NORTH CAROLINA County Commissioner causes Muslim butt hurt by saying, “Only Christian prayers are welcome at county meetings”

A Lincoln County Commissioner, Carrol Mitchem, says non-Christian prayer is not welcome in Lincoln County government meetings that he is a part of and that he plans on keeping it that way.

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem. Read more at:

Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem.

Charlotte Observer  Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem told WBTV that any prayer from a “minority religion” would not be heard before county meetings if he has a say in the matter.

“Other religions, or whatever, are in the minority. The U.S. was founded on Christianity,” Mitchem said. “I don’t believe we need to be bowing to the minorities. The U.S. and the Constitution were founded on Christianity. This is what the majority of people believe in, and it’s what I’m standing up for.”

WBTV contacted Mitchem after a report was published in the Lincoln Times-News. In that report, Mitchem was asked about Rowan County, which was ordered earlier in the week by a federal court to stop opening meetings with a sectarian prayer. A federal judge ruled the Rowan County Board of Commissioners violated the Constitution when they held prayers before public meetings that were specific to one religion – Christianity.


“Changing rules on the way the United States was founded, Constitution was founded (I don’t like),” Mitchem told the paper. “I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying. If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”

Mitchem echoed that sentiment to WBTV on Friday.“I ain’t gonna have no new religion or pray to Allah or nothing like that,” Mitchem said. He added that anyone who doesn’t want to hear a Christian prayer can leave and “wait until we’re done praying.

“We’re fighting Muslims every day. I’m not saying they’re all bad,” Mitchem said. “They believe in a different God than I do. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. But, they don’t need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don’t need to be rubbing our faces in it.”

A letter to the Islamic Center in Charlotte says “We are prepared for the Muslim war that is going on overseas to begin in the streets right here.”

A letter to the Islamic Center in Charlotte says “We are prepared for the Muslim war that is going on overseas to begin in the streets right here.”

Jibril Hough, spokesman for the terror-linked Islamic Center of Charlotte, said such attitudes go against the principles on which the country was founded. “If you don’t believe the rights of the minority are equal to the rights of the majority, then you are against what America stands for,” (Nowhere in the Muslim world do they believe that) Hough said. “That’s why we live in a democratic republic.”

Jibril Hough favors wearing Palestinian/Hamas scarves

Convert to Islam and leader of Islamic Center of Charlotte, Jibril Hough favors wearing Palestinian/Hamas scarves

Muslims, he added, “pray to the God of Abraham, the same God Christians and Jews pray to.” (NO, they don’t. Don’t drag Jews into your argument, Jews aren’t complaining, only muslims are)

In addition to Judaism and Christianity, Hough added, “Prophet Mohammed and Islam are recognized as being influences on some of the founding fathers.” (In a pig’s eye they are. Muslims had nothing to do with the founding of America)


Lincoln County Commissioner Alex Patton told the Lincoln News-Times that until about six months ago, he or former commissioner Carl Robinson gave the invocation before the council meetings. Since then, a couple of religious leaders from the county have been rotating in to give the prayer.

Patton also told the paper that he didn’t think anyone would be denied the opportunity to give the invocation because of their beliefs. He said that it was “simply a matter of Lincoln County having 102 churches and all 102 representing the Christian faith.”

“I am a Christian, but I do not agree with commissioner Mitchem,” Patton told WBTV by email. “Our country was founded on freedom of religion. All Muslims are not bad, just as all Christians are not good.”

Jibril Hough’s Islamic Center of Charlotte has terrorist ties (below)


HEY, CAIR! Nothing to say when you find out the ‘Islamophobe’ who vandalized a St. Cloud, Minnesotastan mosque turns out to be a Muslim?

A St. Cloud MUSLIM man was arrested early Thursday after a report of vandalism at the Islamic Center of St. Cloud, in the 300 block of Fifth Avenue South. 

SC Times Abdourahamane Diallo, 29, (photo below) told officers he had vandalized the Islamic Center and a vehicle because he was frustrated and had lost an expensive phone earlier in the evening, according to a report from the St. Cloud Police Department.


SC Times  Police were called to the site shortly before 5 a.m. They learned that the window in a door and a window in a nearby vehicle had been broken while several people were attending prayer inside the center. Witnesses chased Diallo from the building to the end of the block and were walking him back to the scene when police arrived, the report said.

Witnesses said Diallo broke the windows after spraying the side of the church with beer, according to the report. No one was injured during the incident. Diallo appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the incident, police said. Diallo told officers he regularly attended prayer at the Islamic Center in the past.


Police are determining the monetary loss due to the damage. Diallo also is a suspect in a separate case of criminal damage to property stemming from damage to his friend’s vehicle earlier in the evening after a dispute about the lost phone, according to the police report. Rear view mirrors were broken on the vehicle while it was parked downtown.

Diallo could be charged with felony criminal damage to property, according to police.

Islamic Center of St. Cloud, obviously a former church

Islamic Center of St. Cloud, obviously a former church





Barack Hussein Obama is flooding the Bible Belt with tens of thousands of unscreened Muslim ‘refugees’

praying-outsideNestled in the heart of Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, lies an Evangelical Mecca. Where Christianity and Country music are as indigenous to the region as the seven hills of Lynchburg. And thousands of students make their annual pilgrimage, every fall, to study at the largest Christian University in the world. But in the ‘buckle of the bible belt’ some residents answer a different call to prayer. And if Obama has his way, many of the 100,000 Muslim refugees expected to arrive this year will be dumped right in the heart of America’s Bible Belt, transported and supported on the backs of hardworking US taxpayers.

Obama-and-refugees-1024x536WSET The Muslim community in the Lynchburg area is made up of around 50 families. Like many of those families, Mohammad and Asma Rahman moved here to seize a better opportunity.

Going only on his word, Asma, Mohammad, and their two sons made their way to Lynchburg in 2006. “We knew about Liberty and Jerry Falwell.” 

Asma Rahman says she had reservations and was a little scared. “Here when we came at first, I was a little bit, because I knew there weren’t that many Muslims” said Asma Rahman. “We didn’t have a mosque at the time” added Mohammad Rahman.

ISLAM is dark green

ISLAM is dark green

A stark contrast to the mosque in New Jersey where their kids attended Islamic school– or their native Bangladesh — home to some of the largest mosques in the world. “People in the Boonsboro area and the Lynchburg area were praying in people’s homes on Fridays” said Mohammad Rahman.

So a group of Muslim families including the Rahmans formed the Greater Lynchburg Islamic Association and raised enough funds to buy and repurpose a home. “Alhamdullilah, we’ve been very grateful” said Mohammed Rahman.

somali-muslims-taking-over-towns-in-us-small-towns-30.9.2013At the same time GLIA was constructing Lynchburg’s first mosque — tensions overseas were escalating as the U.S. entered its 7th year in the ‘War on Terror’. And Al-Qaeda militants and its subsidiaries’ claims to be fighting in the name of Islam, were further changing perceptions of Muslims at home.

9/11 put Islam in the national and international spotlight, often in the context of terrorism. But Asma Rahman can recall an incident that predates the attacks. “When my children were young, I was in New Jersey, my son came home a couple of times even before 9/11 and said mom why do they talk about that we are terrorist?” said Asma.

Over 20,000 Muslims Lift Their Asses To Allah in American baseball stadium field

Over 20,000 Muslims lift their asses to Allah in  an American baseball stadium field

Since, headlines have been filled with Islamic extremist claiming responsibility for a number of attacks — the Boston Marathon bombings, the Charlie Hebdo attack, brutal beheadings. But how can a religion many of its believers argue is peaceful… be used to justify such atrocities?

“In any religious text out of its content, it becomes a pretext.  You can use it for whatever you mean” saidLiberty University professor and Theologian Dr. Chris Gnanakan. Dr. Gnanakan says terrorism justified by religion is often rooted in power and politics. 


“Religion was never meant to be volatile.  I think peace is what all religions seek. Muslims will say that, Hindus live that and Christians pursue peace” said Gnanakan.

Many Muslims in the U-S have publicly condemned and disassociated themselves from extremist views. “We are non-violent people… Sometimes people get scared because of hearing all the news. And sometimes that may lead to something but fortunately for me I haven’t been exposed to any of that” said Mohammed Rahman.

The Rahman family has now lived in Lynchburg for 8 years. They say from the start, their neighbors welcomed them with open arms. “As they interact with us, they see what we are, so I never felt any kind of discrimination” said Mohammad Rahman.


Tennessee alone will get up to 10,000 Somali Muslims this year. As crime rates soar in every city in America that has a significant Somali Muslim population, home values drop like a stone.


Oh, NOES! MUSLIMS demand apology after Detroit News Anchor mentions connection between ISIS and the Arab-American community in Michiganistan

So, the fact that leaders of the Islamic State (ISIS) and most of its followers are Arab Muslims is of no relevance? Wasn’t it in the Arab-American community in Dearborn that Christians and Jews were attacked and assaulted at an Arab street festival, which resulted in the festival being shut down for good?









Gateway Pundit (h/t Rob E)  Detroit TV anchor Carmen Harlen angered perpetually-angry Muslims after her comments on ISIS in a report this week.

The Lebanese Examiner reported: WDIV-TV Local 4 news anchor Carmen Harlan upset many Michigan Muslims after making a comment on the state’s alleged ties to ISIS during a broadcast on the Detroit NBC affiliate on Wednesday.

When asked about a possible “ISIS threat in Michigan”, Harlan said “given the fact that we have the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, I guess this should not come as a real surprise.”

Many Arab organizations have voiced concern over Harlan’s comments, urging the TV station to apologize.

“This shocking lapse of professional conduct was directed against law-abiding citizens who strive to create vibrant, diverse communities wherever they live,” said Fatina Abdrabboh, director of the Michigan American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.



Muslim-created ad campaign is NOT mocking Pamela Geller’s anti-Islam ads, it is reinforcing them

In response to the growing number of anti-Islamic subway ads launched by Pamela Geller, some Muslims in America have decided to launch a campaign featuring ironic and humorous messages displayed on the NYC subway. (‘Humorous?’ Muslims don’t know the meaning of the word humor, let alone use it )


Morocco World News  According to New York Daily News, documentary filmmakers Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah said they would post 144 posters in 140 subway stations thanks to roughly $20,000 raised through crowd funding.

Islam does NOT mean peace, it means submission and YES, we are scared of being forced to submit to Islam

Islam does NOT mean peace, it means submission, and YES, we are scared of being forced to submit to a death cult like Islam

The posters bear messages such as: “Beware the Muslims are coming! And they shall strike with hugs so fierce you will end up calling your grandmother and telling her you love her.”

The campaigners also posted a message with very interesting facts (FALSELY) highlighting the achievements of Muslims. The poster reads, “Fact about Muslims: They invented coffee, the toothbrush, and algebra.” (NO, they didn’t: they-came-they-saw-they-plagiarized-1001-so-called-muslim-inventions-virtually-none-of-which-were-actually-invented-by-muslims)

NO, they didn't

NO, they didn’t

The campaign comes in response to an anti-Islam campaign (below) that featured a series of $100,000 ads on MTA buses with text and images likening Muslims to Hitler.









SEATTLE Muslim students try to fight “Islamophobia” by putting non-Muslim women in headbags and offering barbarically-slaughtered food

‘Islamophobia Awareness Day’ was created by a group of Muslim girls from Rainier Beach High School.


KUOW  They were motivated by what they see as ‘misconceptions’ (code word for truth about Islam that we don’t want you to know about) surrounding their religion and especially the way Muslims are portrayed in the (politically correct Muslim sympathizing) media. That’s why they opened up a safe space to talk about Islam, and answer questions from the public. 


Nafiso Egal, a freshman at the University of Washington, learned about the event through Facebook  and decided to show up to support her Muslim sisters. 

“The people that you see on the news that are extreme — that’s not really a part of Islam,” Egal said. “Islam teaches you to be a good person. Islam is peaceful.” (CRAP and everybody knows it)


At the event, youth set up stations with information about Islam along with cupcakes and savory sambusa pastries. At 1:30, a dozen girls stood in straight lines for Salat al Dhur, the midday prayer. 

HALAL - Eat at your own risk

HALAL – Eat at your own risk

At the hijab station, Hannah Corpuz stopped to learn how to put the Muslim head scarf on. “It’s kind of interesting because I never really knew how the process worked, or if you have to do your hair in a certain way,” she said. “It’s actually kind of really comfortable!” 


Later in the day, the youth organizers posted on Instagram saying the event was a success. They’re speaking with mosques in Australia, London, Spain and Holland in hopes of making this a global event next year.



Oh, BOO HOO…Somali Muslim police recruit leaves class over the ‘NO Muslim Headbag’ rule

Ismahan Isse has wanted to be a police officer for years. She prepared herself by earning an associate degree in criminal justice and entered the Columbus police academy in December. She lasted until March.


Dispatch  Isse, 29, is a Somali and a Muslim. The Police Division does not allow officers to wear head scarves and refused to change its policy for her. When she dropped out of the academy, “I told them the main reason was the scarf,” she said. She would like to return, but her head covering, or hijab, is important to her identity. “I want to remain myself,” she said. (Then go back to Somalia where you belong)

Other police departments in U.S. cities have made accommodations for head scarves as they try to recruit candidates from increasingly diverse communities (to the detriment of the white majority).

Kadra Mohamed is the first Somali Muslim woman to join the St. Paul Police Department, a move made possible by the department’s announcement that it has approved an option for employees to wear a police-issued headbag.

Kadra Mohamed is the first Somali Muslim woman to join the St. Paul Police Department, a move made possible by the department’s announcement that it has approved an option for employees to wear a police-issued headbag.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman has asked Columbus safety officials to re-examine the city’s policy after The Dispatch inquired about it for this story. Coleman thinks the policy could affect recruiting, his spokesman, Tyneisha Harden, said. “We are trying to diversify the police unit. (In other words, we are lowering our standards for diversity) We want to take a look at what other cities are doing.”

That’s appropriate, said City Councilman Zach Klein, who leads the public safety and judiciary committee. The city should always aim to maximize diversity because a workforce that reflects the community “is one of the many solutions toward improving police and community relations,” Klein said. (And considering that Obama is flooding the country with Somali Muslim thugs, terrorists, rapists and welfare whores, diversity is the least of our problems)

The average size Somali Muslim family in America

The average size Somali Muslim family in America

Columbus police spokeswoman Denise Alex-Bouzounis said the division does not allow head scarves for two reasons: so officers look the same and portray an “impartial appearance,” and for safety. Officers are required, at times, to wear helmets and gas masks, and the gas masks won’t fit over and around head scarves, Sgt. Rich Weiner said. A scarf also could be used to try to strangle an officer, Weiner said. Male officers wear clip-on ties to avoid that danger.

Napoleon Bell, executive director of the Columbus Community Relations Commission, said he was saddened when Isse left the academy. Her trainers “said she was doing really well — just as well and even better than some of the guys,” Bell said. “I’m hopeful she’ll change her mind, because she would be a great example for others.”


When members of his staff talked to Isse about why she had dropped out, she didn’t mention the head scarf but spoke of family obligations — she has three young children — and possibly wanting to choose a different career, Bell said.

Columbus has struggled with recruiting minority candidates, including African-Americans, immigrants and refugees, Bell said. (Just lower your standards like all good leftists do)

Somali Muslims in the midwest demand more free housing

Somali Muslims in the midwest demand more free housing


A Somali man made it into the Columbus police academy before Isse but failed some of the training requirements, Bell said. “We really want to remove the barriers so more people of different backgrounds and from all over the world apply to our fire and police forces,” he said.

This is what Somali Muslims bring to America - welfare queens who refuse to assimilate

This is what Somali Muslims bring to America – welfare queens who refuse to assimilate

Columbus has the second-largest Somali population in the U.S. — an estimated 40,000 — but the Police Division has never had a Somali officer, said Hassan Omar, who leads the Somali Community Association of Ohio. “The city hasn’t embraced or encouraged new Americans of any nationality to be a part of its police presence, and that’s disgraceful,” he said. (No, it’s called self-preservation)

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson last month at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Dublin, Ohio, where he heard grievances from a group of Somali-Muslim leaders.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson last month at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Dublin, Ohio, where he heard grievances from a group of Somali-Muslims

The Ohio chapter of the designated terrorist group CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations – pushed for and received an allowance last year for a corrections officer in Cleveland to wear her hijab at work, staff attorney Romin Iqbal said.

During the past 20 years, CAIR has helped employees reconcile their religion with their workplace in several fields, spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said. “I can’t recall a case where we haven’t been able to reach a reasonable accommodation.” (Reasonable as in good for muslims, bad for Americans)

Somali Muslims demand more FREE Halal food banks

CAIR helps Somali Muslims get more FREE Halal food banks



MUSLIM SUSPECT shot by police at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport after he attempted to run over police officers

According to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, airport police were responding to a report of suspicious persons in the terminal’s car rental ramp around 9:30 p.m. As the officers were interacting with one vehicle on the parking ramp, the MUSLIM driver of a 2nd vehicle deliberately tried to run them down. 


CBS  (h/t Oliver G) A press release states that police shot at the vehicle. The Muslim driver was taken to a nearby hospital. His condition is not known. Authorities identified the suspect Sunday as 36-year-old Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud. Once he’s out of the hospital, he’ll be facing aggravated assault charges.

Sheriff Rich Stanek said officers were interacting with a vehicle when a second vehicle intentionally drove at officers who were on foot. The suspect in the vehicle, identified as Mahmoud, attempted to run over the officers and he was shot. Authorities said the suspect drove at officers without notice or provocation.

The release also states that an officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Stanek said they believe the incident was isolated and does not appear to have any ties to homeland security.




Rev. Franklin Graham to Muslim crybabies: “If you can’t support the U.S. military, leave America and go live in a Muslim country

In response to the University of Maryland’s decision to cancel a screening of the hit movie ‘American Sniper’ because the school’s Muslim Students Association (MSA)* objected, calling it “Islamophobic and nationalist,” Reverend Franklin Graham said the sniper, Chris Kyle, “was an American hero” and Muslims who don’t think so should get the hell out of America.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 6-1.18.59 PM

CNS  In a petition it sponsored to halt the screening of the film, the Muslim Students Association said “American Sniper,” which has grossed $541.3 million worldwide so far, is “war propaganda guised as art [that] reveals a not-so-discreet Islamophobic, violent, and racist nationalist ideology.”

Franklin Graham, 62, is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse. He frequently speaks out against the intolerance and dangers of radical Islam and the genocide of Christians in the Muslim world.

*The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is one of several terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front groups in North America


MUSLIM CONVERT says, ‘My Islamic faith prevents me from paying interest, so I am not going to pay back my $64,000 in student loans”

ShariaDollars1A Seattle, WA MUSLIM man going by the name Amir wrote to Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guyin a missive published this week, “I had two citi-student loans and at some point in time within the last 5 years they went to Navient.” Amir explained that he had unsuccessfully asked the loan servicing company to lower his payoff amount to $32,000, even though the actual amount he owes is $64,000 “because of deferment and interest.”


Daily Caller (h/t Nelson A)  The dismayed student loan borrower also noted that he “was born into Islam” but only took a serious interest in the religion in 2012. One thing he has learned since then, he said, is that “dealings with interest” are “strictly forbidden” under Islam.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe,” Amir offered. As for the rest, he wants his creditors to acknowledge that his “awareness and conditions have changed” since he accepted the loan.


“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?” Amir asked. Rhode then responded by having exactly none of Amir’s plea for a religion-based student loan discount.

“Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen,” the Get Out of Debt Guy bluntly declared. Rhode told Amir that the lesson to take from the situation is that “the damage caused by deferment is enormous” because accruing interest “just puts the debt in turbo.”

Rhode also explained that an imam advised him that Muslims who choose to borrow with interest “are obligated to repay their entire debt and if they don’t they will prohibited from entering paradise when they die.”




ABERCROMBIE & FITCH: Out with the young and beautiful. In with the ugly and ‘beheadbagged’ look.

af_jihab3_090918_mn-viStarting Friday, you won’t have to be good-looking to work for clothing icon ‘Abercrombie & Fitch.’ You also won’t have to be young and stylish. Now you can be an unattractive Muslim woman wearing a tent and a bag on your head and get a job at A&F, thanks to multiple lawsuits filed against the company by the litigation jihdadists at CAIR.


Bloomberg  Oh, they are saying they are trying to broaden their customer base by “retiring the appearance and sense of style” hiring for employees that stipulated youth, sexiness, and attractiveness.

(But we all know what’s actually behind this: Political Correctness foisted on the country by the Left and embraced by the Muslim fascists invading America, who never stop trying to destroy free speech and force Americans to accept and embrace their oppressive religious customs and offensive cultural ideas which include misogynistic dress codes and behavior for women)


The changes are the latest for the once high-flying retailer, which pioneered the sexy preppy look and made male models with ridiculously ripped abs a billboard standard. By retiring the “appearance and sense of style” hiring rule that stipulated attractiveness, Abercrombie is scrapping the last of the legacy of former Chief Executive Officer Mike Jeffries, who left in December.

U.S. Retailers' July Sales Trail Projections On Spending Cuts

When new stores open, shirtless hunky young men no longer greet patrons outside. In fact, by the end of July, sexualized marketing images will be gone from shopping bags, in-store photos and gift cards. (But you can be sure Muslim women in headbags will be a presence at A&F. Can  ‘fashion’ burqas be far behind?)


The company was mocked for the “Look Policy,” and sued over how it was implemented. U.S. Supreme Court justices heard arguments in February in the case of Samantha Elauf, a Muslim teenager who was denied a job because she wore a head scarf. Abercrombie agreed to pay $71,000 to settle two suits similar to Elauf’s in California in 2013. In her case, the company argued its actions were legal because it didn’t have “actual knowledge” that Elauf wore the scarf for religious reasons. A federal appeals court sided with Abercrombie, and Elauf appealed to the high court.

Fortune Now, the Ohio-based clothing chain will have to defend itself in the Supreme Court for not hiring a worker because the hijab she wore did not comply with its strict dress code.

A&F will appear before the Supreme Court of the United States to defend its decision in 2008 to not hire Samantha Elauf, a Muslim woman, to work at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Abercrombie Kids store as a sales associate—or a “model,” as Abercrombie calls the position internally. The reason they didn’t hire her? The hijab she wore did not comply with the company’s strict dress code.


Abercrombie’s so-called Look Policy gives “models” specific rules for their appearance—guidelines that “ensure [Abercrombie’s] consistent brand message,” according to the retailer’s court filings.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Abercrombie for discrimination on Elauf’s behalf in 2009. The jury in that case sided with Elauf and awarded her $20,000 in damages. But the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in October 2013 overturned that verdict after determining that Abercrombie couldn’t be held liable because Elauf never explicitly told the company that she wore her hijab for religious purposes and that she would therefore need an exemption from the company’s dress policy.

covered (2)

The Supreme Court will decide if Abercrombie acted legally, and it will also answer a broader question: who’s responsible for flagging warning signs of potential religious discrimination? Put in another way, do employees and job candidates have to explicitly identify potential conflicts between their religious practices and a company’s policy? Or are there instances in which employers must point to such a clash and discuss how to work around it even if an individual does not explicitly ask?

The new Abercrombie look

The new Abercrombie look

In its filing with the Supreme Court, Abercrombie argues that it is the employee’s duty to ask for accommodation of religious beliefs; it’s not the employer’s responsibility to guess. “Employers are not supposed to ask about religious views or practices,” the filing says.

But their ruling is irrelevant. After fighting several Muslim cases in court, in 2013, the company changed its look policy to acknowledge that Islamic head bags can be accommodated in the workplace.


UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND pussies cave to pressure from Muslim Brotherhood front groups and cancel screening of ‘American Sniper

Get a clue, ‘American Sniper’ does not create ‘Islamophobia.’  Americans hate Muslims because of their supremacist, violent, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Christian, antisemitic, and other anti-social behaviors, not because a movie shows the consequences of their actions.

Apparently this decision was not applauded by most non-Muslim students at the university, judging by the comments they posted on the UMD Muslim Students Association Facebook page:

  • Craig Silman So I guess that any speech you do not agree with is hate speech and any speech you like is free speech? This is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of colleges and universities. When one person/group can stop open discourse by by saying they areSee More
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  • Holly Wangelin-Reid Way to stifle FREEDOM of SPEECH! Your organization seeks to discourage the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS GRANTED BY THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION! Your actions are so UNAMERICAN! If you like banning freedom of speech, expression and rights might I suggest that you attend a University in a MUSLIM country. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
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  • Glenda Rivera Call It is very revealing how your comments, regards and apologies of offending other organizations simply show how one sided your organization is. I am ashamed for you. And I am proud of all us AMERICANS who stand up for our military and how they let you do what you do.
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  • Robert Baumbaugh You Muslims can only push so far…a reckoning is coming, and its called a pissed off christian American…
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  • Monte Wisehart You fail to realize that your actions only serve to confirm what many in America already feel about your faith. It is perhaps the most intolerant religion in the world. If you are dismayed with our values, go back to any Muslim country and re-enter intSee More
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  • Steve Allen Muslims only believe in Freedom of Speech if you agree with them.
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  • Chris Leist Censorship and “commitment to exercising your freedom of speech” are not the same thing. Having the choice to see or not see the movie is free speech. You stole that from the members of your academic community that wanted to view the film.
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  • Mariam Eltoweissy Huge thank you to everyone operating with respect and kindness here regardless of whether they agree with this or not 
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  • Nour Al-Muhtasib Great job guys! So proud of you.
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  • Roger Boatwright Congrats UMD, controlled by a group of 42 people.
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  • Roger Kiley Is a shame the SEE caved into this. An American patriotic movie based on facts of what happened. You feel it stereotypes Muslims, I say it shows how a radicalized Muslim twists Islam. For me you would have been better to organize a post movie discussioSee More
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  • Aaron Bricco I am a former U.S. Army veteran who served over two years in Iraq. I am a current student here at UMD. This measage is not directed at the student Muslim group. It is asking for all of you who want to say biased and derogatory messages. Please stop thiSee More
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  • Jake Niemyer It is unfortunate that you have no grasp of what freedom of speech/expression means. Freedom of speech is a dearly held constitutional right that must act as a “two-way street” or it ceases to function at all. “Freedom of speech” does not give you thSee More
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  • Leo Gutierrez John 3:16
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  • Francis Dennis Murphy Which one among you will travel to the ISIL Caliphate and seek peace in the name of Allah for all humanity?
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  • Jason Musick Good Evening…As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a current UMD student, I find these verbal attacks against MSA EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL!!! After a couple of veterans heard the news about American Sniper being pulled for whatever reasonSee More
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  • Saima Ayub Thank You UMD MSA and thank You Student Entertainment Events for taking a stand and refusing to support bigotry and discrimination being used under the banner of freedom of speech. May you be rewarded in abundance for your courage. Reading some of these hateful bigots was not easy, so hats off to your brave souls.
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  • Doug Dowdey How can this be construed as “freedom of speech?” Really? Hopefully others will follow suit when movies which depict Christianity in a manner that goes against their faith.
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  • Bernard Grbavac I WILL RESPECT YOUR RELIGION when the terrorist countries of the middle east allow Christians to pray openly and give women equal rights just like the forum that the GREAT USA has given you !!! NO SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA !!!
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  • Kathy Koke-Drum It seems you are making Demands that are not Constitutional. Because you are only wanting your ways followed. As an American Born Citizen I find all of you offensive an Not a loving group of people who only intimidate people in getting what you want. Hate to tell you all this; in the long run you are not on the winning side.
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  • Larry Werner If you actually watched the movie you would learn that your preconceptions about it being Islamophobic are not true. In fact, you would learn about a man who struggled with many difficult choices when he was tasked to protect this country from those wSee More
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  • Tee Thompson No wonder Americans despise Muslims.
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  • Dorothy Robinson You Muslims always get your way. You are very selfish people and have no regard for others. You think you should be the most important people in America.I don’t think we need Allah in our lives for we have one more supreme than him. He is Jesus, the Son of God.
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  • Arif Kabir Thank you SEE for being courageous against the bigotry and Islamophobia of American Sniper. We would never tolerate a movie celebrating anti-Semetic behavior, and this is no different.
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  • David Moore When are you people going to lash out at your own for the crimes in the name of Allah? You are so quick to condemn those who question your motives but take no stand against the criminals of your religion. Until you take a stand against your own there will be those who condemn you all.
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  • Giovanni Tundo It’s weird, whenever you Google “American heroes”, only war veterans come up, even though all of them have killed people. Should we protest all “American heroes” and all movies about war based on true stories? Yes, wars can be heartbreaking, but sometiSee More
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  • David Michael Korkowski So let me get this straight, you oppose American Sniper because it dehumanizes individuals and portrays negative stereotypes. The only stereotypes it portrays are that if you attack the US or its allies you will die and if you are a terrorist who willSee More
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  • Bruce Heacock Islam is NOT a religion. It is a means of control, move governmental that happens to incorporate religious doctrine. whether it degenerates women, exploits western ideology to accommodate it’s own end.
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  • Shirley Hano Byrd If you don’t OVERWHELMING agree that Chris Kyle was a true American Hero then you don’t belong in the United States of AMERICA. We welcome you to GO HOME to be free to exercise your “religious freedom”.
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  • Joe Welch You talk about Freefom of Speech and then quash it? As soon as Barry gets out of office …. Buh bye
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  • CJ Heldmann Someone please tell me what is racist about the movie. This is America. The free country. Stop trying to change that!
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  • Steve Roemer You are the most cowardly, the most hypocritical bunch of whining losers this country has ever had to put up with…..We won’t have to for much longer…..
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  • Brent Butterfield How about the campus won’t show the movie if you denounce the murders that are being committed by isis and call them the terrorists they are
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  • Victoria Snavely Why does this keep happening, it needs to stop. If the Muslim students do not like it, they do not have to go see it. This is a control effort by the muslin to dictate what we see. Stop it, it is a violation of our rights. I have not seen anyone go out & try to kill a bunch of Muslim students, but I have seen where Muslims have killed a lot of American & Christians.
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  • Peter Wypxzi Typical Muslim response to freedom.
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  • Penelope Nichols To all the bigoted chucklefucks commenting on this post: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck every single one of you. I hope your pizzas are always delivered half an hour late, for the rest of your lives.
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  • John Donahue ‘Merica
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  • Phil Seas Why weren’t you assholes protesting the 2 gay men who got thrown off a roof in Iraq you cowards? What about stomping a women to death in Pakistan who supposedly burned your fiction novel? Absolute cowards.
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  • Christine Ramirez As a parent of 2 UMD students I’m flabbergasted at your choice of words.” Inclusive”, “just”, and “safe” – what world do you live in? If you want a sheltered community, please go elsewhere. This is a public university in a metropolitan tri-state area and obviously not a good fit for you. You sound like spoiled brats and I intend to make parent voices well heard to university leadership.
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  • Autumn Meadows I am glad you did it..this movie glorifies war and if some muslim was showing a movie of ISIS putting bullets in americans head I am sure it would have been removed or seens as supporting “terrorism” movies glorifying war and assassinating muslims should not be shown in our university as they should be neutral. Good for the university for having reasonable taste in judgement here.
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  • Larry Kosberg Ha ha! Quoting the satanic beast about ‘justice’. How wonderful these peace loving little buttercups are.
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  • Deb Morelli “We sincerely appreciate your commitment to exercising your freedom of speech to create an inclusive, just, and safe campus community.” You obviously do not understand what the purpose of the first amendment is – nor what it is for. It is not to creaSee More
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  • Dan Gleese Well if they hold such disdain towards our military heroes and then have gall to preach about this so called Allah to be our savior they can take all of that crap back to their homeland this country the United States of America is not thier homeland and as far as Allah goes he’s nothing short of a murderous thieving rapist and you can add a racist to that
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