Update on the two car bombs set off in a Muslim area of Sweden in which Swedes are now a minority

safe_image.php_-300x225The first bomb was detonated at the foot of a building in a non-Swedish, predominantly Muslim area of Malmo. The second in a parking lot nearby. The bombings seem to be related to a series that have recently rocked the city over the last several months. One in February targeted the same exact same building.

All this only months after Swedish were reported to be minorities in the city for the first time.


NYF Sweden’s insane Muslim immigration policies have led the country from being a highly homogenous and to some a socialist utopia to an ethnically fractured, dysfunctional society within only several decades. For years there have been race riots exploding in the streets of Sweden, leading to the rise of the anti-Islamization party, the Nationalist Swedish Democrats.


The trend of massive immigration into all and only Western countries by belligerent and out-of-touch elites who dismiss their constituants on this issue is leading towards social collapse throughout the Western world. Our inheritance is being given away to hostile people, who are in many cases incompatible with Western society. In their cowardice and laziness, our parent’s generation have refused to speak up on our behalf. It is time for us to take to the streets and make our voices heard.

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FRENCH TV host Eric Zemmour is right! 5 million Muslims SHOULD be deported to prevent civil war

France is engulfed in a free speech row after a TV commentator was sacked for appearing to suggest all 5million of the country’s Muslims should be deported to prevent civil war. The comments by Éric Zemmour prompted outrage and led to him being dropped from an 11-year stint on a chat show.

Eric Zemmour - a target

Eric Zemmour – a target of left wing fascists

UK Daily Mail (h/t Trucker & Christian)  But many sprang to the best-selling author’s defence including the far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who declared the move ‘loathsome censorship’. Mr Zemmour’s interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera went largely unnoticed on the other side of the Alps for more than a month after it appeared in October.

It sparked a public debate, however, after the comments were picked up by former French education minister Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Although the original interview has been deleted from Corriere della Sera’s website, it was copied and translated several times by people on both sides of France’s political divide.

In the interview Mr Zemmour said Muslims ‘live among themselves’ in suburbs which French people have been forced to leave, according to one of his supporters. The interviewer then asked: ‘Then what are you suggesting? To deport 5million French Muslims?’ Mr Zemmour is said to have replied: ‘I know it’s unrealistic, but history is often surprising.

‘Who would have thought in 1940 that a million pieds-noirs [Europeans living in North Africa], twenty years later, would have left Algeria to return to France? ‘Or that after the war five or six million Germans would leave Central-Eastern Europe where they had lived for centuries?’


The interviewer protested that Mr Zemmour was ‘speaking of exoduses triggered by immense tragedies’, to which he replied: ‘I think we are heading for chaos. ‘This situation of a people inside a people, of Muslims inside French people, will lead us to civil war.  ‘Millions of people live here in France and refuse to live in the French manner.’

The controversy sparked a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #ZemmourDeporteMoi – Zemmour would deport me – and outrage among leading French politicians. ‘It’s time for TV shows and newspaper columns to cease harbouring such statements,’ he wrote on his blog. ‘Islamophobia is racism and is not part of the Republic.’ (What “race” is Islam?)

Others – including the journalist himself – hit back at what they described as politically-correct censorship.

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Mr Zemmour’s parents were Jewish Berbers who emigrated from Algeria in the 1950s.

His book The French Suicide, which argues France’s identity is being destroyed by factors including immigration, homosexuality and feminism, has sold more than 250,000 copies. In 2011 he was convicted of inciting racial hatred in France after telling a chat show most drug dealers were ‘blacks and Arabs. That’s a fact’. 



GERMANY: Growing weekly anti-Islam protests bring out more than 17,500 this time

Thousands of people have gathered in the eastern German city of Dresden for the latest in a series of anti-Islam demonstrations that have alarmed the country’s leftist  ‘dhimmi’ politicians.


AP  (h/t Maria J) Police estimated that some 17,500 people attended Monday’s rally by the group calling itself Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA — organized this week as a carol-singing gathering in front of the Semperoper opera house.


That would make it the biggest gathering since the weekly protests started in October. An estimated 4,500 people demonstrated in Dresden against PEGIDA, while some 12,000 protested against it in Munich.

PEGIDA’S organizers insist they are protesting only against extremism and not against immigrants or Islam itself, but the demonstrations have received support from far-right groups, prompting concerns that anti-foreigner sentiment might be rising.

Vlad Tepes  Dresden marches are still taking place and are growing to the point where governments and mass media have given up ignoring them and now are trying to demonize them with the usual slurs.

But, inevitably, the demonstrations also bring out the left wing fascists who support the Islamization of Germany.


Here is a group which for all intents and purposes are ‘ANTI-FA’ and typically are behaving in ways they accuse Germans opposing sharia and Salafist groups of acting, but who always have peaceful and rational demonstrations.






















INSANITY! British soldier under investigation for touching a Taliban on the nose with a piece of paper

A British soldier was investigated for touching a Taliban Islamic terrorist on the nose with a sheet of paper during a routine interrogation, a former senior military intelligence officer has disclosed.  The soldier was accused of abuse for a minor infringement which broke rules concerning the touching of detainees during questioning. 

The Taliban

The Taliban

UK Telegraph  On another occasion a military intelligence officer in Iraq was investigated for shouting in a suspect’s ear in case he burst an ear drum. The investigation took place four years after the alleged offence, according to the source. 

The claims are being made by a former senior interrogator with the Army, who contacted The Telegraph in the wake of this newspaper’s disclosure that the rules governing interrogations are now so stringent that officers feel tactical questioning has become increasingly pointless. 


The former interrogator, who did not wish to be identified, said: “There was an incident in 2008 when French soldiers were massacred and the bodies of four of them were mutilated. We had two of the suspects in detention and they were brought in for questioning. One of the interrogators touched one of the suspects on the nose with an A4 piece of paper and he was investigated by the special investigation branch for abuse.

“Just for touching a detainee on the nose. The fact somebody could be investigated for that is to my mind incredible. It was ridiculous. These French soldiers had been horribly mutilated and yet it was the interrogator who was investigated.”

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

The former officer blamed lawyers for changes in rules through a series of legal actions. The Ministry of Defence has paid out £19.3 million in compensation to approximately 350 Iraqis for wrongful detention and mistreatment. 

The Al-Sweady inquiry report into the aftermath of a firefight in Iraq in 2004 concluded that dangerous Iraqi insurgents had used “deliberate lies” to try to smear British troops, leading to claims that two British law firms, which received millions of pounds in legal aid, had “shamefully” tried to “impugn” the Army’s reputation.

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

But the 1,250 page report also illustrated the legal straitjacket under which military intelligence officers are forced to work. The £31 million inquiry, chaired by Sir Thayne Forbes, a former High Court judge listed several instances of what was judged to be ill-treatment during questioning. 

It criticised one soldier who had walked around a captured and blindfolded Iraqi militiaman and blown gently on his neck, describing the incident as an “invasion of the personal space of the detainee”. It said the soldier’s use of the technique “would have seemed full of menace to the detainee on the receiving end. I am quite sure the detainee would have been intimidated by it”. 

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

Sir Thayne concluded the method “amounted to a form of ill-treatment”.  The same soldier was also castigated in the report for banging a metal tent peg suddenly on a table to startle a detainee. Sir Thayne, in his report, said: “It was a technique designed to scare the detainee and clearly involved an obvious risk of putting the detainee in immediate fear of physical violence.” The practice “effectively amounted to a threat”, he added.

The interrogator was further criticised for breaching rules by shouting in a detainee’s ear and also for warning a detainee that he would go to prison and not see his wife if he didn’t cooperate – a technique which has since been outlawed. He served for a number of years in Iraq and Afghanistan as an interrogator. “We once had in for questioning a well-known Taliban fighter,” he said. “He didn’t say a word; he wouldn’t speak to us and when he eventually did all he would say through the translator was: ‘Your detention policy is toothless’.”

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

The interrogator continued: “We would have these suspects in and there we are worried about what the lawyers in Britain are going to say. These are really bad people. They mutilate their victims. They murder women and children and all we can think about is did we shout in their ear and will we get investigated for that? That’s how ridiculous it got.”

The interrogator said the rules had changed over time, becoming increasingly strict through tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The modifications had been made, he said, in response to legal challenges and concerns raised by the Ministry of Defence’s own lawyers.

What the Taliban do

What the Taliban do

A common method for encouraging a detainee to talk was to promise a reward of a cigarette – but that practice was also banned. “It was a straightforward technique to dangle a cigarette in front of a smoker and explain that in exchange for information they could have a smoke,” he said. “But for the human rights lawyers of this world that’s inhumane treatment.

Sir Thayne concludes: “Drawing a detainee’s attention to the possible adverse consequences for his family, if the detainee were to fail to answer the questions, is likely to have a significant emotional impact on the detainee in question… This alone might well transform such a comment from being a statement of fact into the making of a threat”. 

STONING TO DEATH - what the Taliban do

STONING TO DEATH – what the Taliban do

The interrogator said he and former colleagues were concerned they could still face investigation for events that took place up to a decade ago. Video tapes of all tactical questioning and interrogations were seized by what he described as Special Branch police officers in about 2010.

“I know of one individual who was investigated for shouting in somebody’s ear. That would have been in Iraq in about 2008. The investigation was going on last year. It had taken five years. In the worst case scenario you could be kicked out of the Army and end up in jail.”


The Sunday telegraph reported last week on widespread disquiet within the military over changes in rules on interrogation. In 2012, the previous policy – called Harsh – was replaced with another called Challenge Direct which tightened up the rules further. 

The Harsh policy gave soldiers the right to “shout as loud as possible [with] uncontrolled fury” at a captive. It also permitted soldiers to show “psychotic tendencies”, and aim “personal abuse” at a captive who could be “taunted and goaded”.  The Challenge Direct technique reined in those excesses and allowed shouting for only a few seconds at a time — and never in a captive’s ear.

“We [the military] are no longer able to carry out tactical questioning,” he said, “We have got to the point where we have lost our operational capability to do tactical questioning. That in itself brings risks to the lives of the people we deploy.  “These insurgents are not nice people. These are criminals. They behead people; they keep sex slaves. They are not normal people.”



FRANCE hit by third Islamic terrorism attack in three days

NANTESSSDozens of people were injured Monday, five seriously, when the Muslim driver of a van ploughed into a Christmas market in the western French city of Nantes before stabbing himself. The source said the driver then stabbed himself “at least nine times”, causing himself serious injuries. Some witnesses stated that they heard him shouting Islamic battle cry – “Allahu Akbar.

i24 News (h/t Maria J)  The motives for the attack were unclear but did not appear to be driven by religious extremism. (No, of course it wasn’t, because shouting “Allahu Akbar” has nothing to do with Islamic jihad?)


Brigitte Lamy, the regional prosecutor said that at the moment “we cannot say this was an act of terrorism” adding that “as things stand, we have no account pointing to any religious demands.” (Idiot) The driver charged at a chalet serving hot wine in front of which several people were gathered, a witness told AFP.

France is still reeling from a suspected radical Islamic attack on Saturday that saw a French convert to Islam shot dead after attacking police officers with a knife while also reportedly crying “Allahu Akbar” in the central town of Joue-les-Tours.

The attack comes days after Bertrand Nzohabonayo was shot dead after entering a French police station with a knife and injuring two officers

The attack comes days after Bertrand Nzohabonayo was shot dead after entering a French police station with a knife and injuring two officers

On Sunday a French driver who shouted “Allahu Akbar” also ran his car into crowds of people in five separate locations in a spree that lasted over half an hour.

The incident in Dijon, which left 13 injured was “absolutely not a terrorist act,” said French prosecutor Marie-Christine Tarare, adding that the man had a “long-lasting and severe psychological disorder”. (CRAP! Stop blaming Islamic terrorism on mental disorders, blame it on Islam)

In Dijon emergency services care for people mowed down by an Islamic convert who ploughed a Renault Clio into crowds on Sunday night

In Dijon emergency services care for people mowed down by an Islamic convert who ploughed a Renault Clio into crowds on Sunday night

French President Francois Hollande called Monday on authorities to exercise the “utmost vigilance” after two men reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” committed brutal weekend attacks against police and passers-by in separate towns.

“We have never experienced such a great danger of Islamic  terrorism,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Monday in Montpellier, calling on French citizens to “react” to the phenomenon of young people becoming radicalized. “We have over a thousand individuals interested in the fighting in Syria or Iraq, more than 300 are have already gone there, 56 or 57 have died. This shows the degree of involvement of French citizens.”


Valls said that the police had attacked as they were trained after three policemen were wounded in Joue-les-Tours by a knife-wielding man. He called for vigilance for all in uniform, including policemen, firefighters. “They protect us, but they too have to protect themselves.”

These incidents in France come as governments around the world brace for so-called “lone wolf” attacks by individuals returning from waging jihad abroad, or who are simply following Islamic State calls for violence in countries involved in a coalition fighting the radical group.

On Friday Islamic State militants released a video where a French speaker called on Muslims in France to attack their countrymen. He urged them to use knives if they could not get their hands on a gun.



EGYPT arrests, then deports 51 Palestinian illegal aliens who had smuggled themselves into Egypt trying to get to Europe

Egyptian authorities sent back to Gaza 51 Palestinians who had been arrested in the North Sinai city of El-Arish after they attempted to travel to Europe by embarking on boats from the Egyptian coast. 


Maan News  The Muslim illegals had entered Egypt through underground smuggling tunnels and were allegedly on their way to Europe, when Egyptian authorities arrested them at sea after they had embarked on marine vessels and were captured traveling through Egyptian territorial waters to unspecified points in southern Europe.

They were subsequently detained in Al-Arish central prison and the Ba’ar El-Sabaa police station in North Sinai, and then forced  to return to Gaza on Sunday.

The UN’s refugee agency UNHCR said in mid-December that 384,000 people had tried the crossing since the beginning of the year, of whom more than 4,000 died while attempting the journey.


Tens of thousands of  Muslim invaders did manage to make it through to Europe, which is reeling from the strain of so many unwanted illegals, many of whom are criminals.  Egyptian authorities have in recent months have cracked down on the flow and have arrested record numbers of Palestinians fleeing Gaza.



“We are brothers,” says ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he applauds Christian IDF soldiers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told a pre-Christmas gathering of Christians in Nazareth that they and the Jews are brothers, and that Israel will never cease to defend Christians against the forces that seek to harm and destroy them.



Israel Today  The gathering was organized by the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, whose spiritual leader, Father Gabriel Naddaf, was singled out repeatedly by Netanyahu for his untiring efforts to encourage young Christians to join the Israeli army and fully integrate with Israeli society.

“On the first of December, I took my own son, Avner, to the recruitment center in Jerusalem. He volunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. The next day…Father Naddaf took his son, Jubran, to the recruitment enter in Tiberias. Hevolunteered to become a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces,” Netanyahu recounted to strong applause.


“We are brothers!” the prime minister exclaimed. “We are partners! Christians and Jews and Druze, and even a few Muslims who together defend the State of Israel.”

Turning to a group of Christian soldiers attending the event, Netanyahu stated, “We are brothers in arms. I commend you on the will to be full partners in contributing to and defending this nation.”

Netanyahu noted that it was not always easy for Arabic-speaking Christians to so fully join themselves to Israel, but vowed that “we will firmly support you against all that would harass you.”


Echoing what Father Naddaf has been busy instilling both in local Christians and Western leaders, Netanyahu pointed out that Israel is the only place in the region where Christians find safe haven.

“Christians are suffering in the Middle East,” said the Israeli leader, recalling the recent “shrinkage and disappearance of entire Christian communities, communities that were there thousands of years, since the birth of Christianity, entire communities that are erased in one fell swoop, brutally, savagely.”

Netanyahu insisted that all who would criticize Israel and work toward the birth of a Palestinian state that would most likely fall to Hamas must “compare this [regional situation] to Israel, the only nation in the region where the Christian population is growing.”



Not everyone in Hollywood is a far left-wing ideologue

Hollywood stars James Woods and Stacey Dash blame ‘PigSharpton’ and deBlasio for ‘jihad’ on cops.

JAMES WOODS, Hollywood Conservative

JAMES WOODS, Hollywood Conservative


The Grio (h/t Robert F)  Actor James Woods on Twitter this morning, is blaming the shooting deaths of two NYPD officers on Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill deBlasio. The series of tweets are from his verified Twitter account @RealJamesWoods.

The 67-year-old Ghost of Mississippi actor has called on police officers to turn their backs on the mayor and “PigSharpton” with the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter #TurnYourBacks on #RaceHucksters.


Matching Woods, is the Clueless actress Stacey Dash. The new Fox News darling said that Sharpton and deBlasio were responsible for a ‘jihad’ against police. “These murders are the natural result of the #Jihad on cops that @TheRevAl & @deBlasioNYC has called for. They should be held accountable,” she said on Twitter.





SWITZERLAND: First they banned minarets, now they want to ban burqas

When will they ban Islam and Muslim immigration?


Swiss Info  A large majority of citizens is apparently in favour of introducing a nationwide ban on burqas for Moslem women in Switzerland according to an opinion poll. More than 60% of respondents said they would outlaw the Muslim religious garment in public spaces, says a survey by the Léger Switzerland polling institute.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper says people of all age groups and both in the German- as well as in the French-speaking parts of the country would vote for a ban. About one in three respondents are apparently against it.


A member of the rightwing Swiss People’s Party is planning to launch a campaign next year for a nationwide vote on the issue. Last year, a two-third majority of voters in Italian-speaking Ticino – one of 26 Swiss cantons – agreed a public ban in the southern Swiss region. But the decision is pending approval by the federal authorities.

Five years ago, a People’s Party committee won a nationwide vote banning the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, prompting a political upset.

Courageous Swiss Parliament member Oskar Freisinger, who one day, hopefully, will be prime minister.



























BREAKING: Dijon, France – Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” deliberately runs down 11 pedestrians

According to a first assessment, eleven people were injured, including two seriously. Witnesses say “they heard Muslims shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.” 



Latest Nigerian massacre by Boko Haram Islamic terrorists

A new video from Nigeria’s Boko Haram terrorists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dorm, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are ‘infidels’ or non-believers.


AP  There are so many corpses the gunmen have difficulty stepping to reach bodies still twitching with life. Most appear to be adult men. “We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels,” the group leader says in a message. “From now, killing, slaughtering, destructions and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.”

The video released to journalists late Saturday comes two days after fleeing villagers reported that the extremists are rounding up elderly people and killing them in two schools in Gwoza, in northeast Nigeria.


The setting of the latest video appears to be a school, a long dormitory furnished with bunk beds which the leader says is in Bama, a town 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Gwoza. Students and schools are frequently targeted by Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sinful” in the Hausa language.

Previously, the militants had told residents of villages and towns that they would kill only enemies and wanted people to live peacefully in the area they have dubbed an Islamic caliphate, a large swath along Nigeria’s northeastern border with Cameroon that they have controlled for more than three months.



In the video, the leader notes that the prophet Mohammed advised prisoners should be held, not killed, but says “we felt this is not the right time for us to keep prisoners; that is why we will continue to see that the grounds are crimsoned with the flowing blood of prisoners.” He says some of those killed may call themselves Muslims, but are considered infidels by Boko Haram, a Sunni Jihadi group that imposes strict Shariah law.


Here, Boko Haram is shown shooting people in the head and throwing them off a bridge:

Here, Boko Haram cuts off the hands of two men accused of theft:


Was NYPD cop killer and recent convert to Islam, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, inspired by ISIS terrorists?

The Muslim convert who just assassinated two NYPD cops, execution style, in Brooklyn had all the makings of an Islamic jihadist.

ORIGINAL STORY: YES, the murderer who just killed 2 NYC cops is a Muslim. His name is ‘Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’


Shoebat  Ismaaiyl Brinsley the killer of the two cops in Brooklyn, NY, who has two Muslim names “Ismaaiyl” and a middle name “Abdullah” which means “servant of Allah,” is a fan of sheikh Yusuf Estes, who is not only neck deep in the Muslim Da’wa movement (the call to convert westerners to Islam) but Estes meets with both ISIS and Hamas financiers, and Brinsley loved the qaran, specifically Surah 8 on his own Facebook page, which calls for arming for preparation for Jihad war; it says all on what we need for motive as to why Brinsley shot the two officers.

All that, accompanied with Hamas supporters, who were proven to have been behind the riots in Ferguson is a complete recipe for killing cops as we present the evidence in this article.

Brinsley is a jihad sympathizer who used the racial turmoil as an excuse to kill Americans. The Ferguson riots as we shall see here were pushed and organized by Muslim fundamentalists in America.


Firstly, the verse he likes to read is:

Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.


Then we have the enablers who are welcomed by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio; the Muslim Da’wamovement. Brinsley’s Facebook friend is Yusuf Estes who leads Da’wa (call to Islam) in America. “THE ISLAMIC Movement’s Da’wa system and its principles are completely identical to that of Hamas, and derive from the Muslim Brotherhood,” Reuven Paz, director of the Project for the Research of Islamist Movements at the Gloria Center, based at the IDC, said. Anyone can google  Yusuf Estes in Arabic “يوسف إستس” and spend months looking at his activities and connections to top Islamists. Its the Da’wa ring working with liberals who cozy up to them like the Mayor.


Brinsley is the product of Da’wa either by direct connect with it or through studying Islam through social network. He took advantage of the Ferguson controversy, and was using it as a pretext to carry out Jihad. 

 Its the type of thing Shoebat.com has been warning about, since we exposed the ISIS Manifesto in September which calls for Muslims in the US and abroad to kill Americans. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE MANIFESTO) 


The Ferguson riots were pushed and organized by Muslim fundamentalists in America, alongside their far-left allies. The violence perpetrated in Ferguson was part of a jihad, just as the murder of these two officers done by a Muslim who is sympathetic to the Ferguson cause, is part of the same jihad.

The Ferguson riots are a jihad against America organized by Muslims. This is stealth jihad at work, and it foreshadows that major street jihad is coming to America.

A Muslim activist behind the Ferguson chaos wrote that Muslims, including the designated terrorist organization, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), have been involved since the beginning of this controversy:


The Feguson-Jihaddist connection, in fact, was also reported by Fox News who just released a whole report on the Islamic involvement in the Ferguson riots:

Muslim groups have stepped up efforts to co-opt protests over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., with a drive to equate the teen’s death to the death of a radical Islamist shot during an FBI raid in 2009, a Washington-based security watchdog group is warning.

Using social media, conference calling and traditional outreach methods, leaders of  Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), are portraying Brown and Detroit mosque leader Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah as African-American victims of police targeting, according to the Washington-based Center for Security Policy (CSP). In a conference call organized by CAIR-linked “Muslims for Ferguson, a CAIR official called Abdullah a “Shaheed,” or martyr, and said both he and Brown were victims of a national security apparatus that had “completely gone wild” and engaged in “demonizing and criminalizing Muslims.”

The Muslims are using the rioters, and of course race, as an instrument for jihad, and Obama is as well playing a major role in this. The entire movement is a conspiracy to weaken the American police force to further enable jihad in America. To prove this point here is a video of Ferguson native, a Palestinian who is openly a pro-Hamas Muslim, Bassem Masri. We can even hear him threatening police officers saying “I support Hamas 100%” “I see ISIS in front of me” in earlier videos and then in this video he talks about demilitarizing the police.

By “demilitarize” and by saying, “What happens when we demilitarize your police force, are you going to keep the badge?” he no doubt means neutralizing the police force and bringing in anarchy to America.



YES, the murderer who just killed 2 NYC cops is a Muslim. His name is ‘Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’

According to police reports and his Facebook page, he was a Muslim. Thankfully, now, he is a dead Muslim. Reports say it was a revenge mission for Eric Garner & Michael Brown.


According to his Facebook page, Brinsley speaks Arabic. His favorite quotation on his page is: The Foot You Step On Today Could Be Connected To The The Ass You May Have To Kiss Tomorrow. On his Facebook page he went by the moniker “Bleau Barracuda.” According to an arrest sheet for Brinsley from 2007 in Georgia, his middle name is Abdullah. In that incident, Brinsley was accused of criminal trespass. 


Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot and killed two NYPD officers before committing suicide in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood just before 3 p.m. on December 20. He’s believed to have walked up to the cop’s patrol car and opened fire, “execution” style. The murdered cops have been named as officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

He’s believed to have walked up to the cop’s patrol car and opened fire, “execution” style. After the shooting, he took his own life. Brinsley, 28, ran to the platform of a Subway station on Marcy Avenue and killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, reports NBC New York. He was taken to a Brooklyn hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police recovered a silver handgun from his death scene.

One of his last Instagram posts included lyrics to the 50 Cent song “Green Lantern,” never had a hot gun on your waist and blood on your shoe…n*gger you ain’t been through what I been through you not like me and I’m not like you.” The post included the hashtags, “#BrooklynGoHard #ConeyIsland,” reports the New York Post. The next showed a picture of a silver handgun with the words “I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours…Let’s take 2 of theirs.” It included the hashtags “#shootthepolice” as well as references to Michael Brown and Eric Garner.



From his Facebook page:


 This is where this Muslim killer looks his best: