HEY, DENMARK! Have you forgotten how you stood up to the Nazis?

bow-viSo, why are you so quick to bend over for the IslamoNazis now?

Listen to the noise pollution that Danish Christians and other religious groups are forced to put up with in the streets of Copenhagen. It’s enough to make you puke. Disgusting and unconscionable. Enjoy your Muslim colonizers, Denmark, you rolled out the red prayer rug for them.





Islamic State (ISIS) threatens to flood Europe with 500,000 Muslim invaders

ISIS threatens to send 500,000 African Muslim migrants to Europe as a ‘psychological weapon’ in a chilling echo of Gaddafi’s prophecy that the Mediterranean ‘will become a sea of chaos.’ 


UK Daily Mail  Transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy claim to provide evidence that ISIS is threatening to send 500,000 migrants simultaneously out to sea in hundreds of boats in a ‘psychological weapon’ against Europe if there is military intervention against them in Libya.

Many would be at risk of drowning with rescue services unable to cope. But authorities fear that if numbers on this scale arrived, European cities could witness riots.

Separately, the militants hope to cement their control of Libya then cross the Mediterranean disguised as refugees, according to letters reported by the Telegraph.  


Muammar Gaddafi warned this would happen if he were to be deposed:

“Without Libya stopping the flood into Europe of African Muslim invaders, Europe will one day no longer be European but black as there are millions who want to come in,” Gaddafi said.

“We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions”. Hundreds of thousands of black African and Middle East Muslim refugees and migrants have reached Italian soil by boat from the North African coast, although the influx has been significantly stemmed by the Gaddafi navy.


Italian Minister for the Interior Angelino Alfano said on Monday that Libya was the ‘absolute priority’ and insisted there was ‘not a minute to lose’ for the international community. He said: ‘If the militias of the Caliphate advance faster than the decisions of the international community how can we put out the fire in Libya and stem the migration flows? We are at risk of an exodus without precedent.’

More than 170,000 migrants arrived in Italy by boat last year. Since last Friday almost 4,000 have been rescued.


The spread of militancy across Libya was predicted by the country’s deceased leader Muammar Gaddafi, who warned the Mediterranean would become ‘a sea of chaos’.  ISIS had not yet made frightening inroads into Libya when he made this chilling prophecy during his last interview in March 2011.

But the Arab Spring uprising that year sparked a civil war in Libya and opposition forces – backed by NATO – deposed Gaddafi in violent coup just five months after his ominous prediction. In October 2011, forces loyal to the country’s transitional government found the ousted leader hiding in a culvert in Sirte and killed him.


Four years later, Islamic State kidnapped 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Sirte – Gaddafi’s birthplace – before releasing gruesome footage of their beheading on the shores of the Mediterranean, just 220 miles south of Italy. In it the terrorists warned that they ‘will conquer Rome’. 

In response, Italian security chiefs have approved plans to put 4,800 soldiers on the country’s streets to help prevent terrorist attacks. The statement from the Interior Ministry said they would guard ‘sensitive sites’ until at least June and reports claim 500 will be deployed in Rome – where soldiers are already guarding diplomatic residences, synagogues and Jewish schools.   The troops are also expected to be deployed at tourist venues such as archaeological sites and monuments.


A treaty between Gaddafi and the Italian premier provided for joint boat patrols which curtailed the departure of migrant boats from Libya. But, as the Libyan despot predicted back in 2011, if the Gaddafis were brought down, Islamists would exploit the power vacuum. 

Still holding court in a Bedoin tent while holed up in the fortified citadel of Bab Al Azizya, Gaddafi warned: ‘If, instead of a stable government that guarantees security, these militias linked to Bin Laden take control, the Africans will move en mass towards Europe.’ He added: ‘The Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos.’


That very sea ran red with blood when Islamic State brutally executed 21 Egyptian Christians on its shores. Egypt retaliated furiously by launching coordinated airstrikes on ISIS targets in Libya.

The European powers were putting their own security at risk by helping the rebels, Gaddafi pointed out. He told Il Giornale, the Italian newspaper owned by his former friend Silvio Berlusconi he was saddened by the attitude of his friend. They no longer spoke.


‘I am shocked at the attitude of my European friends. They have endangered and damaged a series of great security treaties in their own interest.’ Without his harsh, but effective, regime, the entire North African Mahgreb ‘would become another Gaza,’ he claimed.

The telephone transcripts, seen by Il Messaggero newspaper claimed to provide evidence ‘that IS will use the migrants as a “psychological weapon” against countries that say they want to intervene in Libya, in particular, against Italy.’


‘As soon as our country mentioned armed intervention on Libya the jihadists suggested they let drift, bound for Italy, hundreds of boats full of migrants. The figure discussed is five hundred thousand, most of the 700,000 that are on the coast waiting to board,’ the newspaper reported. 

Following the dire threat Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi immediately backtracked from his government’s previous rhetoric saying that ‘it was not the time for military intervention’. Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said this morning that Italy does not want to embark on ‘adventures, never mind Crusades’ in Libya.


But former President Giorgio Napolitano said that the ‘biggest error’ in the post-Gaddafi’s period was the European Unions ‘lack of involvement’ in the country.

Meanwhile following direct threats on Rome, the commander of Vatican City’s 110-man Swiss Guard said his forces are ready to defend Pope Francis if ISIS attempt a strike . 




NETHERLANDS MP Geert Wilders vilifies Dutch Parliament over its “cowardly cuddling of Islam”

“A month ago, I called on this government to wake up. To recognize ISLAM as the cause of all the terror and misery in the world today.” 

Dutch MEP Geert Wilders holds press conference in London

**Some Excerpts**

I called on government to close our borders. End Islamization. Let Jihadists leave and never allow them to return to the Netherlands. Nothing changed. And the Netherlands now faces the biggest threat since World War II, the result of  incredibly dangerous political correctness. All we see are double standards, a selective indignation, a cowardly cuddling of Islam.

Meanwhile, the dhimmi government is providing extra support to Muslims in the Netherlands. As if nothing has happened. As if the problem in our country is that we have not enough Islam.  


This government is still refusing to acknowledge that Islam, this sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad, this ideology of hatred and violence, is the cause of all the misery and terror. Everyone who is critical or even dares to be critical about Islam or its so-called prophet Muhammad, depicts him in a cartoon, ridicules or insults him, signs his own death warrant. That these are not empty threats we have recently seen in Paris.

Research now reveals that there are as many as 100,000 Muslims in the Netherlands who in their faith find justification to use violence. We already knew that 80% of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands consider violence against Christians, Jews and non-believers to be OK. And that three quarters of those who leave to wage jihad are Moroccans.

Stop Islamization. Stop immigration. Stop the tsunami of asylum seekers. Do not allow the building of hate palaces, such as the Gouda mosque, anymore. Enough is enough!

Vlad Tepes


WILD BILL FOR AMERICA: “It’s time to offend Muslims, to call them out for their crimes against humanity and label everyone who supports Islam a racist”

“Don’t allow Islam to destroy this country as it has Europe.  The so-called moderate Muslims are just the other side of the Muslim throat-cutters coin.”

ONE CORRECTION BILL – You said you never heard of any Muslim rape gangs in this country as there are in Britain. Take a look:







GERMANY’S largest carnival parade cancelled due to credible threat of Islamic terrorism



DW  Northern Germany’s largest Carnival parade in the city of Braunschweig, renowned for its satirical political floats, has been called off this year because of reported terror threat that is Islamic in nature.


Braunschweig Mayor Ulrich Markurth (SPD) and parade marshal Gerhard Baller canceled the parade at short notice shortly before 11.a.m. (1000UTC) on Sunday. The spectacle had been due to begin at 12.20 p.m. local time.


Local Braunschweig police said the Karneval parade had been called off after reliable state sources became aware of a “concrete threat” of an attack with an “Islamist background.”


Police asked all visitors to not visit the planned parade route.

The “Schoduvel” parade is the largest of its kind in northern Germany which takes place on the weekend before Lent. Many cities also include satirical floats within their parades.


Earlier on Sunday, surveillance was also stepped up at Danish border entries to Germany after two people were killed and five wounded in two separate gun attacks in Denmark’s capital.


Copenhagen police confirmed later on Sunday morning that they believed the man shot dead by police was responsible for both fatal shootings – the first on Saturday evening at a cafe where controversial Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks had organized a discussion about free speech, and the second in the early hours of Sunday morning outside Copenhagen’s main synagogue.



CZECH REPUBLIC is leading the anti-Islamization movement in Eastern Europe

On the heels of several PEGIDA-like anti-Islamization protests, around a thousand people arrived in Brno to protest against Islam in the Czech Republic. 


“We decided to organize today’s event on Valentine’s Day because this holiday is not permitted in many Muslim countries. The organizers aim to prevent the construction of mosques and demand that Muslims already migrated to the Czech Republic not be allowed to follow their own laws and customs.


Event organizer for Valentine jug Dudkiewič Martin explained that in the past, Czechs, Germans and Jews lived together  in Brno without any problems, but that isn’t the case with Muslims, who seem bent on creating something evil in this city.



















73% of Muslims in France consider Islamic sharia law more important than the law of the land

And all around Europe, Muslims are doing everything they can to make sure they will be governed by sharia law, not “man-made” (as Muslims like to call it) law.


Fdesouche (h/t Susan K)  According to the result of a study of the “Social Science Center Berlin,” 70% of Belgian Muslims consider religious rules as more important than the law. “Social Science Center Berlin” surveyed 9,000 Muslims and Christians in six countries of the European Uniojn (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Austria). 1,200 people, mostly of Turkish and Moroccan origin, who consider themselves Muslim were asked about our territory.


The survey, published by the “Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies”, supported by the Dutch daily De Morgen revealed that half of Belgian Muslims are considered fundamentalists. In reaching this conclusion, the respondents answered “yes” or “no” to three statements: – Muslims must return to the roots of the faith. - There is only one interpretation of the quran. 


Every Muslim should stick to it. - Religious rules are more important than laws. The panel interviewed in Belgium and shows that the first statement collects 66% “yes”, the second and the third 82.2% 69.6%.More than half of surveyed Muslims (52.5%) answered “yes” to all three claims and are therefore considered “fundamentalists”. Only Austria has more Muslims called “fundamentalists” in terms of proportion (55.2%) than Belgium. 



Awwwww…More than 300 MUSLIM invaders likely drowned in the Mediterranean Sea before they could infiltrate Europe

At least 300 MUSLIM illegal aliens on their way to leech off the taxpayers and rape the white girls of Europe are presumed drowned after their overcrowded dinghies sank in the Mediterranean, the latest boat incident on the crossing from Africa to Europe. 



AFP  (h/t Larry A) The victims were among migrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa who had left the coast of Libya at the weekend in four small boats, the UN refugee agency said. In the last year alone, several thousand people have died trying to cross from north Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean, on what the United Nations has described as the most dangerous route in the world.

Italy intentionally has scaled back rescue missions after its EU partners refused to share running costs of around nine million euros ($10 million) a month. Well over 3,200 people have died in the last year attempting to reach Italy by boat from North Africa. Unfortunately, over 170,000 mainly Muslim parasites from the Middle East and N. Africa were landed in Italy in 2014 after being picked up by the navy, coastguard or merchant ships.



MONTREAL: El-Forkane Arabic language school kicked out because of its links to terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood

samharrisislamicfundamentalism-viGreasy looking Muslim claims the problem is “Islamophobia” and “negative Muslim stereotypes.” I guess the fact that the school had the Muslim Brotherhood terror group’s 4-fingered logo on its webpage is irrelevant?

On its website El Forkane states its mission is teaching Arabic and the fundamentals of Islam. CEGEP decided to suspend the contract after being made aware of links on the El Forkane website that led to texts claiming secular education was bad for Muslims.



UNPRECEDENTED RISE OF PEGIDA – The ‘anti-Islamization’ movement quickly spreading throughout Europe

Members of the movement of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) hold flags and banners during a PEGIDA demonstration march in Dresden


Now it’s time for a North American PEGIDA movement to gear up in the U.S. and Canada.

QZ (h/t Acharya S)  In recent months, a street movement called Pegida—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident—has emerged from nowhere in Germany, seeking to “protect Judeo-Christian culture” and halt to what it calls the spread of Islam. 

Tens of thousands turn out for PEGIDA rallies in Germany

Tens of thousands of German patiots turn out for weekly PEGIDA rallies in Germany

And now the group is spreading abroad. Pegida held its first march in Vienna and is to hold its first British rally in the city of Newcastle on Feb. 28, with more planned in the UK. Britain already has anti-Islamic groups such as the English Defence League, a small but vocal force. Only this weekend, the EDL attracted as many as 1,000 people to a march against the building of a mosque.

Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the streets of Bonn, Germany

Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the streets of Bonn, Germany

Time will tell how popular Pegida will be outside of Germany, but its rising profile is a small part of the growing shift into the mainstream of right-wing patriotic groups that would have once been shunned.

Muslims in Germany

Muslims mean trouble for Germany

Britain is also coping with the rise of the anti-Muslim immigration UK Independence Party. In France, the Front National is a more organized and established version of much the same sentiment.

In 2002, the Front National’s Marine Le Pen, who now runs the Front National, which became the most popular party in the last nationwide elections held in France and has become so prominent that she was invited to speak at the Oxford University student union last week—her speech was delayed by three hours due to protests. She even writes editorials in the New York Times now.

NO SHARIA in Europe

NO SHARIA in Europe

Marine Le Pen’s party, Front National, which under her father once considered antisemitic, now is being embraced French Jews.

I keep repeating to French Jews, who are more likely to turn to us, 'not only the National Front is not your enemy, but he is probably the best in the future shield protect you, it is at your side to defend our freedom of thought or worship facing the only true enemy, Islamic fundamentalism "

I keep repeating to French Jews, who are more likely to turn to us, ‘not only the National Front is not your enemy, but he is probably the best in the future shield protect you, it is at your side to defend our freedom of thought or worship facing the only true enemy, Islamic fundamentalism “

Even Britain’s Prince Charles, who rarely speaks on political matters, is worried about the radicalization of Muslim youths within his future kingdom. The growing acceptance of anti-Islam subject matter as part of political discourse in Europe may just be a sign of our more polarized times—similar things are happening on the far-left in Greece and Spain, for example.

Thousands of UK Muslims protesting against freedom of speech

Thousands of UK Muslims protesting against freedom of speech

But it could also mean that Europe will have to come to accept voices like Pegida in the mainstream for the foreseeable future. If nothing else, it is a test of the region’s tolerance for dissent. As Germany’s vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel suggests:

Whether you like it or not, people have a democratic right to be right-wing or nationalist. People also have a right to spread stupid ideas, such as the notion that Germany is being Islamicized. (Idiot)











SWEDISH MEDIA LIE to protect Somali Muslim gang-rapists

hqdefault2Ostentatious headlines in Aftonbladet, Expressen and other media declared that ”six Swedes,” later ”eight Swedes” had been arrested for a rough gang rape on a Finland ferry. Nya Tider is now the first newspaper to reveal that not even the white lie that the arrested Somalis are ”Swedish citizens” is right – all the detainees are Somali Muslim citizens, and of all the suspects only one has a Swedish citizenship.

Nyatider  The rapes took place on the Finland ferry Viking Amorella, which was on its way from Stockholm to Åbo. A 45-year-old woman is said have been lured into a cabin of one of the perpetrators, and then gang-raped when more people came to the the cabin.


Media, which tends to be overzealous in its eagerness to follow the paragraph of ”the ethical rules of the press” explaining that one shouldn’t emphasize the person’s ethnic origin or nationality if it ”has no significans in the context and is disrespectful”, rapidly made the interpretation that it was important to emphasize that the arrested perpetrators were Swedes.

”Six Swedish men raped woman in cabin”, Aftonbladet declared. ”Six Swedes arrested for rape on ferry”, Expressen trumpeted. Metro had the same headline but with ”Finland ferry” instead of just ”ferry”. ”Several Swedish men suspected of rape on Finland ferry”, DN’s heading read. And of course TT went along with, ”Six Swedes arrested for ferry rape”.

It seems as if the original assertion that there were six Swedes being arrested, wasn’t the invention of Swedish media but stemmed from statements made by Finnish police to Ilta-Sanomat.


Soon, however, it became clear that there weren’t any ethnic Swedes who were arrested. In social media info was posted from Swedes, who had been present on the ferry, that the perpetrators were of Somali origin. This didn’t, however, stop the offenders’ nationality to be shouted from the rooftops. ”Six Swedes” became ”eight Swedes” when more suspects were arrested at the ferry’s arrival in Sweden.

”One informant stated to Aftonbladet that the woman is said to have been lured into the cabin of one of the offenders. Once in the cabin several men joined who pushed her down on her back and pulled off her clothes. Then they raped her, according to the woman’s testimony.” Thus wrote Aftonbladet’s Richard Aschberg and Victor Stenquist on February 2. ”Already during the weekend a total of eight Swedish men were arrested, suspected of involvement in the gang rape”, they wrote in the same article.

20 muslims rape an 11-year old white girl in a public bath, Stockholm Sweden.

At that time it was already known to readers of alternative media, or net forums like Flashback, that the alleged perpetrators had names like Mohamed, Ahmed and Abdullahi. Still, however, most assumed that Swedish media hadn’t lied straight out, simply having neglected to publish the ethnicity but publishing their proper, formal nationality – that they were Somalis with Swedish citizenship.

Now Nya Tider can reveal that this is a lie. All of the four men who are currently in custody, on probable causes suspected of aggravated rape, have Somali citizenship.


When they aren’t raping Swedish women, Somali Muslims are demanding more welfare benefits and free housing.















GERMANY: Deputy Leader of populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) said that ALL immigration from Muslim countries should be stopped.

1-format530“We should no longer support immigration by people who are totally foreign to our cultural tradition, in fact we ought to block it,” Alexander Gauland told Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper (photo above).

"NO Islamization of Europe"

“NO Islamization of Europe”

The Local (h/t Rob E)  “There are cultural traditions that have a very hard time integrating here … those cultural traditions are at home in the Middle East,” Gauland said. He added that there was a danger of “parallel NO GO societies” developing in Germany “with which we won’t be able to cope with in the end.”

And he continued his push to bring AfD closer to anti-Islam movement PEGIDA by describing it as a “people’s movement” comparable with the early anti-nuclear demonstrations that helped launch the Green party. The majority of PEGIDA participants are not racists, but “completely normal people,” he said.

Upwards of 40,000 have been turning out for the anti-Islamization PEGIDA rallies

Upwards of 40,000 have been turning out for the anti-Islamization PEGIDA rallies

Gauland, a 73-year-old from Saxony, is seen as the voice of the growing nationalist-conservative wing of AfD, which originally began as a movement almost exclusively campaigning against the Euro single currency.

"Stop Multiculturalism"

“Stop Multiculturalism”

He believes that mainstream centre-right party the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will soon find itself in difficulty over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s declaration that “Islam belongs to Germany” – and that his party will be there to pick up its lost voters.

“The Chancellor’s words were deadly for ordinary CDU members”, Gauland said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag

Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag


In Canada, Muslim supremacists rule

j5wemfISLAMIC SHARIA LAW-COMPLIANT Federal Court of Canada has ruled that it is “unlawful” for Ottawa to order Muslim women who want to become citizens to remove their full face-covering headbags when taking the oath of Canadian citizenship.

The Star The federal government must immediately lift its existing ban allowing Toronto’s Zunera Ishaq to reschedule a new citizenship ceremony unless it appeals the ruling and receives the permission to suspend the order, the Federal Court said in a decision released Friday.


While it is not unusual to have government policies overturned in breach of Charter and constitutional rights, the court ruling is unusual because the decision was based on the finding that the ban mandated by the immigration minister violated the government’s own immigration laws.

“To the extent that the policy interferes with a citizenship judge’s duty to allow candidates for citizenship the greatest possible freedom in the religious solemnization or the solemn affirmation of the oath,” wrote Justice Keith M. Boswell, “it is unlawful.” Ishaq was sponsored by her husband to Canada from Pakistan in 2008 and successfully passed the citizenship test in November 2013.


She was scheduled to be sworn in at a citizenship ceremony in Scarborough two months later but decided to put it on hold after learning she would need to unveil her niqab under a ban introduced in 2011 by then-Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Her Charter challenge ensued.

Ishaq, who started wearing niqab since she was 15, had no objection to unveil herself for the purposes of her identification before taking the citizenship test. However, she objected to the requirement to remove the veil at the citizenship ceremony because it is public and unnecessary for the purposes of identity or security.


Immigration officials subsequently offered to seat her in either the front or back row and next to a woman at the ceremony, but she refused the arrangement since the citizenship judge and officers could still be male, and there could potentially be photographers at the event.

In refuting the government’s argument that the court challenge was premature because Ishaq’s scheduled ceremony had yet to happen, the court said part of the reason policies are published is so that people can know of them and organize their affairs accordingly.


“The policy in this case could be dissuading women who wear a full-face covering headbag from even applying for citizenship (And that would be BAD thing because why?). In such circumstances, a direct challenge to the policy is appropriate,” the 42-page decision said.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s spokesperson said they “will keep all available legal options open.

“New citizens are obliged to confirm their identity when taking the Oath of Citizenship‎, which is sworn or affirmed in public,” said Kevin Menard. “It is simply common sense to require removal of facial coverings or other items that hide new citizens’ mouths from view. The oath, knowledge and language tests, as well as years of residency, are among the basic requirements for joining the family of Canadian citizens.”


IRELAND: Pro-Islam, anti-free speech fascists clash with anti-Islamization protesters outside Dublin mosque

545840_254986071267218_517782720_nA group of about 12 people claiming to represent ‘Anti-Islam Ireland’ gathered outside the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland on Roebuck Road, Dublin yesterday. Unfortunately, they were met by a larger gathering of anti-racism (Islam is NOT a race) left wing fascist demonstrators, numbering between 90 and 120 people.

Ireland Protest 3

Independent (h/t Acharya S)  Anti-Islam Ireland last week used its Facebook page and another page called “Irish Voice” to declare that the protest would take place. Both pages have since been taken from public view and are only visible to Facebook users added to the group by an administrator.


Event organiser Sandra Archer said their aim was to highlight what she called the “wrongdoing of the Islamic faith across the world”. Ms Archer claimed that a larger number of protesters had gathered earlier in the day at their original meeting place, but many had been scared away by “republicans” who threatened the group with violence.

The group later claimed their “freedom of expression” was curtailed by the counter-protesters yesterday. There were a small number of scuffles between demonstrators and threats were exchanged between the two groups. An Anti-Islam Ireland poster was pulled down by pro-Islam demonstrators and torn up.

What 'race' is Islam?

What ‘race’ is Islam?

However, there was a large police presence and the event passed largely without incident. Gardaí say the Anti-Islam Ireland group asked for protection when leaving, and they were escorted away.

Members of the mosque had earlier approached anti-Islam protesters and offered them tea, coffee and dates. Head of Community Welfare Department at the Mosque Summayah Kenna said: “It is tradition in Islam to distribute dates in welcoming. (Nobody wants your filthy dates)


“We are disappointed with the protest but, of course, we always support the right to freedom of speech,” she added. (No, you don’t)

Waleed Fahmy – who is originally from Egypt, but who has been living in Ireland for the past 30 years – said he felt the views of the protesters were a long way off reflecting those of the Irish people.

He said: “Muslims here have been shown a lot of love by the Irish community.” (The Irish community will live to regret that)