ISRAELI TWITTER-GATE? Wife of Interior Minister under fire for alleged “racist” tweet she made about Obama


Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, a well known face on Israeli TV and the wife of the country’s interior minister Silvan Shalom, quickly deleted the offending tweet – but it was too late to avoid mounting criticism after it immediately made headlines in Israel. Apparently, Mozes has apologized: “I apologize, that was a stupid joke somebody told me.”
What she should have done was to post a follow-up tweet, saying “It isn’t the color of Obama’s skin that’s the problem, it’s the thinness of it.”


[UPDATED] SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? Bosnian (YES, he’s a Muslim as expected) man drives car at 90 mph into crowd of shoppers, before getting out and stabbing elderly bystanders

GOINGMUZZIE2MedA-vi-300x300At least three people are reported dead and another 34 injured. The incident took place in Graz, Austria’s second largest city, and police officers have now sealed off the area. German-language website Krone reported that the man arrested by police is of Bosnian origin. (SEE UPDATE BELOW)

UK Daily Mail (h/t Ros L) The driver did not resist when he was arrested by the police – who say he acted alone – and they have no reason to believe it was an act of terrorism. (If he’s a Muslim, it was terrorism, no doubt inspired by ISIS)


Eyewitnesses say the driver rammed into crowds at up to 90mph before he got out and began randomly stabbing bystanders, which included the elderly and policemen. “People were screaming in panic and ran into the shops to get to safety,” according to an eyewitness. A seven-year-old boy and a woman are thought to be among those killed in the onslaught on the main shopping street of Herrengasse.

A local resident told Sky News that her friend saw people flying through the air, adding: ‘Apparently he was attacking elderly people with a knife.’


The governor of the state has described the driver as a ‘deranged lone (MUSLIM?) assassin’ and the police say the man, who is believed to be a 26-year-old Austrian (Bosnian roots), was distressed over ‘family problems’.

He killed two people while speeding towards the main square where he ploughed into an outdoor dining table full of people, a spokesperson for the regional police said during a press conference today.

The busy square was hosting an event relating to the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix which is being held nearby, in the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, in Steiermark.  


Dr Sea Rotmann says her friend told her how the driver was ‘doing between 100km-an-hour and 150km-an-hour’ on the busy road. A waitress at the Pronto restaurant on the main square told the Kleinezeitung website she heard screaming before she even saw the driver.

Simone Zucca added: ‘He raced through the front of the restaurant without braking… He then caught a boy who was thrown against the wall.’ Another eyewitness told the BBC he saw bodies lying on the ground ‘covered in blood’.


About 60 ambulances converged on the scene and the Austrian auto club sent four helicopters to bring the victims to hospitals.  The city council released a statement which read: ‘At 12pm there was an appalling incident in the centre of Graz, which has caused major alarm and left the city deeply shaken.’  

Provincial Governor Hermann Schuetzenhoefer said at least one of his injured victims is in a critical condition. He added: ‘We are shocked and dismayed… there is no explanation and no excuse for this attack. (Yes, there was if he’s a muslim)


‘We have much to do to ensure cohesion in our community, which has clearly become difficult for many people.’ (Who in Europe is destroying cohesion in a community lately? Hmmmm)

The incident took place in Graz, Austria’s second largest city, and police officers have now sealed off the area.

Police chiefs told the Austrian  Kleine Zeitung newspaper that the suspect got out of the SUV and started stabbing people with a knife. Austria’s APA news agency said two bodies were lying near the scene, covered with blankets. 


UPDATE: BOSNIAN MUSLIM man, Alen Rizvanović, who ran down and killed several people in Austria yesterday, allegedly was a fan of violent jihad and terrorism supporters.

Frontpage  When Alen Rizvanović plowed into a crowd in an SUV and then got out and began stabbing people with a large knife, the local media and authorities in Austria insisted that the Bosnian Muslim refugee was A: Mentally ill or B. Reacting to a failing marriage. C. Operating under completely inexplicable motives

The authorities have been quick to rule out terrorism and an Islamic connection, but they may have spoken too soon. Of course we don’t know at this stage know Alen Rizvanović’s motives, but his actions were very similar to Muslim terror attacks carried out in Israel, which also involved running people over and then getting out and stabbing them.

A Facebook account registered to a man of the same name also living in Austria suggests that the killer was a devout Muslim. His favorite book appear to be Islamic texts. They include entries like Light of the Koran and the Hadiths of Mohammed.

More troublingly his likes include this Facebook page which promote Islamists like Mohamad al-Arefe who has been linked to Jihadists.

A notorious Saudi cleric preached at a mosque accused of  radicalising three young Britons fighting in Syria.

Although banned from entering Switzerland because of his extremist views, al-Arifi has visited the UK several times. A Sunni Muslim, he has been accused of stirring up tensions with the rival Shia sect, reportedly calling it evil and accusing adherents of kidnapping, cooking and skinning children.

He was briefly arrested by the Saudis, banned from the UAE and from Switzerland for promoting beating women. His views on abusing little girls are sick. In a talk show appearance, al- Arefe gave advice to victims of parental molestation, and urged family members to not call the authorities. According to al-Arefe, “The girl should not be left alone with her father nor should she wear provocative clothing around him.”

And he’s all in on the Jihad.

In another YouTube video cited by the authors of the FDD report, Jonathan Schanzer and Steve Miller, al-Arefe advocates violence against non-Muslims.

“Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer,” the Muslim cleric says. “Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight [the Muslims].”

Some skulls were probably smashed when Alen Rizvanović rammed his SUV into a crowd. Alen Rizvanović’s likes also include Naser Oric, a Bosnian war criminal, whom he liked twice. Also liked was Zakir Naik who had said, “Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”








FLYING PIG MOMENT! Writer for far left ‘Salon’ defends Pamela Geller

THE LEFT HAS ISLAM ALL WRONG: Bill Maher, Pamela Geller and the reality that liberals/progressives must finally face. Confusion over Islam and how to relate to it, imperils free speech, without which no secular republic can possibly survive.

Bill Maher, Pam Geller, Nicholas Kristof

Bill Maher, Pam Geller, Nicholas Kristof

SALON  (h/t Robert F) Whatever her views on other matters are, Pamela Geller is right about one thing: last week’s Islamist assault on the “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest she hosted in Texas proves the jihad against freedom of expression has opened a front in the United States. 

“There is,” she said, “a war on free speech and this violent attack is a harbinger of things to come.”  Apparently undaunted, Geller promises to continue with such “freedom of speech” events.  ISIS is now threatening to assassinate her. 

She and her cohorts came close to becoming victims, yet some in the media on the right and the center-right have essentially blamed her for the gunmen’s attack, just as far too many, last January, surreptitiously pardoned the Kouachi brothers and, with consummate perfidy to human decency, inculpated the satirical cartoonists they slaughtered, saying “Charlie Hebdo asked for it.”

No, they didn’t.




Senior Rabbi in Russia says the ouster of Vladimir Putin would endanger the Jewish population there

Under Putin, a devout Christian, dozens of synagogues have been renovated with Russian government support and a massive Jewish museum was opened in Moscow with state funding.


Haaretz  Alexander Boroda, head of the Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, made the warning Friday during a talk at Moscow’s 9th annual Jewish learning event organized by Limmud FSU.

“The Jews of Russia must realize the dangers inherent in the possible collapse of the Putin government, understand the rules of the game and be aware of the limitations,” Boroda said at a sessions, according to a translation provided by Limmud FSU.


The Moscow conference, which drew 1,400 participants, opened Friday at the state-owned Klyasma resort just outside the Russian capital.

Boroda’s Federation is among several Russian Jewish organizations that credit Putin for facilitating efforts to re-consolidate Russia’s Jewish community of 350,000 after decades of communist repression.

Chief Rabbi of Russia, in front of the main Hanukkah menorah in Red Square

Chief Rabbi of Russia, in front of the main Hanukkah menorah in Red Square

Under Putin, dozens of synagogues have been renovated with government support and a massive Jewish museum was opened in Moscow with state funding.

“In Russia, there is virtually unlimited freedom of religion and the Jewish community must ensure this situation continues,” Boroda said. “The support for religious institutions is wider than in the United States and defense of Jews against manifestations of anti-Semitism is greater than in other European countries. We do not have the privilege of losing what we have achieved and the support of the government for the community.”

The Russian delegation met with their Israeli counterparts in Netanya, Israel to honor the Jewish soldiers who served in the Red Army during World War II

The Russian delegation met with their Israeli counterparts in Netanya, Israel to honor the Jewish soldiers who served in the Red Army during World War II

All Russian Jews and especially those considering action against the Putin administration, Boroda said, “must understand the grave dangers that they take upon themselves and the potential consequences.” 

Such endorsements of Putin by Jewish leaders have exposed them to criticism by leftist Jews and Jews in Ukraine, who oppose Putin’s crackdown on civil liberties and rivals, annexation of Ukrainian land and perceived nationalism. The state of Israel did not criticize Putin’s actions in the Ukraine.



Muslim accuses article in the ‘Medical Post’ of being “racist” because it says the current leader of al-Qaeda, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is a MUSLIM doctor

memed38b9709159bf0b8-viDear Editors of the Medical Post and its publisher, Rogers Digital Media: “I am deeply disappointed at the ‘racism’ embedded within ‘Physicians Famous for their Religious Leanings,’ the article published in the April 7th edition of Medical Post.”

 The article discusses the professional work of specific physicians in the context of their faith. The article recognizes Pope John XXI who was a practicing physician and teacher.  Dr. Schwitzer was an author of a biography on Sebastian Bach and a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1952. Dr. Damadian was credited with contributions that led to the invention of the MRI.

The article also recognizes Ayman Al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader and an architect of the 9/11 attacks, as a Muslim physician noted for his faith.


Among those named in the article, three of four physicians are of various Christian faiths. Each of those three are noted for their contributions to humanity. Al-Zawahiri is the only one on the list who one who is identified as Muslim and is an undeniable criminal.

Accomplished Muslims physicians, past or present, are not difficult to identify. A Google search for “famous Muslim physicians” leads to long lists of them. 

Al-Zawahiri’s politics, tactics, or religious beliefs are not representative of Muslim physicians. By citing Al-Zawahiri and comparing him to positive, non-Muslim examples, the Medical Post implicitly suggests that there is something inherently wrong with being Muslim and providing medical care. (There IS, and nobody in the West who knows anything about Islam and values life would ever allow him/herself to be treated by a Muslim doctor)

The framing of the article perpetuates stereotypes of Muslims as terrorists. The Islamophobic article is ultimately disrespectful and hurtful to Muslim physicians. (Oh, Boo Hoo, who cares?)

I request that Medical Post and Rogers Digital Media publicly withdraw the article and publish an apology that will be available both in the digital and print versions of the Medical Post. I expect that the Medical Post and Rogers Digital Media will take this opportunity to internally reflect about their values and publicly outline how the incident will change their internal processes.


Dr. Amina Jabbar BSW, MSc, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Toronto



Australian radio host under fire for allegedly calling a terrorist-looking Muslim football player a “terrorist”

Maybe it was a freudian slip? Radio host denies calling AFL’s first Muslim player a ‘terrorist’ at a function.

280CEA2000000578-3057045-image-a-65_1430119302454 UK Daily Mail  Melbourne radio broadcaster John Burns has been revealed as the media personality alleged to have vilified Richmond’s Bachar Houli. Burns, who hosts 3AW morning show Ross and John with Ross Stevenson, is alleged to have referred to Houli as a ‘terrorist’ at a club function at the MCG on Friday night during the Tigers’ match against Melbourne.

The radio station confirmed a complaint has been made against Mr Burns and said he doesn’t recall making the comment, and is ‘mortified’ by the allegation. John Burns said a friend sitting with him at the time also didn’t recall the comment being made.

Mr Burns spoke to 3AW’s Tom Elliott on Monday afternoon and said that while he didn’t recall making such a comment, he apologised unreservedly if any offence had been caused. ‘The game was underway and the person in front of me turned around and said ‘what did you say’?’ Mr Burns said on the radio show.  ‘I wasn’t aware of having said anything really and I don’t recall what I said but he alleged that I made a comment that was offensive.

This is one scary-looking muslim

This is one scary-looking muslim

When quizzed by Tom Elliot on how much liquor he had consumed during the game, Mr Burns said he had enjoyed himself but alcohol did not contribute to the events.  He said he couldn’t even begin to imagine what words of his might have been misconstrued but went on to tell Tom Elliot that he ‘didn’t say anything like accidental tourists, I wouldn’t think’.

‘I can’t recall saying anything that I intended to be offensive to anybody on the other side of the game.’  Mr Elliot told Mr Burns that he has heard the term ‘terrorist’ and ‘jihadist’ being used to describe Bachar Houli on numerous occasions at matches, however Mr Burns said he has never witnessed this.


What to say when ignorant people and/or Muslims accuse you of being ‘racist,’ ‘Islamophobic,’ ‘xenophobic,’ or a ‘hater’ when you honestly criticize Islam

To help you fight the war against creeping Islamization, here are answers to several common responses you are likely to get for your anti-Islam views:



1. But it is just a small minority of extremists.

2. My friend is a Muslim and he’s really nice.

3. What you’re saying is racist.

4. Aren’t you being religiously intolerant? 

5. Christianity is just as bad. 

6. Not all Muslims are terrorists.

7. We can’t go to war with 1.3 billion Muslims!

8. Are you an Islamophobe?

9. Isn’t this bigotry?

10. Are you a hatemonger? I don’t believe in promoting hatred.

11. You should really talk to some Muslims. You’re getting all this from books.

12. There are peaceful passages in the Qur’an too.

13. You can pretty much justify anything if you quote it out of context.

14. There are millions of Muslims in this country and they’re not blowing things up.

15. You are a xenophobe.

16. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism.

17. Haven’t mosques and churches and synagogues sat side-by-side in the Middle East for a thousand years?

18. You’re taking the verses of the Quran out of context.

19. But jihad is an internal struggle.

20. Criticizing Islam will push the moderates into the arms of the extremists.

21. You’re cherry-picking verses out of the Quran.

22. Wouldn’t it be better to support the peaceful Muslims (than to criticize the violent ones)?

23. What about the good verses in the Quran?

24. The majority of Muslims are peace-loving people.

25. Who are we to tell Muslims to change their beliefs?

h/t Citizen Warrior


EXPOSED! FAKE Anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes regularly promoted by Muslims and the sharia-compliant leftist media

imagesThis article discusses and lists incidents where Muslims have been caught fabricating anti-Muslim hate crimes, or lying about other issues, such as their views on terrorism. In other words, why you should take ‘Islamophobia’ claims from Muslim pressure groups like CAIR with a grain of salt.

Chances are you saw the original media stories about these alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes , but not the truth when it finally came out.

From: WikiIslam

Name of Muslim Location Deception More Information
Carnita Matthews Australia Flag of Australia.png A Muslim woman accused a Sydney Police Officer of “racism” and claimed he physically attempted to remove her veil during a routine traffic stop. In an emotional Channel 7 interview, she tearfully described the “fear” she felt when faced with this “angry” and “aggressive” officer who shouted at her. The police officer in question was later cleared of the charge when patrol car video footage proved he never once touched her and was polite throughout the exchange. When asked by Channel 7 to return and explain what the footage showed, she declined the offer. Even after these accusations have been proven false, it is stirring up anger within the Islamic community with text messages describing the police officer as “an enemy of allah” being sent in mass.[1] Amazingly she escaped jail-time for her false accusations by again lying and claiming it was not her in the veil[2] Conning the World. Veiling the Truth with Bedazzling Burkas– Wendy Larkson, Australian Islamist Monitor, June 11, 2010
Not released (Albanian Pizza shop owners) Austria Flag of Austria.png A pizzeria owned by Albanian Muslims in Wörgl, Austria, was badly burned. A nearby building owned by a Turkish association was also set on fire. ‘Racist’ graffiti in Turkish was left on the scene, complete with swastika symbols. This immediately provoked demonstrations from Turks and Greens protesting against “right-wingers” and “racists”. One placard read: “Racism isn’t an opinion! Racism is a crime.” It was later learned that both fires were set by the Muslims themselves, after two of the perpertrators were injured in their own attack when the fire they were setting produced an explosion.[3] Austria: Muslims Set Fire to Own Fast-Food Business and Leave ‘Racist’ Graffiti to Mislead Investigators – Islam versus Europe, February 24, 2013
Ahmad Abu Laban
Ahmed Akkari
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png Following Jyllands-Posten’s publication of the infamous Muhammad Cartoons, the Danish Muslim leader Ahmad Abu Laban took it upon himself to spearhead a campaign demanding an apology from Jyllands-Posten. A delegation of Danish Muslim leaders, headed by Laban and Lebanese-born theological student Ahmed Akkari, traveled to the Middle East to publicize and garner opposition to the offending cartoons. However, the number of images taken to the Middle East had risen from twelve to fifteen. These additional images were a lot more offensive than any of the original twelve. According to the BBC, the source of these images (through their own admission) had been traced back to the delegation of Danish Muslim leaders themselves BBC Admits Fatal Negligence – Paul Belien, The Brussels Journal, February 7, 2006
Not released (representatives of the Muslim community) Finland Flag of Finland.png In what appears to be an attempt to further vilify websites critical of Islam, various representatives of the Muslim community reported to the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) that there had been “racist murders, mainly committed by racist groups which publish hate messages on their websites”. However, the Finnish authorities expressed surprise and informed the Human Rights Commission that they were “not aware of any murders committed with racist motives,” and that “they had never worked on any criminal investigations concerning the death of any Muslims.” Päivi Mattila, Secretary General of the Finnish League for Human Rights agreed, stating that she had complete faith in the view of the Finnish authorities. She noted that she had not heard of any claims of ‘racially-motivated’ killings against Muslims or any other racial minority. “Rather there has been word of other types of hate crimes, which have been met with convictions.” European watchdog calls for more anti-discrimimation efforts in Finland – Codewit Global Network, July 15, 2013 & Muslims using SMS, Twitter and Facebook Indonesia Flag of Indonesia.png In response to a suicide bombing of a church, the site falsely claimed a village had been burnt down and that thousands of Muslims remained in mosques in Ambon, seeking refuge from the crusader hordes. In two days some 20,000 people had retweeted the message. The previous month, a deadly riot broke out in Ambon, an island in Maluku in eastern Indonesia. 7 people died and scores of homes and vehicles were damaged after rumors spread by SMS, Twitter and Facebook claimed that a Muslim had been captured and tortured to death by Christians. In fact, he died in a traffic accident. In another hoax spread via SMS and Twitter messages warned of co-ordinated Christian attacks on Muslims. Two Christian men were stabbed in retaliation and more than 1000 people fled to a police school to seek refuge from Christian attacks that never occurred Indonesia Tweets Fuel Acts of Violence – Journal of Turkish Weekly, October 3, 2011
Adnan Hajj Lebanon Flag of Lebanon.png The photographer at the center of the 2006 Lebanon War photographs controversies, where several media outlets used doctored or misleading photographs and captions which reflected negatively on Israel. Due to the diligence of bloggers who would most likely be labeled as “Islamopobes” by many, Adnan Hajj’s photoshopped images were exposed, leading to his and another photo editors dismissal The Reuters Photo Scandal: A Taxonomy of Fraud – Zombietime
Hazem Bader Palestinian Authority area Flag of Palestinian Authority area.png “AFP photo service carried an image by photographer Hazem Bader in which a Palestinian construction worker is said to be screaming in pain after he was run over by a trailer driven by an Israeli soldier… Yet, after checking with both Palestinian and Israeli sources, it seems that the man was not at all injured, and there is no evidence that he was run over.” International Herald Tribune Falls for AFP Fauxtography Tamar Sternthal, CAMERA, January 28, 2012
Khulood Badawi Palestinian Authority area Flag of Palestinian Authority area.png A representative of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Badawi caused a controversy when she posted a picture via Twitter of a bloodied Palestinian girl held in her’s father arms. The caption attached to the image read: “Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by Israel. Another father carrying a child into a grave in Gaza.” In addition to violating the rule of impartiality, the Twitter message, which was a huge hit, was proven to be a lie. The girl in the picture was actually injured by falling off a swing in 2006. Tragically, this lie may have also been the motivation behind the March 2012 Toulouse massacre of Jews in France. The media reported that Mohammed Merah was motivated by Israel’s killing of children in Gaza earlier in the month. However, Israel did not kill any children in Gaza that month, but with lies like Badawi’s being widely spread between Muslims, he would have thought otherwise Top Tweet on Gaza Proven False – Israel Defense Forces, March 12, 2012
Wesley Muahammad Palestinian Authority area Flag of Palestinian Authority area.png Posted a photograph that went viral on Facebook, “showing what was claimed to be an Israel Defense Forces soldier pointing a weapon at a young Palestinian girl, prompted anger and cries for clarification across the social network… Soon after the picture began circling the social network, Facebook users began refuting its authenticity. Many posted the photograph again, explaining that the caption claiming the soldier was Israeli had to be false because his uniform was not that of the IDF’s, nor does the Israeli army regularly use AK-47s. “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet,” wrote blogger Omar Dakhane, who uploaded a wider framed version of the image, showing a crowd surrounding the soldier and the girl. “This picture was taken in Bahrain 2009 during a street theater.”… The wider framed shot also shows that the soldier has a home-made Israeli flag patch pinned to his jacket, and the crowd of bystanders watching the scene without any moving toward the soldier or the girl” Photo of ‘IDF soldier’ pointing gun at girl prompts Facebook outcry – Haaretz, February 1, 2012
Not released (Muslim woman) Sweden Flag of Sweden.png In early May 2013, a burqa-clad Muslim woman accused Christer Wikström, a local Swedish Democrat politician, of beating her in a Borlänge supermarket. The SD politician insisted he was innocent, but a police investigation began and he and his family were faced with criticism from the media and internet communities. CCTV footage of the incident showed that, not realizing she was on camera, it was in fact the Muslim women who attacked the politician. After tearing his clothes, she fell to the floor dramatically and started wailing. Wikström was eventually cleared of all suspicion. Whether or not the woman will be prosecuted remains unclear. Wikström thanked God for cameras, saying “Without them, I had a sentence in front of me” “Burkabråket” blev nedlagt – Jerry Brodin,, June 13, 2013
Babar Ahmad United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png He claimed that four police officers assaulted him and mocked his Islamic faith during his arrest in 2003. London’s Metropolitan Police has already paid out 60,000 pounds ($93,000 dollars) in compensation to Ahmad following civil court action in 2009. However, all four officers were cleared by a jury in 2011 after a listening device which was placed inside Ahmad’s house by British intelligence services ahead of his arrest showed up flaws in his account. British Police Cleared of Assaulting Terror Suspect – Agence France-Presse, June 3, 2011
Ehtisham Badar United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png A Muslim family in Birmingham had a severed pig’s head dumped on their driveway, a brick tossed through a lounge window and paint stripper poured over their car. The attacks were assumed to be anti-Muslim in nature. However, when the culprit was arrested, he turned out to be a fellow Muslim. According to the father whose family were victimized, “It is prohibited for a Muslim to even look at a pig, let alone touch one. It is an unclean beast… What happened was the worst insult… To discover it was carried out by a fellow Muslim makes what happened even more shocking… He has let himself, his family and the Muslim community down.” Dumped pig’s head was the worst insult…. and it came from another Muslim – Birmingham Mail, May 16, 2013
Ericka Tazi United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png Christian hoteliers, Benjamin and Sharon Vogelenzang, who were accused of laughing at and insulting a Muslim guest for wearing the hijab and angrily criticizing her religion are cleared. Among other issues, the judge said the Muslim’s claim “that she was verbally attacked by the couple for up to an hour had not been borne out by other prosecution witnesses, who suggested that any discussions lasted around seven minutes”. Due to these false charges, the innocent couple have suffered financial losses with their hotel, Mrs. Vogelenzang has said that “takings were down by 80 per cent” Christian hoteliers are CLEARED of insulting Muslim woman as judge slams her evidence – Jonathan Petre, The Daily Mail, December 9, 2009
Fiyaz Mughal United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png Following the murder of Lee Rigby by two Islamists in broad daylight, Fiyaz Mughal who runs Tell Mama, a government funded project which monitors anti-Muslim crimes, made many unfounded and exaggerated statements. He said there had been “a wave of attacks, harassment, and hate-filled speech against Muslims … an unprecedented number of incidents”, including “a rise in street harassment of Muslims – unprovoked, opportunistic attacks from strangers as Muslims go about their lives”. A “cycle of violence” against Muslims. “The scale of the backlash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities.” And “I do not see an end to this cycle of violence. There is an underlying Islamophobia in our society and the horrendous events in Woolwich have brought this to the fore.” Of its 212 reports, 120 (57%) of them took place online, some of which did not even originate in Britain. 17 (8%) of them involved individuals being physically targeted, 6 people had things thrown at them, and the other 11 were head-coverings being pulled off them. 35 (16%) of the reports had not even been verified. Police said reports of anti-Muslim crime had subsided to previous levels only a week after the attack The truth about the ‘wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder – Andrew Gilligan, The Telegraph, June 1, 2013
Mounia Hamoumi United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury was accused of calling a Muslim family who were shopping at a supermarket, “suicide bombers”, and telling them, “I’m a British citizen. I don’t know where you came from.” But a jury took only 15 minutes to acquit her of racially aggravated assault after hearing that the police investigation was a ‘shambles’. In reality, Drury only offered to help Mounia with unloading an overflowing cart when Mounia’s own husband refused to do so. Instead of being thanked for offering to help a hijabed Muslim women, she was slapped in the face, kicked, then arrested and charged with being racist Photographer to the stars is cleared of race assault of Muslim woman in supermarket – Mail Online, July 5, 2012
Noor Ramjanally United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png A Muslim leader who has fled the country, is sentenced to 2-years jail for making false accusations of being kidnapped from his home by anti-Muslim extremists who drove him into a forest and threatened him at knife-point to stop the Islamic prayer meetings he was holding. The police had spent 1,850 man hours investigating his case at a cost of £9,234. He had also previously claimed an arson attack on his home which lead to CCTV cameras and other security measures being installed by the Council at a cost of £1,300. These measures which were taken for his protection ultimately proved him to be a liar Noor Ramjanally sentenced to imprisonment at Chelmsford Crown Court – Edmund Tobin, The Guardian, June 11, 2010
Omar Bakri Mohammed United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png Following the 2005 7/7 terrorist attacks on London which claimed the lives of 56 people and injured around 700 others, the Muslim cleric publicly stated “I condemn the killing of innocent people.” only to be secretly recorded by an undercover reporter for the Sunday Times explaining two days later “Yes I condemn killing any innocent people, but not any kuffar.” He even referred to the 7/7 bombers as the “fantastic four”. One of his followers, Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary, also explained in a BBC interview “when we [Muslims] say ‘innocent people’ we mean ‘Muslims’. As far as non-Muslims are concerned, they have not accepted Islam. As far as we are concerned, that is a crime against God” Can Infidels be Innocents? – Daniel Pipes, August 7, 2005
Samantha Lewthwaite United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png Converted to Islam at the age of 17 and took the name of “Sherafiyah”. She is the widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine (Jamal) Lindsay who detonated the bomb at London’s King’s Cross Tube station killing 26 people. She received media attention (and reported a fee of £30,000) for her ‘exclusive’ interview where she publicly condemned the 7/7 bombings as “Abhorrent” and said she dreaded the day when she would have to tell her own children “what their father did”. However, she is now on the run from Kenyan authorities and is believed to be the main financier of a major terrorist cell affiliated to al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida-linked group in Somalia, that planned to mount a series of attacks on the Kenyan coastal resort of Mombasa during Christmas. Is Samantha ‘innocent’ widow of 7/7 bomber really an Al Qaeda terrorist?– Paul Bracchi & Rebecca Evans, Mail Online, March 3, 2012
Yasmin & Atoofa United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom.png A bus driver who was accused by two Muslim students of banning them from boarding a bus at Russell Square due to their Islamic dress (one was wearing a hijab and the other a niqab) is cleared of the charge after CCTV footage showed he had actually barred them from the bus for their abusive behavior. If found guilty, the bus driver could have faced the sack, not to mention the social stigma of being an “Islamophobe” Claim of ‘Islamic veil bus ban’ thrown out – Ross Lydall, The London Evening Standard, July 28, 2010
Not released (16-year-old Arab-American girl) United States Flag of United States.png A 16-year-old girl who attended the Skyline High School in Ann Arbor claimed she was physically attacked by a mob in an apparent hate crime which included ethnic slurs and her hijab being removed. This prompted a media blitz by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and calls for investigations by state and federal civil rights agencies. Detroit and local news organizations covered the story of a potential hate crime, the director of the state Department of Civil Rights issued a statement calling on the school district to implement conflict resolution and “cultural competency” programs, and CAIR went to the Islamic center in Ann Arbor to talk with congregants who were concerned. However, investigators found evidence that contradicted much of what the 16-year-old had said. She was not “jumped” or assaulted by a “mob”. In reality, no one touched her except one other 16-year-old African-American girl. There were no ethnic slurs or hijabs removed. It was simply a fight between 2 kids. The Arab-American girl was eventually charged and found guilty of disorderly conduct. Like other fabricated hate crimes, CAIR has not updated the information on their website or acknowledged it in any public statement Hate Crime Rhetoric Not Supported by Facts – Judy McGovern, The Ann Arbor Chronicle, August 15, 2010
Ahmad Saad Nasim United States Flag of United States.png Only days after the 9/11 attacks, the Saudi Arabian-born ASU student “lied to cops about being assaulted and pelted with eggs in a parking lot while assailants screamed “Die, Muslim, die!” Nasim confessed to fabricating the attack when cops interviewed after he attempted a second hate crime hoax– in which he locked himself in a library restroom with the word “Die” written on his forehead, a plastic bag tied over his head, and a racist note stuffed in his mouth.” This Muslims lies received nationwide media coverage with people denouncing these imaginary hate crimes against a Muslim, and he even had the audacity to compare himself to the innocent civilians who died in the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks[4] The boy who cried ‘muslim’ – Michelle Malkin, Townhall
Aisha Khan United States Flag of United States.png When 19-year-old college student Aisha Khan was reported missing, her family was insistent that she was abducted by a “drunken stranger.” She had left “panicked” text messages about an altercation with the man, and had called leaving a voice mail on her sister’s phone about “how scared” she was. Her case attracted the attention of a national foundation run by the parents of a murdered teen, a public Facebook page called “Help Find Aisha Khan” was set up, and Daniel Tutt at the Huffington Post used her case as an example of “the real world human impact of Islamophobia”. However, her 5-day disappearance came to an end after police reported she was found safe and had not been abducted or in any danger Aisha Khan ‘Abduction’ — Was It a Hoax? – Chelsea Hoffman, Gather, December 24, 2011
Amjad Abunar United States Flag of United States.png The owner of the Al Madinah meat market, who claimed the words “Go Home” were spray-painted twice on a door of his property before being gutted by an arson attack, was arrested by police for setting the fire himself. This revelation came only a week after “the graffiti and fire were cited as evidence by a Washington advocacy group [CAIR] that hate crimes against Muslims were on the rise in Texas.” Hate-Crime Accuser Charged With Arson – The New York Times, September 30, 2004
Aqil Yassom Al-Timimi United States Flag of United States.png “In Nashville, Tenn., Iraqi-American Aqil Yassom Al-Timimi claimed someone set his Chevy truck on fire after the Sept. 11 attacks because he was of Arab descent. Although local TV stations ate up the hate crime angle, one keen reporter remained skeptical…Sources said they suspected Al-Timimi was the perpetrator all along, but more than a year and a half after the fire, the case has languished. Al-Timimi, the supposed victim of hateful wrongdoing, hasn’t been heard from since.” More Muslim hate crime myths – Michelle Malkin, Townhall, May 30, 2003
Aziz Poonawalla & Chris Rodda (non-Muslim) United States Flag of United States.png A 10-year-old girl claimed she was sprayed with a substance while at the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, in Ohio. Through the post written by Chris Rodda[5] and later perpetuated by Aziz Poonawalla, the news of this “Terrorist attack on an Ohio mosque” spread like wildfire on the internet. This was all in spite of the fact that police had stated the mosque was not the victim of a hate crime and that there was “nothing left at the scene or anything that makes us believe this is a biased crime.” In fact, there were no chemicals found on the alleged young victim, and a can of pepper spray was oddly found inside the mosque, not outside the mosque where it was allegedly used by “two men” Dayton mosque attack hoax update: can of pepper spray was found inside the mosque – Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, October 18, 2008
Kassim Alhimidi (& family?) United States Flag of United States.png An Iraqi woman named Shaima Alawadi was found beaten to death in her dining room, allegedly by Islamophobes (a note was found next to her body calling the family terrorists and telling them to “go back to their own country”). The story received international coverage, sparking an internet campaign against Islamophobia, with a million women posting pictures of themselves wearing hijabs in solidarity. Her family gave tearful interviews to the media in the days following the slaying, and her widow was seen crying over his wife’s casket during her funeral in Iraq, at one point fainting. In an interview a week after the killing, her husband told the Arabic Al Arabiya News: “My wife was a victim of xenophobia.” Many apologists saw this as an opportunity to smear critics of Islam, claiming it was they who had “fueled the hate” that lead to the violence. It later turned out her husband killed her and staged it as a hate crime, and the story was quickly dropped. There was no internet campaign against Muslim honor killing, nor any apologies for blaming critics of a religion Husband arrested in Iraqi woman’s killing – Kristina Davis & Debbi Baker, U T San Diego, November 9, 2012
Mazhar Tabesh United States Flag of United States.png The co-owner of the Muslim-owned Alpine motel in Heber City, which was thought to have been set alight as a hate crime in response to 9/11, was arrested several months later for setting it alight himself. He had also previously claimed to have been “receiving threatening calls that increased after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.” Townhall Columnist, Michelle Malkin, writes “Utah residents organized a benefit concert and raised $1,400 for Tabesh’s family. The national press jumped on the bandwagon: “Immigrant Family Feels Post-9-11 Rage,” blared a Los Angeles Times headline. The accompanying 1,100-word story suggested that “white supremacists and skinheads living in the area” might be to blame.”[6] Owner of Alpine Motel Arrested – The Associated Press, KSL-TV, September 11, 2002
Mirza Akram United States Flag of United States.png The owner of the burnt Continental Spices Cash & Carry, in Everett, Washington, who had claimed “he had been harassed by some customers earlier this summer [and that] the verbal slurs didn’t stop until he threatened to call police,” was arrested a month later for setting fire to his own business and causing an estimated $50,000 in damages. The cautious Muslim had even spray-painted the property with obscenities against Arabs and a white cross before setting it alight “Islamophobic Prejudice” and CAIR – Daniel Pipes, FrontPageMagazine, August 25, 2004
Mohamed Abdelgany & Hadeer Soliman United States Flag of United States.png Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech at the University of California, Irvine, was systematically interrupted by students who blasted him as a murderer and a war criminal. The Muslim Student Union is a chapter of the Muslim Students Association. Its President Mohamed Abdelgany and its spokeswoman Hadeer Soliman both claimed the disruptions were not put on by the MSU, but rather by students acting on their own. However, “In an e-mail to the Muslim Student Union board dated Feb. 6, union president Mohamed Abdelgany described the union’s “game plan” for the Oren speech, including a call for “disruptors.” Later in the e-mail, Abdelgany, who was himself arrested during the Oren speech, laid out the plan for the event itself, which he said would involve “disrupting it throughout the whole time” if possible. Abdelgany also allegedly cautioned disruptors to be loud and firm, but not not lose their composure. “Remember,” he wrote, “that this is a planned/calculated response.”[7] In another e-mail he writes, “So now that we have voted on one method of action, we all go through this together, insha’Allah ta’ala together as one MSU … one Ummah.” MSU Suspended Over Oren Protest– The Investigative Project on Terrorism, June 14, 2010
Muhammad Musri United States Flag of United States.png “A newly surfaced audiotape demonstrates how Imam Muhammad Musri, director of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, deceived the pastor of a charismatic Christian church in Gainesville, Florida, to avert the burning of a Qur’an in September 2010… Imam Musri—who stood beside him on September 9 before the reporters, cameras and microphones gathered in Gainesville—had brokered a deal whereby New York City’s $100 million, 13-story Park51 mosque would be relocated from its proposed site within two blocks of Ground Zero. Imam Musri, though, soon denied that any such agreement had been reached, pulling the Muslim prayer rug out from under Dr. Jones… [The tape] clearly shows that Imam Musri first lied to Terry Jones and then lied to the media about having lied to Pastor Jones.” Tape Reveals Florida Imam Hoodwinked Qur’an-Burning Pastor – Alan Kurtz, Allvoices, April 16, 2011
Muhammad Salah United States Flag of United States.png At an Islamic Association for Palestine conference held in Chicago, he introduced himself to a woman as a “Muslim human rights activist” who can “teach you about the oppression and sufferings of Muslims in America and all over the world.” He went on to tell her he was a used-car salesman working in Chicago who was arrested and tortured by Israelis on a visit to see his family and friends. Unbeknown to him, the women who he was speaking to was the Iraqi-born Rita Katz, co-founder of the Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute (SITE Institute), and she knew very well that who she was speaking to was not a “Muslim human rights activist”, but the leader of the worldwide military wing of Hamas What is Taqiyya? – An Inquiry Into Islam
Musa Shteiwi & Essa Shteiwi United States Flag of United States.png “Blast at Arab—American Restaurant ‘Suspicious'” screamed the CAIR headline as they claimed the explosion at the Steak Thyme Restaurant (which sent the owner and his son to hospital with severe burns) was a hate crime. It was the fourth arson attack on the restaurant within the space of six-weeks, the third resulting from a Molotov cocktail being thrown through the front window. Only hours before the forth attack, the owner vowed he would “never give into pressure to close the store”. However, investigators discovered that the explosion was actually set by the owner and his son. “The Shteiwis were standing in a pool of gasoline that they intended to use as an accelerant in setting their store ablaze later that night when Musa Shteiwi took a break and lit up a cigarette, igniting the gasoline prematurely and causing the blast”. Father and son both later died from their self-inflicted injuries[8] and another man who was hired by the father and son team to carry out the previous three attacks was sentenced to three years in prison[8] Kafir-phobia: Americans as Violent Anti-Muslim Bigots– Patrick Poole, American Thinker, August 31, 2006
Naser Jason Abdo United States Flag of United States.png Hailed as a poster-boy for “peaceful, moderate Islam”. A US soldier who converted to Islam at age 17, Abdo was granted conscientious objector status because he claimed his Muslim beliefs prevented him from fighting in Afghanistan. Went AWOL after he was charged with possessing child porn. Like Arsalan Iftikhar, in 2009 he publicly denounced the Fort Hood massacre as running “counter to what I believe in as a Muslim,” but in 2011 when he was arrested and found with a large quantity of weapons and explosives materials, he admitted planning another similar attack on Fort Hood. Fort Hood suspect condemned ’09 shootings – Jamie Stengle, Associated Press, July 29, 2011
Nezar Maad United States Flag of United States.png The owner of the Frontier Printing Services which was damaged and vandalized with anti-Arab graffiti only days after the 9/11 attacks, was himself eventually arrested as a suspect in the damage case, the amount of which he claimed was $500,000. Although he was later released due to lack of evidence, Federal prosecutors dropped the hate crime investigation and Nezar has since been found guilty of several other cases of fraud Anchorage’s Alleged Hate Crime Hoaxster Mike Maad In Trouble Again – Alaska Pride, September 16, 2006
Omar Shahin, Didmar Faja, Mohamed Said Mitwaly Ibrahim,Marwan Sadeddin, Ahmad al-Shqeirat, & Mahmoud Sulaiman United States Flag of United States.png In what looks like a planned incident to gain publicity for congressional legislation against profiling,[9] 6 imams were removed from a US Airways flight about to take off from the Minneapolis airport. Led by Omar Shahin, they claimed that they were “victims of profiling and discrimination and hate merely because they were Muslims who prayed quietly in the airport terminal”. In reality, they were anything but quiet. Their odd behaviour included praying loudly twice when only one prayer was needed according to Islamic laws, and not sitting in their assigned seats, instead they spread out in pairs covering each exit of the plane. It was in fact a Muslim Arabic-speaking passenger who alerted the flight attendant to their strange behavior and of what they were saying to each other in Arabic. According to the Arabic speaker, they were “invoking bin Laden and condemning America for killing Saddam.”[10] The Muslim passengers even stood up and applauded once the imams were removed from the plane Flying imams of Minneapolis – Bogus Hate Crimes, November 20, 2006
Safia Z. Jilani United States Flag of United States.png A Muslim student at Elmhurst College who claimed a masked gunman had pistol-whipped her after writing “Kill the Muslims” in a women’s restroom, was arrested after a week-long investigation determined the incident never occurred. She was charged by Elmhurst police with making up the story. According to the Chicago Tribune, initially the United Church of Christ “called the incident a hate crime, hundreds of students rallied to show solidarity with their Muslim peers, who constitute about 25 of the school’s 3,300 students. The college beefed up security, including foot and car patrols by Elmhurst police, and campus security offered to escort Muslim students around the campus.” Only a week earlier there were anti-Islamic slurs and a swastika scrawled on her locker.[11] In hindsight, the probability of this locker vandalism being the work of an “Islamophobe” is very doubtful Cops: Student made up campus attack – Russell Working, Chicago Tribune, October 17, 2008
Saleh Nawash & Ahmed Jaffal United States Flag of United States.png Lebanese immigrant and leader at the Islamic Mosque of Cleveland who owned a meat store named Halal Products “pleaded guilty to conspiracy, attempted aggravated arson, and attempted insurance fraud. When Halal Products failed, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer (not online), Nawash coveted the $100,000 insurance policy on the business and hired an arsonist to do the dirty deed. The prosecutor provided details on how he left kerosene in the building and how, to win sympathy, he plotted to make the fire look like a hate crime. Nawash received a jail sentence of nine years; his side-kick Ahmed Jaffal, 49, got eight years” More Muslim “Hate Crime” Myths – Daniel Pipes, August 25, 2004
Shaker Elsayed United States Flag of United States.png The Imam of the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia (formerly the Secretary General of the Muslim American Society) claimed in a 2005 interview on National Public Radio, “I believe there is no apology for terrorism. We condemned it; we condemned it on 9/11, I personally signed a paper on behalf of the organization I worked for at that time and sent it everywhere to the press. I spoke with the press.” However, in February 2013, he was caught on camera advocating armed jihad before an Ethiopian Muslim group gathered at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. “[Muslims] are last if anything is being distributed, unless it is arms for jihad… We are the first to rush and run to defend our community and defend ourselves. The enemies of Allah are lining up; the question for us is, ‘Are we lining, or are we afraid because, because they may call us terrorists.’” Being called “terrorists” should not matter to Muslims because non-Muslims are being called terrorists anyway, Elsayed said. “You are a terrorist because you are a Muslim. Well give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be good a Muslim.” Imam Calls for Armed Jihad in Virginia – John Rossomando, The Algemeiner, March 1, 2013
Tamsir Mendy United States Flag of United States.png Previously thought to have been a hate crime against Muslims, a self-described devout Muslim immigrant is charged with first-degree arson for setting fire to the Masjid Al-Hedaya (Islamic Center of Marietta). The ever hopeful CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper had said before the arrest “Given the recent wave of incidents targeting American mosques, a possible bias motive for this apparent arson attack must be considered.”[12]The damage to the building is estimated at $100,000, and according to law enforcement officials, the perpetrator (a native of Gambia) may be in the country illegally Suspect in mosque arson could be in country illegally – Janel Davis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 8, 2010