WISCONSIN ‘dhimmi’ politician apologizes for telling the truth about Muslim Student Association

A Green Bay alderman has apologized to a Muslim woman for responding to her inquiry about public bus service with questions about her political beliefs and whether she condemns Islamic terrorism because of her affiliation with a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim Student Association.

MSA (Muslim Student Association) i part of the radical Muslim Brotherhood Network in North America

MSA (Muslim Student Association) is part of the Islamic terrorism-promoting political group, Muslim  Brotherhood Network of North America

Green Bay Press Gazette  Alderman Chris Wery directed his questions to Heba Mohammad after the recent University of Wisconsin-Green Bay graduate asked the alderman in an email why city bus service is not free on Election Day. Wery agreed to check into the bus service question, but then he asked Mohammad about her involvement in starting a Muslim Student Association group at UW-Green Bay.


The MSA is a fifty-year-old Muslim Brotherhood affiliate with chapters on many hundreds of college campuses (check out this report on the MSA from Steven Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism). The Brotherhood, as I’m sure all FrontPage Mag readers know, is devoted to the elimination of Western civilization. They don’t officially exist in the United States, but of course they have operated here for many decades in the guise of powerful, well-funded legacy groups, the most prominent of which were intimately involved in the MSA.  READ MORE

“I just want to be assured that your group in no way promotes or defends militant Islamic ideology,” Wery wrote, asking if Mohammad and the association condemn “terrorist groups such as Hamas.” (But they do)

In an interview, Wery said he attended UWGB and he recognized Mohammad’s name as founder of the Muslim Student Association from a campus publication that he receives. He said Muslim college groups elsewhere in the United States have espoused anti-American sentiments, and he added that he took the opportunity to ask Mohammad about the UW-Green Bay group.

Mohammad refused to answer Wery’s questions and then posted the exchange on Facebook, prompting many users of the social media site to accuse the alderman of bigotry and profiling.


Mohammad, 22, who graduated from UW-Green Bay earlier this year, said she was surprised to hear an elected official engage in what she considered profiling based on her religious background. She believes he developed an “instant suspicion” because of her name. “That’s kind of hurtful, to be honest,” she told Press-Gazette Media.

Wery, a veteran City Council member who once ran for mayor, said he recognized that his remarks were inappropriate and poorly timed. He said he should not have raised his questions while helping a resident get information about public bus service. “I phrased it wrong. It was the wrong setting,” he told Press-Gazette Media. “And I apologized for that.” (BIG mistake)

images MuslimBrotherhoodGoal-vi


US Marine still under fire for objecting to his daughter’s public school forcing her to learn about the so-called ‘religion’ of Islam in class

a3b78a8a6d530486118a1e68c_XLvi-viA high school world history course featuring the study of the pillars of Islam had a Marine up in arms – reason being was that his daughter was given a 3 page assignment about that among other Muslim beliefs. Kevin Wood brought the matter to the attention of officials at Maryland’s La Plata High School asking that his daughter be excused from that assignment, saying, in effect, that since Christianity or Judaism isn’t taught, is it right that “…we can force-feed our kids Islam (the religion of hatred).” 

VOTE IN THE POLL that asks if the 5 pillars of Islam should be taught in school at this link: NJ1015


In protesting the assignment, he first spoke to an administrative assistant and eventually got to speak to vice principal Shannon Morris.

School district spokeswoman, Katie O’Malley-Simpson, said Wood threatened to cause problems at the school during his conversation with Morris. O’Malley-Simpson provided no specific information about any threats the former Marine made. Wood denies having made any threats. He stands by his claim that he does not believe in Islam and that he wanted his daughter removed from class while the others study the religion.


“I told her straight up ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white ass,’ Wood said, according to the local newspaper. He feels that no taxpayer money should be spent on teaching Islam in a public school when Christianity is given short shrift or no shrift at all. In any event, for not completing her assignment, his daughter will be receiving a zero in the assignments.

The school district spokesperson added that Islam is studied as part of the history of the Middle East, just as the influence of Christianity is studied in connection with the Renaissance and Reformation – and Hinduism and Buddhism are also studied during units on South Asia and East Asia.

Basic CMYK

Here’s the deal: You really can’t have one without the other. In order to study the culture of a society in a world history class, you need to study its religion and its beliefs. 

It’s not proselytizing.  It’s merely teaching about the influence a religion has had over the culture of a given region. (Below is what they are teaching our students about Islam in American public schools)




Either that, or have no mention of any religion at all in World History. 

However I have to wonder if this is going to be one of those districts that will be banning Christmas carols that mention Jesus? It would be a little ironic – no?

Shannon Morris

Phone: (301) 934-1100
La Plata High School
La Plata, Maryland
6035 Radio Station Rd, La Plata, MD

Email address for Shannon Morris: smmorris@ccboe.com
Email address for the school principal Evelyn Arnold: earnold@ccboe.com

Alternate phone number for the school: (301) 753-1754











UPDATED: florida-the-fight-against-the-growing-islamization-of-public-school-history-textbooks-heats-up-again





UPDATED: florida-the-fight-against-the-growing-islamization-of-public-school-history-textbooks-heats-up-again




well-well looks-like-mullah-obama-got-the-department-of-justice-to-force-cancellation-of-a-florida-school-board-meeting-over-controversial-history-book-full-of-islamic-lies-and-propaganda









Muslim plan to spread Islam by using American public schools




















An Encyclopedic Antidote to Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools





















UPSTATE NEW YORK town angry and fearful over proposed Islamic Indoctrination Center

After two decades of serving food at Suzanne’s Fine Dining in Wheatfield, the owners have closed up shop. They said they’ve accepted an offer from the Islamic Cultural Center of Niagara Falls.


Buffalo TWC News  When the building re-opens, Town Supervisor Bob Cliffe said it will be a community center and possibly a mosque as well. Cliffe recently sat down with the potential buyer, Amid Agwa, and said he believes he’ll be buying the building with his father, who formally ran the Islamic center and mosque in Niagara Falls. 

“Amid wants to get into instruction,” he said. “He wants to teach young people respect, teach young people about Islam, and wants to teach them how to speak Arabic for those who wish to learn Arabic.” (All the better to train future jihadists of America)

In their discussion, Cliffe said Agwa never mentioned using the facility as a mosque. However, as long as the group is not making any major changes to the outside or inside of the building, they’re allowed to have a place of worship on commercial property without permission from the town. (These places are ALWAYS mosques whether they admit or not)


The news isn’t sitting well with some residents. “I’ve gotten a couple of hate calls already. I’ve gotten calls of deep concern,” said Cliffe. “‘Why are we inviting these people in?’ Well, we didn’t invite them in. It’s strictly a private transaction. It’s one party selling their property to another party. The town has no say in that matter.”

Dr. Philip Frusti is the principal at St. John Lutheran School, right across the street from Suzanne’s restaurant. He said people should be vigilant, but not judgmental. 


“We love our neighbors and care for them,” said Frusti. “While you have a general group that seems to be peace-able, there is the group behind it that takes things literally from their belief system that we’ll do whatever it takes to move our faith forward, even in terms of extreme things, such as terrorism.” (Coming soon to your neighborhood)

“Let’s take it for what he says,” Cliffe said. “Let’s take him for his word, and keep our eyes open at the same time.”

Time Warner Cable News reached out to the Islamic group several times since last Friday, but have not heard back. The owners of Suzanne’s said they expect to close on the sale in a couple of days. 


ALBUQUERQUE: Walk planned to support Islamic Indoctrination Center where a teeny tiny Molotov cocktail allegedly was thrown by an unidentified man, causing virtually no damage

But when a Muslim beheads a white Christian grandmother at work in Oklahoma, Muslims not only don’t plan a walk in support of the dead woman, they don’t even say a word about it.

ABQ Journal  Several local organizations are sponsoring a “peace walk” in support of the Islamic Center of New Mexico following an attack last week in which someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the center’s building.

This is what they are marching about

This is what they are marching about

The walk will start at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, at the intersection of Harvard and Silver SE. It will proceed along Silver to Yale and head south on Yale to the Islamic Center at 1100 Yale SE, said Sue Schuurman of the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.

This will be a family friendly walk open to anyone who wishes to participate, including children. Those who participate are asked to bring a candle and, if they wish, flowers.

At the Islamic Center a statement of support will be given to Imam Shafi Abdul Aziz, signed by groups and individuals within the community. The Islamic Center has invited the walkers to a reception at the center after the walk.

Sponsors include: Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, Albuquerque Chapter of United Nations Association, Jewish Voice for Hamas, Albuquerque, Stop the War Machine, Stop 30 Billion to Israel and ANSWER.







CONNECTICUT: Crazy (Muslim?) rapes Pit Bull for the Islamic State (ISIS)

Waterbury Police are investigating after a woman had to confront a naked man at gunpoint while he allegedly performed sexual acts on her pit bull. He pranced through the yard naked, yelling “this is our day and you have to prosper in it, ISIS sent me.”

WTNH  Crazy Muzz is in a hospital now. Police say they will arrest him immediately when he is released from the hospital. They plan to charge him with cruelty to an animal, sexual assault, and breach of peace.


Former Marine banned from Maryland public school after objecting to his daughter being forced to learn about Islam in the classroom

A former Marine who became upset when his daughter was given a homework assignment on the Islamic ‘religion’ was banned last week from La Plata High School, after he allegedly threatened to cause a disruption at the school over the assignment.

La Plata High School

La Plata High School

SoMD News  Kevin Wood was issued a no-trespass order last week after a telephone call with La Plata High Vice Principal Shannon Morris on Thursday. Wood called to air complaints regarding his daughter’s world history assignment that asked students to examine elements of the Islamic religion.

Wood said in an interview Monday afternoon outside of the school system’s central office that he did not wish for his daughter, a junior at La Plata, to learn the Islamic religion, a faith he does “not believe in,” he said.


Wood and his wife, Melissa Wood, said they reached out to the school last week and asked that their daughter be removed from her world history course for the duration that the class covered Islam. The Woods said they spoke by a telephone to a woman, who they identified as “Ms. Pearl,” who listened to their request and said she would investigate the possibility of an alternative assignment.

It was Morris who returned their phone call, the Woods said. Morris informed them that the teacher could not offer an alternative assignment, and any assignment the Woods’ daughter missed would receive a failing grade.

“I told her straight up ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white ass” Kevin Wood said in an interview. “If [students] can’t practice Christianity in school, they should not be allowed to practice Islam in school.”

Will this be part of the Islam course in La Plata High School?

Will this be part of the Islam course in La Plata High School?

Kevin Wood, who identified himself as Catholic, denied that he had issued any threats or that he had planned to show up on the La Plata campus Monday.

In a later phone call with Morris, Kevin Wood said he blasted the school for violating his daughter’s “constitutional rights” and said he would contact the media and “bring a shit storm down on them like they’ve never seen.” “Nowhere did he ever threaten,” Melissa Wood said. “And this is where it’s gotten totally blown out of proportion.” The La Plata school resource officer informed Kevin Wood by phone Friday he was not allowed on the property.

WFTVscreenshots-vi2043066914_1929369276_n500x375-vi 232043466924_48406051_n375x500-vi

Policies exist that allow a child to complete an alternative assignment if the parents complain, O’Malley-Simpson said, but not in the case of world history. (Islam is not part of world history)  Administration will not be discontinuing the assignment in dispute, O’Malley-Simpson said.

The Woods’ daughter skipped the world history class Monday and will not complete any more assignments, per her parent’s wishes. She will receive “zeros” on those assignments, the Woods said.

Melissa Wood called the school’s full post, which included line about “ensuring the safety of students and staff of the school” a “smear” against her husband. She said that she intends to address the matter both with the Maryland Department of Education and her state legislators.

Shannon Morris

Phone: (301) 934-1100
La Plata High School
La Plata, Maryland
6035 Radio Station Rd, La Plata, MD

Email address for Shannon Morris: smmorris@ccboe.com
Email address for the school principal Evelyn Arnold: earnold@ccboe.com

Alternate phone number for the school: (301) 753-1754


Look at the trouble Muslims are stirring up in Maryland schools:









FLORIDA: Police hunting for Muslim school teacher alleged to have raped several students, one of whom needed surgical repair of her genitals

Police are hunting the former head teacher of a private Islamic school accused of the sexual abuse and rape of two middle school female students. Tariq Ahmad, 35, who worked at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Florida, has been charged with five first degree counts after the alleged abuse which left one student needing ‘substantial surgical repair.’

Tariq Ahmad, 35

Tariq Ahmad, 35

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  The girls were aged 14 and 15 when Ahmad allegedly forced them into sexual relationships, according to a lawsuit. Their attorneys said Ahmed would use text messages, social media and even code on the chalk boards in the classroom to set up meetings with the girls.

They also claim the Academy officials knew of Ahmed’s illegal conduct for years and did nothing until now. Pembroke Pines police said the alleged incidents occurred between 2006 and 2008, but the pupils only came forward after years of therapy.

Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Florida

Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Florida

In a statement, the school said: ‘Recently, we have become aware of disturbing allegations regarding a former teacher of Nur-ul-Islam Academy. 

‘Upon learning of these allegations, the Academy immediately suspended the teacher’s employment, barred him from any further contact with Academy students and has since terminated his employment with the Academy.  ‘In the spirit of Islamic teachings, we offer prayers for the well-being of all our students, current and former.’

Attorney Scott Mager said: ‘There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse and other inappropriate behaviour such that one of the students had to have substantial surgical repair of that (private) area. It’s horrific. The attorneys claim Nur-Ul-Islam Academy officials knew of Ahmed’s illegal conduct for years and did nothing until now.

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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BOSTON appoints Muslim police captain who brings to the force a ‘Muslim agenda’

As Boston Police Captain Haseeb Hosein assumes leadership in Mattapan as the department’s first Muslim captain, he plans to have his officers walking not only the streets, but school hallways. “I want my guys to go into the schools and spend 30 minutes and read” with a child, said Hosein, 52.

(Yeah, who cares about rooting out the next Muslim terrorist attack like the Boston bombers when you can spend your time reading (Islamic propaganda) to little Christian children?)

Haseeb Hosein

Haseeb Hosein

Boston Globe  Hosein’s promotion makes him the highest-ranking Muslim in the department, according to a police spokesman, and one of three minority captains .

“The promotion to captain of Haseeb Hosein goes directly to my commitment of making the police department more reflective of the community we serve,” Police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement. “It is both historic and an honor for me to promote the first black Muslim captain to my command staff.”

Hosein served a four-month suspension after a complaint in 2007 that he and several other officers repeatedly under-reported hours while performing paid details, according to police records. Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Michael McCarthy said the department has moved past the incident. “It doesn’t make him any less qualified or deserving of a promotion.” (AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN ACTION,  folks)

Boston Bomber's mosque

Boston Bomber’s mosque

As the department’s first Muslim captain, he said, he feels he can inspire young Muslims to join the force and serve as an ambassador for a faith that is often viewed negatively. “I can be a voice to  let people know that the 1.6 billion Muslims [in the world] are just like them,” Hosein said. “I hope to be that voice that speaks out loud.”  (Just what Boston needs, Muslim infiltrators in the police department)


Radical Islam ‘Disease’ Sweeping One of America’s Oldest Cities – Boston


ALABAMA group called ‘Americans United for Separation of Church & State’ is opposed to an anti-sharia bill


Calling the bill an “Atrocious Amendment,” Americans United for Separation of Church & State’ says, “We object to anti-Sharia bills because they’re unnecessary, their provisions are overly broad, and they unfairly target the nation’s Muslim communities. And that violates the First Amendment.”

AU  Next month, Alabama voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on Amendment One, which would add a provision to the state constitution that ostensibly attempts to ban Islamic, or Sharia, law. It’s hardly the first bill of its kind. Last year, state legislatures in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma debated similar measures; Missouri’s bill never made it past the governor’s desk. In the other states, the bills were limited to family law.



Alabama’s bill goes a bit further. If enacted, it would require the state’s courts to avoid enforcing or applying rulings from other courts if those rulings are based on foreign law. That could affect contractual obligations from foreign courts (a more than occasional occurrence in international business dealings).

And the bill’s reasoning appears sound. “The public policy of this state is to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws when the application of a foreign law will result in the violation of a right guaranteed by the Alabama Constitution or of the United States Constitution, including, but not limited to, due process, freedom of religion, speech, assembly, or press, or any right of privacy or marriage,” it asserts.


The amendment’s text never explicitly references Sharia, but as the Greene County Democrat reports, it’s merely the latest incarnation of anti-Sharia legislation in the state. It’s also the brainchild of State Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa), who sponsored the original, failed version of the bill in 2011. Last month, Allen received a national security award from ACT! for America, an anti-Islam group founded by Brigitte Gabriel.


At Americans United, we are often asked why we don’t support these bills. The answer is always the same: Because there isn’t a real threat that our courts or legislatures are implementing Sharia law. We have yet to receive a report about a Muslim community or Muslim elected official attempting to legislate based on Sharia principles. If we did, we’d take action. We do, however, receive many reports about fundamentalist Christians doing exactly that.

Obviously, they haven’t seen these:

Florida Appeals court judge rules American courts can use sharia law


50 Cases in 23 states in which which Shariah-based legal conventions or decisions were brought to bear upon the case



NEW MEXICO: Molotov cocktail thrown at Albuquerque mosque caused virtually no damage but CAIR is demanding a hate crime investigation


Someone (probably fed up with the rising tide of beheadings and terror attacks by Muslims in the West) threw what appears to be a Molotov cocktail explosive device at a southeast Albuquerque Mosque Friday morning, according to Albuquerque police. 

CAIR  Muslim Brotherhood front group, Hamas-linked The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is calling on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate a Molotov cocktail attack on an Albuquerque, N.M., mosque as a hate crime.

Albuquerque police say the incendiary device was thrown Friday morning at a window of the Islamic Center of New Mexico but did not enter the building. The device ignited and caused minimal damage to the exterior of the mosque. No injuries were reported.


VICTIM CARD: Muslims want hate crime investigation against a man who verbally ‘assaulted’ two bagheads

Local Muslim leaders are urging two women to pursue charges against a man who verbally ‘assaulted’ them at WalMart on Sunday. But, investigators are not considering this to be a hate crime, yet. (Obviously, the CAIR litigation jihadists haven’t contacted you yet)


Local News8  General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Eastern Idaho Daniel Hummel said the two women were sought-after by the man who apparently has a longstanding history of anger toward the Muslim community. “He was telling them to get out of his country, ‘you don’t belong, terrorists.’ It kept coming up, and it scared them,” Hummel said, noting the women tried to get away from the man before the store managers were called to intervene.

Chubbuck Police Dept.’s Lieutenant Bill Guiberson said, as much as hateful words can be harmful, legally this case was not considered a hate crime under Idaho law. “As a police officer, we are sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States,” Guiberson said. “That’s one thing that is very serious to us, and in this situation, whether we agree with one or either party, they each had their protected rights.”



Guiberson said in order for this situation to be considered a hate crime, the man had to have verbally threatened the women and/or physically assaulted them. However in this case, neither of that happened.

Hummel said he is shocked to see this nationwide problem of anger toward the Muslim community here in southeast Idaho. (Wherever muslims go, their supremacist behavior creates hatred for them) He said witnesses were able to identify the man and he plans to pursue further action against him by filing for a restraining order to protect all Muslim women in the community. 

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BROOKLYN: Three men caught on video viciously attacking young woman might be Muslims

brooklynmuggingsuspects4At least one of the suspects appears to be wearing a Muslim head rag and they all have beards. Surveillance video shows that on Oct. 2nd, Gwendolyn Reyes walked past three men in Brooklyn. After a vicious beating, the three suspects left her lying helpless on the ground.

CBS NEWS  (h/t Devin S) On the security video, after being pushed to the wall of a nearby building by one man, Reyes is punched in the face twice. The other men are seen trying to steal her purse, dragging her down the street as the video cuts out.

Gwendolyn Reyes

Gwendolyn Reyes

“I just remember the whole attack, and for them leaving me, I remember them just dragging me, and then I started yelling for someone to help me,” Reyes told the station. “And then that’s when I realized blood was coming from my face, but I didn’t know where from my face.”

They had gotten away with her purse and iPhone and Reyes was treated for a broken nose at a local hospital. Police told CBS New York that the attacks appeared random and the suspects targeted her because she was walking alone.

The aspiring model remains confident that the NYPD will catch her attackers. She is not afraid, and says nothing will prevent her from pursuing her career, according to CBS New York.