RENSSELAER: Another college bows down to Islamic jihadists, postpones screening of “American Sniper”

rpi_msaThe campus movie theater at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) has postponed an April 10 screening of “American Sniper” after the Muslim (Jihadi) Students Association (MSA), a North American front group for the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, pitched a bitch and demanded an all-out cancellation of the hit film, reports Campus Reform.


Daily Caller  RPI has long upheld the values of respect and coexistence, thus it is only our highest concern that this screening would not create any tensions or hatred among students at RPI,” explained a Thursday afternoon run-on sentence Facebook post from the Student Union-run movie theater on the Troy, N.Y. campus.  (You mean like the terrorism supported by Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups all over the world?)


Look who else belonged to the Muslim Student Association in Boston:


“We realized that this movie has caused heightened tension across communities and college campuses nationwide, including violent actions and even murders. We decided that instead of showing the movie as a regular Friday Night Movie, it should be coupled with an educational forum,” the Facebook post further stated.

similar situation happened earlier this week at the University of Michigan when the school’s Middle Eastern and North Africa (MENA) and Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) condemned the movie as offensive and asked that it not be shown. Since the controversy, the university has reinstated the showing of the film.


Back at RPI, a petition demanding that “American Sniper” be shown on campus before the end of the semester has garnered over 250 signatures at the 7,000-student school.


AMERICAN PARENTS! Did you know that public schools are indoctrinating your children with Islamic teachings?


If you aren’t already up in arms about the controversial Common Core program being pushed on schools, how do you feel about it being funded by Muslim oil-rich countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Libya?

Washington Times (h/t Charlotte)  “Where did Common Core come from?” is a question I often hear from parents  as I travel the country speaking about the Islamic infiltration of America. Because in 2014-15 America, public school students via Common Core are:


• Participating in public school-sponsored trips to mosques via taxpayer expense, girls must wear head scarves (Colorado parents complain)


• Debating whether or not the Holocaust was “merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain,” (an eighth-grade assignment defended by the Rialto Unified School District, Los Angeles)


• Pledging allegiance in Arabic (New York)


• Closing public schools for two “Muslim holy days,” per year (New York City)


• Being taught Islamic vocabulary lessons (North Carolina)


• Being taught Islamic culture (Tennessee)


• Being taught world history from Islamic perspective (Florida) that includes learning about the five pillars of Islam (Maryland father, a Marine Corps veteran, complains and is banned from school grounds)

Basic CMYK

• Told to proselytize by creating a pamphlet about Islam to “introduce Islam to 3rd graders” that introduces Allah to children as the same God of the Christians and Jews (Michigan)



•  Reciting in class the Shahada, “There is No God but Allah,” and the Muslim call to prayer (Massachusetts)


Parents in every state are outraged, protesting and asking, “Why is Islam being taught in public schools?” and “How did this happen?” “Where is the ACLU?” “Where are the people ‘protesting against’ religion being taught in public schools?”



The short answer is that President Obama’s push for “hope and change” translates into completely transforming America — for the worse. Common Core is but one of many parts of an intricate plan to infiltrate every area of American society with Islam. Which is why, Common Core’s origin and funding came from Qatar, Libya and Saudi Arabia.


Globally, Common Core originated from the “One World Education” concept, a global goal orchestrated by the Connect All Schools program. Its origin is funded by the Qatar Foundation International (QFI). The director of QFI’s Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics is Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna.


According to the WND website, in 2011, QFI “partnered with the Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to facilitate matchmaking between classrooms in the U.S. and international schools through … the ‘Connect All Schools’ project.” QFI states on its website that the initiative was founded in response to Mr. Obama’s infamous 2009 Cairo speech, during which the Muslim Brotherhood was seated in the front row.

Mr. Obama’s mentor, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, received $49.2 million from Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the Qatar Foundation, who also is involved with Mr. Obama’s White House Fellowships Commission. Gregorian is an integral part of Connect All Schools, through which Qatar invested $5 million to teach Arabic in American public schools.


Domestically, in America, Common Core was “created by” the National Governor’s Association (NGA), Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Achieve Inc., ACT and the College Board. The Common Core State Standards are copyrighted by the NGA and CCSSO, a private company, which means they cannot be changed.


Many groups helped create these standards (chief among them, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations) but Pearson Education, an NGA donor and CCSSO’s listed business and industry partner, is integral to Common Core.

Pearson Education designs “education products and services to institutions, governments and direct to individual learners.” Listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange, of its numerous investors, the Libyan Investment Authority is its largest financial contributor, holding 26 million shares.

According to the Financial Times, the Libyan Investment Authority was founded by Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam; more than five Gaddafi family members own shares. The Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR, a recently designated terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates), Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood invested in Pearson Education through the Libyan Investment Authority.


Despite this connection, according to the Guardian, Pearson Education claims as a public company operating in a free market it has no control over its shareholders’ terrorist-related activities.

Common Core was implemented in states that accepted federal funds from the 2009 “Race to the Top” initiative, which encouraged states to receive federal money to adopt new standards that would improve their public school children’s test performance results.


In order for a state to participate, the state board of education and the state’s educational professional standards board would have voted to adopt Common Core standards. Each participating state has posted the Common Core Standards on its state department of education website.

Two years prior to the Obama administration’s Race to the Top initiative, in 2007, the FBI uncovered documents revealing the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its subsidiary organizations like CAIR, planned to indoctrinate American K-12 students by teaching Islam.


The seized documents were part of the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror-funding trial in U.S. history. The FBI uncovered the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto “on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” (Exhibit 42945 and Exhibit 42946).

After states applied for “Race to the Top” federal funds in 2009, Pearson Education created Common Core curriculum and standards. Pearson Education is also the sole evaluator of teachers in some states. In order for New York State to continue receiving “Race to the Top” federal funds, it had to implement “reforms.” Pearson Education now solely administers the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA).

New York State no longer evaluates its teachers — a private company does — whose primary investors fund terrorism and propagate Islam.


Additionally, no state or federal oversight exists for university programs (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act) that train K-12 teachers to develop lesson plans and seminars on “Middle East Studies.” These programs and teacher training materials were developed by Pearson Education and largely funded by Saudi Arabia.

In order to end Common Core and eliminate the Islamic indoctrination being taught in public schools, parents must demand:


• Their state school board members be investigated and/or fired and replaced.

• Their state legislature and governor reject “Race to the top” federal funds and implement legislation or reverse its state education department’s implementation of Common Core in their state, and at a minimum, in the interim.

• Their child not participate in state testing.

Parents can also take their children out of public schools altogether.

Parental rights are guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that parents possess the “fundamental right” to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.” The court has declared that “the child is not the mere creature of the State: those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right coupled with the high duty to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations” (Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 534-35).

Parents must say no more: The $632 billion the federal government spends each year on public school “education” is being wasted on violating the First Amendment, by the federal government instituting a religion through the teaching of Islam in public schools.


SHOCKING VIDEOS about how schools all around the country are filling your children’s heads with Muslim lies and propaganda as well as forcing them to learn and recite Islamic religious dogma.


“Halal in the Family,” a totally unfunny web TV ‘comedy’ show about anti-Muslim bias, that has been trying to get on the web since at least 2011

504014403_640As the world knows, Muslims have no sense of humor about themselves (i.e., Charlie Hebdo) or pretty much anything else (laughing is frowned upon in Islam), but they think they can make Americans laugh by creating a program about anti-Muslim hatred. Good luck with that.

NBC  “Borrowing” the title from the long-running American smash TV hit, ‘All in the Family,’  Aasif Mandvi wants to redefine the all-American family with his new series, Halal in the Family.” a sitcom about an ‘all-American’ Muslim family (about as un-American as you can get).


“It began with Katie Couric saying that what Muslims need in America to fight bigotry might be its very own ‘Cosby Show,'” Mandvi told NBC News. “We took that idea at ‘The Daily Show’ and created a sitcom parody that we aired a portion of on ‘The Daily Show.'”

That parody first aired in 2011, and was originally called “The Qu’Osby Show.” Starring Mandvi and Sakina Jaffrey, it crammed all the elements of American comedy into one Muslim package — nosy neighbors, ugly sweaters, lots of pork, and country music.


Later, Mandvi was approached by community organizations to create something they could use to combat racism (What ‘race’ is Islam) and bigotry towards Muslim Americans. So he revamped the original parody as a web series, renamed it “Halal in the Family” after the controversy around Bill Cosby emerged, and took the project to Indiegogo to build a broad base of community support across the country. “We wanted to create the web series to use satire and comedy as a way to shed light on some important issues, said Mandvi, “And make people laugh.” (How about showing beheadings of Americans? That’s guaranteed to make the leftists laugh)


“Halal in the Family” takes on topics that affect Muslim Americans such as surveillance, racial profiling, online bullying, media bias, and mosque protests (Ah yes, comedy gold).  It also seeks to challenge harmful truthful stereotypes of Muslims and to expose a more Americans to the real, everyday experiences of their Muslim neighbors. (Praying in the street?)

“By using satire,” wrote Mandvi in his Indiegogo appeal, “We will encourage people to reconsider their assumptions about Muslims (Don’t hold your breath) while providing a balm to those experiencing anti-Muslim bias. 


TEXAS: It’s Cowboys vs Muslims fighting over City Council ban on Islamic Sharia Tribunals in Irving

11049095_1623809491167243_1623808724500653_26808_660_b-e1426883570154Mayor Beth Van Duyne has been under attack by Muslims and Leftists for taking a stand against creeping Sharia in Irving. Tonight’s Irving City Council meeting will have two rival community groups that are organizing to speak out on a statehouse bill widely believed to target Islamic influence in America.


DALLAS NEWS  In the two weeks since a widely split City Council voted to endorse the bill, disputes about religious freedom, bigotry, crimes and the Constitution have spread from Irving all the way to the Capitol. The local leftist judenrat rabbi and other leftist residents plan to join Muslims tonight to speak out against the bill and its backers on the council—namely Mayor Beth Van Duyne.


A “patriot” group is organizing on Facebook to counter them, and both sides are promising heavy turnout. We’ll see. While we wait, here’s a quick and dirty rundown of recent events before tonight’s meeting:

IslamoNazi Sheikh Zia vs the Mayor

IslamoNazi Zia Sheikh Zia vs the Mayor

The Islamic Center of Irving has received about half a dozen threats since the vote, the center’s imam Zia Sheikh tells me. Letters, emails and phone calls that have mosque leaders worried for the hundreds of children who regularly visit the center. (Oh, Boo Hoo)

Irving police are investigating several anonymous emails, though a police spokesman said the ones he’s seen look “derogatory and rude”—but don’t contain any direct threats. The Islamic Center said it’s contacted the FBI too.


Meanwhile, Van Duyne is portraying herself as a victim of the dust-up on Facebook, saying the events have put her “under attack.”


I asked her who was attacking her, and she texted me a long statement fingering the media — including my own reporting, which said the dispute has made her “a hero among Texas patriots who believe Muslims — a tiny fraction of the U.S. population — are plotting to take over American culture and courts.”

And it has. The mayor’s Facebook page overflows with accolades from across the continent, like this one:


If you don’t know what Shariah law is, it’s an Islamic moral and legal code — similar to codes used by Christians and Jews. Irving’s Islam dispute went national when the mayor conflated a voluntary mediation service for Muslims, “The Islamic Tribunal,” with a court that threatened constitutional equal protection rights.


That fed a chain of justified concerns spreading across the country among people who fear, with credible evidence, a Muslim assault on the U.S. Constitution. And it led to last month’s council vote to endorse House Bill 562, “American Law for American Courts,” which doesn’t mention religion but whose author has cited the Islamic Tribunal as a “problem” it will help solve.


“Equating conservative, Constitutional efforts as ‘fringe’ is a fairly standard media attack used to demean or diminish,” Van Duyne told me in her text statement. “You and others have a defined narrative in mind when you have written recently.”

I asked the mayor to call me with her thoughts on the police investigation into reports of threats against Muslims. She hasn’t yet, but last night she accused Sheikh, the imam, of breaking the law himself. In a Twitter exchange, state representatives Matt Rinaldi and Ken Sheets argued late into Wednesday night with Sheikh over whether he had asked the mayor for an apology in a meeting last month.

The mayor interjected to claim that in an early version of the Islamic Tribunal’s website (since changed), the imam falsely called himself a lawyer:


Not that what Muslims call “man-made” law means anything to Muslim garbage like Imam Zia (see above statement from Mustafa Carroll of CAIR):


 Islamic Center director Abderraoof Alkhawaldeh told me the mosque was trying to extract its worshipers from the political fray.

“I don’t want to turn this into the center versus the mayor or the Muslim community versus the mayor,” he said. “We’re concerned this bill might create some tensions. We have seen some these threat letters might impact our community. We don’t to be victims of politics in town. We’re worried about copy cats. We have lots of kids in the school,” he said. “We, at this time, don’t want to make a lot of noise.”

We’ll see how much noise is made at City Hall tonight. But even if the planned rallies peter out, I expect this issue to keep bubbling for months to come.








Guess what the #1 language spoken by refugees entering the U.S has been since Obama’s been in office?

GUESS AGAIN. It isn’t Spanish, it’s Arabic, followed not far behind by Somali. But what do you expect when you put a Muslim in the White House?


Here are the top ten languages spoken by refugees entering the US (from Fiscal Year 2008 to the end of the first quarter of FY 2015 (December 31, 2014). This is from the Refugee Processing Center which is the US State Department’s data collection site for refugee information. Refugee Resettlement Watch (h/t Zilla)

Rank Native Language FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 Cumulative Total
1 Arabic 9,767 13,675 15,199 7,372 9,938 17,230 17,859 4,430 95,470
2 Nepali 5,302 13,450 12,355 14,993 15,114 9,164 8,484 1,304 80,166
3 Sgaw Karen 7,460 3,331 5,833 6,521 4,148 5,011 4,115 1,046 37,465
4 Somali 2,402 3,879 4,787 3,057 4,763 7,295 8,449 2,664 37,296
5 Spanish 4,247 4,831 4,951 2,976 2,075 4,429 4,305 778 28,592
6 Chaldean 2,897 3,783 2,550 1,392 1,790 1,954 1,328 204 15,898
7 Burmese 3,769 2,040 1,414 1,290 1,146 1,523 1,066 233 12,481
8 Armenian 3,625 3,444 1,798 747 387 875 1,190 263 12,329
9 Kayah 0 5,267 1,922 1,179 595 784 637 136 10,520
10 Other Minor Languages 1,788 1,913 1,667 673 1,006 1,277 1,124 242 9,690
  Total 41,257 55,613 52,476 40,200 40,962 49,542 48,557 11,300 339,907

Dr Rich Swier In 2008, there were 1,349,000 Muslims in the United States, in 2012 because of Obama’s radical immigration policies, there numbers increased to 2.6 million, and because of Obama’s very aggressive immigration policies in support of only Muslim immigrants since 2012, the US Immigration Service has processed massive new numbers of Muslims from throughout the world.  

The numbers of Muslim immigrants will keep increasing asymmetrically by many more millions over the next 2 years, because Obama is driving this massive resettlement of “only” Muslim Immigrants in the UN Resettlement Program.


Greek Catholic sources have said more than 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christians are among the refugees driven from their homes by ISIS and Al Q’ieda Radical Islamic Terrorists, but neither the UN nor Obama have shown any willingness to resettle Christians refugees in the US.  

The Obama administration has resisted the acceptance of Christian refugees, and is only aggressively pushing the acceptance of Muslim refugees from the UN Resettlement Program.  Muslim immigrants who haven’t had their backgrounds properly investigated pose a much greater risk to the Nation Security interests of the US, than Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees who would pose very little or no risk.  


The Christians have been crucified, beheaded, shot, and buried alive by Radical Islamic Terrorists in a genocide that has been underway for 6 years.   The UN is excluding Christians from their UN Resettlement Programs according to Greek Catholic sources; if that continues, all funding for the UN should be abruptly terminated by the US Congress. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States.

Obama’s violation of Federal Immigration Laws, over the past 6 years, continues to pose a very serious National Security threat to the Republic and has created a real and present danger to the lives of millions of American citizens.  One of the goals of the Republic’s  immigration policies should be to protect the nation from the types of  Islamic Terrorist attacks that have occurred in Paris, Nigeria, and all over the world.


Unfortunately, Muslim immigrants pose a major security threat to the United States, because their backgrounds have never been investigated in depth by qualified Intelligent Analysts to determine if they had possible ties to Al Q’ieda, ISIS Iranian Terrorists, and other Radical Islamic Terrorists.

 Newly Indoctrinated Radical Islamic Terrorists with US citizenship & US Passports who return to the US, will either join “Sleeper Cells” or become “Lone Wolves”, who will eventually attack American and US citizens.  The Obama administration has refused to place restrictions on any US citizens have engaged in combat action in support of ISIL, Al Q’ieda, or Radical Islamic Terrorist. 


The Obama administration’s policy for the past 6 years has effectively emasculated the National Security Establishment’s ability to properly train their personnel to be able to properly identify and label  Islamic Terrorists.  Obama has directed all military commands, intelligence agencies, the FBI, local police forces, and the CIA to sanitize their training manuals and all literature that previously accurately described  Islamic Terrorists as a serious National Security threat to the Republic.  Obama ordered all Federal Agencies of the US Government to purge any information in their documents and training programs that portray terrorists as being Islamists Terrorists.

Up to 10,000 Syrian refugees, most of them Muslims, will be resettled in cities throughout the U.S. in 2015, with that figure expected to surge to near 75,000 over the next five years.


The U.S. State Department does not announce where it plans to send foreign refugees for resettlement within the United States, although the locations do eventually show up in a government database some weeks after they arrive in their host cities. Word of their anticipated arrivals will sometimes surface earlier in local media reports.

And that’s already happening in North Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington.

WND has reported that mayors in Georgia, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have been outspoken in their opposition to the State Department sending any more refugees to their cities, saying the refugees have been a drain on social services and taxpayer dollars. The cost of resettling the refugees has been estimated at $1 billion a year. 




MUSLIM AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?: God help NYC if the FDNY is forced to hire a 5-ft tall, 105-lb Muslim woman who insists on wearing a bag on her head

This 18-year-old baghead wants to be the FDNY’s first female Muslim firefighter. As a New Yorker, this is absolutely the last thing you’d ever want to see if your building was on fire and you needed rescuing.


Village Voice  Ahlam Ahmed is determined to become a New York City firefighter. The petite eighteen-year-old of Yemeni descent stands five feet tall, weighs just 105 pounds, and is well aware of the physical challenges inherent to the job. But she is resolute.

In a dining room at the FDNY Academy on Randalls Island, Ahmed is the only observant Muslim (observant as in disobeying the dress code and considering the need to pray during working hours more important than the requirements of the job) in a group of about 60 women.

A baggy bag on your head under your fire helmet…what could go wrong?

A baggy bag on your head under your fire helmet…what could go wrong?

They range from military veterans and teenage members of the department’s Explorer program to college athletes and hopefuls who have already taken the department’s most recent firefighter exam. They’re all here to participate in the FDNY’s first-ever Women’s History Month Female Outreach Event, created to help inspire more women to join the department. (Idiotic leftist affirmative action for unqualified applicants)

“I want to see what the FDNY has to offer,” Ahmed says matter-of-factly. She is dressed in jeans and a red sweater. A white scarf artfully conceals her neck, ears, and hair. (Not to mention her vision)

A Muslim firefighter - what could go wrong?

Just what a firefighter who lost hundreds of colleagues on 9/11 wants to see running into a burning building

Ahmed, a senior at the Islamic Al-Ihsan Academy in Queens, signed up for the event last year while attending a career fair at Kingsborough Community College. One persistent recruiter at the FDNY booth inspired her. “At first, I was like, ‘I can’t do that,’ ” she says. “I’ve got strict parents and I’m a girl and I’m small.” (Not to worry, cupcake, Mayor dhimmi deBlasio  will lower the standards for you)

Not a lot of women have similar experiences. There are more than 10,400 firefighters in the FDNY, and only 44 of them are women. Srisakul counts the event, which her group organized in conjunction with the department, as one of UWF’s successes in addressing the scarcity of female firefighters.

This is what we want to see in theNYC Fire Department

What will her “strict” Muslim parents have to say about this?



Muslims accuse Americans of being “Islamophobic” for not wanting the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in Arabic in a public school

06-300x225On March 18, a student in Pine Bush High School near New York City recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. This was done as part of the school’s Foreign Language Week, which was conducted to celebrate the “many races, cultures and religions that make up [the US and the Pine Bush] School District.”


The Hill by Sufyan bin Uzayr - One would expect the multicultural and cosmopolitan American society to appreciate such gestures. However, the reactions to the recitation of the Pledge in Arabic spoke otherwise: the language in itself was described to be meant for terrorists, and associated with Islam. Such bigotry once again highlighted everything that is wrong with USA: xenophobia, racism, ignorance, violence and above all, Islamophobia. (Then why are so many Arab-speaking Muslims coming here? Stay the hell where you are)

Pine Bush is a small town located roughly 85 miles from New York City. It is predominantly white, with Arab and/or Muslim-American populations being negligible. (Thank God)


The Foreign Language Week was an attempt by Pine Bush High School to foster cultural integration and interaction. It was an occasion to celebrate the multiple tongues, cultures and events that make up the human civilization in total. Sadly, this praiseworthy teaching exercise received nothing but overwhelming criticism. One student claimed, “The Pledge should always be said in English.”


Also, certain parents were offended because they had “family members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Apparently, they overlooked two basic things:

  1. Arabic, as a language, did not kill any of their family members. (But people who speak it did)

  2. Arabic, as a language, hardly has any proper speakers in Afghanistan. (But the book they consider their ‘Bible’, which has more than 100 passages calling for the killing of non-Muslims, is written in Arabic)

On any given day, such opposition to Arabic would sound ridiculous (Only if you’re a Muslim). However, a good portion of the American media as well as political outfits described the recitation of the pledge in Arabic as a threat to the nation, thereby  viewing Arabic as the language of terrorism, spoken by enemies of freedom. The clash of civilizations rhetoric was propagated once again: Arabic, much like every other Asian language, is theirs, not ours. (That’s right, it’s all yours. Keep it in your own countries, where it belongs)


However, even more unfortunate was the fact that instead of ignoring such baseless talk, the principal of Pine Bush High School decided to apologize for the recital. Will not this apology convey to the students the idea that reciting the pledge in Arabic was indeed an unpatriotic and unlawful act? (One can only hope)



The Pine Bush controversy once again sparked discussions about the old question: is the U.S. truly multicultural? (It is, however, Muslims who do not fit into a multicultural society by their own choice) Have the Americans actually embraced the pluralism that exists within their country, or is xenophobia and racism the norm in their society?

(Islam is not a race, and Muslims do not fit into the pluralistic mold because of their supremacist attitudes. They certainly don’t embrace it in their own countries. Many make the observance of anything but Islam a crime punishable by death)

Furthermore, this controversy did not occur in isolation. Recently, New York City decided to observe some Muslim holidays as well, and the responses were overwhelmingly negative. In Colorado, reaction to the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic in another school was slammed by the community.


The opposition to the pledge in Arabic shows one key point: in spite of its multicultural nature, America does view garments, languages and probably even cuisines as not merely cultural symbols, but signs of religious, ethnic and racial identities. (Only when it’s related to Muslims)

Arabic was just one side of the coin: Chinese, Japanese, Russian and even Spanish would be considered foreign but not as offensive. On the other hand, languages such as Italian or French would not have stirred such a big controversy. (What’s your point? This is a Judeo-Christian nation with European roots, NOT ARAB Muslim)


Why? Because no matter what you say, racism is selective and biased (but Islam is not a race). Arabic and Chinese are foreign because anything related to the Orient is suspicious for the American masses. Russian is foreign because Russia in itself is suspicious for Americans. Spanish is foreign because of deep-rooted racism and xenophobia in the American society.

This is precisely why the recital of the pledge in Arabic led to hysteria and outrage. A sense of hostility is deep-rooted in the American system:  Islamophobia is on the rise in the U.S. (Excellent!) and the Pine Bush incident only affirms this fact. As such, NYC’s decision to acknowledge Islamic holidays, as good horrible as it might sound, will continue to be overshadowed by such Islamophobic justifiably anti-Islamic and ignorant well-informed gestures.






IS NO PLACE IN AMERICA SACRED? Now, even Alaska is infested with Muslims and people don’t like it

‘Leave Alaska,’ ‘Not welcome,’ ‘Go home,’ ‘Take a hike,’ ‘Go away’ graffiti left on property leaves Sudanese Muslim infiltrators concerned.


Alaska Public  An incident over the weekend alarmed members of an immigrant community in Anchorage. However, officials are stopping short of labeling it a hate crime.

A relatively small Muslim community in America’s far north western state of Alaska have put final touches on their first mosque.

A relatively small Muslim community in America’s far north western state of Alaska have put final touches on their first mosque.

On Sunday morning a vehicle outside a multi-family home was found with deflated tires and covered with hateful messages written in washable orange marker. “There was writing on every single window and every single side of both of the cars,” Bock said. “Things that said, ‘Not welcome,’ ‘Go home,’ ‘Take a hike,’ ‘Leave Alaska,’ ‘Go away.’”

15,000 sq ft mega-mosquetrosity rises in Anchorage

15,000 sq ft mega-mosquetrosity rises in Anchorage

Debby Bock is a friend of the five men who live together in the building, all of whom are refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan. Bock came over Sunday, and was shocked by what she saw.

The men called the Anchorage Police Department to file a report. But both they and Bock were surprised that the Department is treating the incident as a vandalism case, and could not spare an officer to respond in person. “I called the police again,” Bock said, “and the dispatcher told me that they had taken a report over the phone, but no one was going to come out, and no one was going to take pictures.”

There's even a halal grocery store

There’s even a halal grocery store

Community members in Spenard, where the incident took place, have made efforts in the last day to show support with men living at the residence targeted. But the men feel unsafe after what happened, according to Bock, and some are wondering if the assault on property constitutes a hate crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which monitors hate crimes, has not seen evidence that would involve the organization in the case. “At this time the FBI is not investigating this as a hate crime. We are not a part of the investigation,” said Staci Feger-Pellessier, a communications specialist with the Bureau’s Anchorage division.




Muslim Brotherhood front group MSA (Muslim Students Association) creates campaign to try to convince Americans that Muslims are “human”

Gee, now that’s going to be a quite the challenge. Muslims keep telling us that “Muslim lives matter.” Apparently, these words are falling on deaf ears.

Humans of the MSA on Facebook


Sorry, but raising your asses to Allah on the front lawn of an American college campus (even one like UC Berkeley) doesn’t endear you to most Americans.


Flashback to the failed CAIR “This is my jihad. What’s yours?” campaign. It didn’t work the first time, either.

11073563_993128837384232_5585131691309241761_n 10251888_993128580717591_2831840726851151925_n 10392394_993145584049224_6156640163424517742_n 10405609_993136367383479_3139236592075785591_n 10525635_993128364050946_8099871603094441079_n 10653509_993128567384259_4503081043806922224_n 10987408_993128947384221_4807211117842218264_n 10995704_993128890717560_41830254181073547_o 11053247_993128530717596_8441986963630165880_n 11066522_993128370717612_8036128872794671736_n 11069631_993128590717590_2565011163185489412_n 11070445_993133567383759_4595693892319073092_n 11070525_993128497384266_1861222524351614968_n

Clearly, the above ‘jihads’ have little or nothing to do with the main jihad as found in the quran.







“Sodomy for Allah. That’s MY Jihad.”





ARKANSAS ACTION ALERT! Pressure your Senators to ban sharia law

5bf3081a6dda5f6a58cdeff1c8dde50dThe Constitution bans the use of foreign laws in our court system, but that hasn’t stopped more than 100 judges from using Sharia law to base their rulings where Muslims are involved. Senator John Cooper and Representative Brandt Smith have been working tirelessly to get HB1474 – the ‘American Laws for American Courts’ bill – through committee.

If you think Sharia law could never be considered in court rulings involving Muslims,  as per our Constition, THINK AGAIN! It already is, which means states like Texas must fight to get it banned:



Act! for America (h/t Hercules P)  It will go to the Senate floor for a vote on Monday. We need your help to make this happen. It is absolutely crucial that you email all the Republican senators (their emails are at the end of this blog) and urge them to please support HB1474 –  American Laws for American Courts. It is very important that you also call and ask them to give a message your senator.


The message service number for the Senators is: 501-682-6107. It will re-open at 8:oo am Monday morning. Calls need to be made prior to 11:00 am. Monday morning.The vote could come any time after that.


If John Cooper is your senator we already know he is for the bill, so choose another senator to leave the message for. If they say that person is not your senator, just say, yes, but what he or she votes for affects the entire state. Please remember to be courteous.


We need to bombard them with emails and phone calls so that they will hear us loud and clear! We suggest that you put something like “Please support American Laws for American Courts” in your subject line.

Here is a sample letter that you can use or you can write your own:

Dear Senator (………)

I am respectfully asking that you please support HB1474, American Laws for America Courts (ALAC). As the US gets more people immigrating here from all over the world, often these immigrants want to use the law systems from their country of origin. In many cases, these systems are not friendly to women and children.

It would not be a good thing for foreign laws to be permitted into our society. Everyone who lives in Arkansas should live under the same set of laws – the US Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution. ALAC has already passed in several states including Tennessee, Kansas, Arizona, and Louisiana. Several other states are considering it.


(Your name and town)


Arkansas Republican Senators’ email addresses:


“Does this headbag make my head look big?”

OREGON: Hood River Valley High School unveils new Muslim-themed play called ‘Does My Head Look Big in This,’ and it may very well incite the controversy that Muslims and their leftist allies love to provoke.


Oregon Live  The just-published play tells the story of a Muslim-American teenage girl, Amal, who has made the decision to wear a Muslim headbag full time. She goes through the motions of high school — studying, dating, going to parties — but struggles to connect with a faculty and student body who suddenly turn against her and her religion.

It’s a statement on judging people by groups instead of as individuals. That judgment has been particularly stark for American Muslims since 9/11, and its persistence threatens to derail shows like “Does My Head Look Big in This” that paint Islam in a positive light. (Let’s hope so) 

That’s good to hear, because for people who rally against Islam based on accurate stereotypes — that it’s sexist, violent and hateful — there’s plenty (of lies and obfuscations) in the play to be upset about.


DISGUSTING! Offensive, eardrum-shattering Muslim Call to Jihad to be forced on 50 states

makeitstop1-225x300Americans, please bring amplified rock music to drown out this loud and offensive Muslim supremacist noise attack on every state in America. On April 3, 2015, this Muslim scumbag will begin his attempt to become the first enemy of America to call the Adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer Jihad) in all fifty states. 

Muslim Link Paper  Called “Project Muaddhin” is the history making journey by Jameel Syed from Michigan. He intends to share the beauty ugliness of Islam, stopping to collect stories in each state, making the Adhan and delivering the Last Sermon of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam at each stop. (This is why you need to bring your boom boxes)

11008057_344446079080038_5346970802373936301_n “I made my intention to become the first Muaddhin (Caller of the Adhan) in history to make the Adhan in all fifty states across America. Instead of reacting to headlines, they’ll be creating their own by building a positive negative and offensive story around the community,” said Syed. 

It’ll be a journey that gives the international Muslim community the opportunity to dictate the terms of their own narrative across the world.

Starting from Farmington Hills, MI, Syed will stop and the ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA and Islamic Community Center of Laurel in Maryland on Friday, April 10, 2015. The Grand Canyon and Harry Potter World are also on the schedule.

This very American tradition (Just because you live here doesn’t make you an American) of driving across the United States will be a world record, but for Syed it is also a spiritual journey to gain the pleasure of Allah. (Let me not say what I am thinking here)

For more information, email and to follow the journey, go to or on Twitter/Instagram: @themuaddhin.

Take a listen to this disgusting Muslim Call to Jihad, something Muslims want to make a permanent part of every mosque in America. Poor doggie.