AUSTRIA reforms its 1912 ‘Islam Law;’ Muslims outraged

982057322-Anti-Islam-Group-PEGIDA-Holds-First-Austria-MarchThe Austrian parliament has passed controversial reforms to the country’s century-old law on Islam. The bill, which is partly aimed at tackling Islamic radicalism, bans foreign funding for mosques and imams. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz: “We don’t want our Muslim community to be dependent on foreign funding.”

Muslims in Austria protest the new laws as discriminatory to muslims. So leave!

Muslims in Austria protest the new laws as discriminatory to muslims. So leave!

BBC  (h/t Mark Christians) Austria’s Integration Minister, Sebastian Kurz, defended the reforms but Muslim leaders say they fail to treat them equally. The 1912 law made Islam an official religion in Austria.

Muslim groups say the ban on foreign funding of msoques is unfair as international support is still permitted for the Christian and Jewish faiths.  They say the legalization reflects a widespread mistrust of Muslims and some are planning to contest it in the constitutional court.

Mr Kurz told the BBC the reforms were a “milestone” for Austria and aimed to stop certain Muslim countries using financial means to exert “political influence”. “What we want is to reduce the political influence and control from abroad and we want to give Islam the chance to develop freely within our society and in line with our common European values,” he said.

Meanwhile the legislation has drawn wide reaction from Muslims across the world, with Turkey’s head of religious affairs, Mehmet Gormez, adding his condemnation on Tuesday. “Austria will go back 100 years in freedom with its Islam bill,” Mr Gormez said, according to Turkey’s state-funded Anadolu news agency. (One can only hope)

Roughly half a million Muslims live in Austria today, around 6% of the population. Many of them have Turkish or Bosnian roots. 


Infamous beheader of infidels, Jihadi John, comes from a wealthy family

So much for the U.S. State Department’s idiotic idea that all these terrorists need are jobs to keep them from becoming radicalized.

A Muslim with a British accent seen in ISIS videos showing the beheadings of Western hostages has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Londoner, according to two U.S. officials and two U.S. congressional sources briefed on the matter.  He reportedly graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a degree in computer programming.


FIGURES. Canadian Somali Muslims blame government for not stopping family member from joining ISIS

The family of a young Canadian Muslim woman who traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State after being radicalized online say losing her was the most shocking thing in the world and the government should have done more to prevent her departure.

The 23-year-old woman made the journey to Syria to join up with ISIS last summer, after taking an online course to study the Qur’an taught by a woman based in Edmonton, says her older sister. When she called home from abroad, she told her family she was never coming home — that Syria was where she was going to die. BUH BYE!


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When they aren’t cutting off heads, Islamic State (ISIS) savages are destroying historic statues in Iraq

The Muslim barbarians in Iraq set their sights on their pagan ancestors by raiding the Nineveh Museum in Mosul and using sledgehammers to destroy ancient artifacts and statues.



Heavy (h/t Susan K)  Muslim have a long history of destroying all non-Islamic religious relics as a way to erase the past before their paedophile Prophet Muhammad. The Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan were infamously dynamited and destroyed by Al Qaeda in 2001. Iran has previously threatened to destroy Persian relics. Recently, the Islamic State destroyed a library in Baghdad. Some of the relics destroyed are believed to be over 8,000 years old.


Islamic State (ISIS) savages planning to slaughter 150 Christians that they kidnapped, including women and children, unless the airstrikes are stopped

But it’s going to take them a little time to build enough immolation cages. ISIS is holding many more Assyrian Christians hostages than previously thought — and is planning to release a video threatening to kill them.


CNN  The abductions of the Christians took place Mondayafter ISIS seized two Assyrian communities from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh. Osama Edward, founder of the Assyrian Human Rights Network, told CNN that the extremist group is now believed to have 150 hostages, citing the latest information from the network’s team on the ground.

The video message will be directed to Barack Obama and other members of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS, Edward said from Stockholm, Sweden. Edward, who has family in the area attacked by the terror group, said the latest information from the ground indicated the hostages had been moved to an ISIS-controlled location.

ISIS beheadings and children in cages 2015-791234

The activist organization Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently also said on Twitter that ISIS has moved a number of Assyrian captives to Raqqa, which has been called the Islamist extremist group’s de facto capital.

The last message received from the hostages was a text from a kidnapped woman to her husband, Edward said. She said the kidnappers were interrogating the hostages about whether the women were members of local militias. 

Edward said he feared the hostages would face the same fate as Assyrians targeted in Iraq and the more than 20 members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority slaughtered by ISIS in Libya last month. “Maybe they are facing the same destiny. That’s why we call on all over the world, like the U.S, Europe, coalition forces — protect Assyrians, save Assyrians in Syria,” he said.


“They are facing death, people are unarmed, they are peaceful. And they need help, they are just left alone — no one’s protecting them.”

Edward said some 35 Assyrian villages and towns had now been taken over by ISIS, forcing thousands of families to flee. Some 600 of these families have taken refuge in St. Mary’s Cathedral in al-Hasakah, Syria. After years caught up in the middle of a civil war, many of these Assyrians lack food, water, blankets and other basics.


The Assyrians are a proud group that’s overcome a lot in their history. They can trace their roots back some 4,000 years to the time of Mesopotamia, considered one of the cradles of civilization and birthplace of writing and literature. While their first religion was Ashurism, Assyrians have been predominantly Christian since the third century.

“How can Syria be Syria without the Assyrians?” Edward said. “We gave the country our name.”

ISIS has proven, time and again, its willingness to ruthlessly go after minority groups who don’t subscribe to Islam. 


VERY SAD: U.S. Marine, whose career was destroyed for urinating on Taliban terrorist corpses in Afghanistan, dies of drug overdose at 28

Urinating MarinesRob Richards, who left the military in 2013 under a cloud of controversy after video circulated of him and members of his platoon urinating on dead Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, had his cremated remains buried with military honors at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia this month.

NY Daily News  “He served with honor … gave so much … and bled for our freedom,” a Navy chaplain said at the somber proceeding, as Richards’ mom, wife and grandfather, a veteran himself, looked on, the Washington Post reported. “Today we lay him to rest in a fitting place.”


Richards died last August of an accidental prescription drug overdose. He was 28 and survived three tours of duty in Afghanistan as a Marine sniper.

His wife, Raechel, found his body on the floor of their home in Camp Lejeune, N.C., after he struggled for months with opiate abuse, she told the Washington Post.

The couple planned to move to Orlando, Fla., where they would get a new start, away from the 2013 court martial that ended with Richards given a plea deal that reduced his rank to corporal and an honorable discharge from the military.

Rob Richards

Rob Richards

Despite his decorated career and dedication to his country, Richards’ time abroad was judged — and vilified — on the nearly 40 second video, released anonymously on YouTube in January 2012.

Richards and three comrades were filmed peeing on Taliban soldiers they had just shot dead. The killings, as well as the desecration of the bodies, were in retaliation for a Marine killed by the Taliban who had a limb severed and hung from a tree, according to former Sgt. Edward Deptola, who was Richards’s platoon sergeant.


Deptola was also court martialed in the incident and demoted one rank for his role.

“Someone said, ‘Piss on these guys?’, ” a Marine told the Washington Post while recalling what had happened years earlier in Afghanistan the night before the funeral. “And someone else was like, ‘Yeah, you know what, let’s piss on them.’  ”

 “Because killing them wasn’t enough,” Deptola said. “That wasn’t enough justice.”


Most of the Marines involved in the incident have spoken out, saying they have no regrets about what they did that day

Roberts, who didn’t publicly condone or condemn his actions, had shown symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder stemming from his tours but had “finally come to terms with” the fact that the video would follow him the rest of his life.

He felt backed into a corner,” his wife Raechel told the Washington Post. “He always said, ‘It’s all I’ll ever be known for.’ ”

Raechel Richard, the widow of retired U.S. Marine, Robert W. Richards, holds an ammo box containing his ashes

Raechel Richards, the widow of retired U.S. Marine, Robert W. Richards, holds an ammo box containing his ashes

She thought the couple had turned a corner and was prepared for a different life in Florida when tragedy struck. They’d briefly separated and he had gone to drug counseling for his pill addiction. 

Her husband’s remains were buried in a canister bearing a favorite Ernest Hemingway quote: “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”










AUSTRALIAN PM Tony Abbot’s Islamic terrorism crackdown puts Muslim hate preachers, ISIS supporters, and welfare terrorists in the crosshairs

A new national security initiative for Australia, announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, includes measures that could “deny welfare payments to those seen as potential threats, strip passports of those with dual nationality, and curb travel overseas.”

Not surprisingly, Muslims are angry, but who cares?


Breitbart (h/t Rob E)  The conservative Abbott said new laws would remedy failings exposed in the areas of immigration, welfare, policing and intelligence by clamping down on those who supported radicals, especially recipients of welfare.

The laws will also target so-called “hate preachers”, he said, citing as an example the radical but non-violent Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Abbott explicitly linked welfare to terrorism, accusing dozens of Australians fighting in Syria and Iraq of having been on the dole, adding that payments to “individuals assessed to be a threat to security” could soon be canceled.

“People who come to this country are free to live as they choose. Provided they don’t steal that same freedom from others,” he said.

Muslim teen leaves Austrialia to fight with ISIS in Syria:

Since Abbott has announced this anti-terrorism program, his popularity has been steadily rising, some 8 points in a few weeks.

The report also recommended changes to Australia’s citizenship and immigration laws to keep terrorists like Man Haron Monis, who killed 2 hostages in the Lindt Cafe siege, out of the country, leading Abbott to declare, “Plainly, this monster should not have been in our community. He shouldn’t have been allowed into the country. He shouldn’t have been out on bail. He shouldn’t have been with a gun and he shouldn’t have become radicalized.”

Two hostages and Muslim terrorist dead in Lindt Cafe Siege:

It is asserted in the report that if Monis arrived in Australia today, he would likely have been granted a visa and introduced to the citizenship process. This sorry saga “smacks of a system which was not merely celebrating diversity, but perversely being held hostage to an overwhelming and pernicious regimen of political correctness pervading the bureaucracy.”

Australia is also dealing with the problem of citizens who want to return home after fighting for ISIS and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. The Herald-Sun reports the government has revealed at least thirty of these trained jihadis have returned to Australian soil, with at least 90 more still fighting overseas.

Australian Jihadi Khaled Sharrouf says if he hadn’t joined ISIS in Syria, he would have launched a terror attack in Australia:

The Daily Telegraph delivers the astonishing revelation that 96 percent of the Australians who have gone overseas to fight with the Islamic State were receiving welfare payments.

“As a nation, we were ­repulsed when images started appearing in the media last year of Australian members of the Islamist death cult gloating over the corpses of their victims and brandishing severed heads,” Abbott wrote in an op-ed for the paper.

“I was equally appalled when I was briefed last September that 55 out of 57 Australians then believed to be fighting in Syria and Iraq with ISIS and other terrorist groups had been on some form of welfare, including the Disability Support Pension.”

An example of an illegal alien Muslim terrorist who lived on Australian welfare for 19 years:


Is there any living thing that Muslims DON’T enjoy killing?

Three Muslims admit kicking tropical fish to death in break-ins at a north London retirement home.


London Evening Standard  (h/t Tommy F) Three Muslim men have been convicted of killing 15 tropical fish by kicking them and pouring bleach into their tank. Brothers Omar Khan, 20, and Suliman Khan, 18, and their cousin Yousuf Khan, 18, admitted killing the exotic fish collection during a series of break-ins at retirement home Ada Court in Maida Vale.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard they first sneaked into the home on January 25, pulling three fish out of the water and kicking them to death on the floor.


Returning again at 1.30am on January 31, they teased the remaining fish by yanking them out of their tank, before pouring in bleach and killing them all. Ben Edwards, prosecuting, said: “You could see the fish trying to escape by jumping out of the tank, but the defendants put them back in.”

They escaped unnoticed several times but their cruel attacks were caught on CCTV. They were finally arrested after being stopped by security staff as they tried to enter the building again at 2am on February 11.


The men claimed they had visited Ada Court in Maida Vale, west London, to “hang out”, the court heard. The trio, who all live in Braemar House, Maida Vale, pleaded guilty to illegally killing fish in water on private property.

Chairman of the Bench Stevie Dee said: “It was stupidity that two of you went back four times and one of you went back twice. “You went to a place where elderly and vulnerable people lived. “On two occasions they found the fish they got pleasure from dead in front of them – what a shock that must have been.


“We find your actions to be cruel and mean.” Both Suliman and Yousuf Kahn also pleaded guilty to criminal damage, after breaking a door in the home during a separate break-in on February 3.

All three men were ordered to pay £133 each in compensation, with Suliman and Yousuf Khan paying a total of £298 including victim surcharge, costs and payment for the damaged door.

Omar Khan, however, had a previous conviction for robbery and was fined £100 for his two attacks, paying £303 in total including victim surcharge, costs and compensation.



Can you believe the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether employers have the right to fire Muslim women who decide to defy the company’s dress code after being hired?

meme62882f28e64c8dc2Supremacist Muslim women, encouraged by designated terrorist group CAIR, have been engaging in a sneaky scheme to go on job interviews without wearing a bag on their head, only to start wearing it at work AFTER they have been hired. If the company fires them, they take the company to court.

A business has the right to determine how its employees will dress on the job. The Muslim headbag is detrimental to the Abercrombie & Fitch public image which is why they fired the Muslim woman who pulled this trick. Now the case is at the Supreme Court. And just the latest reason why no business should ever consider hiring a Muslim.

More reasons why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM