[UPDATED!] Considering that scary Muslim women in burqas ALWAYS look like Halloween, selling Israeli (IDF) soldier costumes is the least Walmart can do

anmd57978cfa673e556-viIslamopandering Walmart, once again, caves to pressure from anti-First Amendment, anti-American Islamic supremacists and pulls Halloween costumes just because some Muslims find them offensive.

Forward  Walmart pulled an Israeli soldier costume and a “Sheik Fagin” oversized prosthetic Arab Muslim nose, after facing a backlash from social media. The products reportedly were removed from the company’s website and from store shelves on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the American-Arab Anti-Discriminatory Committee called on Walmart and other retailers to remove the products as well as others deemed anti-Arab. (See photos below)


Walmart’s Israeli IDF soldier Halloween costume for children has sparked outrage from the perpetually outraged Muslim community. The US retailer was also criticized for selling a laxtex ‘Sheikh Fagin noses,’ and ‘Arab and Muslim terrorist’ costumes.

Independent  America’s largest supermarket chain has sparked controversy with Halloween costumes including an “Israeli soldier for kids” and “sheikh Fagin nose”.

What about Muslims in Islamic supremacist costumes walking through Walmart? That’s REALLY offensive?


The Israeli soldier for kids costume, including a shirt, trousers, belt and hat, carries Hebrew writing and appears to resemble uniforms worn by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) paratroopers and elite units. A photo showed a young boy wearing it and posing with a toy gun, while pointing at the camera.


It is being sold at the reduced price of $27.44 (£17.90) with the description: “When Halloween time rolls around, make this item part of your child’s complete ensemble.”

But reviewers were quick to voice their disapproval. “Might as well sell a Hitler outfit for children as well!” wrote one commenter, who called the costume “utterly insensitive” and gave it one star.

The comments were echoed by critics on social media, with Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news quoting pro-Palestinian Twitter users accusing Walmart of “supporting killing and occupation”.


A description of the costume on another website, Wholesale Halloween Costumes, read: “Defend your Jewish heritage proudly by wearing the Israeli Soldier Boy’s Costume! The Israeli Defense Forces have a mission to protect the land and the people of Israel from outside threats with low casualties, and to avoid waging war if at all possible.”


Walmart also sells an Israeli police officer costume for children, as well as an array of military outfits representing different US forces.

Last year, Walmart withdrew a costume labelled “Pashtun Papa” after social media users branded it “racist” and “offensive” “Represent the Middle East,” the description read. “Nothing is sacred this Halloween. Shock your friends with this Islamic costume.”




The chain was additionally being criticised for an accessory by Morris Costumes being sold on its website under the title: “Sheik Fagin Nose (sic)”. “Latex prosthetic nose perfect for an Arab Sheik,” reads the description of the item, which is also sold by several other outlets.


Full “Arab Sheikh” and “Arab Knight” costumes are also available on Walmart’s website. It is not the first time the supermarket’s Halloween outfits have provoked outrage.


In 2013, it was also one of several retailers to remove an Osama bin Laden-themed costume.  The turban and beard instant costume, which is shown on a man wearing a camouflage coat, looks like Osama bin Laden.  The coat is similar to one bin Laden was shown wearing during an interview.


The costume, which is advertised on the Fun World Costumes website, as the “Turban & Beard Instant Costume”, was designed to make the person wearing it look like the former al-Qai’da leader who was killed in May 2011

Walmart has not responded to The Independent’s request for a comment.

Hey, what about the scary looking Muslim bagheads who work for Walmart? I am very offended by them.





Sheeeesh! Not even Alaska is safe from the Muslim invasion

Or should I say “Mooselum invasion?” Three recently converted Moose lifting their assess to allah in front of a brand new ‘mooseque.’

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Oh, NOES! Palestinian boy stubs toe, blames Israel, riots ensue

comment_6XEwbUPIvkaaVe2RP46wc5Kd49MnvjWmHEBRON: A Palestinian Muslim boy on his way to school this morning accidentally hurt his toe on a protruding piece of rock in the road, drawing renewed attention to the plight of Palestinian youth, forced to watch where they are walking while outside under Israeli occupation.


Pre-Occupied Territory  Journalists converged on the village through the morning, competing for camera angles and access to Abed Aziz, the boy’s father. Activists from European NGOs set up a podium for a press conference in the family’s front yard so that Aziz, 42, could hold forth for the cameras.

“Ahmad was minding his own business, walking to school, even playing along the way, as children are supposed to do,” recalled a tearful Aziz. “Suddenly the entire village heard him gasp and yell, ‘Ow!’ and the next thing you know, he was yelping and holding his foot.” The father of seven held up a scuffed sneaker. “This! This is all that’s left of his shoe.”


“He’s had that toe his whole life!” wailed Aziz, whose older sons had to support him from either side. Other family members rushed to help, slightly injuring eight cameramen who had been transferred from covering the Syrian conflict.

Calls for revenge and justice echoed through the village in the incident’s aftermath, with about a dozen youths clambering over a neighboring hill to hurl stones and firebombs at an IDF check point. Israeli troops dispersed the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets. A bullet caused bruising on the left calf of one of the injured boy’s cousins, further compounding the villagers’ anger.


By midday, cooler heads had prevailed, but the family insisted no true justice could be had until the Israelis no longer occupying the land. “The continuing oppression is the root cause of this madness,” said Salah Aziz, 44, Ahmad’s uncle. “The very ground protests the presence of Israelis on it. Nothing of this sort ever happened in the Palestine of my youth,” he added, apparently forgetting that the land was already under Israeli control when he was born.


Villagers regaled the assembled journalists with recollections of other injustices suffered by Ahmad while under occupation. “Two months ago he lost a tooth – not just had it fall out, but actually lost it,” said Mustafa Hijazi, a neighbor. “We don’t have proof, but it would be just like the colonialist occupier to harvest little children’s teeth to redeem them for money from the Tooth Fairy.”


“I hope the Tooth Fairy runs them over with a car,” he added.

OK, you’ve probably guessed that this is a satire, but not so farfetched as to be unbelievable, considering that Pallywood, Inc. has staged and filmed many horrific events that never happened, but were blamed on Israel.

For example, during the last Gaza War, a shell hit just outside of the UN school, targeting and killing Hamas terrorists who had just fired rockets at Israel.








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BUSTED! Radical Muslim cleric who preaches about ‘morality’ was found to have an active account with the Ashley Madison extramarital affair site


Breitbart London can exclusively reveal that the Ashley Madinson account connected to the British Islamist preacher Hamza Tzortzis was validated by the adultery-enabling website, according to the raw data analysed by a senior data scientist. 

Breitbart (h/t Kevin C)   Tzortzis originally took to his Facebook account this weekend to claim that the account was fraudulent, and said that he had made a complaint to his bank and the police. The Facebook post has now been removed.


Now we can exclusively reveal that Mr Tzortzis’s account listed him as an “Attached Male Seeking Female” including sexual preferences involving “Cuddling”, “Receiving Oral Sex” and “Sensual Massage.”

The account was created on 22 October 2014, directly after Mr Tzortzis’s Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca, as he stated in his Facebook post. This coincided precisely with a speaking tour of Australia that Mr Tzortzis was involved with, as advertised by his website. On 22 October, he was due to speak to the Muslim Student Association of New South Wales at the University of Western Sydney. The IP address of the user that signed up for Ashley Madison came from Sydney.


But the claim that Mr Tzortzis never knew about the account has been called into question by the fact that his own, working e-mail address listed on numerous slideshows and presentations by Mr Tzortzis was the one used to sign up to the service. 

The counterclaim from Mr Tzortzis is that “It could have been someone who knows me, someone who hates me, or a malicious person who found out who I was.”


But as one commenter wrote in response, “So Hamza, you are claiming that some guy knew all of your private information and wanted to screw with you so he created a fake account on Ashley Madison. This guy then paid hundreds of dollars to maintain the account for 9 months. This account was then used to make transactions at locations where you were also present at the time.

Then the ultimate plan was to hack the Ashley Madison database and release 40 million users so you could be exposed. Am I getting this right?”

It is also worth noting that Mr Tzortzis’s date of birth, 21 September 1980, was also linked to the Ashley Madison account, again linked to his company registration information.


FRANCE: ‘Burqa Backlash’ over supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s black garbage bag Muslim disguise in Paris


The City of Light lit up with rage on Wednesday over supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s use of a burqa as a disguise so she could slip in and out of a Parisian plastic surgery clinic. She gave herself away, however, with her footwear, open toed-sandals which in fundamentalist Islam is a ‘NO NO,’ identified as something only a prostitute would wear!

NY Post  The Post revealed how Bundchen and her kid sister wore the traditional Muslim clothing — during the holy month of Ramadan — so the supermodel could have work done on her boobs and her eyes.


“Ooh la la!” wrote a commentator on the French-language gossip site Public, responding to the stunning news on the Brazilian stunner — wife of Patriots quarterback Tom “Deflategate” Brady. “C’est ridicule!!!!” agreed another poster. “To be photographed in a burqa is ridiculous!!!!”

“Especially since it is forbidden in France to wear it!!!!” the poster added, referring to the 2010 “burqa ban,” which bars women from fully covering their faces.

Gisele and her sister emerge at the clinic in Paris, both wearing burqas

Gisele and her sister emerge at the clinic in Paris, both wearing burqas

“She would do better to fess up to the plastic surgery because that’s not shameful. I never found her to be beautiful and I definitely don’t like her now,” the anonymous poster sniped.

The plastic surgery clinic declined for a second day Wednesday to comment. “Pas de tout” (“Not at all”), said a woman ­answering the phone. Neither Bundchen’s sister Patricia, who handles much of her p.r. and was also wearing a burqa, nor Gisele’s Brazilian press ­handlers would comment.

Oh, NOES! The slut is showing her bare foot in public..

Oh, NOES! The slut is showing her bare foot in public..

But the French were incensed by the story, many pointing out the hypocrisy of Bundchen wearing a burqa during the Muslim holy month and sneaking into surgery despite past vows to never go under the knife. “In the street it is illegal to wear the burqa! It therefore violated French law,” wrote another poster. “A cap and a scarf would have been less conspicuous.”

Many strict Muslims see the burqa as an important guarantor of modesty — and its abuse during Ramadan as highly offensive. “She’s not doing it for Islam. This is very bad,” complained Imam Muhammad Abdullah Kamal Al-Azhari of the Astoria Islamic Center in Queens.

BURAQ BABES, Gisele and her sister

BURAQ BABES, Gisele and her sister

“She’s wearing a holy thing for a bad purpose.” A clerk at Islam Fashion in Astoria called the stunt “disrespectful to Islam.” “This is a religious garment. It’s not so you can hide when you’re going for a doctor’s appointment,” said the clerk, Shazia ­Raheel, 40.

Still, burqas have been put to far worse use, as cover for terrorists, bank holdups, and sexual assaults. 


According to Obama’s BFF, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Muslims landed on the moon in the year 1633. (How, by flying carpet?)

15lflyingcarpet-vi2“The Ottomon Turks were the first to walk on the surface of the moon, not Neil Armstrong,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, yesterday, during an iftar dinner. Erdoğan claimed that Muslim explorers reached the Moon several hundred years before the beginning of the U.S. Apollo space program, vowing to build a mosque “in the crater” where they landed. (So where’s the mosque? Did the Zionists put up a blockade preventing Turkish construction materials from reaching the moon?)


Sorry, Youtube has removed the video where he made this statement:

World News Daily Report  “It is alleged that the first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong in 1969,” Erdoğan said. “In fact, Muslim space explorers reached our satellite 334 years before that, in 1635. Everyone knows the story of the famous aviator, Lagâri Hasan Çelebi, the “Ottoman Rocket Man”, who made the first successful manned rocket flight in 1633. What you might not know, is that he attempted to reach the moon, two years later, and could very well have succeeded!”

He slammed the skeptics for mocking his claims, adding that he would soon have the proofs to back his claims.

“Why do you not believe it? Because you’ve never believed that a Muslim can do such a thing, just like you’ve never believed that our ancestors could manage to launch ships in the Golden Horn after transporting them across land,” Erdoğan said, referring to Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II’s conquest of Istanbul in 1453. “This claim is not new. A number of academics in Turkey and in the rest of the world have made this claim, and I believe they are right. NASA may have destroyed most of the physical evidence of the Ottoman’s success during the Apollo 11 mission, but we’ll try to find any evidence that might have escaped the cover up.”

Here’s a video of Erdogan claiming Muslims discovered America: