EGYPT: Fatwa allows “Anal Jihad” for Muslim Brotherhood members

UnknownOh… THAT’S what Democrats mean when they say Barack Hussein Obama (a Muslim Brotherhood supporter) likes to “lead from behind.”

Gateway Pundit  An Egyptian cleric, Mazher Shahin, gave an address recently where he claimed on national TV that a fatwa permits “anal jihad” (homosexuality) for Muslim Brotherhood members who are at war. In other words, two men are permitted to perform sex with one another, because they are away from home and cannot have sex with their wives.


Awwww…Muslims upset that a “racist” German magazine is mocking Algerian soccer team during Ramadan

The ‘racist’ cartoon makes fun of Muslims taking time out of the game to pray during Ramadan. Happily, Algeria lost its game today against Germany. Wunderbar!

Germany defeats Algeria 2 to 1


Racist magazine making fun of Algeria’s Muslim players. Classy. “:



MONTANA restaurant guaranteed to be Muslim-free

bearcreek_01Fondly known by the locals as the “Swine & Dine,” the Bear Creek Saloon and Steakhouse thrills crowds with their world famous Pig Races. And no doubt their pork ribs.


YellowStoneGate  For the last 20 years, Bear Creek Downs has been the site of the most exciting 10 seconds in swine-related bar sports. Five pigs burst (or sometimes wallow) from the starting gate to race (or sometimes waddle) around a 150-foot oval, where a finish-line snack awaits.

This being America, you can also wager on pig racing, which makes the competition so much more compelling than if it were a matter of only porky pride and bragging rights. But handicapping the pigs is tough.


“Anything can happen. You can have one leading the pack, then all of a sudden, he’ll just stop in the middle of the race. There’s really no way to know. Sometimes the small pigs will beat the big ones who get jammed up in the corner. It keeps it exciting,” he said.

The Bear Creek Saloon is an authentic, historic western bar, first built in 1904 as a bar and meat market to serve residents who worked in the nearby coal mines.

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‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ shut down by Toronto Sharia Police


Blogwrath  Mohammed Day,” marked on May 20, was started as a demonstration in defense of free speech, inspired by the so-called Danish cartoons, which depicted the founder of Islam. Needless to say, that didn’t work well – the usual Muslims response when their religion is discussed in an unflattering way is threats and more threats. Because of the Muslim death threats, Molly Norris, who started the event, had to go into hiding and change her name. She disappeared completely and nobody knows whether she is dead or alive.

In Toronto the event was marked by the free speech activist Eric Brazau. Again, needless to say, that event didn’t go well either. Canada has become so deeply engulfed into the multicultural “nirvana” that every attempt to make the point that we have in our country cultures and ideologies, which simply don’t fit our traditional values, is met by hostility and suppression.



Brazau was recently sentenced to nine months in jail for “hate speech” – which was based on a single flyer critical of Islam that he distributed several years ago. That failure of the Canadian judicial system shows how far our authorities have gone to accommodate one of the most violent religious ideologies in the world.

Eric Brazau has held similar events before – like the protest against aMuslim supremacist sign painted on a mosque wall and another appearance at which he was arrested for mocking Islam.

His favourite method is a satirical street performance during which he assumes the persona of an imam giving a mock sermon. Just like it was in the communist countries, the political satire in Canada is a dangerous endeavor that could land you in hot water (unless you mock Christianity).

For the Draw Mohammed Day, Brazau brought downtown cartoon artwork, easels and art supplies.

Eric Brazau talks with Muslims in front of the easel

Eric Brazau talks with Muslims in front of the easel

 He placed everything at the corner of Bay and Dundas streets, asking the people passing by to make their own renditions of the founder of Islam. There were a few, who did that.

Drawing Mohammed

Drawing Mohammed

However, many more got totally pissed off about the initiative. Brazau was attacked; they swore at him and even told him he was going straight to hell. Other than Muslims, who were the majority among the upset people, there were plenty of downtown lefties, who chastised him for violating the multicultural harmony.

Most of the encounters were captured in a video, which you can see below.

There was not much action at that corner, so Brazau decided to move the show at a place with a higher pedestrian traffic – at the corner of Yonge and Dundas, right in front of the Eaton Centre.

Drawing in front of the Eaton Centre

Drawing in front of the Eaton Centre

That brought him more action than he could handle. The Muslims soon swarmed him, yelling and screaming, oblivious to the fact that in Canada we have a right called “freedom of speech.” They simply couldn’t comprehend that somebody may criticize their religion in public.

A valuable addition was a Muslims tranny (below), telling everybody how he became transgender, but he still was a Muslim. The fanatics around him grudgingly accepted his “support” – after all he was doing their dirty work. He was attacking Christianity by yelling “Fuck Jesus” and “Allahu Akbar.” You can see and hear that creature near the end of the video.

Muslim Trannie

Muslim Tranny

Many of the threats came from the group of Muslim fundamentalists distributing free literature (most of it printed in Saudi Arabia), which promotes Islamic supremacy and even wife beating, like the booklet shown in the pictures below – Women in Islam.

Women in Islam book with tips on wife beating

Women in Islam book with tips on wife beating



Every culture is attacked in it with regard to treating women – in Hinduism they were slaves and concubines; in Judaism they were enslaved by their “guardians” (ironically, Islam has the same antiquated guardianship, but it is presented as women’s “protection”). Here is how that piece of printed Muslim garbage conveys the Koran’s “wisdom” of controlling your wife:

Although beating of women is generally forbidden, Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted and limited sense only as a final solution and acceptable valid reason when all else fails. This is analogous to spanking children when all else fails and they must learn a lesson in obedience for their own protection and success.

Have ever the lefties or the extreme feminists challenged that horrible view?

Naturally, the Muslims have been distributing their extremist literature for years, without any problems. People like Brazau are those, who are punished.

Soon after he changed the place, two policemen showed up and told him that he must leave. They used a phony excuse to justify the demand – he didn’t have a permit to stay there and was using an illegal structure (the easels).

Sharia Police shutting Eric down

Sharia Police shutting Eric down

 The whole thing was ridiculous because at the same time there were plenty of people standing nearby and promoting different causes – a large group of Muslims (with several plastic boxes); Christian preachers; Jehovah’s Witnesses; a Birdman, and even a Batman. It is hard to believe that any of them had a permit. Of course, the person who criticized Islam was kicked out.

That ended the event – Brazau was told in no uncertain terms that his type of free speech is not welcome in downtown Toronto.

Here is the video of that day – with all preaching, confrontations, angry Muslims and hostile cops: 


FLYING PIG MARATHON: Has CAIR sent out a press release yet denouncing the event for being ‘Islamophobic?’

504For those who don’t know, Islam forbids Muslims to eat pork products. However, Muslims have taken this religious command to the height of absurdity, claiming that even the mere suggestion of pork, such as children’s piggy banks, ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ story, ham in school cafeterias and pork items in fast food restaurants are so offensive, they often demand the items be removed so they don’t have to look at them. Obscenely, many non-Muslims comply.

So imagine what their reaction will be to the ‘Flying Pig Marathon’ being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday, May 4th.


Flying Pig Marathon website

FOX19 News (h/t Nelson A)  There are plenty of marathons to run throughout the country, but few races are as unique as the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Just the name, in itself, is interesting. In the 1800s, Cincinnati was a hub for commerce when riverboats plied the Ohio River. Pigs were brought in by boats and marched through the streets of Cincinnati to the processing plants.

Hence the nickname, “Porkopolis.”

pure joy

When Cincinnati celebrated its Bicentennial in 1988, the city decided to renovate the riverfront area. Four smokestacks were built at the entrance to the Bicentennial Commons at Sawyer Point, with four flying pigs on top. At first, the four little winged piglets caused a lot of controversy. They’ve since become part of the fabric of Cincinnati culture and have the “best named” marathon in the country.

 2014 is the 16th annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  It is the 3rd largest first-time marathon in the United States. The marathon course takes runners through approximately 15 different communities, winding from Northern Kentucky all the way east to the Village Mariemont.  Metro offers a Flying Pig day pass and early morning express bus on race day to help runners get to the starting line.


Spectators can also purchase the $4.50 pass to follow runners along the route. Approximately 150,000 spectators will line the course cheering on runners throughout the Queen City.

More than 125 charities use the marathon as a fundraiser, from manning water stops to sponsoring runners who raise money through pledges. Marathon mascots have stood at the Finish “Swine” since the first year. And yes, it’s called the Finish Swine.

If you plan to attend the Marathon, you can thank Muslims for all the police state-level security that is now required to prevent another Muslim terror attack like the Boston Marathon Bombing.



OOPS! Pork DNA found in halal chicken burgers

555-viPork traces have been found in halal chicken burgers in Birmingham, UK, after tests were carried out by the Birmingham City Council. According to the council, pork DNA was discovered in packs of 20 Humza brand chicken burgers, which were supplied by a Muslim company.

ABNA  The products were distributed by Roshan Foods, but there is no evidence to suggest it caused the contamination. A spokesperson has said the pork traces were discovered while the council was checking for horse.  


Of the contamination Allama Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, spokesman for the Sharia Halal Board, said:“We have been warning the public of this type of contamination for several months now. We fear that this new revelation is just the tip of the iceberg, there is more to come.”  “Once again the Muslim consumer has been let down by another bunch of companies who merely care for their own pockets.

“The saddest aspect of this whole situation is that the company providing the meat was also known to be a Muslim company. We ask that the FSA and Birmingham Council do not show any softness to them, due to them being Muslims; they should be investigated and penalized like any other firm.”