JERUSALEM: Two Jewish men stabbed, but survive, in an apparent Arab Muslim terrorist attack

A Jewish man in his 40s is in moderate-to-serious condition after being stabbed in the upper torso, while another man sustained light wounds, police said, when both were attacked by a group of Arab Muslim assailants near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate. According to Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, police “strongly believe the stabbing was a terrorist attack.”

Right on schedule, the international community rushes to blame Israel

And right on schedule, the Jew-hating leftists rush in to blame Israel

JPost (h/t Mathijs B)  “The victims were surrounded by a group of Arab Muslim men, and one was stabbed and the other was lightly injured, although it is not clear if he was stabbed as well,” Rosenfeld said shortly following the attack.

Police arrested one of the suspects and continue to search for the others after they fled the scene, he said, adding that the stabbing victim managed to walk to a nearby police station where he received first aid before being rushed to Shaare Zedek Medical Center. “Police continue to search the Old City for the other suspects and hope to make arrests soon,” Rosenfeld said.

Meanwhile, police announced on Monday that an Arab resident of the Old City was arrested last week on suspicion of spreading violent propaganda on his Facebook page. In a statement, police said Mahmoud Asila, 32, was arrested on November 18 for posting photos and videos deemed as “incitement,” which called for running over security forces and for attempting to spur car attacks against Israelis in general. 



Excuse me ladies, are there any bombs under those headbags?

Two Muslim women from America were barred from walking down a street in Hebron by Israeli security forces because they were Muslims.

In light of the current Islamic intifada against Israel, can you blame the Israelis?

UPDATE: Despite the fact that this video was most likely staged, Hamas-linked CAIR is demanding that Obama investigate:


NEW JERSEY RABBI under fire from CAIR for calling Arab Muslims “animals” and advocating for destruction of the Dome of the Rock

Just named to the UAE list of terrorist organizations, CAIR (Council on American-Israel Relations is demanding that Jewish leaders repudiate the Rabbi’s remarks. In In a blog post entitled “Dealing with Savages,” Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, N.J., called for Israel to collectively punish Arab Muslims and Palestinians until they realize “they have no future in the land of Israel.”


Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Here are some excerpts from the Rabbi’s post Dealing with Savages 

How does a human being (or two) walk into a synagogue and begin hacking at worshippers who are immersed in prayer, leaving behind a trail of blood, victims, grief and horror?

The question is misplaced because no “human being” could do such a thing. It would have to be a beast in human form, a relic from primitive times before true humans became civilized. The Arab-Muslim animals that span the globe chopping, hacking and merrily decapitating – from Iraq to Jerusalem to New York to Oklahoma, and places in between and beyond – are a discredit even to the term “animal.” Most animals are not that brutal.


The real issue confronting Israel for decades and the civilized world today is what to do about the proliferation of savages who lust for blood and derive inspiration from their religious texts? One example not to follow is that of President Obama’s. In one of his more ludicrous statements in the last few months – amid a healthy competition – he decried the attack, the loss of life “on both sides (!),” and then added this gem: that the “overwhelming majority of Palestinians…want to live in peace.”

Really? And based on what data was that determination made? That only tens of thousands of “Palestinians” rejoiced after the massacre, singing and dancing in the streets, distributing candies and sweets, praising the vicious slaughter and the slaughterers – and not hundreds of thousands? Polls in the PA reveal widespread support for the murder of Jews so what exactly is he talking about?


Obama seems to be as much an expert on “Palestinian” society as he is about Islam generally. His incessant protestation that ISIS distorts Islam is based on…what exactly? ISIS and sundry other radical groups seem to feel that they are fulfilling the dictates of Islam – and the few Muslims who disagree meet their fate at the business end of a machete.

Actions speak louder than words. Obama’s expertise in Islam has led him to cede the Middle East to the most ruthless forces, embrace the radical Muslim Turk Erdogan as an American ally, and facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Perhaps with a nuclear weapon, Iran will be civilized, or so the thinking goes.

Little can or should be expected from Obama or from the Europeans, mired as they are in cultural deterioration, moral relativism, population decline and Muslim-inspired Jew hatred.  Sweden and Britain’s recognition of a still non-existent Palestinian state is nothing more than an endorsement of the slaughter of Jews.


But Israel has to act, especially as the violence has spiraled out of control. The dynamic needs to change, dramatically. At a certain point, the unrestrained behavior of unruly animals becomes the fault of the zookeeper, not the animals. What can be done?

First, abandonment of defensive, reactive moves and an embrace of offensive, anticipatory, and proactive moves. The Arabs need to feel that they are paying a heavy price for murdering Jews. Right now, not only do they not pay a heavy price but the murderers and their families benefit.

Israel should make clear that a Palestinian state will never be created between the river and the sea. There will be no non-Jewish national entity tolerated. The Muqata in Ramallah should be destroyed and “President” Abbas should be incarcerated as a war criminal.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

Terrorists will be killed, not captured (no great loss, as their fondest wish is for martyrdom). Their bodies will not be returned to their families but will be cremated, and perhaps the ashes buried with deceased pigs. The homes of the extended family (up to and including first cousins) of the terrorist will be destroyed, and they will all be deported to the Muslim country of their choice. A second terrorist in a village results in the destruction of that village and the deportation of its residents to a friendlier country.

Anyone who riots or throws a stone at a Jew should be shot – with real bullets. Rubber bullets and tear gas should be sold to the Amish. Those who wish to be martyred and who celebrate death should be accommodated as often as possible. The media should be barred from scenes of violence, cell service canceled and cameras confiscated, like in most war zones.


Muslim access to the Temple Mount should be denied for at least six months, and Jewish prayer will be allowed thenceforth at permissible locations, such as they might be. It is unconscionable crime to deny Jews the right to move their lips on the Temple Mount! And perhaps the day will come in the near future when the mosque and the dome can be uplifted intact and reset in Saudi Arabia, Syria or wherever it is wanted.

In fact, we should apply to Muslim holy places the exact same respect and deference they have shown to Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu holy sites across the world. That seems only fair.


We should not ignore as well the rank hypocrisy that promotes the double standard that cripples Israel’s ability to defend itself. Case in point: this week, Egypt evicted thousands of Arabs along the Gaza border and destroyed hundreds of their homes for “security reasons.” No courts, no appeals, no process. Some of the homes were being used to conceal tunnels, so they all had to go.

If only Jews would realize the same and stop fantasizing about convincing that enemy of our own goodness. It’s the same enemy that rides our buses, shops in our malls, drives on our roads and lives just two miles from us. The same enemy that lynched soldiers in Ramallah and tore them apart is the same enemy that butchered holy Jews this week in Har Nof  and kidnapped and murdered three precious boys just a few months ago.

Do you know where that enemy is, and what he is plotting right now?




Israeli Security forces discover massive weapons cache hidden in boxes of Christmas decorations headed for Muslims in Jerusalem


J POST (h/t Susan K)  A massive amount of fireworks, knives and Tasers police believe were meant in part to be used by rioters clashing with police were seized last week by Jerusalem District detectives and officers from the Tax Authority and the Ashdod Port Customs, police announced on Thursday.

Police said the seizure came after Jerusalem detectives ran an undercover investigation along with the tax and customs officials, during which they were able to track and seize two shipping containers which came to Ashdod by way of China. The fireworks were hidden among Christmas decorations inside the containers, which were intended for Arab residents of the largely Christian east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

Last Tuesday, three of the suspects arrived at the Ashdod Port and claimed the containers, and then drove with them on trailers to a storehouse in Afula, where they planned to unload the merchandise. They were then arrested at the spot before unloading the containers, as was the owner of the storehouse.

Inside the containers police said they found 18,000 fireworks of the restricted 20mm variety, as well as 5,200 commando knives, 4,300 flashlights that can be modified into improvised Tasers, 5,500 Tasers, and 1,000 swords.

Fireworks have become a highly popular tool of rioters facing off with police and soldiers during riots in the Arab sector, in particular in East Jerusalem. The firecrackers, including large roman candles, are pointed horizontally towards police and soldiers and fired like ammunition. Some of the larger gauge fireworks can penetrate police protective gear at close range, including their plastic shields. All can cause severe burns and if some of the larger ones hit on the right spot, such as the neck, they can potentially be fatal.


Who cares that the United States is condemning Israel’s demolition of terrorists’ homes?

netanyahuThe destruction of terrorists’ homes sends a sharp, clear message to those who wish to harm Israeli civilians and security forces, that terrorism and causing harm to innocents carries with it a heavy price,” the Israel Defense Forces said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to raze more homes of families of East Jerusalem Muslim terrorists.


Times of Israel  At the same time the U.S. State Department slams Israel’s new construction of homes in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem. We would reiterate our clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem. During this sensitive time in Jerusalem, we would see such activity as inconsistent with the goal of lowering tensions and seeking a path towards peace,” said State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke at a press briefing Wednesday.

He added that the US administration remains in close touch with the Israeli government on these and other issues, including the deadly attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning.


Rathke also said that the renewal of the controversial Israeli policy to demolish the homes of terrorists as a punitive measure “are counterproductive in an already tense situation.” “This is a practice I would remind that the Israeli government itself discontinued in the past, recognizing its effects,” he said.


Israeli security forces razed the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem from Silwan who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack last month, which killed a baby and a woman before police shot and fatally wounded him.

Last month, a powerful explosion ripped out the walls of the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack

Last month, a powerful explosion ripped out the walls of the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack

Three other families of terrorists in East Jerusalem have now been formally notified that their homes are slated for demolition. One is the home of Mohammed Jaabis, 23, from Jabel Mukaber, who rammed an earthmover into a bus on August 4, killing an Israeli and wounding five. He was shot dead by police at the scene.

Another is that of Mu’taz Hijazi, 32, from Abu Tor who on October 29 tried to gun down a far-right Jewish activist, critically wounding him. Hijazi was shot dead the following morning during a police raid.


The third is the home of Ibrahim al-Akary, 38, from the Shuafat refugee camp, who on November 5 rammed his car into pedestrians, killing a teenager and a policeman and wounding nine, before also being shot dead at the scene.

Israel has likewise pledged to raze the homes of Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, from Jabel Mukaber, who on Tuesday were shot dead after attacking a synagogue with meat cleavers and a gun, killing four rabbis at prayer as well as a Druze policeman.


Earlier Wednesday, Jerusalem municipal spokesperson Brachie Sprung said that of the 78 homes in East Jerusalem set to be built, 50 apartments are to be built in the Ramot neighborhood and another 28 in Har Homa. She said the same committee last week ALSO approved 178 homes for Arab residents in neighborhoods of the city including Ras al-Amud, Jabel Mukaber, Wadi Joz and Beit Hanina.

On the other hand, the Obama Regime has said nothing about Egypt’s eviction of residents and demolition of hundreds of mostly Palestinian civilian homes in the Gaza border town Rafah, in order to create a buffer zone and moat, following Hamas terror attacks that killed many Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, as well as the discovery of hundreds of Hamas smuggling terror tunnels from Rafah into Sinai.  Armed Egyptian soldiers have been rounding up residents of Rafah and blowing up their homes – with minimal media coverage or condemnation.

Egypt's massive demolition of Palestinian homes in Rafah

Egypt’s massive demolition of homes in Rafah

Meanwhile the world media and international community remained silent, reserving criticism and condemnation only for Israel.


Palestinian leaders call rabbis murdered in Jerusalem synagogue attack “terrorists”

abbasPalestinian leaders reacted to Tuesday’s bloody attack by two Muslim terrorist on a synagogue in West Jerusalem by characterizing the synagogue as “a command center” and the murdered victims as “terrorists.” (It’s time to bomb the al-Aqsa mosque to smithereens and replace it with a temple)

CNS News  Hamas described the attack as “a quality development in the confrontation with the Israeli occupation.”  Hamas spokesman Sheikh Ismail Aal Radhwan called the four murdered rabbis “the greatest terrorists in that racist state,” concluding that “these are no civilians. They are terrorists.” “Blood will be met with blood, killing will be met with killing, and the defiling of the holy places will be met by resistance, and by the heads of the Zionist rabbis, who are the greatest terrorists in that racist state,” Radhwan told Al Quds TV in Lebanon.

“That synagogue is a kind of command center for the planning of acts of aggression against our people and our holy places. This is no prayer synagogue. Otherwise, how can we account for the presence of American and British citizens there?” asked Abu Ahmand Fouad, deputy secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


Taking time out from dancing in the streets over the slaughter of 5 Israelis, Palestinian Muslims threaten more terror attacks on the Jewish state

Hreka Tube Palestinian internet channel published an animated video, in broken Hebrew, threatening to get rid of all Israelis with continued terror attacks. Hreka Tube specializes in publishing anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish animated songs on social media.

Encouraging Muslims to run down and kill Israelis with their cars:





4 JEWS MURDERED IN SYNAGOGUE TERROR ATTACK – Let the Muslim dancing and celebrating begin


While Muslims were dancing in the streets and handing out sweets, the media were inventing creative new ways of obfuscating the news about a Muslim terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue.


OH, that naughty synagogue!


Oh, that naughty synagogue

But I digress, now on to the celebrating:


BREAKING! Third Intifada against Israel continues with savage Muslim terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue


At least four Jewish worshipers are dead, with  six or more in critical or serious condition, in the wake of a terror attack at a crowded Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning. Economic Minister Naftali Bennett says: “PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has declared war on Israel and we must respond accordingly.”

Algemeiner  (h/t Liz) Israeli Police said two Palestinian terrorists entered the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Shimon Agassi St. in the city’s religious Har Nof neighborhood at about 07:00 a.m., opened fire with weapons and struck worshipers with a meat cleaver and knives.

One of the Jewish worshippers killed in Muslim terror attack

One of the Jewish worshippers murdered in Muslim terror attack

Two police officers in the vicinity were able to shoot and kill the assailants. One policeman is in critical condition, in the wake of the attack, and unconfirmed reports said he has succumbed to his wounds. Police have locked down the area, and ground units and helicopters are searching for a third accomplice, Israel Radio said.

Palestinian social media wasted no time in glorifying the attack, with one Facebook poster uploading a grotesque cartoon poster (below) showing the attack, including the terrorists shooting and stabbing worshipers, and piles of bodies.


Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the attackers were Palestinians from east Jerusalem, which has been the scene of relentless clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters in recent months. She identified the assailants as Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamil from the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood.

Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal - Two more dead Muslim terrorists

Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal: Now dead Muslim terrorists

“This is the direct result of the incitement being led by Hamas and Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority – PA President Mahmoud Abbas], incitement which the international community is irresponsibly ignoring,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in comment, and will soon convene security officials to weigh responses. ‘We will respond with a heavy hand to the brutal murder of Jews who came to pray and were met by reprehensible murderers. We will respond harshly,” Netanyahu said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Netanyahu to offer his condolences, and called on the PA to clearly condemn the attack. However, no PA officials have publicly responded to the attack, as of this update.

Palestinians dancing in the streets and passing out candies

Palestinians dancing in the streets and passing out candies?

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said Abbas, “who is among the greatest terrorists to incite the Palestinian people, is directly responsible for the Jewish blood spilled. “While we dealt with fantasies about the political process, the Palestinians have prepared an interlocking infrastructure of terrorism and incitement. Even the concept of concrete blocks do not stop terrorism, but rather encourage it,” he said. “Abbas declared war on Israel, and we must respond accordingly,” Bennett declared.


Israel has been on edge with a spate of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, killing at least six people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Tel Aviv in recent weeks, prior to Tuesday’s casualties.

Jerusalem residents had already been fearful of what appeared to be lone wolf attacks using cars or knives against pedestrians, but Tuesday’s synagogue assault harkens back to gruesome attacks during the Palestinian uprising of the last decade.

Hamas in Gaza lauded the attack,  calling it “heroic.” “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.  Islamic Jihad and Fatah also praised the attack, with a spokesman for the latter blaming the Israeli government for the killings.

The two assailants, Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, in their 20s, are reportedly relatives of terrorists released in the prisoner swap with Hamas to gain the release of former IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011.







Muslim and Leftist supporters of Palestinian terrorist bitch who bombed Israelis and was just convicted of naturalization fraud in Detroit, try to spin her into a ‘victim’

Rasmea-Odeh-Guilty-620x435A defiant Palestinian Muslim terrorist, Rasmieh Odeh, was taken into custody after a federal jury in Detroit convicted her of naturalization fraud. Jurors determined Odeh knowingly lied when she failed to tell U.S. immigration officials that she spent 10 years in an Israeli prison, after being convicted in a series of 1969 Jerusalem bombings that killed two people.


Rasmieh  Yousef Odeh, 66, spent a decade in an Israeli prison for her involvement in a 1969 attack that involved bombs planted at a crowded Jerusalem supermarket and a British consulate, according to a federal indictment. Only one bomb — one of two placed at the supermarket — exploded, killing the two people and wounding several others. Israeli authorities have said the attacks were planned by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

An Israeli military court sentenced Odeh to life in prison in 1970, but she was released 10 years later in a prisoner exchange with the Popular Front. Israel released 76 prisoners in exchange for an Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon, according to Odeh’s indictment.



3rd INTIFADA? Muslims stab and kill woman and IDF soldier, stab two others in separate stabbing attacks

A 25 year-old Israeli woman has been stabbed to death at a bus stop in Judea-Samaria (West Bank), while in a separate incident an IDF soldier was fatally wounded by a suspected Palestinian terrorist at a Tel Aviv train station.

In one of the incidents, an assailant stabbed three Israelis at a bus stop outside the Alon Shvut settlement, leaving a 25-year-old women named as Dalia Lamkus dead and two others wounded. The knifeman was then apprehended and shot by a security guard.

Israeli security and rescue personnel seen with the terrorist who was shot after a deadly stabbing attack at a bus stop at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Alon Shvut

Israeli security and rescue personnel seen with the terrorist who was shot after a deadly stabbing attack at a bus stop at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Alon Shvut

RT  The first incident happened at the Alon Shvut junction in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank, as a car pulled up to the side of the road, with the driver getting out a stabbing three people in total. The Jerusalem Post report that a guard, who was positioned at the entrance to the settlement, shot the perpetrator, who eventually died from his injuries.

The Israeli Defense Forces have sealed off the area as they look for any potential suspects. The two other victims, a 26 year-old man, who received a stab wound to the stomach and a 50 year-old women who has a light stab wound to the face have both been taken to hospital.

The incident occurred a short distance away from the bus stop where three teenagers — Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Fraenkel and Gil-Ad Shaer — were kidnapped and then killed in June. Earlier in the day, a young man was stabbed by a Palestinian at a train station in Tel Aviv in a suspected terrorist. The army confirmed the victim is an Israeli Defense Forces soldier. He was taken to hospital where he died of serious wounds.  

Police managed to arrest the assailant, who suffered light injuries in a struggle with law enforcement officers. The incident took place at Haganah train station in central Tel Aviv. The victim, believed to be about 20 years old, was taken to the Sheba Medical Center.

“The victim was seriously wounded and transferred to hospital for treatment. The suspect in the attack, a resident of Nablus, escaped from the scene and was detained by members of the police anti-terror unit hiding in a nearby building. A large police force is on the scene,”according tothe Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

 The victim was an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier, according to the Times of Israel newspaper, while Channel 2 claims that young man received a stab wound to the leg. “A young man of about 20 lay in the road adjacent to the Haganah train station,” said senior Magen David paramedic Moshe Amir, who arrived early on the scene. “He was unconscious, had no pulse and was not breathing. There was a huge crowd at the scene.”

There have now been five attacks against Israeli civilians by Palestinians in the last few weeks, which has left three people dead. On November 5, one person was killed and 17 wounded in two separate incidents that involved Palestinian drivers slamming their vehicles into crowds of Israelis.

A truck with Palestinian number plates deliberately crashed into a group of Israeli soldiers, which injured three, as it tried to target a military checkpoint, according to the IDF. Meanwhile, another motorist slammed into pedestrians near the Jerusalem light rail, killing one Border Police officer and wounding 14 others.  

On October 22, a three-month-old baby was killed and seven people were injured when a car deliberately crashed into a light rail station in Jerusalem as they were getting off a trainThe driver, who was identified as Ibrahim al-Akri, was shot by law enforcement officers as he got out of his car and began to attack civilians in the vicinity with an iron rod.

Tensions have been rising in Jerusalem after Israel blocked access to the Temple Mount, which is Judaism’s holiest site and allegedly Islam’s third holiest site.

The Shehab News Agency has this photo below of a new exhibit set up by the Islamic bloc at Al Quds University dramatizing the shooting of Yehuda Glick as well as the recent car terror attacks which praises the murderers and terrorists:


EOZ (h/t dm)






Palestinian savages erupt in ‘Day of Rage’ against Israeli Temple Mount restrictions after assassination attempt on Israeli leader

Clashes broke out after Palestinian protesters took to the streets in a “Day of Rage” against Israel on Friday, after Israel imposed entry restrictions on the Temple Mount – the third holiest site in Islam, and the holiest place in Judaism.


RT  Demonstrators shouted anti-Israel slogans and hurled stones, while explosions in the vicinity of the protests were audible. Israeli forces fired rubber bullets at the protesters, who had been throwing petrol bombs, according to Reuters. Protests were also met with tear gas.

Trouble has been brewing for two weeks over the area which is known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount. On Friday, Israel’s Sephardi chief rabbi forbade the presence of Jews.

This is the place to call on the esteemed public to stop this incitement, from here a call is heard, forbidding any Jews from going up to the Temple Mount – from here a call is heard to stop this, so that the blood of the People of Israel may stop being spilled,” he said.


At the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, protesters were fired on by Israeli troops. The checkpoint lies north of the Al-Aqsa mosque. 

Several people were arrested for throwing rocks, an activity which could soon be punished by up to 20 years in prison if a proposed change to the Israeli penal code goes ahead.

For several decades, prayer access has been banned to Temple Mount by Israel, and only Muslims are permitted to pray there. However, Christians and Jews retain access. More right-wing Jews have been lobbying for stronger rights and unrest has spawned from right-wing Jewish activists insisting that Jews be allowed to pray at Temple Mount.

 Palestinian protester hurls a stone with a sling towards Israeli troops during clashes following a protest against what organizers say are recent visits by Jewish activists to al-Aqsa mosque

Palestinian protester hurls a stone with a sling towards Israeli troops during clashes following a protest against what organizers say are recent visits by Jewish activists to the Temple Mount

PM Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman have warned the activists to stop inflaming the situation. The Bayit Yehudi and Likud parties “only know how to light a flame and to exploit a situation for their own political gains,” Liberman said.

The shrine is currently under the administration of Muslim authorities.

In September, Israeli forces decided to only allow Palestinians over the age of 50 to enter the site. The Palestinian population feared Israel was going to restrict access to the mosque for all Muslims. That caused the latest in a series of clashes with Israeli police at the site.

A Palestinian protester holds a Hamas flag during clashes with Israeli troops following a protest against what organizers say are recent visits by Jewish activists to al-Aqsa mosque

A Palestinian protester holds a Hamas flag during clashes with Israeli troops 

“It’s a group of extreme right wingers who are really playing with fire,” Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy told RT. “It’s not only about the Palestinian community or even not the Arab states – this is about the Muslim world, and those provocateurs don’t seem to care at all.”

Protesters also took to the streets in Amman, Jordan. Jordan recalled its ambassador on Wednesday and Sheikh Hamam, head of the country’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood party, told crowds in central Amman: “Why are you keeping the embassy of the Jews? It should be demolished with everyone in it.”


The Al-Aqsa mosque, located in Jerusalem’s Old City, is the third holiest site in Islam. It sits within an enclosed compound known as the Noble Sanctuary, which also includes the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine built on the site of the sacred stone which is believed to mark the place from where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

The Dome of the Rock is also believed by Jewish scholars to be the location of the first and second temples, both of which were destroyed – the first by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, the second by the Romans in 70 CE. Within Judaism the entire area, including Al-Aqsa, is known as Temple Mount and is equally as sacred.

Members of Palestinian security forces take position as Palestinian women take part in an anti-Israel protest against what organizers say are recent visits by Jewish activists to al-Aqsa mosque

Members of Palestinian security forces take position as Palestinian women take part in an anti-Israel protest 


3rd INTIFADA? In a second vehicular jihad attack yesterday, three Israeli soldiers were injured when a Muslim van rammed into them near Jerusalem

One soldier was in serious condition and two suffered moderate injuries. The soldiers were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem for treatment, and a hospital official said the injuries were not life-threatening.


Times of Israel  In a graphic video posted online which appeared to show the incident, the three soldiers are clearly visible on the side of the road as traffic passed. The white van approached from the left-hand side and, without slowing, plowed into the soldiers and drove off.

The attack came hours after an East Jerusalem man drove his van into a group of pedestrians in the capital, killing a Border Police officer and injuring 11 other people, one of them critically. Shortly after the attack, Hamas lauded the attack on the soldiers.

JPost  The IDF raided the home of the man who they believe is responsible for the vehicular terror attack which wounded three soldiers, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency reported. According to the report, Israeli intelligence suspect that Hammam Masalma, from the southern West Bank town of Beit Awwa was behind Wednesday night’s attack. 

During the raid of Masalma’s home in Beit Awwa early Thursday morning, Israeli forces arrested four of his relatives, however the suspect himself was not at home and remains at large, Ma’an reported. A Palestinian from the Hebron region was arrested for suspected involvement in the attack after he turned himself in to security forces. The man is being interrogated, as an alleged accomplice.