In the UK, microwaving a sausage roll or bacon sandwich at work could now be considered a hate crime

41cf10275e074c0c0f1f821e0e2f297cIt may seem an innocent enough act to warm up your sausage roll or BLT in the microwave during lunch hour. But think again, because doing so could seriously upset colleagues of different faiths (No, ONLY the Islamic faith), new guidelines on the etiquette of using communal kitchens at work suggest.


UK Daily Mail (h/t EuropeanFailure)  Similarly, it would also be advisable to avoid keeping bacon rolls in a fridge shared with people whose Islamic religious beliefs prohibit them from eating pork. (ONLY Muslims are bothered by this, Jews are NOT)

Adam Dinham, professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, has drawn up a religious literacy programme due to be presented to employers this week.


He said: ‘The microwaves example is a good one. We also say, ‘Don’t put halal and other . . . special foods next to another [food] or, God forbid, on the same plate.’ Halal and kosher food served at corporate events should be certified, and consideration should be given to whether to serve alcohol, the guidelines further suggest.

But critics have branded the idea “nonsense”. Ukip MEP for the North East Jonathan Arnott said: “It’s exactly this kind of nonsense proposal that leads to segregation, misunderstanding and intolerance.”


The Muslim Council for Britain’s “good practice guide” for employers and employees advises staff to store and heat their food separately from other food.

Professor Dinham warned that employers should consider new religions and cults, including Scientology, and beliefs such as environmentalism and vegetarianism, as well as the established faiths of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism.


The programme, commissioned by CoExist House, an interfaith group, will also deal with other matters including clothing, the right to wear religious symbols such as crucifixes and hijabs, and whether to allow time off on religious holidays.

Professor Dinham said: ‘We have lost the ability to talk about religious belief because of a century of secular assumptions, and most religious belief is either highly visible and we don’t recognise it, or it’s invisible and we miss it entirely.’

Coming soon to an American office near you?


BBC HIT PIECE ON ‘BRITAIN FIRST’ – Leading activist group against the metastasizing Islamization of the UK

wW6fiKWgBritain First is a conservative political party which wants Islam to be banned and has made a declaration of war against the elites in Britain who have allowed  the nation to be flooded with Muslim supremacists. The group has more followers on Facebook than any other political party in the UK and has just announced its leader, Paul Golding, will be running for Mayor of London.

The Islamic proliferation group, ‘Hope Not Hate,’ says Britain First is “the most dangerous group to have emerged on the British conservative scene for several years.” BNI supports Britain First with no reservations.

h/t Angry Citizen



‘SHARIA-COMPLIANT’ gallery in London censors artwork mocking jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Anti-Censorship-arts-post-007An exhibit of satirical artwork which mocked the jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS) has been removed from a ‘free speech’ event in London, after police warned it was “inflammatory” to Muslims.

Breitbart (h/t Mike F)  The Syrian-born Jewish artist behind the work said she created it to challenge the idea that tackling extremism is somehow “racist” and spoke of the “threat to… freedom” posed by “Islamic fascism” after her art was censored.


The name of the work is Isis Threaten Sylvania. It consists of a series of seven models in light boxes, depicting scenes reminiscent of recent terrorist attacks. The model featuring children’s soft toys called the Sylvanian Families, who are being stalked by other heavily armed soft toys called “MICE IS.”

The catalogue note for the “inflammatory” work reads: “Far away, in the land of Sylvania, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs, mice and all woodland animals have overcome their differences to live in harmonious peace and tranquillity. Until Now.” Adding: “MICE-IS, a fundamentalist Islamic terror group, are threatening to dominate Sylvania, and annihilate every species that does not submit to sharia law.”


The artist behind the work uses a pseudonym, Mimsy, which she says she was forced to adopt because her background puts her in constant danger when speaking out – her farther is a Syrian Jew, who was forced into exile in Lebanon when she was a child. I love my freedom,” said Mimsy. “I’m aware of the very real threat to that freedom from Islamic fascism and I’m not going to pander to them or justify it like many people on the left are doing.”

However, the work was removed from the Passion for Freedom exhibition at the Mall galleries in London after police raised concerns about its “potentially inflammatory content,” The Guardian explained in a review of the work. The police then informed the organisers that, if they wanted to go ahead and display the art as planned, they would have to pay £36,000 for security for the entire six-days of the show.


The censorship echoes the cancellation of the “Draw Mohammed UK” competition in August, which was supposed to take place in a gallery in London, after pressure from security service.

The Passion For Freedom Festival claims to “create space for artists and writers who discuss subjects omitted in politically correct circles,” on their website, and to “invite people to open and uninhibited discussion. “Nothing is more important than critically informed debate,” they say.


The organizers of the not-for-profit festival did not make the decision to censor the work. Rather, the gallery hosting them decided to call in the police – just like with the Draw Muhammad completion.

A festival spokesman said: “To our shock the highlighted work was humorously mocking the despised terrorist organisation that causes suffering to many, not only in the Middle East, but also here, in Europe and the America.” He explained that, in light of the censorship, the word “uncensored” had been removed from all of the show’s publicity.



SOUTH LONDON: HUGE FIRE engulfs Western Europe’s largest mosque

All together now………Awwwwwwwww.


UK Daily Mail  Seventy firefighters in south London are battling an enormous blaze which engulfed western Europe’s largest mosque. Ten fire engines were dispatched to deal with the fire at the Baitful Futuh mosque in Morden, which started burning around midday. It is understood that at least 50% of the mosque was in flames

Up to 10,000 people can fit inside the mosque but it is not known how many were in the building at the time. A man has been taken to hospital for smoke inhalation, but community leaders have said they do not believe anybody else was affected. The cause of the blaze is not yet known.


Shocked onlookers gathered opposite the mosque, watching a dark plume of smoke billowing out of the building’s roof before they were ushered behind a police cordon. The fire was reported by a member of the public just after midday.

The enormous building sits on a 5.2acre site and can hold 10,500 people. At the time of the fire, however, only a handful of worshippers were inside, and were quickly evacuated. Nobody was at prayer when the fire broke out. 


The huge effort to control the fire involved the police, ambulance services and the large fire brigade presence. The firefighting operation shut down the A24 and traffic was tailed back for miles as a result. 

As of 6pm, the London Fire Brigade said they had contained the fire to administrative buildings and halls around the main mosque, which was not directly affected by the fire – though it was engulfed by smoke. Shortly afterwards they declared the fire ‘under control’.


The huge effort to control the fire involved the police, ambulance services and the large fire brigade presence. The firefighting operation shut down the A24 and traffic was tailed back for miles as a result. 

The mosque was built for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community to provide people with a meeting place and somewhere to hold social religious events. It was built on the site of the old Express Dairies in 1999. 




UK: Illegal and criminal aliens awaiting deportation demand more ‘culturally diverse’ food

kick-a-muslimThe 575 male (mostly Muslim) inmates – about half of which are convicted criminals awaiting deportation – are shunning fish and chips and shepherd’s pie and demanding a ‘culturally diverse’ menu reflecting their countries of origin, paid for by British taxpayers.

UK Express (h/t Terry D)  Chefs have been told to make the menu more “culturally diverse” after Muslim illegal aliens blasted the traditional British dishes being served up. Detainees told prison inspectors they wanted food from their home countries rather then shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, soup and sandwiches.



Now inspectors at the Verne Immigration Removal Centre, in Portland, Dorset have agreed and are ordering a new ‘world menu’ be drawn up. The inspectors have also called for a “cultural kitchen” to be installed so inmates can cook their own favourite dishes before being put on a plane home.

Menu cards must be printed in a range of languages and comment books put in the canteen. Critics say the changes would take money from the over-stretched Prison Service budget.

Jonathan Isaby, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Do the authorities really feel they can justify this?” The Ministry of Justice said: “Centres are required to provide multi-choice menus to ensure all religious, cultural and medical needs are met. (Not their culinary preferences)





ANGRY British customers threaten boycott of ASDA supermarket which is selling ONLY Islamic-approved, barbarically-slaughtered halal meat

Asda-halal-meat-boycott-606053Furious shoppers have set up a Facebook page calling for the public to stop buying any groceries at the Asda supermarket until it agrees to sell non-halal chickens, ribs, bacon joints and sausages again. Meat sold on the store’s rotisserie stand is now killed in the Islamic tradition, which directs that the animal must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter, forcing it to spend several minutes writhing in pain with its neck cut, as blood is drained from the carcass.

BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF HALAL SLAUGHTER IN FLORIDA: Unlike Kosher where the spinal cord is immediately cut so as the animal does not suffer needlessly, with Halal, Muslims think that causing the animal to suffer in agony by not cutting the spinal cord, releases hormones which makes the meat taste better. It does not.

UK Express (h/t David Y)  Furious shopper Eileen Glover, 63, who launched the campaign after the supermarket opened in Barking, east London, described it as “outrageous”.  She said: “I am so angry as a British consumer, who has shopped and lived in Barking all my life, that my choice as a consumer has been compromised.

“I do not agree with the slaughtering process of halal meat, and the fact this has happened in a British store is outrageous.  “I urge anyone who feels the same to firstly boycott the store, and secondly make a complaint to head office as I have already done so.”


Ms Glover, who cares for her 87-year-old mother, said she takes her shopping at Asda every Tuesday, usually buying her cooked chicken to last her three days.  She said: “We do not have a problem with the store supplying halal meat.  “We understand there is a demand, but to not offer non-halal meat takes away our choice as consumers.” 

She added: “This country has made huge progress in the cruelty of animals and providing meat humanely killed. We feel this type of slaughtering is barbaric.” More than 2,000 supporters on Facebook are supporting the boycott. One of them, Sylvia Everett, wrote: “Go shoppers boycott Asda and all others who only offer halal. 


While Jason Cook said: “All Asda should be blocked …animal cruelty in the UK is going backwards.”  A spokesman for Asda, whose new store opened on September 3, defended the decision saying it “will continue to review the products we sell following customer feedback.”

He added: “Our rotisserie in the Barking store is extremely popular with the local community and we try and meet every customer’s needs. 


British retailers and restaurants are quietly switching to halal meats in their products and meals, leaving customers opposed to the religious ritual – which sees the animal’s throat cut – in the dark.

Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons all sell meat from non-stunned animals produced by specialist halal suppliers, such as the London-based Haji Babab Halal Meats.

More about barbaric HALAL SLAUGHTER




UK: Muslim welfare ‘refugees’ trash the £1.25 million home they are living in for free and laugh about it

A family of PALESTINIAN MUSLIM freeloading entitlement whores provoked outrage yesterday by saying they “deserve” to live in a £1.25 million taxpayer-funded luxury home despite trashing it.

Express (h/t hans)  The mother, Mrs Mahmoud, gets £20,000 a year in housing benefits to pay her rent. Yet she said: “I don’t care if people think I am not grateful. I am entitled to live in a house like this even if I don’t pay for it. “I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits because I am human.”

Muslim pigs are squatting in this £1.25 million house

Muslim pigs are squatting in this £1.25 million house

Neighbours of mother-of-seven Manal Mahmoud, a jobless Palestinian refugee, have been driven to despair after years of antisocial behavior. One son has been jailed for drug-dealing, another made offensive gestures at onlookers yesterday and the police have been called regularly since the family moved into the riverside London terraced house three years ago.

The family is one of at least 100 Muslim invaders living in homes on state handouts that could fund £1million mortgages. She dismissed suggestions she is abusing British hospitality after fleeing here 12 years ago, saying: “In this country, it is our right to live here. It is important for my kids to have space to play.”

She has since split with her husband and was given British citizenship five years ago but has never worked in this country. She moved with her two sons and five daughters to the three-bedroom house in Fulham, west London, three years ago. It had just undergone a £76,000 refurbishment, half paid for by the taxpayer.

The Victorian house is in an exclusive street just a stone’s throw from the River Thames. But the private landlord has found doors missing or hanging off, walls scrawled on, and the driveway smashed up. Yesterday the lawn was overgrown, motorcycle parts and rubbish were strewn around the front garden and an old sofa and chair were piled up in the driveway.

One of the sons

One of the sons

Mrs Mahmoud said defiantly: “I know the house doesn’t look its best. I don’t try to maintain and repair the house. I don’t fix the tiles or paint the walls. “I haven’t got enough money to fix up the house. It would cost so much money and I only have my benefits.”

She insisted Hammersmith and Fulham Council is trying to evict her family because they “keep listening to our rich neighbours and not us”. She claims her family is being persecuted because neighbours “don’t want a foreigner to come and live in this street”.

Her 17-year-old son Ziad shouted abuse when asked about the family’s conduct. His elder brother Ossama, 19, is in Norwich Prison after being jailed for drug dealing earlier this year.


Yet Mrs Mahmoud, who also claims a range of other benefits, said: “I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way me and my family behave. “Sometimes it can be noisy, and the police sometimes do come around, but we haven’t had any trouble in the past six months. “I know I have a son who makes trouble but that does not mean all my children are the same.”

Council officials will go to court tomorrow to try to get the family thrown out. Last night campaigners hit out at the abuse of Britain’s welfare system. Gerard Batten, home affairs spokesman for the UK Independence Party, added: “We are extending the hand of friendship to refugees and they pay us back like this?

“If we accept refugees and they turn out to engage in anti-social behaviour we should be able to kick them out. “Asylum and refuge are not absolute rights. They depend on the recipient behaving in a fitting manner and if they don’t they should go.”

Their luxury neighborhood

Their luxury neighborhood

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Mrs Mahmoud’s attitude towards her ‘entitlement’ to a lavish taxpayer-funded home will stick in the throat of people taking tough decisions about their own housing arrangements.” Councillor Greg Smith, deputy leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, said: “We have warned this family they face eviction if their appalling behaviour does not improve.”

The property is owned by private landlord Sue Cummings, but the council leases it to the Mahmouds with housing benefit capped at £395 a week.

One neighbour who did not want to be named, said: “They ride motorbikes up and down the road doing wheelies. They avoid contact and there’s spitting in the street.” Two years ago it emerged that a family of Somalian asylum-seekers were receiving £1.2million a year to live in Kensington, west London.




LONDON: Violence erupts outside 10 Downing Street as pro-Muslim terrorist supporters demand Benjamin Netanyahu be arrested for war crimes

2015-09-09T124256Z_1752256213_LR2EB990ZB97D_RTRMADP_3_MIDEAST-PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL-BRITAINToday, outside the gates of Prime Minister Cameron’s residence, the flags of terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas were flying proudly beside those of Britain’s labour unions and the Socialist Workers Party. The pro-Palestinian and pro-terrorist rally called in protest of the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned violent, with cars coming under attack and several arrests made.


Breitbart  Britain’s mainstream media has been predictably silent on the violent nature of the protests, with only the Guardian offering a perfunctory article about the day in general, choosing not to show terrorist flags, or note the aggresion by the anti-Israel protesters.

The Prime Minister of Israel is scheduled to arrive in the UK tonight for a series of meetings with the British government. In protest of the visit, the Socialist Workers Party, Stop the War Coalition, a number of trades unions and Anti-Israel interest groups organised the demonstration which attracted around 1000 people. Several hundred pro-Israel protesters there to meet them.


Things started off peacefully but chanting was aggressive: “We want peace, you want war!” shouted the Israeli side, “Baby killing scum!” screamed their opponents.

About an hour in, a small group of pro-Israel protesters crossed the road towards Downing Street. They were followed by hundreds of pro-Palestinian marchers, who quickly surrounded them. The police appeared unprepared.


There were a number of scuffles and several vans of police reinforcements were needed to separate the groups. A passing car flying an Israeli flag was repeatedly kicked, and a pro-Palestinian campaigner who attempted to jump on the bonnet was attested.

The Hezbollah and Hamas flags fluttered in the background, and were worn proudly on the t-shirts of young Asian men in the crowd. When I asked to speak with them, they told me to “get lost.”


Arrieh A. Miller, executive director of The Zionist Federation, told Breitbart London: “The yellow and green flags over there are Hezbollah, there’s also a Hamas flag on the reverse of one of them.

Ostensibly, brandishing the flag of a terrorist organisation is an arrestable offence, but the police seemed as uninterested as they were in taking action against the man who flew the ISIS flag outside Big Ben.

“We’ve complained to the police about it and they have said they will deal with it. They are a proscribed organisation in the UK, a proscribed terrorist organisation, as are Hamas – by the EU,” Miller continued.

“This shows the message of the protest. That demonstration is not against Netanyahu, it is not even against Israel; it is in support of terrorism. “What we talk about is a red-green alliance, which is the socialists aligned with the pro-Palestinians and anti-Zionists.


“The only thing they agree on is their hatred of Israel. They don’t agree on rights for women; they don’t agree on rights for gays; they don’t agree on rights for education. What brings them together is a hatred of Israel, and that is what is on display at this demonstration today.”

I asked Mr. Miller if the 94 per cent rise in anti-Semitic attacks over the past 12 months, revealed by the Metropolitan Police two days ago, was animated by the hatred on display at today’s demonstration.


“Absolutely,” he replied, “I’m not calling every single one an anti-Semite. But, definitely, the people flying Hezbollah flags must be dealt with appropriately. It is absolutely disgusting that people are allowed to fly terrorist organisation flags in the UK.

“When people tried to support the Nazis in the UK, the British people stood against them. Now, we have people openly supporting other terrorist organisations, other people who are solely looking to destroy the Jewish community in the UK and around the world. That is what we are here to stand against.


But Zaher Birawi of the Palestinian Forum in Britain told me: “I have no doubt that it is the foreign policy of the government that is increasing the hatred among [British] society and in the world,” when I asked about the rise in anti-Semitism. 

He said he was in attendance, “to protest against the Bibi Netanyahu visit to Britain, because we consider him a war criminal. He should not come to the UK and he should be arrested,” he said.


On Monday, in a letter published in the Guardian, union leaders, Labour Party parliamentarians and prominent left-wingers were in agreement, calling on the Prime Minister to, “impose immediate sanctions and an arms embargo on Israel until it complies with international law and ends the blockade and the occupation.”

“…Our prime minister should not be welcoming the man who presides over Israel’s occupation and its siege on Gaza,” the letter claimed.


65-year-old British man gets thrown in jail for asking McDonald’s Muslim employee an alleged “racist” question

mcdonalds-allah-lovin-it-editedAn elderly McDonald’s customer has been jailed for 12 weeks for his ‘racist’ rant (what ‘race is Islam?) after asking a Muslim employee behind the counter if he was going to chop off his head. (A fair question considering that Muslims chop off heads all the time, even in the streets of London)

UK Mirror  An inebriated Patrick Maughan (photo below) would not stop harassing the assistant manager of the restaurant by making reference to the typical Muslim beheadings ISIS-style. To make matters worse, the 65-year-old then mimicked the way Muslim people pray – lifting their asses in the air to Allah.


Upon appearing at Crawley Magistrates’ Court last week, Maughan pleaded guilty to the unprovoked attack towards Mohamed Mahroof and security guard Mansoor Bahar in June. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for the racist rant (What ‘race’ is Islam?) at a branch in Langley Green, West Sussex.

Melanie Wotton, prosecuting, said: “At about 7pm Maughan went into McDonald’s where  Muslim Mr. Mahroof was working as an assistant manager and Muslim Mr. Bahar as a security guard.


“Maughan leaned over the counter and read Mr Mahroof’s name badge before asking him ‘Are you Mohamed?’ and adding ‘Are you a Muslim‘? “Mr Mahroof responded by saying ‘yes’ and when Maughan asked him again he ignored him. “Maughan then said ‘I’m Christian, you are a Muslim, do you want to chop off my head’? and he made a gesture across his throat to show a beheading.”

He was asked to leave, but after turning away, he returned to the counter to harass Mohamed some more. Ms Wotton added: “Speaking to Mr Mahroof, Maughan again said ‘You Muslim, you want to chop off my head’. “He then knelt down and pretended to pray to mimic how a Muslim would pray.”


Maria Kempshall, chair of the bench of magistrates, said: “These offenses are so serious only a custodial sentence can be justified.

“These were aggravated offenses of harassment of a racial nature (What ‘race’ is Islam?) against two people carrying out their employment in a public place.



LONDON: CCTV captured Muslim baghead being slammed to the ground by a stranger

The BBC dragged out this old story from 2012 to promote its program tonight about an alleged sharp rise in anti-Muslim attacks in London, especially against Muslim women wearing headbags in public.

Gee, whatever could be the reason for a rise in anti-Muslim attacks in London?

Gee, whatever could be the reason behind a sharp rise in anti-Muslim attacks in London? I cannot imagine, can you?

UK Daily Mail  Video below shows the moment a Muslim girl wearing a headbag was struck in the head in an unprovoked attack on an east London street.  Tasneem Kabir suffered broken teeth and a smashed lip after she was hit by Michael Ayoade, 34.

He was arrested after police released CCTV footage of the attack. Unbelievably, he was jailed for FOUR years after pleading guilty. Muslim child rapists don’t usually get that much jail time in the UK.


UK Muslims react violently to march in Rotherham protesting the abduction and pimping out of young white children by Muslim paeodphile rape gangs

MUSLIM paedophile rape gangs (also known as grooming gangs) are epidemic in Rotherham where thousands of young white Christian girls are being kidnapped, gang-raped, then forced to work as prostitutes for their Muslim slavemasters.