Fire tears through Atlantic City mosque and Muslim barber shop


SHOCKER! Designated terrorist group CAIR hasn’t called a press conference to demand a ‘hate crime’ investigation by the Feds.

NBC  Authorities are trying to determine what caused a fire that damaged a mosque and a barbershop in Atlantic City. No one was injured.


Firefighters found flames showing through the roof of Masjid Al-Furquaan when they arrived on the scene around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Acting Fire Chief Scott Evans tells The Press of Atlantic City the air conditioner unit on the roof collapsed, narrowly missing some firefighters.


Evans says the mosque and a barbershop on the first floor sustained heavy water and smoke damage. The three-story building next door that houses the Sewage Authority offices sustained minor damage.


SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY: Muslim Brotherhood front group ‘Muslim Student Association’ demands TOTAL BAN ON SPEECH CRITICAL OF ISLAM

thThe Muslim Student Association at San Diego State University is calling on officials at the public, taxpayer-funded school develop a formal policy outlawing political speech they dislike and commentary about Islam that they find offensive and blasphemous under sharia law.


Daily Caller  (h/t Susan K) “We demand that the SDSU administration enact a zero tolerance policy explicitly for Islamophobic speech and actions . The goal of the far-reaching demands, Muslim Student Association members say, is to prevent anyone from grabbing a hijab in the future.

The highlight of the extensive list of demands from “We the Muslim Student Association at San Diego State University” is a call for a ban on “Islamophobic speech.”


We the Muslim Student Association at San Diego State University…

Demand of Students:

  1.     We demand that the students who witnessed the attack step forward and help aid in the investigation
  2.     We demand that students create a more inclusive campus climate by promoting tolerance and acceptance between different cultures and religions

Demand of SDSU Administration:

  1.     We demand that the SDSU administration enact a zero tolerance policy explicitly for Islamophobic speech and actions as well as targeted bigotry towards any other identity group
  2.     We demand that the SDSU administration make bystander training mandatory for faculty, staff, and students
  3.     We demand that the SDSU administration increase coursework offered on Islam that is balanced and comprehensive to create a more informed and accepting SDSU community – and alleviate misconceptions and hate toward the Muslim students on campus
  4.     We demand that the SDSU administration provide substantially more funding for The Center for Intercultural Relations as necessitated by the needs of the students, and to give the Center more autonomy in representing the best interests of marginalized students
  5.     We demand that the SDSU administration address, alleviate, and eliminate systems of oppression that disproportionately target students of color, womyn, and all marginalized students on campus

Demand of our Local, State, and National leaders:

  1.     We demand that our government officials at a local, state, and federal level cease their fear mongering anti-Islamic rhetoric, and that they recognize that the dehumanization of refugees and scapegoating of the Muslim faith enables an environment for attacks like this to occur

The San Diego State Muslim Student Association originally cooked up the demands — eight in total — last month after an unidentified female Muslim student claimed she was attacked by a white male in a parking lot on campus. The attack allegedly occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 19 — six days after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

2445379_sd_me_sdsu_demonstrationnc The white assailant allegedly ran up behind the Muslim student and grabbed her hijab, she claimed. He then called her a terrorist, “choked her with the hajib” and said she should “get out of this country,” according to a contemporaneous report by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Witnesses — also unidentified — failed to intervene, the hijab-wearing student alleged.


In addition to a ban on certain offensive speech, the Muslim Student Association is also clamoring for the state-supported school to “make bystander training mandatory for faculty, staff, and students.” (“Bystander training” is instruction to encourage people to report crimes and problems.)

San Diego State’s Muslims also demand more coursework “offered on Islam,” “substantially more funding for The Center for Intercultural Relations” and the complete elimination of “systems of oppression that disproportionately target students of color, womyn, and all marginalized students on campus.”


A policy banning “Islamophobic speech” at a state-funded university in California would be unlikely to withstand constitutional scrutiny. None of the eight demands of the San Diego State’s Muslim students have been met. 

The California state constitution states: “Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech or press.




Americans unknowingly purchase toy F-16 fighter jets for children for Christmas which play the ‘Muslim Call to Prayer’ instead of jet sounds

Bjorn Thorpe snapped up the toy F-16 fighter jet from Amazon as a Christmas gift for his little three-year-old nephew. However, as the family gathered around the tree and batteries were inserted into the light-up toy, the group was shocked to hear Arabic music as opposed to the rumblings of a jet engine.


UK Express (h/t David Y)  Mr Thorpe said: “We put the batteries in and didn’t get what we expected. “It sounds like Arabic chanting, not fighter jet sounds.” “We were confused on how this would happen. “It’s kind of not the right situation to have this on a children’s toy.”

The plane is understood to have been bought from Amazon where other customers also affected by the fault have complained about the toy. One Amazon user wrote: “Very loud Middle Eastern chanting and music! It’s weird and scary! “This is a very un-American product!”


TEXAS legislator on a mission to keep Texas safe from Islamic sharia law

SACurrent  Texas Representative Dan Flynn is frightened enough of Sharia Law to request a ruling from Lone Star State Attorney General Ken Paxton about whether a state judge can “refuse to apply foreign law in certain family disputes.”

This isn’t new. Last year, Flynn and several other lawmakers tried to pass American Laws for American Courts, which is just like it sounds, dumb. 

sShariaLawInTexasSuchABadThing-vi Sarwat Husain, founding president of the San Antonio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national advocacy organization often demonized by right wingers, testified against that bill.

In May, she told just us how misguided these legislators were, regarding what Husain says is a non-binding arbitration process for civil matters in the traditional Islamic legal system.

B8X-DjPIIAIZRR6.jpg-large “These are the leaders, the elected officials, who do not understand their own laws — state and federal,” Husain said. “We have the best judicial system in the world. And they are talking about going to some Muslim place, getting a divorce and coming back here. They still have a right to go to court!”

Flynn, however, doesn’t see it that way.

MollyWhite-FB_jpg_800x1000_q100 “There is no question the Judeo Christian heritage we covet and aim to protect is under attack. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE must wake up and recognize the Spiritual Warfare raging in America,” Flynn wrote in a 2014 email to constituents, announcing the American Laws for American Courts.


“We must strengthen those American principles and traditions that made us so prosperous and free, as it is only a matter of time before the same kind of cultural supplanting is manifested within our shores as well.”

You can read his request for an opinion here:



Oh, NOES! Muslims in Las Vegas under attack by ‘Bacon Bandit’

CCTV catches alleged “Islamophobe” wrapping bacon strips on the doors of a Las Vegas jihad training center (aka mosque). Call in the FBI, DHS, and DOJ, bacon threatens the lives of every Muslim in America.


KTNV  Police said a man wrapped raw bacon on the door of a local mosque this past weekend. In surveillance video of the incident, a man is seen stringing the raw bacon onto the doors and door handles.

Police are investigating the incident at Masjid Tawheed, the mosque located near Jones Boulevard and Twain Avenue, as a possible hate crime since pork or bacon are forbidden in Islam both to eat and touch. The FBI is also involved in the investigation (Because obviously, the FBI has nothing better to do than to chase down bacon insurgents).

One of the mosque’s founding members said fellow members are concerned about the crime and are calling it a “deliberate attack” on their religion.

“There are still people out there who love to hate, unfortunately, so this was one of the sad incidents and it’s unfortunate,” said Rokai Yusufzai. (Not some, more people than ever are starting to hate Muslims. and for good reason)

Designated terrorist group CAIR condemned the incident at his mosque in a statement on Tuesday and demanded authorities launch state and federal hate crime probes.

“This type of attempted desecration must be investigated as an act of intimidation and hate, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice,” said Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR’s chief spokesIslamist.


OHIO: Muslim Supremacists won’t take no for an answer…For the 3rd time, they are trying to force Columbus police to allow Islamic headbags on the job

ZX-SigUkTwo months after asking Columbus’ mayor and police chief to reconsider the head-scarf ban for female Muslim police-officer candidates, a local lawyer is asking again for the city to re-evaluate its policy. In short, yet another reason why you should never hire a Muslim. (Muslim men will sue you if you don’t allow long, bushy beards on the job)

Dispatch  Frederick M. Gittes, who is also president of Protecting Ohio’s Employees, recently sent another letter to Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Police Chief Kim Jacobs and Mayor-elect Andrew J. Ginther. Gittes said neither Coleman nor Jacobs responded to his letter sent in October.

Kadra Mohamed is the first Somali Muslim woman to join the St. Paul Police Department, a move made possible by the department’s announcement that it has approved an option for employees to wear a police-issued headbag.

Kadra Mohamed is the first Somali Muslim woman to join the St. Paul Police Department, a move made possible by the department’s announcement that it has approved an option for employees to wear a police-issued headbag.

“I never heard back from you, never received an acknowledgment,” Gittes said on Wednesday, when he sent another letter. “I think this issue needs to be reconsidered and discussed.” The new letter calls the ban “unwise, unnecessary and counterproductive.”

The issue was raised in April when The Dispatch wrote about Ismahan Isse, a Somali-American who left the Columbus police academy in March. She told the paper the main reason was because she wouldn’t be allowed to wear her headbag.

Ismahan Isse

Ismahan Isse

Jacobs will not be responding to either letter because of an August complaint that the Ohio chapter of the designated terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, Columbus police spokesman. That case remains open.

CAIR filed an employment-discrimination complaint over Columbus officials’ refusal to allow female officers to wear head scarves. It filed the complaint after Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman recently told the Columbus Dispatch that he supports the headbag ban.

CAIR-Ohio brings this complaint to end the discriminatory ban on the hiring of Muslim women who wear a religious headscarf by Columbus Division of Police,” Romin Iqbal, a Staff Attorney in the Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wrote in a complaint filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission

CAIR-Ohio brings this complaint to end the discriminatory ban on the hiring of Muslim women who wear a religious headscarf by Columbus Division of Police,” Romin Iqbal, a Staff Attorney in the Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wrote in a complaint filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission

In the October letter, the two groups said that statements made by Coleman and Jacobs in a Dispatch story that month “fail to recognize the importance of a diverse and representative police force and condone prejudice, however unintentionally.”

The story quoted Coleman as saying: “When officers go out into the community, they should be identified as Columbus police officers, not Muslim police officers, not Christian police officers, not Jewish police officers, not Hindus, Baptists or anything else.”



Police Chief Jacobs is quoted as saying: “I want whoever pulls up to the scene as being recognized as a Columbus police officer that doesn’t turn anyone off.” He was quoted warning against hijab-wearing officers “turning anyone off” and stating, “If it’s a head scarf next week, it might be a burqa the next week.”






TEXAS: Christmas Day Fire at Houston mosque deemed “suspicious” because of “multiple points of origin”

Inside job? Insurance fraud? CAIR spokeswhiners aren’t yet declaring that the fire was an “Islamophobic hate crime” but are demanding that authorities investigate it for an “anti-Muslim motive.”

CNN  The Islamic Center of Houston caught fire after Friday prayers, when the place was “pretty much empty,” center president M.J. Khan said. No injuries were reported in the two-alarm fire, drawing 80 firefighters, according to officials and CNN affiliate KTRK. The mosque was in a strip mall, and the smoke also damaged a pharmacy next door, the affiliate reported.




Firefighters battling two-alarm fire at SW Houston mosque


The fire started around 2:45 pm at the Islamic Society of Greater Houston in the 1100 block of Wilcrest Drive. So far, no injuries have been reported. According to the Houston Fire Department, firefighters arrived on scene and found heavy flames inside the center.


ABC 13 News  They’re being very cautious right now because the roof is weak and houses heavy AC units. About 80 firefighters are on scene. So far, there’s damage to the mosque and smoke damage to a pharmacy next door.

Arson investigators and the ATF are at the scene. The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined yet, but officials think there are multiple origins of the fire. They are investigating as suspicious based on that finding, and the fact that any religious building fire is considered suspicious until proven otherwise.


Did you know that the Muslim panel interviewed about their views on Donald Trump and the State of Israel included a far left wing Obama operative?

facebook-300x263Republican strategist Frank Luntz sought to gauge the attitudes of an ostensibly “ordinary” panel of Muslims in America towards Donald Trump and the state of Israel. Undeclared to the audience, however, on the panel is a professional left-wing Palestinian Muslim agitator and Israel-basher, Linda Sarsour (photo above), who is an alumnus of the Obama Regime.

Daily Wire  Linda Sarsour (front row wearing beige headbag), an anti-American hater of IsraelIslamic supremacist, and regular commentator on left-wing media, was not identified as such when offering her views on Trump and Israel. Rather, she was presented as an ordinary Muslim in America.

Sarsour warned of psychological damage to Muslim children who hear Donald Trump’s words. “I don’t want my children to be subjected to racism and the vilification of their faith.”

One Muslim panelist warned that Trump’s statements would inspire mass murder and Islamic terrorism from Muslims. “If Trump keeps doing what he’s doing, and he’s elected President, that number (of Muslims in America who might commit Islamic terrorist attacks), whatever it may be, will skyrocket.”

Recently, Sarsour joined MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry in condemning the media for displaying photos of Tashfeen Malik—the female half of the Islamic terrorist mass murdering couple in San Bernardino—wearing her Muslim supremacist hijab.

Luntz neglected to ask the panel any questions about efforts to combat Islamic terrorism among Muslims, a subject Sarsour openly resents.

This is the same Muslim supremacist and sharia-supporting Linda Sarsour who posts videos of her Palestinian father blasting loud, offensive Arabic music in the streets of Brooklyn just to annoy his non-Muslim neighbors.



My dad, #palestinian and proud blasting his music outside while he waits for a parking.

A video posted by Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) on


NEBRASKA City Council unanimously denies proposal for illegal mosque expansion in Lexington City

imagesSo, now mosque leaders will call on their Muslim brothers proliferating the Obama Regime asking that they launch a Department of Justice investigation followed by the inevitable lawsuit forcing the Council to approve the mosque’s demands.


LEXCH  The Lexington Planning Commission held a lengthy public hearing Wednesday evening on a request by the Islamic Center in downtown Lexington to be allowed to expand from the portion of the building they currently illegally use to the entire building.

City Development Services Director Bill Brecks explained that a change in city code last year now requires a special use permit to change the use of the rest of the building at 4th and Grant streets.

It was further revealed that the Islamic Center’s members have already been ILLEGALLY occupying the contested portion of the building since March, WITHOUT THE CITY’S KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT.


“We have been advised by legal counsel that we have a legal right be in that building (even the part we are ILLEGALLY occupying), and we are going to pursue that to the fullest extent of the law,” said Naji Abdi, who has been representing the Islamic Center in its dealings with the city. The revelation that Center members are already occupying the contested space prompted Pepplitsch to say, “You are violating all sorts of codes.”

At the end of the hearing, Planning Commission members voted 7 to 0 to recommend to the City Council that they deny the conditional use permit because of reasons of parking and taking the property off the tax rolls because it is a non-profit. 

The council decided that an expanded Islamic Center would be detrimental to the long-term development that area of downtown. The Islamic Center has occupied a portion of the building for eight years. The application is to expand into the rest of the building, which was formerly home to Longhorn Laundry before it went out of business.

Naji Abdi, a representative of the Islamic Center, told the city council that his group is already occupying the contested portion of the building, and has been in there illegally since March.

Naji Abdi, a representative of the Islamic Center, told the city council that his group is already occupying the contested portion of the building, and has been in there illegally since March.

Prior to the vote, a public hearing was held. Center attorney Claude Berreckman Jr. of Cozad told the council he believes the 2014 overhaul of city zoning ordinances is illegal on the grounds of religious discrimination and threatened a federal investigation. “I spoke with Eric Treene with the Department of Justice, and he agreed with all the things I’ve said. You’ll have to take my word for that,” Berreckman said. “You can take his word for it in a couple of weeks when he starts his investigation.”

Berreckman said he believes the City of Lexington is hiding behind zoning ordinances in order to keep mosques out of commercial districts. “The city is using parking as an excuse to discriminate against a religious group that wants to practice in a place they’ve been for eight years, threatens the citizens of America.” 

Islamic Center attorney Claude Berreckman Jr.

Islamic Center attorney Claude Berreckman Jr.

The city adopted amended zoning rules earlier in December that made a number of uses in a C-2 zone, including meeting halls and social clubs, conditional uses instead of permitted uses. Churches, meanwhile, have always been considered a conditional use under the 2014 zoning regulations. 

City officials, including council members and City Manager Joe Pepplitsch, were adamant throughout the meeting that this is a zoning matter and not a (politically incorrect) religious one.

Pastor Rex Adams with Calvary Assembly of God noted that it is not just the Islamic Center that these rules apply to. “We are in the same boat. We’ve thought about expanding, but we don’t have the off-the-street parking to accommodate it,” Adams said. “These rules are applied across the board, it’s not being unfair to one group or another.”

Faisa Magi-Mohamed noted the positive economic impact the Muslim community has on the town. NOT!

Faisa Magi-Mohamed noted the positive economic impact the Muslim community has on the town. NOT!

Resident Bonnie Albright said she was concerned about the impact the expanded mosque would have on the future sale of neighboring Tep’s Bar and Grill, and said she thought it would have a negative impact on the future of downtown Lexington. (Mosques in the neighborhood ALWAYS decrease surrounding property values)  “The parking lots by the Islamic Center are paid for by tax dollars, and you don’t get tax dollars from empty businesses,” Albright said. “This town was founded by cowboys, and they wanted it to be an area of commerce.”

City officials said that the council has to make a decision based on long-term planning, not what is currently in the building. “This is responsible planning,” Brecks said. “It’s about promoting growth downtown, and you have to think 20 years down the road, not six months.”


The hearing’s final speaker, resident Rod Zeigler, said he believes that this issue has been twisted into an “anti-Islamic brouhaha.” “I urge the city council not to be bullied by that,” Zeigler said. “I encourage them also not to be bullied by the threat of getting the Department of Justice involved.”

Hagi-Mohamed spoke of the economic boon that the Islamic Center, and Muslim community in general, represents. She said that people from other communities move to Lexington because there is a mosque here.“(Causing twice the number of non-Muslims to move out)



PENNSYLVANIA: More parental outrage over public school assignment that asks students to make a video about the prophet Muhammad and Islam

GalleryPhoto_aspx-viPenns Valley Area seventh-grade students in teacher Mike Durn’s (photo right) history class were asked to do a video project about Muhammad and the Islamic religion. Depicting the prophet Muhammad in a manner like this would get you beheaded in many Muslim countries, even today. I wonder if students will be allowed to include a scene like that in their videos?

Centre Daily  Durn requested that students design “a video in which you will show, visually, the life of Muhammad, the development of Islam and its beliefs.” 

The project would include a brief biography of Muhammad, the explanation of the five pillars of Islam and how Islam is connected to Judaism and Christianity. Like this?



Durn declined to comment, but district administration contacted the CDT. Assistant Superintendent Sherri Connell said Durn’s ancient civilization class has board-approved curriculum that covers the Pennsylvania-approved history and government standards through the 1500s.

As with many courses in our school district, including health, biology, history and literature, we present information to students in a factual, unbiased manner and have them analyze the information so they are able to make informed decisions and develop educated opinions,” Connell said.

Like this?


“We then encourage our students to express their decisions and opinions in a thoughtful, articulate manner. Mr. Durn developed this project to help students demonstrate this skill.” But when the project was assigned, some parents publicly took to social media and unleashed controversial opinions.

“As with many courses in our school district, including health, biology, history and literature, we present information to students in a factual, unbiased manner and have them analyze the information so they are able to make informed decisions and develop educated opinions,” Connell said.


“There was outrage on Facebook and in the community, and we’re sorry it got to that level,” Allissa Meyer said. “It could have been done in a more effective manner, but at the same time appreciative to have a district that understands.”

Meyer has a daughter at Penns Valley Area High School who was assigned the project.

Here you go, students, use this as your guide:


“We are all Muslim,” says left-wing loon and has-been director Michael Moore in front of Trump Tower

American filmmaker, left wing political and social activist Michael Moore has sent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a letter chastising him on his recent anti-Muslim statements and his call to “‘temporarily’ ban all Muslims from entering the United States.”

michael moore jason merritt getty

al-Jazeera (h/t bonampak)  In his letter, which he posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday night, Moore said Trump’s anti-Muslim statements “were made in depression and insanity”. Moore also published a picture of himself in front of Trump Tower in New York with the caption “We are all Muslim.”

Moore went on to say that he was raised to believe in equality of people as brothers and sisters, regardless of race, colour and religion. He added that “we are all Muslim, just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between”.








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