OKLAHOMA MUSLIM BEHEADER was released early from felony probation scheduled to last until 2017

Why – good behavior? Alton Nolen, the suspect in Thursday’s beheading attack in Oklahoma, was on felony probation until 2017 but was given early release in April of this year.

Alton Nolen aka Jah'keem Yisrael

Alton Nolen aka Jah’keem Yisrael

According to the Los Angeles Times, (via Breitbart)   Nolen has numerous convictions from 2011, “including marijuana possession, escape from detention, assault and battery on a police officer and possession of cocaine with intention to distribute.”

He is a convicted felon and, according to police and a purported Facebook page, a convert to Islam. 

Breitbart News previously reported that Nolen allegedly entered Vaughan Foods on September 26 and stabbed and beheaded 54-year-old Colleen Hufford, according to law enforcement. Police say he was stabbing a second victim, 43-year-old Traci Johnson, when a good guy with a gun–company founder Mark Vaughan–drew a gun and shot Nolen.


OKLAHOMA MUSLIM BEHEADER allegedly linked to al-Qaeda leader al-Awlaki and Boston Bombers

Nolen-YisraelSuhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, had also previously been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which had been attended by Alton Nolen (aka Jah’keem Yisrael) — the Muslim who beheaded a former coworker after recently converting to Islam, Breitbart News has learned. Webb now serves as Imam of the sister organization of the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.


Breitbart (h/t Maria J)  Imam Suhaib Webb has a history of ties to radicalism. FBI surveillance documents found that he was a known confidant of Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki. Just two days before the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, Webb spoke at a fundraiser with Awlaki with hopes to raise funds for Atlanta-based H. Rap Brown, a man that shot and killed two police officers.

The FBI documents also found that “Webb and Awlaki may be associated with the Muslim American Society,” which is a group described by the Investigative Project on Terrorism as being “founded as the United States Chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Nolen took a picture of himself (above) September 5th, just three weeks before he brutally murdered an innocent woman, standing in front of the gates of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.


The caption read: “At The Masjid (Mosque)Today For Jumar 9/5/2014 & Peforming Wudu!!!”

Imam Webb’s bio from his new place of employment, the Islamic Society of Boston, states:

While pursuing his bachelors degree Imam Webb studied privately with a renowned Muslim Scholar of Senegalese descent. After intense private training in various Islamic sciences, Imam Webb was hired as the Imam at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, where he not only provided Khutbas (Sermons) and religious classes but also counseled families and young people.

Note the Beheader giving the one-finger ISIS salute

Note the Beheader giving the one-finger ISIS salute

The Islamic Society of Boston, which was attended by the Tsarnaev brothers during his tenure as Imam, has several within their ranks who have been charged with committing acts of Islamic Radicalism. The founder of the Mosque, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for his role for financing terror.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, Webb had initially been invited to an interfaith memorial at the Holy Cross Cathedral, where president Obama was scheduled to speak. Imam Webb’s invitation was then rescinded under mysterious circumstances at the last minute, according to reports.

Writing in the Jewish Advocate last year, columnist Charles Jacobs described Imam Webb as someone who “teaches vicious hatred and calls for young Muslims to engage in Jihad against non-Muslims in order to establish a global Islamic state.”






CANADA: Toronto mother says headbag-wearing Muslim school bus driver is a danger to children because she cannot be identified

American Muslim Woman Showing Driver's License

Stacy Joseph says she doesn’t think the niqab, a headbag that Muslim women wear to cover their faces, should be worn while driving her children to school, one of whom has special needs. Not to mention, the headbag limits the bus driver’s field of vision.

City News (h/t Susan K)  “As a parent I’m concerned that I don’t know who is driving them,” Joseph told CityNews. “I know the other bus drivers, I know them by face, I know them by name so I can easily identify them.” She says this is not about any particular person or religion, it’s about the safety of her children. (There could be anybody under that get-up, even a potential beheader)

Niqabs have sparked controversy in the past, with protests against a Quebec law that bans women wearing the veils from receiving or providing public service. Religious rights and security rights also collided in 2010, with allegations Air Canada failed to visually verify the identity of women boarding a flight in Montreal.

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AUSTRALIA: Church signs like this are evidence of why so many people are choosing to leave the church

Parramatta Mission church sign says: “The best way to defeat the Islamic State is by befriending a Muslim.” (Indeed it is, especially right before he is about to cut off your head)


Daily Telegraph (h/t Kenneth N)  Parramatta Mission has taken a strong stand on community relations with a controversial sign challenging people to “make friends with a Muslim”. The sign outside the Uniting Church in Macquarie St says, “The best way to defeat ISIL is to make friends with a Muslim.”

Mission chief executive Keith Hamilton said the organisation knew the billboard could be controversial but it was about sending a strong message. “We understood it might make us a target but sometimes you just have to do the right thing,” he said.

Mr Hamilton said he understood the sign had gone viral on social media and the feedback was that most people were pleased that a Church had put up the message. “Our view is that we need to make friends with everyone.

Parramatta Mission chief executive Keith Hamilton

Parramatta Mission chief executive Keith Hamilton

“Some people have been disparaging of Muslims and of other minority groups in the community but we believe everyone should be treated with respect. “If we ostracise sections of the community, people such as youths who are trying to work out their identity can be radicalised.”

Mr Hamilton said the church had a long history of co-operation with the local Islamic community which used to hold its prayer meetings on the Mission property before the Parramatta Mosque was established.

He said an interfaith prayer day last weekend was indicative of the Mission’s commitment to being inclusive.

Below video shows Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) jihadists in Syria beheading three Christians, reportedly priests. (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)


OKLAHOMA MUSLIM BEHEADER’S Facebook Page has everything to do with Islam…EVERYTHING!

Oklahoma beheader, Alton Alexander Nolen, goes by his Muslim name Jah’Keem Yisrael on Facebook, where his cover photo features several Taliban fighters.Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-8.06.18-PM






Red-haired Ginger Jihadi fighting with ISIS in Syria

Red-haired Ginger Jihadi fighting with ISIS in Syria




The Ginger Jihadi (red hair) with ISIS Syria



At the masjid (mosque)

At the masjid (mosque)






HERE WE GO! Muslim beheader in Oklahoma fired for promoting sharia punishments like stoning for women

Police in Moore, Oklahoma released the identity of the suspect in the brutal beheading of a woman at her workplace: Nolen, who now goes by Jah’Keem Yisrael, is a convert to Islam, and local press reports that he had attempted to convert other employees at Vaughan Foods, where the murder took place.



Truth Revolt  Nolen Yisrael OklahomaYisrael is a graduate of Idabel High School in nearby Idabel, Oklahoma, about four hours southeast from Moore where the attack occurred. Nolen was a football player. A teammate, speaking to Truth Revolt, describes him as “normal” and “a good football player, but not great.”

Local newspaper McCurtain Gazette reports:

A classmate of Nolen’s, who didn’t wish to be identified, told this newspaper that he spoke to a close family member of Nolen’s today.

He told this newspaper that according to the family member, Nolen was telling coworkers Thursday of an Islamic teaching that said women should be stoned for an offense, and that an argument followed the mark, Nolen was later fired and returned later Thursday, when he beheaded Colleen Hufford, the family member said.

Oklahoma Beheading Suspect’s Facebook Page Features Image of Militant Fighters, Religious Rants

Oklahoma Beheading Suspect’s Facebook Page Features Image of Militant Fighters, Religious Rants

This past Tuesday, posting on Facebook as Jah’Keem Yisrael, Nolen said “Shalom Alhakeium (O Ye Muslims) Allah (sWt) says in the last days, ‘People will be lovers of themselves, proud and unholy.’ So to all of U that masturbating which I think is 80% of the world and for whatever desire it is in your hear that U doing it for – U can get! (warning) This is the last days … 2nd Timothy 3:2.”

The Islamic Council of Oklahoma has stated that Nolen is “not known to any of the leadership in Oklahoma mosques,” however the Facebook page reviewed and confirmed by the Gazette as his shows several photos of him interacting at “the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City.”


OKLAHOMA: Muslims shout “Praise Allah!” and surround police following Press Conference on Beheading

Oklahoma Muslims were seen reading from the quran and praising Allah during the police press conference. WARNING to Oklahomans from BNI: Don’t turn your back on your Muslim neighbors.


Gateway Pundit (h/t Jeanne)


AFGHANISTAN: 15 civilians including women and children beheaded by the Taliban (WARNING: Graphic)

1bf0f-tn_talibanA Taliban offensive in eastern Afghanistan, alleged to be aligned with ISIS, left an estimated 100 civilians dead or wounded in the past week, including some women and children who were beheaded, a provincial deputy governor said Friday.

CNN  Hundreds of Taliban insurgents stormed Ghazni province’s Ajristan district last week, sparking intense, ongoing battles with Afghan security forces, said Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, Ghazni’s deputy governor. The Taliban have taken over a large number of villages in the area, he added.


The insurgents beheaded at least 15 people, including women and children, on Thursday, Ahmadi said.

NBC  Militants aligned with ISIS launched a brutal offensive in Afghanistan alongside Taliban fighters that has left more than 100 people dead, local officials said Friday. Insurgents carrying the black flag of ISIS captured several villages in Ghazni province, according to Deputy Governor Ali Ahmad Ahmadi and Deputy Police Chief Gen. Asadullah Ensafi. Fifteen family members of local police officers were beheaded and at least 60 homes were set ablaze, Ahmadi said.


Ensafi later told NBC News that five Afghan helicopters had managed to drop Afghan special forces personnel to reinforce units already defending the area. He said the immediate threat to district’s center had been nullified. Members of the Taliban from different regions of the country were involved in the offensive, officials said.


According to Ahmadi, the drive was being led masked men wearing camouflage who carried the black flag of the ISIS and openly called themselves soldiers of “Daesh” — another name for ISIS. The officials said those militants did not speak any local languages. Reinforcements from the Afghan national army and provincial police had been stopped from reaching the area by Taliban ambushes.

Dr. Gareth Price, an Afghanistan expert at London’s Chatham House think tank, said it was possible that one section of the Taliban has decided to re-brand and copy the tactics of ISIS. “Given the factionalizing that seems to be happening in the Pakistani Taliban, it’s not surprising that a group has decided to show allegiance to the Islamic State,” he added.

Here’s a Taliban beheading of an Afghan who converted to Christianity from two years ago. (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Three Afghan men beheaded by the Taliban for opposing sharia law. (WARNING: Graphic Images)


Where is ISIS getting all its money, now that Obama is no longer funding it? Or is he?

There are many who confirm there have never been more than a few degrees of separation between the so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels and ISIS. In fact, many Syrian rebels have joined forces with al-Qaeda linked ISIS and al-Nursra Front, while Obama has had our troops training them in Jordan for two years now.



White House hosts Syrian activist who sees al-Qaeda linked rebels as “moderate”


senator-rand-paul-agrees-with-bni-the-reason-isis-jihadists-are-attacking-iraq-is-because-the-obama-regime-has-been-arming-them-in-syria did-obama-intentionally-engineer-the-isis-attack-on-iraq-from-syria














WYOMING: RINO Governor invites flood of Somali Muslim parasites into his state, Obama happily complies

It was one year ago that Republican Governor Matt Mead wrote to the federal government and invited them in to begin a resettlement program for the only state in the Nation wise enough (until now) to stay out of it! And, get this, these Somali women arriving in Wyoming as secondary migrants are not shy about saying, if they don’t get more free services they are moving on to a state that is more generous! 


RRW  There is a big difference between secondary migrants who have already been hooked up with their social services in another state by one of the nine major federal resettlement contractors or their 300 plus subcontractors.  They have gotten their job counseling, their kids enrolled in schools, their welfare goodies, their health care.

The secondary migrants have chosen, in our free country! to move on after being acclimated (at taxpayer expense) in another state.  That does not mean we have to follow them with goodies (holding their hands) as they shop for new cities and states over the years.


However, setting up a resettlement office in Wyoming, is a whole other matter.  It means that refugees will be resettled in Wyoming directly from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

By the way, check out the statistics here (page 9), according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, zero secondary migrants entered Wyoming in 2013 (so much for their statistics!).

The Wall Street Journal : CHEYENNE, Wyo.—Draped in a brightly hued robe and veil, Amal Hassan certainly stands out from the locals as she walks along the outskirts of this high-plains city, pickup trucks rumbling by.

Welcome to America, land of the Free Stuff

Welcome to America, land of the Free Stuff

Somali refugees such as Ms. Hassan are becoming a more common sight here in the nation’s least populous state, the only one without a refugee-resettlement program. Such initiatives provide social and financial services to refugees such as Ms. Hassan, 29 years old, who were admitted legally into the U.S.

Now, with a hundred or so Somali refugees having arrived in Wyoming’s capital city in recent years, the state is wrestling with whether to create a resettlement program, which in other states is typically run jointly with the federal Administration for Children and Families. The idea, however, has stirred sharp criticism from some people, who have called and emailed state officials, expressing concern that crowds of refugees would flock to Wyoming, stretch resources and spread disease.

Somali Muslims queue up to get free rental housing

Somali Muslims queue up to get free rental housing

Somali Muslim tempers flare in fight to get free rental housing for themselves

Somali Muslim tempers flare while awaiting free rental housing 

The issue repeatedly came up during last month’s Republican primary for November’s gubernatorial election, with one of Gov. Matt Mead’s opponents saying refugees would cause problems for Wyoming. The governor, who won the primary, said his administration is merely exploring a resettlement program.

“Unfortunately people don’t understand or deliberately distort what’s happening,” Mr. Mead said recently on a local radio station, dispelling a rumor that the state planned to set up refugee camps.  [By continuing to use those inaccurate words---refugee camps---Mead is able to ridicule and denigrate critics.---ed]

Ah, America, the melting pot that no longer is

Ah, America, the melting pot that no longer is

Mr. Mead has said that refugees were coming to Wyoming regardless, and the state needed to know which services they were using. [You can see what welfare they are tapping without inviting more in!---ed].

Here the WSJ didn’t find the latest numbers—we have them here.  In FY 2014 we have brought into the US 8,278 Somalis (in 11 months). The federal government and its contractors are scrambling to find new territory in which to resettle them as ‘pockets of resistance’  have developed in some states—thus the Wyoming push!

Typical size Somali Muslim family in America

Typical size Somali Muslim family in America

According to federal data, 4,915 Somali refugees arrived in the U.S. during the 2012 fiscal year, the most recent information available. That figure represents the fourth highest total of refugees from any country to enter the U.S. that year, behind Bhutan, Myanmar and Iraq.

Housing is easier to get, but not enough welfare help in Wyoming!

Ms. Hassan, who lives in Cheyenne with her two young sons and is divorced, said she is considering leaving Wyoming if she can’t receive more help. Read it all.

Just the other day, BNI posted this story about obese Somali Muslim invaders in Minnesota demanding free 'halal-slaughtered' food

Just the other day, BNI posted this story about obese Somali Muslim invaders in Minnesota demanding free ‘halal-slaughtered’ food































With a savage Muslim beheading having just taken place in Oklahoma, what better time for Pamela Geller’s counterjihad advertising campaign?

Hamas-linked CAIR and their leftist useful idiots are outraged at the ads, but have nothing to say about the Oklahoma beheading. Muslims would like to do the same to Pamela, and if they get a chance, they will. (God forbid)



BALTIMORE: Islamic Jew Hatred incident under investigation

A antisemitic incident, where a Muslim-looking man yelled out “Jews Jews Jews” and fired some type of weapon is under investigation in Baltimore County.


CBS  Police say three (Jewish?) men walking in the 6800 block of Old Pimlico Road were first approached by a vehicle. The driver yelled “Jews, Jews, Jews” at the victims. Investigators say the suspect then fired some type of BB or air gun in their direction and fled the area.

The victims were not struck and did not suffer any apparent injuries. The suspect is described as a white male with brown hair and a dark complexion–possibly of Middle Eastern descent.


Police say they found a pellet hole in the glass of a window at Bais Hamedrash Mesivta of Baltimore, a private school for Jewish boys.

Investigators say the suspect was driving a black and white Toyota Corrolla or Prius with tinted windows. The top top portion of the car was black and lower portion white.

If anyone has any information about this crime, call police at 410-307-2020.




BEHEADINGS, NOW IN AMERICA! Oklahoma MUSLIM beheads female co-worker, stabs another, was trying to convert people to Islam


Police say a woman who was killed by a co-worker at a food distribution center in suburban Oklahoma City was beheaded and another woman stabbed by Muslim employee. Witnesses say the suspect had been trying to convince co-workers to convert to Islam. More would have been attacked had he not been stopped by the COO of Vaugham Foods who was armed.

CBS (h/t Zilla)  Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded and another woman, 43-year-old Traci Johnson, was stabbed. Both victims were employees of Vaughan Foods, but according to Lewis, it appeared the women were not targeted and were instead stabbed at random.


Alton Nolen, MUSLIM BEHEADER, was a convert to Islam

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Friday that 30-year-old Alton Nolen had been terminated from Vaughan Foods in Moore, where he worked as a production line employee, shortly before the incident took place on Thursday afternoon. 

Lewis said Nolen exited the building after being fired and went to the parking lot where he drove his vehicle to the front of the business and hit another car. Nolen then walked into the front office and began attacking a woman with a standard knife used in the business, Lewis said.

Mark Vaughn, an off-duty officer who also serves as chief operating officer of the business, shot Nolen as he was stabbing Johnson.  Sgt. Lewis touted Vaughn as a hero Friday and said he saved Johnson’s life.”It could have gotten a lot worse. This guy wasn’t going to stop,” said Lewis.

Johnson and Nolen were still hospitalized Friday and were said to be in stable condition. According to Lewis, statements were made to investigators that Nolen had recently converted to Islam and had been trying to convince employees to convert to as well. 


The FBI is involved in the investigation and is currently conducting a background investigation into Nolen, Lewis said. According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website, Nolen has a criminal history dating back to 2006 that includes charges of possession of a controlled substance and assault and battery on a police officer. 

He was imprisoned from April 2011 to March 2013 and is currently listed as being on probation.

The Department of Corrections describes Nolen as having several tattoos, including a picture of Jesus Christ on his chest, praying hands on his arm and an inscription on his abdomen that says, “As-Salaamu Ataikum,” an Arabic greeting often used by Muslims translating to, “Peace be upon you.”

For all those new to Islam, you can see actual beheadings here: BEHEADINGS (Graphic)


UPDATE: Beheading Suspect Now Investigated As An Enraged Muslim Convert

Western Journalism  Alton Alexander Nolen, a 30-year-old Oklahoma man, was fired from his job at a food processing plant in Moore, OK, just before a bloody rampage began — one that has authorities seriously looking into whether Nolen’s reported conversion to Islam may have played a part in the gruesome crimes they allege Nolen committed.

CNN reports that Police Sgt. Lewis has also confirmed for reporters what had been suggested in earlier news accounts of the horrific beheading — that the suspect was apparently a recent convert to Islam who tried to get others in the plant to convert as well:

Nolen recently had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam, Lewis added during a Friday press conference. “After conducting interviews with co-workers of Nolen’s, information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion.”

A report on foxnews.com supports the information that the suspect was a Muslim convert:

FBI officials are investigating a beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center after co-workers said the suspect tried to convert them to Islam after his recent conversion.

UPDATE: Oklahoma Muslims don’t care about the victims, they are only concerned with the potential backlash they might face.

FOX News (h/t Opinionator)  Saad Mohammad, a spokesman for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, told NewsOK.com that leaders of the society’s mosque are taking security precautions to protect Muslims who gather there from any potential retaliatory violence.

Mohammad said anti-Muslim sentiments local residents may have could be heightened due to the beheadings and violence overseas by Islamic State militants. (One can only hope)

“They have this ISIS thing on their minds and now this guy has brought it to America,” Mohammad told the website.