ISRAEL: In ‘honor’ of Ramadan, a new kind of Islamic road jihad

On an Israeli highway, an Arab Muslim truck driver intentionally rams his semi into vehicle of Israeli charity, Yad Sarah, attempting to push it into oncoming traffic from behind. Fortunately, there were no cars in the lane at that moment which could have caused a multi-vehicle pile-up. 

The truck driver has  been arrested. In the video below, watch the truck on the right side hit the white vehicle in front of it a few times before pushing it out of the lane.

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Gaza Flotilla crybabies intercepted at sea by the IDF try to gain sympathy with pre-recorded “martyr” videos…but sadly none of them died

You know how Muslim suicide bombers like to make videos to be released after they blow themselves up? Meet the far left “progressive” anti-Israel equivalent, of passengers on the Marianne av Goteborg pleasure boat from Swedenstan who made videos to be released if they are intercepted by Israel as they attempt to violate the legal naval blockade on Gaza:

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UPDATE: The flotidiots indeed have a shortage of real “martyrs.” Two of the other three boats that turned around were named after people who were murdered by Palestinians!



JEW-HATING PASTOR plans a ‘March on Dearbornistan’ Friday, June 26th to ‘save Muslims’ on Ramadan while throwing Jews and Israel under the bus

WUU7JmXVirulently anti-semitic Pastor Steve Anderson of the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ will be marching with as many followers as he can plus 1,000 copies of his Israel/Jew-bashing documentary, “Marching to Zion,” to distribute to Muslims during their month long observance of Ramadan. This is the same pastor who said “we should kill all gays before Christmas as a way to end AIDS.” Given that he hates Jews AND gays, Dearborn Muslims will probably welcome the guy with open arms.


CBS  (h/t Rob E) Because it has the “greatest Arab Muslim population in the United States,” a pastor with a soft drawl, earnest delivery and alleged anti-Semitic rhetoric plans to march on Dearborn.

The suburban Detroit city is the target of Steve Anderson, pastor of  Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., for a march planned for Friday, June 26.

Anderson says he’s going to bring as many followers as he can plus 1,000 copies of his movie “Marching to Zion” — which has been criticized as anti-Semitic — to distribute to what he perceives as a receptive Muslim audience. He urges followers to order “Free Palestine” T-shirts from for their demonstration. “If you wear this shirt, it’s going to protect you in Dearborn,” he says.


The plan is to “get these DVDs into the hands of these Arab Muslims,” he adds in the promotional You Tube video. To that end, part of the movie has been translated into Arabic, he says.

His latest “Marching to Zion” movie is billed as something that “traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948.” It “examines Biblical evidence, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis” in a quest to “settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God’s chosen people?”

“Marching to Zion,” a documentary by Baptist Pastor Steven Anderson shows that Christians finally are realizing they’ve been scammed by Zionists, whether they be Christian or Jewish. They’re finally recognizing that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The real Covenant is between God and them, i.e. believers in Christ.



SMOLOKO They were deceived by the Scofield Bible which was financed and promoted by Zionist bankers. Christian Zionist pastors like John Hagee, Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen are apostates and traitors. Pro-Zionist US politicians like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Rand Paul are also traitors.

When Christians realize this, they’ll understand that the Dept. of Homeland Security and NSA are there to protect the Federal Reserve Bank and the Zionist political establishment from the wrath of the American people when they realize their country has been stolen out from under them. Terrorism is a pretext manufactured by the CIA and FBI.


We learn that Jews don’t believe in the Torah (Old Testament) and don’t believe in Hell. They reject Christ as a “failed Messiah” and believe the real Messiah (i.e. the Antichrist) will be a “great warrior” who will vanquish Jewish enemies and bring about Jewish world hegemony a.k.a. “peace.”


Anderson emphasizes that Judaism is essentially anti Christian. Teaching Christianity is banned in Israel. Christians cannot become Israelis. The Bible says the Star of David represents Moloch.

By supporting Israel, Christians are participating in their blasphemy and will suffer God’s wrath. Has the US enjoyed God’s blessing for supporting Israel? Quite the opposite.


The documentary shows how Jewish satanism (Cabala) is seeping into Christian teachings in the form of the belief that God is androgynous rather than masculine. In fact, it is Baphomet who is androgynous.

The last ten minutes affirm that Christianity is about “a heavenly Jerusalem” a spiritual realm that will define the earthly kingdom. Man’s true happiness and salvation resides in making spiritual values paramount, especially love of our fellow man.


I hope every Christian watches this documentary and learns the truth. Most Jews have been deceived and manipulated as well. They can also liberate themselves from the mental slavery that is Judaism. Mankind is sinking into Satanism based on Freemasonry and the Jewish Cabala. Thankfully Christians are learning that Judaism and Zionism are wolves in sheep clothing.

On this trip, Anderson’s goal is to recruit Muslims, who he says need the Gospel. And what better way to get them to the Gospel than to trash the Jews and Israel?

He has reportedly preached sermons in the past with titles including “The Jews and their Lies,” and “Jews are Anti-Christs.”


Governor Nikki Haley makes South Carolina the first U.S. state to take action against anti-Israel boycotts

33462Jew_Halley_largeSouth Carolina’s Gov. Nikki Haley has signed into law a bill to stop efforts to ‘Boycott, Divest and Sanction’ Israel and while the bill makes no mention of Israel directly, it prevents public entities from contracting with businesses engaging in the “boycott of a person or an entity based in or doing business with a jurisdiction with whom South Carolina can enjoy open trade.”

J Post  The premise of the law is that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, colloquially known as BDS, discriminates against the people of Israel and weakens the economy of South Carolina.


Boycott,” for the purposes of the law, is defined as the effort by companies to “blacklist, divest from or otherwise refuse to deal with a person or firm when the action is based on race, color, religion, gender or national origin of the targeted person or entity,” according to the text.

Companies also must agree not to engage in boycott activities going forward.


While South Carolina is the first state to adopt such a measure as law, several others are close behind: Illinois lawmakers passed similar legislation last month, also with unanimous support from state representatives.

Beyond Springfield and Columbia, “a bloc of sponsors across 18 states has already committed to introducing similar legislation in their next legislative cycle,” according to Willem Griffioen, executive director of the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF), an organization aggressively engaged in the anti-BDS effort on the state level.


South Carolina Representative Alan Clemmons, who pioneered the legislation, commended Governor Nikki Haley for swiftly signing the bill.

“Discriminatory boycotts have historically been used as a form of economic warfare to forward the purposes of hatred and bigotry. The tactics employed by the Nazis serve as a poignant example,” Clemmons said in a prepared statement. “In this day and age, no group better demonstrates this fact than the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in its effort to harm our great ally, Israel.”

Pat Condell’s take on crude Islamic Jew hatred, BDS, and the anti-Israel leftist enablers: 

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Muslim teenage thug from America roughed up by Israeli police for throwing rocks and molotov cocktails fears retaliation on return trip to Israel

One can only hope!






NEXT ISRAELI WAR ON GAZA? Not if, but when

Israeli residents near Gaza border say: “The terror tunnel digging hasn’t stopped, even for a minute”


The Jerusalem Post (via Gateway) Local government officials in towns near the Gaza border reported on Sunday receiving complaints from residents who say they hear digging underground. “According to the complaints, the digging hasn’t stopped for a moment.”

The complaints come less than a day after Israeli warplanes launched reprisal raids against targets in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Islamists in Gaza fired a rocket into Israeli territory earlier on Saturday. Earlier last week, at least two rockets were fired at Gaza frontier towns.

Local residents believe that the next round of fighting is simply a matter of time. “We knew this would repeat itself, this trickle of missiles,” said Eran Zomer, a 27-year-old resident of the moshav of Amioz. “Very simply, the IDF didn’t do the job the last time.”



TEMPLE MOUNT: Why didn’t Israeli police just smack this filthy Muslim savage who tried to stop a Jew from getting a drink of water?


Isn’t it about time for Israel to demolish the ill-begotten al-Aqsa mosque, then kick the Muslim occupiers off the Temple Mount and out of Jerusalem?

A Jew on the Temple Mount is attacked by Muslims when he tries to drink from a public water fountain, and the police refuse to come to his aid or to arrest the Muslim scum who attacked him. A second Jew who did succeed in drinking from the public fountain was arrested by the police.

The police have recently decreed that Jews are not allowed to carry water with them onto the Temple Mount, nor are they allowed to drink from the public water fountain on the Temple Mount. It has been reported that Muslims have now begun to shut off the water to the public drinking fountain for the duration of the three hours that Jews are allowed onto the Temple Mount in the morning, reopening the taps as soon as the Jews leave.

SPEAK OUT NOW! Send an email to Israel government ministers and members of Knesset and demand that they do their job and put an end to the thuggery and anti-Jewish racism on the Temple Mount! Email Temple Institute Here


BELGIUM: MUSLIM police officer writes on Facebook that he would like to “kill each and every Jew”

The MUSLIM Nazi officer, identified only as Mohamed N, works in the city of Molenbeek, near the capital city Brussels. Molenbeek Mayor Francoise Schepmans has already told the Le Soir newspaper that he will be dismissed from the police.


INN  (h/t bonapak) The comment came during a discussion about a Brussels MP of Turkish origin who was excluded from the Human Rights Council for not acknowledging the Armenian genocide. Mohamed attempted to divert the conversation over to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but was reprimanded by the thread’s initiator.

Rather than return to the original topic Mohamed wrote, “Nothing like the word Jew is so dirty… If I was over there in Israel, frankly, I would do the same thing to the Jews – cut them down one by one – like they do to the Palestinians.”

People lay down candles as soldiers stand guard at the entrance of the Jewish museum in Brussels, on 24, May 2015, a year after a gunman murdered four Jews at the museum.

People lay down candles as soldiers stand guard at the entrance of the Jewish museum in Brussels, on 24, May 2015, a year after a gunman murdered four Jews at the museum.

The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism (LBCA) wrote a statement to Mayor Schepman about the incident. “Two things are particularly notable in this thread. First the fact that a ‘guardian of the peace’ publicly expressed something that is the exact opposite of the values he is supposed to embody, promote, defend.

Secondly, I realize, not without a certain discomfort, that anti-Semitic speech is expressed more and more uninhibitedly in certain circles. Previously, anti-Semites hid themselves behind pseudonyms or fake profiles. This is not the case today for some who seem to consider anti-Semitism to be an opinion like any other, and not a crime.”

Identifying oneself as Jewish might get you killed by police in   Belgium

Identifying oneself as Jewish might get you killed by police in Belgium

The officer later claimed that his Facebook was hacked and deleted the post. However, he did not immediately delete a post from July 2014, in which he wrote, “The Jews will fight you, but you will be the winners.” He had attributed the statement to the prophet Mohammad.

Apparently, even with heightened security measures already in place around Jewish institutions in Belgium, you could be killed by the same people providing the security.

Are they carrying guns under these getups in Brussels?

Are they carrying guns under these getups in Brussels?



What happens when an Egyptian journalist dresses up like a Jew and asks directions to a synagogue?

An Egyptian journalist who dressed up as an ultra-Orthodox Jew and wandered around Cairo asking for directions to the “Jewish synagogue” was met with mixed responses. Some good, some bad, and probably a lot less bad than in certain parts of Europe today.


Haaretz  While some people engaged by the journalist tried to help him, others were seen verbally and physically assaulting him, as documented in a video of the “experiment” posted online by the news website DOTMSR.

In the second part of the video, the journalist removed his fake beard and wore a skullcap, pretending to be an Israeli Jew, again asking for directions to the synagogue. This disguise did not fare much better, though one person was helpful enough to advise him to put away a piece of paper he was holding, on which Hebrew words were apparently written down.


ISRAELI Police clash with Muslim savages who tried to disrupt Jerusalem Day celebration

images-1Commemorating the re-capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan during the Six Day War* in 1967, more than 30,000 Israelis were confronted with rock-thowing Muslim occupiers.

*1967 Six Day War – Egypt, Jordan, and Syria attacked Israel. Israel destroyed Egypt’s air force, defeated Jordan on the West Bank and Syria in the Golan Heights. Note: The Arab forces LOST this territory after a PRE-EMPTIVE strike on Israel. Israel also regained control over Jerusalem, where they had been denied access for 19 years during Jordanian occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader and so-called "peace" partner with Israel

Mahmoud Abbas, PA leader and so-called “peace” partner with Israel

ABC  Police, some wielding batons, dragged several Muslim men from the scene by their arms and legs during the clashes just outside the Damascus Gate leading into the crowded old city. Police estimated more than 30,000 Israelis marched through old Jerusalem to the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Temple destroyed by the ancient Romans.

Jerusalem is mentioned by name over 800 times in the Bible (659 times in the OT, 149 times in the NT), as belonging to God’s chosen people. On the other hand, the Quran never makes any claim on Jerusalem, or the land surrounding it.


FRANCE: Jewish teen violently attacked by North African Muslims

In the latest attack in a string of Muslim-initiated anti-Semitic incidents in and around Paris, a young Jewish teen was violently assaulted outside of the Buttes Chaumont Park on Friday, May 15.


INN (h/t Marge K)  Latest anti-Semitic attack by Arab thugs leaves teen in serious condition; passerby joined in the assault.  The 16-year-old boy, who was wearing a Kippa (skullcap) at the time, was attacked while returning to his home to prepare for Shabbat dinner.

According to French news service JSS, he was then approached by four men, which the report described as looking North African Muslim and between the ages of 17-20. The men robbed him, took his shoes, and shattered his phone into the ground.

"Jews, out of France"

“Jews, out of France”

During the assault, two of the attackers held the victim down while a third repeatedly delivered blows to his body and head, injuring one of his eyes severely.

According to a witness, another man – also described as North African – approached the group, but instead of helping the victim proceeded to verbally assault him by calling him a “coward,” and then advised the attackers to “break” the teen.

Shouts of "Death to the Jews" at Muslim riots in Paris last summer

Shouts of “Death to the Jews” at Muslim riots in Paris last summer

The attackers fled when a witness called the police. A report was filed with the police at the scene.

The Bureau National de Vigilance Contre L’Antisemitisme (BNVCA), which monitors anti-Semitic attacks in France, has publicly pledged to help the victim and his family, and has asked the police to make every effort to identify, question, and detain the attackers.

The Buttes Chaumont district is home to many Jewish families, and has recently been targeted on numerous occasions, including attacks on Jewish businesses, and a recent shocking attack on a Jewish mother by three assailants of Africanm Muslim origin. The perpetrators of those crimes have yet to be found.  

Also, “French Jewish Woman Assaulted in Paris Suburb by 3 Muslims” AlgemeinerThe three assailants were of African origin and shouted “Hitler did not finish his work” and “dirty race” while assaulting the woman, according to a French antisemitism watchdog.