JAMES FOLEY, American photojournalist, has been beheaded by the Islamic State (ISIS) savages

A video released by ISIS shows the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley (photos below) and threatens the life of another American if President Barack Obama doesn’t end military operations in Iraq. BNI readers have seen countless savage beheading videos by ISIS. To see for yourself, click HERE (WARNING: Graphic)


CNN  In the video posted Tuesday on YouTube, Foley is seen kneeling next to a man dressed in black. He reads a message, presumably scripted by his captors, that his “real killer” is America. “I wish I had more time. I wish I could have the hope for freedom to see my family once again,” Foley can be heard saying in the video. He is then shown being beheaded. The National Security Council is aware of the video.

“The intelligence community is working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity. If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We will provide more information when it is available,” NSC spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

 The beheader seems to have a British accent. WARNING: Graphic


Here are more of the latest ISIS beheadings from Aleppo, Syria:




AUSTRALIA: Leftist morons warn PM Tony Abbott NOT to cut welfare benefits for Muslim extremists or they will become even more violent

images12Australian terrorism so-called ‘experts’ have questioned the government’s move to cut welfare payments to people involved in extremist conduct, saying it could push potential extremists into the arms of terror organizations. Victoria University Professor Michele Grossman said people drawn to extremism already felt alienated from the community and that the federal government’s plan would ”compound” people’s lack of belonging.

(I bet deporting them would really make them feel unwelcome)

SMH (h/t Kenneth N)  ”It’s a very, very risky strategy,” she said. ”If you deny people who need benefits, it draws them to seek alternative forms of support.” Professor Grossman, whose research focuses on countering violent extremism, said recruiters for violent organizations often used financial support to appeal to new members. (How about forcing them to get a job?)


At the weekend, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the government would introduce legislation to stop welfare payments for Australians who are involved in extremist conduct.  Mr Abbott said payments would be cancelled if national security agencies assessed someone as a ”serious threat to Australia’s national security.” 

He cited the case of Khaled Sharrouf, believed to be fighting in the Middle East, who continued to receive welfare payments after he had fled Australia for Syria. The government plans to introduce the legislation to Parliament after it returns for the spring sitting at the end of August.

Australian-born Khaled Sharrouf with ISIS in Iraq

Australian-born Khaled Sharrouf with ISIS in Iraq

Monash University professor Greg Barton said that in cutting welfare payments, the government risked losing the trust of the broader Muslim community. ”The danger is the small advantage you might get in stopping some individuals receiving state benefits is outweighed by a much bigger loss of confidence across the whole community,” he said. Professor Barton, who is part of the Global Terrorism Research Centre, said Australian Muslims were feeling ”very fragile.” (Then they should get the hell out of Australia. Even better, kick them out)

The welfare move comes in the wake of proposed new counter-terrorism laws that will broaden the definition of terrorist activity and make it easier to arrest suspects and cancel passports. Professor Barton said that if the government wanted to clamp down on welfare payments to extremists, it should be done ”very quietly and consultatively and not trumpeted.” (Trumpet it loud and clear so that more Muslim parasites won’t want to come to Australia)


Dr Anne Aly from Curtin University said that while there was good cause to suspend welfare in the case of someone like Sharrouf, the government needed to be aware of how its actions could become part of conspiracy theories ”that Muslims are being targeted.” (That’s the idea, idiot)

The co-founder of People Against Violent Extremism said welfare should only be cut in extreme cases. ‘Whenever you remove somebody’s source of income, you’re much more likely to lead them down a path of crime,” she said. Dr Aly said that the government would be better off investing in deradicalization programs to get people ”out of becoming engaged before it’s too late”. (Don’t you just love these pseudo-intellectual muslim sympathizers? The only way to deradicalize muslims is to make them leave Islam) 

Radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Australia

Radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Australia


SWEDEN: Jewish woman brutally beaten by Muslim savages just for wearing a Star of David necklace

A Muslim mob in Uppsala, Sweden last week set upon and severely beat a Jewish mother of four, for wearing a Jewish Star of David necklace. “I cannot go to the police because the assailants will get my name and address. They’ll know where to find me and know I am the Jew who reported it,” said Anna Sjögren.

Anna Sjögren after attack

Anna Sjögren after attack

Algemeiner (h/t Liz)  “One of the attackers signaled me to ‘Shut up or we’ll kill you,’” Anna Sjögren, in her 40s, said of the ordeal, which transpired on Thursday. So far, she said she’s too traumatized by the assault to file a police complaint.

While walking in one of the city’s largely Muslim populated neighborhoods, “A Muslim girl saw that I was wearing the Star of David on my neck and she started swearing at me and spat in my face. I got very upset and pushed her off” Sjögren told the World Zionist Organization Center for Countering Antisemitism.

Sjögren said that someone standing next to the girl then threw a sharp object at her face. “I’m not sure who it was. Everything happened so fast,” she said. “There were at least ten witnesses to the attack. All ten of them were wearing hijabs or scarfs in the colors of the PLO. Some surrounding witnesses claim that I ‘tripped’ and fell and that no one hurt me. It’s just unbelievable.”

Sjögren’s jaw was severely damaged, her eyes swollen, and she sustained injuries all over her body, according to the report. Sjögren is involved in organizing a pro-Israel demonstration scheduled for September 7th, an event the WZO said she has been planning for months.

“The Star of David is extremely meaningful and significant. I will never take it off no matter what happens,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “I will stand up proudly for Israel, I will never let any one silence me. Am Yisrael Chai (The people of Israel live!). We will never forget and never forgive.”

Anna Sjögren before attack

Anna Sjögren before attack


Shhhh…”Our lips are sealed,” say Sydney Police re: Central Railway Station bomb plot

Unknown-1Police are refusing to comment on reports Sydney’s busy Central Railway Station station was a possible target for explosive chemicals found stockpiled at a Brisbane house. Nine News says police are investigating if the railway station, and another location in Newcastle, north of Sydney, might have been targets for more than 50 kilograms of explosive material found at a Pullenvale house last week.


SKY News  (h/t Kenneth N) Nine says police identified the sites after two crudely-drawn mud maps were found at the house, were officers carried out 17 controlled blasts last week to rid the property of highly volatile chemicals. They reportedly include three types of peroxide-derived mixers, including one known as DMDT which Nine said was used in the 2005 bombings that targeted London’s transport network.

One of the mud maps carried the words ‘George Street’ and ‘uniform’ and an arrow pointing to an intersection. Police believe it identifies the corner of George Street and Rawson Place, next to Sydney’s Central station, Nine said. At the end of the street is a uniform shop. The other mud map carries the words ‘brothel’, ‘bridge’ and ‘grave’, believed to identify a site in Newcastle where there’s a brothel across the road from a cemetery and close to a small railway overpass, Nine said.


Queensland police are refusing to comment on every aspect of the report, saying only that the investigation involves multiple agencies and is ongoing. They’ve also declined to answer specific questions, including if they have interviewed the former tenant of the Pullenvale house who is now in custody in Newcastle on unrelated charges.

Australian Federal Police told AAP they are assisting Queensland police, but state officers are in charge of the probe. Specialist x-ray equipment is reportedly being brought in to look through the walls and the floors of the Pullenvale house.

NSW Police are also refusing to comment on the investigation, despite the suggestion of two potential target sites in the state. A spokesman for NSW Police Minister Stuart Ayres said he was aware of the incident, but would not be commenting while the police investigation is underway.


Nine has said 29kg of explosive chemicals were found at the house, alongside another 22 litres of liquid explosive material. They comprised three distinct types of peroxide-derived mixers: TATP, HMDT, and DMDT, with the latter used in the London attacks.

Police have not said if they know the whereabouts of a woman who was living at the Pullenvale house with the man now in custody in Newcastle. The man is facing charges dating from 2012 of wounding, assault, weapon and drug possession. He’s due to face a NSW court again later this month.

Personnel from the Australian Defence Force will examine the interior of the home on Tuesday, police told reporters outside the Pullenvale home. Recent police activity has been focused on the property’s main garage, where more chemicals have been found.



IRAQ: Exiled Catholic Archbishop of Mosul says, “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future”

irak-lettre-1Amel Shimoun Nona (photo right), the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul, who is now living in exile, warned that his diocese is now run by radical Muslims and that “liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here,” adding that “Islam does not say that all men are equal,” and if Westerners “do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed into your nations.”

Since taking over Mosul on June 10, ISIS has destroyed, occupied, converted to mosques, converted to ISIS headquarters or shuttered all 45 Christian institutions in Mosul. Here, the cross has been replaced with the flag of jihad

Since taking over Mosul on June 10, ISIS has destroyed, occupied, converted to mosques, converted to ISIS headquarters or shuttered all 45 Christian institutions in Mosul. Here, the cross has been replaced with the flag of jihad

CNS News (h/t Gordon C)  The Chaldean Catholic Church is an Eastern Rite church, under the authority of Pope Francis. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Archbishop Amel Nona, now living in exile in Erbil, in Kurdistan Iraq, commented on his diocese in Mosul being overrun by radical Islamists.


ISIS 2014_07-26-isis-blows-up-jonahs-tomb

“Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said the archbishop.  “I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive.”

“Please, try to understand us,” he said. “Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims.”


“Also, you are in danger,” said the archbishop.  “You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles.”

“You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal,” said Archbishop Nona.  “Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”

The Chaldean Catholic Church traces its roots back to Thomas the Apostle, one of the original 12 apostles with Jesus Christ. The church grew widely between the 9th and 14th centuries in the Middle East. The actual diocese of Mosul was established in 1967, with the main church being St. Paul’s Cathedral, and as an Eastern Rite Church is in communion with the Western Rite Catholic Church, under the authority of Pope Francis.



FRANCE: Bardot in a bikini vs Baghead in a garbage sack at the beach


The French UMP (mainstream right) MP Nadine Morano posted this photo montage on her web page and described the scene she recently witnessed where the photo below was taken. “France is a secular state: It is to love, to respect its culture and women’s rights, and anyone who doesn’t like that should go live somewhere else!”

Nadine Morano  Le Figaro Magazine devotes its front page and a story to our national icon Brigitte Bardot. This image of a country proud of its freedom of women while France has suddenly struck me as a contrast with the scene that took place before my eyes, on a beach in France, there a few days ago, is striking and challenges.

Muslim women on the beach

I took this photo myself in a public place but where no one is identifiable. Under a hot sun, on a beach in France, crowded with holiday makers in swimsuits, a couple arrived. The man was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt along with a fully dressed Muslim woman, a long-sleeved tunic, trousers and face-covering veil. Within minutes, the man had stripped down to his swimsuit showing off a great body, while the woman sat fully dressed in a burqa-like garment, quietly on the sand.


He walked alone to the sea. Glad to enjoy a good swim, he spoke to his soft subject that seemed alone surrounded by body beachwear, signs of the hand.  He is therefore entitled to undress and swim in comfort. But not his female companion. She cannot be trusted nor can the men around her. If she dares show an inch of bare skin, all the men  will want to rape her. And we can’t have that, can we?

At the sight of this scene, one can not help but feel an attack on our culture  in terms of gender equality or in this case, inequality.


But these people chose to come come to France, rule of law, secular laws, and they must respect our culture and the freedom of women. When Frenchmen move to a Muslim country, they are rightly expected to respect and abide  by Muslim laws and customs. And so it should be when Muslims come to France. Yet, it isn’t.


In France, women have the right to vote, the freedom to work without the permission of their husbands, the freedom to open a bank account, drive a car, wear pants, abortion, contraception , etc … Even if the road is still long including equal pay, I measure the difficult struggle that remains to be done for other women in the world, oppressed and submissive. We must help them and report abuses of male domination and to be tough when she lives in France!


Muslims who live in France must live like the French and enjoy all the freedoms that we enjoy. France is not a religious state but you are free to practice your religion as you please…within limits.,,above all respecting our laws.

And if you don’t like our laws and our culture, then you should go and live somewhere else!



EXCELLENT! Just like American Banks, HSBC in London is closing terror-linked Muslim accounts

imagesAround 300 worshippers from notoriously radical Finsbury Park Mosque staged a protest outside HSBC this afternoon in anger at the bank’s decision to close their account.

Islington Gazette  The demonstrators chanted “HSBC shame on you” and held placards outside the Seven Sisters Road branch at around 2.30pm. The action came after the St Thomas’s Road mosque received a letter in July telling them their account would be shut – they say without any reason. (Banks are not required to provide a reason)


Khalid Oumar, secretary of the mosque’s board of trustees, said: “The protest went to plan and it was good to see people out there. At the end we delivered a petition with 1000 signatures to the bank’s senior manager.

“To be honest, it’s no longer about keeping the account. They sent us a second letter, which is worse than the first because it seeks our sympathy and understanding, telling us their decisions was not based on religion or race (That’s right, it’s based on your terrorism ties). But as we shouted at outside the bank ‘give us a reason’. 


“They still haven’t told us why they closed the account, so we can’t learn from it, or even amend it. This is no way to deal with us and the main victims are the people who use the centre, because we’re a registered charity.”

Inspector Paul Standing, who was in charge of policing the demonstration, said: “They were very compliant and good natured. “We’d like to thank them for the way they organised and stewarded everything, it was peaceful and without incident. It was perfect from our point of view.”

A spokesman for the bank said they did not discuss individual customers but their decisions were never based on race or religion.









ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) vows to wipe United States off the map

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has vowed to erase the United States “off the map” as it denies it had “lost power” following American air strikes.


ITV  In a statement, the group said the US will be “erased soon by the caliphate knights”.

The Roman dog only pushed his air force in a new mess,and entered an alliance with the Kurds to commit the stupidity he has yet to awake from!

Apparently this idiot forgot the Iraq swamp where tens of thousands of crusaders were exterminated and tens of thousands injured years ago.

Not to mention the economic losses and financial crisis that nearly erased the United States off the map; and it will be erased soon by the caliphate knights.

Gateway Pundit  A photo posted to Twitter on Saturday by a supporter of the terrorist group the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) shows a cellphone screen with a large image of the black flag of jihad being held up so the White House is seen in the background. The Twitter account @mhajr93 posted the image.


ISLAMIC STATE also claimed responsibility for a Kurdish helicopter crash which killed the pilot and injured a US journalist and an Iraqi member of parliament. Reporters near Mosul Dam say “fierce fighting” is ongoing in the area, as Kurdish forces – backed by US air strikes – continue with their offensive to retake the strategic facility.

Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit reported on ISIS’ vow to one day “raise the flag of Muhammad in the White House.”

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) told Newsmax TV on Friday he is concerned Americans fighting with ISIS overseas could bring their jihad back to the United States:

““There are over 115 Americans, American citizens with passports, who are part of ISIS, and there are several thousand Europeans from France, from England, from Germany, from Scandinavian countries, who are fighting with ISIS,” Wolf said on “America’s Forum.” “In fact one of them who went over to fight was from Florida, came back, went back, said hateful things on the Internet, and was killed in a suicide bombing. So this has potential to come to the homeland.””

 قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev Follow #AmessagefromISIStoUS  We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere

قهر الطواغيت @Sunna_rev
We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets
You are our goals anywhere


IRAQ: While selling Yazidi girls as sex slaves for $150/each, Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are circumcising Assyrian (Christian) men with no anesthetic

In Paris, front French and foreign journalists, a family of 5 members, came from the Mosul area, testified yesterday in a room of the town hall of the 16th district of the atrocities committed by the jihadists of the State Islamic in the Nineveh Plain pushing to drain hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis.

SOLD $150.00

SOLD $150.00

Tunisia Daily  The head of the family, Nabil Younan, has told that, among other barbarities, terrorists of the Islamic State auctioned in a public square in Mosul, there are only three days, 700 women yazidies average price of 150 dollars per slave. “This is happening in full sight of the international community,” he said, before launching a poignant call to the world that immediate action to prevent such acts to continue.

They rob Christians:

Other evidence has been heard, including that of RP Amir Geagea, Dominican superior in Baghdad, and the father Dominican Hanna Anis, contacted by telephone and interviewed duplex by the audience. They confirmed the evidence already published in our columns, citing among other dams established by IR outputs of Mosul to the Islamists can strip the Christians. “Until women rings and bracelets and necklaces for children,” he said, citing the passage abandonment by Kurdish peshmerga their positions in Christian villages of Nineveh.  isis-militants-iraq “It was like they invited the killers of IE to occupy our towns,” said one of the speakers who questioned the usefulness of sending French arms to the Kurds. In this regard, a stakeholders Chredo recalled that this abandonment peshmerga occurred almost immediately after the telephone conversation between French President Francois Hollande and Kurdish Barzani, the first promising French weapons in the second, at the same time that ‘humanitarian assistance to displaced Yazidis. Reports The East Day in its issue of August 15.

Adult circumcisions mass Christians! Contacted by telephone, other witnesses reported that the Islamic state has ordered the circumcision of Christian children or adults who remained in Mosul. Mass circumcisions were organized by the hordes of EI, adult Christians were circumcised without anesthesia.


Islamic State desecrated 45 churches in Mosul, says Christian aid organization

AINA Assyrians leaders in Iraq and in the Diaspora, as well as the Vatican, NGOs and concerned citizens, are calling for military intervention in Iraq to save Assyrians and Yazidis from the ongoing genocide by ISIS. Since capturing Mosul on June 10 ISIS has driven 200,000 Assyrians and 150,000 Yazidis from their homes, killed thousands of Yazidis and Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs), destroyed all churches in Mosul and looted and plundered entire towns and villages that were abandoned by the fleeing Assyrians and Yazidis.

Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako has called for military intervention. In a statement issued on August 10 the Patriarch says:


To summarize the situation of the Christian villages around Mosul up to the borders of Kurdistan Region: the churches are deserted and desecrated; five bishops are out of their bishoprics, the priests and nuns left their missions and institutions leaving everything behind, the families have fled with their children abandoning everything else! The level of disaster is extreme.The position of the American president Obama only to give military assistance to protect Erbil is disappointing. The talks about dividing Iraq are threatening. The Americans are not up to a rapid solution to give hope specifically as they are not going to attack the ISIS in Mosul and in the Nineveh Plain.


Since capturing Mosul on June 10, ISIS has moved into the Nineveh Plain, attacking Assyrians, Yazidis, Shabaks and Turkmen, destroying religious institutions and killing thousands.

  • There are no Assyrians/Christians remaining in Mosul, all have fled to the north, to Alqosh, Dohuk and other Assyrian villages.
  • All Christian institutions in Mosul (churches, monasteries and cemeteries), numbering 45, have been destroyed, occupied, converted to mosques, converted to ISIS headquarters or shuttered (story).
  • All non-Sunni Muslim groups in Mosul — Shabaks, Yazidis and Turkmen — have been targeted by ISIS. Most have fled.
  • Water and electricity have been cut off by ISIS. The water shortage in the areas surrounding Mosul is now a full-blown crisis. Residents have been forced to dig wells for drinking water. Water tankers are providing some relief.
  • Mosul is now governed under Sharia law.
  • 200,000 Assyrian have fled from Baghdede (Qaraqosh), Bartella, Karamles and dozens of Assyrian villages and towns in the Nineveh Plain north of Mosul.
  • 150,000 Yazidis have fled from Sinjar and Zumar. 40,000 trapped on Shingal mountain. Thousands have died from exposure. Thousands have been killed by ISIS.


The Assyrian Universal Alliance, a worldwide umbrella organization, issued the following statement through its Deputy Secretary General in Australia, Hermiz Shahen:

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Assyrians are currently displaced and forced out of their homes and towns. Women, children and the elderly have left their homes and are continually on the move-from city to city, village to village, seeking safety. We are informed by our representatives in the region that the situation continues to go from bad to worse; people are living in great fear and confusion, without any hope for a brighter and better future. Jihadists moved in overnight to claim several Christian towns, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee, having pushed back Kurdish Peshmerga troops, who are stretched thin across several fronts in Iraq.


Towns of Baghdede (Qaraqosh), Tel Kepe, Bartella, Alqoosh and Karamles have been emptied of their original inhabitants and are now under the control of the militants. As many as 40,000 people from Iraq’s religious minority groups are stranded on Mount Sinjar after seizure of their city by the Islamic State; most of them are members of the Yazidi community.

Accordingly, We call on the International community and the UN Security Council, to support resolutely for military action in Iraq to protect Assyrian Christians and other religious minorities from persecution by brutal Islamic Jihadists.



UK: Sainsbury’s store strips kosher food from its shelves over fear of attacks by anti-Israel Jew-haters

images-1A Sainsbury’s branch emptied its kosher food shelf after the manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack it, the supermarket giant has said. Meats, cheeses and sauces were removed from a Sainsbury’s Local branch in Holborn, central London, as it was picketed by demonstrators who were calling on the grocer to boycott Israeli goods.

UK Daily Mail  The incident yesterday afternoon happened on the same day anti-Israeli activists ‘wreaked havoc’ at a Birmingham branch of Tesco when a demonstration got out of hand. Actor Colin Appleby took a photo of the empty shelf, prompting uproar online as hundreds condemned the grocer for appearing to succumb to the demands of the protesters.

Sainsbury's store shelf emptied of Kosher products

Sainsbury’s store shelf emptied of Kosher products

People also pointed out that many of the goods were not from Israel and instead came from nations including Britain and Poland. Mr Appleby wrote that a staff member defended the decision by stating: ‘We support Free Gaza’. When he then pointed out the distinction between Israeli and kosher goods, staff ‘walked away’, he wrote.

The move yesterday sparked online accusations of anti-Semitism by the grocer – despite the Sainsbury family’s well-documented Jewish ancestry dating back as far as the 19th century.  Sainsbury’s insisted the decision was taken in case protesters hurled food from the shelves, which would then have to be thrown away.

But Facebook user Gavin Platman made a formal complaint about the incident, which happened half a mile from the company’s headquarters at London’s Holborn Circus. He wrote to Sainsbury’s: ‘I presume you are aware that Kosher food is produced in countries other than Israel? You are therefore not making a political statement against Israel but instead are targeting a group based on race – i.e. Jews.

As a Jew I find this deeply offensive. Naturally I am against the death of innocent children in Gaza so why are you persecuting me by denying me the right to buy Kosher food? ‘I presume you are also removing Halal food in protest against the Islamic State slaughtering Yazidis. Clearly not – therefore you have blurred the line between political statement and hate crime.’

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch also waded into the row, writing on Twitter: 

1408313846932_wps_1_Lousie_Mensch_5_jpg 1408313875025_wps_2_Lousie_Mensch_3_jpg 1408313919927_wps_3_Lousie_Mensch_2_jpg

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Britain have long urged supporters to boycott Israeli goods, though not kosher goods, to send a message to Israel over its blockade of Gaza. The incident yesterday happened on the same day as demonstrators ‘wreaked havoc’ in a Tesco store after a protest against its stocking of Israeli food got out of hand. Protesters accused of hurling produce and attacking police at the supermarket in Hodge Hill, Birmingham, are being hunted by officers.


It is understood similar protests at Israeli military action in Gaza have taken place outside Tesco stores in Rochdale and Sale in Greater Manchester, Blackburn and Luton. A march involving 1,500 people in Cardiff last month led to criticism of the police after footage emerged of violence erupting.  Tesco sells fruit, peppers, potatoes and herbs from Israel, along with branded goods. A spokesman said: ‘We do this in line with the Government position on trade with Israel, and we mark all products clearly with the country of origin, so customers can make informed choices about what to buy.’

Mr Appleby returned to the branch this evening and found the kosher food shelf had been fully reinstated, adding: ‘Sainsbury’s assure me the staff member has been suitably chastised.’  The firm admitted the kosher food was removed but challenged Mr Appleby’s version of events. 

A Sainsbury’s spokesman told MailOnline there was ‘no evidence’ that a staff member had made the ‘Free Gaza’ comment and instead the decision was taken to stop protesters damaging the food. The spokesman added: ‘It was the manager’s decision there and then – not company policy at all. We are a non-political organisation and we’re not coming down on either side of the argument. 





CALIPHORNIA: Pro-Hamas supporters try to block Israeli cargo ship from unloading at Port of Oakland


Pro-Hamas/anti-Israel Islamists and Left Wing Moonbats for the second day blocked an Israeli-owned ship from docking at the Port of Oakland in a protest against Israel’s military action in Gaza.

Washington Times Dockworkers at the Port of Oakland honored a picket line for the second day in a row Sunday as San Francisco Bay Area protesters gathered to stop a Zim Integrated Shipping Services vessel from docking and unloading, the San Jose Mercury News reported.


Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd. is 32-percent owned by Israel Corporation — Israel’s largest holding company. The ship rerouted Saturday afternoon and spent a day off the coast of California before docking at the port Sunday evening, the Mercury News reported.

Pro-Hamas activists carried signs and shouted slogans such as “Gaza will be free,” “Boycott, Divest, Sanction. End Israeli Apartheid,” and “Resist Zionism and Imperialism,” the newspaper said. Several dozen police officers monitored the situation but no arrests were reported.


Mohamed Shehk, a director at the organization Critical Resistance who attended the protests both days, said the purpose was to send a message to Israel that “we will not stand for the murdering of Gazans” nor “the ongoing occupation of Palestine,” the Mercury News reported.

He said the delay caused to the Zim ship is “enormous financially,” and that the longer protesters can keep them from docking, the more money Zim loses.


AUSTRALIA: Muslim supporter of ISIS arrested on charges of anti-Christian harassment of store owner

926781_772266519473922_379405438_aA teenage supporter of the terrorist group Islamic State, who gained notoriety after an appearance on television last week, has been arrested over an alleged religious attack on a cleaner at a western Sydney shopping centre.  In an incident that raises fears of growing Muslim violence in Australia, the 19-year-old, who goes by the Islamic alias Abu Bakr, allegedly verbally abused, threatened and intimidated a store owner at Bankstown Central shopping centre.

Abu Bakr, a Bankstown labourer, is among 20 Sydney men whose passports were cancelled by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).

Abu Bakr, a Bankstown labourer, is among 20 Sydney Muslim men whose passports were cancelled by the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

SMH  (h/t Cathari) He was kicked out of the centre by security but allegedly returned 1½ hours later and again abused the man, who was still cleaning.  Security again escorted Abu Bakr and a friend out of the centre and called police, who launched an investigation.  Police sources told Fairfax Media the alleged abuse was being treated as a religious “hate crime”.  A spokeswoman said the cleaner did not know the teenager and he was “fearful”.

Abu Bakr walked off the set of SBS program Insight last week after being quizzed on his passport cancellation and his support for the gruesome actions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.  He is one of a growing number of young Sydneysiders who are outspoken in their support of the terrorist group.


Two Sydney men, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, are among a handful of Australians believed to be fighting with the Islamic State in the Middle East.  Abu Bakr had his passport cancelled by ASIO in December last year because the spy agency said he “holds an extreme ideology and is planning to travel in order to engage in militant extremism”. In an interview with Fairfax last year, he said his “brothers” had been randomly targeted by intelligence authorities since the conflict in Syria began.

“If you refuse to be silent on something, on the injustice, on the evil, on the raping and killing and bombing in Syria, then they label you a jihadist or a fanatic or an extremist,” he said in December. The Australian-born part-time labourer, who is of Iraqi and Italian descent, was arrested in a Bankstown lane on Friday afternoon and charged with affray and intimidation. He was charged under his real name, Sulyman Khalid, and given strict bail conditions to appear at Bankstown Local Court on September 10.

Bankstown local area commander Superintendent Dave Eardley said last month that police were aware of the risk of growing tensions in western Sydney stemming from overseas conflicts.  He said police had been meeting Muslim community leaders and monitoring events closely to ensure sectarian and religious violence did not occur.


SHOCKER! Palestinian activist says, “We have to get rid of Hamas”

Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid

Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid

“For over 26 years, I have dedicated my life to the defense of human rights. But the last month has been particularly hard for me. Death and the rubble of Gaza are like a tsunami. But as a Palestinian, I must admit: I am responsible for what happened. We can not deny our responsibility for our own dead.” –Bassem Eid

Israel Today  “Most Palestinians are against missile attacks on Israel. But we elected Hamas with the knowledge that doing so would bring about the death of our own people. We knew Hamas was digging tunnels, which eventually lead to our own destruction. …Hamas also knew that an attack on Israel would result in a high death toll. But the Hamas leadership is only interested in their own victory, not about the people.”


“Hamas requires death. Death brings her power and money for more weapons. Hamas was never interested in liberating the Palestinian people from occupation. And Israel will not be able to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Only we, the Palestinian people, can do that. The Palestinians in Gaza have to rebel against the Hamas regime.”

“Will we learn from this latest tragedy? I think so. We must first get rid of Hamas and demilitarize the Gaza Strip. Then the border crossings can be opened. And I say this as a loyal Palestinian. I say this because I care about the future of my people. ”