GERMANY: There’s a new anti-Islamization party in Germany and its filing charges against Chancellor Angela Merkel for ‘human trafficking’

alternative-fuer-deutschland-logo-2013-svgA new popularist right wing party, Alternative für Deutschland, said it would seek to have Chancellor Angela Merkel prosecuted for people trafficking, because she opened the country‘s borders to hundreds of thousands of Muslim illegal aliens a month ago.

DMF  (h/t Susan K) The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) [Alternative for Germany, a party similar to UKIP] intends to file a criminal complaint against Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in relation to the federal government’s asylum policy. 


“Frau Merkel has acted as a people-trafficker,” said the deputy party leader Alexander Gauland, referring to the federal government’s decision at the start of September to allow thousands of refugees in Hungary to travel to Germany. 

At the same time the AfD leader demanded an immediate stop to the acceptance of asylum applications. “Accommodation that respects human dignity” could no longer be guaranteed, said the party leader Frauke Petry in justification of the demand.To limit the influx, Petry also called for refugees’ right to family reuinification to be ended. The borders should be controlled temporarily and closed to people without visas, she said.

Germans hate Merkel but Muslim jihadists love her now

Germans hate Merkel but Muslim jihadists love her now

The CDU, which is the Bavarian sister party of Merkel’s party, the CSU, is also rebelling against her lunatic course of action. 

The Bavarian minister president Horst Seehofer threatened on Friday to start turning refugees back at the Austrian border. “We need to take emergency measures to stem the flow of refugees, for example turning them back at the Austrian border or sending asylum seekers immediately on into other German states,” Seehofer said to Bild. 

New Observer  Opposition to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s treasonous promotion of the nonwhite invasion of Europe is mounting: this week, she faced protests in the European Parliament, an increased number of public protest meetings in cities around Germany, and the beginnings of a full-scale rebellion from within her own party.


Earlier this week, while addressing the European Parliament in Strasburg with French president Francois Hollande, Merkel was confronted with a protest banner reading “Merkel, Hollande: you betrayed Europe!”

The protest banner was unfurled by Hungarian Jobbik party Members of the European Parliament Krisztina Morvai and Zoltán Balczó, both famous for their strident remarks in defence of European sovereignty and Hungarian freedom.

Their protest caused a stir in the parliament proceedings, briefly interrupting Merkel’s address which contained a call for Europeans to accept the nonwhite invasion of their ancestral homeland.


At home in Germany, an increasing number of protest meetings—attended by thousands—are being organized across the country. The most recent was held in the city of Erfurt on Thursday October 8, when at least 8,000 attended an Alternative für Deutschland rally called to protest the invasion. The crowd was nearly double the size which had attended a similar protest meeting the previous week.

By way of contrast, a counter demonstration in support of the nonwhite invasion was attended by a paltry 600 people, even though it was addressed by the leader of the Green Party in the German parliament.

In Dresden, the third-largest city in the former East Germany, tens of thousands continue to attend the weekly rallies organized by the anti-Islamification group Pegida.


New Observer Despite controlled media coverage pretending that ordinary Germans welcome the nonwhite invasion of Europe, in reality they are opposed to it and want the invaders deported, some German politicians have admitted.

The admission has emerged in the infighting aftermath within the German coalition government’s about turn over its “open borders” policy—even though these same politicians deliberately forced through “refugee” policies which they knew the German people opposed.

The first indication that this grand coalition had cracked over Merkel’s declaration that Germany would accept “unlimited” numbers of nonwhite invaders, came with the surprise announcement on Sunday September 13, that the German border with Austria was being closed.


Significantly, the announcement was made by the German Interior Minister, and not by Merkel who, as late as Friday, September 11, was still insisting that anyone was welcome in Germany.

However, CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who is also Prime Minister of Bavaria, was the first to attack Merkel, calling her decision to allow the invasion an “unparalleled historical mistake.”

Seehofer told Der Spiegel magazine: “It was a mistake that will occupy us for a long time yet. I see no possibility of putting the cork back into the bottle.”


The mood of the population is already nearing tipping point, and we cannot afford that. The public wants it stopped and rejected asylum seekers to be deported. We must not overburden the citizenry’s tolerance.”

The controlled media has continually tried to present the German people as welcoming the invasion, relying on images of a few hundred far-leftist fanatics applauding arriving invaders at Munich railway station. However, both in official opinion polls and on social media, the true voice of the German people has been heard.

A Eurobarometer opinion poll conducted in February this year found 71 percent of Germans opposed Third World immigration outright, and 45 percent wanted illegal immigration into the EU “counteracted at both EU and national levels.”



VLADIMIR PUTIN bombs Islamic terrorists in Syria while Barack Hussein Obama pulls America’s last aircraft carrier out of the Persian Gulf

As Russian warships rain down cruise missiles as part of its military strike in Syria, there’s now a glaring absence in the region: For the first time since 2007, the U.S. Navy has no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt — a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — has had a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when the U.S.-led coalition started bombing the Islamist extremists.

LEAVING: The USS Theodore Roosevelt — a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — has had a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when United States military aircraft started going out on missions to bomb Muslim terrorists but usually returned with their arsenals intact, per Obama’s orders.

NBC News  Military officials said Thursday that they’ve pulled the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is home to about 5,000 service members and 65 combat planes, so that it can undergo ‘maintenance.’ (Yeah, sure) The ship officially exited the gulf around 11 p.m. ET. 

The lack of a U.S. presence in the gulf comes as Russia is escalating its actions in the region and began pounding targets in Syria last week with airstrikes. Russian officials say they’re trying to obliterate ISIS, although the U.S. and its allies say they’re instead hitting rebel fighters who oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad, a Russian ally. (Yes, that too)


Russia remains a wild card in the region — and the absence of an American aircraft carrier is being noticed, said Peter Daly, a retired Navy vice admiral and CEO of the U.S. Naval Institute. “The most important thing you need a carrier for is for what you don’t know is going to happen next,” Daly told NBC News.

That was especially important during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the Navy often had two carriers operating in the region. The combat planes can fly into war zones and generally act as a show of force to Iran and other nations during tense standoffs. 


The USS Theodore Roosevelt — a massive, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — has had a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when the U.S.-led coalition started bombing the Islamist extremists.

A Navy official told Washington lawmakers in July that the lack of a carrier was imminent — and could potentially hamstring operations. “Without that carrier, there will be a detriment to our capability there,” Adm. John Richardson said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, prior to his confirmation in the Navy’s top post.


ATTENTION FLORIDA BNIers! Join the Florida Gun Supply protest against Islam Saturday, Oct 10th

UnknownStand with our friend Andy Hallinan of Florida (Muslim Free Zone) Gun Supply and join patriots all over America Saturday, Oct. 10th whjo will be protesting against Islam and sharia law. Don’t just be a keyboard warrior: COME OUT AND TAKE A STAND! RSVP HERE


On Saturday, October 10th, the leader of the black supremacy group “Nation of Islam” will be leading a march with THOUSANDS of people in Washington DC. He will be calling for the death of cops, whites, and anyone who speaks up against Islam.


What should we bring with us?

Feel free to bring your favorite anti-Islam signs, shirts, flags, etc.

Can I carry a concealed firearm to this event?

Yes, if you have a concealed carry permit, you are welcome to carry. Some of us will also be in bullet proof vests. We’re not wearing bullet proof vests because we feel like we will need them: we’re wearing vests because we are symbolizing that we are in a battle with Islam – which is not a religion of peace. Islam expressly calls for the death of anyone who opposes Islam.

Where is this event located?

The rally will be taking place at 6915 West Highway 40 Ocala, Florida 34482. This is the Masjid Darul-Islam Center of Ocala, FL.

What time will this event be taking place?

We ask people to arrive by 10:45AM to get the rally started at 11AM.

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Why isn’t the Pope on his knees thanking Russia for bombing ISIS?

One of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) main goals is the conquest of Rome and the beheading of the pope as well as mass beheadings of unbelievers in St. Peter’s Square, to be broadcast to the world.

When you look at the millions of Muslims now flooding into Europe, many from the entry point of Italy, it is easy to understand how ISIS will soon have a ready-made Army in Italy.


GERMANY has to teach Muslim economic ‘refugees’ how not to behave like savages

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. The Mayor of Hardheim has drawn up a set of ‘Rules for Refugees’ that include: “Don’t pee in public” and “Don’t eat food in the supermarket before you pay for it.”

German city of Hamburg uses water-repellent paint to splash public urinators with their own pee

German city of Hamburg uses water-repellent paint to splash public urinators with their own pee

Express (h/t Linda R)  Mayor Volker Rohm leaves no stone unturned, with his list for the new settlers in Hardheim, south Germany. Hardheim is now home to 1,000 economic invaders being housed in a former American military barracks. Officials in Berlin have questioned the necessity of instructing the new arrivals how to behave, but the town insists the guidelines will stay on the local community website.

Under the heading “Welcome to Germany” are rules Muslims must follow to live in the civilized world:


  • We perform our necessaries exclusively in toilets, not in gardens and parks, not hedges and behind bushes.”
  • Under the heading ‘helpful instructions and guidance,’ Young girls should avoid giving out their mobile phone numbers on Facebook and not feel forced into “marrying anyone.”
  • In Germany people live side by side with many freedoms. There is freedom of religion for all. Women may lead a self-determined life and have the same rights as men. One treats women with respect.
  • In Germany, one respects the property of others. No-one enters no private property, gardens, barns or other buildings and harvests no fruit or vegetables not belonging to them.
  • Germany is a clean country and should remain so! Dispose of rubbish or waste in designated trash cans. When you are out you take the garbage to the nearest trash can and do not just throw it away.
  • You pay for the goods in a supermarket in Germany before opening them.
  • In Germany, water is used for cooking, washing, cleaning. Also, it is used here for the flushing of toilets. There are public restrooms that are accessible for everyone. Using such toilets, it is common to leave them clean after use.
  • For cyclists there are also rules to keep them safe and not endanger others. Do not ride on pavements, do not ride three to a bike, repair punctures and do not use your feet to brake.
  • Pedestrians use the pavements or, if none exist, walk in a line on the side of the road, not in the middle of the road and certainly not side by side.

And this is what Muslim refugees have to say about the rules:


Islamic State (ISIS) to Christians in Syria: “Pay Jizya (non-Muslim tax) or you will be executed and your wives will become our sex slaves”

On October 3, 2015, the information office of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Damascus Province posted a five-minute video titled “[Fight Those Who Do Not Believe In Allah] Until They Give The Jizya Willingly While They Are Humbled” (from Koran 9:29).


MEMRI  The video, posted on and disseminated via social media, including on Twitter under the Damascus Province hashtag, deals with ISIS’s imposition of a dhimma contract and the jizya poll tax on the Christian residents of the city of Qaryatayn, Syria, which it recently conquered. The video is accompanied by footage of ISIS removing crosses from churches and destroying them, as well as video of the signing of the contract.


The video opens by showing ISIS fighters entering Qaryatayn and marching through its streets. A narrator stresses that after it was “liberated” by ISIS fighters from the “the tyrant’s soldiers [army of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad],” shari’a law had returned to the city and its Muslim residents are smiling again.

The narrator says that some of the city’s Christians had chosen to convert to Islam, while others preferred signing the dhimmi (non-Muslim slave of Islam) contract, paying the jizya tax, and living in peace and security in the Islamic Caliphate state. Images are shown of ISIS fighters throwing a cross off the roof of a church and of a church hall destroyed by ISIS.


RUSSIAN EMBASSY, Washington DC: Muslim groups hold press conference to ‘demand’ that Russia stop its bombing campaign of ISIS in Syria

imagesLooks like Barack Hussein Obama’s pleas for Russia to stop destroying ISIS and anti-Assad rebels in Syria have fallen on deaf ears, so he recruited and prepared speeches for a few of his fellow Muslims to threaten Russia on his behalf. Yep, that’s sure to have Vladimir Putin shaking in his boots.

Pity the poor reporters who had to cover this.


Sharia-compliant media join terror-linked CAIR in its neverending whine fest about nationwide anti-Islam ‘Global Rally for Humanity’ Oct. 9th -10th

18882623-mmmain1hooperbaby3vivi-viCAIR crybabies have been running around like chickens without their heads (no pun intended) demanding the FBI and DHS provide extra security for mosques and Muslims because of peaceful, patriotic, anti-Islam rallies planned near mosques in cities around the United States, Oct 9 – 10.






So, THIS is why China wants to join Russia in the war against the Islamic State (ISIS)

Not only are Uighur Muslims from China fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra rebels in Syria, a Syrian village has been cleansed of its native population and is being colonized by hordes of Uighur Muslim families arriving from China every week.

Click link for more about the violence and terrorism caused by the Uighur Muslims in China. UIGHUR MUSLIMS IN CHINA