WHITE TIGER CUBS…a welcome break from Muslims any day

There are thought to be only about 200 white tigers left in the world, so these births are very rare and welcome. It is hoped that breeding them in captivity, then releasing them into the wild, will save the white tiger population from becoming extinct.

Five white tiger cubs just born in Lithuania:

Another litter of 5 white tigers born in Austria last year:

White tiger cub in Tokyo rescues sibling who fell into a pool:



WHAT NEXT? Muslim maternity modesty pants to protect a mother’s ‘modesty’ during childbirth

A Malaysian clothing company has created maternity pants which conceal a women’s ‘intimate parts’ (aurat) during childbirth. The garment is produced by the online store ‘MamaPride’ which claims a lot of women in their Muslim-majority country ‘do not agree’ with male doctors delivering their baby. (No, it’s the male husbands who ‘do not agree’ with this)


The Malay Mail  (h/t Marina S) The invention of pants to cover a woman’s “aurat” during childbirth, was inspired by demands for pregnant Muslim women to only be handled by female doctors. The product, which ‘preserves the dignity of females’ by covering the thighs, ankles and knees during labour, is the first of its kind. 

According to Dr Wan Yusof, one of the designers of the unique pants, the idea to develop the pants started five years ago, after the case of a Muslim woman who had her baby delivered by a male doctor. “The mother went into labour and was handled by a male doctor, which later kicked off a debate as to whether such practice was halal, Islamic and many others.


“A petition was even started by a Muslim doctor calling on the government to permit only female doctors and nurses to handle the pregnant mothers from all race and religion, with several Muslim scholars later declaring that male doctors should never attend to female patients.”

Dr Wan Yusof said that the argument then prompted research into possible solutions to the demands made in the petition, particularly ones that would not require the laborious policy changes to ensure patients are only attended to by doctors of the same sex.

According to Dr Wan Yusof, their research concluded that women’s thighs, knees and ankles need not be exposed during childbirth. “Our aim is to minimise the expose of unnecessary body parts of the mother, as the only part needed for medical purpose is the vagina and this is why we just want to cover the unnecessary part, but allow only the opening of the vagina,” he said.


The group then began looking for products that would allow these parts of the body to be clothed while still enabling doctors the needed access during delivery.

Dr Wan Yusof said that after studying the available options and failing to find one that met their criteria, the team of 19 doctors then designed the MamaPride prototype: Maternity pants that resemble track bottoms with an opening designed for childbirth.

They then proceeded to conduct trial runs of the pants at two private hospitals in Kelantan and Kedah to test for shortcomings, and after several minor upgrades based on feedback from pregnant mothers, packaged the pants for sale via Koperasi Amal Medik Bhd.


Dr Wan Yusof said that the cost to develop the product was about RM10,000, and was mainly borne by the designers who were determined to find a solution for Muslim mothers. The medical authorities were also not receptive to the idea, he said, when they declined to provide a development grant to the group last August, deeming the product to be impractical.

“Many rejected the idea of our product, claiming it is not viable. Nobody believed this idea to be an alternative solution, but we kept our hope and wanted to see it materialise…so we sacrificed for it,” he said.

MamaPride sells the trousers on its Facebook page and website for around £20 each. They are available in three sizes – large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. The trousers resemble baggy tracksuit bottoms and open only at the crotch to enable delivery of the baby. 


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MORE UK STUPIDITY: 3 Welsh teachers will show solidarity with Muslim students by fasting for 19 hours

The trio will fast in an effort to counter the exploding anti-Muslim hate wave in the UK and to show others that the Islamic community and its violent, misogynistic, anti-Christian/anti-Jewish, hateful and bigoted culture are “nothing to be afraid of.”

Nope, nothing at all

Nope, nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all

PressTV  (h/t Brenda K) “Seeing the efforts they make to study while doing Ramadan, we wanted to show we empathise and want to show that there is community support within the community here,” the teachers told WalesOnline.

“By participating in the fast, we hope to show solidarity with our Muslim students as well as those in our local community.”

"White" guilt on Ramadamadingdong

Combating “White privilege” on Ramadan

“The more we can connect with different peoples and their cultures, the better,” said Andrew Bodgin, one of the three staff members who teach at the Celtic English Academy in Cardiff.

The three teachers will fast on Friday, July 3. They will go without food or water from dawn to dusk or 19 hours to raise awareness of the Holy fasting Month of Ramadan.

The teachers will break their fast at sundown this at Cardiff’s Dar Ul-Isra mosque, where needy people including the homeless, regardless of faith, are offered three-course meal after Iftar, during the fasting month of Ramadan.


Now, Jalal Mohabbat, the Founder of Eid Celebration Committee, believes that charity acts can help battle Islamophobia in the Western communities.

During this month, adult Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, then gorge themselves all night long, as part of a religious obligation which is meant to promote self-restraint as well as spiritual values.


“Things like that, are very helpful, helping people to get to know another type of society and will always definitely help overcome Islamophobia in all kind of racist situations,” (what ‘race’ is Islam?) Jalal Mohabbat told Press TV’s UK Desk on Tuesday.

He also pointed to the fasting campaign by the Welsh teachers and called a very “beautiful” move which can lead to learning and benefiting from one another.





This poor camel does manage to get in one good shot against his torturers but as you can see by the blood flowing out of his neck, he will soon be  dinner for these filthy Arab Muslim savages. 

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‘MY EVERYTHING HALAL’ just asked BNI to sell products on its website

Apparently, ‘My Everything Halal’ has never seen this website, especially the special BNI category called HALAL SLAUGHTER. I wonder how popular the BNI T-shirts would be over there? 


In any case, this looks like a good website for BNI readers, especially those in the UK, to check and see whether or not the store or restaurant you are planning to patronize, or a product you’re about to purchase online is ‘Halal Certified.’ That way you won’t have to worry about your money going to support Islamic terrorism as a percentage of all halal-certified products and businesses does.



Despite all the ‘Queers for Palestine’ marches in the West, Palestinians do NOT want support from homosexuals

IMG_7933It is somewhat ironic that the most vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause are ultra-liberals who also champion issues such as gay rights, given that Palestinian society does not tolerate homosexuals. In other words, they are fighting for the creation of a state that would suppress the very rights they demand everywhere else…and actually enjoy in the State of Israel.


Israel Today  This was again demonstrated on Monday when protestors whitewashed a gay rights “rainbow” flag that had been painted on the West Bank security barrier by renowned Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar. 

Mideast Palestinians Rainbow Flag-1

ADDITION Mideast Palestinians Rainbow Flag-2

Khaled Jarrar said Wednesday that he received hundreds of Facebook messages — some threatening but others supportive or curious — since he painted the flag.

Jarrar said he painted the homosexual symbol on the security wall near the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah in order to draw attention to the “Israeli occupation” under which his people live. But protesters perceived the mural as support for homosexuality, a taboo subject in Palestinian society, and whitewashed it.


But he later admitted to the Associated Press that the real oppressors of liberal human rights in the area are his own people. The whitewashing of his painting “reflects the absence of tolerance, and freedoms in the Palestinian society,” said Jarrar, whose work has been featured in the US and Europe.


Protestors who took part in the whitewashing said there was no choice but to remove such disgraceful imagery. “It would be shameful to have the flag of gays in our refugee camp,” said Mohammed al-Amleh, a 46-year-old lawyer.

The Associated Press report noted that in order to live openly and without risk to their lives, Palestinian homosexuals must actually flee to Israel, the very state that champions of the Palestinian cause claim oppresses Arabs.



Those who remain in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas must live secretive lives. In the past, some Palestinian homosexuals have been brutally and publicly killed. By contrast, Tel Aviv last month played host to a gay pride parade attended by over 100,000 people.

Even Muslims in America advocate execution for homosexuals:


CLEVELAND: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR wants a police officer fired for his anti-Muslim tweets

CAIRvivivi-viMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is demanding and investigation by the Cleveland Division of Police of Sgt. Frank Woyma’s social media activity, which, the group points out publicly, includes a litany of anti-Islam messaging and ‘racist’ overtones. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Clevescene  Woyma’s Twitter account as of today is private. Much of Woyma’s social output is the fairly rote “blue lives matter,” “teach your kids to comply” police stuff.


But as the local outpost of CAIR asserts, Woyma — recently promoted from patrol officer to sergeant — has “retweeted images of a Quran being flushed down a toilet and of President Obama’s campaign logo with the headline ‘This is a symbol of racism, I would like it removed from my country.’



A particularly insightful photo — tweeted by Woyma, not retweeted — shows an elephant shitting onto the ground. The caption, written by Tom Francois: “And here we have an extremely rare photo of the actual birth of Barack Hussein Obama! Kenya Africa 1961″ So that sort of stuff.


One retweet, with an image of a Crusader knight (seen below), is headlined: ‘I will turn back the Muslim hordes,’ with the note ‘Join our fight to save America.'” At the bottom of that image, there’s a note about protecting the U.S. from sharia law “at all costs.” 


“While Sgt. Woyma is retweeting racist and anti-Muslim materials on a private account, his clearly bigoted views can only serve to cast a negative light on the Cleveland Division of Police and harm relations with the community he is supposed to serve and protect,” CAIR-Cleveland Executive Director Julia Shearson said in a public statement. The police department has not yet responded to requests for information about CAIR’s request.


Other photos from Woyma’s Twitter account include:





Barack Hussein Obama fast tracks his Turkish Muslim pal’s campaign into a huge multi-million dollar contract to replace meat with yogurt in Moochelle’s not-so “healthy” school lunch program

article-8d188ad4-7fc2-45ef-b563-8ed1cb63871b-6Ufmy1mhA-HSK1-607_634x477Turkish-born Muslim, New York Chobani Greek Yogurt manufacturer, Hamdi Ulukaya, just landed a massive U.S. Department of Agriculture contract for school lunches after years of lobbying Barack Hussein Obama. The special and unprecedented speedy approval process was undoubtedly the result of Ulukaya’s savvy political sense, Obama’s best friend relationship with Recep Erdogan, president of Turkey, not to mention their shared Muslim faith.

Chobani Inc. founder Hamdi Ulukaya poses for a portrait in the company headquarters in New York

EAG News  Chobani owner Hamdi Ulukaya was named by Obama as a “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship,” which included a “closed-press” meeting with the president at the White House, according to the Daily Sabah.

Hamdi Uklukaya is third from bottom on the right

Hamdi Uklukaya is third from bottom on the right

The upstate-New York Greek yogurt maker will be distributing its products to schools nationwide next year as a USDA-approved meat substitute for school lunches, capping off a pilot program in a dozen states made possible by extensive lobbying efforts.

Chobani Greek Yogurt first gained approval by the USDA for school lunches in 2013 as part of a pilot program after U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and other New York lawmakers pressured USDA officials to include it in a pilot program for four states. The USDA’s typically years-long approval process for new products was miraculously slashed to only about 8 months for Chobani.


The decision on Chobani Greek yogurt came exceedingly quickly although the agriculture department typically takes many years to assess a new product. “The tofu industry waited a decade before an ok,” reports NY Daily News.

Chobani’s fast-track to school cafeterias across the U.S. – with a contract awarded faster than other companies have even gained approval for their products – raises the same question Green Mosters! blogger Kristina Pepelko first raised in 2013: is the National School Lunch Program and the tightened restrictions on school food truly designed to produce healthier students, or are special interest lobbyists driving menu recommendations from Washington, D.C.?


Chobani officials have not disclosed the the potential value of the new government contract, Syracuse.com reports.

But is ‘Chobani’ Greek Yogurt as “healthy” as it’s cracked up to be? 


JMR  What most people think of as “Greek” yogurt is actually just strained yogurt. The process of straining yogurt eliminates the excess water, liquid whey and lactose (sugar). This makes the yogurt creamier, less watery, contain more protein and very little sugar.

With that said, here are some reasons why you should get actual plain and whole fat Greek strained yogurt and not the imposters like Chobani.


It’s Actually Greek (Strained)

Greek Strained yogurt goes through a triple straining process that by definition will not have much sugar in it, pack a protein punch, contain billions of cultured bacteria, and authentic Greek yogurt is actually plain; it is not conveniently added with “Blueberry flavoring” which is just high fructose corn syrup. “Greek Style” yogurts are mostly not strained more than once and contain thickening agents like locust bean gum to give them the appearance of real Greek yogurt. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? 

Beneficial Fat Content

Whole plain Greek strained yogurt contains beneficial saturated fat in the form of butyric acid from the milk and cream, which improves the good gut bacteria in your large intestine for digestive health. This is very important for vitamin and mineral absorption, energy, and to prevent hypoglycemia two hours later. Zero percent fat yogurt cannot help with any of those things…..

Go for the real greek strained yogurt brands that sell whole fat versions like Fage, and Oikos. Zero percent fat yogurt means zero percent benefit for you. Don’t even think of getting any yogurts with fruit flavoring; just buy some real fruit and throw it in there.


Now let’s get back to Chobani, the fraud Greek yogurt maker that has been lobbying heavily in the District of Columbia to get the federal government to put Chobani bad/fake/unhealthy yogurt into America’s schools and at taxpayer expense of course. 

Obama Cartel Pushes ‘Greek’ Yogurt

The Obama Cartel will use your Tax $$ to make a rich MUSLIM immigrant – richer! They’ll be buying Chobani ‘Greek’ [actually Turkish] yogurt to feed school kids – in four pilot states, AZ, ID, NY, TN, – picked to see how long the yogurt lasts before going bad.

feature_chobani06__01__605x403 OK, maybe yogurt is good for kids, – healthy, low fat, high protein and all… But where in our Constitution is the Federal Government directed [or allowed] to use taxpayer money to feed certain selected kids?

Wouldn’t that be the job of the states [as last resort],…or their parents?

Chobani is a booming success story. Turkish Muslim immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya started the company in a old Kraft plant in 2005 – with funding from his ex-wife. By 2012 he was a Billionaire. [Today she’s suing him for her 53%.] 

yogurt-ads Ulukaya knows his way around politicians. He cuddled up to NY State Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, and just two weeks ago was meeting with Obama – ‘to advise him on immigration policy’.

Chuck-follows-the-Bucks POOF! Two weeks later the announcement from SecAG Tom Vilsack; – Billionaire Ulukaya [did he contribute his fair share?] – will add Dept of Agriculture $$ to his revenue stream.

Tom, was there ever even a competitive bid set out…?

Think of the marketing coup! Ulukaya gets to have kids in four (4) states [for now] eat his product every day at school…. “Mommy, Mommy, buy that one, – that’s the one we get in school!”

As for the American taxpayers, they just got screwed again and will be subsidizing a Turkish Muslim’s yogurt empire.  So what else is new?



GAY LOVE WINS? Uhmmm…not so fast


The Islamic State (ISIS) ‘celebrates’ the United States Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage by posting a video showing them throwing more gay men off the roof of a building…minus the usual cheering crowds.

h/t Gateway Pundit

PHOTO of the 4 dead Iraqi gays: