Islamic State (ISIS) laptop seized in Syria reveals that the terror group is trying to develop a biological weapon

imagesShocking plans to develop weaponized bubonic plague have been found on a laptop captured from ISIS, with a document on the machine claiming that ‘casualties can be huge’. The computer was recovered from an Isis hideout in Syria by a moderate rebel commander called Abu Ali. ISIS has a $2 billion+ war chest with which to carry out its terrorist plots.


UK Daily Mail  He said that ISIS fled from the building before his men stormed it. A dusty laptop was found inside, which was then handed over to a pair of investigative journalists.

They trawled through the computer’s files and discovered a disturbing 19-page document containing instructions for making weaponised bubonic plague (biological name Yersinias pestis), including the steps needed for testing it.

‘The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,’ the document states, according to

bubonic plague

It stated that testing should be done on small mice first. It added: ‘When the microbe is injected in small mice, the symptoms of the disease should start to appear within 24 hours.’

The laptop belonged to a Tunisian chemistry and physics student called Muhammed S, who it’s thought joined the terrorist group in Syria.

However, Jennifer Cole, Senior Research Fellow, Resilience & Emergency Management, at the Royal United Services Institute, downplayed the danger the find signified. She told MailOnline: ‘This is nothing a security analyst wouldn’t expect to find on a jihadist laptop. We’ve seen it time and time again.


‘Plus, biological weapons are extremely unpredictable and their spread cannot be predicted or controlled. This is why regimes and terrorist groups have been so reluctant to use them.

‘They are slow acting, can’t be geographically contained and are as likely to hurt you as the enemy. That’s why, while lots of groups look into them, but most never use them.’

She added that bubonic plague ‘can be treated with simple antibiotics these days.



ISIS Commander justifies the killing of the Yazidis in Iraq

“All we asked was that they convert to Islam. When they refused, naturally we had to kill them.” 

In the second half of the video, you’ll see a group of Yazidi men reciting the Shahada which converts them to Islam. Notice there are no women in this group. I guess they are now sex slaves for ISIS.


YES! Canadian Jihadi fighting with ISIS has allegedly been killed in Iraq

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Still unconfirmed, but reports out of Iraq claim that a Canadian Muslim, Farah Mohamed Shirdon from Calgary, who joined the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis in northern Iraq, has been put down for his final dirt nap.

CBC  Multiple social media reports in Iraq say that a young Calgary man who appeared in an ISIS video four months ago has been killed in Iraq. Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian fighting overseas with the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was seen in the video below burning his Canadian passport and threatening to destroy Iraq’s oppressors.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is aware of reports that a Canadian was killed in Iraq and is following the situation closely. A man claiming to be Shirdon’s brother has been tweeting online — asking jihadi contacts for information on how Shirdon died.

Shirdon, who had been enrolled in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology until at least 2012, came from a prominent and well-educated Somali family. Shirdon’s mother and sister currently live in Calgary and are deeply involved in the religious life of their community.


The ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is instilling young children with the spirit of jihad – the killing of infidels

For ISIS, the killing of infidels doesn’t focus solely on nonbelievers, but includes all secular Arab states as well as Muslims who do not practice strict sharia law. So, while Obama is authorizing a few pinpoint airstrikes and drones to combat ISIS, ISIS is grooming the next generation of junior jihadis.

First Syria, now Iraq, soon Jordan, Lebanon, then on to Europe and North America.



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ISIS TERROR GROUP prepares fancy annual report for its financial backers

The annual publication is called al-Naba, which is Arabic for ‘The News.’ ISIS claims to have carried out 10,000 operations in Iraq last year alone, which included assassinations, bombings and the freeing of Sunni prisoners. So much for the Democrats’ description of them as unorganized ragtag insurgents.

UK Daily Mail  With its carefully collated facts and figures, it reads like a set of company accounts. But closer inspection of the 400-page document reveals it is a chilling breakdown of the murderous activities of the fanatics battling for control of Iraq.


For this is the ‘annual report’ of the Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), designed to demonstrate its power and attract funds from potential donors. Like any corporate document, it uses computer-generated graphics, details a management strategy, lists performance and targets.

But the jihadists’ statistics chart in numerical and geographical detail its lethal operations – bombings, assassinations, suicide missions and cities taken over.

In the latest edition of ‘al-Naba’ – the News –  covering the 12 months up to last November, ISIS claims to have carried out nearly 10,000 operations in Iraq. That includes 1,000 assassinations, planting more than 4,000 roadside bombs and freeing  hundreds of prisoners. ISIS even records the number of people who renounced Islam then repented – and contains one sickening category headed ‘apostates run over’.

This chart shows the number of explosive devices the group detonated in 2012 and 2013

This chart shows the number of explosive devices the group detonated in 2012 and 2013

The report, written in Arabic with a photograph of an ISIS gunman on its cover, has been analysed by the US think-tank, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which has corroborated much of the information. John Lawrence, of the Washington-based institute said: ‘These numbers are not just purely propaganda figures.’

Another set of graphics in the report shows the weaponry Isis now has in its possession

Another set of graphics in the report shows the weaponry Isis now has in its possession

ISIS’s aim appears to be to demonstrate its record to potential donors, and ISW says the annual report, the second published in as many years, destroys the myth that the insurgents are a rag-tag band of Islamist militants. The ISW analysis portrays an organisation ‘functioning as a military rather than a terrorist network’ with a clear political strategy aimed to eventually set up a Sunni sectarian state run under harsh Sharia laws.

Jessica Lewis, director of research at the institute, told the Financial Times: ‘The reports provide measures of performance in the way you roll out details for donors.

‘They affirm that the organisation operates like an army and that it has state-building ambitions.’ The ISW study concludes: ‘This is a military enemy that requires a considered strategy, military as well as involving anti-ISIS Sunni populations, to defeat it, or it will become a permanent fixture in the Middle East.’

Fierce fighting is currently taking place at Baqubah, the last major city before the capital, as ISIS militants seize control of vast swathes of northern Iraq

Fierce fighting is currently taking place at Baqubah, the last major city before the capital, as ISIS militants seize control of vast swathes of northern Iraq

The latest annual report does not include the ISIS  major gains in recent weeks, where they have swept through northern Iraq, carrying out summary executions. They are now battling government forces close to Baghdad.

This year has also been successful in financial terms for the terror group. Its fighters looted hundreds of millions of pounds from banks in Mosul, Iraq’s second city which was over-run by ISIS last week. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, ISIS was already extorting taxes from Mosul businesses before its takeover – to the tune of £4million a month.

A man is executed by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as the Al Qaeda-inspired militants continue their march towards Baghdad

A man is executed by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as the Al Qaeda-inspired militants continue their march towards Baghdad

In its 2013 document, ISIS says it took over eight cities, compared to one the previous year. The ISW warns that the number of attacks reported by ISIS may be exaggerated but month by month, area by area, the document reveals soaring levels of violence. In 2013, ISIS claims to have executed 1,083 people – almost double the 585 in 2012. Mortar attacks jumped from 359 in 2012 to 607 last year and the number of houses burned or bombed rose from 648 to 1,015.

ISIS massively increased the use of suicide bombers – either wearing bomb vests or driving bomb-laden vehicles – to terrorise Iraqis, with a six-fold increase in the number of attacks to 238. Baghdad bore the brunt of suicide bombers, with an increase from seven to 81 murderous attacks in the capital.

Targeted killings jumped from 16 to 1,047 and are evidence of a disciplined shift in tactics and techniques by ISIS to wrest control of Iraq, says the ISW.

Social media like this Twitter feed has played a huge role in recruiting members of Isis especially from overseas

Social media like this Twitter feed has played a huge role in recruiting members of Isis especially from overseas


ANOTHER massacre of civilians in Iraq today by Islamic jihadists

60 people killed and wounded by two car bomb explosions targeted at Shabak village, east of Mosul. Terror group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria), who is also fighting in Syria, is battling the Iraqi Army in its efforts to turn Iraq into a sharia-controlled state.

The suicide bombers were driving two car bombs noting that they detonated the two cars this morning, inside Muwafaqiya village of majority of Shabk component of Bartella county , which led to kill 25 civilians and wounding 35 others.

Liveleak (h/t Don Laird)


TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS in AMERICA are even more widespread than originally thought

moaThe revelations came during depositions of three senior officials of the group after Muslims of the Americas (MOA) unsuccessfully sued two of their American critics who produced a book and video about their nefarious activities in the U.S.

Clarion Project  A senior official of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra(MOA), a terror-linked group, said during a deposition that it has a “community” outside Anchorage, Alaska. Officials also confirmed the existence of three communes in New York, California and Michigan that have yet to be publicly pinpointed.

The comments came during depositions of three senior MOA officials after the group sued two critics, Martin Mawyer and Patti Pierucci, for $30 million for their book about MOA titled Twilight in America. The judge dismissed the lawsuit last week. Astonishingly, MOA Deputy Director Hussein Adams, the son of terrorist Barry Adams, admitted he had no information to show that the defendants lacked a reasonable basis for their claims

The MOA officials repeatedly denied being a terrorist organization, but would not provide basic details about the group. Adams was especially secretive, claiming that the group had virtually no records and that he didn’t even know the names of those on Islamberg’s town council or who was paying the bills.

MOA says it has 22 “Islamic villages” around the country, including the one named “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas that was identified by the Clarion Project.

Other pinpointed communes include Islamberg in Hancock, NY; Holy Islamville in York County, South Carolina;  Islamville in Dover, Tennessee; Hasanville in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada; Madinah Village near Commerce, Georgia; Aliville in Odum, Georgia; Ahmadabad West in Red House, Virginia and one with an unknown name in Meherrin, Virginia.

Deputy Director Hussein Adams said that MOA has a “community” near Anchorage, Alaska. This is the first time that a MOA enclave has been reported in the state.

He also spoke of “Mariaville” located “just down the street” of Islamberg, New York. There is documentation of a village in Deposit, New York. Adams mentioned another site outside Los Angeles, substantiating reports of a village at Oak Hill, California. Another MOA official, Muhammed Hasib Abdul-Haqq, confirmed the existence of a site in Coldwater, Michigan. 

There are likely more to be found. During his deposition, Adams claimed that only three villages (Islamberg, Mariaville and Holy Islamville) are “officially” part of his group. Another nine that he mentioned were “unofficial.” When confronted with how MOA says on its DVDs that it has 22 villages, he replied, “Well, maybe there were other locations included.”

The officials maintained that the group never engages in jihad training and downplayed the significance of two videos showing that the MOA network in the U.S. is used for guerilla training. The first shows Gilani saying that Muslims interested in such training should contact his offices in the U.S. The second tape shows women training inside Islamberg.

Adams said that he was not aware of any training like what’s seen in the Clarion tape since he arrived in Islamberg from Canada in 2000. He said there are no weapons storages in Islamberg, but “if there is, you’re referring to individuals’ personal firearms.” The interviewer then asked, “So there may be [weapons], but they would be individuals’ personal firearms?” He replied, “Correct.”

Abdul-Haqq said he had seen parts of the Clarion tape but had not seen “any actual training like that.” “I know that they were doing things. They were going out there and marching and carrying on with some wooden sticks. Yeah, I know about that,” he said.

The third official to be deposed, Khadijah Smith, said she saw the footage released by Clarion and was asked whether she saw training like that taking place. She responded, “Self—we have self-defense classes, yes.” The interviewer then commented that it looked more like military-type training. She answered: “That’s in reference—that’s basically personal opinion, but I know that I’ve actually taken self-defense classes, as well as all the other ladies did.”

Smith compared the instruction to the type of self-defense classes that many women take. However, she then admitted she “briefly” got firearms instruction at Islamberg, but “I don’t know a whole lot about guns. I know how to shoot a rifle, not even a handgun.”

The level of advancement of MOA training is not the point. The point is that MOA is a secretive organization that, in the words of declassified FBI report from 2007, “possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” and “extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government.”

In a documentary titled Grand Deception, former FBI agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Garrett explains, “We’re not talking about a gun. We’re talking about the man holding the gun. How do you build him?”

Getting the gun is the easy part. Producing the extremist that uses the gun is the hard part. That’s what MOA and other Islamist indoctrinators are doing.





How did the White House and the CIA miss this big al-Qaeda pow wow?

“We must eliminate the cross…and the bearer of the cross is America,” says top al-Qaeda leader in the Arabian peninsula where around 100 al-Qaeda fighters converged to plan their next major attacks.

Obviously, they didn’t get the memo from Barack Hussein Obama who said al-Qaeda is no longer the threat it used to be.

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MUSLIMS IN MALTA crucify cats and dogs and hang them on Christian Cathedrals

A dog was found crucified and hanging up side down from a cross at the Rotunda in Mosta, Malta. Later a cat was also found crucified and hanging up side down from the cross on St Philip’s statue, also in Mosta.


The Muslim Issue  The police have found several similar cases of crucified animals “in recent years”. Haven’t we all had a rapid escalation of unique crimes “in recent years” that is usually only found in the Middle East.

What does this mean? It means “you” are next. “We’re coming to take you (Christians) down”.


This former British colony in the Mediterranean Sea was under Islamic occupation between AD 870 and 1090 when it was liberated by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily. Muslims still regard it as Islamic territory and want to re-occupy it and (eventually, when they are the majority or have it in control) force everyone to convert, pay jizya or die.

The native population is devoutly Catholic and speak Maltese, which is Latinised Arabic. 


A few minutes later near a statue of St. Philip Street, near the main door of the Rotunda, the police found a slaughtered cat. The cat, like the dog earlier, was hanging upside down tied to a cross made of wood.

Both crimes were reported to the magistrate Carol Peralta who ordered an inquiry. Police from the patrol led by Superintendent Martin Sammut, the Inspector Sandra Zammit, Mr Emmanuel Sammut and agent Antonio Constable Belizzi, began to investigate the case immediately.

More cases of animal crucifixion in Malta


As you can see in the links below, animal abuse is rampant in the Muslim world, even among Muslims in the West.


Muslim in Sweden torture, decapitate and skin a cat.

Muslims in Sweden torture, decapitate and skin a cat.