HAMAS spokesterrorist: “Our fighters are all civilians. That’s why we can say Israel is targeting civilians”

tumblr_n9w3qnhbKM1s4lolfo1_500Hamas TV Host: “The Palestinian public is a civilian public. Even the Security Forces – traffic police and  civil defense – are all civilian forces. Hamas Jihadist fighters are Palestinian civilians fulfilling their religious and national duty. This is why we cannot make the distinction and say ‘a civilian car’, ‘a civilian target’ and so on – since we have no regular army and no real military targets.”

You don’t say! 10-vi



BROOKLYN: Cops bust man for driving by a mosque with Israeli flags on his car and blasting Israeli music

A Jewish man fired up by the Mideast conflict between Israel and Hamas nearly started a holy war of his own in Brooklyn — when he repeatedly drove his SUV draped with Israeli flags past a mosque while blaring Israeli music and flashing strobe lights.

But when Muslims blast the eardrum shattering Islamic Call to Prayer in the neighborhood five times a day beginning at 5AM, we aren’t allowed to complain because they are expressing their religious beliefs.


NY Post  Officials charged Chaim Weiss, 20, Wednesday after he was allegedly caught on a surveillance camera repeatedly driving past the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge in a car ‘festooned with four Israeli flags. The Borough Park man allegedly drove by the mosque several times, playing Israeli tunes so loud that those inside could hear him as they recited Koran verses, officials said.

Chaim Weiss, 20, was arrested by cops from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force for his stunt at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on July 20 during a 4 a.m. service for Ramadan, one of the most holy times of the year for Muslims.

Others who were worshiping outside because of an overflow crowd watched with outrage as Weiss cruised past. “This Jewish guy was driving by looking at people praying,” said Sarah Eljadu, a congregant. “People were angry. Why was he playing music and hanging an Israeli flag? They are killing us.”


“Seven or more times this guy drove up and down the street during the prayer service blasting ­Israeli music with Israeli flags dotting the car,” an NYPD spokesman said. Weiss knew that the neighborhood was predominantly Muslim — and admitted he hatched the plan to demonstrate “support for the Israeli people in Israel,” the complaint said.

The worshipers eventually called cops and showed surveillance video of the prank. The footage led cops to bust Weiss at the scene on misdemeanor charges of disruption or disturbance of a religious service and of disorderly conduct, court records say. He was not charged with a hate crime.

A police source said cops decided to cuff Weiss and put him through the court system because of the blatant nature of the disruption of the Ramadan service, amid heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Bay Ridge Mosque Targeted in Music Hate Crime



DESPICABLE! Palestinian mother whose son is being treated by Jewish doctors in an Israeli hospital hopes he becomes a jihadist against Israel

The Israeli government opened its doors to treat her son (free of charge, no doubt) with a heart condition. Instead of being eternally grateful, she advocates for her son to become a jihadist or suicide bomber against Israel when he gets out of the hospital.

Despicable? Yes. Predictable?  Also YES.

Gateway Pundit (h/t Mike G)


Obama is upset that Benjamin Netanyahu’s poll numbers are so much higher than his

Barack Hussein Obama has opined in a New York Times interview that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is too popular with the Israeli public at the moment to make compromises with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. ‘If he doesn’t feel some internal pressure, then it’s hard to see him…taking on the settler movement,’ Obama said.


INN  Asked whether he should be more vigorous in pressing Netanyahu, and the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbasto reach a land-for-peace deal, Obama said that this has to start with them. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s “poll numbers are a lot higher than mine” and “were greatly boosted by the war in Gaza,” Obama said. “And so if he doesn’t feel some internal pressure, then it’s hard to see him being able to make some very difficult compromises, including taking on the settler movement. That’s a tough thing to do. 

With respect to Abbas, it’s a slightly different problem. In some ways, Bibi is too strong [and] in some ways Abbasis too weak to bring them together and make the kinds of bold decisions that Sadat or Begin or Rabin were willing to make. It’s going to require leadership among both the Palestinians and the Israelis to look beyond tomorrow. … And that’s the hardest thing for politicians to do is to take the long view on things.”

Asked if he is worried about Israel’s “long term survivability,” Obama said: “It is amazing to see what Israel has become over the last several decades… Think about the dream of the early Zionists and to have scratched out of rock this incredibly vibrant, incredibly successful, wealthy and powerful country is a testament to the ingenuity, energy and vision of the Jewish people.

“And because Israel is so capable militarily, I don’t worry about Israel’s survival.”


Actual statistics disprove Hamas’ ‘Dead Baby Strategy’ that most of those killed by Israel were children, women and the elderly

The headline—“Most of those killed by Israel were children, women and the elderly”—will continue to be the conventional wisdom, despite its factual deception. Unless it is corrected, Hamas will continue to promote its ‘dead baby strategy’ and the complicit media will carry their water.


Algemeiner  (Alan Dershowtiz) It’s a mystery why so many in the media accept as gospel Hamas-supplied figures on the number of civilians killed in the recent war.  Hamas claims that of the more than 1800 Palestinians killed close to 90% were civilians. Israel, on the other hand, says that close to half of them were combatants.

The objective facts support a number much closer to Israel’s than to Hamas’. Data published by the New York Times strongly suggests that a very large number—perhaps a majority—of those killed are closer to the combatant end of the continuum than to the civilian end.

A distribution comparing the dead in Gaza to the actual population, refuting accusations of indiscriminate killing by the IDF; most of the dead have been combatant-age males.

A distribution comparing the dead in Gaza to the actual population, refuting accusations of indiscriminate killing by the IDF; most of the dead have been combatant-age males.

Even human rights groups antagonistic to Israel acknowledge, according to a New York Times report, that Hamas probably counts among the “civilians killed by Israel” the following groups: Palestinians killed by Hamas as collaborators; Palestinians killed through domestic violence; Palestinians killed by errant Hamas rockets or mortars; and Palestinians who died naturally during the conflict.


I wonder if Hamas also included the reported 162 children who died while performing child slave labor in building their terror tunnels. Hamas also defines combatants to include only armed fighters who were killed while fighting Israelis. They exclude Hamas supporters who build tunnels, who allow their homes to be used to store and fire rockets, Hamas policemen, members of the Hamas political wing and others who work hand in hand with the armed terrorists.


Data published by the New York Times strongly suggests that a very large number—perhaps a majority—of those killed are closer to the combatant end of the continuum than to the civilian end. First of all, the vast majority of those killed have been male rather than female. In an Islamic society, males are far more likely to be combatants than females. Second, most of those killed are within the age range (15-40) that are likely to be combatants. The vast majority of these are male as well.


The number of people over 60 who have been killed is infinitesimal. The number of children below the age of 15 is also relatively small, although their pictures have been shown more frequently than others. In other words, the genders and ages of those killed are not representative of the general population of Gaza. It is far more representative of the genders and ages of combatants. These data strongly suggest that a very large percentage of Palestinians killed are on the combatant side of the continuum.

They also prove, as if any proof were necessary to unbiased eyes, that Israel did not target civilians randomly. If it had, the dead would be representative of the Gaza population in general, rather than of the subgroups most closely identified with combatants.


The media should immediately stop using Hamas-approved statistics, which in the past have proved to be extremely unreliable.  Instead, they should try to document, independently, the nature of each person killed and describe their age, gender, occupation, affiliation with Hamas and other objective factors relevant to their status as a combatant, non-combatant or someone in the middle. 

It is lazy and dangerous for the media to rely on Hamas-approved propaganda figures. In fact, when the infamous Goldstone Report falsely stated that the vast majority of people killed in Operation Cast Lead were civilians and not Hamas fighters, many in Gaza complained to Hamas. They accused Hamas of cowardness for allowing so many civilians to be killed while protecting their own fighters. As a result of these complaints, Hamas was forced to tell the truth:  namely that many more of those killed were actually Hamas fighters or armed policemen. It is likely that Hamas will make a similar “correction” with regard to this conflict. But that correction will not be covered by the media, as the prior correction was not.



Hamas has also been firing missiles into Israel out of church in Gaza

Gaza-churchA Catholic Archbishop ministering to Gaza’s minute Christian minority says Hamas terrorists forced him to allow them to use his church to fire rockets at Israel during the four week-long Operation Protective Edge.

Algemeiner  “Islam is the rule of this place and whatever Hamas says we must obey or face consequences,” Archbishop Alexios told The Christian Broadcasting Network. Alexios showed the reporter where Hamas terrorists used the roof of the center to fire rockets at Israel.

Numerous Israeli UAV videos have shown similar images of rocket crews using mosques, schools, hospitals and other civilian structures as ammunition and gun nests, as well as launch sites – all war crimes according to the Geneva Conventions.

Functioning as a tolerated Christian minority in an Islamic supremacist entity, some residents charge that Hamas has “imposed strict Taliban-style Islamic laws” on the populace, Muslim and Christian alike. However, Alexios allowed 2,000 Gazans to take refuge within the church compound during the fighting, according to the report.




Is anyone surprised that Sunday’s “appalling” “horrifying” “indefensible” Gaza school attack was totally staged?

On Sunday, Valerie Jarrett and the Obama Regime criticized Israel for firing on terrorists operating near a United Nations School in Gaza. Ten people were reportedly killed when Israel targeted terrorists on a motorcycle near the school.

xhamas-school-1-1.png.pagespeed.ic.jKeSolJSvw The virulently anti-Israel Obama State Department hacks said:

The United States is appalled by today’s disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah sheltering some 3,000 displaced persons, in which at least ten more Palestinian civilians were tragically killed.

NFSE  (h/t Maria J) The account promoted by Hamas and repeated by the United States and the U.N. on Sunday was that an Israeli mortar hit a U.N. school, killing 10 people, including children. However, evidence is emerging that the Israeli strike hit outside of the school and the bodies were moved into the courtyard to make it look like Israel hit the school.


As reported by Rick Moran at the PJ Tatler, the U.K Guardian pointed out the attack was outside the gates of the school:

A deadly attack on a school in the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza has been denounced as a “moral outrage” and “criminal act” by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. At least 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded after a projectile struck a street outside the school gates on Sunday morning.


As Moran reported, the U.K. Telegraph agreed: The school had been providing shelter to more than 3,000 people – the same number that had been seeking refuge at a girl’s school in Jabaliya last Wednesday when it came under attack from a hail of Israeli shells.

In contrast to that strike, which wrecked a classroom full of sleeping woman and children, the physical destruction this time appeared minimal: just a small but deep hole in the road where the missile had landed.


The video below describes how bodies were moved. Even a small girl was added to the pile of adult bodies to make it look as if all the deaths came from the school. In the video, two dead men are photographed outside the school, but later images show them inside school grounds, suggesting their bodies had been moved or they weren’t really dead.A little girl then appears apparently lying dead and covered in blood, but pictures indicate she was placed there. Then another man picks her up and runs away from the school with her in his arms. We never see where he takes her or whether she is really dead.


Right is left, left is right, now where are those flying pigs?

MSNBC resident RINO, Joe Scarborough, sympathizes with Hamas while his far left guest, Donny Deutsch, defends Israel.

Mediaite  MSNBC’S Morning Schmo host, Joe Scarborough argues that Israel salvaged Hamas’ standing in the international community with attacks that killed Palestinian children, especially Gazan children. Arguing forcefully with Donny Deutsch, who said Hamas used civilians as shields, Scarborough said that Hamas had been more isolated than ever prior to this conflict, lacking even its normal Arab allies, but that constant images of dead children from Israeli strikes had helped resuscitate them. Scarborough had previously called Israel’s strikes “asinine.”


ISRAEL vs HAMAS: Ben Shapiro vs CNN and the Hamas spokesbitch

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro appeared on CNN and wasted no time in calling out the network for its biased Gaza coverage that he believes is showing false equivalence between Israel and Hamas.

Anchor Alisyn Camerota challenged Shapiro, asking how talking to Palestinian families and showing dead Palestinian civilians constitutes “saying that Hamas is okay.” Shapiro argued CNN is brushing aside plenty about Hamas, like their restrictions on reporters and how their charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Camerota told Shapiro he’s not being fair, while ex-MSNBC contributor Rula Jebreal got a bit personal.


WOW! South Africa holds the largest pro-Israel rally in African history


The most amazing rally for Israel just took place in South Africa. Whites and blacks, Jews, and non-Jews gathered, 12,000 strong, in the largest pro-Israel rally ever on the continent to convey a message of love and support for the beleaguered and globally denigrated Jewish state.

Breitbart  (h/t HuckFolder) Waving Israeli flags, wearing Israeli flags, speaker after speaker expressed his or her love and gratitude to the soldiers and the people for being on the front lines— which means that Jews elsewhere can live in dignity. “Thank you for protecting our Holy Land,” “We owe you a great debt,” “We feel each bullet, each loss,” “Israel we are with you.” Black Africans—Ethiopians, Cameroonians, Nigerians, and South Africans said, one after the other, “We are praying for you Israel,” “Africa loves Israel,” May God bless Israel.”


FRANCE 24 reporter proves that Hamas is launching rockets next to UN and residential buildings in Gaza

France 24 reporter Gallagher Fenwick discovers where Hamas puts its rocket launchers in Gaza: one next to a residential building and another outside a UN building, with the blue UN flag waving in the background.

Breitbart (h/t HuckFolder)  Remember that France24 reporter in Gaza who had to duck on live TV because he was so close to a Hamas rocket as it fired? Well, he’s found something else–and it’s something the State Department should watch (but won’t).