Oh, NOES! Muslims now whining about feeling “left out” of the anti-bullying movement

muslimbulliedWe used to call it teasing or kids being mean to other kids as all kids are at some point in their lives. Now it has been renamed “bullying” and has risen in status to virtually a criminal offense. Essentially, it is much ado about hurt fweewings (Muslims get offended more easily than any other people on earth and often kill for it) intended to punish children for being children instead of the left wing robots for the state that the fascist education system in America now demands.


Seattle Globalist  Muslims in the Seattle region (and other areas) say they feel overlooked by these anti-bullying campaigns even as their children suffer regular harassment and bullying — often over their religion.

“Recently schools across America have taken a stronger stance against bullying,” says Maryam Hussain, a Bellevue College student who lives in Kirkland and says anti-bullying campaigns more often focus on race or sexual orientation than religion. “People are not using examples of bullying against Muslims.”

Hussain has plenty of examples. She first experienced bullying as an elementary-school student in a small town on the East Coast where a kid on the school bus, referencing her hijab, called her a “towel head” and a “terrorist.” During those same years, her younger sister was having her headscarf ripped off on the playground.

When the family moved to Kirkland, Hussain says, she thought her problems were over.


“I felt so relieved because everyone here is so accepting, and there’s such a diverse community,” says Hussain, but instead she was “surprised and shocked” when the harassment continued.

When she was a senior in high school, a fellow student ridiculed her headscarf in the hallway, telling her she didn’t have to “wear that stupid thing.” And just last week, her younger brother and sister were walking home from school when a car passed them and the driver screamed a profanity and called them terrorists.


Unfortunately Hussain’s experiences aren’t unusual, says Jeff Siddiqui. He’s a Lynnwood real-estate agent who became concerned with Islamophobic bullying when his daughter called him from her high school crying because of a lesson in her U.S. government class. Siddiqui says a teacher, while discussing the 9/11 attacks, warned his daughter’s class of “Muslim sleeper cells” and cautioned students to be “careful who you make friends with.”

He said his daughter felt singled out and stereotyped, insulted and embarrassed by the insinuation that any Muslim American could be an undercover terrorist.


“After 9/11, it was like being thrown head first into the ocean. You can no longer, as a Muslim, remain above the fray,” says Siddiqui. “That fire is lapping at your feet whether you like it or not.”

In response Siddiqui, along with the recently formed group United Muslims of Washington state, is sponsoring an anti-bullying event at Bellevue College this weekend called “Take A Stand.” There will be speakers from human- and civil-rights organizations, as well as a representative from the U.S. Department of Justice.


The goal, says Siddiqui, is to encourage Muslim students and families to learn about their rights and stand up against bullying and harassment.

“Most parents are first-generation immigrants in this country,” explains Siddiqui who adds that, in his experience, complaints about anti-Muslim bullying can be dismissed or downplayed, and families are often afraid to push the issue. “They have a fear of authority, and they don’t want to rock the boat.”

Muslims in Minneapolis being offended at school

Muslims in Minneapolis being offended at school

Twenty-year-old Hussain hopes the conference will help, but she has a longer term plan, too. She wants to be an elementary-school teacher and serve as a role model for a growing population of Muslim kids, while also helping non-Muslim students, parents and teachers learn more about her faith.

“They’ll be exposed by an early age to a Muslim girl, and they’ll know that we’re not all terrorists,” says Hussain. “We’re normal people.”


HOUSTON: New Texas Barbecue offers barbarically-slaughtered halal meat

vbisYSw2Most Muslims in Houston have never tasted Texas Barbecue because the meat is not slaughtered in typical barbaric halal style. But Robert West, a former Mormon and now a Muslim convert, changed that with a new food cart called ‘Chopped N Smoked,’ the only Texas-style barbecue joint catering to the halal dietary traditions of the Muslim faith. With halal (unlike kosher), the spinal cord is NOT severed so the animal dies in agony until he finally bleeds out.

Co-owners Robert West, left, and Jason Bones, right, stand in front of Chopped N Smoked BBQ trailer in Sugar Land.

Co-owners Robert West, left, and Jason Bones, right, stand in front of Chopped N Smoked BBQ trailer in Sugar Land.

Statesman  “Halal” roughly translates to “permitted” or “lawful” and refers to food produced in a ritual manner that satisfies Muslim edicts. Specifically, halal meat must come from a permitted animal (cows, sheep, goats) that is slaughtered in an inhumane way by an adult Muslim. Halal rules restrict the consumption of pork or blood. 

West grew up in the Klein area in a “relatively strict” Mormon family. While working at a local energy company, he met his future wife, Aliya Ahmed, a native Houstonian and practicing Muslim. West eventually converted to Islam.


The Chopped N Smoked barbecue trailer sits in the parking lot of a Citgo gas station on Texas 6 in northeastern Fort Bend County, the most ethnically diverse county in the most diverse metropolitan area in the nation.

Why open a halal barbecue joint in Houston?


“There are generations of Muslim Houstonians who have never tasted Texas barbecue because it is not halal,” West said. “We always talk about integrating the many groups of Houston. How can you do that when certain foods are restricted? Although we welcome all Houstonians, we specifically wanted to bring authentic Texas barbecue to the Muslim community.”


It’s important to note that halal barbecue tastes like other Texas barbecue, and West welcomes everyone to try it. Halal requirements don’t necessarily affect the taste of the meat – they only guide the ritual manner in which the food is produced.

Because halal guidelines require that no food preparation surfaces or appliances have ever been in contact with restricted foods such as pork, West and Bones built their food trailer from the ground up with all new equipment. West built the attached barbecue pit himself.


The two men originally sourced their halal meats from various places around Houston, but the supply was inconsistent. Now Phoenicia Specialty Foods meat department helps them secure a consistent supply of halal chicken, brisket and beef ribs.

Most of their customers are curious Muslims, young and old, who have never tried Texas barbecue, West said.



HALLELUJAH! TEXAS Senate passes anti-sharia bill

The Texas Senate last night passed and sent to Governor Greg Abbott a measure that would prevent any ‘international/sharia law’ from being used in Texas civil courts, a bill that Muslim detractors and some of their far left allies say is ‘Islamophobic.’


WOAI  State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) doesn’t mention Islamic Koranic law, or ‘Sharia Law’ in her bill.  She simply says it guarantees that no laws fro ‘foreign courts’ will be adopted by Texas civil court judges.

 “It’s just to provide some belt and suspenders to make sure that, with judicial discretion, we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law,” Campbell said.


 Muslim groups say the bill is a ‘solution looking for problem, and claim that the bill has its genesis in an anti Muslim demonstration on the steps of the Texas Capitol in January in which the proposal was cheered.

 State Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin) grilled Campbell on examples she has seen of foreign law being used in Texas courts.


 “What foreign law are you attempting to prevent being used, and can you give examples of where it has created a problem in the state?” Watson asked.

 “No foreign law,” Campbell replied.  “This just provides a context for judicial discretion.”









IN YOUR FACE WASHINGTON DC! The Bosch Fawstin winning prophet Muhammad cartoon is coming to town

freedomofexpression-viBecause freedom of speech is under violent assault, the human rights advocacy group, American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has announced a new ad campaign in defense of the First Amendment, kicking off in the nation’s capital.

AFDI President Pamela Geller said in a statement: “Because the media and the cultural and political elites continue to self-enforce the Sharia without the consent of the American people by refusing to show any depictions of Muhammad or showing what it was in Texas that had jihadists opening fire, we are running an ad featuring the winning cartoon by former Muslim Bosch Fawstin from our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas.”


Let the American people see what the cowardly press is censoring in accordance with the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law). 

The ad campaign has been submitted to the Washington DC MTA to run on buses and train dioramas in the Foggy Bottom, Capitol South, Bethesda, L’Enfant Plaza, Shady Grove stations.

 “Drawing Muhammad is not illegal under American law, but only under Islamic law. Violence that arises over the cartoons is solely the responsibility of the Islamic jihadists who perpetrate it. Either America will stand now against attempts to suppress the freedom of speech by violence, or will submit and give the violent the signal that we can be silenced by threats and murder.”

Donate to the ad campaign here.



Ever wonder why so many unscreened Muslim refugees are suddenly flooding into America?

Refugee_Hijra_WidgetMuslim Refugee Resettlement and the ‘Hijra’ (Muslim Immigration Jihad) to America is being facilitated by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and the UN. Thousands of Muslims, funded by the U.S. government, are being foisted on American communities to the tune of billions of American taxpayer dollars every year. And we don’t even know who these people are.


See Refugee Resettlement Watch: Working with the OIC and UN, tens of thousands of unscreened Muslims from the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, etc, are being brought in and funneled to American Christian communities by NGOs that are funded almost completely by the US Government through grants and contracts to these non-governmental agencies. Plans are now in the works to import upwards of 80,000 totally unscreened Syrian refugees over the next year or two.

h/t Henry P

MORE HERE: un-has-invaded-190-american-cities-with-covert-and-unscreened-islamic-jihadists


‘LUCKY’ LOUISVILLE is about to get its very own mega-mosquestrosity, the largest jihadi training center in town

Will the loud and offensive Muslim Call to Prayer now awaken the neighborhood everyday at 5AM and annoy it four more times during the day?


WAVE3  It’s been years in the making, but a new place of worship is nearly complete. Tucked away off Westport Road is the Muslim community’s newest and largest mosque. “This is not just a building,” said Dr. Siraj Siddiqui. “We wanted place for education, learning, religious tolerance a place for interfaith.” (CRAP! Islam denounces all other religions)

“It’s kind of similar to a lot of oversized mosques in Damascus, Syria or India,” said Muslim Community Center board member Dr. Ammar Almasalkhi. A wall hanging in the entrance is from Pakistan. The tile throughout is made in America. The new Mosque is reminiscent of their old home, in a place they call their new home.

The house that the Muslim community once used as a Mosque will be used as a halal food pantry and shelter for Muslim illegal aliens and refugees. There is also an Islamic school adjacent to the mosque.


Former Muslim from Iran, now a Christian pastor, scares the bejeezus out of people by speaking frankly about the rising menace of Islam in America

After listening to Shahram Hadian speak for over an hour about Islam, Alton Howell said, “It scared the living daylights out of me.” “I think that we better pay attention, the city of Seattle is full of Muslims.”


Spokesman Hadian, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, also outlined his anti-Islam views for a group of conservative legislators in Boise earlier this year.

Shahram Hadian sees America losing its freedoms, just like his birth country lost its freedoms under “an oppressive Islamic regime. It wasn’t the first time he was invited to school elected officials on what he calls “the fallacy of a peaceful Islam.”

Hadian, who was born in Iran and came to the U.S. as a young boy, warns audiences that Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian system governing people’s lives. Americans must not let political correctness and tolerance keep them sidelined while Islam destroys their way of life, he said. 


“The hour is too critical for us to be silent,” he said to vigorous applause in Sandpoint. But he prefaced his talk by assuring the crowd, “I am not anti-Muslim. I have family that are still Muslims. I have a great heart for Muslims because they are in darkness, they need to be rescued out of the darkness.”

No surprise, Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of designated terrorist group CAIR  in Seattle, said Hadian is adept at passionate lectures that advance fringe ideas and falsehoods. He also said Hadian engages in the sort of inflammatory speech that leads to kids being bullied in schools, adults being taunted at work, vandalism of property and hate crimes. (Ever the victim, CAIR pooh poohs the truth about Islam and pulls out the ‘Islamophobia’ card)

“It is affecting public opinion, it is mobilizing people to see their fellow Americans who are Muslims or look Muslim as somehow a threat,” Bukhari said. (Maybe that’s the idea?)


OKLAHOMA: Residents of Edmond lose battle to stop Islamic Jihad Training Center from expanding

Will the “bacon attacks” continue? Muslim supremacists never care that they are hated, feared, and universally unwelcome in American communities.






SAN JOSE: Muslim predator arrested for attacking 13-year-old girl after he pushed his way into her home

San Jose police have arrested a MUSLIM man accused of forcing himself on a 13-year-old girl as she returned home from school. The suspect has been identified as Mohammad Khaliqi, 31, of San Jose.


ABC News  Police arrested Khaliqi in the 1400 block of School St. in San Leandro on Friday morning. He’s facing multiple counts of burglary, attempted sexual assault and false imprisonment.

On Tuesday, the man followed the girl as she walked home from school. She told investigators he had forced his way through the front door of her home as she went inside. She fought him off and he fled before police arrived.

The girl then locked the door after he left, hid in a closet and texted her father: “DADDY COME HOME NOW. SOME GUY TRIED TO RAPE ME.”

The attack was caught on the family’s home surveillance system. (video below) “The guy starts a conversation with her and when she opens up the door, the suspect pushes her in, tries to sexually assault her as well. The little girl is brave, she fights back, and the guy leaves on foot,” San Jose Police Sgt. Enrique Garcia said. “He’s not concerned about being caught, since he’s doing this in broad daylight.”

On April 2, the same suspect is believed to have followed a 28-year-old woman into a public restroom at Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese grocery store at 675 Saratoga Avenue. He attempted to sexually assault the woman in the restroom but fled before police arrived.


Just what the Islamic Republic of Michigan needs – MORE MUSLIMS!


As if Michiganistan isn’t already swarming with enough anti-American, anti-Christian, Arab Muslims, plans are in the works to flood Detroit with tens of thousands more Muslim invaders from Syria. (No Syrian Christians allowed)

When US immigration laws were liberalized to allow in a flood of third world immigrants and restrict European immigration in 1965 (thanks to slime ball Ted Kennedy), Muslims from the Arab world and South Asia came to Detroit in large numbers.

While Muslims in Michigan were celebrating

While Muslims in Michigan were celebrating

al-Arabiya The city of Detroit in Michigan was once a city of 1.9 million in 1950. Its population is now 700,000 and is also home to 70,000 abandoned buildings and 90,000 vacant lots. But halfway across the world in Syria, there are millions of Arab Muslims just waiting to turn Detroit into another Islamic hellhole.


Allowing Syrian Muslims to settle in Detroit is a scenario explored by the co-authors of a New York Times article by David D. Laitin and Marc Jahr.

According to the co-authors, a plan to resettle Syrians in the derelict city of Detroit already has the groundwork in the form of Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan’s plan proposed in January 2014 to allow 50,000 immigrants to settle Detroit.

HALAL-ONLY free food banks for Muslims in Michigan

HALAL-ONLY food banks for Muslims in Michigan

The plan to revitalize Detroit was put into place via the creation of a Michigan Office for New MUSLIM Americans.


Free halal food for all paid for by American taxpayers

Laitin and Jahr point out that “refugees resettled from a single war zone have helped revitalize several American communities, notably Hmong in previously neglected neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Bosnians in Utica, N.Y., and Somalis in Lewiston, Me.” (At the same time, driving out thousands of white Christians from those areas)

Christians attacked at Arab American festival in Dearborn

Christians attacked at Arab American festival in Dearborn

Laitin and Jahr say “Syrian refugees would be an ideal community to realize this goal, as Arab Muslims are already an overwhelming presence in the Detroit metropolitan area.”

They also say that “Obama and Congress would have to agree to lift this year’s refugee ceiling by 50,000. The State Department, which handles overseas processing of refugees, would need to open offices at the camps in Jordan and Turkey, determine eligibility and administer a lottery for resettlement.”


They add that, “Homeland Security, which controls the borders, would have to carry out accelerated security checks (virtually impossible). Health and Human Services would need an expansion in the $1.5 billion it budgets for refugee resettlement.”


Critics point to difficulties of assimilation for Muslims in particular, however Detroit already is a mecca for Muslims from all over the world…can sharia law be far behind?


Laitin and Jahr defend their ambitious Syrian refugee resettlement plan by claiming that “resettling Muslim refugees is consistent with America’s moral and ethical commitments; it would send a powerful message to President Bashar al-Assad, the Islamic State and the world about American compassion and ingenuity.”



QUICK, CALL THE FBI! “NO MUSLIMS” graffiti found spray-painted on Texas Tech University shield

Is this the so-called “anti-Muslim backlash” Muslims are always whining about every time there’s another Islamic terrorist attack like the one in Garland, Texas?

(Notice the inverted ‘N’ in NO. Looks like the latest attempt by Muslims to make themselves the ‘victims.’ And why is this non-story even in the news?)


KCBD  Crews at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center were busy Thursday morning cleaning graffiti off of the school seal on 4th Street.  Someone spray painted a message on the seal either last night or early this morning. 

Workers had already cleaned most of the paint off by the time our crews arrived, but those who saw it earlier tell us that it read ‘No Muslims’.  The Texas Tech Police Department tells us that the incident is under investigation. 

TTUHSC released the following statement:

“It is a sad day at TTUHSC as we awoke to our beloved seal defaced with “intolerant” language. Such harmful and offensive words truly go against the grain of who we are, as we are here to serve and heal all people. We will not tolerate such acts, and we are working closely with law enforcement. After authorities investigated the scene, our crew swiftly removed the vandalism.”




Would Americans have allowed 1.6 million followers of Nazism into this country following WWII?

Then why have we allowed 1.6 million followers of IslamoNazism into America following 9/11? How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? At this rate, the Muslim population in the U.S. is expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050.

muslim greencards

Conservative Review  According to data Conservative Review collated from the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, the U.S. has issued 1,628,854 green cards to immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2013.  Here is the breakdown by country:

According to the data, a large portion of this new wave of immigration comes from volatile countries such as Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.  And don’t forget about Somalia, the source of much of our recent troubles with homegrown terror, particularly in the Minneapolis area.


Muslims from other countries have most certainly been issued green cards, such as those who come from Chechnya in Russia (Boston bombers) and India.  Over 866,000 green cards have been issued to Indian nationals over the same period of time.  This is obviously conjecture, but if it’s assumed that 13.4% of immigrants from India are Muslim – commensurate to their share of India’s native population – that would add another 116,000 Muslim immigrants to the overall tally.

The overall numbers track closely with Pew’s estimates of 100,000 new Muslim immigrants per year, almost twice the level of the previous decade.  It is also 10% of our annual immigrant population.  At that rate, the Muslim population in the U.S. is expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050.


If even 10% of these immigrants have radical Jihadist tendencies, that is 160,000 new ticking time bombs – all brought here after 9/11.  And, as noted before, while there will always be only a small percentage of even the most radical community actually engaging in terror activity, there are likely hundreds of thousands more who share the ideals of Sharia law and share the very sympathies that help cultivate a climate of homegrown terror.

A 2007 Pew survey found that 26% of young Muslims in America support suicide bombing in pursuit of Jihad (see p. 60).  This is a very ominous statistic given the increased share of young Muslims and the growth of cyber-jihad since 2007.

This radical Muslim cleric has spoken before the U.S. Congress

This radical Muslim cleric has spoken before the U.S. Congress

This explosion of Muslim immigration has also led to the rapid growth of extremist mosques in this country, many of which are funded by terror-supporting countries or organizations. The latest painful example was the discovery of the Phoenix mosque where the two Garland terrorists prayed.   This mosque, which is led by an ethnic Palestinian and tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, seems to have engaged in many activities that would terrify ordinary Americans.

This explains why our nation is witnessing the radicalization of so many new Muslim converts, such as Elton Simpson, the first Garland shooter.  Simpson was also allegedly in touch with a Jihadist American-Somali immigrant from…you guessed it…Minneapolis.


Moreover, the 1.62 million number doesn’t even include non-immigrant visas.  CR pointed out a couple of months ago that student visas from some of these same countries have increased astronomically, with those from Saudi Arabia increasing ten-fold over the past decade.  Arabic is the fastest growing language on U.S. college campuses and among the immigrant population in general.

It’s no wonder FBI Director James Comey told reporters last week that the terror threats have become needles in haystacks spread throughout every corner of the country.  With an endless stream of immigrants from Jihadi parts of the globe, in conjunction with the devastatingly effective and ubiquitous cyber Jihad, our government officials have lost control over our security – their one core mission.


Yet, instead of being more careful with immigration and guarding our front door, Obama’s policy has been to increase refugees from volatile parts of the world that are embroiled in Islamic civil wars. The Magic Valley of Idaho is one of the newest locations chosen for an influx of Syrian refugees.  This raises concerns if the State Department and DHS can accurately identify instances of potential jihad. Are the residents of the Magic Valley to believe they were all properly vetted, given the federal government’s shoddy track record in recent years?

Do Americans want to live in a society where we can no longer exercise our First Amendment rights because of fear of homegrown terror?  More importantly, do Americans want to live in a country that is constantly under threat of terror from widespread radical jihadists living among us?


With over 150 known American Muslims caught attempting to join ISIS, and especially following the thwarted terror attack in Garland, Texas, the threat of domestic terrorism is rapidly spreading.  

Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, said on Sunday that he fears a terrorist can “strike at any moment” and that we should expect to see more “lone wolf” scenarios play out. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) told Fox News that the “threat environment” is one of the highest he’s ever seen.  Military bases in the U.S are now operating on an elevated terror threat level.


While top government officials are finally recognizing the existential threat posed by homegrown terror, most of them fail to identify the core problem.

Who voted for these policies?  When did the American people ever have the opportunity to give input through a transparent process to the radical transformation of America?  How many Americans would have supported a decision post-9/11 to roughly double the rate of Islamic immigration? Sadly, in this era of political correctness that knows no bounds, none of the politicians seem to care.



NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #138: More Muslim butt hurt over alleged headbag discrimination

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) explain why a Muslim woman driver who wears an Islamic headbag was prevented from operating her train with a group of political VIPs as passengers.


CAIR  According to the Muslim woman operator, the first car of her Silver Line train was commandeered for a media event last Friday featuring VIPs such as Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.).

Before leaving on her normal schedule, the Muslim operator was reportedly informed by a supervisor that she would not be driving the train and was told to sit in the commandeered compartment while being watched by security personnel. The Muslim driver ultimately burst into tears because of the stress and humiliation she felt. (Awwww)


In her formal union complaint, the Muslim driver wrote: “I have reasons to believe that I have been discriminated against due to my gender and religious preference (Al-Islam).”

CAIR has contacted Metro and the train operator’s union about the incident. Metro’s director of diversity told CAIR that the incident is being investigated. 

“We urge Metro to explain why a qualified train operator would be removed from her post in such circumstances,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “Without an adequate explanation of Metro officials’ actions during this incident, the perception exists that the train operator was removed from her post because of her religious attire.” (Well, DUH!)



More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM


Why does a public school in Long Island think it necessary to drag a group of young girls to visit a misogynistic Islamic indoctrination center?

The Jericho School District students in Elisa Waters’ SEEDlings class recently visited the Islamic Center of Long Island. I wonder if they learned how to recite the shahada (a typical part of such visits), which means they are automatically converted to Islam?


Jericho Schools  Isma Chaudry, president of the Islamic Center of Long Island,  Mufti Farhan PhD., a religious scholar, and Sobhia Quadri, coordinator of youth and women’s programs at Masjid Al Baqi in Bethpage, greeted the students and shared that there are 6 million Muslims in the United States (LIE! There are 2.5 – 3 million), and that Islam is the second largest religion in the world (Did he tell them it achieved that status by killing and threatening to kill people if they didn’t convert to Islam?), in addition to many other (so-called) facts.

SEEDlings is a Middle School elective that fosters an understanding of cultural differences in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spirituality/religion, and other forms of diversity. (Gee, I wonder if  they got to hear about Islam’s guide to executing homosexuals, cutting the limbs off thieves, ongoing enslavement of 27 million African blacks, ethnic cleansing of Christians all over the Middle East and historic hatred for Jews? I’m guessing NO)