WHO CARES? British Muslims’ biggest fear is being killed by ‘Islamophobia’ in the streets of London

Sorry cupcake, the only ones living in fear are British soldiers and Christians who actually are being killed by Muslims in London streets. If you think Britain is so bad for Muslims, LEAVE! There are 56 countries that don’t hate Muslims the way we in the West do.

And one of the reasons people hate Muslims so much is because you continue to deny that Islam has anything to so with Islamic terrorism. (See below)



ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BRITAIN: Sharia-complaint court convicts man of a ‘hate speech’ simply for asking a Muslim woman: “Why can’t I see your face?”

The Muslim supremacist woman in a face-covering headbag, Rahela Chowdhury was in a Tesco store with 4 of her rapidly growing litter, when the man approached and shouted ‘Why can’t I see your face?’ 

Rahela Chowdhury

Rahela Chowdhury

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Brenda K) The Muslim drama queen was left frozen to the spot and has been so scared she has hardly left the house since the incident on October 3. Her youngest child, who is only four, also started crying uncontrollably.  

Her ‘abuser’, John McDougall, 50, from Earby in Lancashire, has now been ordered to pay victim compensation and carry out 200 hours community service.

Recalling the terrifying ordeal, Mrs Chowdhury said: ‘He started abusing me, asking me why I was wearing the full veil. ‘It was the first time anyone had shouted at me in this way. I was frozen and I didn’t know what to do.’ 


Mrs Chowdhury has urged other victims of racial abuse to come forward. (What ‘race’ is Islam? )Her husband Khalil said: ‘She has been out rarely since and is really fearful that it could happen again. ‘This was a very distressing incident for her and now I make sure I go out with her.’

Six out of 10 Muslims in Britain surveyed by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) said they had seen Islamophobia directed at someone else, up from four in 10 when the survey was first conducted in 2010. (And this was before the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Paris)

Last month, the prime minister announced anti-Muslim hatred would be recorded by police forces in England and Wales as a specific hate crime for the first time. 


BRITISH Catholic schools will no longer teach Islam as part of GCSE religious studies, but will be directed to teach Christianity and Judaism.

Yellow_logo_-_blue_writing__smaller_The Roman Catholic Church is at the centre of a row after ordering its schools to teach Judaism alongside Christianity in GCSE religious studies – ruling out Islam or other faiths. As usual, Muslims are outraged.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  The edict was described as ‘very disappointing’ by senior Muslim leaders. Sir Iqbal Sacranie, former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the decision undermined Pope Francis’s message of greater tolerance between the faiths, and urged Catholic leader Cardinal Vincent Nichols to think again. (The Pope is a communist/islamist supporter)


The Church’s move follows last year’s reforms to the GCSE exam. Under the new rules, schools are required to teach two religions rather than one.

The change was designed to drive extremism out of the classroom following the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot, in which individuals were found to have been introducing fundamentalist Islamic teaching into Muslim schools in Birmingham.

Paul Barber, the director at the Catholic Education Service, said teaching about the Jewish faith would ensure schools continued to comply with the stipulations of bishops that pupils are given a solid grounding in Christianity.


But critics said many of the Catholic Church’s 2,150 primary and secondary schools have a significant number of pupils from an Islamic background, including the Rosary Catholic Primary in Birmingham, where more than 90 per cent of the children are Muslim.

Sir Iqbal said: ‘This is not a good decision. It does not reflect well on the messages that are coming out from the Church for greater tolerance of other faiths. ‘This is a difficult time for religions and the last thing you would expect is a major faith making such a statement. (It’s only Islam that shows no tolerance for any other religion)

And Rabbi Jonathan Romain, the minister of Maidenhead Synagogue in Berkshire, said: ‘I urge all religious authorities to allow individual heads the freedom to decide what is best for pupils.   B8s4ouZIcAAgZdN.jpg-large



NO ‘RACISTS’ OR ‘ISLAMOPHOBES’ HERE…the UK has opened its heart to the Muslim invaders, especially the perpetual welfare queens, rapists, jihadists, thugs, and terrorist wannabes. We are a leading multicultural nation and will not be offended by even the most offensive and criminal of Muslim behaviors.

h/t Starwish


LONDON: Recent Algerian Muslim immigrant to UK carries out 6 sexual assaults and 2 exposures in 10 days

Where the attacks took place

Where/When the attacks took place

An Algerian Muslim national carried out a wave of sex attacks on young women within months of arriving in the country, a court heard today. Mehdi Midani, 27, allegedly committed six sexual assaults and two offences of exposing his genitals during a ten-day period in south London.

UK Daily Mail  He was arrested on Monday evening by detectives investigating a series of ‘linked’ sexual assaults in the Clapham and Brixton areas of south London. Prosecutor Charlotte Chirico told the court Midani is accused of eight offences against lone females between 22 and 31 October. She said: ‘He’s only been in the UK for a few months.’


ESPECIALLY CRINGE-WORTHY MUSLIM story of the day from the UK

Pregnant Muslim woman gives oral sex to her husband in front of their two children, aged 3 and 5, at a crowded Westfield shopping center. Judge gives the unemployed disgusting couple a slap on the wrist.

Fahad Balil, the husband

Fahad Balil, the husband

UK Mirror (h/t GP) The pair romped for 10 minutes on a sofa by the elevators saying afterwards they ‘thought about stopping’ when their children interrupted but carried on as ‘it just happened.’

Akeela Ali, 25, was caught on camera with Fahad Bilal, 26, while their children, aged three and five, ran around playing nearby. The couple from Newport, South Wales, said they ‘thought about stopping’ when their children interrupted, but carried on, explaining later: ‘It just happened’.

CCTV footage captured the pair frolicking on a sofa in front of lifts in Westfield centre , Shepherd’s Bush, west London. They appeared before magistrates in Hammersmith today where they pleaded guilty to outraging public decency after the incident in July.

Westfield Shopping Centre Opens Its Doors

Prosecutor Arlene De Silva said: “Just after 8pm they were sitting on a sofa in the lift lobby lounge area on the first floor facing three elevators. Mrs Ali sat beside her husband and lifted the jacket on his groin.” The clinch went on for around 10 minutes and they were interrupted ‘several times’ by the children. “She was aware that one of the children was sitting beside Mr Bilal for a portion of the event.”

The judge said: “Mr Bilal I’m going to prevent you from coming within the M25 district for eight weeks, except for the 11 and 12 of November, to attend your immigration hearing. If you breach that you will be arrested and brought back to court.” She added: “Miss Ali I’m going to deal with you in the same way as your husband, you will have an exclusion order on the area within the M25 for eight weeks.”

The unemployed couple must each pay a £60 victim surcharge, and a £180 court charge at a rate of £10 a fortnight.



UK Muslim father on welfare benefits for over a decade says he’s not responsible for breeding 11 future welfare parasites because Allah wants it

BritainIslamicRepublic-BabyMuslimsA father of eleven who has been claiming benefits for the past ten years says he doesn’t believe in using contraception – even though he admits the government pays for his children’s upkeep. Mohammed Salim (photo below) and his wife Noreen, 40, from Rochdale, receive £27,000 a year in child tax credits and “job seeker’s” (?) allowance.


UK Daily Mail (h/t David Y)  The 58-year-old Muslim said he doesn’t believe he has been irresponsible for having so many offspring. They had their eldest son in 1991 and another ten followed, with their ages now ranging between 24 to seven years old.

Mohammed said he has no regrets about having a large family, even though, in his words, ‘it is the government who pay for their upkeep, food and clothing’. And he admits the family shopping bill comes to £300 a week. We are feeding 13 people. £500 a week is not enough, the costs are there, we are having to stretch and stretch. Rather than going up they want to shrink them down

Mohammed's litter

Mohammed’s litter

‘Having 11 children isn’t irresponsible, we don’t believe in contraception, we are following god’s first command, he said “go forth and multiply”,’ he told Channel 5’s On Benefits: 26 Kids And Claiming documentary.

Mohammed, whose family of 13 lives in a four-bedroom house and often travel by mini-bus, once worked as a teacher but has been on benefits for the last ten years.

He said despite his qualifications he can’t get work and any roles that are available pay less than what he currently gets in handouts. He said: ‘I have got qualifications and real work experience but it is the system. I have been forced onto the dole.


Mohammed said he is a ‘workaholic’ who had ‘never shied away from hard work’ but in his ten years of seeking employment, he is yet to have any luck.

He said he can’t find a role that would suit his lifestyle and pay enough to support his family. He explained: ‘I have been told to do taxi work but the hours I would have to put in to get a reasonable wage, I can’t do it, especially with young children.’

Along with the weekly shopping, Mohammed said they have to fork out on modern gadgets for their children as they all want iPhones. ‘I have a big family, I am on benefits, there is a worry there but god always see us through.’ (But British taxpayers are the ones who are supporting you and your herd of entitlement whores)



UK: Bangladeshi MUSLIM family beats teenage daughter to death after she was continually forced to lick the toilet bowl and eat her own feces

Shaheena Uddin

Shaheena Uddin

A Muslim young woman was beaten to death by her own family members after living under a ‘regime of fear’ in which she was forced to lick the toilet bowl, eat paper, and even eat her own faeces. Shahena Uddin, 19, one of eight siblings, was ‘regularly punished’ by her brothers and sisters, for ‘crimes’ such as eating at the wrong speed. 

UK Daily Mail (h/t Terry D)  Punishments would allegedly include being force-fed rice and paper and being made to stand for long periods staring into a toilet bowl.  She was even banned from using the toilet at their home in Watford but would be punished further if she attempted to use the sink, St Albans Crown Court was told. 

But the violence is alleged to have plumbed new depths of depravity in October last year when she was found beaten to death on her bathroom floor after choking on her own vomit. The court heard how, when she was found the following day, the Bangladeshi Muslim teenager had endured ‘several beatings’ – including with weapons – and that both sides of her head had been severely attacked.

Does that include feces?

Does that include feces?

Ambulance staff, who were called to the house by the family, were told she was sick and fainted. But by then, her four brothers, a sister and her two sisters-in-law had attempted to cover their tracks, the court was told.  Prosecutor Simon Trimmer QC said blood and vomit stains had been covered up and that Shahena’s bloodstained clothing had been put into bin bags outside.

He said: ‘Shahena died at the hands of members of her own family in her own home. She probably endured several beatings that night. ‘This was a troubled family unit held together by internal discipline of an extreme variety. She had been beaten with weapons during the previous 24 hours.’

Suhail Uddin, 35, and his wife Salma Begum, 32 – who became the teenager’s legal guardians in 2010 – are now standing trial, accused of Shahena’s murder. Begum is also accused of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult. They were charged alongside Shahena’s three other brothers, Jewell, 27, Jhuhal, 33 and Tohel Uddin, 24, who all deny causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

Shahena’s sister Rehena Uddin, 22, also denies causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult. Laila Begum, 25, who is the wife of Jhuhal Uddin, denies causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

‘The regime of brutality and extreme violence was so deeply embedded and feared, that she could not risk the results of any form of complaint to the outside world.’ Mr Trimmer said: ‘When friends tried to complain on her behalf, she was obliged, for fear of worse to come, to deny what she had said to those school friends.’




MY HERO! Courageous black woman goes on angry rant against Muslim bagheads on a London bus

British media are calling her a “racist.” They should be honoring her with a medal for saying what most people are afraid to say. Unfortunately, all the really good parts of her rant have been bleeped out of the video, but I’ve posted them below.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Mother with a stroller taunts Muslim bagheads whom she called “sandbags” and “ISIS bitches.” In what appears to have started because two of the Muslim women were speaking their own language, the foul-mouthed woman, who had a child in a pram with her, goes on an ignorant rant in front of the whole bus.

The black woman, who appears to be extremely annoyed by the Muslims on the 206 bus, shouts: ‘Talk your f***ing language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes.”


‘I don’t f***ing like you people because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England and you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.’

When one of the Muslim women tries to reply to her, the racist woman says: ‘Shut your mouth’. Another woman sitting at the front of the bus intervenes, but the animated and very angry woman resorted to more abuse. She said: ‘F***ing sandbags. F***ing Isis bitches.’


The bus driver then intervenes and tells everyone to relax, but the abuse still carries on. At one point, the child who the black woman is with, appears to ask what is happening. Crouching down to speak to the baby, she replies: ‘What happened? What happened? Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.’ 

The woman then stares at her victims, as the other passengers sit silently. But it only took a matter of seconds of silence, before the woman went on another rant at her targets.  She said: ‘Have you both got the same husband? Have you? Are you still sleeping with the same man? Is that how it works?’


She points to another Muslim woman at the front of the bus, saying: ‘Are you sleeping with her husband? Do all your kids live in the same house together? ‘Dirty, dirty people. All that living together, all that 20,000 wives – I think that’s disgusting.’

The Muslim women try to ignore her by speaking among themselves, in their own language, as she carries on ranting and pointing. But she waded in with threats of violence to get their attention again.


She said: ‘I will kick you in the stomach. I will pull that down and kick you, so you never have a kid again. I will donkey kick you. It will be the first time I’ve ever resorted to violence in public.’

One of the Muslim women can be heard asking her to ‘finish’ and ‘stop’, but she replied: ‘Make me stop. Make me stop.’ At this point the bus driver got out of his cabin and asked everyone to ‘relax’ but he seemed overwhelmed by the incident and returned to drive the vehicle.


The woman carried on: ‘You shouldn’t even be in this country. You’re lucky I don’t work for immigration, I would run the flipping … erm … what do you call it?… Thing.’

As more people make their voices heard, the woman shouts: ‘You’re the devil. You’re an Isis b****.’ A Muslim woman and child walked to the back of the bus and had ‘Isis, Isis, Isis’ barked in their faces.

After verbally abusing the Muslims on the bus and threatening them with violence, she then took out her phone and recorded them. 


One woman was not happy about being filmed and tried to take the phone out of her hand. Three times the verbal attacker shouted at her: ‘Touch me again, I’ll punch you in the head.’ ‘Dirty sandbags, dirty sandbags’, she continued. ‘

The bus driver was forced to get out of his cabin for a second time in a bid to diffuse the situation and again repeatedly shouted ‘relax’, as the video recording came to an end.

Not surprisingly, Islamopandering Youtube has deleted the video but you can watch it without all the bleeps: (COPY & PASTE the link below)



UPDATE: Sadly, the woman was arrested. Not a surprise.



£50,000 luxury stretch Hummer being used to ferry Muslim welfare seekers from London to Manchester after village complained about being deluged

A £50,000 stretch limo was hired for £3,000 to ferry Muslim freeloaders from London to Manchester. The 16-seat Hummer took 7 African Muslims from the village hotel they had been staying in to their new homes. The chauffeur told astonished locals that the Home Office was picking up the tab.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Terry D) Residents in Longford, near Heathrow, say they are ‘overwhelmed’ with migrants who have turned their village into a filthy transit camp.

Muslim welfare seekers arrive in coaches and are put up in the hotel and local houses by the Home Office while their applications for asylum are considered.  It refuses to say how much it is spending on the accommodation, but one villager said he was told the contract was worth £7,000 a day.


The homes used to house the Muslim migrants in the village are owned by multi-millionaire businessman Surinder Arora, 57, who is thought to be earning tens of thousands of pounds a month from the Home Office.

Every day for the past 18 months, coach-loads of young Muslim men have arrived to stay in semi-detached houses linked to a hotel also owned by Mr Arora, the Heathrow Lodge – one of a number across Britain being used to house asylum seekers.


As many as ten men from countries such as Iran, Sudan, Eritrea and Syria stay in each home, often several to a bedroom. Staff from the hotel deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner on trollies.

Residents say the Muslim migrants wander the streets or sit on walls outside people’s homes because they have nothing to do. They claim more than 100 lived in the village at one point.


One 85-year-old called Ray, who has lived in the village since 1955, said the houses on either side of his were taken by asylum seekers. They often congregated outside, threw cigarette butts into his garden, and once banged on his window.

He said: ‘I’m told there are 17 houses with eight or 10 men in each. I have to be careful what I say, I don’t want people to think I am racist but it is a problem. (What “race” is Islam?)

Yesterday, one Sudanese Muslim migrant in his twenties sitting on a garden wall told how he had arrived in Britain by taxi from Paris three days earlier, adding: ‘The house is OK, but the food is bad. I like England and I want to stay here.’