HEY, AUSTRALIA, some of your McDonald’s restaurants are selling barbarically-slaughtered halal meat


Be sure to ask if your local McDonald’s if they are serving halal. If you patronize them, you are funding Islamic terrorism and sharia law. Worst of all, halal slaughter causes unconscionable suffering to the animals who must bleed to death without having the spinal cord severed, which would eliminate pain.

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FRANCE: Pork and praise (for anti-Islam Front National party) show up at mosque in Mantes-la-Ville


After pork products arrived in the mailbox of a suburban Paris mosque along with a ‘threatening’ letter praising the town’s recently elected anti-Islam ‘Front National’ mayor, Muslims are concerned about a “worrying” local shift. (It’s about time)

The Local  A mosque in the Paris suburbs said on Friday it had filed a complaint with police after slices of pork paté and a threatening letter were stuffed into its mailbox.


Authorities at the mosque in Mantes-la-Ville, a town of 19,000 in the western suburbs of Paris, said the incidents reflected a “worrying climate” after the town last month elected a mayor from the  patriotic National Front.

The head of the association that runs the mosque, Abdelaziz El Jaouhari, said about a dozen mouldy slices of pork paté were discovered in the mailbox on Wednesday. The next day, an anonymous letter arrived calling Muslims “cockroaches” and wishing “good luck” to the new mayor “because he has a lot of work to do for a good cleansing, in particular of the Muslim race”.


“There is no question this was a racist and provocative act. It is the first time in the 12 years of the mosque’s existence that it has been the target of this kind of racist attack,” the association said in a statement.

It said it had filed a criminal complaint for “provoking racial hatred or religious discrimination” with police.


The association said the incidents were “especially worrying” given the “worsening social and political context” in the town after the election of FN candidate Cyril Nauth in last month’s municipal elections.

Nauth won the town with 30 percent of the vote, becoming the only elected mayor from the FN in the Ile-de-France region that encompasses the French capital and its suburbs.

Payback's a bitch!

Hey, Muslims, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it!


ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF SWEDEN passes law to criminalize any criticism of Muslim immigration

Gee, I wonder how this will affect the Sweden Democrats, an anti-Muslim immigration party that is soaring in popularity?


A new law will come into effect in Sweden after Christmas 2014, that will allow people to be prosecuted for criticizing immigration or politician’s unwillingness to tackle the issue.

The Constitutional Committee’s report has been voted for in parliament, seen in a letter from the Parliamentary Offices. Member of Parliament Andrew Norlén, member of the Constitutional Committee, has been pushing the issue and he says it will rapidly become a deterrent.

“I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the internet is not a lawless country, the sheriff is back in town” Norlén said during a one-sided ‘debate’ on the issue in Swedish parliament.


This new law is meant to stop Swedish people from complaining about their country being turned into a third world nation.

Without freedom of speech there can be no democracy. If you are not allowed to say certain things then parties that support your ideas cannot exist and Sweden is at high risk of turning into a communist USSR-like country.


Canadian Jihadi in Syria threatens to bring violent jihad back to North America

The most extreme armed faction in Syria has threatened to destroy Canada.  Speaking in flawless English, a member of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant said in an online video that after fighting in the Middle East, the group would turn on North America.

About 130 radicalized Canadians are believed to remain active abroad, while 80 have returned to Canada from various conflict zones, as Western governments are struggling to deal with radicalized citizens infatuated with Al-Qaeda ideology. (So, why is Canada allowing them back in?)



CANADA: Ezra Levant discusses Eric Brazau’s unbelievable 9-month sentence for insulting Islam

A protester convicted of wilfully promoting hatred against Muslims was sentenced to nine months in jail. Eric Brazau handed out a flyer (below) that “vilified Muslims and disparages their religion,” Ontario court Judge S. Ford Clements said in February, when he found Brazau guilty.



Oh, CANADA! How could you sentence a man to 9 months for handing out flyers with the truth about Islam?

Oh, CANADA! When did you abandon your right of free expression to the Muslim infiltrators?

Oh, CANADA! Follow-up on the man who was arrested in Toronto for peacefully protesting Islam


AUSTRALIA: Muslims can’t understand why their mosque was vandalized for the second time in two weeks

I’ll give you three guesses. Vandals have trashed an Islamic community centre in Canberra’s south, causing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars damage. It is the second time the Canberra Islamic Centre at Monash has been vandalised in a fortnight.


ABC (h/t DI)  Centre president Azra Khan says the facility was trashed some time on Sunday. “They haven’t left anything intact,” she said. “There’s holes in the walls. The lights have been demolished, the main power board has been demolished. They knew exactly what they were doing, we can’t operate any of the lights.

“Paintings have been ripped off the walls, artworks donated to the centre have been damaged.” There is graffiti on the external walls and the library has also been upturned. Five televisions that had been replaced after the first attack were also destroyed.

Mrs Khan says the centre will have to consider further security measures. “I think it’s because it’s an Islamic centre,” she said. “Clearly they don’t like us. Clearly there’s a bunch of people who have been targeting the centre. I think it’s the same people.”


What is France doing about the stealth Islamization of its public schools?

Virtually nothing. A confidential report of the French intelligence services, acquired by ‘Le Figaro,’ reveals that, in an insidious manner, a type of Islamic communitarianism is closing in on several French educational institutions.

Quatre lyceennes se disent menacees d'exclusion au lycee Blanqui

DMF  Wearing of the veil in schoolyards, demanding halal meals in the canteen, chronic absenteeism during religious festivals, clandestine prayers in the gymnasiums or corridors… In an insidious manner, Muslim communitarianism is occupying territory within the French educational system.

This confidential report exposes the facts that most politicians choose to ignore. The document, which is about 15 pages and dates from 28 November last year, contains at least 70 detailed examples of Islamization taking place all across France. 


With the goal of destabilizing the teaching staff, it has been revealed by police that disciples of the fundamentalist Islamic tradition, have been trying to thwart the March 2004 law banning all religious symbols in schools. In a war of attrition which has rendered the teachers powerless, the self-proclaimed ‘young guardians of Islamic orthodoxy’ put pressure on young Muslims to ignore the rules re: religion in educational institutions.

“During Muslim religious festivals, especially Eid al Fitr, classes are virtually deserted in Muslim areas where rates of absenteeism approach 90% in the Islamic ghettos of Nîmes,  Toulouse, and Marseilles. A teacher in a secondary school in the north districts says that some of his pupils pray with such fervor that they have a “blue stain on their forehead from banging their heads on the ground.”

Patriotic French youth members of ‘Generation Identitaire’ are fighting Islamization and failed multiculturalism:


French Christian families demand the government do something about their children who convert to Islam, then get radicalized and end up fighting in Syria

One mother claims she “has nothing against with the religion of Islam and that it has done good things for her son.” But she is shocked that he went to Syria to fight and die with al-Qaeda jihadists.

Hey, Mama, YOU  are the problem, not the French government. You supported your son’s decision to follow the quran, which commands him to engage in violent jihad.


WOO HOO! After huge election gains, Front National removed halal options in schools, now it is banning halal choices in municipal cafeterias

No-allow-halal-meatA newly elected conservative mayor in a town in southern France has vowed that no municipally-run cafeterias will serve halal meals, adding fuel to a growing controversy in the wake of the National Front’s unprecedented success in last month’s local elections.

The Local (h/t Maria J)  One of the new mayors who swept into power two weeks ago after historic local elections has wasted no time in stoking controversy by stating that no halal meals will be served in municipal cafeterias in his town of Béziers.


The mayor Robert Ménard, whose campaign was backed by Marine Le Pen and her National Front party told RTL radio any town establishments that serve halal will cease to do so immediately. 

“You must always give people the choice to avoid eating foods that they don’t want to or cannot eat due to their religious convictions. That said, there will be no halal meals in municipal cafeterias,” Ménard said.

RTL noted that there is no official data available on which schools in Beziers, if any, serve halal meat to students who dine in the cafeterias.


Ménard’s comments come just days after National Front party leader Marine Le Pen told RTL radio the nearly dozen French cities captured by her party would not allow “religious requirements” to dictate the composition of school lunches.

Le Pen told a French radio station that in towns won by the party’s candidates school cafeterias will no longer serve non-pork substitution meals, which generally go to Muslim children.

School meals is the first issue the National Front has flexed its newly strengthened political muscles on since winning a record number of town council seats and mayorships in March’s local elections. eat-pork-or-bring-your-own-lunch-advises-marine-le-pens-front-national-party-as-she-orders-school-cafeterias-to-stop-offering-religiously-based-alternatives-just-for-muslims



CZECH REPUBLIC: School children forced to learn about Islam from Muslim supremacists

imagesDespite a tiny Muslim population in the Czech Republic, a new project launched by the Muslims In Czech Schoolchildren’s Eyes group and approved by the Education Ministry, offers seminars and lectures about the quran, burkas, and jihad that would acquaint pupils with Islam and the life and habits of Muslims.

Prague Post (h/t Mike F)  The lecturers want to explain to Czech children what a burka is and why some Muslim women wear it, and also what the Quran says about jihad, LN writes, citing the Muslimove.cz web page.

Baghead Brigade in Prague

Baghead Brigade in Prague

The seminars, including games, are to provide information to Czech kids and dismiss certain prejudices and stereotypes linked to Islam, the paper writes. 

During a discussion on sexual mores in Muslim cultures,  Muslim students explain why Muslim boys won’t have sex with Muslim girls.


“School lessons do not pay sufficient attention to Islam. Pupils want to learn more about it,” the project’s co-author Shadi Shannah is quoted as saying.


The Muslim community in the Czech Republic is very small, but still it raises strong emotions. Muslim-related issues appear almost daily in TV news, newspapers and Internet debates.


However, regular school lessons touch on them only marginally, as a result of which most pupils are unable to critically assess the media information,” the authors write on Muslimove.cz. The Education Ministry has granted its auspices to the project. It did so based on a previous expert assessment of whether the offered workshops and lectures are objective, LN writes.

The project’s sponsors include the U.S. Embassy in Prague and the Anna Lindh Foundation, an intergovernmental organization. The EU mission in Prague and the Prague Municipal Library also cooperate in it. The project reacts to a survey its authors had made in 2013 and in which pupils showed interest in learning more about Islam.


 “Most pupils said they would like to learn more. They said they drew information about religion mainly from the media that are often very critical of Islam,” one of the co-authors, Klára Popovová, told LN. She said the project has raised protests from the group called We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic.

“They sent me a few offending emails along with the demand that we should not promote Islam at schools. However, our project is no propaganda. Our only goal is to provoke a discussion and refute the media stereotypes,” Popovová said.








Netherlands: Foaming-at-the-mouth Moroccans rage against jeweller who shot and killed two Moroccans when they tried to rob her shop

ummahdutch-viLast Friday, in Deurne, two Moroccan Muslim invaders were shot and killed by a jeweller when they tried to rob her shop. The state prosecutor has not charged her with a crime, saying that it appeared to be a case of self-defense. Needless to say, Moroccan Muslim fellow thugs are not happy about this decision, denouncing the shop owner as a “murderer.”

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UN report predicts Sweden will be a third world nation within 15 years, mainly due to Muslim immigration

swedenumma-viSweden’s leftist establishment and media believe a cornerstone of their perfect society is multiculturalism: large scale immigration from some of the poorest, most backward nations on earth. Swedes who disagree with that plan risk being labeled racist, fascist, Nazi.

CBN via TMI (h/t Susan K)  It doesn’t matter if Sweden’s immigration model is failing miserably, if test scores in Swedish schools are plummeting, or if crime in some areas has skyrocketed. Immigrants burned the Stockholm suburb of Husby for over a week last year. Many Jews now live in fear of attacks by Muslim immigrants and are leaving.


Amun Abdullahi, a journalist for Swedish radio, left last year and returned to her native Somalia after she was attacked in the Swedish media over her news report about radical Muslim immigrants in Sweden. She told Swedish television that Mogadishu was safer than then immigrant areas in Stockholm.

Assimilation (of Muslims) is completely out of the question. All mainstream political parties would laugh [at the word 'assimilation']. [To them] the word ‘assimilation’ is a Nazi word.


“Eat pork or bring your own lunch,” advises Marine Le Pen’s Front National Party as she orders school cafeterias to stop offering religiously-based alternatives just for Muslims

imagesFRONT NATIONAL leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday it would prevent schools from offering non-pork alternatives to Muslim pupils in the 11 towns it won in local elections, saying such arrangements were contrary to France’s secular values.

UK Daily Mail (h/t James) France’s republic has a strict secular tradition enforceable by law, but faith-related demands have risen in recent years, especially from the country’s five-million-strong Muslim minority, the largest in Europe.


‘We will not accept any religious demands in school menus,’ Le Pen told RTL radio. ‘There is no reason for religion to enter the public sphere, that’s the law.’ Pork is forbidden under Muslim and Jewish dietary laws. (But ONLY Muslims make a stink about it, Jews just bring their own alternative to school)

In the eastern town of Hayanges FN mayor Fabien Engelmann has also proposed a ‘Pork Fest’ to liven up the town centre, a plan he insists is not designed to offend Muslims but which will do little to alleviate high local unemployment.

The anti-(Muslim)immigrant National Front has consistently bemoaned the rising influence of Islam in French pubic life. France has seen periodic controversies over schools that substitute beef or chicken for pork from menus to cater to Muslim children.


Some of the FN’s new mayors have complained there are too many halal shops in their towns.

The party won control of 11 town halls and a large district in the port city of Marseille in municipal elections on Sunday, more than double its record from the 1990s.

Le Pen hailed the victory as showing the party had finally established itself as France’s third political force behind ruling Socialists and mainstream conservatives, and predicts a strong showing in May’s European Parliament elections. 



AUSTRIA: Muslim asylum seeker smashes statues in six churches, saying: “Down with your statues, you are all unbelievers”

A 37-year-old Muslim man from Ghana left a trail of devastation at the weekend in Vienna’s Stephansdom. The asylum seeker is also suspected of raging in three other churches in the capital and having destroyed numerous statues, baptismal fonts and crucifixes. 


Diversity Macht Frei  The man indicated that ‘Allah had ordered him’,” explained police spokesman Roman Hahslinger on Tuesday evening. The 37-year-old said that in his view human beings were not allowed to create holy images.


In November of the previous year, the 37-year-old reached Austrian soil and made an application for asylum. The man from Ghana was originally housed in Traiskirchen, but he didn’t stay long there: on 1st January the man showed his exceptional aggressiveness for the first time, threatened a care worked with a stone and finally beat him unconscious. He was then thrown out of the asylum home.

With the words “Down with your statues, you are all unbelievers” he pushed the statue of the Saint Judas Thaddäus from its base in the Stephansdom on Saturday night. Cathedral staff and witnesses of the act were then able to finally overpower the raging man. But the state prosecutor released him again. (Why is he still in Austria?)