UK MUSLIM found guilty of attempting to buy deadly Ricin poison online

0784c5989ee20e89d00e25784ba62ba8Mohammed Ammer Ali, a MUSLIM software programmer in the UK, has been found guilty of attempting to possess a chemical weapon after ordering enough ricin to kill 1,400 people at once.

Mohammed Ammer Ali

Mohammed Ammer Ali

The Guardian  Mohammed Ammer Ali, 31, attempted to purchase 500mg of “the poisoner’s perfect poison” on the dark web before police raided his family home earlier this year. He was arrested after the FBI tipped off the north-west counter-terrorism unit in the UK, although detectives have since found no evidence that Ali had any links to terrorist groups.

At his Old Bailey trial, Ali argued that he was not guilty of attempting to possess a chemical weapon between 10 January 2015 and 12 February 2015 because it was for a peaceful purpose. He claimed to have been simply curious to see whether he could purchase items from the dark web.


However, a jury on Wednesday found him guilty after deliberating for five and a half hours. The trial judge, Mr Justice Saunders, said: “There is no evidence that he was planning any sort of terrorist attack. The maximum sentence for the offence is life imprisonment.

Ali, a software engineer, used the online moniker “Weirdos 0000” and used the cryptocurrency bitcoin to order 500mg of ricin from an online black market known as the Evolution Marketplace, the trial heard. He privately contacted a US dealer about obtaining the deadly poison – not knowing that the dealer was in fact an undercover FBI agent.


Over several weeks of communication, Ali promised to order 500mg of ricin a month for several months if he was happy with the initial product. Jurors were told that Ali, a father of two, carried out Google searches for “small sized pets” and “Liverpool pet shop” minutes after receiving the five vials, which were concealed in a children’s toy car.

Instead of ricin, police officers in the UK had planted a harmless substance in the car – including an invisible chemical that would later prove Ali had handled the toy after it was delivered by FedEx. He was arrested in a series of counter-terrorism raids across Merseyside the following morning.


Sue Hemming, head of the Crown Prosecution Service counter-terrorism division, said: “The jury has today roundly rejected Mohammed Ali’s claim that he was trying to understand the workings of the dark web and wanted to buy ricin, a deadly toxin, for a peaceful purpose.

“Ricin is a naturally occurring poison which is fatal even in very small doses. Ali knew the dangers of ricin and had been researching poisons for months before he attempted to obtain it. The evidence also showed that he was planning to test it on an animal that he was hoping to buy.

Officers handcuff and detain man on suspicion of selling forged tickets for FA Cup Final in Cardiff City Centre South Wales UK


STOKE ON TRENT: The latest UK Muslim noise pollution update

The march of the shrieking ragheads celebrating their paedophile prophet Mohammed again, disturbing the peace in cities and towns all over England, yet no efforts are made to stop them. I hear that tear gas is relatively cheap and rather effective.















SYRIA: Man is beheaded and then his corpse is crucified for leaving Islam by Islamic State Muslim savages (Viewer Discretion Advised)

On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “ridda,” or defection from Islam, which is the very label Muslims give to Muslims who convert to Christianity. The statement also accuses him of “blaspheming Allah.”


Shoebat  Beheading and crucifying are punishments prescribed in the quran for those who defect from Islam. As the quran itself says:

The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet from opposite ends or be banished from the land.” 

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US Veteran, who joined the enemy side, tries to test Florida Gun Supply’s ‘MUSLIM-FREE ZONE’ policy

Fearing a violent confrontation after being tipped off by the Feds, Florida Gun Supply owner chooses to close down for the day rather than allow a Muslim plant into his gun training class.

BNI Readers, I believe that the comments on the BNI post below are from the same Chris Martin featured in this story: florida-gun-supply-has-now-declared-itself-a-muslim-free-zone


ABC News  A U.S. veteran, who converted to Islam after serving in the Navy, traveled nearly 2,500 miles to test an Inverness, Florida gun store owner’s controversial policy to not serve the Muslim community. But as soon as he arrived the plan began to go off track.

“I told the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) Agency what I was going to do, but I told them I’m not going to be confrontational or anything,” Chris Martin said. “Other than attend the training class.” Federal agents seemed on edge as they tried to determine the California man’s intent, stopping just short of asking the former Navy medic to call off his mission.

Martin came to meet Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan. He was brought here after seeing Hallinan’s YouTube video declaring his gun store a “Muslim free zone.” Martin wanted to test that theory and signed up for Tuesday night’s gun training class.


Martin served in Desert Storm, and after being honorably discharged in 1996, he became a Muslim. ATF agents were waiting for Martin just as he began to leave for the class. “They told me that they had the gun shop closed today, and they’ve actually been following me I guess since I got here,” Martin said.

Martin decided to go to the store anyway. It was store owner Andy Hallinan who chose to close down after hearing Martins plans. Over the phone, Hallinan said he felt like he’s been held captive in his own home and feared for his life.

CAIR-Florida released a statement, saying the gun shop owner’s policy is harmful to all Americans:


CAIR-FL is extremely concerned to learn that a U.S. Navy veteran who honorable served his nation was apparently denied services by Florida Gun Supply because of the veteran’s MUSLIM faith. Our nation’s heroes fought and died to preserve the liberty of all Americans to exercise their freedom without discrimination based on race or religion. Such illegal discrimination is precisely why CAIR-FL had objected to FGS’s offensive and illegal Muslim-free policy. It is harmful to all Americans, regardless of their race or religion, including those who served in our nations armed forces. 

Hassan Shibly
CAIR Florida
Chief Executive Director










“And I’m the Queen of England…”

…if you believe that the attack on a bikini-clad woman in France by a Muslim because she was dressed “immorally” had nothing to  do with Islam.

ORIGINAL STORY: france-21-year-old-bikini-clad-french-woman-beaten-up-by-self-appointed-muslim-morality-police


UK: Muslims from the ‘Islamosewer’ of Birmingham threaten Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Muslim savages in the UK call on designated terrorist group Hizb-ut Tahrir (banned in several countries) in the Netherlands to wage a campaign to silence one of the world’s most renowned and respected warriors against Islamization of the West – Geert Wilders.


In their ongoing campaign to eliminate freedom of speech in the West, Muslims are calling for a “Khilafah” (Islamic State Caliphate) to take over the governments of Western countries, by any means possible, even violence…once again proving that even muslims whom you believe to be peaceful and/or moderate, never are. They are just biding their time and overbreeding until their population numbers are sufficient to wage war on all non-Islamic countries where they reside and often live off state welfare benefits.



FLORIDA: Islamic State (ISIS) follower arrested for plotting to blow up filthy American kuffar (unbelievers) on a public beach using a backpack bomb

“We will destroy America and divide it into two. We will raise our black (ISIS) flag on top of your White House and any president on duty,” says Harlem Suarez, 23, most likely a recent convert to Islam.


WPTV  (h/t Susan K)  A Florida man described by the FBI as an Islamic State sympathizer who hoped to mount attacks on U.S. soil was charged Tuesday with plotting to detonate a nail-filled backpack bomb on a Florida beach.

A criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday charges 23-year-old Harlem Suarez of Key West with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. Authorities say Suarez came to the FBI’s attention through his Facebook posts praising the Islamic State group and containing extremist rhetoric.


In April, Suarez allegedly posted, “Be a warrior, learn how to cut your enemies head and then burn down the body learn how to be the new future of the world Caliphate” – a reference the Islamic State goal of building a regional fundamentalist entity.

The FBI says he later added a request “from any brother. How to make a bomb send me a video or something, what do I need to make it.” Suarez made his first court appearance Tuesday in Miami and was being held without bail. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.


The complaint says Suarez told an FBI informant he wanted to make a timer bomb, bury it on a Key West beach and detonate it remotely. Suarez was arrested Monday after taking possession of an inert explosive device provided by an FBI informant.

Suarez had given the informant some bomb supplies, including two boxes of galvanized nails, the backpack and a cellphone to be used as a detonator, according to the complaint.


“I can go to the beach at the night time, put the thing in the sand, cover it up, so the next day I just call and the thing is gonna, is gonna make, a real hard noise from nowhere,” Suarez told an FBI source in a recorded call, according to the complaint.

Suarez was being monitored for months by U.S. authorities and never made an actual explosive, and there was no indication in the FBI complaint that he had contact with any Islamic State militants overseas. Still, Miami’s FBI special agent in charge, George Piro, said the alleged threats had to be taken seriously. 

Backpack Bomb Plot

“There is no room for failure when it comes to investigating the potential use of a weapon of mass destruction,” Piro said.

Among other things, the FBI says Suarez also sought to make an Islamic State recruitment video using a script he wrote himself. It eventually was made under FBI surveillance at a motel in Homestead, according to the complaint, with Suarez dressed in a black tactical vest, black shirt, mask and yellow-and-black scarf.

“American soil is the past, we will destroy America and divide it in two, we will rais(e) our black flag on top of your white house and any president on duty (cut head),” Suarez says in a script for the video.

Is that a bomb under your burqa?

Is that a bomb under your burqa, sir?

The FBI says Suarez also ordered an AK-47 assault rifle on the Internet and intended to have it delivered to a Key West pawn shop. Although he could legally purchase the weapon, the FBI says, Suarez incorrectly filled out paperwork and it was returned to the seller.

Several dozen people have been charged in the U.S. with attempting to fight alongside the Islamic State and other militants or with lending them material support.


ITALY: Turin councillors under fire for removing a filthy Muslim prayer rug from city hall

Hey, Italy, it’s time to grow a pair and stop selling your soul to Muslim supremacists who are trying to conquer your country.

'Moschea' in Comune Torino, blitz Lega Nord, tolto tappeto

ANSA (h/t Barbara R)  Councillors from Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party faced criticism from political opponents on Tuesday after they removed a Muslim prayer rug that Turin’s city hall had provided for Muslim attendants of a conference.

Fabrizio Ricca and Roberto Carbonero from the Northern League said they had removed the rug because the city office is a secular building.   

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in front of the Colosseum in Rome

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in front of the Colosseum in Rome

“If someone wants to pray, Turin has many religious centres where they can go,” League councillors said. “Why is it that no one ever bothers to set up a chapel when conference participants are Christians?,” they added. 

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in Rome's Piazza Venezia Square, with the monument of the Unknown Soldier in the background at right, demanding Islamic religious accommodations in Italy

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in Rome’s Piazza Venezia Square, with the monument of the Unknown Soldier in the background

The city council had set up a Muslim prayer room during an international conference on Islamic fashion. Michele Paolino, head of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on Turin council, said the League’s action was a “violent gesture that offends believers of any religion”.

The president of Turin Council, Giovanni Porcino, sent the League councillors a letter condemning their “unjustified and unseemly actions.” (The only thing  unjustified and unseemly are muslim supremacists in a Catholic country)

This is the only place in Italy where muslims should be praying in public

On the other hand, VENICE has a lot of good places for muslims to pray



IS IT THE HEAT OR THE INBREEDING? Muslim Deputy Minister insists a make-believe people called “Palestinians” were living in Jerusalem centuries before there was a Jewish religion

PA Deputy Minister, Salwa Hadib, says so-called ‘Palestinians’ have been present in Jerusalem for thousands of years before Jews were invented, claiming that an Israeli engineer and an archeologist just threw some Israeli coins on the ground to prove that Jews were in Jerusalem all that time.


WOO HOO! Headbag-wearing Muslim women are being turned away from beach resorts…in EGYPT!

Many Egyptian women say they are facing a difficult summer season as Hijab-free zones have soared in popularity, as more restaurants and high-end resorts enforce a de-facto ban on wearing headbags.



al-Arabiya  Social media users in Egypt flocked to Facebook and Twitter over the past week to condemn the apparent decision by some venues to deny veiled women entry. Many deemed the ban as “discriminatory” against practicing Muslim women in Egypt – a country in which 90 percent of its 80-million population are Muslim.

The ban is not completely new, it was reportedly common at resorts and restaurants frequented by foreigners, in cities such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada.



Recent reports suggest that several swimming pools and restaurants at five-star resorts lining the Egyptian north coast are also restricting the entry of veiled women to their services.

Reem, a 28-year-old woman who wears the Hijab, said she was turned away at the doors of two different beaches at upscale north coast resorts for being veiled, she told Al Arabiya News. “I was with my husband when I was told I cannot come in because I’m veiled.



“The outing was quickly cut short when the security at the door told me guests complain about the appearance of veiled women,” she added. Reem said such door-selection policies are never written.

Sally Nashaat, a 26-year-old mother of two girls, said she was also not allowed to enter a beach club house at a five-star north coast resort for being veiled.



Among a group of friends, she was told: “Everyone can enter, except her.“It feels degrading, we are in our own country and we are not happy. “I was about to cry,” Nashaat said, “no one has the right to deprive me of entering. This never happened to me anywhere else, even in the United States. (That needs to be changed)

Nashaat said in some beaches that permitted access to veiled women, she was allowed to sit on the beach wearing the “Islamic” swim suit but not into the swimming pool. “I don’t want to be stopped for being veiled. I don’t want any of us to feel ashamed. We are not doing anything wrong,” she added.



Dina Sherbini, who owns a chalet at an upscale resort in Ain Sukhna, about 200 kilometres east of Cairo, told Al Arabiya News she was threatened by staff members if she swam wearing an Islamic swim suit. They threatened “they would throw excess chlorine in the water” and that they would “shut off fountains and Jacuzzi in the pool,” Sherbini said.

When she bought the chalet three years ago, Sherbini said, nothing in her contract mentioned that swimming while covered was unacceptable in the resort. “It was allowed before but now they changed their mind. What can we do now? Neither myself or my daughters are now allowed to swim.”

Sherbini also recalled a recent incident where the same administration refused to sell a friend of hers a unit at the resort for being veiled.



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TENNESSEE: Knox County Clerk under fire for telling the truth about Muslims on Facebook

Knox County ‘dhimmi’ commissioner blasted County Clerk Foster Arnett and questioned whether Arnett could fulfill his job duties after making “disparaging” (but accurate) remarks about Muslims on Facebook. (Oh, please, give Arnett a promotion and a raise!)

30758287_Still McKenzie_22054455_ver1.0_640_480KnoxNews  “To make statements like that when you have a countywide office is just inexcusable and unforgivable,” Commissioner Sam McKenzie (photo right) said Monday at the body’s regular monthly meeting. “I think it does have an effect on you when you issue hate-filled statements like this about any one person, it’s not isolated to that one particular one. He doesn’t like the fact that we’re a melting pot (for Islamic terrorists and Muslim sympathizers like you), in my opinion based on what I’ve read and what I continue to read in his non-apology.” (Shame on you, considering what just happened in Chattanooga in YOUR state of Tennesee)

Arnett issued an apology in a statement to local news outlets Monday, more than a week after he posted and then deleted the derogatory statements in the wake of the Chattanooga fatal shootings. The posts were captured with screenshots and posted to the local blog KnoxViews.


The posts were shared on Arnett’s personal Facebook page and not on the clerk’s office website. One photo contains a caption that uses a derogatory term for Muslims and reads, “Stop being afraid of being called racist … and act like Americans.”