DANISH Army veteran threatened with beheading by Muslims in the streets of Copenhagen

A spokesman for Danish vets as well as a decorated veteran himself, former member of the Royal Danish Army, Benjamin Olsen Yeh, was threatened on the streets of Copenhagen with having his throat cut by two Middle Eastern men, ostensibly for his “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker.

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

Examiner  The recipient of the bronze degree of the Nordic Blue Berets Medal of Honour, it was reported in the Danish language media that as Yeh was driving to pick up his daughter, the two men drove up next to him and started yelling and screaming “Not done yet,” the unidentified individuals athreatened the former soldier, and said  “I’ll find you. Just wait until I find you.”

Apparently incensed with his patriotic patch adorning the rear window, the Muslim duo took it up a notch be threatening to murder Yeh as well as his friends. One of them yelled, “Why don’t you remove the sticker? I swear I’ll cut your throat and your friends’!” Then they spat on Yeh’s car.

Denmark is home to approximately 270,000 Muslims, who compromise 4.8 percent of the citizenry out of a population of 5.6 million.

Muslims in Denmark  burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans

Muslims in Denmark burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans


MADE IN FRANCE: A ‘halal’ test to check for pork content in food

How about a ‘halal’ test to check how much pain and suffering animals experience when being slaughtered by Muslims? Or how about a ‘jihad’ test to check for terrorist content in Muslims?


The Local  A French company has developed a so-called “Halal test” which will allow Muslim consumers to detect, within a matter minutes, the presence of pork or alcohol in food.

Priced at €6,90 each or €125 for a packet of 25, a device, simply called “Halal test”, is designed for use by Muslims who, under the dietary requirements of their religion are forbidden from consuming pork and alcohol, Le Nouvel Observateur reported.


In a similar style to a pregnancy test, the device consists of a strip which the consumer must put into a glass of warm water containing a sample of food. After a few minutes, the test will then show one of two options: either a single bar for a negative test or two bars for a positive one, which means there is alcohol or pork present.

The test was created by the company Capital Biotech, founded by Franco-Algerian duo Abderrahmane Chaoui, a graduate in business and entrepreneur Jean-François Julien. While no test currently exists which allows Muslims to verify if food really is Halal – i.e. it contains meat from an animal slaughtered according to Islamic ritual, Chaoui, 25, says the test is important to confirm “the absence of food products forbidden by the Koran”.


The tests will be especially helpful to Muslims when buying unlabelled food, the Algerian born Chaoui said. “While travelling, if you go to a restaurant or order a meal to takeaway, the products aren’t always labelled,” he said.

The entrepreneurs are tapping into a potentially lucrative market. With France home to around six millions Muslims, the market for Halal food is estimated to be worth €5.5 billion a year.

Nevertheless, the business partners are optimistic that they will be able to one day create a test that will be able to determine how an animal was slaughtered based on the oxygenation of the blood. Although Halal is a term normally applied to raw meat products, it can also refer to cooked meals, drinks, sweets and even cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Food falsely labelled as Halal has been at the centre of some scandals in France in recent years. (A MUCH bigger problem is barbarically-slaughtered halal food NOT being labeled as ‘halal’ and pork products being eliminated in schools and restaurants that serve non-Muslim clientele) 

halal-8 muslims-force-subway-chain-to-remove-pork-in-over-200-stores-sharia-law

In January 2011 poultry sausages labelled as Halal from the company Knacki Herta were removed from supermarket shelves after tests revealed the presence of pork.

In deed the issue of Halal food has long been a contentious issue in France, with far right politicians repeatedly calling for public canteens not to serve Halal food and some conservative figures following suit.


Before the 2012 presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy, under pressure not to lose voters to the far-right National Front party jumped on the issue of Halal, saying that there should not be “alternative” meat options in school canteens.

In March 2013, The Local reported how Muslim parents in the south-western town of Arveyres were outraged when their children’s school announced that the canteen would no longer be serving a substitute for pork. More recently in July this year, a controversial ruling that ordered a French prison to serve up halal meals to inmates was overturned by a court in Lyon.



ITALY: Massive anti-Muslim illegal alien rally

It is NOT an anti-immigration rally, it is a protest against Muslim illegal alien immigration forced on Italy by the EU. Time to stop all Muslim immigration. Time to get out of the EU which is destroying Western civilization by flooding EU countries with Muslim legal and illegal invaders.

RT  (h/t Maria J) Thousands of people took to the streets of Milan on Saturday as anti-Muslim immigration demonstrators from the right-wing Lega Nord party were confronted by an anti-racism rally. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Crowds of Lega Nord (Northern League) supporters joined the party leaders, carrying “Stop Invasion” banners. The protest was aimed against illegal Muslim immigration and the Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) operation – a special search and rescue program launched in Italy last year to save Muslim invaders lost at sea.


PARIS: Muslim woman thrown out of opera house after she refused to take the bag off her head

Even France’s ‘Socialist’ government today thinks it necessary to toughen up its anti Muslim face-covering law after a veiled Muslim woman was ejected from a major Paris opera house.


UK Daily Mail (h/t David Y)  In an incident which has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community, cast members performing La Traviata ‘objected strongly’ to the presence of a woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil. A singer spotted her in the front row during the second act,’ said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, director of the Bastille Opera, which was opened by Socialist president Francois Mitterand in 1989.

‘Some performers said they didn’t want to sing,’ said Mr Thiellay, who confirmed that she was kicked out. There has been a ban on Muslims covering their face in public in France since the introduction of a law in 2011.

Muslim women living in state-funded housing estates on the outskirts of major cities like Paris are regularly criminalized with a fine, but this is the first incident of someone being ejected from an artistic venue.  So far unnamed, she is believed to be a well-off woman from a Gulf State, and was attending the performance with a friend. 

Muslim woman shows media the fine she was forced to pay for looking/acting like a freak

Muslim woman shows media the fine she was forced to pay for looking/acting like a freak

Referring to a security guard, Mr Thiellay said: ‘He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the auditorium. ‘The man asked the woman to get up, they left. It was unpleasant getting her to leave. ‘But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,’

But other leftist opera lovers in a city historically renowned for its tolerance were less impressed. ‘What possible harm could a woman sitting quietly in the audience with face covered do to anyone?’ said Guy Laurent, a regular at the Bastille Opera. (Can everyone say bomb? It wouldn’t be the first time a suicide bomber disguised himself in a burqa)


‘The woman would clearly have felt utterly humiliated by what happened – French culture should be more tolerant. (Too bad, Muslim women have no business being in France in the first place)

The incident happened on October 3, but it is only now that it is becoming a national polemic. Technically the woman now faces a fine of just over £180, although there is not thought to have been any police involvement.

The woman and her friend were not refunded any of their ticket price.


Oh, Lookie! Australia has its own version of the anti-war Code Pinko twats against ‘Islamophobia’

The sign says “Islamophobia is not feminism.” So I guess female genital mutilation, forced child marriage and burqas are? Somebody send this clueless socialist, Kamal Emanuel, to Syria where she can become a sex slave for ISIS. But she’s probably too ugly even for that.

Here we have more bleeding heart leftists condemning the Abbott government for not allowing illegal alien Muslim boat people invaders into Australia.



Former Swedish MP slams Sweden’s new Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, saying that the Muslim politician has a hidden radical Islamist agenda.

flagswedenislam-viDon’t they all? Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul went on the attack against Muslim Mehmet Kaplan from the Green Party. Her piece in the Dagens Industri newspaper was prompted by a statement Kaplan made to the Turkish media, in which he claimed that the reason young Muslims are joining the terror group ISIS is because of widespread ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe.

The Local Kaplan, who is Sweden’s new Housing Minister, argued that the government should give more money to Europe’s mosques in an effort to tackle the recruitment.

Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP

Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP

“It’s unforgivably naive to think that giving money to these kinds of [Muslim] organizations and mosques will work against segregation and will reach out to these youths who are being radicalized,” she wrote. “It’s exactly this kind of naivety that people like Mehmet Kaplan are counting on, and it’s time for everyone who wants to oppose the radicalization to realize the damage Mehmet Kaplan and others like him can accomplish.”

Nalin Pekgul

Nalin Pekgul

Pekgul also states: “The appointment of Mehmet Kaplan as a minister is surprising and appalling.” She adds: “For fear of being labelled as an Islamophobe, no one dares question Mehmet Kaplan and his hidden agenda. This is nothing short of a betrayal of the people who are primarily affected by Muslim intolerance and oppression.”

Kaplan previously hit the headlines after he compared Swedish jihadists in Syria to Swedish freedom fighters in Finland during World War Two.  He later apologized and said his comments had been misinterpreted. But in today’s article, Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul wrote: “I’m convinced that he said exactly what he meant to say.” 


Kaplan, a 43-year-old born in Turkey, is a former spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden. He has been a member of the Green Party since 2003. Similarly, Mehmet Kaplan says that he supports equality between the genders, but there are few secular muslims who’d believe that he wasn’t an Islamist or Islamic fascist.”

The word Islamist is a controversial one and some media outlets have been criticized for using it as a synonym for Islamic fighters or extremists. The term broadly refers to those who want a country’s government and society to operate in accordance with Islamic laws, which do not promote egalitarianism or tolerance.

In her article, she also wrote that with Kaplan in government, Sweden’s Green Party heads Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson “have sent a clear signal to Sweden’s Muslims that the Islamists now have the support of the Swedish establishment.”



HEY, FREE FOOD! Pig’s head delivered to largest mosque in Greece

Unidentified patriots left a severed swine head at the entrance of the ‘Greek – Arabic Education and Culture Center’ in Athens and painted a cross in front of the mosque section of the building along with statements allegedly insulting to Islam.

pig-head_athens_mosque En.Cihan  Correspondingly to Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIL)’s brutal and terrorist activities in the Middle East, Islamophobia started to rise again across western countries. Another baseness attack carried out against the sacred of Muslims in Athens on Friday morning.

Coming to the mosque to perform morning prayers at early hours, Greek Muslims witnessed an ugly scene – swine head and nauseous swearing insulting Islam written in front of the mosque and Islamic culture center building.

Athens-Arab-Hellenic-Centre-vandalism-2 Upon the notice, Greek police visited the scene with the crime scene investigation team. As the police completed its works, municipality workers removed the swine head and cleaned the ugly writings.

Speaking to Cihan reporter, Greek Muslim Union Head Naim Elghandour stated that this desecration and attack deeply hurt Muslim community. He also expressed his concerns about possible physical attacks against Muslims and called authorities to take necessary precautions.



Muslim supremacist sues Canadian government for not allowing her to wear a full-face covering headbag in citizenship ceremony

11A Mississauga woman has taken the federal government to court over a policy that forbids wearing the face-covering veil while taking the oath of citizenship, arguing the ban breaches her Charter rights and fails to accommodate her religious beliefs and dress code.


The Star  Banning the niqab from citizenship ceremonies is the result of former immigration minister Jason Kenney imposing his own ideology of “Canadian values” on the process, Zunera Ishaq’s lawyer, Naseem Mithoowani, told federal court Justice Keith Boswell at a hearing in Toronto on Thursday.

“The true motivation of the policy is to compel Muslim women to abandon, albeit briefly, their religious adherence,” Mithoowani said. “The failure to remove the veil is at the heart of this policy, more than being seen taking the oath . . . This is about Kenney deciding that niqab does not fit into the mode of Canadian citizens.” (It doesn’t!)

It’s the first such challenge against the niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies; if successful, it could strike down the policy. The government lawyer arguing the case said becoming a citizen is a privilege, not a right, and pointed out that Ishaq had removed her veil to get a driver’s license.

In December 2011, Kenney brought in the ban in an operational manual — rather than new legislation — in a series of measurements meant to strengthen the integrity of Canadian citizenship that also included raising the pass mark for the citizenship test and stricter residency and language requirements.

“(The) cultural tradition. . . reflects a certain view about women that we don’t accept in Canada,” Kenney, now Canada’s employment minister, said then. “We want women to be full and equal members of Canadian society, and certainly when they’re taking the citizenship oath, that’s the right place to start.”


Ishaq, who was not in court, said it has become part of her identity. In 2008, she was sponsored to Canada from Pakistan by her husband. She put her citizenship ceremony on hold in January as a result of the ban. (Hopefully Canada will put her on the next flight back to Crapistan)

“This policy was dictated by the immigration minister (Kenney) that there had to be a change, and there’s no willingness to provide any accommodation,” said Waldman.

Everyone attending a citizenship ceremony must show their face and be identified by immigration officials. While in the past these women were allowed to take the oath with face covered, Waldman said, they now must remove the scarves in public during the two minutes of oath-taking before a citizenship judge.


SWEDES being asked to welcome 100,000 more Muslim parasites, rapists, and criminals

Already suffering the devastating effects caused by massive Muslim immigration, resulting in soaring crime and welfare dependency, not to mention one of the highest rape rates (by Muslims) in the Western world, Swedes are now being asked to open their hearts to 100,000 more Muslim asylum seekers.

Ban Koran

If you haven’t already figured out why these policies are absolutely suicidal for Sweden, watch this:


Oh, BOO HOO! Toronto council ‘Muslim Baghead’ candidate’s election sign vandalized with ‘Go Back Home’

On Friday night, Ward 2 city council candidate Munira Abukar got a phone call from a supporter saying that some of her campaign signs had been kicked over and it looked like they had been vandalized.


The Star  The signs were found on the corner of Martin Grove and Dixon Rds. in Etobicoke. “We figured it was just general mischief,” she told the Star. “And then we turned over this one sign and saw an intentional and very hateful message.” The message read “go back home,” and Abukar’s face had been scribbled out in red marker. Someone had crossed off her name and written “b—-”

At about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Abukar reported the incident to the police.

Abukar said she was “disappointed and shocked” when she first read the message, but it was her parent’s reaction that upset her the most. Her mother is a refugee and her father an immigrant, and both experienced racism when they first arrived in Canada. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

“To see the heartbreak on your parent’s face … It’s hard to want to protect your child and not be able to.” Abukar isn’t very concerned about finding the person responsible for the hateful messages. Instead, she wants to create an opportunity for the city to discuss racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam, bitch?)

“I think we need to understand that there is an underlying racism in our city, and there are people who believe that just because you look different that you aren’t from Toronto.” (Unless you can prove that Islam is a race, you shouldn’t even be running for dogcatcher, let alone city council. Take the damn bag off your head, you freak)



AUSTRALIAN BAGHEAD whines: “Nobody sits next to me anymore”

Gee, I wonder why? NOT. Muslim women in Australia have reported an increase in discrimination and abuse in the wake of counter-terrorism raids in major Australian cities and the raising of the national terror alert to “high.”


Women who wear traditional Islamic headscarfs have been the targets of numerous hate attacks. Fears of Islamic extremism have led to debate about Islamic full-body veils, such as burkas, with Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and Palmer United Senator Jacqui Lambie among those calling for bans, and new rules at Parliament House prohibiting the clothing from certain areas.

The ABC spoke to five Muslim women on the streets of Sydney about what they choose to wear and their experiences in the current political and social climate. 

Manaya Chaouk, 27, social worker and mother, Guildford


“What happened to freedom of expression? Freedom of religion? We’re already a target. Now the Prime Minister is helping the bigots and bogans take their anger out on us. He’s trying to instill fear in people. (Nope, you muslims do a very good job of terrorizing people all on your own) People look [at] me the wrong way. They say silly things. I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of stories. For any woman to be attacked, that’s not right. There’s still a lot of racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) Now the bigots have come out of hiding. I’m afraid now, I’m looking over my shoulder whenever I leave my local area. That’s wrong. I shouldn’t feel like that. No-one should feel like that.” (You’re right, and I hear there are planes leaving Australia for muslim-friendly countries every single day of the week)

Randa Jada, 32, accountant and mother, Granville


“I was born here. (Then you should dress like it) Now that all this is happening, I’ve been getting a lot of dirty looks. I find it very concerning. They’re ignorant. (No, they are finally getting educated about the threat you muslims pose to Australians) What’s their reason to hate us? (See above) No-one sits next to me anymore, people move their kids away from my kids, people don’t communicate as much. It’s sad.” (Hardly. We’ve all heard about what muslims do with little children. Do you want a list?)

Name Withheld, 33, mother and former secretary, Auburn


“I wear [the niqab] because I love it. I do this to please Allah [God]. It’s my choice. I’ve been wearing it for one and a half years now. The Prime Minister has to be very careful what he says.  (That sounds like a threat to Tony Abbott. I’m reporting you) It’s very divisive. It’s all fear-mongering. He’s ruining any chance of bringing the Muslim community and wider community together. (He’s trying to decrease the muslim community or can’t see that? Remember the boats?) Why do we get prosecuted for wearing this? We’re productive citizens of Australia. (Only if you consider sucking the government welfare teat to be ‘productive’)  For any woman who is attacked, it’s disgusting. Veil or no veil. Muslim or non-Muslim.” (“Attack” is relative. Verbal attacks by Aussies? Or Islamic beheadings by muslims? Let’s take a vote)

Maryam Ali, 56, grandmother of eight, Berala


“Everybody has got a choice. It shouldn’t be a problem what others choose to wear. I have been discriminated [against] because of my head covering. Australian culture is accepting. Let’s respect that.” (Even ‘tolerant’ Aussies can be pushed to their limit. You have exceeded that)

Hayfa Bakour, 17, student, Greenacre


[The reported targeting of Muslim women] is a bit scary. It actually makes me more scared to walk around. (I hear you can walk around Saudi Arabia with your whole face covered, but never alone) Nothing has happened to me directly. (So why are you scared?) Now my mum always says make sure you’re never alone, always leave the library with someone, with one of my girlfriends (Just like Saudi Arabia). When I was younger I thought I was lucky to live in Australia. But now hearing all these terrible stories of woman being abused is really confronting. (Definitely go to Saudi Arabia where women are never abused)


SOMALIA to NORWAY: “You take them. No, you take them…”

“No, YOU take them!” Somalia refuses to take back Somali Muslims who have been deported from Norway.muslimmencanrape

Horseed Media via RRW (h/t Susan K)  Somalia’s government has refused to receive a number of Somali refugees who were deported back from Europe, an official has confirmed. Abdullahi Gafow, Director of Immigration and Citizenship, said that six Somali nationals were ‘’illegally’’ deported back from Norway and they were denied an entry.

‘’We won’t receive any refugees who are forced or illegally deported. We have already sent them back’’ ‘’ The Norwegian government informed us that they will deport them back by force, but we also told them that we won’t accept,’’ he claimed.

Earlier this year, Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland also refused to receive Somali nationals from the Norwegian government.

Human rights and advocacy groups have voiced their concerns on deportation of Somalis seeking for asylum, saying that it represents a clear violation of international refugee conventions.

Across Europe, tens of thousands of Somalis are in legal limbo, waiting to have asylum claims processed, or under threat of return to the war-torn nation t if their applications have been rejected.

Millions of Somalis fled the country after the Central government led by former President Siyad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Most went to neighbouring African countries but large numbers sought sanctuary in Europe and America.


























Leftist UK GUARDIAN claims Muslim women become Islamic terrorists because of burqa bans as in France

No surprise, the author of this crap piece, , is a Muslim. “The general perception of young Muslims is that the majority of the French do not like them and would rather they moved elsewhere.’” (Gee, why ever would they think that?)


The Guardian  “When Muslim schoolgirls dream of jihad, society has a problem. Just look at France. Don’t underestimate the role of the burqa ban in turning teenagers into would-be terrorists.”

Teenage angst can cause all kinds of unfortunate behaviour, but when schoolgirls tell their parents they want to join the fight in Syria and Iraq, then society has a serious problem. Alarmingly, this is increasingly happening in France, as young Muslims express their desire for jihad. Worse still, an estimated 100-150 young women and girls have actually joined groups such as the self-styled Islamic State (Isis), travelling to a war zone to devote their lives to setting up a highly militarised caliphate and, if necessary, dying for the cause.

first girls expelled over head scarf

The situation has been replicated in Britain, but in smaller numbers, and women tend to be far less hateful of the country where they were often born and raised. There are no verified figures on either side of the Channel, but anecdotal evidence suggests that, in France, alienation from society is a far greater incentive to join a conflict than it is in Britain.

Thus, in June, a 14-year-old girl known as Sarah disappeared from her home in a Parisian suburb for Syria. She texted her parents, telling them to search her bedroom where, under the mattress, they found a pained letter saying she was “heading for a country where they do not prevent you from following your religion”.


Rather than a fanatical interpretation of Islamic teaching, or anger at western attacks on countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, Sarah’s motivations were based on what she regards as homegrown discrimination. This is markedly different from British jihadis, who tend to position themselves in a worldwide struggle against aggressive interference in the Muslim world.

Numerous other girls in France regularly fill social media sites with reasons why they would consider fleeing abroad. Two, aged 15 and 17, are under judicial supervision after apparently corresponding with Sarah with a view to joining her in Syria, where they would almost certainly take husbands among the French combatants already there, as well as being trained in the use of weaponry. All of the would-be women militants rally against France’s distrust of Islam, which has manifested itself in a range of discriminatory legislation.

If you are against the veil you are against Islam

If you are against the veil you are against Islam

This prejudice is exemplified by the burqa ban. Introduced in 2011 as a way of stopping a small minority of women from covering their faces in public, it provoked a vindictive debate about the place of Muslims in French society. Vengeful attacks on Muslim women became commonplace, ranging from assaults by rightwing vigilantes to people ripping veils off women’s faces as part of their “public duty”.

Politicians of both left and right have since supported a variety of measures aimed at curbing expressions of faith among about 5 million Muslims living in France. These include bans on praying in the street – a practice French Muslims are forced into because of the lack of mosques – and controls on the supply of halal meat.

Ban On Street Prayers Comes Into Effect Across France

Last year, a 15-year-old Muslim girl was expelled from school for wearing a wide headband and long skirt combination that was considered “too religious”. All conspicuous signs of religious affiliation, including Islamic headscarves, were banned from French state schools in 2004. This was in line with the secular nature of the French republic.

The National Front, a party enjoying massive electoral success, uses all these cases to campaign for an end to what it views as the Islamification of French society. As in the social media messages left by the Syria-bound girls, young Muslims speak about being abused in the street, or worse. Their general perception is that the majority of the French do not like them and would rather they moved elsewhere.


Since the laws banning headscarves and niqabs were introduced, Muslims have regularly been accused of trying to get around increasingly restrictive legislation. Many believed that the French president, François Hollande, nominally a liberal socialist, would display a more relaxed attitude to how Muslims choose to dress, but his administration is one of the most reactionary in recent history. It was Hollande who last year called for the rules in nurseries against Islamic headscarves to be toughened up and he is an enthusiastic backer of the burqa ban too.

Choice of clothing might rightly be regarded as inconsequential in the context of a terrorist movement carrying out atrocities against its western enemies but, as the French case shows, the influence of repressive and discriminatory legislation on vulnerable young minds should not be ruled out.

Two French women mock the burqa in the streets of Paris

Two French women mock the burqa in the streets of Paris