Two German hostages freed by Islamic jihadists in Philippines after ransom is paid

The couple –  a 72-year-old doctor and his 55-year-old partner, both from Hesse – were abducted last April while sailing between the Philippines and Malaysia, and held on the remote island of Jolo. Their captors from the Abu Sayyaf group have reportedly claimed that a ransom was paid. They had demanded more than four million euros.


In 2008, an FBI investigation warned America that self-proclaimed ‘Muslim civil-rights’ group, CAIR, was actually part of the terrorist organization HAMAS


Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)  functions as the ‘Special Operations Division’ (SOD) of the political department of HAMAS. Part of the CAIR SOD function is to attack with media propaganda any person or organization who analyzes or criticizes CAIR.

Longtime BNI readers will remember when CAIR got this website kicked off WordPress web hosting and one other web host about a year later. CAIR also just listed BNI as one of the leaders in the ‘inner core’ of the Islamophobia Network in America

For several years now, CAIR has been able to maintain its non-terrorist Islamic “hue,” that is, until they became the subject of our ground-breaking series, “Enemies of the State.” Stay tuned to this unique series as The United West sends its research investigators deeply into the federal files on CAIR and present factual conclusions that will disrupt, disable and destroy the operations of CAIR/HAMAS USA.

The First installment:


PRINCETON UNIVERSITY is now sharia-compliant, offering barbarically-slaughtered halal food

Halal food is now available in the residential college dining halls. So far, halal food has been offered two or three times a week in one dining hall each day, although a fixed schedule has not been drawn up yet. 

halale13693304276401-vi 14077776461961_700

Daily Princetonian  The addition to the menu is a result of the work of the Undergraduate Student Government Dining Policy Initiative, which has been working with the campus Muslim chaplain Imam Sohaib Sultan and the Muslim Students Association since last semester to make halal food more accessible on campus.

Class of 2015 Senator Nihar Madhavan, who led the Dining Policy Initiative, said one of the goals of his project is to ensure that the dining options are meeting the needs of students on campus. Therefore, when President of MSA Sarah Qari ’16 expressed her concerns about the scarcity of halal options, USG started looking for ways to resolve the problem. Qari said that the goal is to make halal food available all days a week.


“Before [this project] there used to be, and actually still continues to be, halal food options available through the Dining Services in frozen packets. A student can go up to the chef and ask for a frozen packet to be prepared for them,” Sultan said. “But unfortunately for too many students this was a little bit tedious and also wasn’t necessarily very appetizing either. You know how packaged food is.”

Because of this, some Muslim students stopped eating meat dishes all together.


“I knew you could ask for stuff at the dining halls, but it’s pretty nerve-racking to come in when you’re a freshman and say ‘I want a special meal.’ Secondly, you have to wait at least 20 minutes for your food to cook, so it was unfeasible sometimes,” MSA social media chair Safa Syed ’17 said. “I had it very, very rarely until the end of the year.”

Qari and Sultan met with Dining Services several times once the initiative began to discuss ways to address the dietary needs of Muslims, Sultan said. He added that Dining Services was “absolutely incredible in terms of wanting to accommodate this request.”


Muslim students were also able to voice their opinions directly when representatives from Dining Services attended the MSA’s Friday prayers. During their meetings, Qari and Sultan were able to clarify what it meant for food to be halal.

“One of the things that emerged after a while was that for a long time Dining Services thought that when we were asking for halal food, we were expecting certain ethnic foods. They were like, ‘We don’t know how to make that food,’” Sultan said. “But once we clarified to them that it can be whatever food you already make, just with halal meat, the process became so much easier. That was our opening.”


Executive Director of Campus Dining Smith Haneef declined to be interviewed. Sultan explained that halal food is food that a Muslim is permitted to consume according to Islamic sacred teachings.

Syed also noted that halal meat must follow certain restrictions, including that the animal it comes from must be treated humanely, eat a natural diet with no animal byproducts, be cut so that it does not feel pain and have all its blood drained out. When it is cut, the slaughterer must say the name of Allah out loud, according to Syed.


“It was a big change, actually. Especially at the end of last year, when it started — I think May or late April — they started having halal beef lasagna or halal beef roast,” Syed said. “It was really good food, too.”

“[Muslim students] appreciate the quality of the food — it’s fresh,” Qari said, “It’s really interesting because halal meat ends up getting eaten by anyone. It’s a nice addition, with a minimal effect on anyone else.”


Special events can also feature halal food now, like the Muslim Life barbecue at the beginning of the year, which Dining Services prepared.

“I think that by providing halal food on campus, Muslim students and faculty just feel more of a sense of feeling at home,” Sultan said. “So the increase in halal food options starting late last year and into this year have really, I’ve seen, made a real difference in the lives of students. They’re really excited about it.”

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FLORIDA: Humongous expansion plan for Orlando mosquetrosity has residents in a panic

Plans for a massive expansion of a mosque have residents in one part of Orange County up in arms, but their issue has nothing to do with religion.

(Oh, yes, it does, but of course they can’t say that big Islamic infiltration centers increase the threat of Islamic terrorism)

Building ugliness

Muslim supremacists build ugliness and ostentation wherever they go

Residents who live near the proposed expansion on Apopka Vineland Road in Doctor Phillips said it’s because of the size of the project. Grand plans for the towering new expansion to The Islamic Center of Orlando have already cleared two major hurdles with the county.

“If you look around the area there is nothing that large in terms of a footprint to go off of,” said resident Mike Kulich. Residents said the building is going to be seven-stories and extend an extra block. (All of which means thousands more Muslim asslifters driving down the values of all homes in the area)


Oh, Lookie! Australia has its own version of the anti-war Code Pinko twats against ‘Islamophobia’

The sign says “Islamophobia is not feminism.” So I guess female genital mutilation, forced child marriage and burqas are? Somebody send this clueless socialist, Kamal Emanuel, to Syria where she can become a sex slave for ISIS. But she’s probably too ugly even for that.

Here we have more bleeding heart leftists condemning the Abbott government for not allowing illegal alien Muslim boat people invaders into Australia.



Christian Convert to Islam from London warns “We will chop off all Westerners’ heads”


ISIS jihadi’s war name is Abu Abdullah al-Britani. He is 20 years old, of Eritrean origin, grew up in London and converted to Islam from Christianity. It is thought he has been fighting in Syria since December 2013. Speaking in the video, Al-Britani threatens the West, dismissing it as “puppets and apostates.”

IB Times  He says: “We are waiting for you in Dabiq. We are waiting for you in Iraq so bring your coalition of unbelievers because unbelievers will not help you. We will take their weaponry as booty and these people will die.”

He vows that ISIS fighters “are willing to lay down our blood on this soil.” He urges the West to send ground troops to Iraq and Syria, promising “we will kill every single soldier.” “We will chop off the heads of the Americans. We will chop off the heads of the French, chop of the heads of whoever you may bring.”

(But not to worry, if you get tired of fighting in Syria, the UK will welcome you back with open arms)


Family of slain U.S. Marine sues Marine Corps for covering up the reason he was murdered by an Afghan who was allowed on the military base in Afghanistan

marinebuckleydeadcbsnews81712The family of a Marine murdered in Afghanistan as he worked out in a gym is accusing the Corps of a cover-up by refusing to turn over documents that would show the dangerous environment inside Forward Operating Base Delhi.

Washington Times  A lawyer for the family of Lance Cpl. Gregory T. Buckley Jr. says Lance Cpl. Buckley and two other Marines were gunned down by a young civilian in a close relationship with a corrupt Afghan police chief. Sarwar Jan was known to help the enemy yet was allowed to work inside the FOB. The Afghan killer was given a slap on the wrist – 7-year sentence.

Family of Greg Buckley at funeral

Family of Greg Buckley

“This is an ugly story,” said Mr. Bowe, a partner in a prestigious national law firm that took the case pro bono. “[It is a] cover-up because no one wanted Americans to know that we were forcing our young men and women to share bases and work with corrupt Afghan officials who were raping children, shaking down villagers, collaborating with the Taliban and opium dealers and putting them in environments where we could not protect them.

The 3 Marines killed by the Afghan that day

The 3 Marines killed by the Afghan thug that day

“As a result,” he said, “not only did three United States Marines get murdered in their own base gymnasium, but the truth about how and why those murders happened has been systematically suppressed because it contradicts the administration’s narrative.”

The murders at the Helmand Province FOB came amid a wave of insider, or “green on blue,” attacks carried out by Afghan security personnel working closely with the Americans. Also shot and killed in the gym were Cpl. Richard A. Rivera Jr. and Staff Sgt. Scott E. Dickinson. A fourth Marine took a number of rounds and was nearly killed.


Missing 16-year-old Austrian kid converts to Islam, joins up with the Islamic State (ISIS) to kill infidels

A 16-year-old student whom Interpol reported missing has surfaced in an Internet video calling upon fellow Muslims to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria. The Viennese teenager said that “killing infidels had now become his main goal.”


Breitbart  Austria’s The Local reported that the light-haired teenager was filmed in what some believe is a Syrian slaughterhouse, as dead sheep could be seen in the background of the video. The once-missing teen, Oliver N, has been missing since August 23rd. Reports emerged in late September that he had been sending “threatening” text messages to fellow classmates. Oliver was reportedly enrolled at a vocational school for industry, economy, and transport. 

School officials said that once Oliver converted to Islam, he immediately began to behave and act vastly different (Islamomaniacal?) Previously described as a “very nice student,” his behavior radically changed (to Islamic).

According to The Local, the school’s director, Erich Macho, told Austrian outlet ORF:

[Oliver] was a very nice student, but towards the end of the last school year he converted to Islam and at this point his behaviour changed. He was very open about his conversion – and it was also obvious by his behaviour and things that he said. In hindsight it’s easy to say that we should have done something – he was also distributing Islamic jihadist material to students and teachers.

Erich’s friend Claudia reportedly told Der Standard, “It was as if someone had turned a (jihad) switch in him,” adding that he had posted on Facebook a picture of a heavily-covered woman and called her his wife. 



BUT IS IT HALAL? In the barbaric nation of ‘Crapistan,’ human meat is being served in restaurants in Quetta

In Baluchistan, Pakistan, thousands of innocent civilians and activists have been reported missing for decades, abducted by Pakistan’s military and associated forces as a way to suppress and subjugate the Baluch people. Apparently, some of the missing have been showing up on dinner plates.


EP Today Amid all these intense situations comes news of human meat being served in Quetta, Baluchistan. In a recent revelation that was shunned by Pakistani Army and no media was allowed to publish the news, in many small restaurants human meat was being served. Hannan Traders supplied meat to these restaurants whose owner, Asghar Hannan also supplied meat at the army stationed in Quetta.

The revelation came to be noticed when people from these restaurants started complaining about the meat that was being served was different from usual meat, with difficulty to eat and smelt foul.


The actual number of missing people is not known nor has the government taken any steps over years to bring the families to justice.  According to International Voice for Baluch Missing persons 18,000 persons went missing in the 2001-2013, out whom 2000 were killed and their bodies were found mutilated on lone streets.

Kidnapping innocent people, torturing them in confined cells, organ trade and even kill and dump policy all these acts have been persecuted against the Baluch people to suppress their demands for separate provincial autonomy from Pakistan.

h/t Don Laird


Former Swedish MP slams Sweden’s new Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, saying that the Muslim politician has a hidden radical Islamist agenda.

flagswedenislam-viDon’t they all? Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul went on the attack against Muslim Mehmet Kaplan from the Green Party. Her piece in the Dagens Industri newspaper was prompted by a statement Kaplan made to the Turkish media, in which he claimed that the reason young Muslims are joining the terror group ISIS is because of widespread ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe.

The Local Kaplan, who is Sweden’s new Housing Minister, argued that the government should give more money to Europe’s mosques in an effort to tackle the recruitment.

Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP

Mehmet Kaplan, Muslim MP

“It’s unforgivably naive to think that giving money to these kinds of [Muslim] organizations and mosques will work against segregation and will reach out to these youths who are being radicalized,” she wrote. “It’s exactly this kind of naivety that people like Mehmet Kaplan are counting on, and it’s time for everyone who wants to oppose the radicalization to realize the damage Mehmet Kaplan and others like him can accomplish.”

Nalin Pekgul

Nalin Pekgul

Pekgul also states: “The appointment of Mehmet Kaplan as a minister is surprising and appalling.” She adds: “For fear of being labelled as an Islamophobe, no one dares question Mehmet Kaplan and his hidden agenda. This is nothing short of a betrayal of the people who are primarily affected by Muslim intolerance and oppression.”

Kaplan previously hit the headlines after he compared Swedish jihadists in Syria to Swedish freedom fighters in Finland during World War Two.  He later apologized and said his comments had been misinterpreted. But in today’s article, Social Democrat politician Nalin Pekgul wrote: “I’m convinced that he said exactly what he meant to say.” 


Kaplan, a 43-year-old born in Turkey, is a former spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden. He has been a member of the Green Party since 2003. Similarly, Mehmet Kaplan says that he supports equality between the genders, but there are few secular muslims who’d believe that he wasn’t an Islamist or Islamic fascist.”

The word Islamist is a controversial one and some media outlets have been criticized for using it as a synonym for Islamic fighters or extremists. The term broadly refers to those who want a country’s government and society to operate in accordance with Islamic laws, which do not promote egalitarianism or tolerance.

In her article, she also wrote that with Kaplan in government, Sweden’s Green Party heads Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson “have sent a clear signal to Sweden’s Muslims that the Islamists now have the support of the Swedish establishment.”



ONLY 50%??? Anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes up nearly 50% since Muslims slaughtered British soldier in the street the same way they mutilate animals

In the wake of British soldier Lee Rigby’s savage murder on the streets of London, figures from the Office of National Statistics show that there were 918 religious hate crimes in 2013/14, compared to just 634 the previous year.


LBC  Nationally, there were 2,273 reported cases of a religious hate crime, up 700 on the previous year. 

Statisticians believe the rise is driven by higher levels of hate crime in the wake of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.


Fusillier Rigby was murdered by Michael Adebalajo and Michael Adebowale outside Woolwich Barracks in May last year.

John Flatley, from the Office for National Statistics, said: “We’ve seen a small rise in both racial and religiously motivated hate crime in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder.


“It is a backlash effect where people are being victimized possibly because of their Muslim origin.” (Possibly???)

Speaking to LBC, people at the Brick Lane Mosque believes media coverage of ISIL is to blame. They said: “I am not surprised, with so much time given to Muslim extremist groups that you may get a reaction or a backlash which may result in increased attacks on Muslims.”



HEY, FREE FOOD! Pig’s head delivered to largest mosque in Greece

Unidentified patriots left a severed swine head at the entrance of the ‘Greek – Arabic Education and Culture Center’ in Athens and painted a cross in front of the mosque section of the building along with statements allegedly insulting to Islam.

pig-head_athens_mosque En.Cihan  Correspondingly to Islamic State in Iraq and The Levant (ISIL)’s brutal and terrorist activities in the Middle East, Islamophobia started to rise again across western countries. Another baseness attack carried out against the sacred of Muslims in Athens on Friday morning.

Coming to the mosque to perform morning prayers at early hours, Greek Muslims witnessed an ugly scene – swine head and nauseous swearing insulting Islam written in front of the mosque and Islamic culture center building.

Athens-Arab-Hellenic-Centre-vandalism-2 Upon the notice, Greek police visited the scene with the crime scene investigation team. As the police completed its works, municipality workers removed the swine head and cleaned the ugly writings.

Speaking to Cihan reporter, Greek Muslim Union Head Naim Elghandour stated that this desecration and attack deeply hurt Muslim community. He also expressed his concerns about possible physical attacks against Muslims and called authorities to take necessary precautions.



SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists crucify 17-year-old boy

Pictures being shared online show a banner attached to the teenager’s chest saying the boy has been crucified for taking photos of ISIS military bases and receiving 500 Turkish lira for any footage taken.

Independent  The message describes the ruling for the alleged crime as “apostasy” and states the teenager has been “killed and crucified for a period of three days” as the punishment. The alleged execution comes after it emerged Isis militants had beheaded their own fighters for spying and espionage.





It is not known who took the picture, which was circulated across social media by some Isis supporters on Friday. Charlie Winter, Programs Officer at counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, said crucifixion is a prescribed punishment meted out by Isis for specific crimes.

He told The Independent: “Crucifixion has been used many times before – it’s an age-old punishment dealt out to people who have committed treason.” All photos below are ISIS crucifixions: