Latest Nigerian massacre by Boko Haram Islamic terrorists

A new video from Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dorm, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers.


AP  There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life. Most appear to be adult men. “We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels,” the group leader says in a message. “From now, killing, slaughtering, destructions and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.”

The video released to journalists late Saturday comes two days after fleeing villagers reported that the extremists are rounding up elderly people and killing them in two schools in Gwoza, in northeast Nigeria.


The setting of the latest video appears to be a school, a long dormitory furnished with bunk beds which the leader says is in Bama, a town 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Gwoza. Students and schools are frequently targeted by Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language.

Previously, the militants had told residents of villages and towns that they would kill only enemies and wanted people to live peacefully in the area they have dubbed an Islamic caliphate, a large swath along Nigeria’s northeastern border with Cameroon that they have controlled for more than three months.



In the video, the leader notes that the prophet Mohammed advised prisoners should be held, not killed, but says “we felt this is not the right time for us to keep prisoners; that is why we will continue to see that the grounds are crimsoned with the flowing blood of prisoners.” He says some of those killed may call themselves Muslims, but are considered infidels by Boko Haram, a Sunni Jihadi group that imposes strict Shariah law.


Here, Boko Haram is shown shooting people in the head and throwing them off a bridge:

Here, Boko Haram cuts off the hands of two men accused of theft:


Figures. Obama DID try to save one ISIS hostage, the one who had converted to Islam

Talks with leadership of ISIS as well as al-Qaeda linked radical cleric to secure release of Peter Kassig ran for several weeks with knowledge of FBI. Kassig, 26, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul-Rahman Kassig.


The Guardian  US counter-terrorism officials backed a high-stakes negotiation involving two of the world’s most prominent jihadi clerics as well as former Guantánamo detainees in an attempt to save the life of an American hostage held by Islamic State, the Guardian can reveal. Emails seen by the Guardian show how tentative talks with the spiritual leadership of ISIS to secure the release of Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig began in mid-October and ran for several weeks, with the knowledge of the FBI.

Kassig – who converted to Islam while imprisoned for more than a year – was the most recent western hostage to be killed by ISIS. The jihadi group announced his death on 16 November with a typically grisly video.

Peter Kassig in Syria by choice

Peter Abdul-Rahman Kassig in Syria by choice

The ultimately unsuccessful initiative to save him was the brainchild of a controversial New York lawyer, Stanley Cohen, who has represented Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and members of Hamas in US courts. Cohen persuaded two senior clerics aligned with al-Qaeda to intervene with ISIS on behalf of the American. One, Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi, is regarded as the world’s most influential living jihadi scholar, while the other, Abu Qatada, was once branded by a Spanish judge as al-Qaeda’s “spiritual ambassador” in Europe.


Cohen – who is due to go to prison for 18 months in January after pleading guilty to federal tax offences last April – also engaged another of his jihadi contacts in the effort, a Kuwaiti al-Qaeda veteran and one-time Guantánamo Bay detainee whom the Guardian has been asked not to name for security reasons. 

FBI staff confirmed that senior officials at its headquarters were kept abreast of Cohen’s actions. The bureau also confirmed it would pay $24,000 (£15,000) of expenses incurred by Cohen and his Arabic translator during 17 days in the Middle East. Had it been successful, the negotiation would have carried a high risk for the US. In return for renouncing hostage-taking, ISIS was offered a clerical détente: Maqdisi, Abu Qatada and other senior religious figures in al-Qaeda’s sphere of influence would stop publicly denouncing ISIS as extremists without proper Islamic qualifications.


An FBI official told the Guardian the bureau did not obtain or provide assurances that Maqdisi or anyone else involved in this effort would be immune from possible reprisal after reaching out to Isis. But Cohen believed the deal had been agreed and said ISIS gave him assurances through intermediaries that Kassig would be kept alive while talks were ongoing. The lawyer said Maqdisi told him on 26 October that he was confident Kassig would be released, based on the continuing dialogue with the Isis cleric.

But the next day, Jordanian security services arrested Maqdisi for “using the internet to promote and incite views of jihadi terrorist organisations” and the negotiations collapsed. Cohen said he felt betrayed because the protocol he drew up to prevent Maqdisi’s arrest had been breached. “I feel we lost a golden opportunity to not only save Kassig but other potential hostages.”

Kassig's parents seem to have converted to Islam as well

Kassig’s parents seem to have converted to Islam as well


Cohen believed from his email dialogue with the FBI official that the US had attempted to reach out to their Jordanian counterparts to see if they could release Maqdisi to get the talks back on track. The FBI has not commented on whether other US agencies may or may not have been involved. Maqdisi remains in prison in Jordan, but Abu Qatada confirmed the details of the negotiation channel.

Speaking to a major western news outlet for the first time, he said he worked with Maqdisi to help save Kassig and wrote to an ISIS leader urging him to release the American aid worker. The Jordanian government has not responded to detailed questions from the Guardian about why Maqdisi was arrested or if it was aware of his role in the Kassig talks.


The FBI’s chief spokesman, Paul Bresson, said: “The FBI’s top priority in international kidnapping investigations is the safe return of our citizens. Because the circumstances are different in each case, the FBI works closely with the rest of the US government to consider all viable and legally permissible options to secure their release. To preserve these options, and out of respect for their loved ones, we rarely discuss these details publicly.”


The Guardian provided the Kassig family with the details of the failed negotiation effort before publication. They declined to respond.

Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS here.


COMING SOON to the 43 states in America that have refused to pass anti-sharia law legislation

Islamic State (ISIS) Publishes Sharia-Compliant Penal Code, Says It Will Be Vigilantly Enforced


MEMRI  On December 15, 2014, a document detailing the Islamic State (ISIS) penal code was released on the Jihadi Media Platform forum ( The document, which was titled “Clarification [regarding] the Hudud [Koranic punishments],” included a list of crimes and their respective punishment according to the shari’a. ISIS said it published the document as a warning and a reminder to the people living under its rule. It also reaffirmed its commitment to enforce it vigilantly.

The document begins with various Koranic verses emphasizing the need for Muslims to adhere to the shari’a, while noting that those who do not follow it are considered unbelievers. 


The punishment is based on Koran 5:33: “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive after corruption in the land is that they be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet be cut off on opposite sides, or that they be exiled from the land…”

Below are the crimes listed in this document along with their respective punishment under sharia law:




ADULTERY: STONING TO DEATH  iF the adulterer is married and 100 LASHES and EXILE if he or she were unmarried.

SODOMY/HOMOSEXUALITY: DEATH whether you are the recipient or the depositor







MURDER ONLY: DEATH (except if the murder victim is an infidel)





INDONESIAN newspaper editor who posted anti-ISIS cartoon could face prison on “blasphemy” charges

wpid-dukungan-muslim-indonesia-kepada-isis-di-bundaran-hi-500x261‘Moderate’ Indonesia (as Hillary Clinton so likes to call it) has accused the top editor of a leading English-language newspaper of blasphemy after the paper published a cartoon depicting the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) that allegedly insulted Islam.

NY Times (h/t Larry A)  Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, editor-in-chief of the Jakarta Post, would be summoned for questioning next week. If found guilty, he could face five years in prison. The cartoon published July 3 put a skull and crossbones in the black-and-white flag of ISIS and left sacred phrases in Arabic, including “Allah,” that appear on the flag inside the skull.

The chief editor of a prominent Indonesian newspaper, the English-language Jakarta Post, has been summoned for questioning by the police for publishing a cartoon that depicted radical Islamists in Syria. The editor, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, is being treated as a suspect under a blasphemy law, according to a police spokesman quoted in the Indonesian news media on Friday.

The cartoon, which ran in the daily newspaper in July, shows militants raising a black flag emblazoned with a skull and crossbones and Arabic phrases, including, “There is none worthy of worship except Allah.” In the background was a white pickup truck and what appeared to be the imminent execution of a row of blindfolded people on their knees.


It was drawn by Stephane Peray, a French cartoonist based in Bangkok who syndicates his work. “Don’t want to talk about it,” Mr. Peray said by email. Mr. Meidyatama was quoted in The Post on Friday as saying he was “amazed” at the suggestion of blasphemy because the cartoon was meant to criticize deviant Islam.

“What we produced was a journalistic piece that criticized the ISIS movement, which has carried out violence in the name of religion,” he was quoted as saying, referring to the Islamic State militant group. Conservative Islamic groups protested when the cartoon was published, contending that it “strengthens the stigma that Islam represents senseless murderers,” according to Haris Amir Falah, one protest leader.


The newspaper issued an apology and a retraction. It is unclear why the case, which staff members at the newspaper said they assumed had been dropped, is now being pursued. Sidney Jones, an expert on political Islam in Indonesia, said the case appeared to reflect the anger of hard-line groups toward a leading moderate voice in the country.

“I see an effort to try to threaten a newspaper which has consistently promoted a policy of tolerance and a rejection of extremist tactics,” said Ms. Jones, director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict in Jakarta.


The Indonesian government in August banned the teachings of the Islamic State after dozens of Indonesians were reported to have joined the movement in Syria. Over the past decade and a half, the government has also sought to contain homegrown radical movements responsible for the bombings of tourist spots and attacks on churches.

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, has faced building tension in recent years between a historically moderate core of believers and hard-line conservative groups pushing for what they consider a purer interpretation of Islam. That stance includes stricter observance of Muslim dietary traditions, tighter controls over religious minorities like Shiite Muslims and bans on alcohol.

The country’s blasphemy law calls for prison sentences of up to five years for religious “abuse” or defamation. In recent years, the law has been used against minority Islamic sects. More than 100 people have been convicted under the law over the past decade, according to a report by Amnesty International released last month.



RIFQA BARY, who defied her Muslim parents by secretly converting to Christianity as a 17-year-old, still feels her life is in danger

Muslim convert to Christianity, Rifqa Bary, now 22, writes her first book about her secret conversion to Christianity when she was just 17 and running away from her Ohio home to live with a Christian pastor’s family in Florida who took her in after her father threatened to honor-kill her for her apostasy.

Aysha & Mohamed Bary (left) vs Rifqa (right)

Aysha & Mohamed Bary (left) vs Rifqa (right)

Columbus Dispatch  (h/t Reader) A 22-year-old woman has written a book about running away from her central Ohio home as a teenager after converting from Islam to Christianity — a case that gained national attention and pitted Christian fundamentalists against Muslims.


Rifqa Bary’s Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus is scheduled for release on May 5.


Bary, a native of Sri Lanka, was 17 and living with her family near New Albany when she ran away to Florida in 2009. She claimed that her Muslim father had threatened her for converting, but authorities in Ohio and Florida found no evidence of that.

(Of course not, the Muslim parents denied it, so it was Rifqa’s word against theirs. The “authorities” never bothered to do any research on the punishment required for apostasy in Islam)


In a news release, publisher WaterBrook Press said Bary is now a college student living in an undisclosed location and still convinced her life is under threat.

“In the Islamic culture, women do not have a voice. My goal in writing is for my pen to be my voice,” Bary said in the release. A publicist said she was unavailable to comment.


RELATED STORIES/VIDEOS about the court battle between Rifqa and her parents








Albanian Muslims operate human slaughterhouses in Kosovo where they rip out the organs of Christians to sell to Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We learned this from a local Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military, named Lazar. The victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, men, and also children.

Shoebat reports:


“They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.”

Here is the interview in which he explained this:

Albanian Muslims capture Christian Serbs and surgically remove their organs while they are still alive.  Below is a European documentary by Deutsche Welle which is part of Germany’s International Broadcaster  researched and confirmed how Albanian terrorists were taking organs from Christian Serbs and selling their organs:

But this isn’t a new thing for the Albanian Muslims, who did the same thing in Kosovo to the Serbs back in the 1990’s when the US fought on the wrong side of that war. was the first to report on the human slaughterhouses in Syria, in which we obtained one man’s account who gave much detail on the operation regarding Christians and Shiites who were also slaughtered and mutilated. People still questioned it, until of course we obtained original source accounts with extremely troubling footage to back up one man’s testimony and it all checked out:







Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity






Here is Sharia law punishment for sodomy carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria

Al-Furat province media office published photographs showing ISIS jihadists carrying out the Sharia punishment on a man that allegedly committed sodomy. The punishment for this crime is to be put to death by being thrown from the highest point in town, followed with a barrage of stones and concrete.

In The name of God the Merciful

Like the Muslim Caliph Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him
Islamic court in the state of the Euphrates
The man who did the work of sodomites
Was thrown from the highest place in the city
Then stoned to death
Allah is before and after








Spiritual Head of the Muslim Brotherhood now wanted by Interpol


Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi is charged with incitement and assistance to commit murder, helping the prisoners to escape, arson, vandalism and theft.

But Barack Hussein Obama continues to insist that the Muslim Brotherhood is a non-violent organization.


Clarion Project  A “red alert” has been issued by Interpol, the international police agency, for the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.  The alert was sent out at the request of the Egyptian judiciary who has brought charges against the 88-year old imam for “agreement, incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder, helping the prisoners to escape, arson, vandalism and theft.”


Interpol said it is planning to issue red alerts to its 190 member states for 41 other Muslim Brotherhood associates. Chief of the Egyptian Police Interpol Gamal Abdel Bary said that issuing arrest warrants for Brotherhood fugitives is an “important change in the international community’s view of the banned group members.”

In mid-November, the United Arab Emirates joined Egypt and Saudi Arabia in banning the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The UAE banned 81 other organizations as terror groups as well, including many Brotherhood affiliates, including the American-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS).


Senior UAE officials stated that CAIR, MAS and other Muslim groups in the West that are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood promote extremism and incite and finance terrorism.

The charges against Qaradawi, who is currently chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, stem from his alleged involvement in a mass jail break that occurred during the 2011 Egyptian uprising against then President Hosni Mubarak. An Egyptian court held the Muslim Brotherhood — as well as Hamas and Hezbollah, two foreign terrorist organizations — responsible for the escape of thousands of prisoners who an Egyptian judge called a danger to society.”


A total of 11,000 inmates escaped during a well-planned operation that saw prison walls demolished with enormous earth-moving vehicles, followed by trucks and SUVs moving in with mounted machine guns.

Former Islamist president and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi was freed in the attack as well as many other Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Egypt accused Hamas fighters of participating in the attack, saying that the militants crossed into Egyptian territory from Gaza a number of days before the attack to join forces with local militias which were also involved. Hezbollah fighters were said to have crossed into Egypt the day before the attack.


One month after Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian people and the military, Qaradawi posted a video where he called on all the Muslims of the world to come to Egypt and wage jihad with their lives in order to return the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Qaradawi called on anyone and everyone — businessmen, journalists from all around the world, specifically mentioning Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan – to become shuhada, “martyrs” who sacrifice their lives for the cause of jihad


Qaradawi, who was born in Egypt, was stripped of his citizenship by former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. He was arrested four times in Egypt, once in 1949, under the rule of King Farouk, and three times during Nasser’s presidency. In the early 1960s, he fled to Qatar, where he eventually became a citizen. From Qatar, he broadcasts a popular TV program on the Al Jazeera network, “Shariah and Life,” which garners 60 million viewers worldwide.

He is banned from entering both the U.S. and the U.K due to his extremism, including issuing  fatwas supporting suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and supporting the killing of Jewish fetuses, calling on Muslims to perpetrate a second holocaust against Jews and expressing of his desire to kill Jews personally.


Qaradawi returned to Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak, making a triumphant appearance in Egypt in Tahrir Square , where he led Friday prayers on February 18, 2011 during the assent of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qaradawi founded the website IslamOnline and currently serves as its leading religious scholar. 


RELATED STORY: Interpol issues arrest warrants for more than 40 senior Muslim Brotherhood figures



Widow of David Haines, British aid worker beheaded by ISIS, accuses the Islamic State terrorists of being “cowards” and “monsters”

At least she didn’t praise Islam and say the “Muslim faith is not to blame” as David’s brother did shortly after his brutal murder.


Infobae  In interview with Sky News, Dragana Haines, confessed that he was unable to see the full video of the murder committed by the Islamic State, but considered “cowardly” decapitate someone who “kneeling” and “has its hands tied back. “

“Islamic Jihadists think they are brave, but that’s not courage. It is a cowardly act decapitate someone with their hands tied behind their backs and kneeling,” said the widow. In her opinion, cowardice is “decapitate someone who is helpless,” an act that can not commit “human being” but “a monster or something,” he said.

David Haines, 44, was a military engineer who left the Royal Air Force (RAF) to devote fifteen years since the humanitarian cooperation. Father of a teenager from a previous relationship, Haines was married since 2010 to his second wife, Dragana, of Croatian origin, whom he met during his work in the Balkans and with whom he had a child of four years.







Dogs are popular again in Afghanistan – for dog fighting matches

The resurgence of dog fighting has created a crisis for the stray dogs of Afghanistan. Now, in a remarkable effort, a small group of ex-pats and locals have begun caring for the animals. 

British Royal Marine Pen Farthing founded Nowzad dog shelter in Afghanistan after rescuing a street dog while on his tour of duty in Helmand Province. Nowzad’s mission is to sterilize the stray population and find adoptable homes for street animals. In addition to being one of the only dog shelters in Afghanistan, Nowzad employs the first Afghan female veterinarians in the country.

For more about Nowzad and their animals available for adoption, visit


KENYA: Al-Shabaab Muslim savages massacre at least 28 ‘infidel’ passengers from a bus


Somalia’s notorious Islamic jihadists, Al-Shabaab, attacked a bus in northern Kenya, singling out and shooting at close range 28 non-Muslim passengers who could not recite an Islamic creed, the Shahada, a tenet of the Muslim faith.

UK Daily Mail  The attackers first tried to wave the bus down but it didn’t stop so the gunmen sprayed it with bullets, said the police. When that didn’t work they shot a rocket propelled grenade at it. The gunmen took control of the vehicle and forced it off the road where they ordered all the passengers out of the vehicle and separated those who appeared to be non-Muslims – mostly non-Somalis – from the rest.

One survivor, Douglas Ochwodho, a non-Muslim head teacher of a private primary school in Mandera, who was traveling home for the Christmas vacation, told AP that the passengers who did not look Somali were separated from the others. The non-Somali passengers who couldn’t recite the creed were ordered to lie down. Ochwodho was among those who had to lie on the ground, but somehow, they missed shooting him. Seventeen of the 28 dead were teachers.

FYI: The majority population in Kenya is Christian. Only about 11% of Kenyans are Muslim.



Letter from an African-American Christian woman of Nigerian heritage who fears and loathes Islam

BNI readers frequently ask why so many black people embrace and even convert to Islam, despite the fact that Muslims have been enslaving black Africans longer than anyone else, and still are to this day. Most Muslims look down on blacks, even black Muslims, so much so, that in the Arabic language, “black” and “slave” are the same word.


This letter is from a BNI reader who speaks for many black people who absolutely DO understand the threat that Islam poses to them. I will not use her name to protect her identity:

Dear Bare Naked Islam,

I am very much interested in your website and want to be part of it and support it. I visit the Bare Naked Islam site at least 3 to 5 times daily to get updates on the happenings re: Islam around the world. I am an absolute realist and speak bluntly about Muslim issues.

I have never hated or been bigoted about any group, race or anyone’s skin color in my entire life…until now.  I am a black female, middle class citizen of the United States of America.  I love America with all my heart, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever and nothing can ever change that feeling.

I am of Nigerian parentage and heritage. My parents are Christians from Southern Nigeria and my siblings and I were raised to love and treat every individual with the  utmost respect and dignity.  If we must judge anyone at all, it should be individually and must always be by the content of  each individual’s character, and not the color of their skin, religious or regional affiliations. These are the tenets that have always guided my relationship with every human being. 

However, all that has now changed now that I am witnessing the killings and decapitations that have been wrought on innocent citizens by Muslims, (Not Terrorist), but plain ‘ol Muslims. In Nigeria, young Christian girls are being kidnapped, raped, and sold into sex slavery by Muslims. Muslims in Nigeria are trying to turn a country that is 50% Christian into one that is 100% Muslim and in many cases, they are doing this through violence. And when they aren’t doing it by force, they are trying to push Islam into every aspect of our lives.

BNI, I particularly enjoy reading your interjections (the ones in RED INK), into news items that you share on your website and best of all, you speak bluntly by saying it as it is. Your site motto puts it even more aptly, “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”.

BNI, many people call you a racist because of the way you present the truth about Islam.  I have also read on numerous occasions where you posed the question, “What race is Islam?” I am now obliged to re-echo that with you, “Indeed, What race is Islam?”

Islam is comprised of all races including a large number of gullible and clueless blacks who have converted to Islam, with the belief that, it is an avenue to wreak vengeance on the whites for the atrocities they committed during the slave trade era.

Well, to put it simply, that is stupid and mere conjecture to say the least, because the Arab Muslims’ treatment of the black slave was much more more brutal than whatever a white slave master could ever muster.   I strongly believe that fighting the evil of Islam is a global fight – necessary for everyone, irrespective of race, ethnicity, country of origin, because the only aim of the followers of Islam is to conquer the world and subjugate every “Infidel” to Islamic tenets and Sharia law.

BNI, for this reason, it is incumbent upon you to educate members of your website that, the fight against Islam is an all inclusive war, and not just a fight for the white race. As I have stated earlier, in my 48yers on God’s earth, I have never hated or been afraid of any group of people. But now, I hate Muslims and Islam with raging passion!

Yes, OK, call me a bigot and biased against Muslims if you will. I am not at all remorseful about it. The truth is, there are no moderate Muslims simply because the teachings in the quran do not permit them to be…at least not until every person on earth has accepted Islam. But even then, we know that they would still be killing each other as in Shia vs Sunni Muslims.

Otherwise, how does one explain  the phenomenon of a child that was born and raised in the United States of America albeit by Muslim parents, or in the U.K, Australia, Canada, Holland France, Sweden and other democratic western countries, who wakes up one day and travels all the way to Syria or Iraq to join the fight with ISIS Jihadists, threatening to do the same when they return to their home countries?

That alone, points to the fact that the hatred for non-Muslims is inherent in followers of Islam, ALL followers.  I strongly believe that Islam is a cult and not a religion at all. It is definitely and obviously not peaceful in the least, no mater what anyone says.  I am so convinced of this that I feel it is my duty and natural obligation to help fight the evils of Islam in any way I can.

It is much better not to waste time and energy discussing reasons why many people of African decent think the way they do about Islam and your website. Most of them are not able to get past the Slavery saga. Consequently, every issue is referenced back to and blamed on the  White race’s enslavement of blacks. Some can’t even differentiate between Jews and Whites. Others believe that the Holocaust is a made up story, yet some of them are too timid, too afraid to speak out and feels too inferior to stand up for anything and take responsibility. 

Could anyone have ever predicted that a time would come when Black People in the United States of America will be too complacent and lazy to get-off their butts and go and cast their ballots on election day? Considering what their forefathers went through and suffered before finally being granted suffrage and the right to vote?  You need to see what a Herculean task it is to get blacks to the polling station to cast their votes on election day. 

BNI, the black people’s mindset is a story for another day, because it is too cumbersome to even begin to make any sense of to a reasonable person.  If my letter is able to convince at least even a single black person to change their mind about Islam, Jews and the white race, then my entire purpose in life would have been achieved.

I was very surprised to learn that you are Jewish, BNI. You see, I have this very strong affinity with Israel and Jews that I do not entirely understand, but I go berserk when I hear Palestinians are killing Jews again.

Where I come from, Edo State in Nigeria, there is a legend that claims that our ancestors migrated from Ethiopia and those Ethiopia ancestors, migrated from Israel. I do not know if it is true or not.  But I have many family friends in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.   When I am in Israel, it feels exactly as  if  I am back in Edo State.

When a suicide bomber blows up Jews in a wedding or a restaurant, I naturally become miserable for weeks, but I can’t explain why. Last week, I read that some murderous Jihadist plowed his car into a group of Jews at a bus stop, I nearly had a heart attack. But let me not continue to bore you with my feelings about Israel and Jews. I am always consoled by the fact that, the God of Israel is always in control and always helps me to protect the Jews wherever they may be.

I have come to hate Muslims so much, with the sort of hatred that I did not know resided in me. I am praying for God to help me, because I know that it is evil to have so much hatred inside a single individual.

I had two Muslim females as my employees and I recently fired both of them because the mere sight of them in my workplace caused me great anguish. The fact that they were unproductive employees made it easy to fire them.

Please BNI,  if there are any charitable organizations that help raise funds for Israel in  fighting the Hamas terrorist scum, please provide me with their contact information. I am genuinely afraid that ISIS may sneak into Israel, in a short time. My whole body quakes when that thought crosses my mind BNI.

Oh! The God of Israel, please protect us all! In a short while, I will also support BNI financially no matter how little the contribution may be, just to keep it going. My God almighty continue to bless you and Israel………………..ALWAYS! 

I thank you immensely for having the time to respond to me, knowing that you are very active in responding and blogging on the BNI site. I do feel very honored. 

Shalom and Bless You,

(Name Withheld)