SWEDEN mocks Japan for only accepting 11 asylum seekers last year

flagswedenislam-viWhile Sweden, on the other hand, is annually taking in tens of thousands of so-called asylum seekers, VIRTUALLY ALL FROM MUSLIM COUNTRIES, most of whom are nothing more than welfare parasites, and many of whom are rapists, thugs, and criminals.

The result of Muslim riots in Sweden

The result of Muslim riots in Sweden

Swedish Surveyor In 2014 Japan granted 11 people asylum. 5000 people sought asylum in the country but only 0.2% of these were granted asylum. This is new record and a monumental increase from 2013 when only 6 people were granted asylum.

Immigration officials say that the sharp increase in the number of asylum seekers is due to the attractiveness of Japan to foreign workers. Some therefore claim asylum so as to be able to stay in the country.



Sweden is also breaking records and granted 26,395 people asylum in 2013 despite having 1/13th of Japans population.

Swedish Surveyor  One of Swedens financial newspapers recently uncovered a secret group of bureaucrats who go under the name “Mottagande” (Reception). They are preparing Sweden for 400,000 asylum seekers of which 130,000 children over the next 5 years. The new Swedes will stem mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.



There are at least 4 non-elected bureaucrats in the group and who are preparing Sweden for its new population.

Max Elger works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighbourhood in Vasastan

Max Elger works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighbourhood in Vasastan

Lars Westbratt works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighborhood in Hammarby Sjöstad

Lars Westbratt works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighborhood in Hammarby Sjöstad

Erik Nilsson works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighborhood in Olovslund, Bromma

Erik Nilsson works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neighborhood in Olovslund, Bromma

Annelie Roswall Ljunggren works hard for multiculturalism. Lives in fully Swedish neigborhood in Luthagen, Uppsala

Annelie Roswall Ljunggren works hard for multiculturalism.
Lives in fully Swedish neigborhood in Luthagen, Uppsala

All economists agree that the immigration is at present a liability and costs up to 7% of the GDP/year according to Jan Tullberg, associate professor at Stockholms School of Economics.

The media and government downplay discussions of costs and rarely consider how 400,000 asylum seekers will impact different sectors of society so most taxpayers are simply unaware or fear being labeled racists or xenophobic for considering such controversial questions.

Videos below show you the joys of muslim immigration to Sweden:

More about Muslim welfare whores in SWEDEN


EUROPE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! The dark future of Europe by an expert on Islamic radicalization

maxresdefaultIn a remarkable interview given just days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, a British free speech advocate and expert on Muslim radicalization gave his worrying analysis of the coming challenges facing Europe, on Islamist colonization, and the politicians who through neglect or design have allowed it to happen.


Breitbart  George Igler, the director of the Discourse Institute, a think-tank which monitors the suppression of freedom of speech and offers support and protection to those who are persecuted for voicing controversial opinions in Europe was interviewed by American television network CBN for a new feature series called Warnings.

Focusing on the expert analysis of world leading thinkers on subjects posing challenges to the Christian West, Igler was asked to speak on the topics that, in the words of CBN senior reporter Dale Hurd: “you should be hearing from the “mainstream media” but aren’t because of its bowing and bondage to political correctness and, in some cases, cultural Marxism.


“These will be, in many cases, dark visions of the future, because Europe, if it doesn’t wake up, faces a dark future”.

Speaking on the duplicity of the European political class, Igler said the spectre of resurgent Fascism and the “far right” had been used as a smoke screen to distract people, remarking: “it’s not thanks to Philip Dewinter and Vlaams Belang [A Belgian political party that would oblige migrants to adopt local customs and culture] that the Jewish population of Antwerp is currently under guard from Belgian paratroopers, it’s the fact that Belgium has a huge Muslim population. Brussels has a 26-percent Muslim population.


“There are a lot of particularly left wing political analysts who made a lot of money in a anti-radicalisation industry saying the real thing to fear was the growth of the far-right”.

Igler later speaks of literalistic interpretations of the Koran which are becoming more common in Britain, and dominate the thinking of the Islamic State: “If you believe in the five words in Chapter (2:191) that Idolatry is worse than carnage… then you are not an equal and relevant part of Western society, you are in fact a colonist.


You are someone who has exactly the same opinions and intentions towards 21st century Europe, that Europeans had towards the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries.

“This is a reality that we are forced to live with. Somewhere, at some decision making process it has been decided up on high that my continent, and the rights and freedoms that uniquely evolved here over 3,000 years are somehow at the stage in which Islam should be allowed to moderate”.



ONE MILLION or more illegal alien Muslim invaders set to flood into Italy and the rest of Europe from Libya

Upwards of one million Muslim illegals could reach Europe from Libya amid collapsing security in the northern African country, the European Union’s border agency chief has warned. This comes close on the heels of another report which stated that ISIS had elaborate plans to send across hardliners disguised as refugees from Libya. 


IB Times  Frontex executive director Fabrice Leggeri said he expects asylum seekers’ crossings to skyrocket in 2015 and urged EU governments to ready themselves to “face a way more difficult situation than last year”. (Sink the damn boats or turn them back)

“We are told there are between 500,000 and one million migrants ready to leave from Libya,” Leggeri told Italian news agency Ansa. “We have to be aware of the risks”.


In 2014, more than 173,000 asylum-seekers were rescued in the Mediterranean after they set off from African shores on overcrowded, run-down boats in a bit to reach the Italian coast. At least 3,500 others died at sea.

Numbers have increased with human smugglers exploiting the power vacuum caused by the prolonged conflict that has engulfed Libya since the overthrow of late dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.


With the country now locked in a three-way power-struggle pitting government troops against different Islamist groups including Islamic State (Isis) affiliates, fears have been raised that extremists could mingle with the hundreds of migrants crossing by boat every week or drastically increase the number of crossings to strain EU border forces.


“We have evidence that migrants have been forcibly boarded on vessels at gunpoint,” Leggeri said. “I do not have elements to say they were terrorists but there are worries among states.”


Leggeri called for the EU to provide more funds and resources to address the migration crisis. The call came as a large Italian search and rescue operation – Mare Nostrum – was wound down in December due to high costs and internal political opposition. It was replaced by an EU operation run by Frontex and named Triton, the scope and size of which however are considerably smaller.


Earlier this week, EU officials aired the idea of launching an EU border guard operation. “We have to think much more about a common system of European border guards,” Matthias Ruete, head of the EU’s migration and home affairs office, said.

The Union migration chief Dimitris Avramopoulos added: “Frontex is not a European border guard system. If we want one, we would have to create one.”


With Muslim terrorist attacks a fact of life in Canada now, why is Canada so concerned about the rapidly growing anti-Islam movement?

Canada’s spy agency is eyeing the threat of a homegrown anti-Islam movement spreading online.

PEGIDA Quebec Facebook page



HUFFPO-Canada  The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) flagged well-known warnings of the persistent menace posed by terrorist groups al-Qaida, Hezbollah and the more violent and radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, say notes obtained through the Access to Information Act.


But under the heading Domestic Extremism, the spy service also underscored what might be the flip side of that coin — the recent development “of a Canadian online anti-Islam movement, similar to ones in Europe like PEGIDA.” CSIS characterized it as an “ongoing risk, particularly as its proponents advocate violence.” (NO, they don’t, unless you consider the anti-Islam rally below to be violent)

The Sept. 18 briefing for Blaney’s office came a little more than a month before several soldiers were killed in Canadian attacks just two days apart — murders committed by young Muslim men that authorities say were motivated by Islam. Shortly after the killings, there was vandalism of mosques in Ottawa and Cold Lake, Alta., threats against the B.C. Muslim Association, and a general increase in reports of public bullying and harassment of Muslims.


However, CSIS is likely more interested in the kind of anti-(MUSLIM) immigrant, anti-Islam sentiment that has taken root in some parts of northern Europe, even among the middle class, said Lorne Dawson, a University of Waterloo sociology professor and co-director of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society.

Peaceful anti-Islamization rallies in Germany

Peaceful anti-Islamization rallies in Germany


Anti-German Muslim riots in Germany

Violent Muslim riots in Germany

“They’re just not used to dealing with immigrants at all, let alone immigrants that are quite different,” Dawson said of Europe. “We have a much longer track record of immigration in general — waves and waves of immigrants that have come for decades.” (NOT true. They welcome all immigrants but not Muslim hordes who are coming in to leech off the welfare system, spread Islam, increase crime, rape women, and replace the native culture with Islamic laws)

Illegal alien Muslim invaders are flooding Europe

Illegal alien Muslim invaders are flooding Europe

“In Europe, it tends to attract violent individuals. So if (there’s) any chance it’s starting to take wings in Canada, then you can see why they’re concerned,” he said. “I suspect they’re just seeking due diligence to be on top of this at the earliest possible moment in light of Breivik.” (There has been NO violence at any anti-Islamization rallies in Europe)

A simple online search quickly turns up websites with Canadian domain addresses spouting anti-Islamic invective. The government’s anti-terrorism bill, to be scrutinized at a Commons committee starting next week, would give the RCMP power to seek a judge’s order to remove extremist propaganda from websites. 


CSIS faces a challenging investigative environment in which the rapid movement of people and modern communications technology has “extended the reach” of those who pose a threat and has increased the ease and speed with which they can act, the notes add. (Go after the real terrorists – Muslims – not the people who hate their violent ideology)


Did you know that 80% of Muslims in Europe live off welfare benefits?

Thanks to all you hardworking European citizens, Muslims are living nearly as well as you do, but you’re paying for it. Every now and then, Muslims show their gratitude by attacking you in your cities.

A popular Muslim scam in Europe is to divorce your wife/wives, so that the divorced wife can get free housing of her own. Then the couple moves back in together and rents out the second house.


Muslims living in Austria must use German, NO Arabic allowed

anmd1baebcc72094432After banning all foreign investment in mosques and Islamic cultural organizations, Austria has now banned the Arabic language from being used in qurans and by imams in mosques.

Shoebat  The updated “Law on Islam,” which was prepared by the coalition of the Social Democratic Party and the People’s Party, aims to regulate how Islam is managed inside the country, and includes provisions requiring imams to be able to speak German, standardizing the Quran in the German language, and banning Islamic organizations from receiving foreign funding. 

Muslims in Austria protest the new bills

Muslims in Austria protest the new bills

And Turkey’s Islamofascist president, Erdogan is outraged realizing that without reading the Quran in Arabic, Islam becomes invalid since Muslims cannot worship Allah without using the Arabic as required in the Quran. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strongly criticized Austria on Feb. 28 for approving a controversial bill that revises the status of Muslims in the European country.

Turkey will make every effort to protect Muslims in Austria, especially those of Turkish descent, from being harmed due to a controversial recently approved bill regulating Islam in the country”, Turkey’s EU minister said on Feb. 26.(How about taking them back to Turkey?)  “We cannot accept any harm to Muslims because of this law and we will make every effort to prevent such harm,” Minister Volkan Bozkır told Anadolu Agency during a visit to Finland’s capital, Helsinki.


Interestingly, the new law is being completely backed by the Catholic Church in Austria, which represents the majority religion — Catholicism — in the country.

The text of the bill aims to promote what conservative Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz called an “Islam of European character” by muting the influence of foreign Muslim nations and organizations. However, the law has generated opposition from several quarters, including Austrian Muslim groups that call it “discrimination” that imposes restrictions on Islam that other religions are not saddled with. 

It also requires the nearly 450 Muslim organisations in the country to demonstrate a “positive approach towards society and the state” in order to continue receiving official licensing.






DING DING DING! CANADIANS BEWARE! It’s a trap. Don’t fall for the PR scam “Meet a Muslim family”

“Canadians have a fear of Muslims. They don’t know them. (Oh, yes, they do) They don’t know their culture, their religion, and we want to showcase that in fact we are Canadian and just like any other Canadians,” said Khokhor. (Oh, no, you aren’t)

CBC  A Muslim organization has launched a cross-Canada outreach campaign called Meet a Muslim Family, in order to help dispel myths about the religion. The campaign was launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at mosques across Canada yesterday, including the Baitur Rahman Mosque in Delta, B.C. People can register online at www.meetamuslimfamily.com to meet people living near them and ask questions.

If any of you want to subject yourselves to this folly, be sure to ask the Muslim family about all the calls for violence against unbelievers found in the quran.


Here are a few more things you can ask them about:

* MORE THAN 25,000  deadly terror attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam in just the last ten years.  (Other religions combined for perhaps a dozen or so).

* Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had people killed for insulting him or for criticizing his religion.  This included women.  Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.

* Muhammad said in many places that he has been “ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger.”  In the last nine years of his life, he ordered no less than 65 military campaigns to do exactly that.

Muhammad inspired his men to war with the basest of motives, using captured lootsex and a gluttonous paradise as incentives.  He beheaded captivesenslaved children and raped women captured in battle.  Again, Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad. Muhammad directed Muslims to wage war on other religions and bring them under submission to Islam. 

* Muhammad directed Muslims to wage war on other religions and bring them under submission to Islam.  Within the first few decades following his death, his Arabian companions invaded and conquered Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian lands. A mere 25 years after Muhammad’s death, Muslim armies had captured land and people within the borders of over 28 modern countries outside of Saudi Arabia.


* Muslims continued their Jihad against other religions for 1400 years, checked only by the ability of non-Muslims to defend themselves.  To this day, not a week goes by that Islamic fundamentalists do not attempt to kill Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists explicitly in the name of Allah.  

* Islam is the only religion that has to retain its membership by threatening to kill anyone who leaves.  This is according to the example set by Muhammad.

* Islam teaches that non-Muslims are less than fully human.  Muhammad said that Muslims can be put to death for murder, but that a Muslim could never be put to death for killing a non-Muslim.

* The Qur’an never once speaks of Allah’s love for non-Muslims, but it speaks of Allah’s cruelty toward and hatred of non-Muslims more than 500 times.

The Religion of Peace




AUSTRALIA: Muslims threaten Senator Jacquie Lambie with beheading unless she helps introduce sharia law

The letter to Lambie warns that “you are the enemy of Islamic State, therefore, I will take the honor in beheading you.” It includes graphic images of a man having his head sliced off by a knife.


Adelaide Now (h/t Russian Bear)  Police are investigating a poison pen letter claiming that Muslim plan to behead Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie unless she helps introduce sharia law in Australia.

Her office conceded the letter could be a fake threat, linked to opponents of a new mosque in Adelaide, but said that they were taking the threat seriously and had referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police.


It claims to have been prepared by the “Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen” and makes references to plans to build a mosque in Adelaide, suggesting that the development would represent a celebration of Lindt gunman Haron Monis’s efforts to expand the Islamic State’s philosophy.

The outspoken senator, who recently called for the introduction of the death penalty for terrorists, has confirmed her staff received a letter this week.

“Do not involve the police or media, shut you f—en mouth and do as I say or else the bloodshed will worsen,” the letter says. “I swear upon Allah’s will that death will be approaching to you.”

Seen in the streets of Sydney

Seen in the streets of Sydney

Describing the contents as “disgusting” Senator Lambie said she had no plans to abandon her pursuit of tougher laws against terrorists.

“If you don’t like our Australian law or you don’t want to abide by our Australian constitution then pack your bags and do what I have already asked leave,” she said. Here is a reality check for Islamic terrorists living in Australia, we will never bow down to sharia law.”

Lambie says, “Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote, should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here”

Lambie says, “Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote, should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here”

Opponents of the proposed mosque at Greenfields yesterday distanced themselves from the letter. John Bolton, who made a deputation against the mosque being built at a Salisbury Council meeting last week, said the letter was shocking.

“My belief is there are very good arguments to why the mosque should not be built there (but) I would not be involved with, nor am I aware of, anyone who would make such statements,” he said.


A member of the Patriots Defence League of Adelaide, who did not want to be named, said he did not know of anyone who would go to such extremes and would not endorse such a horrific letter. He said he would be sceptical of the letter being created by anyone in the League but said he could not speak for everyone.

Ahmed Ahmedy of the Hazara Foundation of SA, who have proposed the mosque., said he was shocked anyone would try and link the mosque with the crimes of Monis.

This is not the first time Muslims have been demanding sharia for Australia

This is not the first time Muslims have been demanding sharia for Australia

“I don’t know what the beliefs of the people who did write the letter are but it is not an Australian belief,” he said. “Australians are broad minded and multicultural.”

SA Police Assistant Commissioner Bryan Fahy said SA Police were aware of the threat and working with Australian Federal Police.


AUSTRALIA: Fearless Councillor has her Twitter account suspended after she tweeted graphic Islamic female genital mutilation (FGM) photos to a supporter of a controversial mosque

2620779700000578-0-image-m-10_1424981872990Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman (photo right) has been outspoken against Islam in her campaign to stop a $3 million mosque development, approved by Bendigo City Council in June 2014. A mosque supporter had sent a message on Twitter to Chapman stating she hoped the mosque gets built soon.

UK Daily Mail  ‘It’s great to see someone who cares about all Bendigo residents and their religions,’ the supporter tweeted. Ms Chapman responded with the image showing five female Mulsim babies with their clitoris sliced off.


‘Oh, we could have this here too? Would you like your f**ny sliced off,’ she captioned the photo. ‘Yes. I’m opposed to female genital mutilation, child brides, inequality, women beating, all part of Quran, read it.’

Chapman’s account was suspended by Twitter on Thursday night and she now faces a meeting with City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Peter Cox next week. The tweets do not reflect the view of the council which voted to approve the development in June last year, Mr Cox told AAP.


He said he would initiate a process to address the issue of Ms Chapman’s ‘disappointing’ opinion, but would not say what that process will involve. ‘Hopefully we can discuss this in a fair manner and take it from there,’ he said.

Ms Chapman was one of two councillors who voted against approving the mosque, which would include two prayer rooms, a shop and community sports centre. The project has been the subject of vocal protests and a social media campaign from opponents, including 350 who submitted formal objections to the council.

The planning approval has been appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and hearings are ongoing. 




YES! Quebec Judge refuses to hear case of Muslim welfare queen wearing an Islamic bag on her head

Rania El-Alloul, from Kuwait, said: “What happened in court made me feel afraid. I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore.” (You never were, and never will be. Scram)


CBC  (h/t GD) A Quebec judge tells a woman appearing in her Montreal courtroom she would not hear her case until she removed her hijab. In an audio recording of the proceedings obtained by CBC News, Judge Eliana Marengo is heard telling Rania El-Alloul that the courtroom is a secular place, and that she is not suitably dressed.

When El-Alloul first appeared before Marengo, the judge asked her why she had a bag on her head. El-Alloul replied that it was because she is a Muslim. The judge told El-Alloul she had a choice: remove her headbag immediately or apply for a postponement in order to consult a lawyer. El-Alloul replied that she couldn’t afford a lawyer because she and her litter of kids live on welfare.


QUEBEC COURT backs judge who refused to hear case of Muslim woman in a headbag