(New videos added) GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel punishes anti-Muslim immigration protesters of Dresden by dumping 2,000 Muslim squatters into their city park

merkel-cyborg-imagebotDresden residents woke up to find their city turned into a squatter/jihadist camp for 2,000 North African & Middle Eastern MUSLIM illegal aliens. The German city which dared to stand up to its government’s policy of accepting Islamization and massive MUSLIM immigration appears to have been punished for its dissent by the zero-notice imposition of a MUSLIM invader camp in a Dresden city park.

Breitbart (h/t Emma)  Government employees stood by the entrance of a city park in Dresden, Saxony on Thursday night handing out fliers to passers-by informing them the next day the green space, which lies a short walk behind the city’s famous Semper Opera house was to be transformed into a ‘Muslim tent city’. In reality, a Breitbart source in the city said, the first most people knew about the plan was when a convoy of lorries and construction equipment rolled in to begin work.


Bulldozers worked throughout the night to clear away grass and to pull up trees to make the park ready to receive the large white marquees provided by the German Red Cross to house some 1,100 refugees. That was the number, at least, that residents were given when the plans were announced. Within hours of the first migrants arriving on Saturday, the number the city-centre camp was expected to house had already been uprated to 2,000.


 Of those living in the tent city, 79.3-per-cent are Muslim men, 12.4-per-cent are Muslim women, and 8.3-per-cent are Muslim children.

A Dresden eyewitness told Breitbart the invaders had wasted absolutely no time in establishing themselves as black-market businessmen in the hitherto low-crime city. He said he had already been approached in the street by freshly arrived Muslim migrants offering to sell him drugs.

Italy - Illegal Immigration Crisis in Lampedusa

The zero-notice creation of migrant camps is now a common feature in certain parts of Europe, as governments have learnt giving notice and allowing locals chance to engage in the consultation process gives them time to organize and oppose. After all, where plans are made known in advance and the authorities take time making careful preparations for the arrival of immigrants, the buildings earmarked for them have a frustrating habit of mysteriously burning down.

In the first half of 2015 there have been 202 such attacks on refugee centres across Germany, more already than the whole of 2014, and six times as many as the whole of 2013, reports German paper Mopo24.


Not that such shock tactics have proven reliable in cowing locals into passive acceptance when town centre plots are unexpectedly turned into migrant centres. Breitbart London reported last week on the case of Freital, a small town in the vicinity of Dresden where a refugee centre was established earlier this year with no notice.

The ownership of a local hotel quietly changed hands and again the first residents knew of the plans to establish the centre was when the lorryloads of migrants drove in. The whole town is now under German police control which is martial law in all but name – officers can refuse entry to the town, and have set up an exclusion zone around the hotel. Locals now meet every night to protest, opposed by the police.


Dresden itself has been a marked target for left-wing activists and politicians since the city became last year the home of PEGIDA – the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West. The much maligned group has been meeting every Monday night in Dresden since Autumn 2014, to voice their opposition to a number of government policies, from the open-arms approach to migration, the Islamisation of Christian Europe, and the involvement of the German military in the Iraq-Syria conflict.


 PEGIDA has consistently drawn a more peaceful crowd of professionals, families, and right-wing students. Despite that, German intellectuals have been left dumbfounded as to why East Germans would want to complain about mass migration at all, and that the feelings of this vocal group must be down to ignorance born of living in the least ethnically diverse part of the country.


To combat this ignorance, the logic goes, Dresden must be made more diverse. Major left-wing charity chairman and former STASI spy Anetta Kahane has already declared the East of Germany “too white”, and that if she could have any wish granted it would be to culturally ‘reconstruct’ the East.

Her comments were in response to remarks by the Green-party prime minister of German state Baden-Württemberg who said that the present formula of migrants being shared out equally should be modified to make less ethnically diverse East German states take more.


The first protest against the new Dresden camp took place on Friday night, as PEGIDA supporters and concerned residents clashed with left-wing ‘antis’ outside the camp. Deutsche Welle reports “several people were hurt” and that stones and fireworks were thrown at the clash between the politically opposed groups, but did not reveal who threw them, or at who.

After putting up the tent city in the dead of night, Germany begins busing in the Muslim illegals:

Feeding the animals.


























POLAND: Thousands of Anti-Muslim Immigration Invasion protesters demonstrate in Warsaw

Thousands of anti-Muslim activists and nationalists marched through Warsaw, Saturday, to protest against the Polish government’s decision to accept 2,000 unscreened Muslim illegals and potential terrorists from Syria and North Africa.




BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA approves of Turkey’s attacks on the Kurds

unnamedThe Kurds have always been a strong American ally and have singly been the most effective fighting force on the ground against the Islamic State (ISIS). But apparently, Barack Obama has just stabbed the Kurds in the back after Turkey pretends to join the fight against ISIS in order to attack the Kurds.


FOX News  Turkey has now reopened its war on the PKK Kurds in Turkey, Iraq and in Syria. Turkish police rounded up hundreds of Kurdish activists in Turkey and tonight dozens of Turkish fighter planes attacked PKK positions in Syria and Iraq.

As the conduit for weapons and supplies to ISIS, Turkey had been reluctant to join the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State terror group despite gain made by the group on Turkey’s doorstep. Now, Turkish warplanes are directly striking ISIS locations, which started Saturday in Syria and continued with a bombing run against Kurds in northern Iraq.


Turkey wants to gain land in the war on Syria not lose any. Idleb and Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq are regions that Erdogan would like to add to his realm.  As the Kurds in Syria as well as Iraq had some success in fighting against the Islamic State and increased their territories the Turkish AKP government saw its plans in shambles.

To change the situation, Turkish president Erdogan has decided to reopen the war against the Kurds under the disguise of joining the pretend U.S. war against the Islamic State.


The strikes against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, muddle the U.S.-led half-hearted fight against ISIS. The U.S. has relied on Syrian Kurds affiliated with the PKK to carry out attacks against ISIS militants.

National Security Council spokesman Alistair Baskey strongly condemned the recent attacks by the Kurdish PKK, which the U.S. has designated a terrorist group, and said the PKK should renounce terrorism and resume talks with Ankara. A senior Obama administration spokesliar said there was no connection between the move to deepen U.S.-Turkish cooperation against ISIS and the airstrikes that Turkey is currently carrying out against the PKK.


Tensions between Turkey and the Kurds have flared in days following the ISIS bombing in Suruc on Monday. Kurdish groups have blamed the government for not doing enough to combat ISIS. On Wednesday, the PKK claimed responsibility for killing two Turkish policemen in the Kurdish majority city of Sanliurfa.

The PKK said the strikes spelled the end of the peace process aimed to end three decades of conflict in Turkey’s mainly-Kurdish southeast that has killed tens of thousands of people. “Turkey has basically ended the cease-fire,” Zagros Hiwa, a PKK spokesman, told The Associated Press.

Turkish police arrest dozens for protesting against Turkey’s airstrikes on the Kurds.


IRAN’S SUPREME LEADER Ayatollah Khamenei tweets a picture of his favorite negotiating partner, Barack Hussein Obama, pointing a gun to his head

Gee, there’s just no pleasing some people.

Actually, this would have been a better picture: Obama feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat him last.



According to Obama’s BFF, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, Muslims landed on the moon in the year 1633. (How, by flying carpet?)

15lflyingcarpet-vi2“The Ottomon Turks were the first to walk on the surface of the moon, not Neil Armstrong,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, yesterday, during an iftar dinner. Erdoğan claimed that Muslim explorers reached the Moon several hundred years before the beginning of the U.S. Apollo space program, vowing to build a mosque “in the crater” where they landed. (So where’s the mosque? Did the Zionists put up a blockade preventing Turkish construction materials from reaching the moon?)


Sorry, Youtube has removed the video where he made this statement:

World News Daily Report  “It is alleged that the first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong in 1969,” Erdoğan said. “In fact, Muslim space explorers reached our satellite 334 years before that, in 1635. Everyone knows the story of the famous aviator, Lagâri Hasan Çelebi, the “Ottoman Rocket Man”, who made the first successful manned rocket flight in 1633. What you might not know, is that he attempted to reach the moon, two years later, and could very well have succeeded!”

He slammed the skeptics for mocking his claims, adding that he would soon have the proofs to back his claims.

“Why do you not believe it? Because you’ve never believed that a Muslim can do such a thing, just like you’ve never believed that our ancestors could manage to launch ships in the Golden Horn after transporting them across land,” Erdoğan said, referring to Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II’s conquest of Istanbul in 1453. “This claim is not new. A number of academics in Turkey and in the rest of the world have made this claim, and I believe they are right. NASA may have destroyed most of the physical evidence of the Ottoman’s success during the Apollo 11 mission, but we’ll try to find any evidence that might have escaped the cover up.”

Here’s a video of Erdogan claiming Muslims discovered America:



[UPDATED] First Arkansas, then Florida, now a Kentucky gun shop has declared itself a “MUSLIM-FREE ZONE”

tudor_029-viJACE FIREARMS in Whitesburg, Kentucky has adopted a NO MUSLIMS policy following the slaughter of 5 U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee by a Muslim terrorist shooter. Not surprisingly, designated terrorist group CAIR has its panties in a wad over this latest gun shop’s security policy. Hopefully, it will become a trend nationwide.

Support this store:


104 Whitesburg Plaza
Whitesburg KY, 41858
(606) 633 – 4gun (4486)

UPDATE! Sadly, the owner of this store has caved to leftist ACLU strong-arm pressure and removed the MUSLIM-FREE ZONE sign.

WKYT  The owners of a Letcher County gun store, which sparked controversy after adopting a new policy banning Muslims, have removed the sign.


The sign, which read “MUSLIM-FREE GUN STORE,” was posted earlier this week at Jace Firearms. The sign was removed Friday after receiving a large round of criticism and a social media campaign, initiated by residents, to show the public that it is not reflective of all Whitesburg residents. The sign also grabbed the attention of officials with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who said, 

“Although it appears that this is a ploy to attract attention, it is nonetheless an unlawful and reprehensible example of religious discrimination. It also calls into question whether the store’s owners should be federally licensed to sell firearms.”


On Thursday, Jill Stidham, co-owner of Jace Firearms, said her store would no longer welcome Muslim customers. Stidham said Islam is a religion of hate and they are bringing hate upon our country every day.


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands federal investigation of alleged increased mosque vandalism and threats following Muslim slaughter of 5 U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga

CAIRvivivi-viThe Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called for federal hate crime investigations and stepped-up police protection for a Virginia mosque targeted by vandalism and harassment with hate rhetoric, and for an online arson threat to a Tennessee mosque.

WSLS  Administrators at a Roanoke, Virginia mosque said the center has been the target of vandals for over a year and hope to bring an end to attacks on the building. Surveillance video from the Masjid An Nur Islamic Center on Salem Turnpike shows vandals throwing objects at the worship center early Thursday morning. The vandals broke the glass in the front doors. During an interview with mosque administrators, people across the street could be heard shouting vulgarities and saying things like “terrorist.”

In Tennessee, the Muslim Community Center of Northeast Tennessee in Johnson City was reportedly targeted by an online threat of arson, according to a mosque official. Center officials have asked for increased patrols during prayer times.

WJHL  An investigation is underway into a threat made against the Muslim Community Center of Northeast Tennessee. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the Community Center asked the sheriff’s office for extra patrol around the center on Antioch Road in Johnson City during its afternoon prayer. The Muslim Community Center told us someone found the threat online and alerted the center.

Two years ago, an audience in Tennessee applauded at hearing about the burning down of a mosque in their state.


The Left are losing their little minds over anti-Muslim blowback following the Muslim massacre in Chatoonaga

ArchiveLogo.gifAn article from a website, not surprisingly called ‘The Progressive,’ reveals much handwringing and whining about how the Muslim slaughter in cold blood of 5 unarmed U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga is fueling widespread anti-Muslim vitriol from patriotic Americans.

The Reverend Franklin Graham (son of preacher Billy) actually proposed that the United States institute an immediate ban on Muslim immigrants.


“Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized—and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad,” Graham posted on Facebook. “During World War II, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now? Do you agree? Let your Congressman know that we’ve got to put a stop to this and close the floodgates.”

Graham’s comments are disturbing on several levels. Not only does he call for people of a certain faith to be prohibited from coming here, he also endorses the problematic policies that the United States had toward some ethnic groups during World War II.

“Franklin Graham’s comment about shutting Muslims out of America is exclusionary, disappointing, illegal, and a betrayal of the loftiest, though not yet fully realized, aspirations of the American dream,” Duke University Professor Omid Safi tells me. “That such a voice of exclusion and violence comes from a religious leader should give us all great pause.”   

Safi, who heads the Duke Islamic Center, himself received a taste of Franklin’s vitriol when his university cancelled plans earlier this year to broadcast Muslim Friday prayers from its chapel after a campaign led by the preacher.

Retired General Wesley Clark, a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, joined the anti-Muslim chorus in an MSNBC interview. “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States, as a matter of principle fine,” he said, again referring back to World War II. “It’s their right and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”


It’s astounding how open-ended and vague Clark’s proposal is.

“Clark seems to view [World War II] history as worth repeating, even though we would be interning people for what he calls the exercise of their rights,” writes George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley. “The ‘disloyalty’ shown in the exercise of free speech would presumably be the basis for internment, since any actual disloyal acts would likely be crimes punishable in their own right.”

At least Clark is not an elected official currently running for President.

Senator Rand Paul is, and he had thoughts of his own about how to deal with Muslim immigrants. “I’m going to have our subcommittee and maybe committee in Homeland Security look into whether or not we could reinstitute this NSEERS [National Security Entry Exit Registration System] program—it was an entry-exit program that was heightened scrutiny for twenty-five predominantly Muslim countries that have significant jihadist movements and anti-American sentiment in their country,” he said in an interview. “We need increased scrutiny on those countries before those people come to our country to visit or permanently. We have to have heightened scrutiny.”


The program Paul wants reinstated was a witch-hunt under the Bush Administration that resulted in numerous Muslim immigrants being deported, often for minor visa violations. Besides, his stance puts him at odds with his own libertarian philosophy, which, at least in theory, calls for free movement of goods and people across borders.

Perhaps Paul is attempting to appeal to the Republican base, which is a sad reflection on the party. He’ll be joining rivals such as Governor Bobby Jindal, who has falsely asserted that there are “no-go” zones in certain British cities for non-Muslims. Five GOP presidential contenders are attending this weekend a conference organized by Frank Gaffney, a notorious Islamophobic conspiracy-mongerer who has suggested in the past that Obama is a Muslim.

The widespread presence—and acceptability—of anti-Muslim sentiment is distressing.


INDIA’s Supreme Court upholds ban on Muslim headbags, burqas, and long sleeves for All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT) because of widespread cheating by Muslim students

0The Supreme Court of India declined to interfere with the dress code prescribed by the CBSE for candidates appearing for the AIPMT exam, barring them from wearing either a headbag and full-sleeved shirt. A bench of Chief Justice H.L. Dattu, Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Amitava Roy while rejecting the appeal by the Students Islamic Organization of India, said: “If you appear in an examination without a scarf, your faith will not disappear.” (Don’t you just love a judge with a sense of humor?)


Legally India  The earlier All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT) had been ordered cancelled by the Supreme Court after widespread cheating resulted by students wearing Muslim religious attire.

Its response came as senior counsel Sanjay Hegde, appearing for the organisation, said: “Wearing head scarf is an essential religious practice. The girls will be forced to abandon the examination.” (Good! Nobody wants a Muslim handling them in a hospital, except for another Muslim)

Describing the plea as “nothing but an ego”, the court said that candidates can wear the head scarf after the exam is over. “It is only for three hours… wear scarf after three hours”, Chief Justice Dattu said. The court also observed that faith is something different from wearing a particular type of clothes.

Required attire for the test

Required attire for the test

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, we are not going into these small issues,” Chief Justice Dattu said rejecting the plea as Hegde sought to urge the court that “minority is a minority”.

At the outset of the hearing, Chief Justice Dattu questioned the locus of the SIOI to raise the issue of dress code. “Organisation can’t come before us to question dress code and head scarf.”  The apex court on June 15 had scrapped the AIPMT for the year 2015-16 following the leak of its question paper and circulation of their answer keys through electronic devices at different examination centres in 10 states across the country.

Earlier the Kerala High Court while refusing to interfere with the dress code prescribed by the CBSE to prevent any unfair practices had granted permission to two Muslim girls to appear in the test wearing head scarf.  



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Saying that “Islam has no place in France,” even after the Charlie Hebdo murders by a Muslim and a Muslim beheading of a French citizen in France, is outlawed by the French government

Fortunately, there are some French citizens brave enough to do it anyway. Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine, both anti-Islamization groups in France organized a rally in Paris right after the first Muslim beheading of a Frenchman on French soil.

This video is part of a speech by Pierre Cassens, founder of Riposte Laique. Although France is being eaten alive by the cancer known as Islamization, it is now verboten for French citizens to hold a rally explicitly against Islam.

h/t Martin V


IDAHO: Barack Hussein Obama’s latest unscreened Muslim immigrant dumping ground

Christian pastor Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim, warns of Obama’s sinister policy designed to turn Idaho into an Islamic welfare state, dumping thousands of totally unscreened Muslim colonizers and potential Islamic jihadists, into this small conservative, predominantly Christian state.