RECLAIM AUSTRALIA RALLY: Anti-Islamization patriots vs Pro-Islamization leftie fascists

Melbourne was turned into a war zone as anti-Islam and pro-Islam protesters fought running battles with police, shutting down one of Melbourne’s busiest streets. More than 450 police officers were needed to keep the peace as violent Muslim-sympathizers tried to shut down a peaceful march against the out-of-control Muslim invasion of Australia.

NEWS.AU (h/t Jenny V)  Police estimate about 500 protesters took to the streets in a day of mayhem, criticising a small group of hardcore protesters intent on causing trouble. Officers made just five arrests, three for riotous behaviour and one person for punching a police horse.




Women, young children, and the elderly were forced to run for cover as right wing sympathizers from Reclaim Australia clashed with masked and hooded Socialist anarchists. Despite the best efforts of police to separate the two warring factions, sporadic fighting broke out over three hours after right wing protesters infiltrated the rival No Room for Racism protest.



Chanting “No room for racism” and “racist scum out”, the larger anti-racism rally said it was intent on preventing anti-Islam protesters from taking over their city, saying racists were not welcome in Melbourne.



Both groups tried to drown each other out as they hurled insults across police battle lines. With both groups spoiling for a fight, it wasn’t long before fighting erupted in the powderkey environment.


A handful of Reclaim Australia protesters found themselves hemmed in next to the Princess Theatre, and were forced to withstand a flurry of punches. Order was restored after police pushed back the warring combatants with a blanket of capsicum spray.

Police officer sprays PRO-ISLAMIZATION FASCIST

Police officer sprays PRO-ISLAMIZATION FASCIST

As more running battles took hold, police charged on horseback in a last-ditch effort to maintain order. Several people required treatment from the effects of capsicum spray, including a male protester in his 50s who went into cardiac arrest. He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Police officer sprays PRO-ISLAMIZATION FASCIST


Little Bourke St was transformed into a temporary triage centre as scores of injured protesters lay stricken on the ground receiving treatment. The street was littered with empty water and milk bottles used to douse the effects of the spray.

Pepper sprayed PRO-ISLAMIZATION FASCIST  -Got Milk?

Pepper sprayed PRO-ISLAMIZATION FASCIST -Got Milk?

Two anti-Islam supporters found themselves under attack after they were chased up Spring St by a baying mob, before being viciously assaulted at a tram stop. One man was seen stamping on another man’s head as he was knocked to the ground.


Events started to sour at the start of a rally by anti-Islam group Reclaim Australia when hundreds of anti-racism demonstrators attending the earlier Rally Against Racism protest in Bourke St marched into Spring St. The Reclaim Australia protest was later boosted by the arrival of about 60 people from splinter group the Patriot Defence League, including many from interstate.


Calm was eventually restored by early afternoon, with Victoria Police maintaining a running presence into the night. Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane criticised a small group of hard core left wing protesters intent on causing trouble. “The message of the day for either side has been lost,” he said. “They need to sit back and think about that, social media has been dominated by violence against our police members.



“We had a small group of hard line protesters on either side who intended to come to these demonstrations and rallies and use violence.” Commissioner Leane said police officers only used capsicum spray when they were in “significant threat” of having their lines overrun.



Socialist Yarra councillor and rally organiser Stephen Jolly said he was delighted with the strong turnout, claiming his side outnumbered the right wing by about 10-1. “The idea that we were going to let these guys come into Melbourne and spread their hate was never going to happen,” Cr Jolly said.


“The only violence that occurred took place when some of their people walked through our line and started acting provocatively. “We didn’t want a fistfight with them, we just wanted to clear them off our streets. “I reckon they will be going home feeling pretty demoralised tonight.”


Vietnam veteran and head of Restore Australia, Mike Holt, earlier told the crowd Islam was a “supremacist ideology” and there was no room for it in Melbourne. “There’s only one thing we can do and that’s ban Islam because it just doesn’t fit with us,” Mr Holt said.


He said mosques were creating a “wedge” in society as they were being used to radicalised young Australians. “The Koran cannot be changed and that’s the problem,” Mr Holt said.



ITALY: Muslim parasite wannabes moved after outraged Italians protest the flooding of their community with Muslim illegal alien invaders

Some 100 North African Muslim potential jihadis whose presence in a small town near Treviso sparked two days of protests from local residents and anti-Islam activists were bused Friday to a former barracks located between Treviso and Casier.

++ Immigrazione:Roma;spintoni residenti-forze dell'ordine ++ ANSA (h/t Barbara R) Police on Friday clashed with a group of protestors who had set up a road block against the arrival of a group of Muslim illegals in a northern suburb of Rome as they broke through the cordon. The police responded with a baton charge after coming under a barrage of objects at Casale San Nicola, including sun umbrellas and chairs.


ANSA Their respective mayors, Giovanni Manildo and Miriam Giuriati, met with area residents prior to the transfer and explained that authorities would guarantee security and keep the peace. The area is manned by law enforcement and local police patrols.

The group of 101 illegals hosted at a residence in the town of Quinto di Treviso, near Treviso, were moved after two days of protests by a group of locals and anti-Islamization patriots of the Forza Nuova group.

Immigrazione: sbarco Palermo; indagine per omicidio

They burned mattresses intended to be used by the illegal invaders, and workers from a cooperative tasked with providing the Muslim illegals with ‘halal’ food were denied access.


Veneto Governor Luca Zaia, who is from the anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League party, alleged the Muslims’ presence was part of a process of “Africanization” of the region.

Earlier on Friday, Rome Prefect Franco Gabrielli said that the road block would be cleared and the transfer would go ahead as planned. “We have sent 19 people who must stay in Casale San Nicola and there is a road block of citizens who do not allow them in,” Gabrielli said. “At the moment they (the refugees) are in vehicles but they will enter the centre because we’ll remove the block. We won’t take any steps back.”



SWEDEN: Left Wing Fascists threaten to “beat up” anti-Islam ‘PEGIDA’ demonstrators, whom they call “Nazis”

sweden-flagIronically, they have gathered in Malmo, the Muslim rape capital of Sweden and the EU. It’s amazing these leftists are calling for “No Nazis in our streets” yet are supporting the neo-Nazis of Europe – Muslims.

Can’t wait for Sweden to become an Islamic Republic (now on a fast track in that direction) so we can enjoy seeing the Muslims crack down on the “if-it-feels-good-do-it” sex-crazed, druggie, pot-smoking, drinking, pro-homosexual crowd first. Popcorn, anyone?

Burmese Ninesixnine


‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ IS A MYTH: It’s a ‘made-up’ word by a terror–linked Muslim Brotherhood front group (like CAIR) to stifle any and all criticism of Islam

Dr. Tony Costa, Canadian professor of world religions at the University of Toronto, explains that there is no such thing as “moderate Islam.” There are, he says, “moderate Muslims,” but the religion itself cannot consist of different beliefs and still remain Islamic.



PARIS: North African MUSLIM invaders shouting, “Beat that dirty Jew” attack 13-year-old Jewish kid

MUSLIM IMMGRANTS (legal or otherwise) beat up a 13 year-old Jewish boy wearing a kippah in Paris.

EJPress  The National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA) condemned Monday’s anti-Semitic aggression against a 13-year-old boy wearing a kippah in the 19th district of Paris.

Below photos are NOT this particular  boy, but show other similar beatings by African Muslims in Paris:


The boy was beaten by a band of six youths described as being of ‘’African Muslim origin’’ who attacked him as he left his Jewish school.

One of the attackers shouted: ‘’Beat that dirty Jew’’. Before fleeing, they stole the victim’s phone. The Jewish boy was taken to hospital with wounds on his head.

Another Jewish boy was assaulted by “Africans” last November while he was standing outside of his school in Paris.




Denmark’s new anti-Islamization right-wing government said it would “slash benefits for ‘asylum seekers’ to bring down the number of Muslim welfare parasites coming into the country”

denmarkgangs1-320x190“The effect will hopefully be that fewer mainly Muslim illegal aliens come to Denmark,” Integration Minister Inger Stojberg said at a press conference. Under the new rules, which will come into effect as of September, an asylum seeker without children will receive 5,945 kroner (USD $882) per month in benefits, almost half the 10,849 kroner they receive currently. (Why give them anything?)



ARY News  (h/t Brenda K) Single parents arriving from a non-EU country will receive 11,888 kroner per month compared to 14,426 kroner now. And couples with children who can currently claim 28,832 kroner will see their monthly benefits cut to 16,638 kroner under the new rules.

A 1,500-kroner monthly bonus will also be offered to those whose Danish language skills meet the standards required for taking a job or getting an education. “We want to reward the people who come here and wish to become integrated,” Stojberg said. (That would be exactly NONE for muslims)


The new rules, expected to be passed by parliament on Friday, will also hit unemployed Danes who have been outside the country for seven out of the eight past years.

Last year, Denmark also limited family reunification for Muslim invaders.

 The Local: Hoping to stem the tide of Muslim illegals from Syria, the government will now only allow for family reunifications if refugees’ initial one-year resident permit is renewed.

Smiling Danish Muslim hold sign that says "Islam will dominate the world"

Smiling Danish Muslim holds sign that says “Islam will dominate the world”

The Local With Sweden taking in a record number of asylum seekers – 340,000 are expected over the next four years – Danish politicians are warning of the negative impact the influx could have on Denmark.

“The many Syrian Muslims who are coming to Sweden as refugees will become Swedish citizens in a matter of a few years. And with the agreements we have among the Nordic nations, there is nothing to stop them from then immediately moving to Denmark – without a Danish residence permit – and receiving welfare benefits from day one. It is a big danger,” Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party told Berlingske.

Muslim thugs flooding Denmark and Sweden

Muslim thugs flooding Denmark and Sweden

Espersen called on the Danish government to express “Danish concerns about the completely excessive immigration underway in Sweden” to their Swedish colleagues.

A narrow right-wing government took power in Denmark on Sunday after coalition talks with the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) broke down, but it needs the support of the DPP and other groups to pass legislation in parliament.

Disgruntled Muslim protesters gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

Disgruntled Muslim protesters gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

The governing Venstre party campaigned on lowering benefits for asylum seekers after the former centre-left government raised them, which the right-wing party claimed was prompting more refugees to come to Denmark.

On Tuesday the Danish government announced it would reimpose border controls to combat illegal immigration and smuggling, another key issue for the DPP. The government said the new measures would be carried out in line with the European Union’s open-border Schengen Agreement.

Denmark received nearly 15,000 mainly Muslim asylum seekers last year, almost twice the number from 2013 as more people fleeing Syria’s civil war fled to Europe- AFP







POLAND: “We are NOT Western Europe, we will NOT be infiltrated by Muslim terrorists posing as refugees”

original_big“We don’t want Muslim terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa more broadly across the continent. “Have you seen the trouble the Muslim so-called ‘asylum seekers’ are causing in the West?”


The Guardian (h/t Liz)  It’s a popular view here, if a baffling one. Poland is little affected by the refugee crisis in Europe, and accepts vanishingly small numbers of migrants. And yet the country has some of the most pungent views on immigration on the continent.

A recent survey for the television station TVN found that two-thirds of Poles share the same hostility towards immigrants expressed by the Warsaw grandmother cited above.


ccording to a study in 2013 by the Centre for Research on Prejudice – a professional academic centre at the University of Warsaw – as many as 69% of Poles do not want non-white people living in their country.

A vast majority believe that immigrants take work away from Poles and that their presence is detrimental for the economy. It’s a view shared more broadly in eastern Europe, despite insignificant migrant flows in all of Poland’s eastern neighbours.

“In Poland, there will be NO sharia law. NO headbanging or shouting Allahu Akbar in the streets. NO insulting our religion and our culture. NO burning cars like in France. NO burning down police stations. NO imposing your ways on us. NO calling us the sons of apes and pigs. If you do, we will be the ones waging jihad…on YOU!”

Politicians are in a fix. On the one hand, the EU has asked Poland to do more to resettle foreigners in the name of European solidarity. Some of Poland’s partners note that it has done very well out of EU membership. Now is the time to give back.

On the other, the ruling Civic Platform faces a tough challenge to be re-elected in autumn elections. It is not the only government finding it hard to stay on the right side of both the electorate and the eurocrats.


“People just don’t want immigrants here,” one senior Civic Platform politician says. “They don’t understand them, they don’t like them, and believe that their maintenance is too expensive.” As a result, the government has consistently protested against EU allocations for refugee quotas, which suggest that next year Poland should take about 1,000.

Refugees Fleeing North African Turmoil Reach Italian Island

In the spring, Civic Platform found itself under pressure from NGOs that appealed for the admission of 300 Syrian Christian families threatened with death by Islamists (but it was stressed that they were Christians, and therefore less culturally alien).

According to the UN high commissioner for refugees, Poland has pledged to accept just 100 Syrian (Christian) refugees between 2016 and 2020. 


Poland has never been a hospitable country for refugees. In 2014 the head of the office for immigration granted protection to just 732 foreigners, and refused entry to 2,000 people. Of those accepted, 115 were Syrian – although civil war in Syria has forced 4 million people to flee. About 5,500 cases were dismissed, primarily because refugees were trying to reach western Europe, particularly Germany.


The government should carry out a major educational campaign. For years no one has done this and now that a crisis has erupted associated with the wave of refugees, Polish people are completely unprepared.” Surveys show that for a majority of Poles the world’s problems should should be dealt with by someone else.

Politicians can sense this mood. It’s no accident that – according to OECD statistics – Poland was the lowest contributor of development aid in proportion to gross national income in 2014. Development assistance last year fell from 0.1% of gross national income to just 0.08%.

Rejection of Muslim refugees is NOT shameful, it's a matter of survival

Rejection of Muslim refugees is NOT shameful, it’s survival

A proposed mosque in Warsaw has stirred protests much like uprising against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque in NYC. This mosque, which received financing from Saudi Arabia, would be only the second one in Poland.

The construction of a new Muslim center in the heart of predominantly Catholic Poland has outraged activists across the country. Opponents say the mosque in Warsaw would bring antisemitism and could foster Islamic radicalism and terrorism.


OUR FAVORITE ANTI-ISLAM SWEDE on the lenient treatment given to savage Muslim immigrant rapists of Swedish girls by the courts and in the media

This is an update on the story you first saw here entitled ‘Black dick is expensive.’

Angry Foreigner





European Union head of ‘security’ says: “Radical (in other words, the real) Islam is a legitimate political force in Europe

Frederica Mogherini, not only said it she sent out a Tweet in Arabic confirming it. She also claims, “Islam is a victim” and “(Muslim) diversity is our strength.” 

And you still are not convinced that Europe and the UK will be part of the Islamic Caliphate within 30 years? ISIS is doing their happy dance about now.

h/t Martin V


MORE UK STUPIDITY: 3 Welsh teachers will show solidarity with Muslim students by fasting for 19 hours

The trio will fast in an effort to counter the exploding anti-Muslim hate wave in the UK and to show others that the Islamic community and its violent, misogynistic, anti-Christian/anti-Jewish, hateful and bigoted culture are “nothing to be afraid of.”

Nope, nothing at all

Nope, nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all

PressTV  (h/t Brenda K) “Seeing the efforts they make to study while doing Ramadan, we wanted to show we empathise and want to show that there is community support within the community here,” the teachers told WalesOnline.

“By participating in the fast, we hope to show solidarity with our Muslim students as well as those in our local community.”

"White" guilt on Ramadamadingdong

Combating “White privilege” on Ramadan

“The more we can connect with different peoples and their cultures, the better,” said Andrew Bodgin, one of the three staff members who teach at the Celtic English Academy in Cardiff.

The three teachers will fast on Friday, July 3. They will go without food or water from dawn to dusk or 19 hours to raise awareness of the Holy fasting Month of Ramadan.

The teachers will break their fast at sundown this at Cardiff’s Dar Ul-Isra mosque, where needy people including the homeless, regardless of faith, are offered three-course meal after Iftar, during the fasting month of Ramadan.


Now, Jalal Mohabbat, the Founder of Eid Celebration Committee, believes that charity acts can help battle Islamophobia in the Western communities.

During this month, adult Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, then gorge themselves all night long, as part of a religious obligation which is meant to promote self-restraint as well as spiritual values.


“Things like that, are very helpful, helping people to get to know another type of society and will always definitely help overcome Islamophobia in all kind of racist situations,” (what ‘race’ is Islam?) Jalal Mohabbat told Press TV’s UK Desk on Tuesday.

He also pointed to the fasting campaign by the Welsh teachers and called a very “beautiful” move which can lead to learning and benefiting from one another.