SANTA JIHAD! Muslim dressed in Father Christmas costume throws tear gas at Israeli security forces

Dressed from head to toe in a Father Christmas outfit and wearing a gas mask, a Palestinian Muslim is shown throwing a tear gas capsule at Israeli security forces in Jerusalem the day after Christmas. 

UK Daily Mail  The violence was part of a protest against the security barrier and a Jewish residential neighborhood at Bil’in Village in the Judea-Samaria area of Jerusalem.


Elsewhere, a knife-wielding Palestinian man wounded two Israeli border police officers at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.  The attacker stabbed an officer in the neck and wounded the other at the Lion’s Gate in east Jerusalem, before fleeing.

The stabbing is the latest in a string of Palestinian attacks in recent months against Israelis that have included deadly assaults with guns, knives and vehicles. 


The violence is largely from a dispute over the holy site in Jerusalem revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and the site of Al Aqsa Mosque. 

Israeli security officials have suggested the attacks are not carried out on the orders of any group or organization.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has accused President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority of encouraging violence after he urged Muslims to defend the Jerusalem holy site ‘by all means.’


A few days ago, a fire bomb left an 11-year old Israeli girl is fighting for her life after it was thrown at her parents’ car. Ayala Shapira, from the settlement of Matan, was hit in the face and suffered third-degree burns on her body after the car was set ablaze.

Doctors said the girl’s recovery will take months, and that she will need facial reconstruction. 


ISRAEL: Muslims release video on how to stab a Jew so you kill him

Hamas-stabbing-instructional-video.-Photo-screengrab.-300x224After a failed stabbing attack against two Israeli border policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, Arab Muslims have published a training video entitled “How to stab right,” Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

Algemeiner  In the attack, which took place after Muslim prayers, one officer was stabbed in the neck, and the other in the hand. Both were treated for their wounds in a Jerusalem hospital and are recovering. The attacker fled after scuffling with police after the failed attempt. “This was a serious event in which police officers were injured. The Jerusalem police will find the assailant,” vowed District commander, Maj.-Gen. Moshe Edri.

In the video, which shows a masked instructor holding a knife and a masked “victim,” the assailant demonstrates how to stab in order to cause maximum injury to the victim. The instructor displays several knife attack techniques, including twisting the knife to inflict maximum harm, and how an attacker can quickly stab and flee the scene.

The YouTube clip became an immediate hit among Palestinian Facebook and Twitter groups in Israel.


French police arrest fourth (Muslim?) suspect in Creteil rape and robbery

French police arrested a man they suspect was involved in the rape and robbery of a Jewish family in a Paris suburb, but of course, they aren’t naming him (photo below)

French law  does not allow the immediate publication of their identities; but a German newspaper reported the first 3 suspects’  names as Ladji, Yazine and Omar, while a British publication stated two were “of African and North African origin.”


JPost  The suspect, who was not named, was apprehended Tuesday during a routine police inspection of his vehicle while he was driving in Saint-Etienne near Lyon, 340 miles southeast of the capital, Le Figaro reported. The report was based on police sources who spoke under condition of anonymity. Police arrested two suspects in the break-in shortly after the incident and a third accomplice whose role has not yet been determined. The two suspects arrested earlier this month are awaiting trial for religiously-motivated assault, rape, conspiracy to commit a crime, extortion and several other charges.

The man is believed to have participated in a break-in on Dec. 1 at the home of a Jewish family in Creteil along with two other individuals. The three are said to have targeted the home because they knew it belonged to Jews they thought were wealthy. A fourth suspect is in custody for his alleged involvement.


One of the men raped a 19-year-old woman they found in the house while another guarded her 21-year-old boyfriend and a third withdrew money from an ATM using credit cards they took from the couple, police investigators said.

The incident sparked outrage in France’s Jewish community and came amid a string of anti-Semitic attacks. The SPCJ watchdog on anti-Semitism recorded 527 attacks in France from Jan. 1 to July 31 of this year. In all of last year, SPCJ documented 423 incidents.

Jew hatred is highest among French Muslims. Many arrive in France from North African and other Islamic countries already possessing a strong hatred for Jews. many in the French Jewish community have been aware of this sad situation for some time, a realization that was reinforced by the attack on two synagogues by Muslim rioters in Paris last summer during the Gaza conflict. But the latest shocking, anti-Semitic crime that occurred early in December in the same city has deepened the community’s feeling that the possibility of living peaceful lives with a Jewish identity in France is rapidly disappearing.



11-year-old Israeli girl seriously burned over 50% of her body after firebomb attack on car by Muslims

A young Israeli girl and her father were wounded (she with 3rd degree burns, he with minor burns) Thursday after the car in which they were traveling in Judea-Samaria was hit by a firebomb, only a month after her mother escaped a similar attack in the same area.

Ayala Shapira, 11-year-old victim of Muslim terror attack

Ayala Shapira, 11-year-old burn victim of Muslim terror attack

Frontpage Magazine  (h/t Roy Daniel BS) The media loves to run photographs glorifying Muslim racist settlers throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at Jews in Israel. Except these aren’t protest methods. They’re inefficient murder attempts. Most of the time they don’t kill someone. Sometimes they find a victim young or old enough. And then what happens is horrifying.

The girl is in serious condition after suffering massive third degree burns after flames engulfed the car, which was traveling near the settlement of El Matan in the Shomron. The father, 40, was also wounded, suffering from light burn injuries; both were taken to a hospital in central Israel.


At around 6:30 pm, medic Yair Yitzchaki, a volunteer for the United Hatzalah rescue service, raced towards the burning vehicle and found the young girl with third degree burns to over 50 percent of her head and upper body. Working with IDF medical evacuation teams the girl was then transported to the burn center at Israel’s Tel Hashomer hospital.

IDF units, operating in close coordination with local rescue units, alerted nearby medics of the burning car. Israel’s Ynet News reported that the vehicle was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Palestinians.

This is what happens when an attack succeeds as intended. It’s also what was meant to happen all the other times that Muslim settlers threw rocks or firebombs. These were all cases of attempted murder.


Professor Eyal Winkler, head of the Plastic Surgery Department at Sheba Medical Center, said tonight that there is concern as to the prognosis of Ayala Shapira, and concern for her survival at this point. The 11-year-old was critically injured tonight after Arab terrorists firebombed her car as she rode in it with her father.

“At the moment, we are performing CPR on her. She has sustained severe injuries to both her neck and limbs. Teams of plastic surgeons are tending to her, as she is suffering from third-degree burns. Smoke inhalation has resulted in damage to the lungs and respiratory system, and there is obstruction to the airways.”

Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s official peace partners funded by Obama, continue to promote and celebrate their campaign of terror against Jews.


“We are brothers,” says ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he applauds Christian IDF soldiers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told a pre-Christmas gathering of Christians in Nazareth that they and the Jews are brothers, and that Israel will never cease to defend Christians against the forces that seek to harm and destroy them.



Israel Today  The gathering was organized by the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, whose spiritual leader, Father Gabriel Naddaf, was singled out repeatedly by Netanyahu for his untiring efforts to encourage young Christians to join the Israeli army and fully integrate with Israeli society.

“On the first of December, I took my own son, Avner, to the recruitment center in Jerusalem. He volunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. The next day…Father Naddaf took his son, Jubran, to the recruitment enter in Tiberias. Hevolunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces,” Netanyahu recounted to strong applause.


“We are brothers!” the prime minister exclaimed. “We are partners! Christians and Jews and Druze, and even a few Muslims who together defend the State of Israel.”

Turning to a group of Christian soldiers attending the event, Netanyahu stated, “We are brothers in arms. I commend you on the will to be full partners in contributing to and defending this nation.”

Netanyahu noted that it was not always easy for Arabic-speaking Christians to so fully join themselves to Israel, but vowed that “we will firmly support you against all that would harass you.”


Echoing what Father Naddaf has been busy instilling both in local Christians and Western leaders, Netanyahu pointed out that Israel is the only place in the region where Christians find safe haven.

“Christians are suffering in the Middle East,” said the Israeli leader, recalling the recent “shrinkage and disappearance of entire Christian communities, communities that were there thousands of years, since the birth of Christianity, entire communities that are erased in one fell swoop, brutally, savagely.”

Netanyahu insisted that all who would criticize Israel and work toward the birth of a Palestinian state that would most likely fall to Hamas must “compare this [regional situation] to Israel, the only nation in the region where the Christian population is growing.”



Harvard University president stops an anti-Israel boycott against SodaStream

imagesThe Harvard University Dining Service has been rebuffed in its efforts to join the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel.

Harvard University Dining Services’ decision to stop buying Israeli-made soda machines and water fountains used at the school’s cafeteria, due to ongoing controversy between Israel and Palestine, was overturned by the administration this week.

Palestinian Arab workers employed at Soda Stream

Palestinian Arab workers employed at Soda Stream

Boston Magazine  “Harvard University’s procurement decisions should not and will not be driven by individuals’ views of highly contested matters of political controversy,” Harvard Provost Alan M. Garber said in a statement sent to Boston. “If this policy is not currently known or understood in some parts of the University, that will be rectified now.”

It all started last spring when HUDS officials agreed to stop buying products from a company recently acquired by “SodaStream,” whose factory operations are housed in the West Bank, a piece of Israeli land that is home to millions of Palestinians and the center of ongoing conflict. That decision, which was discovered only yesterday by Garber and university President Drew Faust, after The Crimson published an article online, was out of bounds, according to the administration.


J Post  A group of radical anti-Israel Harvard students and faculty had persuaded the dining service to boycott SodaStream, an Israeli company that manufactures soda machines that produce a product that is both healthy and economical. Harvard President Drew Faust said he has visited the SodaStream factory and spoken to many of its Palestinian-Arab employees, who love working for a company that pays them high wages and manufactures excellent working conditions. I saw Jews and Muslims, Israeli and Palestinians, working together and producing this excellent product.

images-1The students and faculty who sought the boycott of SodaStream invoked human rights. But it is they who are causing the firing of more than 500 Palestinian workers who would like to continue to earn a living at SodaStream. As a result of misguided boycotts, such as the one unilaterally adopted by the Harvard University Dining Services, SodaStream has been forced to move its factory to an area in Israel where few, if any, Arabs can be employed. This is not a victory for human rights. It is a victory for human wrongs.

I have no doubt that some students and other members of the Harvard community may be offended by the presence of SodaStream machines. Let them show their displeasure by not using the machines instead of preventing others who are not offended from obtaining their health benefits. Many students are also offended by their removal. Why should the views of the former prevail over those of the latter?

I’m sure that some students are offended by any products made in Israel, just as some are offended by products made in Arab or Muslim countries that oppress gays, Christians and women. Why should the Harvard University Dining Service — or a few handfuls of students and professors — get to decide whose feelings of being offended count and whose don’t? 

soda poster



happy-hanukkah-candle-lightSome of the world’s most popular Christmas songs, including ‘White Christmas’ by Irving Berlin, were written by Jews, so it’s only fitting that the Senior Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, a MORMON, would write what has become the all-time best Hanukkah song ever. Enjoy!


THE VOTES ARE IN! Four out of five Palestinian Muslims think stabbing is the best way to kill Jews

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research just released their latest poll on  Muslim attitudes.


EofZ  Here is one of their findings:

80% support and 20% oppose attempts by individual Palestinians to stab or run over Israelis in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.

The pollster pretends that this is partially a result of another big finding:

An overwhelming majority (86%) believes that al Haram al Sharif is in grave danger: 56% believe that Israel intends to destroy al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and replace them with a Jewish temple. The two are related, but not in the way the pollster claims. 

Masked Palestinians hold knifes and axes as they celebrate an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue while standing in front of a poster of the attackers,Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal

Masked Palestinians hold knives and axes as they celebrate an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue while standing in front of a poster of the attackers

Both of those findings as a result of Mahmoud Abbas and his state-run media, not to mention the incitement from Hamas and other terror groups and plenty of social media, that constantly lie about Jews “desecrating” and planning to destroy Al Aqsa, as well as inciting people to defend it “by any means necessary.”

Arabic media has been in a frenzy over, literally, nothing and the broad-based support for murder comes directly from this incitement at both the political and media levels. 

More proof comes from this other finding, also a direct reflection of what the Arabic media has been trying to push:

56% support return to an armed intifada…Three months ago, support for a return to armed intifada stood at 50% and six months ago at 41%. 

Israeli policy hasn’t changed. The amount of incitement in Arabic media and from “moderate” politicians, on the other hand, has increased a great deal.  And through some strange freakish logic, many Europeans and “progressives” use these sorts of findings as a reason to give the would-be murderers more and more, in the hope that they will be appeased. 

An Israeli soldier and a woman were stabbed to death by Palestinians in Tel Aviv and the occupied West Bank on Monday, extending a surge in violence fuelled by strife over access to Jerusalem's holiest site.

An Israeli soldier and a woman were stabbed to death by Palestinians in Tel Aviv and Judea-Samaria, extending a surge in violence fuelled by strife over access to the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site.