Oh NOES! Call out the DOJ and Homeland Security…Texas mosque suffers devastating broken window

MOSQUE LEADERS “fear for their safety” after one of the front glass doors was found broken at the Masjid Al-Ahad mosque in Katy, TX. It’s next door to another church and some restaurants, but the mosque was the only storefront vandalized. Nothing was stolen inside.

ABC13 “We don’t bother anyone. We help everyone. We always work with peace,” said Mufti Saleem, the Imam of Masjid Al-Ahad. “We need to stay careful. Because today happened one glass, maybe tomorrow it happens big, who knows.” And this non-story was deemed worthy of a 2-minute TV News segment?


Is it a mop sink, a Muslim footbath…or an extra urinal for students at the University of Georgia?


From Aaron Bridges:

Looking at this picture at first glance you see just a regular mop sink in the bathroom right? Well I work at the University of Georgia in the same shop as the brick masons, when they got the work order they were a little bit curious as to why they wanted a mop sink right in the front of the bathroom when there’s a custodian closet right outside the bathroom with a mop sink in it.

When there's no footpath available, Muslims use the sink, which disgusts non-Muslims, making it easier for Muslims to demand and get their footpaths wherever they want them

When there’s no footbath, Muslims use the sink, which disgusts non-Muslims, thereby making it easier for Muslims to demand and get footbaths wherever they want them

Well after talking to the “HMFIC” or supervisor, they were then told that a Muslim group of students on campus have been pushing for a foot washing station on campus. Apparently this is a cultural tactic Muslims do before they pray they wash their feet.

Muslim-only footbaths are popping up in colleges all over America. Keep in mind at Madison County high school it was voted to change a bible verse on a monument bc it could offend non-Christian religions. A lot of NCAA schools are getting rid of team Chaplains in fear of offending Muslims. Another reason this pisses me off is that this is cold hard tax payer money that’s being used to build these foot washing stations.


My point is that how is this right to put something up for Muslim’s religion but if Christians put a monument up with a bible verse it’s all of a sudden separation between church and state.

An earlier version of this article said that the Tate Student Center mop sinks were directly intended for Muslim student use. In an effort to appease, school officials said that the sinks are available to all students and the intent of building them was based in practical use rather than any connection to any specific group.

(I’m sure students will find a practical use for it –  as an extra urinal)




TENNESSEE: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR wants voters to oppose bill that would limit or eliminate the teaching of Islam in public schools

CAIR accuses parents of “Islamophobia” and “anti-Muslim bigotry” for demanding that lawmakers pass a bill that would cut Islamic religious doctrine in Tennessee schools.

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEOS: tennessee-public-middle-school-is-forcing-non-muslim-students-to-praise-islam-and-allah-as-the-only-god

See more on Islamic infiltration of public schools: ISLAMIZATION OF SCHOOLS


[UPDATED] HALLOWEEN UNDER ATTACK BY LEFTISTS & MUSLIMS! Connecticut school district bans Halloween to prevent students from wearing ‘culturally offensive’ costumes

OsombieA Connecticut school district is banning Halloween in an effort to be inclusive of people who don’t believe in Halloween. But this has never been an issue until Muslims started their invasion of America. With the importation of hundreds of thousands more Muslims by Barack Hussein Obama, expect to see other anti-American policies in an effort to appease Muslim supremacists. School officials tell you the Halloween ban is to prevent students of many different cultures from being offended. Don’t buy it. It’s for Muslims. 

[UPDATE] After strong opposition to this policy from parents, the Halloween parade has now been reinstated.


CT Post  Milford parents and other residents are outraged by the school district’s recent decision to ban the popular Halloween parades at the city’s elementary schools, due to fear of excluding children who can’t or won’t participate in the tradition.

Victoria Johannsen, mother of a third-grader at Live Oaks School, said she heard about the decision via a letter last week from the school’s principal.


The letter declared there wouldn’t be any Halloween parades at the elementary schools this year — a decision that, according to the letter, “arose out of numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc.”

In addition to canceling the parades, the letter stated the district is forbidding students and staff to wear Halloween costumes during the day, and decreeing that any classroom activities be “fall themed, not Halloween, and food is not an option.”

Johannsen said she was shocked by the decision. “I think it’s crazy,” she said. “I don’t understand why other avenues weren’t pursued” to accommodate the families who felt excluded.


Though she respects the desire to respect other people’s beliefs, she said the decision isn’t fair to students who cherish the annual parade, which allows them to show off their Halloween costumes. “I don’t think we’re excluding anybody,” Johannsen said. “I think they’re excluding themselves.”

She and over 350 other parents have signed a petition calling on the school district to restore the fun and allow children to walk in the parade.

Among the most popular Halloween costumes

Among the most popular Halloween costumes

“These are our American customs and traditions and we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive!” the petition at Change.org reads. “I’m so tired (of) my kids missing out on some of the things we all got to do as children and are some of the greatest childhood memories I have due to others saying they find it offensive.”

Those who signed the petition include Milford resident Heather Sharpe, whose children — now 15 and 20 — both participated in the Halloween parades when they were in grade school. “I now have nieces and nephews who won’t be able to experience that,” she said. “Everything has gotten to the point where everything has gotten so P.C. that kids are not allowed to have any fun any more.”


Both she and Johannsen said a better response to concerns about exclusion would be to find an activity that those who can’t participate in the parade can do while it’s going on. “If anything, they should be asking the people who feel excluded what they like to do, and having a party for them,” Sharpe said.

Jim Richetelli, chief operations officer for the Milford Public Schools, said he had “no direct knowledge” of the decisions about Halloween. But he said respecting the diversity of Milford’s student body is always a key concern.


“Milford Public Schools do have many children from diverse beliefs, cultures and religions,” Richetelli said. “The goal is for all children to feel comfortable and definitely not alienated when they come to school.”

He pointed out there will be seasonal activities, including those scheduled by the PTA. Indeed, the letter Johannsen received mentioned a PTA “Trunk or Treat” event where children can wear their costumes. “Those children who want to participate in these events will have the opportunity to do so,” Richetelli said.


Milford’s move isn’t unprecedented. Last year, News 8 reported Newington, Connecticut elementary schools were canceling traditional Halloween celebrations “due to concerns that they exclude children whose families don’t celebrate the holiday.”

Some parents accused the schools – Anna Reynolds Elementary and Ruth Chaffee Elementary – of bowing to political correctness from a small minority of families (MUSLIMS) at the expense of their own children’s fun.

Daily Mail  A group of pathetic leftist college students are taking a stand against some costumes which, they say, can cause hurt and humiliation to people from minority ethnic groups.  Students Teaching Against Racism in Society, an Ohio University student group, have created a poster campaign called ‘We’re a culture, not a costume’  to highlight the racist stereotyping all too common in Halloween party dress. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

photos for poster


MSC  At the University of Colorado,  Dean of Students  said “making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals and stereotypes of other peoples’ cultures in the CU community.”

At Paul policeman dressed up as Muslim baghead

TWO St Paul policemen dressed up as Muslim bagheads

Similar sentiments have been expressed at the University of Minnesota. There, the university’s Office of Student Affairs emailed students to say some costumes “inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural and gender stereotypes” and urged them to choose wisely. Last year, two off-duty St. Paul police officers (above) dressed as Somali women last year with traditional hijabs, outraging the Muslim community.

Washington University in St. Louis has gotten itself into a controversy over a 'racist' Halloween costume. Around five students from a WU fraternity were dressed as 'Seal Team 6' soldiers and Osama bin Laden.

Washington University in St. Louis (BNI alma mater) has gotten itself into a controversy over a ‘racist’ Halloween costume. Around five students from a WU fraternity were dressed as ‘Seal Team 6’ soldiers and Osama bin Laden

Costumes that attach an ethnicity or a symbol of one’s culture to negative stereotype. This is evident in suicide bomber costumes that have keffiyehs. This attaches a Middle Eastern tradition with the stigma of terrorism.


ATTENTION FLORIDA BNIers! Join the Florida Gun Supply protest against Islam Saturday, Oct 10th

UnknownStand with our friend Andy Hallinan of Florida (Muslim Free Zone) Gun Supply and join patriots all over America Saturday, Oct. 10th whjo will be protesting against Islam and sharia law. Don’t just be a keyboard warrior: COME OUT AND TAKE A STAND! RSVP HERE


On Saturday, October 10th, the leader of the black supremacy group “Nation of Islam” will be leading a march with THOUSANDS of people in Washington DC. He will be calling for the death of cops, whites, and anyone who speaks up against Islam.


What should we bring with us?

Feel free to bring your favorite anti-Islam signs, shirts, flags, etc.

Can I carry a concealed firearm to this event?

Yes, if you have a concealed carry permit, you are welcome to carry. Some of us will also be in bullet proof vests. We’re not wearing bullet proof vests because we feel like we will need them: we’re wearing vests because we are symbolizing that we are in a battle with Islam – which is not a religion of peace. Islam expressly calls for the death of anyone who opposes Islam.

Where is this event located?

The rally will be taking place at 6915 West Highway 40 Ocala, Florida 34482. This is the Masjid Darul-Islam Center of Ocala, FL.

What time will this event be taking place?

We ask people to arrive by 10:45AM to get the rally started at 11AM.

Website:  Florida Gun Supply

Email:  info@floridagunsupply.com












SERIOUSLY? Muslims think a film that whitewashes barbaric sharia law – will convince Americans than Islam isn’t the existential threat to them that it is

american-sharia-2015_1_1The title alone, “AMERICAN SHARIA,” described as an Islamic ‘comedy’ of all things, is guaranteed to be a turn-off to American audiences. Shame on actor Eric Roberts for agreeing to appear in this stupid farce as an evil ‘Islamophobe,’ ignoring the fact that there is nothing Islamophobic about fearing an entire population of people trying to convert or kill you.  

Just in time for Christmas, this ‘American Sharia’ movie will open in in December in Dearbornistan, Michigan, home of the largest population of Muslim enemies in the country.  Designated terrorist group CAIR highly recommends it for anyone who has lived under a rock for the past 14 years since 9/11. FYI: “Islamic comedy” is an oxymoron.



GLOBAL RALLY FOR HUMANITY: Nationwide anti-Islam protests on Oct. 9th – 10th

Anti-Islamization protest is at the heart of the ‘Global Rally for Humanity’ planned in front of mosques in 20 cities all over America.


AL.com Against the backdrop of increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric, a coalition of online activists is calling on “patriots” to organize protests in front of mosques across the United States. Dubbed the “Global Rally for Humanity,” events are planned in at least 20 cities nationwide on October 9th and 10th.

Claiming that “humanity is attacked daily by radical Islam,” the organizers’ Facebook page serves as a de facto headquarters for interested parties, and offers instructions for citizens to start a rally in their own cities.


This anti-Muslim group is calling for “patriots” to join together in a nationwide protest October 9-10 in 20 at mosques in cities including Huntsville, Atlanta, Dearborn, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona.

The “Global Rally for Humanity,” effort calls upon “patriots” to demonstrate in front of mosques and public facilities because “(h)umanity is attacked daily by radical Islam,” and, “Protests will be held in every country at every Mosque.”


A Facebook page is set up calling for a rally in Huntsville on October 10, 2015, where the protest is slated for the Huntsville Islamic Center, 1645 Sparkman Drive. 

Bridge The planned demonstrations are the latest events in a rising tide of American anti-Muslim backlash. They come at a time when major presidential candidates have taken aim at Muslims, and in the wake of an intense national conversation about Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Muslim boy attention whore arrested earlier this month for bringing a homemade clock made to look like a bomb to his ninth-grade class.


On social media, Americans’ growingconcerns about the Syrian refugee invasion headed for America, have been expressed through rhetoric that demonizes or dehumanizes Muslims, taking their cue from Europeans who are being besieged by the massive Muslim invasion.



Though not widely reported at the national level, there have been other incidents of hostility facing Muslims and their institutions. In Texas and Tennessee, demonstrations have been held outside of schools which teach Arabic or about Islam. And in Sterling Heights, Michigan, opposition to the construction of a mosque culminated in a massive protest, in which one attendee shouted “I don’t want a mosque anywhere!”


One of the demonstrations’ major promoters is Jon Ritzheimer, who organized a rally outside a Phoenix mosque in late May. Some participants brandished military-grade weapons at that event, which garnered international media attention. In the wake of the Phoenix protest, Ritzheimer called for an international, two-day event to protest Islam. The global rally, scheduled for the second weekend of October, appears to be the result of Ritzheimer’s initial plan.


Jon Ritzheimer

Jon Ritzheimer

As the Center for New Community, an organization that tracks Islamophobic and nativist activity, points outs, some of the organizers have told participants to leave weapons at home, but others have encouraged demonstrators to carry their weapons openly. Back in August, Ritzheimer said attendees should exercise their Second Amendment rights “in case [they] come under that much anticipated attack.” Ritzheimer, who has become known for his expletive-ridden Facebook videos about Muslims, has also received media attention for his plot to arrest supporters of the Iran nuclear deal.


“On October 10th, radical Imam Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam will be preaching their hate to a crowd of thousands in DC,” the Huntsville Faceook protest page says.

“We urge everyone in the Washington area who still holds America dear to attend the counter protest, called Ole Glory Defense Rally. But those of us who cannot make it to DC will simply rally in solidarity against the local mosque, all around the world. This is both a local and a global event. We will not allow Islamic agitators to tear our country apart from within. The people are awake now.”


The Global Rally for Humanity Facebook page has 951 likes, and gives instructions on how people can encourage or join the effort to protest Islamic locations on October 9 and 10 2015.

“While some organizers have urged participants to leave their weapons at home, others are urging protesters to exercise ‘ALL of your Constitutional Rights,'” imagine2050 reported. “The Michigan event page describes the Dearborn event as an ‘OPEN CARRY anti-mosque pro-AMERICA rally on 10/10!!'” In May, hundreds of “patriots” gathered in Phoenix, Arizona for an armed anti-muslim protest.


From the Washington Post about the event: “Demonstrators yelled and taunted one another across a line of police separating the two sides but violence did not break out. Jon Ritzheimer, the organizer of the protest, called it a patriotic sign of resistance against what he deemed the tyranny of Islam in America.”

“I would love to see more of these events pop up in other states,” Ritzheimer said, according to the Washington Post. “I want fellow patriots standing right here next to me. This isn’t about me. Everybody’s been thinking it, I’m just saying it.”

The Center for New Community has plotted the planned U.S. protests, which have their own respective Facebook pages, on this map.


BROOKLYN, NY neighborhood suffering ‘reverse gentrification’

Muslim Warning Traffic SignThis used to be a working class Italian and Jewish neighborhood until a large influx of welfare-dependent Muslims started moving in, tanking property values and driving out the hard-working Judeo-Christian population.

Instead of seeing American families enjoying this beautiful oceanfront park in Brooklyn, now we are forced to look at and listen to the offensive braying sounds of thousands of Muslims with their asses in the air praying to Allah.


CARSON WAS RIGHT! Most practicing Muslims DO believe sharia law should supersede the U.S. Constitution

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has been getting attacked by the media and even some Republican opponents after saying that a devout Muslim could not lead our nation, since their ideology is directly contradictory to what we stand for as a nation.


MW News  Despite liberals offering themselves up as meat shields in defense of Islamists everywhere, all it took was a simple side-by-side comparison to shut them up, and it proves Carson is 100% right. 

In fact, what Carson was directly talking about was the fundamental principles of Islam, saying they are directly contradictory with what America stands for. Proving just that is a recent graphic that puts the U.S. Constitution beside a few verses from the Quran, proving that the two cannot – in any way – coexist.


NON-MUSLIMS should boycott H&M fashion retailer for bowing to Islamic supremacists

ad_182653096H&M, the world’s second largest fashion retailer has just caved to Islam in a major way that Muslims and leftists are championing as an incredible victory in our culture, when it’s truly anything but that. In the photo below, notice what the girl on the far right is doing with her hand. – holding up the one-finger salute to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.


MW News  The move H&M just made proves something tragic and terrifying about our society, especially since so many people are celebrating this infiltration, completely ignoring the reality behind what this retailer has done.

Deceit often happens slowly and is dressed in an attractive outer layer, covering sinister intentions. Before anyone realizes what’s happening, it will be too late. After being desensitized by the religion of hate for too long, the sickening truth will be exposed once nothing can be done to change it.


 This past week, the store introduced a series of advertisements, featuring a 23-year-old Muslim model wearing their clothes and her hijab. Along with the ads is a new introduction of halal nail polish to further appeal to Muslims. 

According to the Metro, Mariah Idrissi, who now lives in London, is a new face for the company. She’s enjoying her new gig as a propaganda tool to spread the acceptance of Islam into western culture, under the pretense that it’s fashionable. Really, it’s a way to desensitize others to the religion of hate, as western nations become slowly immersed in it, but many people fail to see that.

Mariah Idrissi, modeling for the retailer’s ads promoting Muslims

Mariah Idrissi, modeling for the retailer’s ads promoting Muslims

“In what feels like a huge step for inclusion in fashion, the kickass H&M ‘Close the Loop’ advert features a diverse range of models,” the Metro reported with applause for the ads. Expounding on that praise, the report added that they feel this bold new move spreads a message that “there are no rules in fashion.”

We’re told to celebrate diversity and accept Muslims and their beliefs as just another religion among the masses. The enemy has taken full advantage of this progressive movement, riding in on it like a terror train to enact jihad on too trusting Westerners.

Below is the new H&M commercial featuring some of the most repulsive-looking people on earth, including a Muslim baghead.


GEORGIA: Parental outrage over public school’s ‘Islamic indoctrination’ of students in the classroom

At a public school in Walton County, Georgia, parents are shocked to learn that their children are being sent home with homework that is nothing short of blatant promotion of Islamic religious propaganda.


MW News  Outrage is spreading across a Georgia county after their kids came home with what they thought was “ordinary” homework. However, once parents saw what it was about, they had their kids immediately stop, went right to the school board, and put up such a stink that the State Department of Education even got involved.

When parents send their children to school, they entrust administrators and teachers to educate their children with necessary information. Unfortunately, with the rise in Common Core (funded in large part by the terror-supporting nation of Qatar) – and the leftist leaning curriculum – parents are becoming more aware of the government abusing the system in what seems to be a systematic effort to brainwash their children with Islamic propaganda.


But that’s not the worst part. My daughter had to learn the Shahada and the Five Pillars of Islam, which is what you learn to convert. But they never once learned anything about the Ten Commandments or anything about God,” outraged parent Michelle King said. “What they are learning goes against my religion completely.”

As one would imagine, quite a few parents were upset after learning what their children were not only being taught in school, but being forced to study. Beyond being taught intimate details of Islam, one statement from an assignment that has ruffled a few feathers reads:

“Allah is the same God worshiped by Jews and Christians.”

Homework assignment on Islam

Homework assignment on Islam

“It seemed like half the truth to me, they didn’t talk about the extreme Islamics,” explained Steven Alsup, the father of a student who brought home the assignment. One could only understand his frustration as there is no way that “allah” is similar to the Christian or Jewish God.

Allah and his so-called “prophet” condoned things like war, murder, and rape, where the Christian and Jewish God teach love. There’s a very big difference, and for that reason alone, I can understand the frustration of the parents.


However, the State Department of Education has issued a statement saying:

“The standard for seventh grade given to educators is to ‘compare and contrast the prominent religions in the Middle East: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.’ The teachers (sic) resource guide advises ‘This element is not an evaluation of any religion, nor is it a course in the belief system of any religion.’


Sounds more like a cop-out to me than a justifiable reason. Either way, parents are hoping to put a kibosh on the matter and are meeting with school officials soon.

You know, with liberals always demanding a clear and concise separation between church and state, it really makes you wonder what they were thinking here. Perhaps there needs to be a few things taught on Islam with regards to history, such as Islam being responsible for 270 million deaths, but this assignment is beyond “too far.”

More about Islam in American public schools