CHILLING! The growing muslim threat to Switzerland. Yes, even Switzerland!

Unknown-1For now, while their numbers are relatively small, muslims are content to merely whine about not having “equal rights” – no rights to construct large minarets on mosques, no rights to wear muslim headbags, etc., etc. You know the drill. But once their numbers grow significantly (to 20% or more of the population) muslims will have all the rights but no one else will have any…unless they convert to Islam.

It’s what muslims do, everywhere they go. STOP ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NOW and you won’t have worry about banning their so-called “rights” piecemeal!

On November the 29th, Switzerland 2009 held a referendum leading up to the ban of minarets within the country’s constitution.  A Niqab/headbag ban has subsequently been introduced by the voters of the southern canton Ticino. Discussions about headscarf bans for girls at schools, the rejection of an Islamic kindergarten in Zurich and a growing figure of bias cases on the job and housing market are putting pressure on Muslims.  The ban of Switzeland’s largest Islamic conference which was to take place on the 29th of November 2014 has angered the Islamic youth.

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SORRY TO REPORT…Here’s more repudiation of the popular email myth that Japan has no ‘Muslim problem’

Islam has gradually put down roots in Japan. There are now more than 10,000 Muslims, around 60 mosques, many of them established in former private homes.

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy delivers a sermon at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque in Ibaraki, Osaka

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy delivers a sermon at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque in Ibaraki, Osaka

Japan Times  Mohsen Bayoumy, 55, the imam of one such mosque and a central figure in the Japan Halal Association, says awareness of the faith is on the rise. Not only are there more restaurants serving halal meals cooked in accordance with Islamic dietary laws, but waiters at nonhalal restaurants often ask Muslim customers about their needs, he said.

Bayoumy was born in a Cairo suburb in 1964 and achieved the feat of memorizing the Quran, Islam’s central holy book, when he was 9 years old, under the influence of his devout civil servant father. He studied Islamic learning at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, one of the world’s premier centers of Islamic scholarship.

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy with wife and daughter?

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy with wife and baby?

Bayoumy knew little about the nation except that it had achieved rapid economic development after World War II — and had only a small number of Muslims. There were only a few mosques in postwar Japan, but the oldest, founded in 1935, was in Kobe.

Muslims began arriving in significant numbers during Japan’s late-1980s bubble economy, in search of jobs. They included young people from Pakistan and Indonesia. Some of them subsequently married Japanese citizens and became permanent residents. They then began raising funds to convert ordinary homes into mosques and community centers, or to buy low-cost prefabricated homes for the same purpose.

Mosque of Osaka overflowing with Muslim asslifters

Mosque of Osaka overflowing with Muslim asslifters

That was the environment which Bayoumy found when he arrived. Over the course of the 10 years he spent in Kobe he saw an increase in Japanese people adopting Islam after marrying Muslims or otherwise being exposed to Islamic culture. “I have witnessed around 600 Japanese citizens converting to Islam,” Bayoumy said.

Islam has various disciplines that seem far removed from Japanese dietary traditions, such as a ban on the consumption of pork and alcohol. When a Japanese follower asked if he might attend his family’s Buddhist memorial service, Bayoumy said he should attend but without reciting the Buddhist sutras. “Allah orders us to have good relations with families and neighbors,” Bayoumy said.


Following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, the Kobe mosque received a number of telephone calls denouncing Islam. Bayoumy would speak with the callers calmly, saying: “We have nothing to hide. Please come here and talk with us.”

He wears another hat, too, as head of the screening committee of the Japan Halal Association, a position he assumed several years ago. The role requires Bayoumy to visit food processing plants across Japan to examine whether their products are handled in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.






SWEDEN: Police have essentially ceded control of more than 55 ‘NO-GO ZONES’ to Muslim criminal gangs

An extensive report mapping out 55 no-go zones was released Oct. 24, showing where law enforcement has all but handed control to Muslim criminal gangs.


Daily Caller  Officers frequently face outright attacks when trying to enter the areas, which is a step up from the previous problem with attacks on mailmen, fire trucks, ambulances and similar services. Fire trucks and ambulances had to wait for police escort to enter the areas, but now the police themselves need protection.

The no-go areas heavily coincide with the map of the 186 “exclusion areas aka. crowded, predominantly Muslim immigrant ghettos, where education is low, employment is lower and the only local business thriving is drug dealing.


As the real law backs away, organized crime emerges to take its place. The police report notes “a wider clientel [in the areas] are increasingly turning to the criminal authorities for justice” in a Godfather-like fashion. Unofficial courts and punishments are often meted out according to the codes of the home cultures of the dominant gangs. The report also points out that there are vehicle checkpoints at the borders of some of these areas. The bad news is it’s not the police doing them; it’s the gangs securing home turf against law enforcement and rival gangs.


The gangs try to keep a semi-low profile in many areas so as not to interfere with the “business” of dealing drugs, protection rackets and similar illicit activity. Others seek active confrontation with police to establish absolute dominance.


A pair of policemen in May were in pursuit of a suspect and unwisely entered the no-go zone of the southern city of Landskrona. Their car was rammed and the officers were forced out of the car. They were cornered by a crowd of some 50 hostile thugs and drew their weapons to hold them back and called for immediate backup.

Several nearby patrol cars responded to the call and sped towards the scene, only to be ordered to stop half a mile away — just outside the no-go border. The police commander didn’t send the backup units in, fearing escalation and all-out war. The cornered police officers were left to fend for themselves. As luck would have it, one of the officers knew a few residents who interfered and convinced the thugs to let them leave.


In response to these no-go zones, the Swedish police is expanding its soft approach of dialogue and understanding. After the extensive 2013 Stockholm ghetto riots with hundreds of burned cars and buildings, police responded by mostly staying away and sending forth special “dialogue officers” to grill halal hot dogs with the miscreants and make them see the errors of their ways.

Starting next year, the Stockholm Policy Academy will be moved to Södertörns Högskola, where the new curriculum will be “progressive” with more focus on cultural sensitivity, ethical awareness, gender issues and more. The aspiring police officers will achieve “greater understanding of the intercultural perspective.”







































Interview in English with Michael Stürzenberger, the outspoken, courageous counter-jihadist from the German Freedom Party

You can see Michael in videos of his street protests against Islamization in Germany at the links below. 

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AUSTRALIA: Pig’s head thrown on entryway to Newcastle mosque

Poor little piggy, imagine being thrust into such a hostile environment.


SMH  A pig’s head has been thrown at a mosque in Newcastle – the second attack at the site in less than a week. The head was discovered by worshippers in the mosque’s courtyard in Wallsend just before midday on Wednesday. The incident was caught on CCTV.

What a colossal waste of police time

What a colossal waste of police time

“It’s a sad incident,” Newcastle Muslim Association spokeswoman Diana Rah said.  “It’s not so much the action itself, but it’s the intention and hate behind it. “We’ve got a lot of support from the wider community, so it’s a shame that there are elements in the community who commit these sorts of crimes.” (Those “elements” represent most of the community, you fool)

Newcastle Superintendent John Gralton would not comment on the motivation behind the attack and has appealed for information from the public. (Don’t hold your breath) “This type of incident does not belong anywhere in Newcastle or in NSW,” he said. “The command will use all resources to bring those responsible to justice.” (Don’t you have Muslim terrorists for which to better engage all your resources?)

Article Lead - wide6336113611q1tdimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.11q1rk.png1416385737684.jpg-620x349

Last Wednesday, a Muslim man allegedly was punched in the face and racially taunted outside the mosque as he left prayer. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) Ms Rah wasn’t sure if the two attacks were linked. (Probably not, pretty much everyone hates muslims now)

“In the last couple of months there has been a heightened level of verbal abuse, especially with women in the community being targeted because they’re easily identifiable wearing headbags,” she said. “But the incident last week, and this incident again this week, has probably put a bit of fear into our community.” (Time to get out of Australia, don’tcha think?)

The NSW member for Wallsend, Sonia Hornery, condemned “the sickening racist attack” on the mosque and said she hoped the perpetrators were brought to justice quickly. (“Racist?” What the hell ‘race’ is Islam?)

“This is the second attack on the mosque within seven days and I will be seeking more information from local police to see what can be done to ensure that this stops,” she wrote on Facebook. (Only the second?)




HERE’S HEIDI! The little German firebrand who is leading the anti-Islamization movement in Germany

Huge crowds turn out to hear this woman speak about the rising threat from Muslim immigration while the left stages counter-protests to try and shut her down. Heidi will not be silenced.

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Huffington Post’s UK Muslim Political Director calls for sanctions on media outlets that criticize Islam


UK Muslim columnist, Mehdi Hasan, believes that what Muslims consider to be ‘misrepresentative’ portrayals of Muslims will not stop unless newspapers are threatened with sanctions (or death?)

The Guardian  The columnist and political director of the Huffington Post UK said the press has proven “singularly unable or unwilling to change the discourse, the tone or the approach” towards Muslims, Muslim immigrants and illegal alien Muslim asylum seekers.

(Funny thing about the truth, only those offended by it want it changed)


Hasan, who was speaking in a personal capacity at a media industry event hosted by Mindshare UK, said: “We’re not going to get change unless there is some sanction, there is some penalty. This is not just about Muslims; it is about all minorities.”

(No, it’s ONLY about Muslims)


“Therefore you have to ask questions about: does it need to be externally imposed, either by better regulation or via some form of commercial imperative? Though, that requires a separate campaign to get companies to give a damn about this stuff,” Hasan added.

(The basic human right to freedom of speech means you do NOT have the right NOT to be offended)


He suggested advertisers would have boycotted newspapers over the publication of certain headlines about Muslims, had they been about other minorities.

(Other minorities are not trying to destroy the countries to which they have immigrated…Muslims are)


In a session titled “The Muslims are coming!”, Hasan presented to a group of media industry figures a slideshow of British newspaper headlines and front pages, which he said ostracised the Muslim community, presenting Muslims as “the other”. Hasan also highlighted the factual inaccuracy of some of the stories and accused newspapers of peddling misinformation.

(Muslims ARE the other because Muslims refuse to integrate and assimilate)


He said the practice was not just morally wrong, but also “dangerous and counter-productive […] because it increases alienation, […] and it also confirms the extremist narrative, the Islamist narrative that there is some kind of inevitable clash between the West and all of the Muslims living in the West, that there can never be any kind of reconciliation, that there is always going to be some kind of war between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

(It’s only dangerous because Muslims will kill you for insulting their religion. And yes, the world IS at war with Muslims and always will be)







He added: “To pretend that all this negative, mad, crazy, over the top, dishonest, demonising press coverage is justified is wrong. To pretend that it has no impact on a minority community living in the UK or on our multicultural society, on relations between communities is naive, if not disingenuous.”

(Muslims have the right to leave if they don’t like it and the rest of us would gladly help them go)


In addition to commercial pressure from advertisers and stricter press regulation, Hasan said a drive for greater diversity in the industry was essential to changing culture: “If you’re a Daily Express journalist writing some sort of anti-Muslim headline and the guy sitting opposite you is a Muslim it makes it much more difficult I would imagine.”

(Actually, it probably makes it much easier)


Finally, Hasan called for “similar sized apologies for similar sized nonsense headlines”. He told the Guardian he is a proponent of front page apologies for incorrect front page stories.

(Apologies for the truth? In your dreams)


Hasan is a prominent critic of Islamophobia. In 2008, while working at Channel 4, he commissioned and produced an episode of Dispatches on the danger of Islamophobia titled, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Muslim. He has also written regularly about the issue of Muslims’ portrayal in the media.

(It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you)



CANADA: “Hug a Terrorist” event is part of a campaign to ‘normalize’ Islamic terrorism

A controversial pro-Hamas campaign was held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario aimed at raising awareness of the civilian deaths in Gaza. The event, called “Hug a Terrorist”, was created by McMaster’s Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) group and is based on a video of the same named filmed in Toronto over the summer.


Global News According to SPHR, “The word ‘terrorist ha’s been carelessly used to justify the murder of over 531 children this past summer as well as the deaths of each child in Gaza and Palestine since the year 2000.” The group also noted that other student groups had engaged in forms of “cyber-bullying” and “attempting to misinform” people about the event.

One student who took offense to the event said the ironic use of the term “terrorist” was being insensitive given the recent attacks in Ottawa and Quebec that killed Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo who lived in Hamilton

Jacob Klugsberg, a fourth-year McMaster student, said he was “shocked” to learn of the on-campus event. “This shameful publicity stunt trivializes the severity of international terrorism and undermines the corresponding suffering that it causes victims and their families.”


SWEDEN: “People turn into turtles in multicultural societies”

swedenummaIn a debate, the (anti-Islamization) Sweden Democrat argues that mass Muslim immigration has caused a catastrophe for Sweden and is destroying all that holds society together because Muslim immigrants are a threat to the native population. The Social Democrat, as expected, responds by saying those ideas are “racist and Islamophobic.”

And since the Sweden Democrats are NOT in power, it is easy to understand why Sweden is falling into the dark hole of Islamization from which it may never recover.  The same can be said for the UK, France, Germany and Belgium. Norway, too, but for the conservative government recently elected which may have the cojones to stop the flood of Muslim immigrants.

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More on the downfall of SWEDEN


QUEBEC Muslims demand that the ‘sticker attacks’ on 3 mosques be investigated as a “hate crime” and the sticker sticker-uppers be brought to justice

Following the savage slaughter of two Canadian soldiers in the streets by Muslim terrorists, stickers that say “Islam Out of My Country” were found on three different mosques in Quebec. Now, Muslims claim to be living in fear for their lives, thanks to the sticker bandits. Awwww…hey, Mohammedans, maybe it’s time to get out of Canada.




CANADA: School district exempts Muslim supremacists’ children from participating in Remembrance Day ceremonies if their families object to it

The Greater Essex County District School Board, which runs 75 schools in Windsor, Ontario, and other nearby towns, has circulated a memo to its schools saying that Remembrance Day ceremonies are optional for those children whose families might object to it.

2451 (h/t Joan) They told teachers that “meaningful alternate activities should be provided at the schools for those families who do not wish their children to participate in any Remembrance Day ceremonies.” And the memo specifically mentioned two Muslim-oriented resources, including celebrating the first Muslim soldiers in the Canadian Forces who wore the head-covering, called the hijab.

The message couldn’t be any clearer: Canadian public schools, funded by Canadian taxpayers, no longer expect Muslim immigrants to observe Remembrance Day, or respect our war dead. It’s shocking, and it’s unacceptable. Anyone who immigrates to Canada should respect Canadian traditions, including Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Please sign our petition that will be presented to the school board.



FRANCE: Teeny, tiny little fire at entrance to Grand Mosque of Strasbourg, causes minor cosmetic damage but ‘outrage’ from French officials

A fire at the entrance to the gaudy Grand Mosque of Strasbourg was quickly extinguished overnight Saturday. The “attack,” which took place at the entrance to one of the main mosques in France caused only minor cosmetic damage. The incident did not disrupt the Great Mosque musical program on Sunday.


i24 News  French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has decried the arson attack and has vowed to pursue those responsible for this “odious act.”  The Mayor of Strasbourg Roland Ries, expressed his “outrage” against “acts which, as isolated they are, affect the serenity of cohabitation between religions and tradition of understanding and ‘openness’ of the city.

The statement continued on to say that Cazeneuve “reaffirms his commitment to protect the places of worship of all religions from such outrageous acts and attacks which target them, and also to fight against all expressions of hatred and intolerance,” adding that “such acts went against the core values of the French Republic.”

The president of the Grand Mosque, Ali El Jarroudi condemned “with the greatest firmness this odious act” and said that a complaint had been lodged with the police.. In a statement to AFP, Abdallah Zekri, president of the Observatory against Islamophobia, said that he feels “anger and disgust at those who want to create tensions between communities.”