How many ways does Halloween offend the perpetually offended Muslims in America?

393d50d8a513630ce1425720368699-viMuslims and their useful idiots on the Left have been out in force railing against Halloween costumes that they consider offensive to Muslims (which they erroneously label “racist”). Excuse me, this is America, where we have the right to offend you, in case you are ignorant of the Bill of Rights endowed by OUR creator (not Allah)!

Business Insider  Khloe Kardashian captioned this photo of herself and Scott Disick “Sheik Pussy.” This has led to a wave of backlash, with many calling both her comment and Scott’s Halloween costume offensive and Islamopbobic:


At Penn State University, students are expressing “outrage” over the “Jager Bomber” for Halloween. Students make “Jager Bombs” by dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull and downing both drinks at once. The student’s costume is a play on that. He imitated traditional Arab Muslim clothes, then wore an army vest stacked with Jagermeister and Red Bull cans. 

Here’s the costume:


Here’s the response:




The ‘Jager Bomber’ stands his ground:


The “moderate” Arab Muslim Clock Boy costume:


The “radical” Arab Muslim after he steal’s Clock Boy’s clock to create a real suicide bomb costume:


From 2013: Four Washington University in St. Louis (BNI Alma Mater) college students dressed up for Halloween in costumes resembling SEAL Team 6 members holding water guns toward a fifth student dressed like Osama bin Laden with the American flag draped in the background.

Muslim student Mahroh Jahangiri whined: “This photo implies that not only are Muslims not American, their lives are expendable. They can (and should) be brought to their knees with guns pointed at their damned faces. This photo makes a costume of the lives of the thousands of civilian Muslim men who have been murdered during our ‘War on Terror’ and the countless others who have been mutilated, robbed, and stabbed to death in hate crimes across the United States – very much because of the vehemently racist discourse such photos represent.”



UH OH! Did a top advisor for Republican candidate Ben Carson just sabotage his campaign?

2620519010_noi_seal_answer_1_xlargeOr is Ben Carson, perhaps, not what he appears to be? Ben Carson said he would not want a Muslim to be president of the United States. But his key adviser, Armstrong Williams, a conservative commentator, has, unbeknownst to the good doctor’s supporters, been praising Louis Farrakhan, leader of the radical Nation of Islam group and notorious Jew-hater, who has been urging Chicago to hire Nation of Islam security guards to fight crime.

Ben Carson K& Armstrong Williams

Ben Carson & Armstrong Williams

Daily Caller  In a little-noticed Times column the day after the hate monger’s 20th anniversary Million Man March last Saturday, “To Curb Chicago Violence Bring in Nation of Islam,” Williams argued that only NOI toughs can help stem the tide of killings there and temper other inner-city pathologies by fostering greater self-respect among residents.  

wpid-img_20151023_183436The Hill published Williams’s piece on October 6 under the headline, “The Nation of Islam Could Be Chicago’s Savior.” If taxpayers foot the bill, of course. Williams argued that the “NOI brings to the table things other private security firms and the police don’t — credibility within the community. The NOI is one of the few community-based organizations that actually recruit in prisons and also offer transitional services to ex-offenders.” The hate monger Farrakhan famously tried to incite his followers to kill the Washington Post reporter who exposed Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown” slur in the 1980s. More recently, Farrakhan urged blacks to “rise up and kill those who kill us” unless the federal government intercedes on their behalf. It seems that journalists, whites and cops are the ones who need guards—to protect against Farrakhan.

In a rhetorical sleight of hand, Williams writes that, “Extremist elements of the NOI should be sternly and unequivocally condemned.On the other hand, more moderate Muslims have made it a point of standing up for their communities.

For Williams, what counts as non-extremist elements of the Nation of Islam? Do the moderates disagree with the late Farrakhan aide Khalid Muhammad that Jews are “blood suckers?” Centrist members of Farrakhan’s quasi-cult disagree with their leader that Hitler was a “great man?” They just think he was an o.k. guy?


Regardless, any money the Nation of Islam were to receive from contracts would be controlled by Farrakhan, not the so-called moderates. He has been called on to disassociate himself from Williams’s proposal and possibly send him packing. (Let’s wait and see if he does)


Ewwww! California MUSLIM kills his mother, cuts out her heart, then masturbates on her corpse

Muslim man from Morocco accused of murdering his mother told police he sliced open her chest, removed her heart, then masturbated on her corpse because he needed “a release after the event.”


Clash Daily (h/t Liz)  An unapologetic Omar Mark Pettigen, 31, said that the horrific act felt “good” upon his arrest just north of Oakland five days after the slaying, according to charging documents obtained by The Daily News.

His capture came after his father asking police to perform a welfare check at his ex-wife’s Fremont home on Sept. 29 after not hearing from her or their son from his home in New Mexico. When officers arrived at the home, Nailah Pettigen, 64, “appeared to have been disemboweled” in her blood-soaked bedroom, police said.


Nailah Pettigan

The former American High School math teacher was found sliced from her neck down to her cervix and had her underwear around her ankles. She had also been shot at least seven times, an autopsy later found.

Her son, who was collared in Kensington on Sunday, said he committed the vile act because she was killing herself with the prescription painkiller oxycodone, which she had become addicted to after hip and knee problems as well as surgery.

During an argument in her bedroom, he claims she pointed a gun at him. That’s when he grabbed a hammer off the bedroom wall and knocked the gun out of her hand. He said he then left the room, only to return with a tomahawk which he used to bash her head. He then retrieved a revolver from a closet and shot her in the back about four times.

Using a knife, he then sliced open her chest, removed her heart with his hands and then put it back in her body. He then masturbated because “he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event,” according to the documents.


SWEDISH Lesbian Bishop has ordered all crosses removed from the church to avoid offending Muslims

nysvensk-flaggaShe also ordered the placement of markers in the church pointing in the direction of Mecca. Hey, that’s a good idea… when Muslims turn the church into a mosque, they won’t have to figure out in which direction to place the prayer room.

As if Sweden needed even more help with turning itself into a 3rd world Islamic hellhole. Has she somehow missed seeing all the reports and videos of what Muslims do to homosexuals? Hopefully, she’ll learn the hard way. Sheeesh, if she was trying to get rid of all the Christian worshippers, she could have just closed down the church.

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Hey, everybody, wanna invent a ‘cool clock’ like ‘Muslim boy genius,’ Ahmed Mohamed, who got invited to the White House by Barack Hussein Obama?


You, too, can become a ‘science genius’ like little Ahmed, and garner accolades from the President, Hillary Clinton, Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Google Science, and more. All you need are 20 seconds and a vintage 1970’s digital clock handy:

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How to tell if a Muslim was born to parents who were siblings

He says things like this:


“Modern Europe was born from the womb of Islamic civilization, but Europe is an ungrateful daughter who forgets all the good her parents have done for her.” “Europe has ripped off and plagiarized Islamic Civilization and would have been nothing if not for the Muslims,” says a representative of the most delusional subhuman beings on earth.