HEY, FREE FOOD! Pig’s head delivered to largest mosque in Greece

Unidentified patriots left a severed swine head at the entrance of the ‘Greek – Arabic Education and Culture Center’ in Athens and painted a cross in front of the mosque section of the building along with statements allegedly insulting to Islam.

pig-head_athens_mosque En.Cihan  Correspondingly to Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIL)’s brutal and terrorist activities in the Middle East, Islamophobia started to rise again across western countries. Another baseness attack carried out against the sacred of Muslims in Athens on Friday morning.

Coming to the mosque to perform morning prayers at early hours, Greek Muslims witnessed an ugly scene – swine head and nauseous swearing insulting Islam written in front of the mosque and Islamic culture center building.

Athens-Arab-Hellenic-Centre-vandalism-2 Upon the notice, Greek police visited the scene with the crime scene investigation team. As the police completed its works, municipality workers removed the swine head and cleaned the ugly writings.

Speaking to Cihan reporter, Greek Muslim Union Head Naim Elghandour stated that this desecration and attack deeply hurt Muslim community. He also expressed his concerns about possible physical attacks against Muslims and called authorities to take necessary precautions.



Muslim supremacist sues Canadian government for not allowing her to wear a full-face covering headbag in citizenship ceremony

11A Mississauga woman has taken the federal government to court over a policy that forbids wearing the face-covering veil while taking the oath of citizenship, arguing the ban breaches her Charter rights and fails to accommodate her religious beliefs and dress code.


The Star  Banning the niqab from citizenship ceremonies is the result of former immigration minister Jason Kenney imposing his own ideology of “Canadian values” on the process, Zunera Ishaq’s lawyer, Naseem Mithoowani, told federal court Justice Keith Boswell at a hearing in Toronto on Thursday.

“The true motivation of the policy is to compel Muslim women to abandon, albeit briefly, their religious adherence,” Mithoowani said. “The failure to remove the veil is at the heart of this policy, more than being seen taking the oath . . . This is about Kenney deciding that niqab does not fit into the mode of Canadian citizens.” (It doesn’t!)

It’s the first such challenge against the niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies; if successful, it could strike down the policy. The government lawyer arguing the case said becoming a citizen is a privilege, not a right, and pointed out that Ishaq had removed her veil to get a driver’s license.

In December 2011, Kenney brought in the ban in an operational manual — rather than new legislation — in a series of measurements meant to strengthen the integrity of Canadian citizenship that also included raising the pass mark for the citizenship test and stricter residency and language requirements.

“(The) cultural tradition. . . reflects a certain view about women that we don’t accept in Canada,” Kenney, now Canada’s employment minister, said then. “We want women to be full and equal members of Canadian society, and certainly when they’re taking the citizenship oath, that’s the right place to start.”


Ishaq, who was not in court, said it has become part of her identity. In 2008, she was sponsored to Canada from Pakistan by her husband. She put her citizenship ceremony on hold in January as a result of the ban. (Hopefully Canada will put her on the next flight back to Crapistan)

“This policy was dictated by the immigration minister (Kenney) that there had to be a change, and there’s no willingness to provide any accommodation,” said Waldman.

Everyone attending a citizenship ceremony must show their face and be identified by immigration officials. While in the past these women were allowed to take the oath with face covered, Waldman said, they now must remove the scarves in public during the two minutes of oath-taking before a citizenship judge.


SWEDES being asked to welcome 100,000 more Muslim parasites, rapists, and criminals

Already suffering the devastating effects caused by massive Muslim immigration, resulting in soaring crime and welfare dependency, not to mention one of the highest rape rates (by Muslims) in the Western world, Swedes are now being asked to open their hearts to 100,000 more Muslim asylum seekers.

Ban Koran

If you haven’t already figured out why these policies are absolutely suicidal for Sweden, watch this:


Oh, BOO HOO! Toronto council ‘Muslim Baghead’ candidate’s election sign vandalized with ‘Go Back Home’

On Friday night, Ward 2 city council candidate Munira Abukar got a phone call from a supporter saying that some of her campaign signs had been kicked over and it looked like they had been vandalized.


The Star  The signs were found on the corner of Martin Grove and Dixon Rds. in Etobicoke. “We figured it was just general mischief,” she told the Star. “And then we turned over this one sign and saw an intentional and very hateful message.” The message read “go back home,” and Abukar’s face had been scribbled out in red marker. Someone had crossed off her name and written “b—-”

At about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Abukar reported the incident to the police.

Abukar said she was “disappointed and shocked” when she first read the message, but it was her parent’s reaction that upset her the most. Her mother is a refugee and her father an immigrant, and both experienced racism when they first arrived in Canada. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

“To see the heartbreak on your parent’s face … It’s hard to want to protect your child and not be able to.” Abukar isn’t very concerned about finding the person responsible for the hateful messages. Instead, she wants to create an opportunity for the city to discuss racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam, bitch?)

“I think we need to understand that there is an underlying racism in our city, and there are people who believe that just because you look different that you aren’t from Toronto.” (Unless you can prove that Islam is a race, you shouldn’t even be running for dogcatcher, let alone city council. Take the damn bag off your head, you freak)



AUSTRALIAN BAGHEAD whines: “Nobody sits next to me anymore”

Gee, I wonder why? NOT. Muslim women in Australia have reported an increase in discrimination and abuse in the wake of counter-terrorism raids in major Australian cities and the raising of the national terror alert to “high.”


Women who wear traditional Islamic headscarfs have been the targets of numerous hate attacks. Fears of Islamic extremism have led to debate about Islamic full-body veils, such as burkas, with Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and Palmer United Senator Jacqui Lambie among those calling for bans, and new rules at Parliament House prohibiting the clothing from certain areas.

The ABC spoke to five Muslim women on the streets of Sydney about what they choose to wear and their experiences in the current political and social climate. 

Manaya Chaouk, 27, social worker and mother, Guildford


“What happened to freedom of expression? Freedom of religion? We’re already a target. Now the Prime Minister is helping the bigots and bogans take their anger out on us. He’s trying to instill fear in people. (Nope, you muslims do a very good job of terrorizing people all on your own) People look [at] me the wrong way. They say silly things. I’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of stories. For any woman to be attacked, that’s not right. There’s still a lot of racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) Now the bigots have come out of hiding. I’m afraid now, I’m looking over my shoulder whenever I leave my local area. That’s wrong. I shouldn’t feel like that. No-one should feel like that.” (You’re right, and I hear there are planes leaving Australia for muslim-friendly countries every single day of the week)

Randa Jada, 32, accountant and mother, Granville


“I was born here. (Then you should dress like it) Now that all this is happening, I’ve been getting a lot of dirty looks. I find it very concerning. They’re ignorant. (No, they are finally getting educated about the threat you muslims pose to Australians) What’s their reason to hate us? (See above) No-one sits next to me anymore, people move their kids away from my kids, people don’t communicate as much. It’s sad.” (Hardly. We’ve all heard about what muslims do with little children. Do you want a list?)

Name Withheld, 33, mother and former secretary, Auburn


“I wear [the niqab] because I love it. I do this to please Allah [God]. It’s my choice. I’ve been wearing it for one and a half years now. The Prime Minister has to be very careful what he says.  (That sounds like a threat to Tony Abbott. I’m reporting you) It’s very divisive. It’s all fear-mongering. He’s ruining any chance of bringing the Muslim community and wider community together. (He’s trying to decrease the muslim community or can’t see that? Remember the boats?) Why do we get prosecuted for wearing this? We’re productive citizens of Australia. (Only if you consider sucking the government welfare teat to be ‘productive’)  For any woman who is attacked, it’s disgusting. Veil or no veil. Muslim or non-Muslim.” (“Attack” is relative. Verbal attacks by Aussies? Or Islamic beheadings by muslims? Let’s take a vote)

Maryam Ali, 56, grandmother of eight, Berala


“Everybody has got a choice. It shouldn’t be a problem what others choose to wear. I have been discriminated [against] because of my head covering. Australian culture is accepting. Let’s respect that.” (Even ‘tolerant’ Aussies can be pushed to their limit. You have exceeded that)

Hayfa Bakour, 17, student, Greenacre


[The reported targeting of Muslim women] is a bit scary. It actually makes me more scared to walk around. (I hear you can walk around Saudi Arabia with your whole face covered, but never alone) Nothing has happened to me directly. (So why are you scared?) Now my mum always says make sure you’re never alone, always leave the library with someone, with one of my girlfriends (Just like Saudi Arabia). When I was younger I thought I was lucky to live in Australia. But now hearing all these terrible stories of woman being abused is really confronting. (Definitely go to Saudi Arabia where women are never abused)


SOMALIA to NORWAY: “You take them. No, you take them…”

“No, YOU take them!” Somalia refuses to take back Somali Muslims who have been deported from Norway.muslimmencanrape

Horseed Media via RRW (h/t Susan K)  Somalia’s government has refused to receive a number of Somali refugees who were deported back from Europe, an official has confirmed. Abdullahi Gafow, Director of Immigration and Citizenship, said that six Somali nationals were ‘’illegally’’ deported back from Norway and they were denied an entry.

‘’We won’t receive any refugees who are forced or illegally deported. We have already sent them back’’ ‘’ The Norwegian government informed us that they will deport them back by force, but we also told them that we won’t accept,’’ he claimed.

Earlier this year, Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland also refused to receive Somali nationals from the Norwegian government.

Human rights and advocacy groups have voiced their concerns on deportation of Somalis seeking for asylum, saying that it represents a clear violation of international refugee conventions.

Across Europe, tens of thousands of Somalis are in legal limbo, waiting to have asylum claims processed, or under threat of return to the war-torn nation t if their applications have been rejected.

Millions of Somalis fled the country after the Central government led by former President Siyad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Most went to neighbouring African countries but large numbers sought sanctuary in Europe and America.


























Leftist UK GUARDIAN claims Muslim women become Islamic terrorists because of burqa bans as in France

No surprise, the author of this crap piece, , is a Muslim. “The general perception of young Muslims is that the majority of the French do not like them and would rather they moved elsewhere.’” (Gee, why ever would they think that?)


The Guardian  “When Muslim schoolgirls dream of jihad, society has a problem. Just look at France. Don’t underestimate the role of the burqa ban in turning teenagers into would-be terrorists.”

Teenage angst can cause all kinds of unfortunate behaviour, but when schoolgirls tell their parents they want to join the fight in Syria and Iraq, then society has a serious problem. Alarmingly, this is increasingly happening in France, as young Muslims express their desire for jihad. Worse still, an estimated 100-150 young women and girls have actually joined groups such as the self-styled Islamic State (Isis), travelling to a war zone to devote their lives to setting up a highly militarised caliphate and, if necessary, dying for the cause.

first girls expelled over head scarf

The situation has been replicated in Britain, but in smaller numbers, and women tend to be far less hateful of the country where they were often born and raised. There are no verified figures on either side of the Channel, but anecdotal evidence suggests that, in France, alienation from society is a far greater incentive to join a conflict than it is in Britain.

Thus, in June, a 14-year-old girl known as Sarah disappeared from her home in a Parisian suburb for Syria. She texted her parents, telling them to search her bedroom where, under the mattress, they found a pained letter saying she was “heading for a country where they do not prevent you from following your religion”.


Rather than a fanatical interpretation of Islamic teaching, or anger at western attacks on countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, Sarah’s motivations were based on what she regards as homegrown discrimination. This is markedly different from British jihadis, who tend to position themselves in a worldwide struggle against aggressive interference in the Muslim world.

Numerous other girls in France regularly fill social media sites with reasons why they would consider fleeing abroad. Two, aged 15 and 17, are under judicial supervision after apparently corresponding with Sarah with a view to joining her in Syria, where they would almost certainly take husbands among the French combatants already there, as well as being trained in the use of weaponry. All of the would-be women militants rally against France’s distrust of Islam, which has manifested itself in a range of discriminatory legislation.

If you are against the veil you are against Islam

If you are against the veil you are against Islam

This prejudice is exemplified by the burqa ban. Introduced in 2011 as a way of stopping a small minority of women from covering their faces in public, it provoked a vindictive debate about the place of Muslims in French society. Vengeful attacks on Muslim women became commonplace, ranging from assaults by rightwing vigilantes to people ripping veils off women’s faces as part of their “public duty”.

Politicians of both left and right have since supported a variety of measures aimed at curbing expressions of faith among about 5 million Muslims living in France. These include bans on praying in the street – a practice French Muslims are forced into because of the lack of mosques – and controls on the supply of halal meat.

Ban On Street Prayers Comes Into Effect Across France

Last year, a 15-year-old Muslim girl was expelled from school for wearing a wide headband and long skirt combination that was considered “too religious”. All conspicuous signs of religious affiliation, including Islamic headscarves, were banned from French state schools in 2004. This was in line with the secular nature of the French republic.

The National Front, a party enjoying massive electoral success, uses all these cases to campaign for an end to what it views as the Islamification of French society. As in the social media messages left by the Syria-bound girls, young Muslims speak about being abused in the street, or worse. Their general perception is that the majority of the French do not like them and would rather they moved elsewhere.


Since the laws banning headscarves and niqabs were introduced, Muslims have regularly been accused of trying to get around increasingly restrictive legislation. Many believed that the French president, François Hollande, nominally a liberal socialist, would display a more relaxed attitude to how Muslims choose to dress, but his administration is one of the most reactionary in recent history. It was Hollande who last year called for the rules in nurseries against Islamic headscarves to be toughened up and he is an enthusiastic backer of the burqa ban too.

Choice of clothing might rightly be regarded as inconsequential in the context of a terrorist movement carrying out atrocities against its western enemies but, as the French case shows, the influence of repressive and discriminatory legislation on vulnerable young minds should not be ruled out.

Two French women mock the burqa in the streets of Paris

Two French women mock the burqa in the streets of Paris


Will Austria pay the price for imposing harsh new laws on Islam created out of fear of Muslim extremism?

Is the Pope Catholic?

CNS News  Amid growing concern across Europe about the threat of spreading jihadism, Austria’s coalition government unveiled far-reaching legislation which aims to stamp out foreign influence on and funding for Austria’s Muslims and mosques, and also envisages a standardized German-language version of the Qur’an.

Muslims in Austria protest the new law

Muslims in Austria protest 

A major consequence of the law, which is due to come into effect from January, would be the rescinding of permits for scores of Turkish imams, or religious teachers, paid for by the Turkish government. Austrians of Turkish descent make up the biggest group of Muslims in the predominantly Roman Catholic country, followed by those of Bosnian background. Muslims comprise about six percent of the population.

Like those in many other European countries, Austrian authorities are deeply concerned about Islamist radicalization of Muslim citizens at home and abroad. As many as 140 Muslims who are Austrian citizens or residents are believed to be fighting with jihadist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL).

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler screamed at the Turkish Ambassador: “People are sick and tired of Islam.”

Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz said Thursday there should be no contradiction between being a devout Muslim and a proud Austrian. 

The draft bill, which aims to regulate Muslims’ rights and obligations and revises a 1912 law that officially recognized Islam, states that religious doctrines, institutions and practices must not conflict with the laws of Austria. If teaching institutions promote negative views of society or jeopardize public order, their recognition may be withdrawn.

Foreign funding of operating costs for mosques, schools and other Islamic facilities will be prohibited. As in many other European countries, Austrian officials are concerned about foreign imams who speak little of the local language, are not well-integrated into local society, and who may be spreading radical views.

A poster campaign by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) shows a blonde woman with the phrase "Too beautiful for a veil".

A poster campaign by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) shows a blonde woman with the phrase “Too beautiful for a veil”.

Imams working in Austria will be expected to have Austrian theological training so as to better connect with the local community. Religious organizations will be required to show a unified German-language version of their doctrine and religious texts, including the Qur’an.

The Qur’an proposal is potentially controversial, since Muslim scholars teach that the Qur’an – in the original Arabic – is the actual divine revelation given by Allah to Mohammed over a 23-year period in the 7th century. Translations in any other language are considered no more than approximations of the meaning, and not the Qur’an itself.


Kurz said in a recent radio interview there were “countless translations, countless interpretations” of the Qur’an, and having a uniform German translation would help to prevent extremist “misinterpretations.” (The quran IS extremist and any attempt to change it will cause Muslims to riot and kill)

Other provisions in the draft law cover issues like religious holidays, dietary matters and cemeteries. Genital mutilation is forbidden, although circumcision is expressly permitted.

The bill was drafted in consultation with two recognized Islamic bodies, the mainstream Islamic Religious Community in Austria and a body representing Alevis, a Muslim sect  viewed as heretical by Sunnis, originating in Turkey. (See Turkish president Recep Erdogan’s view of the Muslim presence in Europe below)


The Vienna daily Wiener Zeitung noted in an editorial that some of proposed new regulations, such as the ban on foreign funding, were not applicable to other religions. But as long as murderers refer to Islam at the beheading of helpless hostages, Islam is just not a religion like any other,” it said. “Every law is a child of its time.”

In response to the rise of ISIS, the Austrian government last month announced a ban on ISIS symbols, plans to revoke the citizenship of any dual citizens who join the jihad, and new rules making it harder for minors to travel outside the European Union.

Earlier this year Austrian media reported on cases of teenage girls of Bosnian origin who traveled to Syria to “marry” jihadists and then join the fight, after being radicalized by an imam at a Vienna mosque.


NETHERLANDS: Dutch Minister Geert Wilders slams Western leaders for denying that the Islamic State (ISIS) has anything to do with Islam

Everything ISIS does can be found in the teachings of the quran and other Islamic holy books. We are at war with Islam because Islam has always been at war with us. Dutch citizens are not safe in the streets because of the Islamic threat, both domestic and foreign. Our Army should man every train station. 

You boast of taking away the passports of 41 Islamic jihadists living in the Netherlands so they can’t go to Syria or Iraq. Instead,   they are in our streets, preparing to strike us in the homeland. Better to send them to Syria and Iraq but never allow them to return. Close down the borders to Muslim immigration. Islam does not belong here.

Roni Stoker


NETHERLANDS: Muslim graffiti praises ISIS, calls for all Jews to be killed


A school and various buildings in the town of Voorburg have been vandalized with pro-ISIS graffiti and with texts such as “ISIS -All Jews Will Die”.  The police assume that it is just hooliganism (Not wanting to blame the obvious culprits).

Tundra Tabloid  More walls in Voorburg daubed with anti-Jewish slogans. At a corner house on the Nicholas Beetslaan state since Sunday ‘ISIS all Jews will die. “ On the same street vans plastered with the letters ‘ISIS’ were also seen.


A little further to the side of a building at the Herman Heijermanshof the letters ‘ISIS’ followed by an Islamic State-symbol (the Nasara symbol – smiley face) which represents an ISIS takeover of Christian buildings in Iraq and Syria.


According to an older single parents keep their children at home because of the slogans. The school has begun to remove the texts. An agent has visited the director of the school.


IT FIGURES! Sweden is the first EU dhimmi nation to declare that a state that isn’t a state, is a state

swedenumma-viSweden is to become the first major European country to recognize the pretend state of Palestine. The United States and the EU are likely to strongly criticize the decision, since they maintain that an independent Palestinian state should only emerge through a negotiated process.

Recent Muslim riots in Stockholm

Recent Muslim riots in Stockholm

Haaretz  Sweden’s new center-left government will recognize the state of Palestine in a move that will make it the first major European country to take the step, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Friday. The UN General Assembly approved the de facto recognition of the sovereign state of Palestine in 2012 but the European Union and most EU countries, have yet to give official recognition.


“The conflict between Israel can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law,” Swedish PM Stefan Lofven said during his inaugural address in parliament. “A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.”

MUSLIM FUN in Sweden

MUSLIM FUN in Sweden

If the center-left government fulfills its plans, Sweden would be the first country to recognize Palestine while being a member of the European Union. The Social Democrats and Greens hold a minority of seats in parliament and the incoming center-left government is likely to be one of Sweden’s weakest for decades.

The former center-right government would not recognize Palestine as the Palestinian authorities did not control their territory.






































IRELAND: Wanna take Catholicism out of Catholic schools? Let Muslims in.

545840_254986071267218_517782720_nA Muslim ‘academic’ not only calls on Catholic schools in Ireland to allow Muslim students to wear Islamic headbags in school, he also wants the religious crests on school uniforms to be removed.

Independent (h/t Susan K)  Trinity College Muslim lecturer Dr Ali Selim said: “The headbag (hijab) for Muslims is an essential aspect of character. Depriving Muslims of the right to wear hijabs is very threatening to their identity.” (Gee, that’s funny, allowing Muslim students to attend Catholic schools is very threatening to Catholic students’ well-being)


Although there is no legal ban on the hijab in Irish schools, Dr Selim said wearing the headscarf is a “divine obligation” for Muslim girls and urged schools to be more flexible about incorporating it as part of their uniform. (“Flexible?” When I can wear a bikini on a Saudi beach, we’ll talk, maybe)

“In today’s society we need to apply a more pluralistic approach when it comes to the school uniform,” said Dr Selim, who has lived in Ireland since 1999 and formerly served as Secretary General of the Irish Council of Imams. (Show me a muslim country that doesn’t discriminate against Christians and other religious minorities, otherwise STFU)

Dr Selim, whose five children attend Catholic schools, also wants religious crests on school uniforms to be removed. “Sometimes our school uniform might have a religious identity. If I don’t believe in this religious identity does this put me in a difficult situation with regard to my faith values. In order to provide children with an inclusive educational environment these obstacles need to be removed.” (NO, it’s Muslims who need to be removed)


Dr Selim, who is also the author of a new book called Islam and Education in Ireland, also accused some Catholic schools of having discriminatory admission policies. “Admission policy . . . is a practice of discrimination in my understanding,” he said in reference to the 1998 Education Act. (It’s NOT discrimination, it’s Catholics being Catholic in Catholic schools)

However, Iona Institute director David Quinn, who attended the launch, said he had “issues” with Dr Selim’s views. He said that while Muslim parents have the right to send their children to Catholic schools, the ethos and identity of the school should not be compromised.

Mr Quinn told the Sunday Independent: “A faith school is by definition set up to mainly cater for children of the faith of the school.” There are now more than 60,000 Muslims living in Ireland, making it the fastest growing community in the country. (Huge mistake)


However, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson agreed with Dr Selim that all schools in the Republic need to be more tolerant of students from other religions. (Figures)  Archbishop Jackson also said there should be “scope for negotiation” around the wearing of uniforms that display religious crests

Atheist Ireland said Dr Selim’s version of inclusivity is “not practical”. “If he wants schools to promote specific beliefs of other groups then he should recognize that the Islamic schools should also openly respect atheism and other religious views,” said chairperson Michael Nugent.

Jesus was a Muslim?



WTF? Pope Francis meets with illegal alien Muslim survivors of Lampedusa invader boat shipwreck

These North African Muslims successfully invaded the Italian island of Lampedusa and this ignorant dhimmi Pope welcomes them? Why weren’t they sent back?

































Right Wing, Anti-Muslim Immigration parties make sweeping gains in Sweden and France

sdSWEDEN: The so-called (by leftists) extreme-right, anti-Muslim immigration Sweden Democrats have just become the country’s third largest political party after making strong gains at parliamentary elections.

EJ Press“With close to 13% of the total vote, we are now Sweden’s third biggest party,” Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson toldsupporters. The far-right party entered the Swedish parliament four years ago with 5.7 percent support. Despite the gains, the Sweden Democrats are unlikely to attain their main goal of sharply reducing immigration because all the other parties are in favor of a liberal asylum policy.


This year, Sweden expects up to 80,000 mostly Muslim asylum-seekers from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries — the highest number since 1992. The rise of the Sweden Democrats has unnerved many Swedes, who regard the party as racist despite its efforts to soften its rhetoric under Akesson.

Unfortunately, stupid, self-hating, leftist Jewish leaders are not happy about the rise of right wing parties. Ignoring the existential threat Islam poses to Jews everywhere, liberal Jews think  “The growth of parties like Sweden Democrats are a danger to the future of Europe.”


“European leaders need to deal forcefully with the challenges it faces, immigration, security, radical Islam and terror,” Dr. Kantor continued. “The answer to these challenges is not hate and racism.We need leaders who will deal with these issues, not leaving the ground fertile for populist slogans but in a meaningful and democratic manner, because it is not just the Jewish community which feels unsafe.”

images-1FRANCE: Marine Le Pen’s anti-Islamization Front National party has had an historic victory by winning its first seats in the Senate, a blow to President Holland’s Socialists.

i24 News  “This is a great victory for the FN, an absolutely historic victory,” Le Pen told AFP. “This is the first time that we return to the Senate and in such a beautiful way with two senators,” she said, referring to FN members David Rachline Var and Stephane Ravier, who were both elected. According to Le Pen, the election of Ravier and Rachline “demonstrates our dynamism, which is growing from one election to the next.”

France's far right National Front political party leader Marine Le Pen waves on stage during her speech in front of the Opera following the National Front's annual May Day rally in Paris

Just three years after France’s upper house Senate made history with its first ever swing to the left, the right has presented a new setback for Socialist President Francois Hollande.

More than 87,500 regional and local elected officials nationwide voted for their preferred candidate, six months after the Socialists suffered a drubbing in municipal polls that saw the right make significant gains.

Supporters of far right-wing French poli

France’s upper house is not chosen by universal suffrage but by a “super-electorate” of elected representatives who vote to renew roughly half of the Senate every three years.

While the Senate does not wield as much influence as the lower house National Assembly — which has the final say on voting bills through — a swing to the right comes as another blow for Hollande who has become the most unpopular president in modern French history.


France 24  The fortunes of the FN have been on the ascendent this year with the anti-immigration eurosceptic party gaining electoral ground in municipal elections and topping the European Parliament vote in May. An opinion poll this month showed that FN leader Le Pen would beat Hollande in presidential elections in 2017 in the event of a second round run-off between them.