European Court backs French ban on full face-covering Muslim headbags


Shocking to see the EU stand behind anything considered anti-Muslim. But naturally, they hedged their bet. The European Court of Human Rights upheld France’s 2010 ban on full-face veils in public but “acknowledged the law could appear excessive and feed stereotypes.”

EuroNews (h/t Maria J)  Judges at the Strasbourg-based court, by 15 to 2, said the ban did not violate religious freedom and aimed to ensure “respect for the minimum set of values of an open democratic society” which included openness to social interaction. In their ruling, which cannot be appealed, the judges “accepted that the barrier raised against others by a veil concealing the face in public could undermine the notion of ‘living together’” that France defended in its argument, the court said in a statement.


It was the first time the court has ruled on niqab and burqa veils, which have stoked controversy in several European states although few women wear them. A French Muslim woman filed the suit for discrimination and breach of religious freedom

France has both the largest Muslim minority in Europe, estimated at 5 million, and some of the continent’s most restrictive laws about expressions of faith in public. Far left Amnesty International said in a statement the ruling was “deeply damaging”, representing “a profound retreat for the right to freedom of expression and religion.”


But Abdallah Zekri, an official of the French Muslim Council that represents most leading mosque associations in France, said the wearing of the full-faced veil was “Salafist dogma” and those who wore it transgressed the law. “I hope that this decision, which comes during the month of Ramadan, a sensitive time, doesn’t become an excuse to rekindle the flame,” Zekri told Reuters.

France, under former conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy, was the first European country to pass a law banning burqa and niqab garments that conceal the face in public. Belgium later followed suit, as did the Swiss canton of Ticino. Authorities said the full-faced veil is a security risk, preventing the accurate identification of individuals, and the law made violators liable to pay a fine of 150 euros ($216) (126 pounds) or attend lessons in French citizenship.

In his arguments before the court in November, the woman’s British lawyer Ramby de Mello said his client felt “like a prisoner in her own country,” calling the full-faced veil “as much part of her identity as our DNA is of ours.”



ITALY: THE GOOD NEWS – 30 illegal alien Muslim invaders from North Africa found dead on smuggler’s boat

THE BAD NEWS: More than 5,000 illegal alien Muslim invaders from North Africa were rescued by the Italian Navy over the weekend.

EU-Innenminister reden über Flüchtlingswelle

UK Telegraph  The deaths of 30 boat migrants prompted anger and frustration in Italy on Monday, as critics accused the government of failing to deal with an immigration crisis which has seen over 5,000 illegals rescued by the navy over the past weekend. Rescuers had found the bodies stuffed into the hold of a fishing boat from North Africa when they boarded the vessel to help the most vulnerable of almost 600 migrants in the vessel.

A Navy doctor said the migrants had “likely suffocated” in the tiny space, and “advised against removing the bodies” as it was not yet clear whether there were poisonous gases in the hold.


“Another 30 dead in a boat. Another 30 deaths on the consciences of those who defend Mare Lorum,” said Matteo Salvini, head of the anti-immigration Northern League party, in an ironic reference to the country’s “Mare Nostrum” (“Our Sea”) operation to rescue boat immigrants.

The League has warned prime minister Matteo Renzi’s government that plucking asylum seekers and illegal aliens to safety from their rickety boats only encourages more people to set out across the Mediterranean for Europe.


“Stop the departures, help them in their own countries, immediately!” he said in a post on Facebook, pointing the finger not only at the centre-left leader but also at Angelino Alfano, Italy’s interior minister. Maurizio Gasparri, the Senate leader of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, blasted Mr Renzi’s “demented” navy operation and the “thousands of landings, deaths, tragedy, chaos. We cannot go on like this.”

In a statement, the Navy said some of the 30 migrants may have drowned rather than suffocated, though it would not confirm whether there was water in the hold or how much. It is not the first time Italian rescuers have found migrants dead on the overcrowded boats but never before was there such a large number.


The boat is being towed by the Italian navy and is expected to arrive on Tuesday in Pozzallo on the southeast coast of Sicily. “We cannot face this emergency alone,” Luigi Ammatuna, the mayor of Pozzallo, told ANSA news agency.

“The only two refrigerated rooms in the cemetery are occupied by the bodies of migrants. Where will we put the 30 victims of this atrocious tragedy?” He said it was “impossible to take in the 900 or so migrants who are about to arrive” because “the reception centres in the area are full”.


Three military ships carrying over 1,000 migrants each are expected to arrive in ports in southern Italy later on Monday and Tuesday, the navy said. Coast guard vessels and cargo ships carrying hundreds of others are set to arrive in Sicily, bringing the number rescued over the weekend to almost 5,500. The number of migrant arrivals has now soared past the record 63,000 set in 2011 during the Arab Spring uprisings.


Italy has long borne the brunt of refugees making the perilous crossing from north Africa to Europe, but EU border agency Frontex says there has been a significant rise in numbers in recent months. A series of tragedies has struck in the last few weeks, with ten people drowning and 39 having to be rescued after their boat sank off the Libyan coast earlier in June.

Mr Alfano has called for the rescue operation to become a European initiative amid reports of thousands of migrants waiting in Libya to make the trip during the next few weeks.

Do what Australia is doing with the illegals now – send them back!
































FRANCE: Algerian Muslim World Cup soccer fans cause chaos in the streets


As usual in France, car torchings are part of the Muslim celebrations.

French police deployed tear gas on crazed Algeria supporters as their celebrations spiraled out of control, following World Cup match. Thousands of Muslim flooded streets across France with officers making at least 74 arrests. In the southern city of Marseilles, violence flared at around 1.00am when groups of supporters began hurling stones at police cars. Officers quickly responded with tear gas and arrested at least 6 people in the unrest.


AUSTRALIA: Immigration Minister Scott Morrison tells illegal aliens to “go home” because “you will never be settled in Australia”

BRAVO! Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he makes no apologies for an assertive video telling asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru that they will never be resettled in Australia and should consider returning home.


SMH (h/t Colin W)  Mr Morrison said the video, which was shown as an “orientation message” to new arrivals in offshore detention centres, was recorded after his first visit to Papua New Guinea and Nauru in September. It mirrors the same message the minister personally delivered to the asylum seekers at the centre, Mr Morrison told Fairfax Media.

“I make no apologies for being up front about the reality of the situation that transferees were now faced with. This is in stark contrast to the lies told to them by people smugglers and the false hope being peddled by others who claimed the government would not follow through with our policies,” he said.


In the video Morrison warns asylum seekers: “If you choose not to go home then you will spend a very, very long time here and so I urge you to think carefully about that decision and make a decision to get on with the rest of your life.” But despite criticism, Mr Morrison defends it saying the purpose of the video was to send “a clear and consistent message about the strong resolve and policy of the new government.”

“The video sets out clearly and honestly the options available to those who had been brought to Manus Island and Nauru, including that their claims would be processed and if found to be a refugee they would be resettled, but not in Australia,” Mr Morrison said.

The video, initially obtained by Guardian Australia, also shows Mr Morrison saying if asylum seekers want to return home, they can raise their requests with officials from the International Organisation of Migration.


Fairfax Media revealed that the Abbott government has dramatically increased the amount of money being offered to asylum seekers to go home to their country of origin – including war-torn countries Syria and Iraq. It is understood Lebanese asylum seekers are being offered $10,000 to leave the centre, while Iraqis are being offered $6000.

Both the video and increased payments being offered to asylum seekers are the latest tactics being used by the Abbott government to cement its hardline stance against asylum seekers who come to Australia without a visa.

Greens Senator and immigration spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young said: “Vulnerable asylum seekers are being presented with the worst of two evils, either return to the horrors from which you fled or suffer in the camps of cruelty.”

“What is clear now is that there is nothing voluntary about these returns, it is clear coercion.” (Good, whatever gets them the hell out)



AUSTRALIA’s Woolworths stores pandering to Muslims

Unknown‘Happy Ramadan’ signs showing up across 239 Woolworths supermarkets has caused outrage among many offended customers who are threatening on social media to boycott the stores.

Daily Mail  (h/t Allan I) The supermarket chain’s Facebook page was bombarded by comments from customers threatening to boycott the stores displaying the signs in areas with large Muslim populations, according to the Herald Sun.


‘The number of stores participating this year is slightly higher than last year.’ But the Australian Conservative Truth blog hit out at Woolworths saying the company ‘backs islamic terrorism and slaughterfest of Ramadan – declares war on Aussies’.

‘Just when you though (sic) Australia couldn’t get any more crazy, now its number one grocery store, Woolworths is promoting islamic terrorism – wishing people Happy Ramadan (and event which usually involves mass murder by muslims around the world and a barbaric slaughter of helpless animals at the end (countless pictures of blood soaked events on the net)’ the blog said.


This is not the first time the public has erupted over the supermarket chain’s celebration of the Islamic fasting festival that runs for a month until July 27. Customers expressed their disgust last year when signs were displayed across some stores.

Mick Lamb commented about the signs at the Mirrabooka store on the company’s Facebook page on July 8 last year. ‘Please take down references to Ramadan. It is offensive,’ he posted. ‘Your Mirrabooka store is promoting cruel and barbaric halal ritual slaughter of animals by promoting it.’

Muslim-Eid-al-adha-festival-e13674336525991 AU  On the supermarket’s Facebook page, one person accused the chain of “pandering to a minority”. Another said: “I find this kind of advertising OFFENSIVE, as an Australian & as a female!!!”. And another said the signs were offensive to her beliefs and she would boycott stores where they were displayed.

Woolworths spokesman Russell Mahoney said the promotion was running in 239 stores around Australia.

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem welcomed Woolworths’ promotion and said people who opposed such initiatives did so out of ignorance and unsubstantiated fears.



AUSTRALIA: Sydney Opera House cancels upcoming speech by radical Islamic spokesman on why ‘honor killings are morally justified in Islam’


Uthman Badar, spokesIslamist for pro-sharia Hizb ut-Tahrir, has been stopped from delivering a speech defending honor killings at a cultural festival at The Sydney Opera House. The question should be why was a radical like him invited to speak in the first place?

Daily Telegraph (h/t aussie 106)  The event — part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas — was slammed as a cheap stunt that could have put women’s lives at risk. The furore comes days after Opera Australia sacked a soprano from performing at the Opera House after an anti-gay slur appeared on her Facebook page.

Federal and state MPs condemned the Opera House for its decision to host Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar in a speech titled “honor killings are morally justified”. Honor killing involves murdering a woman who is considered to have shamed her family.


The speech, scheduled for August 30, was removed from the festival’s playlist last night following widespread outrage. The state government is understood to have put pressure on the Opera House with NSW Arts Minister Troy Grant asking for an urgent explanation on why the event was scheduled.

“The NSW government is proud to support programs that enrich our society and culture, but I am concerned this program does not meet that criteria and I have sought an urgent explanation,’’ Mr Grant said. “Where these ideas have the potential to spark racial tension, they move from dangerous to stupid.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a banned radical organization in Germany and The Netherlands and, before becoming prime minister, Tony Abbott said he would outlaw it here.

Hizb ut-Tahrir advocates for a worldwide Islamic caliphate (Khilafah)

Hizb ut-Tahrir advocates for a worldwide Islamic caliphate (Khilafah)

Promotional material for the speech said that historically “parents have reluctantly sacrificed their children — sending them to kill or be killed for the honour of their nation, their flag, their king, their religion. But what about killing for the honour of one’s family?”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop condemned the event, saying: “It is abhorrent for any person, regardless of faith or ethnicity, to argue in support of murder as a means of protecting the so-called honour of any other individual, family or community.” Federal Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek said honour killing was murder, and “any promotion of or justification for it is completely unacceptable”. Women’s Minister Pru Goward said the event had no place in Australia.

Mr Badar hit back last night, tweeting: “Hysteria wins out. Welcome to the free world, where freedom of expression is a cherished value.”



AUSTRALIA: Large crowd comes out in opposition to new mosque proposal in Currumbin Waters

Restore-Australia-Resist-IslamA mighty storm didn’t deter a crowd of 250 from gathering in Currumbin Waters yesterday to object to the building of a mosque in the area. The large group heckled Gold Coast councillor Chris Robbins when she was explaining the council process for approving applications for the mosque. However, her advice was often drowned out by cries of “not wanting that (Islamic) culture here.”

Residents who are protesting against the proposed mosque in their suburb.

Residents who are protesting against the proposed mosque in their suburb.

Courier Mail  (h/t Colin W) Organizer Tracey Thompson was adamant the gathering was “not a protest”. She said it was just a gathering to provide locals with information on how lodge an objection to the development.

“This is not about race,” Mrs Thompson told The Courier-Mai l. “This is about objecting to the amplified music and the additional traffic the development will bring. “And the other concern is the amplified music will effect the special needs children at the school located about 500m up the road from the proposed development.””

Cr Robbins continued to attempt to quell the crowd by explaining how residents could object to the development through the council process. Speakers at the event explained how residents could object to the application by lodging a submission online.


Suggested objections circulated to the crowd via flyers included that the development was too close to residential and light industrial properties in the area. Among the crowd were groups like the Brisbane-based Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia, who claimed they defended the “national identity”.

They affirmed their objections to the development were not based on race, but they said they opposed all threats to Australians “freedoms and values”. National secretary David Truman said the culture of Islam here would result in “ghettos” and an increase in violent assaults like “rape”.

“At the end of the day it’s not just about local issues like noise and traffic, it’s also about what happens when a mosque comes to your area,” Mr Truman said. “It’s about the impact on the community and the lack of social sustainability.”



AUSTRALIA: Muslim illegal alien invaders sue the government

illegal-boatNext time, let them all drown. This is what happens when you rescue Muslim illegal invaders who intentionally damage their boat, knowing that Australia will have to help them. Survivors of Christmas Island asylum seeker disaster in 2010 sue federal government. Fortunately, the new Abbott government is no longer allowing these illegal alien boat people into Australia.


SMH  (h/t David P) Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has condemned a lawsuit brought against the Federal Government over a (phony) asylum seeker disaster in 2010 off Christmas Island in which 50 people died. The Commonwealth is being sued for breaching its duty of care over the tragedy, although full details of the case aren’t yet available.

The case has been launched by human rights lawyer George Newhouse who represented survivors at the 2012 inquest, arguing at the time that government policies were putting lives at risk. Mr Morrison said on Monday in Canberra that the claim ”beggars belief”.


”This is like someone who was saved from a fire suing the firemen. It’s like someone who has been saved by an ambulance officer at the scene of an accident being sued for saving the person’s life,” he told reporters on the way into Parliament House.

”This is really, I think, a shameful and offensive claim to be bringing and again, I just want to give my total support to the men and women of the Australian Customs and Border protection service and the Australian Navy whose reputation, whose character and whose conduct on that day is unimpeachable.”


He said Labor’s immigration minister at the time, Brendan O’Connor supported the government’s stance on the lawsuit, which stems from the tragedy on December 15, 2010 when the asylum seeker boat known as SIEV 221 (suspected irregular entry vessel 221) smashed onto rocks on Christmas Island.

Mr O’Connor, who was home affairs minister at the time of the shipwreck, said many brave deeds were done to rescue the asylum seekers. ”Unfortunately, people died but many more would have died without the good work of the naval and customs personnel,” he told reporters.


The Australian Greens also praised the efforts of rescuers but called for an independent review of search and rescue protocols. Mr Newhouse told Fairfax Media on Tuesday that Mr Morrison’s comments were ”the kind of ignorant response that you’d expect from a minister that misled the Australian people about the Manus Island riots”.

”This case has nothing at all to do with suing the paramedics or the ambulance men or women, it’s about a government failing to provide the paramedic with a working ambulance,” he told Fairfax Media. Mr Newhouse said 50 lives could have been saved if the Christmas Island rescue service had a functional boat that they could have launched off the island on the night in question.

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

Give me your tired, your poor, your starving….

”That’s what this case is about and Mr Morrison is simply misleading the Australian people by suggesting otherwise,” he said. The claim lodged by Shine Lawyers alleges the government failed in its duty of care to the 89 passengers and three crew aboard the vessel.

Mr Newhouse told ABC radio earlier on Tuesday that he believed the case would show the authorities failed to establish an appropriate lookout for the vessel and were unprepared for the rescue. ”There was a rescue service that had been established by the Commonwealth so they knew that there was a need for rescuing but not one of the vessels was seaworthy that fateful morning,” he said.


Aboard the asylum seeker vessel were 89 Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers and three crew. In the monsoon weather, the vessel escaped detection and it was residents on the island watching the tragedy unfold who raised the alarm. After an eight-month hearing, coroner Alastair Hope laid the blame firmly on the people smugglers.

But he criticised Commonwealth authorities for the lack of adequate rescue vessels on the island. He also urged that measures be taken to increase surveillance of waters around Christmas Island for incoming asylum seeker vessels.


Mr Morrison told parliament on Monday night that he had just been alerted of the planned legal action. He strongly defended customs and border protection officials and Navy personnel involved in responding to this terrible incident. ”(They) have our absolute respect and our absolute confidence and they have been rightly praised for their heroism and their bravery,” he said.

Mr Newhouse, a Labor candidate at the 2007 election and head of the social justice practice at Shine Lawyers, has conducted a succession of asylum seeker cases. He’s participating in the current constitutional challenge to the legality of Australia’s asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru in the Nauru Supreme Court.


Meanwhile, the Abbott government will get Labor’s support in its attempt to crackdown on visa applications by asylum seekers. A wide-ranging bill labelled as ”technical and difficult” by both sides of the lower house was passed on Monday, aiming to close legal avenues available to asylum seekers.


”It stops them from using our judicial system and taxpayer money to stay here,” Liberal MP Don Randall said.

From the opposition benches Graham Perrett said the legislation addressed inconsistencies in the Migration Act, and signalled that Labor would back the bill. Under the changes, minors or mentally-impaired visa applicants refused visas can’t themselves, or have others, make further applications.


Members of the same family unit – some who could be minors or mentally impaired – will all get the same visa outcome. Asylum seekers facing deportation will still be removed even if they are waiting to hear the outcome of a bridging visa application.

Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt voted against the Migration Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014, which now goes to the Senate for consideration.


Gotta love the way the Bulgarian people deal with their Muslim problem

A two-meter tall wooden cross was hung in a mosque in a provocative act by unknown intruders in Bulgaria on Friday. The incident took place at Karaca Pasha mosque in the southern town of Gotze Delchev, 200km from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.


World Bulletin In a statement strongly condemning the attack, the Regional Office of Mufti in Blagoevgrad said: “The incidents which trigger dispute among religions and directly threaten national security should be investigated and offenders should be brought to justice.” The regional office also said similar attacks had happened recently and called for adequate protection against potential future attacks.

















Not only does Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander want to take in 10,000 more government-sponsored Syrian Muslim refugees…

He wants to bring in thousands more by having Canadian citizens privately sponsor them, as well.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

CBC  Immigration groups are urging the Canadian government to take responsibility for sponsoring a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next two years, ahead of World Refugee Day on Friday. The Office for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees asked countries around the world in February to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees in 2015 and 2016.

The Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance, a national umbrella group that represents provincial associations who support the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada, is urging Immigration Minister Chris Alexander to respond to that appeal by agreeing to sponsor at least 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.


“We should step forward to offer the UNHCR a minimum of 10,000 resettlement spaces or 10 per cent of the current appeal over the next two years,” the group said in a letter to Alexander dated June 4. “We would like to propose that the 10,000 additional resettlement spaces be considered through the government assisted refugee program,” said the letter to Alexander dated June 4.

The alliance is proposing the government resettle 2,830 Syrian refugees in Ontario in 2015 and 2016, 2,720 in the Prairies, 2,484 in Quebec, 1,134 in B.C., and 830 in the Atlantic provinces.


Alexander told CBC News on Thursday that he welcomed the group’s proposal and that while the Canadian government is considering the proposal by the UN refugee agency to resettle more Syrian refugees over the next two years, it has not yet come to a decision.


Alexander told CBC News on Thursday that he welcomed the group’s proposal and that while the Canadian government is considering the proposal by the UN refugee agency to resettle more Syrian refugees over the next two years, it has not yet come to a decision.


The immigration minister did not rule out taking in a high number of government-assisted refugees but said the country could take in a lot more refugees if more Canadians opened up their doors to sponsoring refugees from Syria.


“It’s possible to imagine a very large number of government-assisted [Syrian refugees.] We know we’ll be able to do much more if we combine our government assistance with innovative forms of private sponsorship,” Alexander said. He appealed to Canadians to see what they can do to ensure their “tax dollars and resources … go as far as they possibly can to help Syria.”



SCOTLAND INSANITY: Teenage girl given 12-month prison sentence for putting bacon strips on a mosque


A teenage girl and 39-year old man who desecrated an Edinburgh mosque by attacking it with strips of bacon have both been jailed. Chelsea Lambie, 18, from Paisley, was sentenced to 12 months and Douglas Cruikshank, from Galashiels, to nine months. They attached bacon to door handles and threw strips inside Edinburgh’s Central Mosque.

BBC  Cruikshank pled guilty. Lambie was found guilty after denying the charges. Sheriff Alistair Noble, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, said: “It does not seem to me there is any way to deal with this case other than by custody.”

Chelsea Lambie and Douglas Cruickshank

Chelsea Lambie and Douglas Cruickshank

During an earlier trial, the court heard a Blackberry mobile phone was found in Lambie’s clothing when she was arrested at her boyfriend’s house. Messages sent on 31 January included: “Going to invade a mosque, because we can go where we want.”

A text to the phone asked: “What you do last night?” The reply was: “Went to the mosque in Edinburgh and wrapped bacon round the door handles, opened the door and threw it in ha ha ha.”  Google searches on the phone were for the location of the mosque, addresses for taxis and “Edinburgh mosque bacon search.”

Edinburgh Mosque and Jihad Training Center

Edinburgh Mosque and Jihad Training Center

A security guard at the mosque told the trial of the offence the bacon would have caused to Muslims. Usman Mahmood said: “I was surprised if a person did it for a joke. It is against our culture and religion. “We do not eat pork or even touch it. I felt very bad seeing this meat in my sacred place. “It hurt my feelings when I saw this meat hanging inside the mosque in the worshipping area. It was very disturbing.” (Pussy. And they wonder why muslims are the most hated people on earth)

The court heard that during a police interview Lambie had admitted being a member of the Scottish Defence League. The pair were accused of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear and alarm. (Because bacon strips have killed so many people?)

Sentencing Lambie, Sheriff Noble said he accepted she was a mother with a very young child, but she had continued to deny her guilt for the offense. He accepted that Cruikshank had tried for many months to plead guilty and told him that if he had been found guilty at trial he would have sentenced him to 13 months in prison. Given his plea to the amended charge, he reduced that to nine months.

Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist has this to say about this insanity:

Dawkins-defends-Lambie-and-Cruikshank Dawkins-on-two-tier-system

Allah the Pig and her babies are very at this verdict

Allah the Pig and her babies are very upset at this verdict


AUSTRALIA: Black Balloon anti-Islam campaign has leftist dhimmis in a tizzie

Metallic BlackAn anti-Islam group has sent an anonymous email to all Bendigo media outlets, local politicians and prominent media commentators claiming it was behind the black balloons that have mysteriously appeared across central Bendigo. The email has ended weeks of speculation about what the balloons mean and who is behind them.

Bendigo Advertiser  The first line of the email states that the “black balloon campaign was established by those who are against the legislated inequality and abuse in our Western society of women and children”. It says Islamic influence, especially in relation to abuse of women and children, is “creeping into our Western culture”.  It says Western communities are being “forced to accept cultures like Islam”. 


The final line of the email reads: “The view of the black balloon supporters is to accept Islam into our community is endorsing domestic and child abuse in our community.” The email also says it is a “misconception” that the views expressed are “racist”.

Bendigo’s Centre for Non-Violence chief executive Margaret Augerinos said the group’s views were racist. “I don’t believe that it’s an acceptable view to hold,” Ms Augerinos said.  Ms Augerinos said it was wrong to single out a particular cultural group.

“We know that violence occurs across all classes and cultures,” she said. She said her organisation provided services to women of all cultural backgrounds. “We see men who perpetrate violence from all cultural backgrounds and this is a universal problem that occurs across the world at epidemic rates,” she said.


Maya Avdibegovic is the chief executive of Intouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence, a Melbourne-based family violence support service for women and children from migrant families. “I just find it appalling and I’m really outraged by things like this,” Ms Avdibegovic said.

“I think where culture plays a role in this whole issue, is that it adds to the complexity of the issues,” she said. “Culture is never an excuse for violence.” (Tell that to Muslim men)

imagesBack in January 2014, there was a push to stop construction of a mosque with a Facebook page called ‘Stop the Mosque in Bendigo.’ The administrators of the group did not respond to a request for comment and made a post saying they did not want to deal with the inevitable Leftist/Muslim backlash.

Bendigo Advertiser The page said the media was “aligned with the left and will not give a true and correct report”, and the “about” section said it was not a forum for debate. “It is for those who don’t not want a mosque in Bendigo for their own reasons,” it said. “We live in a democracy and we are exercising our right to say ‘no’ to what happens in our country.

“We are entitled to our views and request that the City of Greater Bendigo stops the mosque based on historical evidence that not one community in the world has benefited in a positive way from a mosque and Muslims setting up camp in a community.”

But Councillors have unanimously said they are not opposed to the mosque on religious or cultural grounds.