DUTCH lawmaker and leading Islam fighter, Geert Wilders, to bring Muhammad cartoons to TV

NETHERLANDS: Anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders plans to show cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Dutch TV after Parliament refused to display them. 

AP  Wilders said Wednesday he would show the cartoons during television airtime reserved for political parties, in a move likely to deeply offend Muslims.



The announcement came a month after Wilders gave a speech at a contest in Garland, Texas, for cartoon depictions of Muhammad. Shortly after Wilders left the event, it was targeted by two men with pistols and assault rifles. Security guards shot and killed the attackers.


Wilders says he wants to air cartoons from the Texas competition to support people “who use the pen and not the sword.”Mainstream Islamic tradition holds that any physical depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is blasphemous.




JENNIFER LOPEZ’s ‘sexy’ show in Morocco has Muslim heads exploding

10740337w-1The sexually-charged show performed over the weekend by pop diva Jennifer Lopez at the Mawazine music festival in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco,  has disgusted Islamofasist members of the ruling Justice and Development Party. The communications minister called the broadcast on public television “unacceptable.” (But you know the filthy lech couldn’t keep his eyes off of her)


FOX News  There was great anticipation over whether JLo would adapt her concert to conform more to the sensibilities of conservative Muslims.

Although Lopez did tone down the show somewhat to make it more discreet, the glamorous Bronx-born singer basically offered the Moroccan public the same format as she does at any of her other shows: Lots of wardrobe changes – she donned seven different outfits for her different dancing and singing numbers – all of them involving scanty clothing and plenty of skin.


Communications Minister Mustafa Al-Khalfi of the JDP did not criticize Lopez directly but wrote in his Twitter account that the fact that the show was broadcast by the 2M public TV network – which airs all the Mawazine music festival concerts – was “unacceptable” and “against the law.”


Al-Khalfi added that he had asked the channel’s ethics committee to examine the ethical aspects of broadcasting the concert during primetime.

Another JDP official, Abdessamad Al-Idrissi, also criticized the Mawazine festival, the only such festival in the North African country to feature performers such as Shakira, Rihanna, Ricky Martin and Justin Timberlake. On his Facebook account, Al-Idrissi said that the festival is “shameful” and attacks the values of the Moroccan people and nation.


Talk about a “sticky” situation

stop-hand-pregnancy_fb_1169058MUSLIM Televangelist, Mücahid Cihad Han, warns viewers: “Masturbating men will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife.” So does that mean the hand actually gives birth in the afterlife or does it stay perpetually knocked up into eternity?

Apparently, many of Han’s 12,000 Twitter followers responded by mocking him. “Are there any hand-gynecologists in the afterlife? Is abortion allowed there?” one person asked.  “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” another Twitter user wrote. “The only men not having pregnant hands would be the ones without hands.”


Sharia-compliant New York Times won’t publish Mohammed cartoons but just published painting of Virgin Mary covered in elephant poop AGAIN!

The New York Times’ hypocrisy regarding displays of “offensive” religious imagery runs unabated. An article yesterday about the sale of Chris Ofili’s controversial painting showing the Virgin Mary clotted with elephant dung against a porn-collage background, was accompanied by a photo (below) of the offensive work.


Newsbusters  Yet when the paper refused to reprint a cartoon of Muhammad that appeared in the Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that resulted in the January 2015 massacre of 12 magazine staffers, it offered this smug, cowardly justification: 

Under Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.

No fear of violent reprisal, but fear of “causing offense.” So why does Ofili’s dung-clotted Virgin Mary get a pass?

As noted before, the Times isn’t afraid to run all religiously offensive images. The paper has in the past run approving pictures of Ofili’s painting, which caused controversy when it hung in the Brooklyn Museum in 1999. On Friday, ignoring its previous self-righteous comments on not offending “religious sensibilities” when it comes to Muhammad, the Times once again ran a photo of the Virgin Mary.

At BNI, Muslim ‘religious sensibilities’ will never stop us from exercising our First Amendment rights. For example:













In response to Charlie Hebdo and Garland Texas free speech terrorist attacks, Norway has scrapped its longstanding blasphemy law

Now it is legal in Norway to insult the paedophile prophet Mohammed or any other religious figure you deem mock-worthy.


RT  (h/t Liz) Norway has repealed a dormant law that made blasphemy a criminal offense. The move was in response to the massacre at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by radical Islamists, but has a symbolic significance only.


The proposal to rush through the change was made February by Conservative MP Anders B. Werp and Progress Party MP Jan Arild Ellingsen, The Local reported. The legislators argued that keeping an anti-blasphemy law in the country’s penal code was sending the wrong message.

This is a very unfortunate signal to send, and it is time that society clearly stands up for freedom of speech,” the two wrote in their proposal.


Opposing the move was Finn Jarle Sæle, editor of the Norwegian Christian weekly, Norge IDAG, who said it was a “cultural suicide.”

The anti-blasphemy clause is part of Norway’s 1902 penal code. A comprehensive amendment to it was passed in 2005, but has not come into force due to technicalities and may be postponed till as late as 2021.


In 2009, the Norwegian government considered giving special protection to religious values, but the proposal was defeated in the parliament, which ended voting for repealing the blasphemy law.

The last person to actually stand trial for blasphemy in Norway was famous writer Arnulf Overland, who was charged in 1933 for giving a lecture titled “Christianity, the tenth plague” to the Norwegian Students’ Society. He was acquitted.



Comedian reacts to TWITTER backlash for his epic Tweet on the Garland, Texas Muslim terrorist attack

Just hours after the Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, left two Muslim jihadists dead, a conservative comedian, Evan Sayet, absolutely nailed it with this joke on twitter:

Man Must Die

But leftist critics were quick to jump on Sayet, calling him insensitive and sparking a huge debate on his Twitter feed. 

Daily Caller  We caught up with Sayet via email after his tweet went viral to ask about PC culture and media coverage of the shooting.

“Political Correctness — which is just a euphemism for the totalitarian concept of ‘Newspeak’ written about by Orwell in1984 – has nearly destroyed comedy in the same way that it has nearly destroyed education, journalism and the other fields where the powers-that-be are on the Left,” Sayet told TheDCNF.


 ”Now, just as the ‘education’ system is used to indoctrinate children and ‘journalism’ is used to give credence to Leftist policies and positions, comedy (and the whole of the entertainment industry) is used to reinforce Leftist propaganda.”

The Los Angeles comedian said the critics are the elite left, not everyday Americans.


“The response, in fact, has not only been overwhelming but overwhelmingly positive,” Sayet told TheDCNF. “The vast majority of Americans — especially those outside the Leftists’ bastions of academia, journalism, entertainment and Democratic Party politics — are wholly in support of my statement whereby hundreds of innocents being saved by the killing of two terrorists is a GOOD thing.”


Sayet said he does not regret the tweet in the slightest.

“I only regret we live in a society where a joke at the expense of would-be mass murderers is something that anyone thinks I have to defend.  And, again, the Leftists have accomplished their goal,” Sayet told TheDCNF. “Who is really irreverent here, me in a silly tweet about would-be mass murderers or those who sought to assault that which SHOULD be revered, the First Amendment right — the HUMAN right — of free speech?”

FROM CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill

FROM NEW YORK TIMES’ Rukmini Callamachi



Winner of the ‘Draw the prophet Muhammad’ cartoon contest is forced to go into hiding

As authorities continue to investigate an attempted terror attack on a contest to draw the prophet Muhammad in Texas, Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the event, has retreated into hiding, saying he faces persistent death threats.

UPDATE: Bosch Fawstin wrote this on Twitter: “Despite a Dishonest Wall Street Journal headline story saying I’ve gone into hiding because I’ve gotten death threats, I’ve Not gone into hiding”

Pamela Geller (h/t revereridesagain) Bosch Fawstin netted $12,500 for winning the contest’s grand prize as well as the “People’s Choice Award” for his drawing depicting Muhammad wielding a sword and saying, “you can’t draw me!”

Bosch Fawstin's winning Muhammad cartoon

Bosch Fawstin’s winning Muhammad cartoon


In an interview on Tuesday, the cartoonist was vague about his whereabouts, saying only that he lives somewhere in the U.S. “I don’t want to say where,” Mr. Fawstin said, also declining to say his age. “There are Muslims out there who want to kill me.”


Mr. Fawstin said he was raised by Albanian Muslim parents in the Bronx but eventually renounced his faith. He said the 9/11 terrorist attacks motivated him to use his art to denounce Islamic extremism.


He has drawn a comic book called “Pigman,” featuring a hero who battles “pigotry” and his arch nemesis, SuperJihad. He said he has also drawn several dozen cartoon renderings of the Islamic prophet.

The Pope Sanctions Jihad 4 blog

“I do it because we have been told we can’t,” he said. “I’m not just provoking people for the hell of it.…Provocation is freedom of speech—it’s not separate from it.”


The Muhammad art competition in Garland, Texas, was hosted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Some 200 people attended the event according to a participant.

Pigman Was Here

Pamela Geller, the group’s president, said the competition was a way to promote free speech and was a response to a January attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by Islamic extremists that killed 12 people, including some of the publication’s most famous cartoonists. Critics of the group claim it promotes extreme, anti-Islamic views.


Armed with assault rifles and wearing protective body gear, two men opened fire outside the community center in Garland but were quickly gunned down by law enforcement.

Qaradawi 4 blog

Days before the shooting, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a joint bulletin to law-enforcement agencies, warning that while authorities didn’t know of any specific threats tied to the contest, they were concerned that it could “prompt violent extremist reaction”.

THEN naziphobe NOW islamophobe

The bulletin said authorities were especially concerned about acts targeting contest participants, who may not understand the degree to which they could be in danger, in the days and weeks following the event.

Islamophile John Kerry-1

Mr. Fawstin said he will likely have to remain incognito for the foreseeable future. “I’ve been called a hermit since a kid,” he said. “I’m used to being on my own.”

Islam Demeans Peace



University of Kansas expels 4 Jewish members of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity for dressing up like a Muslim and shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Four members of a fraternity at the University of Kansas have been kicked out after admitting to participating in a video mocking Muslims. Big deal.

The Blaze  Zeta Beta Tau, a fraternity known for its Jewish roots, punished the members just one day after learning about the clip, which was posted using the Yeti app on April 9, according to the Associated Press. The short video showed a man dressed in blue, wearing what appears to be a turban and repeatedly saying “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.” Others can be heard laughing at the spectacle, which can be viewed below. (I guess they should have stuck to allowable Muslim commentary such as “Death to Israel” and “Kill all the Jews”)