NORWAY: Municipality submits to Islamic supremacism, will allow Muslim Call to Prayer to be blasted

norwayummaThe mosque in Sandnessjøen begins its Friday prayers with an outdoor call to prayer which can be heard in the vicinity of the mosque. If that isn’t bad enough, a huge amplifier now will be installed outside the the mosque to ensure that the highly offensive and loud Islamic call to prayer can be heard throughout the entire mainly Christian neighborhood.

Speisa  (h/t Shawn A)  The municipality has given the permission for this to become a weekly event (soon to become a multiple time daily one) in the town center, which has created angry reactions among non-muslim people in the municipality. “We are not in Mecca, and they need to see the difference between Mecca and Sandnessjøen,” says Stein Bjorn Mentzoni.

“It is completely outrageous. It belongs abroad, where they come from. I do not think it belongs here, but they do as they please,” says Elin Jørgensen.

Muslim demonstrators gather at University Square in Oslo to protest against drawings of Muhammad, calling for Norway’s 9/11

Muslim demonstrators gather at University Square in Oslo to protest against drawings of Muhammad, calling for Norway’s 9/11

Spokesperson for the Muslim Association Masjid in Sandnessjøen, convert Tanja Bryn Lund, is looking forward to implementing the outdoors call to prayer, and compares it to church bells. “What is new is that we take the call to prayer outside. It is part of the Muslim worship in the same way that church bells are part of the Christian worship,” says Bryn Lund.


The Association will start this during Ramadan and will consider continuing with outdoors call to prayer every Friday. Tanja Bryn Lund understands that people are skeptical. “There is much negative focus on Islam in the media, and the turmoil in the world perhaps makes people skeptical.”


The dhimmi mayor of the municipality, Bård Anders Lango (Labour), believes the criticism is due to ignorance. He welcomes the intrusion by Muslim supremacists on the citizens of Norway. “I think it’s about that this is something we have not had in the municipality before and people think that they do not want this.”

This is what the eardrum-shattering, mind-numbingly loud Islamic Call to Prayer sounds like in Hamburg, Germany where it is blasted all over the city on a “daily” basis:

NORWAY has a rape epidemic, the result of Muslim immigration:

Virtually all rapes in Oslo, Norway are committed by Muslim immigrants:

NORWAY is dying from massive Muslim immigration:


FASCIST SWEDEN: Much-maligned anti-Islam critic, artist Dan Park, is being persecuted by the government

Because of a banner Park unfurled at a recent PEGIDA demonstration that read: ‘Islam = Fascism,’ he has been interrogated several times by the police and faces additional ‘hate-crime’ charges…not the Muslims who are the ones actually destroying Sweden.

His controversial anti-Islam artwork has put him in jail several times already and the fascist government of Sweden now plans to destroy 7 pieces of his artwork. Notice the yellow Star of David on his jacket.

h/t Vlad Tepes


FRENCH MAYOR still under fire for advocating a total ban on Islam and deportation of Muslims

This was before today’s RAMADAN JIHAD –  the latest Muslim terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, not to mention Syria and Somalia. Will all the leftist apologists for Islam change their opinion now? Not a chance, they need to feel more pain…a lot more pain!

French police arrest wife of one of the terrorists

French police arrest woman who could be the wife of one of the terrorists

Sputnik News  Robert Chardon, the mayor of a small town in southeastern France, has gained media infamy and the ire of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement party after tweeting that France must ban the Islamic faith and send Muslims back where they came from. 

Chadron, the mayor of Venelles, a town with 8,000 residents, gained media attention for an offensive tweet he made earlier this week, where he stated “We Must ban the Muslim faith in France.”


Chardon’s anti-Islam message was heavily criticized by twitter users, who soon turned the comments to his tweets into a flame war. One user sarcastically proposed “to ban idiocy in France,” while another noted that “In France, everyone is free to choose whether or not to believe in God, and that’s just fine!”, a third saying that he was “glad not to live in your **** town!”

Chardon went on to raise further controversy, telling Le Monde later in the week that Muslims should practice their religion “in their country of origin” and proposing that France create the equivalent of a Marshall Plan and send Muslims back to the Maghreb.


Making clear that his hate was directed at Muslims, rather than against immigrants in general, Chardon noted that France should welcome more of its Christian ‘brothers’ from the Middle East, and proposing that France discard its 1905 secularism laws and “promote the practice of the Christian faith.”

Arguing that his idea came to him as an epiphany when he took sick leave to be treated for mouth cancer, Chardon is convinced that kicking Muslims out of France and banning the religion is “the only solution for most of France’s problems.”


Several UMP leaders have already called Chardon’s comments “inexcusable,” with the party saying it now plans to kick him out. The mayor could also soon be held liable for his remarks under France’s hate speech laws.

France has long faced problems of xenophobia and “racism” (What ‘race’ is Islam) toward its Muslim population, now estimated to comprise five million people. Anti-Muslim sentiment has been exacerbated over the past months following a series of deadly terror attacks by radical Islamists, most notably in Paris this past January.

The solution? French leftists and socialists think France needs fewer churches and more mosques!


Sputnik News  In a move that is nothing less than pure insanity, the public outcry against the unchecked growth of France’s Muslim population has prompted the country’s leadership to attempt to “demonstrate to the world that France and Islam are fully compatible”; Muslim leaders, in their turn, have suggested that turning empty or abandoned Catholic churches into mosques could be the best example.


OUTSTANDING! Hungary defies EU, indefinitely suspends asylum seeker rules because it is being overrun with tens of thousands of Muslim illegals

“The boat is full,” Zoltan Kovacs told Austrian media, referring to the recent influx of 60,000 mostly MUSLIM illegal aliens from North Africa and the Middle East. 


REUTERS (h/t Maria J)  Hungary has indefinitely suspended the application of a key EU asylum rule, which requires a migrant’s claim to be processed in the EU country they first arrive in, putting it on a collision course with Brussels.

“We all wish for a European solution, but we need to protect Hungarian interests and our population.” “Hungary’s asylum system is overburdened, the most overburdened among EU member states affected by illegal immigration,” a Hungarian government spokesman said. 


The asylum rules, known as the Dublin Regulation, were first drafted in the early 1990s. They require people seeking refuge to do so in the European country where they first set foot.  So far this year, more than 60,000 immigrants have crossed into Hungary illegally, the government said.

The European Commission called on Hungary to explain immediately why it had stopped taking back asylum seekers from other states in defiance of EU rules.


“As the Dublin rules do not foresee the suspension of transfers by the receiving member states, the Commission has asked Hungary for immediate clarification on the nature and extent of the technical failure, and on the measures taken to remedy the situation,” a Commission spokeswoman said.

Budapest cited “technical reasons” for its suspension for an indefinite period. “Hungary has used up the capacities at its disposal,” the government statement said. “The situation requires fast action; in this escalated situation Hungary needs to take a move ahead of EU decisions.”


A week ago Hungary announced plans to build a fence along its southern border with Serbia to stem the flow of illegal migrants who enter Europe through the Balkans from the Middle East and Africa. Most move on to wealthier western Europe.

This week sees an EU summit where leaders are to discuss proposals to redistribute asylum seekers from Greece and Italy. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said such a plan “borders on insanity”. 


Suspending the Dublin Regulation particularly affects countries neighboring Hungary, such as Austria. A spokesman for the Austrian Interior Ministry said it was pushing “to find a solution as quickly as possible”.

Austria itself has stopped processing asylum requests in an effort to pressure other EU countries to do more to help absorb waves of refugees pouring into the continent.

It had 21,000 asylum requests in the first five months of the year, the interior ministry said. It had around 17,000 requests in all of 2013 and 28,000 in 2014.


CANADIAN DEFENSE MINISTER invokes “sharia law” in Twitter debate over niqab (full face-covering Muslim supremacist headbag)

j5wemf-300x202Defense Minister Jason Kenney took the strange step of invoking a comparison with Sharia law in an online debate over the legality of a ban on niqabs during the swearing of oaths at citizenship ceremonies.

iPolitics  Coming the day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper extended an unprecedented invitation to Muslim Canadians to break their Ramadan fast at 24 Sussex, the comment appears unlikely to help heal any divisions created by the government’s pursuit of a ban on face coverings at the ceremonies.


The exchange began late Monday night on Twitter, with Kenney touting the religious diversity of members on the government’s new Religious Freedom Advisory Committee. Twitter users almost immediately hit back at the minister, asking how he can be committed to religious freedom but willing to force women to remove a religious garment before becoming citizens.

One of the users, ex-CSIS operative and counter-extremism expert Mubin Shaikh, said: “Very respectfully, sir: U know full well that the choice of veil in public spaces is protected in Law.”

Kenney tweeted back, “What law would that be? Certainly not under shariah law during the very public Haj, when hiding one’s face is prohibited.”

That comment quickly sparked some angry replies, including criticism of Kenney for the timing of his tweet.  


Kenney’s spokeswoman, Lauren Armstrong, said in an email that the minister has said repeatedly over the past several years that it is not a religious obligation to be always veiled in public — and in the absence of a religious obligation there’s no merit in framing the debate around wearing a niqab while swearing a citizenship oath as a matter of religious freedom.


“That was the point conveyed in his Twitter posting, that the Koran itself forbids face coverings in certain public settings, a point made to the Minister by many Canadian Muslims who object to this being disingenuously framed as a religious freedom question,” Armstrong said. “It is wrong to conflate an obscure cultural tradition that is derived from the treatment of women as property rather than people with a bona fide religious freedom claim.”

The continued debate over the niqab comes less than a week after the government introduced a bill — likely doomed to die on the order paper once the election writ drops — that would ban the wearing of the niqab during citizenship ceremonies.


Critics, including the National Council of Canadian Muslims, have panned the bill as a cynical move to manufacture an election-year wedge issue.

“It is very disheartening that our government is spending so much time and effort to revive what is essentially a manufactured issue which appears to be being used for political purposes,” Ihsaan Gardee, the NCCM’s executive director, said in a press release after the bill was announced.

While the government’s 2015 legislation, the Oath of Citizenship Act, is unlikely to become law, the government has said it was introduced to give Canadians a sense of what the Harper government’s legislative agenda would be if it were re-elected.



SCOTLAND: Non-Muslim residents advised to stock up on earplugs and headphones during Ramadan

A social media post advising non-Muslim residents living next to an Islamic Supremacist training center to stock up on headphones and earplugs during Ramadan has been branded “racist and Islamophobic” by multiculti morons.  The Facebook message was posted on a page used by EH4 Residents Association.

What ‘race’ is Islam?


Edinburgh News (via TROP)  The organization was set up to represent residents living in Drylaw Crescent, Drylaw Gardens and House O’Hill Road, and works to address concerns over issues such as crime, traffic and street lighting.

Foysol Choudhury, chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council, said the post would be seen as “offensive to Muslims.” He said: “For anyone to refer to the use of headphones to avoid hearing prayers from a mosque is a hateful religious and racial insult that is based on Islamophobia.” (No it isn’t, over-amplified prayers from a mosque are offensive to Christians and Christophobic)

“When a group of people talk about something in that way, it’s going to go to more people. It expresses an undercurrent of hatred. Just giving ideas to people is dangerous.” (People DO hate you and not just because of your noise)

Political figures said they were aware of past concerns over noise and congestion caused by parked cars around Blackhall Mosque.  Councillor Iain Whyte, Conservative member for Inverleith, said:  “My understanding is that if somebody feels offended for reasons of race or religion then that is an offence. I would hope that if people have said something that has caused offence, they would recognize that and apologize for it.”

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Scotland:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in this part of Scotland either:

Earplugs won’t do you much good anywhere in England:

Earplugs won’t do you much good at the White House:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in a plane:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Spain:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Italy:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Russia:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Germany:

Earplugs won’t do you much good in Sinai, Egypt, either, but gunshots sure will!


DENMARK, SWEDEN, & NETHERLANDS are the easiest EU countries to invade for armies of Muslim illegal aliens and the violent jihadists among them

Some 185,000 (mostly Muslim) illegals applied for asylum in an EU country in the first quarter of 2015, up 90% from the previous year, new figures reveal.


Breitbart  According to the EU’s statistics agency Eurostat the number of people seeking asylum has more than doubled as conflicts continue to rage in countries such as Syria and Libya.

Denmark accepted 87% of all asylum applications within its borders. Sweden and the Netherlands also let in the vast majority of asylum seekers, granting 73 and 71% of applications respectively. The only nations stricter than Britain with 34% are France with 27%, Spain with 20% and Poland, which approved just 17% of asylum requests.


However, there are large disparities in the proportion of migrants from various nationalities who are given approval. Those from Syria have the best luck, with 94% of all asylum applications within the EU being accepted, compared to Kosovars and Serbians, of whom just 1% receive approval.

Europe has also seen a rise in the number of Eritreans trying to enter the continent, which comes as no surprise given the 90 per cent have their applications approved. Iraqis are also favoured, with 88 per cent being granted asylum.


EU countries are now fighting over how to deal with the huge influx, with disagreements over a proposal to force member states to take quotas of the migrants who come ashore in Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean nations.

The plan looks set to fail, however, with Britain, France and Spain, among others, threatening to either veto or simply disobey the move.

But even that isn’t enough. Africans protest on the French-Italian border town of Ventimiglia, demanding the EU open its borders to anyone who wants to become a squatter there.


MUST SEE! Welcome to Sweden, now the rape capital of the Western world, all because of Muslim immigration

“In Sweden, everything is considered “racist” but nobody has to explain why. Sweden’s former prime minister claimed: “Sweden belongs to the (Muslim) immigrants, NOT to the Swedes.” If you get recruited to become a terrorist by a Muslim terrorist group to commit acts of violence, then you, too, are a victim.

h/t Colin W

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