NYC INTIFOODA? Kosher Food Cart vendor being persecuted by Islamofascist Halal mafia


There is no peace in the Mideast — or Midtown, at least not as long as filthy Muslim halal food vendors are around. FYI: Halal vendors get the majority of health code violations in NYC (See link below).




NY Post  A Jewish kosher-food purveyor says he’s being prevented from settling in the heart of Manhattan by the “halal mafia.” Yisroel Mordowitz insists he just wants to peacefully peddle sandwiches piled high with brisket or pastrami from his Holy Rollers cart in the lucrative Rockefeller Center area, 48th Street off Sixth Avenue.

But a group of irate Muslim competitors block the kosher vendor from setting up on the sidewalk, literally squatting on the curb or placing umbrellas and beverage cartons to cordon off the space.

Muslim terrorist halal food vendor

STOP shouts Muslim halal food vendor

“This guy is hungry — hungry for money,” bellowed 48th Street Sabrett-slinger Mohamed Mossad, who along with nearly a dozen others successfully kept Mordowitz off the block. “I have a family, too!”

“Why doesn’t he go to 47th Street?” Mossad shouted, referring to the Hasidim-heavy Diamond District. “He’s just coming to this particular spot, and he wants to grab it from me — and kill me, actually. Kill my business.” (And that would be a bad thing, because why?)

Typical Kosher food cart fare

Typical Kosher food cart fare

The Holy Rollers adhere to strict kosher guidelines, and their Muslim rivals sell halal food prepared in accordance with Islamic law. For both, pork is a no-no, but there are huge differences in how meat must be slaughtered and prepped. (Halal slaughterers don’t cut the spinal cord which causes the animal to suffer in agony for up to several minutes before he dies)

Escalating tensions so concerned Avram Wolpin, the mash­giach — or on-site supervisor who certifies food as kosher — that he feared a veritable falafel fatwa. He told Mordowitz he was worried he would “disappear.” After two unsuccessful attempts to work on Sixth, Mordowitz made his exodus southwestward to 35th Street and Ninth Avenue, near B&H Photo, the Hasidic-run electronics megastore.


Muslim thug threatening Jewish vendor

“I thought I could bring peace to Midtown,” lamented Mordowitz, 30, of Queens. “I’m not an enemy — I’m a friend.” 

The Holy Rollers opened without incident on 48th Street on Monday, raked in about $2,000 on Tuesday from tourists and Midtown office workers, but were under blockade by Wednesday

“This is not Palestine!” one vendor shouted, according to Mordowitz. The kosher vender said, “They’re trying to say that the Jews in Israel are pushing people out, so don’t do it here.”

More halal slop

Typical halal food cart slop

Mordowitz said one rival even followed managing partner Yosef Salzbank around in a Jeep Cherokee, making sure he parked the cart far enough away. “I said, ‘Why are you terrorizing me?’ ” Mordowitz recalled.

But the halal hawkers say they’re not the haters. “He said I am a terrorist. He says I bombed the Twin Towers. That’s racist,” recalled Mossad, who insisted his objections have nothing to do with religion. (What race is Islam?)

Halal vendor

Halal vendor (dirty hands, no gloves)

Licenses granted by the city do not specify where vendors must locate, but the city can force vendors to move for a variety of reasons, including being parked too close to a subway entrance.

Even though customers who eat strictly kosher food can’t eat halal (because of the barbaric way Muslims slaughter animals) — let alone a boiled wiener — a peace agreement, for now, seems remote, leaving the cart to wander the Midtown desert. “Running corner to corner like this,” Salzbank said. “It’s crazy.”

Take a look at the filthy Muslim halal food vendors in NYC






WIN $10,000 in AFDI’s ‘Draw the Prophet Muhammad’ Contest


In response to the recent multiple murders and deadly terrorist attacks in Europe by Muslims on those dedicated to freedom of speech and expression, Pamela Geller and AFDI announce the inaugural Draw Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest.

Pamela Geller  On Saturday, an Islamic jihadist murdered one person and wounded three, firing multiple shots at an event entitled “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” at the Krudttoenden cafe in Copenhagen, featuring Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks and Francois Zimeray, the French ambassador to Denmark. Clearly he wanted to kill Vilks and continue the Islamic attack on free speech.


Last Monday, a Muslim mob in Pakistan that was protesting against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad forced open the gates of a Christian school, smashed windows, destroyed property and demanded that the school be closed. This followed demonstrations in which tens of thousands of Muslims in Pakistan demanded that the West adopt Shariah blasphemy laws. An estimated 800,000 demonstrated against free speech in Chechnya. Muslim mobs in Niger set 45 churches on fire in their rage against the actions.


Meanwhile, a carnival in Germany canceled plans for a Charlie Hebdo float. (And now they have cancelled the entire carnival) A cartoon museum in Belgium canceled plans for a Charlie Hebdo tribute. An art museum in Paris removed an artwork from exhibit after Muslim threats. This stunning cowardice proves, yet again, that it hardly ends with cartoons. It begins there. The West is giving these savages the ultimate power over us. They seek to control what we say, what we think, and how we live. And we are letting them.

CANCELLED: Northern Germany’s largest annual Carnival parade in the city of Braunschweig

CANCELLED: Northern Germany’s largest annual Carnival parade in the city of Braunschweig

It’s time to stand up.That’s why my organization, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, will be holding a contest for cartoons of Muhammad, and an exhibit of Muhammad cartoons this May in Garland, Texas, at the same facility as the Honor the Prophet Conference that was held by a pro-Islamic group in January.

The keynote speaker will be Dutch freedom fighter and Parliamentarian Geert Wilders – one of the very few politicians on the international scene who dares to speak the truth about the jihad threat.


The contest will be online, with entries posted at the AFDI website. The winning cartoon will be announced at the May 3rd cartoon exhibit in Garland. The winning cartoonist will be awarded a $10,000 prize.

The cartoon exhibit will feature images of Islam’s prophet, both historic and contemporary, and speeches by leading voices of freedom and internationally renowned free speech advocates. Also speaking will be brave artists who are unbowed by violent threats and determined to stand for the freedom of speech. MORE INFORMATION HERE


Oh, BOO HOO. Muslims at the University of Maryland claim that they are “misunderstood”

So they can attempt to cram junk-information about “peaceful” Islam down everyone’s throats in another colossal waste of time called ‘Islam Awareness Week.’


Chronicle  “Hajj.” “Hijab.” “Jummah.” Last week Muslim students at the University of Maryland at College Park helped non-Muslim students understand what those words—translated as “pilgrimage,” “headscarf,” and “prayer”—mean in the context of Islam. In doing so they hoped to combat popular misconceptions about their faith.

Their efforts, part of Islam Awareness Week sponsored by the campus’s Muslim Students Association, have taken on added importance since the shooting of three Muslim students near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the subsequent conversation surrounding the hashtag and idea “#MuslimLivesMatter.”

Earlier on the same day as the shooting, Muslim students at College Park invited non-Muslim students to wear a hijab for a day—not only to feel what it’s like to conceal one’s hair but also to understand the hijab’s deeper religious significance. (Like what it feels to be a willing slave in an oppressive death cult)


FILTHY PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS demand role in investigation of “terrorist” killings of 3 Muslims shot dead in a parking spot dispute

SORRY, we’re still waiting for an investigation of the actual Muslim terrorist who beheaded a Christian grandmother in Oklahoma.


UK Daily Mail  The Palestinian government called the murder of three young Muslims in North Carolina ‘terrorist’ killings and asked to be included in the US investigation in a statement Saturday. 

Police charged Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, with shooting Deah Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister Razan Abu-Salha, 19, in Chapel Hill on Tuesday.


Local authorities said they believe the killings followed a dispute over parking at the condominium complex where the four were neighbors, but Justice Department and FBI officials have launched an investigation into whether hate crime charges or other federal violations are warranted. 

Calling Hicks ‘an American terrorist and hateful racist,’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said the shootings were indicative of rising anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. (One can only hope)


‘We consider it a serious indication of the growth of racism (What ‘race’ is Islam?) and religious extremism (the killer was an atheist) which is a direct threat to the lives of hundreds of thousands of muslim citizens who follow the Islamic faith,’ said the ministry in a statement. (One can only hope)



As storage building at Islamic Center burns, firefighter tweets: “Let it burn, block the hydrant”

On Friday morning, part of the Quba Islamic Institute in Houston went up in flames, (but not the Islamic school or mosque, just a back storage building) and local firefighters spent just an hour battling the blaze before extinguishing it.

A minor fire that did no real damage to anything but a storage building

A minor fire that did no real damage to anything but a storage building

The building set ablaze, which stored religious books, was completely destroyed, and came after the center’s staff chased off a masked man from the premises earlier this week.

Houston officials believe the fire was set intentionally, (perhaps by a Muslim?) and many are calling for this to be investigated as a hate crime. Unfortunately, the hate which likely ignited this fire wasn’t just contained to the blaze, for as news of the fire spread, a retired Houston-area firefighter who still volunteers for Crystal Beach Fire & Rescue posted the following:



UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: MUSLIM bitch admits to lying about her claim that a gunman had followed her to campus and threatened her

hate-crime-hoaxA UT-Arlington MUSLIM student who claimed she was threatened at gunpoint by an ‘Islamophobe’ on campus this week admitted Friday that she had made the whole thing up, a university spokeswoman said.  

Dallas News (h/t The Opinionator)  The university had issued an alert Friday that the student told police she had been followed six miles by a man in a pickup before she reached the campus.


She had reported that when she parked at the university, the man threatened her and pointed a gun at her before he left. UT Arlington police had been investigating the complaint along with the Arlington, Denton and University of North Texas police departments. (Make her pay them back for their wasted time)

The student also posted on social media that the man might have targeted her because she is Muslim. In a Facebook post, she referred to the killings of three Muslim students this week in Chapel Hill, N.C. The Muslim student told police she was followed by the man for six miles before reaching campus. She said the man who followed her was driving a white Ford pickup with a Texas flag on the antenna.


When the student parked her car about 9:15 a.m. in Lot 49 at South Cooper and West Mitchell streets, she said, the suspect got out of his truck, yelled a threat and pointed a gun at her. Afterward, the man left the scene. The suspect was described as a white man in his mid-30s wearing a camouflage baseball cap, a short-sleeve blue shirt and bluejeans. He also wore a black bracelet and a wooden bead bracelet on one wrist.

The student told police she hadn’t even been at the school the day she said the incident occurred.

Officials have not released the student’s name, and it was unclear Friday night whether she would be charged with filing a false police report. (Jail the bitch, then deport her)




DEARBORNISTAN: Arab Muslim allegedly attacked by two men in a Kroger grocery store

Dearborn Police said today they are investigating an alleged bias assault by two white men against an Arab Muslim man who was shopping Thursday at a Kroger grocery store in the city. The incident sparked fears among Muslims (who dominate) in Dearborn that they are not safe from bias attacks even in a city that has the highest concentration of Muslims in the U.S.

Informant Kathy McMillan Bazzi, white convert to Islam

Informant Kathy McMillan Bazzi, white convert to Islam

Detroit Free Press  Kathy McMillan Bazzi, 60, of Dearborn told the Free Press that two white men at a Kroger near the corner of Michigan and Greenfield avenues attacked the Muslim man and taunted his daughter, who wears an Islamic headbag or hijab. Bazzi said the pair were passing by the man and his family while making insulting comments about ISIS and Muslims.

Bazzi said the men used derogatory words against the Muslim man. “I hear ‘ISIS,’ I hear ‘terrorist,’ I hear ‘go back to your country’ and ‘raghead,'” Bazzi said in an interview Friday with the Free Press. Then, “all of a sudden, the man is punching this Arabic man, fists started flying.”

Bazzi, a white convert to Islam who wears a hijab and is a lifelong Dearborn resident, said the Muslim man tried to defend himself with punches and one of his attackers “got all bloodied.”

At one point, the young son of the Muslim man “tried to jump in,” but Bazzi blocked his path to prevent a further escalation. Meanwhile, the young “daughter was hysterical,” Bazzi said. During the attack, she said, an employee of Kroger “came and he grabbed the Muslim guy, and let the … guys beat on him. They were throwing punches at the Muslim guy.”

Afterward, the Kroger employee said, ” ‘Oh, I was just trying to break it up,’ ” Bazzi said. “But that’s not what I saw. He held that guy.”



AW SHUCKS! I missed the march against ‘Islamophobia’ in NYC

Apparently, so did most New Yorkers, judging by the tiny turnout. Notice how there are only close-up shots to disguise the fact that virtually nobody came out.


Saturday, February 14 – March from CNN to Fox News!

Gather at 1 PM outside CNN at Columbus Circle
59th Street and 8th Avenue
March to Fox News, 1211 Avenue of the Americas

Please mobilize your communities and spread the word! March from CNN building to Fox building in NYC in protest of the medias Islamophobic and unbalanced coverage and contribution to creating an environment of hate. Justice for Deah, Yusor and Razan – this is a hate crime not a dispute over a parking spot.






Chapel Hill shootings a “hate crime?” Killings over parking spaces far outnumber anti-Muslim violence


The high cost of free parking.

Got News  The killing of three Muslims by a liberal atheist touched off a debate about hate crimes and alleged anti-Muslim animus before it was revealed that it was all over a parking place.

While Muslim and left-wing activists tried to make the story “Southern white man kills Muslims in hate crime,” killings over parking place are far more common.

The alleged anti-Muslim backlash against Muslims after 9-11 or after Muslim instigated terrorist attacks never really materialized.

Here are just a few examples:


Followng the murders of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, the Muslim handwringing and demands to restrict freedom of speech have begun

Muslim lawyer in Maryland Rabia Chaudry whines: “With Three Murders in Chapel Hill, America Must Confront Anti-Muslim Rhetoric.” (In other words, Muslims in America demand strict blasphemy laws which will make any criticism of Islam illegal)

Observer  Three young American Muslims were murdered. Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Abu Salha, and her younger sister Razan Abu Salha, college students, were shot at close range in the head by a neighbor. Craig Hicks, a 46-year-old white, vehemently liberal anti-theist (but pro-Islam), had been known to get into altercations with the couple over parking, noise and other issues, allegedly carrying a visible gun twice when confronting them. This time he put a bullet into each of them, including Razan, a 19-year-old who happened to be visiting her sister. The killer then turned himself in to the authorities.


Mr. Hicks’ Facebook page shows a clear disdain for religion, sometimes specifically toward Islam and Muslims. It also features a photograph of his loaded pistol, which may even have been the murder weapon. Yusor had previously told family that Mr. Hicks had said her appearance, in a head scarf, made him uncomfortable. For all intents and purposes, and to the Muslim community certainly, it seems Mr. Hicks was driven by anti-Muslim sentiment. (WRONG. He was a defender of Islam) 


While it is clear that Mr. Hicks is responsible for these horrific murders, he does not carry the blame alone. The blame of this and many other hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. can be traced back to the impunity with which Muslims are demonized in the public discourse. (When muslims talk about hate crimes they include things like being called a raghead)

The blame can be traced back to GOP candidates, like Bobbi Jindal, who curry favor with constituents by “otherizing” Muslims with fervor during election season, which we are currently witnessing.



Mr. Jindal has upped his game, recently calling the immigration of Muslims to the U.S. an “invasion” and “colonization,” and warning of the imposition of Sharia law resulting in areas in which only Muslims will have control. In America, folks. In America.


Oklahoma state representative John Bennett said during a highly inflammatory “presentation” about Islam that Muslims are a cancer that need to be cut out of the country—and was met with applause as well as the backing of the Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.



New U.S. Congressman from Georgia, and Baptist pastor Jody Hice, ran openly on a platform that was anti-many-things but with regard to religion, specifically anti-Muslim, stating that Islam is not an actual religion that deserves First Amendment protection. Too bad for Mr. Hice that the courts of this country don’t agree.

JODY HICE said: “Although Islam has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology,” “It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”

JODY HICE said: “Although Islam has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology,” “It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”

The blame can be traced to pundits who routinely bash Muslims and Islam, like Bill Maher, who has spent years arguing Western culture is superior to “Islamic culture (as if that’s a thing).


Mr. Maher often compares the worst Christian extremists to the worst Muslim extremists while conveniently leaving out Western military aggression that has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims.



Both Bills, including his conservative counterpart O’Reilly, point to a “Muslim problem” in language reminiscent of pre-Holocaust Europe when the “Jewish problem” was hotly debated.


Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox, who recently called on President Obama to “stop defending Islam” after he pointed out that other religious groups have historically been prone to violence as well, is an egregious fear-mongerer.


Ms. Pirro has warned of a “reverse Crusade” in which Muslims will wipe out Christians, advises “putting the fear of God in them,” noting even Guantanamo is “too good for them,” and saying this a war of “us against them.” The “them” is vague, and the “them” is in “our schools, malls or homes,” a terrifying prospect for the average Fox listener. 


Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, both of whom have attacked and belittled Muslims repeatedly, were role models for Mr. Hicks as leaders of a movement who have gone from being atheist to anti-theist extremists.




The blame can be traced to an industry committed to harassing and maligning Muslims across the country. This industry funds professional anti-Muslim bigots such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar, who organize mosque protests and anti-Sharia legislation campaigns.


North Carolina, where the students were murdered, happens to be one of the states that have passed such ridiculously bigoted and unnecessary legislation.


The blame can be traced to the silent complicity with which we largely accept such overt bigotry and fear mongering, a complicity that stretches across the political spectrum. This silence allows public personalities to attack a religion and its followers with impunity, without calls for resignation, without any ramifications.


The silence becomes fertile ground for sowing distrust and fear by conflating and confusing the small minority of Muslim violent extremists with Muslims in general. The silence is tacit approval of what, in any other context, would be considered hate speech. And this silence leads to deadly consequences, when people constantly pumped full of suspicion and anger toward Muslims finally lose control.


I am not surprised by the Chapel Hill murders, as horrific as they are. Considering rising Islamophobia across the country, coupled with the rise of violent extremism overseas, I have been braced for such an attack. Every day for the past few years I’ve felt trepidation as I send my daughters to their Islamic school. Muslims have been attacked, mosques have been attacked, and I cannot help but wonder when an Islamic school will be attacked.


But I still send them every day, refuse to give in to fear, and refuse to accept that Muslims do not have a place and future, as we have had a long past, in America. While the deaths of Deah, Yusor and Razan will always haunt us, their short but exemplary lives, committed to service, should guide our hope.


While times are not easy for Muslims in America, thousands of such extraordinary young American Muslims exist across the country, serving the needy, leading social justice campaigns, developing innovative and creative ways to raise their voices above the ugliness. Justice for the slain students means not only prosecuting their culprit, but also breaking the silence about anti-Muslim bigotry that allows hate to fester, and honoring their legacy by embracing future generations of Muslims in this country.





Oh, NOES! Apparently the Chapel Hill shooter was a big fan of Muslims and Islam, after all Religion Editor Daniel Burke reported that Craig Hicks, who is suspected of murdering three Muslim students, had previously written in defense of the Ground Zero mosque and criticized those who thought President Barack Obama was Muslim.


Breitbart  “When you kind of pore through his Facebook page, you see dozens and dozens of posts making fun of religion in general, making fun of the idea of prayer, but I didn’t see anything that particularly pertained to Islam.

In fact, there are a couple of instances in which he seems to implicitly defend Islam, there’s a post from around the time when they wanted to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York where he calls out conservative critics who didn’t want the plan to go forward saying, ‘hey, you guys are being hypocrites.

If you are allowed your freedom of worship, Muslims should be allowed, too.’ He also calls out conservatives who made–spread rumors about President Obama being a Muslim. He said, ‘so what if he is Muslim? It’s okay if we have a Muslim president.’ So, his views against religion are kind of, very anti-religious, but nothing specifically against Islam,” he stated.


On November 18, 2012, Hicks shared a picture reading “Suppose for a minute that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Article VI, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution specifically states that there is no religious test for any public office. So really, the problem isn’t the President. It’s that you are a bigot.”

Hicks also vehemently defended the construction of the Ground Zero mosque. On August 13, 2010 he expressed his agreement with President Obama supporting the building of the mosque. Six days later, he posted “Seems an overwhelming majority of Christians in this country feel that the Muslims are using the Ground Zero Mosque plans to’mark [sic] their conquest’ Bunch [sic] of hypocrites, everywhere I’ve been in this country there are churches marking the Christian conquest of this country from the Native Americans. Funny thing is the Christians did that while defying our Constitution, and got away with it!!”


Hicks’ most vehement defense of Islam came on August 30 of 2010. Hicks posted an article about a billboard put up by the Freedom from Religion Foundation being vandalized, with the comment “Once again, Christians have to push their beliefs on the rest of the world(much [sic] less our country which is against the law)!!

I don’t believe in Christianity at all, but I would never vandalize anything of theirs. Course neither would a Muslim, makes a person wonder which is more of a peaceful religion I believe!” After one of his friends asked Hicks if he considered the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 to be “vandalism,” Hicks responded “Come on now [name omitted], you of all people are smart enough to know that those were extremists. They were not practicing Islam any more than Jim Jones and David Koresh practiced Christianity.”



HOUSTON: Massive fire destroys building at Islamic Center

Before knowing any facts, designated Terrorist Group CAIR immediately calls for a hate crime investigation.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-13-at-12.11.01-PM-550x574ABC13  Houston fire officials say the fire at the Quba Islamic Institute started around 5:00am. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is calling on state and federal authorities to investigate the fire as a possible hate crime.

515916_630x354 That call comes as Ahsan Zahid, assistant Imam at the institute, says he spoke with the Houston arson investigator about their preliminary results. Zahid said, “They said their dog went through and he hit on some substances inside the place, and he said, ‘From what I see right now at this point, I have to say it was an incendiary fire which means that it was started on purpose.’ That’s all we can go on at this point. I don’t want to speculate.”


Though we don’t know officially if the cause was accidental or deliberate, the FBI is now monitoring the situation. Flames ate away at a building on the back of the property, which members tell us was only used for storage for books, renovation supplies, and furniture. 

BxZLLj5IcAAWOL1 “The damage on the back building is total,” said Houston Fire Department district chief Ken Tyner. “The whole entire building back there is burned up.”


 The assistant imam said they found a vandalized, smashed table on their property this morning and that he also said just last night, someone had driven by, screaming mocking chants.

Earlier this week, a masked man had been lurking around the institute, and had to be chased off the property. The mosque and school at the front of the property were intact, but people who use them are feeling a sense of anxiety.

“The first thing we think about is hate crimes that could go on,” said Hala Saadeh, who uses the community center. “It says right on the front — Islamic Institute. We’re not hiding ourselves.” Salman Zahid, a teacher at the institute, said, “This is like my second home you know? I come here — I spend most of my day here.”

The institute posted a message on their Facebook page, addressing the fire. It reads, in part, “There has been a tragic event at Quba Islamic Institute this morning. Sometime around 5:00 AM this morning, a fire was started in our third building. The blaze was so hot that the complete building and all its many contents were destroyed. 


JAN MORGAN of the Arkansas ‘Muslim-free’ shooting range defends her policies


Something I didn’t know the other times I posted about her, the business operates as a private club so the government can’t do a thing about it. Hear that, CAIR?

h/t burqasrugly









Well, Well, looks like one of the so-called “innocent” Muslim students who was gunned down had some very pro-Islamic terrorism leanings himself

Have a look at Chapel Hill Muslim shooting victim Deah Barakat’s (below right in photo) anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, pro-terrorist Tweets. In reality, there is no such thing as an “innocent” Muslim.


Got News (h/t Susan K)  One of the Chapel Hill shooting victim’s tweets reveal anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist views. Deah Barakat tweeted over 8,000 times. Some of them are about sports. Many of them are hateful. Barakat retweeted anti-semitic cartoons all the time.

He retweeted and backed 9-11 conspiracy theories and compared the treatment of the Palestinians to that of Jews during the Holocaust.



Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.47.33-PM-740x169 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.46.20-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.49.10-PM-740x140 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.12.59-PM-740x353

Many of Barakat’s tweets are obsessed with Islam or the Koran.

  Others are obsessed with Zionism and Israel.

He retweeted this photo.


Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.59.30-PM-740x172 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.03.29-PM-740x170 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.03.43-PM-740x172

In another case he tweeted out a video featuring anti-Israel fanatic Norman Finkelstein. The video mocks American support for Israel in the most anti-Semitic of ways.

Barakat also shared a video from Burhan Ghalioun, a leader of the Syrian opposition tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He also planned on going to Syria.  

And seems to have sent lots of money to them. Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.59.41-PM He also was nasty to white people. Could that have been what caused the fight?


NEW YORK CITY armed Muslim robber shows off ‘Islamic’ chest tattoo during store hold-up

A Muslim robber asked a Jamaica cellphone store worker not to report a holdup, claiming they were both Muslim as he held up his shirt to reveal the word “Islam” tattooed on his chest, police said.


DNA  (h/t Nelson A) According to investigators, the suspect stole nearly $800 from 111 Wireless and More last December and even shook the victim’s hand before leaving during the bizarre incident.

The suspect walked into the store saying that he wanted to pay his phone bill, officials said. But shortly after, he whipped out a small black revolver and said: “No one needs to get hurt. Just give me the money.” The clerk forked over $780, police said, but the man demanded more cash and iPhones, sources said.

When the clerk said the store didn’t have any iPhones, the man said: “We are both Muslim. We are supposed to support each other,” according to sources. “Please don’t call the police and report me, I’m going to come back again,” he allegedly said. The suspect then lifted his shirt showing his chest with the word “Islam” tattooed on it, police said.

The suspect then shook hands with the clerk, sources said. A store manager said Tuesday that the clerk quit shortly after the incident.