UTAH Middle School under fire for homework assignment that asked students to create an ISIS (Islamic State) terrorist Recruiting Poster

imrs_php-viStudents in ninth grade at Salem Junior High School were given a homework assignment where they were told to draw a propaganda poster for a savage and barbaric Islamic terrorist organization. After parents complained, the assignment was canceled. However, many students had already completed it, leaving parents concerned about what they had been exposed to in the process.


FOX 13 (h/t Robin S)  Annie Langston couldn’t believe her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia was given the assignment. My initial response was, ‘there’s no way you’re going to do this assignment,'” Langston said.

To complete her assignment, 9th grade Mikalia ended up on the Internet, where she typed in, ‘how to recruit for ISIS’ into Google. Her mother thinks it’s an inappropriate topic for her teenager to explore while the world remains on high alert after recent threats from the deadly terrorist organization. She decided to write a letter to the teacher and the principal, asking for an explanation.


Langston said: “In light of what happened in Paris, is that the reason for this assignment? I feel a different assignment or report could’ve been chosen or a discussion in class about the tragic events.” Langston received a response from the teacher soon after, apologizing for the misunderstanding and informing her the assignment had been canceled. She also received a phone call from the principal. 

“They’ve sat down with this particular teacher, and it has been taken care of,” Langston said. “The assignments that have already been turned in, they have been shredded.”


Mikhail never turned in her poster, and she brought it home to show her mother. “When I found out she kept it, I told her rip it up,” Langston said.

The assignment was given by a first year teacher, but Annie Langston doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to her. She believes it was an honest mistake and in every other respect, this is a good teacher for her daughter.

Nebo School District Communications and Community Specialist Lana H. Hiskey sent Fox 13 this statement Friday:

“Salem Junior High recently learned from concerned parents of an assignment regarding extremists use of propaganda to spread untruths and misunderstandings. Upon learning of this assignment, the administration reviewed the concerns with parents and teachers. After consultation, the assignment was immediately withdrawn. If parents have any concerns, please call the administration at Salem Junior High.”


Oh, NOES! Serious baghead butt hurt in Austin, Texas

“GO AWAY!” Two words on a piece of paper left on a Muslim woman’s car somehow is worthy of airtime on a major news station? And this whiner converted to Islam by choice. If you are stupid enough to convert to the most misogynistic cult on earth, go away, we don’t want you in America. And take your litter with you.

h/t Andrea


CALIPHORNIA Middle School forces students to sing Islamic fight song

No Bibles. No Christmas trees. But these public-school kids are being forced to sing the jihadist-themed anthem, ‘Allahu’s on the way … Spread Islam now’?So, why isn’t the ACLU on their way to this school?

Please contact the school and tell them what you think about the fact that they are seeking indoctrinate their pupils into the death-cult that seeks to destroy the USA and the rest of civilization throughout the world.
Spring View’s phone number: (714) 846 2891
Email: jblade@ovsd.org


WND (h/t LIZ)  Parents at a California middle school are demanding to know why a teacher had students sing an Islamic “fight song.”

A seventh-grade teacher at Spring View Middle School in Huntington Beach, California, deviated from the district’s official curriculum and had students sing “This Is My Fight Song.” Parent and grandparent Nichole Negron and Susan Negron told KCAL 9 Los Angeles their seventh grader was told to participate in the activity.

“I believe that by singing the song, the children feel comfortable that maybe Allahu is the only god and maybe that they should start following him,” Susan Negron told the network Tuesday. “I’m not OK with that.”


The women only found out about the activity by accident when Negron’s son brought a pamphlet with lyrics home.“How can we as parents combat against what we don’t know is going on?” the mother asked.

The two women went to the Ocean View school board on Tuesday night looking for answers. The teacher allegedly wanted students to learn about Islam through a “catchy” tune. (Begs the question, why should students be forced to learn about death cult posing as a religion in public school?)

The lyrics to “This Is My Fight Song” go as follows:


Ojaala Ahmed of the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) in Anaheim told the CBS affiliate she wanted to know why the teacher shared the song, given that Islamic radical terror attacks in Paris, France, last Friday killed 129 and injured over 350. 


“Especially with the recent massacre by ISIS terrorists, knowing that this potentially Islamophobic backlash might come about, what was the teacher’s intention?” Ahmed asked. (That figures, all CAIR cares about is the potential for anti-Muslim backlash)

The school district sent an apology to parents and said it would continue looking into the incident, the network reported.



Next time you see a Muslim boohooing about the surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes in America…show them this

Hate Crime Statistics 2014

whiney-baby-muzzyAccording to FBI crime statistics, anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes have actually decreased* to just 16.3% of all religiously-motivated crimes. But you’d never know it in light of the relentless whining  about “Islamophobia” by Muslim groups and the sharia-compliant media.

*No doubt the decrease was due to the FBI finally ignoring constant demands by CAIR that EVERY incident involving Muslims should automatically be investigated as an anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crime.

In addition, the number of overall hate crimes decreased from 2013 as did the number of hate crimes due to religious bias. Hate crimes against Muslims also decreased, from 177 reported incidents in 2013 to 168 reported incidents in 2014.

Overall, 1,092 religiously-motivated hate crimes were reported in 2014, accounting for 18.6 percent of all hate crimes. In 2013, 1,223 religious hate crimes were reported, constituting 16.9 percent of all hate crime in the U.S.


Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,166 offenses reported by law enforcement. A breakdown of the bias motivation of religious-biased offenses showed:

  • 59.7 percent were anti-Jewish.

  • 12.8 percent were anti-Islamic.

  • 7.6 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.

  • 6.8 percent were anti-Catholic.

  • 2.9 percent were anti-Protestant.

  • 1.0 percent were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.

  • 9.2 percent were anti-other (unspecified) religion. (Based on Table 1.)

Now, get a load of the names that are at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List for terrorism:



NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #145: Muslim sues ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ for firing him after he grew out his Muslim supremacist beard

Trump You're Fired_1Unfortunately, there always will be some applicants who sneak in under your ‘raghead radar’ by pretending not to be a Muslim. Jose Alcantara (photo below), a Muslim man who alleges he found his faith as his mother-in-law was dying from cancer says he was fired from Bed Bath & Beyond because of his bushy beard that looks threatening to customers.

NY Daily News  He claims he was subjected to months of torment after he revealed to co-workers that he was growing his facial hair in adherence with his Muslim faith, according to a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.


His colleagues repeatedly referred to him as a “terrorist.” Alcantara claims the HR department ignored his pleas for help. And the harassment culminated in Alcantara being canned — ostensibly for missing work days after a supervisor tampered with his vacation schedule, the lawsuit says.

“When I was being called a terrorist, it made me question everything — my religion, my beliefs, myself,” Alcantara said. Bed Bath & Beyond defended itself in a statement to the Daily News saying,  “We disagree with the characterization of the separation that was provided. We will respond to this matter in the appropriate forum, should any further legal action be taken.”


In February 2013, Alcantara recalled that he was approached by a human resources manager and asked a highly personal question. “What’s going on with the beard?” she asked, (its scaring away the customers) Alcantara explained that he was growing it as part of his religious practice, prompting the HR manager to ask his religion.

Almost immediately, Alcantara alleges in his lawsuit that one of his co-workers began greeting him differently: “Good morning, terrorist. How are you terrorist?” Another co-worker joined in, even after he begged them to stop, the suit says.


Alcantara had a disturbing meeting with an HR manager a few months later when he was asked if he was “seriously following the Muslim religion,” the suit says. The HR rep said the store manager was harassing her about the beard.

“I’m still following my religion and there is no problem with my beard,” Alcantara shot back, the suit says. Marsalli, the store manager, soon became “short-tempered, abrupt and extremely hostile” toward Alcantara, the suit says.

More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM



‘WHITE PRIVILEGE PUSSY’ falls on his sword because a few Muslim whiners were offended by his article on Islam

Screen-Shot-2015-05-06-at-7.23.23-PM-300x279Will Wright, Editor-in-Chief of a campus publication called ‘Kentucky Kernel’ had this to say: “Earlier this year I wrote a column called ‘Time for a honest discussion about Islam’ that showed the importance of context and clarity. My column prompted responses of anger and hurt from students, mainly Muslims (and a few useful idiot leftist apologists for Islam).

Willl Wright, Editor-in- Chief

Willl Wright, Editor-in- Chief

KYkernel  The intent of the column was to get students talking about criminal justice and gender equality in the Middle East, North Africa and other countries, said Will Wright, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Kentucky Kernel.”

The column should have focused on what students on campus can do about human rights issues abroad, and I still believe in the importance of that conversation. But no Muslim students were consulted before its publication, and people felt left out of the conversation. (Better watch your back, cupcake, Muslims have been known to go on  killing sprees when they feel “left out” Just ask Justin Trudeau)


Students thought they had been attacked for no reason. They did nothing wrong, yet someone was criticizing them. An “honest discussion,” was not much of a discussion at all. Because of the way the column was done, and mostly because there was no input from Muslim students, people were not sure of my intentions.

Instead of starting a good conversation, Muslim students felt like they were being called out. The conversation that I wanted to start didn’t happen, and I take the blame. This expression of regret is past due, but I wanted to take plenty of time to think about what to write, especially considering the column was all too hasty.


Newspapers should be a platform to raise up people in the margins of society and to give voice to those who would otherwise not be heard. The column did neither.

The opinions page of a newspaper, in particular, is a place where content should have a positive impact on society. My column, on the other hand, hurt fellow students, faculty and staff.

Muslim students especially did not deserve to be the victims, and too many suffer because of ignorance and brash generalizations by their fellow citizens. (Oh, Boo Hoo)


After speaking with some members of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim Student Association, it is clear many Muslim students still feel distrusted on UK’s campus. My column, they feel, helped to strengthen that distrust. (Good, MORE distrust of Muslims is better)

Muslim students deserve an apology and a better conversation. I hope they accept this apology, and I hope this is the beginning of a better conversation.




LOS ANGELES SCHOOL bows to Islam: Bans drawing of religious figures due to Muslim fury over student drawings of the paedophile prophet Muhammad

An Acton school district superintendent said he has banned depicting religious leaders after middle school students drew images on a history worksheet of Muhammad, which is forbidden in Islam.


Daily News  Following a parent’s complaint and media inquiries, Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District Superintendent Brent Woodard told a reporter Tuesday he would consult with an expert on Islam to determine whether a vocabulary handout given to a 7th-grade history class at High Desert School in Acton was offensive. The worksheet, Vocabulary Pictures: “The Rise of Islam,” listed words such as Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad with spaces for students to draw pictures or images related to those words.


“I have directed all staff to permanently suspend the practice of drawing or depiction of any religious leader,” Woodard said Wednesday afternoon in a text message. “I am certain this teacher did not intend to offend anyone and in fact was simply teaching respect and tolerance for all cultures.”

Palmdale resident Melinda Van Stone said she was “very upset” when her 12-year-old son brought home the assignment about two weeks ago.  “It’s not appropriate to have our children go to school and learn how to insult a religious group,” said Van Stone, a chiropractor who declined to state her or her son’s religion. (Gee, I wonder what that could be? NOT)


The boy has been sent to the office and is given an alternative assignment during class discussions on Islam, which Van Stone agreed to but now feels is unnecessary. Van Stone said David told her that she needs to write down which state standards she objects to before the boy can be back in class full time. The mother, who said her son has been sent to the office about six times, said she feels like he is being punished for her complaints.

In Islam, images of prophets, whether of Muhammad, Jesus or Moses (Jesus and Moses are NOT prophets of Islam), are not allowed since people may worship these images, which is forbidden, said Muzammil Siddiqi, an Islamic scholar and chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.


“Muslims do not draw the image of the Prophet Muhammad out of respect for him,” he said. Educators “should be sensitive to this Muslim position that young Muslim students would be reluctant to do it. … If the teacher doesn’t ask anyone to do that, it would be better.”

According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad forbade the creation of the image of any human being in an effort to discourage idolatry, said Berj Boyajian, professor of Comparative Islamic Law at USC. However, in today’s practice, the sensitivity is concentrated on Muhammad, he said.


David could not say how long the worksheet had been in use or how many Muslims, if any, were in the history class of about 33 students. Only Van Stone complained about the assignment, she said.

Woodard said it’s common practice for teachers to bring in creative ideas and instructional strategies that support state-approved content but are not board approved. David, he said, is in charge of all material used in the classroom to ensure it aligns with requirements.


School District President Ed Porter said Tuesday there should be more sensitivity. “I think it’s something that should be caught in advance,” he said, noting the teacher of the class is “very tolerant” and inclusive.

It would be better for the district to stick to material that is formally approved by the state or district, Fatima Dadabhoy, a senior civil rights attorney with the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) said Tuesday. They should “use that material rather than running the risk of using inaccurate or offensive material,” she said.



[UPDATED] MASSACHUSETTS: Oh, NOES! Burlington mosque vandalized with anti-Muslim ‘hate speech’

Members of the Islamic Center of Burlington were shocked and frightened when they saw the hate letters “USA” spray-painted all over the building as well as on a sign on Lexington street.  


NECN (h/t Mike F)  Burlington Police responded around 1:45 a.m. Sunday. They are looking for three men who pulled up in a white sedan. Surveillance footage shows the suspects pulling up to the front entrance, getting out their car and tagging the building. They then went back to car, came back and did more damage before taking off.

One of the founders of the Islamic Center of Burlington said this is not the first time this has happened to their building. “We have concerns about the safety of the people,” said Minor Gandavia, the center’s president.

Burlington’s police chief says he plans on holding the suspects accountable (death penalty?) for their disgraceful actions. He’s asking the public to come forward with any information that could lead to an arrest. (Don’t hold your breath)

UPDATE: Sadly, two 18-year-old Burlington men have been charged with vandalizing a mosque over the weekend, which police labeled a hate crime.

Read More: two-charged-vandalism-at-burlington-mosque


COURAGE! Pennsylvania Christian homeless shelter will sacrifice tens of thousands in federal funding rather than be forced to hire Muslim employees

A Christian homeless shelter in Pennsylvania could lose more than half its funding because it doesn’t want Muslim employees and has refused to sign a government contract barring hiring discrimination. Founder Bill Halle says Jesus is the center of the foundation’s work. He says, “You cannot have a Muslim within our organization.”


Trib Live  The Grace Youth and Family Foundation in Butler, PA  tells The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  it only wants employees who believe in Jesus Christ and being forced to hire people of other faiths is unacceptable.

Butler County’s only homeless shelter, which opens for the winter season Sunday, could lose more than half of its funding because of a spat over a government contract.  


The faith-based Grace Youth and Family Foundation’s Winter Relief Center was in line for about $35,000 from the Butler County Department of Human Services, provided it sign a contract promising not to discriminate based on race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or non-job related handicap or disability.

Bill Halle, head of the foundation, says he cannot sign a contract in which the county stipulates hiring criteria he says interferes with the group’s religious beliefs.“We have a statement of faith that Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do. We want the opportunity to talk about it. You cannot have a Muslim within our organization. Our faith is central to what we do,” Halle said. “We will not hire people or employ services that are in opposition to our faith, which is a legally allowable exception to discrimination laws for faith-based organizations,” he said.




GEORGIA: Gwinnett County denies approval for Muslim cemetery because it will tank home values in the area

meme9928162f3d5cbd0eGwinnett County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to deny development of a Bosnian Muslim cemetery, following the wishes of neighbors who said the burials would deflate property values and increase traffic.

AJC  In addition to the traditional concerns about development, though, was an undercurrent of ‘Islamophobia’ anti-Muslim sentiment. Most members of the Bosnian community in Gwinnett are Muslim, though people of any religion could have been buried in the cemetery. (Why would they?)


Local residents lobbied for the proposal to be defeated in emails and Facebook posts before the meeting. They mentioned 9/11, complained about the loud chanting they thought would come with funerals and said on the Community of Bosniaks’ Facebook page that Islam “isn’t peace loving.” (Also, Muslims do NOT use caskets, they just throw the bodies in the ground with a sheet)


“We feel like it’s them not really knowing our culture, like they’re afraid of the unknown,” said Darel Duliman, a spokesman for the Community of Bosniaks, before the vote. “They don’t want to mention we’re Muslim. It’s been coded with everything you can imagine.” (They are VERY familiar with Islam which is why they don’t want Muslims, even dead Muslims)

Dozens of residents came to the meeting to oppose the cemetery, and several said they thought it was unfair that their property values could be harmed by it. “I would not have moved to the community had I known there was a MUSLIM cemetery up the street,” said one neighbor, Kenneth Rowe. “We would’ve never bought down here if we’d known a MULSIM cemetery was here.”

Sometimes, Muslims only bury heads

Sometimes, Muslims only bury heads

Commissioner Tommy Hunter, who made the motion for denial, said it was a difficult decision. The commission then voted for denial without discussion. The county’s planning commission had recommended approval of 500 plots, though the Community of Bosniaks, which made the request, asked for 2,000.

Metro Atlanta’s Bosnian community counts about 8,000 members, and 80 percent of them are in Gwinnett. Ismet Zejnelovic, imam for the Community of Bosniaks Georgia, said his community has 750 families, but he expected more would have joined in order to be buried in the cemetery.


“We are European; we’re different from other Muslims,” Zejnelovic said. (HAH! You can take the Muslim out of Middle East but you can’t remove him from the violent, hate-filled teachings of Islam)

Several who emailed and called about the proposed cemetery prior to the vote implied they did not want the cemetery nearby because of the religion of many users, without saying it outright.

“It’s more that it’s us, that we’re Muslim,” Duliman said. (BINGO!)



TENNESSEE: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands DOJ investigate threats to a school board member who supports indoctrination of students with Islamic propaganda in the classroom

IslamicInfiltrationsign620x465-vi-300x225Thanks to Arab Muslim-funding of ‘Common Core’ by the nation of Qatar, American students are being force-fed Islamic religious doctrine in public schools. Parents in Tennessee are fighting back while administrators defend the policy.


WSMV  The textbook in question is being used by many schools in sixth and seventh grade social studies classes. Some parents said the textbook has a large focus on Islam with little to no focus on any other religion.

Ed Butler with the Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination said some of the material is wrong. “We need to be teaching the truth,” Butler said. “Like when you say it’s a peaceful religion. It’s not a peaceful religion. You either convert or you die.”


“The sweeping Islamic infiltration is being deeply embedded into the Bible belt, and it has penetrated our public schools in Tennessee,” said Dale Walker, the organization’s president, in a release. “Our founding fathers would be appalled.”


The state offers a list of recommended textbooks for districts to choose from, but districts have the option to use books that are not on the list. Butler and others asked the school board to remove the textbooks from classrooms in September, but the board voted unanimously not to do so.


At Tuesday’s meeting, the group passed around a petition calling for the entire school board to resign. “Because they don’t represent the values in White County,” Butler said.


Roy Whited is a school board member, a father and former teacher. He is currently a full-time minister. “We found absolutely nothing wrong with that material,” Whited said.

Whited said he has received death threats. “You know, just watch out for your family, be careful, because when your house burns down, and such things like that,” Whited said.

One concerned parent certainly has got CAIR’s number:

  1. Comment by  Cathy Hinners

    October 22, 2015 at 8:38 am

    Well Mr Whited, you have just opened another can of worms that you may not like the end results. The involvement of CAIR to investigate alleged death threats is nothing more than a diversion. Certainly your local law enforcement agency could have dealt with legitimate threats, but that isn’t the real reason CAIR is involved.

    Its obvious you are eager to have the parents and community members silenced over the indoctrination of children in schools, the very children you are supposed to be protecting and serving.

    CAIR has been designated a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). CAIR is an arm of Hamas, which is a designated terror organization in the United States. CAIR is also an un-indicted co conspirator in Americas largest terror funding trial called the Holy Land Foundation which took place in Dallas TX in 2008.

    CAIR officers have tried to have that status removed by the courts, however the federal judge in TX has ruled there was ample evidence to prove their involvement with funding Hamas.

    CAIR is the enemy Mr.Whited, not the parents you serve. By involving CAIR perhaps you yourself have violated ethic codes or policies if not locally but state wise. I find it hard to believe having contact with a terror organization is acceptable to the character and standards to be upheld by school board members.

    Parents, I urge you to keep fighting. You are not alone, other counties are fighting this battle and will continue to despite the diversions and distractions CAIR thinks it will bring. Message to CAIR, get out of Tennessee, you won’t win this one.





See much more on Islamic infiltration of public schools: ISLAMIZATION OF SCHOOLS



No, this is not Pakistan or Crapistan. It’s not even Dearbornistan. This is downtown Los Angeles, California where muslims think they have the right to lift their asses to allah in the middle of the street. 

Vote for Trump, he’ll get rid of the garbage in the streets.

Pamela Geller  h/t Mike F


NEW JERSEY School bans Halloween because it is offensive to Muslims

When a Connecticut school system tried to do the same thing, the parents revolted, and the Halloween ban was quickly overturned.


Daily Caller  Yet another elementary school, this time in New Jersey, is cancelling Halloween because it is offensive to the school’s diverse student body. (Which is code for not wanting to offend Muslim sensibilities)

Seth Boyden Elementary School in Maplewood held annual Halloween activities including a student parade, but now the pressures of diversity mean these activities are no longer appropriate, school officials say. (The only thing the school is concerned with are costumes that are offensive to Muslim terrorists)


“In the past, in-school celebrations of Halloween have made many of our students feel left out … [and as] a result, after careful consultation and deliberation, we have decided not to hold in-school Halloween activities,” said Seth Boyden principal Mark Quiles.


“One of the strengths of Seth Boyden is that we are such a diverse community, with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one,” the principal and two Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) leaders said in a joint message to parents.

Yet everyday Muslim supremacist religious attire which is very offensive to Americans is never banned in public places.


The letter claims in 2014 about 20 percent of the student body either stayed home on Halloween or refused to participate in activities.

But that’s not all: A Massachusetts elementary school principal has lashed out against traditional American holidays, banning costumes in school for Halloween and telling teachers to “be careful” about celebrating Thanksgiving, the Boston Herald reports.



Oh NOES! Call out the DOJ and Homeland Security…Texas mosque suffers devastating broken window

MOSQUE LEADERS “fear for their safety” after one of the front glass doors was found broken at the Masjid Al-Ahad mosque in Katy, TX. It’s next door to another church and some restaurants, but the mosque was the only storefront vandalized. Nothing was stolen inside.

ABC13 “We don’t bother anyone. We help everyone. We always work with peace,” said Mufti Saleem, the Imam of Masjid Al-Ahad. “We need to stay careful. Because today happened one glass, maybe tomorrow it happens big, who knows.” And this non-story was deemed worthy of a 2-minute TV News segment?