MICHIGANISTAN: Soccer referee, savagely punched in the head by an angry Muslim player, dies

The Michigan soccer referee critically injured this weekend after he was sucker-punched by Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad during an adult-league game died Tuesday in an area hospital. John Bieniewicz, 44, was left in critical condition Saturday in Livonia after witnesses say he was punched in the head as he reached down for a red card.

FOX News (h/t Henry P)   Police said Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad punched Bieniewicz after he indicated that the 36-year-old Dearborn resident was going to be ejected. 

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad

One witness told MyFoxDetroit.com that Bieniewicz was punched near his throat and fell without raising his arms. The death was confirmed by the hospital and a family friend.

Saad was arraigned Monday in Livonia District Court on a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Bond was set at $500,000, and a probable-cause hearing was set for July 10. It is unclear if Saad will face new charges.

Bieniewicz was a dialysis technician with a wife and two sons, said attorney Jim Acho, who was a childhood friend. Acho says a fund is being set up to help pay for his friend’s funeral and burial expenses, as well as his children’s futures.


According to Acho, Bieniewicz was the only student-athlete in the class of 1988 to letter in both football and basketball at the ultra-competitive Detroit parochial school. Acho, who ran a basketball camp with Bieniewicz for four years after high school, said his 6-foot-5 friend would “wow the kids with dunks.”

But much to the surprise of his friends, Bieniewicz gravitated to soccer and fell in love with the sport. He has been a well-respected referee for two decades. He was doing what he loved on Sunday when he was attacked at Mies Park, Acho said.

MyFoxDetroit.com reported that Saad’s team has been kicked out of the league.


NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #121: Chicago car dealership ordered to pay Muslim employees $100,000 because of alleged name-calling



Tinley Park car dealership Rizza Buick GMC Cadillac, Inc. must pay $100,000 to resolve a religious discrimination lawsuit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced.

Chicago Tribune  The lawsuit, filed in September, alleged that Rizza Cadillac violated the Civil Rights Act “by subjecting three Arab Muslim employees to a hostile work environment based upon their national origin and religion,” the EEOC said.


Chicago Tribune  “What we found was that Rizza’s managers allegedly used offensive slurs, such as ‘terrorist,’ … and ‘Hezbollah,’ and made mocking and insulting references to the Qur’an and the manner in which Muslims pray,” John Rowe, who supervised the EEOC’s pre-suit administrative investigation, said in a statement.

John Hendrickson, an attorney with the EEOC, added in the press release that “such hostile conduct is both the worst type of negative stereotyping on the basis of national origin and religion and exactly what Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act) was designed to remedy.” The federal consent decree approved by a federal judge notes that “no party admits the claims or defenses of any other party.”

In its own press release, the Chicago office of terror-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relation)s said the three employees “experienced extreme harassment.” CAIR’s Chicago Litigation Jihad Director, Kevin Vodak, said the Muslim Brotherhood front group is pleased by the resolution.




NYC Muslim food cart vendor gets stabbed by angry customer

He probably got sick on the disgusting halal food they sell from these carts.


The vendor,  Amayan Shiha, told CAIR-NY that he saw a customer arguing with another Muslim food cart vendor over a sandwich. When he approached the men engaged in the argument in an effort to interfere , the customer faced him and allegedly said, “You don’t belong to this country. Go back to your fucking country ,” and stabbed him a total of 15 times.

ABC News Amayan Shiha has 25 stitches in the side of his head. He also has another wound not two inches from his kidney and another on his leg. Shiha says the injuries were sustained when a crazed attacker went after him with a switchblade and made his motive painfully clear.

Typical halal slop sold from these carts

Typical halal slop sold from these carts

“He looked at me and he tell me ‘you wanna fight?’” said Shiha, “and he grabbed something from his right pocket.”

He has demanded that his case gets classified as a hate crime. Ayman Shiha told CBS News 2’s Lou Young he believes the motive for the attack this past Tuesday was that he is Muslim. Police said the attack was just over a sandwich.

Shiha needed 25 stitches to the face and ear, and suffered a plunging wound that narrowly missed his kidney and multiple other wounds to the left side of his body.

NYC Halal Food carts get more Health Dept violations than any other vendors

NYC Halal Food carts get more Health Dept violations than any other vendors

“It’s a hate crime, because I work in a halal truck. You know, most of the people who work there are Muslim people or immigrant people,” Shiha said. “Before he started stabbing in my neck, he told me, ‘You don’t belong to United States? Why are you here? Go back to your fucking country.’”


The food cart was parked right across from Bellevue hospital in Kips Bay around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when the attack happened. Shiha said the attacker became enraged because the halal stand would not serve a Philly cheesesteak at the halal food cart.

So far, suspect Louis Garcia is only charged with simple assault. The case goes to a grand jury on Monday.






RAMADAN: Reason #120 for NEVER hiring a Muslim

CAIR TO MUSLIMS: Know your rights in the workplace this Ramadan. And this is in addition to all the other Muslim “rights” CAIR demands from every employer:


CAIR  An important first step is to familiarize yourself with your rights as an employee, particularly on religious accommodations. To be clear, your employer’s handbook is not the authority regarding workplace accommodation and often employer’s handbooks do not include appropriate guidelines on religious accommodations. Federal and state laws protect religious freedoms in all areas of society including places of work in the US. 

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Muslim prayer in the workplace

If your requests for any religious activity including frequent prayer and iftar (Ramadan) breaks are not accommodated, please contact CAIR immediately. We can help you obtain necessary accommodations quickly and without retaliation, simultaneously, we can additionally ensure that your employer’s policies are consistent with federal and state laws so other Muslim employees do not experience similar issues. We stand ready to assist, Our employment discrimination services are provided at zero cost (Paid for by the Saudis).

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Did you know that according to federal law, you’re entitled to your religious practices including prayer, iftar breaks, time off for weekly Friday and Eid prayers, and as well as Hajj (an extra 2-week vacation to Saudi Arabia), regardless of your residential status (even if you are an illegal alien) in the US? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and particularly section 42 U.S.C § 2000e(j) allows an employee to take time off for “sincerely held beliefs.”


These accommodations include your religious actions including prayers, religious headbags (even if they are prohibited for safety reasons) to be worn in the work place, schedule changes so your break fits into Maghreb time for iftar, and leave for congregational (weekly Friday or Eid) prayers and Hajj. Title VII also strictly prohibits retaliation by employers against employees for asserting their rights to religious accommodations.



DIVERSITY  With Ramadan–the holiest month on the Islamic calendar–beginning, issues of religious accommodation and cultural competency may come up in your workplace. To help you avoid offending Muslim colleagues now and throughout the year, here are five things not to say.


1. “Why can’t Muslims decide when Ramadan starts?

Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, Ramadan is determined by the sighting of the new moon, which varies from year to year. And like other faiths, there are interpretational differences in beliefs. “In America, there are two groups of Muslims: The first believes you can use scientific data to determine when a new moon can be sighted, and thus you can predetermine the month,” says Nadir Shirazi, creator of “The Ramadan Guide for the Workplace.

The second group, he says, “believes that you must sight the new crescent moon with the naked eye.” So the start/end dates of Ramadan, depending on the practices of Muslims in your workplace, may be different. Providing flexible hours and allowing floating holidays will permit employees of Islamic and other faiths to celebrate their holidays without using all their vacation time.

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Muslim prayer in the workplace

2. “Why can’t you eat today?”

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during daytime hours, so scheduling office parties, fall festivals and luncheon meetings at that time “puts a Muslim coworker on the spot [and] can be embarrassing for both parties,” explains Shirazi.

man eating bbq ribs

Education and consideration are key. “The ideal thing is don’t schedule office parties during these times,” says Niham Awad, founding member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest civil-liberties organization for American Muslims, based in Washington, D.C. “The least thing employers can do is don’t force employees to attend these parties, with all the food and drink, while fasting.”

eating ribs1

If possible, don’t eat anything when Muslim employees are in the room, even the lunchroom. If you have to eat, try not to eat any pork products, especially if they have a strong smell.


3. “But you don’t look/dress like a Muslim.” (But often they smell like one)

With an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, to think all look and dress similarly is a stereotype. “All Muslims do not have long beards or wear white robes or hijabs,” explains Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ), a nonprofit religious, charitable and educational organization in South Brunswick, N.J. “That’s the image people see on CNN.” In reality, Islam principle specifically states that there’s no compulsion in faith. Conversely, asking a Muslim woman why she doesn’t cover her body in a black niqab or drapery is equally inappropriate. “Islam is very much a personal and private religion,” says Afia Mirza, a DiversityInc intern who is Muslim.

f14 (1)

4. “I didn’t know you were Arab.”

This is another culturally insensitive comment. The reason: Only about 20 percent of Muslims worldwide are Middle Eastern. “Muslims are Black. Muslims are white. Muslims are senators … they’re in the White House (OVAL OFFICE),” says Chebli. According to The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, three senior leaders in the U.S. government who are Muslim include at least 6 Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated staff members: Dalia Mogahed, senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies; Ebrahim “Eboo” Patel, founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core [Mogahed and Patel are on the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships]; and Hamas-supporter Rep. Keith Ellison, (D-MN) 


5. “Why can’t you pray on your coffee break?”

Depending on the times allowed for office breaks, this comment can violate religious rights. That’s because “Muslim prayer must be done within specific time frames,” says Awad, adding that the second and third prayers are during business hours. What’s more, Muslim prayer involves standing up and bowing on the floor, which can be awkward to perform in the workplace. It’s also preferred that prayer be done in a group.

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Muslim prayer in the workplace

Progressive companies will designate a private room or other facility for group prayer. On Fridays, when Muslims are obligated to pray in mosques and not in the office, “companies must give an extended lunch hour,” explains Awad. Companies such as Ford Motor Co., No. 44 in The 2010 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity�®, are involving their interfaith-based employee-resource group to help give members space to share experiences and ideas of religious accommodation.

“These are not only constitutional issues,” says Awad, “but when you have a friendly work environment, you will have better performing and more loyal employees.” (And if Muslim employeess don’t get their way, CAIR will sue your ass)


More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM


If it seems as though Coca Cola is doing a lot of pandering to Muslims here of late…they are

12335802323_fb80c4fb7f_zAnd it’s probably because the CEO of Coca Cola, Muhtar Kent, is a Muslim* who happens to be listed by Forbes as a top Amnesty supporter.


The TV ad says, “There’s no better time than now to embrace new people in your life. Start a conversation, share a smile, make a friend for life. Ramadan Kareem!”



Sickening video of McDonald’s worker, who wears Muslim garb when not working, savagely beating a female customer in front of her toddler son

Latia Harris, attacker

Latia Harris, attacker

A black fast-food worker in New Jersey has been caught on video viciously beating and kicking a white mother in front of her young son as a group of people stood by and did nothing to help.  Latia Harris, still at large, is seen  pummeling  the victim on the ground, spitting at her, and kicking her in the back. The suspect also threatened the victim’s 2-year-old son.

NJ.com (h/t Linda R)  Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim’s 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop. “Police in this county deal with this type of violence everyday. Yet, this video is physically sickening to watch,” Salem Chief of Police John J. Pelura III said Wednesday.


The suspect in the case has been identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, who is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, Pelura said. She has not yet been apprehended. A video showing the violent attack had been posted online. The person who took the video appears to have happened upon the incident and began recording, probably using a cell phone. The video shows several others watching the beating and recording it on phones.

The victim’s 2-year-old son appears to be the lone individual who intervened, pleading for the attack to stop and kicking at the attacker’s leg — and the attacker at one point threatened to kick the boy in his face.  Reactions from witnesses sound akin to “oohs” and “ahhs” you might hear at a sporting event.


The attacker is seen spitting on the victim before walking away. NJ.com reported that the attacker asked those who recorded the incident to not post it online.

According to Pelura, officers were called to the entrance to Harvest Point “for a woman who was covered in blood and appeared to have been assaulted” Tuesday around 7:10 p.m. The chief said the unidentified victim was “disoriented, confused and bleeding from the face.”

Beating victim Catherine Ferreira

Beating victim Catherine Ferreira

Pelura said the victim said a woman named “Tia” who works at McDonald’s assaulted her and “accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager.” In the video the suspect is dressed in what appears to be a McDonald’s restaurant employee uniform — a burgundy shirt and black pants.

As bystanders watched, the victim is thrown to the ground and beaten about her face and kicked in her back by the suspect, the video shows. During the beating the suspect continued to rant, using foul language and saying something about possibly losing her job. The victim’s toddler son yelled for the beating to stop and kicked at the suspect’s legs several times. The victim is seen being punched at least 20 times and bleeding profusely.


At one point, Pelura said, and it is clearly seen in the video, Harris threatened to kick the victim’s son in his face. The video shows the assailant spitting on the victim and walking away, asking those recording the incident not to post it on social media. The victim, a 27-year-old Salem woman, is seen left on the ground with blood in her hands from the beating to her face.

The victim was taken to The Memorial Hospital of Salem County, Mannington Township, for treatment. Pelura said the fact that bystanders watched and recorded the incident and did nothing to stop it is sad.


MASSACHUSETTS: Furious Mayor demands State Department STOP flooding his city with indigent Somali Muslim refugees

Wherever Somali Muslims go, crime rates soar

Wherever Somali Muslims go, crime rates soar

A Massachusetts mayor is calling for an end to refugee resettlement in his city, saying illiterate, uncivilized, unskilled  Somali MUSLIM families are putting pressure on already strained services in Springfield, a onetime industrial center where nearly a third of the population lives below the poverty line.

UK Daily Mail  Mayor Domenic Sarno is the latest mayor to decry refugee resettlement, joining counterparts in New Hampshire and Maine in largely rare tensions with the State Department, which helps resettle refugees in communities across America. The mayor is drawing criticism from those who say this country has a moral obligation to help the outcast and refugees who say they’re being scapegoated for problems the city faced long before their arrival.


Why not talk about the problems in the city, why not talk about the houses that are unstable and in bad conditions, why only talk about the Somali Muslims and Somali Bantus?’ Mohammed Abdi, 72, said through an interpreter.

COLUMBUS, OHIO: Somali Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

COLUMBUS, OHIO: Somali Muslim crowd of 2,000 turns violent waiting to apply for subsidized apartments

Sarno, leader of the state’s third-largest city, first demanded last summer that the U.S. government stop sending refugees. But after recent inspections found Somali families living in overcrowded, pest-infested apartments without electricity and sometimes heat, he stepped up complaints, saying resettlement agencies are bringing in ‘warm-weather’ refugees and dumping them into cold climates only to leave them dependent on the city.

Getting stuff at the Good Will

Loading up on freebies at the Good Will

‘I have enough urban issues to deal with. Enough is enough,’ Sarno said in an interview. ‘You can’t keep concentrating poverty on top of poverty.’

Madino Idoor, a 35-year-old Somali Muslim over breeder with seven children, spent 12 years in a refugee camp before coming to the U.S. in 2004. She works two jobs — one at Goodwill at Springfield and another as a dishwasher at the Barnes Air National Guard Base in nearby Westfield. 

Somali Muslim mother with five kids under the age of 8

Somali Muslim mother with five kids under the age of 8

She and others wonder why the mayor is targeting an already vulnerable population, an idea reiterated Friday in a Boston Globe editorial.’While Sarno raises valid points about needing adequate resources to accommodate newcomers, his stance is far too rigid and ignores both the moral imperative to help Muslim refugees and the problems those refugees can bring,’ the editorial read.

Tens of thousands of Somali Muslims have come to the United States in the past decade, seeking refuge from civil war. Most have settled in Minnesota, California, Georgia and Washington, D.C.

In Lewiston, Maine, where there is a proliferation of Somali Muslims, a Somali teenager was charged with setting fires to 4 buildings

In Lewiston, Maine, where there is a proliferation of Somali Muslims, a Somali teenager was charged with setting fires to 4 buildings

In 2004, more than 100 Somalis came to Springfield, placed there because it met criteria including public transit and other urban infrastructure. The community has grown as others reunite with family members.Sarno said the State Department has not been receptive to his requests to stop sending refugees, echoing sentiments sometimes heard elsewhere.

ONE Somali Muslim refugee family in America

ONE Somali Muslim refugee family in America

Lewiston, Maine, Mayor Robert MacDonald, who in 2002 asked Somalis there to help ‘reduce the stress on our limited finances,’ took heat a decade later for saying immigrants should ‘accept our culture and, and you leave your culture at the door.’ He later clarified that he didn’t expect them to abandon their religion or language but said: ‘I’m not going to apologize for “leave your culture behind.”‘

Any extra money they get from Welfare gets sent back to Soamlia

Any extra money they get from Welfare goes back to Somalia but a lot of it ends up in terrorists’ pockets which is why banks are refusing to honor money transfers to Somalia

Manchester, New Hampshire, Mayor Ted Gatsas in 2011 asked the State Department to stop resettling refugees there. Last year, he told the AP he still believes the city could benefit from a break in arrivals to ‘get these people into working society.’ ‘We make every effort to work with local officials and other stakeholders to ensure the resettlement of refugees is acceptable,’ he said.

Somali Muslim men on one side, women on the other per sharia law

Even in a local community center, Somali Muslim men on one side, women on the other per sharia law

The Department, he said, does not place refugees unless an area is equipped to handle them. The government’s work with refugees in Springfield is mostly about family reunification, and it cannot keep families from moving there if they are placed elsewhere, he said.

America is no longer a melting pot but a sewer of multiculturalism

America is no longer a melting pot but a sewer of multiculturalism

Federal funding of about $1,800 per person helps resettlement agencies assist refugees for as long as eight months, but Springfield argues that is not enough time for some refugees to adjust. (Yeah, that’ll last about 2 weeks)

Somali refugee Adan Abdi, 28, came to Springfield in 2004 with his parents and six siblings after years in refugee camps where security, food and water were scarce and a couple of pounds of corn per person had to stretch for two weeks.

‘There is no comparing our new life in America to living in those camps,’ said Abdi, who has a wife and three children. ‘Springfield is my home. It’s where I began my new life.’

Little Mogadishu

Turning American cities into little Mogadishus


THAT’S ALL? Iraqi Muslim from San Diego gets 26-year sentence for beating his wife to death


After trying to blame ‘Islamophobia’ for the woman’s savage beating death, an Iraqi Muslim immigrant who beat his wife to death in their El Cajon home after she asked for a divorce was sentenced today to 26 years to life in prison. Kassim Alhimidi, 50, told Judge William McGrath that he would rather be sentenced to death and have his remains sent to Iraq. “I am not guilty,” the defendant told the judge via an Arabic translator. 

ABC 10News  (Prompted by domestic terror-linked Muslim ‘rights’ group CAIR and a massive Twitter/Facebook campaign), police at first thought the killing of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi, a mother of five, might be an ‘Islamophobic’ hate crime. A photocopied note found near the victim said: “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist.”


Evidence showed that Alhimidi hit his wife in the head with a blunt object at least six times as she sat in front of a computer. Alhimidi maintained that he was out for a drive on March 21, 2012, when his wife was killed. Video recovered by investigators, however, showed his van near the family home on Skyview Drive.

Daughter Fatima, then 17, told police she was upstairs when she heard a “squeal,” then later what sounded like a broken plate downstairs around 11 a.m. the day her mother was attacked. A pane from a sliding glass door had been broken from the inside.


The couple’s oldest son, Mohammed, who had screamed out profanities when the verdict of first-degree murder was announced two months ago, said “I still wake up at night and I cry just thinking about her and break down even more knowing that man I looked up to all my life was the reason why she’s gone.”

While Mohammed was making his statement, Alhimidi started shouting that he was innocent. The judge tried to quiet him, but eventually ordered deputies to get him out of the courtroom. This comes after a brawl erupted in the courtroom during Alhimidi’s conviction.














VOTE! Georgia Republican candidate for Congress, Jody Hice, who has the guts to say Islam does not deserve First Amendment protection

obama socialist billboard

A Republican candidate seeking to represent Georgia’s 10th U.S. House district believes that the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty does not apply to followers of Islam.

JodyHiceforCongress Website

Raw Story  “Although Islam has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology,” Rev. Jody Hice wrote in his 2012 book It’s Now Or Never, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”


The House candidate also believes the Muslim Brotherhood is secretly infiltrating the United States in a plot to impose Sharia law on the entire country, a  theory he shares with Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

Hice tied Mike Collins in the Georgia Republican primary in May, with each candidate getting about 34 percent of the vote. The winner of the July 22 runoff election will face Democrat Ken Dious in November.

Hice has previously said that Islam and the U.S. Constitution are incompatible. (They ARE)

“Most people think Islam is a religion, it’s not. It’s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component. But it’s much larger. It’s a geo-political system that has governmental, financial, military, legal and religious components. And it’s a totalitarian system that encompasses every aspect of life and it should not be protected (under U.S. law),” he told members of the Coweta County Tea Party Patriots in 2011, according to The Citizen.

“This is not a tolerant, peaceful religion even though some Muslims are peaceful. Most Muslims believe that Sharia is required by God and must be imposed worldwide. It’s a movement to take over the world by force. A global caliphate is the objective,” he added.



TENNESSEE: Dhimmi judge dismisses case filed by a group of residents opposed to Murfreesboro Mosque cemetery where Muslims don’t use caskets to bury their dead

bildeSenior Judge Paul Summers (photo right), who heard the matter after all the local judges recused themselves,  “The Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals did not act illegally, arbitrarily, or capriciously by approving the special use exception permit for the cemetery,” the judge concluded. The judge found that the petitioners, led by Bonnie Golczynski, showed “no distinct and palpable injury” and, therefore, had no standing.

imagesMurfreesboro Post  Summers also ruled that the BZA complied with adequate notice requirements for the Open Meetings Act for December 2013 and January 2014 meetings. He concluded that a special use permit issued for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is valid and denied the petitioner’s request for the BZA to rehear the matter. In addition, Summers dismissed all other claims of the petitioners and assessed them court costs.

Opponents contended, among other things, that the cemetery site is too close to nearby homes and sits in a low-lying area prone to flooding. They also say it will create extra traffic congestion in the area, (not to mention damaging the water supply from bodies being buried in shrouds instead of caskets)


Lou Ann Zelenik, a spokeswoman for the petitioners, said she researched five years of BZA decisions and found that the board had turned down other requests because of concern about flooding. Zelenik said she also had the elevation shot for Bradyville Pike and found that it should have a turning lane based on Tennessee Department of Transportation regulations.

“(The BZA) didn’t address any of the issues,” she said after the judge announced his decision. Zelenik presented minutes from a May 2011 BZA meeting that showed a cemetery request by another church, St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church on Stewart Creek Road, was deferred because of concerns about flooding and the need for a community meeting. She also contended that BZA Chairman Zane Cantrell said the board had to approve the ICM request or it could be sued.


Assistant County Attorney Evan Cope said afterward, “The county is certainly pleased the court supported the decision of the BZA and found it acted lawfully. …” In December, the county BZA asked that the ICM provide information about the construction of a turning lane on Bradyville Pike onto Veals Road and soil samples from the site.

In January, the BZA approved the burial site after looking at information from a geotechnical study taken before the county planning commission approved a site plan four years ago and a traffic analysis by the state Department of Transportation done after site plan approval.


The county BZA also placed five stipulations on the ICM cemetery: 1) that grave sites be limited to 1,500; 2) that no monument be taller than a foot; 3) that no grave be deeper than 5 feet; 4) that the special exception would expire if the property were sold to a non-religious entity; and 5) the cemetery layout and gravesite records would have to be kept by the ICM.


Initial planning commission approval in 2010 led to a protracted lawsuit in which mosque opponents challenged whether the county provided adequate public notice of the planning commission’s vote. Chancellor Robert Corlew ultimately ruled against the county, but a federal judge reversed his decision and allowed the ICM to occupy its building.











Sean Hannity grills the Muslim troublemaker who tried to disrupt the Heritage Foundation panel

Sean Hannity squared off with Saba Ahmed, the Muslim women whose question at a Heritage Foundation panel this week set off a huge media firestorm (and let to accusations of Islamophobia among the panelists), over Islam and the treatment of women in countries that practice Sharia law. 



h/t Mary L




Leftists claim Heritage Foundation’s Benghazi panel descended into an “Islamophobic freak show”

As you will see in the video below, everyone on the panel was very courteous to the bagheaded interloper.


According to left wing rag, Salon, the panel on the Benghazi attack’s lingering “unanswered questions”devolved into a bigoted freak show.

When one considers the panelists involved, it’s unlikely the so-called discussion was ever going to go too well. Alongside professional bigot Frank Gaffney, Heritage also invited ACT! for America’s Brigitte Gabriel (known for repeatedly describing Muslims as “barbarians“) and Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi’s Clare Lopez (who previously described the Obama administration as having “switched sides” in the war on terror). Leading the conversation was Chris Plante, conservative talk radio host.

According to the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, while the panel rather quickly and predictably transitioned from vague expressions of concern about a Benghazi conspiracy to a more free-floating animus toward Islam and Muslims, things didn’t get really ugly until one audience member, an American University law student named Saba Ahmed, decided to push back against the panelists’ many ignorant and harmful assertions. (Ahmed appears to be some kind of false flag operator who is out to make conservatives look hostile toward Muslims)

Saba Ahmed as she appeared at the Heritage Foundation

Saba Ahmed as she appeared at the Heritage Foundation

“We portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there’s 1.8 billion followers of Islam,” Ahmed reportedly told the panel. “We have 8 million-plus Muslim Americans in this country, and I don’t see them represented here.” (Please note: this Muslima uses the CAIR false allegation that there are more than 8 million Muslims in the U.S. While it certainly feels that way from all their incessant whining, there actually are under 3 million. About 2.999 million too many)

Gabriel was the first to attack, responding that “180 million to 300 million” Muslims are “dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization” and that the “peaceful majority” of the world’s Muslims “were irrelevant” on Sept. 11, 2001. Besides, Muslims are like Nazis, Gabriel argued: “Most Germans were peaceful,” she said, “yet the Nazis drove the agenda, and as a result, 60 million died.”

Gabriel then questioned Ahmed’s citizenship before telling her that political correctness of the kind she spouts should be kept “in the garbage” where it belongs. Ahmed was then asked, “Where are the others speaking out?” 

As the evening progressed, Plante implied Ambassador Chris Stevens’ real cause of death was being hidden, Gabriel suggested Stevens was secretly working on a weapons swap between Libya and Syria, and Lopez joked about how journalists covering the attack are secretly friends with Islamist terrorists, with whom they were “sipping frappes … in juice bars.” One audience member even suggested that Gen. Carter Ham, then-commander of U.S. Africa Command, had been “placed under house arrest” so as to allow the attack to occur. (I don’t know about that but he was removed from his post by Obama immediately after he told the White House he was sending in troops to try and rescue the Americans in Benghazi. He was also forced to resign from the Army shortly after)

Below, you can see troublemaker, Saba Ahmed, who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2011, speaking at an ‘Occupy Portland’ left wing rally in 2012, where she spoke out against the war in Afghanistan. 

The Daily Banter  According to Ahmed, she switched parties the day after her unsuccessful run for Congress concluded, and is now a Republican, or so she claims. Ahmed serves as a co-chair on the Interfaith Council of Portland and is a member of the Islamic Society of Greater Portland. She lobbies against the war in Afghanistan and serves on various Afghanistan policy workgroups. She is an advocate for Islamic culture and sensitivity training for American troops.


IOWA: Why do the media think the GOP anti-sharia plank is “offensive and unnecessary?”

UnknownRepublican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a man many pundits consider to be a strong contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, took the stage at the Iowa GOP convention this past weekend and uttered a standard GOP talking point. “America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created America,” Jindal said to a packed house in Des Moines.


Daily Iowan  This line has become de rigueur in the GOP, stemming from right-wing opposition to gay marriage, the contraception mandate of ObamaCare, and general reproductive abortion rights for women, all of which, in the minds of the GOP’s most prominent voices, constitute an unconscionable violation of the constitutional rights of Americans who oppose such measures on religious grounds.

The Iowa GOP delegates, however, adopted a measure this weekend that would seem to contradict Jindal’s call for both the respect of religious liberty and its central place in American iconography. Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register has reported that, in a 404-401 vote, the Iowa GOP voted to include a plank that calls for feverish opposition to the “recognition of Sharia law, foreign law, and international law.”



Besides the problematic assertion that the United States shouldn’t follow international law set forth by the United Nations (such as the genocide conventions that we are signatories to) the most disturbing aspect of the plank is the stated opposition to “Sharia law,” which we believe is a clear dog whistle to the racist, “Islamaphobic” trend in American politics and is itself a threat to the religious liberty the party claims to care so much about. (Only if you consider Islam a religion)



It should be noted that Sharia, a legal framework that bases its legitimacy in the Koran, is not a monolithic entity. In other words, there is no such thing as a single “Sharia law.” “Sharia law” changes from place to place. (From bad to worse) Also, as Al-Jazeera America’s Wajahat Ali has noted, Sharia is much more concerned with the laws of personal religious observance rather than national policy. (HAH! Al-Jazeera, al-Qaeda’s personal media outlet)


Declaring one’s opposition to Sharia is unnecessary and dated (Ask the folks in these pictures). Perhaps the real reason that this plank has been adopted is to appeal to Islamaphobes who are terrified of the existential threat of an Islamic dominated America that never seems to materialize. (But it’s getting there thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House)



This is partly motivated by pure, garden-variety racism, because a majority of American Muslims are either South Asian or Arab (60 percent, according to the State Department). It’s partly pure ignorance, because many Americans, post-9/11, see Islam as a violent religion, hell-bent on killing as many “infidels as possible.” (Gee, I wonder why?)



You can see this in the opposition to the Islamic community center near the former site of the Twin Towers in New York (erroneously referred to as the “Ground Zero Mosque” - Yes, it should be referred to as the Ground Zero Victory Mosque), when many Republican politicians, including former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, referred to the community center a “symbol of Islamic conquest” over the United States, a truly offensive notion. (Only offensive to Muslim terrorist apologists)

Yemen crucifixion of a Christian

Yemen crucifixion of a Christian

It’s unfortunate that the Republican Party in Iowa, the first state to have a building built specifically to house a mosque (located in Cedar Rapids) and a state that prides itself on its commitment to civil rights, religious liberty, and tolerance, would include such a blatantly racist and bigoted plank as part of its core principles. We urge the Iowa GOP to reconsider this shameful plank in its platform. (Don’t hold your breath, you dhimmi moron)



Apparently, the BNI ‘Never Hire a Muslim’ campaign is working


A pair of studies by University of Connecticut researchers have discovered that employers are demonstrably less likely to respond to a job application if that resume includes evidence of membership in a faith group. And far and away, the faith group employers least want to engage is Islam.

Today UConn Sara Korvel has a lot to offer prospective employers but one significant factor working against her as she searches for her first post-college job, though: she’s a Muslim.


“What we found is that, when applying for a job, it’s better not to mention religion at all – but employers really don’t want you to mention being a Muslim,” said professor of sociology Michael Wallace, who conducted the studies along with Bradley Wright, an associate professor in the sociology department.

The two studies – one published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, and the other published in Social Currents – aimed to examine religious discrimination, which has reportedly been on the rise: between 1992 and 2010, the number of complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging such discrimination grew from 1,388 to 3,790.


Wallace and Wright created resumes on behalf of four fictional recent college graduates (including the high-achieving Sara Korvel). Using a popular job-listing website, they sent four applications at a time to employers, taking care to make the resumes – which were reviewed in advance by human resources professionals – different enough not to arouse suspicion.

Each resume was randomly assigned an identity based on religious preference – Catholic, evangelical Christian, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, pagan, and “Wallonian,” a fictional faith – or was designated part of a control group that had no religious affiliation at all.

Muslims insist on time off to pray at work

Muslims insist on time off to pray at work

Since the resumes were all purportedly from recent graduates of major public universities, religious belief could be introduced unobtrusively under the banner of extracurricular activities. Each fictitious job seeker was therefore listed as an officer in the “Muslim Student Group” or the “Campus Jewish Association,” except for the control group, whose resumes listed them as belonging merely to the “Student Association” or something similar.

Muslims expect private areas where they can pray during work hours

Muslims expect private areas where they can pray during work hours

For the first study, the researchers sent out 6,400 applications to 1,600 job postings in New England, setting up eight voicemail boxes and eight separate email addresses to collect the responses.

Wallace and Wright expected the control group to get the most responses, based on “secularization theory”: even though Americans consistently profess a high degree of religiosity, religion is increasingly seen as a purely private matter, and public expression of it – such as in the workplace – is likely to be frowned on.



The results bore that out in the New England study: applicants expressing any religious identification received 19 percent fewer overall contacts than the applicants from the non-religious control group.

What the researchers did not expect, though, was the scope of the apparent bias against Muslim applicants: Muslims received 32 percent fewer emails and 48 percent fewer phone calls than applicants from the control group, far outweighing measurable bias against the other faith groups.

Muslim workers protest Hertz

Muslim workers protest Hertz

“Just by adding the word ‘Muslim’ to an application, its chances of receiving an employer contact were reduced by between a third and almost half,” Wright said.

Curious to see if this would be the case elsewhere in the country, the researchers replicated the study in the South. By measures like church attendance and belief in God, the South is significantly more religious than New England, and has a much larger evangelical Christian population, and Wallace and Wright wondered how this would affect the results.

CAIR instructs businesses on how to treat Muslims

CAIR instructs businesses on how to treat Muslims

The researchers sent out 3,200 applications to employers within 150 miles of two major Southern cities and found that, when it comes to religious bias, Southern employers have much in common with their New England counterparts.

The Southern study found that religious resumes received 29 percent fewer emails and 33 percent fewer phone calls than the control-group resumes; but Muslim applications got 38 percent fewer emails and 54 percent fewer phone calls than the non-religious control group, and were less likely to get a response than those with any other religious indicator.



The major difference between the two regions was that Southern employers were also more likely to discriminate against other religious groups, particularly atheists, pagans, Catholics, and the fictitious Wallonians. Somewhat surprisingly, Jewish applications fared well in the South, almost matching the response rate for the non-religious control group.

“There’s been a growing discussion about religious discrimination in the workplace, but very little of it has been about Muslims,” Wallace said. “What these studies suggest is that there’s a reluctance to even engage job applicants who might be Muslim just because they’re Muslim, which should give anyone who cares about equal opportunity cause for concern.”


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