Why Saudis make the best beheaders

Unlike al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban, who prefer to slowly saw off heads with what appears to be a dull knife, the Saudi beheaders use a large sword which removes the entire head in one swift blow.

Watch the beheadings in the town square.


Ia this the “cultural enrichment” Angela Merkel promised Europe would gain from millions more Muslims?

SWEDEN: Swedish workers at an asylum center for Muslim migrant ‘children,’ had to barricade themselves after being attacked by 19 Muslim teenagers who were angry when one of them wasn’t allowed to have candy.

GERMANY: Police are being told not to arrest Muslim migrants for petty crimes like theft and vandalism.

GERMANY: Gun sales have tripled since the Muslim rape wave on New Year’s Even and German women are signing up in droves Krav Maga classes used by the Israeli military.

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WYOMING: Muslims unwelcome

Is there no state in America that hasn’t been infested by Muslims?

Their numbers in the town of Gillette are small now (only 30), making a mosque totally unnecessary. The only reason they build a mosque is to encourage more Muslims to move there. It’s the reason for so many mega-mosques being built in America, far larger than the needs of the current Muslim community.


OH, THIS IS RICH! Designated terrorist group CAIR says South Carolina anti-sharia legislation is “unconstitutional”

CAIR contends that banning sharia law from American courts is designed to attack the religious ‘principles’ of Islam And violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The establishment clause allows the free practice of any religion. What CAIR wants is this:


Sharia law relegates women and non-Muslims to a lesser status, and grants men enormous authority over wives, daughters and sons. It allows for the primitive treatment of women and non-Muslims, and allows child marriage and polygamy, fierce punishment – limb amputations, stonings, floggings, beheadings, crucifixions, hangings, and “honor killings” for daughters and wives who refuse to obey sharia law.

BanShariaLaw  The South Carolina House has passed a bill blocking Islamic sharia law from being recognized or approved in the state, after years of debate over similar legislation.

The legislation voted upon was explained as “A bill to amend the code of laws of South Carolina … so as to prevent a court or other enforcement authority from enforcing foreign law including, but not limited to, Sharia Law in this state from a forum outside of the United States or its territories under certain circumstances.”

Mohamed Elibiary was appointed by Obama as a senior advisor in the Dept. of Homeland Security

Mohamed Elibiary was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama as a senior advisor in the Dept. of Homeland Security

“Sharia Law has been used as a defense in American courtrooms,” he adds. “We are working towards making that defense not an option for radical extremists from any country.”

“In South Carolina, we’ve had cases where people have tried to use [the rules of] Sharia Law as a defense, and we are speaking very clearly from the South Carolina House,” Limehouse said. “Shariah Law can not and will not be used as a legal defense in the state of South Carolina.”


Because the bill was passed at the beginning of the current legislative session, Rep. Limehouse said he was optimistic that the Senate would have enough time to pass the bill. In order for the bill to become law, it must now be passed by the South Carolina State Senate and signed by Governor Nikki Haley.

Hillary Clinton supporters think Sharia Law is a good thing:





MINNESOTASTAN: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR welcomes judge’s decision to force a township to allow construction of a Muslim cemetery

Castle Rock Township refused to issue a conditional use permit for an Islamic cemetery, arguing that it would result in the loss of a tax base, not to mention causing property values in the area to drop. (Muslims don’t use caskets to bury the dead)


As always, CAIR litigation jihadists went whining to their pals in the Obama Justice Department, demanding they overturn the township’s decision.

That’s why Judge David L. Knutson yesterday granted a summary judgement motion to the Al Maghfirah Cemetery Association in which he ruled that the township’s decision to deny the conditional use permit (CUP) was “arbitrary and capricious” and Islamophobic.

A cemetery, at the time of the applications, was a permitted use in the zoning area in question and the Castle Rock Planning Commission had recommended that the board approve the conditional use permit with certain conditions. But after the denial of the conditional use permit for the Islamic cemetery, the Castle Rock Township Board changed the zoning ordinance so that cemeteries were no longer a permitted use in the zoning area where the land is located.














Long-time BNI friend and contributor has suddenly passed away

We all knew him as ‘Grouchy Fogey’ at BNI, where we have enjoyed his wit and wisdom for many years. Yet only today we learn that his real name was Eugene. All your friends at BNI will miss you, Grouchy. Rest in peace and give ’em hell up there!

EUGENE aka Grouchy Fogey

EUGENE aka Grouchy Fogey

Grouchy often posted stories from BNI on his website called Nox & Friends from where I received this tribute to him today.

Eugene was born on July 4th and he was as pro-American as anyone could be. He served honorably in the United States Air Force. As you all know, he was conservative to the bone. He was a lover of animals big and small, polite, quick witted, funny, and spiritual too, not religious but a student of religion and biblical history. In the nutshell, just a darn good soul.

He was one of the founders at ‘Nox & Friend along with Terry and Kathy. He was also our resident philosopher and islamic expert. He really took his job here very seriously and with great passion. For the longest time he wrote about islam, its teachings, philosophy, and objectives. It hurt him deeply. Writing about those barbarians really tore him up. I asked him to stop. He did.

These last years Grouchy suffered from serious heart conditions and he was in and out of the hospital . The last go around he wasn’t quite sure he’d make it out so he called me to let me know that the “Quote of the Day” was scheduled out a few days. Seriously? We both had a good laugh over that but I share this with you only as evidence of how much he loved posting here and how much he enjoyed the interaction with our readers and fellow bloggers.

Eugene is survived by Rose Ann, who he called “his angel”, and who was with him when he passed. The timing of his earthly departure was in the middle of a blizzard. I can only surmise the blowing snow must have been Colorado angel tears.

He’ll be sorely missed by us for sure, and there is a hole in our hearts.

We all knew this day was coming but one is never ready to lose a friend. I’m sure he would have loved to have made it beyond the presidential elections. Now he has a skybox view.  I can only imagine his armchair prognostications, especially now since Ted Cruz won Iowa.  I also imagine him asking Saint Peter, “hey, what’s up with these islamic barbarians anyway… when’s the Big Guy gonna take them out?”.

God bless you Grouchmeister. The Good Lord called a good man home.  I’m glad I knew him and could call him friend.

~ Hardnox



TENNESSEE: Apparently, ‘God is out’ and ‘Allah is in’ for students in Roane County Schools

Roane County Tea Party accuses schools of indoctrinating students with Islam…a problem that is spreading to schools all over America in conjunction with Common Core curricula, funded by the Islamic state of Qatar.


WATE  The group also claims middle school students have to recite an Islamic prayer and learn that “Allah is the same god as the god in the Hebrew Bible.” While Roane County Schools said those claims aren’t true, members of the group believe the district’s students are being indoctrinated through seventh grade Social Studies.

“There is an agenda of elevation and eradication,” said Lucinda Shath. She believes Islam is being elevated while other religions, like Christianity, are being eradicated.






WATE 6 On Your Side looked through the textbook Roane County uses for seventh grade social studies. One of the first curriculum standards is that students are able to compare and contrast the tenets of five major religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.

But that textbook, published by Holt, isn’t the book the Tea Party group has a problem with. They’re upset about one published by Pearson, which the district said is not in the classroom. “There may not be a textbook in the classroom and there’s probably not,” said Shath, “but there’s probably digital downloads on tablet.” (This is the way schools in America have begun hiding the Islamic indoctrination, either by using books in the classroom which students are not allowed to bring home or using internet programs only)


Shath believes the Pearson book has been downloaded onto tablets by Roane County Schools and is being used in the classroom.

“That is absolutely not true,” said Director of Schools Gary Aytes, who added the district wouldn’t even be able to afford it. Aytes said that all of the Tea Party’s claims are untrue. (Afford it? All the Islam materials are provided free of charge to schools, paid for by oil-rich Arab Gulf states)


“In no way do we influence students in any way toward any religion,” said Aytes. “In Social Studies there is a history of the settlement of the Arabian peninsula and how that affected the history of the world, just as there is a section on the Buddhists, Judaism, Christianity and other world religions and how it affected history.” (What they don’t tell you is that all the other religions are covered in one day while at least 2 weeks are spent teaching about Islam)

Basic CMYK

Shath and Roane County Tea Party co-chairpersons said they’re fine with all of those religions being taught, but they aren’t fine with the way they think they are being taught. “Over and over again they cover the Islamic world which is wonderful,” said Shath. “However, they tell half truths about Islam spreading peacefully.”

“If they’re going to teach about Islam, I’d like to see them speak the truth instead of a white-washed version of a peaceful religion and co-existing with our U.S. Constitution and the Christian philosophy,” said Johnston. “It will not, it does not exist. That is a complete lie.”

The Roane County Tea Party will have a presentation on this topic Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Kingston Community Center.



ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BRITAIN? Muslim population tops 3 million with over half born outside the UK

61ee_b90f1-223x300Britain’s Muslim population has doubled in a decade as immigration is soaring, Muslim polygamy is allowed, and welfare-dependant Muslim breeders have a much higher birth-rate than any other group in the UK. Muslim parasites cost British taxpayers a staggering £18+ billion ($29 billion) per year, while Muslim harems and their multi-child litters account for much of that.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t John H) England is home to more than three million Muslims for the first time ever, new figures show. The number in the country has doubled in just over a decade as a result of soaring immigration and high birth rates. 


In some parts of London, close to half the population are now Muslims, according to detailed analysis by the Office for National Statistics obtained by The Mail on Sunday. On current trends they will be the majority in those areas within a decade. 

Half of those following Islam in England and Wales were born abroad while more are under ten years old than in any other age group, indicating their numbers will grow still further in generations to come.


The three million milestone – representing one in 20 people across the country – will reignite debate about the changing face of Britain amid growing calls for all Muslims to integrate into society.

Education watchdog Ofsted has warned that schools could be branded failing if veil-wearing by students or teachers is deemed a ‘barrier to learning’ and yesterday Britain’s most senior judge, Lord Neuberger, said there were ‘serious difficulties’ with witnesses giving evidence in criminal trials with covered faces.

Another review, ordered by Justice Secretary Michael Gove, is investigating fears that the growing number of Muslims behind bars – now one in five inmates in Category A jails – is fueling radicalization.


But there is also a backlash against what many Muslims see as Islamophobic stigmatization, with some campaigning against the Government’s ‘Prevent’ agenda which calls on communities to report suspected terrorist sympathisers.

Trouble has flared at public rallies held by nationalist groups against Islam. Former equalities chief Trevor Phillips sparked outrage last week by claiming that some Muslims will always remain apart, saying ‘it may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us’.


The rapid growth of the Muslim population of England and Wales is revealed in unprecedented depth by the new ONS figures. By 2011, the Muslim population of England and Wales was 2,706,066 – representing 4.8 per cent of the overall number. As the ONS noted, this represented a 75 per cent jump in the space of a decade.

New figures published for the first time this month show that the rise has continued, with a record 3,046,607 Muslims across England and Wales in 2014 – representing 5.4 per cent of the population. Across Great Britain, the total rises to 3,114,992, and of those slightly more than half (1,554,022) were born overseas. The vast majority – 1,484,060 – came from outside the European Union.

The Muslim population will rise further as a result of the unprecedented surge in refugees from Middle Eastern and North African countries trying to reach Western Europe in the past year.  A record 5,095 asylum applications were made to the UK in October 2015, latest figures show, with one in ten made by Syrians.

Muslim Issue  British citizens are sinking under the weight of astronomical welfare costs, a majority of which go to Muslim immigrants, both legal and illegal, many of whom come from polygamous marriages.


Huge numbers of Muslims contribute nothing but live off the state. According to government statistics we spend a minimum £18 billion a year only to feed Muslims. And the majority of them don’t have even a basic College degree!

Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 statistics that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed – rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004.


Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability (2001 figures). Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures).

Money-wise it means that out of 5 million Muslims living in Britain (2012 demographics), 4.25 million Muslims, or 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week, at least £ 284,750,000 per week  (£1.1 billion per month) is spent from taxpayer money to feed and care for Muslims who don’t contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues.


And that calculation doesn’t even include housing benefits, childcare support, medical care and other coverage utilized by the population. We can estimate that with housing, child subsidies and healthcare, Muslims cost the British government at least £1.5 billion a month, or £18 billion a year.

By 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but a complete collapse. 


FRANCE: You can bulldoze ‘The Jungle’ Muslim tent camp in Calais, but you can’t get rid of the Muslim freeloaders demanding entry into the UK (Where the free handouts are bigger and better)

4221396001_4710052918001_4710037796001-vsDiggers and bulldozers pull down Calais tent camp known as ‘The Jungle’ as authorities try to relocate more than 6,000 Muslim invaders to a container camp.  Volunteers and Muslims rushed to save possessions and clear out shelters as French authorities began tearing down the tent city, places of worship and a school.

Home to 6 - 7,000 Muslim invaders, THE JUNGLE tent camp in Calais is now being demolished

Home to 6 – 7,000 Muslim invaders, THE JUNGLE tent camp in Calais is now being demolished

More than 1,500 migrants have been evicted after the French government decided to create a 100-metre buffer zone between the Jungle and the nearby road to protect lorries from attacks.

RT  The demolition of the mosque and Muslim school in the buffer zone has sparked outrage among refugee charities, who claim the buildings were torn down despite local authorities promising to not touch places of worship. 


Charity groups also criticized the lack of notice from local authorities, who gave just one hour’s notice before sending the bulldozers in which were heavily guarded by police.

French authorities want to create a 100-meter buffer zone between the Calais camp and the bordering motorway to protect thousands of lorries from migrant attacks, as the Muslim invaders try to break into trucks headed to the UK.


calais montage of truck jumpers

“The migrants are invited to move from the tents to go into the containers and the facilities that have been fitted,” Philippe Mignonet, deputy mayor of Calais, told RT. 

“There have been lots of things created there which are illegal and they must disappear, as simple as that, they must disappear.”

Last week the city’s authorities gave Calais Jungle residents until last Thursday to leave the area, but extended the grace period until Monday.


Ahead of the clean-up effort, many of those living in the Jungle had already moved into 125 homes formed from converted shipping containers in an area adjacent to the camp.

“We think if we move in we will be first in line for asylum in Britain,” Afghan refugee Azatullah Sisiqi told RT. Yet over 1,500 refugees have refused to move.


Opting to live in a 12-bed container fitted with electricity and heating requires migrant finger prints prior to entry, something that many feel would ruin their chances of crossing the English Channel.

“There [in the containers] they are like in the zoo! Here we are wild and free! They have a prison there, the police force you to stay in France. If the police come we will refuse to move, [we] want to be free and to go to England,” said Sajawal Abbas, a refugee from Pakistan.

Refugee supporters and campaign groups such as No Borders have criticized the introduction of the container village, calling it a “concentration camp.”