OOPS! Pork DNA found in halal chicken burgers

555-viPork traces have been found in halal chicken burgers in Birmingham, UK, after tests were carried out by the Birmingham City Council. According to the council, pork DNA was discovered in packs of 20 Humza brand chicken burgers, which were supplied by a Muslim company.

ABNA  The products were distributed by Roshan Foods, but there is no evidence to suggest it caused the contamination. A spokesperson has said the pork traces were discovered while the council was checking for horse.  


Of the contamination Allama Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, spokesman for the Sharia Halal Board, said:“We have been warning the public of this type of contamination for several months now. We fear that this new revelation is just the tip of the iceberg, there is more to come.”  “Once again the Muslim consumer has been let down by another bunch of companies who merely care for their own pockets.

“The saddest aspect of this whole situation is that the company providing the meat was also known to be a Muslim company. We ask that the FSA and Birmingham Council do not show any softness to them, due to them being Muslims; they should be investigated and penalized like any other firm.”




TEXAS plan to feed feral pigs to the homeless has Muslims screaming “Islamophobia”

images-2Authorities in Texas have signed off on plans to control the growing feral hog population that includes trapping and cooking the critters to feed to the hungry at local food banks. Muslims say Texas wants homeless Muslims starve to death because their so-called religion does not permit them to eat pork products. Good, more for everyone else.

ABC News  The pigs will be trapped at George Bush Park and Congressman Bill Archer Park in Harris County, Texas, where they are threatening native wildlife and vegetation, according to Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack who came up with the plan and called it a “gift from God,” according to ABC News affiliate KTRK-TV in Houston.


“There may be as many as 8,000 to 10,000 feral hogs in each of the reservoirs,” said Mike McMahon with the Harris County Commissioner’s Office, which today approved the purchase of four four-acre metal pens to trap the hogs. After being captured, the pigs will be taken to a processing plant, J&J Packing Co, where they’ll be inspected by a Department of Agriculture officer before being slaughtered. The meat will be sent to the Houston Food Bank.

“This is a huge win for everybody in all the communities that we serve,” said Dr. Pamela Berger with the Houston Food Bank, who said she is excited to receive the hog meat.


Tom Harvey from Texas Parks and Wildlife said the state has a long-standing issue with wild hogs, which were introduced to the state some 300 years ago by Spanish explorers as domestic farm animals. Through the years, some pigs escaped and continued to “breed prolifically,” creating the feral population problem today, he said.

“Basically we’re losing the war against feral hogs, while our native wildlife continues to lose their habitat,” Harvey told ABC News. “They do a number of things that are problems: they root in sensitive areas, they trample wetlands, they defecate in water sources and they displace native wildlife.”

The USDA warned that “unlike domesticated pigs, wild hogs are more prone to trichinella and toxoplasma parasite infections, but with proper food handling and preparation procedures can be safely consumed.

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Well, well…the Left finally attacks one their own, Bill Maher, for his frequent take-no-prisoners rants about Islam

3 (Sep 02) 003 (2)I’ve been wondering why the Left and their Muslim sycophants have been so uncharacteristically quiet whenever Bill Maher goes after the religion of hate filled violence on his TV show, which he does with more aplomb than any conservatives on TV seem willing to muster. Finally they have, in this post called  ‘There’s No Difference Between Bill Maher And Fox News When It Comes To Islam And Muslims.’

bill-maher-defends-islam-commentsAccording to the Left wing loons at Loonwatch, Bill Maher, a self-proclaimed “9/11 Liberal” has a history of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, claiming falsely correctly that Islam and Muslims are: uniquely more violent than practitioners of other faiths, the Bible is less violent than the Qur’an, there are “too many Mohammads in the West and he is fearful they will “takeover,” Arab men (who he interchanges with Muslims) are all horrible to women, and women cannot vote in 19 out of 22 Arab states. Maher is also a staunch supporter of Obama’s drone assassination program and is on record defending Geert Wilders.

This is a highlight reel of the best of Maher’s “Islamophobia.”. See the links below for Maher’s anti-Islam rants in full:













AFGHANISTAN: Seven Muslims suffer premature detonation

images-4Not only were at least seven bomb makers killed while making improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the incident took place inside a mosque. (A bonus!)

Khaama (h/t Jack)  The anti-government militant groups including the Taliban frequently use improvised explosive device (IED) as the weapon of their choice to target Afghan and coalition security forces, however innocent civilians are mostly targeted in such attacks.



APPLE goes Muslim with sharia-compliant emoticons

SWEDISH dhimmmi professor applauds Apple’s decision to diversify its emoticon options by adding Muslim ones. “It’s great, we need people with different skin colors among the emojis, and people with different clothes, like the Muslim hijab,” said illustration professor Joanna Rubin Dranger at Stockholm’s Konstfack academy.


The Local (h/t Jack)  The website DoSomething.org first let the battle cry sound, asking Apple to take a closer look at its 800 emojis.

“The only two resembling people of colour are a guy who looks vaguely Asian and another in a turban. There’s a white boy, girl, man, woman, elderly man, elderly woman, blonde boy, blonde girl and, we’re pretty sure, Princess Peach,” the petitioners wrote. “But when it comes to faces outside of yellow smileys, there’s a staggering lack of minority representation.

Apple’s head of communications, Katie Cotton, responded to the criticism by stating that the software company was working to “update the standard.” She did not say when such emojis would be introduced. The last time the offering was updated was in 2012, when same-sex couples were included.


Allow me to make some suggestions to Apple: (Feel free to add your own)






















BRITISH HUMOR…unabashedly offending Muslims

UK Waving Flag Animation (1)

A big earthquake with the strength of 8.1 on the Richter scale hits the  Middle East. Two million Muslims die and over a million are injured.

Iraq , Iran and Syria are totally ruined and the governments don’t know where to start with providing help to rebuild.

The rest of the world is in shock.

The USA is sending troops to help keep the peace.

Saudi Arabia is sending oil.

Latin American countries are sending clothing.

New Zealand and Australia are sending sheep, cattle and food crops.

The Asian countries are sending labour to assist in rebuilding the infrastructure.

Canada is sending medical teams and supplies.

Great Britain, not to be outdone, is sending two million replacement Muslims.

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AMERICAN APPAREL company’s latest ad uses a topless Muslim model

Fortunately, for her, she is an ‘ex-Muslim’ model. The striking ad is likely to outrage many Muslims for linking a half naked model to a country where Islam is the dominant religion and nudity is frowned upon.


UK Daily Mail  American Apparel has sparked controversy once again with a new ad starring a topless former-Muslim model from Bangladesh. The powerful image is accompanied by a description of Maks, revealing how she was raised a strict Muslim but ‘distanced herself’ from her Islamic faith as she grew up, in search of her ‘own identity.’

The bold image, which appears in Vice magazine’s U.S. and Canada editions, stars 22-year-old Maks, a merchandiser for American Apparel, who was born in Dhaka but has lived in California since the age of four. The words ‘Made in Bangladesh’ are printed across her chest – referring to the woman, of course, not her jeans, a means of raising awareness about American Apparel’s fair labor practices – all its clothing is made in downtown LA.

It’s too early to tell what sort of reactions the latest ad will draw, but chances are this won’t be the last we hear of it. 



More people today will see this post about how few viewers Al Jazeera has…than will watch Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera paid $500 Million dollars for a liberal cable channel no one watched and then lost half its viewers. How much did that half a billion bucks, plus whatever Qatar paid Time Warner to carry it, buy? Six months after its launch, Al Jazeera America still suffers from notably small audiences and lingering image problems.

AD Age  Executives declined to name the advertisers, however, and although Expedia ads ran on Al Jazeera America on Monday, commercial pods in daytime and prime-time alike were mainly devoted to cheapo direct-response marketers such as The Tax Doctor, Dollar Shave Club, Hip Hop Abs, GetDerm.com and Hair Club for Men. But for the most part, major advertisers are still staying away from Al Jazeera America.


The channel isn’t even pulling in half the total audience that predecessor Current TV managed. Al Jazeera America has averaged just 15,000 total viewers in prime-time since bowing in August, with only 5,000 viewers in the target 25-to-54-year-old demographic, according to Nielsen figures. That’s low enough to be considered “scratch,” or negligible, by Nielsen. For the marketers that still worry about the channel’s perspective and its image in the U.S., those aren’t the kind of numbers to tempt a re-examination.

Al Jazeera America has worked to reduce fears about its agenda by bringing in well-known journalists and anchors like Kate O’Brian from ABC News, veteran foreign correspondent Sheila MacVicar and former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who serves as a special correspondent.


Or, maybe they should go the Reality TV route? For example:

ALLAH in the Family

Which 12-Year Old Wants to Marry a Millionaire? 

Dancing With the Shahs

Extreme Tent Makeover

SURVIVOR: Syria Edition

Islamic Idol

Married With 137 Children

Real Housewives of Riyadh

Jihadi Apprentice

So You Think You Can Detonate

Queer Eye for the Straight Jihadi

Who Wants to Be a Martyr?

Desperate Child Wives

Sharia Law & Order: Special Acid Attack Victims Unit


‘ARABLISH’ – Amusing English signs found in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia attracts many foreign firms, which means there is a constant population of ex-pat workers. Since few read or speak Arabic, many signs and advertisements are translated into English, which sometimes leads to humorous results.

Photo of a store sign advertising “slit-throat chicken” which means “halal” chicken. However, the English version advertises it as “chicken murder.”


Apparently, this chicken vendor didn’t know that the Arabic word “dik” which means chicken in Arabic, sounds like a slang word for penis in English.


These last two are self-explanatory:



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And from Rebekkah B: