AUSTRALIA: Toowoomba mosque was seriously damaged overnight in second arson attack

A SECOND suspected arson attack on a southeast Queensland mosque has been labeled by some as a shocking and outrageous crime against religious tolerance. (NO, not against religion tolerance, against the most intolerant religion on earth)


Courier Mail  (h/t Larry A) Spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland Ali Kadri said it was an obvious attack on the Islamic religion and community.  “The Muslim community are living in constant fear,” he  said. (I guess that’s the idea) “There are people who are motivated by hatred of Muslims.” (Apparently)

Speaking from Toowoomba, Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said the violent attack had appalled the Queensland Government and would not be tolerated. Police are investigating the second suspicious blaze at the Toowoomba mosque in the space of three months. “We are totally disgusted by it,” she said.


The community must rally to outlaw those who disrupt others wanting to practise their religion peacefully, she said. (Peaceful Islam is an oxymoron)

Islamic Society of Toowoomba founding president Professor Shahjahan Khan said the mosque had not received any explicit threats before the attacks. “We have nothing against you – we haven’t done anything wrong against you,” he appealed to the perpetrators. (So you say)


“We are happy to forgive them if they come forward.” (They don’t need your forgiveness, they need you to get out of Australia)

The congregation acknowledged their actions did not reflect the broader community, he said. (Are you sure about that?) Mayor Paul Antonio seconded the sentiment, and said the city was determined to uphold its reputation for peace and harmony. (Only if you reduce the Muslim population)


But the suspicious fire has also inflamed tensions with anti-Islam groups, such as Reclaim Australia. The group hit the headlines earlier this month after holding nationwide – and at times, violent – rallies to oppose “sharia law, halal tax and Islamization”. 

Its Brisbane Facebook page was swamped with comments praising the apparent mosque attack after administrators posted a news article about the blaze. “Just another ‘False Flag’ to make themselves look like the victims of hate crimes,” one man wrote. Another went so far as to congratulate those responsible: “Whoever lit it up is a champion.” “Damn I’m all out of marshmallows,” another said.


The president of the Toowoomba Islamic community Professor Shahjahan Khan has also asked the suspected arsonist to think about the damage they have caused to the community. “Think of the consequences you have done,” Prof Khan said. (Yeah, I”m sure they can think about nothing else)

Islamic Society of Toowoomba founding president Professor Shahjahan Khan said the latest attack had left the Muslim community without a place to worship.

Muslims don't need a mosque. They can lift there asses to allah anywhere they want and they do.

Muslims don’t need a mosque to worship in. They can lift there asses to allah anywhere they want and they do, unconcerned about how much this offends non-muslims

It is the second such attack on the mosque this year. In January, a man tried unsuccessfully to burn the mosque by starting a fire in a bin and turning on gas in a neighbouring building.

Police have doorknocked the area and collected CCTV footage to try to track down those responsible. The mosque site has also been declared a crime scene as scientific officers pore over the damage.


OUTRAGEOUS! Canadian so-called ‘Human Rights Commision’ orders leading secular school to pay $26,000 to families of Muslim students refused permission to pray during school hours

A Muslim rights organization decided that a Calgary non-denominational private school unlawfully discriminated against two Muslim students by refusing to allow them to pray on campus during school hours.


National Post  The Alberta Human Rights Commission fined Webber Academy a total of $26,000 for distress and loss of dignity after the boys were forced to hide at the school or leave the property during the city’s chilly winter to fulfill their faith’s obligations.

Neil Webber, the facility’s founder and president, said he was disappointed with the ruling released Thursday and said an appeal with Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench will be filed. “A key pillar of our founding principles is that the school be a non-denominational environment in which children can thrive and focus on their academic success,” Webber said. “This remains our goal.”


A human rights law expert at the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre said the ruling is a reminder to providers of public services in Alberta like schools and businesses that there is a duty to accommodate religious beliefs so long as they don’t cause undue hardship to the organization.


The ruling focussed on the treatment of 14-year-old Sarmad Amir and Naman Siddique who were admitted to Webber Academy in late 2011. The tribunal heard undisputed evidence that in the first few weeks they attended the school staff accommodated their request to pray by allowing them to use an empty classroom.


When the parents received a call from Webber in mid-December saying the children would now need to leave the school premises to pray, the boys began going outside on the school grounds when timings of some of the five daily devotions coincided with class hours. 


In early February, Webber wrote the parents to say that because the school’s policies were being ignored the boys would not be accepted for enrolment for the next academic year. A few days later when Siddique  violated the school’s directive by praying in the library, he testified that school vice-president Barbara Webber approached him and asked him repeatedly what he was doing such that he felt compelled to stop.

Neil Webber testified that he was concerned there was a plan to force the school to provide prayer space for Muslims and the tribunal also heard evidence from a mother of other students that she would be “uncomfortable” if Muslim students began practicing their filthy religion while at school.


Sorry, no tears for the 12 Christian illegal alien invaders who were thrown overboard by Muslim illegal alien invaders trying to infiltrate Italy

5167309-_0eafee19ee02d72aeec01b25176d74a4These Christian illegal aliens joined the ‘Islamic tsunami’ of Muslim illegal aliens flooding Italy from North Africa and the Middle East, posing as ‘asylum seekers’ who seek to suck the EU government teat of hefty welfare benefits, while bringing with them disease and crime, not to mention Islamic terrorists who threaten the native populations.


BNI repeatedly condemns these so-called Muslim ‘refugee’ cruises, where many Muslims have also been thrown overboard by their fellow Muslims. So, it would be the height of hypocrisy to feel sorry for the Christian invaders just because they are Christians. They made a deal with the devil and paid the price.

lampedusa_010-e13854306537551Why don’t they seek asylum in the many oil-rich Arab Gulf  states? Why isn’t the UN sending them there? Tony Abbott of Australia halted the flood of Muslim illegal alien boats by turning the boats around and not allowing them entry into Australia.




GOOD NEWS: 41 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Libya drowned while attempting to infiltrate Italy from the sea. BAD NEWS: Four illegal alien Muslim invaders survived and were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.


ITALY rescues several thousand Illegal alien Muslim invaders at sea, politicians calling for boats to be sunk


A surge in attempted illegal crossings by Muslim male parasites, criminals, and rapists from north Africa saw nearly 8,500 illegal invaders rescued by Italy between Friday and Monday, reigniting a debate over whether or not the country has a duty to house all new arrivals…the vast majority looking for free handouts, NOT work, and a significant minority likely terrorists.

News24 (h/t Maria J)  Forza Italia head Giorgia Meloni said the boats setting off from north Africa to Italy “should be stopped as they leave,” while those used by smugglers to escape “should be sunk”. The majority of illegal alien arrivals have no desire to stay in Italy but desire to head towards northern Europe and the UK where the welfare benefits are more generous.


Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is “looking for another 6 500 beds for immigrants,” said Matteo Salvini, head of the anti-immigrant Northern League, which has made the crisis one of its platforms ahead of regional elections in May. “I ask the League’s governors, mayors, assessors and councillors to say no, with every means, to every new arrival. The League is ready to occupy every hotel, hostel, school or barracks intended for the alleged refugees,” Salvini said on Facebook on Tuesday.


Members of the opposition have accused Renzi’s centre-left government of pandering to those fleeing war zones or poverty, with many saying the policy of rescuing immigrants at sea encourages others to attempt the journey. 


“It is an absolute disgrace that the government, instead of repelling the invasion of clandestine immigrants, thinks to appropriate thousands and thousands of beds, giving in to the invasion,” said senator Maurizio Gasparri from the centre-right Forza Italia (Go Italy) party.

Refugees Fleeing North African Turmoil Reach Italian Island

Around 10,500 people have been plucked from boats since the beginning of April, with 20,500 people arriving in total so far this year. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 500 people have died at sea. Italy’s coast guard said that 2,851 people had been picked up from boats on Monday alone.









































Posting your opinion about Islam on Facebook is considered “hate speech” by Montreal public school

xshariah-pegida.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VoQd0CkVFNuf096mzaYPThe following incident from Quebec is as bad as any trumped up hate speech case in Britain. The father who objected to Islamic instruction in school for his 8-year-old son was threatened with prosecution by the school board for an ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook post.

GOV  (h/t Susan K) He made the remark as a private citizen, not as a public employee, or even a private-sector employee. Just an ordinary dad, exercising what he thought was his right to free speech. To make his persecution even more ironic, the issue was an assignment in which his son was required to draw Mohammed. Where’s the fatwa on the school? Why wasn’t the school firebombed? Why didn’t the teacher have to change her name and go into hiding?

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:




GERMANY: The most disgusting sound you’ve ever heard in the city where the Muslim hijackers planned 9/11

HAMBURG, GERMANY: How many times a day must Germans endure the eardrum-shattering, highly offensive and intrusive Muslim Call to Prayer sounded from giant amplifiers in the tower of the Hamburg Centrum Mosque? I’m guessing 5 times per day.

50% of the population in Hamburg is now comprised of a dangerous immigrant invasion force, virtually ALL of them Muslims.




Then there’s MICHIGAN, USA:







Need I go on?


AUSTRALIAN city’s idiotic idea to have all non-Muslim women wear Islamic headbags to raise ‘awareness’ (As if Australians need any more Muslim ‘awareness’ shoved down their throats)

1945926-3x2-940x627The city of Greater Dandenong proposal for non-Muslim women to wear hijabs (headbags) in public has been met with the utter disdain it so richly deserves. (How about desecrating the Australian flag by turning it into a Muslim headbag?)

Herald Sun (h/t Marina)  The council has called for women of all backgrounds to don a Muslim headbag today to raise “awareness and insight.”


What absolute harebrained idiocy to encourage empowered Western women to subjugate themselves in the name of diversity. Could you imagine the enormous uproar if a council put forward a plan for devout Muslim women to remove their head covering.

The unpalatable truth is that the root cause of much of the world’s entrenched misogyny is Islam and it manifests itself in a variety of ways including the requirement for women to cover up. This is not something to be celebrated or emulated. Just last year women in Iran were being blinded in acid attacks for breaking the strict hijab code.


I wonder how women who have fled countries that require them to cover their hair feel about local government encouraging women to wear hijabs? If you are going to put forward these ludicrous ideas then why stop at the hijab?

If we are going to fully embrace the cultural practises of other countries then perhaps we should ban women from driving. Or how about caning adulteresses in the Dandenong Civic Square?


I have no issue with women who want to wear a hijab to observe cultural or religious practises, but they have no right to impose their values on the wider population.

It always baffles me why some folk who leave troubled regions for a better life in Australia seem determined for this country to adopt the political and social norms of their homeland.


In our eagerness to celebrate diversity we are often guilty of betraying our values of equality and freedom; the very values that make Australia such an idyllic place to live.

Local governments should be focused on collecting rubbish, maintaining parklands and balancing the budget instead of moronic schemes designed to appease a tiny section of the population.



BULGARIA builds fence to keep out surge of Muslim illegal alien invaders from the Middle East and North Africa

Less than two decades after the painstaking removal of a massive border fence designed to keep people in, Bulgarian authorities are just as painstakingly building a new fence along the rugged Turkish border, this time to keep people out…specifically Muslims.


NY Times  Faced with a surge of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa — and the risk that they include jihadis intent on terrorist attacks — Europe is bolstering its defenses on many fronts, including this formerly Communist country, which little more than a quarter-century ago was more concerned with stanching the outbound flow of its own citizens to freedom.

For the past 16 months, Bulgaria has been carrying out a plan that would sound familiar to anyone along the United States-Mexico frontier: more border officers, new surveillance equipment and the first 20-mile section of its border fence, which was finished in September.


The hardening of the Bulgaria-Turkey border is one very visible manifestation of the agitation across the continent about the economic, social and political ramifications of the surge in immigration.

Bulgaria is being flooded with Syrian Muslim illegals

Bulgaria is being flooded with Syrian Muslim illegals

With warmer weather fast approaching and more refugees likely to be on the move, nations along Europe’s southern tier are beefing up border staffing, adding sensors and other technical barriers, expanding refugee facilities, and building walls.

More than 200,000 refugees are known to have penetrated Europe’s land and sea borders last year, not including those who were able to sneak through undetected.

Muslims clash with Bulgarian nationalists in front of a mosque in Sofia

Muslims clash with Bulgarian nationalists in front of a mosque in Sofia

Anti-immigrant sentiment is increasing in Britain, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic and elsewhere across the continent. Parties espousing ethnic nationalism are seeing their support rise, some to the point where they threaten the dominance of more traditional parties.

“The rise of the right wing in Europe is a reaction to this refugee flow,” said Boris B. Cheshirkov, chief spokesman in Bulgaria for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Muslims are behind most of the tensions and hostilities in Bulgaria

Muslims are behind most of the tensions and hostilities in Bulgaria

And with much of Europe still struggling to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, the higher costs of caring for this flood of refugees — especially in countries like Bulgaria, the poorest member of the European Union — are straining national budgets.

At the same time, episodes like the January attack on the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo are raising worries that both homegrown jihadists and foreign fighters will cloak themselves in this refugee flood.

Bulgarians come out in masse to protest Muslim infiltration and mosques

Bulgarians come out en masse to protest Muslim infiltration and mosques

Slavcho Velkov, a Bulgarian security expert and university lecturer, said he believed there was more jihadist movement through Bulgaria than the authorities acknowledged.


















OUTRAGED German citizens allegedly torch new asylum seeker center for massive influx of Muslim parasites

Weeks of protests against a building to be used to shelter Muslim illegal alien invaders coming to Germany from the Middle East have apparently culminated in it being burnt down, in what local authorities are calling an act of arson.


Breitbart  Remarking that the culprits should be “behind bars”, a government official called the burning on Saturday night a “heinous act”. Although property damage could run to tens of thousands of pounds, no one war harmed in the incident, which is believed to have been started with lighter fluid, reports

The building in Tröglitz, Sachsen-Anhalt, was due to become the home to 40 asylum seekers next month, and has been the focus of a concerted political campaign by national-socialist political party the NPD. German news reports despite the refuge centre being destroyed, the town will still have 40 refugees forced upon it – with the towns recently retired mayor telling residents to take on the ‘new Europeans’ in their own homes. 


This is only the most recent act of arson against buildings related with mass migration and asylum in recent weeks, as Europe – and Germany in particular – struggles with the great influx of people from all around the world. Breitbart London reported last week on an arson attack against a Berlin art installation which celebrated both the coming of the worlds poor to Europe, and criticised the European Union for not having borders that were open enough – that they should welcome all comers.


The so-called ‘open doors pavilion’, which hosted events and talks by left-wing thinkers and activists, and flew a custom-made black and silver European flag from its roof was destroyed last Tuesday morning by fire.


Markus Nierth, mayor of Troeglitz in Saxony Anhalt state, stepped down last month saying he felt abandoned by local authorities in facing anti-Islamization hostility over his support for accommodating about 40 Muslim refugees in the small village.


Last month, Breitbart London also reported on an arson attack against an asylum refuge in Northern Italy. It was not the first time the building had been fire-bombed, as it had been after locals complained about the local young girls being molested by the inmates. Speaking of the unemployed migrants who lived at the centre, one local said after the attack:  “The country is in pieces, why don’t they stop dumping boatloads of migrants here? If you’ve got no work, why come here?”.

Germany, which has become Europe’s top haven for Muslim illegal alien invaders, saw populist marches in recent months in the eastern city of Dresden railing against the “Islamization” of Europe.


AUSTRALIA: Muslims & Left Wing Fascists incite violence against patriots at nationwide “Reclaim Australia (from Islam)” demonstrations

14629_794025367340384_8151637590264909795_n-294x300Rallies and counter-rallies were held around the country Saturday, with one man arrested as opposing groups of protesters confront each other over issues of extremism and tolerance. The Reclaim Australia group said its rallies are a public response to Islamic extremism and a protest against minority groups who want to change the Australian cultural identity.


ABC  The group is holding 16 rallies in capital cities, regional and rural centres, speaking out against sharia law, halal certification and Islamic extremism.


Counter-rallies organised by opposing groups will be protesting against the Reclaim Australia, which they say is “racist and anti-Muslim.


A man at the Reclaim Australia rally in Hobart was arrested and charged with assault after his group clashed with the Fascist counter-rally supporting multiculturalism and rising slamization of Australia


Clare Fester, who organised the counter-rally in Sydney, said Reclaim Australia is racist and divisive.”It’s quite clearly an attack on Muslims and Muslim communities in this country,” she said. “It’s all about halal food, sharia law, banning the burka.


“[It’s] something I think that’s been encouraged by mainstream politicians as well, with Abbott attacking Muslim leaders and telling them they need to stamp out extremism that really doesn’t exist, certainly not in Australia.”

Reclaim Australia’s John Oliver said it was wrong to label the group racist.”We’re not against any particular race or any particular religion,” he said. “We’re against the extremists of one particular religion.



“I know in Sydney and Melbourne they’ve got Muslims already signed on to attend because they can see what’s happening and they don’t like what’s happening.”

Heavy rain in Sydney did not deter either group, with 500 Reclaim Australia supporters gathering in Martin Place and police having to remove opposition protesters after they stormed the group’s stage.


“We have an extreme ideology called Islam which is starting to gain a foothold in our societies,” a man known as “the great Australian patriot” told supporters.


Anti-racist rally organiser Mel Gregson said Reclaim Australia was spreading “conspiracy theories”, particularly by linking halal products with the Islamic State terrorist group. “It’s basically implicating good Muslim people in the political movements of a tiny minority,” she said.

Ms Gregson said that the coalition of community organisations, trade unions and left groups had chosen to hold their rally at Federation Square to directly oppose Reclaim Australia’s message.


“We’re not interested in holding our rally somewhere else and talking to people who already agree that racism is a bad thing — the vast majority of people in Australia agree with us on that,” she said. “What we’re trying to say is that this is dangerous to allow hate speech to allow to occur on the streets of Melbourne.”

One Nation’s Pauline Hanson addressed supporters in Brisbane, while opposition protesters booed and held signs saying “racists and bigots please go back to where you came from.” 


“My fellow Australians, we have people here today who stand against racism. Thank you for your support, so do I,” Ms Hanson said.”[The] media and some others have targeted this as a racist rally before any Australian has the opportunity to voice their concerns.

“For too long we have suffered trial by media and those with hidden agendas — let my fellow Australians judge me on what I say, but don’t deny me my right to have my say. “I’m not a racist — criticism is not racism. I am a proud Australian fighting for our democracy, culture, and way of life.


“This rally being held across our nation today was called out of sheer frustration from ordinary Australians who fear for the future of our nation and the mindset of our politicians who don’t appear to be listening.”


Danny Nalliah from the Rise Up Australia Party addressed the rally in Melbourne and said he was “not against Muslim people, but … opposed to the teachings of Islam”.


In Tasmania, the Reclaim Australia protesters were outnumbered by opposition groups, with 40 turning out to protest against halal products and Sharia law.They were met by about 100 people in a counter-rally calling for an end to racism and Islamophobia.


There were several heated exchanges between groups, including pushing and shoving during the protest, and one man was arrested. Likewise there was a heavy police presence in Adelaide as rival groups came face to face outside Parliament House in the city.


Hundreds of protesters rallied at Elder Park in the city, then marched to nearby Parliament House carrying banners against Islam. Some people were draped in Australian flags and some dressed as tubes of Vegemite.


Police cordoned off a rival group of supporters of multiculturalism, who protested against the Reclaim rally.

In Perth, children were among at least 300 people marching with Reclaim Australia, with some carrying banners reading “Women against Sharia law” and “Sorry Lindt Cafe”.


Protester John Bolton said his group was opposed to extremism but not Muslims in the wider community.

“What I’m not against is ordinary Australian people who happen to be Muslims who follow their faith, they don’t need anybody’s permission provided they comply with the Australian civil and criminal law and want to comply with our constitution,” he said.


GEERT WILDERS: “Mass Muslim immigration is one of the biggest mistakes ever made in history”

IN VIENNA: Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, joins Heinz-Christian Strache, his counterpart in the Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) for some bare naked truth-telling about the threat from Islamization which we never hear from American politicians.

Vlad Tepes

GREAT NEWS! Geert Wilders is coming to America at the invitation of Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Steve King (R-IA)


Geert Wilders  On Wednesday April 29th, he will speak at a reception offered to him by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R, TX). That same day, he speaks at the invitation of Congressman Steve King (R, IA) at the breakfast meeting of members of the US Congress belonging to the renowned Conservative Opportunity Society, a group founded in 1984 by Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Wilders: “I feel deeply honored by the invitations. In my speeches I will warn my American colleagues of the dangers of Islamization.”

After his visit to Washington, Geert Wilders travels to Garland, Texas, where on May 3rd he will give a speech and award a prize of $10,000 for the best Muhammad cartoon.