BREAKING NEWS! Two objects bearing colors of missing Malaysia Airlines flight found floating in the sea by Chinese military plane

A Chinese military plane scanning part of a search zone for signs of debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 spotted several objects floating in the sea on Saturday, including two bearing colors of the missing jet. The three objects spotted by the Chinese plane were white, red and orange in color. The missing Boeing 777′s exterior was red, white, blue and gray.

Excuse me? Anyone see any orange on this plane?




The only things ‘good’ about Islam are the ideas Muslims have stolen from Christians and Jews

Islam was founded on ‘stealing’ in the name of Allah.

Answering Muslims  Just when you thought all the stealing was done, Muslims are now stealing quotations from famous Christian authors and using them for Islam. The photo below shows the plagiarized Islamic version of a famous quote by C. S. Lewis: I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Stealing Christian Quotes for Allah

Muhammad used to support his religion by robbing the Meccan caravans, and he encouraged people to join his religion in exchange for a share of the spoils of war. Muhammad and his followers stole food, women, land—whatever they could get. Muhammad stole the Kaaba and the Black Stone from the pagans of Mecca, and made them part of his religion. Muhammad stole a variety of stories from Christians and Jews (stories that are now part of the Qur’an), he stole the Shahada from the Sabians, and he stole his view of a hedonistic paradise (complete with houris) from the Persians. 


Another reason BNI keeps focusing on the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The captain of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 received a two-minute call shortly before take-off from a mystery woman using a mobile phone number obtained under a false identity.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  It was one of the last calls made to or from the mobile of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah in the hours before his Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur 16 days ago.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah reportedly an ‘obsessive,’ ‘fanatical’ activist for opposition party

Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah reportedly an ‘obsessive,’ ‘fanatical’ activist for opposition party

Investigators are treating it as potentially significant because anyone buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia has to fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number. Introduced as an anti-terrorism measure following 9/11, this ensures that every number is registered to a traceable person. But in this case police traced the number to a shop selling SIM cards in Kuala Lumpur.

They found that it had been bought ‘very recently’ by someone who gave a woman’s name – but was using a false identity. The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Zaharie, 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards.  Everyone else who spoke to the pilot on his phone in the hours before the flight took off has already been interviewed.

The Mail on Sunday revealed last week that Zaharie is an avid supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, a distant relative, and may have attended a controversial court hearing where Anwar was jailed for five years. It took place only a few hours before the flight.  (SEE LINKS AT BOTTOM)

The pilot's good friend, Anwar Ibrahim, together with Muslim Brotherhood radical Islamofascist and spiritual leader Youssef al-Qaradawi

The pilot’s good friend, Anwar Ibrahim, opposition party leader, has been endorsed by Muslim Brotherhood radical Islamofascist and spiritual leader Youssef al-Qaradawi

Although the couple – who have three children – were separated, they had been living under the same roof.  A source said: ‘Faizah has been spoken to gently by officers but she has not been questioned in detail to establish her husband’s behaviour and state of mind in the days leading to the incident.

‘This is partly for cultural reasons. It is not considered appropriate in Malaysia to subject people in situations of terrible bereavement to the stress of intensive questioning.’ The softly-softly approach has been challenged by the team of FBI agents working with Malaysian police. They have pointed out that she may hold ‘vital clues and information’ to Zaharie’s mental state.

‘The whole world is looking for this missing plane and the person who arguably knows most about the state of mind of the man who captained the plane is being left alone,’ said a source close to the FBI team.  The source added: ‘If we want to eliminate the chief pilot from the inquiry, we must interview her in detail to find out what his state of mind was.’


The mystery caller emerged when Malaysian investigators examined the phone records of both Zaharie and his co-pilot, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid. Investigators were keen to trace the caller and interview them, although they have stressed that the fact the SIM card was registered to a non-existent ID card does not necessarily indicate a criminal or terrorist connection.

Political activists in Malaysia sometimes use SIM cards bought with bogus identity cards if they fear that their phones may be bugged by the country’s authoritarian ruling party.


The timing of the call has intensified scrutiny on Zaharie as investigators struggle to establish whether the cockpit crew, a catastrophic accident or hijackers are to blame for Flight MH370’s disappearance.

Meanwhile FBI experts in the US are continuing to examine the hard drive of a flight simulator seized from Zaharie’s home after it emerged that programs he used on it had been deleted.  Zaharie used the home flight simulator to practise extreme landings, including on remote Indian Ocean islands such as the US air base in Diego Garcia, investigators have revealed.

The hard drive was flown to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, at the end of last week after Malaysian investigators failed to retrieve the deleted files, which they suspect may have been ‘buried’ in an elaborate process to cover  the user’s tracks.

The pilot's at home flight simulator

The pilot’s at home flight simulator



MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

ISRAEL on high alert for possible attack from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane







Did the media help stage a phony chemical attack in Syria which was blamed on Bashar Assad?

Were PM David Cameron and President Barack Hussein Obama behind this ‘Pallywood’-type deception?

This is how the BBC website introduces a report by its BBC Panorama’s Syria correspondents on August the 30th, 2013. The story contained a video, ostensibly shot near Aleppo, Northern Syria, by an anonymous school headmaster, and documenting the aftermath of a napalm attack on his school, supposedly perpetrated by the Syrian armed forces on August 26th.

According to the story, the “evil” forces of Bashar al-Assad, at a time when they had just about established their strategic advantage over the anti-government rebel forces and the foreign mercenaries they had been fighting for over two years, had found nothing better to do than attack a school, a target which presented no military interest whatsoever, with napalm – no less – just so the international media, and BBC Panorama in particular, could pick the story and broadcast it to Western audiences, in perfect timing to coincide with the British Parliament’s vote on the so-called “humanitarian intervention” in Syria, which was being pushed for by Prime Minister David Cameron (and Barack Obama), ostensibly to prevent precisely this kind of atrocities. READ MORE


TOLD YA SO! ABC scraps “Alice in Arabia” after threats from Muslims


ABC Family decides not to move forward with the drama pilot amid third-party concerns about the depictions of Muslims in the one-hour project.

Hollywood Reporter  The recently ordered pilot came under fire from Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization Council on American-Islamic Relations and afterBuzzfeed reported Friday it had obtained a script for the show, which is “about an American teenage girl kidnapped by her extended Saudi Arabian  Muslim family and forced to live with them.”







What can a transcript of the final 54 minutes of communication from the flight deck aboard missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 tell us?

1011602_10152309782526178_1720318591_n-300x241The moment flight MH370 turned unexpectedly westwards is the point at which Malaysian air traffic controllers handed over to their Vietnamese colleagues, the final communications from the cockpit revealed. It fuels theories that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane was hijacked, as one former pilot said it is the point at which the flight would have momentarily been invisible to ground control.

17M-Missing plane search MAP.jpg

UK Daily Mail  The final 54 minutes of communication between the flight deck of the Malaysia Airlines plane and ground control has emerged as day two of a major search of the southern Indian Ocean found no sign of possible debris spotted on satellite. The full communication record of MH370, including the vital moments prior to the disappearance of the Boeing 777 and its 239 passengers could provide crucial clues as to what happened to the aircraft.

The transcript reveals all communication between the cockpit and ground control from its taxi on the runway to its final message at 1.07am local time, when co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid said: ‘Alright, good night.’ Two minutes after this final message the plane’s transponder was disabled.

Adding weight to the theory that the plane could have been hijacked, the transcript reveals that the point at which the plane took a sharp west turn, was when air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur handed over to their colleagues in Ho Chi Minh City. Former British Airways pilot, Stephen Buzdygan told The Telegraph, if he was planning to steal an aeroplane, that would be the moment to choose. He said: ‘There might be a bit of dead space between the air traffic controllers … It was the only time during the flight they would maybe not have been able to be seen from the ground.’


Another odd feature of the conversations on board the plane is a message repeated by the flight deck, telling air traffic controllers that the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. The message, experts say, was unnecesarily repeated six minutes after it was first delivered.

The transcript and final communications mark another piece of evidence to help investigators piece together what happened to the stricken plane. The banter between Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his co-pilot Hamid give no hint of the drama that was to ensue.

‘The communication up until the plane went to the changeover [to Vietnam] sounds totally normal,’ Mr Mr Buzdygan said. ‘I’ve done it hundreds of times. It is perfectly normal.’

Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority and the office of the Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak were contacted by the Telegraph, for confirmation of the communications report. Only the prime minister’s office responded, saying it would not release the information.






MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane



Tarek Fatah, a secular Canadian Muslim, discusses Muslim connection to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim protesters tell Christians, "Get out, if you can't accept Islamic supremacy"

KUALA LUMPUR: Angry Muslim protesters tell Christians, “Get out, if you can’t accept Islamic supremacy”

“The plane took off from Malaysia, a Muslim country.” 

“Both pilots were Malay Muslims. The two suspects (later discounted) who had boarded the plane on false passports were Iranian Muslims.”

“A group that reportedly claimed responsibility for hijacking the aircraft, if that’s what happened, identified themselves as Muslim Uighurs.”

“The countries where it is speculated the plane may have been heading – Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Afghanistan – are Muslim.”

See more about the possible Muslim connection in the links below video.





MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane


Top U.S. General thinks the missing Malaysia Airlines 370 flight could be in Taliban-controlled Pakistan

imagesRetired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney points to the fact that the U.S. Navy has called off its search of the oceans and the Israelis have placed their Air Force on high air defense alert. McInerney said there are at least three bases in Taliban-controlled areas of western Pakistan that could handle the 777 jet.


WND (h/t Frederic F)  Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney — the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Air Medal with 17 oak-leaf clusters, Distinguished Service Medal and other honors — is suggesting searchers looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 take a look at possible landing spots in Taliban-controlled Pakistan.

In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, McInerney said his recommendation was based on information from sources he was unwilling to disclose on television as well as the analysis of an intelligence service called LIGNET.


McInerney said the free world needs to be worried until the location of the jet, which disappeared March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, is determined. “My concern is if this airplane could be used as a bearer of a weapon of mass destruction or even conventional munitions that could attack a carrier, Israel, our allies,” he said. “We have to be very alert until we know exactly where this airplane is.”

LIGNET, the Langley Intelligence Group Network, provides global intelligence and forecasting by former CIA officers and others. The LIGNET report McInerney cited noted that the Malaysian government “reportedly is investigating the possibility that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 avoided radar detection and landed in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border inside Taliban-controlled territory, according to the UK Independent.”





ISRAEL on high alert for possible attack from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

MALAYSIA AIRLINES 370: Terror plot investigated after Al-Qaeda informant told court that several Malaysian men were planning an airline hijacking

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Flight 370: Maybe it’s time to take another look at those Uighur Muslims from China

MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

MALAYSIAN officials not ruling out Uighur Muslim involvement in the missing Malaysia Airlines plane



Far Leftists who used to idolize renowned atheist, Richard Dawkins, have a literal meltdown whenever he criticizes Islam

20130911-004407Richard Dawkins, who prior to becoming a jester of the Twittersphere was apparently a well respected author, used the opportunity of International Women’s Day to blast the “loathsome religion” of Islam. He tweeted a photo of three Afghani women in short skirts in the 1970s next to a photo of three Afghani women cloaked in the burqa today, alongside the words: “How can anyone defend this loathsome religion?” He means Islam. He always means Islam. He has a real problem with Islam.



UK Telegraph By  His “loathsome religion” tweet was hotly followed by another suggesting that the Halal ritual slaughter of animals for faith reasons  should be banned. “Many complex considerations should influence our treatment of animals. ‘Sincerely held religious beliefs’ are not among them,” he said. He followed this up with yet another shouty tweet, saying: “‘Beliefs’? BELIEFS!”

It seems he doesn’t like belief. Or the idea that society should allow people to hold and act on beliefs that run counter to what the rest of us consider to be normal and decent. Which is weird, considering that the entire Enlightenment – to which Dawkins claims to be an adherent – began from a conviction that men must be free to worship as they see fit, regardless of whether their ideas or behaviour offend the majority.

Dawkins is forever landing himself in hot water over his tweets. He’s tweeted about how few Nobel Prizes Muslims have won, followed by a barb disguised as a compliment: “They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.”


He’s tweeted his bamboozlement as to why the New Statesman employed a practising Muslim as its political editor. His tweets are generously peppered with exclamation marks and CAPITAL LETTERS and hectoring phraseology, making it pretty clear that we are getting a glimpse into his unedited thoughts, into the inner recesses of his mind, into that part of the human brain that has always existed – the bovine, often prejudiced bit – but which until recent times was not given public expression. We are seeing how Dawkins’s mind works prior to his exercise of thought and self-editing, and it isn’t pretty.


To be fair, this isn’t a Dawkins-specific problem. Twitter by its very nature invites its users to express unedited thoughts which in earlier eras would have lingered at the back of our minds or been spoken only to small groups of people, perhaps over a pint. In the past, there was a clearer distinction between private man and public man, between what we thought and what we said, between the inner workings of our brains and the public utterances that later fell from our mouths.


Today, that divide has been muddied almost into oblivion, so that now it is perfectly normal to see people tweet their instant, unformulated feelings about an event, a person, a religion, or whatever. Twitter isn’t single-handedly responsible for the detonation of the dividing line between private thought and public speech, of course, but it is the technological tool that has most explicitly moulded itself around the corrosion of the private/public split, inviting us, cajoling us in fact, to instantly share our half-baked thoughts on just about everything.


The end result is that even someone like Dawkins can now be better known for his late-night blabbing than for his intellectual works. I’m sure that to young people in particular, who don’t remember that time when Dawkins was taken seriously and who get the vast majority of their info via the Twittersphere, Dawkins is now just “that bloke what says weird stuff on Twitter”.


Dawkins’s fate – his self-demotion from serious author to barking tweeter – should be a lesson to everyone: beware Twitter, for it is the technological facilitator of the most backward cultural trend of our age – the Oprahite urge to spill, sputter and speak every thought, idea and feeling that pops into our heads.

There’s an idea – which I blame on the Sixties – that it is the height of honesty to give voice to our every feeling; that the only good, authentic way to live is to keep nothing private and instead to wear your heart on your sleeve and splash your mind across the internet. But this isn’t true. In fact, sometimes our initial thoughts about something, our instantaneous reactions to an event, are deceptive and untrustworthy, being fuelled more by instinct and cloudy prejudice than by considered analysis. The erosion of the private sphere and the private mind is really bad news, because it deprives us of the space in which we once worked out what we really think about other people and world events, and instead encourages us to express our instant feelings about them.


So I don’t buy the idea that Dawkins’s intolerant tweeting shows us the “real man”, as some suggest. I think it shows us something that we shouldn’t really have the right to see, and certainly would never have seen in earlier eras: that is, the half-formed thoughts of a human being who is only as silly and ill-spoken as the rest of us are in our homes, pubs or inner mind monologues. If the real Dawkins wants to preserve his reputation, then he should retire, or at least reprimand, the emotionally incontinent private Dawkins who keeps tweeting whatever comes into his head. And a great many other people in the modern world should do likewise.




MISSING Malaysia Airlines Flight 370′s ‘devout’ Muslim pilot was also a political fanatic

Muslim Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Muslim Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Hours before taking control of flight MH370, pilot Zaharu Ahmad Shah attended trial of jailed  opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, as FBI reveals that passengers could be at a secret location.

UK Daily Mail (h/t James C)  Police are investigating the possibility that the pilot of missing Flight MH370 hijacked his own aircraft in a bizarre political protest. The Mail on Sunday has learned that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was an ‘obsessive’ supporter of Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim. And hours before the doomed flight left Kuala Lumpur it is understood 53-year-old Shah attended a controversial trial in which Ibrahim was jailed for five years.

Campaigners say the politician, the key challenger to Malaysia’s ruling party, was the victim of a long-running smear campaign and had faced trumped-up charges.

Jailed: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim

Jailed: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim

Police sources have confirmed that Shah was a vocal political activist – and fear that the court decision left him profoundly upset. It was against this background that, seven hours later, he took control of a Boeing 777-200 bound for Beijing and carrying 238 passengers and crew.

Yesterday, Malaysian police searched his house in the upmarket Kuala Lumpur suburb of Shah Alam, where he had installed a home-made flight simulator. But this newspaper can reveal that investigators had already spent much of last week examining two laptops removed from Shah’s home. One is believed to contain data from the simulator.

Confirming rising fears, Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak announced yesterday that MH370 was deliberately steered off course after its communication system was switched off. He said it headed west over the Malaysian seaboard and could have flown for another seven hours on its fuel reserves.


It is not yet clear where the plane was taken, however Mr Razak said the most recent satellite data suggests the plane could have been making for one of two possible flight corridors. The search, involving 43 ships and 58 aircraft from 15 countries, switched from the South China Sea to the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.

US investigators say faint ‘pings’ were being transmitted for several hours after the flight lost contact with the ground. Meanwhile, military radar showed the jet climbed to 45,000ft – above its service limit – which could have been a deliberate attempt to knock out the passengers and crew.

Anwar Ibrahim is a broadly popular icon and former deputy prime minister whose prosecution on a charge of sodomy is seen by many Malaysians as political persecution.

The raids on Captain Shah’s home appeared stage-managed as a display of intent after the Prime Minister said the focus of the investigation was now on ‘crew and passengers’ as a result of the latest leads. But investigators have told the Mail on Sunday inquiries into the background of the pilot actually began days earlier.


Malaysian police, helped by FBI agents from the US, are looking into the political and religious backgrounds of both Zaharie and his co-pilot. Zaharie’s home was sealed off yesterday as police spent an hour inside.

However, a senior investigation source said two laptops were taken from the property in low-key visits by police early last week despite a series of denials by officials that his home had been searched or raided.  One laptop taken away is thought to contain data from the flight simulator while a second contained little information. Zaharie’s personal laptop was not found, and is thought to have been with him in the cockpit of the plane, the source said.

Zaharie’s co-workers have told investigators the veteran pilot was a social activist who was vocal and fervent in his support of Ibrahim. ‘Colleagues made it clear to us that he was someone who held strong political beliefs and was strident in his support for Anwar Ibrahim,’ another investigation source said. ‘We were told by one colleague he was obsessed with politics.’

At yesterday’s press conference, the suspicion over the pilot’s involvement mounted as prime minister Najib Razak said that investigators had found ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it changing course and losing contact with ground crews. 




Will NYC Mayor Bill De-Blasio boycott the Muslim Day Parade for their unabashed hatred of homosexuals?


Mayor de Blasio drew a line in the sand when he marched through Sunnyside, Queens, last week in the gay-friendly ‘St. Pat’s for All’ parade. Posing for pictures with the manly Irish drag queen known as Panti Bliss, who rocked false eyelashes, lipstick and enough foundation makeup to support a three-story building, the mayor could not hide a horrified expression plastered on his face that screamed silently: “Help me!”

NY POST  (via CreepingSharia) If you thought Hizzoner’s public stand alongside New York’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals would bring him fans or a coveted spot next to transvestite Lady Bunny at this summer’s NYC Gay Pride March, you’d be mistaken. De Blasio would be lucky to nab a stool in a Greenwich Village gay bar.


De Blasio announced last month that he’s boycotting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, set to run up Fifth Avenue March 17, in solidarity with homosexuals, who are prohibited from carrying banners, waving signs or wearing lapel pins that identify their sexual persuasions. Public Advocate Letitia James will be a no-show. Any City Council member who dares march won’t wave a city government sign, Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito decreed. Guess what — no one cheered.

De Blasio didn’t win any love in the gay community when he gave his blessing to city workers in uniform, including cops and firefighters, plus Police Commissioner William Bratton, to participate in the festivities. He maintains they have a constitutional right to free expression. “We’re angry. Frustrated would be a better word,’’ Emmaia Gelman, an organizer for the group Irish Queers, told me. Gelman said her outfit is considering suing the city, claiming parade rules violate city human-rights laws.


The mayor also angered members of the city’s Irish-Catholic community who see his boycott as no less than an expression of intolerance. “De Blasio, he has no respect for diversity,’’ William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told me.

“I really find this very scary. I’ve been kicked by lesbians in the street!” In the mid-1990s, Donohue said, he was physically attacked while taking pictures of lesbians assembling in front of the Mid-Manhattan Library on Fifth Avenue on the morning of the parade. “You’re dealing with people who are fascist.”


Let me clear up one misconception. Gays are not banned from this parade. Everyone, whether Irish, Jewish, Hindu or pansexual, is welcome to attend the city’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the nation’s largest. The event dates to 1762, when the British still ran this country, New York was more than a century away from acquiring five boroughs, and people still friended each other in person.

All can attend — provided they don’t carry signs identifying themselves as gay. Or straight. Or vegan, neo-Nazi or pro-gun, to name just a few categories. Civic groups and colleges can carry signs.

So the mayor’s stubborn insistence on skipping the parade (he also did so while serving as public advocate from 2010 to 2013) has nothing to do with gay exclusion. It has everything to do with de Blasio’s lack of respect for people with whom he disagrees. If the parade opens up to groups whose members identify themselves by bedroom activities, then how can parade organizers justify stopping skinheads, abortion foes or members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association from waving banners?

Gays in Iran

Gays in Iran

The parade “is a celebration of Irish heritage and culture — nothing more, nothing less,” Hilary Beirne, executive secretary of NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which organizes the event, last month told The Wall Street Journal. “There’s another parade in New York City that celebrates being gay and being lesbian, and that’s the Gay Pride Parade,’’ Beirne said.

Things have been quiet along the parade route since Mayor David Dinkins skipped the event back in 1993. Mayor Michael Bloomberg marched throughout his 12 years in office. Mayor Rudy Giuliani did so for eight years. (Both of whom were hated by Muslims, even though Bloomberg supported the Ground Zero Victory mosque)


The question of who has a right to wave banners appeared settled in 1995. That’s when US Supreme Court justices voted unanimously, 9-0, that Boston parade organizers, including those who run the nation’s second-largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade after New York’s, have a First Amendment right to invite or exclude any group from events that, like this city’s parade, are considered private.


But now, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is vowing to skip his city’s parade this coming Sunday unless a deal is reached to include gay military veterans, who’d march under their own banner without wearing clothes or carrying signs that identify them as gay. But last week, testy negotiations between the gay group and parade organizers broke down. The two sides are now trying to come to an agreement.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is not the place for sexual battles. Gay activists should take the fight someplace else. (like the Muslim community?)


























“The greatness of a nation and its moral compass can be judged by the way its animals are treated” — Gandhi

This is what happens to live animal exports after they are shipped out of Australia to many Muslim countries.

Animals Australia













New Zealand Oil Rig worker claims he saw Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 burst into flames

In what could be the last chilling sighting of missing Flight MH370, an oil rig worker believes he spotted the Malaysian jetliner burst into flames Saturday morning.


Gold Coast Bulletin New Zealander Mike McKay, who is working on a rig operating in the Gulf of Thailand, was so certain he saw the ill-fated flight on fire that he emailed his employers, urging them to pass the information onto authorities.

“Gentlemen. I believe I saw the Malaysian Airlines flight come down. The timing is right,” he wrote. “I tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese officials days ago. But I do not know if the message has been received. “I am on the oil ring Songa-Mercur off the coast of Vung Tau. “The surface location of the observation is Lat 08 22′ 30.20″ N Lat 108 42.22.26″ E. “I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude at a compass bearing of 265* to 275*”


Mr McKay is working on the oil rig Songa Mercur off Vung Tau, on the south east coast of Vietnam. This would put the plane in the same general area where a Chinese satellite has spotted a suspected crash site.

In his email to his employers on March 12 he claims he saw flames in the sky which quickly extinguished. “From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds. There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary, or going away from our location,” he wrote.

“The general position of the observation was perpendicular/south west of the normal flight paths.” Mr McKay said the possible plane appeared to be in one piece. 

“It is very difficult to judge the distance but I would say 50 to 70 kms along the compass bearing 260-277,” he wrote. “The sea surface current at our location is 2-2.3 knots in the direction of 225-230. “The wind direction has been E-ENE averaging 15-20 knots.


“(We see the con trails every day) and at a lower altitude than the normal flight paths or on the compass bearing 265 to 275 intersecting the normal flight paths at normal altitude but further away.” Michael Jerome McKay signed off with “Good Luck”.

Vietnam’s air traffic management deputy general director Doan Huu Giasaid has reportedly confirmed they received Mr McKay’s original email. “He said he spotted a burning [object] at that location, some 300km southeast of Vung Tau,” he reportedly said. Other Vietnamese officials have reportedly since dismissed the account after not finding anything in the water.

US ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff confirmed he spoke with Richard Beaton at Japanese Idemitsu Oil & Gas Co, who hired Songa Mercur to drill, and confirms Mr McKay’s email is real.

Vietnamese naval officer Le Minh Thanh told America’s ABC News that Vietnamese officials sent a plane to the area to investigate the man’s claims, but the search was fruitless.

However, Strategic Aviation Solutions chairman Neil Hansford said superior Australian search aircraft should be sent to the area.  Mr Hansford said Mr McKay’s account “made sense”. “It would be quite believable that, on an oil rig at that time of the morning with a clear sky, if he looked up he would see something lower than he thought and he’s seen it on fire and he’s given an exact position,” he said.

“The position he’s given is in the area that the Chinese have now found, which is nowhere near where the Malaysians have been looking and it’s where the Vietnamese, because of all the confusion with the Malaysians, have stopped looking.”