MINNESOTASTAN: Somali Muslim wideloads get taxpayer-funded grant money to “get in shape”

About 30 obese Somali Muslim women in Shakopee only got interested in fitness when somebody else paid for it via a grant-funded program.

Somali Muslim women staged a sit-in to demand government funding for a free halal food bank

I wonder if the program included any of these Somali Muslim welfare queens who staged a sit-in to demand government funding for a free sharia-compliant halal food bank in Minnesota?

Star Tribune  Farhya Jama indicated she was interested in applying for another grant tailored to Somali-American women who want to exercise in public settings such as a gym or a pool, during a graduation party at the end of a previous program in Shakopee.

Ibrahim Mohamed discovered that Somali-American women in Shakopee had more challenges than most: they didn’t know much about exercise and couldn’t find a women-only environment to work out, which many Muslim women prefer.


“They didn’t know how and they didn’t have the resources,” Mohamed said. “They needed accommodation and also they needed motivation.”

Mohamed, president of the Shakopee Diversity Alliance, applied for and received the Neighborhood Health Connections grant from Allina Health and St. Francis Regional Medical Center. He used the $10,300, intended for health-related programming, to create the Somali Women’s Exercise program, or Somali Jimisci.

Somali Muslim women prefer smoking hookah pipes

Somali Muslim women prefer smoking hookah pipes

The 12-week class also met several of Allina and St. Francis’ broader goals, said Tamara Severtson, who works for both organizations.

The first group of 30 women graduated from the program last week. Participants tried Zumba, yoga and strength training classes at the River Valley YMCA in Prior Lake, and swimming lessons at the East Junior High pool in Shakopee. Both locations limited the classes to women only. The YMCA bought shades for the doors to keep spaces private, Mohamed said.


In Somalia, girls play sports like basketball at school and women walk outside for exercise, Mohamed said.But in Minnesota, “It’s difficult for a lot of us to do it,” Sharif said. Weather is prohibitive, and gyms like the YMCA are coed, which makes many Somali women uncomfortable.

To be successful, the program needed a female coordinator who spoke Somali and knew about fitness. When Mohamed asked Ayan Ali, a full-time college student and YMCA instructor, to coordinate the program, she said, “Why not? I was interested because I’m so into health.” Participants most enjoyed swimming and Zumba, a dance exercise program that also includes squats and lunges, Ali said.” (Yeah, I can just picture that in these Somali get-ups)


Ali tried to send the message that exercise relieves stress, helps people lose weight and is an important part of taking care of yourself, she said.

Most of the grant money went toward YMCA costs, gas cards for those driving carpools and paying Ali to coordinate. Mohamed plans to apply for another grant soon to continue the program with a new group of 30 Somali-American women. This time, nutrition lessons may be added, he said.

Better start them early

Better start them early

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Ever wonder why Muslim women wearing head-to-toe abayas (schmattas) seem to waddle when they walk, especially in stores?

That’s because they are probably carrying items they have just shoplifted. Muslim women are known to  have special slings wrapped around their waists attached to a large cloth between their legs where they can store their stash.  Great for stealing all kinds of small electronics goods, jewelry, and groceries.

 Check it out:

(h/t Susan K)

You’d be surprised how much stuff Muslim women can stuff in their headbags:

Fancy footwork:

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SHOP AT ZARA! Paris store under fire for denying entry to a Muslim supremacist wearing a headbag


Global fashion chain Zara has faced a huge backlash after a video emerged of a woman wearing a hijab being denied entrance to a store in Paris.

UK Mirror  In the footage in the wake of the ISIS terrorist attacks in France , a woman is stopped by a security guard.  He tells her anyone who has their head covered with a hat, cap or hood may not enter the store.

She asks if she can enter the store with a headscarf on and he refuses. “If things change, they’ll change, but I don’t make the rules,” he tells her. The video led to outcry on social media along with calls for a boycott on Zara’s Facebook page.

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AFGHANISTAN: Where Muslims still stone women to death for refusing to stay in a forced marriage

Young Afghan woman (around 20) screams in agony as mob of Afghan Muslim savages hurl large rocks at her until she is dead.

Shoebat  According to one report: A young Afghan woman who was married against her will has been stoned to death by extremists after she was caught eloping with another man, local officials told AFP. A graphic video of the stoning shows the woman, named as Rokhsahana, aged between 19 and 21, in a hole in the ground as men almost casually hurl stones at her with sickening thuds.

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ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BRITAIN: Sharia-complaint court convicts man of a ‘hate speech’ simply for asking a Muslim woman: “Why can’t I see your face?”

The Muslim supremacist woman in a face-covering headbag, Rahela Chowdhury was in a Tesco store with 4 of her rapidly growing litter, when the man approached and shouted ‘Why can’t I see your face?’ 

Rahela Chowdhury

Rahela Chowdhury

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Brenda K) The Muslim drama queen was left frozen to the spot and has been so scared she has hardly left the house since the incident on October 3. Her youngest child, who is only four, also started crying uncontrollably.  

Her ‘abuser’, John McDougall, 50, from Earby in Lancashire, has now been ordered to pay victim compensation and carry out 200 hours community service.

Recalling the terrifying ordeal, Mrs Chowdhury said: ‘He started abusing me, asking me why I was wearing the full veil. ‘It was the first time anyone had shouted at me in this way. I was frozen and I didn’t know what to do.’ 


Mrs Chowdhury has urged other victims of racial abuse to come forward. (What ‘race’ is Islam? )Her husband Khalil said: ‘She has been out rarely since and is really fearful that it could happen again. ‘This was a very distressing incident for her and now I make sure I go out with her.’

Six out of 10 Muslims in Britain surveyed by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) said they had seen Islamophobia directed at someone else, up from four in 10 when the survey was first conducted in 2010. (And this was before the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Paris)

Last month, the prime minister announced anti-Muslim hatred would be recorded by police forces in England and Wales as a specific hate crime for the first time. 


MONTREAL: Muslim crybaby files complaint with Human Rights Commission because a store clerk allegedly told her “go back to your country”

A Muslim supremacist in a headbag is filing a human rights complaint against Costco​ after a comment allegedly made by a sales clerk. It’s a tactic right out the CAIR playbook of how to sue businesses when your wittle Muswim fweeings get hurt.

What I want to know is why the media cover this kind of nonsense?

Asma Al-Shawarghi, pictured with her husband Bilal Hamideh, wants Costco to teach its employees not to offend Muslims

Asma Al-Shawarghi, pictured with her husband Bilal Hamideh, wants Costco to teach its employees how not to offend Muslims

CBC (h/t Brenda K)  Asma Al-Shawarghi, who was raised (not born) in Canada, said she was at the Costco store and asked a sales clerk whether a coat she was looking at would keep her warm in -40 C weather.  Al-Shawarghi said the sales representative responded that no jacket would keep her warm at such temperatures, adding, “If you don’t like that, go back to your country.”

She said she replied that Canada is her country and that she’s a Canadian citizen, however, she said the clerk ignored her and started serving another customer. Al-Shawarghi said she was deeply bothered by the incident, which happened in front of her two daughters, aged two and seven.

Al-Shawarghi said she returned to the Costco store in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough a week later to discuss the incident. She said a store representative called her back on Thursday and said the clerk in question has been transferred to another Costco outlet. However, Al-Shawarghi said she was offered no apology.



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Why don’t ‘safety’ rules for Halloween costumes apply to Muslim women who wear face masks everyday?


The Insurance Bureau of Canada has offered its top ten tips for a fun, safe Halloween. For example: “Consider using makeup instead of a mask to ensure your child has a clear, unobstructed view.

But what about Muslim women who walk around in and drive cars wearing vision-obstructing face masks everyday? Where are the warnings for them? If someone driving while wearing an Islamic headbag (niqab) gets into an accident, what would the law say? If she kills someone, what would the law say? Nothing.

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‘A SOLUTION WITH TEETH’ to the rampant rape epidemic by Muslim invaders that is now plaguing Europe

RAPE-X: Not as good as ending all Muslim immigration and starting mass deportations, but it’s better than nothing. A condom with sharp teeth that the woman inserts like a tampon, it causes great pain to the rapist so he cannot pee or walk while it’s on, and if he tries to remove it, it s ‘teeth’ will clasp even tighter.


As regular readers of BNI know, the flood of Muslim men (up to 80% of all so-called ‘refugees) invading Europe has caused the rape rates to soar, with blond-haired, blue-eyed girls of any age (as young as 7) being the prime targets. Unless these suicidal Muslim migrant policies of EU leaders are reversed immediately, all of Europe will become like Sweden, where women have to dye their hair dark to make themselves less attractive targets to Muslim rapists.

CNN  (h/t GP) The woman inserts the latex condom like a tampon. Jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line its inside and attach on a man’s penis during penetration, Ehlers said. Once it lodges, only a doctor can remove it — a procedure Ehlers hopes will be done with authorities on standby to make an arrest.

“It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it’s on,” she said. “If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter… however, it doesn’t break the skin, and there’s no danger of fluid exposure.”


Critics have accused her of developing a medieval device to fight rape. “Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades,” she said. “I believe something’s got to be done … and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman.”




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MUSLIM SAVAGES: Syrian Muslim gang rape victim who fled to Germany is stabbed to death in ‘honor’ killing ordered by her own mother

2D28C45D00000578-3262990-image-m-18_1444205953837A young woman, Rokstan M, 20, (photo right) whose family branded her ‘unclean’ after she was gang-raped by Muslims in her Syrian homeland has been found murdered, allegedly by her father and brothers in Germany, evidently on the orders of her own mother…in the twisted Muslim logic that she had brought disgrace upon her family because of the rape attack.

UK Daily Mail  Shortly before she was found dead in an allotment garden in the eastern German city of Dessau, she apparently had a premonition of her fate. Writing on her WhatsApp profile, she said: ‘I am awaiting death. But I am too young to die.’

Rokstan had been living in a house for single women before returning to her family a few days before she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. The killing has served to pull into sharp focus the cultural gulf between Germans and the more than one million Muslim invaders expected to arrive in the country this year.

Suspects: Rokstan’s father (left) and two brothers (pictured centre and right) below are wanted for questioning.


Rokstan had arrived in Germany two years ago following her ordeal.  Authorities say she was well integrated into society and worked as a translator for asylum seekers navigating their way through German bureaucracy.

Her body was found on Friday in the family’s allotment in Dessau. An autopsy showed she had been stabbed several times. The father and brothers are wanted for questioning but are nowhere to be found. The Federal Police believe the father, Hasso, has fled Germany and is now in either Turkey or Syria. 

But author Krüger claimed the mother actually ordered the killing and once tried to hire a hit man to carry it out.



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