Muslim Brotherhood front group MSA (Muslim Students Association) creates campaign to try to convince Americans that Muslims are “human”

Gee, now that’s going to be a quite the challenge. Muslims keep telling us that “Muslim lives matter.” Apparently, these words are falling on deaf ears.

Humans of the MSA on Facebook


Sorry, but raising your asses to Allah on the front lawn of an American college campus (even one like UC Berkeley) doesn’t endear you to most Americans.


Flashback to the failed CAIR “This is my jihad. What’s yours?” campaign. It didn’t work the first time, either.

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Clearly, the above ‘jihads’ have little or nothing to do with the main jihad as found in the quran.







“Sodomy for Allah. That’s MY Jihad.”





MINNESOTASTAN: Help send a Somali Muslim, who is just looking for a “better life,” to the Islamic State (ISIS)

These nice young Muslim jihadists shouldn’t have to sneak out of the U.S in the dark of night to join their ISIS brothers in Syria and Iraq.

Perhaps the U.S. government could even fund their one-way airfare by diverting taxpayer money they are using to import tens of thousands of Somali Muslims, then dumping them in Minnesota and Bible Belt states, which have the most generous welfare benefits. Chances are good these young jihadis will be killed fighting with ISIS th. But if they should somehow survive, revoke their U.S. passports and never let them back in.


ARKANSAS ACTION ALERT! Pressure your Senators to ban sharia law

5bf3081a6dda5f6a58cdeff1c8dde50dThe Constitution bans the use of foreign laws in our court system, but that hasn’t stopped more than 100 judges from using Sharia law to base their rulings where Muslims are involved. Senator John Cooper and Representative Brandt Smith have been working tirelessly to get HB1474 – the ‘American Laws for American Courts’ bill – through committee.

If you think Sharia law could never be considered in court rulings involving Muslims,  as per our Constition, THINK AGAIN! It already is, which means states like Texas must fight to get it banned:



Act! for America (h/t Hercules P)  It will go to the Senate floor for a vote on Monday. We need your help to make this happen. It is absolutely crucial that you email all the Republican senators (their emails are at the end of this blog) and urge them to please support HB1474 –  American Laws for American Courts. It is very important that you also call and ask them to give a message your senator.


The message service number for the Senators is: 501-682-6107. It will re-open at 8:oo am Monday morning. Calls need to be made prior to 11:00 am. Monday morning.The vote could come any time after that.


If John Cooper is your senator we already know he is for the bill, so choose another senator to leave the message for. If they say that person is not your senator, just say, yes, but what he or she votes for affects the entire state. Please remember to be courteous.


We need to bombard them with emails and phone calls so that they will hear us loud and clear! We suggest that you put something like “Please support American Laws for American Courts” in your subject line.

Here is a sample letter that you can use or you can write your own:

Dear Senator (………)

I am respectfully asking that you please support HB1474, American Laws for America Courts (ALAC). As the US gets more people immigrating here from all over the world, often these immigrants want to use the law systems from their country of origin. In many cases, these systems are not friendly to women and children.

It would not be a good thing for foreign laws to be permitted into our society. Everyone who lives in Arkansas should live under the same set of laws – the US Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution. ALAC has already passed in several states including Tennessee, Kansas, Arizona, and Louisiana. Several other states are considering it.


(Your name and town)


Arkansas Republican Senators’ email addresses:


“Does this headbag make my head look big?”

OREGON: Hood River Valley High School unveils new Muslim-themed play called ‘Does My Head Look Big in This,’ and it may very well incite the controversy that Muslims and their leftist allies love to provoke.


Oregon Live  The just-published play tells the story of a Muslim-American teenage girl, Amal, who has made the decision to wear a Muslim headbag full time. She goes through the motions of high school — studying, dating, going to parties — but struggles to connect with a faculty and student body who suddenly turn against her and her religion.

It’s a statement on judging people by groups instead of as individuals. That judgment has been particularly stark for American Muslims since 9/11, and its persistence threatens to derail shows like “Does My Head Look Big in This” that paint Islam in a positive light. (Let’s hope so) 

That’s good to hear, because for people who rally against Islam based on accurate stereotypes — that it’s sexist, violent and hateful — there’s plenty (of lies and obfuscations) in the play to be upset about.


DISGUSTING! Offensive, eardrum-shattering Muslim Call to Jihad to be forced on 50 states

makeitstop1-225x300Americans, please bring amplified rock music to drown out this loud and offensive Muslim supremacist noise attack on every state in America. On April 3, 2015, this Muslim scumbag will begin his attempt to become the first enemy of America to call the Adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer Jihad) in all fifty states. 

Muslim Link Paper  Called “Project Muaddhin” is the history making journey by Jameel Syed from Michigan. He intends to share the beauty ugliness of Islam, stopping to collect stories in each state, making the Adhan and delivering the Last Sermon of the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam at each stop. (This is why you need to bring your boom boxes)

11008057_344446079080038_5346970802373936301_n “I made my intention to become the first Muaddhin (Caller of the Adhan) in history to make the Adhan in all fifty states across America. Instead of reacting to headlines, they’ll be creating their own by building a positive negative and offensive story around the community,” said Syed. 

It’ll be a journey that gives the international Muslim community the opportunity to dictate the terms of their own narrative across the world.

Starting from Farmington Hills, MI, Syed will stop and the ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA and Islamic Community Center of Laurel in Maryland on Friday, April 10, 2015. The Grand Canyon and Harry Potter World are also on the schedule.

This very American tradition (Just because you live here doesn’t make you an American) of driving across the United States will be a world record, but for Syed it is also a spiritual journey to gain the pleasure of Allah. (Let me not say what I am thinking here)

For more information, email and to follow the journey, go to or on Twitter/Instagram: @themuaddhin.

Take a listen to this disgusting Muslim Call to Jihad, something Muslims want to make a permanent part of every mosque in America. Poor doggie.



INDIA: Two more Bangladeshi Muslims arrested for brutal gang rape of elderly convent nun

CAi9hb9UgAATTDBIn a breakthrough, the CID today arrested two persons, both Bangladeshi Muslim nationals, one from West Bengal and the other from Mumbai, in connection with the gangrape of a 71-year-old nun at a convent school in Nadia district that caused a nation-wide outrage.

New Indian Express  The incident had taken place at Ranaghat in West Bengal 12 days ago. The first arrest was made in Mumbai when Sikander Sheikh alias Salim was picked up in the early hours, while Gopal Sarkar was taken into custody from Habra in North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal, IG, CID (Operations) Dilip Adak told reporters here.

A surveillance video at the West Bengal convent showing faces of the suspects who brutally raped a nun on March 14.

A surveillance video at the West Bengal convent showing faces of the suspects who brutally raped a nun on March 14.

He said that Salim, who was arrested from Nagpada area in south Mumbai by the West Bengal police in coordination with their Mumbai counterpart, confessed during interrogation that he had been involved in the crime.

“We will get more details after further interrogation,” he said. The IG CID said that Sarkar, the other Bangladeshi national, who had been illegally staying in West Bengal since 2002, had given shelter to the culprits, who committed the heinous crime.

Mohammad Salim in disguise, one of the accused of nun gang-rape case, is taken to court by the CID officials

Mohammad Salim in disguise, one of the accused of nun gang-rape case, is taken to court by the CID officials

“We are interrogating him. We will come to know who were the other partners in the crime. We can’t disclose anything more at this stage. We will produce him in the court tomorrow,” he said.             Meanwhile, Salim was produced before the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Papia Das at Ranaghat and remanded in 14 days of police custody.

The nun of Jesus and Mary Convent School was gangraped at Gangnapur in Nadia district of West Bengal in the early hours of March 14 which caused an outrage in the country and abroad, after which a CID probe was ordered into the incident.

A study of the CCTV footage at the convent in Ranaghat sub-division had shown visuals of four persons, who were allegedly involved in the crime. The gang broke into the school and three-four of them raped the woman after gagging her.