AUSTRALIA: Arson suspected in Queensland mosque fire

imagesAn arson investigation has been launched after a suspicious fire at a mosque in Toowoomba, in Queensland. Police say it appears someone lit a fire in a plastic bin after they forced entry to a wooden building next to the main Mosque building on West Street, just after 1pm on Saturday.


SBS  A gas stove was also deliberately turned on, but the leaking gas failed to ignite. Fire crews rushed to the property to find fumes pouring into the building, as well as minor fire damage. The incident is being treated as suspicious, police say.

The mosque – the Queensland city’s first – opened last year after years of fundraising by local Muslim groups. Islamic Society of Toowoomba founding president Professor Shahjahan Khan said it looked as though someone had tried to burn the mosque’s office door and leak gas into the main meeting hall.


Other patrons told him CCTV cameras mounted inside the building had been broken along with a number of windows. “It’s just out of expectations that this kind of attempt to burn places of worship can happen,” Prof Khan told AAP.

The incident had the hallmarks of a well-planned, serious attempt to burn the mosque down despite such an attack being out of character for such a peaceful city, he said.

“I hope that it’s going to unite the community more than anything else. (Oh, you can be sure it will)




Bet you thought something didn’t smell right about the “Muslim hero” who allegedly saved several Jews in a Kosher store during Muslim terrorist attack

Once again, the media fabricates a hero where there actually wasn’t one.


GalliaWatch (h/t The Opinionator) In the Kosher market stand-off in Paris,  where four hostages lost their lives on January 9,  Lassana Bathily, a young Muslim immigrant from Mali who worked in the market, was hailed as a hero for having helped a group of surviving hostages to find refuge in the refrigerated room downstairs.

It was said that he had led them down to the room, then turned off the lights and the cold, thus saving them from certain death at the hands of Ahmédy Coulibaly, who had already killed at least five people including a policewoman in Montrouge. 

0003S70A9GKISH3X-C116-F4In a post dated January 11, some people were questioning the near instantaneous designation of the man as a hero. Now an audio recording of a discussion on Radio Courtoisie, a radio station headed by Henry de Lesquen, describes how the media fabricated a hero, out of a desperate need to justify massive Muslim immigration and to show there are “good” Muslims. Lesquen here leads the conversation:


I would like to begin, since it’s a headline story, with what they call the “making of a hero” – Lassana Bathily. Bathily is the national hero – and now he’s a French citizen, after French politicians fell all over themselves to to quickly naturalize him after the massacre.


Lassana Bathiliy has one thing in common with the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, he’s Malian and Muslim. OK. I read the facts in the newspaper and I saw at once a discrepancy between the the label of “hero” attributed to him and what actually happened. Now, what happened? 

The market was attacked by the terrorist Coulibaly. Lassana was in the basement and he saw some customers rushing downstairs, desperately fleeing the terrorist. So he took refuge with them, in the cold room. He closed the door; naturally, he cut off the refrigeration so as not to die from the cold. After a few minutes he said that they could escape through the freight elevator.

He didn’t convince them, who feared the noise of the elevator would alert the terrorist.


So the others stayed in the cold room. He was the only one to get out, and in a few minutes he was gone from the scene. So, he had the presence of mind to cut off the refrigeration, he did the right thing, but I don’t see how that makes him a hero.

He’s considered a hero, the media everywhere says he’s a hero, but in fact he’s only an escapee, like the others, but I don’t see what he did that was heroic. We also see, in the media, that he was a practicing Muslim, familiar with the refrigeration room, since it was there that he said his daily prayers five times a day! I don’t see how he could say his daily prayers in zero degree temperature. Frankly, it’s nonsense.

So we obviously have the fabrication of a hero – who no doubt is worthy of some praise. But he was no different than the others who fled, except he knew how to hide himself. He performed no heroic deed, he did what he was able to do.


So we have a propaganda maneuver the goal of which is obvious – they want to say: “There are bad guys like Coulibaly, there are nice guys like Bathily, all Malians, all Muslims, and Bathily is a pure Muslim, so pure in fact that he prays inside a refrigerator… it’s ridiculous, farcical… Here we catch the media in the act of fabricating false pro-immigration values.


I think there is a profound reason for all of that. It’s that the government is trying at all costs to distinguish terrorist acts that they are obviously forced to combat, from an out of control Muslim immigration policy that they have encouraged for forty years, whoever was in power, left or right.


So they must separate the terrorist aspects from the immigration aspects, even though they are obviously connected, because if it were it not for this immigration there wouldn’t be terrorist attacks of this magnitude. We have a government that is a bit like a doctor. Imagine that you have an extremely serious illness, that appears in the form of skin eruptions like pimples. They tell you they will take care of the pimples, but the illness itself is not serious, it’s nothing at all.

The serious illness that we have is the presence of a community that does not share our values, that doesn’t like us and that doesn’t have the same destiny as we do. The pimples are the terrorist acts that appear from time to time and that are the tip of the iceberg. So we fight terrorism of course, and at the same time we keep alive the lie about massive Muslim immigration, about the heros that we manufacture.



Surely, there will be others – if only with regard to the Liberation, and all that has been built up around the Indigènes – it’s a joke. To hear them you would think that it was practically the immigrants that liberated us – a total historical lie.

First of all, the Army of Africa was composed to a great extent, of pieds noirs(i.e., Europeans living in North Africa, Algeria in particular). And then the bulk of the forces were the American Army. If there’s a boulevard Patton in Saint-Tropez, it’s not for nothing.

Note: Les Indigènes de la République is a revanchist movement of North Africans seeking revenge on France, through the revision of history and the distortion of the facts about the role of North Africans in WWII.  Les Indigènes is also a 2006 movie in which it is claimed that North Africans made up the bulk of the Army of Liberation.



FRANCE: Young Muslims whine that “secularism is driving them out of school, work, and French culture”

So, when it is it going to start driving Muslims out of France? Stop your incessant whining…just leave!

IB Times  The day after the terror attack at Charlie Hebdo, 18-year-old Maroi — who asked to be identified by only her first name — arrived at her public school in the 14th arrondissement to find a wall covered with huge copies of the magazine’s cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad.


A Muslim, she was offended but kept quiet, because now to be considered French, she said, you have to “be Charlie.” This has left Maroi and many other young French Muslims feeling like there’s no place for them in France and imagining a future where Muslims create their own separate space within the steadfastly secular nation.


After the attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices and at the Hyper Cacher kosher market that left 15 civilians and 2 police officers dead, President Barack Obama urged France to better “assimilate” French Muslims into the community. A 2012 polshowed that 68 percent of people in France blame a lack of integration on the “refusal” of immigrants to integrate into French society. That integration includes conforming to what is called here “Laïcité,” which translates roughly to “secularism,” the fundamental tenet that the French state and all of its institutions must be entirely free of any references to religion.


It’s an ironclad separation of church and state, and while it leaves religious belief entirely free in the private sphere, it legislates it out of the public space.

It also means that many young Muslims are being forced to choose between their religion and succeeding at work and school. Even some who don’t live in the banlieues, the immigrant (and largely Arab and Muslim) exurban ghettos, are contemplating moving there, finding it too difficult to go to school and work in the French secular system. That may only increase France’s high youth unemployment and school dropout rate.


“I feel like I have to take off who I am. So I have to come to school empty?” said Maroi. “When I wear my veil, I just feel so good.”

Maroi is used to not wearing her veil at school, since France passed a law in 2004 banning religious symbols from public schools. According to an Open Society Foundation study, a year later 20 out of 36 women polled started wearing a niqab, a veil that covers the entire face except the eyes. In 2011, the niqab was outlawed in public spaces.


Maroi changed schools last year because Lycée Emile Dubois, in the 14th arrodissement, offered a program that interested her. She said she felt pressured because of her religion as soon as she brought in her application. Thinking it wouldn’t be a problem since she was not yet a student, she wore her veil when she went to apply. She was told to remove it, and she did, but the principal then objected to her long skirt because of its length and color, black.

“I told him: I don’t understand your charter, I’ve always worn my skirt to school,” Maroi said she told the principal during a meeting at which her father was present. “Then he takes out his passport and says, ‘I’ve been to Afghanistan. I’ve been to Qatar. When my wife goes there, she has to wear a [head]scarf. So when you’re in the Republic of France, you respect the law.”


Maroi was born in France, and she has dual citizenship with Tunisia. It’s not this strict in every school, Maroi said. Her friends who go to schools in the Parisian banlieues are allowed to wear long skirts.

“If I have kids, there’s no way I will send them to public schools after what I endured there,” Maroi said. “I want them to dress the way they want.”


For young Muslims who do manage to graduate, that pressure doesn’t lighten when they enter the workforce. Last year, France’s youth unemployment rate was 26 percent, with higher percentages in the banlieues. In one especially poor banlieue, Sevran, north of Paris, the overall unemployment rate is 18 percent, but it’s more than double that — 40 percent — among the young.

“Muslims, and especially Muslim women, can be discriminated against in access to employment and at work simply because they wear specific forms of dress,” according to a 2012 Amnesty Internationareport. However, discrimination now transcends forms of dress in certain areas of Paris.

March against Islam

March against Islamofascism

“To find a job, you need to open up a business yourself. To get in with them, you need to act like them. I don’t want to do that,” said Sabrina, 28, who also did not want her last name published. A high school graduate, she has been looking for work for several years.

Sabrina’s brother works at a construction site that sells materials to workers. Whenever he gets to work with his beard “too long,” his boss sends him home to shave. Fed up with being constantly chastised for his facial hair, her brother is thinking about quitting his job. The beard, like the skirt, has become an unofficial religious symbol in France.

GENERATION IDENTITAIRE - an increasingly popular organization of young people protest against mosques in France

GENERATION IDENTITAIRE – an increasingly popular organization of young people protest against mosques in France

“If you walk on the street and you see a beard, they’ll immediately think Islam,” Maroi said. “If you have a Muslim name, you can get immediately overlooked. Even if you’re more qualified.”

Both Maroi and Sabrina asked this reporter if life was as difficult for Muslims their age in cities in the U.K or the US. Maroi said her sister heard from a friend that things are easier in the U.K. They both agree that New York would be more accommodating to their religious lifestyle, and Maroi said she might even like to move to London.


“I just want to be able to do what I like, while being who I am,” Sabrina said. She wanted to work with children, but realized she could never do so in France while wearing her veil. She hopes she’ll have better luck working with the elderly.

“They should accept us how we are,” Sabrina said. “Just because we have a little something on our heads, doesn’t mean we’re bad people. We don’t do anything wrong, we just want to work. We just want to study.”

Nobody wants to see France look like this in a few years

Nobody wants to see France turn into this in a few decades


FRANCE: 116 so-called Islamophobic “attacks” since the Charlie Hebdo massacre – mostly letters or graffiti


Oh, BOO HOO! The French National Observatory Against Islamophobia has recorded 116 anti-Muslim acts in France since the Paris attacks that targeted the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7th. Hardly retribution for the slaughter of 17 people.

Morocco World News  The Observatory has shown an increase of anti-Islam acts over the last twelve days after the attacks of Charlie Hebdo. In the twelve days after the attacks, there were almost as many anti-Muslim acts as there was in eight months in 2014.


The 116 Islamophobic acts include 28 actions against places of worship and 88 threats in letters or drawings on walls. Most of them say things such as  “Islam out of Europe”, “No Islam” and “France for the French.” (In many prior cases, Muslims have been found to have vandalized their own mosques to get sympathy from the community)

An imam of this mosque was arrested for vandalizing his own mosque with anti-Muslim graffiti

An imam of this mosque was arrested for vandalizing his own mosque with anti-Muslim graffiti

Abdallah Zekri, the president of the Observatory, said, “this is unacceptable”. He called upon “the government, beyond reassuring speeches, to take action to end this scourge,” he added.

NO mosques were we live

NO mosques were we live

In addition to the recorded anti-Muslim acts, Zekri said, “we forget what is happening on social networks.”

Muslims are animal assassins

Muslims are animal assassins

“There are calls for the assassination of the leaders of Islam in France and burning their mosque. It is a minority, but we should stop there, because we are creating a phobia and undermining the living together,” he added.

French for the French

France for the French

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls posted on Twitter reassuring Muslims in France. “Mosques have been adversely affected. I want to assure our Muslim compatriots of my support. Every French person must be protected.”

Islam = poop

Islam = poop


SEND THEM BACK! Muslim illegal aliens whine about how badly they are being treated in Calais, France

Or even better, take them into YOUR home, Human Rights Watch Muslim invader-enabler.

So-called asylum seekers/parasite wannabes living in destitution in the port city of Calais are alleging that they experience harassment and abuse at the hands of French police. The abuses described to Human Rights Watch include beatings and attacks with pepper spray as the illegal aliens walked in the street or hid in trucks in the hope of traveling to the United Kingdom.


“JE SUIS CHARLIE?” Not so much. 40% of French citizens say they are against freedom of speech

IRANIAN PRESS TV baghead is thrilled to report that opinion polls in France show four out of ten French citizens are against publishing cartoons of the paedophile prophet murderer Mohammed.


The survey, conducted by the IFOP agency, further indicates publishing cartoons that hurt the sentiments of  Muslims endangers social cohesion. Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the French are beginning to explore how to strike a balance between the freedom of speech and the freedom of religions.

(In other words, how to become sharia-compliant without telling anyone you are taking away their human rights and bowing down to the IslamoNazis) 


Somebody please tell FOX News to stop getting its information about Muslim NO-GO Zones in France from designated terrorist group CAIR

There is a mountain of evidence on the internet that confirm Muslim ‘NO GO ZONES’ known as Urbaines Sensibles (Sensitive Zones), where it is dangerous for non-Muslims (even police & firefighters) to go, are proliferating throughout France, as well as Europe.





MAP of major Muslim NO GO areas around France:









APTOPIX France Gaza Protest





















MASS MUSLIM IMMIGRATION of men who often have multiple wives who breed like rabbits is behind the rapidly growing danger of Islam in Europe

The Islamic motivated terror attacks in France last week have exacerbated anti-Muslim hatred across Europe, with a record 40,000 people joining the weekly anti-Islamization protests in Germany last week.

Time  But even as polls show anti-Islam sentiment spreading like wildfire, Islam is the fastest growing violent cult posing as a religion in Europe. At least 5 million Muslims live in France, the largest Muslim population in Europe, and some 4 million live in Germany.



HEY FRANCE, so, where is all your ‘Je Suis Charlie’ solidarity now?

French play about the Islamic punishment of stoning people to death, especially women, has been cancelled for fear of provoking violence against the actors and producers by those ‘Religion of Peace’ followers.


BCF (h/t Susan K)  Following the recent massacre of 12 Charlie Hebdo staffers by Muslim terrorists in Paris, Claude Telliez of Black Eagle Productions says, “We must show that we are so afraid, we will not risk offending Muslims by criticizing Islamic savagery and barbarism. Even the poster (above) can be seen as a provocation. ” 

Still, the discontent is palpable among the actors, but not only them. “People in the street are afraid. Everyone proclaims loudly “I am Charlie,” but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they fold like a cheap suit,”  says the actress Nathalie Pfeiffer, from of Bourg-en-Lavaux.

Where is Charlie? Charlie took a bullet in the head courtesy the Religion of Peace. The ‘Je Suis Charlie’ march by the alleged leaders of the free world was nothing more than an obscene dog and pony show.

TRANSLATION: "Where is Charie, now?"

TRANSLATION: “Where is Charie, now?”


As Germany tries to stop its rapidly growing anti-Islamization PEGIDA rallies, new PEGIDA movements are spreading throughout Europe


The PEGIDA anti-Islamization movement has announced a plan for a demonstration in SWITZERLAND on Feb. 16, 2015.

Resistance Republicaine (translation)  Already a presence on social networks for some time, the Swiss version of the German anti-Islam movement has gone from virtual to real. An association was created on Friday in Zurich, reports SonntagsZeitung. The first event will take place on February 16 at a location to be determined, according to its organizers who remain anonymous.


PEGIDA Switzerland? According to the statutes circulating on the Internet, its goals are primarily identity. This is to “fight against radicalism, it is political or religious” to “resist against the violent and misogynist ideologies but not against integrated Muslims living here.” The association also wants to “implement the SVP initiative against mass immigration”, “protect our Judeo-Christian culture”, “burka ban” or “refuse imams schools.”

Controversial in Germany, PEGIDA Switzerland, already has the support of the National Councillor Walter Wobmann (UDC / SO), member of the Committee Egerkingen who launched the initiative against minarets, or the President of the Young SVP. The identity and number of members of the new association, however, has not been made public as yet.

PEGIDA SPAIN has also been born. No date yet announced  for its first demonstration but will let you know when there is one.

Here’s a listed Facebook page: PEGIDA ESPANA



EU condemns Spain’s aggressive new anti-Muslim illegal alien law

lunapic_131552736558493_1This is a BAD thing, because why? Kudos to Spain for trying to stop the raging, out-of-control flood of illegal alien Muslim criminals, rapists, and welfare parasites. But seriously, Spain, considering your history, shouldn’t you have known better than to let any Muslims into your country again?

BCF (h/t Susan K)  A top European (Muslim) rights official warned Spain on Friday that it risked destroying its asylum system if it passed a law authorizing police to immediately deport migrants from its north African territories. (That’s the idea, Skippy!) 

Spain says the measure is desperately needed to help its border guards secure the border of Ceuta and Melilla –  two Spanish cities fenced off from Morocco, but being invaded by hundreds of Moroccan Muslim fence jumpers everyday. 


Even worse, residents of those towns are suffering the adverse affects of hordes of Muslim illegals running wildly in the streets, stealing, vandalizing, and raping their women.

Its police have been accused of breaking international rights conventions by beating African migrants who climb the fences into the territories and deporting them on the spot without asylum procedures — so-called “pushbacks”.


The human rights commissioner of the 47-nation Council of Europe, Nils Muiznieks, said after meeting officials in Melilla and Madrid that the plan to legalize such deportations was “in clear breach of human rights law”.

Give me you tired, your poor, your Muslim thugs looking to rape, steal, and suck the government welfare teat

Give me you tired, your poor, your Muslim thugs looking to rape, pillage, and suck the government welfare teat

“In many countries I have seen pushbacks, but nowhere are they legal or legalized,” he told a news conference in Madrid.

“It would be a very bad precedent if such practices were enshrined in law because that would mean the beginning of the end for the asylum system.” 

















FRENCH NAZIS ban a march against Islamization by French patriots but allow one against ‘Islamophobia’ by Muslims and the fascist left wing

fileWhy not just allow the Muslim terrorists to cut the throats of every French government official and get it over with? Because that’s what the French people can look forward to, thanks to the out-of-control massive Muslim immigration ordered by the paid shills of the EU.

The rally against the “Islamisation of Europe” at the initiative of Riposte Lay and Republicane Resistance (together with the JDL Kop of Boulogne and members of PEDIGA Germany) was banned by the Prefecture Police Paris. The rally to protest against Islamophobia was authorized, bringing together various leftist and Islamic groups and associations in the Fountain of the Innocents in Paris.

h/t Christian M

And some photos:










Anti-Islamization PEGIDA weekly rally in Dresden cancelled because of death threats to organizers

Personally, I think the threats were initiated by Chancellor Angela Merkel who is opposed to German citizens protesting against Muslim immigration.

wave-of-islamisation-sweeping-western-europe-benjamin-netanyahu-says triggered a potential new row with Europe on Sunday by claiming that “a wave of Islamization” was sweeping the continent as police in Germany banned an anti-Muslim group from holding a mass rally amid a reported jihadist death threat against its leader.


DUTCH DHIMMIS humiliate teacher by forcing him to apologize to every Muslim student in the school for putting up a Charlie Hebdo poster

The Administration of the Dutch high-school “Kennemer College” in Heemskerk has banned a Charlie Hebdo poster of a Muslim man kissing a cartoonist that was put on the wall by one of its teachers. This was done after Muslim students complained about the poster.


10 News  “They responded very emotionally to the poster and considered it offensive to Muslims. We are talking about children aged between 12 and 15 years old, who are attending vocational training and don’t understand the French text (l’amour plus fort que la haine – love is stronger than hate). But not all parents are pleased with the measures taken by the school’s management and have complained to the school.

“After what happened in Paris, this is the world turned upside down. A teacher has to go to all classrooms to apologize because students of Moroccan and Turkish descent complain about a magazine that has always put the freedom of speech center stage”, some mothers point out.

School principal Lemstra however, thinks that the decision to remove the poster was the right thing to do.“The school board has sent the following letter of apology to all parents:

‘Dear Parents,

To our regret a teacher today put a poster on the wall that was offensive and does not match with our school’s policy. After a number of Muslim students complained about the poster, the school’s management immediately intervened and removed the poster. The teacher that put the poster up has been reprimanded.

In addition, our team leader went to all classrooms to make clear that a grave mistake has been made by the teacher and that the school board wishes to apologizes to everybody. The teacher expressed his deep regret and said that he did not intend to hurt anybody. All he wanted was to demonstrate his solidarity with victims of the Paris attacks.

Kind regards,
Marleen Lemstra
School Principal Kennemer College”