“When we cut your clitoris, you won’t look like a slutty whore anymore”

saving_girls_from_being_cut-460x307Some call it “medical tourism” (going overseas to get medical treatment) except there is nothing medical about it, because doctors aren’t the ones doing the cutting. For many (up to 70%) Muslims, school is out and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) season has begun. Thousands of Muslim girls in the West are being taken to foreign countries for ‘summer vacation’ where they will be ‘cut’ by mutilators using primitive tools.


UK DAILY MAIL  (h/t Maria J) Standing barefoot with a viciously sharp blade in her hand this is a cutter woman who performs female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls as part of a misguided belief it prevents promiscuity and maintains family status in the traditional community. Half-blind, with just a couple of teeth left, Anna-Moora Ndege started cutting girls’ sexual organs over 70 years ago.


At first she used a six-inch nail, sharpened on stone to create a crude flat blade. Now she uses a razor blade – bought at the little shop at the end of the dirt track leading from her mud hut in rural Africa. Ndege, 86, along with Agnes Kerubo, are two of the cutters that can be found in villages, towns and cities in Kenya and across Africa and parts of the Middle East where communities cling on to this barbaric tradition.


She said: ‘Girls are cut to ensure they remain faithful because the sexual organ is not there anymore. When you are cut you will not be a slut looking for men here and there like a prostitute. ‘You are docile, waiting for your husband because after you are cut, sex is for having children not for anything else.’

Although outlawed across the developed world and many parts of Africa, the practice continues among tens of thousands of families who fear being outcast if they do not submit their daughters to this horrific ordeal.


Over one million girls and women living in Europe and North America have been affected by FGM, according to welfare groups. Some 700,000 victims live in Europe – 140,000 in the UK and 100,000 in France. A further 500,000 women in the USA have undergone the procedure or are in danger of being forced into it.

As one British victim said: ‘Everyone thinks it’s not the girl in Manchester, in Cardiff or London being taken away and having FGM but it’s exactly these girls, they are not girls who are immigrants or here on holiday.’


And this summer tens of thousands of Muslim girls living in Europe and North America will be brought to Africa by their parents to undergo FGM as part of a warped bid to maintain their status in the traditional society. School holidays are known as the ‘cutting season’. It is estimated that there are three million new FGM victims every year across the world.

Keruba, 62, said: ‘Circumcision is an important festival. It’s a celebration like Christmas. It unites people. There is feasting and drinking and dancing. ‘When you are cut that’s when you can grow healthily into a woman because the bad blood is not there anymore. In the body there is good blood and bad blood. After a girl is cut the bad blood is gone.’


Kenyan anti-FGM campaigner Ester Ogeto said girls and their families – even if they are now living in Western countries – are put under tremendous pressure to adhere to this barbaric tradition. Some communities believe a woman cannot become pregnant unless she has been ‘circumcised’.

Ogeto said: ‘Families worry that their girls will be made outcasts and be shunned if they are not cut. She would be called names – told that she was smelly, told that her “organ would grow until it touched the floor”.

‘When a girl has been cut she is considered to be grown up, even if she is three years old. Girls are cut to fit into their community. After that she can get married and become pregnant.’ 

















GAY LOVE WINS? Uhmmm…not so fast


The Islamic State (ISIS) ‘celebrates’ the United States Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage by posting a video showing them throwing more gay men off the roof of a building…minus the usual cheering crowds.

h/t Gateway Pundit

PHOTO of the 4 dead Iraqi gays:









TUNISIA: Video of Muslim terrorist attack on stupid EU tourists vacationing at a Muslim beach resort

Yesterday an Islamic State-linked terrorist attacked the Imperial Marhaba hotel and the Royal Kenz hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, killing 39 people, mainly tourists.  The AP reports that mainly German, British, and Belgian nationals were killed in the attack.

Heavy  The video shows mass chaos as gunfire erupts in the background. Dead bodies are seen strewn across various locations, from streets surrounding the resorts to dead beach-goer corpses.

Here is a partial translation of what is being said in Arabic:

0:40 “He died, he died!”
0:50 “He has– He has a bomb; HE HAS A BOMB”
1:25 “Come here!” (in quieter voice) “he’s about to give him a gun.. yeah look he’s about to give him a gun”
1:34 “Look.. the [people?] died..”
1:55 “Oh god”
2:03 “Look here, look here she didn’t die; Dad??”
2:33 [breathing heavily] “.. he’s still shooting!?”
2:44 [Yelling to people around] “He’s alone, HE’S ALONE ALONE ALONE”
there was a lot of background yelling and talking that i didn’t hear well or understand, feel free to correct me or add more. really such a tragedy.

An ISIS-linked Twitter account claims that Abu Yihya al-Kairouni carried out the murders. Although this just may be Rezgui’s nom de guerre. The attacker was killed by police.

And here we have several Muslim men surrounding an injured overweight woman in a pink bikini:


HAPPY RAMADAN! Muslim terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France, and Kuwait, many dead, one man beheaded

TUNISIA: Muslim terrorist attack kills at least 28 (and rising) mostly German and British tourists.

FRANCE: Carrying ISIS flag of jihad, Muslim terrorists drive car into US gas factory, many wounded, one man beheaded and his head was hung on a fence with banners next to it in Arabic writing.

KUWAIT:  Islamic State (ISIS) claims responsibility for suicide bombing which killed 25 at Shiite mosque, packed with some 2,000 worshippers during Friday prayers in Kuwait city.


‘MUSLIMface’ – Where Islamic terrorists and the followers of the paedophile prophet Mohammed can do what Muslims do without having to lie about it to the civilized world

Now Muslims can promote their sharia-compliant social values including Islamic supremacism, Jew and Christian hatred, Gay-hangings, beheadings, limb amputations, misogyny, forced child marriage, barbaric animal slaughter, halal mania, and more of what makes Muslims so incompatible with the rest of the world.

Join Muslimface, now, and while you’re at it, get out of the West ASAP.


DUTCH government threatens popular anti-Islam Dutch leader, Geert Wilders, who plans to televise cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on Sat., June 20th

dutch-firebrand-stamped1Dutch MP Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party will use a political party TV broadcast to air the controversial cartoons in his slot on Saturday in order, he said, to “support the right of free speech.” Dutch authorities said Wilders’ right to airtime could be suspended for up to four years if he decides to show the cartoons.

SKY News  Under the Dutch constitution, no prior supervision is allowed of any content of a radio or television broadcast. The cartoons were entered into an anti-Islamic competition in Texas that was attacked last month. Two Muslim terrorists were shot dead during the attack on the event, at which Mr Wilders gave a speech.

Garland, Texas: Draw the prophet Muhammad Cartoon Contest

Garland, Texas Security at Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest

There are fears over the inflammatory nature of the stunt, as many Muslims find drawings of the prophet to be disrespectful or outright blasphemous. Dutch embassies are understood to have been told what measures to take if the broadcast goes ahead, as it could spark violent MUSLIM protests around the world. 


The Dutch Media Authority provides airtime to parties to make political statements, but says it only looks at what is broadcast after they are shown. Mr Wilders tried to put on an exhibition of the Mohammed caricatures at the Netherlands parliament but was turned down.

He said previously: “If we say, ‘it might be offensive, so let’s not do it,’ then we send a signal to the people who wanted to get into the event in Texas … and all their followers that it works … that we can be intimidated, that we get frightened.”

BOSH FAWSTIN (left) winner of Muhammad cartoon contest with Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller

BOSCH FAWSTIN (left) winner of Garland, Texas ‘Draw the prophet Muhammad’ cartoon contest with Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller

The winning Bosch Fawstin cartoon

The winning Bosch Fawstin cartoon


FULL INTERVIEW by FOX News’ Megyn Kelly of American woman who narrowly survived beheading attempt by a MUSLIM coworker in Oklahoma

upload141180762366619_thumb-e1411850653470A Christian grandmother WAS savagely beheaded at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma by a devout Muslim convert (photo right). A second woman, Tracey Johnson, managed to survive the 9/24/14 attempted beheading of her at the same workplace. Johnson spoke with Megyn Kelly in an exclusive interview below:

Mark E. Vaughan, an executive at Vaughan Foods and a reserve Sheriff’s Deputy, shot and wounded the devout Muslim Jah’Keem Yisrael (aka “Alton Nolen”) who was attacking his former co-workers. Jah’Keem Yisrael beheaded one woman and was attempting to murder another via beheading when he was killed by Vaughan. Jah’Keem Yisrael, the murdering Muslim, was a former employee of the company.


















So, where are the billboards to counter the lies and misinformation Muslims are trying to shove down your throat about the paedophile prophet Muhammad?

ICNA-logoA nationwide billboard campaign has been launched by another Muslim Brotherhood- affiliated group, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), in order to deceive non-Muslims into thinking that the ‘beloved’ prophet Muhammad wasn’t the violent, bigoted, misogynistic child rapist that he actually was.


As part of an ongoing campaign on #WhoisMuhammad, ICNA has launched 50 billboards in major cities across the nation. The cities include Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, Chicago and Atlanta. 

Suggested billboard options to counter the Muhammad ones are posted under each ICNA Billboard here:

billboard2015wi2 120419_quote2-vi








Handout photo of billboard sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America



Islamic billboards appearing throughtout Orlando area





Who is ICNA?

The Islamic Circle of North America was listed as a Muslim Brotherhood organization in a captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” which explains that the Brotherhood’s agenda in the U.S. is subversive: the Muslim Brothers “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

A former ICNA leader has been convicted of jihad war crimes in Bangadesh. ICNA has promoted donations to jihad. He is likewise mum about its ties to the Pakistani Islamic supremacist group Jamaat-e-Islami, as well as about its anti-American, anti-Israel speakers who have promoted violent jihad.


And there are other similar campaigns popping up around the country:










Islamic State (ISIS) savages force children to watch limb amputations

The-Murderer-get-his-hand-001A new ISIS video shows the cruel methods they’re using to brainwash children into thinking the terrorist group’s brutality is normal. Hand amputation is the punishment for thieves under sharia law.


IJ Review  In the video, a crowd of kids are forced to watch the punishment which unfolds in the public square. The people being punished, three alleged thieves, disturbingly enough appear to be reconciled with having their hands chopped off by a massive blade.

After one thief loses his hand, he exclaims:


In addition, throughout the video the terrorists cite Islam’s prophet Mohammed and the Qur’an to justify their actions.

It’s been reported that after the jihadists chop off the hands of an alleged thief, they pour water bottles full of sterilizer over the wound.

Again, we see why ISIS has no place in the civilized world and needs to be crushed: Not just for the welfare of the people they rule with an iron fist, but for humanity as a whole.


IRAQ: Iranian-backed Shia militias take a page out of the ISIS book of torture, burn a Sunni Muslim alive

A graphic video out of Iraq was leaked online and alleges to show Iraqi Shia militants burning a tied-up Sunni Muslim over a fire while he screams for help.


HEAVY  The Islamic religious divisions of Sunni and Shia are a major driving force behind the unrest in the Middle East. Sunnis are puritanical in their interpretation of the Quran, while Shia venerates imams much like Catholics venerate saints. Sunnis view this veneration as idolatry and paganic. In the video, the alleged Shias seem jovial over their capture and barbaric killing of a Sunni.






More than 500 armed anti-Islam protesters who converged on Phoenix ‘terror’ mosque, were met by a small contingent of left wing “coexisters”

Thankfully, it appears that there was no violence.

AH HAH!, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser finally shows his true Muslim colors:

The dhimmi leftist “COEXIST” idiots also came out:








HUMAN CARNAGE committed in the name of Allah

The picture below is one of many appearing on Arabic social media about the Islamic State’s barbarism, where those deemed ‘infidels’ are treated as pieces of meat to be carved up for fun. Arabic writing behind the Muslim savage reads, “One umma, one state.”


JihadWatch  Similarly, in a new report based on eyewitness testimonies from Assyrian Christians fleeing Islamic State (IS) held territories in Syria, children were forced to watch beheadings and other atrocities carried out by the Islamic militants.

According to Jack Zayya, an Assyrian Christian refugee, “Our children saw many beheadings.  We were obligated to watch public executions. What kind of world is that for kids to grow up in? They were always scared.”

Discussing how IS extorted and plundered money from Christians, he added “Kidnappings were about getting ransom from rich families or individuals at first… With Daesh [IS], though, there is no negotiating. We had to pay the jizya tax or die.”



FIGURES! Man arrested for several vandalism incidents at a Catholic church in Canada is a Muslim

Iqbal_Hessan___Content-1Iqbal Hessan, 22, (photo right) Mississauga MUSLIM man from Afghanistan is facing several breaking and entering as well as mischief charges in relation to a number of vandalism incidents targeting St. Catherine of Siena church and school in Cooksville. For some reason, the Attorney General has not yet filed hate crime charges against the Muslim perpetrator.

Mississauga (h/t Susan K) Iqbal Hessan, was arrested early on May 26th, Peel Regional Police confirmed. He has been charged with break, enter and commit indictable offence and five counts of mischief over $5000.  He appears in court today for a bail hearing. The arrest comes after, for the the third time in a week, the St. Catherine of Siena’s church and school community was victimized by a vandal.

After an Anti-Semitic message and drawing was spray painted on the church wall, an exterior wall of the school was spray pained with graffiti and a statue of Jesus was twice defaced and damaged in front of the church —  all of which occurred last week — Peel Police were notified of further damage at the Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School Monday morning (May 25) caused by graffiti that had been spray painted on an exterior wall of the school.


Last week, graffiti was found on the front and back of the church and offensive statements were also spray-painted on the rear section of a school next door. The Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in front of the church was defaced with black spraypaint. 


Peel Regional Police Const. George Tudos said the latest graffiti consisted of of non-threatening diagrams and words. Although police said last week’s incidents were being investigated as hate crimes, police have not laid hate crime related charges in this case.

Peel Sgt. Matt Small said the incident is still being investigated as a “hate crime,” but in order for hate crime charges to be laid, investigators have to receive the consent of the Attorney General.

Back in April, a man broke into the church and stole an amplifier. Father Camillo Lando, pastor of St. Catherine, last week released surveillance video of the break-in in which the suspect rips pages of the Bible, throws them and then steals the electronic amplifier:


IslamoNazi leader of Sudan blocks 10 newspapers from running a story about the rape and sexual abuse of children on school buses

Widely known as the ‘butcher of Sudan,’ President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, has all but eliminated freedom of the press and political dissent.