Muslims think Americans are gullible enough to buy a billboard campaign about “peace and love” in Islam

And to back up the baldfaced lies on these billboards, they are offering free qurans which have been whitewashed and scrubbed clean of all the hateful and violent passages targeted at non-Muslims.



Las Vegas Sun  Dozens of billboards with Muslim themes are sprouting nationwide, proclaiming what organizers say is the “true” (HAH!) message of Islam and its prophet, Muhammad: peace and justice, not extremism and violent jihad.

The New York-based Muslim Brotherhood front group, Islamic Circle of North America, has erected 100 of these fake billboards over the summer that feature statements such as: “Muhammad believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights” and “Muhammad always taught love, not hate; peace, not violence.” Also listed are a website and a phone number people can call for more information. Actually, Muhammad said:




They are in cities including Boston; New York; Phoenix; San Diego; El Paso and Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Cleveland; Las Vegas; Milwaukee; North Bergen, New Jersey; Portland, Oregon; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Denver; and Calgary, Alberta.

The group’s president, Naeem Baig, said the idea for the campaign arose after January attacks in Paris by Islamist militants on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery store killed 17 people, plus the three attackers.

The perpetrators wrongfully understood the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, Baig said, and the American Muslim community wanted to reclaim the message. (No, the perpetrators perfectly understood the teachings of Muhammad)


As for whether the campaign would face a tougher audience in Boston, with the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings still fresh in many people’s minds, Baig said: “That’s the whole point of the campaign; there are extremists in all communities.” (But Islam wins the prize for having the most)

“As a Muslims, it hurts me when I see someone abusing my faith, abusing the teachings of the prophet,” Baig said. He sees those who resort to violence “as people who are lost, who have no direction in their life, people who have their own challenges in their life, who are using faith as an excuse.” (No, people who resort to violence are considered “perfect Muslims”)



Hey, CAIR, why don’t you ask your oil-rich Muslim brothers in the Gulf States to help the Syrian Muslim people?


We are sick to death of helping you Muslim ingrates. America is broke from having to fight wars on behalf of Muslims while spending billions of dollars to build up and support their god-forsaken hellholes and useless armies. SCRAM!

“The unimaginable suffering of the Syrian people must be stopped through immediate and effective actions by the United States and the international community,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “The world has for too long turned a blind eye to the destruction of Syria and the killing and displacement of its people.” On September 4, 10 a.m. (EDT) representatives of CAIR will join leaders of other national Muslim organizations and of the Syrian-American community at a news conference in Washington, D.C., to call for immediate action by the Obama administration to help end the suffering of the Syrian people, which has reached levels of death and destruction not seen since World War II. The news conference will be streamed live on Periscope @CAIRNational. To learn more visit: WWW.CAIR.COM #Syria

A photo posted by @cair_national on


Why are U.S. Congressional Representatives meeting with a designated Islamic terrorist group?

Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR-Chicago met with representatives from the U.S. Congress to advocate for Muslim legislation.  Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson and CAIR-Chicago’s Government Affairs interns met with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky as well as staffers from Congressman Mike Quigley’s district team.


CAIR-Chicago  Among the issues discussed, they urged the representatives to call on the U.S. Department of Justice to amend (they mean eliminate) its Muslim profiling guidance for federal law enforcement, advocated for federal legislation that addresses the problems our nation is facing with (Muslim) youth violence by strengthening after-school programs, and stressed the importance of (illegal alien) voting rights and the need to amend the Voting Rights Act. Both offices pledged to work with CAIR-Chicago to advance these issues and we would like to thank them for showing their support for the local Muslim community.


MINNESOTASTAN: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands FBI and local police drop everything and investigate nonsense like this

And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN), said today it has reported to the local police and the FBI a mailed threat. The letter mentions several threats including, “we must eradicate Muslims”, “a new crusade starts now” among others (the kind of rhetoric you hear every time a savage Muslim terrorist attack makes the news…at least once a week now)



Like his pals at designated terrorist organization CAIR, Muslim far leftist Dean Obeidalalh is whining about “Donald Trump joining ‘Muslim haters’ for anti-Iran deal rally” in D.C.


“Yes, it can get worse, and it is,” says Obeidallah of Palestinian Muslim heritage. “So now the Donald is speaking next week at an anti-Iran deal rally sponsored by three anti-Islamization so-called (by Muslims) ‘hate’ groups.”

Daily Beast Not only has he served up harsh, hateful rhetoric about (illegal) immigrants, and attracting support of anti-Islam ‘hate’ groups, Donald Trump along with Ted Cruz, are scheduled to speak at anti Iran deal rally in Washington D.C., co-sponsored by three groups that have a long stoked hate versus Muslims: The Center for Security Policy, Tea Party Patriots, and the Zionist Organization of America. The worst best of the three, by far, is Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy.


For those unaware, let me give you a quick primer on Gaffney and his jihad against Muslims. Gaffney is not a run-of-the-mill Muslim hater. As the  Communist-funded Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has been tracking hate groups (but no Muslim terrorist groups) since the 1970s, notes, Gaffney is “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.” That’s pretty impressive considering the number of people engaged in anti-Muslim hatred in America today.

Gaffney, who the SPLC notes was “once a respectable Washington insider,” has served up some of the most toxic incriminations toward Muslims. Gaffney was the person behind Michele Bachmann’s outlandish accurate claims in 2012 that there had been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood.


Gaffney himself has claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every part of the “U.S. government and civil institutions.” Gaffney even publicly praised Joe McCarthy’s House Un-American Activities Committee and called for Congress “to establish a new and improved counterpart” to root our Muslims in our government who are not loyal to our country.

The other two groups co-sponsoring the anti-Iran deal rally, the Zionist of America (ZOA) and Tea Party Patriots (TPP) also have a troubling record (at least according to far leftists and muslims). The TPP has hosted the anti-Muslim leader Pam Geller at their events. 


And the ZOA has decried the term “lslamophobia,” writing on its website that the fear of Muslims is not an “irrational fear of an imaginary threat, which is what the word ‘phobia’ denotes.” Rather, ZOA argues it’s justifiable given the acts of terror carried out by Muslims.


Do I think that documenting the hateful history of the groups co-sponsoring the rally will sway Trump to cancel?  Of course not. In fact, I bet if you asked Trump about Muslims, he would say “I love the Muslims,” just like he “loves Latinos,” while inciting hate against their entire community with his fear mongering.

Like the Muslim World

“Like the Muslim World”

But the GOP front-runner appears to be moving from simply having hate groups support him to attending events sponsored by them. (So says a major proponent of hatred for people who fear the very real threat that Muslims pose to America and the world)


More from Muslim terrorist apologist Dean Obeidallah


HUNGARIANS, terrified of the massive surge in illegal alien Muslim invaders, demand the EU not interfere with their enhanced border controls

Hungarian Prime Minister explains they have instituted strict new controls (including a massive border fence) to protect the country from the existential threat that these Muslims pose to Christian Europe.

Hundreds of Muslim illegals cram themselves into trains in Budapest determined to get to the more generous welfare states of Germany and Austria.

At the same time, Barack Hussein Obama’s best buddy in the world, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, slammed European inaction and “insensitivity” over their handling of the current Muslim refugee crisis during an address in Ankara.

(In Turkish)


BREAKING! Algerian Muslim arrested for arson attack in Paris that killed 8 including 2 children

1441231683097An Algerian Muslim, Saidi M., is in custody following today’s arson of a residential building in the arrondissement XVIII that killed eight people, including two children. He was arrested not far from the site of the blaze.

Kabylie News  via VladTepes (h/t Trucker) The person responsible would be Saidi M., Algerian-born in 1979. He was apprehended around 11:15 a.m., in front of a taxi phone, on a street parallel to Myrha Street where the arson occurred early Wednesday, September 2nd. Surveillance cameras in the neighborhood helped to identify him as the Muslim responsible for the arson.

The fire was started in the stairwell of the building. According to firemen, it was extremely violent and spread very quickly to the apartments resulting in the death of eight people, including two children. Paris Prefecture confirmed two of the victims threw themselves out of a window while the others died inside the building. More than 100 firefighters battled the blaze for three hours.


Six hostile, unruly, aggressive Muslim passengers kicked off Southwest Airlines flight and arrested

Southwest-Airlines-logo-500x375SIX MUSLIM SUPREMACIST THUGS caused Southwest Airlines to divert a San Diego-Chicago flight to Amarillo late Monday, where the gang of six was taken off the plane and subsequently arrested and charged with “interference with a flight crew and abetting.”

According (h/t Robert S) to FBI Special Agent T. Scott Hendricks per Southwest, the Muslim passengers (below) -Khalid Yohana, 19; Wasim Imad Shaker, 23; Essa Solaqa, 20; Ghazwan Assad Shaba, 21; Jonathan Khalid Petras, 20; and Saiman Hermez, 19- were refusing orders from the flight attendants, challenging their authority and being mean to other passengers.


CNN  A Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Chicago was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, after pilots reported that six Muslim passengers started swearing at flight attendants and making obscene gestures at passengers who tried to calm them down, authorities said. 

One passenger aboard Southwest Flight 1522 on late Monday told CNN affiliate WGN that “they were fighting with the flight attendant because the flight attendant wouldn’t allow them have alcohol on the flight because they were already being too loud during the flight.”  She says that when she tried to intervene, some members of the group raised their middle finger at her and cursed.


According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for northern Texas, the criminal complaint states the Muslim men “initially refused to put their seat backs and tray tables up,” then began talking loudly and cursing as a flight attendant took their drink orders.

When a flight attendant asked them to talk more quietly, they “lunged forward in their seats and said, ‘We can do whatever we want on here,’ ” the U.S. Attorney’s news release said.


The six Muslim passengers allegedly lunged again after they were refused alcohol, accusing the flight attendants of being racist. A passenger across the aisle from the six passengers heard them call the flight attendant a racist and pig.

As the flight wore on, the federal prosecutor’s office claimed the Muslim men got even louder and more defiant as they repeatedly stood up, even trying to “incite other passengers to join their noncompliant behavior.”

Amarillo Police were alerted to the diversion, and when the plane landed, officers detained the six passengers. These men were held overnight in Amarillo pending possible federal charges of interfering with a flight crew, police Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said. 



Designated Terrorist Group CAIR outraged over new ‘anti-Muslim’ AR-15 Rifle called ‘The Crusader’ inscribed with a cross and a Bible verse


FLORIDA Gun Manufacturer Spike’s Tactical AR-15 ‘Crusader’ is billed as the rifle ‘Muslims Won’t Touch.’ CAIR calls it a “shameful marketing ploy designed to promote hatred against Muslims.” OK, I’ll take two, please.

Patch  A new AR-15 assault rifle model made in Apopka is being billed as one that would “never be used by Muslim terrorists.” The Spike’s Tactical Crusader is a standard AR-15 by design, but this particular model has undergone a few cosmetic modifications to make it reportedly offensive to those of the Muslim faith.

The Bible verse, Psalm 144:1 has been laser etched into the rifle. It says, “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.”

The AR-15 also includes a few other tweaks, including a laser-etched shield and cross. The safety selector features the words “Peace,” for the safe setting, “War” for the semi-automatic mode, and “God wills it.” The reverse site of the safety selector bears the Latin translations of those words and phrases.


Shooting standard .223 or 5.56 ammunition, the rifle may be modified further with the change of a barrel. The new design retails for $1,395, but comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Crusader’s manufacturer, Spike’s Tactical, was launched on Sept. 10, 2001, by Mike and Angela Register. The company is family owned and employs more than 40 people, according to a press release on the Crusader’s launch.

“Right now and as it has been for quite some time, one of the biggest threats in the world is and remains Islamic terrorism,” said Ben “Mookie” Thomas, spokesman for Spike’s Tactical, who is a former Navy Seal and former Blackwater security contractor. “We wanted to make sure we built a weapon that would never be able to be used by Muslim terrorists to kill innocent people or advance their radical agenda.” 


Thomas told Patch the reasons behind the new model are two-fold. Spike’s Tactical wants to prompt an open discussion about the threat Muslim extremists pose to the world. Secondly, the gun manufacturer wanted to create a model that would be unlikely to end up in the hands of Muslim terrorists.

The idea for the Crusader model was born, Thomas said, as he was driving into work one morning listing to NPR on the radio, hearing about “ISIS and the inhumanity of their behavior.”


As a former military man and security contractor in the Middle East, Thomas said he understands well that many of the weapons used by terrorists are made in the United States and paid for by others.

The hope is the new model will get people talking openly about the Islamic threat, Thomas said, rather than labeling any discussion “offensive and off the books.”

“There’s a holocaust happening over there and America is at Starbucks,” he said.

To find out more about Spike’s Tactical, visit the manufacturer’s website.


SICKENING! Jewish useful idiot for Islam attempts to redefine violent jihad holy war with a love song

artworks-000126815689-zlplka-t500x500Famed music producer and DJ Sam Spiegel is attempting his most misguided feat ever: trying to define Islam and Muslims in a positive light with a song called “Jihad Love Squad” – the ultimate oxymoron. He thinks he can convince people that Islamic jihad, as represented by ISIS and the near daily terrorist attacks around the world, actually have nothing to do with violence. Yeah, good luck with that!


The Daily Beast  Now anytime you put the word “jihad” in the title of anything, you know you’re going to stir up negative attention. However, I’m not sure if Spiegel fully grasps what he might be in for.

Although he recently got a taste of it when his management company of over five years informed him that if he released “Jihad Love Squad,” it would no longer represent Spiegel because his managers believed it would hurt his career and even possibly result in violence against him. His management company did, in fact, drop him because of it.


Spiegel is a typical Judenrat – useful idiot to the enemy – like George Soros was for the Nazis. In his deranged leftist mind, Spiegel decided he needed to do something to “rewrite the truth that the media and certain politicians have been telling us about Islam,” adding, “I think the U.S. media has tendency to be Islamophobic and paint Muslims in a one-dimensional, negative light.”

So why start with trying to redefine the word jihad?  Spiegel shared a story about a Muslim friend who before 9/11 wore a ring that featured the word “jihad” on it. But after that Muslim terrorist attack on America, his friend removed the ring for a fear of a backlash. (Muslims know what the word means, and it has nothing to do with ‘love)


It appears that experience had been percolating with Spiegel because it is with this word that he has taken his stand.  “Jihad is a word that’s really been hijacked and stigmatized by extremists,” the moronic Spiegel explained.

Spiegel dishonestly tries to redefine the meaning of the word within the first minutes of the music video for “Jihad Love Squad” with a title card that reads: “Jihad: The spiritual struggle within oneself between good and evil.” Now just so it’s clear, jihad within Islam does mean a holy war against unbelievers.


Spiegel, who was born in New York but is now based in Los Angeles, increasingly became concerned over how the song, and especially the video, would be received by both the Muslim community and the Muslim haters as the released date approached.

He fully gets that the anti-Muslim activists could target him. After all in 2013 when the Council on American-Islamic Relations spearheaded a campaign to redefine the word “jihad” with a series of ads, it was met with outrage by the queen of anti-Muslim bigotry, Pam Geller.  She even spent money to put up ads to define jihad in the most negative light possible in hopes of stoking the flames of hate against Muslims.  (Nah, Muslims do a great job of that all by themselves. No help needed)


On the flip side, Spiegel is keenly aware that some Muslims may watch the video and believe that he’s not deconstructing a negative stereotype about Muslims, but perpetuating it. And to be honest, some will likely see it as that. I showed the video to a cross section of Muslims and some did voice concerns that the video could be misunderstood.

The music video, which Spiegel directed, was  shot in India. It opens with a woman greeting customers at a restaurant. She then goes into a backroom, straps on what appears to be a suicide vest, covers herself in a full burka and heads out in to the street.  She soon walks into a schoolyard where young kids playing see her and freeze in apparent fear. As the tension builds, she presses the button to activate the vest.



But there’s a twist. Instead of an explosion of material that can kill, it releases different colored powders, the type used in the Hindu festival of colors known as “Holi.” Spiegel explained that the powder represents the woman spreading love, not death.

So far Spiegel says that the response to the video, except for his former manager, has been positive. “Not even one negative comment on YouTube yet, which is a shocker!,” he remarked to me on Saturday.  

(OK, BNIers, you know what you have to do) 


ICELAND’S NATIONAL SUICIDE! More than 11,000 ignorant Icelanders offer their homes to illegal alien Muslim freeloaders, thugs, and potential terrorists


EUROPE is facing the world’s biggest enemy invasion since World War II and at least one country is looking to destroy itself by bringing in thousands of the same kind of Muslim illegals who have wreaked havoc on the EU, bringing crime, terrorism, misogyny, economic dependency, and swarms of child rapists.

News AU (h/t David Y)  Hungary sealed off a railway terminal to stem the influx of people from war-torn countries trying to reach western Europe. Bulgaria is building a wall to keep would-be migrants out, and there are plans for the British to do the same in the French port city of Calais on the other side of the Channel. Greece, already gripped by economic crisis, is seeing violence flare as authorities struggle to accommodate the Muslim invaders.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.14.03 AM

But there is one country where people not only want to welcome refugees, they are actually calling for more. Iceland is seeing a massive surge in public and bipartisan support for a larger intake of Muslim invaders than its government originally set.

The Icelandic government announced last week it was prepared to take in 50 Muslims seeking asylum from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan over the next two years — but after overwhelming pressure from the public and both sides of politics, that quota could soon swell into the thousands.


At the heart of the push is a Facebook campaign by prominent Icelandic author Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, which in just 24 hours inspired 11,000 Icelanders to offer up their homes to people seeking asylum. And that’s a significant feat in the small island nation of just 300,000 people.

“I think people have had enough of seeing news stories from the Mediterranean and refugee camps of dying people and they want something done now,” Bjorgvinsdottir told Icelandic television channel RUV.

We have more than enough underage blonde-haired rape victims to satisfy thousands of Muslim refugees

“We have more than enough underage blonde-haired, blue-eyed, potential victims to satisfy all the Muslim paedophile rape gangs”

In an open letter on Facebook to Iceland’s social affairs minister Eygló Harðardóttir, in which she urged for a greater response to the humanitarian crisis, Ms Bjorgvinsdottir said refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war were “human resources” with experiences and skills that could benefit Iceland.

“They are our future spouses rapists, best friends enemies, the next soulmate wifebeater, a drummer (Islam bans music) for our children’s band, the next colleague welfare leech, Miss (beheaded) Iceland in 2022, the carpenter who finally finishes the bathroom (turning it into a sharia-compliant bathroom for Muslims only), the cook in the school’s halal-compliant cafeteria, a fireman firebomber and television Islamic indoctrination host,” she wrote.


“People of whom we’ll never be able to say in the future: ‘Your life is worth less than my life’.” (But your life IS less than theirs because you are not a Muslim. It’s in the quran. Read it)


In reference to the thousands of Muslim invaders who have drowned desperately trying to cross the Mediterranean, Ms Bjorgvinsdottir urged Iceland to “open the gates”.

She said she knew someone who could house five Syrian refugees and requested work permits, residents papers and “basic human rights” in exchange for paying for their flight and helping them integrate into society. (They never integrate)


One of the 11,000 volunteers, Hekla Stefansdottir, posted in response: “I’m a single mother with a six-year-old son (fresh meat for Muslim paedophiles who don’t consider child rape a crime) ... We can take a child in need. I’m a teacher and would teach the child to speak, read and write Icelandic and adjust to Icelandic society. (In your dreams, idiot)

“We have clothes, a bed, toys and everything a child needs. I would of course pay for the aeroplane ticket.” (SUCKER!)


Following the overwhelming response, Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson said he would appoint a special committee of ministers to discuss raising the country’s refugee quota.

“It has been our goal in international politics to be of help in as many areas as possible and this is one of the areas where the need is most right now,” he said.

Refugees RL

But some smart countries, such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic, object to binding quotas.

Slovak prime minister Robert Fico said: “We strongly reject any quotas … If a mechanism for automatic redistribution of migrants is adopted, then we will wake up one day and have 100,000 people from the Arab world and that is a problem I would not like Slovakia to have.

“We are prepared to do what is needed and what is within our possibilities, for people who really need help, separate them from economic migrants.”


The head of the UN refugee agency, Antonio Guterres, said last week the Europe Union’s asylum system was “completely dysfunctional” and urged the bloc to better coordinate its response to the influx of refugees.

Germany is currently leading Europe for taking in asylum seekers, receiving more than 73,000 first-time asylum claims in the first three months of this year alone and are expecting a total of 800,000 in 2015.

quote-we-have-50-million-muslims-in-europe-there-are-signs-that-allah-will-grant-islam-victory-in-muammar-gaddafi-230795-e1425706700926 quote-europe-becomes-more-and-more-a-province-of-islam-a-colony-of-islam-and-italy-is-an-outpost-of-oriana-fallaci-228027-e1419362214939