Infamous beheader of infidels, Jihadi John, comes from a wealthy family

So much for the U.S. State Department’s idiotic idea that all these terrorists need are jobs to keep them from becoming radicalized.

A Muslim with a British accent seen in ISIS videos showing the beheadings of Western hostages has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Londoner, according to two U.S. officials and two U.S. congressional sources briefed on the matter.  He reportedly graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a degree in computer programming.


UK Counter-terrorism chief quits over inability to deport virtually any Islamic terrorists

hra2ANTHONY LAYDEN, the diplomat in charge of the plan to deport terrorists has quit because it is not working, The Telegraph can disclose.  Just 12 foreign Muslim terrorists have been expelled in the past decade under the Deportation with Assurances plan. Not a single Muslim terrorist suspect has been allowed to be sent home in the past year.

UK Telegraph  The disclosure raises serious concerns over Britain’s ability to expel suspects who use the Human Rights Act to prevent their deportation. 

A new report reveals up to 28 foreign terrorists have resisted deportation using the Human Rights Act, including three men below:

Baghdad Meziane, Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali and Ismail Abdurahman have all been convicted of terrorism-related offenses

Baghdad Meziane, Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali and Ismail Abdurahman have all been convicted of terrorism-related offenses

Britain established the Deportation with Assurances (DWA) scheme to send foreign terrorist suspects back to their home countries in the Middle East and Africa on “non-torture” deals. 

These international agreements are supposed to stop lawyers using the Human Rights Act to prevent terrorists being expelled. But a Sunday Telegraph investigation has discovered that the senior official in charge of the DWA scheme has resigned because he claims it is not working. 

Two deportation cases collapsed last summer after Anthony Layden, the official who had been overseeing DWA, expressed serious misgivings about its operation. 


It is not clear what those misgivings were but they are thought to be concerned with Britain’s failure to put in place proper monitoring to ensure deported terror suspects were not mistreated — or even tortured — on their return. 

An official review of the scheme, which is unlikely to be published until after the election, will show just 12 foreign terrorists have been deported to countries such as Algeria and Jordan in the past 10 years — a figure confirmed by the Home Office — while France has deported 129.



The findings raise serious doubts over Theresa May’s ability to rid Britain of dangerous, foreign-born jihadists. The Home Secretary has previously trumpeted the scheme’s success. 

It was introduced in 2005 to circumvent concerns that suspects sent home faced torture and ill-treatment — and that to deport them contravened their human rights. 


Agreements have been signed with Algeria, Jordan, Ethiopia, Libya, Lebanon and Morocco, giving assurances that suspects will not be subjected to mistreatment. 

It is impossible for UK authorities to deport terror suspects to such countries as Somalia and Eritrea, where no assurances are in place. 

Only one suspect is thought to have been sent home under the plan since Abu Qatada, the radical cleric, was deported to Jordan in 2013. And that took several years cost taxpayers a fortune.




Further doubts have emerged with the resignation of Mr Layden as special representative for deportation with assurances. The former ambassador to Libya and Morocco, told The Telegraph he no longer supported the scheme he had overseen. 

He refused to say precisely what the problem was, explaining he had no wish to “help the terrorists”, but said it lay with the Home Office.  Mr Layden added: “I no longer feel comfortable with the whole DWA procedure. It was a matter over the way our government behaved with one of our partner countries.” 

Convicted terrorist Abu Hamza was finally extradited to the U.S. but his large family that is still living in the UK is costing British taxpayers a fortune in welfare/housing benefits as the wife doesn’t work.



Mr Layden gave evidence to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), the special court held in secret to hear appeals by terrorism suspects whom the Government wishes to deport.  Lawyers routinely argue at SIAC that deportation is a breach of foreign suspects’ human rights.

But concerns raised by Mr Layden at one SIAC hearing, contributed to the collapse of cases against two Ethiopians. One of the Ethiopians, known only as J1, was accused of being a member of the al-Shabaab terrorist group and a close associate of one of four bombers who attempted to bomb the London underground on July 21 2005. A second member of al-Shabaab, was also allowed to remain.

Research by The Henry Jackson Society, a security think tank, has estimated that more than 25 foreign terrorists have resisted deportation using the Human Rights Act.



UK Muslims are breeding like rabbits, so how long before Great Britain becomes an Islamic state?

B70dkP6IYAAz1xeFor many indigenous British citizens, it already feels as if it is. A study of demographic changes in Britain’s Muslim population should be required reading for Britain’s would-be leaders. In short, the existing policy of “non-engagement” isn’t going to work for much longer.


QZ  What the country is seeing is a Muslim baby boom: a group of people getting to childbearing age, and all having kids at the same time. A recent report by the Muslim Council of Britain  notes that while Muslims make up just 4.8% of the population, the share of school children who are Muslim is around 8.1%, according to the latest census data. As such, Muslims in Britain skew younger than the general population:


Britain’s politicians would do well to take note: this is a fast-growing new generation of voters. British Muslims aged 18 or above are eligible to vote in the May general election. Those aged 13 or above in 2014 will be eligible to vote the next time around. And the youngest children of current voting-age Muslims will not be able to cast a ballot for a while, but they will be brought up by parents at the the sharp end of debates about immigration, identity, and the link between Islam and extremism.


Up to now, some say, Muslims have been ignored by those in power, despite their fast-growing numbers. In January, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a former member of prime minister David Cameron’s cabinet who resigned over the government’s policy on Gaza, attacked the current and former governments for what she described as six years of non-engagement with British Muslims.


Cameron has already been criticized for failing to meet with Muslim leaders in the way he does with other community groups. Worries over the radicalization of young people after the Arab Spring led a government minister to send a letter to more than 1,000 Muslim leaders on the topic of countering extremism. But it was seen as a heavy-handed and out of tune: “We know that acts of extremism are not representative of Islam; but we need to show what is,” it read.


The Muslim Council of Britain produced its report about the UK’s Muslim population to dispel myths about the community. In a recent survey, the average Brit thought that more than 20% of the population is Muslim, when in reality is around 5%, up from 3% in 2001. “Demographic alarmism is scaremongering,” the council said.


It also noted that, while it is true that Muslims are one of the UK’s fastest-growing groups, it is far from a homogenous bloc. British Muslims are ethnically diverse, and comprise first-generation immigrants and citizens from birth.


There are other demographic realities that could make Muslims less of a political force than their numbers suggest in the next few elections. The young are notoriously apathetic when it comes to politics. Perhaps worse, Britain’s Muslim community lacks pensioners, a group whose reliable voting patterns win them outsized pre-election favors. Muslims might be studying, working, raising families, and buying homes, but they’d better hurry up and get old as well.



Well, of course, the UK wants to recruit MORE Muslims into the military…

Because when your soldiers are under constant threat of being beheaded by Muslims, to the point that they are advised not to wear their uniforms in public, getting more Muslims into the Army is the first thing any country with a suicidal death wish would do.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Huck Folder) Defence chiefs are trying to recruit more Muslims into the army after the rise of Islamic State and massacre in Paris, it has been revealed. Troops have posted pamphlets on British military values through the doors of Islamic religious schools and have been instructed to take part in integration projects in a bid to boost numbers.

The drive comes after it emerged there are ONLY 480 Muslims serving in the British army – 0.5 per cent of the 88,500 overall troops. (480 too many) By contrast, more than twice as many British Muslims were believed to have travelled to Syria to fight for extremists including the Islamic State. (How about recruiting them to go to Syria with no possibility of return?)


Blood on his hands


And the percentage of Muslims in the UK population overall is much higher at five per cent. (Give them all one-way tickets out)

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, said: ‘My highest priority is ensuring we continue to have the best possible talent throughout our Army. (Then why would you want Muslims?) ‘This requires us to draw talent from all of the society we represent.’




He said the army’s recruitment from the UK’s black, Muslim and ethnic minority populations was ‘nowhere near where it needs to be’. He added: ‘We have to do more. The Army has always played an important role in making the connection to all elements of society and there are plenty of examples of initiatives that have built enduring relationships with minority communities.’

He said there was ‘common ground’ between the values of the army and those in minority communities and the military could build on that ground to broaden their recruitment base. (Excluding the Muslim community)


As well as young Muslims, the British army is also trying to recruit people from all ethnic minorities. But the UK’s ethnic population is growing and is expected to reach 30 per cent of the total in the coming decades.

One initiative to recruit more Muslims included a warrant officer and recruiter in the North West who had been trying hard to recruit in Asian and Muslim communities – but without great success.


The Army has also launched the Armed Forces Muslim Forum, designed to bring the civil and military Muslim communities together. Another initiative includes the army working in partnership with the Shah Jehan Mosque and the people of Woking to create a Muslim Peace Garden that commemorates Muslims serving in the Armed Forces.

Next week British soldiers of different faiths, including British Muslim soldiers, will plant trees as part of the project. (Oh, that’ll get ‘em)


Muslims in the UK armed forces are able to pray five times a day and fast, as long as there is not an overwhelming operational requirement against either.

They are provided with halal rations, can seek support from Muslim chaplains, and use prayer rooms on base – one of which was recently made available on a naval warship.




UKGB? Why were UK police asking newsagents for names of customers who bought satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the wake of Paris massacre?

Charlie-Hebdo-Protest-AP-640x479An officer from Wiltshire Police visited a local shop and post office in Wiltshire, and requested the personal details of subscribers to the Charlie Hebdo magazine. It came following the MUSLIM terrorist attack on the magazine’s offices on January 7th, in which 12 members of staff were gunned down by brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi.

Independent  A police force was forced to apologize today after one of its officers told a newsagent to hand over the names of four people in the name of community cohesion, after they bought a commemorative edition of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.


Wiltshire police confirmed that it had deleted the names of the buyers from its system, which were collected after officers toured shops warning newsagents to be vigilant during an “assessment of community tensions” in the sleepy market town following the attacks in the French capital in January.

2583AF1C00000578-2946136-image-m-42_1423499610838One of the customers, a 77-year-old retired ward sister, described the officer as a “jobsworth” and said that she found the whole situation so unlikely that she thought it was a hoax. “At the time I was a bit miffed,” Anne Keat (photo left) told The Independent. “I thought that’s a bit rich, two days after I got my copy, haven’t they got better things to do? “They always talk about the pressure on the resources they have got to put into these things. No wonder they’re short of cash.” Mrs Keat, a self-confessed news junkie, ordered the magazine from a local newsagent in Corsham, Wiltshire, a week after the 7 January attacks in Paris. Two days after she bought her magazine, she learned that an officer had been back to ask for the names of the buyers.

The names and addresses of the buyers were added to an intelligence note and fed into a police crime and intelligence system, police confirmed. The force deleted the note after details of the visit came to light in a letter that Mrs Keat wrote to The Guardian and warned of the potential ramifications after seeing an advert for Je Suis Charlie badges.


She said that she was never contacted by police, and was not aware of the identities of the other three buyers of the magazine. The newsagent and post office where she bought the magazine, Hawthorn Stores, declined to comment.

Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, said: “The Charlie Hebdo attack brought millions of people worldwide together to condemn those who seek to silence free speech through threats of intimidation and violence. “We therefore have to hope that this is the result of an overzealous police officer, rather than a campaign of intimidation by Wiltshire Police.”

Lined up to buy Charlie Hebdo in London

Lined up to buy Charlie Hebdo in London

Police said that policing teams had visited businesses, and particularly newsagents distributing the Charlie Hebdo magazine, to consider if they were vulnerable as part of a wider assessment of community tensions after the Paris attacks. There was no specific threat nationally and nothing to suggest newsagents would be vulnerable, the force said in a statement.

“Wiltshire Police would like to apologise to the members of public who may be affected by this. Information relating to this specific incident has been permanently and securely disposed of,” it said. ‘I am satisfied that there was no intention on the part of the force to seek to inhibit the circulation of Charlie Hebdo.’ (HAH!)




UK: MUSLIM CONVERT planned to behead a British soldier, then have his photo taken holding the severed head

19-year-old convert to Islam was arrested as he made his way to behead a British soldier. Brusthom Ziamani had a rucksack containing a 12″ knife, a hammer, and an Islamic flag when he was arrested on a street in east London in August 2014.

Brusthom Ziamani

Brusthom Ziamani aka Mujahid Karim

BBC (h/t Ros L)  He idolized the Muslim killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, researched Army cadet base sites and told an ex-girlfriend of a plan to “kill soldiers”, the court was told.

Jurors heard Mr Ziamani had converted to Islam in early 2014 and his arrest came after he had shown the former girlfriend the weapons and described Fusilier Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo as a “legend.”  Mr Ziamani also put posts on Facebook under the name Mujahid Karim, supporting Sharia law and stating he was “willing to die in the cause of Allah”.

Mr Ziamani is charged with preparing an act of terrorism on or before 20 August 2014.


THOUSANDS of hostile Muslim wankers come out to protest against freedom of speech in London


Thousands of foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims squatting in Britain gathered outside the gates of Downing Street today to demand respect from non-Muslims for their paedophile prophet Mohammed, and protest against Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons.

UK Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street

UK Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street. Disgusting.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Terry D)  The crowd took to Whitehall to voice their anger at the ‘insulting’ pictures, where they were met by a counter-demonstration by Britain First patriotic anti-Islam activists.


The protesters marched through central London, stopping for communal prayers before handing a petition signed by more than 100,000 British Muslims to No 10.

A leaflet issued by the Muslim Action Forum (MAF), which organised the rally, said the republishing of cartoons of Mohammed by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was a ‘stark reminder’ that freedom of speech is ‘regularly utilised to insult personalities that others consider sacred’. 


The group also expressed ‘deep regret’ at the Paris terror attacks, including the massacre at Charlie Hebdo which left 12 people dead, saying they were a ‘violation of Islamic law’.

The crowd of protesters shouted slogans and waved placards with the words ‘Charlie and the abuse factory’ and ‘learn some manners’.


A number of speakers addressed the throngs of Muslims, with organisers saying the cartoons are ‘an affront to the norms of civilised society’.

MAF organiser Syed Mohammad Zafar Ullah Saah told MailOnline: ‘We believe in freedom of speech but insulting people is a separate thing entirely.


‘We condemn the attacks in Paris and what happened in France. We are not the same people as ISIS and we obey the law.

‘Today is about handing our petition to Downing Street and telling the world there is a difference between freedom of speech and insulting religion.’ He added that protesters were separated by gender during the protest ‘out of respect for the women’.

The sign at the top falsely says Moses and Jesus were prophets of Islam

The sign at the top falsely says Moses and Jesus were prophets of Islam

Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, another MAF official, said: ‘The actions of the Islamofascist appeasers in the UK media in not publishing the cartoons is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.’

Across the street on Whitehall a handful of counter demonstrators holding a Britain First banner gathered.

 True to form, the UK dhimmi Muslim appeasers affirm ban on pro-Israel activists



First France, now Britain: Jews are fleeing mainly because of Muslim antisemitism and violence

islamAnti-Semitic attacks hit an all time high last year, more than doubling from the previous year’s total to hit 1,168 incidents in 2014. And as the Paris attacks of last month continue to reverberate, there are fears within the British Jewish community that intolerance of Jews on Britain’s streets is only set to increase.

Breitbart  The Community Security Trust who compiled the statistic, which includes everything from physical violence to desecration of graves, has said that it has received an “unprecedented” number of calls from British Jews fearful of a similar attack in Britain. Little wonder, perhaps, that some of Britain’s Jews are choosing to leave the country for good.


The Telegraph has published an interview with one such family, the Goulds from Manchester. Simon, 52, has built a successful career in business in the UK, whilst his wife Honey, 49, works in marketing, alongside raising their two children, Arron, 18 and Angel, 16. Having lived in the same suburban home in Greater Manchester for their whole married lives, the Goulds will be leaving it behind this summer to start a new life in Arizona.

The Gould Family

The Gould Family

“It’s a terrible wrench”, says Honey. ““I’m proud to be British. My parents live in London. Simon has lived his whole life in two streets of north Manchester. Our house is the only home our son and daughter have ever known. But we have to do this, not least for the sake of our children.”

Whilst anti-Semitic attacks were up 118 percent in 2014 from the previous year, the rise has been especially sharp in London and Manchester where there are large Jewish populations; the latter seeing a 79 percent increase in incidents alone.


there is so much anti‑Semitism in Britain, and it’s coming from all sides. Our local Jewish schools look like prison camps. They’re surrounded by wire fences. There are guards on patrol, some with dogs. On Saturdays, you see police walking the street with members of the CST. I don’t want to sit at home panicking when my husband goes to the synagogue. I just want to live in peace.”

Simon, who sat on the northern board of the CST concurs with his wife. “I’ve been exposed to, and become familiar with, spiralling anti‑Semitism,” he says. “Eggs hurled from passing cars, swastikas on Jewish headstones, messages of hatred. Last summer, central Manchester – a place I love and have always lived in – became a flashpoint for virulent anti-Israel demonstrations. It was terrifying to see this on the streets of my home city.”


Although attacks peaked over the summer, fuelled by increased military action in Gaza, the figures show that incidents were already on the increase in the first half of the year, before the conflict flared up again. In February the words “Jewish slag” were daubed on a gravestone in Manchester, whilst in September a man was battered with a glass and a baseball bat, whilst being subjected to anti-Semitic insults.

Simon says that the rise in radical Islam is not the only driving force behind the attacks. He also points a finger at the left, who habitually conflate Israel and Zionism with the Jewish population.


They are unlikely to be the only British Jewish family with this story to tell. Indeed, Simon has set up a website,, offering free advice to others thinking of making the move.

“I am the fourth generation of Jew in my family to live in Britain,” he says. “Britain offered a safe haven, a chance for them to raise a family, build a home. I am eternally grateful for the refuge Britain and its government has given to the Jews. But I can’t help feeling that the future is no longer here. The grandfather of one Jewish friend said ‘It’s time to leave when you are no longer free to sit on a park bench’. I think that time is fast approaching. I’m leaving before I’m told that I have to go.”


UK: Two Muslim-looking men threaten to behead two female cadets outside Gateshead Territorial Army Centre

The two men in a car, as captured in the CCTV video below, who threatened the teenage cadets as they left the TA Centre, appear to be Muslims with traditional Muslim beards.


Chronicle Live (h/t Martin V)  The chilling verbal attack was yesterday been described as “horrendous” by community leaders. The two girls, both aged under 18, were targeted as they left the Territorial Army centre in Gateshead. The threats are understood to have been “graphic and nasty” and included a comment about beheading.

Police believe they were threatened by two men in a car with what appeared to be Dutch number plates on Alexandra Road near the centre. Officers have released CCTV images of two men in a car who they wish to speak to in connection with the incident. The threats were said to include beheading.


It is understood the girls were not in uniform at the time but the incident has once again sparked debate about public visibility of those connected to the armed forces.

Northumberland and North East Fusilier Association chairman Major Chester Potts said: “It’s a sad state of affairs that people feel they can threaten innocent young people on the streets of Britain.”

In 2013, Fusilier Lee Rigby was attacked and killed by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, London.