’s approval rating on foreign policy is abysmal. A ceasefire might help the American people forget, just for a moment, that their president has failed to influence events in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq, let alone advance American interests overseas. Since he became president, Israel is the one country in the world in whose affairs President Obama has seemed at all interested in intervening. It is the one country whose politics and actions Obama has had no trouble judging harshly. Next to golf, it’s his favorite pastime.


Who wants a ceasefire? Qatar. The sheikhs who bankroll the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera, and Hamas would see their status rise. A ceasefire would lend credence to the theory that the traditional Sunni powers—Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia—have been eclipsed both by Shiite Iran and by Brotherhood-friendly Sunnis in the Gulf and Turkey. Having lost Egypt and possibly Gaza, the Brotherhood finds itself on the precipice. A Qatari-backed ceasefire that does not include disarmament of Hamas would pull the movement back from the abyss.


“One of the results, one would hope, of a cease-fire would be some form of demilitarization, so that again, this doesn’t continue, doesn’t repeat itself,” said Tony Blinken, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, to NPR. Onewould hope so. Indeed, actual demilitarization—not hoped for, not partial—is exactly what the IDF is doing now, block by block, tunnel by tunnel. Why is the administration trying to stop it? Is a ceasefire that leaves Hamas with its arsenal really more desirable to them than another week of war?


This is not the time for President Obama and John Kerry to play to type, to promote bad agreements for self-satisfaction, for political gain. If they won’t stand behind Israel, they should at least get out of the way. And let the IDF finish the job.



IDF reports: Hamas morale collapsing as fighters flee their positions

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier in the field told the Jerusalem Post that while Hamas fighters offered fierce resistance when the ground operation began, now Hamas operatives are fleeing, abandoning their positions, leaving behind weapons that the IDF is using to expand its assault on the terror group.

IDF soldiers rolling into Gaza

IDF soldiers rolling into Gaza

Breitbart  The source added that in recent days, a recognizable wave of demoralization has washed over Hamas’s combat battalions. “They simply escape, leaving behind weapons and suicide bomb vests that were laid out for battle. This morning we stormed a position, and they just weren’t there. I don’t see a determined enemy. We have encountered stronger pockets of fighting in the past. But now, I would not give them a high grade for fighting spirit.”

Using further eyewitness reports, the article describes how Hamas has integrated the tunnel network into the civilian infrastructure of Gaza, constructing entrances in homes and even mosques. “I have not entered one civilian home that did not have weapons, suicide belts, or booby traps in it,” the source told the Post, stressing the lengths to which the IDF goes to protect innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, regardless.


The reports of a collapse in Hamas fighters’ morale lends credence to other reports that Hamas leaders were considering a temporary truce suggested by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. The organization has insisted in the past on making a ceasefire conditional on the removal of the international blockade of Gaza, which exists to prevent Hamas from importing weapons and materials to build its terror network even further than it has.


Update: As Israel’s political leaders debated a ceasefire well into Friday evening, a top military leader took the unusual step of discouraging a ceasefire, the Times of Israel reports, confirming the Jerusalem Post‘s report about Hamas retreat:

“The spirit of Hamas terrorists is weakening,” Southern Region Commander Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman says. “I see terrorists in distress, abandoned by their commanders who deserted them at the front and stayed behind…and facing them, our reserve and standing army units led by commanders leading the force.”





CARTOONISTS in the Muslim world are attacking Arab leaders for their virtually unanimous non-support for Hamas in the latest conflict with Israel

HINT: It’s no secret that most of the Arab world has always disliked the Palestinians which is why so many Arab countries will not grant them citizenship or allow them to buy land in their countries.


MEMRI  As the Israel-Hamas conflict in the Gaza Strip continues, there is evidence of a sense of disappointment in the Arab and Muslim world at the Arab countries’ failure to act to aid the Gaza residents, and at the Arab League’s indifference to events there. This disappointment has been expressed pointedly in cartoons in newspapers, on websites, and on social networks; cartoonists went so far as to accuse the Arabs of betraying Gaza and of collaborating with Israel in the latter’s operations there.

It should be noted that alongside the criticism of the Arab position vis-à-vis the Gaza events, the Arab press has published numerous articles criticizing Hamas’ actions and terming them endangerment of the lives of Gaza residents. The following are cartoons on the Gaza situation from Arab and Iranian sources:

The Arab  Silence Constitutes Betrayal Of Gaza And Feeds Israeli Aggression

The Arab silence (left) and the Israeli knife (right) together slit Gaza's throat

The Arab silence (left) and the Israeli knife (right) together slit Gaza’s throat

Israel uses the knife of "Arab silence" and the American fork to consume Gaza children.

Israel uses the knife of “Arab silence” and the American fork to consume Gaza children.

The "Arab silence" fuels the Israeli tanks that shell Gaza.

The “Arab silence” fuels the Israeli tanks that shell Gaza.

The Israeli killing of "Gaza" ("zoom") (right) takes place atop the head of the Arab who closes his eyes

The Israeli killing of “Gaza” takes place atop the head of the Arab who closes his eyes

Falling Israeli missile to Arab leaders: "Thanks, kids, your silence and cooperation are unbelievable!"

Falling Israeli missile to Arab leaders: “Thanks, kids, your silence and cooperation are unbelievable!”

Arab Disconnection, Indifference Vis-à-vis The Situation Of Gaza Residents

The Arab League snoozes as Israeli missiles land on Gaza

The Arab League snoozes as Israeli missiles land on Gaza

Right to left: 'I'm an Arab... I want Germany to win"; "I'm an Arab... I want Brazil to win"; "I'm an Arab... I want the Arabs to wake up"

Right to left: ‘I’m an Arab… I want Germany to win”; “I’m an Arab… I want Brazil to win”; “I’m an Arab… I want the Arabs to wake up”

Man on right: "Gaza... Gaza... Gaza" Man on left: "No, by my life, I don't know it... Did anyone tell you where it is?"

Man on right: “Gaza… Gaza… Gaza” Man on left: “No, by my life, I don’t know it… Did anyone tell you where it is?”

Arab (right) to resident of Gaza knee-deep in blood: "Oh my brother, I fear that this red water will make me impure"

Arab (right) to resident of Gaza knee-deep in blood: “Oh my brother, I fear that this red water will make me impure”

Arab Solidarity With And Support For Israel’s Position In The Conflict

"Gaza is bombed [by Israeli planes] fueled by Arab petroleum"

“Gaza is bombed [by Israeli planes] fueled by Arab petroleum”

The Arabs offer Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tissues to wipe the Gaza blood from his lips

The Arabs offer Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tissues to wipe the Gaza blood from his lips

"The theory of evolution of the official Arab position" – right to left, from Arab fighter to the Jew in anti-Semitic caricature

“The theory of evolution of the official Arab position” – right to left, from Arab fighter to the Jew in anti-Semitic caricature

Ridiculing The Arab Aid To Gaza: Empty Words, Support On Internet, Crocodile Tears

"The Arab mobilization" for "Gaza": Social media support only

“The Arab mobilization” for “Gaza”: Social media support only

"Arab activism" for Gaza: A few tears, "likes" on Facebook

“Arab activism” for Gaza: A few tears, “likes” on Facebook

"The Arab aid to Gaza"

“The Arab aid to Gaza”

"Arab aid to Gaza" – words, words, words

“Arab aid to Gaza” – words, words, words