In honor of Neda Soltan

911Neda’s message to delegates of 11 of the Free Nations.

Honorable Representatives

of Permanent Mission to the United Nations

New York, NY 10017


Dear Delegates of Argentina, Australia, Britain, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand and the United States

We at 911Neda are Neda’s countrymen. We thank you for being a valiant representative of a free nation. You voiced our opinion by walking out at General Assembly on September 24, 2009 to protest against the illegitimate regime of the Islamic Republic.

We ask you to continue with additional diplomatic pressure regardless of Khamenei’s appointment to the illegal post of presidency in Iran. Our homeland is under fundamentalist occupation since 1979. Regime change, President change, improved relation with our neighbors nor a moderation in regime’s nuclear policy; none are adequate as long as our people are not free.

Freedom in Iran means an end to the International terrorism, Nuclear threat & potential war!

And it means: Peaceful coexistence, friendship & a better world for all of us citizens of the free world.


To learn more about 911Neda please see: 911Neda

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RAPPERS and BREAKDANCERS are all the rage now. IN IRAQ!

Thank you George W. Bush. Barack Hussein Obama would have sold out the Iraqis years ago.



Baghdad breakdancers

Usher, Chris Brown and 50 Cent are among the favourite artists listed by two Baghdad brothers who fancy themselves as breakdancing rappers with an R&B flavour. Pulling robotic moves in a park that runs alongside the Tigris River in the centre of the Iraqi capital, Ahmed and Amar Mohammed quickly draw a crowd.“We call ourselves AWA,” said Amar, 21, the older of the two, before bending backwards in a crab and then leaping to his feet.

Dressed in similar black t-shirts and jeans, the agile brothers head to the Abu Nuas park most days to practice. They cut an unusual image in a city better known for its bombs than its breakdancing. Ahmed, a floppy-haired 19-year-old, lies on the grass and spins himself around with a swivel of his legs. Returning to his feet, he dives back down to the ground to make a one-armed handstand, while his brother gyrates nearby in slow motion, a grey, trilby hat in one hand.

At the height of the sectarian violence that gripped Iraq from 2005, the pair would run through dance moves and rap lines at home because it was too dangerous to venture outside. “We had no choice,” said Ahmed. 



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"We are like a tiny bird born in a cage"

Iraqi cleric: “We did not know what democracy was until America brought it against our will. But America is teaching us how to fly.”

Those who condemn America’s just and noble undertaking are leftist ideologues and terrorist-sympathizers. Those who love freedom feel inspired and applaud America for its courage and sacrifice. America will always be the friend of all freedom-loving people everywhere.


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UPDATE: Polls stayed open late because of the huge turnout

And unlike in America, the Iraqis actully check ID’s at the polling place. How about those smiling faces on the Iraqis with their George Bush Purple Fingers!

And as BT in SA noted in the original post, this huge story was hardly noticed by the mainstream media around the world.

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ORIGINAL POST: thousands-of-women-are-running-for-office-thanks-to-president-bush


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Thousands of women are running for office, THANKS TO PRESIDENT BUSH

No, NOT here, in Iraq. YES, IRAQ. Something that was unheard of under Saddam Hussein.

Thousands of women are running for council seats in the provincial elections. Of course, The New York Slimes has to point out that even if they win, they face numerous hurdles, particularly the entrenched attitudes of most Iraqi men. (Sounds like America not  too long ago to me.)



Iraqis go to the polls and there have been no acts of violence. I will try to find out how many of the 4000 female candidates won their races.


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Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Afghani women are starting to crawl out of the 7th century.

A woman driving a car in Afghanistan is nothing short of a miracle. OK, she’s not really a woman yet, she’s only 11 years old. But  hey, at least she’s not being sold into a marriage with a man 5 times her age. And if she is, she can hop in the car and hightail it out of there.

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