SYRIA: U.S.-backed jihadist rebels tell Christians to pay the infidel tax, convert to Islam, or die

4The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, considered to be the most ruthless of the Sunni Islamic militant groups fighting in Syria, has ordered a Christian community in Raqqa, Syria, to pay nearly 38 pounds of gold as a “guarantee of their safety.”


WND (h/t Frederic F) The requirement is part of the implementation of a form of Islamic law, or Shariah, in areas under ISIS control. Each ounce would cost, at Feb. 26 rates, about $1,330, making the total needed for the required 600-plus ounces of gold more than $800,000.

  Raqqa, or ar-Raqqah, is a city in north central Syria with a population of some 300,000 people, of which less than 1 percent, or 3,000, are Christian. That means each Christian then would be required to come up with more than $260 in gold.


Prior to issuing the demand for the gold, sources say the Christians had met with ISIS fighters who offered three choices: Convert to Islam, accept ISIS conditions or reject their control and possibly be killed.

“If they reject, they are subject to being legitimate targets, and nothing will remain between them and ISIS other than the sword,” a separate ISIS statement said. Prior to ISIS taking over Raqqa, many Christians fled the city.


In the video, ISIS said it would require the Christian community to pay 17 kilograms of gold as “jizya,” or a tax on non-Muslims, who also “must refrain from any public expression of their religion in exchange for a guarantee of their safety,” according to the English-subtitled video.

“The group made this announcement over the Internet,” the video said, adding that the Christians are prohibited from renovating their churches, ringing church bells and praying in public. The video also said ISIS forbade Christians from possessing weapons and selling pork or alcohol to Muslims.




Obama’s immigration/asylum seeker policy favors Muslims, even Muslim terrorists, over Christians


As Barack Hussein Obama offers asylum to so-called ‘minor’ terrorists providing ‘limited’ material support to terrorism, he’s slamming shut the door on thousands of Christians fleeing terrorism in Muslim lands like Egypt. In another end-run around Congress, Obama has unilaterally eased immigration requirements for foreign Muslims linked to terrorism.

IBD via TROP  He ordered the State Department and Homeland Security to ignore a post-9/11 law barring entry to those giving political or charitable aid to Hamas and other known terrorist groups. A dozen years after the horrific attacks on our nation by foreign Islamic terrorists, the Obama administration has decided a little support to foreign Islamic terrorists is OK.


Treasonous as it sounds, the president is following through on a little-noticed overture he made to Muslims in his Cairo speech of 2009, when he suggested he’d relax enforcement of material support laws involving “zakat,” or Islamic charitable giving.


He basically apologized for the Bush administration’s locking up the founders of the largest Muslim charity in America for sending millions to “zakat committees” linked to Hamas.

Of course, his move weakens, yet again, America’s security. By exempting five kinds of limited material support for terrorism, Obama instantly purges more than 4,000 suspects from the U.S. terror watch list and opens our borders up to both them and their families.


Not to worry, Homeland Security says, it’ll run additional security checks before letting them in. Oh? Like the checks run on the Tsarnaev family, who also got into the country on asylum claims? Those security checks? Forgive the survivors and the families of those who died in the Boston bombings if they’re not reassured.

Taking a chance on foreign nationals already suspected of aiding and abetting terrorists only puts Americans at greater risk. Yet the president is ordering immigration authorities to ignore red flags.


He suggests too many innocent Muslims seeking a better life here, including Palestinian “refugees,” have been “unfairly” excluded by Draconian post-9/11 immigration laws. Says who? Islamist lobbyist groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who claim Palestinian terrorists are “freedom fighters”?


At the same time Obama opens the floodgates to them, he’s closing our borders to Christians fleeing persecution by Muslims in Egypt, Iraq and other Mideast countries.


Displaced Palestinians have plenty of places they can resettle in the Mideast. The options for Christians, on the other hand, are limited. The U.S. may be their best chance for refuge from violence and for religious freedom.

Yet the State Department has rejected virtually all of the 20,000 asylum applications from Coptic Christians trying to escape Egypt since the toppling of its pro-American regime.


Meanwhile, it’s welcoming terrorist supporters pushed out by Cairo’s renewed military crackdown on the Brotherhood. Thanks to Obama’s new rule, these escaping Islamist troublemakers will be able to set up shop inside America and practice their jihadism with virtual impunity.

If the president doesn’t like rampant rumors he’s a “secret Muslim,” or that he’s doing the bidding of his Muslim Brotherhood-tied brother Malik, he should stop making sympathetic gestures that feed them.


Oh, CANADA! Censoring free speech is beneath a great country like yours

Speaking the truth about Islam is now considered ‘hate propaganda’ in Canada. A Christian Pastor was threatened with arrest at the Canadian/Washington border for carrying Islam-related materials .


The TIL Project  Religious material of Fortress of was confiscated at the Canadian Border suspected to be ‘Hate Speech.’ Two boxes of DVD’s and CD’s containing the teaching material of Tom Wallace which addresses the issues of Islam in North America were confiscated and sent off to a “committee” to inspect the material

We were told “it appears to be hate speech and that if we were to come across the border again with this material, we will be arrested.” The ‘scandalous’ material in question are Tom’s DVD’s which were professionally shot in a TV studio.

Tom’s pastor, who was carrying the materials across the border, was detained by the Canadian authorities for over 4 hours andthreatened with arrest if he came across the border with the same materials again. Tom’s ministry, Fortress of Faith, is now under investigation and the Canadian government (Committee on Human Rights) is taking 30 days to further determine if the materials are indeed “hate propaganda.”

Listen online to our radio show, where Tom & I discuss the details of what happened at the Canadian border, and what this means for us as Americans and as Christians. (Click on the show titled “UN Resolution 16/18).


·First DVD – Uncovering Islam, carefully examines the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Everything in it can be easily document from Islamic sources.

·Second DVD – Islam the Coming Judgment, documents what Islam has done in Europe and is scheming to do in North America. Again, everything is well documented and at no time is anyone incited to perform acts of violence against Muslims.

·Third item taken were CD’s that expose the growing movement of a hybrid religion called Chrislam. These audio CD’s contain two hours of teaching that reveals what Chrislam is, who is behind it and the heresies Chrislam propagates.


Canada is treating this material as hate speech and this so called “committee” may treat it as illegal contraband.

Background of Fortress of Faith

Fortress of Faith was started by missionary Tom Wallace. He grew up with Muslims in the UK and has many years of personal experiences and study of Islam. He is an eye witness to Shariah Law becoming part of the English legal system and has come to America to educate the West about the truth of Islam.

Fortress of Faith also teaches Christians how to evangelize Muslims. Tom travels to Muslim communities and holds training classes in Churches. He also broadcast a daily and a weekend show over 200 stations across America. He post daily articles and his broadcast are available to stream or podcast at


What is hate speech?

It has become popular to accuse anyone who disagrees with you and label him as a person of hate. And Lord help you if you are passionate about your views.

However, just disagreeing with someone’s views does not equal hate. If disagreement is hate speech, then, every politician should be arrested and fined.

The litmus test is if the speech incites others to harm others with violence. Tom says, “If you listen to the hours and hours of my recordings and read my articles, you will never find that. The irony of this is that I expose how Islam incites its followers to perform acts of violence against those who are not Muslims.


Canada’s Rights

Tom says that he loves Canada. “After living in the UK for 29 years, I have felt a union with Canada through our commonality.” “British Columbia is like the best of American and the best of Britain put together.” Tom said, “I support the right for Canada to protect her borders. She is a sovereign nation and can choose to do what every she likes. However, Canada says that she cherishes free speech and is a free society. But of late, she is joining European nations that are limiting the speech of others. Canada is adopting UN Resolution 16/18 which was designed to make it a criminal offense to blaspheme or defame the religion of Islam. ”

He also said, “If Canada chooses to become a police state, who imprisons or fines anyone who does not toe the party line, they have that right. However, her citizens should know that Canada comes down on anyone who reports the truth about Islam. Canada should also stop trying to sell the idea to the world that she protects free speech.”

“Islam does not permit free speech. Muslims are not allowed to question Islam, the Qur’an, the Cleric or the Law, they are to obey. If they object or ask too many questions, they are treated as a trouble maker and are silence. These are the values that Canada is protecting and shutting up the Christian who is trying to protect freedom.”


This ministry has three objectives.

1.  To Resist Islam

  • Fortress of Faith is a Baptist ministry exposing Islam’s danger, deception and sedition.  We do this by examining Islam’s doctrines, history and current actions.
  •  FOF believes that Jehovah God is raising Islam as an Enemy to bring Judgment upon America for her sins.  Supremely, our national problem is Spiritual, therefore, the only real solution will be Spiritual — a National Revival.   Just as God dealt with Israel many times in the Old Testament, He is doing to North America.  God brought pain when they strayed.  Before long, Israel would wake up and repent, and God would forgive them and restore them to blessing.
  •  FOF believes that our Nation will not be saved by Government.  However, we believe that Christians have a duty of being Salt and Light and to stand in our community for God’s righteousness and speak up.  Therefore we will support groups that will do the same to Government.

 2.  To Rescue Muslims

  • FOF does not hate Muslims.  We love them and regard them as victims of a false and dangerous teaching and seek to see them evangelized by speaking the truth in love to them.  We equip Saints to engage Muslims that now live among us with the Gospel.  We teach apologetics and evangelistic methods that strike at the conscience of unbelieving Muslims.
  •  FOF believes that the terrorism is a real threat but mainly a misdirection.  As a magician seeks to misdirect with one hand, the other hand is free to carry out the real work undetected.  This is the sedition of the so called moderates who live among us.
  •  FOF aims to inform the Saints and Patriots through the means of the media and books.  We desire to build a team of supporters, researchers and evangelist to carry out this task.

 3.  To Revive America

Our problems with Islam are primarily a result of a Spiritual problem.  We have rebelled against God and we are experiencing God’s judgment for our nation’s sins.  Politicians will not be the solution to these problem, only national repentance and revival can save us from our troubles.

Thankfully, God has given the solution in II Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”






INEXCUSABLE! Senator Lindsay Graham had to apologize for Senator John McCain’s ‘nasty temper tantrum’ at meeting with Syrian Christian leaders


Hell-bent on arming opposition forces in Syria—despite strong evidence that they’re run by Islamic terrorists—John McCain displayed behavior unbecoming of a U.S. Senator during a recent meeting with Syrian Christian leaders touring Capitol Hill.

Judicial Watch  The delegation of Syrian clergy came to Washington to raise awareness among lawmakers of the growing crisis among the region’s minority Christian community. Christians make up about 10% of the Syrian population and they are being targeted and ruthlessly murdered by radical elements of the rebel forces, according to the visiting church officials. They say the media and human rights groups here have been largely silent on the ordeal of the Christians in Syria.

942830_464483173631472_1566106733_n11 A number of churches have been destroyed or burned, children were killed when rebels fired mortar rockets at an Armenian Christian school in Damascus and countless others have been abducted by Islamic fighters, the Syrian delegation reveals in a statement published by the research group, Westminster Institute, that brought them to Washington. Eleven nuns have also been abducted and are still in captivity and two bishops are still missing after getting kidnapped during a humanitarian mission.

But Senator McCain, an Arizona Republican, evidently doesn’t want to hear negative stories about the rebels he’s working to arm. So he stormed out of a closed-door meeting with the Syrian clergy officials last week. Held in the Senate Arms Services Committee meeting room, the reunion also included senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Graham is a Republican and the rest are Democrats.


McCain marched into the committee room yelling, according to a high-level source that attended the meeting, and quickly stormed out. “He was incredibly rude,” the source told Judicial Watch “because he didn’t think the Syrian church leaders should even be allowed in the room.” Following the shameful tantrum McCain reentered the room and sat briefly but refused to make eye contact with the participants, instead ignoring them by looking down at what appeared to be random papers.

The outburst was so embarrassing that Senator Graham, also an advocate of U.S. military intervention in Syria, apologized for McCain’s disturbing outburst. “Graham actually apologized to the group for McCain’s behavior,” according to the source, who sat through the entire meeting. “It was truly unbelievable.”


Not really, for those familiar with McCain’s history on this matter. The veteran lawmaker is enamored with a controversial young “Syria expert,” Elizabeth O’Bagy, who has managed to convince him as well as the president and secretary of state that Syrian rebels are mostly moderate and not terrorists. While persuading the U.S. of this, O’Bagy concealed that she was a political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a group that advocates for Syria’s rebels from Washington D.C.


Before getting exposed by conservative media outlets, O’Bagy claimed to be an objective analyst at a Washington D.C. think-tank that studies military affairs when in fact she had a “reputation as the leading expert on the armed opposition in the Syrian revolution,” according to SETF. In September O’Bagy was abruptly fired from the think-tank for padding her resume and McCain graciously hired her. “Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year,” McCain said in a statement to the political news publication that broke the story in late September.


Besides the fact that a Syrian Islamist group is essentially steering U.S. policy, a number of domestic and international media outlets have confirmed that terrorists—mainly Al Qaeda—are running opposition forces in Syria. For instance the New York Times published a piece that reveals Islamist rebels—including the most extreme groups in the notorious Al Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda-aligned force—are running the show in Syria. “The Islamist character of the opposition reflects the main constituency of the rebellion,” the story says. “Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.”

Incredibly, last month an international news agency reported that Congress secretly approved U.S. weapons flow to what officials describe as “moderate” Syrian rebel factions. The White House refused to comment on the back-door operation, but the story cites U.S. and European officials who say the weapons deliveries have been funded by the U.S. Congress, in votes behind closed doors, through the end of government fiscal year 2014. 


















A great day for Christians in Syria as they fight back against the Obama-backed jihadist rebels


Syrian Christians fight heroically and kill 65 jihadists while destroying their mosque. A small band of Christians have formed an army to fight and kill jihadists who attack the holy sights of Syria. This is an incredible story of heroism, of how a few men can defeat entire armies, and it has never been reported before in the English language, until now.

From: Shoebat

“We have to defend Deir Cherubim because its a high place and a holy church. We are here to defend this place because of its religious importance.”

Statue of Christ upon the pinnacle

Statue of Christ upon the pinnacle

Deir Cherubim, the holy pinnacle, with the statue of Jesus Christ

Deir Cherubim, the holy pinnacle, with the statue of Jesus Christ

 The followers of Muhammad have invaded the entire Christian city of Saidnaya, in Syria, and as they debase and scoff the churches with their heretical presence, they oppress the saints as they cry out their blasphemous utterances, as the Pharaoh did, saying, “Who is the LORD, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?” (Exodus 5:2)

They have flooded the city, and when it seemed that the moon of Allah had eclipsed the sun and its incommensurable glory, the darkness was hindered, a ray of the heavens charged through the fog of confusion, and the mist of its holiness illuminated the single most lofty point of Saidnaya: a high pinnacle upon which stands a statue of Jesus Christ and a beautiful church called Deir Cherubim, or The House of the Cherubim.


The building of the statue was supported by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian government; it bears the title, “I Have Come to Save the World”, and it is a glimmering glade in the midst of a hellish forest of beastly and sinister devils.

Why is such a high position still preserved from the rapacious hands of the deceptive Islamists? While its protection is under the providence of the Almighty, it is physically guarded by those Christians who “endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Titus 2:3), and who have hope in the God Who “shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.” (Romans 16:20)

Christian girl who was raped, tortured and murdered by Saudi jihadists and others who had come to Syria to help install an Islamic emirate there.

Christian girl who was raped, tortured and murdered by Saudi jihadists and others who had come to Syria to help install an Islamic emirate there.

They call themselves the Defenders of the Church, or The Lions of the Cherubim, an order of crusaders who exclaim that Jesus is the highest point, and make this explicit; who stand upon the lighthouse of Christ in the midst of a turbid ocean of Muslims whose waves of violence hit against the house of wise men, and though they come against the fortress guided by Heaven, it falls not, “for it was founded upon a rock.” (Matthew 7:25)


Muslim jihadists proudly show off the head of the priest

Muslim jihadists proudly show off the head of the priest

One of the Christian militants valiantly declared:

“We are going to make graves for the terrorists in this land. These are our holy places, and those churches are thousands of years old, we will never give up on them. If they think they will come and destroy it and pillage it, we will not permit them, we will be hear stedfast till we finish the last of them. If they think the money that comes from the Arab world is going to help them, they are mistaken. We are the owners of this land, not them.”

The Syrian army positioned a tank to defend the church, and the terrorists blew it up. But the Lions of Cherubim still cannot be defeated.

Video of the Muslims blowing up the tank as it guards the church:

A horde of Muslims, seeing that the pitch blackness of their false doctrines had not covered the holy pinnacle, pushed forward toward the Church of the Cherubim, and as they thought that victory was near, they were suddenly struck with the sight of armed saints. The Muslims tried to fight, but their bullets were not effective, for in their words of Moses, “The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him: But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob” (Genesis 49:23-24).

The Christians vanquished them, “smote them, and slew them,” (Joshua 10:26), and killed 65 Muslims. And as the Israelites did unto their enemies, the Christians came to the bodies of the slain Muslims, “and put their feet upon the necks of them.” (Joshua 10:24)

Video showing the corpses of their enemies:

Truly the land of Syria is sacred, for its earth was blessed by the feet of saintly fighters who established the model to which every holy crusader followed and still follows.

One Christian militant said:

The battle lasted 7 hours. the attack was fearsome, but our men were very eager to fight.

It was in Syria where Abraham smote the wicked king Chedorlaomer and his confederacy of despots, and liberated Lot (Genesis 14:15); it was in Syria where David slew 22,000 pagans (2 Samuel 8:5); it was in Syria where Heaven’s light enwrapped St. Paul, and “he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” (Acts 9:3-4). It is in Syria where holy warriors now fight the persecutors of Christ; and it will be in this same land, when Christ returns in the final crusade, that “Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap”, (Isaiah 17:1) in which the Islamists will be wiped out, and the saints triumphant.

Dead jihadists scorched by Christian fighters

Dead jihadists scorched by Christian fighters

Saidnaya, the city in which this fighting is taking place, literally means “Our Lady” in Syriac, referring to the Virgin Mary. It was Mary who said in her song, that God “hath shewed strength with his arm” (Luke 1:51), and it is through these Christian militants, that God has illustrated the fortitude of His arm, in that while the whole of Saidnaya is conquered, the Muslims still cannot take the Church of the Cherubim.

Another statement from the holy army recounted:

Not one of the Jihadists was able to come to the vicinity of the church. …The Jihadists were hiding behind a big boulder. And our heroes did their duty. We had four martyrs and six injured.

More scorched Jihadists

More scorched Jihadists

It is said by the native Christians that Saidnaya is the place where Cain killed Abel; and how profound is it, that now, in this very spot, the successors of Cain are still butchering the successors of Abel, but with these modern crusaders, the followers of the holy son of Adam has succeeded in crushing the acolytes of his wicked brother.

And on this holy soil, where the blood of the martyr Abel “crieth unto me from the ground” (Genesis 4:10), the sublime image of Christ ascends the city, and the hope that it emanates enriches the soul of the crusader, to put out the darkness, so that the brilliance of Heaven may forevermore shine again and eclipse the citadels of Allah with its eternal rays of light.

The jihadists fled to the mosque, but this did not stop the Christians. They attacked the mosque, ripped right through it with bullets. Here is the video of the attacked mosque:


SYRIA: Obama-backed ‘rebels’ behead another Christian man and stab him with a crucifix


According to an Arabic (Aleteia.orgreport published back on January 8, 2014, yet another Christian man was beheaded and had his chest stabbed with a crucifix, by U.S.-sponsored “freedom-fighters.”

Raymond Ibrahim (h/t Linda R)  Two young Christian men, Fadi and Firas, were traveling by car, from Homs to the Christian village of Marmarita, when they were stopped and assaulted by five armed jihadis, who opened fire on the car.

Fadi, the man rebels beheaded

Fadi, the man rebels beheaded & stabbed

According to the report, “And when themujahidin [jihadis] approached the car, they noticed that Fadi was wearing a cross around his neck, so they decided to decapitate him and plant the cross in his chest.”


They also beat his companion, Firas, leaving him for dead on the ground, and proceeded to plunder their car, stealing money and documents.

However, he recovered — waking only to see his friend’s decapitated and stabbed body — and, wounded and on foot, reached the village of al-Mushtaya, where he was transferred to a hospital.


Update: Agenzia Fides confirms this report: “Islamist groups have killed and beheaded a young Christian man, seriously wounding another…  A group of five armed jihadists intercepted the vehicle and opened fire on the car. Upon reaching the car, militiamen, noting that Fadi was wearing a cross around his neck, beheaded him.”


Fides, however, does not mention the cross stabbing recorded in the Arabic report.  Did Fides deem it too graphic, inciting, hate-promoting, or whatever, opting to omit?   At any rate, both English and Arabic language reports make clear that it was the sight of the crucifix that prompted the jihadis to murder Fadi.  That alone is indicative of extreme vehemence for the Christian cross and those who wear it.


Muslims of Nazareth warn Christians not to lie about Allah…or else!

As Christians in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth begin to take a real stand for their faith, local Muslims are warning them not to overstep the boundaries of their traditional place in the Middle East  (dhimmis – second class citizens).

Israel Today  A large billboard hanging at a central point in Nazareth features a picture of an Israeli stop sign, along with the English translation of a verse from the quran cautioning Christians (and Jews) to speak only the “truth” regarding Allah. The poster (and quran 4:171) reads:














Is the United States now the main enabler of Christian persecution in the Muslim world?


Prominent indicators confirm that the U.S. is the chief facilitator of the persecution of Christians today. Barack Hussein Obama does nothing to protect Christians and other minorities in the Muslim world. In fact, he supports and facilitates the rise of radical Islamists to lead once secular Muslim countries.

National Review By Raymond Ibrahim According to the recently released 2014 World Watch List, which ranks the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted, Syria is the third worst nation in the world in which to be Christian, Iraq is fourth, Afghanistan fifth, and Libya 13th. All four countries receive the strongest designation, “extreme persecution” (other designations are “severe,” “moderate,” and “sparse” persecution).


Aside from being so closely and harshly ranked, these four nations have something else in common: heavy U.S. involvement. Three — Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya — were “liberated” thanks to U.S. forces, while in the fourth, Syria, the U.S. is actively sponsoring “freedom fighters” against the regime, many of whom would be better labeled “terrorists.”

The Syrian situation alone indicts U.S. foreign policy. According to Reuters:



Open Doors, a non-denominational group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, said on Wednesday it had documented 2,123 “martyr” killings, compared with 1,201 in 2012. There were 1,213 such deaths in Syria alone last year, it said. “This is a very minimal count based on what has been reported in the media and we can confirm,” said Frans Veerman, head of research for Open Doors. Estimates by other Christian groups put the annual figure as high as 8,000.

While most Americans are shielded from the true nature of the war by the U.S. media’s reluctance to report on it, Arabic media, websites, and activists daily report and document atrocity after atrocity — beheadings and bombed churches, abducted nuns, Christians slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam, and countless abducted for ransom or rape — at the hands of those whom the U.S. supports.


It’s enough to point out that “the largest massacre of Christians in Syria,” to quote a top religious leader, was left wholly unreported by any major U.S. news network.

At any rate, the statistics speak for themselves: Syria, which used to be religiously tolerant, is now, in the context of the United States’ trying to bring “democracy” to it, the third worst country in the world in terms of “extreme persecution” of Christians.



The Blaze reports that Dr. David Curry, president of Open Doors,

charged that the Obama administration has essentially declined to make the protection of religious minorities a priority . . . “There are many instances where the vacuum of leadership and spokesmanship has created a real problem,” said the human rights leader. “I would say that every significant data point on this year’s ‘2014 Watch List’ is worse — and I think a factor in it is a lack of leadership from Western governments including . . . the U.S. in terms of religious freedom.”


But it’s worse than that. Far from taking any action or providing leadership — or simply ceasing to support the terrorists responsible — the Obama administration recently tried to go to war with Syria on behalf of the “freedom fighters” — amazingly, in the name of “human rights.” (Apparently the unsubstantiated rumor that Assad massacred people is enough for the U.S. to go to war, but the ongoing and well-documented massacres of Christians and other civilians at the hands of the opposition is not enough for the U.S. to stop supporting them.)



What’s worse, even the most uninformed mainstream-media-watching American today knows that the so-called “Arab Spring,” which was hailed to justify U.S. support for “rebels” of all stripes — in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (which months ago destroyed some 80 churches); in Libya, al-Qaeda, which has turned Benghazi into a terror zone; and now the “freedom fighters” in Syria — is not what it was touted to be.


In other words, at this point, whenever the U.S. intervenes in an Islamic nation, Islamists come to power. This is well demonstrated by the other three nations to which the U.S. brought “democracy” and where Christian minorities suffer “extreme persecution.”



Afghanistan: The supposedly “moderate” Karzai government installed by the U.S. upholds many of the draconian laws enforced by the Taliban — including the apostasy law, fiercely persecuting those who seek to convert to Christianity — and, in 2011, under U.S. auspices, it destroyed Afghanistan’s last Christian church.

Iraq: After the U.S. toppled Saddam Hussein, Christian minorities were savagely attacked and slaughtered, and dozens of their churches were bombed (see here for graphic images). Christians have been terrorized into near-extinction, with well over half of them fleeing Iraq.



Libya: Ever since U.S.-backed, al-Qaeda-linked terrorists overthrew Qaddafi, Christians — including Americans — have indeed suffered extreme persecution. Churches have been bombed; Christians have been tortured and killed (including for refusing to convert); and nuns have been threatened.

Surely a common theme emerges here: Where the U.S. works to oust secular autocrats, the quality of life for Christians and other minorities takes a major nosedive. Under Saddam, Qaddafi, and Assad, Christians and their churches were largely protected.


Moreover, while George W. Bush was responsible for Afghanistan and Iraq, the argument can be made that, back then (2001 and 2003), this pattern of Islamic radicalization that erupts once autocrats are gone was less well known than it is today. There weren’t many precedents.

Conversely, the Obama administration has had both Afghanistan and Iraq to learn from — and yet still it supports Islamists and jihadis. But by now, what happens once they assume power —religious persecution, terror, oppression — is no longer a secret.


Incidentally, those who care little for the fate of Christians or other minorities in the Islamic world would do well to remember a simple truism: Wherever anti-Christian elements come to power, anti-American forces come to power. The two are synonymous.

Put differently, Muslim persecution of Christians is the litmus test of how radical an Islamic society has become. In all those Muslim nations that the U.S. has interfered in — Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt (till the Egyptians revolted, to the chastisement of the U.S.), and now Syria — the increase of religious intolerance is a reflection of the empowerment of forces hostile to Western civilization.


I am often asked, “How can we help persecuted Christians?” At this point, one must respond: “How about starting with getting the U.S. government to stop being the chief facilitator of Christian persecution?” Altruism aside, it would be in the interests of all freedom-loving people — and especially their descendants.


— Raymond Ibrahim is the author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on ChristiansHe is a Shillman fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum, and a 2013 media fellow at the Hoover Institution.

egypt kills nuns


Central African Republic (CAR) Christians, like the Buddhists in Myanmar, are fighting back against the Muslim fascists…and winning!

PLAYING DIRTY. It’s the only war game Muslims understand. ‘Mad Dog’ the cannibal is pictured eating a second Muslim in as many weeks as Christians lynch and burn two men in the Central African Republic. It is Mad Dog’s revenge for the murders of his pregnant wife, sister-in-law, and her baby by Muslims.

'MAD DOG' the cannibal

‘MAD DOG’ the cannibal

UK Daily Mail  Ten months ago,  Seleka Muslim rebels overthrew the Christian government and installed their own leader, Michel Djotodia, as the majority-Christian country’s first Muslim president. But Djotodia proved powerless to control his fighters, and many went on a rampage of killing, rape and looting targeting the Christian majority.

Some Christian communities responded by forming self-defence militias and attacking Muslims. Both sides are accused by rights watchdogs of major abuses, and the United Nations has warned of a potential inter-religious genocide.

Men brandish machets and knives to threaten Muslim

Men brandish machets and knives to threaten Muslims

Shocking photographs have emerged of a cannibal by the name of Mad Dog eating the flesh of a lynched Muslim man for the second time in as many weeks. In one, ‘Mad Dog’ – real name Ouandja Magloire – cuts a portion of meat from the body of a murdered Muslim lying burning on a roundabout in the capital of the Central African Republic, with the body of another a few yards away.

Another photograph shows him licking a bloodied knife as he stands over a body, wearing the same T-shirt he was pictured in during the previous act of cannibalism. According to The Associated Press, the men were killed by residents of the Sango neighbourhood in revenge for the lynching of a taxi driver from Sango a day earlier.

'Mad Dog' licks blood off a knife, as a crowd prepares to burn the body of a lynched Muslim man in Bangui

‘Mad Dog’ licks blood off a knife, as a crowd prepares to burn the body of a lynched Muslim man in Bangui

Two other Muslim passers-by escaped to the protection of French and African peacekeeping forces. The agency understands that Magloire didn’t take part in the killings, but turned up in the aftermath. According to its source, he is the only person in the Central African Republic known to be carrying out acts of cannibalism.

Meanwhile Catherine Samba-Panza, 59, was elected mayor of the Central African Republic and used her first speech to appeal to both Christians and Muslims to stop the fighting. Speaking to the Christian self-defence militia known as ‘anti-balaka’ (anti-machete), Samba-Panza said: ‘Show your support for my nomination by giving the strong signal of laying down your weapons.

Men carry the body of a lynched Muslim man through a street in Bangui

Men carry the body of a lynched Muslim man through a street in Bangui

She issued a similar appeal to the members of mostly Muslim rebel group Seleka, telling them: ‘Stop the suffering of the people. ‘Starting today, I am the president of all Central Africans, without exclusion. ‘The top priority is to stop people’s suffering, to restore security and the authority of the state across the country.’ Samba-Panza, who is the former mayor Bangui – where Mad Dog’s attacks have taken place – is a Christian but did not campaign on religious grounds. 

In another development the European Union today agreed to send up to 1,000 troops to the region to help restore order.  The mission, which will deploy in and around the capital and last up to six months, is expected to involve a force numbering between 400 and 1,000.

A man who goes by the name of Mad Dog cuts off a portion of a burning body to eat, as the bodies of two lynched Muslim men are burned in a street

Mad Dog cuts off a portion of a burning body to eat, as the bodies of two lynched Muslim men are burned in a street

The troops will help back 1,600 French soldiers and the African Union’s MISCA force, which currently has 4,400 troops on the ground. International donors also pledged $496 million (£302 million) in aid to the country this year.

Earlier in the month horrific footage emerged from Bangui of Magloire eating the leg of a Muslim who, according to the BBC, was hauled from a bus, battered and then stabbed before being set on fire. In the aftermath of the incident, Magloire grabbed hold of his leg and then began to devour it.

People throw stones at a car transporting two children of an ex-Seleka colonel at the 'UN crossroad'

People throw stones at a car transporting two children of an ex-Seleka colonel at the ‘UN crossroad’

Magloire told a BBC reporter at the time that his action was revenge for the murders of his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law and her baby. He claimed that Muslims were responsible and he was angry with them.    ‘They broke down the door and cut my baby in half. I promised I would get my revenge,’ he said.

‘Mad Dog’ spotted his victim on a minibus and followed him. He gathered a crowd of about 20 Christian youths who forced the bus driver to stop and dragged him from the bus.  Without emotion he told the BBC: ‘I poured petrol over him. I burned him. I ate his leg, right down the white bone.’ 

A French soldier looks on as the body of one of the lynched Muslim men burns

A French soldier looks on as the body of one of the lynched Muslim men burns

Witnesses did not intervene but recorded the footage on mobile phones, including the act of cannibalism. A video shows his cheeks bulging as he consumes the flesh.  Witness Jean-Sylvestre Tchya told news agency AFP: ‘One of the individuals took hold of an arm and went and bought some bread and starting chewing on the flesh, along with his bread.

Ouandja Magloire - who also calls himself 'Mad Dog' - is seen eating the leg of a Muslim slaughtered by a rampaging Christian mob

Ouandja Magloire aka’Mad Dog’ – is seen eating the leg of a Muslim slaughtered by a rampaging Christian mob

‘The scene made many people vomit, and some cried out in horror.’ Another witness, Alain Gbabobou, said he watched a man wrap the head up and proclaim that he would ‘feast on it’.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, this may not have been an isolated incident, with a source speaking of more than one person being eaten. An aid worker told the paper: ‘They were taking machetes to people and burning the bodies and eating them.’






If forced to seek asylum, guess which country Syrian Christians said they would choose as best able to protect their religious freedom?


They said RUSSIA…no doubt, after witnessing the President of the United States arming and funding al-Qaeda linked rebels, who are trying to destroy Christianity in Syria and its leader, Bashar Assad, who has always protected the Christians there. 

VOR (h/t SubramanianK) About 50,000 Syrian Christians, in a letter to the Russian Foreign Ministry, said they hope they would not have to flee Syria, but if threatened with physical elimination, they would pin their hopes on Russia as the guarantor of their survival.


The letter reached Moscow through diplomatic channels. It says that the U.S.-backed al-Qaeda terrorists are prepared to go to any lengths to wipe Christians out of Syria. The authors of the letter have no intention of fleeing the “land on where Jesus walked” and promise to defend their “homeland, dignity and faith”. They see Russia as the guarantor of “peace and stability.”

They are not asking for money or humanitarian aid, but just hope to obtain Russian citizenship. “We will be under the protection of Russia if we face the threat of being physically eliminated by terrorists,” the letter says. Considering what’s going on in Syria, their wish to have Russian passports looks justified, Stanislav Tarasov, Director of the Middle East-Caucasus research center, told the Voice of Russia. 

“For them, it’s a laissez-passer. No one knows what will happen to Syria. Some forecasts suggest that, with or without Assad, Syria may become a confederation, or it may split into three or four parts and cease being single state. That’s why the Syrian Christians are trying to secure Russia’s support,” he said.


About 50,000 Syrians put their signatures under the address – medics, engineers, lawyers and businessmen residing in the Kalamoun area near Damascus. The fact that so many people signed the letter throws weight behind it, but on the other hand it makes things more complicated for Russia, said Sergei Sergeichev, a senior fellow at the Institute for Middle East Studies in Moscow.

Terror group al-Nusra lines up and executes several Christian civilians

Terror group al-Nusra lines up and executes several Christian civilians

“Not that it puts us in an awkward situation, but it sort of diverts the Russian Foreign Ministry’s efforts as the ministry is obliged to react to that address”, says Sergeichev. “We cannot say ‘no’ to those people. But if we say ‘yes’ and then something happens, then we will have to evacuate huge numbers of Russian citizens. And it doesn’t matter whether those are people solely with Russian citizenship or they have two passports – Russian and Syrian. If the president orders evacuation, they will have to be evacuated, which is a very complicated rescue operation.”


Syria is not the only country where Christians do not feel safe. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life research organization, Christians are persecuted and harassed in 130 countries.

Today, Christians are the most persecuted religious community. Every hour, one Christian is killed in the world. They are killed because of their faith.


















ABOUT TIME! Flash mobs in Germany and Austria stage large protests against persecution of Christians


Flash mobs in Germany and Austria have drawn attention to the persecution of some 100 million Christians around the world (mainly Muslim countries).

PI NEWS via BCF (h/t Susan K)  In 25 cities, on January 11 at 4 pm, people came together in public places to pray and publicly protest the growing persecution of Christians.

With flash mobs in Germany and Austria citizens have drawn attention around the world to the persecution of some 100 million Christians. In 25 cities, including Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt , Cologne , Stuttgart , Heidelberg, Augsburg , Salzburg and Vienna, came on 11 January 16 clock people under the slogan “silent raise their voices together in public places.

cologne-germany-2.jpg?w=627&h=400The participants knelt, placed their hands on his back and turned their attention to the floor. Then gave spokesman continued over a megaphone information on the persecution of Christians. Finally, the participants prayed aloud the Lord’s Prayer. Excitation to the flash mob went from being a Member of the Central Oriental Christians in Germany (Munich), Sara molecules from. The 23-year-old trainee teacher in Heidelberg is a member of the Syrian Orthodox church, who has a spiritual center in southeast Turkey Tur Abdin area. The Christians living there were hard pressed by Muslims, so that the majority emigrated.


Overall, involved more than 1,000 people in the actions. The largest resonance learned the call through a local initiative in Stuttgart. At its peak, more than 200 people, including many students involved in the flash mob, which was performed at the Stuttgart main shopping street, King street. The day began in the morning with rain, what the action would probably have prevented or at least decimated participation. In the afternoon it cleared but then on.


Such actions are important, as was the place chosen, where previously Muslims had distributed free Korans… The organizers are pleased with how it turned out and are thinking of holding another such event in the spring. Given the publicity, there may be more participants next time.


Shhhh, we’re not supposed to talk about the ‘Christian’ Garbage People of Egypt

GarbageDreams-300x240They’re called the Zabaleen. Zabaleen, which translates directly from Arabic as ‘Garbage People’ harvest and hand-sort 15,000 tons of waste every day. This is a dark side to Egypt that the authorities don’t want foreigners to see: a secretive society of tens of thousands of people literally living in rubbish in a Cairo ghetto overrun by rats and disease. They live with garbage stacked to the roofs of their multi-story homes, eeking out a living recycling the rubbish by hand. They face all kinds of discrimination from the Muslim majority, yet without them, Egyptians literally would be swimming in their own waste.

Ahram  The Zabaleen are unique for another reason. They’re part of Muslim Egypt’s Christian Coptic minority, a community that is besieged by persecution, extremism and a creeping Islamization in Egypt’s security services. One of the most sensitive issues faced by some of those in Egypt – their decision to convert to Christianity – a decision that some Muslims believe should be punishable by death under a strict interpretation of sharia religious law.


Manshiyat Naser (or Manshiyat Nasser), also known as Garbage City, is a slum settlement at the base of Mokattam Hill on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Its economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city’s garbage. The Zabaleen are a minority religious community of Coptic Christians who have served as Cairo’s informal garbage collectors for approximately the past 70 to 80 years. The city’s garbage is brought to Manshiyat naser by the Zabaleen, or garbage collectors, who then sort through the garbage to attempt to retrieve any potentially useful or recyclable items.


As a passerby walks or drives down the road he will see large rooms stacked with garbage with men, women or children crouching and sorting the garbage into unsellable or sellable. Families typically specialize in a particular type of garbage they sort and sell — one room of children sorting out plastic bottles, while the next of women separating cans from the rest. Anything that can be reused or recycled is saved by one of the numerous families in Manshiyat naser. Various recycled paper and glass products are made and sold from the city, while metal is sold by the kilo to be melted down and reused.


Carts pulled by horse or donkey are often stacked 2.5 to 3m high with the recyclable goods. The economic system in Garbage City is classified as the informal sector. Most families typically have worked in the same area and type of specialization in the garbage piles and continue to make enough money to support themselves. The living conditions in Moqattam Village, and the other Zabbaleen settlements, are poor. The Zabaleen are characterized by poor health and high rates of disease, especially those related to their garbage collecting activities.



NIGERIA: Once again, suspected Islamic terrorists target two Christian villages and kill at least 12 civilians including guests at a wedding reception


Nigerian soldiers fighting to put down the 4-year-old Boko Haram Islamic uprising reported that they killed at least 57 insurgents in weekend air raids and ground assaults in Borno state, near Nigeria’s border with Chad. “Air and land bombardments are continuing in different locations where terrorists have been reportedly sighted,” a Defense Ministry statement said.

Breitbart  Meanwhile, electoral officials in neighboring Yobe state said the opposition All Progressives Congress swept every seat in local government elections that concluded peacefully, defying the Islamic extremists who are opposed to democracy and the ruling party’s insistence that it was too insecure to campaign.

boko-haram-logo-lets-gist-300x163Survivors of weekend attacks in Borno state said eight civilians were killed when extremists fired on a wedding party Saturday night in Tashan-Alede village, and another four were killed Sunday in neighboring Kwajffa village. A security official confirmed the attacks but did not have casualty figures. He requested anonymity because he is not allowed to give information to reporters. School teacher Yohana Jafa noted that the attacks on minority Christian villages in the predominantly Muslim region came hours after the leader of the Boko Haram terrorist network, Abubakar Shekau, “clearly stated that his war is against Christians.”


It was unclear if Shekau’s statetment, in a video obtained Saturday by The Associated Press, and the attacks signal a new tactic by the extremists. Though his movement initially targeted government officials, Christians and Muslim leaders who spoke out against extremism, it has claimed attacks this year that have killed hundreds of Muslim civilians.

Other Islamic extremist groups have come to realize that the indiscriminate killing of Muslims is a strategic liability. That realization is believed responsible for al-Shabab fighters from Somalia sparing Muslims in the spectacular attack on a Kenyan mall in September. Experts surmise that the killings of innocent Muslims have also led to a fracture within Nigeria’s Boko Haram, with a splinter group called Ansaru concentrating on kidnapping foreigners.


In Yobe, a member of President Goodluck Jonathan’s People’s Democratic Party said insurgents attacked the state’s second city of Potiskum on Friday, killing seven civilians on the day before the vote. The Democrats boycotted Saturday’s elections for 178 councilors and 17 chairmen, saying it was not safe to campaign. They had not been expected to win seats in the traditional opposition stronghold.

The Democrats disputed the Yobe electoral commission’s figures showing nearly 80 percent of 1.2 million registered voters cast ballots. Some reporters had noted a low turnout and the figure was surprising in a region where tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes.


Yobe Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam declared late Sunday that peaceful balloting took place “against the wishes of some Abuja politicians who do not know our real problems.” Abuja is the capital of Africa’s biggest oil producer and seat of the national electoral commission which has declared it cannot conduct 2015 presidential and legislative elections in any area under a state of emergency.

Some politicians in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north have suggested southern Christian politicians want to prolong the emergency in the north to prevent 2015 voting in areas where they are unpopular. Three northeastern states covering one-sixth of Nigeria have been under a state of emergency since May.

Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria has almost equal numbers of Christians and Muslims among its more than 160 million people. The Islamic uprising in the northeast has widened the gulf between Christians and Muslims and poses the greatest threat in decades to the West African nation’s security and cohesion.
















No big deal just some people in africa





If it’s Christmas, we know that Muslims will be slaughtering Christians somewhere in the world

Bomb attacks at Christmas that targeted Christian areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have left at least 37 people dead. The biggest blast happened near a church after a Christmas service.


RT has been following the deadly violence that swept the country in 2013 in a special project. The assaults included a car bomb that went off next to a Christian church in the Doura district of the Iraqi capital after a Christmas service, a police officer confirmed, according to AP. The attack killed at least 26 people and wounded 38 others. Most of the victims were Christians.

A policeman who was on duty in the area of the attacks told Reuters that worshippers began leaving the church after hearing sounds of the first blast. “A car parked near the church exploded when the families were hugging each other goodbye before leaving. The blast was powerful,” he said. “Bodies of women, girls and men were lying on the ground covered in blood. Others were screaming and crying while they were trying to save some of their wounded relatives.”

Cell phone footage of the aftermath of the attack:

h/t Golem Bar

This is a list of targeted acts of terrorism just on Christian civilians and church workers by religious Muslims since September 11th, 2001.  These attacks have nothing to do with war, combat or insurgency.  The victims are innocent Christians who were specifically targeted and abused solely on account of their faith by those who claim Islam as their motive.


There may be a few anomalies on the list, as it is compiled by keyword search from our main database.  Neither is this a complete account of Islamic terror attacks on Christians since much of the violence goes unreported.

Because the list is way too long to post here, please click The Religion of Peace  to view it: