“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” – Winston Churchill

Welcome to England, home of cultural terrorism, made possible by the mass importation of Muslim supremacists, misogynists, rapists, and cultural relativists to suppress British tradition, morals, values, and laws. Hypnotized and paralyzed by political correctness, the British public is afraid to speak out against Pakistani Muslim paedophile rape gangs, afraid to identify Islamic terrorism, afraid to offend the most offensive people on earth – Muslims.



SANTA CRUZ police release video of Live Oak Islamic Center mosque graffiti suspect

Yep, it’s a woman in a hoodie, all right, but no evidence of her painting Star of David graffiti on a mosque in the video below. Does she look Jewish to you? LOL


ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: oh-noes-star-of-david-graffiti-found-on-santa-cruz-mosquecair-demands-fbi-hate-crime-investigation

Santa Cruz Sentinel  Deputies on Tuesday released a surveillance video of a woman suspected of spraying graffiti on the front door of the Islamic Center of Santa Cruz. 

The vandalism took place about 1:40 a.m. Nov. 19 at the mosque at 900 17th Ave. in Live Oak, said Santa Cruz County sheriff’s Sgt. Kelly Kent. The video shows what appears to be a woman wearing a hooded sweatshirt and something covering her face near the mosque’s entrance. 

Nov. 20, leaders found a black Star of David and the number “26” on the building’s front door. Leaders from the Islamic Center of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz chapter of the Jewish Voice for Peace and San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the attack.


KUDOS TO PUTIN: Showing the world how Russia controls the Muslim problem in Crimea

36hzweUnlike Crimea’s ethnic Russian majority, most Muslim Tatars resisted Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula. They fielded patrols to prevent Russian soldiers, APCs, pro-Russian paramilitary squads and Cossacks from entering their villages, even using an Android app to turn their smartphones into walkie-talkies that provided instant communication with hundreds of people.

Photo shows a Crimean Tatar man crying during a mass rally held on the 60th anniversary of the deportation of Muslim Tatars by Stalin from Crimea. Why ever did they let them back in?

Photo shows a Crimean Tatar man crying during a mass rally held on the 60th anniversary of the deportation of Muslim Tatars by Stalin from Crimea. Why ever did they let them back in?

Al-Jazeera  Moscow responded by exiling community leaders, banning rallies, closing down Tatar media outlets, and paralysing the work of the Mejlis, an informal Tatar parliament. At least 15 Tatars and pro-Ukrainian activists were kidnapped or went missing, one was found dead with traces of torture, another one allegedly hanged himself in a desolate barn.

Hundreds of Muslims were detained, interrogated, and fined for blocking highways during protest rallies. There were attempts to set two mosques afire, and several more have been vandalised. 

Many Muslims complain that during searches officers force their way in, break down doors and furniture, and harass and humiliate them in front of their wives and children, according to more than a dozen people interviewed by Al Jazeera. 










NFL star Reggie Bush compares Michael Brown and Ferguson to the Palestinian problem

5f6c0d57b6301fe914ec43b4a8e1118eNFL Detroit Lions Running Back Reggie Bush just compared Ferguson to Israel, suggesting Israelis are shooting unarmed Palestinians, the same way Officer Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown.  The NFL star went to Instagram and posted a photo of a man holding a sign that equates Ferguson with Palestinian human shields used by Hamas.

But how bright could Reggie be? After all, he used to date Kim Kardashian.



SORRY TO REPORT…Here’s more repudiation of the popular email myth that Japan has no ‘Muslim problem’

Islam has gradually put down roots in Japan. There are now more than 10,000 Muslims, around 60 mosques, many of them established in former private homes.

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy delivers a sermon at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque in Ibaraki, Osaka

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy delivers a sermon at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque in Ibaraki, Osaka

Japan Times  Mohsen Bayoumy, 55, the imam of one such mosque and a central figure in the Japan Halal Association, says awareness of the faith is on the rise. Not only are there more restaurants serving halal meals cooked in accordance with Islamic dietary laws, but waiters at nonhalal restaurants often ask Muslim customers about their needs, he said.

Bayoumy was born in a Cairo suburb in 1964 and achieved the feat of memorizing the Quran, Islam’s central holy book, when he was 9 years old, under the influence of his devout civil servant father. He studied Islamic learning at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, one of the world’s premier centers of Islamic scholarship.

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy with wife and daughter?

Imam Mohsen Bayoumy with wife and baby?

Bayoumy knew little about the nation except that it had achieved rapid economic development after World War II — and had only a small number of Muslims. There were only a few mosques in postwar Japan, but the oldest, founded in 1935, was in Kobe.

Muslims began arriving in significant numbers during Japan’s late-1980s bubble economy, in search of jobs. They included young people from Pakistan and Indonesia. Some of them subsequently married Japanese citizens and became permanent residents. They then began raising funds to convert ordinary homes into mosques and community centers, or to buy low-cost prefabricated homes for the same purpose.

Mosque of Osaka overflowing with Muslim asslifters

Mosque of Osaka overflowing with Muslim asslifters

That was the environment which Bayoumy found when he arrived. Over the course of the 10 years he spent in Kobe he saw an increase in Japanese people adopting Islam after marrying Muslims or otherwise being exposed to Islamic culture. “I have witnessed around 600 Japanese citizens converting to Islam,” Bayoumy said.

Islam has various disciplines that seem far removed from Japanese dietary traditions, such as a ban on the consumption of pork and alcohol. When a Japanese follower asked if he might attend his family’s Buddhist memorial service, Bayoumy said he should attend but without reciting the Buddhist sutras. “Allah orders us to have good relations with families and neighbors,” Bayoumy said.


Following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States, the Kobe mosque received a number of telephone calls denouncing Islam. Bayoumy would speak with the callers calmly, saying: “We have nothing to hide. Please come here and talk with us.”

He wears another hat, too, as head of the screening committee of the Japan Halal Association, a position he assumed several years ago. The role requires Bayoumy to visit food processing plants across Japan to examine whether their products are handled in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.






BIRDS OF A FEATHER: ISIS terrorists and Ferguson thugs

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists and their supporters sent out a Twitter post addressed to Ferguson protestors, stating that they will “shed blood” and send “soldiers that don’t sleep” to those who accept Islam and pledge allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.





Finally, the Islamic State (ISIS) is doing something of benefit to the West – executing Muslim foreign fighters who joined ISIS, but now want to return home.


IB Times  (h/t Colin W) The Islamic State (ISIS) has executed several of own soldiers in its Syrian stronghold Raqqa after its leaders accused them of wanting to desert its ranks.  An IBTimes UK source in the city said ISIS had begun executing the soldiers for trying to escape and return to their home countries.

They also revealed the soldiers, who were mainly foreigners, were killed after “the discovery of lies.” It is not yet possible to verify the claims, but the killings would follow other public executions in the Raqqa, which has become the scene of fierce fighting amid a succession of US-led coalition air strikes.

Last month three Syrian men were allegedly beheaded by the terror group for cursing.



SWEDEN: Police have essentially ceded control of more than 55 ‘NO-GO ZONES’ to Muslim criminal gangs

An extensive report mapping out 55 no-go zones was released Oct. 24, showing where law enforcement has all but handed control to Muslim criminal gangs.


Daily Caller  Officers frequently face outright attacks when trying to enter the areas, which is a step up from the previous problem with attacks on mailmen, fire trucks, ambulances and similar services. Fire trucks and ambulances had to wait for police escort to enter the areas, but now the police themselves need protection.

The no-go areas heavily coincide with the map of the 186 “exclusion areas aka. crowded, predominantly Muslim immigrant ghettos, where education is low, employment is lower and the only local business thriving is drug dealing.


As the real law backs away, organized crime emerges to take its place. The police report notes “a wider clientel [in the areas] are increasingly turning to the criminal authorities for justice” in a Godfather-like fashion. Unofficial courts and punishments are often meted out according to the codes of the home cultures of the dominant gangs. The report also points out that there are vehicle checkpoints at the borders of some of these areas. The bad news is it’s not the police doing them; it’s the gangs securing home turf against law enforcement and rival gangs.


The gangs try to keep a semi-low profile in many areas so as not to interfere with the “business” of dealing drugs, protection rackets and similar illicit activity. Others seek active confrontation with police to establish absolute dominance.


A pair of policemen in May were in pursuit of a suspect and unwisely entered the no-go zone of the southern city of Landskrona. Their car was rammed and the officers were forced out of the car. They were cornered by a crowd of some 50 hostile thugs and drew their weapons to hold them back and called for immediate backup.

Several nearby patrol cars responded to the call and sped towards the scene, only to be ordered to stop half a mile away — just outside the no-go border. The police commander didn’t send the backup units in, fearing escalation and all-out war. The cornered police officers were left to fend for themselves. As luck would have it, one of the officers knew a few residents who interfered and convinced the thugs to let them leave.


In response to these no-go zones, the Swedish police is expanding its soft approach of dialogue and understanding. After the extensive 2013 Stockholm ghetto riots with hundreds of burned cars and buildings, police responded by mostly staying away and sending forth special “dialogue officers” to grill halal hot dogs with the miscreants and make them see the errors of their ways.

Starting next year, the Stockholm Policy Academy will be moved to Södertörns Högskola, where the new curriculum will be “progressive” with more focus on cultural sensitivity, ethical awareness, gender issues and more. The aspiring police officers will achieve “greater understanding of the intercultural perspective.”







































YES! Federal Judge rules that an ‘expert’ CANNOT testify that ‘Islamic Jew Hatred’ is false

Late yesterday, in Philadelphia, a federal judge ruled that an “expert” hired by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) may not testify that an “Islamic Jew-Hatred” advertisement submitted by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) was false. The ruling is part of a lawsuit filed by the American Freedom Law Center against SEPTA for refusing to display the Islamic Jew-Hatred advertisement, which appears in full below:

05.20.14news-trull-hitler-bus-edit AFLC Press Release  The advertisement stated, in relevant part, “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran” and referred to Haj Amin Al-Husseini as “the leader of the Muslim world.” 

The judge rejected SEPTA’s argument that it could ban the advertisement based on SEPTA’s claim of falsity, holding that the First Amendment does not permit government officials to be the “arbiter’s of truth” regarding matters of public concern. 


SEPTA intended to present the testimony of Dr. Jamal J. Elias, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and “an eminent scholar of Islam and Muslim society” at a hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction allegedly to establish the falsity of the advertisement.  Dr. Elias intended to offer two opinions, both of which pertain to alleged inaccuracies in the AFDI ad.  First, Dr. Elias intended to testify that referring to Haj Amin al-Husseini as the “leader of the Muslim word” is “manifestly false.”  And second, Dr. Elias intended to opine that the statement “the Quar’an teaches Jew-Hatred” is “unfair and erroneous.”

ZSvideoMEMRIEgyptianClerics1-vi In his ruling rejecting SEPTA’s claim of “falsity,” the judge reviewed relevant First Amendment precedent, observing that “speech concerning public issues has always rested on the highest rung of the hierarchy of First Amendment values. . . .  As such, if there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.  Therefore, the protection afforded to political speech does not turn on the truth or popularity of the sentiments expressed.”

muslimantisemitism-vi The judge further noted that “[l]ong standing Supreme Court precedent instructs that political speech does not lose First Amendment protection simply because the listener believes that it is false or disagrees with the message it advances.  Allowing the state to restrict political speech based on an assessment that it is false or inaccurate, offends bedrock First Amendment principles.”

is-Jew-hatred The judge concluded, “In light of the precedent discussed above, I find that First Amendment principles apply to the advertisement at issue regardless of its alleged falsity.  Consequently, Dr. Elias’ conclusions regarding the advertisement’s veracity are not relevant and will be excluded from the preliminary injunction hearing.”

hiltler_avait_raison-vi Robert J. Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, praised the ruling as a clear victory for the First Amendment and noted that “it would be perilous to permit government censors to be the arbiters of truth regarding politics, history, religion, or other similar matters of opinion.” 

memriCapture-vi David Yerushalmi, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, added, “We are encouraged by the judge’s ruling, which was loyal to the First Amendment and tracked our motion on every point.  It is important to have a judge who understands the importance of this constitutional guarantee, particularly when, as in this case, the freedom of speech is pitted against political correctness.”

AFLC expects that the court will hold a hearing on its motion for a preliminary injunction within the coming weeks.



“RUN and HIDE” – Britain’s plan for ‘protecting’ its citizens from the next Muslim terrorist attack

Run and Hide isn’t enough, it should be “Run and Hide, Then Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.”


Daily Mail  (h/t Susan) UK Police are taking to railway stations to tell passengers what to do in the event of a Mumbai-style terrorist attack at one of Britain’s busy terminals. After government warnings that the threat to Britain from Islamic terrorists is ‘greater than ever’, officers handed out leaflets telling the public to ‘run, hide and tell’ if they are caught up in a Muslim terror attack.

The flyer, which has been attacked as ‘scaremongering’ by critics, shows images of worried-looking people running down flights of stairs, cowering in the dark and anxiously talking on their mobile phones.

The campaign comes as a sweeping package of measures to tackle the threat from home-grown Muslim extremists and those returning from fighting with ISIS is set to go before Parliament. Launching the campaign, Chief Constable of British Transport Police (BTP) Paul Crowther said: ‘More than six million people travel on our railways every single day. (Target-rich environment)



OH, LOOKIE! Canada has its own version of John Kerry

When Left Wing Senator Grant Mitchell, from Alberta, implies that Tarek Fatah, a Muslim, is an Islamophobe, Fatah rips him a new one.

Tarek Fatah appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence (Canada) and confronted a jackass who claimed to know more about what goes on in mosques than Fatah does.



He’s baaaack! Syrian Junior Jihadi hate preacher says, “Men should stop chasing half-naked women.”

After all, aren’t there more than enough goats and donkeys to go around?

A young boy called Abu Ja’far (“The Father of Ja’far”) preaching to a small gathering about the “black-eyed virgins of Paradise.” The boy represents the Center for Preachers of Jihad was founded by Saudi preacher Abdallah Al-Muhaisini, one of the veteran foreign fighters in Syria, who announced in September that he was opening a military training camp for boys aged 14 and over.

EARLIER Abu Ja’far video: syria-hitler-youth-lives-only-now-they-are-called-isis-jihadi-youth


MINNESOTASTAN: BOYCOTT HARDWARE HANK for caving to designated terrorist group CAIR’s anti-first amendment harassment

HARDWARE HANK fires Minnesotata Republican County Chairman for telling the truth about Islam.

COMPLAIN TO HARDWARE HANK HEADQUARTERS: HERE Each store is a franchise and independently owned, so complain directly to the Ortonville Hardware Hank in this story HERE

Local information for Ortonville Hardware Hank: 

Phone: 320-839-6224
Fax: 320-839-7125
Web Site:
Email: kulbeik@hotmail.com

Hardware Hank

FOX News  Ortonville (KMSP) – According to the Minnesota Republican Party’s website, Jack Whitley remains the Big Stone County chairman despite widely decried anti-Muslim posts he recently published on his Facebook page.





But while the party hasn’t cut ties with him, his employer has. In a Facebook post of their own, the Ortonville Hardware Hank announced that Whitley has been fired.

“While we support every American’s right to free speech (obviously, you DON’T), we certainly cannot condone the inflammatory remarks against Muslims and others,” store owners Bob and Sue Kulbeik wrote. “[I]t is clear that this person has brought shame to us personally, to our business, our community, our county and the Republican Party… We will not tolerate this type of bigotry within our business family.” (Truth is not bigotry, unless you are a muslim apologist)

It is with regret and shock that we feel we must address the comments that one of our employees made last week. While we support every American’s right to free speech, we certainly cannot condone the inflammatory remarks against Muslims and others. This is NOT a view we share and we are saddened to know that this has become such a horrible reflection on Big Stone County, our community, and our business.

We have already felt the ramifications of this individuals actions and it’s been suggested both locally and statewide on the MPR website that our business should be boycotted as long as he works there. (Wait’ll you see how big the boycott is going to be because of this firing!)

Peace to all,

Bob and Sue Kulbeik (water carriers for Hamas-linked CAIR)



All names and photos of execs, topped by Steve Draeger:


Retail Identities: Hardware Hank, Trustworthy, Ranch & Pet, United Garden, Golden Rule, Independent.

1,200 dealers in eighteen states: Colorado, Missouri, Idaho, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana, North Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming.

This appears to be the HQ, home (?) of Steve Draeger:
United Hardware Distributing Co.
5005 Nathan Lane North
Plymouth, Minnesota 55442
United States
(763) 559-1800
(763) 559-5031 (Fax)

United Hardware Distributing Board of Directors: Craig Buckalew Chairman, Lyle Patzer Vice Chairman, Cash Hogan Secretary, TJ Comstock Director, Dave Konrath Director, Jim Seeger Director, Meg Thoreson Director.