FALLEN ANGEL: An investigative documentary about the cover-up of the shootdown of SEAL TEAM 6 – the single largest loss in Navy SEAL history


On Aug 5th 2011 22:09 UTC/Zulu Afghanistan, a United States Army National Guard aircrew was flying a Vietnam era Boeing Chinook CH47D transport helicopter call sign “Extortion 17.” The men on board were on a mission to “Capture or Kill”the Taliban commander Qari Tahir – in OPERATION: “Lefty Grove.”

In addition to the five man aircrew, twenty-five of America’s most elite warriors were on board:

15 – Navy Special Warfare Development Group (DevGru)
2 – Navy West Coast SEALs
5 – Top-tier Navy Servicemen (DevGru Support)
3 – Top-tier USAF Personnel (DevGru Support)
1 – Navy SEAL combat service dog (DevGru Support)

Plus, one Afghan civilian interpreter and seven members of the Afghan National Army.

To date, there has been no reasonable explanation or investigation as to how or why numerous security protocols and procedures were compromised when eight Afghans were rushed on board with in the last minutes before takeoff.

The only obscure information about these eight Afghan personnel was hidden deeply inside a 1250-page SECRET crash investigation never intended to be seen by the public. This SECRET document, now declassified, is referred to as the Colt Report and named after the one-star Infantry Division commander and lead crash investigator Jeffery M. Colt.

Our investigative movie, “Fallen Angel” will prove beyond reasonable doubt that this crash investigation was a blatant attempt to cover-up the government’s failed Rules of Engagement policy – a policy that is  killing America’s finest warriors today.



Executive Producer: Tom Trento Producer: J. Mark Campbell



A summary of the government’s crash investigation, the Colt Report, is as follows:

  • Crash investigation was completed and finalized in 30 days

  • Eight Afghans were rushed on board in the last minutes

  • no evidence of either gunshot wounds or significant ballistic injury in any of the casualties” (No findings of Bullets in Bodies) 

  • Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) never found or recovered (Omitted from Final Report)

  • Final autopsy reports were not completed (Autopsy Reports Omitted from Final Report)

  • The shoot-down was not a deliberate ambush” 

  • Two, possibly three RPG shots fired 

  • Second RPG shot brought down Extortion 17  

  • Second shot came from RPG three and a half football fields away (220m)

  • Second RPG shot after midnight – 2:39:45 AM Afghanistan (22:09:45 GMT)

  • Shot occurred in “near-zero illumination conditions”

  • No Moon “0% Illumination” (set @ 9:32 PM Afghanistan)

  • Extortion 17 was “blacked out” (no beacons or markers) 

  • Enemy had “no night vision equipment” 

  • Extortion 17 was “flying at 60mph150 feet AGL [Above Ground Level] 

  • Second RPG shot struck the aft rotor blade “at 40 degree angle” 

  • Fatal shot did not come from the 3rd RPG shot at point blank range fired by a “Squirter” (Taliban soldier) 

  • Fatal shot did not come from “Squirters seen earlier” near the area where Extortion 17 was landing

  • Fatal shot absolutely did not come from “Squirters” seen earlier who were“denied permission” to be fired upon due to the Rules of Engagement


The military claims the shoot-down was due to an unavoidable, “Lucky Shot.”

However, two days after the shoot-down, three highly respected European press agencies were reporting the shoot-down as a “Taliban Trap.”

One of the UK’s oldest, most trusted, and most circulated news source, The Telegraph stated two days after the shoot-down of SEAL Team Six, US helicopter ‘shot down in Taliban trap’”

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret) “The Congress and the military need to lift the curtain of deceit.  Media hypocrisy is hiding this incident from the American people. This MUST be made into a film.”

Admiral ‘Ace’ Lyons (Ret): “Pure dereliction of duty and and un-American.” “High treason.”


WOO HOO! World War 11 Veterans get down and boogie at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC!


A couple of World War II veterans showed they still know how to boogie (to the iconic ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ song, of course) when they broke out in dance at a Washington, D.C. airport. 

FOX News (h/t Rae R) The men were in D.C. as part of an Honor Flight – a service that provides free flights to veterans so that they can tour all the war memorials in the nation’s capital. The two dancing vets, Marin Perryman and Paul Kopey, were being entertained by the Ladies of Liberty, a trio who were singing the famous Andrews Sisters’ World War II tune when they got up and put on a show of their own. The crowd loved it. And yes, the Greatest Generation is still the greatest.


Hey, Obama, where are all those Muslim widows and 3-year-old orphans you’ve been whining about?

refugeehorde-viThis is what Angela Merkel and other EU leaders are forcing on the people of Europe. This is what Barack Hussein Obama wants to force on America and Justin Trudeau on Canada. All are Muslims, few are Syrians, and even fewer are actual political refugees. Most are economic freeloaders from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. looking for handouts.

Now, picture your towns and cities after these Muslim invaders get through with them. Imagine your wives and daughters after they’ve been gang raped by these predominantly young, strong Muslim males who consider all non-Muslim Western women to be sluts and whores. And then there’s the mater of some 4,000+ ISIS jihadists which have been embedded with the so-called refugees.


Islamic terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel have become so frequent, the Western media totally ignore them

Friday, November 13, 2015:  An Israeli family car was ambushed and attacked near Atniel, South Hebron Mountain. They were on their way to a family celebration in Be’er Sheba. The Palestinian terrorist, who is member of the Islamic Jihad, fired from the middle of the road and killed the father, Jacob Litman, 40 y.o. and his son Nethaniel 18 y.o. who was driving.

The other family members in the car — the mother, a 16-year-old boy and three young girls aged 11, 9 and 5 — were lightly wounded, suffering mostly from bruises and shrapnel injuries.

But that’s not all.


The Washington Post confirmed Donald Trump’s remarks about seeing Muslims in NJ celebrating 9/11

In an archived page dated Sept. 18, 2001, The Washington Post reported on  Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the attacks on 9/11. There were TV news reports about the celebrations but they have all been scrubbed from the internet. I saw the reports, but when I looked for them later, they were gone.


“Investigators said at least two of the hijackers, Nawaq Al Hamzi and Salem Al Hamzi are believed to have had addresses in Wayne and Fort Lee, NJ. The apparently rented a mailbox in Fort Lee at Mailboxes Etc. in Jersey City within hours of two jetliners plowing into the World Trade Center. Law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”

You can see the entire article including the above paragraph by enlarging the Washington Post archived article below:



In 2009, Anderson Cooper did a report on Muslims in New York who celebrated 9/11:


CINCINNATI: Muslim woman dressed in Islamic supremacist garb alleges she was called a “terrorist” and nearly run over in the street

Haneen-Jasim-WLWT-800x430Haneen Jasim said she was wearing her hijab as she walked home Saturday night from studying at a Starbucks near the University of Cincinnati, reported WLWT-TV. The 22-year-old student said the driver started honking his horn, cursing and calling her a terrorist as she crossed the street — and then he drove straight toward her and didn’t stop.  

Raw Story  “Within an instant he tried to run over me,” Jasim said. “If it wasn’t for the three people in front of me, grabbing me onto the sidewalk, I would have been dead right there.” Jasim said the man drove away before she could read his license plate number, and she wasn’t sure police could help her without that information. (So where are the 3 witnesses?)
So she instead called the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), whose officials said this was the third such incident of anti-Muslim harassment reported in Cincinnati since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Karen Dabdoub, executive director of the local CAIR chapter said a Muslim woman was assaulted in a Kroger parking lot, and another Muslim woman was insulted and spat on by someone in a passing car. (Hey, sticks and stones…)
Too bad the sharia-compliant media feel the need to waste viewers’ time on these non-stories that are never backed up by any real evidence.


Islamic Jihadists’ Master Plan to bring the West to its knees under Islam

Further discrediting the oft-heard claim that ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.’ You don’t usually see long blocks of text here, but this is worth your attention.


It happened because the Islamic State, the latest version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, has decided that Western democracies, representing the “Infidel” world, are no longer prepared to fight even to preserve their comfortable lives. The Paris attacks came on the first day of the Muslim lunar month of Safar, which coincides with the anniversary of the Prophet Mohammed’s first successful “ghazva” (raid) against the “infidel” at Safwan in 623 AD.

The Islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another “ghazva,” promising many more. The aim is to terrorize all mankind into submitting to the diktats of The Only True Faith.

This is how Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.”

The sheikh’s neo-jihadi theory was explained a decade ago in his magnum opus “Governance in the Wilderness” (“Edarat al Tawwahush”). The book rejected al Qaeda’s theory of war based on the assumption that “the infidel” would succumb to Islamic rule with a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11 against New York and Washington. The sheikh further examines what he calls “the five schools of jihad” to reveal their inadequacies.

According to the sheikh, in a world dominated by “Crusaders,” it is not possible to create a proper Islamic state in a single country. He cites as example the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Although a proper Islamic regime, it did not survive “infidel” attacks and opposition by Afghan elements.

The Islamic movement must become global, fighting everywhere, all the time, and on all fronts. He wants neo-jihadis to create an archipelago of “wildernesses” in non-Muslim countries, especially in the West, turning them into parallel societies alongside existing ones. They do not set up formal governments that could be vulnerable to economic pressure or even military attack.

To our neo-jihadi sheikh, these parallel societies could resemble “liberated zones” set up by Marxist guerrillas in parts of Latin America in the last century. But they could also exist within cities, under the noses of the authorities, operating as secret societies with their own rules, values and enforcement mechanisms.

The “wilderness” will provide cover for operational bases. Jihad would be everywhere rather than in just one or two countries that the “infidel” could hit with superior firepower.

The sheikh recommends “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable rather than a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11. The idea is that the “infidel,” leaving his home every morning, should not be sure whether he would be alive in the evening.

The sheikh believed that, if subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims, especially in the West, would submit to Islam in exchange for a minimum of tranquility. The only Western power still capable of resisting was the United States. But that, too, would change with a new president. (That was before Obama was elected.) In any case, the sheikh, quoting historian Paul Kennedy, has no doubt that “America is destined to fall.”

The sheikh’s theory is built on the concept of terror as the main organizing principle of the mini-states he hopes to set up in preparation for the coming caliphate.

The Paris “ghazva” used a tactic that some call “symphonic” because it offered several forms of terrorism in different themes, mixing regular military-style assaults with classical terrorism and kamikaze operations. Thus we had suicide attacks aimed at a sports stadium packed with 80,000 people, random shooting from at least two cars on people in restaurants and terrace cafes, a raid on a concert hall and the holding of hostages, and a gun battle with the security forces.

The Islamic State’s message is stark: Western civilization is doomed. Its last bastion, America, lacks the will for war. The infidel loves life and treats it as an endless feast. Jihadis have to ruin that feast and persuade the “infidel” to abandon this world in exchange for greater rewards in the next.

Terrorism is a beast with an extraordinary ability to mutate. As soon as its victims have learned to cope with its methods, it develops new ones. Groups of anarchists throwing bombs follow the lone assassin who targets a king or a political leader.

The hijacking of passenger jets is replaced by the transformation of aircraft into missiles against fixed buildings. All the time, the intention is to terrorize the largest number of people, eroding the ordinary man’s confidence in the ability of the authorities to protect him, and, in the long run, persuading a majority of the people, who just want to live their lives, to trade their freedom for the security that the terrorist promises in his utopia.

Paris was attacked not because of what the French do, as some blame-the-West intellectuals claim, but because of what the French are: infidels who refuse to see the light of Islam. The hope is that just as the Prophet forced the Arab tribes to accept Islam in exchange for protection, the “infidel” nations will also decide that it is in their best interest to submit.

Today, however, I see no sign the French tend toward submission. As always, the terrorists may end up like the man who, having won a great many tokens at the roulette table, is surprised when the casino tells him his winnings cannot be cashed.

This is still the spirit of America

This is still the spirit of America


ALERT THE FEDS! Someone sent a letter to Muslims saying “Convert to Christianity before it’s too late”

And to hear the sharia-compliant media in San Antonio, Texas wax on about this “threat to the Muslim community,” one would think there was a ticking time bomb inside the letter.

But that’s not all…a Hispanic man was arrested for trespassing after he walked into the Islamic Center of San Antonio with his shoes on, looking for a place to pray, but not knowing he was not allowed to sit near women in the mosque.


Somebody please inform FOX News in San Diego that Islam is NOT a ‘race’

When somebody tries to pull off a Muslim supremacist’s headbag, it is anti-Muslim, NOT racist.

Ladies, think back to all the times when you were in elementary school and boys pulled your hair. If you were a Muslim, you not only could get major network news coverage of the alleged ‘hate’ crime, you could demand an investigation by local law enforcement and the feds.

Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim Student Association, will hold an anti-‘Islamophobia’ demonstration on campus Monday (following the above horrific ‘hate’ crime), in case any of you Islamic terrorist sympathizers wish to attend.