After a White House-ordered lengthy delay, ARMY finally will charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, a decision that Obama is still trying to stonewall

Bowe Bergdahl, deserter and traitor

Bowe Bergdahl, deserter and traitor

The soldier who converted to Islam and left his post in Afghanistan to join the Taliban will be charged with desertion, a decision with which Barack Hussein Obama, who exchanged five dangerous Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo for him, disagrees. (Both of them should be charged with treason)


Washington Times Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer (Ret) said two separate military sources have confirmed to him that Sgt. Bergdahl’s attorney has been given a “charge sheet,” listing out the articles of the uniform military code that have been violated. “The army has come to its conclusion and Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion,” Mr. Shaffer said. 


Following the much-criticized exchange, the Army conducted an investigation into his actions, which concluded three months ago. Mr. Shaffer also accused the Obama administration of trying to keep the detail of Sgt. Bergdahl’s charges hidden. 


“This is shaping up to be a titanic struggle behind the scenes,” he said. “Believe me, the Army here wants to do the right thing … And the White House, because of the political narrative, President Obama cozying up to the parents and because he, President Obama, releasing the five Taliban … The narrative is what the White House does not want to have come out.”




















Islamic State (ISIS) claims to have hacked CENTCOM Twitter account


As Barack Hussein Obama ran his mouth to the nation regarding national cyber security efforts, hackers claiming to represent the Islamic State (ISIS) took over the Twitter account of the Pentagon division in charge of the Middle East.

Free Beacon  Hackers with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, posted links on U.S. Central Command’s official Twitter page to what it claimed was “confidential data from your mobile devices.”


“ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now,” said one tweet sent from CENTCOM’s account.

The apparent hack came as President Obama addressed the nation regarding cyber security. He is expected to propose two pieces of cyber security legislation and to address the effort in his upcoming State of the Union address.


The hackers subsequently tweeted images of spreadsheets containing the home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of dozens of current and former senior U.S. military officers.


Hackers appear to have also compromised CENTCOM’s official YouTube page, where they posted a pair of IS propaganda videos.



Another reason why all Muslims should be barred from serving in the U.S. military

Is Terry Holdbrooks aka Mustafa Abdullah, a propaganda agent for the sworn enemies of the United States of America?  That is a question for you and our government to answer.


ALAN KORNMAN  In August 2002, Terry C. Holdbrooks Jr. (19), aka Mustafa Abdullah, enlisted in the US Army.  In June of 2003, Mr. Holdbrooks first deployment was to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp (GITMO) as a prison guard.  Mr. Holdbrooks served as a military police officer with the rank of Specialist in the US Army between 2002 and 2005, attached to the 252nd Military Police, and later assigned to the 463rd MP Company.

Is Terry Holdbrooks A Traitor?

Six months into his GITMO assignment,  Mr. Holdbrooks embraced his Sunni Muslim al-Qaeda terrorist detainees ideology by joining their ranks as a new revert/convert to Islamic doctrine and theology.  Islamic doctrine teaches that all people are born Muslim and revert back to their original state when they accept Islam, thus they are referred to as Muslim reverts.

Mr. Holdbrooks articulated an important revelation during his Dec 12, 2014 lecture at the American Muslim Community Center Mosque in Longwood, FL relating to the behavior of the al-Qaeda detainees when he accepted  Islam as his new way of life.  Muslim terrorists are taught to play dumb when they are taken captive, that was until a non-Muslim guard converted to Islam. Mr. Holdbrooks says, “Detainees came out of the woodwork and most all could speak English as they were celebrating his becoming a Muslim.”

The detainees ability to speak english is important, most detainees hide this fact from their American captors hampering interrogations and costing American lives in lost intel. Mr. Holdbrooks makes no mention of reporting this incredibly valuable intelligence to his superiors.  Mr. Holdbrooks has picked sides in our military engagement with Islamic Jihad befriending his Al Qaeda sympathetic detainees Shaker Aamer, Ahmed Errachidi, and countless other(s).

Terry Holdbrooks Hates His Fellow American Soldiers

Mr. Holdbrooks does not hold his fellow American soldiers in as high regard as he does his al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist detainees. Mr. Holdbrooks says, “I was questioning things from day one”, “I didn’t have a very high impression of my colleagues,” he says. Many of them were “ridiculous Budweiser-drinking, cornbread-fed, tobacco-chewing drunks, racists and bigots…who blindly follow orders, and within months stopped talking to them altogether…”

Mr. Holdbrooks explains his fascination with how the Muslim detainees would always appear happy embracing their Islamic way of life, under the harshest of situations.  Terry Holdbrooks couldn’t understand why he felt miserable inside, and his Al Qaeda and Taliban detainees seemed to be at peace with themselves.

The Army would later say that Mr. Holdbrooks has a personality disorder and was released before fulfilling his full commission.  In doing so – Terry Holdbrooks transformed himself into the marketable GITMO Guard Who Became a Muslim.

Mr. Holdbrooks says at the Longwood, FL Mosque that, “92% of the Gitmo detainees are innocent.”  The Director of National Intelligence released a “Summary of the Reengagement of Detainees Formerly Held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba” “Of the 603 former detainees tracked by US intelligence services, a total of 100 have now been confirmed as reengaging in “terrorism” or “insurgent” activities, while another 74 are suspected of reengaging.  This brings the total rate of recidivism to nearly 29 percent”, as reported in The Weekly Standard, 9/9/2013.

The GITMO detainees recidivism rate further exposes Mr. Holdbrooks spreading of pro Al-Qaeda propaganda in an effort to degrade our military efforts in removing and housing dangerous Islamic terrorists captured off the battlefield.  I suspect, Mr. Holdbrooks knows the false narrative of the GITMO detainees innocence provides fuel to those forces who wish to see GITMO closed forever.

After Mr. Holdbrooks AMCC Longwood Mosque lecture I had the opportunity to ask him if the Salafist views taught to him by detainees Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachidi, had influenced the Islam he was taught by his friends who were also high level al-Qaeda recruiters?

Mr. Holbrooks says, “Shaker Aamer is a brilliant and amazing man, I hate to think how his mental health has deteriorated.  However, when I first met him at Guantanamo he weighed around 250 lbs and when I left Guantanamo he dropped to around 175, obviously that was a combination of the hunger strikes.  He was a very influential individual but he could have mood swings, at times you would have to take what he said with a grain of salt and fact check if what he said was balanced and moderate.  I’ve heard of all the possibilities of his being an al-Qaeda recruiter…the first Qur’an that was given to me was the Yusuf Ali Meaning of the Holy Qur’an…what he (Rashidi) said was not always copacetic, so the answer is NO.”

Mr. Holbrooks answer is deceptive, Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Errachide are brilliant Islamic scholars according to this 2009 interview with  Mr. Holdbrooks says this about Shaker Aamer, “…he’s a wonderful character- unbelievably intelligent, very polite, very well-mannered, great etiquette.  He is a very rational individual – if there was something he didn’t agree with, that he objected to, he’d explain it.  He’d be very polite no matter whom the guard was he was working with whether it was a very ignorant uncaring American with no recognition for his situation, or me, or Chris perhaps – he is always a very polite individual, and would explain whatever was going on in terms that anyone would be able to understand.  He is a wonderful person- I absolutely enjoyed spending time with him.”   Mr. Holdbrooks analysis of Shaker Aamer is opposite of what he told me on December 12, 2014. 

Is the 2009 Terry Holdbrooks telling the truth about Al-Qaeda terrorist Shaker Aamer or what he told me on December 12, 2014 – both versions can’t be true?

So why the deception from Mr. Holdbrooks?  When I purposefully added the Salafi qualifier to the question of what was taught him by his terrorist friends, it created a psychological problem for him because Mr. Holdbrooks never denied he followed the Salafi movement – a fact which is very important. Mr. Holdbrooks knows that Salafi Islam is one of the most fundamental and violent Islamic teachings.  The Salafi Jihadist movement is described this way, ” The Salafi jihadist movement has attracted rootless and or committed internationalist militants. They fight for the jihad, seeking to re-create the Muslim ummah and shariat (Islamic Law) to build an Islamic community. Simultaneously conservatives and radical, they form a global network that has attracted Muslims from around the world to fight jihad in Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, and the Philippines.”

In a 2009 interview,  Terry Holdbrooks is asked if he formed any kind of relationships with the detainees.  Mr. Holdbrooks responds, “A good number of them… Detainee 590; ‘the General’, as we call him.  There were rumors for most of the detainees as to how they received the nick names they had.  We’d talk for hours and hours – we’d talk about books, we’d talk about music, we’d talk about philosophy, we would talk about religion…fortunately he didn’t have anything bad to say about the US other than its most recent history…More often than not when I got the night shift I would generally stay up and talk with him throughout the night- we’d talk about the history of this war, what’s been going on, what’s taking place in the Middle East for the last two hundred, three hundred, four hundred years…590 stayed up one night and- we’d been talking about Islam for quite a while- I’d been studying Islam for quite a while at this point, and one night he stayed up with me and he transliterated how to say in English the declaration of faith, and watched me as I said it, and whatnot.  So I would say the first time I declared my faith in Islam was probably in Guantanamo- was probably that night, with him.”

Terry Holdbrooks sounds enamored with Al-Qaida detainee 590.  Based on this Al-Qaeda fighters world view on Islam as a life choice, Terry Holdbrooks chose Al-Qaida. 


State Rep. Womick (R-TN) has called for purging the U.S. military of Muslims

“Personally, I don’t trust one Muslim in our military” and “if they truly are a devout Muslims, and follow the Quran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me,” says U.S. Air Force veteran Rick Womick.


SHOCKING! Filthy Muslim Obama paid $5 billion (yes, BILLION) and exchanged 5 Taliban terrorists for Army deserter/traitor Bowe Bergdahl!


Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer, author of The Last Line, and Ret. Col. David Hunt joined Bill O’Reilly to give an update on the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap. He told Bill the Obama administration paid $5 billion and released five top Taliban Gitmo detainees in exchange for deserter/traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

Even worse, scumbag Bergdahl was given $300,000 in back pay which he will be able to keep even if given a less than honorable discharge.

h/t Gateway Pundit


INSANITY! British soldier under investigation for touching a Taliban on the nose with a piece of paper

A British soldier was investigated for touching a Taliban Islamic terrorist on the nose with a sheet of paper during a routine interrogation, a former senior military intelligence officer has disclosed.  The soldier was accused of abuse for a minor infringement which broke rules concerning the touching of detainees during questioning. 

The Taliban

The Taliban

UK Telegraph  On another occasion a military intelligence officer in Iraq was investigated for shouting in a suspect’s ear in case he burst an ear drum. The investigation took place four years after the alleged offence, according to the source. 

The claims are being made by a former senior interrogator with the Army, who contacted The Telegraph in the wake of this newspaper’s disclosure that the rules governing interrogations are now so stringent that officers feel tactical questioning has become increasingly pointless. 


The former interrogator, who did not wish to be identified, said: “There was an incident in 2008 when French soldiers were massacred and the bodies of four of them were mutilated. We had two of the suspects in detention and they were brought in for questioning. One of the interrogators touched one of the suspects on the nose with an A4 piece of paper and he was investigated by the special investigation branch for abuse.

“Just for touching a detainee on the nose. The fact somebody could be investigated for that is to my mind incredible. It was ridiculous. These French soldiers had been horribly mutilated and yet it was the interrogator who was investigated.”

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

The former officer blamed lawyers for changes in rules through a series of legal actions. The Ministry of Defence has paid out £19.3 million in compensation to approximately 350 Iraqis for wrongful detention and mistreatment. 

The Al-Sweady inquiry report into the aftermath of a firefight in Iraq in 2004 concluded that dangerous Iraqi insurgents had used “deliberate lies” to try to smear British troops, leading to claims that two British law firms, which received millions of pounds in legal aid, had “shamefully” tried to “impugn” the Army’s reputation.

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

But the 1,250 page report also illustrated the legal straitjacket under which military intelligence officers are forced to work. The £31 million inquiry, chaired by Sir Thayne Forbes, a former High Court judge listed several instances of what was judged to be ill-treatment during questioning. 

It criticised one soldier who had walked around a captured and blindfolded Iraqi militiaman and blown gently on his neck, describing the incident as an “invasion of the personal space of the detainee”. It said the soldier’s use of the technique “would have seemed full of menace to the detainee on the receiving end. I am quite sure the detainee would have been intimidated by it”. 

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

Sir Thayne concluded the method “amounted to a form of ill-treatment”.  The same soldier was also castigated in the report for banging a metal tent peg suddenly on a table to startle a detainee. Sir Thayne, in his report, said: “It was a technique designed to scare the detainee and clearly involved an obvious risk of putting the detainee in immediate fear of physical violence.” The practice “effectively amounted to a threat”, he added.

The interrogator was further criticised for breaching rules by shouting in a detainee’s ear and also for warning a detainee that he would go to prison and not see his wife if he didn’t cooperate – a technique which has since been outlawed. He served for a number of years in Iraq and Afghanistan as an interrogator. “We once had in for questioning a well-known Taliban fighter,” he said. “He didn’t say a word; he wouldn’t speak to us and when he eventually did all he would say through the translator was: ‘Your detention policy is toothless’.”

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

The interrogator continued: “We would have these suspects in and there we are worried about what the lawyers in Britain are going to say. These are really bad people. They mutilate their victims. They murder women and children and all we can think about is did we shout in their ear and will we get investigated for that? That’s how ridiculous it got.”

The interrogator said the rules had changed over time, becoming increasingly strict through tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The modifications had been made, he said, in response to legal challenges and concerns raised by the Ministry of Defence’s own lawyers.

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

A common method for encouraging a detainee to talk was to promise a reward of a cigarette – but that practice was also banned. “It was a straightforward technique to dangle a cigarette in front of a smoker and explain that in exchange for information they could have a smoke,” he said. “But for the human rights lawyers of this world that’s inhumane treatment.

Sir Thayne concludes: “Drawing a detainee’s attention to the possible adverse consequences for his family, if the detainee were to fail to answer the questions, is likely to have a significant emotional impact on the detainee in question… This alone might well transform such a comment from being a statement of fact into the making of a threat”. 

STONING TO DEATH - what the Taliban do

STONING TO DEATH – what the Taliban do

The interrogator said he and former colleagues were concerned they could still face investigation for events that took place up to a decade ago. Video tapes of all tactical questioning and interrogations were seized by what he described as Special Branch police officers in about 2010.

“I know of one individual who was investigated for shouting in somebody’s ear. That would have been in Iraq in about 2008. The investigation was going on last year. It had taken five years. In the worst case scenario you could be kicked out of the Army and end up in jail.”


The Sunday telegraph reported last week on widespread disquiet within the military over changes in rules on interrogation. In 2012, the previous policy – called Harsh – was replaced with another called Challenge Direct which tightened up the rules further. 

The Harsh policy gave soldiers the right to “shout as loud as possible [with] uncontrolled fury” at a captive. It also permitted soldiers to show “psychotic tendencies”, and aim “personal abuse” at a captive who could be “taunted and goaded”.  The Challenge Direct technique reined in those excesses and allowed shouting for only a few seconds at a time — and never in a captive’s ear.

“We [the military] are no longer able to carry out tactical questioning,” he said, “We have got to the point where we have lost our operational capability to do tactical questioning. That in itself brings risks to the lives of the people we deploy.  “These insurgents are not nice people. These are criminals. They behead people; they keep sex slaves. They are not normal people.”



ISIS jihadists come face-to-face with a few American troops in Iraq and get decimated!

American troops in Iraq had their first actual battle with ISIS troops, after the Islamic militants tried to overrun a base, an encounter that left the ISIS troops decimated and in retreat.


Inquisitr  The attack took place near the Ein al-Asad base, which includes close to 100 U.S. military advisers. The U.S. troops, armed with “light and medium weapons,” and were able to inflict casualties against the ISIS fighters, forcing them to retreat, Shafaq News reported. The American troops were also aided by fighter jets, which directed air strikes against the ISIS troops that “silenced their heavy sources of fire.”

Ein al-Asad base

Ein al-Asad base

“US forces intervened because of ISIS started to come near the base, which they are stationed in so out of self-defense,” said Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, a prominent tribal leader.


The incident was the first time that American troops clashed with ISIS forces on the ground in Iraq. For several weeks, the United States has led a series of air strikes against ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria, ones aimed at crippling the militant group’s ability to move about the country and coordinate attacks.

ISIS has responded by calling on members to strike out against American interests in the United States and Canada, and also executing Western hostages. Rebels are now reportedly trying to sell the body of American journalist James Foley for a reported $1 million.

The U.S. forces attacked by ISIS in Iraq were part of a small group that remained in the country to offer support and training to tribal fighters.




MARINE Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer says, “It would be a “dream come true” if Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists came to visit him


Muslim terrorists want to track down U.S. service members using social media, and Marine Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is hoping they drop by his place because he would love to meet them. “Hopefully one of these a**holes actually shows up,” Meyer said. “They’ll definitely get more than they want at my place!”

ARMY Times  Meyer later tweeted an invitation to the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS, to join him at his home for some light reading.


“I take the threat seriously, but you are talking about a bunch of cowards,” Meyer told Military Times on Wednesday. “We’re not cowards. We’re the most feared nation on the face of the planet, and we’re worried about some radical group, some extremists that prey on the weak? I mean, that’s like sheep preying on lions.”

The FBI has reportedly warned service members to scrub their social media accounts of any information connecting them with the U.S. military to avoid being targeted by the Islamic State terrorist group, which wants to kill U.S. troops in their homes.


Meyer told Military Times that he is confident he would be able to defend himself if the Islamic State took him up on his invitation. “The wrong people to be targeting in the United States of America is our military, because [they are] the finest men and women on the face of the earth,” he said.

But Meyer stressed that he takes the threat to service members seriously and does not want to see the Islamic State show up at any other service members’ homes. “I’m just tired of us as Americans living in fear,” he said. “I want people to know: Stand up to this; stand up to these people. I don’t want to put anybody else in harm. They can come after me.”


TEXAS: SAUDI MUSLIM detained at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for crashing through gate with explosives reportedly found in his vehicle

An early Monday morning TODAY  show report says no explosives were found, but other reports say there were. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.


CBS  (h/t Reader) Officials at Fort Sam Houston say they’ve taken into custody the driver of a vehicle that military officials say contained explosive materials, and which sparked a lockdown at the San Antonio Army base. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that the lockdown was being handled by military police, and the sheriff’s department had no units assigned to the case.

Alex Delgado, spokesman for the 502nd Air Base Wing, says in a statement that the lockdown was lifted Sunday night after officials decided it was safe to return to normal operations. It wasn’t clear how long the person taken into custody would be held or if charges would be filed. Nobody else was in the vehicle.

Military officials told KCEN-TV that the man that drove through the gate at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio was a Saudi National and that explosive materials were found in the vehicle. The unidentified man was taken into custody and officials are still trying to determine his motive. Military officials are not yet calling this an attempted terrorist attack.


According to the city of San Antonio’s website, the base was established in 1910 — the ninth-oldest Army installation in the country. Fort Sam Houston now encompasses 3,000 acres and is home of military medicine and part of Joint Base San Antonio




ISIS celebrates resignation of Chuck Hagel, Defense Secretary

No doubt rejoicing at the prospect of the rumored replacement for Hagel as Secretary of Defense – a far left wing woman who will pose no threat at all to the advancement of the Islamic State (ISIS)! Not to mention advancing Barack Hussein Obama’s continuing degradation and decimation of the U.S. military.

CBS Among the leading contenders to replace Hagel is Michele Flournoy, who served as the Pentagon’s policy chief for the first three years of Obama’s first term. Flournoy, who would be the first woman to head the Pentagon, is now chief executive officer of the Center for a New American Security, a think tank that she co-founded. 



TERRIFIC NEWS! Matty’s back – Army soldier gets his missing war dog back

‘Stolen’ hero war dog has been located and is finally back with his rightful owner. Thank you BNI readers for all your calls and emails for Matty.

ORIGINAL STORY: u-s-army-soldiers-hero-war-dog-stolen-by-the-army

REUNITED! Army Spc. Brent Grommet and his best friend Matty

REUNITED! Army Spc. Brent Grommet and his best friend Matty

NY Post (h/t ADHD)  Days after The Post exposed the military’s wrongful, 16-month-long separation of injured Army Spc. Brent Grommet and his war dog, Matty, the two were finally reunited on Friday. “I’m about the happiest I’ve ever been,” Grommet, 23, told The Post.

Grommet and Matty, who specialized in detecting IEDs, were injured when one exploded near them in Afghanistan. Grommet came back with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, migraines, severe chronic back pain and breathing problems.

Under Robby’s Law — signed by Bill Clinton in 2000 — military dog handlers have the first right to adopt their animals if injured together. Upon returning from Afghanistan in July 2013, Grommet and Matty were separated by the Army, and Grommet never saw Matty again. “It’s like someone took your kid in front of you — and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Grommet said.


On Friday, Grommet and his parents drove 17 hours from Fort Campbell, Ky., to South Carolina, where Matty had been living since 2013. (Grommet had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the identity of the South Carolina “owner” secret).

Grommet stopped about 25 feet away from Matty’s kennel, too nervous to see him. “I was a little worried he forgot me,” Grommet said. Then he called his name. When the kennel door opened, Matty charged. “He jumped all over me,” Grommet said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better response. I knew then that he remembered me, and truly wanted to be with me.”

Grommet told The Post that Matty will be the best medicine for all his war injuries. “It’s very hard to be upset around him,” Grommet said. “He brings a lot of light into everything.”