Ah HAH! Now we know how faithful Muslims get to have 72 virgins to deflower repeatedly in Paradise

Saudi Sheik Yahya Al-Jana’ talks about the joys of Paradise, saying that Muslim men will have the strength of a hundred men and will be very busy “tearing hymens,” of the virgins of Paradise, whose breasts are “like pomegranates.” Best of all, after they rupture the hymens, Allah will immediately repair them, so they can become virgins again, which means true Muslims will never run short of virgins.


BREAKING! Spencer Stone, French train terrorist attack hero, stabbed in the chest several times in Sacramento, CA

There is suspicion he was recognized by somebody (Muslim?) and stabbed in an act of revenge. He reportedly is in critical but stable condition at the hospital following surgery.

Anyone who wishes can e -mail Spencer at airmanstone@us.af.mil

FILE - October 8: US Airman Spencer Stone, who stopped a terror attack on a train in France in August, has been stabbed several times, according to reports. SACRAMENTO, CA - SEPTEMBER 11: U.S. Air Force Airman First Class Spencer Stone shakes hands with the crowd during a parade honoring his August 21 actions in overpowering a gunman on a Paris-bound train on September 11, 2015 in Sacramento, California. Thousands lined the street along Capitol Mall to celebrate their hometown heroes. (Photo by Stephen Lam/ Getty Images)

U.S. Air Force Airman First Class Spencer Stone shakes hands with the crowd during a parade honoring his August 21 actions in overpowering a Muslim terrorist on a Paris-bound train on September 11, 2015. 

Air Force Times  Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, who helped take down a Muslim terrorist gunman on a train in Belgium, was stabbed four times in the chest in Sacramento early Thursday morning, Air Force Times has learned.

Stone suffered “multiple stab wounds to the torso,” KCRA‑TV reported. Police initially did not think the stabbing victim would survive and began treating the incident as a homicide investigation, but it now appears that the victim will pull through.

“He is alive and in stable condition at this time,” the Air Force said in a statement provided to NBC News. “We do not have any information as to the events preceding the incident.”


MUSLIM TROUBLE IN PARADISE? German officials attempt to hide news of Muslim refugee crimes, especially rapes, robberies, and assaults, fearing massive backlash from German people

Capture6Authorities in Germany are deliberately keeping quiet about crimes occurring in refugee shelters, especially those involving brutality against women, as the country’s policy of taking in asylum-seekers and providing them with sustenance and a monthly stipend has enraged many, who see the massive influx of young, mostly male Muslims as a threat.


Sputnik News  Germany is failing to control rampant crime among its new refugee population, but authorities are afraid to disclose the matter to the press. The influx has already enraged many ordinary Germans, who made their opinions known in Dusseldorf and other cities for the first time last year during anti-Islamisation protests.

The country is expected to take in 1.5 million refugees in 2015, according to the Telegraph, which cited leaked government figures on Monday. For comparison’s sake, Germany’s largest city, Berlin, had a population of fewer than 3.5 million in 2010, when its third largest city, Munich, had a population of about 1.35 million.

Planned Muslim refugees home was burnt down in Remchingen, Germany

Planned Muslim refugee home was burnt down before it could be occupied in Remchingen, Germany

Adult men account for almost three fourths of all asylum seekers in Germany; women and children account for the remaining fourth. Women, who comprise the minority, often become victims of an increasing number of crimes, especially sexual assault, rape and, reportedly, forced prostitution.

For now, the general line for German officials is to wage war against anti-Islamization groups by giving speeches in public. The aim is to disperse rumors circulating all over the country and around the social media regarding how dangerous migrants from Middle East are.

Germans are furious, as protests continue to rise and arson attacks on refugee centers increase – revolution next?


Why is designated terrorist group CAIR condemning this FOX News report about Muslims as “racist and Islamophobic?” What ‘race’ is Islam?


CAIR whined that O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters mocked Muslims in Dearbornistan, Michigan, which O’Reilly called a “Mecca, pardon the pun, for Muslim Americans, 45% of the population there is of Middle Eastern extraction.” Well, it IS!

The introduction to “Watters’ World: The Arabic Edition” stated that Muslims “control the city council and the police chief is also Muslim,” as if that is somehow suspicious. Arabic music was played in throughout the segment. When several people interviewed said they were from Yemen, Watters joked, “Gotta be careful of the drone strikes.” A person was asked, “What do you think about all the Muslims here in Dearborn,” the man said, “They’re bad. They’re not friendly.” Watters asked one man, “Do you miss the desert.”
He asked about “sharia law” and why Muslims “dislike America.” When a woman wearing an Islamic head scarf decried the fact that people think of terrorists when they think of Muslims, Watters said, “There is a reason for that.”


Traitor-in-Chief Obama threatens to defund the military if he can’t give all of the most dangerous Muslim terrorists at Gitmo a get-out-of-jail card

111008_obamagitmo-viThe Fascist Obama Regime announced that Barack Hussein Obama would veto the defense authorization bill if Congress did not close down Guantanamo Bay prison for Muslim terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


Breitbart  White House press secretary Josh Earnest explained that the House funding bill would be vetoed “principally because…of the irresponsible way that it funds our national defense priorities, but also because of the efforts to prevent the closure [of] the prison at Guantanamo Bay.” He added that Democrats would sustain Obama’s veto, and defense authorization would die.

Obama’s strong stand on Gitmo underscores two vital points. First, President Obama does not fear defunding America’s national security. Second, Obama does not fear Republicans in Congress.


The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been authorized for five decades running. The current NDAA fully funds the military through a workaround measure, thanks to President Obama’s demands that a huge chunk of sequestration cuts come from defense funding. Now Democrats complain that the workaround measure isn’t good enough: Republicans should bust open the bank again.

But that’s not Obama’s main criticism of the NDAA. He has long had a bug in his ear with regard to Gitmo, which he feels has strengthened terrorists’ feelings about the evils of the United States. Given his recent moves to parlay with the Cuban dictatorship as well, Obama may want to hand Gitmo in totality back to the Cuban government.


The fact that Obama would be willing to dramatically cut America’s military funding, even as Russia takes over Ukraine and Syria, as Iran gears up for a big regional military push, as China continues its aggressive behavior in the South China Sea, demonstrates Obama’s top priority is doing leftist work, not protecting the United States.

In fact, Obama’s choice to prioritize Gitmo above national security isn’t a choice at all: Obama wants America’s military slashed, and he wants Gitmo closed.


Obama believes that Republicans fear defense defunding more than he must – their constituents will hold them accountable, while he’s in pure “f*** it list” mode. He also thinks that Republicans are unwilling to undergo a head-to-head matchup with him under almost any circumstances.

Shutting down America’s defense funding would be a crowning achievement for a president who cares more about weakening America’s role in the world than defending her citizens.



GERMANY: Hey, where are all those smiling Germans with the ‘Welcome Refugees’ signs now?

011Muslim women migrants sent to hospitals in Germany refuse to be treated by male doctors and Muslim men refuse to be treated by female doctors. German female doctors and nurses are afraid to get anywhere near the “African animals” as they call them because the animals behave like Muslim supremacists, grabbing at the nurses and female doctors, calling them whores, while demanding special religious accommodations from the hospital staff and expecting it all for free.


Muslim patients are arriving with TB, AIDS & exotic diseases never before seen in Europe. And it’s only a matter of time before the hospital staff starts coming down with these diseases.

When Muslim migrants find out they have to pay for drugs to treat their sick children, they abandon them in the hospital, telling the pharmacy staff to take care of their children.


Until now, there were 2.2 million unemployed in Germany. Now there will be 1 million more who don’t want to work or are totally unemployable. Muslim migrants expect to get everything for free and when they don’t they throw a fit and often get violent.

The media don’t report about the Muslim migrant in Germany who stabbed a doctor and two nurses with a knife when they couldn’t save a deathly ill infant or about the Muslim migrant who threw syphilis-infected urine into the face of a nurse. No, the media are content to paint a pretty picture of an increasingly uncontrollable situation, which is getting worse everyday.


MUSLIM SAVAGES: Syrian Muslim gang rape victim who fled to Germany is stabbed to death in ‘honor’ killing ordered by her own mother

2D28C45D00000578-3262990-image-m-18_1444205953837A young woman, Rokstan M, 20, (photo right) whose family branded her ‘unclean’ after she was gang-raped by Muslims in her Syrian homeland has been found murdered, allegedly by her father and brothers in Germany, evidently on the orders of her own mother…in the twisted Muslim logic that she had brought disgrace upon her family because of the rape attack.

UK Daily Mail  Shortly before she was found dead in an allotment garden in the eastern German city of Dessau, she apparently had a premonition of her fate. Writing on her WhatsApp profile, she said: ‘I am awaiting death. But I am too young to die.’

Rokstan had been living in a house for single women before returning to her family a few days before she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. The killing has served to pull into sharp focus the cultural gulf between Germans and the more than one million Muslim invaders expected to arrive in the country this year.

Suspects: Rokstan’s father (left) and two brothers (pictured centre and right) below are wanted for questioning.


Rokstan had arrived in Germany two years ago following her ordeal.  Authorities say she was well integrated into society and worked as a translator for asylum seekers navigating their way through German bureaucracy.

Her body was found on Friday in the family’s allotment in Dessau. An autopsy showed she had been stabbed several times. The father and brothers are wanted for questioning but are nowhere to be found. The Federal Police believe the father, Hasso, has fled Germany and is now in either Turkey or Syria. 

But author Krüger claimed the mother actually ordered the killing and once tried to hire a hit man to carry it out.



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