Considering how butt ugly she is, she should have worn the full face-covering headbag for World Hijab Day

5AAD_1618521_10203035317460927_39225243_nAs a non-Muslim woman I decided to spend a day in hijab (headbag) after writing a preview story about a local World Hijab Day event. Subjugated, oppressed, subservient, inferior, and submissive, are adjectives I have frequently heard used to describe Muslim women who cover their heads by wearing hijab. When I first began this journey, I had no idea what to expect. However, based on the stories I had heard from Muslim women I had talked to, I knew that there would be some challenges. 

KCSG  Southern Utah University students with the Muslim Student Association planned a day of support for World Hijab Day. The MSA set up a booth in the SUU Sharwan Smith hallway and taught non-Muslim women how to wrap a hijab, and took pictures for their website to promote awareness about their plight.  

After speaking to these women, it occurred to me, that I was completely oblivious to the discrimination they endured on a day-to-day basis. I do not wear hijab, and so I couldn’t possibly understand how difficult it might be to do something as simple as run daily errands in a tiny town post 9/11 in the U.S.  

In my mind, I imagined that it might have been something like trying to relate to the discrimination black men and women endured during the Jim Crow era of “separate, but equal” rights – a discrimination that many black Americans still live with today.  Since I had a lot of errands to take care of Feb. 4, I knew it would be a good day to participate. That morning, I showed up to the MSA table at SUU with my scarf in hand to learn how to wrap the hijab for the first time. 


Preparing to wear hijab was more difficult than I had anticipated. A deep search through my available apparel indicated that I owned very few clothing items that would cover my body as completely as it should have been. Either the sleeves were too short, or my collar was low cut; but I was determined to make my wardrobe work, and eventually I found something that worked. The women who helped me to wrap my hijab were easy to talk to and welcomed me warmly.  

The foreign women told me not to expect too much “action,” because of wearing hijab, because Cedar City was one of the most accepting communities that they had lived in since moving to the United States. Considering their advice, I left SUU with a smile, and a feeling of confidence that followed me throughout the day. 

While running my errands for the day I was surprised to find that most of the acquaintances I interacted with on a regular basis did a double take when they saw me wearing a hijab, but didn’t bother to ask any questions about it. 

As the day wore on, I started to notice a difference in the way women would react to me as opposed to men. Older, white men seemed more perturbed by my presence than younger men of any ethnicity – a few of them even scoffed loudly, before creating a greater distance of space between them and me. (Mr. BNI says: “Take off the hijab and see how much more distance they place between you and them”)


It appeared I would make it through the day unscathed by the preconceived notion of blatant discrimination that I had prepared myself to encounter that day. Then I opened my Facebook profile where I had posted a picture of myself in hijab earlier that day. 

To my amazement, and horrifying disgust – someone who labels themselves as open-minded, and touts taking the time to research before presenting uninformed opinions as an inherent value of integrity – asked me when I planned to get my “(female) circumcision.”

My grandmother often used a word when I was a little girl that it appears many have forgotten. It’s a shame too, because it would serve some people quite well to rediscover it. The word is couth, and it means to show manners, or display an air of sophistication. I can’t help, but sometimes wonder how such “civilized” people could devolve so profoundly when it comes to the simplest concepts of polite society. 

I liked wearing the hijab. My head was warm on a cold day, and I didn’t have to mess with my hair that morning. It made me feel beautiful, dignified and a little like a princess.  As a spiritual person, I have shied away from labels, but spent ample amounts of time putting my beliefs into a practice that produces a physical manifestation of my belief system. Muslim women did not invent this concept, but they do bear the burden of the discrimination that comes along with carrying on the traditions of their culture should they choose to do so. 

My day in hijab was liberating. It taught me that hanging on to misconceptions closes doors and locks away opportunities to grow and better understand the world in which we all live; and while I may not choose to wear hijab every day, I will definitely be showing my support again next year come Feb. 1. (Idiot)



Making fun of Muslims is such fun!

The problem with this satire is that it isn’t satire at all in the Muslim world. This is the kind of rhetoric you can see at Muslim websites and Youtube on a daily basis from places like Gaza, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, oh, heck, everywhere. Enjoy!

h/t Rob


FEEL GOOD STORY! Muslim terrorists accidentally set off own car bomb at training camp in Iraq, 21 dead


Insurgents accidentally set off their own car bomb Monday at a training camp in an orchard in a Sunni area north of Baghdad, leaving 21 dead and some two dozen arrested, Iraqi officials said.

National Post (h/t SusanK & everyone else)  The militants were attending a suicide bombing training class when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives.

Authorities found seven car bombs — all without plates — several explosive belts and roadside bombs after searching two houses and a garage in the dense area, offering a rare glimpse into the workings of militants behind a resurgence in violence in the country. Bomb experts began working immediately to defuse the explosives.

Security forces rushed to the area after hearing the explosion and arrested 22 men trying to flee the area, including several who had been wounded. Car bombs are among the deadliest weapons used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an extremist Sunni group that recently broke with al-Qaeda. 

A police officer said the militants were attending a lesson on making car bombs and explosive belts when a glitch set off one of the devices.



“It’s me vs Obama for Islamophobe of the year”

The competition heats up. It’s a hot contest as Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) and Douglas Murray join Bare Naked Islam in vying for the honor of being named the ‘leading Islamophobe’ for 2014.


Frontpage Magazine by   (h/t The Opinionator) If you’ve ever wanted to vote for me in an election against Obama, here’s your chance. After being featured as an official one-man hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (the richest poverty group ever), this latest honor was inevitable.

Still the competition here is pretty stiff. There’s Obama, but he’s a pushover. But there’s also Dick Cheney, Stephen Harper, Daniel Pipes and Bare Naked Islam. And that’s just in the US category.

Globally, I’m up against General Sisi, Francois Hollande (for pushing Al Qaeda out of Mali), Aung San Suu Kyi, Geert Wilders and the Bahrain monarchy.

Sure, some of them are Muslims, but the Islamophobe of the Year Awards is dedicated to making the term Islamophobe even more meaningless by using it to refer to Muslims that Islamists dislike, including, “Raheem Kasaam (Student Rights), for demonising Muslims on issue of gender segregation.”


Douglas Murray, a nominee from the UK, has more to say about this wackiness:

Secondly, I have always desired the award because the term ‘Islamophobia’ itself is so fantastical and ridiculous. Winning an award with it in the title would be like waking up to discover I had been given a prize by the Queen of Wonderland.

And thirdly – perhaps indeed the main impetus – is that this award is given by the ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ (IHRC). This hilariously misnamed body has been a force behind many key human rights advances of recent years, such as the annual ‘Al-Quds day march’ where Hezbollah supporters and others march through the centre of London calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Anyhow – I hope I do win. As a Khomeinist organisation the IHRC may wish to celebrate by hanging me from a crane, as is customary in Iran. As it is, I am content with my nomination and can only keep my fingers crossed that I make their cut.

If I don’t beat Obama this year, there’s always next year.

Vote online now to choose your favorite Islamophobes in each category. Please vote for BNI. CLICK LINK BELOW TO VOTE: 

Islamophobia Awards 2014

Dan Poulter, Health Minister for proposing NHS nikab ban

Barack Obama, for mostly everything

Europe and Central Asia

Middle East and Africa
General al-Sisi, for the coup in Egypt and the demonisation of Islam and Muslim

Asia and Australasia
Aung San Suu Kyi, for denying the Rohingya to be Burmese



Is this Spectator Magazine cover racist?

Well, Duh…that would have to mean that Muslims are a race. Since they aren’t, it isn’t.

Al-Jazeera  The just-released cover of the UK’s The Spectator magazine is being called racist by many on Twitter. The January 25 edition of the magazine, which prides itself on an undiminished “taste for controversy”, features two caricatures, presumably meant to represent Iran and Saudi Arabia, holding a sword and gun to each other’s throats. The illustration promotes an article by Douglas Murray entitled, “Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East’s 30 year war: Why the Sunni-Shia conflict is getting closer to the surface.”



British Conservatives need to get a life…or a sense of humor

burqatrashbag-vi-e13598794225821Councillor Chris Joannides has been suspended by the Conservative party pending investigation by the national decision board over what some are calling ‘anti-Islamic’ Facebook taunts. 

Enfield Independent  An Enfield Borough Council’s Tory group withdrew the whip from the Grange Ward representative in February 2013 for alleged anti-Islamic comments posted on his Facebook page (photo below).

By a picture of a woman and child dressed in burqas with a black binbag either side of them, he is said to have written: “I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn’t have to get all p***** off and threaten me … an honest mistake.”

However, earlier this month Mr Joannides was cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service, stating he did not break the law and will not face any criminal charges. Despite there being no legal wrongdoing, he now faces an investigation from the national party’s decision-making body.

Chris Joannides-1592513


‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ AWARDS 2014: Hey…why isn’t BNI on this list?

Well, I’ll have to throw my vote to Egypt’s General Sisi for taking down the Muslim Brotherhood, jailing its leaders, killing a lot of its violent followers, and designating it a terrorist organization, while thumbing his nose at Barack Hussein Obama.


 Clink the link below to cast your vote:

Islamophobia Awards 2014: Vote now!

TUESDAY, 07 JANUARY 2014 04:41

Vote online now and to choose the top Islamophobes in each category.

Join us for an evening of comedy mayhem as we recognise the worst Islamophobes from around the world.  It’s all down to you – you nominate and vote for the worst offenders. The winners will be announced at our fundraising awards ceremony on 14 February 2014 with an additional prize awarded to the worst overall Islamophobe.



Europe and Central Asia

Middle East and Africa

Asia and Australasia



MOHAMMED THE MILITANT TALKING MONKEY: Basic training for future jihadists

Mohammed makes it fun for little jihadis to learn a variety of prayers, calls to war, and popular death threats including ‘Death to Infidels,’ ‘Death to America,’ ‘From the River to the Sea,’ and ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Mo’s voice is intentionally annoying but if you try to shut him up, he might blow up in your face.

Mohammed is perfect for junior terrorists-in-training, ages 3 to 8. Two AA-size batteries and explosives not included. 10% of each sale goes to charity for Hamas. WARNING: May attack other innocent stuffed animals unexpectedly in the name of Islam.