THIS IS ISLAM: Pakistani Muslim in Brooklyn beats his wife to death for serving him the wrong meal


Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Noor Hussain beat his wife — but argued that he is guilty of only manslaughter because it’s a cultural thing. In Pakistan, Clark said, beating one’s wife is customary. There are even rules about the proper way to do it in the quran.

NY Post  A Pakistani Muslim immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers.

Noor Hussain, center

Noor Hussain, center

Noor Hussain, 75, was so outraged over the vegetarian fare that he pummeled his wife, Nazar Hussain, 66, with a stick until she was a “bloody mess,” according to prosecutors and court papers.

“Defendant asked [his wife] to cook goat and [his wife] said she made something else,” the court papers indicated as Hussain’s murder trial opened on Wednesday. “The conversation got louder and [his wife] disrespected defendant by cursing at defendant and saying motherf- -ker, and . . . defendant took a wooden stick and hit her with it on her arm and mouth.”


“Hussain comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,” Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial. “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”


Prosecutors, however, said Hussain meant for his wife to die. “His intentions were to kill his wife,” Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni said in court. “This was not a man who was trying to discipline his wife.”


Madni said that Hussain “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” — leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage.


He beat her with a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub, the court papers state. He then tried to clean up the blood that had splattered onto their bedroom wall before calling his son for help, Madni said.


“I killed her. Hurry up and come over,” Hussain told his son, according to prosecutors.

Madni also said Pakistani women who lived in the same building as the Hussains would testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her husband. “They have told us about years of abuse they witnessed,” Madni said. Hussain met his wife in Pakistan and the couple married before moving to Brooklyn, prosecutors said.



IRAN wins seat on UN Council that champions ‘women’s rights’

Bma5VZbCUAAjJiHYES, Iran, home of the burqa-clad morality police who enforce strict Islamic dress codes for women, has won seats on five subcommittees of the U.N. Economic and Social Council earlier this week, including one to the Commission on the Status of Women — a body tasked with pressing for women’s rights around the world.

Washington Times  At the same time, the United Nations announced that this year’s priorities at UNESCO would be to further “the future of humanitarian affairs” by working toward “greater inclusiveness,” Breitbart reported.

The United States sent out a statement of condemnation about Iran’s appointment to the committees, calling it a farce that a nation with an egregious human rights record could actually contribute anything of value, Breitbart reported.


In a statement, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power said: “The unopposed candidacy of Iran, where authorities regularly detain human rights defenders, subjecting many to torture, abuse and violations of due process, is a particularly troubling outcome of today’s election.”

Even the United Nations is on record as doubting Iran’s ability to uphold basic human rights, as well as women’s freedoms, inside its own border. Earlier this month, a U.N. human rights official petitioned for Iran to halt the planned execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari, sentenced for murder but who claims she was raped by a former Iranian intelligence official, Breitbart reported.

One courageous Iranian woman kicks the crap out of one of the morality police who harasses her about her uncovered head:

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Afghan woman mutilated by her own husband for refusing to sell her daughters as child brides

SatiraIn December last year, 23-year-old Sitara was asleep on the floor with her daughters when her husband woke her. He needed money for a fix of heroin and crystal meth — an addiction he’d developed over the course of their marriage. When she was married off to him as a child bride at the age of seven, his drug of choice was hashish. But now this man, 20 years her senior, was a full-blown addict. 

Answering Muslims  He wanted to divorce Sitara so he could take their daughters and marry them off for a few thousand dollars for each girl’s virginity. But Sitara refused — this protective mother adamant her children were not going to suffer the same fate as her.

She’d reached her limit with his destructive drug use and the monster he’d turned into.  But she didn’t realize just how much of a monster he’d become. That night he demanded money and a simple ring she was wearing — the only jewelry she possessed. When Sitara said no, he bashed in her head until part of her brain was protruding from her skull. She was almost unconscious. He then pinned her down, got a knife and cut off her nose and upper lip.

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GOOD GRIEF! Another Jewish pseudo-intellectual smears Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an attempt to separate omnipresent Muslim misogyny from Islam


‘Racist’ Brandeis University has withdrawn the honorary degree promised Ayaan Hirsi Ali after realizing that Ali, a former Muslim herself, has criticized Islam in the past. In fact, criticizing Islam was the focus of her best-selling memoir ‘Infidel.’  

Cathy ReisenwitzCathy Reisenwitz is an Editor at Young Voices and a D.C.-based writer and political commentator. She is Editor-in-Chief of Sex and the State, a regular contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, and her writing has appeared in Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, and Talking Points Memo.

HUFFPO  The petition to reject her was written by a barely literate undergrad peeved that the university would honor someone who is “an outright Islamophobic.” (An “outright Islamophobic? Oh my, Brandeis certainly doesn’t have the high admission standards it used to)

It’s one thing to point out that, generally speaking, Islamic cultures worldwide tolerate what non-Islamic people would call misogyny more than other cultures. Female genital mutilation, child brides, violently enforced dress codes for women are more prevalent in Islamic societies than in non-Islamic societies. This is true, and needs to be said.


But it’s quite another to say Islam itself is misogynistic. Ali has pointed out that the Quran mandates harsh punishments for women and described the religion as a “cage.” Her message is that Islam oppresses women. She has said, “I think we are at war with Islam.” (And as someone who was born and raised into that culture, who better to speak for it, or, in her case, against it?)

It is lazy and unhelpful to take the craziest, worst people/aspects of a religion or ideology and use them to critique it as a whole. (But it’s not the craziest, worst people, it is most people, following the teachings of the quran)

It’s lazy because it lacks nuance and understanding. (Ah yes, “nuance,” the left’s new favorite buzzword to diminish the opinions of anyone with whom they disagree) Islam is the fastest-growing religion on the planet (mostly by force or intimidation). It’s been around a while and is practiced in a multitude of ways throughout the globe. To say it is necessarily anything, other than maybe monotheistic, is necessarily to stereotype and overgeneralize. (Spoken like a true ignorant liberal who knows nothing about Islam)


And it’s unhelpful. Because Islam isn’t the enemy, misogyny is. Calling Islam misogynistic makes Islam the enemy, which makes the Muslims who love it and hold it dear the enemy. (DING DING DING! That’s the first correct thing you’ve said)

You simply cannot decry an entire religion and then expect to be considered a credible source on how to make it better. (Ever hear of the Reformation?) Defeating the misogyny lurking in how many people practice Islam is best done by first understanding Islam, its context, and its history. (Something you obviously do not, but Hirsi Ali does)


It’s when people fail to do this that they are charged with “cultural imperialism.” And as culture reformers, it’s important to recognize the real threat it poses. There is an imperialist element and history to Western desire to go and tell the rest of the world how they should live. It is presumptuous, at the very least, to assume “our way” is better. That doesn’t mean we’re wrong. It does mean, however, that we should be careful. (Ah yes, a blame-America-first, self-hating, dhimmi Jew if ever there was one)

“Here’s how it might benefit you to do Islam this way,” is an easier, less problematic sell than “Islam is bad.” (Only if you haven’t been a victim of it)

However, we cannot be so afraid of cultural imperialism, as Brandeis appears to be (Brandeis IS), that we refuse to point out, or listen to those who point out, the ways the current practices of many Islamic communities are major human rights violations. (Exactly what Hirsi Ali does)


We need a healthy fear of cultural imperialism. But we cannot let that fear silence cultural critique. We must remember that respect for culture is needed to understand culture, which is needed to critique culture, which is needed to improve culture. (Let’s see how much “respect” you have after they slice off your clitoris)

While there is a tension, and we must beware of cultural imperialism and making enemies out of Muslims, that tension is not best dealt with by silencing Islam’s critics. The way to rebut Ali’s claims that Islam is fundamentally misogynist is to bring in Muslims who agitate for female equality. Because ultimately, a university which prides itself on social justice and equality should not be so afraid of charges of Islamophobia that it squelches critiques aimed at improving life for women and girls throughout the globe. (Yet, that is exactly what you have just done, Cathy)


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THE DEBATE IS OVER SAYS UN REPORT: “Palestinian men beat their wives because of the Zionists”


UN1In her recent report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, revives the bizarre, unsubstantiated accusation, made by one of her colleagues in 2005, that when Palestinian men beat their wives, it has to be Israel’s fault:

Violence against women:



UN Watch  Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory face multiple layers of violence and discrimination. The analysis made by the Special Rapporteur on violence against women in 2005 remains valid. She found that the combination of decades of Israeli occupation, the use of force against Palestinians by Israel, the different forms of resistance used by Palestinians against such use of force and the patriarchy prevailing in Palestinian society expose women to a continuum of violence in all spheres of life.

The 2005 analysis invoked by Pillay was published in a report by Yakin Ertürk, then the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women.




Why do Palestinian men beat their wives? The report tells us:

“Women with husbands explained that the dire economic situation and the pressures of the occupation have made men more violent because they have lost their ability to provide and protect — two essential elements of manhood in a traditional patriarchal society. As men become stripped of their manhood, women become the shock absorbers of the crises as targets of domestic violence.”

In other words: it’s Israel’s fault.



This dangerous theme of moral displacement pervades:

“Security measures are directed at the entire Palestinian population; in this regard, women are subjected to violence emanating from these measures in similar ways to other members of the society. However, owing to the diverse ways in which occupation and patriarchy intersect, the direct and indirect impact of security measures tends to have specific and compounded consequences for women. In order to demonstrate this, I focus on four measures employed by the Israeli authorities…”


By Navi Pillay regurgitating Erturk’s 2005 canard, the UN is once again telling Palestinian men that they have no moral agency, and bear little or no responsibility for their inhumane actions against women.

What the UN is doing, once again, is to displace moral responsibility and prime agency. Palestinian men are not primarily to blame for their violence against women, says the UN. Israel is.

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HONOR DIARIES: Brave Muslim women who are the voices behind the groundbreaking film about violence against women in the Muslim world

You’ve already seen the hissy fits in the media from CAIR about the content and producers of this film. Now hear from the activist Muslim women who have lived with and personally experienced the misogyny of honor violence committed against young girls and women by their own families.


Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interviews one of the producers of Honor Diaries Heidi Basch-Harod. She is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now and a courageous defender of women’s rights and humanitarian causes worldwide from Tibet to Kurdistan. Women’s Voices Now is one of over 35 partner organizations that joined that Clarion Project in making Honor Diaries.

She became involved with Honor Diaries a year and a half ago, and was inspired by the moving stories of the nine women activists that the film centers on. In this interview she talks about the scale and impact of the abuses of honor violence and FGM and the bold steps being taken to try and combat these injustices

Clarion Project – Addressing Islamic Extremism




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CAIR thugs in an uproar because Brandeis University is honoring Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born former Muslim, whom they label an “Islamophobe”


According to terror-linked CAIR, Brandeis University will honor an ‘Islamophobe’ who claims we are at war with Islam. CAIR reminds readers that Ali is the executive producter of ‘Honor Diaries’ – “the latest bit of Islamophobe propaganda from the Clarion Project.”


CAIR includes a quote from HIRSI ALI here: “I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars. Islam can be defeated in many ways. For starters, you stop the spread of the ideology itself; at present, there are native Westerners converting to Islam, and they’re the most fanatical sometimes. There is infiltration of Islam in the schools and universities of the West. You stop that. . .You look them in the eye and flex your muscles and you say, “This is a warning. We won’t accept this anymore. There comes a moment when you crush your enemy.”

INTERVIEWER asks: “Militarily?”

HIRSI ALI: “In all forms, and if you don’t do that, then you have to live with the consequence of being crushed.”


CAIR advises its readers voice their concern to Brandeis University and provides email addresses of Brandeis officials to whom complaints should be sent:

Fred Lawrence, President, Brandeis University 
Email:,,,,, Copy to:

If you don’t know Hirsi Ali, here she is in a recent interview with Michael Coren:


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SYRIAN WOMEN locked and loaded to help the National Defence Force (NDF) fight the “al-Qaeda baboons”

National Defence Force (NDF) has hundrends of women called the ‘Lionesses of National Defense’ which mostly operate at checkpoints. They are mainly deployed in the Homs area, but lately have been stationed in Damascus. The women are trained to use AK-47’s, heavy machine guns and grenades, and taught to storm and control checkpoints.


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CAIR is bloviating that a brilliant new film, ‘Honor Diaries,’ is “Islamophobic.” So what else is new?


Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on ‘honor violence’ against women and girls. Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from gender inequality, forced marriages and human rights abuses.

Haaretz   Clarion Project–#1 news site on the threat of Islamic extremism, after producing three films about Islamic supremacism, oppression and domination, ‘Obsession,’ ‘Third Jihad’ and ‘Iranium,’ has just released Honor Diaries.  Clarion, a non-profit group founded by a Canadian rabbi, teamed up with Muslim activists to produce ‘Honor Diaries,’ a documentary spotlighting the mutilation and murder of women and girls in Islamic societies around the world and even in Western societies.  

“More than a movie, ‘Honor Diaries’ is a movement meant to inspire viewers to learn more about issues facing women in Muslim-majority societies, and to act for change,” the filmmakers explain on their website. If its Arabic Facebook page is any indication – it’s garnered some 75,000 “likes” – the film definitely has someone talking.

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EGYPT: Cairo University student’s unconventional clothing nearly gets her raped by rabid male students

In a video that has gone viral on social networks, Cairo University security guards escort a student wearing tight black pants and a long sleeved pink top after she had to hide in a toilet from dozens of male students who were sexually harassing her.

Now we just have to hope her family won’t ‘honor kill her.’


News24  More than 99 percent of women in Egypt have been subjected to a form of harassment, according to a study carried out in 2013 by UN Women. Women report that they are harassed regardless of whether they are dressed in conservative Islamic veils or Western-style clothing.

University dean Gaber Nassar said the student’s outfit, which he described as “a bit unconventional,” led to the harassment, quickly adding that he was not justifying the incident. “This girl entered the university wearing an abaya (loose cloak) and then took it off in the faculty, and appeared with those clothes, that caused, in reality — but this doesn’t justify at all” the incident, Nassar said on private Egyptian channel ONTV. “I repeat that those who (harassed the girl) will be severely punished,” he wrote.

He said university guards turn away students who show up at campus dressed inappropriately. Most of Cairo University’s female students wear jeans and tops and avoid revealing clothes, and many wear the traditional Islamic headscarves, as do the majority of Egypt’s women.

Fathi Farid, with an anti-sexual harassment group, said male students had verbally attacked the woman and attempted to undress her. “The worst is that people always find justification for the harassment and blame it on the victim,” said Farid, founder of the “I saw harassment” campaign that documents sexual harassment against women.

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PAKISTAN: Teenage girl dies by self-immolation after police drop charges against gang who raped her

Officials said 18-year-old Amina Bibi set herself on fire outside a police station in the district of Muzaffargarh. She had accused officers of failing to investigate properly claims that she was sexually assaulted by several men on her way to college in January. Rape cases are rarely prosecuted in Pakistan.


BBC  Women who complain are often stigmatised, but it is rare for alleged sexual abuse victims to take such desperate measures, says the BBC’s World Service’s South Asia editor Anbarasan Ethirajan. The incident in the has caused outrage in Pakistan, particularly on social media, our correspondent adds.

Ms Bibi had complained that she was attacked by several men. The main suspect was initially arrested, and freed on bail, officials say. The other men allegedly involved were never identified. But police dropped charges against the main accused on Thursday, saying there was not enough evidence.


When she heard this, Ms Bibi went to the police station in the Muzaffargarh district in southern Punjab to lodge a protest. Later she doused her clothes in petrol and set herself on fire outside the police station.

“She was already depressed after going through the trauma, but after the release of the accused, she lost all hope of getting justice and set herself on fire,” her brother Ghulam Shabir told Reuters. He said his sister had been kidnapped in January and the attackers had tried to rape her.

Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission has condemned the incident. In a statement the organization said it hoped the government would “immediately launch practical measures to ensure that no other rape victim has to set herself ablaze to get noticed”.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, has taken up the case, and has summoned the local police chief, according to reports.


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Two Muslim women, safe in the UK, slam Malala Yousafzi, the Pakistani 15-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting education for girls


Apparently, some Muslim women believe that Malala lied about the Taliban trying to stop girls from attending school, accusing her of being a tool of the evil Western media who only want to vilify Islam.

Malala was 11 years old when the Taliban came to her hometown in Swat Valley in northwest Pakistan. Suddenly fear was everywhere. The town’s public square was nicknamed “Slaughter Square” because of all the beheadings and corpses. Women were publicly flogged. And Malala’s own father was targeted for death because he spoke out against the Taliban and for educating girls.


While others cowered in fear, Malala — named for a famous Afghan woman warrior — was filled with courage. When the Taliban issued an edict banning all girls from going to school, she spoke up when no one else would. She blogged about the Taliban attacks on schools for the BBC, and even appeared in a New York Times documentary, saying defiantly: “They cannot stop me. I will get my education — if it is in home, school, or anyplace.”


As she and her friends on the bus were singing on the way home, playing the sides of her school bus like a drum, she never imagined that the young man who boarded the bus and asked “Who is Malala?” was an assassin sent by the Taliban to kill her.

During her remarkable recovery, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, published a book, I Am Malala, and continues to publicly, bravely, fight so that girls around the world are guaranteed the right to an education.

In case you missed Malala’s story:

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