SWEDEN: Elderly Swedish pensioners evicted to make room for Muslim colonizers and parasites

flagswedenislam-vi400 Swedish pensioners in Munkedal are being thrown out from “the Peoples House” after a so-called asylum baron decided to buy it and convert it to a home for new Swedes Muslim illegal aliens, welfare whores, and potential terrorists from the third world.


Swedish Surveryor  Local Social-Democratic politician Åsa Karlsson looks forward to the new citizens. “It’s an income for the municipality to get new citizens” – she says.

The Peoples House in Munkedal has for years been a meeting spot for pensioners and several hundred engage in the associations and activities but now its time for them to pack their bags and move out so that an asylum baron can profit (at the taxpayers expense) by housing the “new Swedes.”

Social-democratic politician staunchly believes that immigration from the third world is profitable

“We are a municipality that is running at a deficit of 20-25 million per year and to then buy an estate which is in great need of renovation to an association that we can give other facilities, it’s six associations, why can’t they do what other associations do and sort it out themselves? – she asks.

But if the Peoples House is being converted to an asylum home instead, as it appears to, I was thinking about the cost-question, wont that also be a cost for the municipality?-“No, it won’t be, the Migration Board compensates us for the asylum home in that case.”


Yeah, but that’s just for the first two years? -“No, no, don’t mix this up now. When they get permanent residence and settle in the municipality they dont live in some home, then they get their own apartments.”

But won’t that be a cost too? -“No, it’s an income for the municipality to get citizens in the municipality. Regardless of their background it will be an income for the municipality.”


Under the assumption that the immigrants have jobs and pay tax? “But since when have I started counting the unemployed youths and unemployed elederly in the municipality as a cost?

Pointing out that Muslim immigrants from the third world are overrepresented in welfare-dependency and crime is considered tabu and “racist”. The facts dont matter. Back in 2011 immigrants in Katrineholm were overrepresented 12,5x in welfare dependancy compared to native Swedes

Somali Muslims in Sweden demand more money and free housing:


MUSLIM DUMPING GROUND? Australia pays Cambodia to take Muslim illegal aliens off its hands

resizeCAMBODIA says it has agreed to take its first batch of Muslim illegal aliens from Australian custody as part of a controversial deal between the countries that triggered widespread international criticism from bleeding heart leftists. Under Canberra’s hardline immigration policy, these so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ who arrive by boat are denied resettlement in Australia and sent to Papua New Guinea and Nauru, even if they are genuine refugees.

Daily Telegraph (h/t Andrea)  Four refugees held by Australia on the remote Pacific island of Nauru will soon be transferred to the impoverished Southeast Asian nation, Cambodia’s interior ministry said. Hopefully, many more will follow.


“The Ministry of Interior asked the Cambodian government to have the four refugees resettle permanently in Cambodia and the head of the government (Prime Minister Hun Sen) approved this request yesterday.”

The refugees include a Rohingya man from Mynamar, two Iranian men and one Iranian woman, all of whom were granted refugee status on Nauru and had agreed to be moved, Khieu Sopheak added.


Canberra signed a deal with Phnom Penh in September to allow those granted refugee status in Nauru to permanently resettle in Cambodia, one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia.

The UN condemned the deal, while refugee advocates said asylum-seekers do not want to be sent to Cambodia. (Too damn bad, beggars can’t be choosers)

NO WAY web graphic_11Mar2014 (3)

Cambodia has also been criticised for its own record of helping refugees, including Vietnamese Montagnards who are often deported.

The mainly Christian ethnic minorities in Vietnam’s mountainous Central Highlands have crossed the border to Cambodia in recent years to escape discrimination.
























NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #139…especially not for your restaurant unless you want to be sued

paplogoThree Muslim restaurant workers were awarded $100,000 in an alleged discrimination case: ‘Human Muslim Rights Tribunal’ found that Muslim workers at Le Papillon on the Park in Toronto had been forced to eat pork, mocked for speaking Bengali, and threatened with firing if they refused to do their jobs.


Toronto Sun (h/t Marvin W)  For a small business, it’s hard to fight back when you’ve been tagged as “racist” by Ontario’s human rights tribunal.(What ‘race’ is Islam?) The owners of Le Papillon Park restaurant are devastated by a human rights system they feel unfairly tarred them as bigots and ordered them to pay $100,000 in compensation to three Muslim workers who said they were ordered to eat pork and threatened with replacement by non-Muslim staff.

Paul and Danielle Bigue went to the Divisional Court to request a judicial review of the December 2013 ruling by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, arguing the hearing was unfair and biased against them.


“The allegations were false and we were treated unjustly by the HRTO,” contends the Bigues’ son Stephane. “Unfortunately, and to our surprise, there was no appeal process available. Our only recourse was to take this case to the Divisional Court not for retrial, but for review. In other words they had to figure out whether or not the HRTO had made a legal mistake in their decision.”

The court found no error. “I am not satisfied that the tribunal’s decision and decision-making process were unfair,” Justice Douglas Gray wrote on behalf of the three-judge panel earlier this month. “The decision is reasonable and there are no grounds to set it aside.”

Paul and Danielle Bigue, owners of Le Papillon on the Park in Leslieville, seen with their son Stephane

Paul and Danielle Bigue, owners of Le Papillon on the Park in Leslieville, seen with their son Stephane

Now in addition to the $100,000 they owe for lost income and “injury to their dignity, feelings and self-respect,” the owners of the Leslieville restaurant must pay their former workers $7,500 for their court costs.

Their lawyer, Kate Sellar from the pro-bono Human Rights Legal Support Centre, said she’s pleased with the Divisional Court decision and her three Muslim clients, who have yet to receive any money, have now submitted a request to have their award paid out. Meanwhile, the Bigues contend this ordeal has crushed their business and their health.

Le Papillon staff

Le Papillon staff

It began in 2011 when their former head chef Abdul Malik, cook Mohammed Islam and sous chef Arif Hossain approached the tribunal separately, complaining of discrimination. Malik and Hossain said they’d been fired while Islam said he had no choice but to quit.

Malik told the tribunal he was repeatedly asked by Danielle Bigue to try pork products and told it was his duty as the chef to try them. After he gave in to the pressure and tasted some pork schnitzel, he said he vomited and “felt very guilty that he had violated his religious beliefs. He could not sleep that night and was very upset.”


Islam testified that he was asked to taste the pork tortiere because it didn’t have enough flavour. When he declined because of his religious beliefs, he claimed Danielle Bigue left the kitchen saying, “You guys are crazy.”

Hossain complained he was forced to break his fast on Ramadan and wasn’t given time off for Eid, a religious holiday. The men also alleged their language was mocked as “blah, blah, blah” when they spoke Bengali together and that Danielle Bigue said she wanted white staff.

The Bigues denied all the allegations but the tribunal found in favour of the former employees. In addition to paying $100,000, they were ordered to take online human rights training and post a workplace policyThey are still reeling, their son says.


“Our standards and integrity are what have kept us in business for 40 years in this city, and to have the public believe that we discriminated against our staff was a huge personal blow that we haven’t been able to recover from. Patrons that dined with us for years stopped coming overnight, we received menacing calls and e-mails and we continue to read hateful comments about our family and business online. This has been devastating and extremely frustrating.”

But they also received more supportive calls: other owners who said they lost their businesses after being “wrongly convicted” by a human rights system that provides free legal advice to complainants and has a suspiciously high conviction rate. “People were furious, and their stories were horrible. It’s extremely disheartening to be added to that list.

“This has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced as a business, and above all as a family,” Bigue says. “I suppose our greatest mistake was that we were naive enough to think that justice would prevail and it did not.”  (No, your greatest mistake was in hiring Muslims in the first place)


More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM


ITALY: Venice shuts down ‘mosque-inside-a-church’ art exhibit that desecrated a Catholic church

Authorities in Venice on Friday closed a working mosque in an ex-church that was Iceland’s contribution to the 56th Venice Biennale contemporary art fair on the grounds that it was being improperly used as a place of worship.

Muslims pray inside the former Misericordia Abbey in Venice, Italy. Venice officials have ordered the closure of a working mosque set up as Iceland's exhibit for the 56th Venice Biennale contemporary art fair in what was once a Catholic church.

DISGUSTING Muslims lift their asses to Allah inside the former Misericordia Abbey in Venice, Italy. 

Mail.com  Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Buechel’s exhibit inside a former Roman Catholic Church creating the first mosque ever in the historic center of Venice sparked controversy from the outset. The chairman of the Icelandic Art Center, which commissioned the project, complained that Venetian authorities “have tried to prevent its realization rather than assist in making it possible,” under the claim “that the Icelandic Pavilion is not art.”

“Perhaps most disappointingly, the administration of La Biennale di Venezia … has not supported this artistic endeavor in the way that would have been expected for an organization of its stature and proclaimed advocacy of contemporary art,” Icelandic art center Eirikur Thorlaksson said in a statement.

The former Misericordia Abbey in Venice,

The former Misericordia Abbey in Venice,

He said the closure indicated that the Biennale, one of the visual art world’s premier events, “is not a venue for truly free artistic expression.” Iceland chose the deconsecrated Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia for the exhibit titled “The Mosque” in Venice. The project envisioned a working mosque for the seven months of the Biennale, which opened May 8 and comprises national pavilions as well as a curated main exhibit.

After weeks of tensions, Venice city officials withdrew authorization for the installation citing violation of the terms, including a ban on using the pavilion as a place of worship as well as security concerns.

This is the only way Muslims should be allowed to pray in Venice:




NETHERLANDS joins France and Belgium in banning full face-covering Muslim headbags, albeit a partial ban

It’s time the UK and US did the same. Dutch cabinet backs ban on Islamic veil in schools, hospitals and public transport in move Prime Minister Mark Rutte says has ‘nothing to do with religion.’ (But only the followers of one religion will object to it)


UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Dutch Muslims could be fined up to almost £300 if caught wearing a burqa and niqab in certain places after The Hague backed the ban on Friday. It does not apply to anyone wearing one on the street but veils will not be allowed in schools, hospitals and public transport.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the government were only introducing the bill ‘in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen’ or for security reasons. He added that it did not have any religious background but was to aid communication. 



‘Face-covering clothing will in future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, government buildings and on public transport,’ the government said in a statement after the cabinet backed Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk’s bill.

Sadly, a previous bill from Rutte’s last government – which would have seen a full ban of the burqa even on the street – will now be withdrawn. The government said it ‘sees no reason for a general ban that would apply to all public places.’

France introduced a ban on women wearing the burqa in 2010, which was backed by the European Court of Human Rights last year.  Judges rejected claims the ban breached religious freedom and said it encouraged citizens to ‘live together’. Under the ban, women caught wearing full-face veils in public spaces can be fined up to 150 euros.



Belgium brought in a similar ban in 2011 which declared both the burqa and niqab ‘incompatible’ with the rule of law.  Now several other European countries appear to be considering introducing their own bans.



You take them. No, YOU take them. NO, YOU TAKE THEM!

5167309-_0eafee19ee02d72aeec01b25176d74a4Why is it the duty of the EU and Western countries to take in unscreened Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers? Why aren’t the wealthy Arab states giving their Muslim brothers refuge? 

Several EU countries, especially Italy, struggling under a massive influx of Muslim invaders say “NO” to proposed Muslim refugee quotas set by the EU. European Union plans to cope with the vast numbers of migrants crossing the Mediterranean to get to Europe appear close to collapse. A quota system to be imposed on member states stipulating how many refugees each country should accept is rapidly losing support with France now joining the “No” camp.


The Dutch government can deny there is a “sharia triangle” in The Hague, but the video doesn’t lie

NetherlandsSharia-featuredTwo years ago the newspaper Trouw (Dutch for Loyalty) reported on a “sharia triangle” in Hague Schilderswijk, a district with a majority of Muslims and visible signs of Islamic radicalization. Just take a look at the ISIS flags and the Muslims chanting for jihad in the street and decide for yourself.

An independent government commission investigated the matter and came to a conclusion that the journalist had based his stories on anonymous sources and the people he had named could not be traced. The result is the journalist was fired and the 126 articles he wrote on this issue have been deleted from the newspaper database. So I guess that means, stick your head in the sand and pretend the problem doesn’t exist and maybe it will go away.

Roni Stoker


GERMANY: Fire set to building about to become a Berlin refugee center for illegal alien Muslim invaders only does minor damage but it sends a message

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is allowing Germany to be flooded with illegal alien North African and Middle Eastern Muslims, many of whom are likely Islamic jihadists. And the German people don’t like it.

And here’s what the place will look like once the Muslim invaders are in residence, throwing their garbage out the windows.



OH, THIS IS RICH! After turning towns in France into NO-GO ZONES for non-Muslims, Muslims complain about lack of diversity in schools

Parents of mostly North African and Arab Muslim students in schools of the district of Petit Bard in Montpellier are angry about a lack of school diversity, both social and ethnic. Yet fail to understand that they are the reason native French don’t want to be there.


Boulevard Voltaire  Massive Muslim immigration into France has resulted in white flight from many neighborhoods, destroying the idea of multiculturalism and making for  a very homogenous population. 

Just go to the exit of the neighborhood schools and you’ll see that close to 95% or even 100% of students are Arab-Muslim and that the only” white students “in these institutions are teachers. (They could always institute forced busing, a colossal leftist failure which was tried in the United States to force integration)


Faced with this situation of ethnic ghetto, is needed to promote as much diversity? Should we open the area to the rest of the city including sending children Petit Bard Montpellier in other schools as demanded by parents? To answer this, it is essential to consider similar cases he had there in Montpellier and the region.

At last count, there were a total of 751 Sensitive Urban Zones, a comprehensive list of which can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated five million Muslims live in the ZUS — parts of France over which the French state has lost control.



The ghetto phenomenon is not new in Montpellier and France in general. Take the case of La Paillade. The construction of Line 1 tram linking the area to the city center of Montpellier was the direct consequence of rapid degradation of the station area. 

 Another example is the initiative to put the train line Nîmes / Le Grau-du-Roi at 1 € the summer to allow “Muslim youth” to go to the beach has had unintended consequences with an explosion in fights between Muslims and non-Muslims and attacks on shops of the resort by Muslim youth, forcing many businesses to close their shops after the arrival of  the trains.


The choice of promoting the social mix and ethnicity is not recent. For years, local politicians dispersed the Muslim populations of “sensitive” neighborhoods of Montpellier and Nîmes to small towns and villages of the region. 

The consequences were painful with the emergence of drug trafficking and people fleeing the neighborhoods. The most famous example remains Lunel, which has since become an important drug trafficking, weapons and international jihadism center. 

No surprise that in all these former social-communist villages, the right wing National Front party is now the most popular.

There is little chance that initiatives to promote diversity in the neighborhood Petit Bard would lead to more positive results. If the Ministry of Education had to change the school board to allow neighborhood kids to go to other schools, as desired by the parents, there is a safe bet that it would cause significant difficulties for these institutions without actually solving the underlying problem.

Obviously, it’s time to stop all immigration from Muslim nations.


SWEDEN welcomes returning ISIS jihadists with open arms, financial assistance, and special services

The Swedish capital of Stockholm has released its new policy document for dealing with ISIS jihadists returning to the city after having had their fill of beheadings of civilians and rape of young girls. At first blush it seems strange that such a document would be all of 9 pages.  I mean, “Shoot!” should only take up one page, even with a large font.


Sweden Report  Following the example of the U.S. State Department’s Jobs for Jihadis idea, let’s see how Stockholm intends to handle terrorist-trained and combat-hardened terrorists. Here are a few translated highlights to capture the gist of things:

Post-perspective: When a person wishes to leave a violent extremist grouping or coming home from combat overseas, it is crucial to provide customized inclusion efforts. Even then, it is important to have a local cooperation between various actors. Voluntary organizations can provide targeted support and advice. Even faith communities working with advice, but also psychosocial support.


When it comes to people who participated in combat there is likely to be great need of health efforts. Therefore, it is important to establish cooperation between social services, social psychiatry and drug units, as well as health centers and psychiatric services (trauma, PTSD, etc.)

When it comes to security, it is important that cooperation between social services, income support, employment and other efforts by the Labour Department, as well as assistance with job placement. Finally, the accommodation issue is a prerequisite that must work. Therefore, cooperative housing companies needs to be included in the post-perspective.”


To summarize: The city of Stockholm will make it a priority to provide the returning ISIS fighters with housing, free health care (physical and mental) and full financial support, until they have received earmarked jobs. All this of course fast-tracked past the line of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes. 

Since they now provide all the recruitment incentives for joining ISIS, the only thing missing is a city-run recruitment office. Oh, wait. That would the Employment Office, where it was recently revealed that tax-paid clerks were recruiting for ISIS. Sorry, my mistake! 


But Sweden has no trouble denying a travel visa to a secular blogger from Bangladesh who was slaughtered in cold blood a few days ago by Muslims for his anti-Islam writings.



Oh, IRELAND! You are soon going to hate the color green…Islamic green

luckofthemuslimsQatar, one of the leading funders and supporters  of global Islamic terrorist networks, has received the go-ahead to build a gigantic ‘mosquetrosity’ and Islamic center in Clongriffen, North Dublin. The mega-mosque will become Ireland’s largest jihadist indoctrination and training headquarters, compliments of the Irish Government.


The €40 million development will see the construction of a mosque and cultural centre, conference centre, primary school, secondary school, fitness centre and eight apartments. The mosque will house up to 3,000 headbangers at a time, and make Dublin a hub for homeland and international terrorist attacks. Get ready to see massive white flight away from the area as soon as Muslims begin their inevitable infestation of the area. (h/t Kevin C)

Muslim immigration is behind a growing surge in ‘white flight’ away from Dublin. 

The indigenous Irish are being displaced from their homes as a result of unimpeded immigration from North African and Middle Eastern Muslim nations. And they fleeing the city in droves.

A Muslim website that calls for the imposition of ‘Sharia’ Islamic law in Ireland is targeted at what it calls Irish “O’Muslims,” according to the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) website.

Irish Central  Sharia refers to the “way” Muslims should live or the “path” they must follow. Sharia is derived from the sacred text of Islam (the Koran) and traditions gathered from the life of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Muslims believe sharia law should take preference over man-made (Western) law.


An editorial post says introducing Sharia is a patriotic duty. “And who could doubt that establishing the authority of Allah in the land is in the best interests of Ireland?” it asks.

The site says it seeks “to remove injustice and establish fairness, to remove moral degradation, immorality and licentiousness and establish propriety, righteousness and restraint and to establish tawheed (the worship of the Only One worthy of worship) are surely noble Islamic aims.” The website also described the recent crucifixion of a pedophile and murderer in Saudi Arabia as “justice.”

MPAC spokesman Liam Egan, who goes by the Muslim name Mujaahid, said the independent website was not affiliated with the Irish Council of Imams or any other Muslim organization here and was run by a “volunteer group of indigenous Muslims”.

“From a religious perspective we believe we represent a mainstream Islamic position… considering the specific content and its limited relevancy [a minority group in Ireland] we have witnessed an exponential rise in site hits, last month we had 269, 733,” he told the Sunday Tribune.



Woman with Service Dog refused service at Toronto Middle Eastern (MUSLIM) restaurant


pur86bc538028041e73-viKaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan were on their way to meet family for lunch Sunday when nephew-in-law Steven Lewis called with a surprising message: an employee at Paramount Fine Foods was refusing to seat the group because the golden retriever couldn’t mix with its barbarically slaughtered halal-style food.

The Star  Lewis said he requested a table for four with a “bit of extra space” for the guide dog at the Middle Eastern restaurant and bakery on Yonge St. The unidentified employee told Lewis and his wife Leah, Leslie’s nice, that dogs weren’t allowed in the near-empty restaurant.


“I said, ‘No, it’s a service dog. It’s a guide dog.’ He said, ‘No, this restaurant’s halal, you’re not allowed in here with any dogs,’” said Lewis, a onetime Toronto resident who was in town for the weekend from Muskoka. 

All businesses licensed by the City of Toronto must provide service to people with service dogs, according to the city’s licensing bylaw. After learning about Sunday’s incident from the Star, Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamed Fakih said “Probably it’s a single mistake from a junior employee,” he told the Star on Monday. (Yeah, sure it is)

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan

Kaye Leslie and her guide dog Jordan

Fakih said he was unaware of a link between halal food — which is prepared as prescribed by Muslim law — and a ban on service dogs or dogs in general. 

Leslie said she was shocked to receive the phone call from Lewis on Sunday, though she’s been discriminated against before because of her guide dog. She has previously taken a few Muslim taxi drivers to court after they refused to pick her up.

“It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does I think, ‘What year is this?’ I think, ‘Wow, we’ve really come a long way, but we’re not there yet.’ It never ceases to surprise me.”


How food is prepared doesn’t factor in to the city’s bylaw, said John Decourcy, director of bylaw enforcement at the City of Toronto. “Everybody should have access to all the licensed premises that Toronto has, regardless of what they’re serving,” he said.

If a person with a guide dog is refused service, Decourcy encourages them to call 3-1-1 and lodge a complaint. Every complaint is investigated and, if there is evidence to support a charge, a ticket of up to $500 can be issued. The city will investigate Sunday’s incident, he said.

“Regardless, even if he works there, he should be educated in what the protocols are.”“The reality is, if people don’t want to serve you with your dog, they will find some excuse.”




CALLING ALL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS! Come one, come all, EU declares it will not send back any illegal alien Muslim invaders, not even the terrorists among you

Unlike Australia, which solved it’s Muslim boat people problem by turning back the boats before they could land, the European Union’s top diplomat has assured the U.N. Security Council that under a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling, “no refugee or migrant intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will.”