Number of Islamic suicide bombings surged 94% in 2014

The number of suicide bombings by Muslims around the world was 94 percent higher last year than in 2013, amid the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Haaretz  And the trend is expected to continue in 2015, according to the Israel-based Institute for National Security Studies, due to the instability in several countries and the increasing number of religious and ethnic conflicts, as well as the growing strength of groups like the Islamic State and Al-Qaida.

Some 3,400 people were killed in such attacks last year, compared with 2,200 in 2013, a 37.5 percent increase. There were 592 bombings, compared with 305 in 2013, says the INSS, a research institute and think tank affiliated with Tel Aviv University. Fifteen suicide bombings in 2014 were carried out by women, compared with five in 2013.

Samira Ahmed Jassim suspected of recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers has confessed to organising their rapes so she could later convince them that martyrdom was the only way to escape the shame.

Samira Ahmed Jassim suspected of recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers has confessed to organizing their rapes so she could later convince them that martyrdom was the only way to escape the shame.

But according to Barack Hussein Obama: 

“I have made it clear that America will not base our entire foreign policy on reacting to terrorism. Rather, we have waged a focused campaign against al Qaeda and its associated forces – taking out their leaders, and denying them the safe-havens they rely upon. (Despite the fact that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS are bigger and stronger than ever before?) At the same time, we have reaffirmed that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace.”


“Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them – there is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”


“Suicide bombings are not just an effective tactic for them in terms of their goal of causing death and destruction and establishing fear, but are also a commercial symbol and proof of the willingness of their activists to sacrifice themselves in the way of God,” the INSS says.

As in recent years, these organizations were responsible for most suicide bombings around the world in 2014. The claim that most suicide bombings are carried out against foreign occupiers has been proved false once again, the INSS says. Only 3 percent of all suicide bombings were carried out against foreign armies, while most were conducted against government, military and local security-force targets, or based on religious or ethnic rivalries, the think tank says.

Florida-born Abu Huraya al-Amriki, who the State Department identified as Moner Abu Salha, an American citizen, conducted a suicide truck bombing in Syria as part of Jabhat al Nusra in May 2014

Florida-born Abu Huraya al-Amriki, who the State Department identified as Moner Abu Salha, an American citizen, conducted a suicide truck bombing in Syria as part of Jabhat al Nusra in May 2014

There were three main causes behind the jump in suicide bombings last year: the continued upheaval in the Middle East that is rocking governments and strengthening non-state actors, the meteoric rise of the Islamic State, and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Many of the suicide bombers in Iraq were foreigners who volunteered for ISIS. The organization rarely took responsibility for bombings, but ISIS was responsible for the great majority of such attacks in Iraq. The suicide attacks conducted by Boko Haram — 32 killing some 500 people — made up half the number of such attacks the organization has carried out since it started using the tactic in 2011.



ITALY: Muslim shouting passages from the quran destroys a church

Islam-has-nothing-to-do-with-Islam-signage1-620x465According to police, this attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome must be connected to mental problems, not to religious fanaticism. Because as we keep being told by Muslims and left wing politicians, “Islam has nothing to do with Islam.”

Fdesouche (via BCF h/t Susan K) Mumbling phrases in Arabic of the quran, a Moroccan has thrown to the ground and severely damaged five statues of artistic and other furniture and religious objects in a church of Trentino.


The devastation took place Thursday afternoon in the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cles (Trento), starring a 67 year old Moroccan who was arrested by the police. The alarm was raised by a woman seeing the Muslim man, mumbling phrases in Arabic, as he was entering and leaving the church, where Mass had previously been held but was deserted when the Muslim carried out an attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.


The Moroccan was in the church only few minutes and used an iron rod to throw to the ground the statues of the Madonna and Child, the Immaculate,  Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Sorrows and the statue of St. Joseph with the Child.

On these statues was six solid silver candlesticks dating back to 1700. Candelabra with papal bull of protection for those who had stolen or sold. The vandalism has also targeted the marble altar and the baptistery, which shattered, two altars and a big picture of ‘ Assunta. All items are damaged cataloged at the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of the Province of Trento.



SWEDEN: Yet another horrific story of the brutal rape of a white woman by a Somali Muslim savage

And the relatively light slap-on-the-wrist punishment the Somali Muslim rapist got from a Swedish court.


10 NEWS Nicolai Sennels  The very violent and vicious rape took place September 12, 2014. It all began when the Somali man stole the woman’s bicycle. When she followed him to get it back the bike, he cornered her in a courtyard.

“Now you will die you fucking cunt!,” the Somali Muslim shouted as he attacked her. He kicked and hit his victim in the head with a glass bottle and then brutally raped her many different ways. The woman suffered serious injuries.

According to the court, the rape was “ruthless, brutal and barbaric in nature”.


‘The woman felt she was on the verge of death, and repeatedly begged him to stop, at one point by praying on her knees with her hands clasped. The Muslim savage held her by the throat so she could not breathe. ‘He pushed her onto the broken glass and then attempted to sodomize her,’ reads the judgment.

Ibrahim Ahmed Dahir, who stated that he does not remember anything of the event, was sentenced to just 6 years in prison for aggravated rape and has to pay 164,000 kroner ($21,000 USD) in damages to the woman. 

The Muslim savage is a Swedish citizen and therefore cannot be deported to Somalia.”

Here is an explanation: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”

When it comes to rapes, Islamized Sweden is already in a state of war. Sweden does not publish statistics on immigrant crime. If we want to have a hint about who is committing these tens of thousands of rapes and other types of sexual assaults yearly, we can turn to another Scandinavian country, Sweden’s neighbor Norway, the country most similar to Sweden. Here 100 percent of all attack-rapes (rapes where the attacker and the victim did not know each other beforehand) in the last five years in Oslo were committed by immigrants from “non-Western” countries. In Stavanger, a major Norwegian city, 90 percent of rapes are committed by “immigrants.”















In response to the growing anti-Islamization movement in Germany, some German politicians and religious leaders suggest churches should sing Islamic songs at Christmas time

evil_christmasNo, sorry, this is not a satire post. As tens of thousands of Germans take to the streets to protest Islam and Muslim immigration, now some German politicians and religious leaders are recommending that Muslim “carols” be sung in their churches during Christmas services. The idea, which supposedly would increase “tolerance,” also involves the singing of Christian songs in mosques. (Seriously?)


The New American (h/t Liz)  Of course, critics would point out that the two actions are not equivalent, since no Muslim high holy day falls on the 25th. Many would also suspect that church leaders are far more likely to entertain the idea than are Muslim ones; this seems especially true since only the Imam sings during Islamic services.


The idea is a response to the burgeoning PEGIDA movement. Loosely translated as “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West,” it has inspired increasingly well-attended marches of late, with 17,500 gathering and singing Christmas carols in Dresden just yesterday.

The group objects to Germany’s loose immigration policy, which, following the trend in Western Europe, has led to rapid Islamization in the country. Germany is now home to approximately 3,000 mosques and Muslim prayer halls, including what upon completion will be one of Europe’s largest Islamic houses of worship, the Cologne Central Mosque; and Muslims constitute the majority of the school systems in some parts of the nation.


Even though this musical ecumenism would likely be a one-sided effort, some advocate it enthusiastically. reports that Omid Nouri Pour, a Green Party member of parliament of Iranian descent, told the Bild newspaper Monday (translated from German), “It would be a great sign of peace among the religions, when in a church an Islamic song is sung and in a mosque a Christmas song.” And Junge Freiheit reports (translated from German) that Central Council of Muslims in Germany chairman Ayman Mazyek “also encouraged churches to sing Islamic songs at Christmastime,” saying “‘It would be a wonderful sign of peace and compassion.’”


Mazyek even recommended a song: “Tala’a al-Badru alayna” (“The White Moon Rose Over Us”) by legendary singer Cat Stevens, a Muslim convert who now calls himself Yusuf Islam.

Junge Freiheit continues, “‘We need understanding, respect and tolerance,’ said SPD [Social Democrat Party] member of parliament of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Funk, praising the proposal.”

xmas offends muslims-03

Many in Germany — especially among its leadership — are defined by what’s politically correct. While PEGIDA protesters hold placards expressing sentiments such as “Zero tolerance towards criminal asylum seekers,” “Stop the Islamization,” and “Protect our homeland,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas condemned the movement as “a shame for Germany” while other leftists have demeaned its rally-goers as “pinstripe Nazis” (ironic since Adolf Hitler held Islam in high esteem and allied himself with the WWII-era Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini).

In fact, Germany’s ruling elite is so opposed to populist, PEGIDA-like movements that it has actually used the machinery of government against them. As The New American wrote last month reporting on the construction of yet another mega-mosque in Germany, a $51 million behemoth in Munich.


As the Guardian recently wrote, “Almost two-thirds of Germans, according to a poll for news magazine Spiegel by the TNS institute, believe that Angela Merkel’s government is not doing enough to address concerns about immigration and asylum seekers, and 34% think Germany is enduring a process of ‘Islamization’.”

Elsewhere on the Christmas-meets-violent-extremism front, dozens of people were injured last night when a man drove his van into a Christmas market in the Nantes area of France while screaming “Allahu Akbar”; the individual, presumably Muslim, then stabbed himself nine times before being apprehended by police. It was “the third incident of its kind in as many days in the country which have been linked to Islamic terrorism,” wrote the Mirror.

How Muslims celebrate Christmas in Nigeria - killing Christians

How Muslims celebrate Christmas in Nigeria – killing Christians

Nonetheless, Islamic immigration into Germany has been increased over last year, and an estimated 5.4 percent of the nation’s residents are now Muslim.

But not everyone shares Funk’s sentiments. In fact, if one Muslim cleric had his way, people wouldn’t even be saying “Merry Christmas” to one another, let alone singing carols. In a 2011 video (below) once again circulating in social media, Lebanese-born Islamic “scholar” Abu Musaab Wajdi Akkari minces no words opining on the yuletide wish. He says: “Wishing someone Merry Christmas  is worse than fornication, and drinking alcohol and killing someone.”


SYRIA UNDER ISIS: How to stay alive if you’re a Christian in Raqqa

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a list of rules dictating how Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa should behave, including the instruction to never pray in public or within earshot of a Muslim.


UK Daily Mail  In the list of seven rules that Christians must obey, the terror group also warns that there should never be any ‘treachery’ against ISIS, nor any mockery directed towards Muslims or Islam.  The new set of restrictions are applicable to those living in ISIS-controlled Raqqa, previously one of Syria’s most liberal areas.

They are said to be in return for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the head of Islamic State and the most wanted man in the Middle East – granting safety to Christians in the war-torn city, according to the International Business Times.

In the document, it says al-Baghdadi will safeguard ‘their selves, children, money and churches’, if Christians obey the stringent list of rules. It comes just months after the jihadists banned Christians in Raqqa from drinking alcohol in public or from trading pigs or alcohol in markets.  The document opens with a lengthy quote from the Quran which describes how Christians are ‘in a state of subjection’.


It goes on to explain that public worship and treachery against ISIS is forbidden. It adds that Christians in Raqqa are no longer allowed to construct churches or even repair any damaged churches in their villages. They are also banned from publicly showing their crosses in Muslim areas or in their own market places. The rules then describe how ISIS have forbidden Christians to ‘raise their voices when praying or in other acts of worship’.

In a statement which effectively bans Christians from openly reading from the Bible, the statement says that Muslims ‘do not hear the recitation of their books out loud’. Likewise, the document prescribes that all acts of worship must be carried out inside a church and never in public.

Christians have also been ordered not to prevent any of their fellow Christians from converting to Islam. ISIS have also declared that it is illegal for Christians to ‘carry out any actions of enmity to the Islamic State such as helping air strikes locate their positions’. Defying these rules could result in death.  




Where is the UN? Where is the international community when Yazidi girls as young as 11 are being bought and sold as sex slaves by the Islamic State?

Though Kurdish authorities say Pershmerga forces have taken control of a ‘large area’ from Islamic State militants, the Yazidi minority in Iraq say 3,500 women and girls are still being held by ISIS, bought and sold as sex slaves. Four months after they were forced from their homes, the world has forgotten them.


Latest Nigerian massacre by Boko Haram Islamic terrorists

A new video from Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dorm, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers.


AP  There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life. Most appear to be adult men. “We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels,” the group leader says in a message. “From now, killing, slaughtering, destructions and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.”

The video released to journalists late Saturday comes two days after fleeing villagers reported that the extremists are rounding up elderly people and killing them in two schools in Gwoza, in northeast Nigeria.


The setting of the latest video appears to be a school, a long dormitory furnished with bunk beds which the leader says is in Bama, a town 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Gwoza. Students and schools are frequently targeted by Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language.

Previously, the militants had told residents of villages and towns that they would kill only enemies and wanted people to live peacefully in the area they have dubbed an Islamic caliphate, a large swath along Nigeria’s northeastern border with Cameroon that they have controlled for more than three months.



In the video, the leader notes that the prophet Mohammed advised prisoners should be held, not killed, but says “we felt this is not the right time for us to keep prisoners; that is why we will continue to see that the grounds are crimsoned with the flowing blood of prisoners.” He says some of those killed may call themselves Muslims, but are considered infidels by Boko Haram, a Sunni Jihadi group that imposes strict Shariah law.


Here, Boko Haram is shown shooting people in the head and throwing them off a bridge:

Here, Boko Haram cuts off the hands of two men accused of theft:


Figures. Obama DID try to save one ISIS hostage, the one who had converted to Islam

Talks with leadership of ISIS as well as al-Qaeda linked radical cleric to secure release of Peter Kassig ran for several weeks with knowledge of FBI. Kassig, 26, who converted to Islam in captivity, also went by the name Abdul-Rahman Kassig.


The Guardian  US counter-terrorism officials backed a high-stakes negotiation involving two of the world’s most prominent jihadi clerics as well as former Guantánamo detainees in an attempt to save the life of an American hostage held by Islamic State, the Guardian can reveal. Emails seen by the Guardian show how tentative talks with the spiritual leadership of ISIS to secure the release of Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig began in mid-October and ran for several weeks, with the knowledge of the FBI.

Kassig – who converted to Islam while imprisoned for more than a year – was the most recent western hostage to be killed by ISIS. The jihadi group announced his death on 16 November with a typically grisly video.

Peter Kassig in Syria by choice

Peter Abdul-Rahman Kassig in Syria by choice

The ultimately unsuccessful initiative to save him was the brainchild of a controversial New York lawyer, Stanley Cohen, who has represented Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and members of Hamas in US courts. Cohen persuaded two senior clerics aligned with al-Qaeda to intervene with ISIS on behalf of the American. One, Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi, is regarded as the world’s most influential living jihadi scholar, while the other, Abu Qatada, was once branded by a Spanish judge as al-Qaeda’s “spiritual ambassador” in Europe.


Cohen – who is due to go to prison for 18 months in January after pleading guilty to federal tax offences last April – also engaged another of his jihadi contacts in the effort, a Kuwaiti al-Qaeda veteran and one-time Guantánamo Bay detainee whom the Guardian has been asked not to name for security reasons. 

FBI staff confirmed that senior officials at its headquarters were kept abreast of Cohen’s actions. The bureau also confirmed it would pay $24,000 (£15,000) of expenses incurred by Cohen and his Arabic translator during 17 days in the Middle East. Had it been successful, the negotiation would have carried a high risk for the US. In return for renouncing hostage-taking, ISIS was offered a clerical détente: Maqdisi, Abu Qatada and other senior religious figures in al-Qaeda’s sphere of influence would stop publicly denouncing ISIS as extremists without proper Islamic qualifications.


An FBI official told the Guardian the bureau did not obtain or provide assurances that Maqdisi or anyone else involved in this effort would be immune from possible reprisal after reaching out to Isis. But Cohen believed the deal had been agreed and said ISIS gave him assurances through intermediaries that Kassig would be kept alive while talks were ongoing. The lawyer said Maqdisi told him on 26 October that he was confident Kassig would be released, based on the continuing dialogue with the Isis cleric.

But the next day, Jordanian security services arrested Maqdisi for “using the internet to promote and incite views of jihadi terrorist organisations” and the negotiations collapsed. Cohen said he felt betrayed because the protocol he drew up to prevent Maqdisi’s arrest had been breached. “I feel we lost a golden opportunity to not only save Kassig but other potential hostages.”

Kassig's parents seem to have converted to Islam as well

Kassig’s parents seem to have converted to Islam as well


Cohen believed from his email dialogue with the FBI official that the US had attempted to reach out to their Jordanian counterparts to see if they could release Maqdisi to get the talks back on track. The FBI has not commented on whether other US agencies may or may not have been involved. Maqdisi remains in prison in Jordan, but Abu Qatada confirmed the details of the negotiation channel.

Speaking to a major western news outlet for the first time, he said he worked with Maqdisi to help save Kassig and wrote to an ISIS leader urging him to release the American aid worker. The Jordanian government has not responded to detailed questions from the Guardian about why Maqdisi was arrested or if it was aware of his role in the Kassig talks.


The FBI’s chief spokesman, Paul Bresson, said: “The FBI’s top priority in international kidnapping investigations is the safe return of our citizens. Because the circumstances are different in each case, the FBI works closely with the rest of the US government to consider all viable and legally permissible options to secure their release. To preserve these options, and out of respect for their loved ones, we rarely discuss these details publicly.”


The Guardian provided the Kassig family with the details of the failed negotiation effort before publication. They declined to respond.

Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS here.


COMING SOON to the 43 states in America that have refused to pass anti-sharia law legislation

Islamic State (ISIS) Publishes Sharia-Compliant Penal Code, Says It Will Be Vigilantly Enforced


MEMRI  On December 15, 2014, a document detailing the Islamic State (ISIS) penal code was released on the Jihadi Media Platform forum ( The document, which was titled “Clarification [regarding] the Hudud [Koranic punishments],” included a list of crimes and their respective punishment according to the shari’a. ISIS said it published the document as a warning and a reminder to the people living under its rule. It also reaffirmed its commitment to enforce it vigilantly.

The document begins with various Koranic verses emphasizing the need for Muslims to adhere to the shari’a, while noting that those who do not follow it are considered unbelievers. 


The punishment is based on Koran 5:33: “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive after corruption in the land is that they be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet be cut off on opposite sides, or that they be exiled from the land…”

Below are the crimes listed in this document along with their respective punishment under sharia law:




ADULTERY: STONING TO DEATH  iF the adulterer is married and 100 LASHES and EXILE if he or she were unmarried.

SODOMY/HOMOSEXUALITY: DEATH whether you are the recipient or the depositor







MURDER ONLY: DEATH (except if the murder victim is an infidel)





INDONESIAN newspaper editor who posted anti-ISIS cartoon could face prison on “blasphemy” charges

wpid-dukungan-muslim-indonesia-kepada-isis-di-bundaran-hi-500x261‘Moderate’ Indonesia (as Hillary Clinton so likes to call it) has accused the top editor of a leading English-language newspaper of blasphemy after the paper published a cartoon depicting the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) that allegedly insulted Islam.

NY Times (h/t Larry A)  Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, editor-in-chief of the Jakarta Post, would be summoned for questioning next week. If found guilty, he could face five years in prison. The cartoon published July 3 put a skull and crossbones in the black-and-white flag of ISIS and left sacred phrases in Arabic, including “Allah,” that appear on the flag inside the skull.

The chief editor of a prominent Indonesian newspaper, the English-language Jakarta Post, has been summoned for questioning by the police for publishing a cartoon that depicted radical Islamists in Syria. The editor, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, is being treated as a suspect under a blasphemy law, according to a police spokesman quoted in the Indonesian news media on Friday.

The cartoon, which ran in the daily newspaper in July, shows militants raising a black flag emblazoned with a skull and crossbones and Arabic phrases, including, “There is none worthy of worship except Allah.” In the background was a white pickup truck and what appeared to be the imminent execution of a row of blindfolded people on their knees.


It was drawn by Stephane Peray, a French cartoonist based in Bangkok who syndicates his work. “Don’t want to talk about it,” Mr. Peray said by email. Mr. Meidyatama was quoted in The Post on Friday as saying he was “amazed” at the suggestion of blasphemy because the cartoon was meant to criticize deviant Islam.

“What we produced was a journalistic piece that criticized the ISIS movement, which has carried out violence in the name of religion,” he was quoted as saying, referring to the Islamic State militant group. Conservative Islamic groups protested when the cartoon was published, contending that it “strengthens the stigma that Islam represents senseless murderers,” according to Haris Amir Falah, one protest leader.


The newspaper issued an apology and a retraction. It is unclear why the case, which staff members at the newspaper said they assumed had been dropped, is now being pursued. Sidney Jones, an expert on political Islam in Indonesia, said the case appeared to reflect the anger of hard-line groups toward a leading moderate voice in the country.

“I see an effort to try to threaten a newspaper which has consistently promoted a policy of tolerance and a rejection of extremist tactics,” said Ms. Jones, director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict in Jakarta.


The Indonesian government in August banned the teachings of the Islamic State after dozens of Indonesians were reported to have joined the movement in Syria. Over the past decade and a half, the government has also sought to contain homegrown radical movements responsible for the bombings of tourist spots and attacks on churches.

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, has faced building tension in recent years between a historically moderate core of believers and hard-line conservative groups pushing for what they consider a purer interpretation of Islam. That stance includes stricter observance of Muslim dietary traditions, tighter controls over religious minorities like Shiite Muslims and bans on alcohol.

The country’s blasphemy law calls for prison sentences of up to five years for religious “abuse” or defamation. In recent years, the law has been used against minority Islamic sects. More than 100 people have been convicted under the law over the past decade, according to a report by Amnesty International released last month.



RIFQA BARY, who defied her Muslim parents by secretly converting to Christianity as a 17-year-old, still feels her life is in danger

Muslim convert to Christianity, Rifqa Bary, now 22, writes her first book about her secret conversion to Christianity when she was just 17 and running away from her Ohio home to live with a Christian pastor’s family in Florida who took her in after her father threatened to honor-kill her for her apostasy.

Aysha & Mohamed Bary (left) vs Rifqa (right)

Aysha & Mohamed Bary (left) vs Rifqa (right)

Columbus Dispatch  (h/t Reader) A 22-year-old woman has written a book about running away from her central Ohio home as a teenager after converting from Islam to Christianity — a case that gained national attention and pitted Christian fundamentalists against Muslims.


Rifqa Bary’s Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus is scheduled for release on May 5.


Bary, a native of Sri Lanka, was 17 and living with her family near New Albany when she ran away to Florida in 2009. She claimed that her Muslim father had threatened her for converting, but authorities in Ohio and Florida found no evidence of that.

(Of course not, the Muslim parents denied it, so it was Rifqa’s word against theirs. The “authorities” never bothered to do any research on the punishment required for apostasy in Islam)


In a news release, publisher WaterBrook Press said Bary is now a college student living in an undisclosed location and still convinced her life is under threat.

“In the Islamic culture, women do not have a voice. My goal in writing is for my pen to be my voice,” Bary said in the release. A publicist said she was unavailable to comment.


RELATED STORIES/VIDEOS about the court battle between Rifqa and her parents








Albanian Muslims operate human slaughterhouses in Kosovo where they rip out the organs of Christians to sell to Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We learned this from a local Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military, named Lazar. The victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, men, and also children.

Shoebat reports:


“They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.”

Here is the interview in which he explained this:

Albanian Muslims capture Christian Serbs and surgically remove their organs while they are still alive.  Below is a European documentary by Deutsche Welle which is part of Germany’s International Broadcaster  researched and confirmed how Albanian terrorists were taking organs from Christian Serbs and selling their organs:

But this isn’t a new thing for the Albanian Muslims, who did the same thing in Kosovo to the Serbs back in the 1990’s when the US fought on the wrong side of that war. was the first to report on the human slaughterhouses in Syria, in which we obtained one man’s account who gave much detail on the operation regarding Christians and Shiites who were also slaughtered and mutilated. People still questioned it, until of course we obtained original source accounts with extremely troubling footage to back up one man’s testimony and it all checked out:







Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity






Here is Sharia law punishment for sodomy carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria

Al-Furat province media office published photographs showing ISIS jihadists carrying out the Sharia punishment on a man that allegedly committed sodomy. The punishment for this crime is to be put to death by being thrown from the highest point in town, followed with a barrage of stones and concrete.

In The name of God the Merciful

Like the Muslim Caliph Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him
Islamic court in the state of the Euphrates
The man who did the work of sodomites
Was thrown from the highest place in the city
Then stoned to death
Allah is before and after