IDF OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE daily update from Israel – Tuesday, July 22nd


Tuesday, July 22

10:50 AM: A vehicle carrying seven soldiers was attacked on July 20. Six of their bodies have been identified and efforts to identify the 7th soldier are ongoing.

10:02 AM: Rocket sirens in Tel Aviv.

9:25 AM: The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 7 rockets above Ashdod.

6:00 AM: The IDF confirms that yesterday, Sgt. First Class Oded Ben Sira was killed on the battlefield defending the citizens of Israel. May his memory be blessed.

3:28 AM: Four rockets were fired from Gaza towards Be’er Sheva. One was intercepted by Iron Dome and three hit open areas.

1:48 AM: A rocket fired from Gaza hit an open area near Kafr Qasim in central Israel, nearly 100 km from Gaza.

1:35 AM: A Palestinian terrorist shot and severely injured an Israeli civilian in Judea and Samaria. IDF Forces are searching the area.

Hamas has turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and a rocket-launching site. Hamas has fired at Israel and at IDF forces from the hospital. As a result, the IDF repeatedly conveyed warnings to the hospital staff and urged civilians to leave the area. Hamas continued firing from the hospital. In response, the IDF targeted specific sites and terrorists within the hospital grounds. Secondary explosions can be seen, confirming IDF intellgience about the site.

On July 21, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel via a tunnel from Gaza. The terrorists were wearing full IDF uniforms, including boots and vests, and had explosives strapped to their bodies. They were engaged and killed by IDF forces.

Despite ongoing terror attacks and constant rocket fire, the IDF goes beyond its legal obligation and supplies medical equipment, food, gas and hygiene products to Gaza.


Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes El Al flight to Israel despite FAA ban on flights in and out of Tel Aviv

“This evening I will be flying on EL AL אל על to Tel Aviv, Israel to show solidarity with the Israeli people and to demonstrate that it is safe to fly in and out of Israel. To do otherwise is to give a victory to Hamas.”

Bloomberg usually travels by his own plane. “Ben Gurion is the best protected airport in the world and El Al flights have been regularly flying in and out of it safely. The flight restrictions are a mistake that hands Hamas an undeserved victory and should be lifted immediately.” “I strongly urge the Federal Aviation Administration to reverse course and permit US airlines to fly to Israel.”


HEE HEE! Secretary of State John Kerry and staff were forced to go through metal detector upon arrival in Egypt

Gotta love President al-Sisi!


IB Times  US Secretary of State John Kerry and his top aides were checked by Egyptian security officers using metal detectors at the Egyptian presidential palace in an unconventional diplomatic move. Foreign officials normally trust US officials enough not to check them with such stringent security measures. Diplomatic immunity usually means that top officials are exempt from such checks because of their potential to be viewed a sign of distrust.

In footage obtained by Reuters, an Egyptian official raises a handheld metal-detecting implement to Kerry’s jacket before waving him through for the high-level meeting with newly-elected president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.


AUSTRALIANS: Please help Party for Freedom protest sale of barbarically-slaughtered halal meat by Woolworths

Party for Freedom activists took the battle to the front door of Woolworths in Marrickville, Sydney on Sunday 13th July when Freedom activists held an impromptu in-store protest calling on the retailer to remove offensive signage and advertising promoting Ramadan in its Australian stores. 

Party for Freedom website


DSC_1231-X2 DSC_1213-X2

Please support the next protest which will be held outside the store on the pavement area that runs parallel to Illawarra Rd., Marrickville on Saturday, 26th July 2014.

Protest Details:

Time: 11am to 1pm
Date: Saturday, 26th July 2014
Venue: Outside Woolworths store, 463 Illawarra Road Marrickville NSW



JIHAD IN MIAMI – a warning to America

allhamas_pppaMuslims in downtown Miami scream, “We are all Hamas” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” What is missing from the second statement is “Jew” as in “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be “Jew-free.”

Breitbart  Israel is in a battle for its very existence watch our special presentation and understand that the HAMAS members on the street corner in Miami are the same exact people that the IDF are fighting in the tunnels of Gaza. In a very real sense the disposition of the war in Gaza will have a profound effect on the wannabe jihadis in Miami. If HAMAS is victorious in Gaza, which means anything less than their total military destruction, then our home-grown Miami HAMAS will pen a new iteration of an this old jingle and it will go something like this: 

“From-the-Miami-River-to-the-Atlantic-Sea, Miami-will-finally-be-JEW-Free.”


IRAQ: ISIS tells shopkeepers in Mosul that mannequin faces must be covered with Islamic headbags

First, all the Christians fled Mosul because of ISIS threats to kill them if they didn’t convert to Islam. Now, the sharia patrols are making life miserable for the remaining Muslim population.


Breitbart (h/t Jim Y)  The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) told shopkeepers in Mosul the mannequins must wear veils. The veil is in accordance with Sharia law since “the human form is not depicted in statues or artwork.” Both gender of mannequins are to wear the veil.


ISIS expelled all Christians from the historic city over the weekend after the people were told to convert to Islam, pay a tax, or die. The majority of Christians left with only the clothes on their back, and ISIS marked homes with an “N” for Nazarene. ISIS is also cutting off water supplies to Christian and Kurd communities they do not control.

“This is ethnic cleansing, but nobody is speaking up,” said Yonadam Kanna, Iraq’s most prominent Christian politician. “It is the first time in our history that something like this has happened. Muslims and Christians used to live together.” 




Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black”

Before Barack Hussein Obama came to power, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi was aggressively blocking the tidal wave of mostly Muslim illegal aliens heading for Europe from sub-Saharan Africa and repatriating them back to Africa.


TCN  When Barack Obama started bombing Libya and arming Al-Qaeda backed ,ihadists, Gaddafi said “if I go down, Europe goes black.”Now, without Gaddafi fighting to stop of the flow of illegals, the greatest tidal wave of illegal aliens of all time is at Europe’s door. Obama’s actions in Egypt and Syria have also crippled border enforcement in other places, sending illegal aliens streaming into Israel, Bulgaria, and Greece.

It is being called a “biblical exodus” and is directly related to the toppling of Gaddafi. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly involved in creating this situation. Libya is still stopping some illegal immigrants, but just a tiny fraction of what was stopped under Gaddafi.

Think Africa Press  According to one news report, “A spokesman for Gaddafi suggested that increased illegal immigration was the price European nations would pay for their military and political support of the rebels trying to topple Libya’s strongman.”

Europe’s reliance on Libyan complicity in holding back asylum seekers became particularly clear in the final days of Gaddafi’s regime when the threatened dictator warned that if he was deposed, “thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe and there will be no one to stop them.” In fact, Gaddafi made good on his promise when, in May 2011, Libyan authorities reportedly began putting non-Libyan citizens on boats and sending them north to Europe. 

From Italy to Spain to the UK and the rest of the EU, the ever-rising flood of mainly young male illegal aliens from Africa is proving Gaddafi’s prediction to be spot on.