House Minority bimbo, Nancy Pelosi, quotes the ‘prophet’ Mohammed at the National Prayer Breakfast

pelosi_syriaThe Christian-hating left’s mission to promote Islam as a religion of peace in the same Abrahamic tradition as Christianity and Judaism was on display as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opened the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. with a quote from the Jew and Christian-hating prophet Mohammed:

“None of you has faith until he loves for his brother or his neighbor what he loves for himself.’”

Truth Revolt On the heels of Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to a terror-linked mosque, where he  declared that Muslims are keeping Americans safe, and reiterated a version of his threat that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” Pelosi went on to make sure the audience gets the message that we’re not just a nation of Judeo-Christian values, but of Judeo-Christian-Muslim values.



“Rape is the most natural thing in the world,” say Muslim rapists being supported by the state in Belgium

“Rape is the most natural thing in the world,” and “women must obey men,” were just two of the defenses offered by some of the seven Muslim invaders recently arrested for a gang rape of an unconscious 17-year-old white girl in Ostend, the Het Laaste Nieuws (HLN) newspaper has reported.


New Observer  The gang rape took place in November 2015, and was reported to the police—but the seven Muslims arrested—including at least two “asylum seekers”—were only identified as the perpetrators after an investigation into an unrelated incident revealed a deleted cell phone video of the attack.

One of the Muslims, a 14-year-old who goes to a local school, was being investigated for “possible radicalization” after he started showing people pictures of himself on Facebook in military clothes and holding a firearm.


When the police took possession of his cell phone, they recovered a deleted video on the device’s hard drive which showed the invader, along with six others, “dancing, laughing, and singing in Arabic around their victim who was lying passed out,” HLN  reported.

The men then pulled down her underwear, pushed her legs apart, and groped and raped her. All seven are Iraqis, and two of them only recently arrived in Europe along with the Angela Merkel-inspired nonwhite “refugee” invasion.


The offenses were committed in a private home in Ostend, police reported, and the detectives were able to quickly identify all those involved, leading to their arrests on February 2, the newspaper continued.

When under questioning, the Muslims flippantly remarked that the victim has “nothing to complain about. Women must obey men.” A second attacker told the police that the girl asked to have sex with them, even though the video shows her to be unconscious. A third told the police that “rape was the most natural thing in the world.”


Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, was quoted as saying that the invaders would all be deported upon completion of their prison sentences.



RUSSIA: When Muslim migrants go clubbing just to harass and molest Russian women, they get a beatdown by Russian men and end up in the hospital

A group of 51 Muslim migrants were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club.


Daily Caller (h/t Mano)  The Muslims had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

The Muslims allegedly groped and harassed women in a similar manner as the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A group of male Russian took them aside to “educate” them that “Cologne is 2,500 kilometers south of here.


The refugees tried to flee but were quickly captured by the Russians. They then took them out to the street and gave them a beating they will remember. Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them. Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be taken to the hospital.

Police decided to let the beatings slide and didn’t file a report. The only thing they could confirm was that there was “a mass brawl involving refugees.”

One Russian man takes on gang of Muslim thugs:

Also in Russia, when a Muslim mouths off to two Russians, he barely lives to survive it. Russian media called it an “Islamophobic” shooting, caught on CCTV in a subway car.


5PillarsUK  One of the attackers brandished a pistol and lashed out at the Muslim, then pointed the pistol in his face before firing a second round. The other attacker then  shot into the abdomen of Khashim Latipov, 30, from Dagestan.

Hundreds of outraged Russians — blaming a Muslim migrant for the fatal stabbing of a local man — attacked businesses in a southern district of Moscow run by Muslim natives of the Caucasus region.

Protesters stormed a shopping centre, smashing windows, and then overran a wholesale vegetable market searching for Muslim migrant workers. There were chants of “Russia for the Russians”

Ethnic Russian Yegor Shcherbakov, 25, was killed on Thursday in front of his girlfriend. Police have released a security camera photo of the suspect, but have not identified him, but by all appearances, the killer was a Muslim migrant from the Russian North Caucasus.

Meanwhile in Germany, Russian immigrants aren’t waiting around for the feckless police to do anything about the massive rape wave by Muslims on girls, especially when they are Russian girls.

MSFP News  After the reported 30-hour sexual assault and gang rape by Muslims on a 13 year old Russian-German girl, around 400 Russians went to a Muslim hostel and beat to a pulp a gang of Arab and Moroccan Muslims, who tried to futilely resist by firing guns at the Russians


A conflict of this scale has never happened before in Germany since the beginning of the mass migration of refugees into the country. The abuse of women by migrants in Cologne and multiple cases of rape have angered the local population. The policy of non-intervention by the police and attempts to gloss over the crimes committed by Muslim invaders  has forced people to protect their families.


Russian migrants were the first who rose to defend their families with the use of arms. “If my daughter or wife was harassed by the migrants, I would take a bat and smash them up.”  But rape isn’t the only problem with Muslim invaders. “In Frankenberg, the supermarket “Hermes” was transformed into a Muslim refugee shelter which houses a thousand people.


“Local residents are outraged by the impudent behaviour of migrants. They are stealing masses of products from the shops. When cashiers call the guards, they pretend to not understand the language. The mayor of Frankenberg arrived at one of these incidents, and tried to speak to them in several languages, but to no avail. In the end, he paid for the migrants. This caused observers of this incident to ask: why do the native Germans spend their life working hard, when the migrants get everything for free?”

Here’s a street fight between Russians and Muslims last year. Muslims don’t do very well unless they outnumber their opponents by 4 to 1.


GENDER APARTHEID: University of Iowa caves to Muslim demands for two segregated prayer rooms

muzziesThe University of Iowa is re-configuring two former offices in the Iowa Memorial Union to serve as full-time prayer spaces for Muslims – one for men and one for women – that will serve the university’s handful of Muslim students and faculty. Muslims claim they are required to pray 5 times a day at specific times. What they don’t tell you is that Islam allows them to make up missed prayers at any time in the day.

uss-prayer-room-men-womenPress Citizen (h/t Ulysses)  The decision, made late last year, comes in response to a long-standing request from the university’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Student Association to offer a centrally located space in which the growing number of Muslims on campus can complete their daily religious obligations.

“The necessity had been well established for a while,” said Tom Rocklin, UI’s vice president for student life. “It was more a question of when the opportunity to do something came up.”


Motier Haskins, faculty adviser for UI’s Muslim Student Association, described the two new prayer rooms — located in Rooms 206 and 208 of the IMU — as a “step in the right direction.” “(They are) two small but newly carpeted and painted rooms, one for men and one for women located, centrally in the IMU with 24/7 access,” he said.

Each of the rooms provides space for between 15 and 20 people assembling for joint prayer, said Mohammed Ismail, a biochemistry major and event coordinator for the UI Muslim Student Association. (Will they provide special Muslim footbaths, too or will they still have to  wash their feet in regular sinks?)


Muslim footbaths

Muslim footbaths

“We’ve very happy what they gave us,” Ismail said. “It’s a big place for the moment, but we may see a need for a bigger room in the future.”

Haskins, a UI clinical associate professor of social work, has tried to find a more permanent prayer site for UI’s Muslim population since he came to the university in 2007. Around that time, UI administrators made Danforth Chapel available for daily prayers, which Haskins said initially seemed an ideal solution.


But after a handful of gatherings, it became obvious the chapel, with benches, an altar and a cross, was anything but a “neutral” religious space. It simply wasn’t going to work for a group whose members spread out rugs and blankets to sit, kneel and stand on during prayers.

Many Muslim students, faculty and staff report feeling tension on campus as they seek discrete places in which to offer their five daily prayers, at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and night.


Leave it to the dhimmi BBC to interview a Muslim spokesbaghead from designated terrorist group CAIR about Obama’s repugnant, dishonest speech at a terrorist-linked mosque in Baltimore

images-2As if we need to hear more Muslim whining about honest, but politically incorrect anti-Islam political candidates, who for the first time ever are exposing this death-cult posing a religion for the existential threat that many of its followers pose to the West and civilization.

Not even sure this woman is human. We can see her lips moving and eyes blinking but nothing else on her face moves. Kind of like Ahmed the dead terrorist.


MISSOURI: Maryville University Muslim group invites women to experience the ‘joy’ of being an oppressed, subservient, second-class citizen for a day

56b103910c1f8.imageGET YOUR FREE HEADBAG! On ‘Hijab Awareness Day’ at Maryville University in Missouri, a Muslim Brotherhood front group – Muslim Student Association (MSA) – asked non-Muslim women to put a bag on their heads and parade them all around campus in order to ‘feel what it’s like to be a Muslim baghead’ by the reactions of other students.


Maryville Pawprint (h/t Frank H) Maryville Muslim students hosted Hijab Awareness Day on Tuesday, Feb. 2, to dispel ‘misconceptions’ about the headscarf and build greater understanding between people of all faiths. (Don’t bother, people of other faiths already understand what an oppressive, misogynistic, hate-filled cult that Islam is)


President of MSA Shehmin Awan said, “We hope to provide people of different faiths, or no faith, the opportunity to experience a part of Islam in a safe, friendly, and open environment” (unlike in their own countries where uncovered women are considered ‘sluts’).

Gee, I hope that isn't a real uniform

Gee, I hope that isn’t a real uniform

“Hijab comes from the word Hijaba which means to conceal, it is a way of living and a way of dressing,” explained  Shehmin Awan.

MSA vice president, Duaa Kuziez, then emphasized how “The way of living also is to act modestly, modesty is the biggest thing about it.” Both Duaa and Shehmin stressed that “[the hijab] is not a form of oppression.” (And if they say otherwise, there will be hell to pay)


MSA had 35 students participate in Hijab Awareness day. Shehim told us MSA is trying to do more hands on experiences, so students can get a feel for it themselves. MSA is on a mission to provide students with the right information and urges students to ask them questions about the religion of Islam.


“We want to give the community a reason to believe that Muslims are not what they are represented on TV. (Fat chance!) That Islam doesn’t teach violence, show them the real Islam, not the perverted version they see on TV,” Shehmin said. (The violence is not a perverted version of Islam, the violence IS Islam and comes straight out the quran)




MINNESOTASTAN elementary school bans Valentine’s Day because it “threatens our culture of tolerance” (for the most intolerant people on earth)

Hey, if your beliefs are still steeped in a 7th Century misogynistic culture where the concept of fun is alien and men can have four wives and several female slaves, you’d probably hate Valentine’s Day, too.


FOX News  The Baby Jesus, Tom Turkey and Cupid are about to be given the heave-ho at a Minnesota elementary school to be more inclusive of their ethnically diverse student population. 

Bruce Vento Elementary School, in St. Paul, has decided to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day along with other “dominant holidays” including Thanksgiving and Christmas. “My personal feeling is we need to find a way to honor and engage in holidays that are inclusive of our student population,” Principal Scott Masini wrote in a letter to parents.


The Star-Tribune reports the letter was surfaced on a private Facebook page titled, “Supporting St. Paul Students and Teachers.” “I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view,” the principal noted.


The Star-Tribune reports Masini made the decision to can the holidays in consultation with his staff. “One of the concerns that I have,” he wrote, “…is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”


Even the folks at Minnesota Public Radio got riled up – and they’re not exactly a bastion of conservative thought. “A St. Paul school is putting a stake in the very heart of Valentine’s Day,” Bob Collins wrote. 

The principal told me via email that it was “truly not a story” – and then referred me to the district for further clarification. Saint Paul Public Schools released a statement to the Star-Tribune that certainly seemed to defend the principal’s ban on heart-shaped candies.


“Because Saint Paul Public Schools is a diverse district that is filled with families from around the world we strive to respect all cultures and all students,” they wrote. “We recognize that not every student celebrates or participates in some or all holidays.

We have a board policy that discourages programs and festivities that celebrate observances unless they are required by law.”


It sounds to me like the St. Paul area is infected with a case of ethnic sensitivity – a diagnosis confirmed by the district spokesperson. She explained to me that their schools include many, many cultures – students from around the world – including a very large Somali MUSLIM population.

That’s all well and good, but the children live in America now. They are presumably Americans. As such they and their families should be acclimating to the American way of life. They no longer live in Somalia. They live in the United States. And in the United States we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Of course, there could be another reason behind the holiday ban. Perhaps no one wanted to be Principal Masini’s Valentine. Or maybe Santa Claus left a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking? Or maybe, just maybe, he got the short end of the wishbone?


Superintendent Valeria Silva, of St. Paul Public Schools,

Here is the information for the pathetic principal: 

Scott Masini, Bruce F. Vento Elementary
409 Case Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55130
Phone: 651-293-8685

Muslim cleric warns that Valentine’s Day is MORE dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera combined!


What if there really ‘is’ a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?

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Long before the Paris attacks, or the San Bernadino couple had gone on their rampage or the Philly policeman had been shot by a Muslim man while shouting “Allahu Akbar,” the author could see into the future.

The idea of America becoming an Islamic State has never been taken seriously. But just look at Europe: In less than two months, Germany has been flooded with more than a million Muslims, most of them military-age men posing as refugees and wreaking havoc on the native citizens -raping young girls, destroying refugee asylum centers, demanding money and free housing, and even worse, disappearing into the general population with no way to track them. And there’s no end in sight to this European mass migration. 

Think it can’t happen in America? Barack Hussein Obama has been importing tens thousands of unvetted third world Muslims EVERY YEAR for the past 7 years, using UPS planes and other federal/commercial transport under the dark of night. He is dumping them mainly in Bible-belt and Conservative Red states where the majority will spend their lives on welfare. Some come with multiple wives (legal in Islam) and large litters of children. No way to know how many of them are ISIS or al-Qaeda sleeper cells or lone-wolf terrorists.

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DESTROYED BY MUSLIM MIGRATION Swedish police officer: “I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm”

‘I have worked in Gothenburg for over 30 years and I have never known anything like it,’ said the officer. ‘I will not let my children go into the city after 2pm and never at night. There are violent Muslim gangs roaming around the streets and the use of knives and other weapons have become normal, rather than a rarity as it used to be.’


  • Social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, was murdered in Mölndal on Monday
  • Gothenburg suburb last year took in more unaccompanied refugee children than anywhere else in the country – 4,041 added to a population of 63,000 
  • Received £22.6million to provide housing for unaccompanied minors – the most state funding per capita than any town or city in Sweden  
  • Crime figures reveal there were 222 criminal complaints linked to migrant centres – between 20 October 2015 and 8 January this year 

UK Daily Mail Last year, Sweden, with a population of 9.8 million, took in more than 160,000 asylum seekers. Just over three out of every 2,000 citizens are now refugees.

The Gothenburg suburb of Mölndal is in the spotlight this week after the young, beautiful social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack at the Muslim child migrant centre where she worked.

‘We have become completely overwhelmed,’ one policeman with over 30-years-service with Gothenburg Police told MailOnline. ‘We have given up with drug crime. We just don’t have the resources.’ Instead officers are trying to fight back the explosion of violent street crime that has erupted in recent months.


‘There are 20 robberies in Gothenburg every day – usually with violence or the threat of violence. ‘This week an 83-year-old lady had a gun put in her face when she was mugged on her way to play bingo. They got away with just 50 Kroner [about £4].

It was also claimed this week police had been forced to flee after being attacked by a mob of asylum seekers as they tried to relocate a ten-year-old boy amid allegations he had been ‘raped repeatedly’ at a refugee centre.

And staff at a migrant centre in Sweden had to flee where 19 asylum seekers ran riot with weapons.


‘In the summer there were mass shootings with lots of people killed, including a little girl.’ He added the city streets were now at the mercy of gangs of young men mainly from North Africa.

‘They will do anything to get money – steal a person’s wallet, iPhone, jewelry. And then they will attack their victim and kick them half to death.


‘There are 20 robberies in Gothenburg every day – usually with violence or the threat of violence. ‘This week an 83-year-old lady had a gun put in her face when she was mugged on her way to play bingo. They got away with just 50 Kroner [about £4].

‘In the summer there were mass shootings with lots of people killed, including a little girl.’ He added the city streets were now at the mercy of gangs of young men mainly from North Africa.


And in the capital Stockholm police this week warned that the capital’s main train station was ‘overrun’ by gangs of Moroccan street children ‘stealing and groping girls’.

Swedish police revealed they have sent plain-clothes officers to monitor swimming baths in Stockholm after increased reports of sexual harassment of girls and women.


‘Drug crime has gone through the roof. Every drug is available on the street nowadays, even in broad daylight.

‘And when the police arrest someone nowadays the suspect often fights back – with a knife or a screwdriver. This is not something we have seen before.’”



CHRISTIAN LEADER ISSUES DIRE WARNING: “Islam is more protected in America than Christianity is”

islamA preacher at age 18, Dr. Jerry A. Johnson is now the president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), an organization that thinks our government protects Islam more than Christianity. “NRB wants to be for the First Amendment, what NRA [National Rifle Association] is for the Second Amendment,” he says in this 22-minute exclusive video interview (below) for The Daily Caller News Foundation.


Daily Caller The federal government is “pushing down” against Christian principles, he explains. Johnson cites concerns that the Federal Communications Commission may decide that broadcasting Christian content is not “in the public interest.”

He worries the Internal Revenue Service may deny tax-exempt status to those who espouse contrary positions from the progressive orthodoxy. Hospitals and charities — often begun as Christian charities — must now perform abortions despite their moral foundations. He even fears the Department of Education may use its accreditation leverage to mandate towing the line on same-sex marriage or Islam-friendly policies.

Dr. Jerry Johnson

Dr. Jerry Johnson

“[You] haven’t heard the president or the State Department condemn the brutal killings of Christians in the Middle East. If some little Muslim group gets pushed around overseas, we hear about that immediately,” Johnson says.

Watch the full Jerry Johnson video HERE


Like Sweden, Britain, & France, Germany has Muslim NO-GO ZONES where even police are afraid to go

NoGoZones_0Not surprisingly, the German government refuses to acknowledge that these Muslim NO-GO Zones exist, even though German police have admitted to losing all control of the Muslim immigrant problem neighborhoods.


Breitbart  The latest admission of the developing problem of no-go zones in Europe comes from state police in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a west German state that borders Belgium and the Netherlands. Here, an inquiry by a Conservative Democratic Union (CDU) politician into the state of policing has elicited an embarrassing admission of failure by local police to keep the situation under control.

The CDU parliamentary deputy Gregor Golland’s question had revealed 78 per cent of all local regions within NRW have had to bring in external re-enforcements this year due to migrant criminal gangs, reports the Rheinische Post.


The migrant crime in the state is blamed on flourishing criminal gangs, particularly ones emerging from the Lebanon and Serbia, which have proven difficult for the police to penetrate. CDU deputy Gregor Golland has criticised the political establishment in NRW for allowing this state of affairs for developing, where “criminal parallel societies are seeking the upper hand, or those already solidifying”. 


This is not by far the first time politicians and police officers have spoken out about no-go zones and rising migrant crime and violence. High-profile woman police officer Tania Kambouri remarked on the subject during an interview this month, as she discussed the lack of respect young Muslim men displayed towards their new home, and the officers who keep the law in it.


Stating that young Muslim men proudly proclaim “shit on Germany”, Mrs. Kambouri said police had already lost control in some areas of the country. The officer expressed concern that anyone who raised these issues was instantly discredited and denounced as a “Nazi.”


Elsewhere in Germany the migrant crime wave is also being felt. New end of year police statistics from the State of Saxony have shown a 47 per cent rise in Migrant crime in 2015 compared to 2014, with ten per cent of all migrants in the state suspected of or convicted of crime, even before crimes relating to being in Germany illegally are factored in.