Israel’s former ‘peace’ partner: “We swear that we will turn the Gaza Strip into a graveyard for your soldiers, and we will turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire”

Bl9tVHECMAENQX1Now that Fatah terrorists have reconciled with Hamas terrorists, will they make good on their threats posted on Fatah’s official Facebook page? Fatah’s military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, has been declared a terrorist organization by the US, Canada, & the EU.

PalWatch  Fatah’s military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, announced that they “will adhere to the option of armed resistance until the liberation of all of Palestine,” the independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported. The expression “the liberation of all of Palestine” is a common Palestinian euphemism used to refer to the destruction of Israel. Without Schmuckretary of State John Kerry breathing down Israel’s neck, maybe they finally will do what they have to do to get rid of this problem?


JERUSALEM: Muslim savages terrorize and threaten Jewish children visiting the Temple Mount

In this clip, dozens of orthodox Jewish children with their fathers were touring the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism as rabid Muslim men and women screamed, pushed, threatened, spit and even hurled shoes at some of the young children.

CIF Watch  It is an undeniable fact that Israeli Jews attempting to visit the Kotel and Temple Mount in the absence of Israeli security personnel would surely be sitting ducks for angry Arab mobs, incited (as in times past) by the mere presence of Jews.  


Please take 10 seconds TODAY to ask the full Florida Senate to pass the pending anti-sharia (Islamic law) bill


FULL FLORIDA SENATE to vote on American Laws for American Courts (anti-Sharia) bill tomorrow, Friday, April 25, 2014. 

Click here to send your email to support this bill in the full Senate. It only takes 10 seconds.

You do NOT need to be a resident of Florida to send this email.


You have one day left to show your support for SB 386 entitled Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases. This legislation commonly known as “American Laws for American Courts”, would prohibit Florida courts from considering certain provisions of foreign laws, including Islamic Sharia law, if such provisions are inconsistent with the Florida and United States of America Constitutions.

If Florida courts accept provisions of Islamic Sharia law or other foreign laws or legal codes which are inconsistent with American laws it will undermine public policies enacted by our representative form of government and change our value system.


Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send urging the members of the Florida Senate to vote for SB 386 -Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases when they consider the legislation on April 25, 2014.

Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases: Defines “foreign law, legal code, or system”; specifies public policy on application of foreign law, legal code, or system in proceedings relating to dissolution of marriage, support, time-sharing, UCCJEA, & UIFSA; provides that certain decisions rendered under such laws, codes, or systems are void; provides that certain contracts & contract provisions are void; provides for construction of waiver by natural person of person’s fundamental liberties, rights, & privileges guaranteed by state or federal constitutions; provides that claims of forum non conveniens or related claims must be denied; provides that act doesn’t require or authorize court to adjudicate, or prohibit any religious organization from adjudicating, ecclesiastical matters in violation of specified constitutional provisions or to conflict with any federal treaty or other international agreement to which U.S. is party to specified extent.  Full text of SB 386.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish. 

Please click here to send your email to the members of the Florida Senate.

For contact information for the Florida Senate please click here.

If you think this is a solution looking for a problem, as many leftists do, watch this video:



GOOD NEWS! The farcical Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are over as Hamas and Fatah agree to reconcile


At least now, Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, no longer will have to act as if he doesn’t share the same beliefs as Hamas, which is the annihilation of the Jewish state…from the river to the sea.

Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have announced a reconciliation agreement, declaring an end to their internal split. Israel canceled a planned session of peace negotiations with the Palestinians shortly after the Fatah-Hamas deal was announced on Wednesday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had repeatedly made it clear that such a reconciliation would mean peace talks between Israel and Fatah leaders were over.


Remember the alleged ‘hate crime’ murder of an Iraqi Muslim woman in San Diego that turned out to be an ‘honor killing’ by her own husband?

When the husband was found guilty of the murder last week, a violent brawl broke out in the courtroom between family members.

See reverse timeline links at bottom















U.S. seizes ownership of 36-story Iranian skyscraper on Fifth Avenue in New York City

US Federal Court judge ruled the ‘non-profit’ Alavi Foundation, which owns the building, was deliberately ‘shielding and concealing’ Iranian national assets.

Proceeds from the sale of 36-story, Fifth Avenue building will go to families affected by Iranian-led attacks, including the 1983 bombing of a Beirut US Marine barracks that killed over 300 people.


Britain’s war against Islam in the streets of London

photo-viAn interesting, if somewhat biased, documentary by a group called ‘Vice News’ about the ongoing turf wars between extremist Muslims and patriotic groups like Britain First that are waging a war of ideas against them. Despite several references to the “far right extremists,” the video attempts to be evenhanded but its sympathies are biased toward the Muslim side.

Note: The video talks about Paul Golding of Britain First being banned from London and all political activities, over his encounter with Muslim extremist, Anjem Choudary, but fails to mention that all charges against Golding were quickly dismissed by the court.

VICE News (h/t Charles W)


ARIZONA: Conservative radio host under fire from terror-linked CAIR for saying she didn’t want to get into a taxi with a Somali Muslim driver

samp36b0bef662f09255-viConservative talk show host, Lisa Benson, warned that Somali refugees control the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and insisted that she will not ride in taxis with Somali drivers out of fears for her safety.

RWW  “There is an exclusive contract with the Somali community both for janitorial services and for taxi driving” — not exactly sure how an airport has an “exclusive contract” with an ethnic community, but she goes on — “the refugee community has unrestricted access at my airport to baggage, to planes, to many, many things.”

“Getting out of the plane last weekend I went to a taxi stand and quietly asked the attendant to put me in a cab, preferably not a Somali cab – that was my first mistake as I was trying to protect myself,” she said, suggesting that she would be a victim of an anti-Semitic attack if she was in a car with a Somali driver.

CAIR reported on Benson’s remarks and noted that “Benson’s Board of Advisors includes notorious (as only CAIR calls them)“Islamophobes” such as Nonie Darwish, Steven Emerson and John Guandolo.”


Al-Qaeda jihadists have seized control of secret U.S. base in Libya

A key jihadist leader and longtime member of al Qaeda has taken control of a secretive training facility set up by U.S. special operations forces on the Libyan coastline to help hunt down Islamic militants, according to local media reports and U.S. officials.


The Daily Beast  In the summer of 2012, American Green Berets began refurbishing a Libyan military base 27 kilometers west of Tripoli in order to hone the skills of Libya’s first Western-trained special operations counter-terrorism fighters. Less than two years later, that training camp is now being used by groups with direct links to al Qaeda to foment chaos in post-Qaddafi Libya.

Last week, the Libyan press reported that the camp (named “27” for the kilometer marker on the road between Tripoli and Tunis) was now under the command of Ibrahim Ali Abu Bakr Tantoush, a veteran associate of Osama bin Laden who was first designated as part of al Qaeda’s support network in 2002 by the United States and the United Nations. The report said he was heading a group of Salifist fighters from the former Libyan base.


In other words, Tantoush is now the chief of a training camp the U.S. and Libyan governments had hoped would train Libyan special operations forces to catch militants like Tantoush. 

According to one U.S. official who is read into the training program, the camp today is considered a “denied area,” or a place where U.S. forces would have to fight their way in to gain access. Until now, the Western press has not reported that the base used to train Libyan special operations forces was seized by the militants those troops were supposed to find, fix and finish.

The fact that the one-time training base for Libyan counter-terrorism teams is now the domain of terrorists is a poignant reminder the United States has yet to win its war with al Qaeda, despite the successful 2011 raid that killed its founder and leader.


This is particularly true for Libya. Since the 9/11 anniversary attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, jihadist groups and al Qaeda’s regional affiliates have been gaining territory throughout Libya. News that a veteran like Tantoush is now in charge of a military base only 27 kilometers from Libya’s capital shows just how much the security in Libya has deteriorated.

Seth Jones, an al Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, said Libya is now a haven for many of al Qaeda’s North African affiliates. “There are a number of training camps for a wide range of al Qaeda and jihadist groups that have surfaced in southwest Libya, northwest Libya in and around Tripoli and northeast Libya in and around Benghazi,” he said.


Tantoush has a long history from the Peshawar days of associating with senior al Qaeda leaders including Osama bin Laden. He has been involved in financing and facilitating al Qaeda activities and he has had a long-standing relationship with Libyan jihadist groups.”

 “Libya in general is a major thoroughfare, the I-95 for foreign fighters into Syria from Africa,” the U.S. defense official said.







MUSLIMS denounce 9/11 Memorial Museum’s ‘accurate’ portrayal of Islam

Why were they even asked? Why would anyone care what Muslims think? They don’t  want people to think that Islam motivated the 9/11 Muslim hijackers even though most of the world acknowledges that it did.

Sheikh Mostafa Elazabawy, the imam of Masjid Manhattan, said he found the film about Al Qaeda at the museum deeply offensive.

Sheikh Mostafa Elazabawy, the imam of Masjid Manhattan, said he found the film about Al Qaeda at the museum deeply offensive. (And we find you Muslims deeply offensive. Get a clue, or even better, get out!)

NY Times  Past the towering tridents that survived the World Trade Center collapse, adjacent to a gallery with photographs of the 19 hijackers, a brief film at the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum will seek to explain to visitors the historical roots of the attacks.

The film, “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” refers to the terrorists as Islamists who viewed their mission as a jihad. The NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who narrates the film, speaks over images of terrorist training camps and Qaeda attacks spanning decades. Interspersed with his voice are explanations of the ideology of the terrorists, rendered in foreign-accented English translations.


The documentary is not even seven minutes long, the exhibit just a small part of the museum. But it has suddenly become over the last few weeks a flash point in what has long been one of the most highly charged issues at the museum: how it should talk about Islam and Muslims.

With the museum opening on May 21, it has shown the film to several groups, including an interfaith advisory group of clergy members. Those on the panel overwhelmingly took strong exception to the film and requested changes. But the museum has declined. In March, the sole imam in the group resigned to make clear that he could not endorse its contents.

PM of Turkey tells the truth about Islam

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey tells the truth 

“The screening of this film in its present state would greatly offend our local Muslim believers as well as any foreign Muslim visitor to the museum,” Sheikh Mostafa Elazabawy, the imam of Masjid Manhattan, wrote in a letter to the museum’s director. “Unsophisticated visitors who do not understand the difference between Al Qaeda and Muslims may come away with a prejudiced view of Islam, leading to antagonism and even confrontation toward Muslim believers near the site.”


Museum officials are standing by the film, which they say they vetted past several scholars.

“From the very beginning, we had a very heavy responsibility to be true to the facts, to be objective, and in no way smear an entire religion when we are talking about a terrorist group,” said Joseph C. Daniels, president and chief executive of the nonprofit foundation that oversees the memorial and museum.

At issue is whether it is appropriate or inflammatory for the museum to use religious terminology like “Islamist” and “jihad” in conjunction with the Sept. 11 attacks, without also making clear that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful.


The terms “Islamist” and “jihadist” are frequently used in public discourse to describe extremist Muslim ideologies. But the problem with using such language in a museum designed to instruct people for generations is that most visitors are “simply going to say Islamist means Muslims, jihadist means Muslims,” said Akbar Ahmed, the chairman of the Islamic studies department at American University.

The museum did remove the term “Islamic terrorism” from its website earlier this month, after another Judenrat activist, Todd Fine, collected about 100 signatures of academics and scholars supporting its deletion.


In interviews, several leading scholars of Islam said that the term “Islamic terrorist” was broadly rejected as unfairly conflating Islam and terrorism, but the terms Islamist and jihadist can be used, in the proper context, to refer to Al Qaeda, preferably with additional qualifiers, like “radical,” or “militant.”


But for Mr. Elazabawy, and many other practicing Muslims, the words “Islamic” and “Islamist” are equally inappropriate to apply to Al Qaeda, and the word “jihad” refers to a positive struggle against evil, the opposite of how they view the terror attacks. Too damn bad!

For his part, Bernard Haykel, a professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton University, defended the film, whose script he vetted. “The critics who are going to say, ‘Let’s not talk about it as an Islamic or Islamist movement,’ could end up not telling the story at all, or diluting it so much that you wonder where Al Qaeda comes from,” Dr. Haykel said.