HONOR DIARIES: Brave Muslim women who are the voices behind the groundbreaking film about violence against women in the Muslim world

You’ve already seen the hissy fits in the media from CAIR about the content and producers of this film. Now hear from the activist Muslim women who have lived with and personally experienced the misogyny of honor violence committed against young girls and women by their own families.


Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interviews one of the producers of Honor Diaries Heidi Basch-Harod. She is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now and a courageous defender of women’s rights and humanitarian causes worldwide from Tibet to Kurdistan. Women’s Voices Now is one of over 35 partner organizations that joined that Clarion Project in making Honor Diaries.

She became involved with Honor Diaries a year and a half ago, and was inspired by the moving stories of the nine women activists that the film centers on. In this interview she talks about the scale and impact of the abuses of honor violence and FGM and the bold steps being taken to try and combat these injustices

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CAIR thugs in an uproar because Brandeis University is honoring Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born former Muslim, whom they label an “Islamophobe”


According to terror-linked CAIR, Brandeis University will honor an ‘Islamophobe’ who claims we are at war with Islam. CAIR reminds readers that Ali is the executive producter of ‘Honor Diaries’ – “the latest bit of Islamophobe propaganda from the Clarion Project.”


CAIR includes a quote from HIRSI ALI here: “I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars. Islam can be defeated in many ways. For starters, you stop the spread of the ideology itself; at present, there are native Westerners converting to Islam, and they’re the most fanatical sometimes. There is infiltration of Islam in the schools and universities of the West. You stop that. . .You look them in the eye and flex your muscles and you say, “This is a warning. We won’t accept this anymore. There comes a moment when you crush your enemy.”

INTERVIEWER asks: “Militarily?”

HIRSI ALI: “In all forms, and if you don’t do that, then you have to live with the consequence of being crushed.”


CAIR advises its readers voice their concern to Brandeis University and provides email addresses of Brandeis officials to whom complaints should be sent:

Fred Lawrence, President, Brandeis University 
Email: lawrence@brandeis.edu, cdharris@brandeis.edu, mlwalsh@brandeis.edu, elisa@brandeis.edu, mswig@brandeis.edu, obrien@brandeis.edu Copy to: info@cair.com

If you don’t know Hirsi Ali, here she is in a recent interview with Michael Coren:


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SYRIAN WOMEN locked and loaded to help the National Defence Force (NDF) fight the “al-Qaeda baboons”

National Defence Force (NDF) has hundrends of women called the ‘Lionesses of National Defense’ which mostly operate at checkpoints. They are mainly deployed in the Homs area, but lately have been stationed in Damascus. The women are trained to use AK-47’s, heavy machine guns and grenades, and taught to storm and control checkpoints.


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CAIR is bloviating that a brilliant new film, ‘Honor Diaries,’ is “Islamophobic.” So what else is new?


Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on ‘honor violence’ against women and girls. Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from gender inequality, forced marriages and human rights abuses.

Haaretz   Clarion Project–#1 news site on the threat of Islamic extremism, after producing three films about Islamic supremacism, oppression and domination, ‘Obsession,’ ‘Third Jihad’ and ‘Iranium,’ has just released Honor Diaries.  Clarion, a non-profit group founded by a Canadian rabbi, teamed up with Muslim activists to produce ‘Honor Diaries,’ a documentary spotlighting the mutilation and murder of women and girls in Islamic societies around the world and even in Western societies.  

“More than a movie, ‘Honor Diaries’ is a movement meant to inspire viewers to learn more about issues facing women in Muslim-majority societies, and to act for change,” the filmmakers explain on their website. If its Arabic Facebook page is any indication – it’s garnered some 75,000 “likes” – the film definitely has someone talking.

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EGYPT: Cairo University student’s unconventional clothing nearly gets her raped by rabid male students

In a video that has gone viral on social networks, Cairo University security guards escort a student wearing tight black pants and a long sleeved pink top after she had to hide in a toilet from dozens of male students who were sexually harassing her.

Now we just have to hope her family won’t ‘honor kill her.’


News24  More than 99 percent of women in Egypt have been subjected to a form of harassment, according to a study carried out in 2013 by UN Women. Women report that they are harassed regardless of whether they are dressed in conservative Islamic veils or Western-style clothing.

University dean Gaber Nassar said the student’s outfit, which he described as “a bit unconventional,” led to the harassment, quickly adding that he was not justifying the incident. “This girl entered the university wearing an abaya (loose cloak) and then took it off in the faculty, and appeared with those clothes, that caused, in reality — but this doesn’t justify at all” the incident, Nassar said on private Egyptian channel ONTV. “I repeat that those who (harassed the girl) will be severely punished,” he wrote.

He said university guards turn away students who show up at campus dressed inappropriately. Most of Cairo University’s female students wear jeans and tops and avoid revealing clothes, and many wear the traditional Islamic headscarves, as do the majority of Egypt’s women.

Fathi Farid, with an anti-sexual harassment group, said male students had verbally attacked the woman and attempted to undress her. “The worst is that people always find justification for the harassment and blame it on the victim,” said Farid, founder of the “I saw harassment” campaign that documents sexual harassment against women.

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PAKISTAN: Teenage girl dies by self-immolation after police drop charges against gang who raped her

Officials said 18-year-old Amina Bibi set herself on fire outside a police station in the district of Muzaffargarh. She had accused officers of failing to investigate properly claims that she was sexually assaulted by several men on her way to college in January. Rape cases are rarely prosecuted in Pakistan.


BBC  Women who complain are often stigmatised, but it is rare for alleged sexual abuse victims to take such desperate measures, says the BBC’s World Service’s South Asia editor Anbarasan Ethirajan. The incident in the has caused outrage in Pakistan, particularly on social media, our correspondent adds.

Ms Bibi had complained that she was attacked by several men. The main suspect was initially arrested, and freed on bail, officials say. The other men allegedly involved were never identified. But police dropped charges against the main accused on Thursday, saying there was not enough evidence.


When she heard this, Ms Bibi went to the police station in the Muzaffargarh district in southern Punjab to lodge a protest. Later she doused her clothes in petrol and set herself on fire outside the police station.

“She was already depressed after going through the trauma, but after the release of the accused, she lost all hope of getting justice and set herself on fire,” her brother Ghulam Shabir told Reuters. He said his sister had been kidnapped in January and the attackers had tried to rape her.

Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission has condemned the incident. In a statement the organization said it hoped the government would “immediately launch practical measures to ensure that no other rape victim has to set herself ablaze to get noticed”.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, has taken up the case, and has summoned the local police chief, according to reports.


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Two Muslim women, safe in the UK, slam Malala Yousafzi, the Pakistani 15-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting education for girls


Apparently, some Muslim women believe that Malala lied about the Taliban trying to stop girls from attending school, accusing her of being a tool of the evil Western media who only want to vilify Islam.

Malala was 11 years old when the Taliban came to her hometown in Swat Valley in northwest Pakistan. Suddenly fear was everywhere. The town’s public square was nicknamed “Slaughter Square” because of all the beheadings and corpses. Women were publicly flogged. And Malala’s own father was targeted for death because he spoke out against the Taliban and for educating girls.


While others cowered in fear, Malala — named for a famous Afghan woman warrior — was filled with courage. When the Taliban issued an edict banning all girls from going to school, she spoke up when no one else would. She blogged about the Taliban attacks on schools for the BBC, and even appeared in a New York Times documentary, saying defiantly: “They cannot stop me. I will get my education — if it is in home, school, or anyplace.”


As she and her friends on the bus were singing on the way home, playing the sides of her school bus like a drum, she never imagined that the young man who boarded the bus and asked “Who is Malala?” was an assassin sent by the Taliban to kill her.

During her remarkable recovery, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, published a book, I Am Malala, and continues to publicly, bravely, fight so that girls around the world are guaranteed the right to an education.

In case you missed Malala’s story:

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Aren’t you glad we sacrificed so many American lives to bring ‘democracy’ to Iraq?

Human Rights WatchIraqi authorities are detaining thousands of Iraqi women illegally and subjecting many to torture and ill-treatment, including rape and sexual abuse. And they don’t even have sharia law there. At least, not yet.

HRW  The 105-page report, “‘No One Is Safe’: Abuses of Women in Iraq’s Criminal Justice System,documents abuses of women in detention based on interviews with women and girls, Sunni and Shia, in prison; their families and lawyers; and medical service providers in the prisons at a time of escalating violence involving security forces and armed groups.

“Iraqi security forces and officials act as if brutally abusing women will make the country safer,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and N. Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “In fact, these women and their relatives have told us that as long as security forces abuse people with impunity, we can expect security conditions to worsen.”

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French patriot allegedly verbally attacked Muslim woman for breaking the law by wearing a full face headbag

Muslim fully-veiled woman was walking with her toddler in Moselle when a man stopped his car and allegedly shouted to the woman: “You have to go to Iraq eh [...]! In France, we do not dress like that! “ [...] “Go back to your own country …”.


CCIF  The woman alleges that the man was very agitated, and then left his vehicle, walked away, then eventually turned around and snatched the woman’s headbag while shouting “It is forbidden by law [...] here, we respect women.”

An unidentified man allegedly intervened.

The ‘victim’ is still in shock and was very afraid for her child  : “My stroller, which under the impact of physical aggression, had rolled to the curb … I ‘ve found wobbly against the wheel of a parked car. Something could have happened to my son … “ (Yeah, but it didn’t. Get over it, bitch)



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KUWAIT: Mosque finds a way to cut costs and eliminate all the pesky women wanting to pray there


Masjid Al-Farukh spokesman Samir Qays was thrilled to announce the completion of a new, state-of-the-art, completely virtual online women’s prayer hall. The online prayer hall will be accessible from any kitchen, living room, or other portion of the women’s homes.

HummusNews  The cloud-based forum features 1,400 square feet of e-prayer space, along with unlimited free “prayer tokens”, which can be redeemed for various cooking recipes. “That’s 400 square feet larger than the boring old physical prayer hall that men must endure.”, said Qays.

The Project is not without its critics. One of the main concerns regarding the project is cost. Leasing the  domain name (stay-pray.com) alone will set the Mosque back $12.99 (USD) per year. The cost of male guardians to access the internet for women using the service has also worried community members.


Despite the cost, Masjid Al-Farukh is confident that the large investment will pay dividends. “Anytime you spend this much on state-of-the-art technology, you’re going to turn a few heads. But hey, this is Al-Qadisiyyah, we’re not exactly known for taking a backseat when it comes to this stuff.



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SUDAN: Pregnant married teen who was gang raped by seven Muslims when she was three months pregnant could be stoned to death for adultery


The brutal gang rape was filmed and later spread on social media by the perpetrators.

UK Daily Mail  The married Ethiopian woman was just 18 years old, and three months pregnant, when she was subjected to the attack in August last year. She says she was searching for a new home in Omdurman,  near the capital Khartoum, and one of the seven accused lured her into an empty property on the premises of renting it out to her and her husband.

She was attacked and held down while a group of men, reportedly aged between 18 and 22, took turns in raping her, according to the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) network. Her ordeal was filmed by one of the perpetrators and was circulated on social media via WhatsApp several months after the attack.


When the video of the rape surfaced, the woman and the alleged rapists were arrested and accused of making and distributing indecent material and indecent behavior. After first being denied bail, and later charged with prostitution and adultery, the woman is now being prevented from making a formal complaint of rape.

Sudanese media reporting the case has tried to undermine the woman’s story by claiming she has HIV and is a prostitute, SIHA said. ‘The intention to place culpability on the part of the victim is of great concern and seeks to deflect and reduce accountability of the perpetrators, but more disturbing is that the charge of adultery carries with it the potential sentence of death by stoning if found guilty,’ SIHA said.



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Vast majority of Saudi men say: “Eye makeup on women is what causes them to be sexually assaulted”

Ironically, in a country where women are required to wear full-face and body coverings in public, more than 86% of men said that excessive makeup was the main cause of the increase in public molestation of women.

The Muslim niqab

Clarion Project  A survey conducted by the King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue in Saudi Arabia shows that Saudi men blame women for the rising rate of molestation in the Gulf. 

Saudi Arabia has no specific anti-molestations laws or penalties in place to combat indecent assault, a factor which was cited by 80 percent of the poll’s respondents as reason for  the increasing phenomenon of molestation of women. The survey made no mention of the strict modesty dress codes to which Saudi women must adhere.

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Saudi University female student dies of heart attack after male paramedics were barred from women-only campus to treat her

1017136_10152624101117119_459627328_nA King Saud University student has died of a heart attack after male paramedics were prevented by authorities from entering the women-only campus to treat her for more than an hour.  Thousands of people took to twitter to vent their anger at the treatment of Amna Bawazeer and blame the kingdom’s segregation rules for her death.

UK Daily Mail  She collapsed at King Saud University in the country’s capital Riyadh on Wednesday at about 11am but did not get seen by the ambulance crews until 12.45pm. But when emergency services arrived at the gates of the university, administrators barred the male crew from treating her, a local newspaper claimed.


When they were finally allowed to care for the victim she had died, it was reported. The university’s rector, Badran Al-Omar, denied the report, saying there was no hesitation in letting the paramedics in. He added that the university did all it could to save the life of the student.

Her death sparked a debate on Twitter by Saudis who created a hashtag to talk about the incident. Many Saudis said the kingdom’s rigorously enforced rules governing the segregation of the sexes were to blame for the delay in helping Ms Bawazeer.


Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam. Sexes are segregated in schools and almost all Saudi universities.  Women also have separate seating areas and often separate entrances in ‘family’ sections of restaurants and cafes where single males are not allowed. The kingdom’s top cleric has warned against the mixing of the genders, saying it poses a threat to female chastity and society.

In a shocking tragedy in 2002, a fire broke out at a girl’s school in Mecca, killing 15 students. Rights groups reported that religious police would not allow the girls to escape because they were not wearing headscarves or abayas, a traditional loose black cloak that covers the female body from the neck down: SAUDI Religious Police Made 15 School Girls Burn to Death Because They Were Not Wearing Hijabs


Colleges for women had been under the purview of the Department of Religious Guidance and clerics, but after the fire it was placed under the Education Ministry, which oversees male education.

Following Wednesday’s incident, professors at King Saud University also demanded an investigation. ‘We need management who can make quick decisions without thinking of what the family will say or what culture will say,’ said Professor Aziza Youssef.

One staff member who witnessed the situation said paramedics were not called immediately.  She said they were also not given immediate permission to enter the campus and that it appeared that the female dean of the university and the female dean of the college of social studies panicked.  The staff member spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from university management.

Al-Omar said the staff called campus health officials within minutes of Bawazeer collapsing and that about 25 minutes later they called paramedics. ‘They called the ambulance at 12.35pm and ambulance staff was there by 12.45pm and entered immediately. There was no barring them at all. They entered from a side door,’ he said.


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