Our favorite Imam Abdullah from The United West pays a visit to Muslim Democrat Congressman Andre Carson

Andre Carson is closely associated with designated terrorist group CAIR and has recently been named by Nancy Pelosi to the House Intelligence Committee.

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MUSLIM CONVERT says, ‘My Islamic faith prevents me from paying interest, so I am not going to pay back my $64,000 in student loans”

ShariaDollars1A Seattle, WA MUSLIM man going by the name Amir wrote to Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guyin a missive published this week, “I had two citi-student loans and at some point in time within the last 5 years they went to Navient.” Amir explained that he had unsuccessfully asked the loan servicing company to lower his payoff amount to $32,000, even though the actual amount he owes is $64,000 “because of deferment and interest.”


Daily Caller (h/t Nelson A)  The dismayed student loan borrower also noted that he “was born into Islam” but only took a serious interest in the religion in 2012. One thing he has learned since then, he said, is that “dealings with interest” are “strictly forbidden” under Islam.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe,” Amir offered. As for the rest, he wants his creditors to acknowledge that his “awareness and conditions have changed” since he accepted the loan.


“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?” Amir asked. Rhode then responded by having exactly none of Amir’s plea for a religion-based student loan discount.

“Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen,” the Get Out of Debt Guy bluntly declared. Rhode told Amir that the lesson to take from the situation is that “the damage caused by deferment is enormous” because accruing interest “just puts the debt in turbo.”

Rhode also explained that an imam advised him that Muslims who choose to borrow with interest “are obligated to repay their entire debt and if they don’t they will prohibited from entering paradise when they die.”




ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Out with the young and beautiful. In with the ugly and ‘beheadbagged’ look.

af_jihab3_090918_mn-viStarting Friday, you won’t have to be good-looking to work for clothing icon ‘Abercrombie & Fitch.’ You also won’t have to be young and stylish. Now you can be an unattractive Muslim woman wearing a tent and a bag on your head and get a job at A&F, thanks to multiple lawsuits filed against the company by the litigation jihdadists at CAIR.


Bloomberg  Oh, they are saying they are trying to broaden their customer base by “retiring the appearance and sense of style” hiring for employees that stipulated youth, sexiness, and attractiveness.

(But we all know what’s actually behind this: Political Correctness foisted on the country by the Left and embraced by the Muslim fascists invading America, who never stop trying to destroy free speech and force Americans to accept and embrace their oppressive religious customs and offensive cultural ideas which include misogynistic dress codes and behavior for women)


The changes are the latest for the once high-flying retailer, which pioneered the sexy preppy look and made male models with ridiculously ripped abs a billboard standard. By retiring the “appearance and sense of style” hiring rule that stipulated attractiveness, Abercrombie is scrapping the last of the legacy of former Chief Executive Officer Mike Jeffries, who left in December.

U.S. Retailers' July Sales Trail Projections On Spending Cuts

When new stores open, shirtless hunky young men no longer greet patrons outside. In fact, by the end of July, sexualized marketing images will be gone from shopping bags, in-store photos and gift cards. (But you can be sure Muslim women in headbags will be a presence at A&F. Can  ‘fashion’ burqas be far behind?)


The company was mocked for the “Look Policy,” and sued over how it was implemented. U.S. Supreme Court justices heard arguments in February in the case of Samantha Elauf, a Muslim teenager who was denied a job because she wore a head scarf. Abercrombie agreed to pay $71,000 to settle two suits similar to Elauf’s in California in 2013. In her case, the company argued its actions were legal because it didn’t have “actual knowledge” that Elauf wore the scarf for religious reasons. A federal appeals court sided with Abercrombie, and Elauf appealed to the high court.

Fortune Now, the Ohio-based clothing chain will have to defend itself in the Supreme Court for not hiring a worker because the hijab she wore did not comply with its strict dress code.

A&F will appear before the Supreme Court of the United States to defend its decision in 2008 to not hire Samantha Elauf, a Muslim woman, to work at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Abercrombie Kids store as a sales associate—or a “model,” as Abercrombie calls the position internally. The reason they didn’t hire her? The hijab she wore did not comply with the company’s strict dress code.


Abercrombie’s so-called Look Policy gives “models” specific rules for their appearance—guidelines that “ensure [Abercrombie’s] consistent brand message,” according to the retailer’s court filings.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Abercrombie for discrimination on Elauf’s behalf in 2009. The jury in that case sided with Elauf and awarded her $20,000 in damages. But the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in October 2013 overturned that verdict after determining that Abercrombie couldn’t be held liable because Elauf never explicitly told the company that she wore her hijab for religious purposes and that she would therefore need an exemption from the company’s dress policy.

covered (2)

The Supreme Court will decide if Abercrombie acted legally, and it will also answer a broader question: who’s responsible for flagging warning signs of potential religious discrimination? Put in another way, do employees and job candidates have to explicitly identify potential conflicts between their religious practices and a company’s policy? Or are there instances in which employers must point to such a clash and discuss how to work around it even if an individual does not explicitly ask?

The new Abercrombie look

The new Abercrombie look

In its filing with the Supreme Court, Abercrombie argues that it is the employee’s duty to ask for accommodation of religious beliefs; it’s not the employer’s responsibility to guess. “Employers are not supposed to ask about religious views or practices,” the filing says.

But their ruling is irrelevant. After fighting several Muslim cases in court, in 2013, the company changed its look policy to acknowledge that Islamic head bags can be accommodated in the workplace.


UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND pussies cave to pressure from Muslim Brotherhood front groups and cancel screening of ‘American Sniper

Get a clue, ‘American Sniper’ does not create ‘Islamophobia.’  Americans hate Muslims because of their supremacist, violent, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Christian, antisemitic, and other anti-social behaviors, not because a movie shows the consequences of their actions.

Apparently this decision was not applauded by most non-Muslim students at the university, judging by the comments they posted on the UMD Muslim Students Association Facebook page:

  • Craig Silman So I guess that any speech you do not agree with is hate speech and any speech you like is free speech? This is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of colleges and universities. When one person/group can stop open discourse by by saying they areSee More
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  • Holly Wangelin-Reid Way to stifle FREEDOM of SPEECH! Your organization seeks to discourage the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS GRANTED BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION! Your actions are so UNAMERICAN! If you like banning freedom of speech, expression and rights might I suggest that you attend a University in a MUSLIM country. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
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  • Glenda Rivera Call It is very revealing how your comments, regards and apologies of offending other organizations simply show how one sided your organization is. I am ashamed for you. And I am proud of all us AMERICANS who stand up for our military and how they let you do what you do.
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  • Robert Baumbaugh You Muslims can only push so far…a reckoning is coming, and its called a pissed off christian American…
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  • Monte Wisehart You fail to realize that your actions only serve to confirm what many in America already feel about your faith. It is perhaps the most intolerant religion in the world. If you are dismayed with our values, go back to any Muslim country and re-enter intSee More
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  • Steve Allen Muslims only believe in Freedom of Speech if you agree with them.
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  • Chris Leist Censorship and “commitment to exercising your freedom of speech” are not the same thing. Having the choice to see or not see the movie is free speech. You stole that from the members of your academic community that wanted to view the film.
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  • Mariam Eltoweissy Huge thank you to everyone operating with respect and kindness here regardless of whether they agree with this or not 
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  • Nour Al-Muhtasib Great job guys! So proud of you.
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  • Roger Boatwright Congrats UMD, controlled by a group of 42 people.
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  • Roger Kiley Is a shame the SEE caved into this. An American patriotic movie based on facts of what happened. You feel it stereotypes Muslims, I say it shows how a radicalized Muslim twists Islam. For me you would have been better to organize a post movie discussioSee More
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  • Aaron Bricco I am a former U.S. Army veteran who served over two years in Iraq. I am a current student here at UMD. This measage is not directed at the student Muslim group. It is asking for all of you who want to say biased and derogatory messages. Please stop thiSee More
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  • Jake Niemyer It is unfortunate that you have no grasp of what freedom of speech/expression means. Freedom of speech is a dearly held constitutional right that must act as a “two-way street” or it ceases to function at all. “Freedom of speech” does not give you thSee More
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  • Leo Gutierrez John 3:16
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  • Francis Dennis Murphy Which one among you will travel to the ISIL Caliphate and seek peace in the name of Allah for all humanity?
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  • Jason Musick Good Evening…As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a current UMD student, I find these verbal attacks against MSA EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL!!! After a couple of veterans heard the news about American Sniper being pulled for whatever reasonSee More
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  • Saima Ayub Thank You UMD MSA and thank You Student Entertainment Events for taking a stand and refusing to support bigotry and discrimination being used under the banner of freedom of speech. May you be rewarded in abundance for your courage. Reading some of these hateful bigots was not easy, so hats off to your brave souls.
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  • Doug Dowdey How can this be construed as “freedom of speech?” Really? Hopefully others will follow suit when movies which depict Christianity in a manner that goes against their faith.
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  • Bernard Grbavac I WILL RESPECT YOUR RELIGION when the terrorist countries of the middle east allow Christians to pray openly and give women equal rights just like the forum that the GREAT USA has given you !!! NO SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA !!!
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  • Kathy Koke-Drum It seems you are making Demands that are not Constitutional. Because you are only wanting your ways followed. As an American Born Citizen I find all of you offensive an Not a loving group of people who only intimidate people in getting what you want. Hate to tell you all this; in the long run you are not on the winning side.
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  • Larry Werner If you actually watched the movie you would learn that your preconceptions about it being Islamophobic are not true. In fact, you would learn about a man who struggled with many difficult choices when he was tasked to protect this country from those wSee More
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  • Tee Thompson No wonder Americans despise Muslims.
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  • Dorothy Robinson You Muslims always get your way. You are very selfish people and have no regard for others. You think you should be the most important people in America.I don’t think we need Allah in our lives for we have one more supreme than him. He is Jesus, the Son of God.
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  • Arif Kabir Thank you SEE for being courageous against the bigotry and Islamophobia of American Sniper. We would never tolerate a movie celebrating anti-Semetic behavior, and this is no different.
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  • David Moore When are you people going to lash out at your own for the crimes in the name of Allah? You are so quick to condemn those who question your motives but take no stand against the criminals of your religion. Until you take a stand against your own there will be those who condemn you all.
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  • Giovanni Tundo It’s weird, whenever you Google “American heroes”, only war veterans come up, even though all of them have killed people. Should we protest all “American heroes” and all movies about war based on true stories? Yes, wars can be heartbreaking, but sometiSee More
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  • David Michael Korkowski So let me get this straight, you oppose American Sniper because it dehumanizes individuals and portrays negative stereotypes. The only stereotypes it portrays are that if you attack the US or its allies you will die and if you are a terrorist who willSee More
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  • Bruce Heacock Islam is NOT a religion. It is a means of control, move governmental that happens to incorporate religious doctrine. whether it degenerates women, exploits western ideology to accommodate it’s own end.
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  • Shirley Hano Byrd If you don’t OVERWHELMING agree that Chris Kyle was a true American Hero then you don’t belong in the United States of AMERICA. We welcome you to GO HOME to be free to exercise your “religious freedom”.
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  • Joe Welch You talk about Freefom of Speech and then quash it? As soon as Barry gets out of office …. Buh bye
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  • CJ Heldmann Someone please tell me what is racist about the movie. This is America. The free country. Stop trying to change that!
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  • Steve Roemer You are the most cowardly, the most hypocritical bunch of whining losers this country has ever had to put up with…..We won’t have to for much longer…..
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  • Brent Butterfield How about the campus won’t show the movie if you denounce the murders that are being committed by isis and call them the terrorists they are
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  • Victoria Snavely Why does this keep happening, it needs to stop. If the Muslim students do not like it, they do not have to go see it. This is a control effort by the muslin to dictate what we see. Stop it, it is a violation of our rights. I have not seen anyone go out & try to kill a bunch of Muslim students, but I have seen where Muslims have killed a lot of American & Christians.
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  • Peter Wypxzi Typical Muslim response to freedom.
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  • Penelope Nichols To all the bigoted chucklefucks commenting on this post: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck every single one of you. I hope your pizzas are always delivered half an hour late, for the rest of your lives.
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  • John Donahue ‘Merica
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  • Phil Seas Why weren’t you assholes protesting the 2 gay men who got thrown off a roof in Iraq you cowards? What about stomping a women to death in Pakistan who supposedly burned your fiction novel? Absolute cowards.
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  • Christine Ramirez As a parent of 2 UMD students I’m flabbergasted at your choice of words.” Inclusive”, “just”, and “safe” – what world do you live in? If you want a sheltered community, please go elsewhere. This is a public university in a metropolitan tri-state area and obviously not a good fit for you. You sound like spoiled brats and I intend to make parent voices well heard to university leadership.
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  • Autumn Meadows I am glad you did it..this movie glorifies war and if some muslim was showing a movie of ISIS putting bullets in americans head I am sure it would have been removed or seens as supporting “terrorism” movies glorifying war and assassinating muslims should not be shown in our university as they should be neutral. Good for the university for having reasonable taste in judgement here.
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  • Larry Kosberg Ha ha! Quoting the satanic beast about ‘justice’. How wonderful these peace loving little buttercups are.
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  • Deb Morelli “We sincerely appreciate your commitment to exercising your freedom of speech to create an inclusive, just, and safe campus community.” You obviously do not understand what the purpose of the first amendment is – nor what it is for. It is not to creaSee More
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  • Dan Gleese Well if they hold such disdain towards our military heroes and then have gall to preach about this so called Allah to be our savior they can take all of that crap back to their homeland this country the United States of America is not thier homeland and as far as Allah goes he’s nothing short of a murderous thieving rapist and you can add a racist to that
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Barack Hussein Obama will join Turkish president Recep Erdogan at the opening of a new $100 million Turkish mega-mosquetrosity in Maryland

obama-erdoganIn the last 100 years, only one new church has been given permission to build in Turkey (albeit on top of a graveyard). But in America, under the Obama Regime, Turkey is set to open a monstrous $100 million Islamic indoctrination and jihad training center in Maryland. Built on a 15-acre site, the Turkish Cultural Center will be the largest and most ostentatious example of Islamic supremacism in the Western hemisphere.

ANADOLU AGENCY (h/t Rob E) The presidents of Turkey and the U.S. will open the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Maryland. “During a phone call, President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan asked President (Barack) Obama to accompany him in opening the center together and  Obama accepted his offer.

Churches in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction


Muslim Link  The cost of the 5-buidling complex is estimated to be around $100 million according to sources familiar with the engineering aspects of the project. 

The Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center (TACC) is a project of the government of Turkey and is meant to”serve as a social, cultural, and religious  center for all visitors, including activities for the promotion and introduction of the values of the Turkish Civilization” according to an information packet distributed by TACC.


The TACC Center will consist of five main buildings: a mosque constructed using 16th century classical Ottoman architecture that can hold 760 worshipers; a two-story, 19,990 SF Cultural Center Building including a 220-seating performance hall; a 9,850 SF recreational building with a 180-seat restaurant and traditional coffee shop; a 43,450 SF traditional Turkish bath for up to 22 people at a time and indoor pool and sports center; and 18,500 SF of guest housing including 16 one-bedroom apartment units.


The complex will have very limited above ground parking and most cars will park in the 150,700 SF underground parking garage which gives direct access to all the main buildings. A few traditionally designed residential buildings, Turkish gardens and fountains, and outdoor recreational areas will also be a part of the complex. 


NOT rescuing Muslims who left America to travel to Yemen – the first good thing Obama has ever done

They were warned countless times by the State Department not to go to Yemen, then warned again in February to get out if they were already there. Yet they chose to stay, and now are demanding that Obama use the U.S. military to rescue them. So far their demands have been falling on deaf ears.

Obama wouldn’t rescue 4 Americans including an ambassador and a Navy SEAL in Benghazi, why should he rescue you?


CNN  Muna Mansour  is from Buffalo in upstate New York. Her family is among the dozens of Americans caught in the crossfire of warring parties in Yemen. And although many other countries evacuated their citizens, India most notably ferrying out around 5,000, the United States has said it is too dangerous for them to directly evacuate American Muslims.

“I was there when the Indians picked up 200 of their people from the port. It was embarrassing. We were just sitting there waiting for someone to come and say ‘OK where are the Americans, let’s pick them up,’ ” she said. “I called the Riyadh embassy,” she adds, referring to the U.S. Embassy in neighboring Saudi Arabia. “I told them there were about 75 families here waiting at the port. My family has been waiting there for two weeks. We ran out of money, we ran out of food.”


The State Department said it is too risky to conduct an evacuation of citizens from the area. “We have to make a decision based on the security situation and what is feasible to do,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said earlier this month. “And given the situation in Yemen is quite dangerous and unpredictable, doing something like sending in military assets even for an evacuation could put U.S. citizen lives at greater risk.”

A group of U.S. organizations, including designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination League, have filed a lawsuit against the State Department and Defense Department over the government’s stance on evacuations.








NEW JERSEY: Did Muslim terrorists place a statue of a person in Muslim garb holding an assault rifle at a Hindu-owned gas station?

Considering that Muslims have slaughtered approximately 80 million Hindus in the world, it is reasonable to assume that.


NJ.com  Burlington City police are trying to determine if a crime was committed when someone left 3-foot statue of a figure holding a gun in some bushes near a gas station Friday night, police said. “It shows a person that could look like its wearing Middle Eastern garb, possibly a burqa, and holding an assault rifle,” Sgt. John Fine said Monday.

The statue was found near the corner of Route 130 South and High Street, outside the Burlington Gulf Station, Fine said. Police were alerted by a resident who contacted police after seeing a video of the statue that had circulated on Facebook. As of Monday, the video had about 15,000 views, Fine said. 

Police spoke to the gas station owner, Gurmeet Singh, and station employees Saturday morning. None had any knowledge of the statue or how it got there. The statue was placed far away from the employee area and out of view of the gas pumps, Fine said.

Fine said the statue had only been there a short time and there was no indication that there was any harm to the business. “We’re trying to determine if this is a hate crime or not,” Fine said. “We want the community to know that we stand with Mr. Singh and his business.”

The Burlington City police posted a photo Saturday on the department’s Facebook page of officers and the gas station management shaking hands.



OHIO: Massive backlash causes public school to cancel Muslim headbag (hijab) day, better known as the “Covered Girl Challenge”

covered-girlIn yet another Muslim Brotherhood supremacist-sponsored event aimed at “celebrating diversity,”  an Ohio high school planned what it called “A Covered Girl Challenge” where female students were to have spent the day wearing a Muslim headbag (hijab).

I guess male students don’t get to “celebrate diversity” as they were not invited to participate.


Biz Pak Review  Mason High School in southwest Ohio scheduled the event for April 23, but in response to a storm of protest, it fizzled out and died before it got off the ground, according to Cincinnati.com.

The idea was to give female students the option of wearing a hijab for the day, then set aside some time for discussion and reflection.


Cincinnati.com reported: The event was sponsored by Mason High School’s (Muslim Brotherhood front group) Muslim Student Association, but an email promoting it came from MHS’ Student Activities Department. In her letter, McCarty-Stewart said that should not have happened.


The event was student-led rather than school-sponsored, she said, adding that MHS will put policies in place to ensure further communication from the school email account is limited to school-sponsored events.

But as word spread throughout the community, backlash to the event grew. “My belief is wearing these hijabs represents the oppression of women and Sharia law,” former school board candidate Sharon Poe said.


“I do not recall ever getting an email announcing a Christian Cross Wearing day or a booth for information about the Christian persecution from Islamic terrorists. What happen to the argument of the separation of church and state?”

Spokeswoman Tracey Carson said, the school has a duty to allow students to practice religion of their choice, “but at the same time, we can’t promote religion.” “I think by us having the permission slip (for the Covered Girl event), by adults having sent the email, I think we crossed that line.”

This crap is spreading in public schools all over America

This Muslim supremacist crap is spreading to public schools all over America

Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart sent an apology Thursday to families in the district:

The event was meant to combat stereotypes students may face when wearing head coverings, but as the event spread beyond our school community, however, we received many strong messages that made me reconsider the event’s ability to meet its objectives.

I now realize that as adults we should have given our students better guidance. After much consideration and after talking with the student event organizers, we have canceled the event.


MASSACHUSETTS: Local candidate under fire for calling for annihilation of Muslim jihadists

Raynham School Committee candidate Ion Baleanu says he has the right to his own opinions after a stream of honest and realistic comments about Muslims  were discovered on Facebook and Twitter.

Raynham-tweet Enterprise News  Baleanu of Raynham is in a three-way contest for two Raynham seats held by incumbents Patricia Riley – the Bridgewater-Raynham committee’s chairwoman – and Louis “Tony” Ghelfi. The issue surfaced Monday when Baleanu’s campaign pitch on the “Bridgewater Residents” Facebook page prompted resident Kimberly Burke to engage him in conversation and also search his name online.


What popped up was a disconcerting stream of posts including a March 15 tweet about American students being “forced” to recognize Muslim holidays, she said. “We need to stand up, America! We need to send these barbarians back from where they come from, the 7th century,” Baleanu wrote.



On Jan. 15, referring to an Arab woman killed by militants, he said, “Yet again I repeat my claim to annihilate Muslims.”Last August, he wrote: “We will annihilate every one of you jihadists!”

Burke, of Bridgewater, said her initial reaction was “anger and shock. “As a private citizen he can believe what he wants to believe,” she said. “And he can tweet what he wants to tweet.” But once Baleanu entered the race for public office, she said the rules changed.

Non-Muslim school children being forced to pray to Allah on a mosque field trip

Non-Muslim school children being forced to pray to Allah on a mosque field trip

On Wednesday, Baleanu told The Enterprise his posts were a response to “extremism” and groups that continually call for the annihilation of the United States. “You have to fight fire with fire,” said Baleanu, who says he is a conservative Republican. “You can’t reason with these people. We have to defend ourselves.”

“Where are my rights as an American citizen to have freedom of speech?” he said. Baleanu, a Romanian emigre, earned citizenship in 2005. “I see a problem and I want to fix it for all Americans,” he said. “I haven’t seen any Muslims stand up against extremists.”

He’d get my vote.


Islamo-pandering politicians are happy to turn Maine into a sharia-compliant state


Maine legislative committee’s rejection of a proposed ban on Islamic sharia law must have the tens of thousands of Somali Muslim refugees, that the Obama Regime has been dumping into cities like Lewiston, Maine, doing a happy dance. 

Bangor Daily News  A legislative committee voted 8-2 Thursday to reject a bill that attempted to codify the state and U.S. constitutions as the law of the land. The legislation, LD 330, sponsored by state Rep. Michael McClellan, R-Raymond, was modeled after a law passed in Tennessee aimed at preventing the use of Muslim Sharia law in state courts there.



Testimony supporting the bill suggested immigrant Muslim women and their children were sometimes subjected to harsh and illegal treatment by husbands or ex-husbands. As defendants in Maine courts, these men might suggest the laws of their religion or homeland should be applied to their cases, supporters of the legislation suggested.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills, a Democrat, wrote in a memo to the Judiciary Committee stating that she opposed the measure, as did her Republican predecessor, William Schneider when a similar bill was offered during the 125th Legislature.


Committee members Thursday said that while some may have attempted to inject foreign or religious law into Maine court proceedings, there was no evidence any Maine judge had ever gone along with allowing foreign law to trump rights and protections in the U.S. Constitution. 


There already have been many examples of American court decisions in which judges have considered sharia law as a basis for their rulings. shariah-in-american-courts-the-expanding-incursion-of-islamic-law-in-the-u-s-legal-system


The measure looked to address the legal concept of comity, which allows a judge to apply some aspects of laws from other lands if they are generally in line with state and federal laws and do not violate an individual’s constitutional rights, including but not limited to the rights of due process and equal protection.

The bill next moves to the Maine House of Representatives for consideration.



WISCONSIN teacher orders tenth grade students: “Pretend you are a Muslim”

‘Pretend to be a Muslim’ is what 10th grade Union Grove High School World History teacher, Beth Urban, asked students to do for a writing assignment at a Wisconsin high school recently. 


EAG News  A parent of the student who received the assignment tells EAGnews, “I feel that the purpose of the assignment is to show prejudices towards Muslims in America or to invent them or exaggerate them.” The parent, who asked to remain anonymous, doesn’t blame the teacher for the essay’s instructions.

Think of the creative possibilities when students write about the reasons people don’t like Muslims: 


Muslims burn people alive, rape and oppress women and young girls, cut the clitoris of girls under 6 and marry them at any age, lie to the unbelievers, kill Jews, kill Christians, and other non-Muslims, hang homosexuals, cut off the hands of thieves, marry 4 wives, beat them and collect welfare for all of them, honor kill daughters, kill cartoonists, dress in black garbage bags, smite the necks of the unbelievers and execute apostates from Islam. What could go wrong?

“I did not voice my concerns directly to the teacher because I do not blame the teacher. I believe this is a curriculum issue. The teachers are not using their own curriculum, the school boards/superintendents do generally,” according to the parent.





An American Mosque…BURNING!

The ultimate “Oh, pity me, I am a Muslim, a victim of Islamophobic ‘racism’ (even though Islam is not a race)” mockumentary about a mosque that was burned down in ‘Caliphornia’ way back in 1994.


An American Mosque is a sickening documentary about the first mosque destroyed by arson in United States history and the Muslims affected by this hate-crime. In 1994, arsonists broke into a newly constructed mosque in Yuba City, California, doused prayer rugs with gasoline, then lit the building ablaze. The mosque was reduced to ashes.

The community re-doubled their efforts and constructed a new mosque by 2000. . .(followed, even more dangerously, by the construction of about 2,000 more new mosques since then…many of them hotbeds of Islamic terrorism)


One mosque arson in 1994. And ONLY one mosque arson in America since 9/11. How many churches have been burned down by Muslims around the world since 2001? Hundreds? Thousands? Four churches were burned down in heavily Muslim Melbourne, Australia this past Easter. No documentaries about any of them. obama-rebuilds-mosques-while-churches-burn-all-over-the-middle-east) 



MAINE: Muslims demand federal hate crime investigation for anti-Islam graffiti on Portland Halal market

While we don’t see what was written on the barbaric halal slaughter market, it is reported that it referred to Allah and allegedly included an offensive sexual epithet. Portland police continue to investigate but had brought no charges by late Monday.

Something like this?

Something like this?

Press Herald  The graffiti was sprayed onto the Portland Halal Market on St. John Street at 5 a.m. Sunday. In red capital letters on the windows and brick on a side of the building, it referred to Allah and included a sexual epithet.  Police described it as a hate crime. Similar writing, though not with the same offensive message, had been seen in prior weeks, police said.

Police released a security video in an effort to locate the suspect.


OKLAHOMA: Oh, Noes! Muslims in shock over anti-Islamic “bacon attack” on Edmond mosque

BaconBombThe leaders of a local mosque were outraged over vandalism to their place of worship. Yesterday between 6:30 a.m. and noon someone wrapped bacon around the front door of the Islamic Society of Edmond. Other strips of bacon were left on the ground. Designated terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding an FBI ‘hate crime’ investigation.

News9  Pork is offensive to Muslims (Who cares?) and the discovery was made before a religious studies class at the facility next to UCO.


‘We don’t know what kind of message they are trying to send, but it’s something that is hurtful to the Muslim community,” said Adam Soltani with the Council of American Islamic Relations of Oklahoma. Soltani said he informed the FBI about the vandalism and will be demanding a hate crime investigation.

He also questioned the timing of the incident. He told News 9 the mosque’s revised plans to expand to three times its current size will go before the Edmond Planning Commission. (And now you know what your neighbors think about that idea)


When the plans were originally voted on by Edmond City Council, a local pastor spoke out against the expansion and compared mosque leaders with the terror group Hamas. Soltani hopes investigators take the recent vandalism seriously. (Because they have nothing better to do?)

He also has hope for the culprit. “I would invite to come and learn more about the Islamic faith,” said Soltani (Obviously, the “culprit learned everything he needed to know about your death cult posing as a faith on 9/11)