SURPRISE! Two more Palestinian IslamoNazis arrested for attempted arson of synagogue in Germany

Five weeks following the arson of a synagogue in Wuppertal, Germany, German police have placed two more German Muslims under arrest for the crime. Security cameras managed to film three suspects, one of whom was arrested at the scene. All three suspects were described as Palestinian Muslims, according to Germany’s Die Welt.


INN  At the height of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, amid a major surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue, seriously damaging the building’s facade.

The day before the attack, a masked thug was caught on camera spraying anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of the synagogue. Police are still investigating whether there was any connection between the two incidents.

Wuppertal hit the news recently when it was revealed that extremist Muslim vigilantes were mounting Sharia patrols to enforce Islamic law (Sharia) on local residents. The men were allegedly members of Germany’s growing Salafi movement, a puritanical version of Sunni Islam adhered to by radicals from Al Qaeda to the Saudi Arabian government.


Police reportedly stopped 11 men aged between 19 and 33, and launched a criminal investigation to see if charges of illegal assembly could be brought against the perpetrators. Muslim extremists played a key role in both stoking anti-Semitic sentiment and carrying out attacks against Jews in Europe over the summer.

Jewish leaders and political officials have recently warned of a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic slogans and chants in Germany at pro-Palestinian rallies organised against Israel’s military operation in Gaza. Local Jewish leaders and German politicians have spoken out against the alarming rise in anti-Semitism in the country, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.


During one rally a Jewish man only narrowly escaped after being chased by a Muslim mob shouting to “slit the Jews’ throats“, while in Berlin a leading imam called on Muslims to “kill Zionist Jews.”

In a video taken at a the rally and posted on the website of the Tablet Magazine, hundreds of protesters can be seen chanting in German, “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight on your own”.

An imam in the German capital, Berlin, recently gave a sermon in which he expressed support for Gaza and called for “the annihilation of Jews”.

“Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews. They are no challenge for you,” he continued. “Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Shake the ground beneath their feet. Make them suffer terribly. Deflect their bullets. Disperse them. They behave tyranically all over the world and spread corruption.”


AUSTRALIAN Muslim schoolgirl turned Islamic jihadist, Amira Karroum Ali, was fighting with al-Qaeda linked Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria when she was shot, then butchered and dismembered

UnknownAMIRA Karroum Ali, the “sweet and caring’’ Sydney jihadist was armed and fighting when she was shot and butchered in Syria and is not the only Australian-born female fighter in the region. For the first time, law enforcement authorities have confirmed that a small number of Australian women have fought in Syria, not simply supported their husbands in the war zone.

In January 2014, a young Australian couple was gunned down in Aleppo by rival rebel Syrian forces. Amira Karroum and her husband Tyler Casey were devout Muslims who travelled to Syria to join the global jihad.

In January 2014, a young Australian couple was gunned down in Aleppo by rival rebel Syrian forces. Amira Karroum Ali and her husband Tyler Casey were devout Muslims who travelled to Syria to join the global jihad.

Daily Telegraph  (h/t Kenneth N)Ms Karroum Ali, a former Gold Coast private schoolgirl, who boasted on Facebook of being a “slave to Allah’’ was killed just days after arriving in Aleppo. It is believed she was lined up against a wall and shot multiple times and then dismembered. Her husband Yusuf Ali, who was born in Adelaide under the name of Tyler Casey, was a dual American-Australian citizen who had undergone al-Qaeda training overseas.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Australian Federal Police’s counter terrorism manager Neil Gaughan said Ms Karroum Ali was involved in active conflict with her husband. “That’s what we are alleging. That she was involved in the fighting with him,’’ he said. “There’s a couple of women who have gone over as fighters — shooting guns — in Syria. “They are young women. Under 21. One is dead. Amira Karroum Ali.”

Female jihadists in Syria

 Karroum Ali was one among many female jihadists fighting in Syria

Mr Gaughan said the brutal deaths of 15 Australians in the region, including Karroum Ali and her husband, underscored that the reality of war zone was different to the romanticised images online. “Once you go over there and you actually smell and taste it, it’s different,’’ he said. “Facebook and social media romanticise things. It’s just a totally different environment.’’

Ms Karroum Ali was found in a bullet-ridden house in Aleppo, Syria in January. She was involved in an al-Qaeda affiliated group known as Jabhat al-Nusra that was involved in a brutal turf war with Islamic State.

Her father, who suffered a mild heart attack when he learned of her death in January revealed this week that she was dismembered by her killers.

Her father, Mohammed Karroum, said his daughter was 'beautiful', and liked barbecues and clubbing

Her father, Mohammed Karroum, said his daughter was ‘beautiful’, and liked barbecues and clubbing

“She got shot and then they dismantle her body,’’ her father Mohammend Karroum told the 7:30 report. “They cut her body. I don’t know why they are so cruel. Her and her husband. There was a lot of bullet in her body. And they dismantled.”

It is also believed that Ms Karroum Ali was involved in running a matchmaking service for jihadists in Australia. Her husband’s mother is former Adelaide woman Kristine Hunt.

Amira Karroum Ali’s friends from school remember her beautiful smile and her bubbly personality. She was a girl who would throw her arms around mates and greet them with a hug and a kiss as she grew up a “sweet and caring” daughter on the Gold Coast beaches, where her dad ran a kebab shop along the Glitter Strip.

Karroum Ali as a schoolgirl 3rd from right

Karroum Ali as a schoolgirl 3rd from right

To the people who knew her from those days, she would have seemed the unlikeliest terrorist – they would never have thought of her as a religious martyr.

Ms Karroum is believed to have become radicalized when she moved to Sydney where her Fadl Sayadi, a convicted terrorist lived. Mr Sayadi was captured during Operation Pendennis on surveillance tapes praying for westerners to die.

“Shake the ground, you know, cause earthquakes, crack the floor beneath their feels. Allah, I ask you to swallow them in their own ground. Allah, I ask you to blow up their tanks. Allah, I ask you to drop their aircraft, to bring their planes, just drop their planes from the skies,’’ he said.


AUSTRALIA: Currumbin City Council members getting death threats for supporting proposed mosque plan


A Gold Coast City councillor says she’s been threatened with gang-rape and death over a proposed mosque, and Facebook has been protecting the identity of her tormentors.

(Maybe they were threatening to kill her career? Or to show her what Muslims do to young white girls in the UK?

Brisbane Times Chris Robbins says she has spent several weeks trying to get Facebook to reveal the identity of the creators of the “Stop the Mosque at Currumbin” page after it used a photo of her as its profile picture, claiming she was receiving money from unspecified Islamic backers, a claim she denies.

The photo was subsequently removed after Ms Robbins engaged a lawyer who threatened the social media website with defamation, but the page and user comments threatening her with violence remain. Ms Robbins said she was targeted by protesters after announcing council had received an application to build a mosque at an industrial site in Currumbin on the southern end of the Gold Coast.


“Horrific vilification, threatening all kinds of nastiness directed at me because I’d basically gone to the meeting and said council’s got an application for a mosque and we will be assessing it as we’re obliged to by law,” she said. “That essentially peeved some people who wanted me to stand up and say that at the end of the day this wouldn’t happen.”

Controversy over the proposed development has deepened after it received support at a council planning committee meeting on Wednesday. Queensland police are investigating after death threats were made against Cameron Caldwell and William Owen-Jones, two of the five councillors who approved the planning proposal.


The page published contact details for all five of the councillors after Wednesday’s meeting, calling them “traitors” and asking followers to contact them with their views.


Ms Robbins, who voted against the proposal on Wednesday, says the lack of accountability for the page’s authors is despicable and highlights how easily people can target victims through social media with little fear of consequences.

 “I’m very upset that the social media platform has taken no responsibility,” she said. “If you want to make the people who posted to take responsibility for it, Facebook won’t tell you who they are. That’s what really peeves me because I would take legal action against those people for vilifying me. “I can’t take on Facebook. I don’t have the money to take on Facebook in the USA. 

“Facebook is allowing those individuals to hide their identity and to vilify and libel and threaten people like me. That’s okay, I can handle it, but if I’m 15? This is a terrible thing.” (But you are NOT 15)

Ms Robbins, who believes there are some legitimate community concerns about the proposal, says a final decision on whether the mosque application gets approved will be judged on planning grounds and nothing else.




Muslim councillor flees Italy, claiming that death threats made her fear for her life and her children’s

Aicha Mesrar, 45, resigned from her post as local councillor for the Democratic Party in Rovereto, in the northern Trentino province, saying she feared for her children’s lives. The Moroccan-born politician, who has lived in Italy for 23 years, was the first woman to wear a Muslim headbag in the city hall. 



Independent  On announcing her resignation, however, she said: “I cannot always live under escort. I have no fear and it is not the fault of the people of Rovereto, but of some. I leave with pride, satisfied with everything I have done, what I did and what I received.” She has not said where she intends to move to. (Hopefully not to another EU country)

The threats against her have come in the form of anonymous letters. The police, who have provided special protection for councillor and her family for two years, are investigating where they may have come from. Mayor Andrea Miorandi, a political ally of Ms Mesrar, has also been threatened due to his backing for a Muslim cemetery and a mosque to be built in  the city, according to Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper.

Italy doesn't like no-casket Muslim burials

Italy doesn’t like no-casket Muslim burials

Bruno Dorigatti, the head of the provincial government, expressed his alarm at the news. “If Aicha Mesrar, an extraordinary example of commitment towards building bridges between cultures – in Rovereto and Trentino – decides to abandon her post and even leave the country, then everyone should be concerned,” he said. “If she has to give in to intimidation and anonymous threats it means that Trentino has yet to defeat the dangerous disease of  intolerance.”

But the anti-Islam Northern League, mocked Mr Dorigatti’s comments. The party’s regional secretary, Maurizio Fugatti, said: “This isn’t the impression of many people in Trentino who themselves feel discriminated against by the supply of public subsidies to Muslim foreigners. “So we won’t accept lessons about tolerance from Ms Aicha Mesrar. We don’t know why she’s leaving Trentino.

“Certainly, we won’t be lacking in foreigners like her, who’ve come to this province as guests and exploited Trentino’s social services then ungratefully stabbed Trentino’s citizens in the back.”

The city of Venice won't allow mosques so Muslims must pray in the street. 578 have drowned so far.

The city of Venice won’t allow mosques so Muslims must pray in the street. 578 have drowned so far.


AUSTRALIA: Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group flag auctioned off at a Sydney mosque

A jihadist flag used by Islamic State terrorists responsible for thousands of murders across Iraq and Syria, including the execution of two Western journalists, has been auctioned at a Sydney mosque packed with families and young children.


Daily Telegraph  (h/t Kenneth N) Disturbing footage of the sale is being shared among Australian teenagers, some of whom appear to have been radicalised by the extreme violence associated with the outlawed Islamic State, and its black and white flag featuring the Shahada.

One 15-year-old Muslim boy who posted footage of the auction to his Instagram account has since posted pictures with the black flag of jihad. In a chilling reflection of the IS campaign in Syria, another image of himself in a headscarf has a caption directed at Syria’s president: “going to kill Bashar al Assad now”.

The teen expresses extreme views on Instagram

The teen expresses extreme views on Instagram

While a Muslim community leader claimed the Shahada symbol had largely been hijacked by IS militants (CRAP), political leaders slammed the flag auction at Liverpool’s Markaz Imam Ahmad mosque and youth centre, led by Sheikh Abu Adnan Mohamad. A painting depicting the flag was also sold.

Premier Mike Baird said the state government would not tolerate any action that gave comfort to terrorists. “I note Islamic State is listed by the Commonwealth government as a terrorist organisation and that it is against the law to provide it with any support,” he said. “We expect everyone in NSW to obey the law or face the consequences. All parents and all communities need to protect young people from the insidious and corrosive effects of the radical ideologies that are causing so much suffering around the world.”

NSW MLC Fred Nile called the auction “disgraceful” and said the flag used by the Islamic State should be banned in Australia. “They fly the flag as something to be proud of — they should be ashamed of beheading people and selling women into slavery,” he said.


‘SHARIA POLICE’ – First Britain, now Germany

Sharia-zone-4X3-300x225-e13674389714641A group of radical young Islamic State supporters are now patrolling the streets of the German city Wuppertal. The ‘sharia police’ have been observed trying to stop Muslims from drinking, smoking, or gambling as well as harassing homosexuals and admonishing women for wearing short skirts or walking in public with a member of the opposite sex.

DW  Police in Wuppertal are seeking ways to stop the group of men who have been seen patrolling the area around the western city’s main train station on several evenings recently. The bearded fundamentalists have declared the sleazy nightlife area of the city of 340,000 to be a “Sharia Controlled Zone.”


The young men, who are followers of Salafism, a puritanical form of Islam, walked around the area in orange traffic safety vests with the words “Sharia police” written in English on the back. They have also been observed distributing leaflets urging people to refrain from alcohol, drugs, gambling, attending concerts, watching pornography or visiting prostitutes.

Police stopped 11 men between the ages of 19 and 33 in Wuppertal on Wednesday night and they are now being investigated to see whether charges of illegal assembly could be brought against them.










AUSTRIA: Senior citizens being thrown out of their homes to make room for (mostly Muslim) asylum seekers

Many of these pensioners can barely make ends meet as they only receive the minimum pension and housing subsidies from the government.


The 72-year-old (female) pensioner Waltraud Z. couldn’t believe her eyes when she came across this letter from Austria Homes (its shareholders are Caritas, Raika and the bishophric of St. Pölten) in her mailbox on 11 August.

“We hereby notify you that your rental contract cannot be extended as of 30/4/2015 as this flat is urgently needed to provide accommodation for asylum seekers. Salzburg Social Work is responsible for further assignment.” 

Source: Kybeline (h/t DMF)

As more and more Muslim invaders from North Africa and the Middle East continue to flood the EU, this unconscionable trend is growing:





SPAIN could be the next European country to ban the burqa


BETTER IDEA: Don’t ban burqas, ban Muslims. Spain’s Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz said the Spanish government is considering a ban on burqas as part of a packet of planned new security reforms.

The Local  Speaking at a press conference, Díaz said that a ban on burqas could be included in the final version of Spain’s draft Citizen Security Law, Spain’s 20 minutos newspaper reported. The draft bill, yet to be passed in the country’s parliament, already includes provisions banning people from hiding their faces in demonstrations, Díaz noted.


Now could be a “good moment” to look to obtain “a level of consensus” on this issue, the interior minister noted. Díaz stressed his department had no powers when it came to issues affecting the dignity of women, but could rule against the wearing of burqas and other full face veils on the grounds they made identification of people difficult.

The government of Spain’s Catalonia region on Tuesday set in motion plans for a planned law controlling  the wearing of burqas and other face-covering attire in public spaces “for reasons of public safety”. The region are pushing ahead with the move, first mooted in 2013, after the EU ruled in July that banning full face veils in public did not violate the human rights of Muslim women.

While you’re at it, how about banning praying in the street?




FRANCE: Calais under seige by illegal alien Muslim parasites demanding their “rights”

1409941372151_wps_14_Migrants_hold_banners_as_Dozens of illegal alien invaders and gangs marched through the streets of Calais demanding human rights protection, as charities warned they are being overwhelmed by the rise in numbers using it as a base to cross the channel. There is rising anger at the rising number of  mostly North African Muslim illegals flocking to Calais which has long been used as a staging post to try to reach the shores of Britain. (Where the free benefits and handouts are better than in France)

1409941298523_wps_9_Migrants_protesting_in_CaUK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J) The disorder and large influx, mainly from African countries have led the mayor and deputy mayor of Calais to make direct appeals for UK help. Pascal Froehly, a volunteer at a migrants’ charity clothes shop in Calais: ‘There was a time, two to three years ago when we served 100 people. Now we just cannot face it any longer. My assessment is that there are around 800.

‘The only people who try to help them are volunteers and they are tired. They are tired elderly, unfit and they just cannot face it any longer.’ The protest in the town saw invaders waving banners, one saying ‘where are our human rights?’ another ‘we are against eviction’.


The illegals alleged police brutality against them, with some claiming to have suffered broken hands and legs. (Then the police should shoot you and put you out of your misery like they do to horses, who actually work for a living)

In a statement signed ‘the migrant communities in Calais’, they said: ‘Migration is not a crime (But illegal alien invasion is) and each and every one of us has reasons why we had to leave our countries and our families and why we are here now. (Nobody cares. Go to one of the rich Muslim Gulf States. Nobody wants you parasites in Europe)


‘Europe is always talking about human rights and freedom but we cannot find this here. (You are not European, you have no rights, go home) ‘This is why we want to demonstrate and bring our demands on the streets.’ (Your demands? Who the hell do you think you are? Filthy, disease ridden parasites)

One illegal alien who has been in Calais for two months, said: “I’m sleeping rough in a forest at the moment and I only have one meal a day. ‘I’m always very hungry. I’m not happy here. Me and my people need food and we need shelter. It’s not good for us here. (Then go home)


‘The people of Calais do not like black people, (especially black muslim thugs). I had to come here. In my country, people were being killed, including my own brother. ‘I’m desperate.’ (Who cares? Go home and die. You are  a worthless POS)

Meanwhile more footage emerged of migrants in Calais scaling a huge security fence in a desperate bid to board ferries bound for England. A clip has emerged showing several migrants clambering up huge fences at the French port and dropping down on the other side. Several then managed to evade security officers as they tried to board – but police moved in and took them away.


Peter Cullum, head of international affairs at the Road Haulage Association, told that blocking Calais would mean another port would be lumbered with the problem.

He argued that the invaders should be stopped by the country they first enter, adding: ‘For anyone to get to Calais means the Schengen agreement is not being implemented properly. To treat the problem at the last point in the Schengen area seems perverse – and blaming us for not picking them up sooner is a nonsense.’ 


Earlier Ms Bouchart begged David Cameron to come to France and tell migrants that Britain is no El Dorado. She also repeated her threat to blockade the town’s port to make the UK change its ‘generous’ welfare and asylum policy. ‘Everyone who comes to Calais, comes because they believe they will be looked after if they get to Britain,’ said the tough-talking politician.

‘Under British rules they get free accommodation, they can work on the black market easily and they are given money. ‘For poor people from Africa this is very attractive. Britain is too soft on illegals. I demand that David Cameron comes to Calais and gives the invaders a strong message that Britain is not an El Dorado.’


Mrs Bouchart said the number of migrants in Calais was intolerable and the town was suffering alone. ‘If the UK government does not listen I will block the port. We are 75,000 people. If we all go to the port together we can block it.

Mrs Bouchart also demanded the dismantling of Britain’s border control at Calais and financial compensation for the cost to the town of the immigration crisis. She said: ‘If we move the border back to Dover you [the UK] will have to deal with the problem of illegal aliens.’


So far this year in Calais the police have stopped 7,500 invaders who were trying to reach England and it’s thought that by the end of the year 30,000 will have been found hidden in vehicles. The influx dramatically increased earlier this year when the crisis in Libya allowed migrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan to reach Europe from the North African coast. (Just as Gaddafi warned would happen if the West ousted him)

Armed gangs fight pitched battles for control of the best vantage points from which to break into trucks boarding ferries to Dover.




The issue isn’t how many Muslim illegal aliens drowned at sea trying to infiltrate Europe…

The issue is what Europe is going to do with the tens of thousands of Muslims from N. Africa and the Middle East who are flooding into Europe each year, living off welfare, and endangering the native populations.

Muammar Gaddafi warned Europe that if he was overthrown, there would be a black African Muslim exodus into Europe the likes of  which the world has never seen.