AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BOSTON appoints Muslim police captain who brings to the force a ‘Muslim agenda’

As Boston Police Captain Haseeb Hosein assumes leadership in Mattapan as the department’s first Muslim captain, he plans to have his officers walking not only the streets, but school hallways. “I want my guys to go into the schools and spend 30 minutes and read” with a child, said Hosein, 52.

(Yeah, who cares about rooting out the next Muslim terrorist attack like the Boston bombers when you can spend your time reading (Islamic propaganda) to little Christian children?)

Haseeb Hosein

Haseeb Hosein

Boston Globe  Hosein’s promotion makes him the highest-ranking Muslim in the department, according to a police spokesman, and one of three minority captains .

“The promotion to captain of Haseeb Hosein goes directly to my commitment of making the police department more reflective of the community we serve,” Police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement. “It is both historic and an honor for me to promote the first black Muslim captain to my command staff.”

Hosein served a four-month suspension after a complaint in 2007 that he and several other officers repeatedly under-reported hours while performing paid details, according to police records. Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Michael McCarthy said the department has moved past the incident. “It doesn’t make him any less qualified or deserving of a promotion.” (AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN ACTION,  folks)

Boston Bomber's mosque

Boston Bomber’s mosque

As the department’s first Muslim captain, he said, he feels he can inspire young Muslims to join the force and serve as an ambassador for a faith that is often viewed negatively. “I can be a voice to  let people know that the 1.6 billion Muslims [in the world] are just like them,” Hosein said. “I hope to be that voice that speaks out loud.”  (Just what Boston needs, Muslim infiltrators in the police department)


Radical Islam ‘Disease’ Sweeping One of America’s Oldest Cities – Boston


ALABAMA group called ‘Americans United for Separation of Church & State’ is opposed to an anti-sharia bill


Calling the bill an “Atrocious Amendment,” Americans United for Separation of Church & State’ says, “We object to anti-Sharia bills because they’re unnecessary, their provisions are overly broad, and they unfairly target the nation’s Muslim communities. And that violates the First Amendment.”

AU  Next month, Alabama voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on Amendment One, which would add a provision to the state constitution that ostensibly attempts to ban Islamic, or Sharia, law. It’s hardly the first bill of its kind. Last year, state legislatures in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma debated similar measures; Missouri’s bill never made it past the governor’s desk. In the other states, the bills were limited to family law.


Alabama’s bill goes a bit further. If enacted, it would require the state’s courts to avoid enforcing or applying rulings from other courts if those rulings are based on foreign law. That could affect contractual obligations from foreign courts (a more than occasional occurrence in international business dealings).

And the bill’s reasoning appears sound. “The public policy of this state is to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws when the application of a foreign law will result in the violation of a right guaranteed by the Alabama Constitution or of the United States Constitution, including, but not limited to, due process, freedom of religion, speech, assembly, or press, or any right of privacy or marriage,” it asserts.


The amendment’s text never explicitly references Sharia, but as the Greene County Democrat reports, it’s merely the latest incarnation of anti-Sharia legislation in the state. It’s also the brainchild of State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa), who sponsored the original, failed version of the bill in 2011. Last month, Allen received a national security award from ACT! for America, an anti-Islam group founded by Brigitte Gabriel.


At Americans United, we are often asked why we don’t support these bills. The answer is always the same: Because there isn’t a real threat that our courts or legislatures are implementing Sharia law. We have yet to receive a report about a Muslim community or Muslim elected official attempting to legislate based on Sharia principles. If we did, we’d take action. We do, however, receive many reports about fundamentalist Christians doing exactly that.

Obviously, they haven’t seen these:

Florida Appeals court judge rules American courts can use sharia law


50 Cases in 23 states in which which Shariah-based legal conventions or decisions were brought to bear upon the case



NEW MEXICO: Molotov cocktail thrown at Albuquerque mosque caused virtually no damage but CAIR is demanding a hate crime investigation


Someone (probably fed up with the rising tide of beheadings and terror attacks by Muslims in the West) threw what appears to be a Molotov cocktail explosive device at a southeast Albuquerque Mosque Friday morning, according to Albuquerque police. 

CAIR  Muslim Brotherhood front group, Hamas-linked The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is calling on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate a Molotov cocktail attack on an Albuquerque, N.M., mosque as a hate crime.

Albuquerque police say the incendiary device was thrown Friday morning at a window of the Islamic Center of New Mexico but did not enter the building. The device ignited and caused minimal damage to the exterior of the mosque. No injuries were reported.


VICTIM CARD: Muslims want hate crime investigation against a man who verbally ‘assaulted’ two bagheads

Local Muslim leaders are urging two women to pursue charges against a man who verbally ‘assaulted’ them at WalMart on Sunday. But, investigators are not considering this to be a hate crime, yet. (Obviously, the CAIR litigation jihadists haven’t contacted you yet)


Local News8  General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Eastern Idaho Daniel Hummel said the two women were sought-after by the man who apparently has a longstanding history of anger toward the Muslim community. “He was telling them to get out of his country, ‘you don’t belong, terrorists.’ It kept coming up, and it scared them,” Hummel said, noting the women tried to get away from the man before the store managers were called to intervene.

Chubbuck Police Dept.’s Lieutenant Bill Guiberson said, as much as hateful words can be harmful, legally this case was not considered a hate crime under Idaho law. “As a police officer, we are sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States,” Guiberson said. “That’s one thing that is very serious to us, and in this situation, whether we agree with one or either party, they each had their protected rights.”



Guiberson said in order for this situation to be considered a hate crime, the man had to have verbally threatened the women and/or physically assaulted them. However in this case, neither of that happened.

Hummel said he is shocked to see this nationwide problem of anger toward the Muslim community here in southeast Idaho. (Wherever muslims go, their supremacist behavior creates hatred for them) He said witnesses were able to identify the man and he plans to pursue further action against him by filing for a restraining order to protect all Muslim women in the community. 

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BROOKLYN: Three men caught on video viciously attacking young woman might be Muslims

brooklynmuggingsuspects4At least one of the suspects appears to be wearing a Muslim head rag and they all have beards. Surveillance video shows that on Oct. 2nd, Gwendolyn Reyes walked past three men in Brooklyn. After a vicious beating, the three suspects left her lying helpless on the ground.

CBS NEWS  (h/t Devin S) On the security video, after being pushed to the wall of a nearby building by one man, Reyes is punched in the face twice. The other men are seen trying to steal her purse, dragging her down the street as the video cuts out.

Gwendolyn Reyes

Gwendolyn Reyes

“I just remember the whole attack, and for them leaving me, I remember them just dragging me, and then I started yelling for someone to help me,” Reyes told the station. “And then that’s when I realized blood was coming from my face, but I didn’t know where from my face.”

They had gotten away with her purse and iPhone and Reyes was treated for a broken nose at a local hospital. Police told CBS New York that the attacks appeared random and the suspects targeted her because she was walking alone.

The aspiring model remains confident that the NYPD will catch her attackers. She is not afraid, and says nothing will prevent her from pursuing her career, according to CBS New York.


MASSACHUSETTS: Parents in Revere outraged that students are being taught about Islam in public schools


“No religion should be taught at school. In their paper it says Allah is the only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian,” said Anthony Giannino. A section of the textbook describing the beliefs of Muslims says, “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.”

WHDH  Giannino immediately pulled his son out of the classroom. “We don’t believe in Allah. I don’t believe in my son learning about this here,” he said. “If my son was from another country and came here, he would have been catered to. But where he’s not being catered to, they give him an F.”


The superintendent of Revere Public Schools wrote the parents a letter explaining that it is simply part of the history in that section of the curriculum, and stated, “I want to be very clear that no religion is taught with the purpose of converting students to that religion…” (That’s not the point)

“What is Muslim about, what is Christianity about. That’s what I teach at home. Everybody should respect everybody else’s religion,” said Idalia Garcia. 


“When you’re talking about a specific region in the world, there’s going to be traditions and there’s gonna be religions that children should learn about,” said Ovidio Raffa.

But some parents said they did not want their kids learning anything about Islam. “They should also say to you, ‘in history, your son is going to learn about Islam,’ send out a letter,” said Giannino, who also said he was starting a petition and had plenty of supporters.

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UPDATED: florida-the-fight-against-the-growing-islamization-of-public-school-history-textbooks-heats-up-again





UPDATED: florida-the-fight-against-the-growing-islamization-of-public-school-history-textbooks-heats-up-again




well-well looks-like-mullah-obama-got-the-department-of-justice-to-force-cancellation-of-a-florida-school-board-meeting-over-controversial-history-book-full-of-islamic-lies-and-propaganda









Muslim plan to spread Islam by using American public schools




















An Encyclopedic Antidote to Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools





















BROOKLYN: Hamas-supporting Muslim baghead starts row with a Jewish man at NETS basketball game

Nerdeen Kiswani, 20, lied when she said that Leonard Petlakh, executive director of the Kings Bay Y in Sheepshead Bay, was part of a group of people that punched her in the stomach and stole her Palestinian Hamas flag after an Oct. 7th game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv team.

Lawyer Lamis Deek, flanked by Nerdeen Kiswani to her right, says that Kiswani was the victim of a hate crime at the Barclays Center.

Lawyer Lamis Deek, flanked by Nerdeen Kiswani to her right, says that Kiswani was the victim of a hate crime at the Barclays Center.

NY Daily News  A so-called Palestinian CUNY student claims she was assaulted — because of her Muslim faith — by a “gang of thugs” led by a local Jewish leader at a preseason basketball game at Barclays Center. But a lawyer for Petlakh denied the allegation, and video (below) of the incident does not  show Kiswani being punched, though it does show a man snatching a flag out of her grip.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Kiswani is heard saying on the video, as she chases the man up the steps. “Did you just fucking assault me?” “I didn’t touch you,” the man is heard saying. “Don’t fucking touch me, give me my shit back,” Kiswani is seen and heard yelling back at the man. (‘Shit’ is right considering what flag it is) “He punched me in the stomach,” Kiswani said after someone calls for security, according to the audio. (CRAP)

Tow Muslims holding the Hamas flag

Two Muslims holding the Hamas flag at press conference

Kiswani said at a press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall Tuesday that “being the only visibly Muslim women in the arena with a scarf apparently warranted an assault.” (You went to an Israeli game only to start trouble)

Her attorney, Lamis Deek, said the video didn’t pick up the violent hit on her client. “As he went to grab (the flag), he punched her. It happens so quickly you can’t see it,” said Deek, who insisted that that Petlakh should be prosecuted for a hate crime.“What he and his friends displayed that night was anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian hatred,” she said.

Petlakh’s lawyer released a statement to the Daily News. “It simply did not happen, not by Leonard nor any other person,” said former City Councilman Lew Fidler, who is representing Petlakh.

A spokesman for the Nets said there were no arrests made inside the arena and said Kiswani was given her flag back.


CINCINNATI Democrat Muslim candidate talks about alleged threats to her campaign

MUSLIM baghead, Cathina Hourani, who also claims to be a Cherokee, is running for state representative for the 52nd district in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hourani is the first fundamentalist Muslim to run for state office.

Local12  On Sunday she addressed the threatening phone calls she reportedly received in the previous week. “It’s unfortunate, but there are some that don’t think that I should be running for office,” said Hourani. (Not some, MOST)  “However, I am a citizen of Cherokee nation, I am Native American, and I am a citizen of the United States. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, so I have every right to run for office, and I’m not going to let this deter me.”  (Hopefully, the voters will)

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GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA want to reward Arkansas shooting range for banning Muslims

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America wants to give an award to Jan Morgan, who bans Muslims from her shooting range.


In an interview with Arizona-based radio host Josh Bernstein this week, Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt praised Morgan, saying that she was “on very sound ground” with her Muslim ban.

“I know there will be a lot of people that will be outraged at that, but we don’t facilitate murderers and if you read the Quran, it’s an instruction to go kill people, lots of them,” Pratt said. “And there are Muslims that don’t buy into that, well, how do I know which one you are?”

All of which reminded Pratt that he had been meaning to start giving out a Gun Owners of America award and Morgan “ought to get it.”


Last month, an Arkansas gun range owner named Jan Morgan got some national attention when she declared her business a “Muslim free zone,” writing on her website, “This is more than enough loss of life on my home soil at the hands of muslims to substantiate my position that muslims can and will follow the directives in their Koran and kill here at home.”

What many news reports missed is that Morgan is not just the owner of a single shooting range, but a national gun activist who has spoken at multiple events for the “religious liberty” group Liberty Counsel as well as Tea Party gatherings and last month’s  “Two Million Bikers rally against President Obama.








IF ONLY THEY WERE! Muslims stage a fake scene to show that NYC police are “Islamophobic”

ALL THE ACTORS ARE MUSLIMS, INCLUDING THE COP. But they blur the phony cop’s face so you won’t know that. No NYPD cop would say what this one is saying. But the left wing dhimmi media are eating it up.

BNI Readers, please share this video and expose it for the fraud it is. The NYPD should arrest all of these Muslim jihadists for slander and impersonating a police officer.


FLORIDA: Humongous expansion plan for Orlando mosquetrosity has residents in a panic

Plans for a massive expansion of a mosque have residents in one part of Orange County up in arms, but their issue has nothing to do with religion.

(Oh, yes, it does, but of course they can’t say that big Islamic infiltration centers increase the threat of Islamic terrorism)

Building ugliness

Muslim supremacists build ugliness and ostentation wherever they go

Residents who live near the proposed expansion on Apopka Vineland Road in Doctor Phillips said it’s because of the size of the project. Grand plans for the towering new expansion to The Islamic Center of Orlando have already cleared two major hurdles with the county.

“If you look around the area there is nothing that large in terms of a footprint to go off of,” said resident Mike Kulich. Residents said the building is going to be seven-stories and extend an extra block. (All of which means thousands more Muslim asslifters driving down the values of all homes in the area)


In Oklahoma (home of the Muslim beheader), you wear this button at your own risk

At Oklahoma City University, dhimmi students, faculty, and even the university’s President, Robert Henry, boldly signed a document and a big poster declaring their solidarity with Muslims in Oklahoma before putting on the bright green button that said “Friend to our Muslim neighbors. Salaam, Peace.”


Red Dirt Report  The OCU Women’s Interfaith Action Committee members were handing out the buttons at a table in the Student Center Thursday in a spot where many students walk by on the way into the main dining hall.

These actions might surprise people who have only been depending on the mainstream media in Oklahoma for information about what Oklahomans think about Muslims.

For the last five weeks Oklahoma media has been dominated by hostile statements from state legislators and the Oklahoma Republican Party, and even Patriot Pastors of Christian-identified congregations in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City University President Dr. Robert Henry shows solidarity with OKC's Muslim community by sporting a green button offered by students

Oklahoma City University President Dr. Robert Henry shows solidarity with OKC’s Muslim community by sporting a green button offered by students

But, it was hardly a thought process for student Sophia Hackney who didn’t even move one step away from the table before pinning on her button after signing. When Hackney was asked what she thought the response would be to her wearing the button, she said, “I think here at OCU a lot of us are super supportive. I think being a far left liberal arts school, we are a little more positive and open-minded. 

But once beyond the campus, she isn’t so sure about the response. “From being on Facebook and seeing how people are responding to various media things, it could be viewed in a very negative way,” Hackney said. She does plan on posting a selfie of her wearing the button and hash-tagging it to promote the cause.

The coordinator for this event was student Hannah Lampi who has had some deep feelings for the Muslims in Oklahoma who have been grouped together with terrorists in other countries. Referring to the hateful comments some public figures have made, she said, “It just makes me so angry.  “I want people to know that Islam is not a force or scary. They’re not like a scary people.”

Nope, not scary at all.








COLORADO Sheriff under fire for making an anti-Muslim comment on Facebook

facebookislamAn internal investigation has now been launched on the Teller County Deputy Sheriff after he was accused of making an anti-Muslim comment on Facebook. (NEVER use Facebook to tell the truth about Muslims. It is notorious for its Islamopandering)

FOX 21 News - Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensminger confirmed the investigation on his deputy sheriff Eric Voigt. Voigt is accused of making a degrading comment on Facebook in reference to a woman being Muslim.


In a screenshot obtained by FOX21 News, Voigt can be seen saying “Ship her ass back to Muzzie land!!” Voigt was commenting on an article where a woman declared her business was a ‘Muslim-Free Zone.” The woman who reported the deputy sheriff said she was commenting on her friend’s page who posted the article because her entire family is Muslim.

She said, “Wow…so what exactly is it you think of me?” That’s when Voigt, according to the screenshots, replied to her with the degrading comment. (I don’t see anything degrading about that comment)


The woman who reported him said she does not know or has never met Voigt but is now concerned about his known viewpoints affecting his job performance.

“If he feels this way about Muslims, I would like to know how he feels about blacks? Jews? Gays? Hispanics?” the woman said.  (They aren’t trying to convert or kill him for being an unbeliever the way Muslims are)“And how has this affected his job performance? Does Teller County condone this behavior and if not, how has he risen to this position?” (Hopefully, he’ll get a promotion now)

Voigt’s boss, Ensminger, said his office does not and will not tolerate any type of discriminatory behavior. He said the internal investigation should be done by sometime next week. According to Ensminger, he believed Voigt has been employed by his office for about four years.

(The Muslim woman probably reported him because he had dogs in his avatar and we know how much Muslims hate dogs)



Terror-linked CAIR-Cincinnati demands ‘Hate Crime’ investigation of alleged threats targeting Muslim Bagheaded candidate for Ohio House

The Cincinnati chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today demanded that state and national law enforcement authorities investigate alleged threats made against a Muslim candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives as a “hate crime.”

Cathina Hourani, Muslim Democrat candidate

Cathina Hourani, Muslim Democrat candidate

CAIR  Cathina Hourani, a Muslim Democrat candidate in the 52nd District, claims to have received threatening phone calls yesterday after a story ran in a local paper about her candidacy. The article was followed by hate-filled and threatening comments. One such comment said in part, ““don’’t elect a Muslim SOB, you should start shooting them!””

Hourani has reported the threats to the proper law enforcement agencies. She is the first Muslim woman to run for public office at the state level in Ohio. (And hopefully the last)

Threats targeting a candidate for public office based on her faith are very disturbing and should be of concern to all Americans (they aren’t),” said CAIR-Cincinnati Executive Director Karen Dabdoub. “We believe the rising level of bigotry targeting Muslims in our nation is a direct result of the Islamophobia industry pumping out this type of hatred on a daily basis.” (Actually, all we’re doing is pumping out legitimate and verifiable news stories about what Muslims are doing around the world so Americans can make up their own mind)

American Muslim delegate Cathina Hourani in 2012 promoted herself as Ohio's first "Hijabi" delegate

American Muslim Democrat delegate Cathina Hourani in 2012 promoted herself as Ohio’s first “Hijabi” delegate


OOPS! Oklahoma Muslim woman asked to sign petition telling all Muslims to “go home”

UnknownGee, why would people in Oklahoma want to send Muslims back where they came from, or where they should be? I guess it doesn’t have anything to do with the Muslim who beheaded a white Christian grandmother and nearly beheaded another woman at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma recently?

KFOR  The Muslim woman who was asked says, “Muslims are a peaceful people,” said Deb Beneta. “I wish people would see us as humans and not this mythical Muslim monster.” That’s not possible anymore as fear of the religion may be near an all-time high. ISIS, the group of Islamic extremists known for beheading Western hostages in the name of Islam,  and a brutal attack at Vaughan Foods has many people on edge about the violent ideology posing as a religion.

“It just offended me that someone would say I don’t belong here,” said Beneta. “I think some of the most dangerous people are non-educated people who have been stimulated by hate or fear.” (No Deb, the most dangerous people are uneducated people like you who are ignorant of the fact that Muslims have always been and still are the biggest enslavers of black Africans)