UK: Muslim sharia squads accused of confiscating students’ Easter eggs

Children who took Easter eggs to class allegedly had them confiscated by “Muslim sharia/morality squads” patrolling a school in Birmingham, England.


National Post  The school is at the centre of an investigation into claims Islamic hardliners are attempting to infiltrate and run secular state schools in the city.

The mother of one of the students — who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals — told the Daily Express that groups of older students were taking the eggs from younger children and teachers were ignoring their actions.

“My daughter tried to bring in an Easter egg for a friend and one boy grabbed it and smashed it against a wall,” she said. “Another girl of about 11 brought in a little Easter bunny toy that she wanted to show her friends. They grabbed that off her too. All talk of Christmas and other non-Muslim festivals is banned. The teachers just turn a blind eye to it.” (I guess she didn’t bring in one of the Cadbury ‘halal’ bunnies)


She added, “Older boys are going round in these morality squads telling off girls if they do not wear veils.”

At least six schools in the city have been implicated in a “Trojan Horse” plot by extremists to “Islamize” secular state education. This has included illegal segregation of students according to sex and discrimination against non-Muslims. Up to 20 more schools are also under investigation. (See links below)






You know indoctrination of radical Islamic ideology is bad in England when Muslim parents are complaining about their children being radicalized by Muslim teachers in public schools


Barack Hussein Obama and Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR don’t want the Supreme Court to decide whether or not Jerusalem is part of Israel

Over objections from the White House and CAIR, the nation’s highest court said Monday it would decide if passports of Jerusalem-born American citizens can identify Israel as their place of birth.

A US government official with the State

NY POST  The last thing the Obama administration needs is more meddling in the Middle East peace process — and this time, the meddler is the US Supreme Court. Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations warned, “We believe it would be best not to rock the boat, in terms of promotion of political agendas from the United States.”

The United States has refused to recognize Israel’s claim of sovereignty over the Holy City, and lists simply Jerusalem as the birthplace for Americans born there. But the parents of Menachem Zivotofsky, 11, have been suing for years to get his American passport to identify his birthplace as “Jerusalem, Israel.”

The high court will hear the case during its term that starts in October, with a decision expected by June 2015, four months before Menachem’s bar mitzvah.



TEXAS Internet Service Provider blocking access to BNI


This just in from a BNI reader:

Good morning Bonni,


I have a buddy in Afghanistan who is retired U.S. Army currently working over there as a contractor.  He and I pass web articles back and forth all the time while he is deployed.  Both of us frequent BNI… until now.  He just tried to access your site and found it blocked.  It wasn’t blocked less than 2 weeks ago.  We’ll be filing complaints with the ISP, and I wanted to let you know in case you have the desire to do so as well.  He is passing the info around Afghanistan to let users over there know.  This is a disgusting restriction of freedom of speech to accommodate a bunch of head chopping boy molesting opium growing savages.  The ISP is, and they are based out of Houston, TX of all places.  They have a monopoly which rips off soldiers for over $10 Million annually for crappy service, and now they are restricting free speech.  They have yet to block other sites such as Jihadwatch, gatesofvienna, Act!, etc.  Just you so far, it seems.  Sniper Support helpdesk, toll-free at 1-855-362-7701

Complain here:

If you feel a site is being blocked in error, please contact us at

Just thought you should know.  Keep up the good work. 

(Name Deleted)

GERMANY: Turkish Muslim candidate changes Christian Democratic Party logo to an Islamic one

How long before Muslim politicians in Germany will be flying the black flag of jihad?

IslamvsEurope (h/t passerby)  Local elections are to be held in the German town of Neuss (Neuß) on the 25th of May. A Muslim candidate of Turkish origin, Yasar Calik (photo below), from the Christian Democratic Union party, has now added the Islamic half moon and star to the logo of the party, in an apparent effort to get all the Muslim votes. (Not that he wouldn’t get them even without desecrating the logo)




INDONESIA, the world’s largest Muslim nation, is home to the Surabaya ‘Zoo of Death,’ where the latest victim of this wretched animal park was a lion found hanging by its neck in its cage


INDONESIA’S SURUBAYA ZOO, where more than 50 animals have died in the last 3 months; where a giraffe died with 20kg of plastic bags in its stomach; where a Sumatran tiger’s digestive tract rotted away after it was routinely fed formaldehyde-laced meat; where an 18-month old lion got his head stuck between steel cables in his cage and strangled to death


UK Daily Mail  The world’s cruellest zoo has claimed another victim after an African lion was found hanging in its cage, it emerged today. The Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia, which has outraged readers around the world after an expose on the treatment of its animals, is being investigated by police following the death of the 18-month-old lion called Michael. But the lion’s body was removed before police were able to examine it and cannot now be found.

In the wake of Michael the lion’s death, zoo spokesman Agus Supangkat denied that his death was caused by zookeepers’ negligence. ‘We are still investigating how the steel cables could entrap the African lion’s head,’ he told the Globe.  ‘Michael was relatively young. He was only one and a half years old.

A MailOnline investigation into the zoo before Christmas found numerous cases of animals living in miserable conditions, including a young elephant that was chained by three legs, one of which was ulcerated because of its tight shackles.

Dozens of petitions were started pleading for the zoo to be closed and animal rights groups have added their voice to the demands. But a management team, headed by the Surabaya Mayor, Mrs Tri Rismaharini, has resisted improvements saying they want to retain the original structures erected by Dutch colonialists in 1916.

UK Daily Mail  The young elephant has tugged at his shackled hind leg so often that the manacles have cut through the flesh, leaving it raw. Not that freeing himself would help. A chain on his left front leg means he can move neither forwards, backwards nor sideways. The elephant’s owner has tethered the youngster because he prefers to tend to his small shop in the grounds of the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia.


Money comes first. And so, day after day, week after week, the elephant stands there, being released from his chains only at the end of each day.

Anyone finding the scene depressing, and who turns away to look for more happy animals in the zoo would eventually leave, as I did, utterly depressed. Surabaya Zoo has been branded the worst in the world and when I walked through this animal torture ground I was left in no doubt its reputation was well earned.


In another cage, a sad rhinocerous hornbill looks up at the blue sky, trying to take off from its perch, but there is no room to flap its wings. Well over 50 animals have died here in the past three months, says Tony Sumampau, a former member of the zoo’s temporary management team, who had finally left in despair. ‘The keepers have stalls that they run selling food and drinks and it’s more important for them to make money than it is to be taking care of their animals.’

The state of the zoo’s animals came to world-wide attention following the death of a giraffe in 2012 that was found with no less than 20 kilograms of plastic bags in its stomach from people throwing candy bars at it.


The zoo, was opened in 1916 during Dutch colonial rule, and next to nothing has been done to improve it. Instead, more and more animals have been packed in. A report by an independent team set up by Indonesia’s forestry ministry called for the animals be moved to other zoos but nothing has been done. Other zoos refuse to take the animals because of their condition and the fear that many of them carrying diseases.

Sitting alone is another orangutan. I cannot believe what I see – she is chewing on the yellow top of a marker pen someone has thrown at her. She pushes it forward between her lips, then sucks it back into her mouth. I fear she will soon swallow it. Beside her, rats scurry in and out of holes in an embankment.

InfiniteFrogs  For those of you who haven’t heard of this place, it first shot to internet infamy a few years ago, when the Jakarta Post coined the phrase “Zoo of Death” in an article about a deceased giraffe, which was found to have a 40 pound ball of plastic in its stomach. The story was shocking and the name stuck – particularly as Surabaya Zoo kept up the work of killing the wild animals it was meant to protect. Approximately 25 animals per month died or went missing at the zoo.

Emaciated tiger

Emaciated tiger

But the abuse goes back further than this. The East Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) had previously conducted an investigation in August 2010, which found that negligent keepers, corruption, and filthy conditions were to blame for most of the animal deaths. It is alleged that zookeepers were stealing meat which they sold to the black market. Animals were also allegedly being stolen by the zookeepers and sold – dead or alive.

The animals who don’t stave to death end up euthanized due to other conditions.

The animals who don’t stave to death end up euthanized due to other conditions.

The zoo shot to stratospheric, “Ted-Bundy-like” infamy in 2012/13, when the story of Melani emerged. Melani, a 15 year old critically endangered Sumatran tiger, had been fed chemically tainted meat for several years, destroying her digestive system and causing her weight to drop to 44 kilograms — half the weight of a healthy tiger. Melani became the poster animal for the cause – the powerfully haunting images of her condition, amidst the backdrop of the disgusting cell in which she was kept, caused an internet storm of protest.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, internet campaigners and animal welfare group Cee4Life raised awareness of Melani’s plight in an effort to shame the Indonesian authorities into taking action. Global petitions containing 184,488 signatures were presented to Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan in in his Jakarta office in July 2013. While at the meeting, the Minister appeared unmoved by the petitions, and the zoo administrators (who were surprise attendees at the meeting) even disputed the evidence presented. They claimed that the photos were fake, and that the animals were treated very well at Surabaya Zoo.

For example on July 13th 2013 under the cover of darkness, zoo staff attempted to clandestinely move four endangered hippos. Two dozen staff surrounded the hippos, and they were beaten with bamboo poles in an attempt to move them, causing facial and neck injuries.



Melani was rescued in June/July 2013, and is now receiving professional care. Dozens of other animals have also been rescued in the second half of 2013, although the Mayor of Surabaya has referred to them as stolen, and alleges that the administrators traded the animals for vehicles and other items.

The barbarity of the hanged lion images may finally have forced the authorities to act. On January 22nd, the Jakarta Globe reported that a high level meeting has resulted in the administrators of the zoo being sacked. “This definitive license (to administer the zoo) will be given to the mayor this week,” Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said following a meeting with Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Emaciated camel

Emaciated camel

Whether this leads to the improvement of the zoo is not certain. Mayor Rismaharini is deemed as popular with the citizens of Surabaya, who consider her to not be corrupt. However the mayor and her team have limited experience in the care of wild animals, and has often refused access to professionals wanting to better the care of the animals at Surabaya Zoo.


Cee4Life has published an open letter to the mayor begging her to allow professionals access to the animals, to which the mayor has not yet responded. It is also alleged she is refusing to update the outdated and cruel Victorian era enclosures, as she believes it would destroy the atmosphere of the zoo.

Only time will tell if the world’s worst zoo will be closed, or dragged into the modern world. One thing is for sure, the internet community is greatly helping the cause. You can add your voice by signing this author’s petition and the Cee4Life petition.




FRANCE: Muslim enters church during Easter mass, lays out his prayer rug and starts reciting quranic verses

The worshippers present at the scene were dumbfounded. In a collegiate church full to bursting, a man wearing Muslim garb and headgear came to pray on his prayer rug which he placed to the the left of the altar, while the Easter mass was underway. 

A-man-raises-his-hands-in-prayer-while-sitting-on-a-prayer-mat-outside-a-mosque-on-the-first-Friday-of-Ramadan-in-Srinagar-on-August-5-2011.-ReutersFayaz-Kabli-960x525 via DMF  The man read verses from the quran before writing some lines in Arabic in the parish register. After having caused disruption for the first time during the mass on Palm Sunday one week ago in la Bedugue then in the collegiate church, some worshippers had warned the police. 

A team came to ask him to leave the premises. The deputy commissioner, who had been notified of this disruption to public order, insisted on specifying: “We don’t need to generalise. This inappropriate attitude comes from an individual who is clearly disturbed.” 

But based on a photograph (below) of the parish register where the Muslim infiltrator wrote in Arabic, he wasn’t “mad” at all, as he wrote carefully in Moroccan-style calligraphy an extract from Sura 112 of the quran which warns explicitly against Christ’s claim that God was his father:

“In the name of God, the all-merciful, the Merciful,” Say : “He is God, He is One, God of bliss, Who does not beget nor was begotten, Which nothing can equal”




MANUS ISLAND: Muslim illegal alien rioters moved to a luxury resort as Australian taxpayers foot the bill

Economic asylum seekers involved in the Manus Island riots were moved to a luxury resort hotel in Port Moresby. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has launched an internal probe into the use of the Gateway Hotel which could leave the public with a bill of tens of thousands of dollars. (What the hell happened to sending them back where they came from?)


Herald Sun (h/t Allan Ivarrson)  “The matter has been brought to my attention and I will be asking my department to advise me on what alternative accommodation arrangements were available, their costs and why they were not used on this or any other occasions,” Mr Morrison said.

A group of nine injured Muslim invaders were guests at the Gateway Hotel following the riots sparked by the detainees. Earlier this month one of the nine remained in the hotel, which costs at least $200 a night, six weeks after the riots. Mr Morrison’s office would not reveal what security arrangements were in place at the hotel.


Other hotel guests saw the asylum seekers regularly receiving room service meals during their stay. The hotel features a lagoon-style pool, bars, restaurants and a pizza outlet.

The conditions at the hotel are in stark contrast to the overcrowded prison-like atmosphere on Manus Island where Muslim asylum seekers are housed in stacked shipping containers. Mr Morrison’s spokesman said asylum seekers had no access to alcohol.


The hotel has 130 rooms and 64 apartments and the most basic rooms come with cable and satellite TV, internet and coffee making facilities. The rooms start at $200 a night for a deluxe room and cost up to $266 for the suites.

Julian Leembruggen, a spokesman for Mr Morrison, said asylum seekers regularly stayed at hotels in Port Moresby while awaiting transfer to Manus Island. “Accommodation is booked based on a range of operational requirements, including security considerations and availability,” he said.


It is understood the asylum seekers would come and go making daytrips from the hotel to medical appointments (also paid for by taxpayers).

The February riot at Manus Island occurred after the detainees were told they had no chance of getting to Australia. The detainees reportedly grew violent, abusing local guards and denigrating PNG.



9/11 Families ask: “Is Barack Hussein Obama intentionally sabotaging the trials of 9/11 Muslim terrorists?”


GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE—Families of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks expressed shock that the FBI may be meddling in the hearings, and some speculated that it is part of an effort by the Obama Regime to completely derail the hearings and force them into federal court stateside.

WFB  Families of those killed in the 9/11 terror attacks traveled here with the intent of watching their family members’ accused killers face justice. However, many say they were horrified earlier this week when pre-trial hearings came to a halt over revelations that the FBI had launched an investigation into the accused terrorist’s defense lawyers.

Where's the justice after 13 years?

Where’s the justice after 12 years?

“These things don’t just happen,” said Donald Arias, whose brother Adam was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. “I’m very suspicious of my government.” “It wasn’t just some rogue FBI agent,” he told reporters Wednesday afternoon. “This had to be approved at the highest levels within the FBI to do this.”

“They had to know this would have some effect on the proceedings here,” Arias said. “Were I a very suspicious person, some could even say that was done purposely to derail these hearing and force it back into federal court.” “It looks like a well orchestrated snafu,” added Lorraine Arias-Beliveau, Don’s sister.

Families are understandably incensed at the delays

9/11 Families are understandably incensed at the delays

Other families expressed outrage and frustration that the death penalty trials for the accused have been delayed without an end in sight nearly 13 years after the attacks were carried out. “They’re guilty. Let’s try them fairly and then kill them,” said Charlie Clyne, whose wife Susan was killed in Tower One.

“Take them out to the Bronx Zoo,” Clyne proposed, referring to the detainees as “parasites.” “No, I’m serious. Feed them to the lions, and this way we’ll turn them back into the streaming piles of steaming shit that they have always been.”


McGinly also said he was frustrated by the long delay in justice. “I would like you to give me these people and just walk them down my driveway,” he said. “I’ll take care of them. Okay? Deep in my heart that’s how I feel.”

Judge James Pohl halted military proceedings on Tuesday so that defense lawyers could prepare a motion seeking further information into the FBI’s purported efforts to turn one of their members into an informant. The FBI is believed to be investigating whether the defense team improperly enabled the public release of writings by accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


“Those suspicions” that the FBI investigation could be part of a bid to derail the hearings “are well founded, just look back at the IRS [targeting of conservative groups], Benghazi, and everything else,” said Bill McGinly, whose son Mark died on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center.

Other victims agreed with this assessment and lashed out at reporters in the room for protecting the Obama administration. “I get a little bit disappointed in the press. I guess every time I read in the media, the real truth and the real things aren’t covered,” said Gloria Snekszer, whose sister Vicky perished when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.


“There’s always this political agenda that slants things which makes me a little hesitant to speak here today,” said Snekszer, who had never before been to Gitmo. “I’m asking all of you in the press for the truth.” “I agree with Don’s suspicions,” she said. “The media, I have always felt, supports the things that I distrust about the government the most and I’m a little bit concerned with the media itself.”

“We suffered a terrible loss, the country suffered a terrible loss,” Snekszer said. “For those of you who are Americans: Whose side are you on. Please print the truth.” “For the FBI to launch an investigation knowing what the risks are and knowing the impact it would have on these hearings hear, it’s not pretty,” added Arias.


Asked by reporters if they believed the Obama administration was intentionally meddling in the trials, McGinly said that his years-long ordeal has left him with little faith in the U.S. government. “I have a suspicion that there was a motivation well beyond,” he said, pointing to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. “How can you not have a suspicion with all that we’ve gone through in just the last two years, with everything that’s been happening?”

McGinly expressed particular disgust with Mohammed, who was most recently spotted in the courtroom sporting a green military jacket and reading a copy of the Washington Post.


“We have detainees sitting in that courtroom who beheaded a reporter [Daniel Pearl] and if you saw the tape it was ugly, it was hacking away,” he said. “And if you put a machete in his hands in the courtroom, I wonder what he would want to do with it or would do with it. And now how do you defend that? It makes no sense to me.”

Several victims expressed outrage that the media focuses its attention on conditions at Gitmo for the detainees. Reporters had been gearing up to hear testimony this week from a guard at Gitmo’s highly secret Camp 7, where detainees such as Mohammed are held.

“If you go up there on that hill, you see what kind of conditions they have, and you see what the guards are living in,” said McGinly.” I mean, my God they don’t have it as good as the detainees and these are our people sacrificing. It makes no sense. Cover the real stuff.” “Why are we so obsessed with the comfort of self-confessed murderers?” added Arias.

The NON-MUSLIM female attorney of one of the defendants, herself dressed in sharia-compliant Muslim attire, called for all women in the Guantanamo Bay courtroom to wear “appropriate” clothing during trial proceedings out of respect for her client’s religious beliefs.

The NON-MUSLIM female attorney of one of the defendants, herself dressed in sharia-compliant Muslim attire, called for all women in the Guantanamo Bay courtroom to wear “appropriate” clothing during trial proceedings out of respect for her client’s religious beliefs.


SYRIA: Beheading of the day!

This video comes from the al Qaeda-linked terrorist group al Nusra, whom Barack Hussein Obama likes to call “rebels” in order to justify funding and arming them. I wonder if he supplies them with their knives?

Al-Nusra Front or Jabhat al-Nusra (Arabic: جبهة النصرة لأهل الشام‎ Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahl ash-Shām, “Support Front for People of Levant“) is a branch of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria


LET HIM DIE! Mohamed Soltan, American Muslim troublemaker, on a hunger strike in an Egyptian prison

M-SoltanMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR asks Secretary of State John Kerry to prevent the imminent death of an American Muslim protester, Mohamed Soltan (photo right), who is starving himself in an Egyptian prison after he was arrested for incitement against the Egyptian Army for its ouster of president Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, on behalf of 30 million Egyptians.

CAIRvivivi-viCAIR  Mohamed Soltan has been imprisoned in Egypt since August 25th, 2013 and has been on a hunger strike since January 26th, 2014. Mohamed’s health is deteriorating and we ask the American government to apply pressure on the Egyptian government to release him.

Mohamed Soltan, a 26-year-old American citizen who graduated from Ohio State University, has been on a hunger strike in an Egyptian prison since January 26, 2014, and is reportedly so weak that he is unable to walk.  He was detained August 25, 2013, after getting caught with Muslim Brotherhood thugs rioting in Egypt. Soltan’s trial dates have been postponed a number of times.

Due to lack of medical treatment for his wounds by prison authorities, another detainee was forced to perform surgery on Soltan using pliers. His family and supporters are concerned that his medical condition is deteriorating rapidly and may soon be irreversible. (Good, then he’ll be dead soon)

In his letter to Secretary Kerry, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote in part:


“We respectfully request that you to take whatever measures you can to ensure the health and safety of an American citizen detained in such horrific and unjust conditions in a foreign country.”At minimum, we would urge you to make a personal public appeal to your Egyptian counterpart for Mr. Soltan’s release.”

Here is a video of this Mohamed schmuck in Egypt:


AGAIN! Politics delays construction of the much maligned, government-sanctioned Athens mosque

The saga of the Athens mosque, the realization of which has been delayed for years and seemed a settled issue last November, continues.


AnsaMed  Work for the construction of the Muslim temple has been blocked again, this time by political maneuvers and an appeal presented by a university teacher, two navy officials, a cultural association and the ultra-conservative bishop of the Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, all of whom are against the presence of the worshipping place in the Greek capital, the only one in Europe still without a temple for its more than 200,000 residents of Muslim faith.

Precisely because of the legal recourse – and the fear that a judge may rule for the complainants – the infrastructure ministry has made it known that it has not yet signed the contract to carry out the 946,000 Euro project on which the tender was won five months ago by the consortium composed of four of the largest Hellenic businesses: Aktor, Terna, JP & Avax and Intrakat.

Athens citizens protesting against construction of the mosque

Athens citizens protesting against construction of the mosque

The preceding four tenders for assigning construction were not successfully completed since the participating companies withdrew after threats and intimidation received from  right-wing groups, like the Chrysi Avgì (Golden Dawn) party and residents of the Votanikos neighborhood, where the place of worship is supposed to be built, all of whom are opposed to the presence of Muslims in their zone in fear that it could become a gathering place for Islamic extremists or even a “den of terrorists.”

Muslims rioting in Athens

Muslims rioting in Athens

In the meantime, in view of the next local elections, the story of the controversial mosque has also become the subject of political fighting between various Athens mayoral candidates, further complicating the issue. The latest obstacle, if it were necessary, was raised by the Nea Dimokratia (centre-right) candidate Aris Spiliotopoulos, ex-minister of public education, who proposed holding a local referendum on the construction of the Muslim temple, even though he himself voted “yes” (together with another 197 MPs) when parliament approved the project on September 7, 2011.

Muslim illegals protesting the police in Athens

Muslim illegals protesting the police in Athens

Yesterday morning, on screens of the private television broadcaster Skai, Spiliotopoulos reiterated his position against the construction of the mosque because it could, among other things, attract even more illegal immigrants than the tens of thousands already there, “for which there is no more room in Athens”, and its presence “could cause a third world tented city on the sacred hill of the Acropolis.”

Muslim illegals in Athens when they don't get their way

Muslim illegals in Athens when they don’t get their way

He then added that the people of Athens know better than the education ministry – which is responsible for religious affairs – or the mayor where the mosque should be built, and thus it is the capital’s residents who should decide if it can exist in the city.

Finally, after having reiterated that his opposition is not based on religious motives, but rather on the opportunity for choosing where to build the structure, he called once more for a referendum. Various observers have interpreted the position taken by the Nea Dimokratia candidate as a wink toward extreme right candidates.

Meanwhile, for his own part, the incumbent mayor who is also running again, independent Giorgos Kaminis, emphasized the inconsistency of his adversary, and observed that the behavior of Spiliotopoulos is “contradictory” and not befitting a politician.

Unknown assailants tried to burn down a makeshift mosque in Athens on Saturday, injuring five Bangladeshi migrants who suffered burns and respiratory problems in the attack, police said.

Unknown assailants tried to burn down a makeshift mosque in Athens, injuring five Bangladeshi illegal  migrants who suffered burns and respiratory problems in the attack

To reduce costs to a minimum in times of serious crisis, the Greek government has decided that the mosque will not be built from scratch, but made from the renovation of a pre-existing structure. Gardens and prayer areas will be made outside the mosque, which will not have a minaret but will have the capacity to hold 350 worshippers. Four adjacent buildings will be demolished. In their place, nine new structures will be built destined for administrative offices and hygienic services.

The decision to not authorize construction of a minaret did not, however, satisfy those who oppose the project, who do not want the government to spend public money for the creation of a Muslim place of prayer in a country where 96% of the population is Greek-Orthodox. In any case, given developments in the case and renewed opposition to the project, the Muslims of Athens almost certainly will still have to wait a long time before being able to pray in their mosque.

Muslim supremacist litter the streets of Athens whenever they want to pray

Muslim male supremacists litter the streets of Athens whenever they want to pray, as a way to force the government into giving them a mosque

Spiliotopoulos, a former minister of education and tourism, had called for a referendum in Athens on plans to construct a mosque in the city, in an interview on the Greek broadcaster Skai TV on Thursday. He strongly opposed the idea, claiming that the capital does not need “another pole for illegal immigration.”

Various comments on this situation from internet discussion forums seem to reflect the threat that people feel from  unbridled Muslim immigration in Greece and all over the world:

“Once the government builds them a Mosque then they have to maintain it for them.  Then they are going to outgrow it and want another one thats bigger.  Then they are going to want housing etc…  This is a slippery slope and shame on the EU trying to pressure Greece into building illegal alien Muslims a mosque.”

“Those Muslim illegals are out breeding Greeks – their children are already given schooling and medical care – and they will be – mark my words – in 20 -30 years time these children will all have had 2-3 children each – the vast majority to someone of the same background – and most likely religion …Greece by then will be forced to recognise both first and second generation children as Greek citizens – They will then start to get elected in municipal positions – - parties looking for votes will get some of them into their party – and they will be then in the federal parliament..”

“Greece with such a small population and such a high % of Muslim illegals – close to 15% by some estimates – in 30 years time that number will be closer to 70 – 80% of the population because of Muslim overbreeding, and then Greeks will be the minority You will get muslim enclaves where they have their own representitive – they will demand their own laws – and Greek politicians wanting votes – will give it to them.”
































ALLEN WEST discusses “Jihad Politics” and the continuing infiltration of the United States government by enemy Muslim Brotherhood operatives

Former Republican Congressman Allen West (R-FL), who currently is a Fox News contributor, warned that Muslim groups were organizing to “destroy the United States by waging civilization jihad from within.”


A document discovered in 1991, turned out to be the blueprint, the campaign strategy, for the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal of destroying the American system of representative government and replacing it with sharia law.

West pointed to Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. like CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations), the Muslim American Society, and the Islamic Society of Northern America, who have formed some type of political (Muslim-only) party, a voting bloc as they call it, to institutionalize policies that favor them. Think about the 57-nation Muslim voting bloc at the UN and the trouble they cause.


BOSTON MARATHON: Woman who converted to Islam in honor of the Boston bombings is running the race this year wearing a Muslim headbag


ocrc1_0Like many participants in the Boston Marathon on Monday, Leanne Scorzoni will be running to honor the victims of last year’s bombing. But Scorzoni will also be running in a hijab: she converted to Islam after the attack, and wants her participation to emphasize that Boston’s Muslim community was also hurt by the bombings. (Gee, she just converted and already she is playing the infamous CAIR ‘victim’ card)

New Yorker  Scorzoni has never run the race before, but the thirty-two-year-old Boston native has watched from the sidelines for decades.  Last year, Scorzoni staked out the same spot near the finish line and waited to be joined by a friend of hers named Sam. Unfamiliar with Marathon Monday tradition, he arrived late and, at about 2:30 P.M., he asked where the nearest bathroom was.

When the bombs exploded at 2:50, the two were browsing at a nearby Banana Republic on Newbury Street, approximately four blocks away from the finish line. The store’s loud music muffled the blasts, but when Scorzoni turned on her cell phone, she found dozens of texts from friends and family, asking where she was and if she was O.K.—she had been standing less than two blocks away from the initial explosion. 


The next day, Scorzoni says, local F.B.I. agents visited her at her job at Massachusetts General Hospital, where they asked about a photo she had uploaded to Facebook of Sam, who is Muslim and from the Middle East. Shaken by the bombing and the encounter with the F.B.I., Scorzoni regularly checked in on her Muslim friends in the days after the bombing.

As the media began to sort out the background of the Tsarnaev brothers, local reports also began to surface of sporadic verbal and physical attacks on Muslims, and of hate mail being sent to mosques, including the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, in Roxbury, which the Los Angeles Times originally reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had attended, confusing it with the Islamic Society of Boston, located in Cambridge. Scorzoni read about the letters on the center’s Facebook page.

Scorzoni was raised Catholic, but she abandoned the Church in 1999. She first visited the I.S.B.C.C. in the summer of 2012; on her way to the grocery store, she asked a woman who was leaving the mosque if anybody could visit. 

Showing off her headbag after converting to Islam

Showing off her headbag after converting to Islam

Scorzoni went into the center’s bookstore, where she met Sam for the first time and engaged in a three-hour discussion about religion with the shop’s owner. As she began to make new friends at the mosque, she would observe prayer services and occasionally sit on prayer rugs and meditate. The I.S.B.C.C. thus became a special place for her: it was she where she began to feel comfortable again with being in religious surroundings. In Islam, Scorzoni found “more of a sense of ritual and meditation and contemplation I wanted in my life.”

Five weeks after the bombing, she called Suhaib Webb, the imam of the I.S.B.C.C., and told him that she was ready to convert. She walked to the mosque in jeans, a shirt, and flip-flops; after the ceremony, she and Sam celebrated just as casually, eating watermelon and chicken fingers on the mosque’s steps.


While she regularly attends services and will wear a hijab on Monday, Scorzoni also carries what she describes as “white privilege,” which many other Muslims do not have. She knows that the Tsarnaev brothers, who lived in the United States for almost a decade, also had better upbringings than many other Muslims in the area, and thinks that their actions left lingering scars for those who dissociate from their radicalism.

Two other I.S.B.C.C. members will join Scorzoni on Monday to run in the marathon. On Monday, when Scorzoni crosses the finish line, her family will be there to cheer her on, as will Sam and other friends from the I.S.B.C.C. “I believe we are moving away from, ‘Hey, look, a Muslim doing something normal,’ ” Scorzoni said. 



INDIA: Hindu leader calling for eviction of Muslims from Hindu areas

UnknownVishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) president Pravin Togadia sent temperatures soaring in Bhavnagar on Saturday evening with a hate speech that targeted Muslims for buying properties in Hindu areas. (How about sending ALL the Muslims back to Pakistan, where they belong?)

Times of India  At night, Togadia joined a group of VHP and Bajrang Dal members on a street protest outside a house purchased by a Muslim businessman near Meghani Circle. While saffron groups have been regularly organizing ‘Ram Dhuns’ and ‘Ram Darbars’ to thwart such deals, Togadia went a step further by asking the protesters to take complete control of the house and put a ‘Bajrang Dal’ board on it. 

One man's "hate" speech is another man's patriotism

One man’s “hate” speech is another man’s patriotism

Togadia told the gathering that there were two ways to stop such deals. One is to pressurize the state government to bring in Disturbed Areas Act in Bhavnagar, which prevents inter-community sale of immovable property. The second is to take forcible possession of the house and fight a legal battle later which will go on for years. 

He gave the Muslim occupant 48 hours to vacate the house. “If he does not relent, go with stones, tyres and tomatoes to his office. There is nothing wrong in it. Killers of Rajiv Gandhi have not been hanged … there is nothing to fear and the case will go on,” Togadia told the charged-up gathering. 

i-Asaduddin-Owaisi-Praveen-Togadia-Akbaruddin-No-Case-Action“I have done it in the past and Muslims have lost both property and money,” he said. 

He also said that this election is the best time to pressurize political parties to ensure safety of Hindus. “Don’t be reluctant to pressurize Congress or BJP for the sake of Hindus’ safety,” he said. 


UK: Did you know that Muslim men are 154 times more likely than non-Muslim men to engage in sex grooming, rape and prostitution of underage British white girls?

Support the English Defence League demonstration in Rotherham on May 10, 2014, to demand that police step up their efforts to stop these ever-increasing Muslim paedophile sex gangs before they destroy the lives of even more young British girls.

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