WOO HOO! Egypt sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood/Mohamed Morsi supporters to death!

A court in Egypt on Monday sentenced to death 529 supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on charges of murdering a policeman and attacking police, convicting them after only two sessions in one of the largest mass trials in the country in decades.

Daily Star  The verdicts are subject to appeal and would likely be overturned, rights lawyers said. But they said the swiftness and harshness of the rulings on such a large scale underlined the extent to which Egypt’s courts have been politicized and due process has been ignored amid a sweeping crackdown on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters since the military removed the president last summer.

The first of the trial’s two sessions in a court in the city of Minya, south of Cairo, saw furious arguments as the judge angrily rejected requests by defense lawyers for more time to let them review the trial documents for the hundreds of defendants. In Monday’s session when the verdicts and sentences were read, security forces barred defense lawyers from attending, one of the lawyers, Yasser Zidan, told The Associated Press.

 Muslim Brotherhood savages in their cages during the trial

Muslim Brotherhood savages in their cages during the trial

“This is way over the top and unacceptable,” said attorney Mohammed Zarie, who heads a rights center in Cairo. “It turns the judiciary in Egypt from a tool for achieving justice to an instrument for taking revenge.” “This verdict could be a precedent both in the history of Egyptian courts and perhaps, tribunals elsewhere in the world,” he added.

All but around 150 of the defendants in the case were tried in absentia by the court in the city of Minya, south of Cairo. The judges acquitted 16 defendants.


Egypt has seen a string of mass trials of Morsi supporters in recent weeks, usually over charges of violence in connection to Islamist protests against Morsi’s removal and the crackdown.

The 545 defendants in the case were charged with murder, attempted murder and stealing government weapons in connection with an attack on a police station in August in the town of Matay in Minya province. One police officer was killed in the attack. The violence was part of rioting around the country sparked when security forces stormed two pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo, killing hundreds of people on Aug. 14.


During the first session on Saturday, defense lawyer Khaled el-Koumi said that he and other lawyers asked the presiding judge, Said Youssef, to postpone the case to give them time to review the hundreds of documents in the case, but the request was declined.

When another lawyer made a request, the judge interrupted and refused to recognize it. When the lawyers protested, Youssef shouted that they would not dictate what he should do and ordered court security to step in between him and the lawyers.

A security official in the courtroom said the defendants and the lawyers disrupted the proceedings by chanting against the judge: “God is our only refuge!” He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

“We didn’t have the chance to say a word, to look at more than 3,000 pages of investigation and to see what evidence they are talking about,” el-Koumi, who was representing 10 of the defendants, told The Associated Press. A senior Brotherhood figure, Ibrahim Moneir, denounced the verdicts, warning that abuses of justice will fuel a backlash against the military-backed government that replaced Morsi.

Ousted president Mohamed Morsi still on trial

Ousted president Mohamed Morsi still on trial

“Now the coup is hanging itself by these void measures,” he said, speaking to the Qatari-based Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr TV station. He said he believed the verdicts were timed to send a message to an Arab League summit that begins Tuesday in Kuwait, where Egypt is pressing other Arab governments to ban the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

On Tuesday, another mass trial against Morsi’s supporters opens in a Minya court with 683 suspects facing similar charges. The defendants in that case include Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie, who also faces multiple other trials, and senior members of the group from Minya province.

Distraught Morsi supporters

Distraught Morsi supporters

Egypt’s military toppled Morsi in July after four days of massive demonstrations by his opponents demanding he step down for abusing power during his year in office. Since then, Morsi’s Brotherhood and other Islamist supporters have staged near-daily demonstrations that usually descend into violent street confrontations with security forces.

The military-backed government has arrested some 16,000 people in the ensuing crackdown, including most of the Brotherhood leadership. At the same time, militant bombings, suicide attacks and other assaults – mostly by an al-Qaida-inspired group – have increased, targeting police and military forces in retaliation for the crackdown.

The yellow 4-fingered salute for the Muslim Brotherhood

The yellow 4-fingered salute for the Muslim Brotherhood

The authorities have blamed the Brotherhood for the violence, branding it a terrorist organization and confiscating its assets. The group has denied any links to the attacks and has denounced the violence.

Imad El-Anis, an expert in Middle Eastern politics at Nottingham Trent University, said Monday’s verdicts were “far from meeting minimum international standards for judicial processes of this kind.”

But he said Egyptian authorities are unlikely to heed any international criticism of the verdicts “and are likely to push on with further rapid mass trials.”


First Egypt, then Saudi Arabia…now Bahrain and the UAE blacklist the Muslim Brotherhood, pulling their ambassadors from Qatar, a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have also publicly declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a “terrorist organization.” Looks like the only supporters of the Brotherhood remain in Qatar, the U.S. and the U.K.


Global MB Watch (h/t wirlwin69)  Bahraini media is reporting that the country’s foreign minister has said that “Bahrain backs  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting the plans of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood.”  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have recalled their envoys to Qatar, accusing the Qataris of not living up to their security agreements in connection with the prosecution of a Qatari citizen.

According to a report by the Bahrain News Agency: Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa has stressed that Bahrain backs Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in confronting the plans of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Shaikh Khalid said that Bahrain is facing the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ group and its ‘clear terrorist threat’ to the stability of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and considers such plans as a threat to its security, as well.


He affirmed that Bahrain will ‘deal with any threat from the Muslim Brotherhood group in Bahrain in the same way it deals with any other potential threat to its security and stability.’ The Foreign Minister emphasized that ‘whatever poses a threat to the security and stability of brotherly Saudi Arabia and the UAE affects directly those of Bahrain, and vice versa, and whoever holds hostility towards them is undoubtedly our enemy.’

Shaikh Khalid denied the media reports quoting him as saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was not a terrorist group, stressing that ‘each country deals with it according to what its followers do against it, while keeping unified stances on it.’


Increasing pressure faced by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf countries include:

  • The troubles of Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi who has been antagonizing Gulf rulers with his increasingly strident criticisms.
  • The trials of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and cadre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • The actions taken by Saudi Arabia of late against the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The increasingly difficult situation faced by the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait.


Speaking from the UK, where the Muslim Brotherhood is warmly welcomed, Muslim Brotherhood spokesIslamist condemns Egypt and the Gulf States because they are “hurting democracy.” (LOL)

Press TV Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain are sponsoring the military rule in Egypt as the monarchies basically oppose all tenets of democracy, a Muslim Brotherhood leader says.


In a Friday interview, Muslim Brotherhood leader in the UK Mohamed Ghanem, pointed to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE’s opposition to Islamic Awakening and their insistence on the continuation of monarchy systems, adding, “They do not want any democracy, any free press neither any respect to human rights. That is why they support the coup.”

The Muslim Brotherhood leader pointed to the billions of dollars of aid provided by the three Arab monarchies to the military government in Egypt. The ouster of Mohamed Morsi – Egypt’s first democratically-elected (Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood) head of state who was toppled after just one year in power by the military – sparked daily protest rallies and consequently plunged the country into relentless violence. (The only violence in Egypt is from a small minority of Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi supporters and their terror-linked allies from Sinai)




GRUESOME! Obama-backed ISIS jihadist rebels, operating human slaughterhouses for Christians and certain Muslims, discovered in Syria

UnknownSaif Al-Adlubi told the story about how the Egyptian butcher would examine the row of people who were waiting their execution. Al-Adlubi witnessed at least two Armenians who were waiting their turn to be slaughtered since no one paid their ransom – a sum of $100,000 each.


SHOEBAT  (h/t Susan K) “He grabbed the neck of one elderly Armenian Christian”, says Al-Adlubi, which the Egyptian butcher was about to slaughter. The Egyptian butcher felt the neck of the Christian Armenian saying “you’re an aged man and your neck is soft and I don’t have to sharpen my knife for you”. Others might be more difficult depending on their physique.


Saif Al-Adlubi tells of his miraculous escape to the Turkish village of Rehaniyeh from Syria. (Video below) He was probably one of the few survivors who sounded the alarm on one of the gruesome systematic human extermination centers carried out by the Takfiri Jihadist group ISIS.

A father holds up the body of his daughter, beheaded by jihadist rebels

A father holds up the body of his daughter, beheaded by jihadist rebels

Al-Adlubi is Muslim fundamentalist who joined the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and was a militant and a media agent for the FSA. He was captured by Da’ish and tells his horrific tale explaining how he has never experienced or seen such horror under the Assad Regime. He was one of few that made it out when the Syrian militia finally defeated the Da’ish rebels in that specific prison center.

According to Dai’sh Islamic theology, he would be sacrificed as a martyr by being slaughtered for his sin. This is not the same fate for Christians who in their view will end up in eternal hellfire.Before he was freed, Al-Adlubi saw the bodies of young men who were systematically slaughtered and disemboweled.

Rescue Christians translated an interview with Al-Adlubi:

The prison centers where the ISIS (Da’ish) controls have become miniatures of what was during the Nazi SS extermination camps, except the ISIS carries out the extermination in a much more horrific way. Da’ish transforms the prisons into kangaroo courts with systematic slaughterhouses and killing centers to exterminate Christians and Muslims who disagree with the Takfiri ideology. Once they are found guilty, the way they deal with the victims was as if they were cattle.

The ISIS stands for The Islamic group of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is also known in Middle East circles as Da’ish. Rescue Christians obtained footage of another slaughterhouse from one Syrian Christian named Kamil Toume to confirm the claims.


Umm Muhammad was a Sunni woman in charge of dismembering human bodies. In the footage, it can be seen with human bodies being chopped up exactly as is done in a cattle slaughterhouse. What is striking is the way of the superior care in the chipping of the body parts without having clear traces of torture, which indicates that the potential target was to pile the body parts for an unknown reason.

It all adds up. Toume confirmed what was told by Al-Adlubi and he provided some leaked footage to prove it. 

This is the Siba’ District Human Slaughterhouse in Homs:

(WARNING: Graphic Images)

“The slaughterhouse was on a hill. It is secluded and is void of any homes nearby” says Al-Adlubi. “I witnessed lifeless bodies hanging upside down as if they were slaughtered sheep,” he added.
The Egyptian butcher examines the row of the young and old men who were about to be slaughtered: Armenian Christians, Syrian Christians, Shiites and even Sunnis. Each had to be physically examined. They are decapitated from the root of their necks, their chest cavities are opened and disemboweled and hung upside down.  The neck of the aged Christian Armenian man was a simple one.


Al-Adlubi’s story also checks out from footage obtained from Al-Bayyada, another slaughterhouse, which Rescue Christians was able to obtain footage from. And just as Al-Adlubi stated, they were hanging upside down, headless, like slaughtered sheep. The heads were removed from the root of the chest cavity just as Al-Adlubi stated when describing how the Egyptian was doing his meticulous methods and how Toume described the Umm-Muhammad slaughterhouse in Al-Siba’ district.

This is the Al-Bayada Human Slaughterhouse

(WARNING: Graphic Images)

Saif Al-Adlubi’s nightmare was over when Syrian civilian militia finally swarmed into the Da’ish prison in Edbana.
We report this story because of the silence on the systematic killing of Christians, Shiite minorities and even Sunni Muslims in Syria who disagree with the Takfirist theology. The story is reminiscent to the initial reporting on the extermination of European Jewry and other minorities when little coverage was given to the truth in these days.

We predict that history will repeat itself in the case of Christians in Syria and Iraq. The cruelty expressed by the Muslims in the Syrian slaughterhouses is reminiscent to the violence perpetuated by the Ottoman Turks.


All of this sadism and cruelty was done in the fashion of an Islamic animal sacrifice, and in the Muslim religion, it is permitted that a human being replace the animal in the sacrificial rituals. This theology of human sacrifice is based upon the very ancient story of Khalid Abdullah al-Kasri, who ritually sacrificed Jaad bin Durham in the place of an animal on the Islamic holiday of The Festival of Sacrifice. 

This is the reality of Islam, it is a pagan and utterly depraved and sadistic religion. It takes the soul of a man and purges any remnants of human affection from his very being. Walid Shoebat works in order to rescue Christians from this horror in Syria. 

Please donate here to save the lives of Christians in Iraq and Syria from this unbearable brutality and evil.



EGYPT blames Muslim Brotherhood for unprovoked attack which killed six soldiers in Cairo

The BBC, known for its support of the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, seems reluctant to believe it.

Mohamed Yosri, security director of the Qalyoubia governorate, said that explosives experts have managed to diffuse two bombs planted by the attackers after the shooting occurred. The violence comes two days after another soldier was shot dead in an attack on an army bus in eastern Cairo.


While Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton joyously welcomed al-Jazeera to America, Saudi Arabia joins Egypt in kicking them out

Al-JazbannedinEgypt.jpgSaudi Arabia has shuttered the local al-Jazeera office over its home country Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood. At the heart of the dispute, is Qatar’s affiliation with the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, also banned by Saudi Arabia last Friday, because of Qatari opposition to the likely future president of Egypt, Field Marshall Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who came to power in a peoples’ revolution which ousted Mohamed Morsi last summer.

ajhandresized UK Independent (h/t Jim Y) The Saudis, UAE, and Bahrain are in confrontation with Qatar over it’s support for jihadi rebels in Syria and its satellite television station’s willingness to provide a platform for critics of the Gulf monarchs and their allies. Saudi Arabia intends to close the local office of the Qatari-owned al Jazeera satellite television station in the latest episode in the escalating conflict in which the Saudis, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are in confrontation with Qatar, say local media.

Riyadh and Doha now differ on almost every aspect of foreign policy, notably Qatar’s support for jihadi rebels in Syria and al Jazeera’s willingness to provide a television platform for critics of the Gulf monarchs and their allies.


So far Saudi Arabia has not had any success in forcing Qatar to the same political line as the more conservative Gulf states. Gestures such as a withdrawal of the Saudi, Bahraini, UAE and Egyptian ambassadors from Qatar is likely to be ineffectual. Doha remains the base for the Muslim Brotherhood and its spiritual guide, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, who strongly criticised the UAE authorities after they had jailed dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members.

Qatar’s ruler, Sheikh Tamim al-Thani, is unlikely to bow to Saudi demands that would limit his country’s independence. But the Saudis have implied that they could step up the pressure on him by economic sanctions such as restrictions on use of air space and land borders.


It is unclear how far Saudi Arabia is reordering its foreign and domestic policy by opposing radical Islamic movements and labelling almost all of them as “terrorists”. Under a new decree, any Saudi who fights in a foreign conflict could face 20-30 years in prison as will those supporting them. There are believed to be between 1,000 and 2,000 Saudis fighting in Syria and it is unlikely they will all be detained when they return home.

The Saudi state is also engaged in a project to support a new offensive by rebels in southern Syria and is reported to be offering the rebel fighters anti-aircraft missiles.

Saudi policy remains ambivalent, despite the recent rush of repressive legislation at home and a greater emphasis on diplomacy over military action in dealing with Syria. Saudi preachers on satellite TV continue to call for anti-Shia jihad in Syria.









EGYPTIAN Ambassador says: “The European Union is ready to deal with any president the Egyptians elect”


The United States, however, with Barack Hussein Obama’s continuing and fervent support for the Muslim Brotherhood…not so much.

Egypt Independent  According to Anadolu News, Egypt’s ambassador to Brussels, Ihab Fawzy, said on Wednesday that the European Union is ready to deal with any president that would be elected later this year, even if with a military background, like General el-Sisi, widely popular and expected to run and win the presidency.


The ambassador was addressing a delegation of Egyptian journalists invited by NATO on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Mediterranean Dialogue.

“The EU is only keen that the elections be transparent, democratic and neutral,” he said, pointing out that Egypt is talking to the European Union to supervise the elections.

On the EU position on 30 June, the ambassador said the European position has changed to a clear understanding that what really happened in Egypt that day was a revolution.

The European Union called a month ago on the Egyptian government to carry out the remaining steps of the roadmap, especially as regards the elections, the participation of young people in the political process, and the establishment of a higher committee for national reconciliation.



Egypt and 3 Arab Gulf states recall ambassadors from Qatar because of its support for the Muslim Brotherhood

16265vi-viFearing that they may be the next victims of a Muslim Brotherhood-takeover, the governments of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt have withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar, over its support for radical Islamists around the region, including the deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and his supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood.

(In a gesture of support for Qatar, we hear Barack Hussein Obama has offered to send 4 of his biggest campaign donors to take their places)

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (L) and the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (L) and the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani are BFFs

NY Times  After the withdrawal of envoys by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, Egypt’s statement formalizes a breach between Cairo and Doha that began shortly after the military ouster of Mr. Morsi last summer. Its move adds to Qatar’s sudden isolation in the region and reinforces the alliance binding Egypt’s new military-backed government to the other oil-rich Persian Gulf monarchies.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were deeply apprehensive about the potential influence on their own populations of either democratic or Islamist leadership in Cairo. Since the Egyptian military removed Mr. Morsi, the conservative gulf states have donated billions of dollars to support the new government, just as Qatar had spent heavily to try to prop up the previous Islamist one.


Egyptian state news media declared Thursday that most of the Arab world had now repudiated Qatar, asserting that Doha must now decide whether it would stand on the side of “Arab solidarity” or against it.

Calling the withdrawal of the envoys a beginning attempt “to correct the path of the Qatari government,” the Egyptian government asserted that “Qatar’s problem is not with us but with the majority of the Arab countries,” state news media reported. Alluding to its struggle to suppress the now-outlawed Islamist opposition — characterized by the new government as terrorists — Egypt said Qatar must make a choice: Support Egypt against “the grave challenges it is facing” or “stand on the other side and bear the consequences.”


The contest for power in Cairo was already at the heart of the split between Qatar and the other Persian Gulf states. While the other gulf monarchies cheered the military takeover, Qatar continued to use its satellite news channel Al Jazeera to support the Brotherhood in Egypt and allied Islamists around the region. Doha has become a hub for Brotherhood figures in exile.

In an interview with Al Jazeera’s English-language network on Wednesday, Nasser bin Hamad M. al-Khalifa, a former Qatari ambassador to Washington, accused the other gulf states of lashing out over Qatar’s failure to back Egypt’s new military leader, Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi. “The whole issue is really about Sisi,” Mr. Khalifa said, calling him an old-style Arab dictator.






First Egypt, now Saudi Arabia declares the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group…while Obama gives them VIP status letting them bypass airport security


Saudi Arabia identified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group along with al Qaeda and others Friday, warning that those who join them or support them could face 5 to 30 years in prison. (I wonder if that extends to foreign leaders who visit the Kingdom?)

FOX News (h/t Susan K)  A Saudi Interior Ministry statement said King Abdullah approved the findings of a committee entrusted with identifying extremist groups referred to in a royal decree earlier last month. The decree punishes those who fight in conflicts outside the kingdom or join extremist groups or support them.


The king’s decree followed the kingdom enacting a sweeping new counterterrorism law that targets virtually any criticism of the government.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been targeted by many Gulf nations since the July 3 military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, himself a Brotherhood member. Saudi Arabia has banned Brotherhood books from the ongoing Riyadh book fair and withdrew its ambassador from Qatar, a Brotherhood supporter, along with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.


Friday’s statement, carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, identified the other terrorist groups named as al Qaeda’s branches in Yemen and Iraq, the Syrian al-Nusra Front, Saudi Hezbollah and Yemen’s Shiite Hawthis. It said the law would apply to all the groups and organizations identified by the United Nations Security Council or international bodies as terrorists or violent groups. It said the law also would be applied to any Saudi citizen or a foreigner residing in the kingdom for propagating atheism or pledging allegiance to anyone other than the kingdom’s leaders.

The counterterrorism law bans meetings of the groups inside or outside of the kingdom and covers comments made online or to media outlets.


The unprecedented and harsh prison terms seem aimed at stemming the flow of Saudi fighters going to Syria, Yemen or Iraq. The Syrian civil war is believed to have drawn hundreds of young Saudis, worrying some in the kingdom that fighters could return radicalized and turn their weapons on the monarchy.

Influential Saudi clerics who follow the kingdom’s ultraconservative religious Wahhabi doctrine encouraged youths to fight in the war and view it as a struggle between Syria’s Sunni majority and President Bashar Assad’s Alawite, Shiite-backed minority.

Saudi officials and some clerics have spoken out against young Saudis joining the war. However, the Saudi government backs some rebel opposition groups in Syria with weapons and aid.


The new law is also believed to reflect pressure from the U.S., which wants to see Assad’s overthrow but is alarmed by the rising influence of hard-line foreign jihadists — many of them linked to al Qaeda — among the rebels. U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to fly to Saudi Arabia and meet King Abdullah this month.

Meanwhile in Qatar, outspoken Egyptian cleric Youssef el-Qaradawi did not deliver his usual sermon on Friday. The reasons for his absence were not made immediately public. His past sermons, in which he publicly criticized the UAE and other Gulf countries for their support of Egypt’s new government in its crackdown on the Brotherhood, led to outrage among Qatar’s neighbors who saw the comments as an attack on their sovereignty.



SYRIA: Chechen Muslim terrorists line up innocent men, women, and children and shoot them, execution style

The killers are part of the opposition to Assad, opposition supported by the the Obama Regime and most of the EU. They likely are part of Isis or perhaps Jabhat Al Nusra terror groups, but are definitely speaking Russian which means they are Chechen Muslims…or as Barack Hussein Obama like to misidentify them, “freedom fighters.”

Apparently, the victims are farmers and peasants who the killers accused of cooperating with  Assad’s Army.



WOO HOO! Egypt bans Hamas

UnknownJust as they banned the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has banned one of the Brotherhood’s proxies, Hamas. Hamas assets seized and offices ordered shut as court rules to ban all activities of the terrorist group that runs Gaza.

Al-Jazeera  (h/t Frederic F) An Egyptian court has banned all activities of Hamas in Egypt, a judge said, in another sign that security forces plan to squeeze the Palestinian group that runs the neighbouring Gaza Strip.

Egypt's now deposed President Mohamed Mursi ® was tight with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal

Egypt’s now deposed President Mohamed Morsi ® was tight with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal

Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terrorist group by Egypt’s army-backed government and has faced a security crackdown since the military ousted one of its leaders, Mohamed Morsi, from the presidency last July.

Egyptian authorities see Hamas a major security threat, accusing the group of supporting al-Qaeda-inspired fighters in the Sinai peninsula, allegations it denies. The court also ordered the closure of Hamas offices in Egypt, one of the judges overseeing the case told Reuters.

HAMAS Junior terrorists-in-training

HAMAS Junior terrorists-in-training

Hamas condemned the ruling, saying it targeted the Palestinian cause. “The decision harms the image of Egypt and its role towards the Palestinian cause. It reflects a form of standing against Palestinian resistance,” Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Gaza-based organisation, said.

The case was filed by a group of Egyptian lawyers last year asking for Hamas to be banned and be designated as a terrorist organization. Since it seized power in Egypt last summer, Egypt’s military has squeezed Gaza’s economy by destroying most of the 1,200 tunnels used to smuggle food, cars and weapons to the coastal enclave, which is under an Israeli blockade.

Egypt also deported an American anti-war activist on Tuesday who was trying to travel to the Gaza Strip. (Should have executed him)