SLOVAKIA FOR SLOVAKS: “Muslims are always the enemy”

Thousands of Slovaks come out for anti-Muslim ‘Stop Islamization of Europe’ protest rally, dozens arrested.


RT (h/t Maria J)  At least 140 people have been arrested in Slovakia’s capital, where thousands gathered for an anti-immigration and anti-Islamization rally, according to local media reports. The march turned violent as protesters scuffled with police.

The march was organized by the Alternativna cesta group via Facebook. It was called to protest against Brussels’ proposal to tackle the influx of migrants to the EU by imposing compulsory national quotas that require EU countries to accept a specific number of new migrants, most of whom arrived in Italy or Greece.

Slovak media say the march drew thousands of protesters, while the Facebook page for the event claims that about 14,000 people took part in the rally.

The activists, who said they are against the ‘Islamization of Europe’ and migrants from the Middle East and Africa, were chanting slogans like “Slovakia to Slovaks,” “Stop Islamization in Europe; Together Against dictate of Brussels; Europe for Europeans!”

Some of the banners read “Slovakia is not Africa.”


“We have had a lot of bad experience with Muslims… This [rally] is probably the last chance to stop Muslim invasion,” one of the protesters told Ruptly.

At least 1,500 police officers maintained order during Saturday’s march. However, the event did turn violent as protesters damaged police cars and attacked spectators at a cycling race, Reuters reported.

Some participants threw stones and smoke bombs at police, Slovak Topsy website reported, adding that at least five people were injured in the clashes. Police, in turn, used tear gas against two of the protestors.

The participants of the anti-Islamization rally reportedly clashed with members of a counter-protest who were marching with placards showing a crossed out swastika.

Dozens of people have been arrested. According to Reuters, police detained at least 60 people, while local Topsy cited a law enforcement spokesperson who said that about 140 protesters had been arrested.


The European Commission (EC) is planning to resettle about 40,000 people from Italy (24,000) and Greece (16,000) in 23 EU member states within the next two years.

In May, the EC published a proposal detailing how it plans to achieve this. According to the document, Slovakia will have to host 785 new migrants, mainly of Syrian or Eritrean origin. Of this total, 471 will be resettled from Italy and 314 from Greece.

However, the decision of EC was view skeptically by Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who said that it is “a very risky endeavor.”


EVER THE VICTIM, Muslims whine about this being “the worst year in America for Muslims since 9/11″

64335648_8696526747234259568_n-viLinda Sarsour, a radical Muslim supporter of Hamas and sharia law, a representative of designated terrorist group CAIR, and other repugnant Muslim self-proclaimed ‘victims’ whine about how ‘Islamophobia’ in America is worse now than ever before.

One can only hope anti-Muslim pushback will continue to grow.




DUTCH government threatens popular anti-Islam Dutch leader, Geert Wilders, who plans to televise cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on Sat., June 20th

dutch-firebrand-stamped1Dutch MP Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party will use a political party TV broadcast to air the controversial cartoons in his slot on Saturday in order, he said, to “support the right of free speech.” Dutch authorities said Wilders’ right to airtime could be suspended for up to four years if he decides to show the cartoons.

SKY News  Under the Dutch constitution, no prior supervision is allowed of any content of a radio or television broadcast. The cartoons were entered into an anti-Islamic competition in Texas that was attacked last month. Two Muslim terrorists were shot dead during the attack on the event, at which Mr Wilders gave a speech.

Garland, Texas: Draw the prophet Muhammad Cartoon Contest

Garland, Texas Security at Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest

There are fears over the inflammatory nature of the stunt, as many Muslims find drawings of the prophet to be disrespectful or outright blasphemous. Dutch embassies are understood to have been told what measures to take if the broadcast goes ahead, as it could spark violent MUSLIM protests around the world. 


The Dutch Media Authority provides airtime to parties to make political statements, but says it only looks at what is broadcast after they are shown. Mr Wilders tried to put on an exhibition of the Mohammed caricatures at the Netherlands parliament but was turned down.

He said previously: “If we say, ‘it might be offensive, so let’s not do it,’ then we send a signal to the people who wanted to get into the event in Texas … and all their followers that it works … that we can be intimidated, that we get frightened.”

BOSH FAWSTIN (left) winner of Muhammad cartoon contest with Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller

BOSCH FAWSTIN (left) winner of Garland, Texas ‘Draw the prophet Muhammad’ cartoon contest with Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller

The winning Bosch Fawstin cartoon

The winning Bosch Fawstin cartoon


DENMARK GETS IT ‘RIGHT!’ Anti-Muslim immigration Danish People’s Party’s shocking election victory…Leftist Prime Minister concedes and resigns


In an election that turned on economic uncertainty and fierce debates over Muslim immigration, Danish voters just ousted their center-left government in a clear swing to the right that unexpectedly elevated an anti-MUSLIM immigrant, anti-EU party that had been on the margins of the country’s politics.




NY TIMES  (h/t Maria J) Polls had predicted a close race, but as the night wore on, the far-right Danish People’s Party emerged in second place over all, raising questions about the role it could play in a new government and the country’s path in the coming four years.


The outcome took even senior members of the Danish People’s Party by surprise. “It’s gone beyond my wildest expectations,” Peter Skaarup, a senior lawmaker with the party told The Local, a Danish news outlet. “I know we often fare better in these elections than the polls suggest since people often aren’t willing to admit that they vote for the Danish People’s Party, but it really does look fantastic so far.”

One of the reasons Denmark veered to the Right

One of the reasons Denmark veered to the Right

The country remains shaken by a Feb. 14 shooting rampage in Copenhagen by the 22-year-old son of Palestinian immigrants at a free-speech event and outside a synagogue that left two people dead and five police officers wounded.

Another reason why Denmark veered to the Right

Another reason why Denmark veered to the Right

Denmark had consistently ranked among the world’s happiest nations, but the flow of  MUSLIM immigrants ignited a backlash that has heightened nationalist sentiments, something that also unfolded with political upheaval in neighboring Finland — where the populist Finns Party joined the government — and to some extent in other European countries.

Another reason why Denmark veered to the Right:  Middle School students forced to visit a mosque on a school field trip

Another reason why Denmark veered to the Right: Danish Middle School students forced to visit a mosque on a school field trip

“(MUSLIM) Immigration has been a very key and decisive issue in this campaign,” Mr. Hansen said. 

The party nearlyt doubled its backing since 2011, after promising Danes tougher immigration and asylum laws. The group is also skeptical toward Denmark’s membership in the European Union and has argued in favor of border controls to defy the single market’s free movement of labor.

See more on the growing Muslim threat in DENMARK


EXCITING! Anti-Muslim immigration party, Sweden Democrats, reach record highs in popularity

A new poll from the survey firm, Sifo, shows that more Swedes than ever (22.1%) are backing the conservative Sweden Democrats. Support for the nationalist party has grown 2.2% since April, while backing for the leftist Social Democrats continues to slide.


The Local  (h/t ) It’s clear that the Sweden Democrats are benefiting from the political debate over immigration and integration,” Sifo chief pollster Toivo Sjörén told the TT news agency.

“This questions is very high on the agenda right now and other surveys have shown that one in four voters think the Sweden Democrats have the best immigration policies,” he added. The Sifo results confirm that the Sweden Democrats have taken a firm position as the country’s third strongest political force.

The Voter Monitor found that support for the Social Democrats had sunk to 25.9 percent, down from 27.4 percent in April. While that drop is not statistically significant, it does show a clear downward trend over the first part of the year. In December, the Social Democrats polled at 33.3 percent.

SWEDEN DEMOCRATS 3rd from left

SWEDEN DEMOCRATS 3rd from left

Not a surprise, considering that Sweden has become the rape capital of the West, the direct result of out-of-control Muslim immigration:

  • Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

  • Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.

  • In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.

  • The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonposten and Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they actually were Somalis without Swedish citizenship. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.


More stories/videos about the SWEDEN DEMOCRATS


AUSTRALIA: Paying off human traffickers to take Muslim illegal aliens to Indonesia is brilliant

Tony Abbott’s alleged payoffs to the people smugglers not only keep the Muslim invaders out of Australia, they save Australian taxpayers a bundle of money.

Payoffs to the captain and crew total only about $10,000 – 15,000 dollars, while the cost of housing and feeding EACH Muslim parasite reportedly costs Australia $70,000 per person, per year. Not only are the payoffs economically smart, they keep the Muslim welfare leeches, rapists, thugs, and drug traffickers off Australian soil, forwarding them to a Muslim country where they will be welcome.

ORIGINAL STORY: kudos-to-prime-minister-tony-abbott-australia-is-paying-human-traffickers-to-turn-back-their-boats-filled-with-muslim-illegal-aliens


FRANCE: TERROR AT CALAIS: Nervous Tour Bus passengers film Muslim illegal alien rioters smashing their way onto a lorry headed for the UK


Bus driver says ‘Don’t panic guys, we have locked all of the doors. Try not to panic guys.’ One of the shocked passengers asks: This is hardcore man. Do they not police this? Someone replies: ‘No.’

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Terry D) The ones who couldn’t get into the lorry, surround the bus and a burly passenger is asked to come to the front apparently to help guard the door. Behind the coach, many of the illegals began to climb over the car of a solo elderly woman which must have been very traumatic. One woman who caught some of the action on camera had to stop filming when one of the Muslim thugs sees her filming and threatens to throw a rock through the window Moments after the video ends the Muslims began to flee as French police arrived in riot gear.


DENMARK: Senior citizens become homeless because the government gives Muslim illegal aliens priority

Lillian Lorentzen’s home is a small trailer. She is 72 years old and retiree. Since February, she has not had a home – and since the end of April, she has been on a waiting list for housing at Hilleroed Municipality.


10 News  “I has worked my whole life as a nurse and raised five children. It can not be true that when you are old and suddenly have nothing to stay in, you are pushed back in line for state apartments.”

When a refugee can come in and have a home right away, and a citizen of the municipality can not, then they’re not treated equal. Denmark has  a special law that applies just to illegal alien invaders refugees and Danish citizens do not get preference in housing.


AUSTRALIA: Afghani Muslim misogynist and welfare whore claims ‘racial’ abuse after calling Centrelink worker an “Aussie bitch”

centrelink-1What ‘race’ is Islam? Qurban Ali Hussein, an Afghan illegal alien who washed up in Australia 15 years ago, allegedly abused a female staff member at a Centrelink welfare office and refused to believe she could be a manager because she was not a man.

15 years in Australia and he still behaves like a 7th Century caveman.

Qurban Ali Hussein

Qurban Ali Hussein, unemployed welfare leech

Daily Telegraph  Hussein, who had himself accused Centrelink staff of racially abusing him in a Federal Court case, yesterday denied telling the Auburn office’s boss: “No, you’re not (the manager). The manager is a man.”

The Federal Court was told Mr Hussein said words to the effect of “There is this Aussie bitch and she thinks she is a manager” and “Get the man manager” as a security guard asked him to leave the office in western Sydney.

But the 33-year-old, who came to Australia on a refugee boat from Afghanistan 15 years ago, said he had not made any comments about the Centrelink manager’s sex or called her an “Aussie bitch”. “There were a lot of witnesses but they would not give their names or testify in court,” he claimed. (Yeah, sure there were)


The Merrylands father-of-two claimed he was ordered to leave the Centrelink office because of his Hazara ethnicity and had been discriminated against. He was banned from all Centrelink offices for four months. The Commonwealth denied Centrelink staff racially abused Mr Hussein or demanded he leave because of his race or ethnicity.

The court heard Mr Hussein had asked the female staff member: “Who the fuck are you?”, to which she replied: “I am the manager of this office. “Now, Aranka (Novak) will do the form for you but she will do it in the proper way.” Mr Hussein allegedly replied: “No, fuck you, you’re not telling me what to do.”

As the exchange grew heated Mr Hussein said he was told to “piss off” and “I do not want to see your ugly Muslim face and get the fuck out of here”. He dialed triple zero and asked for the police.

Polygamy is illegal in Australia, but a Centrelink spokeswoman said it was not the welfare agency's job to police Muslim polygamy lawbreakers

Polygamy is illegal in Australia, but a Centrelink spokeswoman said it was not the welfare agency’s job to police Muslim polygamy lawbreakers

Judge Nicholas Manousaridis found staff at the Centrelink office had not breached the Racial Discrimination Act during the incident in February, 2012. But he said Mr Hussein had “every right to feel humiliated” after he was invited in error by SMS to attend the Centrelink office and then asked to leave. Mr Hussein said yesterday he planned to appeal the decision.

In 1999 he spent six months in an immigration facility at Port Hedland in Western Australia and was among the first illegal aliens to be granted a temporary protection visa.

Muslim illegal aliens arriving in Australia and heading straight for the Centrelink office

Big strapping Muslim illegal aliens arriving in Australia head straight for the Centrelink office

The married father-of-two was a truck driver before injuring his spine in a work accident and has now been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. (CRAP!)

“I feel I have been victimized again and again,” he said. “There were issues with my Centrelink payments and I kept going to the office at Merrylands over three months but they were not helping me _ it was extremely frustrating.”


Another Muslim welfare ingrate in Australia, Mohammed and his multiple wives have multiple kids, multiple homes, and multiple Centrelink welfare checks.


ARMAGEDDON? What unrestricted Muslim immigration means for the future for Europe

When interviewed, these Muslim illegal alien invaders don’t even hide the fact that they intend to live off the generous welfare policies of European taxpayers.

Then there’s the Islamic State (ISIS), looking toward Italy and Spain as their first targets for the spread of the caliphate into the EU. And don’t forget the rape epidemic, a huge problem in several EU countries with large Muslim populations where Muslim men prey on white Christian women. All this and more, coming soon to a Western nation near you with liberal Muslim immigration policies.

h/t Roni Stoker


NORTHERN ITALIAN town ordered to stop accepting Muslim illegal alien invaders because the situation is “like a bomb getting ready to go off”


The Italian president of the northern Italian region of Lombardy has said he will no longer allow any migrants to enter the region following the huge rise in Muslim illegal alien trafficking to Italy.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  In comments supported by other senior leaders in the region, Roberto Maroni, former leader of the right-wing Lega Nord, said he had told mayors and other officials in Lombardy to refuse the central government’s demand for the settling of Muslim illegal aliens in the region.

EU-Innenminister reden über Flüchtlingswelle

Maroni, who has been the region’s president since February 2013, has reinforced his demand by threatening to cut the funding to any municipalities who disobey his banning order.

Veneto regional president Luca Zaia, has already shown his support for Maroni’s views. The fellow right-wing supporter said that the Muslim invader problem was ‘like a bomb ready to go off.’


The news comes after European warships reportedly rescued up to 6,000 Muslim illegal aliens in the Mediterranean, attempting to cross into Europe over the weekend.

Maroni took to social media to get the verdict on his radical solution to the influx of Muslims arriving to Italy.


Asking whether it was right ‘that Lombardy mayors must refuse to welcome clandestine illegals’, the regional president’s statement was openly backed by many of his supporters.

According to AFP, Veneto regional president Luca Zaia supported Maroni because ‘the social tensions are absolutely crazy’ in the regions affected by massive illegal alien invasion of Italy.


Giovanni Toti, who was only recently elected president of the northern region of Liguria, was also quick to back Maroni’s hardline anti-illegal immigration stance, commenting: ‘We will not receive any more invaders.’

Similar views were expressed by mayors in southern region of Sicily, where vast numbers of illegal aliens have targeted as their gateway into Europe. 


Once the biggest opposition party in Italy,Lega Nord (meaning Northern League) has historically aimed to turn Italy into a federalist state with a tough attitude to illegal immigration.

Led by Matteo Salvini, the right-wing party made gains in recent elections, emphasizing a tough approach to illegal immigration.


Maroni’s anti-illegal immigration comments come after 1,200 Muslim invaders were rescued by HMS Bukwark at various points along the Libyan coast at the weekend.

They were plucked from nine vessels – six of them rubber dinghies – set adrift off the coast as ministers fear half a million more people are waiting to make the trip, all hoping to be rescued by the military.


As those rescued clambered aboard HMS Bulwark in the Mediterranean, many took the opportunity to disclose the harrowing journey they had faced since fleeing the country. One of those rescued said: ‘It was no problem.’ Others said they felt like they had been in hell. 

Yasin, 29, from Islamabad, Pakistan, summed up many of the Muslim illegals’ feelings. She said: ‘The Royal Navy has saved my life. I want to live in Europe because I feel safe here. 


‘Libya is very dangerous. I have lost my money I have lost my government. I don’t know what Italy can do for me so I need to see if I will stay there.’ 

Already this year, over 76,000 migrants have made the 260-mile crossing to Europe – 40,000 of them are now in Italy. Over the weekend at least 4,000 people were rescued by 11 different European vessels.