Do these IDIOTIC Christian and Jewish New Yorkers know that by eating at a mosque, they are supporting the barbaric halal slaughter of animals?

Do they really need a free meal this badly?  Deep within the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury, NY, about 100 people of various faiths and ethnicities gathered to hear lies and propaganda about a vile death cult posing as a religion – Islam.


Newsday  “You will find every color that God has created in that room,” said Isma Chaudhry, Islamic center president, of the annual interfaith event that includes a program and an iftar, or breaking of the daily fast during the month.


HOAX bomb threats to mosques are becoming very costly for local communities

Perhaps communities should think twice before approving any more plans for future mosques.

823308_630x354  It took more than 50 police officers, including the SWAT team and the Passaic County bomb squad, more than five hours on Thursday morning to determine that the phoned threat of a man with a pipe bomb and assault weapon about to attack the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson was a crank call.

About 220 Muslims who were offering pre-dawn prayers were evacuated from the mosque shortly after 4 a.m., as swarms of police and armored units descended on the city’s Eastside in Paterson’s first known incidence of what’s called “swatting.”


Although the emergency was treated as real and the massive response was paid for by the taxpayers, no shooter and no explosives were found inside the building. In the end, it was just another costly swatting incident.

“It was an absolute false alarm,” Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale said, adding that authorities will now try to find the perpetrators. “At this point, there will be a criminal investigation.”


Costs for law enforcement officers’ time and equipment haven’t been tallied yet, officials said. Each case summoned an urgent police and SWAT response that police officials say poses a danger to the public and to law enforcement officers.

Passaic County Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik added the incident at the mosque was a potential bias crime and an attack on religious freedom. “They should be free to worship without compromise,” Berdnik said.


Worshipers gathered at the mosque around 4 a.m. to begin their daily ritual of prayers before sunrise. But just as the prayer service was beginning, Paterson police phoned the imam, the mosque’s leader, and told him to evacuate the Islamic center, located on Broadway near East 33rd Street.

“We were told that someone was threatening that they were going to come to the mosque with assault weapons,” said Nabil Abbassi, the chairman of the board of trustees for the Islamic center.


The evacuation was orderly and no one was injured. Police did not enter the mosque, but SWAT teams set up a perimeter and the bomb squad was called in. Worshipers continued their prayers on a lawn across the street.

It took police more than five hours to search the building, using a bomb-sniffing dog and a robot to search for explosives. At one point, the K-9 unit came outside and went up and down rows of cars parked at the mosque. When nothing was found, people were let back inside around 9:30 a.m. The bomb squad left, but police maintained a presence at the mosque for much of the day.


Aside from Paterson police and the sheriff’s department, some of the roughly 50 law enforcement officers who responded are with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, the FBI, and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Several armored vehicles were dispatched to the mosque and a police helicopter flew overhead.

“At first, I thought it was real,” said Issam El Jitan, 16, who said seeing so many police officers arriving at once was jarring. El Jitan said Muslims feel vulnerable to attack, given that what he called “Islamophobia” appears to be on the rise in America. (One can only hope)


Barack Hussein Obama fast tracks his Turkish Muslim pal’s campaign into a huge multi-million dollar contract to replace meat with yogurt in Moochelle’s not-so “healthy” school lunch program

article-8d188ad4-7fc2-45ef-b563-8ed1cb63871b-6Ufmy1mhA-HSK1-607_634x477Turkish-born Muslim, New York Chobani Greek Yogurt manufacturer, Hamdi Ulukaya, just landed a massive U.S. Department of Agriculture contract for school lunches after years of lobbying Barack Hussein Obama. The special and unprecedented speedy approval process was undoubtedly the result of Ulukaya’s savvy political sense, Obama’s best friend relationship with Recep Erdogan, president of Turkey, not to mention their shared Muslim faith.

Chobani Inc. founder Hamdi Ulukaya poses for a portrait in the company headquarters in New York

EAG News  Chobani owner Hamdi Ulukaya was named by Obama as a “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship,” which included a “closed-press” meeting with the president at the White House, according to the Daily Sabah.

Hamdi Uklukaya is third from bottom on the right

Hamdi Uklukaya is third from bottom on the right

The upstate-New York Greek yogurt maker will be distributing its products to schools nationwide next year as a USDA-approved meat substitute for school lunches, capping off a pilot program in a dozen states made possible by extensive lobbying efforts.

Chobani Greek Yogurt first gained approval by the USDA for school lunches in 2013 as part of a pilot program after U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and other New York lawmakers pressured USDA officials to include it in a pilot program for four states. The USDA’s typically years-long approval process for new products was miraculously slashed to only about 8 months for Chobani.


The decision on Chobani Greek yogurt came exceedingly quickly although the agriculture department typically takes many years to assess a new product. “The tofu industry waited a decade before an ok,” reports NY Daily News.

Chobani’s fast-track to school cafeterias across the U.S. – with a contract awarded faster than other companies have even gained approval for their products – raises the same question Green Mosters! blogger Kristina Pepelko first raised in 2013: is the National School Lunch Program and the tightened restrictions on school food truly designed to produce healthier students, or are special interest lobbyists driving menu recommendations from Washington, D.C.?


Chobani officials have not disclosed the the potential value of the new government contract, reports.

But is ‘Chobani’ Greek Yogurt as “healthy” as it’s cracked up to be? 


JMR  What most people think of as “Greek” yogurt is actually just strained yogurt. The process of straining yogurt eliminates the excess water, liquid whey and lactose (sugar). This makes the yogurt creamier, less watery, contain more protein and very little sugar.

With that said, here are some reasons why you should get actual plain and whole fat Greek strained yogurt and not the imposters like Chobani.


It’s Actually Greek (Strained)

Greek Strained yogurt goes through a triple straining process that by definition will not have much sugar in it, pack a protein punch, contain billions of cultured bacteria, and authentic Greek yogurt is actually plain; it is not conveniently added with “Blueberry flavoring” which is just high fructose corn syrup. “Greek Style” yogurts are mostly not strained more than once and contain thickening agents like locust bean gum to give them the appearance of real Greek yogurt. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? 

Beneficial Fat Content

Whole plain Greek strained yogurt contains beneficial saturated fat in the form of butyric acid from the milk and cream, which improves the good gut bacteria in your large intestine for digestive health. This is very important for vitamin and mineral absorption, energy, and to prevent hypoglycemia two hours later. Zero percent fat yogurt cannot help with any of those things…..

Go for the real greek strained yogurt brands that sell whole fat versions like Fage, and Oikos. Zero percent fat yogurt means zero percent benefit for you. Don’t even think of getting any yogurts with fruit flavoring; just buy some real fruit and throw it in there.


Now let’s get back to Chobani, the fraud Greek yogurt maker that has been lobbying heavily in the District of Columbia to get the federal government to put Chobani bad/fake/unhealthy yogurt into America’s schools and at taxpayer expense of course. 

Obama Cartel Pushes ‘Greek’ Yogurt

The Obama Cartel will use your Tax $$ to make a rich MUSLIM immigrant – richer! They’ll be buying Chobani ‘Greek’ [actually Turkish] yogurt to feed school kids – in four pilot states, AZ, ID, NY, TN, – picked to see how long the yogurt lasts before going bad.

feature_chobani06__01__605x403 OK, maybe yogurt is good for kids, – healthy, low fat, high protein and all… But where in our Constitution is the Federal Government directed [or allowed] to use taxpayer money to feed certain selected kids?

Wouldn’t that be the job of the states [as last resort],…or their parents?

Chobani is a booming success story. Turkish Muslim immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya started the company in a old Kraft plant in 2005 – with funding from his ex-wife. By 2012 he was a Billionaire. [Today she’s suing him for her 53%.] 

yogurt-ads Ulukaya knows his way around politicians. He cuddled up to NY State Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, and just two weeks ago was meeting with Obama – ‘to advise him on immigration policy’.

Chuck-follows-the-Bucks POOF! Two weeks later the announcement from SecAG Tom Vilsack; – Billionaire Ulukaya [did he contribute his fair share?] – will add Dept of Agriculture $$ to his revenue stream.

Tom, was there ever even a competitive bid set out…?

Think of the marketing coup! Ulukaya gets to have kids in four (4) states [for now] eat his product every day at school…. “Mommy, Mommy, buy that one, – that’s the one we get in school!”

As for the American taxpayers, they just got screwed again and will be subsidizing a Turkish Muslim’s yogurt empire.  So what else is new?



Far Left Muslim sympathizers at Huffington Post wonder: “Is America is becoming more Islamophobic?”


First of all, there is no such thing as ‘Islamophobia.’ Fear, distrust, and suspicion about Islam, and the supremacist behavior of its followers, not only is entirely rational, it is basic to ensuring the survival of Western culture, freedom, and justice.

In light of that, Americans ARE becoming more anti-Islam, as they witness repeated attempts by Muslims in America to impose sharia law, demanding and getting special accommodation for their religious needs, conspiring, with the help of wealthy Arab donors, to facilitate the teaching of Islam in public schools, not to mention the surge in threats from Muslim terrorists in America and the near daily atrocities committed by Muslim terrorist groups all around the world.

Huffington Post  In August 2010, the cover of Time asked “Is America Islamophobic?” Bobby Ghosh wrote the featured article in response to the intense and at times ugly debate surrounding the proposed “Ground zero Victory Mosque” aka Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan that engulfed the nation that summer. 


Five years later, it’s worth revisiting the question. Is America Islamophobic? Better yet, has America become more Islamophobic in the five years since the Ground Zero Victory Mosque controversy? Much of the evidence points to a sobering answer. The 9/11 Mosque controversy was the beginning of a new phase of anti-Muslim hostility that shows no signs of abating. Consider the following:

  • HATE CRIMES: According to FBI reports, anti-Muslim hate crimes (the majority of which are graffiti on mosques) are five times more common today than before 9/11, and the average number of hate crimes per year since 2010 has been higher than in the three years preceding the Ground Zero Victory Mosque controversy. This data does not even include some of the horrific violence witnessed in the past year, such as the execution-style murders of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC.  (Determined by police NOT to have been a bias crime)


  • MOSQUES: According to data provided by the ACLU and the Pew Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life, conflicts over mosques, including efforts to prevent the construction of mosques and graffiti attacks on mosques, have increased since the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Between 2005-2007, there were nine such conflicts or episodes, a number that increased to twenty between 2008-2010. From 2010-2012, the number of anti-mosque disputes rose to eighty-nine. That’s a 345% increase from the preceding period and likely due in part to the orchestrated campaign against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque led by the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.




  • SURVEILLANCE AND PROFILING: The FBI/NYPD continue to rely heavily on the use of informants to infiltrate mosques and communities in an effort to see how willing Muslims are to participate in terrorist activity. A recent case involved the arrest of three Brooklyn men for plotting to join ISIS. . Last year, the far left wing Human Rights Watch labeled the FBI use of informants to participate in terrorist plots as “abusive” and bordering on entrapment. 




  • The NYPD’s own surveillance program of Muslim communities was made known to the public in 2011. It too relied on informants as well as “mosque crawlers” and various methods of religious profiling to target potential terrorists. The NYPD disbanded the program in 2014 (under the notorious Muslim-pandering Mayor Bill deBlasio), but it has not formally renounced some of its  surveillance tactics, including the use of informants, the labeling of some mosques as “terrorism enterprises,” and the reliance on a theory of radicalization that links almost any devout Muslim man with being on a path toward radicalization.


  • PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS: The last presidential race witnessed the most prominent examples of political anti-Islam sentiment to date. At one GOP debate, Newt Gingrich compared Muslim Americans to Nazis, insisting that just as the latter tried to infiltrate the U.S. during World War II, and Muslims are trying to do the same today. On another occasion, Gingrich claimed, “Sharia is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States.” Herman Cain indicated in an interview that, if elected, he would not appoint a Muslim to his cabinet or as a federal judge. He also echoed Gingrich’s concerns about sharia, insisting that there was a “creeping attempt…to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government.”


  • The 2016 presidential race already includes a field with a recent history of anti-Islamic rhetoric. Rick Santorum accused Presidents Bush and Obama of giving “all Muslims a pass for identifying a cancer within their own body.” The disease in question was presumably “Islamic terrorism.” Ted Cruz argued that sharia law in the U.S. is an “enormous problem.” Rand Paul compared the Muslims who wanted to build the Ground Zero Victory Mosque to the KKK. Lindsey Graham suggested that the Charleston shooter’s decision to sit in a bible study for an hour before opening fire reflects “Mideast hate” (a euphemism for “Islamic hate”). Mike Huckabee maintained that Islam “promotes the most murderous mayhem on the planet.” Based on these sentiments, it’s a safe bet that the anti-Islam rhetoric will be amplified for the 2016 race.


  • ANTI-SHARIA LAWS: The fear that sharia is taking over the U.S., articulated by some of the current presidential contenders, is more deeply rooted in the country. A movement to ban sharia law in the states, orchestrated by an anti-Muslim lawyer named David Yerushalmi, emerged in 2010 in Oklahoma. In the past five years, eight states have voted to ban sharia law, and a majority of states have seen bills introduced proposing such a ban. 


Anti-Sharia legislation in many states

Anti-Sharia legislation is being debated in many states. Several bills have been passed. Those “rejected” only means that they will be brought back for consideration in the next year and every year thereafter, until passed.

  • ANTI-ISLAM ‘HATE’ RALLIES: The recent “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, TX, attracted considerable media attention for the two extremists who tried to open fire at the event. But the event, led by Pamela Geller, also revealed the attraction of hate rallies that engage in Muslim-bashing under the pretense of defending freedom of speech. The Garland event inspired an anti-Islam rally outside a Phoenix mosque almost a month later. That rally, however, upped the ante by encouraging participants to come armed in order to defend their freedom of speech. Similar rallies are planned for later in the summer.

Winning Muhammad Cartoon by Bosh Fawstin

Winning Muhammad Cartoon by Bosh Fawstin

  • MEDIA: Anti-Islam rhetoric is rampant in all forms of mass media (We wish!). Oscar-contending films from the past several years have featured hoards of angry, violent, anti-American Muslims who are thwarted by white American heroes, from Argo to Zero Dark Thirty to American Sniper. Muslims prone to violence and terrorism are also central to the plotlines of recent award-winning television shows such as Homeland. The image of Muslims in the U.S. news media has also declined since 2010. According to a Media Tenor study, just over 40 percent of network news coverage of Muslims was negative in 2010. By 2013, almost three-quarters of coverage depicted Muslims in a negative light and usually in relation to violence or terrorism.




Much more could be added to this list, including Representative Peter King’s hearings in 2011 on the radicalization of Muslim Americans, or the media’s ongoing reluctance to apply the word “terrorist” to anyone who is not Muslim. What is clear is that Islamophobia did not fade with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque  defeat.  If anything, it has intensified. Most polls confirm the persistence of this anxiety in the broader population. For example, recent polls from reveal that a majority of Americans have a somewhat or very unfavorable view of Islam.








IT’S ABOUT TIME! New York City finally starts ticketing Muslim supremacist cab drivers who double park and tie up traffic in Manhattan whenever they decide it’s time to pray

1420072255289.cachedThe NYPD went on a taxi ticketing blitz outside a mosque on the Upper West Side while drivers were inside reciting Ramadan prayers Friday. At least one officer handed out nearly 100 tickets on the streets surrounding the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside Drive near West 72nd Street, said cabby ­Mohammad Zaman.

Muslim cabbies illegally parked in front of mosque in NYC

Muslim cabbies illegally parked in front of mosque in NYC

NY Post  “This is a special prayer time, a time for religion. We double-park here every Friday and they [allow it], but today they gave us all tickets, almost 100 cabs,” he said.

Zaman, who has been attending services at the mosque for nine years, was slapped with a dreaded orange envelope that held a $115 greeting for double parking.


“This has never happened ­before,” he said. “I can’t help but to think they are being prejudiced. They don’t understand. We have to be here.” Ramadan this year is observed from June 17 through July 17.

A volunteer at the mosque said cops used to cut cabbies a break (while Bloomberg was in office). But this year, “maybe three or four times [this month] I’ve seen them go down the line giving tickets to cabs, and [they’re] getting strict again,” the volunteer said.

Paki Muslim Taxi driver Aadil Toppa stops to pray in the middle of his shift in New York City.

Paki Muslim Taxi driver Aadil Toppa stops to pray in the middle of his shift in NYC

An NYPD spokesman said that while individual precincts may make accommodations in extenuating circumstances, such as the Ramadan observation, double parking is never authorized, citing, for example, the need for emergency vehicles to navigate the roads. A source at the 20th Precinct, which covers the mosque, said he wasn’t aware of an organized ticket blitz.

“It is mandatory in our religion to come to the mosque every Friday. It’s our duty. Other places they are OK with double parking — people do it everywhere here — but now they won’t let us? Most of us only come for one hour,” said cabby Mohammad Choudhury.

Sometimes they just sprawl out all over the sidewalk in NYC to pray.



Driver MD Shomuz, who has been going to the mosque for six years, said, “No one has been given tickets before, but today ­everyone got one.” “It’s frustrating, but what can I do?” he said.

NYC Muslim cabbies are known to stop wherever they are, spread out their dirty rug, lift their asses to allah, and pray, the public be damned:


HA! HA! HA! The Muslims Might be Coming but they won’t be coming in New York City Subways

1a61eb0b298b5165ed9b11dbd0b11613Self-proclaimed ‘Muslim victim’ jihadists fought hard to get Pamela Geller’s anti-Islam ads taken off NYC buses and subways…but now two Muslim ‘filmmakers’ are getting a taste of their own medicine.  The operator of the MTA New York Subways claims the agency rejected the “The Muslims Are Coming” film advertisements under a rule that prohibits disputed political views.

Associated Press  In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah claim the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is violating their First Amendment right to free speech. They argue the ads have nothing to do with politics.

NO, they didn't

NO, they didn’t

The two created the advertisements to help promote their 2013 film, “The Muslims Are Coming.” They say the overall message of both the ads and the film is “that American Muslims are ordinary people.” (Well, that’s false advertising)

Farsad and Obeidallah said they paid the MTA nearly $15,000 to run the ads, which they were told would be put up in 140 subway stations in April. When the ads didn’t go up on the scheduled date, they called the MTA but didn’t hear back for several days — until they were told the ads would violate a policy that went into effect in the interim, which bans ads that are “political in nature.”


Glenn Katon, their attorney with the civil rights group Muslim Advocates, said the two “had a constitutional right to post the ads under the old policy.” He says the MTA reneged on the deal and now wants a federal judge to order the agency to put up the advertisements.

The ads include, among others, the phrases: “The Ugly Truth About Muslims: Muslims have great frittata recipes” and “Muslims!

Negin and Dean in the streets of New York City throwing their filthy religion in the faces of New Yorkers not far from Ground Zero

Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah in the streets of New York City throwing their filthy religion in the faces of New Yorkers not far from Ground Zero

They invented coffee, the toothbrush and algebra … Oh wait, sorry about the algebra. That’s a year of class you’ll never get back.” (Algebra was invented in India, NOT by Muslims)

“It’s comedic,” Obeidallah said. “What’s political about saying ‘Muslims like frittatas’ or have great frittata recipes?” (Nothing about Islam is comedic, certainly not its followers)


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands federal hate crime investigation for graffiti found “inside” a Muslim’s home in Iowa

CAIR-IowaAlleged ‘hate speech’ was spray-painted inside a Muslim-owned Cedar Rapids home, prompting a local Muslim Brotherhood front group (CAIR) chapter to call for a hate crime investigation….when it is not even clear that it wasn’t put there by Muslims themselves to get publicity and sympathy…as has been the case so many times before.

Des Moines Register  The Iowa chapter CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations reported that the apparently bias-motivated vandalism read “Fuck Muslim” and “you will be killed here,” according to a news release. (Oh so similar to the kind of graffiti that muslims always use themselves)


When a representative from the chapter went to view the damage, they were called a “raghead” and “fuckin’ Muslim” by a local resident, the release states. The house is apparently located blocks away from a mosque (aka jihad training center).

Miriam Amer, executive director of CAIR, told the Register that thefts have been ongoing at the home in the 1100 block of Sixth Street Northwest for the past two years, but the hate messages appeared within the last month. Maria Johnson with the Cedar Rapids Police Department confirmed they are currently investigating the incident as a hate crime and increased patrol around the area and near the mosque.

“The apparent bias motive for this vandalism should be investigated by state and federal law enforcement authorities. The perpetrators should be apprehended and face the full force of the law,” Amer said in the release. “This and other recent incidents targeting American Muslims and their institutions should be viewed in the context of the overall rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in American society.”

If you need proof that radical Islam is spread across the country, look no further than Iowa’s Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids (photos below), whose extremism is plain for all to see online. The mosque blames “ultra-conservative Christians” for causing terrorism.


The ICCR’s website happily tells the story of how Muslims from across the world came to America from all sorts of backgrounds in the early 1950s. It mentions “moderate terrorist groups like” the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Kuwait named Islah; the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan and the Muslim Brotherhood of Sudan.

2999 1st Ave S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 - Google Maps_0

The website praises how “radical groups like the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Takfir al-Hijra (an Al-Qaeda affiliate) and Hezbollah, banned in many Muslim countries for their support of violent Jihad, were able to come to the U.S. In the past, the website linked to Al-Haramain, a Saudi charity that fundraised for Al-Qaeda. Read More

The same CAIR group called upon these agencies on Feb. 27 when a hateful letter was left at an Darul Argum Islamic Center in Ames. The letter read, “To all Fuck Muslims” was written on the envelope. Inside, a note read: “We will burn all of you; leave our country; we hate you,” according to a news release from the chapter.




WOO HOO, OHIO! Columbus Police Department sticks to its guns, won’t allow Somali Muslim females to wear Islamic headbags on the job

columbuspolicepng-619f4eabb0c856eaAnd designated terrorist group CAIR is fuming. The Columbus Police Division has decided to continue its ban on headbags for female Somali Muslim police officers. (NO Somali Muslim should ever be a police officer in America)

Columbus Dispatch  “We want to interact with all members of the community without a preconceived notion of who we are,” Deputy Chief Michael Woods said on Tuesday. “We strive to be a nonpolitical, nonreligious organization.” 

Somali Muslim Ismahan Isse will not be a police officer in Columbus, Ohio. THANK GOD!

Somali Muslim Ismahan Isse will not be a police officer in Columbus, Ohio. THANK GOD!

A litigation jihadist attorney for CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Ohio chapter – says he is “baffled and very disappointed” by the department’s decision. The decision comes at a time when CAIR thugs are pressuring other police departments all across North America into making special extraordinary religious accommodations for Muslims, both male and female, as they try to boost diversity recruitment. (Diversity should never include muslims) 

Woods said police officials consulted with the city attorney’s office, and current case law supports the decision, which he said was ultimately made by Chief Kim Jacobs.  “What I know is that our goal is to display neutrality in our uniform,” Woods said. 

somali2 Police were also concerned about safety, he said. For example, officers wear clip-on ties so that they can’t be used to gain control. He said gas masks won’t fit over the scarves.  Woods said police did not talk to anyone in the Muslim community or the city’s Community Relations Commission before deciding to continue the ban. (Nor should he have)

That troubles Romin Iqbal, staff litigation jihadist for the designated terrorist group CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Ohio chapter.  “I’m baffled and very disappointed that the city continues to not allow a whole population of Columbus to become cops,” Iqbal said. (A population famous for producing several homegrown Muslim terrorists)

The division’s concerns about dress uniformity could be easily addressed by modifying the color and style of head scarves worn by Muslim women, he said.  “Our police department needs to show they are interested in diversity and want to represent the diverse people in Columbus,” he said. (No, they don’t, they are more interested in protecting the public from Muslims in Columbus)

MINNESOTASTAN: St. Paul police allows Somali Muslims like Kadra Mohamed to wear a headbag on the job which makes her a target for strangling by suspects

MINNESOTASTAN: St. Paul police allows Somali Muslims like Kadra Mohamed to wear a headbag on the job which makes her a target for strangling by suspects





Designated terrorist group CAIR & the ACLU demand halal food for Muslim prisoners in Miami-Date jail

Two MUSLIM special rights groups claim Muslim inmates at Miami-Dade County jails haven’t been fed HALAL meals in accordance with Islamic law.



Local 10 Designated terrorist group CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations and The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida said Wednesday the organizations have received more than 35 complaints from inmates since the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department began serving non-Halal meals to Muslim inmates.

Both organizations claim the county’s jail facilities stopped serving non-Halal meals in October 2014, in violation of its faith-based meals policy.


Under Islamic law, a Halal diet prohibits pork products and only uses meat which has been agonizingly and inhumanely slaughtered and prayed over by halal butchers as well as mandating that the food not come into contact with other non-halal meals, among other things, like non-muslims.

CAIR Florida and the ACLU said they have informed corrections officials about the specific complaints of 17 Muslim inmates, but there has been no change.


“Muslim terrorists do not lose their constitutional rights just because they are behind bars,” Shalini Goel Agarwal, staff attorney at the ACLU of Florida, said in a statement. “When a particular diet is part of an inmate’s religious practice, jails need to respect that, especially when they already do so for inmates other faiths.”

The organizations said they will now file formal grievances after repeated letters and meetings have failed to bring about change.


“There has been no change in religious meals for Muslims incarcerated during the month of Ramadan,” Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department spokeswoman Janelle Hall told Local 10 News.

Here’s how Muslim whiners get treated in an Idaho prison: Sweet.


DEARBORNISTAN: Muslim police to enforce sharia-compliant curfew during month of Ramadamadingdong

michiganDuring the month-long observance of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, occupied Dearborn parents and minors, both Muslim and non-Muslim, should be reminded that a curfew will be enforced, warns Arab Muslim Chief of Police Ron Haddad.

02 Arab American News  (h/t Creeping Sharia) In Dearborn, where many residents observe Ramadan, the city never sleeps. During this month, fasting Muslims congregate at sundown to eat and pray and some stay up until dawn to prepare for the next day of fasting. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During the holy month, Muslims are religiously mandated to refrain from consuming any food or drink during the day. 

Residents staying up late means some businesses open longer and bakery shops are always open. 

DEARBORN = Little Beirut

DEARBORN = Little Beirut

Because people of all ages will be up late, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad advised parents to be especially aware of their children’s whereabouts during the time from the sunset meal “iftar”, through the pre-dawn meal “suhur”, both of which fall during the curfew times and when many Muslims observing Ramadan are active in the community.

Apparently, not everyone is happy with this curfew

Apparently, not everyone is happy with this curfew

Unless accompanied by a parent, Michigan’s Code of Ordinances make it unlawful for minors under the age of 17 years to “loiter, idle, or congregate” in any public area between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the curfew takes place from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. This curfew is ongoing and not specific to the month of Ramadan.

“When we find them in curfew violation we take them home the first time,” Haddad said. “And the second time, we give them a ticket He added that police will add special patrolling around the places of worship and community centers during the holy month. 

DEARBORN Police Chief Haddad and Deputy Chief of Police Jaafar chased the Christians out of the Arab festival and the city paid the price (BELOW)

DEARBORN Muslim Police Chief Haddad and Muslim Deputy Chief of Police Jaafar chased the Christians out of the Arab festival and the city paid the price (BELOW)

*Chief Haddad and Deputy Chief Jaafar are the same guys who enforced sharia law on Christians in Dearborn and had on numerous occasions been caught violating the rights of Christians in favor of the sharia. Dearborn was then forced to apologize and pay court costs.



FASTEST WAY TO TANK YOUR TV NEWS SHOW RATINGS: Hire a Muslim woman as an anchorbaghead

tagouri_thumbLibyan Muslim woman aspires to be the first hijabi (headbag) anchor on American TV. I’m sure MSNBC will scoop her right up to see if they can be the first network to see their ratings fall below zero. One thing any station that hires her won’t have to worry about is her hair. That’s because Noor Tagouri is a Muslim supremacist, covering her hair in a cloth bag whenever she’s going to be around men to whom she is not related.

Washington Post  Tagouri says, “It empowers me,” Tagouri says. “It helps me do what I want to do.” (In other words, to show my superiority to infidel women who expose their hair like the sluts they are)


What she wants to do is to be the first hijabi anchor on U.S. commercial television. And she’s in a hurry to get there. After graduating from high school, she went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Maryland. At 21, she now works part-time for CBS Radio and Prince George’s Community Television.

She’s also a smartphone celebrity. In December 2012, she joined the ranks of social media stars after posting a photo of herself sitting at the anchor desk at ABC 7 news in Washington, labeling it “my dream.” The post went viral, and Tagouri quickly amassed thousands of followers. 

This is her best look

This is her best look

Unlike her television role models, who include the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Ling, Tagouri has to navigate the image-centric media landscape wearing an immediate marker of her faith – a square of cloth that signifies “I am Muslim (Fear me).”

That can be a high hurdle to face in a country where a lot of misunderstanding, distrust, fear, and hatred still surrounds Islam. Muslims are tired of being carbon-copy cookie cutters of what society expects us to be.” (That’s just one of the reasons why people hate you) Besides, she says, “My MUSLIM identity is way more important to me than any job.”


What really matters is not what you wear but whether you can do the job well, says Abed Ayoub, legal and policy director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. It’s insulting, he says, “to think that an individual who wears a hijab isn’t capable of being unbiased” or fair in a media job or any other job. “They are more than capable of taking up any occupation.” (No, they aren’t)

Tagouri still lives at home in her parents’ palatial mansion in Bowie, Md. She’s not concerned about her “otherness” in an industry long known for its focus on standardized perfection — impeccable blowout, straight teeth, no accent, no headbags.

Micah Forrest,left, stares down and blocks Maryland University Muslim Journalism student Noor Tagouri from filming outside the courtroom where opponents are challenging the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro cemetery approval by the Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals

Micah Forrest,left, stares down and blocks Maryland University Muslim Journalism student Noor Tagouri from filming outside the courtroom where opponents are challenging the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro cemetery approval by the Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals

Tagouri supplements her reporting gigs with travel and speaking engagements. Recently, she spoke at a Foggy Bottom TedX on the theme of “Being Rebellious” before jetting off to Paris to talk about hijab and Muslim women’s rights on France’s nightly news talk show.

She shrugs off the idea that some may think that her religion will affect her objectivity, that mightiest of journalistic ethics. “Me wearing a scarf on my head won’t make me report a story any differently,” she insists. (When pigs fly, maybe)

Still, this being the digital age, she receives her fair share of hateful comments. “I get hate every day” from Muslims and non-Muslims alike, she says, about everything from how she prays to the tightness of her jeans

Look what happens when Tagouri barges in, uninvited, on an anti-mosque protest in Tennessee:


HOUSTON SWINE INTERVENTION? Will the ugly Islamic eyesore in Katy, Texas get the pig races going again?

apollo5After nine years of planning, construction and some early opposition, the terror-linked Muslim American Society‘s Katy Islamic Center in Houston – the area’s largest mosque by a wide margin – is opening. The center will have a ribbon-cutting celebration at 6 p.m. Saturday at its location, 1800 Baker Road. Upwards of 1,000 paedophile prophet Mohammed worshippers are expected to attend.

Houston Chronicle  Though an attached multipurpose hall that will include a gymnasium has not yet been completed, the center is opening its main two-story, 20,000-square-foot masjid, or worship area. 



The center’s 11-acre tract was originally purchased in 2006 by a group of community members and then became owned and operated by MAS (Muslim Brotherhood front group ‘Muslim American Society’) in 2008, the year construction began, according to Ebaid.

The year of its inception, the center caught national headlines when Craig Baker, the owner of a next-door granite-and-marble countertop business, began hosting pig races to oppose the center after a dispute.


Baker became upset when he said members of the center called him a liar at a town meeting after he claimed the center told him he should move his business. Baker Road is named after his family, which has lived in the area since 1817.

Knowing the Islamic dietary prohibition against eating pork, Baker chose to assemble the pig races on Fridays – Muslim’s holiest prayer day. At the time, an online page against the mosque also existed, and the center received complaints from the property’s homeowner association about the center’s nighttime lighting.


Houston Chronicle  All snout and tail, the pink and brown pigs contentedly rooting in the wire pen behind Craig Baker‘s stone shop seem piggishly comic. They’re racing pigs, after all, and that’s got to be funny.

These pigs are subtle weapons, here to show the new neighbors — the Katy Islamic Association — they aren’t welcome. Tension has been growing in this west Harris County community after the Muslim group announced it had purchased 11 acres south of Interstate 10 to build a mosque, school, community center and athletic facilities.


Hard feelings started when Baker met association officials, who, he said, advised him he should move his stone shop. “They told me it was time for my family to pack up,” said Baker, whose family has occupied its land since the early 1800s. “They said a mosque and a marble shop didn’t go too good together.”

Angered by the perceived insult and aware of Islamic dietary laws banning pork consumption, Baker responded by announcing he would stage weekly pig races on his Muslim neighbors’ holiest day of prayer.

Critics raised concerns about traffic congestion, flooding, possible adverse impact on property values and the “unknown.”

“One of our concerns is what the mosque will look like,” said Karen Olson, president of the 120-family Windsor Park Estates Neighborhood Association. ” … We look at mosques in other parts of town and they have gold domes. They’re big white structures that stand out. We’re concerned about what we can do as a community to get a development that fits in and doesn’t ruin things.” (And now you’ve got a gigantic yellow mosquetrosity. Let the pig races begin)


According to Ebaid, the worship area in the center, which he said has cost about $5 million in donations to build so far, will serve anywhere from 500-1,000 people during the upcoming worship month of Ramadan. The center is expecting a crowd of between 500 and 1,000 for its opening on Saturday.

The growing number of Muslims in Katy desired a larger worship space, said Ahmed Shennawy, an active attendee at the center who moved to Katy in 2011 specifically to be closer to the center.

“This center has to serve the growing (Muslim) community and has to be able to accommodate the number of Muslims in this area,” Shennawy said. “As the Muslim community grows, the center grows, too. Shenway said the next largest mosque in Katy is less than half the size of the new center. He said when the attached multipurpose hall is complete, the center will be one of the largest in Houston and able to accommodate more than 2,000 people in its entire space.




MICHIGANISTAN: Paul Smith, candidate for Mayor of Sterling Heights, accused of being anti-Muslim by designated Muslim terrorist group CAIR

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR – Council on American Islamic Relations in Michigan – is concerned about mayoral candidate Paul Smith’s history of spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Arab American News  Smith has been slammed for an anti-Muslim email and comments in 2010 during the Ground Zero Victory Mosque controversy, in which an Islamic jihad training center faced fierce opposition to build by American citizens. Smith allegedly said the following according to Deadline Detroit:


“We are highly concerned someone can hold such bigoted views in a city with a growing American Muslim population,” CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid said.

Smith, a former Sterling Heights city councilman, is known for stirring up controversy at city meetings, racial slurs, and derogatory comments against President Obama and others. (Sounds good to me)



Oh, NOES! Designated Terrorist Group CAIR is livid that Montana school superintendents learned about the threat of Islamization in public schools


Kalispell Public Schools Superintendent Mark Flatau, Columbia Falls District Superintendent Steve Bradshaw and Bigfork School District Superintendent Matt Jensen accepted the local Act! for America Chapter’s  invitation to answer questions about concerns related to teachings of world religions. For that they deserve our thanks and appreciation. It was certainly not a “regular day at the office” for them.


We would like to address a couple of points that came out of the discussion.

The Superintendents repeatedly stated, “We do not have these problems in Montana.”  The local schools have not yet been asked to provide Halal food, prayer rooms, or special consideration during the month of Ramadan, but this is happening with increasing frequency in other states.  It is prudent to ask how such requests for special accommodation will be answered in Montana when the time comes.


Nationally, school districts are quick to please CAIR and other Islamic organizations to force teachers who distribute factual information to students regarding Islam to either resign, at best or be fired, at worst.

People who dare not agree with the Islamic agenda are called Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigots.  The truth is, proponents of Islam are making every effort to marginalize and silence those who cling to American values and traditions.  If these forces are not at work here in the State of Montana already, and that’s arguable, it’s just a matter of time.

Parents of students in an American public middle school raised hell at discovering the below Islam-promoting vocabulary worksheet  being used in the classroom:


Another topic which generated a number of questions for the panel was textbook selection.  This is of concern because there are a number of history and social studies textbooks in use across the country,  which have been reported in multiple textbook studies to contain misinformation, particularly with regard to Islam.  One book in particular,

World History:  Patterns of Interaction, is currently in use in District Five.

Basic CMYK

Some of us are so committed to stepping up our involvement that we will be starting a “Truth in Montana Textbooks” Association.  If you would like to become involved with this endeavor, please e-mail us at


Get Act! for America’s FREE PDF Executive Summary: Education or Indoctrination HERE

In the video below, see how American public school textbooks are whitewashing Islam: