PHILIPPINES: Illegal spectator sport of ‘Stallions fighting to the death’ continues in Muslim area of Mindanao

250px-Ph_locator_armmStallion fighting has been illegal in the Philippines since 1998 but these horses were pictured yesterday, brutally fighting as hundreds of local onlookers cheered the animals on and enjoyed the show. The pictures were taken in T’boli, in the south of the Philippines where the villagers were watching a blood bath in honour of the annual Seslong Festival which celebrates local culture.


The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao  is the region, located in the Mindanao island group of the Philippines, that is composed of predominantly five Muslim provinces, namely:Basilan (except Isabela City), Lanao del SurMaguindanaoSulu and Tawi-Tawi. It is the only region that has its own government.


Mindanao is the second-largest and the most southerly island, with a very different feel from the rest of the country. A variety of Muslim ethnic groups live here. The Philippine Muslim communities have a distinct religion and secular practice, culture and tradition (which explains their ability to bet on the stallion fights.

Muslim phones webWhat are the 13 Muslim tribes in Mindanao?

♦ Maranao 
♦ T’boli or Tiboli 
♦ Tausug 
♦ Badyao 
♦ Subanen 
♦ Cuyunon 
♦ Bagobo 
♦ Yakan

UK Daily Mail  Horse Fighting brings out the crowds in Mindanao, where stallions are whipped up into a frenzy of sexual rivalry by a mare in heat, and then forced to fight to the death.


Not only is the sport wheeled out in front of hundreds, despite its illegal nature, it is also even advertised on local tourism websites. The sport involves two stallions fighting over a mare on heat. The battle continues until one of the stallions gives up or one of the horses is killed.


Villagers then place bets on which horse they think is more likely to win. The mare meanwhile is ties to a rope in the middle of the ring, defenceless as the males fight over her.

THE OPINIONATOR  Last February I wrote a post titled Muslim Run Dogfighting Becoming Rampant in the UK- I began the blog with the statement: “As far as I am concerned there is little more despicable than dog fighting.” Well horse fighting to the death - conducted on the Phillipine Island of Mindanao - by Muslims in the name of “fun” & also as a source of gambling -is equally if not more despicable.

Hundreds crowded into the local T’boli ring last weekend to witness the blood bath where punters placed bets on which horse they thought would win.




Illegal Sport Of Horse Fighting Features At Southern Philippines Festival

Illegal Sport Of Horse Fighting Features At Southern Philippines Festival

Illegal Sport Of Horse Fighting Features At Southern Philippines Festival

Illegal Sport Of Horse Fighting Features At Southern Philippines Festival



SAUDI ARABIA quickly responds to soccer ball threat

Arabic media are reporting that a ‘dangerous’ soccer ball has been confiscated by Saudi authorities from a shop in Dammam.


Elder of Ziyon  The Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry responded quickly on Sunday to a citizen complaint via Twitter about the sale of balls bearing the six-pointed star that symbolizes the flag of Israel. Teams from the Inspection and Control division at the Ministry confiscated the balls from the store located in Dammam. 

Activists thanked the ministry for responding so quickly to what must apparently have been considered a threat to public mental health. They are continuing their investigation of how such a horrendous thing could have happened. 

Well, after all, everyone knows that soccer is a Zionist plot to distract Muslims.


MORE MUSLIM LOGIC 101: Superman is a Jew!

Muslims think Jews created Hollywood Superheroes like Superman and Batman in order to advance their goal of world domination, by taking over the greatest superpower on earth (USA) and controlling all aspects of its daily life which they do with movies and TV.

Sounds like an updated Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: 2014 edition.



PHILIPPINES: Three Muslim brothers butcher their mother in a ritual killing before eating her organs


The three brothers, Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and Ibrahim, 18, who ate parts of their mother raw, are of the Moro indigenous ethnic Muslim race.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Michael J) Neighbors reported hearing strange noises coming from the family home for days before the body of Musala Amil, 56, was found in Ampatuan, Philippines. Police discovered the badly mutilated body with several parts missing, drained of blood. Brothers Dante, 35, Paroy, 21, and the youngest Ibrahim, 18, all deny killing their mother.

They said they had been trying to drive away an illness they believed was brought on by a bad spirit. Officials investigating events leading to the gory discovery said the ritual killing happened last Wednesday.


All three suspects reside in a family farm at Purok Nabadtog in Barangay Kamasi in Ampatuan. Community leaders said the three men killed their mother and feasted on parts of her body as if they were wild animals.

The Muslim village drew notoriety for the 2009 massacre of 58 people.



Saudi blogger may get a death penalty for apostasy added to his 7-year jail sentence for insulting Islam

Saudi blogger and activist, Raif Badawi, currently serving a 7-year prison term for ‘insulting Islam’ may soon appear in a higher court on charges of apostasy. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to death.

Raif Badawi

Raif Badawi

RT  Bringing Badawi back to court to face graver charges was recommended by a judge in Saudi Arabia, the activist’s wife, Ensaf Haidar, told CNN on Wednesday. The news has caused an uproar in social media.

Raif Badawi is the founder of the Free Saudi Liberals website, created in 2008 to discuss the role of religion in Saudi Arabia freely. Badawi’s persecution for what was described as “insulting Islam” started the same year the site was set up. The blogger then fled the country to escape arrest. He returned when the charges against him were dropped, but was eventually jailed in June 2012.

In July this year, a criminal court in Jeddah found the man guilty of insulting Islam through his online forum and of violating Saudi Arabia’s anti-cybercrime law. Badawi was sentenced to 600 lashes and 7 years in prison.

Badawi’s possible retrial is the latest episode in the country’s crackdown on dissent. Four members of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) were jailed in 2013. In the most recent case in December, 24-year-old Omar al-Saed was sentenced to four years in prison and 300 lashes after calling for political reform. 





What is it about Muslim men and their penchant for raping unconscious, dead, and dying women?

SPAIN: Investigation officers of the Inca Guardia Civil arrested a 38-year-old Moroccan Muslim man accused of raping an unconscious 19-year old girl in a pub in Inca. And what was a Muslim doing in a bar?





IslamvsEurope  Recently, a young girl who lives in the neighbourhood was in the Bar Studi having a few beers. Then she started to feel unwell. For that reason the owner of the establishment had her lie down on a couch that was in one of the adjacent rooms and went on serving drinks to the rest of the customers, while he kept watch on the girl regularly. Thinking it was just a faintness, he decided not to alert an ambulance.

Kosovo Beer Fest 3The girl then lapsed into unconsciousness and remembers nothing of what happened, according to the Guardia Civil. At a certain moment, the owner of the bar noticed that there were six men in the bar, all of them of Moroccan nationality, and that around 3 in the morning, one of them had disappeared.

Quickly he went to the adjacent room and saw that the Moroccan, whom he did not know but had seen a few times in his bar, was on his knees with his trousers down, penetrating the girl, who was lying unconscious on the couch. So he grabbed the man and threw him out of the place. He then accompanied the victim home.

Kosovo Beer Fest 5Hours later, the girl came to hospital and filed the appropriate complaint in the headquarters of the Guardia Civil. From then the investigation section got involved and was able to find the  perpetrator, who was a 38-year-old Moroccan with multiple previous offenses.

At the moment of his arrest, the criminal tried to flee and it was necessary to use the force strictly required to subdue him and cut off his possible escape routes.


SWEDEN: Police arrest Somali Muslim man found anally raping a dying woman, claiming it was “consensual”

A 34-year-old MUSLIM man from Somalia is accused of raping a dying woman in a garage in Stockholm. According to the prosecutor, the woman died during the rape, but the man chose to continue the assault.

SWEDEN-SOMALIS-MONTAGE-3IVE  It was early in the morning of 27 September. Police received an alarm that the two men were having intercourse with a woman who was completely unconscious on the floor of a parking garage under the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan in Stockholm. When police arrived at the scene they found a 34 year old man from Somalia, who was in the midst of an anal intercourse with the woman. Police checked the woman’s pulse and found that she was dead.

The man was arrested by police and detained two days later by the Stockholm District Court, on suspicion of aggravated rape. The prosecutor had asked for him to be arrested for murder, but the district court found that the evidence for the suspicion was not strong enough.

Now the 34-year-old is charged with rape and crimes against the peace of the grave. According to the indictment, the woman was alive but helpless on the ground, such as from the influence of drugs and alcohol, when the man began anal intercourse with her. The prosecution alleges that the woman died during the sexual intercourse and the man then proceeded to have sex with the dead body.

The accused man denies that he was guilty of rape. According to him, there was voluntary sexual intercourse between him and the woman. This same Muslim is also being prosecuted for another similar rape that allegedly occurred on 13 August. At that point, the man targeted a woman who, according to the prosecution, was in a vulnerable position because of “sleep and intoxication.”


Emirati Fireman on trial for a ‘Gay’ handshake

Dubai-gayAn Emirati man has gone on trial accused of insulting a colleague with a “gay” handshake, on Tuesday. Dubai Court of Misdemeanors was told a 39-year-old Emirati man shook the victim’s palm whilst tingling it with his middle finger. The court was also told by the prosecution that “the gesture was insulting and insinuated the recipient was homosexual.”

 Huffington Post (h/t Allan I) The defendant denied charges of insulting the fellow fireman, threatening him and committing an “indecent act” by shaking his hand in a “perverted way”. Prosecutors alleged that the defendant was known to mock and insult the 30-year-old plaintiff in front of colleagues at the station where they worked for Dubai Civil Defense.


The plaintiff stated in court: “He always said in front of others that I’m gay. One day he shook my hand in a perverted way by rubbing his middle finger on my palm while shaking hands.” The “victim” filed a complaint with the management that resulted in the defendant given a warning. However, the plaintiff said he felt this was not a harsh enough measure and therefore filed a complaint with the police.

“I was transferred to another station and then the defendant became head of the old station. He asked me to come back and said if I didn’t he would hurt me,” the “victim” added. The Emirati defendant told the court that his colleague had lodged the case because he had a grudge against him: “He doesn’t have any evidence against me.

“He and other men were transferred to other stations and they didn’t like it so they complained about me. “I never gave him a perverted handshake.” The case was adjourned.


The United Arab Emirates has strict federal laws regarding homosexuality;  Article 354 of the Federal Penal Code states, “Whoever commits rape on a female or sodomy with a male shall be punished by death.” In addition, each Emirate has their own specific laws, homosexuality is illegal in the Emirate of Dubai; Article 177 of the penal code imposes up to 10 years in prison for consensual gay sex, although it is not strictly enforced.

Commenting on the case, Abdulla, the chair of UAE LGBT advocacy group,  “Not only is this case ludicrous, but it is also an affront to the justice system, it jeopardizes its integrity, surely our courts have other pressing issues on their hands – no pun intended.”

But this kind of thing goes on all the time in Muslim countries and they think it’s just fine. Hypocrites.