GERMANY’S FASCIST GOVERNMENT is evicting poor and elderly Germans from their housing in order to accommodate illegal alien Muslim invaders


This is truly stunning. The most blatant example of white Christian population replacement ever seen. Germany has announced it will open its doors to at least 800,000 Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential terrorists in 2015.

If this does not incite a revolution, we are not people, we are sheep marching to slaughter. This report was done by a left leaning TV station in Germany and even they have to struggle to justify this outrageous policy and warn against anyone blaming the Muslims or the government for what is 100% their fault.

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HUNGARY: Muslim illegal aliens demand to be sent to Germany where the welfare benefits are very generous

AFP4308321_ArticoloThese Muslim squatters claim to be from Afghanistan. Hungary doesn’t want them, so I’m sure they’d be happy to dump them in Germany. Failing that, they should deport them to the nearest Muslim country.

Al-Jazeera (h/t bonampak)  Protests erupt among thousands of Muslim illegals trapped outside Budapest station as authorities continue to block travel. On Wednesday, the illegals started shouting “freedom, freedom” and called to be let onto trains as Hungarian authorities said for a second day that they would prevent anyone without a valid visa from entering the station.

A spokesperson for the Hungarian government, meanwhile, reiterated that: “In the territory of the EU, illegal migrants can travel onwards only with valid documents and observing EU rules. “A train ticket does not overwrite EU rules.”

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And here are more Muslim invaders in Hungary making demands, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” and clashing with police.


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands extra protection for Muslims after Tennessee sheriff calls for enhanced monitoring of potential Muslim terrorists around shopping malls

20429104_SACAIR today said it will call on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the civil rights implications of “raw anti-Muslim bigotry” expressed by a Hamilton County  Sheriff, Jim Hammond, who claims President Obama is a Muslim who “belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood” and says he plans to monitor suspicious members of the local Muslim community.

Considering the recent Muslim terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN in which a devout local Muslim slaughtered 5 unarmed servicemen, this is a smart policy that should be enacted all over the country.



CAIR  Sevier County Sheriff Ron Seals recently told a local Tea Party meeting that his officers contacted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after seeing what they viewed as suspicious behavior at a shopping center. That comment, made at a meeting in the Sevier County Courthouse, was prompted by an audience member’s statement about “Muslims in burqas spending long periods of time in shops without making purchases.”

Local Muslims outraged by Sheriff's call for enhanced surveillance of Muslims

Local Muslims outraged by Sheriff’s call for enhanced surveillance of Muslims

The speech and questions from the audience included frequent references to Muslim residents or visitors to the county. One audience member falsely claimed the “first page of the Koran” says “you will believe in Islam, either voluntarily or by force, or we’re going to kill you.” That person added that “there is no such thing as a modern, good Muslim.”

That same person claimed that a church in Dayton, Ohio, is being protected by the FBI because of “people in burqas acting aggressively toward the congregation.”  The audience member continued: “Here’s the important part that I wanted to make you aware of. . .you won’t see this on the Internet. The FBI said this is happening all over the country. They’re going into churches, they’re being aggressive, they’re being controversial, and the government is not allowing this to be reported anywhere.

CAIR says telling the truth about Islam endangers Muslim civil rights in America.


MICHIGANISTAN: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR says fierce opposition to proposed mosque comes from mayor’s ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook comments

safe_image_php-viCAIR today expressed concern over the “improper” opposition by the Mayor of Sterling Heights to a proposed mosque in that city. In a recent Facebook post, Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor stated, “I am opposed to this mosque being built on 15 Mile Road.” Taylor also referred to Muslim terrorists abroad in his post.

His opposition comes in the midst of recent anti-Muslim comments by residents, which have been made in two city government meetings and coincide with an anti-mosque protest of more than 200 people opposed to the proposed mosque. A planning commission hearing for the proposed mosque is set for September 10 at 7 p.m.

“Mayor Taylor’s public opposition to the mosque not only calls into question his commitment to the civil rights of all residents of Sterling Heights but also his potentially wielding improper influence in upcoming proceedings relating to the mosque’s zoning,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid. Walid also noted that CAIR-MI has contacted the Department of Justice (DOJ) mosque opposition in Sterling Heights.

FYI: Dawud Walid of CAIR is a radical Muslim antisemite as well.


Detroit News  More than 200 residents, some fearing lowered property values, lined a section of 15 Mile near Mound Saturday morning to protest a plan to build a mosque at the site.

Many of the demonstrators waved American flags and crosses, others carried signs like “Wrong place” and “Build homes on this site” and “No mosque.” Some chanted “Vote No on land review” concerning the 20,500-square foot mosque planned on four and a half acres of largely undeveloped property between Hatherly Place and Davison Drive.


Police who monitored the event described it as peaceful but had to caution several demonstrators, for their own safety, to stand back from the busy 15 Mile traffic after several stuck their hands and signs out towards passing motorists.

“We said no to this (plan) earlier this month — that should be the end of it,” said Mark Cacho, who lives on 15 Mile directly across from the site. “Take it somewhere else. This is a neighborhood, we don’t need anymore traffic. This is America and everyone expresses what they feel.”


 Many packed the meeting earlier this month, hotly debating the project for more than four hours and stalling a vote for special land use. The property is currently zoned single-family residential but approval can be made for a house of worship.

“We are upset because it is a mosque being planned in a residential Catholic community,” said Debbie Rossi, a long-time city resident, who also lives across from the site. “We live here because it is a residential community. Now we have deer and fox and beautiful trees. I don’t want to hear calls for prayer five times a day.”


“There is already enough traffic along 15 Mile Road,” she said. “The site being planned is supposedly for 400 people but they have only 100 parking spaces. Where are the other cars going to be parked? They are going to be parked along our streets in our neighborhood. Realtors said we can expect a 30 percent drop in our property values. We don’t need this. It’s a bad, bad idea.”

A site plan shown at the August 13 meeting detailed plans of the 20,500 square foot building with a 3,200 square foot main worship area for 325 people. Plans showed 130 parking spaces.


Three pro-mosque demonstrators showed up late in the event and stood on the outskirts of the group carrying their own signs which read: “Islam Loves You” “We support the mosque” and “What is this really about?”

Police broke up a heated argument between the three, including one man carrying a copy of the Koran, and the much larger group of anti-mosque demonstrators. All were advised that everyone had a right to free speech and the event continued without further incident.






GOOD NEWS! Muslims furious that Quebec will NOT criminalize criticism and mockery of Islam

Influential Muslim cleric makes veiled threats that unless Quebec passes Anti-Blasphemy Bill 59 the way he wants it, there will be hell to pay.


Ledevoir (h/t Susan K)  The current draft of Bill 59 gives the Court of Human Rights the right to impose a fine of $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 to anyone promoting hate speech and inciting violence against a group of persons protected by the Article 10 of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms – women, homosexuals, visible minorities, religious groups, etc. 

However, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard wants the scope of the bill 59 to be amended so that it ONLY prohibits speech where there is a “direct call to violence.” The purpose is not to reduce the freedom of expression in QuebecWe can talk nonsense. We can say all sorts of offensive things, but we can not call to violence.

Elmenyawi considers that the denigration of religion and prophets is a personal attack against the Muslims, and that the prohibition of denigration prevent the radicalization of young Muslims. In other words, it calls freedom of expression in Quebec is bounded by the Sharia.

Salem Elmenyawi considers that the denigration of religion and prophets is a personal attack against the Muslims, and that the prohibition of denigration prevents the radicalization of young Muslims. In other words, it calls for freedom of expression in Quebec to be ruled by the Sharia.

Imam Salam Elmenyawi, representative of the Muslim Council of Montreal, in video below, urged the Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée,  to make Bill 59 a an anti-blasphemy bill, “which would punish anyone ridiculing religion. (But of course, everyone knows he’s only talking about the Islamic religion)  “You can insult me, but do not insult my religion,” Elmenyawi told a parliamentary committee.

The bill is  “totally incompatible with the foundations of a free and democratic society,” argued the spokesman of Lawyers for the defense of equality and fundamental freedoms, Julius Grey and Julie Latour, in the National Assembly.


Bill 59 will thus be amended to clarify    demarcation   “Between the acceptable and the unacceptable, the permit and prohibited.”   It must be explicit and defined. The line for me is direct call to violence   “Has he said, trying to allay the concerns of advocates of freedom of expression.” 

In addition, Mr. Couillard has brushed aside the hand application of Imam Salam Elmenyawi to review Bill 59 to make it illegal to make fun of religion.   Of course we can make fun of religions   “He said.

Obviously this Muslim does not understand that freedom of expression  includes the right to say offensive things about any religion, EVEN Islam.

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Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s favorite ‘spokesqueen’ is still whining about the growing popularity of ‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Stores

muslim-free-business-gun-shopMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR announced today that a coalition of 82 civil liberties, human rights, immigrant rights, faith, and cultural organizations have sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking her to investigate the growing phenomena of “Muslim-free zone” businesses nationwide.

So far, the trend only applies to gun stores and shooting ranges. Hopefully, it will expand to other kinds of businesses that also feel threatened by the presence of potential Muslim terrorists.

More about America’s MUSLIM-FREE GUN STORES


NEVER APOLOGIZE for telling the truth about Muslims no matter how offensive it is to Muslims


imagesDonald Trump wouldn’t apologize and neither should this school superintendent whose resignation is being demanded by designated terrorist group CAIR, despite his apology for what Muslims consider an offensive anti-Muslim remark.  Just remember, there is virtually nothing you can say about Muslims that doesn’t offend them. So, speak up, ignore political correctness, and never back down from what you say.

The remark was made about the Garland, Texas police who killed the two Muslim terrorists who were caught trying to shoot up a Muhammad cartoon contest free speech event there.



UPDATE: Now there are at least 12 other Canadians who have been denied subsidized housing in Toronto buildings because they are NOT MUSLIMS

In other words, poor or elderly or disabled Canadians cannot get subsidized housing in buildings designated as “Muslim-Only,” even if there are vacant apartments.


ORIGINAL STORY: canadastan-handicapped-toronto-man-denied-subsidized-housing-because-he-is-not-a-muslim

The Rebel  Right now, there are 91,000 people on the city’s waiting list, but only Muslims are allowed to live a particular building. It’s the first sharia ghetto in Canada, paid for by your tax dollars. CLICK HERE to SIGN OUR PETITION telling Mayor John Tory and City Council that publicly funded segregated housing has no place in Toronto!


MAINE: Three Somali Muslim savages charged with beating a Christian man to death in Portland

Court documents that were unsealed last Monday, demonstrate exactly what Barack Hussein Obama is bringing to the shores of America in the tens of thousands every year. The details contained in the document show how three Somali Muslim immigrants beat a Christian man to death in Portland, Maine.

Suspects Osman Sheikh Said, Abil Teshome, & Mohamed Mohamud,

Suspects Osman Sheikh Said, Abil Teshome, & Mohamed Mohamud

Three Somali Muslims, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, Abil Teshome, 23, brutally beat and murdered Freddy Akoa, 49. The attack allegedly took place over the span of several hours, in which Akoa suffered cuts and bruises all over his body, a lacerated liver and 22 rib fractures. However, according to the autopsy, Akoa died as a result of blows to his head.

Freddy Akoa, victim

Freddy Akoa, victim

Akoa was found on his living room floor next to his blood-splattered Bible. A court document with Mohamed’s name on it was found under his body and there was a purse on the kitchen counter with contents inside with the name of Jennifer Wilson on them, according to Portland Police Detective Christopher Giesecke 


Local police would not comment on what they believed happened and whether or not the attack was religion-based or not. I’m pretty sure most of us know already that it is.

Each of the men were held at the Cumberland County Jail without bail.

While I make mention of what the Obama administration has done by bringing tens of thousands of Muslims into the US under the guise of them being “Muslim refugees, which Homeland Security is failing miserably to vet these people, the reality is that the federal government has bee resettling Somali Muslims in the Portland area since 2002. That’s right. Literally months after 9/11, the Bush administration was engaged in the same kind of Muslim integration into the US as the Obama administration, but the Obama administration has dwarfed refugee resettlement compared to the Bush administration. We’ve even learned that Muslims have been flown into the US illegally.


Now, another Christian American man is dead, and why? Because the federal government, which was given authority to protect the American people via immigration has failed in its duty. But they haven’t just failed, in many of these cases, they have been complicit.

Leo Hohmann reports:

Could they have gotten into an argument over religion? Police wouldn’t say if the Bible was found open or closed, but its presence so close to the body leaves one to wonder.

A local detective refused to fill in any of the many blank holes in the story of Freddy Akoa’s death.

“I can’t go into any of the details,” Detective Rich Vogel of the Portland Police Department told WND. “I’m just not at liberty to give out any information about a case that’s subject to an ongoing investigation. Eventually the whole story will come out. It always does.”




THAILAND: Two more suspects (at least one of which is definitely a Muslim) being hunted in Aug 17’s deadly bomb blast in Bangkok


The hunt for those behind the Bangkok shrine blast narrowed on Monday (Aug 31) as police revealed they have two new suspects after more bomb-making paraphernalia was found in a suburban apartment. The bomb that hit the Erawan shrine on Aug 17 was Thailand’s worst single mass-casualty attack, killing 20 and wounding hundreds, the majority of them ethnic Chinese tourists from across Asia.

Channel News Asia (h/t CB Japan)  Suspicion has alternated between Thailand’s bitter political rivals, organized criminal gangs, extremist militants, rebels in the kingdom’s strife-torn south and sympathizers of Muslim refugees from China’s Uighur minority, a minority that has been behind virtually all the terrorist attacks against the Chinese people in the last several years.

Just a few of the major terror attacks in China by the Uighur Muslim minority

Just a few of the major terror attacks in China by the Uighur Muslim minority in the past 2 years

In July, Thailand deported 109 Uighurs to China, enraging supporters of the Muslim minority which is under tight scrutiny by the Chinese government. Turkish protesters stormed the Thai consulate in Istanbul and forced it to close.

Muslims protest in front of the Thailand embassy in Turkey against the kingdom’s deportation of Uighur Muslims to China

Muslims protest in front of the Thai embassy in Turkey against the kingdom’s deportation of Uighur Muslims to China

Police are now seeking a Thai woman and an unidentified man after bomb-making materials were discovered over the weekend in an apartment in the suburb of Minburi. Investigators believe it was used as a hideout by the network that carried out the attack.

In a televised broadcast Prawut displayed a photograph of the wanted Thai woman, taken from an official identity card, showing her wearing a black hijab (below). He named her as 26-year-old Wanna Suansan – also known by the Muslim name Misaloh – the first time a suspect in the bombing probe has been identified.


“We found fertiliser bags, watches, radio controls – parts to make bombs and electric charges,” said national police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri. “We are confident they are the same group.”

Police had detained an unidentified foreign man (below) on Saturday morning at another flat nearby, where detonators, industrial pipes and ball bearings were found. Dozens of fake Turkish passports were also found in his flat, police added.


Authorities have been at pains to play down any suggestion the attack was launched by international Islamic terrorists or targeted Chinese visitors, in a nation where tourism represents nearly 10 per cent of the economy.

Analysts have speculated the blast, which has not been claimed by any group, more likely, could have been motivated by revenge over Thailand’s recent deportation of the ethnic Uighurs to China.