KUDOS TO THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC for forcing out most of its Muslim population

It’s called payback, payback for Muslim aggression and violence against the Christian majority, and now, the Christians apparently have won.












BREAKING! Islamic State (ISIS) savages now threatening to behead two Japanese hostages

A video released today allegedly shows the Islamic State group threatening to kill two Japanese hostages unless they receive a $200 million ransom from the Japanese government in the next 72 hours.

Ahram  The video shows two hostages in orange jumpsuits that the Muslim terrorists identify as Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa. In August, a Japanese citizen believed to be Yukawa, a private military company operator in his early 40s, was kidnapped in Syria after going there to train with militants, according to a post on a blog kept.  One video on his page showed him holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle with the caption: “Syria war in Aleppo 2014.” Goto is a respected Japanese freelance journalist who went to report on Syria’s civil war last year and knew of Yukawa.


RISE CANADA to display and distribute Mohammed cartoons in downtown Toronto, Sunday Jan. 18th


The RISE CANADA #REALjesuischarlie rally will take place at the corner of Yonge and Bloor on SUNDAY JAN 18th at 2pm.

Many media are hypocritically shouting #Jesuischarlie … while refusing to show the Muhammad cartoons. These are the same publications that routinely denigrate Christianity and Hinduism and all other faiths, while professing “sensitivity” towards Islam. Only Islam.


Many rallies also scream #JeSuisCharlie while refusing to show Muhamad cartoons. To those hypocrites: VOUS N’EST PAS CHARLIE. RISE CANADA is the #REALjesuischarlie 

Contact DR BIKRAM LAMBA at canadavsterror@gmail.com for details.



Rise Canada



FINALLY! Anonymous ‘hacktivists’ come out on the right side of an issue with #OpCharlieHebdo

Anonymous declares ‘war’ on jihadists in retaliation for the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre which killed 12, with a campaign called #OpCharlieHebdo.


UK Mirror  ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous has declared war on Al-Qaeda and ISIS in a chilling video released by its Belgian branch. 

The video, which features someone wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and speaking with their voice obscured, explains that its members have decided to “declare war on you, the terrorists” – referring to Al-Qaeda and ISIS specifically.

“We will track you down – every last one – and will kill you,” the spokesman says. “You allowed yourselves to kill innocent people, we will therefore avenge their deaths.” The figure says that ‘hacktivists’ from around the world will track all of jihadist activities online and close down  their accounts on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


Freedom of speech and opinion is a non-negotiable thing – to tackle it is to attack democracy. “Expect a massive frontal reaction from us because the struggle for the defense of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement,” says the statement.

Anonymous’s pledge of vengeance follows a spate of cyberattacks on the websites of French towns, which had their homepages replaced by the ISIS flag.

Anonymous may target Jihadist websites in the same way that someone has been hacking French websites and posting the ISIS flag

Anonymous will target Jihadist websites in the same way that someone has been hacking French websites and posting the ISIS flag

“You will not impose your sharia law in our democracies, we will not let your stupidity kill our liberties and our freedom of expression. We have warned you; expect your destruction.”

The press release ends in typical Anonymous fashion: “We will track you everywhere on the planet, nowhere will you be safe. We are Anonymous. We are legion. “We do not forget. We do not forgive. Be afraid of us, Islamic State and Al Qaeda – you will get our vengeance.”


TWO young Italian women being held by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria beg for their lives in just-released video

Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo who defied their parents by going to Syria to volunteer as humanitarian workers in Aleppo last August, were kidnapped by ISIS savages and now say their lives are in grave danger.

(Gee…looks like ISIS has tired of them as sex slaves and now are threatening to cut off their heads in front of a worldwide audience)

Two Italian humanitarian workers kidnapped in Aleppo, Syria

UK Mirror  Italians Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, were kidnapped in Aleppo last August while volunteering in the war-torn city. Today, a video emerged of the two women dressed in black head scarves and reading an apparently scripted message to camera at an unknown location.

In it they say: “We supplicate our government and its mediators to bring us back home for Christmas. We are in big danger and we could be killed. 


“The government and its mediators are responsible for our lives.” The message appears to have been filmed more than two weeks ago, with the women holding up a hand written sign carrying the date December 17.

It’s thought Greta and Vanessa are being held by al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, rather than Islamic State, who beheaded five Western hostages in 2014.

The footage of the women has not yet been verified, and the Italian foreign ministry spokesman declined to comment tonight.




ISIS reported to be using bombs containing live SCORPIONS as its latest terror weapon in Iraq

Canisters of the creatures are being blasted into villages. A British military expert said: “It’s madness. ISIS jihadists have improvised devices to launch them.”


UK Mirror  “They promote the fact that they are doing it and it creates panic. “Scorpions are robust – even if they are launched a couple of miles, when the canister breaks thousands are flung out and start crawling all around. “Some scorpions are very poisonous but the main thing is creating fear.”

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, ex-head of chemical and biological weapons for the Army and Nato, said the 2ft bombs were not causing mass casualties but had a massive “psychological impact”. Mr de Bretton-Gordon – of Avon Protection Systems – returned from Baghdad last week, where he was advising security forces.

Senior Iraqi officials reported the beasts were being used to target civilian areas in the north of the country. The weapon harks back to the scorpions stuffed into pots and launched by Iraqis thousands of years ago – in 198 AD. They were defending themselves against the Roman invasion.


“You either pack your bags, or prepare your explosive devices, you either purchase your airline ticket, or you sharpen your knife,” says Canadian convert to Islam in latest ISIS propaganda video

ISIS attempts to incite further attacks against Canadians, issuing a video in which a Canadian scolds the government for joining the international military coalition fighting the terrorist group.

The six-minute video said Canadians would be indiscriminately targeted and that Muslims were obliged to either join ISIS or “follow the example” of the attackers who struck in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. The speaker identified himself as Abu Anwar al-Canadi, but five former friends said they recognized him as John Maguire, a University of Ottawa dropout who converted to Islam and became radicalized before vanishing last year.

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Islamic State (ISIS) calls for poisoning Westerners and running them down in the streets

In a new video, ISIS threatens to murder Westerners through a wide range of new means, including poisoning of food and drink and hit-and-run attacks. This marks an increase in ambitious threats as ISIS calls on Muslims to wage “jihad in the path of Allah” using easily accessible weapons.


Frontpage  The seven-minute video, entitled, What Are You Waiting For, opens with a group of Francophone ISIS fighters denouncing the West and throwing their French passports into campfire. French is the spoken language in the video, which also contains Arabic and English subtitles. 

One jihadi known as Abu Osama Al-Faranci, states: “This is a message from your French brothers who have made Hijra, to the Muslims who are still living in the land of Kufr.”  In other words, it is an appeal by ISIS fighters who have emigrated to lands controlled by the Islamic State to Muslims living in the land of the infidelity.


Though the fighters in the video mostly speak to Muslims living in France, they also have a broader audience in mind; for instance, Abu Maryam al-Franci addresses “those Muslims in France and elsewhere.”

The jihadis featured in the video implore Muslims to make “Hijra” and emigrate to lands controlled by the Islamic State. But if Muslims do not emigrate, Abu Maryam (holding a machine gun and a machete) reminds them, “Indeed you have been ordered to fight the Kafir [unbeliever/non-Muslim] wherever you find him” and encourages Muslims in the West to attack civilians in their home countries.


Abu Salman al-Faranci introduces new methods to entice potential terrorists living in the West to commit murder in France, telling them to “terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror.” Abu Salman continues, “There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit… Kill them [infidels] and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars.” He goes on: “Even poison is available, so poison the water and food of at least one of the enemies of Allah.”  Abu Maryam hopes that infidels “will even fear travelling to the market.”


ISIS has proven itself successful at recruiting thousands of fighters from Western countries to join its ranks.  Should this resonance continue and jihadis living in the West heed the new ISIS call, it would have dire consequences for non-jihadi Muslims; any driver, waiter, or grocery clerk could be perceived as a terrorist in waiting.  For all of us, ISIS’ latest message hopes to turn a stroll down the street into a walk of terror and to turn our food and drinks into recipes for murder.



ALL ABOARD the SS Islamic Jihad!

ISIS wannabes are riding cruise ships because they know airports are monitored. Many of these foreign fighters are trying to reach Turkey, which is considered the main jump-off point for foreign jihadis.


NY Daily News  Wannabe terrorists, hoping to avoid detection, are hitching rides on cruise ships to join the murderous Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. “Because they know the airports are monitored more closely now, there’s a use of cruise ships to travel to those areas,” said Pierre St. Hilaire, director of counterterrorism at Interpol.

Cruise ships — known for decadence and drunken debauchery — may seem an unlikely mode of travel for Islamic fanatics. But Interpol officials say that, beyond the plunge pools, bottomless buffets and midnight dancing, cruise liners offer some special benefits to foreign fighters. Because the ships make frequent stops, the ISIS wannabes are able to hop off undetected at any number of ports — complicating efforts to track them.


The destination for many of these foreign fighters is Turkey, considered the main jump-off point for jihadis. “There is evidence that the individuals, especially in Europe, are traveling mostly to (the Turkish coastal town) Izmit and other places to engage in this type of activity,” said outgoing Interpol chief Ronald Noble.

It’s unclear how many fighters have taken to the sea to meet up with their bloodthirsty brothers. And the phenomenon is relatively new, Interpol officials say, starting in the past few months or so. “Originally, our concern about people on cruise ships — dangerous people on cruise ships — really focused on the classic sort of rapist, burglar or violent criminal,” Noble said.


“But as we’ve gathered data, we’ve realized that there are more and more reports that people are using cruise ships in order to get to launch pads, if you will — sort of closer to the conflict zones — of Syria and Iraq.”

The potential for greater numbers of fighters to travel by ship has prompted Interpol to expand a pilot program in which airlines screen passengers against the international police body’s global database of stolen passports.


Interpol officials hope the system — dubbed I-Checkit — will one day be expanded to include cruise operators, banks, hotels and other private-sector partners. “It’s a global threat — 15,000 fighters or more from 81 countries traveling to one specific conflict zone,” St. Hilaire said. “In order to prevent their travel and identify them, there needs to be greater information-sharing among the region, among national security agencies.”

Besides cruise ships, foreign fighters have used other modes of travel to avoid detection, Interpol officials say. Some especially devoted ISIS followers, in a bid to steer clear of stepped-up security at airports, have driven from their homes in Europe to the Syrian border.

As a result, St. Hilaire called on countries to ramp up screening at all transportation hubs — “airports, and, more and more, cruise ines.”