UK: Paul Weston of Liberty GB speaks at anti-Islamization rally in Luton, a Muslim-infested area of London

Recently arrested for quoting Winston Churchill, leader of the Liberty GB party, Paul Weston, compares the Muslims of today and their leftist allies with the Nazis of yesterday…predicting that civil war is coming…and blaming the traitor, Prime Minister David Cameron, for enabling the enemies of British society.

Support Paul Weston for Prime Minister!



In British Schools where Muslims rule, students become radicalized


The ‘Trojan Horse’ school scandal in Britain is alive and well, and expanding. The recent downgrading of several Muslim schools suggests a growing nervousness about Islam in the UK, and what they are teaching or allowing on their premises.

The inspections also suggest wider social concerns about the make-up and cohesiveness of British society after years of immigration, and over whether faith schools, in particular, prepare pupils to play their part as full UK citizens. The debate over “British values” came to the fore in the wake of the “Trojan horse” affairs, and the realization that hundreds of British Muslim men – and some women – had become radicalized enough in msoques and schools to join extremists in Iraq and Syria.


The head teacher of the Church of England school in east London at the centre of a fresh controversy over alleged Islamic extremism, has expressed surprise at the Ofsted inspection findings.

The Sir John Cass Foundation and Red Coat Church of England secondary, and a group of independent Muslim faith schools in Tower Hamlets, will be criticized by Ofsted over safeguarding concerns, following snap visits by the schools inspectorate in the wake of the “Trojan horse” affair in Birmingham. London Sir John Cass secondary school’s focus of Islamic indoctrination, is to be downgraded from outstanding to Ofsted’s lowest rating of inadequate, primarily over Facebook activity by teachers linked to extremist material, and existing segregation between boys and girls in school areas.

The independent Muslim schools have complained that abrupt changes in policy and incomplete guidance on controversial issues such as British values and radicalisation has made it impossible to meet Ofsted and government guidelines.








You know indoctrination of radical Islamic ideology is bad in England when Muslim parents are complaining about their children being radicalized by Muslim teachers in public schools


CONFIRMED! British jihadi fighting with ISIS who threatened to fly the Islamic State flag over the White House has been killed in Kobane

DEAD Muslim convert, Abu Abdullah al-Habashi, had declared jihad against Britain and America: “I say to America that your time will come and we will bleed you to death and, Insha’Allah shall raise a flag in the White House” and “Britain will be an Islamic state.”


UK Daily Mail  A 20-year-old Muslim convert from London has been killed fighting for the Islamic State in the besieged Syrian city of Kobane, it has been claimed. ISIS supporters on social media have been mourning the death of Abu Abdullah al-Habashi, also known by a second nom de guerre of Abu Abdullah al-Britani, who was died fighting in Kobane.

Al-Habashi was of Eritrean origin and converted from Christianity to Islam during his teenage years. He is understood to have travelled from the UK to join the Islamic State in Syria in December 2013. Al-Habashi was a well known and popular figure in Islamic State due to his media appearances.


In August, he was interviewed on BBC Newsnight, where he admitted that his family had been trying to persuade him to return home but he had insisted there was ‘no going back.’ He confidently says in the interview: ‘They say what all parents would say, ‘come back you’re crazy etc.’ But I’m here for the sake of Allah.’

The British fighter also told Newsnight that he had been fighting with Islamic State in Ramadi, Iraq. He described it as ‘the best fighting and the hardest fighting’ and that ‘US-made weapons was the war booty.’

Last month, the British fighter appeared alongside a German and a French ISIS fighter in the IS video, ‘Wait. We are also waiting.’  In the video, Abu Abdullah describes the West as being full of ‘puppets and apostates’.  He declares: ‘We are waiting for you in Dabiq. We are waiting for you in Iraq so bring your coalition of unbelievers because unbelievers will not help you. We will take their weaponry as booty and these people will die.’


The British jihadist vows that all Islamic State fighters ‘are willing to lay down our blood on this soil. So try. Try to come and we will kill every single soldier.’ ‘We will chop off the heads of the Americans. We will chop off the heads of the French, chop of the heads of whoever you may bring.’ He even promised that the black flag of the Islamic State will ‘eventually be on the White House.’ 


Al-Habashi also appeared in another IS video, entitled ‘Eid Greetings from the Land of the Khilafah.’  In the video, the Londoner glorifies life under the Islamic State: ‘I don’t think there is anything better than living in land of the Khilafah.’ ‘You know the rights and you are not living under oppression. You are not living under rule. You are not living under the kufr [non-believer]. You are living by the Koran and by the Su’rah.


‘As Muslims, that’s what we want and that’s what we need. We don’t need any democracy, we don’t need any communism, we don’t need anything like that. All we need is Sharia.

Abu Abdullah al-Habashi also made headlines for a photo showing him posing next to a decapitated Syrian soldier.  The photo shows al-Habashi proudly smiling next to the victim, who was tied up and beheaded.


UK: Somali Muslim who played Somali Muslim pirate in the Tom Hanks film ‘Captain Phillips’ has been jailed for beating a man so viciously, the man was left with brain damage

But that’s not the shocking part. What’s shocking is that the British court sentenced this Somali Muslim savage to just 2-½ years in prison! And this wasn’t his first assault charge.


UK Mirror  (h/t Jeanne) Mohammed Abdi had a minor role in the 2013 Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips – an action film the sentencing judge said he had seen ‘more than once’. But away from the cameras Abdi was part of a hotheaded mob who ambushed rivals as they were coming out of takeaways, the Manchester Evening News reported

In the first attack, the victim was on his way out of Kansas Fried Chicken at Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, when his attackers, led by Abdi, pulled up in a Nissan Micra and set upon him. The man was kicked into unconsciousness and suffered a fractured cheekbone, before being bundled into a car, driven off, and released after an hour.

Prosecutor Katy Jones said Abdi had previously been involved in a fraud case with the victim, and called him a ‘grass’ before the attack, at 6am, March 2, 2013. The victim, who suffered a brain haemorrhage afterwards, told police he had been ‘paraded’ through the streets while unconscious.

Mohammed Abdi

Mohammed Abdi

At 10am on August 17 this year, Abdi also took part in a gang assault on a man suspected of insulting his friend in the McFresh bakery at Claremont Road, Moss Side. The victim was cut to the arm after Abdi attacked him with a bottle in front of horrified staff and customers.

David Temkin, defending, said there was ‘another side’ to Abdi, who had a well-paid sales job and had enjoyed the ‘privileged experience’ of nine weeks filming in Morocco after being cast as in Captain Phillips, which tells the story of an oil tanker boarded by pirates.

Judge Martin Rudland, sentencing, said: “Was he in the capsule at the end when the Navy Seals were trying to get in? When I watched this film I thought where have they got these fantastic Somali actors from? They are extremely convincing.” Jailing Abdi, 29, of Princess Road, Moss Side, for two-and-half years after he admitted two GBH charges, the judge said it was a ‘great shame’ to see him in the dock for the ‘deplorable’ attacks after his big screen achievement.


Describing the first incident, Judge Rudland said: “It’s a whisker between behaviour of this sort and death, but you were completely unmindful of that.  “Even when you got him unconscious on the pavement, lying there like a rag doll, you go about that appalling display of dragging, moving and shifting the dead weight of his body to get him into a motorcar.”

Abdi’s accomplices in that attack, Mohammed Omar Ali, 33, of Stockport Road, Longsight, and Hamid Hassan, 27, of Acomb Street, Hulme, were jailed for two years after admitting GBH. His accomplices in the second attack, Ismail Warsama, 30, of Hammersmith, London, and Abdi Arteh, of Princess Road, Moss Side, got 12-month suspended sentences after admitting affray.

Warsama has 180 hours unpaid work and a programme requirement, while Arteh has 150 unpaid work, a programme requirement and 12-months supervision.



UK: MUSLIM Paedophile Rape Gangs, yes MUSLIM…and virtually all the victims are non-Muslim children

Reportedly, upwards of 16,000 non-Muslim girls have been victims of Muslim rape gangs in Britain. Until recently, law enforcement and politicians have done nothing about it for fear of being called “racist.”

Now that the story has been widely covered in the international media, it is getting some long overdue attention and a few prosecutions but not anywhere near enough based on the widespread scale of the abuse. However, this isn’t only a British problem. Wherever there are Muslim immigrants, there is a rampant rape problem.

George Garbow


























BRITAIN: First the military, now the police are being warned not to wear their uniforms in public for fear of an attack by Muslim jihadists

UK Police officers have been advised not to wear their uniforms on the way to and from work or talk about jobs on social media amid concerns that Islamic extremists are plotting to target them on the streets.


UK Daily Mail  It comes as MI5 fears that extremists are planning an attack on an officer similar to that of British soldier Lee Rigby, killed last year by two Muslims as he walked near his Woolwich barracks.

It comes after police raised their internal threat level last month from ‘moderate’ to ‘substantial’ last month  A source told the Mirror: ‘A raised threat level means officers have to be extra vigilant in everything they do. ‘It means not traveling to work in full uniform and standing out unnecessarily out of work. 


‘Officers are also being warned about putting sensitive information about their personal lives on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.’ ‘Military commanders issued similar advice following the murder of Drummer Lee-Rigby in Woolwich in May last year even though Rigby was not wearing his uniform when he was attacked, but a Help for Heroes hooded jumper. 

The Mirror reports that GCHQ has picked up talk of targeting a British police officer, and now MI5 are looking at intelligence that social media profiles of police officers are being monitored by Islamic jihadists. 

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 5.31.07 AM

In October a gang of Muslims was arrested accused of scouting Shepherd’s Bush police station and White City Territorial Army barracks in a ‘hostile reconnaissance’ mission using Google Street View. They were said to have kept Instagram images of two Scotland Yard police officers and two community support officers. The group is also charged with amassing jihadist material, including videos of beheadings.

Security expert Neil Doyle told the paper: ‘It makes perfect sense that terrorists would be using social media to scout for targets. ‘The risk is that officers and PCSOs giving away precise details of their movements and routines may leave them open to being abducted by Muslim terrorists.’

Lee Riby with his young son before he was slaughtered by Muslims in the streets of London

Lee Riby with his young son before he was slaughtered by Muslims in the streets of London


UK MUSLIM TAXI DRIVERS refuse to pick up passengers wearing poppies (symbol of support for troops)

Reports of Muslim taxi drivers telling passengers to remove poppies before they will accept the fare has led to a Weston firm ‘promising’ to sack any employee who disrespects the British Remembrance Day symbol.


Weston Mercury  Social media has been abuzz with stories of multiple Apple Central Taxis’ customers being asked to take off poppies – allegations, which although unproven at this stage, have led to company cars being smashed and verbal abuse aimed at staff.

The taxi firm started an investigation last week despite no customers issuing an official complaint, although owner Iftikhar Ul-Haq promised the company is taking the claims seriously.


He said: “I am Muslim and I have never seen anyone say ‘I don’t want to wear a poppy’. “I would sack any guilty driver there and then… I wouldn’t even let them come into the office.” (LIAR) The Royal British Legion (RBL), which co-ordinates the poppy campaign, said Apple taxis is – and always had been – a supporter of the appeal and urged people to remain calm.

The Mercury has been told of two occasions where customers were allegedly asked to remove a poppy, one on October 26 and another on October 30. One of the customers described the driver’s stance as ‘disgusting’.



Apple taxis’ general manager Steve Tedd stressed it has no anti-poppy policy but said unless someone comes forward officially with a time and date, it cannot discover if the rumours are true or dispel them. The allegations – which led to Weston’s English Defence League branch calling for a boycott of Apple taxis – have provoked revenge attacks.

Mr Tedd said: “A couple of drivers have had car windows smashed.

“We also had a soldier on Saturday afternoon walk into our office, having heard the rumours and was angry, and wanted to talk it out with our telephonist. “The allegations have had a bad effect on my staff and drivers.


“I have heard four different versions of the same story. If I have anything factual, then I will act, but if I hear nothing officially then I will have to class it as a vicious hoax. “We are talking about people’s livelihoods and I’m not going to sack people on say-so.”

Adam Brown, a RBL community fundraiser, said the legion received calls on the matter but stressed it was not its place to rule whether the allegations were true.

Mr Tedd said Avon and Somerset Constabulary contacted Apple when officers heard the rumours and has offered extra assistance amid fears of revenge attacks. He said: “The police have put a tag on our officers, which means if we have to dial 999, we will be classed as a priority case for the foreseeable future.”



Welcome to London’s ‘HOTEL SHARIA’ Christians and Jews not welcome


An exclusive London hotel has banned alcohol and pork after being taken over by a Muslim businessman who wants to run it ‘in accordance with Sharia law’. The strict Islamic policy was imposed without warning this week at the Bermondsey Square Hotel.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Staff said the new rules were swiftly implemented on Tuesday on the orders of the new Muslim owner, forcing waiters to tell disgruntled guests that much of the menu was no longer available.


Diners were denied dishes that used only traces of alcohol – such as beer-battered fish, a pudding with ‘drunken cherries’ and rum ice cream. Drinkers were offered only non-alcoholic beer and elderflower cordial. Forced to improvise, chefs are now trying to source chicken and beef sausages instead of pork varieties for breakfast and have replaced the popular hog roast with rabbit terrine.

The £220-a-night hotel is believed to be one of the first in the country to introduce the strict Muslim policy but staff say the changes have caused business to plummet, with many reservations cancelled.


Several fear for their jobs unless the hotel – previously voted the UK’s trendiest place to stay and where Gordon Ramsay once filmed a show – is marketed for a different clientele. An IT consultant, who has been a regular at the hotel, said: ‘A group of us were meant to be meeting in the bar and they said: “We can’t serve alcohol any more.” 

‘When I contacted the manager to ask why, he told me that the new owner wanted it to be a Sharia law hotel. Under Sharia law, you can’t make a profit from alcohol.’  The guest said he would no longer book the hotel in future, adding: ‘They’ve got to be careful. It’s been quiet and this is almost the death knell.’





On community website london-se1, a poster called Drgreenmark2 said customers were ‘kicking off’, adding: ‘Who on earth believes a “dry” hotel and restaurant is going to work in central London, never mind Bermondsey square? This is not Saudi Arabia!’

Gavin Smith posted: ‘I’m a teetotaller but think the no alcohol and no pork policy is too prescriptive. What next? Are guests in the linked hotel going to be asked to provide marriage certificates if they want a double room? Are same-sex couples going to be refused entry?’



AFTER. Notice how all the women are relegated to the back of the prayer room

AFTER. Notice how all the women are relegated to the back of the prayer room

The change was so swift that the hotel’s website and menus have not yet been updated and the venue still bills itself as the place to stay for ‘party people, foodies and fashionistas’.

Menus for the GB Bar and Grill still offer full English breakfast with sweetcure streaky bacon and Cumberland sausage, and roast pork belly with black pudding. The restaurant boasts of ‘signature British dishes’ but even the children’s option of sausage and chips will now have to be changed to meet the new policy.The hotel website also continues to boast of champagne receptions, its ‘inviting cocktail bar’ and is illustrated with pictures of guests drinking beer.

In January 2014 the restaurant of the Bermondsey Square Hotel relaunched as GB Grill & Bar

In January 2014 the restaurant of the Bermondsey Square Hotel relaunched as GB Grill & Bar (NOW CLOSED)

Customers calling to make reservations are warned they will not be allowed to order beer, wine or spirits because the hotel is under ‘new management’. However, they can buy alcohol from outside and drink it in their rooms.

Several staff at the hotel did not know the new owner’s identity and had been told only that he was from the Middle East. Some were puzzled by the new policy at such short notice as the hotel does not have a significant Muslim clientele and the food is not halal.

Nearby restaurants said they saw a surge in business when customers walked out of the hotel’s grill on Tuesday.  The Village East Brasserie said it had 12 extra diners who specifically asked: ‘Do you serve alcohol because the hotel we are staying in doesn’t?’ 

Muslims are demanding a total ban on alcohol in England.


TERRIFIED British shoppers ordered to kneel on floor as (Muslim?) robbers threaten to “behead” them in Islamic State (ISIS)-style terror attack


Unsuspecting shoppers in a British supermarket were forced to kneel on the floor as machete-wielding robbers threatened to behead them in the manner Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Syria and Iraq have been doing and posting videos of online. The horrific ordeal happened after three balaclava-bearing men burst into a store late Wednesday evening.

Express  (h/t ) At the start of the attack, one of the vicious thugs jumped onto the counter and swung a machete over his head before ordering petrified customers and staff to kneel before them on the floor. The robbers then emptied the tills, which contained thousands of pounds in cash, and demanded the store safe be opened.


But when they were told it was time-locked, the gang threatened to behead the innocent people in a chilling mirror of videos released by Islamic State terrorists. The trio – who were all wearing dark clothing, balaclavas and gloves – eventually fled the NISA Extra supermarket in Coventry, West Midlands, by foot and evaded capture.

Today one terrified shopper, who did not want to be named, said “it was like they got some sort of sick kick out of it”. They said: “I looked up and a bloke was standing on the counter in a balaclava. They had three or four of us on the floor kneeling with their heads down.

“They were obviously copying what they had seen about these reports of beheadings in the news. “They were waving a machete around saying if they didn’t get what they want they would start chopping people’s heads off.


“One girl was already terrified and when they said that she just broke down. “It was very fast, everything happened so quickly. It was over in about 15 or 20 minutes.” The NISA supermarket has been victim to four other armed robberies in the past five years.


The victim added: “They’re scum, absolute scum. They seem to do it to psyche themselves up on adrenaline. “It’s the power of it, telling people they will take their heads off – they’re just sheer scum. “You just go along with what they say, because it’s only money at the end of the day and your life is more important than that.” Another victim said they believed the robbers were local because they appeared to know the layout of the store.


“The police had dogs and helicopters out but they got away on foot. Somebody somewhere must know something.” A spokesperson for West Midlands Police confirmed there were no injuries during the raid, but that a “quantity of cash” was stolen.


They added: “Police are appealing for information after masked men armed with a machete robbed a shop in Coventry. “The robbery happened at around 8.15pm on 12 November when three men – all wearing dark clothing, balaclavas and gloves – entered Nisa on Winsford Avenue and demanded to speak to the manager.

“Officers are keen to hear from anyone who was nearby at the time and may have seen three men acting suspiciously either before or after the robbery, and any vehicle they may have left in.”

2010-05-11 13.14.20


KUDOS to controversial UK columnist, Katie Hopkins, for her fact-filled, anti-Muslim Twitter rants which are causing Muslim & Leftist heads to explode

Katie Hopkins’ latest Twitter posts have led to calls for her ARREST for stirring up racial hatred…even though no has ever been able to prove that ‘Islam’ is a race.


UK Mirror  The former Apprentice contestant posted a series of anti-Muslim messages on her account after reports of the stabbings in Tel Aviv apparently carried out by an Arab man on two Israelis, including one that labelled Palestinians “filthy rodents”.

It isn’t clear if the former reality star posted the comments herself or was hacked – although the offensive tweets remain on her account.

The mum-of-three also posted a number of anti-Islam tweets to her 244,000 followers while watching Channel 4 show 24 Hours In Police Custody.

Angry Twitter users then bombarded the controversial columnist, calling for her to be reported to the police for inciting racial hatred.

One tweeted the Met Police asking: “@metpoliceuk why is @KTHopkins allowed to incite religious hatred, hate crime?”

Another said: “Regardless of your stance on the palestine/israel crisis, Katie Hopkins inciting hate should be prosecuted, same as other hate preachers [sic].”

A handful of people have also sent tweets to David Cameron.

“@KTHopkins What a vile woman. U are a disgrace to women. Inciting hatred. Somebody should report this imbecile!”

“Someone please call the police and report @KTHopkins for inciting genocide.”

And: “Katie Hopkins inciting violence against Palestinians? She is hateful & uses anti-muslim sentiments to promote herself.”

We have contacted a rep for Katie who has yet to return our calls.


And here’s what British MP scumbag George Galloway, who is an honorary citizen of Gaza, dedicated Hamas terrorist supporter, Israel-hater, and allegedly a muslim convert himself, has to say about Katie. 

Why hasn’t anyone in the UK put this POS out of his misery yet?

h/t Henry P


UNCONFIRMED: Most-Wanted Terrorist, Samantha Lewthwaite, a British convert to Islam, allegedly shot dead by Russian sniper in Ukraine


A British female terrorist nicknamed the ‘White Widow has reportedly been shot and killed in Ukraine. Samantha Lewthwaite, 30, was gunned down by a Russian sniper two weeks ago, according to Moscow news agency Regnum. One of Britain’s most wanted people, she was reported last month as fighting for the Islamic State’s terrorists in Syria.

UK Mirror  (h/t David Y) The extraordinary Russian claim has not yet been formally verified and her father has said he is not aware if the reports are true.


Lewthwaite was married to 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay, 19, a Jamaican-born Yorkshireman, and allegedly left Britain in 2009 before being linked to atrocities in Africa. “One of the world’s most wanted terrorists Samantha Lewthwaite who fought as part of a Ukrainian battalion has been killed by a volunteer sniper,” said the news agency report.

“According to our information, the White Widow fought on the side of Ukrainian volunteer battalion Aidar as a sniper. “She was killed by “a volunteer sniper who came to fight at the Lugansk front from Russia”. The report continued: “The Russian sniper who killed the British terrorist now has a price of nearly one million dollars on his head from Ukrainian special services.”


But Lewthwaite dad, 58-year-old builder Andrew Lewthwaite, said: “I have heard nothing. No-one has told me anything about this. I’m not saying anything more about it.”

The extraordinary unconfirmed claim came amid a welter of propaganda from Moscow and Kiev over the Ukrainian crisis.Reports last month claimed Lewthwaite – a former soldier’s daughter – joined Islamic State earlier this year and became one of the most powerful women in the network.


Born in Northern Ireland and schooled in Aylesbury, she was not previously linked to Ukraine.She was responsible for training a special team of female suicide bombers in Syria, it was alleged.

Lewthwaite allegedly trained and mentored British converts who volunteered to fight for the IS.The 7/7 attack on the London transport network on 7 July 2005 killed 52 people.

Lewthwaite had been viewed as the innocent Home Counties’ wife of a suicide bomber but was later seen as “the world’s most dangerous female terrorist”.


In June 2012 two men and a white woman – believed to be her – wearing Islamic dress killed three and injured 25 at a beer garden in Mombasa after throwing grenades at foreigners watching England play Italy at Euro 2012.

She was also linked to another grenade attack which killed security guards in an upmarket restaurant.



MUSLIM thugs attack police with rocket launcher fireworks in the notorious Islamic NO-GO zone of Tower Hamlets in East London

In CCTV footage the Muslim gang waits until it is 100 yards away before lighting up the large display-style rockets and aiming them at the windscreen. A crowd of Muslim thugs is caught on CCTV launching a terrifying rocket attack on a police car.


UK Mirror  (h/t Susan K) The footage shows a large group gathering on a residential street in Tower Hamlets, East London, armed with large display-style fireworks. A police car is seen slowly driving towards them at about 1am after the alarm was raised. The gang waits until it is about 100 yards away before lighting up the fireworks and aiming them at the windscreen.

The patrol car disappears behind multi-coloured explosions. Another car parked nearby is also hit by fireworks as the driver tries to escape. After a few seconds one of the group advances towards the car and launches a rocket which hits the windscreen. The crowd retreats as the patrol car drives through the smoke towards them but is unable to pursue the youths down a narrow alley because of bollards.

The news comes after reports on Thursday that a gang in Scotland used “industrial strength” fireworks to attack a police station in Edinburgh. More than two dozen officers in riot gear were called out as a gang of 20 Muslim youths shot fireworks at the building.



UK Counter-terrorism police carrying out 100 operations per week in a bid to stave off Islamic State terror and beheading plots


Police have prevented “several” terrorism atrocities on the UK mainland in the past 10 months and made 218 arrests. Sixteen British Muslims who have returned from Syria have been charged with terrorist activity.

UK Daily Star  Specialist police internet experts have removed 51,000 ‘illegal and deeply damaging’ websites aimed at recruiting jihadists. They are now shutting down 1,000 sites-a-week showing beheadings, torture and suicide bombings in a bid to lure Islamic extremists to the Middle East with the prospect of martyrdom.


Last night police revealed they were probing the disappearance of 66 people reported missing by relatives who fear they have travelled to Syria to join ISIS. Intelligence agencies estimate the authorities have not been told about 500 more who have also made the trek.

Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, national policing lead for counter terrorism, said he was running “exceptionally high numbers” of investigations “the likes of which we have not seen for several years”.


He added: “Against an increasing operational tempo we are disrupting several attack plots a year. These plots are of varied sophistication from individuals planning to carry out spontaneous yet deadly attacks to more complex conspiracies, almost all seemingly are either directed by or inspired by terrorism overseas.


“The volume, range and pace of counter-terrorism activity has undergone a step-change. “Public safety is our number one priority and we will always focus our disruption activity against those posing the greatest and most imminent threat.


Meanwhile Brit IS fighter Abu Abdullah al-Britani appeared in a chilling new video vowing to “chop off the heads” of anyone who opposes the terror network.

He urged western nations to send troops to the region so IS can “kill every single soldier, Allah permitting” and added: “We will chop off the heads of the Americans, chop off the heads of the French, chop off the heads of whoever you may bring.”


FOUR MUSLIMS arrested in UK for terror plot to kill Queen Elizabeth

British police have foiled an alleged MUSLIM plot to assassinate the Queen in a knife attack this weekend at a Remembrance Day event in London. Counter-terrorist police swooped on addresses in the west of the British capital and in the Thames Valley and arrested four MUSLIM men aged 19 to 27.


AU NEWS  (h/t Colin W) Scotland Yard were remaining tight lipped yesterday but confirmed it was an alleged Islamist plot to be carried out on British soil and was part of “an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism”. But they declined to name the target.

British tabloid The Sun yesterday reported the plan was to kill the 88-year-old Queen at an event at the Cenotaph in the capital where she was to lay a wreath. The newspaper said both the Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron had been made aware of the alleged plot.  Other British media were yesterday reporting police suspected it was more likely to be a gun attack plot on an unnamed target but potentially just random members of the public but armed police were already planning a tight cordon around the Royal family and Mr Cameron at war memorial events.


Armed guards had in the past two weeks been deployed to watch over ceremonial sentries including at the palace and Whitehall since the murder of Canadian reservist Nathan Crillo who had been on ceremonial duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. But there were particular fears there could be a random attack carried out on any of the hundreds of events leading up to and on the nationally marked Remembrance Day on Sunday and next Tuesday.

Heavily armed counter terrorist police swooped on four addresses across west London and High Wycombe in the Thames Valley and arrested the four men and raided another four addresses linked to the men.


The suspects were all arrested and are being held in custody on suspicion of being concerned in “the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”. Police yesterday remained guarding their homes as detectives inside could be seen removing items of potential evidence.

The 19-year-old, understood to be called Yusuf Syed, was arrested at his mother’s house in High Wycombe at the same time as a 22-year-old was arrested in Hounslow in London’s west at 8.45pm. The younger man was said to have just returned from a trip to Pakistan. A 25-year-old was arrested in Uxbridge at 2.55am yesterday morning while a 27-year-old was arrested in a car in the street in Southall at 8.30pm yesterday.

It is understood at least one of the men had been spoken to police in the past for jihadism. A second of the four man had had his passport seized by authorities recently after he planned to travel to the Middle East to take part in jihad.