Awww…Canadian Muslim whiners upset by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s silence about anti-Muslim backlash following Islamic terrorist attacks

Once again playing the ‘victim’ card, Muslim groups are bitching that Stephen Harper hasn’t spoken out against a spike in alleged anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes’ since separate attacks by Muslim terrorists left two Canadian soldiers dead on Canadian soil.

PM Stepehn Harper: "I have more important things to worry about than Muslim feelings"i

PM Stepehn Harper: “I have more important things to worry about than Muslim feelings”

CTV News  The prime minister has not publicly uttered one word of support for Canadian Muslims following the incidents, which Harper and the RCMP have labelled acts of terrorism.

He’s remained silent despite an apparent backlash against Muslims , including the defacing of a mosque in Cold Lake, Alta., racist slurs against Muslim candidates in Toronto’s municipal election and threats against the B.C. Muslim Association.


In the latest incident, windows were smashed early Friday morning at the Assunnah Muslims Association mosque in Ottawa.


Mosque president Mohammed Mostefa believes the vandalism was “probably” in response to last week’s incidents: the hit-and-run murder of a soldier in Quebec and the killing of an honour guard at the National War Memorial by a gunman who then stormed the Parliament buildings.

In both cases, the killers were Canadian Muslims with an admiration for extremist Islamic terrorists who’ve been on a brutal rampage in Iraq and Syria.

Canada shaken by latest shooting

Muslim groups have condemned the killings and the extremist beliefs which apparently motivated them. But they say their efforts to demonstrate that most Muslims do not share those beliefs and to show solidarity with non-Muslim Canadians need to be reinforced by political leaders, particularly the prime minister.

Muslim jihadist who attacked Parliament

Muslim jihadist who attacked Canadian Parliament

When political leaders denounce Muslim extremists but don’t come to the defence of”moderate” Muslims, Mostefa said young Muslims will think: “This is my country and you don’t come to my support to stand by my side.” And that sends “the wrong message.” (No, it sends the right message – this is NOT your country, you are just squatting here, collecting welfare and breeding future jihadists!)


Mostefa’s mosque issued a statement Friday urging all elected officials, from the prime minister to municipal councillors, to denounce acts of hate against Canadian Muslims. (When Muslims stop attacking Canadians, maybe they’ll say something)

Immediately following the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Elghawaby noted that then-prime minister Jean Chretien visited a mosque “just to show Canadians that there’s no such thing as collective guilt.” (Thank goodness Stephen Harper isn’t him)

She said her group expects Harper, “as leader of our country, to speak up for the minorities that live here.” (He does, just not for muslims) “He has a responsibility to represent everyone and certainly Canadian Muslim communities are extremely worried about a backlash and I think that needs to be spoken to.” (Stop terrorizing people all over the world and there won’t be a backlash.  Be happy he doesn’t deport you)


Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said it’s “very disheartening” that Harper has not bothered to speak out against the anti-Muslim backlash. But it’s not surprising to her. “I don’t think he much likes Muslims,” Hogben said. (DING DING DING! That girl gets the prize)

Canada is a multicultural country with over 1 million Muslims, most of whom are Canadian citizens whose religion is only part of their identity, she pointed out. “I think it’s absolutely vital that the head of the country, like the prime minister, would accept that and also somehow reinforce it and reassure people.”(Maybe he’s too busy reassuring the victims of Muslim violence that he will do everything he can to prevent future terrorist attacks)


“The prime minister has been clear that our full attention is on radicalized individuals, jihadis and anyone else who seeks to harm Canada or Canadians, including Canadian Muslims.”

Far left Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, has acknowledged the concerns of Canadian Muslims more than once since the shootout on Parliament Hill. (He’s practically converted to Islam himself)

Justin Trudea praying at mosque

Justin Trudea praying at mosque

In a televised statement that night, he directly addressed “our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community,” saying that ignorant Canadian dhimmis like me know acts of violence “committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith.”

Justin Trudeau praying at mosque

Justin Trudeau praying at mosque

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair issued an open letter to the Muslim community several days after the Parliament Hill shootout, promising that New Democrats can be counted on to fight racism and “Islamophobia” and to stand up for Muslim rights. Mulcair also took to social media to denounce the vandalism at the Cold Lake mosque, issuing several tweets on the matter.




If you fell for that viral email that says ‘Japan is virtually Muslim-free,’ this will burst that bubble

In 1970, there were only 2 mosques in all of Japan, now there are over 200. The Tokyo Mosque, despite the grand Turkish design, the mosque hides between apartment blocks in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Yoyogi Uehara. 



Al-Jazeera  Construction of the current incarnation of the mosque was completed in 2000, but the mosque has a much longer history. It was in the 1930s when Japan first saw a significant resident Muslim population and the first mosques were established. The Nagoya Mosque was built in 1931 and the Kobe Mosque in 1935 by Indian-Muslim migrants. 

Tatar Muslim migrants escaping the Russian revolution made up the largest ethnic group in Japan by the 1930s and established the original Tokyo Mosque in 1938.


Hans Martin Kramer, a professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Heidelberg and an expert on religion in Japan, considers this to be the most prominent mosque in Japan, one that was “not only supported by the Japanese government, but also financed by Japanese companies, most notably Mitsubishi, and its opening ceremony was attended by dignitaries and diplomats from both Japan and the Islamic World”.

While the Tokyo Mosque does not have the same support and contacts with Japanese government and large conglomerates in contemporary times, the mosque was rebuilt using funds from the Turkish government and is both a religious venue and an ethno-cultural space hosting wedding ceremonies, fashion shows, plays, exhibitions and conferences.


Marriage and conversion

Away from the tourists, marble floors and ornate interiors in a small alley around the corner from Tokyo Mosque is Dr Musa Omer at the Yuai International School. The school is loud, unpretentious, chaotic and teeming with children. It is a Saturday and the school has activities and classes from 10am until 8pm. While the leadership at the school is looking towards offering full-time education in the near-future, it is currently limited to offering Saturday classes ranging from Islamic studies and Arabic, to karate and calligraphy.  


The school is run by the Islamic Centre of Japan (ICJ), a post-WWII Muslim institution established in 1966. Omer – an advisor to the Saudi Ambassador and who has twice served as the Sudanese Ambassador to Japan – is its acting chairman. 

On this day, Omer is preparing to marry a young couple in his small office – a Saudi man and a Japanese woman. 

In a brief interlude, the woman is asked whether this is her first introduction to Islam, and she replies that it isn’t. Her relationship with the Saudi man started online two years ago and they decided to get married. Omer, with long-established links to the Saudi embassy, was contacted to assist the couple in arranging the wedding.


As the Japanese bride converts, she joins a tiny group of Japanese Muslims. In the absence of official statistics on Muslims in Japan, demographic estimates range from between 70,000 to 120,000 Muslim residents with about 10 percent of that number being Japanese, in a country with an overall population of more than 127 million. 

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the population of foreign workers in Japan has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, and reached more than two million at the end of 2011.


Distribution of Muslims in Japan by country of origin

Distribution of Muslims in Japan by country of origin

Yoshio Sugimoto describes how the population of foreign workers, which includes Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh for example, increased in the late 1980s and early ’90s as visa waiver programmes were introduced by the Japanese government to address an ageing workforce and a shortage of labour.

Monitoring mosques

Omer, on the other hand, came to study architecture on a Japanese Embassy scholarship in 1970 after founding the Japan-Sudan Friendship Society in 1964 in Khartoum, Sudan. He speaks with pride at how Islam has grown and laid institutional foundations in Japan. 

Jihad in Japan, too

Jihad in Japan, too

Omer is an influential figure in the institutionalisation in post-WWII Japan with deep roots in the country, privileged position as a former diplomat, and contacts in the Gulf. He has helped various groups raise funds to establish mosques and institutions. Despite that, the Islamic Centre of Japan itself does not have a mosque of its own. 

Activities for children in the school, which was established in 2011, are far more important than a mosque, he says. “You can pray anywhere.” 


The ICJ has had to cut its annual spending by almost half since the early 1990s, and currently only employs one full-time staff member, down from 25, with its funds coming primarily from donations by individuals in the Gulf.

Some researchers have highlighted negative stereotypes of Islam that Muslims have been confronted with in Japan since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.


Despite the Tokyo Metropolitan Police being absolved of any wrongdoing by the Tokyo District Court in January, the UN Human Rights Committee has expressed concerns in a recent report about the systematic surveillance of Muslims and mosques in Japan.

Police stationed agents at mosques, followed individuals to their homes, obtained their names and addresses from alien registration records, and compiled databases profiling more than 70,000 individuals,” according to an article in the Asia-Pacific Journal Japan Focus. “In some cases, the police actually installed surveillance cameras at mosques and other venues.”


While Islam may not have the same footprint in Japan as other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity, knowledge of it and the Prophet Muhammad here can be traced back to the 8th century. 

Serious and sustained engagement with the Muslim world began for Japan as a part of its global outreach in the early Meiji period (1868-1890), with trade and information gathering missions sailing towards the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East.


Verifiable accounts of Muslims entering Japan can be placed in the same period with records of Indian merchants and Malay-Indian sailors working in ports in the Japanese cities of Yokohama and Kobe. 

The Tokyo Mosque, Omer, the Islamic Centre of Japan, and the children of the Islamic school are the contemporary chapter of this old and under-researched history of Islam and Japan.




Most Germans now consider the spread of Islamization as the greatest threat to Germany

imagesIn December of 2013, two new studies, one funded by the German government, found that the majority of Muslims believe that Islamic Sharia law should take precedence over the secular constitutions and laws of their European host countries.

What follows are some of the most important stories about the rise of Islam in Germany during 2013:

Young German patriots have joined the French ‘Generation Identity’ movement against Islamization and Multiculturalism

Young German patriots have joined the French ‘Generation Identity’ movement against Islamization and Multiculturalism

Gatestone Institute  In January, the Turkish-run Kuba Camii Mosque in Eschweiler, a city situated along the German-Belgian-Dutch border and about 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Cologne, for the first time began publicly calling Muslims to prayer. The Turkish imam of the Kuba Camii Mosque, Bahri Ciftci, declared his hopes that “the public prayer call will be a symbol of a tolerant, intercultural and interreligious common coexistence.”

The mosque is one of a growing number of Islamic institutions in Germany publicly calling the Muslim faithful to prayer—five times a day, seven days a week—with cries of Allahu Akbar! The eardrum-shattering prayer calls can be heard from great distances when amplified through electric loudspeakers. Critics say some German towns and cities are beginning to evoke the sounds and images of the Islamic Middle East.


On January 14, the City-State of Bremen signed a so-called state treaty with city’s 40,000-strong Muslim community. The agreement guarantees the protection of Muslim community properties, the approval of the construction of mosques with minarets and domes, the allotment of land for Muslim cemeteries, the supplying of halal food at prisons and hospitals, the recognition of three Muslim holidays, Muslim representation in state institutions and several other rights and privileges. Critics say the agreements do little to encourage Muslim integration into German society and instead will boost the growing influence of Islam in the country by encouraging the perpetuation of a Muslim parallel society.


Also in January, a court in Berlin convicted two Islamists of being members of al-Qaeda and sentenced them to a combined 15 years in prison.  At the time of their arrest, police uncovered a treasure trove of intelligence, including more than 100 al-Qaeda planning documents that described some of the terror group’s most audacious plots and a road map for future operations. Future plots include the seizing of cruise ships and carrying out other large-scale terrorist attacks in Europe.


Citing a classified government report, the daily Bild said on January 29 that more than 100 German Islamists are believed to have received paramilitary training at terrorist training camps abroad, and that half of that group had already returned to Germany. The classified report said the militants included many German converts to radical Islam who have received training from al-Qaeda on how to plan attacks as “autonomous cells” in Germany.

Anti-Islamization float in German carnival parade

Anti-Islamization float in German carnival parade

From Berlin to Dortmund to Mönchengladbach, the proliferation of mosques housed in former churches reflects the rise of Islam as the fastest growing religion in post-Christian Germany. A German-born Islamic jihadist calling himself Abu Azzam the German” threatened to attack Berlin and kill German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We want to see Obama and Merkel dead!” he sings. “Our troops are already there [in Germany], what joy. You’ll bleed, your heads will roll! … Oh Allah, give the German people what they deserve!”

Christian church surrounded by six minarets (Muslim prayer towers) with the caption: "I think the church in Germany has integrated itself very well.

Christian church surrounded by six minarets (Muslim prayer towers) with the caption: “I think the church in Germany has integrated itself very well.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich that Berlin was guilty of “a human rights violation” for insisting that Turkish immigrants who want to live in Germany must integrate and learn the German language.

In March, Germany banned three Salafist Muslim groups the Interior Ministry said wanted to overturn democracy and install a system based on Islamic Sharia law.




AUSTRALIAN Foreign Minister says, “Australians have the right to be shocked and outraged over chilling video of Muslim child jihadists-in-training being radicalized in Australia

A Muslim youth group is under investigation after a disturbing video of children as young as six calling for violence against non-Muslims and an end to Australian democracy was unearthed by 7News.

Video reveals shocking radicalisation of Australian Muslim children

Video reveals shocking radicalization of Muslim children in Australia

AU NEWS (h/t Marina)  In the video, children as young as six years old call for violent action against non-Muslims and to reject Australia and its values.

A key concern is that the boys are being radicalized to carry out violent attacks like 17-year-old school student Abdullah Elmir, the new poster boy for ISIS in Iraq.

Abdullah Elmir, 17, is the Australian-accented young Muslim who appeared in the latest ISIS video threatening Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Australia.

Abdullah Elmir, 17, is the Australian-accented young Muslim who appeared in the latest ISIS video threatening Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Australia.

Speaking to Seven’s Sunrise Foreign Minister Julie Bishop condemned the footage. “It’s an ideology that preaches hatred against the country in which they live,” Ms Bishop said.

She also said that the Federal Government will work to push through new terror legislation as early as today. “Until that passing through the parliament.. we don’t have an offence for the promotion of terrorism,” the Foreign Minister said.

A terror risk expert says it’s brainwashing, aimed at creating violent extremists. The video shows four Australian children, aged six to 13, calling for an end to our way of life.

“These are disturbing and shocking images and they do raise concerns about the welfare of the four young boys who are identified in the video,” Family and Community Services Minister Gabrielle Upton said. A group calling itself The Muslim Youth Project runs regular events for young children.

In the video of the event held on September 21 in 2013 in Lakemba, young boys rally under the banner “Soldiers of Khilafa” with a six-year-old proclaiming: “You’re never too young to be a Soldier for Khilafa.”

A chilling new video unearthed by 7News reveals young children calling an end to Australian democracy, for American President Barack Obama to ‘go to hell’ and for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be beheaded.

A chilling new video unearthed by 7News reveals young children calling an end to Australian democracy, for American President Barack Obama to ‘go to hell’ and for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be beheaded.

The children promise to die fighting to end democracy in Australia, replacing it with a Caliphate ruled by Islamic Sharia law. They also call for American President Barack Obama to ‘go to hell’, for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be beheaded and for an end to Western ideals.

“I think it’s ugly, I think it’s sickening, and I think it’s absolutely disturbing,” Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said. “It’s one thing for these peddlers of vicious hate to do that themselves, which is appalling enough, but to recruit children into such a sickening display I think appalls all Australians of all religions, rightly.”


The man leading the chant is Bilal Merhi, a senior figure in the radical group Hizb ut Tahrir. He was recently in Indonesia delivering a sermon to 200,000 people. “Yes my brothers, we will change the world to suit Islam… The Muslims living in Australia are also engaging in this struggle,” he said in a video of the sermon.

After the 2012 riot in the streets of Sydney, Merhi lead the call for Muslims to hit back with force, saying: “Those who mock you, ridicule, insult you, they will not hear our response, they will see our response.” His involvement with this national Muslim Youth group has jolted governments into action.

The group’s Facebook page proclaims democracy stands for death, corruption and slavery and to avoid non-muslims at Christmas and Easter. It has prompted the Government to take action.

“I’ve instructed my department to work very closely with the police to get to the bottom of the facts, because what we see is the welfare of these young boys being put at risk,” Minister Upton said.

Among those who registered their attendance were at least four senior members of Hizb ut Tahrir and Sheikh Haron, who is currently on bail charged with 40 counts of indecent and sexual assault.

“Ultimately you get the situation where you have young people cross the line and carry out violent activities, as has happened in Ottawa in recent days, as happened in Melbourne with the attack on the two police officers, [and] as happened with drummer Rigby in the United Kingdom,” security expert Neil Fergus said.


FRANCE: Muslim funeral home in Orléans defaced with anti-Islam graffiti

a0ccOrlans-Islamophobic-graffiti-2Saphir News reports that last Friday night racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?) vandals broke into the office of the Muslim Assistance funeral home in Orléans and defaced the walls with anti-Islam graffiti.

The graffiti featured swastikas and Celtic crosses, and a drawing of a pig’s head, accompanied by slogans such as “Islam out”, “close or die” and “dirty Arabs”. Computer equipment was stolen and a photocopier damaged.

The manager of Muslim Assistance, Abdessamad Errich, later received anonymous phone calls boasting of the attack. Last month he had been subjected to telephone threats.

The vandalism may be connected to the fact that Errich publicly opposed the recent closure of a Muslim school at La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, which was itself the object of a graffiti attack at the end of September.



SWEDEN: Socialists want to seize private homes of Swedish citizens and give them to Muslim immigrants

UnknownThe municipality must begin to expropriate Swedes houses and condominiums and give them to Muslim immigrants, according to the social worker Anders Wilhelmsson in Halmstad.

Speisa (h/t Colin W)  It’s not enough that the Swedes who live in rental units are thrown out of their homes to make way for Muslim immigrants, according Wilhelmsson, who is a social worker in the department for educational and social financial assistance.

In a letter to the municipal government, he writes that the municipality should go a step further and use the right to expropriate to seize primarily single-family homes and condominiums owned by Swedes. The homes, the municipality must then give to refugees, he says. “The whole community should join in solidarity to give received refugees housing and integration.” the letter said.

Anders Wilhelmsson says that something “radically” must be done if Halmstad municipality shall be able to provide homes for the 450 new Muslim refugees, plus their families, who is on their way to Sweden.

Voluntary is best, but something radical is needed. It says in the Constitution that expropriation may take place if it is for the public good, and I think housing and integration for these people is more important than taking land to build roads, Wilhelmsson says to Hallandsposten.


CANADA: “Shut down all mosques,” says former Hérouxville councillor

“Permanently,” adds BNI.


CJAD  One of the authors of Hérouxville’s code of conduct in 2007 is calling for all mosques across the country to be closed temporarily, in reaction to the killings of two Canadian Forces members in separate incidents in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu last week.

In an interview with the French-language TVA network, André Drouin, a councillor in the Mauricie town at the time, noted that both attackers from last week were recent converts to Islam.


“When we see what’s common with those two people…and there are others across the country…they all passed through mosques,” he says. “Maybe there’s a problem with mosques. You don’t need to be a genius to think of that.”

Among other things, the Hérouxville code of conduct forbade the stoning of women and burning them with acid. The document earned worldwide notoriety, and helped kickstart the debate in Quebec on the “reasonable accommodation” of ethnic and religious minorities, and led to the creation of the Bouchard-Taylor commission to study the issue.



Anti-Islamization Front National party in France suspends councillor who converted to Islam

front_national_logoFront National (FN) has suspended a local councillor who has converted to Islam. The 22-year-old from Noisy-le-Grand, near Paris, is accused of seeking converts for his adopted religion within the party, which campaigns against Muslim immigration and the “Islamization of France”.

 Maxence face

RFI  The FN’s Seine-Saint-Denis federation has  suspended Noisy-le-Grand councillor Maxence Buttey, who converted to Islam last July. “It’s not the question his religion but that he openly practised proselytism by sending out a video that praised Islam,” the federation’s secretary, Jordan Bartella said.

Buttey, who denies the charge, says that he sent the video, which claims to show that the Koran predicted several “scientific miracles”, (which is a lie)  to about 10 FN activists in response to the “incomprehension” that his conversion had caused in party circles.


“Islam is not jihad,” he commented, The FN has revamped its image under new leader Marine Le Pen, condemning anti-Semitism and presenting itself as a defender of France’s secular constitution against public manifestations of Islam.

Bartella says he has also taken disciplinary action against another Seine-Saint-Denis activist, Didier Labaune, who raised the matter with party officials in October, because he tipped off the press.

Labaune also insists that Buttey’s conversion is not the issue but says he is worried because the councillor is “impressionable”. “Who is to say he won’t become a terrorist?” he asked the Metronews freesheet, while another local activist, Cyril Bozonnet, insisted that “Maxence Buttey must choose between the FN and his religion.”

Buttey is to appear before the FN’s conflicts committee in November and could face expulsion from the party. (Kick his filthy muslim ass out now)



AUSTRALIA: After burqa ban was overturned, 3 men dressed in a KKK hood, biker helmet and burqa attempt to enter Parliament

On the one week anniversary of the dumping of the federal Parliament’s burqa-ban, three men in costumes have attempted to enter Parliament dressed in various controversial garb. The costumes include a KKK hood, niqab and a helmet. The three men from the group ‘Faceless’ said they wanted to see the burqa and all facial coverings banned.



NEWS AU  (h/t Bern) Just a week after the burqa ban was overturned, the trio had to identify themselves to security. “It’s fantastic that we were not allowed in,” one of them said, praising security.

According to 2GB reporter Stephanie Borys, who is at the scene, the three men were asked to take their coverings off. When they did, a black headress was revealed underneath. A large security presence, including AFP officers and parliament security have reportedly handled it well.

 The three men allegedly plan to target a bank next. When asked how it would make Muslim women feel, they said they “couldn’t care less”, and wanted all burqas banned, full stop.

“It seems that you’re allowed to wear a full face covering into Parliament if you’re a Muslim woman but no other group is allowed to have that same privilege,” Sergio Redegalli said, wearing the KKK outfit.

Their head coverings were confiscated by security and handed back on departure. The next time another group is asked to identify themselves at a security point “it may be too late,” he added. “They’re already in Parliament.

“No one should be walking up the public forecourt or in the public domain hidden from sight.” The burqa should be banned for security and cultural reasons, the group argued.

Protestors say they weren’t allowed to wear niqab inside Parliament because they aren’t Muslim women. Media unable to witness security check.

After passing security and entering the Marble Foyer of Parliament House the trio left. “The reason we didn’t go any further was there is a memorial for Gough Whitlam. “The last thing we wanted to do was to interrupt that, there’s just certain things you don’t cross.”

 Mr Redegalli said he has always been a voting Liberal. “They’re going to choke in there when they hear that.”


ITALIAN WOMAN demands an end to the Muslim invasion of Italy

She says Muslims are a cancer to civilization, ALL civilizations. Muslims have been allowed to enter Italy without our permission. There are 1400 hidden mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorists who fight in Syria with ISIS, who oppress women. Send them back where they came from.

Stop the silence. Stop the burqas. Stop the Muslims. 

Vlad Tepes h/t Maria J


DANISH Army veteran threatened with beheading by Muslims in the streets of Copenhagen

A spokesman for Danish vets as well as a decorated veteran himself, former member of the Royal Danish Army, Benjamin Olsen Yeh, was threatened on the streets of Copenhagen with having his throat cut by two Middle Eastern men, ostensibly for his “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker.

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

The Danish veteran and stickers on his car

Examiner  The recipient of the bronze degree of the Nordic Blue Berets Medal of Honour, it was reported in the Danish language media that as Yeh was driving to pick up his daughter, the two men drove up next to him and started yelling and screaming “Not done yet,” the unidentified individuals athreatened the former soldier, and said  “I’ll find you. Just wait until I find you.”

Apparently incensed with his patriotic patch adorning the rear window, the Muslim duo took it up a notch be threatening to murder Yeh as well as his friends. One of them yelled, “Why don’t you remove the sticker? I swear I’ll cut your throat and your friends’!” Then they spat on Yeh’s car.

Denmark is home to approximately 270,000 Muslims, who compromise 4.8 percent of the citizenry out of a population of 5.6 million.

Muslims in Denmark  burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans

Muslims in Denmark burn the Danish flag on National Flag Day for deployed soldiers and veterans


MADE IN FRANCE: A ‘halal’ test to check for pork content in food

How about a ‘halal’ test to check how much pain and suffering animals experience when being slaughtered by Muslims? Or how about a ‘jihad’ test to check for terrorist content in Muslims?


The Local  A French company has developed a so-called “Halal test” which will allow Muslim consumers to detect, within a matter minutes, the presence of pork or alcohol in food.

Priced at €6,90 each or €125 for a packet of 25, a device, simply called “Halal test”, is designed for use by Muslims who, under the dietary requirements of their religion are forbidden from consuming pork and alcohol, Le Nouvel Observateur reported.


In a similar style to a pregnancy test, the device consists of a strip which the consumer must put into a glass of warm water containing a sample of food. After a few minutes, the test will then show one of two options: either a single bar for a negative test or two bars for a positive one, which means there is alcohol or pork present.

The test was created by the company Capital Biotech, founded by Franco-Algerian duo Abderrahmane Chaoui, a graduate in business and entrepreneur Jean-François Julien. While no test currently exists which allows Muslims to verify if food really is Halal – i.e. it contains meat from an animal slaughtered according to Islamic ritual, Chaoui, 25, says the test is important to confirm “the absence of food products forbidden by the Koran”.


The tests will be especially helpful to Muslims when buying unlabelled food, the Algerian born Chaoui said. “While travelling, if you go to a restaurant or order a meal to takeaway, the products aren’t always labelled,” he said.

The entrepreneurs are tapping into a potentially lucrative market. With France home to around six millions Muslims, the market for Halal food is estimated to be worth €5.5 billion a year.

Nevertheless, the business partners are optimistic that they will be able to one day create a test that will be able to determine how an animal was slaughtered based on the oxygenation of the blood. Although Halal is a term normally applied to raw meat products, it can also refer to cooked meals, drinks, sweets and even cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Food falsely labelled as Halal has been at the centre of some scandals in France in recent years. (A MUCH bigger problem is barbarically-slaughtered halal food NOT being labeled as ‘halal’ and pork products being eliminated in schools and restaurants that serve non-Muslim clientele) 

halal-8 muslims-force-subway-chain-to-remove-pork-in-over-200-stores-sharia-law

In January 2011 poultry sausages labelled as Halal from the company Knacki Herta were removed from supermarket shelves after tests revealed the presence of pork.

In deed the issue of Halal food has long been a contentious issue in France, with far right politicians repeatedly calling for public canteens not to serve Halal food and some conservative figures following suit.


Before the 2012 presidential election Nicolas Sarkozy, under pressure not to lose voters to the far-right National Front party jumped on the issue of Halal, saying that there should not be “alternative” meat options in school canteens.

In March 2013, The Local reported how Muslim parents in the south-western town of Arveyres were outraged when their children’s school announced that the canteen would no longer be serving a substitute for pork. More recently in July this year, a controversial ruling that ordered a French prison to serve up halal meals to inmates was overturned by a court in Lyon.



ITALY: Massive anti-Muslim illegal alien rally

It is NOT an anti-immigration rally, it is a protest against Muslim illegal alien immigration forced on Italy by the EU. Time to stop all Muslim immigration. Time to get out of the EU which is destroying Western civilization by flooding EU countries with Muslim legal and illegal invaders.

RT  (h/t Maria J) Thousands of people took to the streets of Milan on Saturday as anti-Muslim immigration demonstrators from the right-wing Lega Nord party were confronted by an anti-racism rally. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Crowds of Lega Nord (Northern League) supporters joined the party leaders, carrying “Stop Invasion” banners. The protest was aimed against illegal Muslim immigration and the Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) operation – a special search and rescue program launched in Italy last year to save Muslim invaders lost at sea.


PARIS: Muslim woman thrown out of opera house after she refused to take the bag off her head

Even France’s ‘Socialist’ government today thinks it necessary to toughen up its anti Muslim face-covering law after a veiled Muslim woman was ejected from a major Paris opera house.


UK Daily Mail (h/t David Y)  In an incident which has divided opinion in the city’s liberal arts community, cast members performing La Traviata ‘objected strongly’ to the presence of a woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil. A singer spotted her in the front row during the second act,’ said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, director of the Bastille Opera, which was opened by Socialist president Francois Mitterand in 1989.

‘Some performers said they didn’t want to sing,’ said Mr Thiellay, who confirmed that she was kicked out. There has been a ban on Muslims covering their face in public in France since the introduction of a law in 2011.

Muslim women living in state-funded housing estates on the outskirts of major cities like Paris are regularly criminalized with a fine, but this is the first incident of someone being ejected from an artistic venue.  So far unnamed, she is believed to be a well-off woman from a Gulf State, and was attending the performance with a friend. 

Muslim woman shows media the fine she was forced to pay for looking/acting like a freak

Muslim woman shows media the fine she was forced to pay for looking/acting like a freak

Referring to a security guard, Mr Thiellay said: ‘He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the auditorium. ‘The man asked the woman to get up, they left. It was unpleasant getting her to leave. ‘But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,’

But other leftist opera lovers in a city historically renowned for its tolerance were less impressed. ‘What possible harm could a woman sitting quietly in the audience with face covered do to anyone?’ said Guy Laurent, a regular at the Bastille Opera. (Can everyone say bomb? It wouldn’t be the first time a suicide bomber disguised himself in a burqa)


‘The woman would clearly have felt utterly humiliated by what happened – French culture should be more tolerant. (Too bad, Muslim women have no business being in France in the first place)

The incident happened on October 3, but it is only now that it is becoming a national polemic. Technically the woman now faces a fine of just over £180, although there is not thought to have been any police involvement.

The woman and her friend were not refunded any of their ticket price.