WOO HOO! “Death to Islam” signs at Pennsylvania bar have been great for business!

20150630__396474~s500~ph_500‘The Other Place’ in West York, PA has been a neighborhood hotspot for decades, but a sign recently posted in the front window is boosting business while drawing a few accusations of ‘hate.’  The bar is owned by Jeff Seitz. Bar staff say he’s a veteran who wants to show support for the military by posting the signs.

20150630__396474~s300~p3 YDR  (h/t Mike F) The sign says “Death to Islam” and it’s echoed by two similar signs inside the bar. Bar staff say the two interior signs went up right after 9/11, and they’ve been there since 2001. The outdoor sign went up more recently.

Jeff Seitz, who has owned and operated The Other Place for 17 years, said “All my customers agree with me,” Seitz said. “Everybody says, ‘I love your sign.'” A customer posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, saying it’s hateful. Staff say since the signs began getting attention last week, they’ve seen an increase in business.


Everybody— except for one man who recently moved to York Township from Baltimore, who walked into the bar while exploring West York. The man declined to provide his name, citing fears of retribution, but has posted about the sign on social media and has reached out to media outlets. 

Seitz said he put the signs up to protest the presence of Muslims in the U.S. “These people blew up the World Trade Centers,” Seitz said, also mentioning Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim U.S. Army major who fatally shot 13 people and wounded more than 30 people at Fort Hood, an Army base in Texas.


West York Police Chief Jason Seibel said NO complaints have been filed about the sign. Anti Defamation-League Regional Director Nancy Baron-Baer said the signs’ message would have to be more specific for it to be considered a threat. 

Ibrahim Hooper, chief spokesjihadist for designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) said the sign is no different than anti-Semitic or racist comments. “It’s Islamophobia, a similar type of hatred to all these other forms of intolerance,” he said.

Hooper’s biggest worry was that messages like this encourage violence against the more than “6” million Muslims in the U.S. (Actually Hoopie, it is more like 2 -3 million, though it certainly feels like more). “As we’ve seen through history, hatred of any minority group has a way of getting out of hand,” Hooper said. (But unlike with Muslims, there’s never been another minority group that has posed such an existential threat to all Americans)



SHOCKING! BBC rejects British Prime Minister’s demand to stop using the term “Islamic State” when referring to the Islamic State terrorist group

BRITISH PM DAVID Cameron recently joined the chorus of British politicians who argue that the name “Islamic State” is offensive to Muslims and should be banned from the English vocabulary. And, of course, as everyone knows, David Cameron understands Islam so much better than any Islamic scholar.


Clarion Project (h/t Susan K)  The BBC has rejected demands by British lawmakers to stop using the term “Islamic State” when referring to the jihadist group that is carving out a self-declared Caliphate in the Middle East. Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director general, said that the proposed alternative, “Daesh,” is pejorative and using it would be unfair to the Islamic State, thereby casting doubt upon the BBC’s impartiality.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on June 29 — just days after a jihadist with links to the Islamic State killed 38 people (including 30 Britons) at a beach resort in Tunisia — Cameron rebuked veteran presenter John Humphrys for referring to the Islamic State by its name.

When Humphrys asked Cameron whether he regarded the Islamic State to be an existential threat, Cameron said:

“I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state. What it is is an appalling, barbarous regime. It is a perversion of the religion of Islam, and, you know, many Muslims listening to this program will recoil every time they hear the words ‘Islamic State.'” “I personally think that using the term ‘ISIL’ or ‘so-called’ would be better than what they currently do.”



ICELAND legalizes blasphemy against Islam and the paedophile prophet Mo!

unnamed-2Iceland has abolished its blasphemy law, on the books since the 1940s, after a bill proposed by the Pirate Party passed in the national legislature. According to the Iceland Monitor, all three Pirate Party MPs stood in the Parliament (Althing) during the vote and said “Je suis Charlie,” expressing solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo massacre victims.

IB Times  The bill, which passed with one MP voting against and three abstaining, is the first bill by the Pirate Party to pass in the Althing. The party later celebrated the passing with a blog post stating: “The Icelandic Parliament has issued the important message that freedom will not bow to bloody attacks.”


Iceland’s blasphemy law punished offenders with a fine or three months imprisonment. The party first proposed the bill in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The bill faced opposition from numerous groups, including the Pentecostal Church and the Catholic Church of Iceland. “Jyllandsposten and Charlie Hebdo should have thought twice before before publish material insulting Islam,” the eastern province of the Church of Iceland said.

Not all religious groups were opposed, however. The Bishop’s office of the Church of Iceland, commenting on the bill, said: “It is fundamental to a free society that people should be able to express themselves without fear of punishment.”


Provisions are included in the Icelandic Criminal Code to prosecute proponents of hate speech, and today’s law has not undermined this right. The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association, in a statementon today’s ruling, has said that an important result of today’s ruling is the message it sends to other countries.

“Often, countries where there is a lack of democracy and freedom are criticized for punishing people for blasphemy even with death sentences,” the group said. “When those countries are criticized, their spokespeople frequently point out, correctly, that similar laws are in force in ‘Western’ democracies. Therefore, it sends a vital message to the rest of the world if Iceland has repealed its blasphemy law.”

June poll showed the Pirate Party as Iceland’s most popular political party with 32.4 percent surveyed expressing support, 0.5 percent ahead of the governing coalition. The party also placed 9.1 percent ahead of the second most popular party, center-right coalition partner the Independence Party.





TRAVEL WARNING! Muslim mobs are attacking tourists in Turkey, too

Following last week’s massacre of foreign tourists in Tunisia by Muslims, mobs of angry Muslims are attacking tourists and vandalizing Chinese restaurants in Istanbul because of China’s Ramadan ban.

Demonstrators set fire to a Chinese flag during a protest against China near the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

Demonstrators set fire to a Chinese flag during a protest against China near the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

Express (h/t Mike F)  Turkish nationalists shouting “Allahu Akbar” accidentally attacked the group of innnocent Korean tourists – after mistaking them for Chinese nationals during the demonstration.

The furious protesters were marching towards Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace to show solidarity with the Islamic Uighur community in China who have allegedly been banned from worshipping and fasting during the holy month. Riot police stepped in to rescue the tourists from the attackers, who were reportedly members of the Grey Wolves movement.



One devastated tourist caught up in the trouble was heard saying: “I’m not Chinese, I’m Korean.” A popular Chinese restaurant in Istanbul also had its windows smashed by protesters who did not realise the chef was Muslim.



Now China has warned its citizens to be careful of anti-Beijing protests, saying some Chinese tourists have recently been “attacked and disturbed”. The notice, posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on Sunday, said there had been “multiple” demonstrations in Turkey targeting the Chinese government.

Muslims have killed at least 18 people with knives and bombs in Xinjiang, China amid heightening tensions over the area’s increasingly hard-line stance against Islam, the result of escalating terrorist attacks by Uighur Muslims..


In May, shopkeepers in the region were ordered to sell alcohol and cigarettes as part of a drive to “weaken” Islam. (See links below)





























PATRIOTIC ANTI-ISLAM motorcycle club trying to recruit military troops “is worrisome,” say some officials

The Infidels Motorcycle Club, a group made up of troops, veterans and military contractors in Colorado Springs, drew attention recently with its pig roast to protest Ramadan, the holiest of Muslim holidays.


Stars & Stripes  While some people decried the club’s gathering as tantamount to a KKK cross-burning, the group is not classified as an outlaw motorcycle group by authorities. But other, less-law-abiding motorcycle gangs are actively recruiting troops in the Pikes Peak region and worrying federal agents, a federal report obtained by the Gazette says.

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Denver spokesman Chris Amon said his agency’s concern over the interaction of troops and outlaw motorcycle gangs is obvious.  Other experts say outlaw motorcycle life appeals to some troops. “I think it makes a natural draw for them,” said Steve Cook, who heads the Midwest Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. “You have to look at people in the military and fresh back from deployment — they are into a warfare mentality.”

"Warfare?" American Infidels motorcycle club in Washington DC participated in the   2MillionBikerstoDC  9/11 in 2013 tribute rally

“Warfare?” American Infidels motorcycle club in Washington DC participated in the 2 Million Bikers to DC rally as a counter-protest to the planned Million Muslim March in Washington DC on 9/11 in 2013

Even as the number of crimes involving troops and veterans continues to decline in the Pikes Peak region, the rising number of troops in the ranks of outlaw motorcycle gangs is setting off alarm bells. 

“Since 2007, ATF and its law enforcement partners, domestic and abroad, have discovered that documented OMG (outlaw motorcycle group) members have been employed as federal employees and contractors, active-duty military, reservists and National Guardsmen,” the report says.


Colorado Springs Police Lt. Mark Comte said local authorities are well aware of ties between the military and outlaw motorcycle gangs. “There are some that cater to the military that are of and for military,” Comte said.

The Infidels are a growing club that has drawn the wary gaze of ATF. The agency says the club founded in 2006, with chapters near military bases nationwide, has been seen riding at events alongside notorious outlaw groups including the Hells Angels and Pagans in other states. 


Police say the gang isn’t considered outlaw, and isn’t suspected of criminal ties. The Infidels, who didn’t respond to numerous calls for comment, portray themselves as something far removed from outlaw gangs. “Infidels Motorcycle Club is a veteran-formed and -based MC for patriotic Americans and our supporting allies,” the group says on its website.

Welcome to the Infidels Motorcycle Club website. Slingshot, Founder of the Club, originated the idea of starting the Club while serving as a security contractor in Iraq during his third year in 2006. Within a few short weeks membership had grown to nine individuals, all security contractors. These Original Nine men reviewed, and agreed upon, the Mission Statement and Bylaws.

Photos in the Photo Gallery are provided by Club members, and have been taken in the U.S., Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our members support our troops stateside, the sandbox, and wherever else is necessary.

Current chapters are located in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida (Fort Walton Beach & Panama City), Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina (Fayetteville, Raeford & Sanford), Tennessee, Texas (Bonham & San Antonio) and Virginia.

International membership is considered on a case-by-case basis.


Sources familiar with the club say its leaders include several prominent Air Force Space Command contractors and a soldier from Fort Carson’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade — people in positions of trust who carry security clearances.

The group advertised the June barbecue as “in defiance of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan” on a flier that included comparisons of Muslim men to pedophiles. colorado-springs-infidel-bikers-club-to-host-a-barbecue-and-pig-roast-this-weekend


The anti-Islam rhetoric coming from people who appear to be on the Pentagon’s payroll upsets Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a designated terrorist group posing as a Muslim rights organization in North America.

“It would be great concern if these were members of the military or contractors, not because of the barbecue, but because of the anti-Muslim extremist views it represents,” Hooper said. The pig roast, while offensive, doesn’t bother Hooper as much as the people behind it. It was a private, extremist party, he explained.


The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office kept a close eye on the event at the Infidels clubhouse near Peterson Air Force Base. A few dozen people gathered behind a guarded chain-link fence. The fence had a scrawled cardboard sign attached: “Private Party No Media Beyond This Point.”

Sheriff’s Lt. Rick McMorran said deputies were concerned that the party would draw protests from Islamic groups, or worse, from terror organizations. The barbecue’s theme wasn’t a law-enforcement concern, though. “From the standpoint of the Sheriff’s Office, we don’t get into the politics,” McMorran said.


Local military leaders aren’t happy with what they see in the ATF report on motorcycle gang recruitment of troops. At Fort Carson, spokeswoman Dee McNutt said leaders want to keep troops out of outlaw clubs like the Deciples and away from groups with extremist views such as the anti-Muslim protest of the local Infidels chapter.

At Air Force Space Command on Peterson Air Force Base, where several purported leaders of the Infidels work as contractors, a spokeswoman said joining an outlaw or extremist group can be a career-killer.


Col. Kelly Thompson cited Pentagon regulations and Air Force instructions banning troops from those organizations. “What I can tell you is that military personnel should not participate in organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin and those who violate this prohibition are subject to disciplinary action,” Thompson wrote.

An example of what the Infidels Motorcycle Club does: 

This is an annual motorcycle run dedicated to a severely wounded veteran from New England. You don’t have to be a biker to support this cause. The ride is inspired by Cpl Vincent Mannion- Brodeur of the 82nd Airborne. He is purple heart and bronze star recipient. Vincent was in a coma for 1 year , 17 hospitals and 35 operations. Our first ride was dedicated to him. Every year in his name, we will continue to raise money for a different veteran. Whether it be for housing modifications or medical bills, the purpose of this run is to comfort those who survived war’s scaring aftermath!




YUMMM! China makes Muslim students break their Ramadan fast by force-feeding them watermelon

ChinaAPStudents at Urumqi’s University of Medicine in Xinjiang, a region with a huge Muslim Uighur population, are being forced to eat slices of watermelon in the middle of the day in an attempt to stop them from fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Morocco World News  According to France 24, in a stark defiance to the freedom of religion (Islam is NOT a legitimate religion) guaranteed by the Chinese constitution, the authorities reportedly threaten students who refuse to abstain from fasting that they will take their diplomas away.


Muslim members of the Communist Party in Xinjiang, civil servants, and teachers have also come under pressure to give assurances that they will not fast or attend religious activities during the holy month of Ramadan. The Chinese authorities have also launched media campaigns warning against what they described as “the health complications” that can arise from fasting.

The Uighur population is comprised of Turkish-speaking Sunni Muslims who make up 45% of the population in the Xinjiang region.


EXCESSIVE MUSLIM NOISE POLLUTION infestation in Breirfield, England

Filthy Muslims shrieking their anti-kuffar hate messages in the streets and not a policeman in sight to stop to this disturbance of the peace.












Even in left wing ‘dhimmi’ la-la land of California, anti-Muslim sentiment is allegedly on the rise

Screen_Shot_2015-07-06_at_10.57.52_AM_2Of course, it is far from what designated terrorist group CAIR cracks it up to be. Mostly graffiti and name-calling…but CAIR would like you to think Muslims are being gunned down in the streets on  a regular basis.

KPBS Reports of discrimination against Muslims in California nearly doubled between 2013 and 2014, according to the latest report published by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights and advocacy organization. (Please note that according to FBI official reports, Muslim ‘hate’ crimes against Muslims are about 1/5 of hate crimes against Jews in America: FBI 2013 religious hate crime statistics)

As evidenced by the below “anti-Muslim” graffiti, a lot of these so-called “hate crimes” obviously are committed by Muslims themselves to get sympathy. Americans don’t speak like this:



The 2015 California Civil Rights Report released Thursday recorded complaints involving employment discrimination, federal law enforcement questioning, excessive and intrusive travel delays, hate crimes, school bullying, as well as, other discriminatory issues (like Muslim headbag complaints) last year.

The council recorded 1,136 incidents in the states. Orange County had 215 complaints filed, the most in the state, followed by 170 in Los Angeles County. The greater San Diego area ranked fourth with 98 complaints.

Brice Hamack, Northern California dhimmi Muslim rights coordinator for the council, said there’s much more work to do “to curb this climate of Islamophobia.” He calls the report a snapshot of anti-Muslim discrimination in 2014. Hanif Mohebi, executive director for the council in San Diego, said law enforcement officials need to be more proactive in being involved in the community. 



Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands federal investigation of Maryland teacher’s alleged anti-Muslim statements

thumb.phpCAIR demands that the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to investigate an incident at Benjamin Tasker Middle School in Bowie, Md., in which a teacher allegedly made a series of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab statements directed at a Muslim student in a classroom.


Common Dreams  After an altercation involving two students, the teacher allegedly approached a Muslim student of Middle Eastern heritage and said, “You terrorist. You little Osama. You have a bomb in your locker.” 

CAIR’s litigation jihadist Jenifer Wicks wrote in part:

“We believe [the teacher’s] statements were highly offensive and exhibit clear prejudice and antagonism towards Muslim and Arab students based on their apparent religious and racial status. Additionally, her statements may have implied to other students that all Muslims or Arabs are violent or would become terrorists. Such offensive remarks are particularly troubling because they came from a faculty member who is entrusted to maintain a safe, inclusive classroom and serve as an example for her students. We are hopeful that you will agree that such discriminatory animus has no place in a learning environment.”

School administrators have allegedly retaliated against CAIR by moving the student to a different classroom and have refused to indicate whether or not and how they disciplined the teacher.


CAIR is seeking an investigation of the incident, disciplinary action against firing the teacher, protection from retaliation for the students in the class, and Muslim diversity training by designated terrorist group CAIR for faculty and staff.

“Bullying can have lasting, harmful repercussions and must not be tolerated,” said CAIR Maryland Outreach Manager Zainab Chaudry. “It is unacceptable and particularly disturbing when educators who are entrusted with teaching students engage in Islamophobia and bullying. We must take measures to protect students of all faiths and prevent these incidents from occurring in any school.”



Just shoot the terrorist bastards wherever you find them. Scumbucket lawyers for Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was sentenced to death, are filing a motion for a new trial.

Who is paying for this? WE are.


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands ‘hate crime’ investigation of fire outside ‘hookah’ lounge

Someone launched a firecracker or other incendiary device outside a Chico hookah* lounge. Business owners told firefighters they believe they were targeted because of their Middle East ethnicity. But investigators with Chico Police and Fire Departments said there was no evidence of a hate crime.

*HOOKAH LOUNGE is an establishment where Muslims and bleeding heart American multiculturalists share shisha flavored tobacco from a communal hookah or nargile which is placed at each table. People of Middle Eastern or South Asian extraction consider them a continuation of their own cultural traditions


KRCRTV  The fire burned outside the Fusion Hookah Lounge at 245 Walnut Street in Chico around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. The flames burned some Juniper bushes and a tree, but firefighters kept it from spreading to the building.

The owners and customers allegedly told firefighters two men in a pickup truck drove by yelling derogatory comments, and making gestures. Captain Dave Main of Chico Fire Department said none of the witnesses could tell investigators specifically what was said.  But Main said they definitely felt the derogatory comments were based on their Middle Eastern ethnicity.

A few minutes later, the truck returned. Someone threw an incendiary device or firework from the truck into the bushes, sparking the fire that grew into large flames. Main said firefighters reviewed surveillance video but were not able to identify the vehicle or possible suspects.



Denmark’s new anti-Islamization right-wing government said it would “slash benefits for ‘asylum seekers’ to bring down the number of Muslim welfare parasites coming into the country”

denmarkgangs1-320x190“The effect will hopefully be that fewer mainly Muslim illegal aliens come to Denmark,” Integration Minister Inger Stojberg said at a press conference. Under the new rules, which will come into effect as of September, an asylum seeker without children will receive 5,945 kroner (USD $882) per month in benefits, almost half the 10,849 kroner they receive currently. (Why give them anything?)



ARY News  (h/t Brenda K) Single parents arriving from a non-EU country will receive 11,888 kroner per month compared to 14,426 kroner now. And couples with children who can currently claim 28,832 kroner will see their monthly benefits cut to 16,638 kroner under the new rules.

A 1,500-kroner monthly bonus will also be offered to those whose Danish language skills meet the standards required for taking a job or getting an education. “We want to reward the people who come here and wish to become integrated,” Stojberg said. (That would be exactly NONE for muslims)


The new rules, expected to be passed by parliament on Friday, will also hit unemployed Danes who have been outside the country for seven out of the eight past years.

Last year, Denmark also limited family reunification for Muslim invaders.

 The Local: Hoping to stem the tide of Muslim illegals from Syria, the government will now only allow for family reunifications if refugees’ initial one-year resident permit is renewed.

Smiling Danish Muslim hold sign that says "Islam will dominate the world"

Smiling Danish Muslim holds sign that says “Islam will dominate the world”

The Local With Sweden taking in a record number of asylum seekers – 340,000 are expected over the next four years – Danish politicians are warning of the negative impact the influx could have on Denmark.

“The many Syrian Muslims who are coming to Sweden as refugees will become Swedish citizens in a matter of a few years. And with the agreements we have among the Nordic nations, there is nothing to stop them from then immediately moving to Denmark – without a Danish residence permit – and receiving welfare benefits from day one. It is a big danger,” Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party told Berlingske.

Muslim thugs flooding Denmark and Sweden

Muslim thugs flooding Denmark and Sweden

Espersen called on the Danish government to express “Danish concerns about the completely excessive immigration underway in Sweden” to their Swedish colleagues.

A narrow right-wing government took power in Denmark on Sunday after coalition talks with the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) broke down, but it needs the support of the DPP and other groups to pass legislation in parliament.

Disgruntled Muslim protesters gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

Disgruntled Muslim protesters gather on City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

The governing Venstre party campaigned on lowering benefits for asylum seekers after the former centre-left government raised them, which the right-wing party claimed was prompting more refugees to come to Denmark.

On Tuesday the Danish government announced it would reimpose border controls to combat illegal immigration and smuggling, another key issue for the DPP. The government said the new measures would be carried out in line with the European Union’s open-border Schengen Agreement.

Denmark received nearly 15,000 mainly Muslim asylum seekers last year, almost twice the number from 2013 as more people fleeing Syria’s civil war fled to Europe- AFP







UK al-Qaeda linked cleric, who allegedly inspired Tunisia mass murdererer and ISIS chief beheader ‘Jihadi John,’ lives in a £1 million home and gets £50,000 a year in welfare handouts

extremist-preacher-emwazi-alqaeda.siMUSLIM jihadi hate preacher, Hani al-Sibai, who described the 7/7 Islamic terror attacks in London in 2005 as a ‘great victory,’ is one of the key influencers of Muslim extremists believed to have recruited and trained the Muslim mass murderer of 39 foreign tourists in Tunisia, Seifeddine Rezgui.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Sheila)  But he is living on £50,000 a year in handouts with his wife and five children in a £1 million house in West London, after using human rights laws to thwart attempts to deport him for more than 15 years. Days after the atrocity in Tunisia, the Mail found al-Sibai, 54, strolling in the sunshine outside his home.

jjbb 7ui6 copy.jpg

Asked how he could justify milking the welfare state for so much, al-Sibai – who is under investigation suspected of benefit fraud – said: ‘Ask David Cameron, don’t ask me.’

Last night, there were furious calls to deport al-Sibai, who has also been linked to Islamic State executioner Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John.


Security services are understood to be investigating links between Hani al-Sibai and his influence on the west London terror network in which Jihadi John – unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi – operated. 

It is claimed that al-Sibai, a charismatic preacher, had “captivated” a number of young Muslim men who subsequently went abroad to fight jihad.  In a court case last year, he was accused of having “provided material support to al-Qaeda and conspired to commit terrorist acts.”


Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, is writing to Home Secretary Theresa May to demand an explanation as to why al-Sibai is still in the country. ‘It is extraordinary that successive governments have been trying but failing to remove someone who has these worrying links,’ he said.

‘The way he has foiled attempts to remove him are a cause for enormous concern.’ Tory MP Peter Bone added: ‘This is the sort of thing that drives my constituents mad. I expect the Home Secretary to deal with this urgently. There is a very strong case for him to be deported. He needs to be dealt with.’


Tunisian terror group Ansar al-Sharia – which authorities believe to have recruited and trained Rezgui – was founded and is run by extremist Saifallah Ben Hassine, who became a disciple of hate preacher Abu Qatada in London in the late 1990s. Ben Hassine, who is said to have plotted the beach massacre from his base in Libya, is also believed to have had a key role in the plotting of 9/11.

Al-Sibai is a close associate of the group. He is cited at length in a 2013 report by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague, and is described as one of Ansar al-Sharia’s ‘key influencers’.


He is also noted for his connection to Ben Hassine, also known as Abu Iyad. ‘Al-Sibai’s involvement in international jihadism runs long and deep,’ the report states. ‘Al-Sibai has maintained his loyalty to Abu Iyad over the years. When Ansar al-Sharia held its Kairouan conference in May 2012, al-Sibai was one of several foreign scholars to address the audience by video.’

Al-Sibai and his family live in a three-storey, four-bedroom home in Ravenscourt Park. The rent for the housing association home is covered by the taxpayer. He parks his Toyota Corolla Verso – which cost £16,995 – in a dedicated disabled spot outside his house.




TUNISIAN TOURISM DEPARTMENT Asks: “Would you stop visiting New York, London, Paris…?”

A provocative advertising campaign featuring images of terror attacks in Western capitals urges tourists not to abandon Tunisia in the wake of two Muslim terrorist attacks directed specifically at foreign tourists.


Independent  The campaign, launched by a Tunisian communications firm, asks “would you stop visiting” alongside images of London during the 7/7 bombings, New York during the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre and a placard signifying the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. A caption reads “Support Tunisia, land of ‘peace.'”

The question should be, why would you visit a Muslim country in the first place? If you do that in this day and age, you deserve what you get.


Tunisia suffered its own terror attack just over a week ago when an Islamist gunman opened fire on tourists at a beach resort in Sousse, killing 39 people. This followed a March attack which killed 19 in a museum in Tunisia frequented by foreign tourists.

642x999_7845866Selim Ben Hadj Yahia posted the campaign images on Facebook saying he created them in the wake of “the shock and sadness” of the Sousse attack, and that he hoped they spoke to “Tunisia’s friends around the world.”

The campaign has been praised by some, but criticised by others who said the attack in Sousse was different as it targeted tourists.

JUNE 2015: 39 Tourists dead in MUSLIM terrorist attack on Tunisia beach resort

MARCH 2015: 19 Tourists dead in MUSLIM terrorist attack on Tunisia Museum

In 2014 nearly 425,000 British tourists travelled to Tunisia. Thirty of the 38 people killed in the Sousse attack were British holiday makers…thereby making British tourists the most suicidal tourists on earth.