GERMANY: 15,000 patriots come out to support anti-Islamization protest in Dresden, but ‘dhimmi’ Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns them

We don’t want a flood of asylum seekers, we don’t want Islamization. We want to keep our country with our values. Is that so terrible? Does that make us Nazis? Is it a crime to be a patriot?- Michael Stuerzenberger, leading German counter-jihadist.

Michael Stuerzenberger

Michael Stuerzenberger

IB Times (h/t Maria J)  Fifteen thousand people marched in the eastern German city of Dresden on Monday (15 December) in protest against “asylum cheaters” and the rising “Islamisation” of the West. One of the demonstrators, Michael Stuerzenberger, said that while he is not opposed to the asylum for refugees, “70 percent of people claiming political asylum here are economic refugees. We don’t want to stay silent about this anymore.

Marking a 50% rise in attendance since the demonstration last Monday, the founder of the PatrioticEuropeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA), Lutz Bachmann, addressed the protestors saying: “The people are with us! Everywhere now, in every news rag, on every senseless talk show, they are debating, and the most important thing is: the politicians can no longer ignore us!

Germany Mosque Protest

SMH  A new grassroots movement that assails the German government for ignoring its fears of being overrun by Muslims and other immigrants attracted a record 15,000 marchers on Monday in the eastern city of Dresden. The fast-growing movement that calls itself PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, has drawn support from the far right, as well as some ordinary Germans alarmed by a sharp rise in refugees, many fleeing conflict in the Middle East.

The rallies have spread rapidly across Germany since starting with a social-media appeal in Dresden two months ago. They are now beginning to unsettle the German political establishment, which has spent decades restoring Germany’s image as an open, tolerant country after the devastation of the Nazis.

Germany Far Right

“The politicians in Germany have lost touch with the people and that’s why they can’t comprehend what’s happening here,” Lutz Bachmann, the 41-year-old gravel-voiced leader of the movement, told marchers from a makeshift stage.

At the rally on Monday, he lashed out at the media for what he said were lies about the movement, eliciting chants of “Luegenpresse! Luegenpresse!” (media lies) from a fired-up group of demonstrators, mostly white men over 40 wearing shabby clothing. Mr Bachmann started PEGIDA in October to protest plans to add 14 centres for roughly 2000 refugees in Dresden.


The number of asylum-seekers in Germany has surged to 200,000 this year, more than any other Western country, due in part to an influx of Syrians. Even though foreigners are scarce in Dresden and the Saxony region compared with other parts of Germany, Mr Bachmann’s protest reverberated and his Monday rallies have grown from a few hundred to 10,000 a week ago and now to 15,000.

Pegida Supporters March In Dresden

Marchers on Monday carried banners reading “Courage for the truth”, “Stop immigrants abusing our social welfare system” and “We miss our country”. They chanted: “If you don’t love Germany, leave it” and “We’re the people” – the slogan used by pro-democracy demonstrators whose marches in eastern cities such as Dresden led to the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a leading figure in the centre-left Social Democrats, has called the movement a disgrace for the country.





















STUPID STUPID STUPID leftist Aussies – offering free rides to Muslims who are afraid of “racist” backlash

stupidityAFTER a volatile day at both Martin Place and on social media, there are fears that Muslims could be targeted on our streets. However a heartwarming idiotic hashtag has emerged on Twitter tonight, with hundreds of Australians offering to accompany Muslims to work tomorrow in case they don’t feel safe.

(The people who give muslims a ride should be targeted for a backlash. Happy to see there are a lot more sane Aussies among the Twitterers who are lashing back at the #IllRideWithYou morons)

The Australian  The hashtag #illridewithyou has begun trending on Twitter, with commuters volunteering to travel on buses and trains on transport networks across the nation’s capital cities. Some offered to take the train or bus with worried Muslim companions, while others offered to give them a lift in their cars.

The hashtag is being widely praised as a way of combating racism and bringing Australians together. (WHAT ‘RACE’ IS ISLAM?)




AUSTRALIA: ISLAMIC TERRORISM threat forces Sydney to ban Christmas decorations at train stations

131444-viMuslim terrorists have succeeded in stealing Christmas joy from Sydney’s train travelers. The traditional Yuletide ­tinsel, baubles and bunting that normally greet commuters at the city’s busiest stations has been banned this year because the nation is on a “high” terror alert.


Daily Telegraph  (h/t Marina) Colorful decorations, fake gifts and small blow-up Santas are being replaced with simple posters containing just one of three phrases: “Merry Christmas”, “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”.

“With the country on a high terror alert, you can’t have Christmas stuff liked wrapped boxes lying around all over the place. It makes it more difficult for security staff to check the public areas at stations for suspicious items,” a NSW government source said.

Sydney train station

Sydney train station in December

It is understood Sydney Trains’ bosses have told staff there are to be no Christmas decorations on station concourses and platforms. But Christmas trees, candy canes, angels and stockings will be allowed in staff areas including lunch rooms and back offices away from the public.

However, at Central station, management is allowing two Christmas trees to be put up. Tomorrow, a large tree will be erected on the main country platforms concourse. Another tree will be placed near the ticket barriers.

A station assistant at Town Hall station, who asked not to be named, told The Daily Telegraph he and his colleagues were surprised no decorations had been put up with Christmas Day just a little more than two weeks away.


“This time of year we usually have tinsel, Christmas balls and ‘Merry Christmas’ banners hanging above the ticket barriers,” the worker said. “We haven’t seen any of it this year.”

Meanwhile, on Sydney Buses, the annual Christmas Bus decoration competition between depots is under way. Opposition Transport spokeswoman Penny Sharpe said Sydney Trains had gone too far. “Being able to put tinsel up where no one can see it means the Grinch has come to Sydney Trains,” she said.

“Just as bus drivers take pride in bringing Christmas fun to their buses, train staff should be able to decorate ticket windows and stations and wear a Santa hat if they wish.”


Back in September, the federal government raised the national terrorism alert level from medium to high, based on advice from security and intelligence agencies, including the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). A “high” alert means a “terrorist attack is likely”.

At the time, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said there were raised concerns about the ­increasing number of Australians working with, connected to, or being inspired by terrorist ­organisations such as ­Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and ­al-Qaeda.

Australia isn’t the only place where Muslims are having some success in destroying Christmas:


London offers a compromise, including the Muslim holiday of Eid, which happens in late summer/early fall

London tries to appease Muslims by including the Islamic holiday of Eid, which takes place in late summer/early fall




“It’s pork or nothing,” says French mayor to parents of Muslim students, “and if you don’t like it, take your children home…”

555-viPreferably, to your Islamic country of origin. Muslim parents have reacted angrily in a French town after the mayor announced it was ‘pork or nothing’ for school lunches, under the principles of the secular republic which dictates that religion should have no place in state institutions – including schools. 


Breitbart  The change came after the catering company that provides meals to the 180 students in the small town of Sargé-lès-Le-Mans in southern France reported difficulties providing alternate meals for the 15 Muslim children on pork-based meal days. Declaring the local school free of religious influence, what in France is known as “laicïté”, or the “principle of Republican neutrality”, the mayor told parents it would from thereon be “pork or nothing”, reports

The decision has upset Muslim parents in the town, who expect alternate meals for their children. One mother, who’s son Tariq told reporters “I need meat, it’s important” said: “Telling a small child that ‘you will eat less today because there’s pork on the menu’ is difficult to comprehend. You feel it is discrimination. (Who cares?)

cold cut sandwich

“You hear comments like, ‘if you don’t like it, take your children home’. It hurts.” (That’s the idea)

After banning the full-face covering burqa in public in 2010, the expense on Halal meals by the French taxpayer has become a significant matter of public discourse, with a number of politicians giving their opinions on the matter. Front National leader Marine Le Pen announced that towns run by the party’s mayors would no longer offer Halal meals.

She told French radio: “We will accept no religious requirements in the school lunch menus… There is no reason for religion to enter into the public sphere.”

Marine Le Pen says schools in towns run by her National Front party will stop serving non-pork alternatives to Muslim children

Marine Le Pen says schools in towns run by her National Front party will stop serving non-pork alternatives to Muslim children

This year a court in Lyon overturned a ruling that prisons had to serve Halal meals to inmates, claiming that failing to do so harmed a Muslim’s right to practice his religion in prison. The court found because there is a vegetarian alternative, an additional Halal meal was unnecessary.

Halal is big business in France, which has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe. Breitbart London reported in October on a new start-up business created by a twosome of French-Algerian entrepreneurs which could test any food or drink for contents deemed to be Haram in Islam. 












Philip Claeys of Belgium’s anti-Islamization Vlaams Belang party speaks at Front National Congress

Apparently, the French, Dutch, and now Belgium are joining forces to put an end to out-of-control Muslim immigration and the resulting Islamization of Europe.

h/t Vlad Tepes






EXCELLENT: French anti-Islamization party ‘Front National’ sacks member who converted to Islam

A local councillor for France’s Front National (FN), who made headlines earlier this year after converting to Islam, has been kicked out, the party announced.

Maxence Buttey

Maxence Buttey, OUT!

France24  Maxence Buttey, an elected member of the municipal council of Noisy-le-Grand, a suburb of Paris, was temporarily suspended from the National Front in October, after he announced his conversion to Islam in a video and urged fellow members of the anti-Muslim immigration party to do the same.

The 22-year-old’s suspension was lifted shortly after by the party’s leadership – a decision that left many FN members unhappy, including Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, niece of party leader Marine Le Pen, who called for his punishment to be reinstated.

But following reports in the French media, the FN’s regional chief Jordan Bardella confirmed Tuesday that Buttey has now been dismissed from the party. Speaking to AFP, Bardella said Buttey was an “unstable boy, timid and with a limited ability to work in groups”. The video touting Islam was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, he said, adding that “the relationship of trust is lost”.

In the video, sent to ten local FN party executives, Buttey had praised the “visionary” virtues of the quran and urged his colleagues to join him in becoming Muslim.


Dutch MP, Machiel de Graaf, says: “We must close all mosques and start deporting Muslims”

“Without Islam, the Netherlands would not be losing $7.2 billion per year on mass Muslim immigration, colonization, welfare, and crime.”

“The Netherlands must be de-Islamised, all mosques must be closed, jihadists must be expelled and never allowed back, and the borders must be closed to people from Islamic countries. The Dutch government must commit itself to repatriation of Muslims back to Muslim countries so we will not be plagued with honor killings, cousin marriages, anti-semitism, homophobia, animal abuse, rampant crime, rape, and welfare spending, not to mention honor killings, cousin marriages and hate preachers.”

h/t Vlad Tepes


Anti-Islam protest movement is rapidly expanding in Germany

Demonstration von Pro NRW in SolingenPosters with slogans like “Foreigners out!” are absent at the weekly demonstrations by the group “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West.” Instead, the group known in Germany by its acronym PEGIDA is trying to paint a more friendly picture by drawing on the German flag, slogans like “We are the people” and Monday marches intended to recall the Monday demonstrations that preceded the fall of the East German government.  PEGIDA’s professionally designed banners are vague: “For the preservation of our culture” – “Against religious fanaticism” – “Against religious wars on German soil.” The organizers distance themselves from right-wing extremism, speak of “Judeo-Christian Western culture” and differentiate between Islam and Islamism, between “war refugees” and “economic refugees,” the latter a reference to perceived “benefits shopping” by Eastern European immigrants.


And yet, it’s possible to read between the lines. For at least some participants, “Islamist” likely means Muslim, and “economic refugee” is conflated with refugees in general. They are fearful of “Islamic State” terror or new refugee homes popping up near their own residences.

The group’s approach has been successful. Though the Dresden-based organization’s first march in October drew just a few hundred, last Monday’s (01.12.2014) brought 7,500.


Other cities, meanwhile, are trying to copy the concept – with mixed results. An anti-Islam demonstration in Chemnitz attracted about 400 people in late November, but an equal number of far left counter-demonstrators also turned up. In Kassel last Monday, 80 demonstrators were stopped in their tracks by 500  pro-Muslim and far left counter-demonstrators. Kassel now has its own “KAGIDA” Facebook page, as do Bonn, Darmstadt and numerous other cities. While it’s easy to set up a Facebook page, it’s not yet clear whether the Dresden concept can be mobilized in other cities.

Dresden’s case is unique: No known neo-nazi bodies preceded PEGIDA. Its organizers were previously of no political import, says Danilo Starosta of Saxony’s cultural affairs office, which monitors the right-wing scene in Dresden. He says those they mobilized were simply in the immediate vicinity.

Germany Mosque Protest

“These are small business owners and people living hand-to-mouth – the little man and the little woman, if you will,” he told DW. Only in the weeks following the initial demonstrations, he says, did PEGIDA draw the better-organized right wingers.

“They’ve been fought back successfully,” Zick told DW. “Now, a populist, right-wing movement has formed that’s far more difficult to protest against, since they’re less vulnerable to extremist labels. Though a counter-demonstration last Monday succeeded in stopping Dresden’s PEGIDA demonstration, counter-demonstrators were the minority, numbering just a thousand.”

The PEGIDA movement, according to Zick, has the potential to spread nationwide, since the group’s fodder already exists: About one in four in Germany are susceptible to populist anti-Islamization ideas, he says.

h/t Vlad Tepes


STAND WITH EZRA who was forced by a Canadian ‘dhimmi’ judge to pay an avowed anti-semitic Muslim extremist $80,000 for calling him an “anti-semite”

Ezra lost the first round but plans to appeal. Here’s why: “I lost the lawsuit against me brought by Khurrum Awan, the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.” 


You can read the full ruling here.

Stand with Ezra  The judge awarded Awan a whopping $80,000 plus legal costs. I am reviewing the technical aspects of the ruling with my lawyer. But there is something terrifying, buried in this ruling, that I already know I simply must appeal — all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

On paragraph 166 of the decision, the judge ruled that calling Awan an anti-Semite is defamatory, and that’s one of the reasons I lost, and have to pay him so much money.


But Awan was, at one time, the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, an anti-Semitic organization. At the time Awan was its youth president, the CIC was led by a notorious anti-Semite, Mohamed Elmasry. Elmasry famously went on national TV to state that any adult in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorism. The CIC has publicly called for the legalization of anti-Semitic terrorist groups.

Muslim extremist Khurrum Awan

Muslim extremist Khurrum Awan

And yet the judge ruled that it is defamatory to call the former youth president of an anti-Semitic organization, anti-Semitic. Because he denied it in court, and said he never knew about his organization’s infamous misconduct.


If this ruling is allowed to stand, it will hinder anyone who campaigns against anti-Semitism — any Jewish group, any pro-Israel group, even anyone who criticizes radical Islam. This ruling doesn’t just affect my rights. It’s a setback for freedom for everyone.

If you share my belief that we cannot let this ruling stand please help me appeal this case now, by clicking here to contribute to my legal costs.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant


SHOCKING! France ordered to pay compensation to Somali Muslim pirates who attacked two French ships

muslimpirates-viFrance has been told by the dhimmi European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that it must pay damages to Somali Muslim pirates because authorities held them in custody for too long. The pirates will receive up to 5,000 euros each.


DW.DE  (h/t Martin V) The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) told France on Thursday that delays in bringing apprehended Somali pirates before a judge were unacceptable. The eight pirates were arrested after attacking two French ships on separate occasions in 2008 off the Somali coast.

The ECHR said French authorities were wrong to keep the pirates in custody for an additional 48 hours after arriving on French soil, instead of “promptly” presenting them before a judge.


The arrests took place more than “6,000 kilometers” (3,730 miles) from French territory,” the ECHR said, acknowledging that there were “completely exceptional circumstances” to justify a long detention without seeing a judge. Not including the 48 hours in France, one group was held for nearly five days at sea, the other for almost a week.

But the ECHR said the groups should have been presented “without delay” to a judge when they arrived on French territory. The Strasbourg-based court said the delay constituted a “violation of their rights to freedom and security,” in a ruling published in French.

Suspected Somali pirates captured by British Navy officials in the Gulf of Aden stand in a cell at the court in Mombasa

France was made to pay between 2,000 euros and 5,000 euros ($2,480-$6,200) to each pirate for “moral damages,” plus between 3,000-6,000 euros in legal costs.

In late 2012, the Malaysia-based International Maritime Bureau reported pirate attacks to be the decline, with the fall in incidents off Somalia particularly striking. The deployment of naval forces, such as NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield and the EU Naval Shipping Force, are seen as major factors, as are initiatives by shipping operators such as hiring private security teams.



AUSTRALIA: Now ‘this’ is what I call some serious vandalism at proposed mosque site

Vandals have caused an estimated $50,000 worth of damage to a proposed mosque site in Padstow in south-west Sydney. The 6,000 square metre industrial site on Enterprise Avenue has become the target of anti-Muslim groups as the factory has been peppered with anti-Islam hate stickers.

Maybe it’s time to find a different location.  I hear there are 56 other countries that would be more suitable.

Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman from UMA

Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman from UMA

ABC  Shaykh Shady Alsuleiman from UMA said the incidents were disheartening. “Unfortunately we had a few incidents on that site, a break and enter, vandalism and anti-Islamic stickers stuck on the place and we’re very upset to hear that,” he said. “It was very saddening and disheartening to see that some of the local members were unhappy with the presence of the UMA in Padstow. “It is very unfortunate that the religion has been dragged into this Islamophobia and this backlash within the Padstow community.”

The United Muslims of Australia (UMA) purchased the site in July this year in the hope of turning it into a mosque and multi-purpose community centre. UMA estimated the damage will cost about $50,000 to repair due to severe damage to electrical systems.

“The place has been ransacked, they’ve gone right through and ripped out all the electrical,” UMA operations officer Mohammad Kourouche said. “They’ve ripped out all the power, electricity and generators, they’ve taken the nuts and bolts out of everything and probably caused about $50,000 worth of damage.”


SWEDEN’S right wing anti-Muslim immigration party’s actions could cause demise of leftist government

swedendemocratsoldSweden’s leftist minority government is in crisis after revolt of right wing Sweden Democrats, which other parties oppose because of its strong anti-Muslim immigrant stand. Sweden Democrats aim is to force the collapse of the government by siding with the center-right opposition in the budget vote.


The Guardian (h/t Maria J)  ANTI-MUSLIM IMMIGRATION SWEDEN DEMOCRATS force government to call for new elections after gaining decisive victory by voting with opposition. Sweden’s far right plunged the country into unprecedented political upheaval on Wednesday by forcing the government to gamble on fresh elections in the spring after the centre-left coalition failed to push through its budget.

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, the country’s third largest party with 13% of the vote, portrayed the new elections in March as “a de facto referendum” on immigration, currently at near-record highs as refugees flee conflict in Syria, Iraq and Somalia.


“We will focus entirely on the issue,” said Mattias Karlsson, the Sweden Democrats’ parliamentary group leader.

The right wing forced the crisis to a head when they broke with established tradition and voted with the centre-right opposition instead of abstaining after their own budget proposal had fallen, ensuring the government’s defeat on this key legislation.

In bitter remarks aimed at the centre-right, who had refused to compromise, prime minister Stefan Löfven admitted the Sweden Democrats now had a veto over Swedish politics, leaving him no choice but to call elections just six months after the country went to the polls in September.


“The centre-right parties did not take responsibility for their promise not to give the Sweden Democrats decisive influence in Swedish politics – this is an irresponsible action of these parties and is unprecedented in our political history,” Löfven told journalists on Wednesday evening.

Green party leader Gustav Fridolin said: “We cannot let the Sweden Democrats dictate the terms of politics.”

In a challenge to the centre-right to loosen their unity as a political bloc, the Social Democrats claimed the far right would continue to use their position “to create chaos” as long as the centre refused to negotiate, calling this policy “highly unfortunate and reckless” in a statement on Wednesday.

Here are the Sweden Democrats Youth League marching with a simple sign that says: "We are also a people Stop hostility towards Swedes"

Here are the Sweden Democrats Youth League marching with a simple sign that says:
“We are also a people
Stop hostility towards Swedes”

It is the first time since 1958 that the country has seen fresh elections. But the political landscape is now radically different from the last century, for most of which the Social Democrats enjoyed stable government as the largest party, even if they were in a minority.

Before Wednesday’s budget vote there had been speculation that Löfven would attempt to defuse the crisis by ejecting the Greens from his government, thereby removing an obstacle to cross-bloc negotiation with centre-right parties. But instead he declared that he “liked the cooperation we have” with the Greens.

“I have felt calm in the last few days, it is a difficult situation but I know what we need to do,” he said.

A scene from a Sweden Democrat TV commercial that was banned as 'racist'

A scene from a Sweden Democrat TV commercial that was banned as ‘racist’

The ruling red green coalition that has slipped badly in opinion polls, but the Alliance also risks being seen by voters to be relying on the far right to try to undermine the government. The Sweden Democrats are treated as pariahs by the mainstream parties and the media, but they more than doubled their vote in September on the back of rising hostility to immigration.

Liberal daily Dagens Nyheter said in a leader article that the prospects for lasting and stable majorities in Sweden’s parliament appeared to be minimal: “The mainstream parties do not seem to understand each other, and hardly even themselves.”

Speech on Islam in the Swedish Parliament – Richard Jomshof (Sweden Democrat)


























SWEDEN: Another bombing in Malmo, a predominantly Muslim enclave

UnknownAn explosion so large it could be heard several kilometres away shook central Malmö last night. Some kind of explosive device was detonated by 2 people at the entrance to the city centre courthouse shortly before 11:30 Sunday night.

WSJ  A justice center with multiple departments including a courthouse and police offices was bombed late Sunday night in the Swedish town of Malmö, police said.

An explosive device was placed outside the entrance to the 'Rattscentrum' district court and police building in central Malmo

An explosive device was placed outside the entrance to the ‘Rattscentrum’ district court and police building in central Malmo

The blast significantly damaged the entrance to the district court and shattered the windows and balcony doors of several nearby buildings with private residences. One woman suffered cuts from broken glass but no one was seriously injured in the blast, said Jimmy Modin, a spokesman for the local police.

It was the second bomb attack this year on the justice center located in central Malmö, Sweden’s third-biggest city. In February, explosives caused a similar amount of damage on the same entrance of the building and police are checking to see if there is a connection between the incidents, Mr. Modin said.

Window shattered in the explosion

Window shattered in the explosion

Surveillance cameras showed someone placing the explosives outside the district court shortly before Sunday’s blast at 23:22 local time. Police said they picked up on the suspicious activity and were on route to the site when the explosion happened. No arrests have been made in connection with the bombing. 

“It is an attack on our justice system,” Stefan Sinteus, head of the regional criminal investigation department, told Swedish radio. “Unfortunately in Malmö and the Malmö region, criminals have access to explosives. It is some form of revenge against police, the district court or the prosecutor’s office, but we don’t know against whom at this point.”

 Malmö has been hit by a string of bombings this year including several car bomb attacks.  

 Much more about the worsening Muslim problem in SWEDEN



Two European superstars of the war against Islamization on one stage – Geert Wilders and Marine LePen

“We do not want a foreign and barbaric culture that deprives us of our freedoms. When it comes to Islam, we say enough is enough.”

Dutch MP Geert Wilders of the Party for Freedom speaks to a gathering of Front National members, headed by Marine LePen of France. Maybe one day, the United States will again have a leader with the same kind of courage and love of country as these two.