What a lot of patriotic Texans think about Muslims



A young Texan grew up wanting to be a lawman. He grew up big, 6′ 2″ strong as a longhorn, and fast as a mustang. He could shoot a bottle cap tossed in the air at 40 paces.

When he finally came of age, he applied to where he had only dreamed of working: the West Texas Sheriff’s Department.

After a series of tests and interviews, the Chief Deputy finally called him into his office for the young man’s last interview. The Chief Deputy said, “You’re a big strong kid and you can really shoot.

So far your qualifications all look good, but we have, what you might call, an “Attitude Suitability Test” that you must take before you can be accepted. We just don’t let anyone carry our badge, son.”

Then, sliding a service pistol and a box of ammo across the desk, the Chief said:

“Take this pistol and go out and shoot six illegal aliens, six socialists, six drug dealers, six far left/communist professors, six Muslims, and a rabbit.”

“Why the rabbit?” queried the applicant.

“You pass,” said the Chief Deputy. “When can you start?”

In case CAIR has their panties in a wad over the above story, call off your litigation jihadists, it’s a satire.







Unfortunately, there are a lot of leftists in Texas, too:




In agreement with most BNI readers, the Japanese have no sympathy for their fellow countrymen threatened with beheading by the Islamic State (ISIS)


While the clock ticks down for two Japanese hostages held by ISIS, their countrymen think they’ve brought the problem on themselves. In fact, they are mocking ISIS terrorists and two the captives in Twitter and Facebook memes gone viral in Japan.

TIME  Japanese government officials continued to press for the release of two Japanese citizens being held by Islamist militants in Syria late Friday, even as a presumed deadline for paying the $200 million ransom expired.

1421872130-ISIS-Japan FINAL


TURKISH Islamic Magazine hits back at Charlie Hebdo

Turkish satirical magazine Cafcaf, the only publication in Turkey which places emphasis on Islamic values, has hit back to the Charlie Hebdo arrogance with a unique cover saying “Non, rien n’est pardonne” translated as “NO, nothing has been forgiven.”

ABNA 24  “Arrogance has become a habit of the European culture, who have placed themselves above others in a position where they are free and unquestionable and in turn, have elicited a significant response from the entire world,” the magazine said in a statement.

Charlie Hebdo, in their latest publication had put a caricature depicting the Prophet Mohammed shedding a tear and holding up a sign saying “Je suis Charlie”, the message of solidarity with the victims. Above the cartoon are the words, “All is forgiven”.

Cafcaf, in answer to Charlie Hebdo, showed pictures pointing to those who have been oppressed in Afghanistan, Gaza, Chechnya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and China, with a Palestinian child in the front middle, all whose blood is still being spilt, saying nothing will be forgiven.

And I imagine that this is Charlie Hebdo’s response to the Cafcaf cover:




AUSTRALIAN cartoonist visited by counter-terrorism police after publishing his own satirical treatment of the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Cartoonist Larry Pickering of the website Pickering Post featured a drawing on his website that combines Mohammed imagery with a pig on a spit.

08012015 PIG S.png

Brisbane Times  (h/t Gerald P) Mr Pickering told Fairfax Radio 4BC (audio below) police visited his Gold Coast home on Sunday night for two hours to discuss surveillance options. “They didn’t suggest I stop doing what I’m doing, they just asked if I’d give them notice if I thought something was particularly provocative,” he said.

Mr Pickering said he was concerned for the safety of his family, but said he wouldn’t change the way he worked. “I will write and draw what I think is within my idea of what my readers will accept or think is OK,” he said. “I don’t write for me, I write for the people that read me.”

Mr Pickering is notorious for his use of often sexually explicit content in his cartoons which feature politicians and other public figures. Mr Pickering said the demonstration in Paris following last week’s attack on French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo bolstered his resolve.

“Why should we stop doing it… this is what the press should be about,” he said. “I think [my cartoon] was saying what we need to say.”


FIRST Cover of Charlie Hebdo since the Muslim massacre that slaughtered 12 features the Prophet Mohammed

The headline reads: “All is Forgiven” 


Heavy  Charlie Hebdo’s first issue since the massacre of January 7, when 10 of its staff were killed by Islamic terrorists, will feature the Prophet Muhammad holding a placard saying “Je Suis Charlie.” In the background, the phrase “Tout Est Pardonne” is written, that’s French for “All is forgiven.” The issue will be released on January 15, reports the AFP. The magazine usually prints 60,000 copies, this week three million will flood the market.

Where can I buy Charlie Hebdo issues and subscriptions?



DRAWING DEFIANCE: Charlie Hebdo’s next issue WILL mock the Prophet Mohammed again


Charlie Hebdo, the satirical newspaper that was the target of a MUSLIM terrorist attack in Paris last week, plans to feature cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in its next issue, due out this week.

TIME  “We will not give in otherwise all this won’t have meant anything,” Richard Malka, the magazine’s lawyer, said of the decision to print the cartoons, according to the Telegraph. Instead of its usual 60,000 issues, Charlie Hebdo will publish 1 million issues of its upcoming edition.


Last week’s attack left 10 contributors to Charlie Hebdo dead, including senior staff, but Malka says the issue will be released Wednesday as planned. “It’s complicated, because we have to manage the future, the funerals that will take place all this week, but it’s moving forward and will be completed this evening,” he said. “It’s an act of life, of survival.”

The attack was carried out by two brothers linked to Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Days later, a German tabloid that reprinted some of Charlie Hebdo‘s Muhammad cartoons was firebombed, though authorities haven’t established a conclusive link between the attacks.

Cleveland  The daughter of murdered cartoonist Wolinski posted an Instagram photo of her father’s empty studio, taken on the day he died.  The attached caption read, “Dad is gone, not Wolinski.” His voice and those of Cabu, Charb and Tignous live on with their work. Their spirit and bravery can’t be erased by humorless, heartless terrorists with scribbled minds.  


Terror acts by Islamic extremists have blasphemed and disrespected the Prophet Muhammad more than any Charlie Hebdo or Danish cartoon ever have. It’s not surprising Islamic radicals have no sense of humor and are blind to their own hypocrisy by blood lust.

The cartoonists’ inherent right to freely express themselves is as ironclad as their will to continue publishing under hostile threats.



HEY LEFTISTS! Think if you just don’t create offensive cartoons that insult the Prophet Mohammed, you will be safe from Muslim terrorists?

BLAST FROM THE PAST: The fast-food chain, Burger King, is withdrawing its swirly ice-cream cones after the lid of the dessert offended a Muslim.


Scotsman (h/t )  The man claimed the design resembled the Arabic inscription for Allah, and branded it sacrilegious, threatening a “jihad”. 

The chain is being forced to spend thousands of pounds redesigning the lid with backing from The Muslim Council of Britain. It apologised and said: “The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone.” 

The offending lid was spotted in a branch in Park Royal last week by business development manager Rashad Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe.  He was not satisfied by the decision to withdraw the cones and has called on Muslims to boycott Burger King. He said: “This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims.” 

A Muslim Council spokesman said: “We commend the sensitive and prompt action that Burger King has taken.”

AND CAN WE EVER FORGET THIS? “Just dump it!” Nike recalls shoe considered offensive to Muslims.


Sporting goods giant NIKE is not often brought to amend its product decisions. But a campaign by American Muslims activists acting out of CAIR have gotten Nike to remove a shoe they deemed offensive to Muslims. The shoe in question, which has been sold under the names Air Bakin’, Air Melt, Air Grill and Air B-Que, contains a fire logo (emblem) that resembles the Arabic script for God (Allah). Resembles. but not is. Although CAIR recognizes that the shoe does not actually say Allah, close enough was enough for them to mount a protest.

CAIR executive director Nihad Awad stated why the shoes offend Muslim sensibility “Many . . . may not understand how offensive it is to have the name of God on a shoe,” said Nihad Awad, the Islamic council’s executive director. “The shoe gets dirty. It gets muddy. It gets sweaty. We believe this is disrespectful to the name of God.”



Liberal Bill Maher blasts liberal ‘pussy nation’ for being afraid to insult Islam

Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre by Muslim terrorists in Paris, we knew we’d be hearing from the most courageous liberal in America – Bill Maher.


MRCTV Studies have shown “hundreds of millions” of the world’s Muslims support killing gay people or those who convert to another religion, comedian Bill Maher pointed out on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, yet liberals refuse to say yesterday’s attacks in France were committed by “Muslim terrorists.” Maher begged the audience to “turn towards the truth” and called out the hypocrisy of liberals who would express outrage if Catholics committed similar atrocities.










Well, well…the Left finally attacks one their own, Bill Maher, for his frequent take-no-prisoners rants about Islam










NEVER SURRENDER! “There is no way, even if they kill 10 more of us, that Charlie Hebdo will ever be silenced”


A former Charlie Hebdo  employee has revealed that the satirical French newspaper will be published next week despite the barbaric assassinations of ten of it’s journalists and two police officers.

UK Daily Mail  Journalist Caroline Fourest, who worked for the paper in 2011, has claimed that the terrorist attack on the publication’s Paris offices, which left twelve people dead, will not silence their cartoonists.


Speaking to the ABC, Ms Fourest said past and present employees of the paper will band together to ensure a new edition of Charlie Hebdo will hit newsstands next Wednesday.

‘We have all decided, the journalists who survived and their ex-colleagues, that we are going to have a meeting tomorrow to publish the next Charlie Hebdo, because there is no way, even if they killed 10 of us, that the newspaper won’t be out next week,’ Ms Fourest said. 


She revealed that the journalists of Charlie Hebdo would often try to play down threats against the paper and laugh about people who were offended by the anti-religious publication.

‘All the time when we met we tried to make fun and joke about the crazy stupid people who were violent enough to be afraid of a simple cartoon,’ Ms Fourest said. 


‘They can continue to be afraid, because there will be more cartoons. Fourest was working for the publication when it was firebombed after publishing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

After the attack, editor Stéphane Charbonnier said: ‘I’d rather die standing than live on my knees’. He was gunned down by the terrorists Wednesday.


Ms Fourest’s claims come after a French official close to the case revealed 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad from the north-eastern city of Reims had surrendered to police ‘after seeing his name on social media’ linked to the crime. He was reportedly arrested at an undisclosed location.   

Said Kouachi, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, both from Paris, have also been identified as two of the suspects linked to the deadly terrorist attacked on the newspaper. They are still at large. 

Anti-terrorism officers hunting the terrorists issued photographs of the two brothers describing them as ‘armed and dangerous’.