HAPPY EID! More dead Muslims

At least 25 Muslims are reported dead and dozens more injured in a suicide attack at a mosque in the capital of Yemen where worshippers were celebrating the Eid al-Adha holiday on Thursday.


PAYBACK TIME? Stampede at Mecca kills more than 700, injures 800+ at the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia

At least 717 ‘pilgrims’ have been crushed to death and more than 800 hurt in a stampede of pilgrims in one of the worst incidents in years to hit the Muslim Hajj in Saudi Arabia. And this happened just 2 weeks after a crane collapse killed 109 there.

Saudi Arabia has been widely condemned, even in the Arab world, for refusing to take in any of the Muslim refugees fleeing Syria, despite having huge air-conditioned tents with kitchens and plumbing that are used to accommodate more than 3 million people for the Hajj. Looks like they’ll have room for 717 more now.


UK Daily Mail  Saudi Arabia’s civil defence service said rescue operations were under way after the stampede in Mina, where almost two million pilgrims were taking part in the last major rite of the Hajj.

Pictures showed a horrific scene, with scores of bodies – the men dressed in the simple terry cloth garments worn during Hajj – lying amid crushed wheelchairs and water bottles along a sunbaked street.


Survivors assessed the scene from the top of roadside stalls near white tents as rescue workers in orange and yellow vests combed the area, placing victims on stretchers and desperately trying to resuscitate others. The disaster comes just two weeks after a construction crane collapsed at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site, killing 109 people. 

Pilgrims had converged on Mina just outside Mecca on Thursday to throw pebbles at one of three walls representing Satan, the symbolic ‘stoning of the devil’ that marks the last day of the event. 


The civil defence service said that it was still counting the dead, who included pilgrims from different countries and that at least 863 people had also been hurt.  Iran said at least 43 of its citizens were dead and accused Saudi Arabia of safety errors that caused the accident.

But a Saudi minister blamed the pilgrims themselves, saying they had not followed the rules laid out by authorities.


‘Many pilgrims move without respecting the timetables’ set for the Hajj, Health Minister Khaled al-Falih told El-Ekhbariya television.

‘If the pilgrims had followed instructions, this type of accident could have been avoided,’ he said, vowing a ‘rapid and transparent’ investigation.


The stampede began at around 9am (6am GMT), shortly after the civil defence service said on Twitter it was dealing with a ‘crowding’ incident in Mina, about three miles from Mecca.  

A Sudanese pilgrim in Mina said this year’s Hajj was the most poorly organised of four he had attended. ‘People were already dehydrated and fainting’ before the stampede, said the pilgrim.


In the past, the pilgrimage was for years marred by stampedes and fires, but it had been largely incident-free for nearly a decade following safety improvements. In January 2006, 364 pilgrims were killed in a stampede during the stoning ritual in Mina. 

Thursday’s ritual was taking place at a five-storey structure known as the Jamarat Bridge, which cost more than $1billion to build and was used during earlier pilgrimages.


Almost one kilometre long, it resembles a parking garage and allows 300,000 pilgrims an hour to carry out the ritual.

The faithful had gathered until dawn Thursday at nearby Muzdalifah where they chose their pebbles and stored them in empty water bottles.


Yesterday, they had spent a day of prayer on a vast Saudi plain and Mount Arafat, a rocky hill about 10 kilometres from Mina, for the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage.

The flow of exhausted pilgrims was so big that Saudi security forces had to form a human chain along the roads of the vast Arafat plain while a jets of water were sprayed on the huge crowds to keep them cool amid searing heat. 



Oh, BOO HOO…Young jihadi suicide bomber in Syria breaks into tears right before he goes KABOOM!

The frightened Muslim jihadist, Jafar al-Tayyar from Uzbekistan, is seen being comforted by his fellow Muslim savages moments before he launches his deadly attack on the shi’ite town of Fua in Idlib Province – an Assad regime stronghold.


UK Mirror  A jihadist suicide bomber was filmed breaking down in tears before being sent to his death in war-torn Syria.  After he climbs into the explosives-packed armoured personnel carrier, the young man starts sobbing.

An fellow militant says: “Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah,” the militant says. “I’m just scared I won’t succeed,” al-Tayyar tells his fellow militants.


But the footage shows he does succeed – and an earth-shattering explosion rocks the camera at the end of the video. It is not known how many people were killed and injured in the blast.

The video’s narrator says he is the “first volunteer mujahid (jihad fighter) of Mawarannahr,” a term used by some jihadists to refer to an area of Central Asia corresponding approximately with modern-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, southern Kyrgyzstan and southwest Kazakhstan.

Flashing the ISIS one-finger salute

Flashing the ISIS one-finger salute

He was a fighter for the Imam Bukhari Jamaat, an Uzbek-led faction fighting alongside the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front, reports Radio Liberty. Terror groups, including ISIS, frequently use foreign-born fighters in suicide bomb attacks.


SWITZERLAND: Turks use vehicle jihad to plow down Kurds in the street

Sorry, I listed this as Turkey originally, it actually happened in Bern, Switzerland. Turks and Kurds have been at each others throats for years, reflecting the age old hatred Turks have for the Kurds. Now the Turks seem to be stepping up their street brawls by running down Kurds with cars.

Coming soon to a European Muslim ‘refugee’ welcome town near you.

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SHOCKING NEW VIDEO (see below) released by the Islamic State (ISIS) shows 4 prisoners chained upside down and then savagely burned to death


A new video released by the Islamic State shows four Iraqi Shia men accused of spying chained upside down above a fire and burned to death in Anbar, Iraq.

The video is titled “Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were Harmed.” The title of the video comes from Qur’anic verse 16:126:

And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed. But if you are patient – it is better for those who are patient.

HEAVY ISIS jihadists have burnt to death four Iraqi men by chaining them upside down and setting fire to a trail of petrol that engulfed them in flames. The four men, who are chained around their wrists and ankles, are forced to watch as the flames lick towards them after a  masked ISIS militant used a large torch to set fire to them.


It is the latest horrific propaganda video to be released by the brutal jihadi group. Forced to wear orange boiler suits, the four prisoners each introduce themselves to the camera, giving their names and a brief description of their role in fighting ISIS.


Underneath the men, a line of fuel has been poured and slight patches of straw have been added in preparation for the flames.  The video shows slow motion footage as the fire begins to burn up the line of fuel, heading rapidly towards the men, who have been doused in accelerant.


The men scream and writhe as the fire gets closer. Various angles are filmed of the murder.


The Independent reports: “Dr Andreas Krieg, an expert on the Middle East from King’s College’s Department of Defence Studies, told The Independent that the new video was unlike previous ISIS releases designed to “terrorise a global audience and attract fanatics”. He said that Shia militias, often with the support of Iran and employed by the Iraqi government, have been committing atrocities “of the same scale as ISIS” since 2003.”


The men quickly succumb to an agonizing death.


Prior to their deaths, the prisoners are made to watch several videos showing the mutilation of the bodies of dead ISIS fighters by members of the Iraqi army and allied Shi’a militias.

One video shows the corpse of a dead jihadi hanging upside down as several soldiers, thought to be members of the Iraqi army, watch as the body is set on fire. The prisoners are also shown footage of Abu Azrael hacking the flesh off the body of a charred ISIS fighter. He is shown using a large sword to carve at the dead body and turns to the camera, saying: ‘ISIS this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma.



Will the Islamic State (ISIS) use horses in their next barbaric execution?

Ominous warning about new video soon to be released by the Islamic State featuring prisoners surrounded by jihadists on horseback.


UK Daily Mail  A poster for the forthcoming video shows prisoners wearing orange jumpsuits surrounded by a framework of poles and militants gathered on horses. It was posted with a warning the bloodthirsty group are planning to reveal a ‘new killing style’ – in addition to the varying types of executions it already carries out across Iraq and Syria.

Talley Ho?

Tally Ho?

ISIS rarely release such videos in full without warning – they instead prefer to drip feed the release in order to gain exposure. The image surfaced on social media ahead of an impending release of the full execution video, it was claimed, with the word ‘soon’ written on in Arabic on the poster.

Perhaps they will use horses as good ol’ prophet Mo used camels, tying the legs and arms of a victim to two camels and having the camels run in opposite directions, tearing the victim apart. (See video below)


Several “U.S.-trained Syrian rebels” captured by al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria

Captured? Or just recruited by the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front to fight Bashar Assad in Syria? Imagine all the strategic information this terror group will be getting from these American military-trained fighters.

Either way, the Obama regime claims to be training, funding, and arming these so-called ‘rebels’ allegedly to fight ISIS, but in actuality, the goal is is to take down the Assad government.


The Islamic State (ISIS) now is threatening to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies”

In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked ISIS jihadist spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner.  He said ISIS won’t rest until they fill the French capital with corpses.


According to a PEW Research Report from 2010, there were nearly 5 million Muslims in France.  Probably, there are a lot more now, so these are not idle threats.


Colorado Newsday  This is the shocking moment a French ISIS fighter vowed to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’ before he shot a Syrian soldier in the back of the head and kicked him off a cliff. In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked militant spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner by shooting him in the head.


Ranting wildly into the high-definition camera used to record the execution video, the fanatic told listeners that ISIS ‘loves death like you love life’ and encouraged the group’s supporters to continue to plot and carry out further terror attacks in the European country.  Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital.

Chillingly, the latest threat comes after a series of ISIS-inspired attacks on France this year, including the massacre the Charlie Hebdo attack in which 12 people were killed on January 7 and the gruesome beheading of a delivery company owner near Lyon on June 26.


Today’s stomach-churning video was filmed in an ISIS-held area in Syria’s Hama province and was published online by the terror group’s local propaganda office. Standing on a remote cliff-top a jihadi loomed over a kneeling Syrian regime army officer and claimed that he is one of the estimated 500 French nationals waging jihad on behalf of the terror group in the Middle East.

He declared that his ‘message’ is aimed not only to French citizens, but also to the international community and ‘everyone who fights Allah and his prophet’. Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital. 

The Syrian soldier execute by ISIS

The Syrian soldier execute by ISIS

Once he concluded his diatribe, the French militant brutally shot the Syrian army soldier in the head with a massive assault rifle, before kicking his corpse off the edge of the cliff and sending it tumbling dozens of feet on to the rocks below.

The video then cut to gruesome close-up footage of the dead man’s bloodied and battered body while the terrorist stands close by.



POPCORN, ANYONE? The Islamic State (ISIS) is suspected of being behind 5 car bomb attacks yesterday in Gaza

BvkHDSrCYAAAfKiISIS terrorists are thought to have carried out five co-ordinated car-bomb attacks in Gaza, targeting members of other Islamic terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The devastating blasts rocked a quiet area in the north of Gaza city, destroying five cars thought to belong to members of the Ezzedine al-Qassam and Al-Quds brigades.


UK Daily Mail  The attacks come amid growing tensions between the Palestinian territory’s rulers and extremist opponents. Several people reportedly suffered minor injuries in the attacks.  Today’s attacks are believed to be the work of ISIS supporters, looking to destabilise Hamas’ control of the strip.

Some accounts claim that several crudely drawn ISIS style flags of tawheed were painted on a nearby wall shortly before the attack. It is unclear if ISIS will claim responsibility for the attack.


Witnesses said that the five blasts went off in the space of 15 mins, at around 6:30am. It is thought the devices had been placed underneath the cars parked in front of their owners’ homes. Three of the cars were said to have belonged to members of Al-Qassam and two to members of Al-Quds, the armed branches of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  

Salafist sympathisers have questioned Hamas’ style of governance, accusing the terror group of not enforcing Islamic law and slamming the militants for allowing a truce with Israel since last summer.


The explosions appeared to be intended as a warning rather than an attempt to inflict casualties given the early hour, as has occurred with previous incidents. A series of such attacks in recent months is suspected to have been carried out by Salafist extremists, some of whom claim links with Islamic State group jihadists.

Earlier this month, ISIS released a 15 minute propaganda video, designed to increase Palestinian support for ISIS. Featuring half a dozen Palestinian jihadis in Syria, the fighters urge their countrymen to pledge allegiance to ISIS and wage jihad in their homeland. 


Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq releases snuff film showing slaughter of hundreds of Iraqi men and boys gunned down like animals in ditches

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, mass genocide is shown as ISIS militants round up and murder hundreds of Shia Muslim near Baghdad.

Heavy  ISIS alleges to have filmed the genocide in the Saladin Governorate, which is north of Baghdad and has a population of just over 1 million. ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts claim that the video shows the mass execution of the “Safavid“, a historical term referring to an ancient Persian dynasty that established Shia Islam as the state religion of Persia, modern day Iran. ISIS is an extremist Sunni Islam sect and views Shia Muslims as heretical.

Another 470 Bodies Found in Mass Grave – ISIS Slaughtered 1,700 Iraqis in Tikrit Massacre.

Gateway  Iraqi Health Minister Adila Hammoud told reporters that the remains of another 470 victims were exhumed from a mass grave near Tikrit recently. Iraqi officials believe as many as 1,700 Iraqis were slaughtered by ISIS in the Speicher massacre last year in Tikrit. Most of the victims were young Shiites in soccer shirts.

ISIS forces reportedly murdered hundreds of “security forces” in the massacre. They loaded them onto SEVERAL trucks.











Islamic State (ISIS) crucifies dozens of Syrian men and boys on electricity poles for breaking Ramadan fast

Eyewitnesses told the Syrian ARA News, “Those who break Ramadan are being crucified on electricity poles. The roads are filled with dozens of crucified men and boys attached to poles in eastern Syria, for violating the group’s strict regulations during Ramadan.”


Breitbart (h/t Emma)  A video (below) published by activists, purportedly shows people being “crucified alive” in the town of Hajin, a city to the east of Deir ez-Zor, for breaking the Ramadan fast without legitimate reason.

The video shows a man slowly driving his car down a main road while he passes at least nine men and boys tied to electric poles in the median of the street, with their arms stretched out and affixed to a crosspiece. The victims were placed about a block apart from each other, and some of the victims have signs placed around their necks.

ISIS has also established another form of public punishment, placing some violators in public cages so that citizens can witness the ways ISIS mocks those who violate its strict religious regulations. “The group made many cages to lock up these ‘fasting violators’ and show them to public in order to humiliate them among people.


SHOCKING TORTURE VIDEOS: Not from ISIS, from the Obama-approved, Iranian-backed Shiite militias in Iraq

Barack Hussein Obama’s Iranian backed “boots on the ground” in Iraq are taking torture to a whole new level. From hanging a man from a rope, then barbecuing him to torturing a mentally-challenged autistic boy to beating a man a to death, the Shiites are every bit as barbaric as the ISIS Sunnis.


Even worse, American troops are being told to share quarters with extremist Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq, the same people who were murdering them with roadside bombs just a few years ago.

SHOEBAT  A plethora of new and old pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are dominating the battlefields in Iraq and Syria raises concerns about the growing Iranian influence and the re-creation of vengeance that replaces the brutalities of ISIS by brutalities of Shiites.

Iran’s militias, known as “special groups,” such as Asaib Ahl al-Haq, (the League of the Righteous) and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are running Iraq amok. After so many human rights abuses comes this, leaked graphic videos of extreme torture.


MUSLIM BARBARIANS of the Islamic State (ISIS) stoop to a new level of depravity: Putting prisoners in a cage and drowning them (WARNING: Graphic)

If you plan to comment that this has ‘nothing to do with Islam,’ don’t bother, it won’t be posted.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  Vile MUSLIM jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have brutally murdered five prisoners by locking them in a metal cage and lowering them into a swimming pool. Filmed in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, the sickening seven minute long video uses expensive underwater cameras to film the terrified men as they sink below the surface with no hope of escape.


Shortly afterwards the cage is lifted back out of the water, with the dying men – who are understood to have been accused of spying – seen foaming at the mouth as they lie motionless on the floor of the cage, piled on top of one another.

The main section of the film begins with the stomach-churning sight of five men being locked in a tiny metal cage that has been suspended above a luxury swimming pool somewhere in the ISIS-held city of Mosul in Nineveh province. As the water begins to enter, the victims start to panic, praying and pacing the tiny metal cell.


Once completely submerged, the video cuts to the high-tech underwater cameras, which show the men thrashing around until they appear to lose conciousness and fall to the floor. 

The cage is then removed from the pool, with the dying men seen foaming at the mouths as they lie piled on top of one another under the blazing Iraqi sun.


Elsewhere in the video, ISIS militants are filmed brutally killing prisoners by locking them in a car and shooting them with a grenade launcher. A masked ISIS jihadi appears carrying a huge grenade launcher, which he uses to fire a missile into the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames and burn the badly injured victims to death. (See video below)



The footage is actually divided into three separate sections, with different horrific punishments reserved for each group of doomed prisoners. 

Seven men are subsequently seen being led out into a field, where explosive cables are tied around their necks.  Seconds later the explosives are detonated, with HD cameras capturing the murder in full detail.


Several of the men are clearly decapitated by the massive blast, while others suffer horrific and fatal upper body injuries. 

The latest sickening murder video was released by ISIS’ Ninevah branch, which is based in the terror group’s stronghold, Mosul.

Original video has been removed but you can still see it here.