With Muslim terrorist attacks a fact of life in Canada now, why is Canada so concerned about the rapidly growing anti-Islam movement?

Canada’s spy agency is eyeing the threat of a homegrown anti-Islam movement spreading online.



HUFFPO-Canada  The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) flagged well-known warnings of the persistent menace posed by terrorist groups al-Qaida, Hezbollah and the more violent and radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, say notes obtained through the Access to Information Act.


But under the heading Domestic Extremism, the spy service also underscored what might be the flip side of that coin — the recent development “of a Canadian online anti-Islam movement, similar to ones in Europe like PEGIDA.” CSIS characterized it as an “ongoing risk, particularly as its proponents advocate violence.” (NO, they don’t, unless you consider the anti-Islam rally below to be violent)

The Sept. 18 briefing for Blaney’s office came a little more than a month before several soldiers were killed in Canadian attacks just two days apart — murders committed by young Muslim men that authorities say were motivated by Islam. Shortly after the killings, there was vandalism of mosques in Ottawa and Cold Lake, Alta., threats against the B.C. Muslim Association, and a general increase in reports of public bullying and harassment of Muslims.


However, CSIS is likely more interested in the kind of anti-(MUSLIM) immigrant, anti-Islam sentiment that has taken root in some parts of northern Europe, even among the middle class, said Lorne Dawson, a University of Waterloo sociology professor and co-director of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society.

Peaceful anti-Islamization rallies in Germany

Peaceful anti-Islamization rallies in Germany


Anti-German Muslim riots in Germany

Violent Muslim riots in Germany

“They’re just not used to dealing with immigrants at all, let alone immigrants that are quite different,” Dawson said of Europe. “We have a much longer track record of immigration in general — waves and waves of immigrants that have come for decades.” (NOT true. They welcome all immigrants but not Muslim hordes who are coming in to leech off the welfare system, spread Islam, increase crime, rape women, and replace the native culture with Islamic laws)

Illegal alien Muslim invaders are flooding Europe

Illegal alien Muslim invaders are flooding Europe

“In Europe, it tends to attract violent individuals. So if (there’s) any chance it’s starting to take wings in Canada, then you can see why they’re concerned,” he said. “I suspect they’re just seeking due diligence to be on top of this at the earliest possible moment in light of Breivik.” (There has been NO violence at any anti-Islamization rallies in Europe)

A simple online search quickly turns up websites with Canadian domain addresses spouting anti-Islamic invective. The government’s anti-terrorism bill, to be scrutinized at a Commons committee starting next week, would give the RCMP power to seek a judge’s order to remove extremist propaganda from websites. 


CSIS faces a challenging investigative environment in which the rapid movement of people and modern communications technology has “extended the reach” of those who pose a threat and has increased the ease and speed with which they can act, the notes add. (Go after the real terrorists – Muslims – not the people who hate their violent ideology)


Bleeding heart, self-hating Christian woman gives up being a Christian woman for Lent

nametag-white-people-water-cooler-convosA blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christian mother-of-two has decided to wear a Muslim headbag (hijab) every time she goes out of the house during Lent to remind herself what it is like to be “other.”

(How about experiencing female genital mutilation if you really want to know what it feels like to be a Muslim woman?)


Christian Today  Jessey Eagan, children’s director for Imago Dei Church in Peoria, Illinois, said that in the US she was part of the majority as a white, middle class woman. (And we know how unpopular that is now, thanks to the left)

“I feel this is especially important now as there is increasing animosity once again from (white Christian) Americans towards Muslims in our communities, which honestly makes me nervous about the idea.” 

"I feel so liberated now"

“I feel so liberated now”

“I want to remind myself what it feels like to be an outsider – ‘the other’… So, I’m practising hospitality this Lent by getting into the shoes (or hijab) of my Muslim friends and neighbors. (Why don’t you get your husband to throw acid in your face so you can really have the ‘other’ experience?)


Writing on her blog, #40daysofhijab, Eagan says that she was inspired to undertake the challenge afterliving in Amman, Jordan. She moved there about seven years ago with her husband for 18 months. “To say that I didn’t quite fit in in my new surroundings would be a major understatement. I was an outsider. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Being blond haired and blue eyed in Jordan was like standing up and screaming in a library.”

She describes how she went swimming in a burkini, that her children got used to it and that it broke down barriers between her and the local Muslim community. She also describes how often the “uncovered” stare at her then quickly look away.


Interviewed by BuzzFeed she said her aim was to help people, specifically white Christians, learn how to see difference, embrace it, and engage with it.

One thing she hopes to do next is darken her skin with make-up and go out into the community. “My friend told me that white Muslims and brown Muslims have different experiences, as do black Muslims, within the Islamic community as well as in the community at large,” she said. (That’s right, in the Arabic language, ‘black’ and ‘slave’ are the same words. Ever wonder why?)


She added: “Jesus said to love our neighbors, strangers, and enemies (That’s only because muslims hadn’t been invented yet). I think this is something that is not often taken seriously by many Christians. We are so influenced by the media, that we allow fear to take over, and forget to love. Fear is the opposite of love.”

“This is all about helping my people, specifically white Christians, learn how to see difference, embrace it, and engage with it. That’s what hospitality does. It welcomes people who were once outsiders into a community with love and the desire to understand.” 



WAS IT SOMETHING HE SAID? Iranian-backed militias execute 11-year-old Iraqi boy in Diyala province of Iraq

A horrific leaked video shows an 11-year-old boy in handcuffs who was beaten up by a group of Iranian-backed Iraqi fighters, then executed in cold blood with showers of bullets to the head.


Shoebat  What Barack Hussein Obama did when he pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq was to replace them with militias, a plethora of new and old pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are dominating the battlefields in Iraq and Syria which raises concerns about the growing Iranian influence. These are Iran-backed groups who are providing most of the “boots on the ground” that are pushing back ISIS forces from key areas near Baghdad, including Diyala province.

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist government resulted in the emergence of a Shia dominated government in Baghdad replacing it with an Iraqi Shiite government friendly to Tehran. This eliminated what had been an existential threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran and had tipped the local balance of power significantly in Tehran’s favor. And once Iran cleans the ISIS mess in Iraq, Iran will be happy, the U.S. will be happy, while all we have done is chase out ISIS while Iran’s Shiite militias can  already be seen running amok in Iraq.


AMERICAN INGENUITY! Introducing ‘Pig’s Blood Spray,’ the latest in anti-Islamic terrorism protection

5aeab4e4597911e396e612465fd22ea2_8Anti-terrorism device designed to spray Muslims with pig’s blood has Muslim heads exploding. An American inventor has been hit with ‘Islamophobia’ claims after applying for a patent on his controversial invention.

UK Mirror (h/t Linda R)  An American inventor has unveiled an offensive (to muslims) “anti-terror” system designed to spray Muslims with pig blood. The highly controversial device is the work of tinpot tinkerer Franklin R Lacy, who works in Tampa, Florida.

He has applied for a patent on a “system for protecting against terrorist and illegal invasion” which cruelly exploits the Islamic ban on eating or even handling pork. He learned of the strict Islamic laws on pig blood during “extensive travels” in the Middle East.

The patent includes drawings of the device, which will carry a warning about what's inside

The patent includes drawings of the device, which will carry a warning about what’s inside

His invention involves placing containers of clearly labelled pig blood in sensitive areas, in the hope suicide attackers would avoid detonating a bomb nearby for fear of getting covered in it. These vials of blood could be attached to trip wires and spray Muslims with the forbidden substance if they enter a certain area.

“It will keep suicide bombers from blowing themselves up near the container of pig blood because they believe that they would be guaranteed not to go to heaven,” Lacy wrote.

Anti-Islamic Terrorism units have shown interest in the product

Counter-Islamic Terrorism units have shown interest in the product

This is not the first time pigs have been roped into war against Muslims. In 2010, a patent application was filed for a similar pork-based “suicide bomb deterrent”.

A firm called South Fork Industries from Idaho has also released a pork-laced bullet called Jihawg which is designed to “send Islamist terrorists… to hell”


Fiyaz Mughal, director of the interfaith group Faith Matters, said the device has “been created by someone who seeks to humiliate specific faiths.”  “The patent is particularly troubling if used against Jews or Muslims, because it would be deeply offensive and insulting to their faith and beliefs,” Mughal continued. (Jews don’t care because aren’t blowing people up and it isn’t a food product)

“It also means that such a product could foment community tensions and so this is very troubling indeed. (That”s the idea) One has to wonder about the mindset of someone producing such a product.”

An earlier version of an anti-Muslim spray:


EGYPT: As Muslim workers are shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Coptic Monks lie down in front of bulldozer to protect ancient Christian monastery

To protect a precious archaeological area that stretches around a church dating back to the fourth century AD, a group of Coptic monks from the Monastery of Saint Macarius have staged a resistance to a road-building project, going so far as to lie down in front of approaching bulldozers.


Breitbart  The Egyptian government is moving forward on a project to build a road connecting the city of Fayoum to an oasis area, passing through the territory around the ancient Coptic Monastery of St. Macarius, home to dozens of monks. The project also threatens the water supply of the monastery and  cultivated areas belonging to it.

To protest the building project, the monks have practiced nonviolent resistance, lying in the path of bulldozers working on the project. According to reports, workers approached the monastery lands shouting, “Allahu Akbar!”


The monastery is located in Wadi el-Natrun, the ancient Scetes, 57 miles southwest of Cairo, on the western side of the way of the wilderness toward Alexandria.

It was founded in 360 AD by St. Macarius the Egyptian, who was the spiritual father to more than four thousand monks of different nationalities—Egyptians, Greeks, Ethiopians, Armenians, Nubians, Asians, Palestinians, Italians, Gauls, and Spaniards.


The monastery claims to be built on the site of the tombs of St. John the Baptist and the prophet Elisha, which were supposedly discovered below the northern wall of the church during a restoration. The monks claim that location of the crypts would find corroboration in manuscripts from the 11th and 16th centuries found in the library of the monastery.

This confrontation between the monks and the workers is just the latest incident in a long dispute which arose around the road project. The monks already submitted various alternative projects that would allow for the preservation of the historical and natural heritage threatened by the route of the new road.


The Coptic church has also established an ad hoc committee to encourage the search for alternative solutions, working together with the Ministry of Antiquities, which also expressed its opposition to the project and recommended full protection of the archaeological area.

The monastery has been continuously inhabited by monks since its construction in the fourth century.



HEY, LEFTISTS…don’t care that the Islamic State (ISIS) has thrown another homosexual off a roof for being gay?

You can see the other gay men they’ve murdered the same way at the links at the bottom.

ISIS Muslim savages threw another suspected homosexual from a roof in al-Raqqa this week. 


The Muslim crowd gathers to make sure he is dead on the ground, or else they will stone him to death as they have before.


h/t Gateway Pundit







In honor of 9/11 and the three Muslim terrorists arrested in NYC last week on their way to join ISIS, Mayor Bill dhimmiBlasio announces the closing of schools to observe TWO MUSLIM HOLIDAYS


Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed via Twitter that the largest school district in the country will add Eid al-Adha & al-Fitr to the school holiday schedule. De Blasio says it “respects the diversity of our city.”

FOX News  In the coming 2015-2016 school year, schools will close on September 24 for Eid al-Adha. The event, also called the Feast of the Sacrifice, celebrates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael. (And cuts the necks of conscious animals without stunning them first to ensure they suffer as long as possible while Muslims laugh and cheer)


As part of the event, meat from a barbarically-slaughtered sacrificed animal is divided into three parts. The family retains one third. Another third is given to relatives or neighbors. The final is given to the poor and needy.


Eid al-Fitr, which falls over the summer, will be designated a holiday for those attending summer school. That event, also called Feast of Breaking the Fast, is also considered an important religious holiday for Muslims. It marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Palestinians Celebrate Eid Al-Adha By Slaughtering Animals






ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? Editor-in-Chief of major Arabic news outlet, ‘Al-Arabiya,’ is demanding that Obama listen to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

israelsaudiIn a stunning op-ed by the editor-in-chief of a fiercely anti-Israel paper, Faisal Abbas admits Netanyahu is right, Iran must be dealt with (Maybe Obama does deserve his Nobel Prize. Who would have thought Israel would ever be allied with Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia in a war against Muslims?)


INN  Al-Arabiya‘s English edition editor-in-chief Faisal J. Abbas wrote a surprising op-ed on Tuesday, calling on US President Barack Obama to listen to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after the latter addressed Congress on the dangers of an Iran nuclear deal being formulated.

Abbas, whose paper is openly anti-Israel and Saudi-owned, began by scornfully conceding “it is extremely rare for any reasonable person to ever agree with anything Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says or does. However, one must admit, Bibi did get it right, at least when it came to dealing with Iran.”


The editor backed Netanyahu’s recent comment that Middle Eastern countries are collapsing creating a void being filled by “terror organizations, mostly backed by Iran,” in an op-ed following an article by a Saudi columnist similarly supporting Netanyahu’s appraisal.

Despite this being perhaps the only thing that brings together Arabs and Israelis, the only stakeholder that seems not to realize the danger of the situation is Barack Hussein Obama, who is now infamous for being the latest pen-pal of the Supreme Leader of the World’s biggest terrorist regime: Ayottallah Ali Khamenei,” Abbas wrote.



He opined “the real Iranian threat is not JUST the regime’s nuclear ambitions, but its expansionist approach and state-sponsored terrorism activities which are still ongoing.”

“Not only is Iran responsible for sponsoring Shiite terrorist groups, but Sunni ones too,” he added. “In fact, according to the U.S.’s own State Department, Tehran was home to a number of Al-Qaeda facilitators and high ranking financiers. 




Did you know that 80% of Muslims in Europe live off welfare benefits?

Thanks to all you hardworking European citizens, Muslims are living nearly as well as you do, but you’re paying for it. Every now and then, Muslims show their gratitude by attacking you in your cities.

A popular Muslim scam in Europe is to divorce your wife/wives, so that the divorced wife can get free housing of her own. Then the couple moves back in together and rents out the second house.


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR on another witch hunt to get a Republican lawmaker reprimanded and/or fired

Republican lawmaker Sheila Butt in Tennessee suggested forming an NAACP for white people (NAAWP) and designated Islamic terrorist group CAIR is demanding that Republican leaders repudiate what it considers a “racist” Facebook post.


Tennessean  Republican Rep. Sheila Butt’s Facebook post said, “It is time for a Council on Christian Relations and an NAAWP in this Country.” She was commenting on a Jan. 26 open letter from the Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) urging potential Republican presidential candidates to reject so-called “Islamophobia” and reach out to American Muslim voters.

Butt issued a public statement later defending her post. “It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist,” the statement said. “Instead of realizing my post was actually about making sure that every race, religion, gender, and culture has a seat at the table, liberal groups have once again incorrectly and falsely jumped the gun.”

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Butt’s response is not acceptable.