INTERVIEW with survivor of bloodbath and massacre on Peshawar school by Pakistani Taliban Muslim terrorists


Seven armed men dressed in military camouflage entered an army-run school in Peshawar, went from class to class, telling kids to say their prayers before shooting them at point-blank range, beheading some, and burning a teacher alive. The massacre left 148 people dead, including 132 children.

VICE  The attack on Army Public School on Warsak Road yesterday was the most gruesome militant assault in Pakistan’s history.


Later that afternoon, Mohammad Omar Khorasani, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, formally known as Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP), took credit for the attack. He said it was revenge for an army offensive that began in June in the North Waziristan tribal area, a former Taliban stronghold.

Shoes lie in blood on the auditorium floor at the Army Public School, which was attacked by Taliban gunmen, in Peshawar

Photos of some of the dead Taliban terrorists:

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“They came with the intention of taking no hostages,” General Asim Bajwa, a spokesman for the Pakistani military, told reporters after the attack. Bajwa said the Taliban’s only motive was “to kill the children.”




EXCELLENT: Egyptian American in Egyptian jail on terrorism charges who has been on a hunger strike for 324 days is finally on death’s door

He was pretty fat to start with, which is why it’s taking him so long to die. Kudos to the Egyptians for not caving to pressure from the US government to release this Muslim Brotherhood terrorist thug.

Mohamed Soltan, on hunger strike for 250+ days, has court session 2moro. He cannot stand and bleeds from mouth & nose

Mohamed Soltan, after he had been on hunger strike for 250+ days. He cannot stand and bleeds from mouth & nose

Ahram  Egyptian-American hunger striker Mohamed Soltan has been transferred to Qasr Al-Aini hospital from jail due to his deteriorating health over the past ten days, reported his family on Tuesday.  

Soltan’s family reported that the health of 27-year-old deteriorated badly in the past ten days after he rejected medication and treatment in the prison hospital due to the prison authorities’ decision to transfer his father, Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Salah Soltan, from Tora prison to the high security El-Akrab prison.  His family also reported that Mohamed Soltan was protesting what he described as mistreatment by the prison administration. 


Freedom for the Brave — a grassroots movement organising for the release of Egyptian political detainees — reported on its official Facebook page that he had returned to the prison hospital after a short time in Kasr Al-Aini hospital.  Soltan has been on a hunger strike for 324 days demanding his release.

Mohamed Soltan is currently detained pending a trial with other 50 others, including Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and his father,  Salah Soltan, on chargers of setting up an operations room after the violent dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya protest camp in Cairo in August 2013.

One can only hope

One can only hope






GREAT NEWS! Egypt to execute 188 Muslim Brotherhood supporters

An Egyptian Criminal Court has just sentenced 188 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death for the attack on a police station which killed several police officers as well as many civilians in Cairo last year. 

Barack Hussein Obama who has refused to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization (even after Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE did) is reportedly livid at the death sentences for his Muslim brothers. 


Hindustan Times  (h/t Mike F) An Egyptian court has sentenced 188 people to death for a violent attack on a police station in the restive town Giza after the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi last year and has kept the trail pending for the opinion of the country’s top religious authority. 

The ruling which came on Tuesday found the defendants guilty of attacking the Kerdasa police station on August 14, 2013, the same day when Egyptian security forces dispersed two Muslim Brotherhood riots in Cairo and Giza, killing hundreds of people. 

Mohammed Abbas Gabr brutally tortured and slaughtered by Brotherhood militia in August 2013 at Kerdasa police station

Police Chief Mohammed Abbas Gabr brutally tortured and slaughtered by Brotherhood militia in August 2013 at Kerdasa police station

They were also found guilty of the attempted murder of 10 other police personnel, sabotaging the police station, torching a number of police vehicles and possessing heavy firearms. 

The ruling has been referred to Egypt’s Grand Mufti,a requirement in Egyptian law before any execution can be carried out. The decision is legally non-binding to the court. 

A few of the many Egyptians killed in the streets by the Muslim Brotherhood

A few of the many Egyptians killed in the streets by the Muslim Brotherhood

The court said that the sentences will be confirmed on January 24. Out of the 188, only 135 were present while the rest were tried in absentia. Defence lawyer Bahaa Abdel-Rahman told Ahram Online that among the defendants were two persons who died during the trial, but who weren’t dropped from the trial, along with a minor. 

The ruling came days after an Egyptian court dropped charges against former president Hosni Mubarak, his minister of interior and six aides over killing unarmed protesters in the 2011 revolution. Since Islamist ex-president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster last year, the Egyptian government has been cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters. 

In March, 529 Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death for killing a police officer in last year. Morsi is currently in prison over charges of murdering peaceful protesters, espionage, escaping from prison during the January 25 Revolution in 2011 and insulting the judiciary.


Al-Sisi won 96.9% of the vote in May’s presidential election against sole competitor Hamdeen Sabahi. Morsi faces a series of charges leveled against him by Sisi’s administration and has denounced his trial at the hands of an Egyptian court which he has called illegitimate.

More death penalties may be passed as Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie is facing execution after two separate trials.

Learn about the Muslim Brotherhood below:









EGYPT: Former President Hosni Mubarak acquitted of murder and corruption charges

An Egyptian court dismissed Saturday a murder charge against ousted president Hosni Mubarak over the deaths of protesters during a 2011 uprising that ended the former strongman’s decades-long rule. The court also acquitted Mubarak and a former oil minister of corruption charges related to gas exports to Israel. 

Barack Hussein Obama reported to be upset at the verdict for the man he worked so hard to bring down and replace with his hand-picked Muslim Brotherhood pal, Mohamed Morsi, who was ousted by the Egyptian people after just one year.

Mubarak supporters were overjoyed at the verdict

Mubarak supporters were overjoyed at the verdict

Al-Akhbar  (h/t Susan K) Judge Mahmoud Kamel al-Rashidi said that seven of Mubarak’s commanders including the feared former interior minister Habib al-Adly, were found “innocent” of the demonstrator deaths in 2011 About 800 people were killed during the 18-day uprising that unseated Mubarak, in which protesters clashed with police across the country and torched police stations. Mubarak was accused of having ordered the killing of protesters.

Cheers broke out in the courtroom and Mubarak’s two sons and co-defendants, Alaa and Gamal, stooped down to kiss his forehead when the judge read out the verdict, as the 86-year-old Mubarak lay in an upright stretcher inside the caged dock. The usually stone-faced Mubarak, wearing his trademark shades, allowed himself a faint smile.

Mohamed Morsi supporters not so much

Mohamed Morsi supporters not so much

Corruption charges were also dropped against Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, with Rashidi saying too much time had elapsed since the alleged crime took place for the court to rule on the matter. The ruling came after a dramatic retrial in which the former president defended his 30-year rule. An appeals court overturned an initial life sentence for Mubarak in 2012 on a technicality.

His lawyer Farid al-Deeb told AFP that Saturday’s verdict was “a good ruling that proved the integrity of Mubarak’s era.” Mubarak told the retrial in August that he was nearing the end of his life “with a good conscience”. “The Hosni Mubarak before you would never have ordered the killings of protesters,” he said.

Not everyone is happy about the verdict.



Finally, the Islamic State (ISIS) is doing something of benefit to the West – executing Muslim foreign fighters who joined ISIS, but now want to return home.


IB Times  (h/t Colin W) The Islamic State (ISIS) has executed several of own soldiers in its Syrian stronghold Raqqa after its leaders accused them of wanting to desert its ranks.  An IBTimes UK source in the city said ISIS had begun executing the soldiers for trying to escape and return to their home countries.

They also revealed the soldiers, who were mainly foreigners, were killed after “the discovery of lies.” It is not yet possible to verify the claims, but the killings would follow other public executions in the Raqqa, which has become the scene of fierce fighting amid a succession of US-led coalition air strikes.

Last month three Syrian men were allegedly beheaded by the terror group for cursing.



Now, if only America had courageous TV News/Political commentators and analysts like Egypt has

This video presents a compilation of responses on Egyptian TV channels by news and political commentators on the recent deadly attacks by Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorist groups in the Sinai.

TV host Ahmad Musa said, on Sada Al-Balad TV: “I want to see the blood from executions in the dozens, in the hundreds… I want to see corpses. Corpses of terrorists, of murderers.” TV host Amr Adeeb said, on Al-Youm TV: “We will not rest until we finish off those sons of bitches and completely destroy the MUslim Brotherhood.”


WOO HOO! Egypt rejects pleas from CAIR and left wing bleeding hearts to release from jail Egyptian-American hunger striker who is on his death bed

A request to release detained hunger-striking Egyptian-American Mohamed Soltan due to his deteriorating health condition was rejected for the fourth time on Wednesday. Cairo Criminal court rejected the request filed by 12 rights groups, describing it as “a blatant intervention in judiciary work.” Soltan was arrested for his participation in anti-government riots with the Muslim Brotherhood.

ORIGINAL STORY: going-going-mohamed-soltan-the-egyptian-american-son-of-muslim-brotherhood-leader-salah-soltan-fell-into-a-coma-on-sunday-after-281-days-on-hunger-strike

Bleeding hearts protest at Egyptian Embassy in Washington. Notice Code Pinko's Medea Benjamin at right in pink sweater

Bleeding hearts protest at Egyptian Embassy in Washington. Notice Code Pinko’s Medea Benjamin at right in pink sweater

Ahram  The rights groups included the freedoms committee of the Doctors Syndicate, Al-Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) and the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI). Maha Mahmoud, who filed the request on their behalf, contested the court’s decisions saying it was not “a blatant intervention”, adding the request was based on medical reports on Soltan’s condition.

Not looking' so good, Mohammed…Buh Bye!

Not looking’ so good, Mohamed…Buh Bye!

Soltan, 26, is on trial with 50 others, including top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, in the case known as the “Rabaa control room”. The court adjourned the case on Wednesday to 16 November. Soltan has been on hunger-strike for over 280 days, causing several local and international rights groups, including Amnesty International, to voice deep concerns over his deteriorating medical condition.

Soltan’s family have launched a hunger strike in solidarity, calling on the Egyptian public to join them and also urging the US to help release him. (Good, hope they all starve to death)

Soltan and other defendants are accused of setting up an operations room during the Brotherhood-led Rabaa Al-Adaweya protest camp in July – August  2013, as part of plans to defy the state and spread chaos, as well as plot attacks on police stations, private property and churches.

His father, Saleh Soltan, a leading Muslim Brotherhood member, was rounded up by authorities in a crackdown on Morsi’s sympathizers.

Mohamed and his Muslim Brotherhood papa, Saleh

Mohamed and his Muslim Brotherhood papa, Saleh Soltan


IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists slaughter 46 Iraqi tribesmen in the middle of a street near Baghdad

Jihadists from the Islamic State group have executed at least 46 members of a tribe that fought against them in Iraq’s Anbar province, sources said. The men from the Albu Nimr tribe were killed in an area overrun by the militants last week north of the town of Heet, a local leader and a doctor said.


Digital Journal  A police colonel and a leader from the anti-jihadist Sahwa forces confirmed the killings, saying they took place on Wednesday. ISIS jihadists have overrun large areas of Anbar, and the killings are likely aimed at discouraging resistance from powerful local tribes, who will be key to any successful bid to retake the province.

Images said to show the aftermath of the public executions were circulated on micro-blogging site Twitter. One picture shows a long line of more than 30 men in civilian clothes lying in the middle of a street with streams of blood running over the dusty ground, as young men and children look on.


The victims are barefoot and many are blindfolded, their hands bound behind their backs. ISIS did not immediately claim responsibility for the killings, but the group has executed hundreds of people in areas of Iraq and Syria that it controls.

ISIS spearheaded a militant offensive that has overrun much of the country’s Sunni Arab heartland since June, sweeping security forces aside. Iraqi security forces, Shiite militias and some Sunni tribesmen are fighting to push IS back, but have made only limited local progress so far.



EGYPT is punishing Gaza for attack on its military by Hamas militants

Egypt gives residents on Gaza border 48 hours to leave as Egyptian Army prepares to destroy homes to build buffer zone after deadly attack.

Egypt's President Sisi vows retribution after 31 soldiers slain in Sinai

Egypt’s President Sisi makes good on his vow for retribution after 31 soldiers slain in Sinai

Times of Israel  Egyptian authorities on Tuesday ordered residents living along the country’s eastern border with the Gaza Strip to evacuate so they can demolish their homes and set up a buffer zone to stop weapons and militant trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, officials said.

The measure comes four days after Islamic militant fighters attacked an army post, killing at least 31 soldiers in the restive area in the northeastern corner of the Sinai Peninsula. After the attack, Egypt declared a state of emergency and dawn-to-dusk curfew there. Authorities also indefinitely closed the Gaza crossing, the only non-Israeli passage for the crowded strip with the world.

Slaughter: The scene in Sinai following the killing of 31 police officers by militants near Egypt's border with Gaza

Slaughter: The scene in Sinai following the killing of 31 police officers by militants near Egypt’s border with Gaza

The buffer zone, which will include water-filled trenches to thwart tunnel diggers, will be 500 meters (yards) wide and extended along the 13 kilometer (9 mile) border.

The Egyptian army has waged a broad offensive in northern Sinai against Islamist groups, who have turned several areas into strongholds over the past three years, destroying most of the sprawling smuggling tunnels that connected the area with Gaza.

Egyptian army soldiers seen in a watchtower on the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip

Egyptian army soldiers seen in a watchtower on the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip

Egyptian media meanwhile has accused Gaza’s Hamas rulers of meddling in Egypt’s affairs, with some suggesting that the Islamic terror group is supporting fighters inside Egypt since the military overthrew Egypt’s elected president, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi, last year. Hamas officials deny any interference and criticize Egypt for imposing stricter border crossing rules since then.

An image of Egyptian military demolishing homes in Northern Sinai on Wednesday to create buffer zone along the borders with Gaza

An image of Egyptian military demolishing homes in Northern Sinai on Wednesday to create buffer zone along the borders with Gaza

Since Morsi’s ouster, attacks against security forces in northern Sinai have escalated, something Egyptian authorities blame on Morsi and his allies. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood group, which has been branded a terrorist organization in Egypt, denied links to violence. Another al-Qaida-inspired group called Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks.

Egyptians guarding the border with Gaza

Egyptians guarding the border with Gaza

Instead of homes, the region will be replaced with a series of water-filled trenches, with the hope that this will drown any Gazans who try to dig tunnels into the Sinai Peninsula.

In addition, Egypt plans to “indefinitely” close the border crossing into the Gaza Strip, meaning the sole non-Israeli crossing, through which humanitarian aid might cross, will be entirely inaccessible. Given the Sisi government’s hostility to the Gazans, this could remain the case for a long time to come.