UK: 12 Muslim rape gang savages sentenced to 20 years each for raping 13-year-old girl for more than a year

Ranging in age from 19 to 63, the Muslim paedophile rapists abused the girl at different places around town near Bradford. She was raped on the library steps, in an underground car park, at an abandoned police station, and in the rugby club changing rooms at Burgess Fields park. In 2012, five of them lined up to rape her in broad daylight near the town centre.


ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BRITAIN? Muslim population tops 3 million with over half born outside the UK

61ee_b90f1-223x300Britain’s Muslim population has doubled in a decade as immigration is soaring, Muslim polygamy is allowed, and welfare-dependant Muslim breeders have a much higher birth-rate than any other group in the UK. Muslim parasites cost British taxpayers a staggering £18+ billion ($29 billion) per year, while Muslim harems and their multi-child litters account for much of that.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t John H) England is home to more than three million Muslims for the first time ever, new figures show. The number in the country has doubled in just over a decade as a result of soaring immigration and high birth rates. 


In some parts of London, close to half the population are now Muslims, according to detailed analysis by the Office for National Statistics obtained by The Mail on Sunday. On current trends they will be the majority in those areas within a decade. 

Half of those following Islam in England and Wales were born abroad while more are under ten years old than in any other age group, indicating their numbers will grow still further in generations to come.


The three million milestone – representing one in 20 people across the country – will reignite debate about the changing face of Britain amid growing calls for all Muslims to integrate into society.

Education watchdog Ofsted has warned that schools could be branded failing if veil-wearing by students or teachers is deemed a ‘barrier to learning’ and yesterday Britain’s most senior judge, Lord Neuberger, said there were ‘serious difficulties’ with witnesses giving evidence in criminal trials with covered faces.

Another review, ordered by Justice Secretary Michael Gove, is investigating fears that the growing number of Muslims behind bars – now one in five inmates in Category A jails – is fueling radicalization.


But there is also a backlash against what many Muslims see as Islamophobic stigmatization, with some campaigning against the Government’s ‘Prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers.

Trouble has flared at public rallies held by nationalist groups against Islam. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage last week by claiming that some Muslims will always remain apart, saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us’.


The rapid growth of the Muslim population of England and Wales is revealed in unprecedented depth by the new ONS figures. By 2011, the Muslim population of England and Wales was 2,706,066 – representing 4.8 per cent of the overall number. As the ONS noted, this represented a 75 per cent jump in the space of a decade.

New figures published for the first time this month show that the rise has continued, with a record 3,046,607 Muslims across England and Wales in 2014 – representing 5.4 per cent of the population. Across Great Britain, the total rises to 3,114,992, and of those slightly more than half (1,554,022) were born overseas. The vast majority – 1,484,060 – came from outside the European Union.

The Muslim population will rise further as a result of the unprecedented surge in refugees from Middle Eastern and North African countries trying to reach Western Europe in the past year.  A record 5,095 asylum applications were made to the UK in October 2015, latest figures show, with one in ten made by Syrians.

Muslim Issue  British citizens are sinking under the weight of astronomical welfare costs, a majority of which go to Muslim immigrants, both legal and illegal, many of whom come from polygamous marriages.


Huge numbers of Muslims contribute nothing but live off the state. According to government statistics we spend a minimum £18 billion a year only to feed Muslims. And the majority of them don’t have even a basic College degree!

Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 statistics that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed – rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004.


Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability (2001 figures). Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures).

Money-wise it means that out of 5 million Muslims living in Britain (2012 demographics), 4.25 million Muslims, or 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week, at least £ 284,750,000 per week  (£1.1 billion per month) is spent from taxpayer money to feed and care for Muslims who don’t contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues.


And that calculation doesn’t even include housing benefits, childcare support, medical care and other coverage utilized by the population. We can estimate that with housing, child subsidies and healthcare, Muslims cost the British government at least £1.5 billion a month, or £18 billion a year.

By 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but a complete collapse. 


Did you know that more than 20% of the most dangerous criminals in British jails are Muslims?

PRISONSNEW-629858ONE in five prisoners in Britain’s top-security jails are Muslims, figures show. These figures are chilling in light of the fact that the 2011 census found that Muslims are still a small minority of the overall population – just one in twenty (less than 5%) according to the Muslim Council of Britain. But those figures have no doubt increased since 2011.


UK Sun (h/t John H)  The eight Category A jails contain 5,885 highly dangerous lags and 1,229 — 20.8 per cent — say they follow the Islamic faith.  That is up from a total of 999 just five years ago, a jump of 23 per cent. 

At Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire almost half the 447 inmates — 199, or 44 per cent — are Muslim.  In stark contrast, only five per cent of the overall UK population is Muslim.

British Soldier Lee Rigby's killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who attempted to cut off his head in the streets of London

British Soldier Lee Rigby’s killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who attempted to cut off his head in the streets of London

The figures obtained by The Sun highlight the pressure on the prison system which is struggling to cope with radicalisation and Muslim gangs. 

Steven Gillan of the Prison Officers Association said it was a “recipe for disaster” that jails were having to deal with an increasingly complex mix of inmates at the same time as officer numbers were cut.


London’s Belmarsh prison, which has held soldier Lee Rigby’s killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, has 248 Muslim inmates out of 868 — over 28 per cent. 

Manchester prison holds 202 of 1,106. Other Category A jails are Long Lartin (163 out of 615), Full Sutton (137 of 586), Woodhill (108 of 707). Frankland (97 of 832) and Wakefield (75 of 724). 

Islamic think-tank the Quilliam Foundation warned jails were “ripe” to become extremist recruiting grounds. The Prison Service said: “We are committed to meeting the needs of all faiths.”



BRITAIN FIRST activists threatened with arrest if they carry “No More Mosques” banner at Dewsbury protest

West Yorkshire Police have contacted Britain First and informed them that their “No more mosques!” banner has caused “enormous problems and anger” in Dewsbury so they have decided to BAN the banner to appease the local Muslims.


Britain First (h/t Michael W)  Police instructed Britain First leader Paul Golding in the sternest terms not to bring it or display it otherwise he would face arrest for a “racially aggravated” public order offence!

The “racially aggravated” part will guarantee a prison sentence. Freedom of speech out of the window to appease an aggressive, intolerant, noisy minority! Paul and Jayda have confirmed to Britain First News that the banner will be brought along to Dewsbury on Saturday.


West Yorkshire Police are a disgrace to the British nation.  Political correctness is coming before freedom of speech and democracy.

Come along on Saturday and show West Yorkshire Police that we will NOT be silenced!


SHARIA LAW RULES! Britain will now give Muslim men with multiple wives extra monthly welfare payments

01172-1That amounts to £317.83 ($451.00) extra per month for each wife, funded by hardworking British taxpayers, in an illegal (under British law) polygamous Muslim household. Under sharia law, Muslim are permitted to have four wives.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Robert S)  Men with more than one wife will qualify for extra benefits under the new welfare system, according to official House of Commons research.

Under the universal credit welfare system, which is not expected to be fully introduced until 2021, polygamous households will be rewarded with higher benefits, The Sunday Times reports.


In the UK, it is illegal to marry more than one person. Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are only recognised in Britain if they took place in countries where they are legal, such as Middle Eastern states, Pakistan and Zambia.

There no official figures but it is estimated that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.


Currently, a husband and his first wife are paid up to £114.85 a week. Subsequent spouses living under the same roof receive around £40 each.  The standard allowance is about £498.89 a month for couples, but single people can claim about £317.83.

That means the husband and his first wife will be able to claim the married couples’ allowance and subsequent wives will be able to claim a single person’s allowance.

While there are no official figures, it is believed that there may be as many as 20,000 polygamous marriages in the British Muslim community.



STUPID JEWS! Holocaust survivor demands that the UK welcome a tidal wave of new Nazis whose holy books command them to terrorize and kill Jews

These are the kinds of naive Jews who believed the ‘Hitler thing’ would pass. These are the kinds of ignorant Jews who refuse to see that most of the so-called ‘refugees’ are NOT children, NOT starving, NOT oppressed, but mainly military-age men coming to Europe for welfare benefits, while breeding enough new Muslims to turn Britain into an Islamic State.

For those who don’t know, I am not an antisemite. I am Jewish and these people make me ashamed that I am.