Megyn Kelly of FOX News vs Muslim who opposed Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s speaking engagement at Yale

In other words, Harris Zafar, spokesman for the Ahmadiyya* Muslim community, doesn’t think Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, has the right to present her personal views about Islam unless a Muslim speaker is also allowed to  “correct her misguided views.”  The good news: Hirsi Ali DID speak at Yale …unopposed.

* FYI Ahmadiyya Muslims, a small minority, are considered by some to follow a more moderate form of Islam which is considered blasphemous by most Muslims.


Hamas-linked CAIR goes ballistic as Oklahoma Congressman John Bennett (R-OK) continues to educate his constituents about “the cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out”

BENNETT FOR PRESIDENT in 2016? Rep. John Bennett stands behind his statements warning about the ‘threat of Islam’ in America. CAIR is apoplectic over its apparent inability to force Oklahoma Republican leaders to repudiate Bennett’s anti-Islam remarks.

Tulsa World  Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, meeting Monday night with constituents at a Republican gathering and not only did not back down from statements he made earlier this month that were critical of Islam, he doubled down on them. Bennett has been at the center of a political maelstrom that has gained national attention since he published comments on social media warning people to be wary of Muslim Americans and then refused to apologize in the face of mounting criticism.

If you haven’t already, please send your support to John Bennett:


TEL: 1-800-522-8502 






VANCOUVER: Muslim paedophile convicted on 30 counts of sex trafficking of young girls

Looks like the problem making headlines in Rotherham, UK is popping up in Vancouver, Canada, now. Hopefully the Canadians will take this a lot more seriously than officials in Rotherham, who, not wanting to be accused of ‘racism,’ ignored the crisis of 1400 white girls as young as 11 in one town being sold as sex slaves for Muslims.


ROTHERHAM Muslim sex gang stories:






Field Organizer for West Virginia Democrat party and staffer for Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV) poses in Hamas terrorist scarf with AK-47

Collin Peterson

Collin Peterson

Apparently, Representative Nick Rahal of Lebanese descent and the most senior Arab Muslim in the House, has no issue with one of his staffers, Collin Peterson, holding such views, having himself bashed Israel on many occasions.

ZIP  Rahal has spoken out in the past in support of Hamas, “Israel can’t continue to occupy, humiliate and destroy the dreams and spirits of the Palestinian people and continue to call itself a democratic state.” Rahall was the only member of the House to oppose the 1993 resolution for an end to the Arab boycott of Israel. Rahall’s sister has been a lobbyist for major terrorism funder Qatar.



Islamic State (ISIS) shoots down Syrian warplane carrying out airstrikes


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) shot down a Syrian regime fighter jet conducting airstrikes on the group’s stronghold of Raqqa on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. “It is the first aircraft shot down since the regime launched air strikes against the jihadists in July following their declaration of a caliphate in late June.” 

Al-Arabiya (h/t Susan K)  Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that the plane was carrying out strikes on the ISIS stronghold of Raqa when it was hit. It crashed into a house in the Euphrates Valley city, the sole provincial capital entirely out of Syrian government control, causing deaths and injuries on the ground, he added. A photograph posted on a jihadist Twitter account purported to show the burnt-out wreckage of the plane.


“Allahu Akbar (God is greater), thanks to God we can confirm that a military aircraft has been shot down over Raqa,” another account said, congratulating the “lions of the Islamic State.”

The plane is far from the first Syrian government aircraft downed by opposition forces, but it comes after President Bashar al-Assad’s regime stepped up its air campaign against ISIS in eastern Syria. In recent weeks it has repeatedly targeted the group’s Euphrates valley strongholds in Raqa and Deir Ezzor provinces and jihadist-held areas of the northeastern province of Hasakeh.

An Islamic State militant (L) stands next to residents as they hold pieces of wreckage from a Syrian war plane after it crashed in Raqqa

An Islamic State militant (L) stands next to residents as they hold pieces of wreckage from a Syrian war plane after it crashed in Raqqa

U.S. President Barack Obama said last week he would not hesitate to hit ISIS in Syria. Senior U.S. officials have said that the Syrian military’s air defenses would face retaliation if Syria attempted to respond to U.S. airstrikes that are expected against ISIS targets in Syria. One official said if the Assad military were to demonstrate that it was a threat to the U.S. ability to operate in the area, it would put Syrian air defenses in the region at risk.

The United States has stressed it will not coordinate with the Assad government in any way in its fight against ISIS. Obama’s position has long been that he would like to see Assad leave power, particularly after using chemical weapons against his own people last year. But airstrikes against ISIS in Syria could have the indirect effect of benefiting Assad because the extremists have been fighting the Syrian government during what is now a three-year civil war.

Washington wants to train and equip (non-existent) Syrian rebels who are deemed to be moderate to hold territory cleared by U.S. airstrikes.




TERRORISM ON PARADE at the 2014 Muslim Day Parade in New York City


Last year, we saw a sea of black flags of jihad at the Muslim Day Parade not far from Ground Zero in NYC. This year, it was all about the yellow 4-finger salute celebrating deposed president Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, both of which are now outlawed and banned in Egypt. 

Thanks to Urban Infidel

Shockingly, marching band from the NYPD and a contingent of New Jersey Girl Scouts in Muslim attire kicked off the event. The streets were filled with flag-waving marchers, pro-Islam floats and a demonstration of a hanging. The mannequin seen dangling from a noose on this float was wrapped in the flag of Egypt, apparently representing the demise of sharia and radical Islamist ideology in Egypt with the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The “float” was really a crude display in the bed of a pickup truck adorned with the yellow and black R4BIA “Free Egypt” symbol that has been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood since August 2013, an Egyptian flag and several graphic images that appeared to be from riots associated with Egypt’s revolution from 2011. There was also a lot of anti-Sisi chants:





Women and children dressed in yellow garb followed the truck, carrying a large banner with the R4BIA logo and the words “Free Egypt”:


In the Pharaoh’s Chariot, The two-wheeled cart, carrying a man dressed in military garb seen cracking his whip as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood pulled him down Madison Avenue.


The men in black shirts were seen carrying tubes and sticks as they marched alongside the chariot. However, before the parade started, the same men were photographed carrying realistic-looking toy weapons. The NYPD reportedly told the men that the fake guns would not be permitted in the parade.


Also escorting the chariot, three men wearing masks depicting Secretary of State John Kerry, President Barack Obama, and Senator John McCain, the main supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in America:


Some video footage from the parade:


WONDERFUL NEWS FROM DOWN UNDER! Controversial mosque planned for Currumbin has been rejected by Gold Coast City councillors


AUSTRALIA: Gold Coast City Councillors have rejected a controversial mosque proposed for Currumbin Waters. Councillors voted 10 to 5 to scrap the application that had received a record number of objections in the lead up to today’s vote.

Gold Coast Bulletin

The Australian


Currumbin-based city councillor Chris Robbins asked colleagues to refuse the mosque at today’s full council meeting. After a division was called, the vote was 10 councillors in support of Cr Robbins and five councillors against.

Those against her motion (and in support of the mosque) were Dawn Crichlow, Glenn Tozer, William Owen-Jones, Margaret Grummitt and Lex Bell. Those supporting her included Mayor Tom Tate and Deputy Mayor Donna Gates.

About 10 police officers were also there, after councillors Cameron Caldwell and William Owen-Jones received death threats for their support of the development.Another councillor, Chris Robbins, claimed she was threatened with gang rape and death from people opposed to the development via a social media website. Despite that, Cr Robbins led the call to reject the application, saying council had let down the community by not fully assessing the impact the development would have on them.

Residents have wildly celebrated the “win” outside the chamber, their cheers heard inside as councillors considered other planning matters. Cr Gates and Burleigh-based councillor Greg Betts spoke early to support the motion to refuse the application.

They were cheered by residents in a packed gallery. Many councillors who had publicly supported the mosque back-flipped and voted against it.

Both councillors Glenn Tozer and William Owen-Jones were unable to support Cr Robbins, given legal advice which suggested council would face an appeal from the mosque applicants.

Council had been asked to vote on a “material change of use” to allow Salsabil Charitable Organisation to convert a warehouse in an industrial estate at Currumbin into an Islamic place of worship.The plans for the 4768 square metre site triggered several protests from residents, some waving anti-Islamic signs, throughout the approvals process.A small number of anti-Islamic protesters gathered outside council chambers on Tuesday.

About 30 opponents of the planned mosque cheered and booed from the public gallery during Tuesday’s debate.Councillors from both sides of the debate expressed concern that the decision to refuse the application would result in a court appeal which could be costly for ratepayers.





PIGS ARE FLYING SOMEWHERE if Congress actually thinks Obama is going to lift a finger to keep Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists out of the USA

whenpigsfly1-viWhile Obama is focused on getting money to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels, Congress is increasingly demanding he take more steps to stop militant fighters from coming to the U.S. by stripping Americans of their passports if they join the fight and by suspending countries that have large contingents of foreign fighters from the Visa Waiver Program.


This is Obama's thinking on terrorists attacks on America

This is Obama’s philosophy about terrorist attacks on America…No biggie!

Washington Times More than half of the countries on the U.S. visa waiver list — including most close European allies — have had citizens join the fight in Syria, according to data from a June report by the Soufan Group. Analysts said they could use their passports to bypass initial levels of scrutiny by U.S. screeners.

“Islamic extremists holding British, German, French or other European passports can simply get on a plane and fly to America without a visa. The safety and security of Americans should be of the highest priority, and this Visa Waiver Program puts the American people in great danger,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat who has two tours of duty as an Army National Guard captain under her belt.

Meanwhile, the estimated 100 or more Americans who have joined Islamist militants could pose a special danger to the U.S. if they bring their jihad back home.


In a letter last week to the State and Homeland Security departments, 14 Republican senators asked Secretary of State John F. Kerry to use the authority the law grants him to revoke passports of anyone who is discovered to have joined the militants.

Their concern underscores realities of war in the 21st century. Instead of joining an opposing state’s military, defectors often subscribe to a militant ideology that makes them intent on striking at Americans, said Michael Rubin, who was an official at the Pentagon in the Bush administration and is now a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Rather than singling out certain countries for suspension from visa waivers, he said, it makes more sense to cancel the program and move toward a system that would require every non-American to be granted visa approval before flying to the U.S.


“It’s a conversation that will start now, but isn’t really going to be embraced by the bureaucracy until we suffer an attack,” Mr. Rubin said. A State Department official acknowledged the authority to revoke passports of those deemed to be national security threats and said that power would be used “based on the circumstances and evidence.”

“The regulation permitting revocation by the secretary of state is an extraordinary provision,” the official said. “The secretary must be satisfied that sufficient evidence exists to meet the necessary threshold for revocation in each individual case under this provision.”


The issue is bound to come up Wednesday when Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testifies to the House Homeland Security Committee. Mr. Kerry also could face questions over the program in appearances before Congress this week.

White House deputy press secretary Shawn Turner also said the government has methods to screen out potential dangers. “Risk indicators,” he said, might include travel to a terrorist safe haven. Mr. Turner said risk indicators could subject a traveler to extra screening and could even cancel a trip.

Guess where most of these visa holders come from?

Guess where most of these visa holders come from?

“Law enforcement and the intelligence community is working hard on this issue,” he said. “They are sharing information about suspicious individuals to identify the ‘unknowns,’ and DHS continues to take steps to enhance aviation security at overseas airports with direct flights to the United States, and other nations have followed with similar enhancements.”

Thirty-eight countries are part of the Visa Waiver Program, which allows their citizens to visit the U.S. for up to 90 days without having to obtain travel visas. Of those 38 countries, 21 have citizens who have traveled to fight alongside militants in Syria and Iraq, according to the Soufan Group’s analysis this summer.


More than 700 French and about 400 British citizens were estimated to be fighting. Neither the French nor British embassies had a comment Monday on discussion of having their participation in the waiver program suspended.

U.S. legal analysts, meanwhile, said there are obstacles to stripping citizenship rights from Americans who travel for jihad. In previous wars, Americans would renounce their citizenship or specifically take up arms as part of an enemy force, which would be a demonstration of their renunciation. But in the current conflict, the enemy is an ideological force.

Mr. Rubin said stripping passports or citizenship is likely to be an “uncomfortable conversation” for Americans, but it’s one that will be necessary. He said it also will raise questions about birthright citizenship for those born on U.S. soil who have no allegiance to the country — a thorny question that is part of the immigration debate.


“If the president and Congress are working overtime to find reasons to change the standards for who can become an American citizen, there’s no reason they can’t work just as hard to examine the reasons by which people can stop being American citizens,” he said.

Some estimates put the figure of Americans fighting in Syria and Iraq at more than 100, though officials say the numbers are difficult to pin down.

On Monday, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced a pilot program to try to get Muslim community leaders involved in heading off radicalization of Muslims in the U.S. (HAH! Muslim leaders are the ones radicalizing them, you idiot)



SURPRISE! Two more Palestinian IslamoNazis arrested for attempted arson of synagogue in Germany

Five weeks following the arson of a synagogue in Wuppertal, Germany, German police have placed two more German Muslims under arrest for the crime. Security cameras managed to film three suspects, one of whom was arrested at the scene. All three suspects were described as Palestinian Muslims, according to Germany’s Die Welt.


INN  At the height of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, amid a major surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the synagogue, seriously damaging the building’s facade.

The day before the attack, a masked thug was caught on camera spraying anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls of the synagogue. Police are still investigating whether there was any connection between the two incidents.

Wuppertal hit the news recently when it was revealed that extremist Muslim vigilantes were mounting Sharia patrols to enforce Islamic law (Sharia) on local residents. The men were allegedly members of Germany’s growing Salafi movement, a puritanical version of Sunni Islam adhered to by radicals from Al Qaeda to the Saudi Arabian government.


Police reportedly stopped 11 men aged between 19 and 33, and launched a criminal investigation to see if charges of illegal assembly could be brought against the perpetrators. Muslim extremists played a key role in both stoking anti-Semitic sentiment and carrying out attacks against Jews in Europe over the summer.

Jewish leaders and political officials have recently warned of a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic slogans and chants in Germany at pro-Palestinian rallies organised against Israel’s military operation in Gaza. Local Jewish leaders and German politicians have spoken out against the alarming rise in anti-Semitism in the country, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.


During one rally a Jewish man only narrowly escaped after being chased by a Muslim mob shouting to “slit the Jews’ throats“, while in Berlin a leading imam called on Muslims to “kill Zionist Jews.”

In a video taken at a the rally and posted on the website of the Tablet Magazine, hundreds of protesters can be seen chanting in German, “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight on your own”.

An imam in the German capital, Berlin, recently gave a sermon in which he expressed support for Gaza and called for “the annihilation of Jews”.

“Oh Allah, destroy the Zionist Jews. They are no challenge for you,” he continued. “Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them. Shake the ground beneath their feet. Make them suffer terribly. Deflect their bullets. Disperse them. They behave tyranically all over the world and spread corruption.”


MUSLIM HUMOR: Lebanese man threatens to behead three terrified little Syrian refugee children

The video shows the three children sobbing as a man standing behind a camera waves a knife and asks: “Whom do we behead first?” “Put your hand here or else I will sever your head,” he tells one of the terrified boys, who are crying throughout the video.

“You, come here … Do you belong to Daesh?” the man says, using an acronym for the full Arabic name of the ISIS Islamic State group, which has recently beheaded two Lebanese soldiers. Adding to the pathos of the incident, the crying children respond by pointing at each other.

The man who staged the sick prank has confessed that he was amused by their weeping and their mother actually loved the video, a police statement said on Saturday. In a surprising twist, the kids’ mother arrived during the last moments of filming and she actually “loved the scene” and asked that the video be sent to her phone.

Elder of Ziyon


EGYPT’S Foreign Minister takes John Kerry to school re: Islamic terrorism

Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri in Cairo on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri in Cairo on Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Egypt tells John Kerry that ISIS brand of Islamofascist terrorism isn’t limited to Syria and Iraq, it’s all over the Middle East and should be dealt with everywhere.

CNS News  During Secretary of State John Kerry’s weekend visit to Cairo, his Egyptian counterpart pushed for the new international focus on countering terrorism to go beyond Syria and Iraq, arguing that the same ideology espoused by the jihadists there is driving other Islamist extremists, including those in Egypt’s neighboring territories.

During his current travels in the Middle East and Europe, Kerry is seeking support for a coalition to tackle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), and he said Sunday he has received offers from some countries to take part in the military element of that campaign. But while the administration’s focus has been largely centered on ISIS, Cairo sees the problem as a far broader one.


A spokesman for President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi said that in talks with Kerry the president had “stressed that any international coalition against terrorism must be a comprehensive alliance that is not limited to confront a certain organization or to curb a single terrorist hotbed but must expand to include all the terrorist hotbeds across the Middle East and Africa.”

During a joint press appearance with Kerry, Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri underlined the point, calling for a fight against Islamist terrorists “wherever they may be.” “I support the international efforts to fight terrorism and work on supporting these efforts, and support the necessary measures to put an end to this phenomenon, whether in Iraq, Libya, any part of the Arab world, or in Africa,” he said.

In reply to a question about possible links between ISIS and Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, a terrorist group based in the Sinai peninsula, he said the two organizations were linked through a common ideologically and vision, even if they portray themselves differently. “We definitely monitor these relationships between the various organizations, and in the end, this – ideologically speaking, this organization is linked and these organizations share that common vision,” Shukri said, speaking through a translator.


“And we don’t believe there’s a different – perhaps just in the tactics used by these organizations and the way they depict themselves to the international community,” he continued. “We believe that this extremist, exclusionary ideology is common among all terrorist organizations,” Shukri said, adding that Egypt monitors cooperation between such groups and recognizes that they pose threats across borders between national states.

“They want to eliminate these states so that this extremist ideology will prevail.” Shukri said Egypt believed defeating terrorism was “a collective responsibility.” “There should be agreement between members of the international community to eliminate these phenomena wherever they may be.”

The U.S. and Egypt have also differed over the Muslim Brotherhood, a veteran Islamist organization which the former views as a legitimate political force and the latter as a terrorist group.



Sisi, in his then capacity as military chief, toppled the Islamist organization’s ruling administration in July 2013 and cracked down on its leaders, from former President Mohamed Morsi down.


The Obama and Sisi administrations have not seen eye-to-eye over the turmoil in Libya, where Egyptian and Emirati airstrikes against Islamist militia last month drew a reprimand from Washington.

Egypt, the UAE and others like Saudi Arabia regard the chaos in Libya, where Islamist militias seized control of Tripoli airport on August 23 and are supporting an alternative government, as a major security challenge. 


MALAYSIA (Hillary Clinton’s favorite “moderate” Muslim country) Prime Minister Najib Razak praises ISIS

Prime Minister Najib Razak

Prime Minister Najib Razak

Gee, could it be ISIS that is in possession of that missing Malaysia MH-370 airliner?

AWD News via TROP  The Malaysian prime mister ordered police to suppress voices demanding his Islamist government to abandon supporting ISIS. My party members must emulate the bravery of a Middle Eastern militant group that defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it nearly 30 to one if we (Malay Islamist party) are to survive, Najib Razak said on Sunday during a formal party dinner in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian prime minister was listing virtues that were needed to allow his party to continue in power, during a dinner to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Malaysian independence.

isil najib saran ikut

“For example, when someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team. “As proof — whether we agree or not is another matter — the group ISIS with the strength of just 1,300 people, can defeat an Iraqi army of 30,000 soldiers, until four, five generals with three, four stars run for their lives, jump out the window at night. Why? Because they are afraid of those who are brave,” he told more than 1,000 Malaysian Islamic party members in attendance.


He also stressed the importance of being loyal to god, the party, and friends. Najib said having wisdom and foresight in battles as well as the ability to organize is also crucial in strengthening the party.

The Saudi-backed Islamic State of Iraq in the Syria (ISIS) is a splinter group of al-Qaeda that wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria.