Obama is considering putting sanctions on Israel for building Jewish homes on Jewish land

Senior U.S. officials are indicating that the White House is considering imposing economic sanctions on Israel over construction of homes in the Jewish areas of Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria.

"Kiss my Jewish ass"

“Kiss my Jewish ass”

Algemeiner  White House representatives are believed to have met just after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama met in Washington in October, which had been followed by a public disagreement between the two leaders, Haaretzreported.

“I’m obviously not going to comment one way or another on reported internal deliberation. We’ve made clear our position on settlement activity publicly and that hasn’t changed,” U.S. state department spokesperson Marie Harf. Harf added that she would not “address hypotheticals”.

Netanyahu has publicly opposed the White House’s opposition to the construction. “It’s against the American values. And it doesn’t bode well for peace,” he said in an interview with CBS in October. “The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace, I think it’s anti-peace.”


Somehow, I don’t think Obama’s idea is going to go over very will with Congress: congress-passes-bill-to-deepen-ties-with-israel


Don’t want to come to the Middle East? Stay in Europe and “kill Jews,” says ISIS to aspiring Islamic terrorists


Recruiters in Europe for the Islamic State (ISIS) organization are proposing an alternative form of service for those jihadis unwilling to venture to the Middle East, where the terrorist group has carried out gruesome massacres of Christians, Yezidis, and other minorities: stay at home and kill Jews.

Algemeiner  In an article about a Muslim female teenager from the French town of Bethoncourt who disappeared in October, and was later discovered to have traveled to Syria via Turkey to join IS, the New York Times reported that “another 15-year-old girl, who was intercepted by French intelligence officers as she tried to go to Syria months ago, has since told the authorities that once her recruiters realized that she was unlikely to be able to leave the country anytime soon, they began pressing her to strike at home against Jews. She told them she had begun looking for weapons and targets.”


Observed the Times: “Experts say that the problem appears most severe in France, which has a large Muslim population from the Middle East and North Africa and where more than a hundred families have been talking to experts to help them cope with their daughters’ growing radicalization.”

In recent weeks, IS has been stepping up its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. “The flag of the Caliphate will rise over Jerusalem and Rome, even if the Jews and Crusaders despise such,” an article in the latest edition of its magazine stated.

“As the eyes of the world are all transfixed by the mendacious media coverage of the battle for Kobane, the eyes of the Islamic State are scanning the West and the East, preparing for the expansion that – with Allah’s blessing – shall put an end to the Jewish State, and the rest of the apostate allies of the cross,” the article declared.



“INTIFADA, INTIFADA” – Video footage shows Arab Muslim teen stab two Jews in supermarket near Jerusalem

The Muslim terrorist managed to stab two Jewish shoppers before he was shot and injured himself. The Israeli store serve both Jews and Palestinians, and also has Muslim workers. The attack occurred in the Rami Levy supermarket, situated just east of Jerusalem.


J Post  Palestinian Muslim teen stabbed two Israeli shoppers at the Rami Levy supermarket in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Park. The 16-year old terrorist walked passed the security guard who stood by the sliding-glass door entrance checking customers around 4:15 p.m. and used a knife to attack two men standing near the front aisles of the store, moderately wounding them.

An off-duty security guard from the Prime Minister’s Office who witnessed the stabbings shot the teen in the leg. The wounded teen tried to flee, but a number of customers held him down until the police arrived.

The incident was the second Judea-Samaria terror attack this week. On Monday, a young Palestinian woman, stabbed an Israeli man, lightly wounding him, as he stood at the Gush Etzion junction.



BDS FAIL! South African court bans pro-Palestinian protests against Israeli products at Woolworth stores

imagesJOHANNESBURG: Pro-Hamas/Palestinian activists have been banned from protesting in Woolworths stores, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled on Tuesday. High-end supermarket retailer Woolworths secures court order against BDS protesters who stormed into its stores, dumping a pig’s head in kosher section of Cape Ton branch.


YNET News  On November 14, Woolworths applied for a court interdict to prevent activists from protesting inside its stores.

Woolworths welcomed the ruling. “Woolworths welcomes the court decision to protect our customers and employees from unlawful BDS in-store protests,” group director of retail operations Paula Disberry said in a statement.


The order prevents members of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions SA (BDS SA) from organizing, co-ordinating or encouraging any form of protest action in the stores.

The high-end supermarket took the case to a court after a series of protests by activists from Boycott, Divestment and Sanction against Israel who stormed into stores, brandishing placards and chanting slogans. Woolworths said the ruling offered “relief” and enforced its rights to “trade free of threats and intimidation”.


“Woolworths respects the constitutional rights of protesters to express their views lawfully without infringing the right of others. We trust that BDS will respect the decision of the court,” she said.

Last month, a pig’s head was dumped in a kosher section of a Woolworths store in Cape Town.

Criticism of Israel is not new in South Africa, and the Jewish state has previously expressed its outrage at comparisons of its policies towards Palestinians with the racist apartheid system.


But Israel’s 50-day offensive in Gaza this summer had sparked large rallies in Africa’s second biggest economy, with tens of thousands of people joining marches in major cities.

Woolworths says it currently imports figs, pomegranates and pretzels from Israel, calling the campaign against Israeli goods misdirected.

The protest group said in a statement it would “tone down its in-store protest actions” but vowed to intensify its #BoycottWoolworths campaign in social media.  The activist group is also lobbying the government to stop trade with Israel, citing atrocities against Palestine.



“Kill. Kill. Kill all the Jews” – The GAZA GIRLS singing debut

The Gaza Girls, a new Palestinian girls band, has just released its new single, “Kill All the Jews.” Gaza Girls hope to inspire Muslim women across the globe to express their individuality and say what they think about the evil Zionists!

The lead singer of Gaza Girls is an American convert to Islam who felt inspired to start this band after Israel’s recent war against Hamas. The way to win hearts and minds is through music! The way to fight the Zionist Occupation is through a smile!

The creator of this satire is Israeli-American journalist and author Orit Arfa, who understands that the difference between satire and reality is a very thin line.


I bet you didn’t know that two of the rabbis slaughtered by muslim terrorists at the Jerusalem synagogue were also beheaded

Not surprisingly, none of the media reported this, always bending over backwards to try and make muslim savages not look as evil as they really are.

The Druze policeman and four Israeli Rabbis who were massacred by muslims

The Druze policeman and four Israeli Rabbis who were massacred by muslims

MPaths  (h/t Liz) A small but very significant detail came out today about the brutal murderous terror attack against a synagogue of rabbis in West Jerusalem last week…

“The father of the slain hero Druze-Israeli policeman and other family members were given a tour of the synagogue (in which the terror attack occurred) and a reenactment of the events by those who experienced the horrific attack firsthand…


They kept hitting people with the ax by any means, also people who were already on the floor they continued to hit them. They were also shooting and also hitting. At a certain point after they were here for several long minutes, The hero Druze-Israeli policeman was the first who arrived. He started to shoot from outside, and there were exchanges of fire.

They heard the shots from outside and they stopped… The victims -were praying, no one had a weapon (this was a synagogue of rabbis in a religious neighborhood in West Jerusalem). The two of them went out of the door quickly towards the stairs…”

When told how the terrorists cut off the heads of two Jews at prayer, the father, a Druze Sheik, of the hero Druze-Israeli policeman responded “they have no G-d. In a holy place like this, they come in, these are people with no values, these are not good people.” (Source – Arutz 7)


So they shot, stabbed and chopped the Jews to pieces including CUTTING OFF THEIR HEADS.  BUT, destroying the family home of the terrorist might violate their civil rights and has been stopped by the Israeli Supreme Court… 

The High Court for Justice has issued temporary orders preventing Israel from demolishing the homes of terrorists involved in the recent murderous attacks in Jerusalem – including the massacre at the Har Nof synagogue, the shooting (5 times) of Rabbi Yehuda Glick and the car terror attack at a Light Rail station (brutally murdering a 3 month old baby and a 20 year old Jewish convert from South America) three weeks ago.


The restraining order was issued Thursday after the families of the terrorists who massacred five people at the Har Nof synagogue filed a motion with the assistance of an Arab organization and an Israeli NGO called Hamoked, which lists the New Israel Fund and the Ford Foundation among its donors.

The plaintiffs say that destroying the families’ homes, when there is no proof that any of the relatives was involved in the terror attack, is improper.

Two dead muslim terrorist scum

Two dead muslim terrorist scum


Oh, NOES! Zionist wild pigs are back and terrorizing the poor palestinians

Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, is claiming that Israel is using wild pigs against Palestinians in the West Bank.


JPost  Several Palestinian media outlets on Saturday quoted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as accusing Israel of using “wild pigs” against Palestinians in the West Bank. Abbas’s allegation was made during a speech he delivered at a pro-Palestinian conference in Ramallah on Friday night. The charge was omitted from reports published by official PA media.

Abbas added: “The Jews know very well that we seek peace and not war. We want to live as a free people in our land Palestine. We don’t want war and violence. We are opposed to all forms of violence, here and abroad.”


This was not the first time the PA accused Israel of releasing pigs to destroy agricultural fields in the West Bank. In the past, the PA has claimed the IDF and settlers released wild pigs in Palestinian- owned lands to damage crops and intimidate farmers. “Every night, they [Israelis] release wild pigs against us,” Abbas was quoted as saying in his speech. “Why are they doing this to us?” He also accused Israel of using false pretexts to prevent Palestinians from entering their lands in the West Bank.

On Saturday, Abbas told Fatah leaders in Ramallah he was determined to pursue his statehood bid with the UN Security Council. Arab League foreign ministers were scheduled to meet at the end of this month to discuss the Palestinian bid, which calls for a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital, he said. An Israeli government official responded to Abbas’s charge about the wild boars, saying it would “be laughable, if it wasn’t so dangerous.”


The official said this allegation was similar to one made in 2010 by the Egyptian governor of the south Sinai claiming a shark attack near Sharm e-Sheikh may have been triggered by the Mossad to harm Egyptian tourism.

“It’s a pity the Palestinian Authority president choses to propagate such rubbish, and it raises questions about his real position on Israel,” the official said, adding that the remarks were dangerous because “they fit into a consistent and ongoing pattern of incitement.”

An Israeli government official dismissed the allegations as “rubbish”.



YES! Federal Judge rules that an ‘expert’ CANNOT testify that ‘Islamic Jew Hatred’ is false

Late yesterday, in Philadelphia, a federal judge ruled that an “expert” hired by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) may not testify that an “Islamic Jew-Hatred” advertisement submitted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) was false. The ruling is part of a lawsuit filed by the American Freedom Law Center against SEPTA for refusing to display the Islamic Jew-Hatred advertisement, which appears in full below:

05.20.14news-trull-hitler-bus-edit AFLC Press Release  The advertisement stated, in relevant part, “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran” and referred to Haj Amin Al-Husseini as “the leader of the Muslim world.” 

The judge rejected SEPTA’s argument that it could ban the advertisement based on SEPTA’s claim of falsity, holding that the First Amendment does not permit government officials to be the “arbiter’s of truth” regarding matters of public concern. 


SEPTA intended to present the testimony of Dr. Jamal J. Elias, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and “an eminent scholar of Islam and Muslim society” at a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction allegedly to establish the falsity of the advertisement.  Dr. Elias intended to offer two opinions, both of which pertain to alleged inaccuracies in the AFDI ad.  First, Dr. Elias intended to testify that referring to Haj Amin al-Husseini as the “leader of the Muslim word” is “manifestly false.”  And second, Dr. Elias intended to opine that the statement “the Quar’an teaches Jew-Hatred” is “unfair and erroneous.”

ZSvideoMEMRIEgyptianClerics1-vi In his ruling rejecting SEPTA’s claim of “falsity,” the judge reviewed relevant First Amendment precedent, observing that “speech concerning public issues has always rested on the highest rung of the hierarchy of First Amendment values. . . .  As such, if there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.  Therefore, the protection afforded to political speech does not turn on the truth or popularity of the sentiments expressed.”

muslimantisemitism-vi The judge further noted that “[l]ong standing Supreme Court precedent instructs that political speech does not lose First Amendment protection simply because the listener believes that it is false or disagrees with the message it advances.  Allowing the state to restrict political speech based on an assessment that it is false or inaccurate, offends bedrock First Amendment principles.”

is-Jew-hatred The judge concluded, “In light of the precedent discussed above, I find that First Amendment principles apply to the advertisement at issue regardless of its alleged falsity.  Consequently, Dr. Elias’ conclusions regarding the advertisement’s veracity are not relevant and will be excluded from the preliminary injunction hearing.”

hiltler_avait_raison-vi Robert J. Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, praised the ruling as a clear victory for the First Amendment and noted that “it would be perilous to permit government censors to be the arbiters of truth regarding politics, history, religion, or other similar matters of opinion.” 

memriCapture-vi David Yerushalmi, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, added, “We are encouraged by the judge’s ruling, which was loyal to the First Amendment and tracked our motion on every point.  It is important to have a judge who understands the importance of this constitutional guarantee, particularly when, as in this case, the freedom of speech is pitted against political correctness.”

AFLC expects that the court will hold a hearing on its motion for a preliminary injunction within the coming weeks.



JERUSALEM: Two Jewish men stabbed, but survive, in an apparent Arab Muslim terrorist attack

A Jewish man in his 40s is in moderate-to-serious condition after being stabbed in the upper torso, while another man sustained light wounds, police said, when both were attacked by a group of Arab Muslim assailants near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate. According to Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, police “strongly believe the stabbing was a terrorist attack.”

Right on schedule, the international community rushes to blame Israel

And right on schedule, the Jew-hating leftists rush in to blame Israel

JPost (h/t Mathijs B)  “The victims were surrounded by a group of Arab Muslim men, and one was stabbed and the other was lightly injured, although it is not clear if he was stabbed as well,” Rosenfeld said shortly following the attack.

Police arrested one of the suspects and continue to search for the others after they fled the scene, he said, adding that the stabbing victim managed to walk to a nearby police station where he received first aid before being rushed to Shaare Zedek Medical Center. “Police continue to search the Old City for the other suspects and hope to make arrests soon,” Rosenfeld said.

Meanwhile, police announced on Monday that an Arab resident of the Old City was arrested last week on suspicion of spreading violent propaganda on his Facebook page. In a statement, police said Mahmoud Asila, 32, was arrested on November 18 for posting photos and videos deemed as “incitement,” which called for running over security forces and for attempting to spur car attacks against Israelis in general. 



Excuse me ladies, are there any bombs under those headbags?

Two Muslim women from America were barred from walking down a street in Hebron by Israeli security forces because they were Muslims.

In light of the current Islamic intifada against Israel, can you blame the Israelis?

UPDATE: Despite the fact that this video was most likely staged, Hamas-linked CAIR is demanding that Obama investigate:


NEW JERSEY RABBI under fire from CAIR for calling Arab Muslims “animals” and advocating for destruction of the Dome of the Rock

Just named to the UAE list of terrorist organizations, CAIR (Council on American-Israel Relations is demanding that Jewish leaders repudiate the Rabbi’s remarks. In In a blog post entitled “Dealing with Savages,” Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, N.J., called for Israel to collectively punish Arab Muslims and Palestinians until they realize “they have no future in the land of Israel.”


Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Here are some excerpts from the Rabbi’s post Dealing with Savages 

How does a human being (or two) walk into a synagogue and begin hacking at worshippers who are immersed in prayer, leaving behind a trail of blood, victims, grief and horror?

The question is misplaced because no “human being” could do such a thing. It would have to be a beast in human form, a relic from primitive times before true humans became civilized. The Arab-Muslim animals that span the globe chopping, hacking and merrily decapitating – from Iraq to Jerusalem to New York to Oklahoma, and places in between and beyond – are a discredit even to the term “animal.” Most animals are not that brutal.


The real issue confronting Israel for decades and the civilized world today is what to do about the proliferation of savages who lust for blood and derive inspiration from their religious texts? One example not to follow is that of President Obama’s. In one of his more ludicrous statements in the last few months – amid a healthy competition – he decried the attack, the loss of life “on both sides (!),” and then added this gem: that the “overwhelming majority of Palestinians…want to live in peace.”

Really? And based on what data was that determination made? That only tens of thousands of “Palestinians” rejoiced after the massacre, singing and dancing in the streets, distributing candies and sweets, praising the vicious slaughter and the slaughterers – and not hundreds of thousands? Polls in the PA reveal widespread support for the murder of Jews so what exactly is he talking about?


Obama seems to be as much an expert on “Palestinian” society as he is about Islam generally. His incessant protestation that ISIS distorts Islam is based on…what exactly? ISIS and sundry other radical groups seem to feel that they are fulfilling the dictates of Islam – and the few Muslims who disagree meet their fate at the business end of a machete.

Actions speak louder than words. Obama’s expertise in Islam has led him to cede the Middle East to the most ruthless forces, embrace the radical Muslim Turk Erdogan as an American ally, and facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Perhaps with a nuclear weapon, Iran will be civilized, or so the thinking goes.

Little can or should be expected from Obama or from the Europeans, mired as they are in cultural deterioration, moral relativism, population decline and Muslim-inspired Jew hatred.  Sweden and Britain’s recognition of a still non-existent Palestinian state is nothing more than an endorsement of the slaughter of Jews.


But Israel has to act, especially as the violence has spiraled out of control. The dynamic needs to change, dramatically. At a certain point, the unrestrained behavior of unruly animals becomes the fault of the zookeeper, not the animals. What can be done?

First, abandonment of defensive, reactive moves and an embrace of offensive, anticipatory, and proactive moves. The Arabs need to feel that they are paying a heavy price for murdering Jews. Right now, not only do they not pay a heavy price but the murderers and their families benefit.

Israel should make clear that a Palestinian state will never be created between the river and the sea. There will be no non-Jewish national entity tolerated. The Muqata in Ramallah should be destroyed and “President” Abbas should be incarcerated as a war criminal.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

Terrorists will be killed, not captured (no great loss, as their fondest wish is for martyrdom). Their bodies will not be returned to their families but will be cremated, and perhaps the ashes buried with deceased pigs. The homes of the extended family (up to and including first cousins) of the terrorist will be destroyed, and they will all be deported to the Muslim country of their choice. A second terrorist in a village results in the destruction of that village and the deportation of its residents to a friendlier country.

Anyone who riots or throws a stone at a Jew should be shot – with real bullets. Rubber bullets and tear gas should be sold to the Amish. Those who wish to be martyred and who celebrate death should be accommodated as often as possible. The media should be barred from scenes of violence, cell service canceled and cameras confiscated, like in most war zones.


Muslim access to the Temple Mount should be denied for at least six months, and Jewish prayer will be allowed thenceforth at permissible locations, such as they might be. It is unconscionable crime to deny Jews the right to move their lips on the Temple Mount! And perhaps the day will come in the near future when the mosque and the dome can be uplifted intact and reset in Saudi Arabia, Syria or wherever it is wanted.

In fact, we should apply to Muslim holy places the exact same respect and deference they have shown to Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu holy sites across the world. That seems only fair.


We should not ignore as well the rank hypocrisy that promotes the double standard that cripples Israel’s ability to defend itself. Case in point: this week, Egypt evicted thousands of Arabs along the Gaza border and destroyed hundreds of their homes for “security reasons.” No courts, no appeals, no process. Some of the homes were being used to conceal tunnels, so they all had to go.

If only Jews would realize the same and stop fantasizing about convincing that enemy of our own goodness. It’s the same enemy that rides our buses, shops in our malls, drives on our roads and lives just two miles from us. The same enemy that lynched soldiers in Ramallah and tore them apart is the same enemy that butchered holy Jews this week in Har Nof  and kidnapped and murdered three precious boys just a few months ago.

Do you know where that enemy is, and what he is plotting right now?




Israeli Security forces discover massive weapons cache hidden in boxes of Christmas decorations headed for Muslims in Jerusalem


J POST (h/t Susan K)  A massive amount of fireworks, knives and Tasers police believe were meant in part to be used by rioters clashing with police were seized last week by Jerusalem District detectives and officers from the Tax Authority and the Ashdod Port Customs, police announced on Thursday.

Police said the seizure came after Jerusalem detectives ran an undercover investigation along with the tax and customs officials, during which they were able to track and seize two shipping containers which came to Ashdod by way of China. The fireworks were hidden among Christmas decorations inside the containers, which were intended for Arab residents of the largely Christian east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

Last Tuesday, three of the suspects arrived at the Ashdod Port and claimed the containers, and then drove with them on trailers to a storehouse in Afula, where they planned to unload the merchandise. They were then arrested at the spot before unloading the containers, as was the owner of the storehouse.

Inside the containers police said they found 18,000 fireworks of the restricted 20mm variety, as well as 5,200 commando knives, 4,300 flashlights that can be modified into improvised Tasers, 5,500 Tasers, and 1,000 swords.

Fireworks have become a highly popular tool of rioters facing off with police and soldiers during riots in the Arab sector, in particular in East Jerusalem. The firecrackers, including large roman candles, are pointed horizontally towards police and soldiers and fired like ammunition. Some of the larger gauge fireworks can penetrate police protective gear at close range, including their plastic shields. All can cause severe burns and if some of the larger ones hit on the right spot, such as the neck, they can potentially be fatal.


Who cares that the United States is condemning Israel’s demolition of terrorists’ homes?

netanyahuThe destruction of terrorists’ homes sends a sharp, clear message to those who wish to harm Israeli civilians and security forces, that terrorism and causing harm to innocents carries with it a heavy price,” the Israel Defense Forces said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to raze more homes of families of East Jerusalem Muslim terrorists.


Times of Israel  At the same time the U.S. State Department slams Israel’s new construction of homes in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem. We would reiterate our clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem. During this sensitive time in Jerusalem, we would see such activity as inconsistent with the goal of lowering tensions and seeking a path towards peace,” said State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke at a press briefing Wednesday.

He added that the US administration remains in close touch with the Israeli government on these and other issues, including the deadly attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning.


Rathke also said that the renewal of the controversial Israeli policy to demolish the homes of terrorists as a punitive measure “are counterproductive in an already tense situation.” “This is a practice I would remind that the Israeli government itself discontinued in the past, recognizing its effects,” he said.


Israeli security forces razed the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem from Silwan who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack last month, which killed a baby and a woman before police shot and fatally wounded him.

Last month, a powerful explosion ripped out the walls of the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack

Last month, a powerful explosion ripped out the walls of the home of Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem who rammed his car into Israeli pedestrians in a murderous terror attack

Three other families of terrorists in East Jerusalem have now been formally notified that their homes are slated for demolition. One is the home of Mohammed Jaabis, 23, from Jabel Mukaber, who rammed an earthmover into a bus on August 4, killing an Israeli and wounding five. He was shot dead by police at the scene.

Another is that of Mu’taz Hijazi, 32, from Abu Tor who on October 29 tried to gun down a far-right Jewish activist, critically wounding him. Hijazi was shot dead the following morning during a police raid.


The third is the home of Ibrahim al-Akary, 38, from the Shuafat refugee camp, who on November 5 rammed his car into pedestrians, killing a teenager and a policeman and wounding nine, before also being shot dead at the scene.

Israel has likewise pledged to raze the homes of Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, from Jabel Mukaber, who on Tuesday were shot dead after attacking a synagogue with meat cleavers and a gun, killing four rabbis at prayer as well as a Druze policeman.


Earlier Wednesday, Jerusalem municipal spokesperson Brachie Sprung said that of the 78 homes in East Jerusalem set to be built, 50 apartments are to be built in the Ramot neighborhood and another 28 in Har Homa. She said the same committee last week ALSO approved 178 homes for Arab residents in neighborhoods of the city including Ras al-Amud, Jabel Mukaber, Wadi Joz and Beit Hanina.

On the other hand, the Obama Regime has said nothing about Egypt’s eviction of residents and demolition of hundreds of mostly Palestinian civilian homes in the Gaza border town Rafah, in order to create a buffer zone and moat, following Hamas terror attacks that killed many Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, as well as the discovery of hundreds of Hamas smuggling terror tunnels from Rafah into Sinai.  Armed Egyptian soldiers have been rounding up residents of Rafah and blowing up their homes – with minimal media coverage or condemnation.

Egypt's massive demolition of Palestinian homes in Rafah

Egypt’s massive demolition of homes in Rafah

Meanwhile the world media and international community remained silent, reserving criticism and condemnation only for Israel.