As Canada mourns its fallen soldier, Nathan Cirillo, murdered by a Muslim terrorist in Ottawa last week, his grieving dogs patiently await his return


Canadian military reservist Nathan Cirillo was killed at gunpoint this week by a jihadist gunman in his nation’s capital, leaving behind a loving family and several adopted dogs for which loved ones say he harbored a deep devotion.

Breitbart (h/t Jim Y)  Those dogs, media sources report, remain waiting for Cirillo at his door, peering out his gate alongside makeshift memorials left for the fallen soldier. According to sources cited by the Daily MailCirillo was known to be dedicated to helping dogs, owning two of his own and recently nursing a stray back to health.

Canada’s CTV News reports that two dogs were seen by passersby leaving flowers in Cirillo’s honor peeking through the gate of his home in Hamilton, Ontario.


Both sources note that Cirillo’s Instagram account was filled with photos of his dogs, both those who lived with him and those he temporarily adopted to help them recover when found as strays or ill. He described them as “family.”

Cirillo leaves behind his mother and a 6-year-old son, who the Daily Mail notes Cirillo was raising on his own after the boy’s mother was “no longer in the picture.” It is believed that the boy, Marcus, will now live with his grandmother. Cirillo was 24.


Cirillo was a reservist in the Canadian military and was working his regular shift protecting the National War Memorial outside of the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday, when a man now identified as Michel Zehaf-Bibeau opened fire on him and attempted to enter the Parliament building. Cirillo was unarmed at the time.


Zehaf-Bibeau was eventually killed before causing any more harm by the Parliament’s Sergeant at Arms, 58-year-old Kevin Vickers. Vickers, a longtime veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is being widely celebrated in Canada as a hero; without his quick reaction to the crisis, Zehaf-Bibeau may have killed more innocents.


In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Stephen Harper honored Cirillo and made clear that he viewed Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack– widely believed to have been inspired by jihadist ideology– as a political attack “on our country, on our values…as a free and democratic people.” He added that Canada will continue to monitor individuals that appear at high-risk for jihadist activity; Zehaf-Bibeau himself was seen as a potential threat and had his passport delayed to prevent him from leaving the country, reports show.



GREAT NEWS! Buddhists are succeeding in driving Muslims out of Myanmar (Burma)

More than 100,000 minority Muslims have fled from religious violence and retaliatory persecution in Myanmar. In recent weeks blowback against Rohingya Muslims in western Myanmar has led to a mass exodus, as at least 8,000 people fled to neighboring Thailand, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

When you piss off a peaceful population like the Buddhists this much, you know you’ve gone too far.

Buddhist monks protest presence of violent Muslims in Myanmar

Buddhist monks protest presence of violent Muslims in Myanmar

IB Times  Rohingya muslims escaped by boat, desperate to escape communal violence that broke out two years and has driven more than 100,000 muslims to flee across the borders to neighbouring countries.

Chris Lewa, director of the nonprofit Rohingya advocacy group Arakan Project, told the Associated Press that an average of 900 people per day are been piling into cargo ships moored off Rakhine state since the 15 October.

Lewa said that some Rohingya families have been told the huge cargo ships already have started arriving in Thailand. But Rohingya people who fled to Thailand still faced deportation and often fell victim to human traffickers.

Buddhist woman beheaded in Myanmar by Rohinga Muslims

Buddhist woman beheaded in Myanmar by Rohinga Muslims

Myanmar is a Buddhist nation of 50 million. But an estimated 1.3 million Rohingya muslims, who are known to have migrated from neighboring Bangladesh generations ago, live in the northern tip of Rakhine state.

The Rohingya have been denied Myanmar citizenship and have been attacked by Buddhist mobs, which has left hundreds dead and 140,000 trapped in camps. In recent months Myanmar authorities have begun an aggressive campaign to register Rohingya members as Bengalis, and label them as illegal migrants from Bangladesh.


Rohingya villagers told the Associated Press said that some of them were confined to their villages for weeks at a time for refusing to take part in the “verification” process; others said they had been beaten or arrested. Rakhine state authorities denied any knowledge of any abuse.

Every year Rohingya muslims travel from the Rakhine state to celebrate Eid al-Adha with family and friends. The estimates are similar to figures compiled by the UN – which has labeled the Rohingya one of the most persecuted religious minorities in the world – are that nearly double the number of people are leaving the area that the same period in 2013.

Buddhist woman explains what Muslims have done to her country and her own family:






























Kuwaiti writer wonders why Arab Muslim countries aren’t contributing anything to fight the spread of Ebola?

Especially considering that two out the three countries (Guinea and Sierra Leone) with the worst Ebola outbreaks are Muslim-majority nations.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


Kuwait Times (h/t Carla W)  The Ebola virus that is widespread in West Africa is considered very dangerous, bearing in mind that the world has known it since 1976, but it became more rampant lately and took thousands of lives in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. All these nations lack the most basic of medical requirements in villages and remote areas, making the control of the spread of this virus something extremely hard.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva announced that Ebola has become “a global health hazard”, and even America was not immune from it after a person infected with it arrived there.


Despite what is being said about the tough war between the world and this disease, the truth is that Western countries alone are concerned with eradicating it, as the number of its victims reached 4,000 lately, in addition to tens of thousands of infected people.

WHO said the number of victims of this epidemic will reach more than 20,000 if it is not brought under control before the end of next month, while the world does not have any cure or vaccine against this disease.


The strange (or normal) thing is that the only areas that are trying to do something to find a cure for this disease, or those who donated to affected countries where this epidemic paralyzed economies, or those who volunteered to work in their hospitals as medical teams or nurses are all from Western countries, European in particular, and Israel! For the rest of the countries, this may be expected from almost all of them, because they have their own calculations, interests, tremendous problems and views towards matters.

But what is the excuse of most Muslim and rich Arab countries in particular, that spend hundreds of millions of dinars on religious satellite channels of various sects that corrupt minds and attitudes?  The answer is nothing, of course.

Rather these countries were the only ones who prayed against these countries that participated and contributed and its citizens took risks to eradicate this contagious epidemic or at least contain it.


They continue to pray against them from mosques pulpits, religious channels and school curricula, hoping that Allah burns the Westerners’ trees, orphans Israeli children, widows Danish women, dries up the wells of the Australians and eradicates the children of New Zealand! This is what we have got used to hear during the past few decades! But what will be the stand of those speakers and propagandists if this disease or suchlike reaches their countries.

Then who will come to our rescue? Is it not the West with its labs, doctors, nurses and volunteers? Do not be shameless and stop making such prayers while we are is this medical, scientific and industrial ineptness. Don’t most our governments feel ashamed for allowing those ignorants making such prayers as the answer. No, of course!

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NATO member Turkey arrests woman for blasphemy for stepping on a quran with her red high heels


A Turkish woman was arrested on suspicion of blasphemy and inciting religious hatred after stepping on the quran and posting the picture on Twitter.

Global Post  (h/t Furkan T) The arrest came after Melih Gokcek, Ankara’s controversial mayor from the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP), launched a criminal complaint against the 38-year-old-woman, who uses the Twitter handle @kedibiti (cat lice).

The woman, who has over 5,000 followers and describes herself as “an atheist who respects only humans,” allegedly shared a picture showing a pair of red high heels on a copy of the quran, Dogan news agency reported. In the Islamic world, the shoe has long been considered dirty and insulting because it is associated with the foot, the lowest part of the body.


The quran states that only those who are clean should touch the sacred text and it should not be placed on one’s lap or held below the waist. “I had warned this user called @kedibiti, who stepped on our sacred book, that I was chasing her and would have her arrested,” Gokcek wrote on Twitter. He confirmed that police had arrested her and seized her computer and cellphone.

Dogan said the woman was later released but Gokcek said he was suing “the infidel” for insulting religion, inciting religious hatred and threatening public peace. “It is time for justice now. No one has a right to insult our religion. We will never allow this to happen,” Gokcek wrote on Twitter.


Gokcek, who has held the top municipal job in the Turkish capital for 20 years, is a colourful but controversial figure known for his fiery comments on Twitter and derogatory remarks about women. 

Pro-opposition Turkish secularists have long complained that freedom of expression, especially on religious issues, has been substantially eroded since the AKP came to power in 2002.

On Thursday FEMEN chapters in Turkey and abroad tweeted messages of support for the woman behind the @kedibiti account. The international feminist group is notorious for its provocative topless protests against restrictions on women and speech.


Parents of American ISIS hostage, Peter Kassig, attend Islamic prayer service after begging Islamic State (ISIS) savages on Twitter to release their son

While we can only imagine the pain these parents must be feeling, trying to appeal to the ‘humanity’ in Muslim terrorists is like trying to teach a pig to sing. 


UK Daily Mail  Ed and Paula Kassig, the parents of ISIS hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig attended an Islamic service today to pray for their only son after ISIS terrorists named him as the next beheading victim. Abdul-Rahman Kassig, 26, was called Peter before converting to Islam. His name, Abdul-Rahman, means ‘servant of the most merciful’.

Ed and Paula Kassig, parents of Peter

Ed and Paula Kassig, parents of Peter

They  requested the service at the Islamic Society of North America in Plainfield, Indiana on Friday afternoon at 2pm. The service was multi-faith and honored the humanitarian work that Mr Kassig, a 26-year-old Indiana native, carried out in Syria before he was captured by the extremists last October. Mr Kassig was named by ISIS as their next victim following the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning in a video, posted online last Friday. Mrs Kassig will read messages from friends at the service.   



They reached out to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi over social media. On Wednesday, the hostage’s family posted a message to Twitter pleading to the ISIS leader directly.

Edgar Hopida, from the Islamic Society, told WTHR that they were fearful for Mr Kassig but maintained a sense of hope. Mr Hopida said: ‘He’s one of our own. He’s a Hoosier. He’s also our brother in Islam, and so we want to support the family. We want to support Peter by having a short program to honor his work.’



KUWAITI MUSLIM father who brought his daughter to Britain to learn English honor kills her for using a cell phone

honor-killingFaleh Ghazi Albasman, 59, stabbed 24-year-old Mashael in the neck 13 times in the flat that they shared in Bournemouth, before picking up another blade and wounding himself in the stomach. He says he did it for “honor” because she disrespected him.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Maria J) After being taken to hospital, Albasman spoke Arabic to a surgeon, asking him what the penalty for honour killings were in Britain, before telling him: ‘it’s all about the honor’.  The final straw came when he found her talking on a mobile phone, saying that her behavior had become ‘inappropriate in my culture’.

Symbolfoto Islam. Muslimische, verschleierte Frau

Albasman  confessed that he was ‘boiling with anger’ when he attacked his daughter, saying she had been ‘disrespectful’ to him and told him ‘to go home.’  The court heard Albasman had come over to Bournemouth, Dorset, with Mashael in November 2013 to be her ‘chaperone’. She had started an English language course in the seaside town, just before she was found dead by paramedics on March 30 this year. 

Kerry Maylin, prosecuting, said: ‘Mashael Albasman was killed due to multiple stab wounds, 13 in all, mainly concentrated on the neck. ‘He was arrested on suspicion of murder and taken to Southampton General Hospital due to his own injuries.

The street where Albasman  and his daughter lived

The street where Albasman and his daughter lived

He was seen by medical staff including Mr Ahmed, a consultant surgeon who spoke Arabic. ‘Mr Ahmed told Mr Albasman that he would translate what he was told to the police and Mr Albasman said he understood and at one point told the surgeon “I have finished her”. ‘When asked who the “her” was, he said his daughter, Mashael. He asked Mr Ahmed a number of times “what’s the law here in context to murder for honor?”

‘He repeated on a number of occasions “tell them it’s honour, it’s about honor”. ‘He maintained in his final interview that Mashael had been very disrespectful, she had been talking on her phone and he maintained that was inappropriate in his culture.

‘He said “I was so angry. Boiling with anger. She said to me go back. A girl should not treat good men like me, decent men in this way”. ‘I hated Mashael, how dare she talk to me in that way. I was so angry, upset and mentally low. Mashael broke my heart. He agreed by killing her had preserved his honor.’



Oh, NOES! Because of all the media ‘hype’ about ISIS and beheadings, Muslims in America are whining about suffering a “double hurt”

092714Imamcc2Atrocities carried out by ISIS Islamic savages as well as a report linking the Oklahoma Muslim beheader to the Islamic Institute of Boston, has Talal Eid (photo right), imam of the Hub Religious Center, boohooing that it’s a “double hurt” for his faith because people are “abusing our religion.”

Boston Herald  “Our situation is very bad,” said Imam Talal Eid. (Not nearly as bad as the woman who just had her head cut off) “Every time the word ISIS is mentioned, and it’s mentioned hundreds of times, Islam is being pushed into the middle of that. They are abusing Islam. The Islamic State (ISIS) is not Islam.” (HAH! That ship sailed a long time ago, buddy)

Oklahoma Beheading Facebook

Eid’s comments come on the heels of reports that a “resident scholar” here in Boston was previously the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City — formerly attended by Alton Nolen, the man accused of beheading a co-worker in Oklahoma Thursday. “Religion has nothing to do with that,” said Eid of the Oklahoma beheading.” (That’s right, ‘religion’ doesn’t, ISLAM does)

A second woman in an Oklahoma nursing home was also threatened with beheading by a Muslim co-worker. (Go figure)


Police say Nolen beheaded a woman and stabbed another at his former place of work, an Oklahoma food processing plant in Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb. Nolen reportedly had recently converted to Islam.”If Nolen proves to be radicalized, the mosque will suffer a similar blow dealt by the recent spate of ISIS beheadings,” Eid said. (Don’t forget the recent beheading in Britain, too)


“We American Muslims are suffering a double hurt, and at the same time people are abusing our religion,” Eid said of all the gruesome attacks aimed at the U.S. Eid said people should not judge Islam “based on the acts of people,” because those acts are not consistent with the religion. (Oh, but we DO judge you by your acts, acts that are supported and often inspired by the quran and other Muslim holy books)




As threatened, ISIS-affiliated Algerian terror group beheads French hostage (Video and First photos)

A French tourist captured in North Africa by a group aligned with the Islamic State is seen beheaded in a video circulated on Wednesday, according to SITE Intelligence, which tracks jihadist groups.


0011590227 0011590234

h/t Maria J

NY Times  The Frenchman — Hervé Gourdel, a 55-year-old mountaineering guide from Nice — was abducted in Algeria on Sunday by the terrorist group, known as Jund al-Khilafah. Mr. Gourdel had arrived only a day before on a trip to go hiking in Algeria’s northern mountains.


The terrorist group issued a statement after his abduction, saying that it was following the guidance of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, which has seized large parts of Syria and Iraq and has called on its sympathizers to strike Westerners — especially the French — wherever they can.

In the statement, the Algerian group had demanded that President François Hollande of France cease his country’s intervention in Syria within 24 hours or face seeing Mr. Gourdel killed.


In the video, Mr. Gourdel is shown kneeling before four armed captors with his hands bound behind his back. His bony shoulders poke forward, and he stares at the ground as his captors read a script announcing that he will be killed. They then wrestle him to the ground and place a knife at his throat. The video then cuts to an image of his decapitated body, and shows the captors holding his severed head.

The killing of Mr. Gourdel signals that the Islamic State’s practice of beheading Western captives for propaganda purposes has spread beyond the area it controls in Syria. Numerous smaller factions in the Middle East and elsewhere have pledged allegiance to the group.

Separately, a militant group in the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf, has announced that it is holding two German citizens and has threatened to kill them if Germany does not back out of the intervention in Syria.





AUSTRALIA: 14-year-old Muslim boy who shouted “We’re going to kill all you Christians” outside a Christian school in Sydney has been arrested, charged

Muslim jihadists brandishing Islamic State flags terrified churchgoers when they threatened to “kill all the Christians and slaughter their children” as they drove past a Maronite church in Sydney’s west.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Eric M) A Muslim teenage boy who screamed death threats against Christians outside a school in Sydney’s west has been charged. The 14-year-old was in the front passenger seat of a red hatchback driven by another man when he allegedly began bellowing abuse outside the Maronite College of the Holy Family in Harris Park on September 16.

The incident occurred two days before NSW and federal police raided a dozen homes in northwestern Sydney to foil an alleged plot to kidnap and behead a member of the public.


One man, Omarjan Azari, 22, has been charged with conspiracy to prepare for a terrorist attack and has been refused bail, and 15 others arrested are yet to be charged. School principal Sister Margaret Ghosn told Daily Mail Australia the school had taken the threat seriously and had requested security from police. Young people drove past the College twice on Wednesday and made ‘silly noises’, she said. 

‘This is now in the hands of police who are fully investigating. Please do not respond to or circulate any other version of the truth on social media as it creates unnecessary panic.’ (“Unnecessary?” You mean because people are panicked at the thought of getting their heads cut off by Muslims in Australia? How intolerant of them)

The news comes as The Abbott Government prepares to introduce introduces tough new terror laws in the next Parliamentary sittings, which are intended to crack down on any Australians who support the Islamic State.

Khaled Sharrouf, the number one most wanted terrorist in Australia, pictured brandishing the Islamic State flag

Khaled Sharrouf, the number one most wanted Muslim terrorist in Australia, pictured brandishing the Islamic State flag


ISIS Leader recruits eleven Muslim men, and sodomizes ALL of them in a homosexual Islamic ritual

In one interrogation by Iraqi officials of an ISIS terrorist who carried out seven beheadings, the terrorist not only confesses to the gruesome beheadings he did, but also tells about the dark side which is virtually unknown regarding sadistic homosexual group marriages and Islamic rituals.


Walid Shoebat translated the short testimony of one of eleven recruits who were sodomized by the ISIS “prince” Abu Ala’. Abu Ala’ made a fatwa permitting himself to marry and sodomize his recruits, with the exception that no man can sodomize him.  ISIS is truly the manifestation of the purest form of the homosexual agenda: sodomizing men as both torture and pleasure, and killing those who disagree with them. 

The incredible testimony confirms a documentary broadcasted on August 27th on the Kurdish station STERK TV, it was said that ISIS has been raping men in a ceremony it describes as “marriage” and records them to use as blackmail and force them to join. ISIS uses rape, including gang rape, as a tactic of fear to intimidate populations it seeks to control, according to an August 28th report by the Firat News Agency, a Kurdish agency based in Amsterdam.

The STERK TV documentary records the confessions of more than 20 ISIS fighters who were captured by Kurdish fighters in Syria and includes horrific footage of ISIS crimes:

“The ISIS elements admitted that what they called ‘marriage’ was in fact rape. They said that every new member of the group was raped. The footage of the rape would be used as blackmail in the event of the new recruit refusing to participate in actions. They “married” me 15 times. Then they washed my head and put cologne on me. They told me no one could join ISIS without being married.”