‘HAPPY BRITISH MUSLIMS’ feel-good video gets denounced and condemned by unhappy British Muslims

Muslims in Britain created an uplifting singing and dancing video in an attempt to counter the stereotype of the angry, offended, insulted, unassimilated Muslim.

But along come the angry, offended, insulted, unassimilated Muslims, thusly confirming these negative stereotypes by trashing the well-intentioned efforts of the happy Muslims, accusing them of insulting Islam by acting like non-Muslims.



Afghan woman mutilated by her own husband for refusing to sell her daughters as child brides

SatiraIn December last year, 23-year-old Sitara was asleep on the floor with her daughters when her husband woke her. He needed money for a fix of heroin and crystal meth — an addiction he’d developed over the course of their marriage. When she was married off to him as a child bride at the age of seven, his drug of choice was hashish. But now this man, 20 years her senior, was a full-blown addict. 

Answering Muslims  He wanted to divorce Sitara so he could take their daughters and marry them off for a few thousand dollars for each girl’s virginity. But Sitara refused — this protective mother adamant her children were not going to suffer the same fate as her.

She’d reached her limit with his destructive drug use and the monster he’d turned into.  But she didn’t realize just how much of a monster he’d become. That night he demanded money and a simple ring she was wearing — the only jewelry she possessed. When Sitara said no, he bashed in her head until part of her brain was protruding from her skull. She was almost unconscious. He then pinned her down, got a knife and cut off her nose and upper lip.

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FINALLY! Someone in the mainstream media ‘gets it’ about the danger that Islam and CAIR pose to America

“A triumph for the Muslim Boston Bombers.”

By Roger Scruton for FORBES


The two bombers who killed and maimed innocent people at the Boston marathon a year ago had come as refugees to America, from conflicts that America and her people did nothing to cause. They had been granted the privileges of a law-abiding democracy, including education, health care and the precious freedoms for which Americans have fought in two world wars. Their situation was incomparably better than it would have been, had they stayed behind in Chechnya.

Among the many privileges that they enjoyed religious freedom was by no means the least important. They were able to attend their local mosque, to take part in its services and activities and to absorb whatever lessons it had to impart, without fear of persecution from their Christian, Jewish, Hindu or atheist neighbours.

Something happened, however, to turn these two brothers against the gentle society that surrounded them. We don’t know what it was; but we have a very good suspicion. And the object of that suspicion is Islam. Because we live in a tolerant society, which believes in equality before the law and the right of each individual to a faith of his own, we don’t allow ourselves to criticise Islam, but only to take issue with what we take to be the abuse of it.


Our politicians and commentators lean over backwards to distinguish the Islam of ordinary Muslims from the extremism of the radicals, and no doubt they are right to do so, for this too is part of hospitality. Moreover it is inconceivable to me that my friends who practise the Muslim faith should turn on their law-abiding neighbours and destroy them in the name of Allah.


Nevertheless, we cannot simply disregard the evidence, that there are Muslims among us who interpret their religion in another way. The liberal mind-set, which blames their crimes on ‘Islamophobia’, as though we, who threatened no one, were to blame for the attacks on us, shows a wilful disregard of the truth, and a crazy inversion of cause and effect. No doubt we should be careful not to be provoked. And the peaceful ceremonies with which the people of Boston have marked the anniversary of the bombings show that they have not been provoked, and that they continue to live in the open and charitable way for which the bombers chose, for reasons of their own, to punish them.


But let’s face it, planted in the heart of Islam is the worm of contempt for the infidel, and this worm can lodge in the brains of otherwise reasonable people and gnaw away at their conscience until no conscience remains. If we do not acknowledge this, then we do an injustice not only to ourselves, but also to those Islamic thinkers, from Ibn Rushd in medieval Andalusia to Muhammad Ali Jinnah in modern Pakistan, who have worked to reconcile the absolutism of the Koran with the demands of civil society.

It is in order to emphasize this that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has put her life on the line. Coming to Holland as a refugee from Somalia she set out to remind us of our incredible good luck. She told us that we in the West are heirs to the Enlightenment, which teaches that all people are equal, that women are not the property of men, that we can resolve our conflicts without violence and by means of a secular and man-made law, that we can live without obeying the arbitrary commands of self-appointed men of God, and in obedience to the conscience that all rational beings share.


She herself was the victim of the oppressive attitude to women that is still, today, the norm in so many Islamic societies. She suffered genital mutilation as a child and was forced to flee from an arranged marriage. But she took it on herself to explain what that kind of oppression means, and to appeal on behalf of the many women who are not allowed to enjoy the freedoms in search of which she made the long and difficult journey to the Netherlands.

I am not in favour of the growing habit among universities of awarding honorary degrees to politicians, CEOs and celebrities, merely in order to gain status for themselves or to illustrate their political correctness. An honorary degree ought to reflect the recipient’s achievements in the intellectual sphere, when these achievements are either great in themselves, or an expression of a life informed by public spirit and lived on behalf of the rest of us.

It gave me great pleasure, therefore, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali was awarded an honorary doctorate by Brandeis University – to be conferred precisely now, at the first anniversary of the Boston bombings. What better way to show that we stand for something, that we believe in ourselves and the people who are prepared to make sacrifices on our behalf?


The intellectual life as we know it and as our universities are obliged to endorse it, is a life in freedom, in which the dissenter is protected against every orthodoxy that would seek to suppress him. To honour Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose battle on behalf of intellectual freedom has awoken so many of us to its value, is to show, as all universities should show, a commitment to the true life of the mind.


The award was all the more gratifying in that Brandeis university, founded in 1948, and named in honour of Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), the first Jewish Justice of the US Supreme Court, has made a point of offering a non-sectarian education under the sponsorship of the local Jewish community. It is a valued and civilising presence in the Boston area and in the intellectual life of Massachusetts. The award of this degree at this critical and anxious time made a clear statement, on behalf of the values that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has defended in her distinguished and beautifully written books. What better way of expressing our solidarity with the victims of the Boston bombing?


Inevitably, of course, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) protested. Hadn’t a death sentence been passed on this troublesome woman? Wasn’t she guilty as an apostate, and hadn’t she spoken out against the society that created her and to which her allegiance was owed? Wasn’t all this stuff about the rights of women really ‘Islamophobia?’


Knowing the sanctimonious clap-trap with which CAIR masks its contempt for the American idea of freedom, I was not surprised by this. But when I learned that 85 of the 350 members of the faculty at Brandeis had, in response, signed a petition calling for the award to be rescinded, on the grounds that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a purveyor of ‘hate speech’, and that her presence would make Muslim students ‘uncomfortable’, I recognized the real problem that we now confront, which is not Islam, but the liberal mind-set.




One Muslim brother from Britain down in Syria, two more to go

The father of one of three brothers killed fighting with the al Qaeda-linked ISIS jihadists in Syria, says his son who “died as a martyr, died for a good cause.” Hopefully, he will soon be able to say the same about his other two sons.





BBC  Sussex Police said they received information that 18-year-old Abdullah Deghayes, from Brighton, had been killed “in recent weeks”. His father, Abubaker Deghayes, said his son had gone to Syria to fight “against the dictator” and was not a terrorist. The teenager was the nephew of Omar Deghayes, who was held by the US at the Guantanamo Bay camp between 2002 and 2007 following his arrest in Pakistan.”

The father said one of Abdullah’s brothers, Amer, 20, suffered a bullet wound to the stomach in the battle, while another brother, Jafar, 16, was unhurt.

About 400 Britons are thought to have gone to Syria in the past two years, with an estimated 20 having died.



‘Miss Information’ is NOT spreading misinformation about Islam, just information Muslims would prefer you not know about

OKLAHOMA: A local group called “The Pledge Project,” led by a woman named “Miss Information,” has been handing out flyers about Muslims, Sharia, and the politics of the Middle East, entitled:  “What the Bible says about Jesus / What the Qur’an says about Muhammad.”

flyerondoor 001

Reddit Report  Essentially the sheet had two columns, contrasting the two religious leaders of two of the large Abrahamic faiths in the world. And on the flipside of the flyer there are statements that say things including “This neighborhood will never be Sharia Compliant,” “Palestine is not a country, it is a terrorist organization,” and “Why did President Obama congratulate the so-called ‘president’ of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, on his record of peace?”

Contacting Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK), we inquired on whether he was familiar with this flyer and what was being shared, particularly in light of statements we had reported on yesterday while covering a political event sponsored by the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee.


At the OCPAC event, U.S. Rep. James Lankford, who is running for Tom Coburn’s Senate seat, told an audience of 200 that Sharia law “should be prohibited” and insinuated it is dangerous, likely inciting more reactionary elements in the audience to possibly take action against American Muslims.

As it turned out, Soltani informed us, his office has experienced several harried visits by the same “Miss Information” who dropped off similar anti-Muslim hate flyers – complete with her email address stamped on the leaflets. And while Soltani had not spoken to the woman, his assistant, Thomaira Babbit, had seen her twice this month – both times on a Thursday.


The woman – Miss Information – asked Babbit why she was working here, told Babbit that she “didn’t look like someone who should be working here” and also told the CAIR employee that she was a “bad Christian.” “I told her ‘Ma’am, I’m not a Christian either.’ I think my saying that scared her off,” Babbit said.

Babbit said Miss Information’s flyers, which also included a letter from a “former Muslim” claiming that Muslims are conspiring to destroy infidels in America and the West.


Babbit said Soltani, who was out of the office Thursday, has informed local imam, Dr. Imad Enchassi, about the letters and it turns out that similar “Miss Information” letters have been showing up around the Grand Mosque of Oklahoma City on NW 48th Street.

This time last year, Oklahoma City’s Grand Mosque was the target of vandals who spray painted racial slurs and derogatory symbols on the building. Considered a hate crime, the FBI was involved in that investigation.



SYRIA: Some more smiting of the necks of Bashar Assad supporters by Obama’s boys (WARNING: Graphic)

A violent, armed faction of Syrian opposition filmed themselves executing three men by slicing their throats with dull pocket knives.  Following is translation of some of the dialog:

@0:15 : “What did you gain from Bashar now? What did you gain you animals?”

@0:30 :Reciting a famous Quranic verse: “Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon Earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment” After slashing the first throat, someone says at 1:08 “leave him like that, leave him.”
@1:31 : “This is revenge for our martyrs.”

@1:43 : Someone brings a second guy and says “get down on the ground, you dog.”

@2:01 : while he’s performing the beheading, he says to the victim “you’re the enemy of Allah.”

@2:23 , they are struggling with the third guy, the beheader says to his mate “stretch his hand, stretch it.” Since they failed to behead the third guy, they decided to use an AK-47 to finish him.



HEY, AUSTRALIA, some of your McDonald’s restaurants are selling barbarically-slaughtered halal meat


Be sure to ask if your local McDonald’s if they are serving halal. If you patronize them, you are funding Islamic terrorism and sharia law. Worst of all, halal slaughter causes unconscionable suffering to the animals who must bleed to death without having the spinal cord severed, which would eliminate pain.

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GUILTY! Iraqi Muslim who tried to blame the murder of his wife on “Islamophobes” has been found guilty of her murder in an ‘honor killing’

Shaima Alawadi was brutally murdered by her husband Kassim Alhimidi for seeking a divorce. Yet Alhimidi was smart enough to use the media’s obsession with “Islamophobia” to deflect attention from his guilt. (See links below video)

Kassim Alhimidi Guilty

Answering Muslims (h/t Ann L)   After murdering his wife, Alhimidi placed a note nearby saying, “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist.” The media finally had its proof that criticism of jihad and sharia is a threat to the safety of Muslims, and stories about Islamophobia were splashed across newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Police, however, weren’t as gullible as the media. Instead of jumping to conclusions about bigotry and racism, they examined the evidence and realized that Alawadi was murdered by her husband, not by an Islamophobe.

OH, BOO HOO! The husband/murderer who mugged for the media and shed crocodile tears for his dead wife

OH, BOO HOO! The husband who turned out to be the murderer mugged for the media and shed crocodile tears for his dead wife

CBS A jury Thursday found an East County man guilty in the murder of his estranged wife, prompting an outburst by several family members in the courtroom. Kassim Alhimidi, 49, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi. He will be sentenced on May 15. He faces 26 years to life in prison.

After the verdict was read several people in the courtroom began shouting, and at least two people were taken out by deputies. Alhimidi was seen repeatedly shook his head, waved his finger and appeared to be praying.

A photocopied note found about eight to 10 feet from the victim read, “This is my country. Go back to yours, terrorist,” leading investigators to initially believe Alawadi’s killing may have been a hate crime.


Prosecutor Kurt Mechals said the defendant, upset that his wife wanted a divorce, killed her by hitting her at least six times in the head with a blunt object as she sat at a computer.

Alhimidi said he was out for a drive when his wife was killed the morning of March 21, 2012, but surveillance video taken from a nearby school showed his van and a dark-clothed person coming and going in the area of the family home on Skyview Drive around the time the victim was attacked, Mechals said.


Alawadi had told relatives she “couldn’t stand” the defendant and had taken out divorce papers, the prosecutor said. “The relationship was in the tank. It was bad,” Mechals told the jury.

The couple’s then-17-year-old daughter, Fatima, told police she was upstairs when she heard a “squeal,” then later what sounded like a broken plate downstairs around 11 a.m. the day her mother was attacked. A pane from a sliding glass door had been broken from the inside, Mechals said.

The candlelight vigils and impassioned Facebook postings were nauseating

The candlelight vigils and impassioned Facebook postings were nauseating

Fatima — who had stayed home from school — thought her mother had fallen, but paramedics first on the scene said blood and other evidence was inconsistent with a fall.  Fatima had been at odds with her Muslim parents for dating a Chaldean, but she had no motive to kill her mother, according to Mechals, who told jurors it was “unreasonable to think she (Fatima) had anything to do with it.”

After his wife was taken to the hospital, Alhimidi asked relatives “what do you think will happen if she wakes up and says I hit her?” Mechals said.

Defense attorney Richard Berkon Jr. told the jury that Alhimidi did not kill his wife and loved her “with every fiber of his being.” Berkon said his client had no motive to kill his spouse and in fact wanted to meet with her family to talk about the possible divorce.


After the murder, the Alhimidi family traveled to Iraq for the burial. When word leaked out that authorities were looking at the victim’s husband as a possible suspect, Iraqi officials told him he could stay in their country for safe haven, but he insisted on coming back to the United States to answer questions, Berkon said. “If you murdered your wife, why come home?” he asked.

When his wife was taken off life support three days after she was attacked, Alhimidi was devastated and asked her for forgiveness, which is the custom in the Muslim religion, according to Berkon.

Muslim outcry for poor Shaina reached epic levels as long as they believes she was murdered by a Muslim hater

Muslim outcry for poor Shaima reached epic levels as long as they believed she was murdered by an “Islamophobe”

Police questioned the defendant for more than seven months before getting an unsolicited call in November 2012 from Fatima saying “My dad did it.” Alhimidi was arrested the next day.

A spokesperson with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says usually there is one bailiff to a courtroom in a case but in a high-profile case like this they staff more for outbursts like the one in the Alhimidi case.

The 17-year-old son was cited for Resisting a Peace Officer. CBS News 8 is waiting to hear back from the judge to see if the son will be allowed in the courtroom when his father is sentenced on May 15. 













KANSAS CITY: Muslim suspect charged with 18 felony counts related to 9 incidents of highway shootings

Mohammed Whitaker, a Muslim convert, was charged with 18 felony counts related to 9 incidents. Two counts are “A” felonies alleging he shot someone by firing into a motor vehicle. Seven are “B” felonies alleging he fired into a motor vehicle. The other nine counts accuse him of armed criminal action. More charges may be added, prosecutors said.

Mohammed Whitaker

Mohammed Whitaker

KansasCity  (h/t Frank H) A series of at least 12 shootings started in early March. The latest shooting linked to the pattern occurred April 6. Three victims were wounded in the spree.

Most of the shootings occurred in Kansas City, with most in or near the Three Trails Crossing. Authorities said they knew of no motive, they believe Whitaker acted alone and that he had little criminal record. Whitaker was arrested Thursday night after police raided a Grandview residence.

Tactical officers towed away a green Dodge Neon with Illinois license plates. The plates were registered to the suspect’s father, who said he was shocked by the developments. “I thought everything was okay with him,” his father said. “I just thought he was working and trying to pay off his college bills.”


His father said he recently paid for the Illinois license plates, which belonged to his white Buick that he gave to his son. But the Buick had transmission problems, so his son began driving a different car recently. His son apparently moved the plates from the Buick to the Dodge Neon.

His son last called him April 7 to ask for money to get him through until his payday. The father sent him $50. The suspect worked at a medical supply company in Overland Park in sales, his father said. The suspect had dropped out of a technical college, where he was studying bio-medical equipment repair, his father thought.

“To my knowledge, he’s never fired a gun” the father said. “I’m totally shocked by all this.” The father had heard of the shootings in Kansas City, but “never had a dream or clue he could be involved in something like that.”


CNN  The shootings began March 8, and at least 12 of them are connected, police said. Some motorists weren’t even aware shots had been fired at their vehicles.

Jennie Baugher was driving along U.S. 71 when she heard something strike her car. “I thought a big rock hit us,” said the married mother of two from Roeland Park, Kansas. “My husband saw it the next day. Immediately when he told me that there was a hole in my car, I realized a bullet hit my car.”

The first shooting victim, Tom McFarlin, said he thinks the shots came from a moving car on one of the ramps or overpasses.  When he took his car to mechanics a few days later, they discovered not one, but two bullets. The second one was lodged in the undercarriage.

Both cars were hit in the rear on the passenger’s side. The bullets lodged in metal and did not make it inside. In McFarlin’s case, had the bullet made its way through the metal, anyone sitting in the passenger’s seat would have been hit.




EGYPT:  Young Christian women at greater risk of being kidnapped by extremists, tortured, and even forced to convert to Islam since the Arab Spring ended in 2011.

TitleThis problem escalated after the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi came to power. Since his ouster in July of 2013, the problem continues, but after the upcoming elections where General el-Sisi is predicted to win, it should subside. el-Sisi supports the Coptic Christian minority and has promised to rebuild all the churches destroyed by the Brotherhood thugs.


FOX NEWS  This year already has seen a spike in the incidents, according to a report by the non-profit advocacy group International Christian Concern. It has been estimated by the ICC and other watchdog groups in the region that there have been 500 reported cases of young women being attacked by Muslim men since 2011, but unreported cases could send the figure much higher.

The girls are often assaulted, raped, kidnapped, forced to change their faith and sometimes killed, the ICC said.Making matter worse, nothing is being done by local authorities to prevent it in provinces across Egypt, according to officials from both the ICC and the Clarion Project, a US-based non-profit think tank and advocacy group.


“Not only are they turning a blind eye, they are often compliant,” Issac Six, a spokesman for the ICC told FoxNews.com, citing one incident in which a father was assaulted by an officer for asking too many questions about efforts to have his abducted daughter returned.

“It’s pervasive; police at the local level are not stopping the abductions. There needs to be more pressure from the top,” he added. “We have seen cases before where we’ve seen victims returned when the police put pressure on the kidnappers. We know it’s possible, unfortunately, the police are often complacent.”

Six added that the problem is largely ignored by the international community, especially by the U.S. and that the U.S. needs to be more vocal about the issue in its dialogue with the Egyptian government. (HAH! Don’t hold your breath)


One reported incident occurred in the city of Luxor as recently as February when 15-year-old Amira Hafez Wahib attended a morning prayer service at a local church, according to the study from ICC. Amira had asked her mother if she could go to a store near the church to buy an item. Her mother let her go but urged her to hurry right back.

But Amira never returned and is still missing. The next day, Amira’s family went to the local police to report she had vanished. “We received promises from the police here that they would arrest the accused and return Amira to her family, but there is not any positive step from them till now,” Rafla Zekry Rafla, an attorney handling the case, was quoted as saying.


The girl’s family believes that they know who her kidnapper is– a Muslim man, named Yasser Mahmoud, a soldier who was at one time assigned to protect their church. Mahmoud had tried to abduct Amira a few months earlier at a Christian store near the church where she worked.

The family immediately tracked down where the man lived with his family. Relatives told Amira’s parents that they had not heard or seen from Mahmoud since the same day that their daughter disappeared.

Another recent incident occurred on March 9 when a young girl was abducted in front of her school. The family went to the local police for help in locating her.


A few days later, the father was returning home when he was approached by two masked men on a motorcycle. He was stopped by the pair, who attempted to convince him to give up the search for his daughter. He was told to “just forget her” and had his life threatened. The two men said they would also abduct his other daughters if he continued his search.

Things got worse for the family, whose identities have not been made public due to safety concerns, when the father went to the Civil Status Authority to get a copy of her birth certificate only to discover that her name had been changed and her religion had been changed to Islam.

The ICC report also suggests that more minor incidents are on the rise as well, such as young Christian women wearing crosses in public having them violently ripped off their necks.


Experts point out that the rise in the abuse against young Christian women is likely due to societal misogyny and Islamist indoctrination as well as the recent loss in government power by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“There’s a huge conflict between the Islamist and Christian populations in Egypt right now,” Ryan Mauro, a National Security Analyst with the Clarion Project, said to FoxNews.com. “The Coptic Christians are supporting General el-Sisi because of the military’s efforts to take the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.” The radical Islamists are angry. So they are retaliating,” he added.


FRANCE: Pork and praise (for anti-Islam Front National party) show up at mosque in Mantes-la-Ville


After pork products arrived in the mailbox of a suburban Paris mosque along with a ‘threatening’ letter praising the town’s recently elected anti-Islam ‘Front National’ mayor, Muslims are concerned about a “worrying” local shift. (It’s about time)

The Local  A mosque in the Paris suburbs said on Friday it had filed a complaint with police after slices of pork paté and a threatening letter were stuffed into its mailbox.


Authorities at the mosque in Mantes-la-Ville, a town of 19,000 in the western suburbs of Paris, said the incidents reflected a “worrying climate” after the town last month elected a mayor from the  patriotic National Front.

The head of the association that runs the mosque, Abdelaziz El Jaouhari, said about a dozen mouldy slices of pork paté were discovered in the mailbox on Wednesday. The next day, an anonymous letter arrived calling Muslims “cockroaches” and wishing “good luck” to the new mayor “because he has a lot of work to do for a good cleansing, in particular of the Muslim race”.


“There is no question this was a racist and provocative act. It is the first time in the 12 years of the mosque’s existence that it has been the target of this kind of racist attack,” the association said in a statement.

It said it had filed a criminal complaint for “provoking racial hatred or religious discrimination” with police.


The association said the incidents were “especially worrying” given the “worsening social and political context” in the town after the election of FN candidate Cyril Nauth in last month’s municipal elections.

Nauth won the town with 30 percent of the vote, becoming the only elected mayor from the FN in the Ile-de-France region that encompasses the French capital and its suburbs.

Payback's a bitch!

Hey, Muslims, payback’s a bitch, isn’t it!