The issue isn’t how many Muslim illegal aliens drowned at sea trying to infiltrate Europe…

The issue is what Europe is going to do with the tens of thousands of Muslims from N. Africa and the Middle East who are flooding into Europe each year, living off welfare, and endangering the native populations.

Muammar Gaddafi warned Europe that if he was overthrown, there would be a black African Muslim exodus into Europe the likes of  which the world has never seen.


Scenes from ‘Occupied France’

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a series of articles this week on the plight of the indigenous French people forced to live in Muslim-colonized areas.

DMF  It is far from astonishing that doctors are now refusing to do home visits, that the Post Office is often refusing to deliver packages to certain Muslim areas. Some funeral corteges, according to the criminologist Xavier Raufer, are being forced to avoid high-risk sectors, because the crosses on their hearses become targets of choice.



Even pizza delivery workers are sometimes obliged to stop servicing certain districts, Domino’s Pizzas in Poissy being one example. The owner of this franchise doesn’t want to put the lives of his employees in danger any more, after several of them were attacked on Maréchal-Lyautey Avenue. Locals in the area confirm the danger.

A woman admits to us that she no longer wears jewellery for fear of it being stolen. Another person, a resident of the Saint-Exupéry district, confesses that “she can no longer dress as she likes”, for fear of being spat on. At 58, she fears one day having to wear “their cloth prisons”.


The follows scenes are from Nantes, generally considered one of the safer parts of France. A businesswoman planning to open a beauty shop backed out of the idea because of threats, presumably because Muslims don’t approve of women wearing make-up.

Early in the morning, Sylvie, 28, lets us in to her house in the Bellevue district: “It’s quiet until noon, the scum are asleep.” …The young businesswoman has abandoned her plan to open a beauty shop: “I talked about it with an Algerian girlfriend. Her brother told me that he would make my life a misery with his gang if I went on with it. His sister is no longer allowed to see me. Here, it’s not easy being a woman…”


Roger, 75, no longer recognises his district: “In the 70s, there was a good atmosphere. The immigrants started to arrive en masse in the 80s…Ramadan is the worst, with the party all night, the fear in your belly in case you’re caught eating during the day. And their marriages: of so-called unemployed people who drive about in luxury cars, beeping their horns like madmen, provoking traffic jams, waving foreign flags…”

Pointing at torn-open bin bags underneath the buildings, he bemoans the lack of hygiene: “The city council has paid for ‘resident standard-bearers’ who go from door to door organizing cold buffets to explain that throwing your rubbish out of the window is bad…


Add to that the stairwells squatted by drug traffickers and Islamist preachers who threaten you with the flames of hell if you don’t convert: that’s my daily routine. Here, old people like me are completely lost. I’m waiting to die.”

The baker (female): “Everything’s fine, really. Except last month: it was Ramadan, they were making a barbecue in front of my shop window. When I protested, they threatened to kill me and burn my car. But fine, that’s just words…”


A shopkeeper mentions the vulnerability of the elderly: “They have to lower their eyes in front of kids of 12 years old. No one helps them because they are French. They are more and more isolated because there are fewer and fewer shops here, it’s too difficult. The mini-supermarket closed a year ago. The manager was being shaken down. Almost every day, he was beaten. He employed a guy from the district who was letting people steal at night.”

A local person says: “I can’t send my daughter there any more. She was regularly whistled at and insulted. The men of the district ["du quartier", tn: "quartier" really just means district but in modern France it's acquiring a connotation similar to the word ghetto in English] have a particularly archaic vision of women, no doubt for religious or cultural reasons.”



FRANCE: Bardot in a bikini vs Baghead in a garbage sack at the beach


The French UMP (mainstream right) MP Nadine Morano posted this photo montage on her web page and described the scene she recently witnessed where the photo below was taken. “France is a secular state: It is to love, to respect its culture and women’s rights, and anyone who doesn’t like that should go live somewhere else!”

Nadine Morano  Le Figaro Magazine devotes its front page and a story to our national icon Brigitte Bardot. This image of a country proud of its freedom of women while France has suddenly struck me as a contrast with the scene that took place before my eyes, on a beach in France, there a few days ago, is striking and challenges.

Muslim women on the beach

I took this photo myself in a public place but where no one is identifiable. Under a hot sun, on a beach in France, crowded with holiday makers in swimsuits, a couple arrived. The man was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt along with a fully dressed Muslim woman, a long-sleeved tunic, trousers and face-covering veil. Within minutes, the man had stripped down to his swimsuit showing off a great body, while the woman sat fully dressed in a burqa-like garment, quietly on the sand.


He walked alone to the sea. Glad to enjoy a good swim, he spoke to his soft subject that seemed alone surrounded by body beachwear, signs of the hand.  He is therefore entitled to undress and swim in comfort. But not his female companion. She cannot be trusted nor can the men around her. If she dares show an inch of bare skin, all the men  will want to rape her. And we can’t have that, can we?

At the sight of this scene, one can not help but feel an attack on our culture  in terms of gender equality or in this case, inequality.


But these people chose to come come to France, rule of law, secular laws, and they must respect our culture and the freedom of women. When Frenchmen move to a Muslim country, they are rightly expected to respect and abide  by Muslim laws and customs. And so it should be when Muslims come to France. Yet, it isn’t.


In France, women have the right to vote, the freedom to work without the permission of their husbands, the freedom to open a bank account, drive a car, wear pants, abortion, contraception , etc … Even if the road is still long including equal pay, I measure the difficult struggle that remains to be done for other women in the world, oppressed and submissive. We must help them and report abuses of male domination and to be tough when she lives in France!


Muslims who live in France must live like the French and enjoy all the freedoms that we enjoy. France is not a religious state but you are free to practice your religion as you please…within limits.,,above all respecting our laws.

And if you don’t like our laws and our culture, then you should go and live somewhere else!



Islamic State in Norway: “Our only enemy is the kuffar (unbelievers)”

“Our real enemy is not each other, but the filthy kuffar (non-Muslims) who wish to destroy us,” claim Islamic State terrorists. Take a ride through a Muslim majority neighborhood in Oslo, where most of them live off the generous welfare benefits of the state while turning Oslo into the rape capital of the EU.

Muslims burning the Norwegian flag

Muslims burning the Norwegian flag

Snaphanen (h/t Proud Islamophobe) With such a large Muslim immigrant population already in Oslo, it would be easy for the Islamic State terrorists to make an attempt to gain control. The unknown element is how many Muslims there would cooperate and aid and abet their efforts?

VG   After all, the Norwegian Army is now so small, it can only defend a single district in Oslo, said Inspector General of the Army Robert Mood. According to TV2, the Norwegian Army currently is composed of only 3,000 employees and 4,000 conscripts. This means that the size is reduced by 95 percent over the last 15 years. Army’s record low.


Islamic State (ISIS) member threatens Sweden with violence on Swedish TV

hqdefaultA Muslim who threatened Sweden, saying “Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe,”  on Arabic TV has police on alert. One terror expert says the threat should be taken seriously, and that Sweden is in desperate need of a counter-extremism programme.

The Local  (h/t Maria J) The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has received a number of worried calls since a video clip from an Arabic talk-show programme started making the rounds online. On a recent episode of the popular Arabic talk-show programme Su’al Jari (Bold Questions), a man called in from Sweden and proceeded to threaten the country with extreme violence.

Muslims already are perpetrating violence in Sweden

Muslims already are perpetrating violence in Sweden

Swedish Security Police (Säpo) spokeswoman Sirpa Franzén said that the reactions from Swedes had been strong.  “Many people are upset since the video and other information is being spread online in connection to the situation in Syria,” she told newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The caller, identified in the show as Sheikh Ahmed, said he was a member of the jihadist group IS (Islamic State, previously ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and began making references to the Koran, saying that god had given Muslims instructions to kill non-believers.


The talk show is hosted by Rashid Hmami, a Moroccan who converted from Islam to Christianity when he was 19. Hmami proceeded to grill the caller about verses of the Koran and his methods of enforcing his religion. “So why do you live in Sweden? Why do you live in a land of unbelievers? You know that it is haram, forbidden for Muslims,” Hmami pressed.  “The Islam country is God’s country which is the entire world,” Ahmed responded.

“And you receive welfare benefits from Sweden. You take advantage of the state and its welfare and money.” “No. It is not their money,” the caller said. “The money can only come from god.”


The conversation developed into a debate about god’s tasks and the concept of mercy and forbearance, with the caller claiming that it was god’s command to kill non-believers in order to save his own people from doubt. “Is what ISIS doing to non-believers today simply mercy?” “The purpose of Isis is to eradicate them,” the caller asserted.

Franzén at Säpo said that the agency takes all threats seriously, adding that the agency is already working on investigating the matter. Linus Gustafsson at the Swedish National Defence College said the probable investigation would determine whether the caller is indeed a threat. “And it will determine whether he actually has the capability to turn this threat into a reality,” he told The Local. 

BELOW is a Muslim idea of fun in Sweden:






Gustafsson added that there were 80 confirmed Swedes fighting in Syria and that this particular threat should be taken seriously. Most of the radical Islamists in Sweden, he said, were second-generation immigrants, but that doesn’t mean the problem stems from immigration, rather the glaring lack of prevention programmes and exit strategies.

“Sweden is lacking effective measures to prevent individuals from becoming radicalized, and becoming a threat when they arrive in Sweden,” Gustafsson explained.


Renowned Dutch ‘anti-Islamization’ MP Geert Wilders’ Warning to Israel

Tom Trento of The United West interviews the very controversial Wilders, one of Europe’s staunchest critics of Islam and ardent supporter of Israel.

Breitbart  In this interview, Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom, analyzes both the immediate problem that Israel has with the Hamas and the long-term problem that the West has with the global advance of the so-called Islamic Caliphate. Moreover, Wilders offers his solutions, which he argues are essential for Western countries to defeat “supremacist Islam.”

theunitedwest (h/t Tim S)


SPAIN: Mayor of Vitorio says he is more popular than ever since he’s been highly critical Muslims

The mayor of Vitoria, Javier Maroto, declared that it is as true as can be that  Muslim groups like Moroccans and Algerians live on welfare benefits that all hard-working Spanish citizens pay for, and has insisted that he wants this to change.


Europapress (h/t DMF In declarations to Radio Euskadi, which Europa Press has seen, Maroto emphasised that he has never “had so much support in the streets” as since he made the controversial declarations in which he said that Moroccans and Algerians “live on benefits and don’t want to work.” For that reason, he has reiterated that “a majority of some groups of Moroccans and Algerians live in our land especially for the benefits that we all pay for”.

“I know it’s not politically correct but because it’s as true as can be, I’m saying it because I want it to change and improve. I can assure you that I’ve never had as much support in the street as in these last few weeks,” he continued.




AUSTRIA’s anti-Islamization Freedom Party leads in polls for the first time


While the SPÖ (Socialists) is still ahead of the FPÖ (Freedom Party) among men (27:25), the Blues (Freedom Party) are in top spot among women for the first time (29:23). 

Among young people (under 30 years), too, the FPÖ is number one, the raw data showing them at 35 %.

Source: (h/t DMF)

Reasons for this shift can be seen in the links below:
























Calling yourself an “Islamophobe” in France can get you a jail sentence


French court declares ‘Islamophobia’ a crime: Anti-Islam activist, Christine Tasin, gets suspended prison sentence but must pay a fine for saying she was an “Islamophobe and was proud to hate Islam.”

L’Express (h/t DMF) Islamophobia is a crime according to the prosecutor’s office in Belfort (90). Retired teacher of classics, president of the association Résistance Républicaine and collaborator on the site Riposte Laïque, seen as close to the extreme right, Christine Tasin was charged with “incitement to racial hatred” and sentenced to 3-months’ imprisonment suspended and a fine of 3000 euros.


Christine Tasin made the remarks for which she was charged at Belfort on 15 October 2013, during a discussion with members of the Muslim community. She described Islam as a “saloperie” (filth, muck, cesspit) with a suggestion of a con trick added in], in front of a mobile abattoir installed for the ritual sacrifice of Aïd el-Kébir. The discussion was filmed and put online on YouTube.

“Yes I’m an islamophobe and so? The hatred of Islam, I’m proud of it. Islam is a saloperie [filth] (…), it’s a danger for France”, declared Christine Tasin to members of the Muslim community and the Coordination contre le Racisme et l’Islamophobie (CRI) [tn: Committee Against Racism and Islamophobia], who said her speech was inspired by “hatred of religion” so CRI filed a complaint.

Christine Tasin is the woman who heads Resistance Republicaine, one of the foremost anti-Islamization organizations in France

Christine Tasin is the woman who heads Resistance Republicaine, one of the foremost anti-Islamization organizations in France

At the hearing on 2 July the accused presented herself wearing blue, white and red and acknowledged her remarks. The prosecutor’s office in Belfort, judging that her remarks were of “a nature to inspire a rejection of Muslims by describing them as a danger to France” had requested a sentence of three months’ imprisonment suspended and a fine of 3000 euros.

Despite her conviction, this Friday Christine Tasin published a video where she denounces the verdict, describing the Belfort court as an “Islamic tribunal”, which she accuses of “applying sharia (Islamic law) in France”. She has also announced that she will appeal her conviction, which her lawyer has confirmed to the AFP.







In preparation for its transformation into an Islamic state, Belgium paints its trains with the flag of Hamas

Belgium paints the flag of Hamas onto its trains in solidarity with Gaza.


Recent reports say Brussels will have a Muslim majority by 2030, maybe sooner. There already is a Muslim political party – ‘Islam Party’ – that has won seats in Parliament from Muslim-majority areas. The stated goal of this party is: to create an Islamic state in Belgium based on Sharia law.


Church&State  Philip Claeys, a Member of the European Parliament for Flanders with the Vlaams Belang, a Flemish nationalist party that is opposed to multiculturalism and further Muslim immigration, said: “It is very worrying to see what is happening. We see people with an Islamic background forming their own political party and demanding the introduction of Sharia law and an Islamic state in Belgium. Until now Muslim people mainly supported Socialist parties and other leftist parties. But now they feel confident enough to establish their own party.”

The parliamentary initiative is in response to Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, who in October 2012 won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively.


The Islam Party, which plans to field candidates in European-level elections in 2014, campaigned on three core issues: ensuring that halal [religiously permissible] meals are served in public school cafeterias, securing the official recognition of Muslim religious holidays, and pushing for a law that would legalize the wearing of Islamic headscarves in public spaces.

Ahrouch previously founded a political party called “Noor: Le Parti Islamique,” which promotes a 40-point program based on Sharia law. These points include, among other items: 7) abolishing interest payments [riba] in the Belgian banking sector; 10) redesigning the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islamic law; 11) restoring capital punishment; 12) prohibiting alcohol and cigarettes; 15) promoting teenage marriage; 16) segregating males and females in public spaces; 20) outlaw gambling and the lottery; and 39) creating an official Islamic alms fund [Zakat].

Ahrouch says that his ultimate goal — creating an Islamic state in Belgium based on Islamic Sharia law — has not changed.






























KUDOS TO ITALY for expelling Muslim cleric who called for killing of all Jews

6f9a5e8dc2c3c1e1bb2825886efae43eItaly said Tuesday it is expelling a Moroccan imam caught on video inciting violence against Jews during Israel’s offensive against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The cleric was filmed during a Friday sermon in a mosque near Venice last month calling for Jews to be killed “one by one.”

INN (h/t bonampak)  Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said he had ordered the expulsion of Raoudi Aldelbar “for seriously disturbing public order, being a danger to national security and for religious discrimination,” after experts carried out a thorough examination of the footage.

Aldelbar, an imam in the town of San Dona di Piave in northern Italy, appeared in the video to launch into a diatribe against the Jews, in which he said: “Oh Allah, bring upon them that which will make us happy. Count them one by one, and kill them one by one.”   Alfano said the speech was “unacceptable” as it was “of clear anti-Semitic tone, containing explicit incitements to violence and religious hate”.  

Italy, like many other European countries, has experienced a wave of anti-Semitic attacks and incitement in recent months. Among other incidents, vandals scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti Rome, and a prominent Italian philosopher issued an alarming call to “shoot Zionists”.


Keep Sweden Swedish

flagswedenislam-viBeautiful young Swedish women declare their support for Sweden Democrats (the fast-growing anti-Muslim immigration party) which is trying to save Swedish culture and values from the soaring crime and rape rates, and the exploding welfare state caused by the out-of-control Muslim immigrant invasion.