MICHIGANISTAN: Here’s the burqa babe who is alleging somebody outside a mall pulled her headbag

Hamas-linked CAIR demands police waste their time with yet another hate-crime investigation. How could the woman see who allegedly attacked her with that Muslim supremacist black garbage bag over her head?

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TENNESSEE: Muslim challenger for County Commissioner hates the American flag and Christians

UnknownA MUSLIM candidate for a Coffee County Commission seat says his incumbent opponent made false accusation about his Islamic religious and unpatriotic beliefs to smear his name in an attempt to appeal to voters.

Tennessean  In a July 16 letter asking District 15 constituents for their vote, Republican Commissioner Mark Kelly made the following claims about his Democratic political opponent, Zak Mohyuddin:

“My opponent has expressed his beliefs publicly that the United States is not a Christian nation; that the American flag should be removed from public buildings because it is a symbol of tyranny and oppression; that public prayer should be banned because it insults non-Christians; and that the Bible should be removed from public places.”

KELLY (left) MOHYUDDIN (right)

KELLY (left) MOHYUDDIN (right)

Mohyuddin, a 25-year resident of Tullahoma, was deeply offended by the statements and is scrambling to assure voters the claims are untrue as early voting began Friday.

“That is a very serious allegation. What he is saying is vile and offensive and completely untrue,” Mohyuddin said. “It’s an attack on my patriotism. I have never ever said any words even close to that in public or in private. It is absolute lies.”

Kelly, who has known Mohyuddin for 25 years and helped him move into his home, told The Tennessean he stands by his letter.

“I am a Christian and have been and will be. Zak isn’t, and he has a different faith and there are a lot of different faiths,” Kelly said. “I am standing on my values and my record. The point of the letter was to encourage the conservative base to get out and vote. It was simply to show the difference in views between two people, not that one is right or wrong, just a difference.”

When asked when and where he had heard Mohyuddin make the statements, Kelly said “I have heard him in our discussions over time. Just go back to the places he represents and you’ll find out.

Speaking to his patriotism, Mohyuddin notes that after that incident, at a Muslim rally in Manchester last year held to increase awareness about American Muslims, he led a group of 500 people in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. He is a member of the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee, which sponsored the event.




Even in NYC, Social Services staffers pander to Muslims, talk down to Jews

This letter is from a Jewish woman (who shall remain anonymous for her safety) who had the misfortune of finding herself in a homeless shelter in New York City filled with Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. I imagine they rarely encounter any Jewish ‘clients’ in these kinds of shelters.


“Unfortunately I am at a homeless shelter in NYC. I am awaiting a Section 8 (subsidized) apartment.

The first day there was a meeting for “clients” – meaning the homeless – about more security and how security would have access to your room. Well, a big fat muslim woman said: “I don’t want anyone in my room touching my Koran because everyone has “UNCLEAN HANDS.”

NOT ONE person, no staff, no homeless, except ME caught the comment or understood the comment. After the meeting, I turned to someone in the group and said: “Here we go….muslims shoving their shit on us, their “religion” is just so much more important than any other.”

The muslim woman heard me and a few days later she tried to attack me but was thwarted by security. She was not kicked out.

The woman who is handling my case and facilitating the paperwork  for the apartment is very unprofessional. She knows I am Jewish only because she tried to shove a crappy apartment on me, so I said: “Look, I am also going to JEWISH neighborhoods to look.” She said: “Oh, you’re Jewish, well, well, they do stick together.”

Then, when she botched the paperwork she said a couple times to me: “I am really sick of Israel and Palestine.”

I said: “What do you mean?” She said: “Who is Israel to think they own the land?”

I said: “Do you remember why Israel, the modern day Israel was created? “

She said NOTHING about that, only said: “It is no one’s land.”

I said: “You don’t know what you are talking about and by the way, there is no such thing as Palestine and Jews were there first, Jewish religion was there first and Jews have a right to defend THEIR land.”

She said: “It is everyone’s land.”

Then she made a snide comment about how she is going to Istanbul in September. I said: “Well, not a wise choice and you better be prepared to wear a headbag.”

She said: “You don’t know nothing.”

So, even the staff in homeless shelters are anti-Semites yet allow Muslims to shove their crap down the homeless system’s throat.

By the way, I have no proof that CAIR is involved, but the muslim woman got a cushy first floor room, with air conditioning, on the pretense that she can’t walk (she is always outside sitting on one of those walkers), but I saw her WALKING many times. 


MARYLAND: Yet another district being asked to close public schools for two Muslim holidays every year


Let’s hope they fail like the other attempt in a Maryland school district did. At nearly every Baltimore County school board meeting for the past decade, Dr. Bash Pharoan has testified for his allotted three minutes about a single issue: the calendar.

Baltimore Sun  The Muslim physician, whose children attended county schools, wants the school system to close for two Muslim holidays a year when they fall on school days. He says he is seeking parity with Christians and Jews, who get several holidays off from school. (And whose numbers are far greater than muslims)


So far, his persistence has not paid off. No board member had commented on the issue for years in what Pharoan describes as a “code of silence.” Then there was a glimmer of hope last month when Michael Collins, the board’s contrarian member, suggested that perhaps the board should consider noting on its 2015-2016 calendar that Yom Kippur and the Islamic holy day Eid al-Adha both fall on Sept. 23. The change would be a purely symbolic gesture. (Yes, perhaps they can halal slaughter some animals in school for Eid al-Adha show and tell)


A short, heated debate erupted. Pharoan stood up during the debate to make sure the board members remembered him. “I know my heart rate went up to 120. I felt quite emotional. I did not really cry, but it was close. This was the first time in so many years that I felt someone on the board was willing to speak up for our community,” he said. Once again, he did not get what he wanted, though the board’s policy committee is studying the issue.

Pharoan is not alone in his efforts to have schools recognize Islamic holy days. Montgomery County Muslims have also asked for the days off and a small number of communities around the country are closing schools on the holy days. New York City‘s dhimmi mayor pledged to close school on Islamic holy days during his campaign, and a united Muslim community is now pushing for action on the issue.

What's next - field trips to mosques?

What’s next – field trips to mosques?

From the Baltimore County board’s perspective, the issue is not about religion, but is rather a purely secular question. Schools close for the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter Monday, as well as the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, not to celebrate those holidays, but because so many staff and students would stay home, the board has said. The schools would have to hire substitutes for teachers who were absent and teachers would have to repeat lessons for the students who had missed them.

In his remarks before the board, Pharoan often tells the members that their practices are discriminatory. “I resent that for five years I have been called a bigot,” said Lawrence Schmidt, a former school board president who has been a member of the board throughout that time.

What's next? Non-Muslim students being forced to learn how to  bow down to Allah?

What’s next? Non-Muslim students being forced to learn how to bow down to Allah?

Schmidt said he respects Pharoan’s right to speak. “I admire his persistence,” Schmidt said. “I think he is completely wrong in his arguments.” In Montgomery County, a group of Muslims founded Equality for Eid two years ago to advocate closing for the Islamic holy days.

“It is a matter for asking for equal rights. It is not that we want to be treated differently. We want to be treated equally,” said Zainab Chaudry, co-founder and chair of the Maryland office of the Council on American Islamic Relations, which is leading the effort in Montgomery. Chaudry said she has received complaints from Baltimore County parents but has not been in touch with Pharoan.

Several school systems across the United States, including (mostly Muslim) Dearborn, Mich., and Cambridge, Mass., close for the Islamic holidays.

Dearborn High School's all-Muslim football team

Dearborn High School’s all-Muslim football team

An American Religious Identification Survey found that in 2008, there were 1.3 million Muslims in the nation. Each Friday, about 1,800 to 2,000 adults come to the Islamic Society of Baltimore, located in Catonsville, to pray. The number more than doubles on holy days, according to Maqbool Patel, former president of the Islamic Society.

Most school districts, including Baltimore County’s, will give Muslim students an excused absence on their religious holidays, but Chaudry says parents, many of them immigrants, are reluctant to take their children out for the day because they place great value on education and don’t want them to miss lessons.

Montgomery County school officials have said they must see evidence of a high absentee rate during the Muslim holidays before they will take action, but just how high is not clear. Baltimore County officials say attendance did not dip on a Muslim holy day last year or the year before.

“There is no evidence that we are suffering excessive rates of absenteeism [of students and teachers] because of being open on Muslim holidays,” said Schmidt.








FOX’s (FX channel) new show “Tyrant” is a hit with viewing audiences, not so with Muslims and their Leftist allies

UnknownThe Fox Network’s newest prime-time hit drama ‘Tyrant’ offers American audiences a stunningly skewed accurate glimpse of life in the Middle East. Think life in the Middle East as portrayed by the creators of Homeland and 24 (Both huge audience hits). Unsurprisingly, given Homeland’s record for negative portrayals of Arabs and considering Tyrant is filmed in Israel, the show isn’t universally being well received by American Muslims and Arabs. (Gee, imagine what they’ll think about the evolving sub-plot of the gay son?)

Tune in Tuesday nights on the FX Channel or see On Demand. Best new show of the summer.


The National  Tyrant, too, hasn’t been spared criticism. “[In Tyrant,] Arab Muslim culture is devoid of any redeeming qualities and is represented by terrorists, murderous children, rapists, corrupt billionaires and powerless female victims,” says Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “In Tyrant, even the ‘good’ Arab Muslims are bad.”

Having watched the three episodes that have been screened for American audiences at the time of writing, I can see where Hooper is coming from.


The show focuses on the Al Fayeed family. Dad Khaled (Nasser Faris of House of Sand and FogOcean’s Twelve) is the brutal dictator of the fictitious country of Abuddin. The oldest son, Jamal (Ashraf Barhom of The KingdomClash of the Titans), is a Lamborghini-driving, Aerosmith-listening, psychopathic cliché: we first meet him in the house of an unnamed victim, having his way while the victim’s distressed husband and children wait outside the bedroom. Meanwhile the youngest son, Bassam or Barry (played by Adam Rayner of Hawthorne and Waking the Dead), has been in self-imposed exile from his family’s vile ways, working as a paediatrician in California.

The Family

The Family

The wedding of Bassam’s nephew, Jamal’s son, finally brings him back to Abuddin after a 20-year break. The show also comes with Islamic terrorists seeking to overthrow the Al Fayeed dictatorship, public executions, largely incidental female characters and a host of other stereotypes.

Although reviews have, by and large, been fairly positive, Entertainment Weekly noted: “The problem is that they’re stock characters. Maybe that’s an unfortunate side effect of setting the show in Abbudin, a distant desert land that seems to borrow its real-life events from Egypt, Syria and Libya. When you give your country a fake Middle Eastern name, you risk turning it into a stand-in for all Middle Eastern countries.”

The Gay Son

The Gay Son

Time magazine wrote: “Tyrant fails badly … Arab characters sneer, suffer and read ridiculous dialogue.”

Jack Shaheen, the author of Reel Bad Arabs, who has been documenting Hollywood portrayals of Arabs for 40 years, says: “The amazing thing is that certain Arab-American groups were invited to act as consultants on the show. I don’t want to point fingers, but the time to put things right with shows like this really is in production and if you don’t understand the process, it’s easy to become enamoured with being close to Hollywood.

“We maybe need just two or three people in Hollywood who are qualified to lobby to ensure that series like Tyrant don’t happen, and if they do, they’re not so awful.”

Tellingly, the show’s producers seem to have had little contact with the real Arab world in the process of making the show: it is shot in Israel, while the lead actor, Rayner as Barry, is, unfathomably, British.

And from a resident dhimmi feminazi at the Huffington Post, more feigned outrage: Tyrant’s Rape Cliches Are Just The Last Straw







NEW JERSEY: Muslim supremacists bully their way into small town that doesn’t want them

Even though virtually all the residents of Midland Park, New Jersey were virulently opposed to the mosque, the town was forced to approve it. And the repugnant Palestinian Muslim 3rd-rate comedian, Dean Obeidallah, writing for the Daily Beast, has a lot to say about it, in another one of his ‘infidelphobic’ rants. 

 (Hey, Dean, shouldn’t you be lobbing rockets into Israel right now?)



The Daily Beast  Typically, there isn’t a large police presence at a land-use hearing. But Wednesday night’s hearing was different. There was a palpable sense of concern by law enforcement. Why? Because Wednesday night, the board was deciding whether to approve the application of Muslims to convert an old church into a mosque.

The little town of Midland Park is a middle-class suburb of New York City, just north of my hometown of Paramus. It’s home to about 7,000 residents. And now this quiet township had also become the home of an ugly mosque controversy. Unlike the Ground Zero mosque protest of 2010, this fight didn’t make national headlines or become the lead story on the nightly news. Yet to the local residents and the Muslim-Americans who desperately wanted a place of worship, it was just as important, and emotions were just as high.

The former church that will become a mosque

The former church that will become a mosque in Midland Park

The small hearing room that accommodated 60 was packed with the faces of brown and white people, while others filled the hallways and adjacent conference rooms. For the next three hours, this hearing would be the big show in this small town. And it didn’t disappoint. Some of the objections as reported in the NW Bergen Press were:

Loudspeakers blaring chants five times a day, increased traffic and the potential for crime were among the fears expressed by residents last night to plans to open a mosque in Midland Park.

“They say they are a small congregation, but they are looking to grow. They want to educate people and bring people from Bergen County to this building,” neighbor Lisa Fastuca told the borough mayor and council at a packed meeting last night. “It is going to change the way I live and the way my family lives.

“I think you guys should do something about it.”

Increased traffic throughout town — but especially on quiet Irving Street — as well as overflow parking on surrounding streets and noise were among other concerns.

“Traditional Muslims practice a Call to Faith over a loud speaker system,” said Danielle Allen, who lives near the property. “Do we have to listen to chants at all hours of the day and night?”

Safety was another concern. “I’ve been caught in traffic with people coming out of a mosque in Paterson,” resident Patty O’Donnell said. “There were 50 or 60 men in the street. I was scared.

“Is that what is going to happen in this town?

Residents also said they fear taxes will rise and property values will drop because members of the new congregation will want to live closer.

Several attendees asked whether the borough could seize the property through eminent domain. “The Religious Land Use and Institutional Persons Act precludes us from taking action that puts an undue burden on a house of worship,” Borough Attorney Robert Regan said. “There are a number of communities in Rockland County who were sued by the federal government for millions of dollars.”


From the Midland Park Press Facebook page

Saying there are good muslims is like a Jewish family saying there are good Nazis…. if they make this Church a mosque, Midland can kiss their town Goodbye…. and don’t let the rino socialist christy get involved… he’s is good friends with the muslim in d.c.
These are your HOMES, you must educate yourselves and not bury your heads in sand: Read The Story of Mohammed by Harry Richardson  (available at BNI – see sidebar) and make your own, educated conclusions. There will be ramifications to this.
I would fight this as hard as I can
Matt Davison

You’re right this is the “diversity” I want this in my neighborhood.


At the outset of the hearing, the attorney for the mosque, sensing that the room was filled with opponents, made a simple plea to the municipal board members: “This is not a public referendum, it’s a question of law.”

He was legally correct, but that didn’t prevent local officials in Bridgewater, New Jersey from improperly preventing the building of a mosque a few years ago. The result was a lawsuit in federal court that found in favor of the mosque, although it’s currently still engulfed in the appeals process.

Angry Muslims marching down the street in Midland Park

Angry Muslims marching down the street in Midland Park

And then came the parade of people testifying for and against the mosque.  We heard from opponents who lived on the block of the proposed mosque. I sincerely believe they were simply concerned about traffic, not Muslims. Others opened by saying “I have nothing against Muslims,” but you could still sense apprehension—not based on malice, but more from a lack of personal exposure to Muslims.

Soon, however, the mask of civility was removed, revealing the ugly face of bigotry. As one Muslim man from a neighboring town testified, someone yelled out, “Build the mosque in your town!” Another commented: “I don’t care if they worship their God, just not in our town.”

There was a man holding up a sign that read “Stop Application” and “Keep R Kids Safe.” I was a bit confused about the second sign. Was he alleging that Muslims are a threat to children? (YES! They are) Not sure, but it wasn’t long until he stormed out of the hearing, declaring: “There are 180 million radicalized Muslims!”


The hearing soon reached a boiling point as a woman calmly, but intensely, testified from prepared notes about the alleged threats Islam posed to the people of the town. Parroting the crap we have heard from Islamophbes on Fox News, she claimed Muslims are “trained” to lie and that they don’t share the same values as we, Americans, do. When someone in the crowd objected, another in the audience said: “It’s the truth, you don’t know them.”

Islamic Thinkers Society burning these flags on a midtown Manhattan street

Islamic Thinkers Society burning these flags on a midtown Manhattan street

There was even a moment of surreal levity. Another woman sitting in the audience, and again this is small room where everyone could easily see one another, had been loudly voicing anti-Muslim comments. She then came up to testify, stating: “I don’t have any problems with Muslims, it’s about traffic.” Did she really think we couldn’t see she was the same person saying anti-Muslim crap minutes before?

Don’t get me wrong, there were some bright spots, such as when a Jewish and a Christian leader testified in support of the Muslims’ freedom to worship like people of other faiths. However, every single resident of Midland Park who testified voiced opposition to the mosque.


The decision was unanimous. A new place of worship was coming to this small town. And it would bring with it people that don’t look or pray like most of the local residents. (Once again, Muslim supremacists bullying their way into neighborhoods that don’t want them. Pretty soon there will be nothing but Muslims there when everyone else rushes to sell their homes before the values drop too much)


NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #122: Muslim healthcare workers in headbags are unsanitary and scary

Obama Regime sues Alabama nursing home for refusing to allow a Muslim worker to wear a headbag.


McKnights  An Alabama nursing home is being sued after it allegedly refused to allow a Muslim worker to wear a hijab (headbag) on the job, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week. 

Shadescrest Health Care Center hired Tracy Martin as a certified nursing assistant in August 2012, according to the lawsuit. Martin reportedly wore the hijab on Aug. 9 and was told to “remove the head covering or be subject to termination,” according to the government’spress release published Monday. Martin filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC and was fired weeks after Shadescrest received notice of the complaint. 

The EEOC charges that Martin was fired “in retaliation” to her discrimination complaint and for her attempt to exercise her religious rights, the government alleges.  Shadescrest Health Care Center is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility located in Jasper, AL, about 40 miles northwest of Birmingham. The center did not respond to inquiries of McKnight’s as of press time.




Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval rate is soaring with one group

And one group only – MUSLIMS!  Obama, long recognized as a Muslim by most of the Muslim world and many in the West, not surprisingly, has a huge following among U.S. Muslims.




Washington Post  A new poll from Gallup shows 72 percent of American Muslims rate Obama favorably. That’s his best rating among religious groups — by far. At the other end of the spectrum are Mormons, just 18 percent of whom approve of Obama.

The numbers for Muslim Americans shouldn’t be surprising either, as they are heavily Democratic. Numbers from the Pew Research Center show 63 percent of Muslims are Democrats or lean Democratic, compared to just 11 percent who lean the other way.


Obama has also made a point in his presidency to reach out to the Muslim world — at least internationally.

Muslims have stuck by Obama more than basically any other group. Their support is down just 14 points from when Obama first took office. Every other group is down at least 20 points.



Good to know at least some Muslims are subjected to enhanced screening when trying to re-enter the U.S.

Basim Usami, a Pakistani Muslim crybaby, calls this article: “A Muslim citizen’s US passport gets him everywhere but home.” (And you can thank your fellow Muslims for creating this enhanced security situation in the first place)

UnknownBoston Globe  When Mayor Walsh deemed June Immigrant Heritage Month, I wanted to celebrate. But instead Homeland Security was busy detaining me at the Lewiston-Queenston crossing on my way back to Boston from my religious wedding ceremony, which took place in Toronto. Much of the positive rhetoric lauding immigrants has been meaningless to second-generation Muslim immigrants like myself. Each time I return from Canada, I get detained by US Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security for six hours, which adds up when you have a Canadian fiancée.

This is especially insulting because I have no criminal record. That’s why such rhetoric has rung slightly disingenuous. The mayor’s plan for Boston’s diverse future, much like the surrounding rhetoric by public policy figures, includes words like “international,” “innovative,” and “inclusive,” but it doesn’t take into account the second-class treatment of people like me or the other estimated 40,000 Muslims in the Boston area. (Gee, might it have something to do with all the ongoing Muslim terror attacks around the world?)


It was my trip to Pakistan last year, to attend my cousin’s wedding and perform with my band, that led to me being flagged at the border. Although politicians talk about meeting the needs of a new, more mobile generation, and of building a more inclusive community, that rhetoric clashes with the reality of national policies that do exactly the opposite.

Basim Usami

Basim Usami

As someone who went to high school in Lexington, I know the visa for Pakistan in my passport should not be controversial.  Lexington High, by today’s estimates, has a student body that is 30 percent Asian-American (Funny how Muslims like to lump themselves together with Asian-Americans, while everyone else thinks of Asian Americans as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc., NEVER Muslims), and Lexington is surpassed only by Quincy as the Asian-American cultural center of the Boston area.

While my band — a self-styled Muslim punk band whose most popular songs are in languages like Urdu and Punjabi — may seem odd to outsiders, it fits neatly into what the former “tony suburb” of Lexington has become.


And yet, coming back to the United States invariably involves the confiscation of my cellphone and laptops, the recording of my assorted passwords, and has twice involved me being handcuffed and put inside a secondary holding room. The Customs and Border Protection officials look like they’re killing time, and claim to be “waiting on a call from D.C.” before letting me go. When a Homeland Security agent finally arrives, usually three hours in, to screen me, the first question I’m asked is surreal: “So, why are you here?”

The political rhetoric that ties (Asian) immigrants to innovation, as well as the other side of the debate that raises alarms about “unskilled immigration,” reduces a population that is estimated to be 45 million people into desirables and undesirables (Except that nobody includes Muslims in the Asian-American demographic).


“Model minority” status is awarded to certain (never Muslim) immigrants to make them more palatable. As a Pakistani-American, I have experienced being both parts of that divide. Since the Boston Marathon bombing, our “model minority” card has been revoked. (Don’t dream. Muslims have never been considered a “model minority”)

Asian and African Muslims, Latinos, and countless other non-white minority groups have reported their interactions with border authorities and the Transportation Security Administration being tainted by racial stereotypes. In 2012, TSA officers at Logan Airport wrote open letters alleging that management had encouraged the profiling of Muslim minorities. As W.E.B. DuBois waxed just over a century ago, “How does it feel to be a problem?”


When Homeland Security interrogated my wife, she was asked if I ever had traveling companions she was not familiar with or if I traveled to countries outside of her knowledge. My wife responded bluntly, “Are you asking if my husband is a terrorist?” (Duh, yeah!)

I have a redress number from the Department of Homeland Security TRIP form I submitted, which is for people who have been wrongfully flagged. Though I recieved a letter from the Homeland Security eight weeks ago saying they were looking into the matter, I do not have high hopes for their outdated and bureaucratic system.


During a previous detention, in which my parents were present for my detention, my father had a heated exchange with one of the officers manning the desk. “My American passport gives me access to travel around the world,” he said. “The only problem is when I try returning to my own country.” (Try returning to your Muslim country if required security screenings are too much of a hassle for you)

America’s border-patrol system, which has exponentially bloated and gotten more compartmentalized since 9/11, is outdated. If there is something that needs to be “innovated,” it’s that. (In other words, let all Muslims just sail on through because only a teeny tiny minority are terrorists)


“MOHAMMED RAGHEAD” – One of the names the FBI used for Muslims under surveillance for terrorism in America

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR has their panties in a wad over newly-published documents leaked by Edward Snowden that provide the first proof of individual Muslims being monitored by the FBI. Unfortunately, this program only lasted from 2002 – 2008, after which it was all but disbanded by Barack Hussein Obama who took office in 2009.

CAIR & coalition of far leftist groups demand full public accounting of government surveillance of US Muslim leaders

Notice Nihad Awad of CAIR in the middle

Notice Nihad Awad of CAIR in the middle

Independent  The US government spied on thousands of  Muslim in America including lawyers and academics according to newly-published documents provided by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The monitoring was authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a law intended to target individuals involved in international terrorism, espionage or sabotage.

The leaked documents published by The Intercept include a list of 7,485 email addresses monitored between 2002 and 2008. Five of the emails identified by journalists have been described as leading “highly public, outwardly exemplary lives”.


A document dating from 2006 from the same cache of files instructed intelligence agency staff how to properly record the identity of those under surveillance and used the fake name of “Mohammed Raghead” as an example.

Five of those identified as targets of surveillance include Faisal Gill, a lawyer and one-time candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates who served as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush.


Speaking to The Intercept, Gill said he could not work out why his email accounts were monitored: “I’ve done everything in my life to be patriotic. I served in the Navy, served in the government, was active in my community—I’ve done everything that a good citizen, in my opinion, should do.”

Other American citizens monitored included Asim Ghafoor, an attourney who has represented clients in terrorism-related cases; Agha Saeed, a civil rights activist and political science professor; Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the country; and Hooshang Amirahmadi, a professor of international relations.


The monitoring was authorized by the FBI and although no reason for the selection of these individuals is given in the leaked documents, Asim Ghafoor believes he was chosen because of his background and religion.

“I believe that they tapped me because my name is Asim Abdur Rahman Ghafoor, my parents are from India, I travelled to Saudi Arabia as a young man, and I do the pilgrimage,” Ghafoor told The Intercept. “Yes, absolutely I believe that had something to do with it.”



The documents mark the first time that US citizens have been provided with proof of being individually targeted by intelligence agencies and could allow those involved to sue the US government for unlawful surveillance.
























 CAIR Calls for Reform of FBI’s Training on Islam, Muslims

Manufacturing the Muslim Menace

How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam

Islam-Bashing Bigots Train Counterterrorism Agents


MUSLIMS SHOCKED when anti-Islam graffiti shows up in Brooklyn during ‘Ramadana Ding Dong’


BROOKLYN, NY – Neighbors and residents of Kensington say anti-Muslim graffiti spray-painted on an Ocean Parkway mailbox is particularly offensive because it has reappeared during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. (Before the Muslim invasion not long ago, this neighborhood was primarily Jewish)

Kensingtonbk  Reports that the slogans “Allah is Evil” and “Islam is Barbaric” appeared on either side of the mailbox. Residents of the diverse neighborhood said that while they have seen similar instances in the past, the neighborhood is generally conflict-free.


Richard Padilla, who works in Kensington, said, “Things like this should never happen, especially in this time of day in the world.”

Kensington resident Seefat M. Aman, said, “I think it’s because of all the politics that are going on in Gaza, an especially with Ramadan now.”


We have reached out to the 66th Precinct, but have not yet received a response.

It seems more derogatory scribbles have popped up around Kensington, too. Spotted on the northwest corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue C  as well as several yards up towards Beverley Road (partially painted over, below), these mailboxes took our breath away when we saw them last week.

(Yes, indeedy, this IS terrible because now it will cost NYC taxpayers to get rid of it)



DEARBORNISTAN: Man arrested and charged with “unlawful escape of soot” for burning a quran in front of an Islamic Center

The kicker is, the man who did this is an Iraqi American Muslim. “He cannot be a Muslim,” said Imam Husham Al-Husainy, the spiritual leader of the Karbalaa Center. “No Muslim would ever do something like this.” (Hee Hee)

Ali Hassan Al-Assadi,, quran burner

Ali Hassan Al-Assadi,, quran burner

Arab American News (h/t Rob E)  On Wednesday June 25, police arrested an Iraqi American who was trying to burn the Qur’an in front of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center on Warren Avenue.  Ali Hassan Al-Assadi, 50, of Detroit, also admitted to burning three Qur’ans at the Karbalaa Center on June 10, according to Lt. Doug Topolski of the Dearborn Police Department. The first Qur’an burning incident coincided with the visit of an anti-Muslim pastor, Terry Jones, from Florida and made national headlines.

Imam Husham Al-Husainy, the spiritual leader of the Karbalaa Center, said he does not know Al-Assadi. Al-Husainy added that he does not think Al-Assadi is acting on his own. “Regardless of his identity, he has the same motives and goals as the anti-Islamic extremists,” explained Al-Husainy. “This could be a continuation of the crusade by Terry Jones.”


NYC Mayor Bill ‘dhimmi’ De Blasio bars press from his Ramadan Iftar dinner at Gracie Mansion

I imagine that having reporters photograph him down on his hands and knees, praying to Allah, wouldn’t sit well with New Yorkers who experienced first hand the 9/11 Muslim terror attacks on NYC.


Capital NY  Bill de Blasio, the Democrat mayor of New York City is hosting Islam faithfuls to a closed press Ramadan Iftar dinner tonight at the Gracie Mansion, his official residence. despite initially being listed as open.

The Ramadan Iftar dinner, according to de Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak, “was always designed to be closed but was erroneously listed as open” on the mayor’s schedule last night “due to an internal miscommunication.” Walzak also said, “Tonight’s event is closed press because it is a sit-down dinner and there also is a praying portion. Last year and the year before this event was closed press — it historically has always been closed.”

In 2010, an Iftar Ramadan dinner held at Gracie Mansion by de Blasio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, was open to the press. However, the infamous photos of Bloomberg bowing to Islam did not go over well with New Yorkers.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg doing his best Muslim pandering act

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg doing his best Muslim pandering act

This year’s Ramadan Iftar dinner comes at a time of high tension in the Middle East, where the death of a Palestinian teenager is being investigated as a possible retaliation for the murder of three Israeli teenagers.(Latest reports discount this theory)

Of the guests, Walzak said, “There are 150 attending tonight, many of whom have been fasting. This includes religious leaders, community leaders, elected officials, and members of Administration.”

Asked for a specific list of invitees, Walzak said it would be supplied later. (How many thugs from CAIR were there, I wonder?)








COLORADO Female Muslim convert arrested on her way to Syria to join ISIS and engage in violent jihad


Shannon Maureen Conley, 19, was arrested at Denver Airport trying to board a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, via Germany, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court and unsealed yesterday. From Turkey, federal prosecutors say she hoped to meet someone known as ‘YM’ who wanted to marry her and help her join ISIS terrorists in Syria.

AP  FBI agents tried more than once to discourage a 19-year-old suburban Denver woman who said she was intent on waging jihad in the Middle East before arresting her in April as she boarded a flight she hoped would ultimately get her to Syria, court documents unsealed Wednesday show.

Shannon Maureen Conley BEFORE

Shannon Maureen Conley BEFORE

Shannon Maureen Conley AFTER

Shannon Maureen Conley (Right) AFTER

Shannon Maureen Conley had told agents that she wanted to use her American military training from the U.S. Army Explorers to start a holy war overseas, even though she knew that it was illegal, according to the newly released federal court records. Her “legitimate targets of attack” included military facilities, government employees and public officials, the documents say.

Conley,  told arresting agents she planned to live with a suitor she met online, a Tunisian man who claimed to be fighting for an al-Qaeda splinter group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The militant group also known as ISIS has recently overrun parts of Iraq and Syria.



Conley has been charged with conspiring to help a foreign terrorist organization. Her federal public defender did not immediately return a call seeking comment. A nurse’s aide, Conley told investigators she planned to fly to Turkey and then travel to Syria to become a housewife and a nurse at the man’s camp, providing medical services and training.

FBI agents became aware of Conley’s growing interest in extremism in November after she started talking about terrorism with employees of a suburban Denver church who found her wandering around and taking notes on the layout of the campus. “Conley felt that Jihad is the only answer to correct the wrongs against the Muslim world.”

Her parents knew she had converted to Islam but were apparently unaware of her extremism, authorities said. Her father told an agent in March that Conley and her suitor had asked for his blessing to marry and were surprised when he declined.


MICHIGANISTAN: Soccer referee, savagely punched in the head by an angry Muslim player, dies

The Michigan soccer referee critically injured this weekend after he was sucker-punched by Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad during an adult-league game died Tuesday in an area hospital. John Bieniewicz, 44, was left in critical condition Saturday in Livonia after witnesses say he was punched in the head as he reached down for a red card.

FOX News (h/t Henry P)   Police said Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad punched Bieniewicz after he indicated that the 36-year-old Dearborn resident was going to be ejected. 

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad

One witness told MyFoxDetroit.com that Bieniewicz was punched near his throat and fell without raising his arms. The death was confirmed by the hospital and a family friend.

Saad was arraigned Monday in Livonia District Court on a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Bond was set at $500,000, and a probable-cause hearing was set for July 10. It is unclear if Saad will face new charges.

Bieniewicz was a dialysis technician with a wife and two sons, said attorney Jim Acho, who was a childhood friend. Acho says a fund is being set up to help pay for his friend’s funeral and burial expenses, as well as his children’s futures.


According to Acho, Bieniewicz was the only student-athlete in the class of 1988 to letter in both football and basketball at the ultra-competitive Detroit parochial school. Acho, who ran a basketball camp with Bieniewicz for four years after high school, said his 6-foot-5 friend would “wow the kids with dunks.”

But much to the surprise of his friends, Bieniewicz gravitated to soccer and fell in love with the sport. He has been a well-respected referee for two decades. He was doing what he loved on Sunday when he was attacked at Mies Park, Acho said.

MyFoxDetroit.com reported that Saad’s team has been kicked out of the league.