IDENTIFIED! Terrorist gunman at Canadian Parliament was a recent convert* to Islam

Gee, what a surprise.  Not. 

*  CLARIFICATION: As this terrorist’s father is a Libyan-born Muslim, he was already considered a Muslim at birth and therefore had no need to convert. The only thing he converted to was the true practice of Islam and its many calls for violence.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau born Michael Joseph Hall

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau born Michael Joseph Hall

  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, was shot dead after opening fire at Parliament Hill

  • He was born in Quebec but reportedly recently converted to Islam and had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’

  • He shot reserve soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial before running inside Parliament and exchanging gunfire with guards

  • Heroic Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers shot him dead

UK Daily Mail  A gunman shot dead a Canadian soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa today before exchanging dozens of shots with guards inside Parliament in a terrifying attack that left the nation’s capital on lockdown.

Gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who reportedly recently converted to Islam, fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24-year-old father, as he stood guard at the War Memorial on Wednesday morning. Zehaf-Bibeau then ran inside the Parliament, where he opened fire before he was shot dead by the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms. 

Zehaf-Bibeau was born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall but recently converted to Islam, CBS reported. Sources told the Globe and Mail that he had been designated ‘high-risk traveler’ and government had seized his passport His attack comes just two days after another Canadian soldier was killed in Quebec by a man with jihadist sympathies. 

Below is a photo of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, shot dead by a Muslim as he stood guard at the National War Memorial outside the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa today . He leaves behind a young son.




FIRST PHOTO! Witness to shooting in Canadian Parliament says shooter was wearing “an Arabic scarf”

But of course, the liberal Canadian media are trying not to report this. And the British media, Daily Mail, that is reporting this information only did so near the end of the article.


Thanks to ibloga for above photo

An Ottawa Citizen reporter inside the Parliament building, Jordan Press, wrote on Twitter that a suspect was ‘5’9-5’10, overweight & wearing a dark jacket’.  Witnesses also told the Citizen that they saw a man wearing an ‘Arabic scarf’ and carrying a long rifle, while others said the suspect looked South American.

I will wait to post more on this story until they identify the shooter.


Oh, Here it comes, the British media are blaming the Canadian terror attacks on PM Harper’s war on ISIS and crackdown on Muslims.

Independent  A multicultural society which prided itself on tolerance became divided when the Conservative government put a number of Muslims on a “watch list” in addition to announcing three weeks ago that it would send 600 special forces members along with fighter jets to support the US effort in their fight against Isis in Iraq. Two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car on Monday near Montreal – one of them died later. The attacker was shot dead and identified as a Muslim convert influenced by “radical Islamists”.

Canada has a large Muslim population – more than 2 per cent are Canadian citizens – but the word “radicalized” only came into use recently when the Harper government revealed it believed that about 30 young Canadians had gone to support Isis.

The safest country in the world is no longer a safe place and many Canadians will be asking today whether this is because the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushed Canada into joining the US-led war in the Middle East.


Hamas-linked CAIR’s favorite useful ‘Judenrat’ idiot blames Canada’s policies for recent Muslim terror attacks on Canada:


Canada has spent the last 13 years proclaiming itself a nation at war. It actively participated in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and was an enthusiastic partner in some of the most extremist War on Terror abuses perpetrated by the U.S. Earlier this month, the Prime Minister revealed, with the support of a large majority of Canadians, that “Canada is poised to go to war in Iraq, as [he] announced plans in Parliament [] to send CF-18 fighter jets for up to six months to battle Islamic extremists.” Just yesterday, Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson flamboyantly appeared at the airfield in Alberta from which the fighter jets left for Iraq and stood tall as he issued the standard Churchillian war rhetoric about the noble fight against evil.

It is always stunning when a country that has brought violence and military force to numerous countries acts shocked and bewildered when someone brings a tiny fraction of that violence back to that country. Regardless of one’s views on the justifiability of Canada’s lengthy military actions, it’s not the slightest bit surprising or difficult to understand why people who identify with those on the other end of Canadian bombs and bullets would decide to attack the military responsible for that violence. READ THE REST HERE


NEW Al-Qaeda splinter terror group, ‘Khorasan’ rivals ISIS and poses greater threat to U.S. and the West


The global jihad movement has split in two. Members of al-Qaeda will now have to choose between two different emirs. The so-called ‘Khorasan pledge’ was the final nail in the coffin of the reconciliation between al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The rift no longer pertains to Syria only, but has spread to the other arenas of global jihad.

The network, known as the Khorasan Group, was acknowledged and named publicly for the first time on Thursday by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. He confirmed the group is operating in the region and said they may pose as great a threat to the U.S. as the Islamic State. “There is potentially yet another threat to the homeland, yes,” Clapper said at an intelligence conference in Washington.

Khorasan is a mix of hardened jihadis from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe – poses a more direct and imminent threat to the United States, working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target U.S. aviation

Khorasan is a mix of hardened jihadis from Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Europe – poses a more direct and imminent threat to the United States, working with Yemeni bomb-makers to target U.S. aviation

But the group’s name, Khorasan, or its links to al-Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate, which is considered the most dangerous terrorist threat to the U.S., have not previously been disclosed. Khorasan refers to a province under the Islamic caliphate, or religious empire, of old that included parts of Afghanistan.

The Khorasan Group has been described by U.S. intelligence officials as a cell of veteran Al Qaeda fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan who are trying to recruit western extremists to attack Europe and the U.S.  The Khorasan group, which has not been subject to American military action, is considered the more immediate threat. That Yemen affiliate, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been able to place three bombs on U.S.-bound airliners, though none has succeeded in downing the aircraft.

Because of intelligence about the collaboration among the Khorasan group, al-Qaeda’s Yemeni bomb-makers and Western extremists, U.S. officials say, the Transportation Security Administration in July decided to ban uncharged mobile phones and laptops from flights to the U.S. that originated in Europe and the Middle East.

Because of intelligence about the collaboration among the Khorasan group, al-Qaeda’s Yemeni bomb-makers and Western extremists, U.S. officials say, the Transportation Security Administration in July decided to ban uncharged mobile phones and laptops from flights to the U.S. that originated in Europe and the Middle East.

Syria360  Nine al-Qaeda emirs from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran declared their allegiance to the new emir of the faithful, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the head of ISIS – in what is being termed as the “Khorasan pledge.” A few days later, ISIS spokesperson Mohammed al-Adnani declared that “al-Qaeda deviated from the rightful course,” indicating that “it is not a dispute about who to kill or who to give your allegiance. It is a question of religious practices being distorted and an approach veering off the right path.”

This is a turning point in the clash – currently limited to the Syrian arena – between Baghdadi and Ayman al-Zawahiri, threatening to create an open conflict throughout jihadist movement. The anticipated split had been declared by ISIS advisor Abu Ali al-Anbari. “Either we eliminate them or they will eliminate us,” he said in one of the reconciliation sessions, repeating the sentence three times.

Khorasan militants did not go to Syria principally to fight the government of President Bashar Assad, U.S. officials say. Instead, they were sent by al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to recruit Europeans and Americans whose passports allow them to board a U.S.-bound airliner with less scrutiny from security officials.

Khorasan militants did not go to Syria principally to fight the government of President Bashar Assad, U.S. officials say. Instead, they were sent by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to recruit Europeans and Americans whose passports allow them to board a U.S.-bound airliner with less scrutiny from security officials.

The nine defected emirs’ declaration have put Baghdadi in a direct confrontation with current al-Qaeda leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar. They want to attack al-Qaeda’s leader, saying his rule was “a thing of the past and today’s triumphs are made by the soldiers of ISIS.” Mullah Omar had been the emir of emirs of al-Qaeda, enjoying both Osama Bin Laden and Zawahiri’s allegiance. During his reign, Afghanistan was destroyed after he refused to deliver Bin Laden and others to the United States.

Baghdadi’s challenge to Mullah Omar is a major confrontation on the jihadi scene. He identified his adversary, bypassing al-Joulani and Zawahiri and going for their senior sheikh. Although it was thought that Mullah Omar was killed, after news of him stopped in the wake of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, some facts and indicators point to the opposite.


On the eve of the September 11 attacks in 2012 in Libya, Zawahiri came out with a eulogy of Abu Yehia al-Libi, considered to be the number two man in al-Qaeda. “I announce to the Islamic nation, the mujahideen, Emir of the Faithful Mullah Mohammed Omar, and the mujahideen in Libya, the news of the martyrdom of Sheikh Hassan Mohammed Qaed [al-Libi].”

The Khorasan pledge, circulating on jihadi online sites such as the Shumukh al-Islam forum, was all that was needed by the war raging in Syria between al-Nusra Front and ISIS. It will be adding more fuel to the fire between the two sides.

Rebels from Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, wave their brigade flag as they step on the top of a Syrian air force helicopter, at Taftanaz air base, Idlib, Syria, Jan. 11, 2013

Rebels from Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, wave their brigade flag as they step on the top of a Syrian air force helicopter, at Taftanaz air base, Idlib, Syria, Jan. 11, 2013

The nine emirs are Sheikh Abu Ubaidah al-Lubnani, Abu al-Muhannad al-Urduni, Abu Jurair al-Shamali, Abu al-Huda al-Soudani, Abdulaziz al-Maqdisi (brother of Sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi), Abdullah al-Punjabi, Abu Yunus al-Kurdi, Abu Aisha al-Qurtubi, and Abu Musab al-Tadamuni.

In the Khorasan pledge message, the nine emirs elaborated on the stages of jihad against the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. They talk about the experience of the Tawhid and Jihad group under Zarqawi, who pledged allegiance to Bin Laden from Iraq to Khorasan. Then they spoke about Zarqawi’s death in 2006, which was followed by Abu Hamza al-Muhajir taking the reign of al-Qaeda’s emirate in Iraq. This coincided with Abu Omar al-Baghdadi announcing the establishment of the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Muhajir gave him his support and merged his emirate with ISI.

Khorasan group’s plotting with al-Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate shows that, despite the damage that years of drone missile strikes has done to the leadership of core al-Qaida in Pakistan, the movement still can threaten the West.

Khorasan group’s plotting with al-Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate shows that, despite the damage that years of drone missile strikes has done to the leadership of core al-Qaida in Pakistan, the movement still can threaten the West.

When Baghdadi and his war minister, Muhajir, were killed, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took over ISI with the blessings of Bin Laden and Zawahiri. They believed it to be an “extension of jihad.” It was also highly praised by Sheikh Atiyyah Allah and Sheikh Abu Yehia al-Libi. The nine emirs continue with assessing the events up to the war in Syria, “where it was the duty of ISIS to reach out and provide support for its people, to defeat the conspiracy of the two armies, the Syrian Army and the Free [Syrian] Army (FSA).”

According to the nine sheikhs, after the expansion of ISI, “the forces of infidelity and apostasy quickly sowed the seeds of hypocrisy, using new groups under Islamic sounding names to be a rival and an obstacle to the Islamic state.” They criticized Zawahiri and al-Nusra Front without naming them, saying “the group did not have any courage to enforce judgements over those who disobey sharia, under the pretext of avoiding a clash with the people or due to their inability and incapacity, although they enforced in secret more than they did out in the open.”


They concluded by saying, “we ask God for forgiveness for being late to reveal the truth and fix what we corrupted, disobeyed, and did not accept. Thus, we wrote this message to the Muslim nation and to ask forgiveness from our Lord. We showed that ISIS was right. It raised the banner without hesitation, weakness, or account to anyone by God. We count them as such and, as long as they persevere, they have [our support and allegiance] for its Emir of the Faithful Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi and our obedience in fortune and adversity and in hardship and prosperity, without challenging his command. But if it alters or deviates, it will only get from us what others had gotten before before.”

The war between ISIS and al-Qaeda is no longer confined to Syria. It is an open conflict with each side vying for legitimacy. ISIS emirs, in turn, recalled past events. They argued about the origin of the disagreement between Zarqawi and Zawahiri in 2005. “Zawahiri had always been lax,” they replied. “It is not enough that he does not declare Shia as infidels. He objects to Zarqawi’s methods, accusing him of being a takfiri.”


ISIS DECLARES WAR ON TWITTER warning Twitter employees they will be murdered for closing down Islamic terror group’s propaganda accounts


An ISIS-affiliated group has threatened to assassinate Twitter employees that close down their accounts. Users linked to the terrorists tweeted a series of messages on Sunday urging ‘lone wolves’ in the US and Europe to focus on this target. Michelle Obama preparing a new hashtag response.

UK Daily Mail  A specific warning was directed at staff at the Silicon Valley headquarters, warning they would ‘bring the war’ to San Francisco.


One of the calls is believed to have come from Al Musra Al Maqdisia, or The Supporters Of Jerusalem – a Jerusalem-based group that pledged its allegiance to ISIS in February.

The tweets from the now-suspended account, translated by Vocativ, read: ‘#TheConceptOfLoneWolfAttacks The time has arrived to respond to Twitter’s management by directly attacking their employees and physically assassinating them!! Those who will carry this out are the sleepers cells of death.’


It continued: ‘Twitter management should know that if they do not stop their campaign in the virtual world, we will bring the war to them in the real world on the ground.’

The user then directly threatened workers at the Silicon Valley headquarters: ‘Every Twitter employee in San Francisco in the United States should bear in mind and watch over himself because on his doorstep there might be a lone wolf assassin waiting’.


And finally, they urged Europe to join the pledge: ‘#AttackingTwitterEmployees is on the agenda of mujahedeen and lone wolves who are across Europe’.

The social network has been a crucial platform for the jihadis to promote their warped interpretation of Sharia law.


The freedom of speech premise that underlies Twitter makes regulation of extremist propaganda almost impossible.

Tactics have included Twitter storms, spamming the site with their beliefs and calling on Western recruits to join them.


Many of the British and American jihadis that have fled their native countries to join the faction in Iraq and Syria have been tweeting their experiences. 

An 18-year-old British girl yesterday tweeted ‘I want David Cameron’s head on a spike’ in a slew of ISIS messages.


One of the twins from Chorlton that fled to join ISIS in Syria has been tweeting messages to the UK, mocking concerns for their welfare.

Either Salma or Zahra Halane has taken the name Umm Ja’far and tweeted a slew of fanatical messages, including several revealing she still plans to be a doctor – but only so she can treat ISIS fighters.


She wrote: ‘I love the name Terror Twin because it makes me sound scary. Isis love it when they make us sound scary because it makes us a big threat so I love it.’

She added: ‘I support the executions of Syrian soldiers. It’s self defence.’ 


However, in the wake of the murders of James Foley and Steven Sotloff at the hands of ISIS, the firm has worked to shut down accounts that permeate the organisation’s message.

Now, the group is reacting. Twitter has bureaus across the world. There are 12 in the US, including the headquarters, and five in Europe.


A further two are in Latin America, three in Asia, one in Australia and two in Canada. 

A Twitter spokesman said: ‘Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials,’


Hey ISIS, lookie here. Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison has just insulted Islam.




Apparently, inspired by Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS tells potential recruits, “If you like your jihad, you can keep your jihad”

Unknown5‘CHOOSE YOUR OWN JIHAD’ – The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are recruiting Western youth to their ranks by promising flexibility. But also, just like Barack Hussein Obama, they lie. 

Site Intel Group  (via TROP) The Islamic State’s phenomenal ability to entice young Western Muslims to the battlegrounds of Syria has relentlessly made headlines throughout 2014, with the activities of these fighters raising threat levels around the world. Jihadi groups in Syria go to great lengths to target propaganda at Westerners and to encourage disaffected and idealistic young Western Muslims to leave their home countries for battle.


Complementing the sophisticated media targeting dissatisfied Western youth, online recruiters from the Islamic State (IS), formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), go even further in honing in on that demographic by promising that fighters can tailor their experience in jihad should they join with IS.


An appeal to leave life in the West, the promise of battle-type options to jihadi recruits amplifies the jihadi message that Western fighters partake in a physically and religiously satisfying experience—selling an idealized vision of the jihadi battlefields without the sobering lack of choices within in many organized military units.

The following messages shared by IS recruiters, spanning approximately six months, underscore the promise by IS English-speaking recruiters to the new members for battle choice, flexibility in occupation, and physical requirements.


One alleged IS fighter and recruiter under the name “Abu Dujana Britani” consistently promotes the message of flexibility throughout social media to motivate and facilitate prospective fighters. His activity throughout the year demonstrates that the boasted inclusiveness of the current IS appears to be part of a long-standing recruitment strategy, and one that pre-dates the group’s rebranding into the “Islamic State.”


For example, on March 27, 2014, Abu Dujana responded to a question pertaining to whether IS recruits must face the other major jihadi faction in an inter-factional conflict. The anonymous questioner asked: ….if a brother disagrees with an operation could he be compelled to do it (like fighting an enemy he disagrees fighting)‬


Abu Dujana reassured his questioner in no uncertain terms that IS recruits could opt-out of any battle that they are not happy with. On the second point, he wrote: …no one is ever forced to fight, however if youre worried about fighting other muslims, we only fight them in self defence or to take back property which was wrongfully taken which is justified. But yeah you can choose to sit back, do ribat [guard duty] or whatever you prefer.


Several weeks later Abu Dujana again returned to social media to answer a question about whether IS recruits are allowed to “select what we want to do? Lie, a sniper… ribat, technician?” Responding succinctly with “Yes of course,” Abu Dujana also strongly implied that individual fighters’ preferences are given high priority.


The emphasis on fighter self-determination is not only portrayed by Abu Dujana; alleged IS fighters have also issued public messages claiming that the group accommodates its recruits’ preferences. For example, on April 24, 2014 an alleged fighter who writes under the name “Mujahid Al Shami” noted:

In‪ #ISIS we try our best to put people where they are most comfortable in, thats why there are English, French, German, Russian battalions.‬


The message was reinforced throughout the summer of 2014. In a statement shared on July 1, 2014, an alleged IS fighter, under the name “Abu Farris,” dismissed a question about whether concern about fighting other Muslims influenced his decision to fight for IS.


He responded, in part, by emphasizing that not only did he follow his “brother” to Syria, but that he is able to determine the terms of his engagement: … I chose where i want to go. The state doesnt force me to kill muslims, we work on murtads and kuffar may allah rectify our affairs.


Abu Farris similarly underscored the impression of fighter self-determination in response to a question of what IS fighters do when they are bored. On August 4, he answered a question by providing a wide array of options, ranging from domestic bliss to police work: if ur married spend time with wife urm you csn go masjid teach kids, u can give dawah [issue summons] to local citizens.. urm do police work, its ur khilafa u can do alootttt alhamdulilah [Allah be praised]


Online IS recruiters go to great lengths to portray their organizations as being inclusive of all backgrounds, experience levels, and even physical limitations. In one late-March 2014 example, Abu Dujana responded to an inquiry asking about the “standards” that the mujahideen have for their fighters, and specifically, whether the group “only let[s] ppl go to the front who they perceive as strong, or anyone who wants to go can go.”


Abu Dujana responded expansively, claiming: we [IS] have no physical standards whatsoever, people think isis fighters are some crazy well trained mercenaries, nothing could be further from the truth, we only have a small core of experienced fighters.

On April 23, 2014, an alleged IS fighter claimed on Twitter that there are many roles for people to play, even if they are not inclined to battle. The fighter, who writes under the name “MuhajirSumalee,” stated: Brothers, if you don’t want to fight at least make Hijra feesabilillah. Doula [IS] isnt a militant group we need doctors, engineers, etc.


The recruiter Abu Dujana Britani also continued to urge readers to come on their own terms, even if they are unsure of their suitability for battle. Among the exhortations, on August 11, 2014, he shared a message assuring an alleged IS sympathizer who “is scared of fighting” but feels able to “cook food for the mujahideen” that he should still come to Syria.


The promises of a chose-your-own jihad appear to have limits, though, even for as enthusiastic a booster as Abu Dujana Britani. Asked by a fan if newly minted a foreign fighters can chose to fight alongside online jihadi celebrities, such as Abu Dujana himself, the recruiter demurred. After being asked “when i get to sham… and complete training will the amirs let me join your crew‬” he responded equivocally, writing:


Its a possibility. But also depends on my ameer [leader]. In conclusion, the degree to which IS recruiters in Syria claim that new recruits can determine what they want to participate in is a characteristic of the IS approach to luring young Western fighters to their conflict. This allows the groups to deter anxieties of potential recruits that might keep them from leaving their homes for battle.


The emphasis on recruit choice serves a pragmatic faction as well: it bolsters battle and jihad as being practically equivalent to an immersive summer camp experience to recruits who, though attracted to the promised adventure of engaging in warfare, may be adverse to the discipline and lack of autonomy inherent in joining a traditional military.


This messaging is consistent with the group’s online efforts to systematically reduce both the perceptions and reality regarding challenges to joining jihad among IS’s target audience of disaffected young, Western, Muslim men.



‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson on ISIS: ‘Convert Them Or Kill Them’

Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the Duck Dynasty hit reality TV show, says Islamic militants waging a campaign of war and terror in Syria and Iraq either need some Jesus or need to be killed.

“In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying either convert them or kill them,” Robertson said on the Fox News show “Hannity” on Tuesday night. “One or the other.”

Robertson said his first choice is Jesus.”I’d much rather have a Bible study with all of them and show them the error of their ways and point them to Jesus Christ,” Robertson said. “However, if it’s a gunfight and a gunfight alone, if that’s what they’re looking for, me personally, I am prepared for either one.”


Islamic State (ISIS) laptop seized in Syria reveals that the terror group is trying to develop a biological weapon

imagesShocking plans to develop weaponized bubonic plague have been found on a laptop captured from ISIS, with a document on the machine claiming that ‘casualties can be huge’. The computer was recovered from an Isis hideout in Syria by a moderate rebel commander called Abu Ali. ISIS has a $2 billion+ war chest with which to carry out its terrorist plots.


UK Daily Mail  He said that ISIS fled from the building before his men stormed it. A dusty laptop was found inside, which was then handed over to a pair of investigative journalists.

They trawled through the computer’s files and discovered a disturbing 19-page document containing instructions for making weaponised bubonic plague (biological name Yersinias pestis), including the steps needed for testing it.

‘The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,’ the document states, according to

bubonic plague

It stated that testing should be done on small mice first. It added: ‘When the microbe is injected in small mice, the symptoms of the disease should start to appear within 24 hours.’

The laptop belonged to a Tunisian chemistry and physics student called Muhammed S, who it’s thought joined the terrorist group in Syria.

However, Jennifer Cole, Senior Research Fellow, Resilience & Emergency Management, at the Royal United Services Institute, downplayed the danger the find signified. She told MailOnline: ‘This is nothing a security analyst wouldn’t expect to find on a jihadist laptop. We’ve seen it time and time again.


‘Plus, biological weapons are extremely unpredictable and their spread cannot be predicted or controlled. This is why regimes and terrorist groups have been so reluctant to use them.

‘They are slow acting, can’t be geographically contained and are as likely to hurt you as the enemy. That’s why, while lots of groups look into them, but most never use them.’

She added that bubonic plague ‘can be treated with simple antibiotics these days.



ISIS Commander justifies the killing of the Yazidis in Iraq

“All we asked was that they convert to Islam. When they refused, naturally we had to kill them.” 

In the second half of the video, you’ll see a group of Yazidi men reciting the Shahada which converts them to Islam. Notice there are no women in this group. I guess they are now sex slaves for ISIS.


YES! Canadian Jihadi fighting with ISIS has allegedly been killed in Iraq

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Farah Mohamed Shirdon

Still unconfirmed, but reports out of Iraq claim that a Canadian Muslim, Farah Mohamed Shirdon from Calgary, who joined the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis in northern Iraq, has been put down for his final dirt nap.

CBC  Multiple social media reports in Iraq say that a young Calgary man who appeared in an ISIS video four months ago has been killed in Iraq. Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian fighting overseas with the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was seen in the video below burning his Canadian passport and threatening to destroy Iraq’s oppressors.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is aware of reports that a Canadian was killed in Iraq and is following the situation closely. A man claiming to be Shirdon’s brother has been tweeting online — asking jihadi contacts for information on how Shirdon died.

Shirdon, who had been enrolled in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology until at least 2012, came from a prominent and well-educated Somali family. Shirdon’s mother and sister currently live in Calgary and are deeply involved in the religious life of their community.


The ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is instilling young children with the spirit of jihad – the killing of infidels

For ISIS, the killing of infidels doesn’t focus solely on nonbelievers, but includes all secular Arab states as well as Muslims who do not practice strict sharia law. So, while Obama is authorizing a few pinpoint airstrikes and drones to combat ISIS, ISIS is grooming the next generation of junior jihadis.

First Syria, now Iraq, soon Jordan, Lebanon, then on to Europe and North America.