Why Saudis make the best beheaders

Unlike al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban, who prefer to slowly saw off heads with what appears to be a dull knife, the Saudi beheaders use a large sword which removes the entire head in one swift blow.

Watch the beheadings in the town square.


Hollywood legend, Jerry Lewis, attacks Obama’s failed policies against ISIS

In a recent interview, comedic legend Jerry Lewis offered praise for Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan and a harsh critique of Barack Hussein Obama.

Western Journalism  The 89-year-old went on to offer a frank assessment of President Obama’s leadership. “What I’m watching in him is uncertainty. You don’t have uncertainty in a leader; a leader doesn’t give s**t what he does, but he gets it done,” Lewis said. 


EGYPTIAN President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi gives a magnificent speech about pluralism and Christmas to an audience of Islamic clerics

In a December 22 speech at Al-Azhar University, on the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Egyptian President Al-Sisi addressed an audience of Al-Azhar clerics, calling them to teach respect for others from the mosque pulpits. President Al-Sisi congratulated the Christians on Christmas, stating: “We are all Egyptians,” “What divides us destroys us.”

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Tawadros II

In the photo above, President al-Sisi warmly greets Coptic Pope Tawadros II at Cairo’s St. Mark’s Cathedral, seat of the Coptic Orthodox Pope, in Cairo. Al-Sisi is very well liked by Christians and has received nearly unanimous support from the Coptic Christian community for his outreach and protection.

In a speech delivered at Al-Azhar on December 28, 2014, Egyptian President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi called on Muslim clerics to combat extremist ideology and said: “We need to revolutionize our religion.” Calling for “religious discourse that is in keeping with its times,” Al-Sisi warned that “the Islamic nation is being torn apart and destroyed” by extremism.

Al-Sisi challenged the very core beliefs of those scholars when he implied it was a ridiculous notion that 1.6 billion Muslims should murder 5.4 billion non-Muslims. While al-Sisi drew a line of distinction between religion and ideology when it comes to Islam, his speech was a diplomatic assault on Muslim fundamentalism from the heart of his country’s source of such thinking.


Egyptian journalist confirms that “EVERYTHING the Islamic State (ISIS) does is based on Islamic sources”

Somebody please show this to Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, CAIR, MSNBC, and all the other apologists for Islam.

“All the evidence and references that ISIS provides to justify its crimes and its horrifying and despicable violence are indeed found in Islamic teachings about the prophet Mohammed and anyone who say otherwise is lying. Burning people alive and beheading people is barbarity, immersed in religion, the Islamic religion.”


EGYPTIAN TV HOST on California terrorist attack: “Americans should stick Obama on an impalement rod”

He says, “By the way, the American people are our friends. We are not against the American people, who are very respectful. They love Egypt very much. They teach Egyptian Pharaonic history in their schools. But I would like the Congress to send Obama to the guillotine, because three days before the [San Bernardino] terror attack…he said, ‘there is no terrorist threat to America… “Today, I suspect that Obama is connected to the terrorists who carried out the attack.”


Former Congressman Joe Walsh to AG Loretta Lynch: “Go ahead, prosecute me, I dare you”

avatars-000152286902-km037z-t500x500BNI friend and former U.S. Republican congressman Joe Walsh dared Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrest him after she warned on Thursday that her office would take a more aggressive approach to those spewing anti-Muslim rhetoric. “I think Islam has a real freaking problem, alright?”


“You got a problem, Loretta Lynch, with me saying that? Then throw me in jail,” Walsh, a conservative talk show host, argued. “I think Islam is evil. I think Islam has a huge problem. I think most Muslims around the world are not compatible with American values. I don’t want them here.” “There is a cancer in Islam, and if they’re not going to learn to assimilate, I don’t want them in this country.”




What if there really is a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?

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UPDATED! Russian airliner with more than 200 aboard has crashed in Sinai. ISIS takes ‘credit’

Kolavia Flight 7K9268, an Airbus A320, went off radar 23 minutes after taking off the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt, Sergey Izvolskiy told the media citing preliminary data. The plane was carrying 212 passengers, mostly Russian tourists, and 7 crew.

UPDATE: Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail confirmed that the Russian plane DID crash in the Sinai.

UPDATE 2:  ISIS has claimed responsibility for destroying a Russian passenger jet in response to Vladimir Putin’s decision to bomb Jihadi targets in Syria, although both Moscow and Egypt have denied any possible terrorism link. 

UPDATE 3: Authorities are saying the plane crashed nearly vertically, something that would not have happened if there was one engine failure or even two engines. It would have glided to the ground, not flipped over in a vertical position.

RT  Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail confirmed that the Russian plane did go missing over Sinai and said a cabinet-level crisis committee has been formed to deal with the incident. Earlier, the Egyptian air accident chief said the Russian plane had safely left Egyptian airspace and made allegedly made contact with Turkish air traffic control. Which turned out not to be true.

Egyptian security sources also reportedly said there was no indication the aircraft had been shot down, however Islamic militants including ISIS are active in the area.


A source in the Russian air traffic controller told Ria Novosti that the plane did not contact controllers in Larnaca, Cyprus. Some Egyptian media claim the crash site has already been discovered in Egypt. The Airbus that was reported going off radar and crashing in the Sinai Peninsula was travelling from the Egyptian resort Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Ria Novosti reported. It belonged to Kogalymavia airline, a small airline based in Western Siberia.

 The flight was traveling from the Egyptian resort to St. Petersburg, RIA Novosti reported. It belonged to Kogalymavia airline, which also uses the brand name Metrojet. The plane was supposed to contact air traffic in Turkish Cyprus’ Larnaca after leaving Egypt’s airspace, but failed to do so. A source at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport told RIA Novosti the pilot of the missing plane requested a change of course, saying the jet would have to land in Cairo.

FIRST photos of wreckage: