BILD, Germany’s largest newspaper, is under fire for an editorial that is accurately critical of Islam


Demands by Muslims and Leftists for an apology from Germany’s biggest newspaper, Bild, poured in after a highly critical and controversial editorial piece which attacked Islam as a barrier to integration appeared in its Sunday sister paper.

The Local (h/t Maria J)  “I don’t believe in God, but at the same time Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism don’t bother me. Only Islam bothers me more and more,” wrote Nicolaus Fest, vice editor-in-chief of the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in the editorial published on Sunday.  

Germany Mosque Protest

Fest then laid out why Islam’s “criminality,” “murderous contempt” and “honour killings” did not belong in Germany, in comments which prompted a raft of hostility online against the Axel Springer-owned tabloid.   “I’m bothered by the considerably disproportionate criminality of youths from Muslim backgrounds,” wrote Fest. “I’m bothered by Islam’s murderous contempt for women and homosexuals. I’m bothered by forced marriages, ‘justices of the peace,’ ‘honour killings.’”


All this, wrote Fest, was making Islam “a barrier to integration” – something which should be weighed up when assessing claims for asylum and visa applications to Germany. “I don’t need any imported racism and I don’t need anything else Islam stands for,” he concluded.

The short piece, which by Monday morning had been shared over 9,700 times on social media, quickly drew harsh criticism of the paper by politicians calling it racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?) and calling for the paper to apologize to the estimated 4.3 million Muslims in Germany.


“I’m an engineer and a Muslim and I was born in this country this debate is very offensive,” wrote Twitter user Lahieb. Meanwhile, others such as Green party politician Volker Beck took to Twitter to demand an apology from Germany’s best-selling paper. 

On Sunday evening, Bild’s editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann attempted to calm the debate with an online editorial rejecting Fest’s arguments for not drawing the line between Islam as a religion and the political beliefs of Islamism.


“For Bild and Axel Springer there has been a clear, unshakeable dividing line between Islam as a world religion and the degrading ideology of Islamism,” wrote Diekmann, Bild’s editor-in-chief since 2001 and executive board member of the Turkish daily Hürriyet.  

“That’s why in Bild and Axel Springer [publications] there is no room for generalized, depreciating comments against Islam and the people who believe in Allah.”We don’t want such a debate along religious lines. We don’t want to lead it, take it up or conjure it.  For they always end in disaster – history has shown that to us often enough.”       


The debate comes in the wake of a number of anti-Semitic incidents by German Muslims during protests against Israel’s Gaza operation over the past weeks.

Muslims flying the flag of al-Qaeda in Bonn, Germany



DENMARK politicians calling for more restrictive immigration rules for Muslims

0_denmarkIn another sign that immigration is going to once again dominate the political picture, Venstre’s Inger Støjberg said there should be a difference in how Denmark welcomes “an American or Swedish Christian and a Somali or Pakistani Muslim.”

The Local  (h/t Maria J) Denmark’s largest opposition party, Venstre, is calling for the nation to differentiate its immigration policies based on religion.  Venstre’s political spokeswoman Inger Støjberg wrote an op-ed published in Berlingske on Monday in which she said that it should be more difficult for non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds to come to Denmark.


“It is not necessary to set the same requirements for everyone, because as a general rule there is a big difference in the ability and will to integrate between a Christian American or Swede and a Muslim Somali or Pakistani,” she wrote.

Støjberg said it was important to talk frankly about immigration issues.  “To say it directly, it is primarily Muslim immigrants who do not value democracy and freedom. In certain environments, they directly oppose it,” she wrote. “Too many non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds do not want our freedom-orientated society model.”


Støjberg suggested that Denmark should adopt an immigration approach that makes it easier for Westerners and harder for Muslims. “In the future we should make it easier for those who traditionally can and will integrate to come to Denmark, while we make it more difficult for those who don’t have the ability or the will,” she wrote.

Støjberg also pointed toward the incendiary remarks by an Aarhus-based imam as evidence that “too many Muslims in Denmark practise a medieval interpretation of the Koran and it prohibits them from being a part of normal Danish life.” Her remarks quickly created a stir amongst the other political parties.


The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DF) warmly welcomed Venstre’s approach. “If Venstre has now finally understood the need to differentiate between immigrants and limit non-Western immigration, then we are getting closer to each other,” DF’s Martin Henriksen wrote in a press release.

Fellow opposition party Conservative were not on board with Støjberg’s suggestion, however. “For me as a conservative it is important to set requirements [for immigrants] but it is also important that the requirements are equal regardless of what country one comes from,” party spokesman Tom Behnke told Danmarks Radio.

Muslims burning the Danish flag over the Mohammed cartoons

Muslims burning the Danish flag over the Mohammed cartoons

The governing Social Democrats and Social Liberals (Radikale Venstre) both dismissed the idea of creating two sets of immigration rules. “It doesn’t stand a chance on earth,” the Social Democrats’ Mette Reismann told DR. “You can’t discriminate people on the background of their home country or religion. It says that directly in our constitution, so it’s as simple as that.”

Støjberg’s message to Denmark’s Muslims came on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan.













































IRELAND: Israeli Embassy outrages Muslims and Leftist sympathizers with campaign that warns “You’ll be next!”

The Israeli Embassy in Dublin has posted a factual but highly controversial series of posters on its Facebook page, warning Western European cities that they are fast becoming increasingly Islamic, while extolling Israel as ‘the last frontier of the free world.’ 


UK Telegraph  The extraordinarily creative images, which the Irish media was quick to condemn as “grotesque,” included Michelangelo’s statue of David wearing an Arab headrag and with an explosive belt wrapped round his torso. Accompanying the slogan were the words “Israel now, Italy next”.

Another, addressed to Ireland, showed Dublin’s famous Molly Malone statue covered by a full-length black burqa, while a fourth featured what appears to be an armed militant perched on a seaside rock and bearing the words: “Israel now, Denmark next”. 

Similar posters were used for different cities, with the same warning going to Paris, accompanied by an image of the Mona Lisa wearing the Muslim garment. 


NETHERLANDS: Look what happens when a Muslim conductor starts proselytizing for Islam from the concert stage

NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #123: From 2012, Queen Beatrix of Holland was in attendance at the concert. The Conductor, a Muslim, proceeds to lecture the Queen on the greatness of Islam, encouraging her to come to the faith. As the orchestra starts to walk out, he says: “There is no bomb, Stay seated. I am not a madman. I am a servant of Allah.”

Too bad Geert Wilders wasn’t in the audience.

h/t CCLeong



DOUGLAS MURRAY on Islamic religious ethnic cleansing and the Muslims and leftists who support it

imagesThese are the people who stayed home throughout the Syrian civil war, stayed home when ISIS rampaged across Iraq, stayed home when Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab carried out their atrocities across central Africa and showed no concern whatsoever when the Muslim Brotherhood was running Egypt into the ground. Yet they pretend to care about Muslims.

And here they all are, coming out to scream because Israel is carrying out the most specific and targeted campaign in the history of warfare in order to stop Hamas – a group dedicated to the annihilation of all Jews – from firing thousands of rockets into the Jewish homeland.


I suppose some of the people in London today might still try to pretend that they don’t hate Jews. Perhaps some of them would not even do what their co-religionists in France did last week when – intent on violence – they blockaded worshippers inside a Synagogue. But there is only one explanation for their horrible beliefs and actions.

The truest expression of their views was given voice a few years ago by the popular al-Jazeeracleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi when he said:

‘Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hands of the believers.’

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AUSTRALIANS: Please help Party for Freedom protest sale of barbarically-slaughtered halal meat by Woolworths

Party for Freedom activists took the battle to the front door of Woolworths in Marrickville, Sydney on Sunday 13th July when Freedom activists held an impromptu in-store protest calling on the retailer to remove offensive signage and advertising promoting Ramadan in its Australian stores. 

Party for Freedom website


DSC_1231-X2 DSC_1213-X2

Please support the next protest which will be held outside the store on the pavement area that runs parallel to Illawarra Rd., Marrickville on Saturday, 26th July 2014.

Protest Details:

Time: 11am to 1pm
Date: Saturday, 26th July 2014
Venue: Outside Woolworths store, 463 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW



Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black”

Before Barack Hussein Obama came to power, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi was aggressively blocking the tidal wave of mostly Muslim illegal aliens heading for Europe from sub-Saharan Africa and repatriating them back to Africa.


TCN  When Barack Obama started bombing Libya and arming Al-Qaeda backed ,ihadists, Gaddafi said “if I go down, Europe goes black.”Now, without Gaddafi fighting to stop of the flow of illegals, the greatest tidal wave of illegal aliens of all time is at Europe’s door. Obama’s actions in Egypt and Syria have also crippled border enforcement in other places, sending illegal aliens streaming into Israel, Bulgaria, and Greece.

It is being called a “biblical exodus” and is directly related to the toppling of Gaddafi. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly involved in creating this situation. Libya is still stopping some illegal immigrants, but just a tiny fraction of what was stopped under Gaddafi.

Think Africa Press  According to one news report, “A spokesman for Gaddafi suggested that increased illegal immigration was the price European nations would pay for their military and political support of the rebels trying to topple Libya’s strongman.”

Europe’s reliance on Libyan complicity in holding back asylum seekers became particularly clear in the final days of Gaddafi’s regime when the threatened dictator warned that if he was deposed, “thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe and there will be no one to stop them.” In fact, Gaddafi made good on his promise when, in May 2011, Libyan authorities reportedly began putting non-Libyan citizens on boats and sending them north to Europe. 

From Italy to Spain to the UK and the rest of the EU, the ever-rising flood of mainly young male illegal aliens from Africa is proving Gaddafi’s prediction to be spot on. 



Spanish Mayor accuses Moroccan and Algerian Muslims of coming to Spain just to suck the government teat

javier-maroto-300x168Javier-Maroto, the mayor of Vitoria, said on Cadena SER Vitoria that many groups of Algerian and Moroccan citizens come to Vitoria mainly “to live on social assistance without any interest in working or integrating, and that in itself is fraud.”

DMF  “The fraud in social assistance for some specific nationalities is scandalous. Even more, some nationalities live mainly on social assistance and have no interest in working and integrating,”


The mayor highlighted as another example the case of the jihadist who died in Syria while he was collecting income support in Vizcaya, and was collecting benefits for six months after his death. Maroto focused on Algeria and Morocco as “the most obvious cases” in this situation. “There are people who come because they have been told that you can live on benefits here. And to me that seems like fraud.”

“People who come from Latin America are not the same, they come to work and mainly integrate. I don’t see the same attitude in other nationalities. And I mention Algeria and Morocco because they are the most obvious cases,” he concluded. (Time to stop ALL Muslim immigration to Western countries)



PARIS: Despite the ban on anti-Israel protests, pro-Hamas Muslim savages come out and savage the streets

Ignoring the ban announced Friday, thousands of pro-Hamas demonstrators marched in Paris Saturday, leading to confrontations with the police and arrests.

Pro-Palestinian protesters throw projectiles during a demonstration against violence in the Gaza strip in Paris

  • On Friday, Paris city officials imposed a ban on the pro-Palestine demonstration set for Saturday after a similar protest had descended into violence earlier in the week.
  • Despite the ban, about 3,000 people came to show both their anger at the Israeli campaign in Gaza and their indignation at the Paris ban. Riot police were on site in the hours before the scheduled start to the protest.
  • The march began peacefully and quickly grew more violent. The fiercest confrontations appeared to be around the Barbès area in northern Paris, where cars were set alight and some demonstrators hurled rocks and other objects at the security forces.
  • However, by early evening, traffic was beginning to circulate again on the roads near Barbès and most protesters had dispersed, leaving behind smouldering wreckage.
  • Police said that the 38 protesters were arrested for violence against the police or for “throwing projectiles” such as rocks.
  • Police also reported that 14 officers were injured in the clashes.

France24 (h/t Nikki)



AUSTRALIA: In protest of proposed mega-mosque, Vietnam War hero drives around the Bendigo neighborhood in a ‘Stop the Mosque’ truck, blasting the ‘Islamic Call to Prayer’ chant

article-2695335-1FB3FBDA00000578-596_306x378A Vietnam war veteran driving a truck with the slogan ‘Stop The Mosque’ splashed across the side, has been driving around Bendigo, Victoria, blasting an Islamic Call to Prayer from his vehicle. Charles Mollison (right) is the founder and chairman of vocal anti-Islamic website Restore Australia and travelled from Queensland to protest the construction of a mosque in the city. Victorian Police confirmed in a statement they pulled the man over around 4pm on Wednesday in Bendigo’s central business district. ‘Police were responding to noise complaints about the vehicle, the driver received a warning regarding the noise,’ the statement said.



UK Daily Mail  Mr Mollison told the Bendigo Advertiser he was protesting the ‘Islamisation of our society’. Police told him his signs were discriminatory but there was nothing they could do about it. ‘I said, “Hang on, hang on, are you trying to tell me if the sign said, Let’s Build a Mosque, it would be okay,” and they said, “Yes”.’

‘There are only 147 Muslims in the whole of the Greater Bendigo area so you have to ask firstly, why would they want a huge mosque that would hold over 1000 people and secondly, you would have to ask for such a small Muslim community how can they raise $5 million and build a $3 million mosque,’ he told the publication.

Mr Mollison’s truck protest comes after plans were approved last month in Bendigo for a mufti-million dollar mosque to be built by the Australian Islamic Mission. AIM Secretary Dr Seyed Sheriffdeen told Daily Mail Australia he doesn’t understand why people are coming from interstate to do ‘utterly crazy things in the street.’


‘If there’s local residents concerned about their normal life, we are also concerned about it. If there’s Muslims disturbing their life we want to know what Muslims.’ Dr Sheriffdeen also said that if the council or the courts have ruled against the mosque they would have no issue, but the Islamic community have not done anything wrong. ‘They’re trying to portray us as terrorists… We are the type of people who want to build bridges with other people,’ he said. (You say that now, but we know what you do once you have infested an area, you drive all the non-Muslims out)

If constructed, the mosque will reportedly have two floors, a cafe, retail area and a sports hall on what is currently empty land in Bendigo’s east. At the moment, 300 local Muslims meet in a prayer room at the local University campus.


This month the City of Greater Bendigo Council’s Mayor Cr Barry Lyons launched a campaign in conjunction with the Australian Human Rights Commission called ‘Racism. It stops with me.’ (What “race” is Islam?) Cr Lyons said he would not tolerate racism in the Greater Bendigo community and expected residents would not either.   ‘This campaign is designed to raise awareness and empower Australians to confront prejudice in their community. Greater Bendigo residents are proud and inclusive and I look forward to their full support,’ he said. 

The Age reports that Mollison’s anti-Islam lobby group in Queensland has also given up to $10,000 to opponents of the mosque to print anti-Islamic material. In the weeks surrounding the debate over the development proposal, residents of Bendigo noticed black balloons appearing around the town tied to trees, houses and office fronts. The balloons were left by a vocal group of protesters furious about plans to build a prayer building in the regional city.

Local councillors who voted in favour of the construction said they felt ‘personally targeted’ by the black balloons which appeared at his business, where he also lives. ‘I was a bit appalled really given the antics the anti-Muslim group made at the council chamber while we were debating,’ Cr Weragoda, who is of Sri Lankan origin, told MailOnline. ‘I thought “This is obviously targeting me personally.”‘ (It IS! Why do you want to be in a neighborhood that doesn’t want your kind?)


A spokesperson for community group Stop The Mosque In Bendigo, whose Facebook page has attracted more than 7700 likes, said it was opposed to the development because it is concerned the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over Australia for Islam.

‘In my opinion a mosque preaching jihad and sedition decreases the security of any town,’ they told MailOnline in June.

This is the Islamic Call to Prayer blasted from loudspeakers several times a day that the residents of Bendigo will be subjected to once there is a mosque.


TAHITI: “We don’t want a mosque…we don’t want veiled women in our country…Islam is against our culture”

TAHITIANS stage a second demonstration against proposed mosque and its radical imam.

Is Tahiti the only place left on Earth willing to stand up for its own culture, people and customs before Islam swallows all diversity and forces everyone under a wet dog’s blanket of sharia and oppression? Even a Catholic priest there is speaking out against it.

Ban Koran




Why am I not surprised that the government of the birthplace of Hitler would try to appease the IslamoNazis?

Call for a burqa ban rejected by Austrian parliament.


The Local  The Austrian Press Agency reported Friday that the Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) proposed bill to ban the wearing of the burqa and other similar religious headgear traditionally worn by Muslim women has been defeated due to lack of support by the Austrian parliament.

The proposed law from the far-right Freedom Party is based on the recent confirmation by the Strasborg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that a similar law in France is permissible under European human rights laws.

On a more positive note,  the government of Spain’s Catalonia region said on Thursday it would push ahead with a planned burqa ban after a recent European Union ruling that banning full face veils in public did not violate the human rights of Muslim women.

Also, two Muslim women in France were refused access to the beach at Wissous, Essonne, because they were wearing Muslim headscarves.

“Too beautiful for a veil”. Against the Islamization of Europe

“Too beautiful for a veil” – Against the Islamization of Europe

Only Team Stronach, a liberal and euro-skeptic party funded by a Canadian-Austrian auto-parts billionaire, supported the proposed bill.

Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) member Maria Fekter opposed the ban on the basis that women who wore the burqa tended to be wealthy visitors from Saudi Arabia, who might be discouraged from spending money while visiting the country.

FPÖ parliamentarian Carmen Gartelgruber described the wearing of veils as “a symbol of the oppression of women.”  However Nurten Yilmaz (Social Democrats/SPÖ) questioned the feminist credentials of a party which opposed updating the national anthem to remove sexist language.

Greens member Alev Koruns also rejected the FPÖ proposal, saying that it “fails to help a single woman”, while NEOS MP Nikolaus Scherak said that the veil wasn’t a problem in Austria, and a ban would make little sense.