DECLARATION OF WAR? Israel shuts down the al-Aqsa mosque

What a great opportunity to destroy this monstrosity once and for all and build the Third Temple.

RT  The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has been closed to all worshipers for the first time since 1967. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the closure a ‘declaration of war.’ Both Jewish and Muslim worshipers will be prohibited from visiting the site “until further notice,” Israel’s public security minister said. Following the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered “a significant hike” in the number of police forces patrolling Jerusalem, Naharnet daily reports.

The closure of Al-Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, followed the shooting of a right-wing Jewish activist, Yehuda Glick, on Wednesday. Glick had advocated for greater Jewish access to the Temple Mount UPDATE: Jerusalem Arab Killed in Police Shootout, Suspect in Glick Assassination Attempt

Palestinian authorities quickly responded to the move, saying it was a “dangerous and blatant challenge”that would lead to more tension and instability in an already volatile situation. This dangerous Israeli escalation is a declaration of war on the Palestinian people and its sacred places and on the Arab and Islamic nation,” Abbas’ spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina quoted him as saying.

SHOCKER NOT: Barack Hussein Obama sides with Palestinians, demands Israel re-open the mosque, calls for restraint: US demands Israel re-open Temple Mount


FRANCE’S FIGHTING JEWS – Fighting IslamoNazi antisemitism in France with physical force, not verbal pleas

Unknown-2According to the French Interior Ministry, anti-Semitic incidents have increased 40 percent during the first three months of 2014. And in a country where a whopping 37 percent of the population harbors anti-Semitic attitudes, one Jewish youth group, Betar France, has started to fight back.

At its core, the 90-year-old youth Zionist movement called Betar aims at empowering and promoting leadership within young Jewish communities. But with an increased number of Jews falling victim to anti-Semitic assaults on the streets of France, the Parisian sect of Betar resumed training five months ago in Krav Maga—a martial art used by the Israeli Defense Forces.


ISRAELI MP calls for a ban on the offensively loud ‘Muslim Calls to Prayer’ across Israel

makeitstopA member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahi’s coalition is formulating legislation to put strict limits on the Islamic call to prayer, known as the Athan, being blasted from mosques in Jerusalem and across Israel. The legislation, that is likely to attract accusations of religious intolerance from Israel’s Muslim minority, claims the prayer calls generate, “intolerable noise” that disrupts citizens’ sleep.

(See for yourself in the video below from Israel)

IB Times  Hundreds of thousands of citizens in Israel, in the Galilee, the Negev, Jerusalem and other areas in central Israel suffer on a common basis from noise that is triggered by muezzin calls in mosques,” states the bill, reported The Telegraph.

A muezzin is a Muslim appointed at a mosque to announce and recite the call to prayer, five times a day, starting as early as 5am. Parliamentarian Robert Ilatov is sponsoring the bill and supporting him is Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman.

The bill will be presented to the ministerial committee for legislation in the next few weeks and would grant the interior minister the autonomy to decide whether or not public address systems can be installed in “homes of prayer” –which in turn will permit Muslim calls to prayer to be banned altogether from mosques if the minister wills.


In defiance of irrelevant international condemnation, Israel continues to build housing in its capital, Jerusalem

jerusalem capital israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized on Monday the construction of 1,060 new homes in Jerusalem. According to the plan, 660 apartments are to be built in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood and 400 in Har Homa. Both neighborhoods are situated in areas perceived as controversial by the United States and the European Union. (Who cares?)

United with Israel  Netanyahu is reportedly also working to improve the infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, including the building and improvement of roads and water facilities as well as boosting the safety and accessibility to the Israeli and Arab populations in the area.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Sunday that Netanyahu’s government approved the construction of 2,000 housing units in various locations in Judea and Samaria.


A memorandum distributed by Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mendelblit indicates that there are plans for the building of a promenade in Judea and Samaria in memory of the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists in June.

The European Union (EU) expressed disagreement with Israel’s building plans in Jerusalem and said on Monday it was seeking Israeli clarification on the reports, voicing new concern about the peace process, AFP reports. (Who cares?) 

“It will call once again into serious question Israel’s commitment to a negotiated solution with the Palestinians,” EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton stated. (Who cares?)


The European Union could only “condemn such an ill-judged and ill-timed decision” if the plans went ahead, spokeswoman EU Maja Kocijancic said. (Who cares?)

The EU threatened Israel again, stating, “we stress that the future development of relations between the EU and Israel will depend on [its] engagement towards a lasting peace based on a two-state solution.” The EU has previously condemned Israel for its plans to build in its capital and made similar diplomatic threats. (Who cares?)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a crossroad

Washington joined the EU in condemning Israel for its building plans in Jerusalem. “We continue to make our position absolutely clear that we view settlement activity as illegitimate and unequivocally oppose unilateral steps that prejudge the future of Jerusalem,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters. (Who cares?)

Responding to the condemnations, a diplomatic source told Arutz Sheva: “Whenever Israel wants to build, the world demands clarification. The best clarification that Israel can provide is that Israel has the right to build anywhere. They’ll shout, they’ll make noise, and they’ll get over it.”


Speaking at the opening of the Knesset’s winter session on Monday, Netanyahu stated: “Israel has every right to build in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem.” “Violence against us is not the result of construction in Jerusalem,” he clarified, “It comes from the desire of our enemies for us not to be here at all.”

Netanyahu has strongly rejected such criticism of Israel’s building in Jerusalem in the past, stating that Jews have a right to homes in Jerusalem, and that he would not discriminate against the Jews.


“I don’t understand this criticism, and I don’t accept this position,” Netanyahu declared. “Arabs in Jerusalem freely buy apartments, and nobody says that is forbidden. I will also not say that Jews cannot buy property in Jerusalem. There cannot be discrimination between Jews and Arabs. This is a normal process, and I see no reason to discriminate.”

“These are neighborhoods in Jerusalem. If you said to me that in some city in the United States or in Mexico, or anywhere else, Jews cannot buy apartments, there would be an uproar,” he added.

Below is how the Iranian media, Press TV, and its Jew-hating pro-Hamas allies in America see things:


Gee, IsraeliAID doesn’t fall into the hands of ISIS…like ObamaAID did

tumblr_mxx8r0tR1t1stmkp8o1_400IsraAID, the first Israeli aid agency to take part in relief efforts for Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq, is set to continue its work helping victims of the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) organization.


INN (h/t Mike F)  Earlier this month, the NGO supplied beds, blankets, and food to over 1,000 families in the Kurdish city of Duhok, in northern Iraq. The emergency aid was dispatched to help refugees – many of them Christians and Yazidis who have faced the gravest threats from ISIS’s bloody military campaign – with the onset of the notoriously harsh winters of the Kurdistan region.


The convoy arrived at a 14,000-strong refugee camp carrying 2,000 blankets and mattresses, as well as enough powdered milk for all the 1,015 babies under one year of age.  Israeli aid workers were well-received. “They were aware that we were Israeli, and they received us very well. The Kurdish people really love Israel,” said IsraAID’s Founding Director Shahar Zahavi, who added that more aid was on the way.

“We are planning for the harsh winter coming, and alongside the international aid community we are preparing special winterized clothes, blankets, gloves and more. “Israel’s dedication to reach out to the other has no limits or borders. As Jews we are obligated by tradition to care for the other especial those persecuted unjust fully.”


Radical Islamofascist in Israel says “Jerusalem will become the capital of the Islamic state”

In an October 17 interview with the official PA TV channel, Sheik Kamal Khatib, deputy leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, said: “Jerusalem will not be only the capital of the Palestinian state, but also the capital of the coming righteous Islamic caliphate.”

After he repeated his views several times and said that “the entire Earth” would “become subordinate to the Islamic caliphate one day”, PA TV cut the interview short.


EXCELLENT! Israeli troops kill Arab American teenage jihadi in Judea/Samaria who was about to hurl a bomb at Israeli motorists

Israeli troops on Friday shot dead a Ramallah-born teenager, 17, with U.S. citizenship, who the army said was about to hurl a petrol bomb at Israeli motorists near the  city of Ramallah. “The forces fired immediately to neutralize the danger… and confirmed a hit,” said an IDF spokeswoman.

Orwa Abd al-Wahhab Hammad, 17, an American teen from New Orleans has been shot dead in clashes in the  village of Silwad near Ramallah.

Orwa Abd al-Wahhab Hammad, 17, an Arab American teen from New Orleans has been shot dead in clashes in the village of Silwad near Ramallah.

AFP  An army spokeswoman said troops posted at the village of Silwad to protect a major road widely used by Jewish residents in the area spotted a person about to hurl a petrol bomb. Palestinian officials named the youth as Orwa Hammad, 17, saying he was shot during a stone-throwing protest against troops, a regular occurrence at Silwad, near Ofra settlement.

The US consulate in Jerusalem said the young jihadi held US citizenship, while locals in Silwad said Hammad’s father lives in the United States. “We can confirm now that the teenager who was killed was an American citizen,” consulate spokesman Leslie Ordeman told AFP, without commenting further. Orwa Abd al-Wahhab Hammad was born in Ramallah and moved with his family to New Orleans, according to his brother Mohammad. 

On Friday, police in Jerusalem clashed with Palestinians, firing tear gas to disperse stone-throwing protesters. They were deployed ahead of weekly Muslim prayers as the army restricted access to a flashpoint mosque, after a deadly Palestinian attack sent tensions soaring.

Paliscum from the Jalazoun refugee camp clash with Israeli security forces at the entrance of the Jewish West Bank neighborhood of Beit El, north of Ramallah, after a march against Israeli restrictions on the Al-Aqsa mosque

Paliscum from the Jalazoun refugee camp clash with Israeli security forces at the entrance of the Jewish West Bank neighborhood of Beit El, north of Ramallah, after a march against Israeli restrictions on the Al-Aqsa mosque

Nightly clashes have broken out since a Palestinian ploughed his car into a crowd of Israelis on Wednesday, killing a baby, who Washington said was a US citizen, and injuring six other people before he was shot dead by police.


ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACK IN JERUSALEM! Eight hurt as Muslim driver rams pedestrians, killing a baby, injuring some Americans

Eight people were injured today and one baby was killed when a Palestinian driver rammed into pedestrians at a tram stop. The driver had served time in Israeli prison.

Gateway Pundit  Israeli police shot and wounded the driver of a car who rammed a group of pedestrians in Jerusalem Wednesday, injuring nine, in a suspected “terror attack.” Shortly before 6:00 pm (1500 GMT), a car hit pedestrians at the Ammunition Hill tram stop, which lies on the seamline between west and occupied east Jerusalem.

“A private car which arrived from the direction of the French Hill junction hit a number of pedestrians who were on the pavement and injured nine of them,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

“The driver apparently tried to flee on foot and was shot and wounded by a policeman from the Jerusalem district.” It was not immediately clear how badly he was hurt, nor were there any details on his identity.

“Initial indications suggest this is a hit-and-run terror attack,” Samri said.

UPDATE: Americans were injured in the attack:

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat told Israel’s channel 1 that three of the victims were Americans.
to justice, etc.

And while we’re on the subject of Palestinian Muslim terrorism again…


So, why is the Israeli observant Jew on the Temple Mount screaming at the Muslim baghead?

The photo below went viral on Twitter, disseminated by the anti-Israel, Jew-hating dregs on the internet, including far left American Judenrat Max Blumenthal, who expressed disgust at the Jew for screaming at the ‘poor, frightened Muslim woman.’ Or was it?

If you look closer at the photo, you see something interesting. The book that the Muslim baghead is holding is a book of Hebrew Psalms! It seems that she grabbed the Psalms from the Jewish man – just in time for the photographer to show his reaction to having had a holy book stolen from him in broad daylight.


There are other photos from the scene that show another Arab Muslim baghead physically assaulting the same Jew. (Ewwww! Islamocooties) 


Here’s another photo of the Muslim baghead who grabbed the Jew, putting her hands on another Jew:


In fact, it was the screaming Muslim banshees who created a gauntlet at the Chain Gate where Jews were exiting the Temple Mount.  Not only that, but you can see from the video that it is the Muslims trying to stop the Jews from worshiping, NOT the other way around. In fact the name of the video is “See Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque”, which is code-speak for “Jews going to their Holiest place, the Temple Mount.”Here’s a video showing the sequence of events:

h/t IsraellyCool & Elder of Ziyon


This is how CAIR uses its army of rabid college jihadis to silence criticism of Islam

Foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim Brotherhood front group student activists at UC Davis shout down Israeli speakers in an attempt to disrupt the presentation and prevent any criticism of Islamic terrorism and Hamas. 

I guess they didn’t learn anything from the same kind of outburst at UC Irvine which led to the arrest, suspension, and conviction of 11 Muslim students. Notice how the pro-Hamas guy doing most of the flouncing and bloviating is wearing an earring.  The Israeli soldier who kept being interrupted showed amazing restraint, which only someone accustomed to dealing with savages on a daily basis can.

FROM 2012

h/t Nikki

At UC Irvine, the same kind of ugly jihadist behavior against the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. was handled much better.

FROM 2010









HAMAS ON CAMPUS: Is your college kid’s professor a member of an Islamic terror-linked group in America?

If there’s a Muslim Students Association (MSA) on your college campus, the professor might be. At best, your student will be subjected to anti-Israel hatred walking to and from classes, at worst, possible violence if he/she is Jewish and/or a supporter of Israel.

The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is Hamas on Campus. An organization dedicated to wiping Israel off the map. The SJP was created to be Hamas on Campus and work in tandem with the Muslim Brotherhood proxy, the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

h/t Mike F

And while we’re on the subject…In a sermon delivered in, Denmark, Sheik Muhammad Khaled Samha asked: “How can we… accept the division of Palestine between [the Muslims] and a gang of Jews, the offspring of apes and pigs?”