Proof that even the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims believe in the same kind of Islam as the most radical extremists and terrorists do

nomoderateAll these ‘moderate’ Muslims, such as the ones who live in your neighborhood and go to school with your children, the ones you see on MSNBC, the ones who claim “Islam is a religion of peace,” – they all believe that adulterers should be stoned to death and homosexuals should be executed. 

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BRUNEI to enforce Islamic law that calls for the execution of all non-Muslims. UN expresses concern.

title_imageThe UN Human Rights office criticized Brunei’s planned introduction of the death penalty for a raft of new offences, including declaring yourself a non-Muslim, as part of a shift to harsh Islamic (sharia) punishments in the oil-rich sultanate.

EFI  (h/t Allan I) The revised penal code in Brunei Darussalam which stipulates the death penalty for numerous offences, including robbery, adultery, and insult or defamation of the Prophet Mohammed, and introduces stoning to death as the specific method of execution for crimes of a sexual nature.

Yes, sharia law is not against human rights, it is against human beings

Yes, sharia law is not against human rights, it is against human life

Rape, adultery, sodomy, extramarital sexual relations for Muslims, insulting any verses of the Quran and Hadith, blasphemy, declaring oneself a prophet or non-Muslim, and murder are the other offences for which the death penalty could be applied under the revised code, which is due to come into force on 22 April.

“We are deeply concerned about the revised penal code in Brunei Darussalam, due to come into force later this month, which stipulates the death penalty for numerous offences,” said Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN high commissioner for human rights. “Application of the death penalty for such a broad range of offences contravenes international law,” he added.


Brunei has not carried out any executions since 1957, but Colville said that rather than adding new capital crimes to its books, the sultanate should be working to abolish the death penalty outright.

Brunei’s all-powerful Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, announced last October that the country would phase in Islamic sharia law punishments such as flogging and death by stoning. The new criminal code, expected to enter into force on April 22, also introduces stoning to death as the specific method of execution for rape, adultery, sodomy and extramarital sexual relations.


Colville said that international law classified stoning as “torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”, meaning it is banned under global human rights treaties.

UN studies have shown that women are more likely to be sentenced to death by stoning, due to entrenched discrimination and stereotyping in the justice system, he noted.

Criminalising consensual sex between adults, let alone applying the death penalty for it, breaches a series of rights, while the new code also violates freedom of religion, opinion and expression, Colville added.


Brunei practices a more conservative form of Islam than neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, banning the sale and public consumption of alcohol and closely restricting other religions.

The sultan has advocated the strengthening of Islam in the country, against what he calls potentially harmful outside influences, recently calling his Islamic monarchy a “firewall” against globalisation.





This is how they treat animals in Gaza (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Savage abuse of Australian cattle continues in Gaza five months after first being reported.


Ban Live Export  The good news, is that after receiving evidence from Animals Australia in November, the Australian Government ceased granting export permits to Gaza.The bad news, is that this was no help to the thousands of cattle who were en-route at the time. Since then, at least 4,631 exported cattle have been sent to the slaughterhouses of Gaza. And countless more to halal slaughter houses in other Muslim countries.

This ongoing cruelty could have been avoided had exporters been complying with regulations. Tragically, the Australian Government’s live export ‘assurance’ system is providing anything but ‘assurance’. The truth is that nobody — not live exporters, nor the Australian government — can guarantee that animals in the live export trade won’t be brutally killed.

The Australian bull in this video was illegally sold, stabbed in the eye, and brutally killed in Gaza. He, along with over 4,000 other Australian cattle, has been sent to the slaughterhouses of Gaza since November. During this time, not one single facility complied with regulations. During this time, the Australian exporter was aware that shocking abuse had occurred in past months. Yet animals continued to be abandoned to this cruelty.


Take action today, and help spare an animal from suffering this brutal fate. Ask your MP to support a phase out of live exports — for jobs, for the economy, and most importantly, for the animals. Click here for more information: Ban Live Export



SAUDI Muslims unleash a lion on a helpless donkey just for the fun of it

A group of Saudi degenerates left a donkey in a desert area and unleashed their lion against it in a bloody scene described by viewers as savage and cruel.

TROP Newspapers which carried the YouTube film said it was taken in a Saudi desert area and that the men who unleashed the lion did so for fun. The film showed the lion took the donkey off guard as it jumped on the quiet unsuspecting animal and caught it by its throat before finishing it off. (Youtube quickly removed the video but you can see it here)


“Assemble your bomb,” orders al-Qaeda on a photo of a San Francisco Airport tram

‘Inspire,’ the English language al-Qaeda magazine containing a photo of a people-mover tram at San Francisco International Airport along with a caption urging readers to “assemble your bomb” has set off alarms on Capitol Hill as the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Islamic bombings approaches.


SF Gate  Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin, told a homeland security hearing Wednesday that he was “disturbed” by the English-language spring edition of the al Qaeda publication Inspire, which features a darkened photo of a lone young man aboard what the congressman said had been identified as “a tram in San Francisco’s international airport.”

Printed with the photo, Swalwell noted, was a caption reading, “For how long will you live in tension? Instead of just sitting, having no solution, simply stand up. Pack your tools of destruction. Assemble your bomb, ready for detonation.”


Swalwell, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said he was especially concerned because “this is one of the largest international airports in the world, certainly one of the largest on the West Coast, and thousands of passengers a day use the tram to connect from BART to the airport.”

Brian Michael Jenkins of the Mineta Transportation Institute in San Jose said authorities closely monitor Inspire, which “embraces a strategy of do-it-yourself terrorism … to inspire local jihadists to carry out actions – whatever they can do, wherever they are.”


Jenkins, director of the institute’s National Transportation Security Center and a counterterrorism expert at RAND Corp., said terrorists have targeted public-transportation systems in London, Madrid and elsewhere because they are generally “not looking to take on defended targets. They’re looking for easy targets with a high body count … to create a major disruptive publicity event.”

He said of the photo in Inspire, “It is not so much that al Qaeda is making a strategic decision about where to open the next front.” More likely, “it is simply underscoring kinds of targets … and attempting to get the brothers to push back from the monitor and actually do something.”



This is what Saudi officials did to a young girl who professed “Jesus as her savior”

A recent report by a human rights organization in the Middle East stated that “..a young girl employed in Palmelkh, Saudi Arabia was barbarically punished because she had the audacity to say ‘..Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is my personal Savior..’ “


ShariaUnveiled (h/t Jack) This angered many officials at her work and they ordered men to carry out the process of sewing her mouth shut, in order to stop her from expressing her love for Christ Jesus. Additionally, they sewed her left eye shut as an added form of punishment.

The process utilized was not only inhumane but unsanitary.  The plastic thread that was used contained chemicals, for the sole purpose of intentionally causing infection.

This story has been confirmed through Human Rights Organizations that called this report: ‘..not only a reflection of the deadly Saudi Arabian Human Rights System, but a clearly flagrant violation of women’s rights. 



SOUTHERN THAILAND: Islamic ‘separatists’ burning, beheading, and mutilating Buddhist civilians (WARNING: Graphic Images)


The recent burnings and beheadings of female victims in Thailand’s southern Muslim provinces marks a renewed campaign of terror by Islamic insurgent groups, according to Human Rights Watch. At least three Thai Buddhist women have been killed and mutilated by insurgents since February.

(NOTE: Muslim insurgents have been conducting this reign of terror on the Buddhists of southern Thailand for the past several years, and not just to women. SEE PHOTOS BELOW)

UCA News  via TROP “Southern insurgents are killing Buddhist women and spreading terror by beheading and burning their bodies,” Brad Adams, Asia director at HRW, said in the statement.


Such attacks are carried out for two reasons, said Sunai Phasuk, a senior researcher on Thailand at HRW. Attacks involving mutilation are intended to send a message of “terror” to scare Thai Buddhists into leaving Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani provinces, or are carried out as “retaliation” for extrajudicial killings committed by Thai security forces, he said.

“Claims by separatist groups that they are retaliating against government abuses are no justification for attacks on civilians,” said Adams.


Anthony Davis, a Bangkok-based security analyst with IHS-Jane’s, said that “the primary catalyst [for these mutilation killings] appears to be the killing of the three children in Bacho,” referring to a February 3 attack allegedly committed by the army’s Taharn Pran paramilitary force that killed three ethnic Malay-Muslim brothers, ages 6 to 11, and wounded their parents in Narathiwat province’s Bacho district.

Less than 10 days later, on February 12, insurgents in Pattani province’s Yaring district shot dead Sayamol Sae Lim, 29, a female employee of Bangkok Bank, and burned her body. A message found at the scene which was addressed to army chief, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, said “Dear army chief, this is not the last body after the three brothers.”


On March 14, Siriporn Srichai, a 43-year-old teacher, was shot dead while on the way to work Pattani province’s Mayo district. The attackers doused her body with gasoline and set it on fire. A leaflet stating: “This attack is in revenge for the killing of innocent people,” was found nearby.

Then, on April 2, insurgents killed a village chief from Yala province’s Bannang Sata district and two female deputy chiefs. One of the deputies, Urai Thabtong, 47, was shot and then decapitated. A leaflet left at the scene stated, “This attack is a punishment for letting Aor Sor [the Interior Ministry’s village militia] commit killings and oppression of our Malay people. Free Patanni!”


Male victims have been decapitated numerous times in the past, but this marked the first case in the past 10 years when a female victim was beheaded, said Sunai. These attacks were “calculated to shock, outrage and widen the communal divide,” said Davis. The insurgents are saying, “If you’re going outrage us, we’re going to outrage you.”

At least 5,488 people have been killed in the southern border provinces since the conflict intensified in January 2004.


Last year, the primary focus of insurgent attacks shifted from civilians to security forces and government officials, said Sunai. “But since the beginning of this year [the attacks] have shifted back to civilians.” 

International humanitarian law, or the laws of war, which are applicable to the fighting in southern Thailand, prohibits attacks targeting civilians, including government officials not involved in military operations. Mutilation or other mistreatment of the dead is also outlawed.


Both insurgents and Thai security forces have been responsible for serious abuses in the southern border provinces, according to HRW.

Successive Thai governments have failed to successfully prosecute any member of their security forces or pro-government militias for human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, torture, and enforced disappearances. This lack of justice has fed insurgent violence against civilians, said HRW.


The extensive powers and near-blanket immunity provided to security forces who commit human rights violations has generated anger and alienation in the ethnic Malay Muslim community, said HRW.

“People in southern Thailand are trapped between insurgent violence and state-sponsored abuses,” Adams said. “The government should understand that shielding abusive troops from prosecution strengthens hardliners in separatist groups, who then intensify atrocities against civilians.”



INDONESIA: The beginning of sharia law for all…even Christians

Making intolerance an explicit policy of an Island with a population of 50 million people is significant not only for Christians who live their lives under that regime but will embolden others to increase public intolerance of Christianity.


CatholicismUSA  The provincial administration of Aceh, in the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, has approved a law called the “Qanun Jinayat” which imposes both Muslims and non-Muslims to observe the Islamic law (Sharia).

As reported by local sources of Fides, fears and concerns are widespread in the Christian communities of the province: so far, in fact, the application of Sharia law, already in force in the province, concerned only Muslim citizens.

A Sharia law official whips a man convicted of gambling with a rattan cane during a public caning

A Sharia law official in Aceh whips a man convicted of gambling with a rattan cane during a public caning

The provincial councilor Abdulah Saleh confirmed that the controversial decree was approved in December and signed by the governor Zaini Abdullah in recent days: in this way the measure has officially come into force. According to the order, all those who violate the precepts of the Islamic law, regardless of their religion, will be judged according to the Islamic law. Non-Muslims who violate the criminal code will have the chance to be judged in civil courts or Islamic ones. 

Since being arrested at a punk rock concert in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, 59 male and five female punk rock fans have been transported by Aceh State Police to a 10-day  spiritual cleansing/re-education camp.

Since being arrested at a punk rock concert in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, 59 male and five female punk rock fans have been transported by Aceh State Police to a 10-day spiritual cleansing/re-education camp.

As reported to Fides, representatives of churches and human rights activists have defined the measure “harmful for human rights and religious freedom”, criticizing the methods applied by the special “police of the sharia”, that go around the streets to ensure compliance of the Islamic law, particularly in terms of customs and social habits.

In recent days, 62 people, including two non-Muslims, were detained because “wearing inappropriate clothing”.

A Sharia policewoman lectures woman who were arrested for wearing tight jeans during a Sharia police raid in Banda Aceh

A Sharia policewoman lectures woman who were arrested for wearing tight jeans during a Sharia police raid in Banda Aceh

Jakarta Post  Despite the implementation of sharia law, Aceh has been seen as tolerant as Islamic law is limited only to the Muslim population. Non-Muslims are only asked to respect sharia by refraining from violations or from committing acts that are deemed contradictory to sharia. Until now.

The new procedural bylaw stipulates that technical regulations apply to law enforcers as well as to everybody in Aceh.

This rule will take all those accused of violating Islamic law to the sharia court, including non-Muslims. Various infringements regarded as sharia violations do not belong to offenses in the general criminal law in Indonesia. An example is carrying or consuming alcoholic drinks. Under sharia, the tolerable grade of alcohol for consumption is not specified. 


With reference to the new qanun, Christians will not be able to hold a holy mass, in which wine, albeit containing less than 2 percent of alcohol, is the main element of the ritual. Under the new rule, whoever carries and consumes wine will be considered as infringing sharia.

A simpler and more noticeable example can be found in daily life, such as the Islamic dress code. The bylaw on Islamic principles, worship and religious practice stipulates that Islamic dress must cover aurat (body parts), including jilbab (headscarves). For Muslims, wearing jilbab is obligatory, but it is not so for non-Muslims.


In Aceh, non-Muslim women wearing Islamic dress with jilbab are commonplace. Frequently, foreigners visiting Aceh are seen wearing headscarves just to respect sharia. In the future, non-Muslim women will no longer wear jilbab as a show of respect, but due to coercion because sharia applies to non-Muslims. There is no reason not to abide by sharia because national law does not regulate Islamic dress code.

The application of sharia for non-Muslims is seen as inappropriate because sharia regulates the life of people individually as well as the Islamic community collectively in the perspective of Islam. It will be very difficult to apply individual or community life outside the teachings of Islam.

Sharia police warn young women of the consequences of not adhering to Islamic dress codes

Sharia police warn young women of the consequences of not adhering to Islamic dress codes

If sharia is imposed on non-Muslims, sooner or later Aceh will have to take risks. There will be a negative perception of Aceh in the international community and this will adversely affect investment in the province. Investors are eying Aceh due to its potential in the tourist industry and its rich natural resources.

Although the Home Ministry has not approved the procedural bylaw, non-Muslims have every reason to worry about intentions behind the legislative and executive endorsement of the qanun in terms of not favoring the minority. 


There is speculation that Aceh’s councilors lack legal knowledge and simply passed the new bylaw to ensure they met the target to finalize the qanun debate, and to act as political camouflage in the face of general elections in April. 

Aceh has always been called the most tolerant region in Indonesia because despite the application of sharia, Aceh still allows non-Muslims to perform religious worship. But the fact is that the climate of pseudo-tolerance in Aceh remains, due to the many restrictions facing minority groups. 

Sharia re-education camp

Sharia re-education camp

In the case of worship buildings, one should not expect their number in Aceh to increase. Today the number is declining with pressure to close new churches. Banda Aceh has only four churches, three Chinese temples and a shrine.

The construction of places of worship for non-Muslims will be very hard to realize because of the gubernatorial regulation that is far more stringent than similar ordinances adopted in any other region across Indonesia. 

If the procedural Qanun Jinayat comes into force anyway, it will be hard to imagine how non-Muslims will survive in Aceh, notwithstanding their equal rights as citizens before the law. 



HOUSTON: Did ‘devout’ Muslim father ‘honor kill’ his daughter and her girlfriend because they were lesbians?

article-0-1C4E1C9A00000578-794_306x423The father of one of two women whose bodies were found behind a dumpster in Texas has been charged with evidence tampering in both killings, which may have been motivated by the victims’ sexual orientation. The 46-year old Muslim suspect, James Larry Cosby (photo right) from Houston, remains jailed on $500,000 bond but the investigation is ongoing and charges against Cosby could be upgraded to capital murder. Cosby is also a registered sex offender who was released from prison in October 2013.

UK Daily Mail  ‘It appears that the young ladies may have been murdered in his home,’ he said. The bodies of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, both 24, who investigators say were in a romantic relationship, were discovered March 7 next to a trash bin behind a store in Galveston. Officials say Miss Cosby died from blows to the head and Jackson from a gunshot wound.

Crystal Jackson, left, and Britney Cosby, both 24

Crystal Jackson, left, and Britney Cosby, both 24

Mr X, the family’s spokesman, also claimed that he found writings condemning homosexuality as a sin on Cosby’s quran, MyFox Houston reported. While the Sheriff would not speculate about a motive, Quannel X claims he found writings about homosexuality on Cosby’s Koran indicating he may have had an issue with his daughters sexual orientation. “In Islam homosexuality is forbidden. It is forbidden. I learned today that Larry was a practicing Muslim,” said Quanell X.

Loranda McDonald, Cosby’s mother, suggested that her father may have murdered the young woman because she was a lesbian.   ‘He said it to me a few times that he did not like the idea of her being gay,’ said McDonald. The grieving mother also revealed that she wants Cosby to ‘suffer’ and feel the pain that she is feeling.


Investigators believe the women, from Houston, were killed elsewhere and their bodies were dumped on the Bolivar Peninsula. 

Detectives are still searching for the slain couple’s silver 2006 Kia Sorrento, which they suspect may have been used by the killer to transport the women’s bodies to the dump site.  According to a police report, officers inspecting Cosby’s home seized a hammer and noticed a missing window shutter. A similar shutter was found covered in blood and bearing James Cosby’s fingerprints next to the women’s bodies.


NO, you don’t have to hate ALL Muslims to hate Islam

islamhatesBut you can’t say you don’t hate an awful lot of them who follow and carry out the teachings of this supremacist, bigoted, racist, misogynistic, paedophilia-sanctioning, wife-beating, honor-killing, homophobic,  anti-Christian/Jewish/Hindu/Buddhist/etc, violent death cult, passing itself off as an Abrahamic religion.

Bill Warner of Political Islam explains why “hate,” when it comes to Islam, is more virtuous than the silence of tolerance.


‘Not Without My Daughter’ – 2014 ‘Not-the-Hollywood-ending’ version

imagesAmerican woman who married a Saudi national in the U.S. discusses how the husband turned into an Islamic sharia monster before the ink was even dry on their marriage certificate. Because of the physical and mental abuse she was a subjected to by the husband, they eventually divorced, but the 5-year-old daughter they had together was then abducted and taken to Saudi Arabia by the ex.


Hey, CAIR, ‘Fatwa this!’

Once AGAIN! Bob Beckel of FOX News slams Islam, Muslims, and the quran.









Sultan of Brunei slams foreign criticism of planned implementation of Sharia law that will utilize amputations and stonings as punishments

The sultan of Brunei has rejected foreign criticism of the country’s impending introduction of strict Islamic Sharia law, saying it is not a backwards step.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, pictured with his wife at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, pictured with his wife at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

UK Daily Mail  Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah said all races should unite under Sharia law and that the new penal code was a ‘great achievement’ for the small Southeast Asian nation. Starting in April, Brunei will begin implementing a version of Sharia that allows for penalties such as amputation for theft and stoning for adultery.

Under certain circumstances, punishments can be applied to non-Muslim residents, according to those who have seen the law. 


Public criticism of the government is extremely rare in the country, but some citizens have turned to the Internet to express alarm at the law. Around one-third of Brunei’s 440,000 people are non-Muslims, mostly Christian or Buddhist Chinese.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah told legislators Thursday that all races should unite and support the laws, which he said were a ‘great achievement for the country, and not a backward or old-fashioned step.’




If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so easy for Muslims to behead people, have a look at how they treat animals


Sadly, this is what happens to live animals who are exported from Australia to Muslim countries around the world. There are groups in Australia (links below) that are trying to ban live exports but so far they have not been successful.

Ban Live Export

Animals Australia

Live animal exports from Australia face a cruel and agonizing fate when the arrive in Muslim countries at Halal slaughter houses. Animals are roughly dragged on and off trucks, tied to walls and left to struggle and wait, kicked and beaten by personnel. On their last day of life, animals stumble frantically as ropes are tied around their legs, tripping them to the ground. Having already endured so much, the worst was yet to come — their throats are cut while fully conscious, leaving them to bleed out; their bound legs kicking out in desperation.








And before you say that Kosher is just like Halal…

Kosher vs. Halal:

Kosher – requires the animal be slaughtered quickly and humanely, strictly forbidding cruel slow methods like strangulation.

Halal – requires the animal be bled out in agony while sick people who get off watching that kind of thing have a “festival.”

Kosher – requires the blood be drained cleanly from the *carcass* of the humanely killed animal, removing toxins released from cells into the bloodstream at the moment of death from the meat.

Halal –leaves the meat *filled* with toxins released at the moment of death because the blood is removed while the animal is dying and therefore is not present in sufficient quantities to remove those last toxins.

Kosher – contains little to no cortisol or norepenepherine (two stress chemicals that are similar enough from mammal to mammal to cross species) because the animal to be killed is treated well before it is put down and is generally not frightened as it is put down (because in a truly kosher slaughter situation, animals cannot be slaughtered in a sequential fashion, as the waste of one could contaminate the next, so they are not exposed to the “scent of death” the way non-kosher culls are)

Halal – animals watch other animals die during the blood letting festival, smelling their fear and raising their own stress. These stress chemicals “marinate” the meat in hormones known to raise levels of aggression and violence in nearly all mammal species (including human).

Kosher – requires cooking the cleanly drained meat completely, cooking any remaining stress chemicals into oblivion.

Halal – allows for a surprising range of cooking methods, including even some “tar tar” dishes (raw or nearly raw), allowing for the spread of disease and chemicals and hormones that were not removed by the idiotic slow bloodletting practice and half-measure cooking.

Kosher – the spinal cord is sectioned thus cutting off pain to the brain. Therefore, no suffering or terror.

Halal – spinal cord left intact.