A Hindu Man explains: ‘Why I hate Islam’

What happened in Mumbai isn’t new. Muslims have been slaughtering Hindus for ten centuries. In his own words, this Hindu man reveals what the Western media have ignored.

“When Islam arrived in India, the Hindus welcomed the Muslims with open arms as brothers. In return Islam destroyed the entire Hindu civilisation.

Over ten centuries the dirty Muslim rogues murdered an estimated 100 million people. It has been said by historians and scholars (both eastern and western) that this is the largest genocide the world has ever witnessed. Muslim religious leaders “educated” Muslim men to rape Hindu women as this was a method to destroy the Hindu progency. Soon raping Hindu women was part of what being a Muslim man was about! Temples were razed to the ground and villages were burned. Those who refused to convert to islam were either murdered (the menfolk) or raped (the womenfolk). All the slutty Mughal leaders made it their goal to wipe Hinduism from the map of the earth! They even openly stated it.

I have no sympathy for Muslims. It seems that today Muslims from all corners of the world are facing hardship and problems. You only need to look at the devastation that Islam has wrecked on Hinduism to ascertain why this is happening. What goes around eventually comes back around and this is why Muslims are suffering. I have no sympathy or feeling for them. What angers me is that even today in India the dirty ugly b a s t a r d s are still sucking the blood of Hindus. If Muslims think that what they are experiencing now is bad, they haven’t seen anything yet. The world is just getting started.

Futher to the above, I disagree that the Muslims unified anything or anyone. Islamic armies marched through the world killing men and raping women. That is the sole reason why they conquered all the lands that they did. There is a sharp distinction between invasion and unification. They instituted islam through coercion and violence. Before Islam reached India, the latter was a global power. Indian influence and culture as well as exports of knowedlge (science, maths etc) were felt throughout the world.

When the evil, ugly, dirty uneducated Muslims invaded the top half of India, all the power that India commanded was destroyed. The Muslims contributed NOTHING to the Indian culture, intellectual establishment or civilisation. Quite the opposite they stole everything from us. They stole our women, they murdered our menfolk, destroyed temples etc

Also for your information, I am an Indian who was born and bred in London (England) where Muslim atrocities are taught in state schools as a fact. So it is futile for you to say that I am under the influence of any Zionist organisation. If anybody is a slave here it is you. You are a slave of the evil Islamic religion.

You say your religion is a religion of peace. But your religion teaches Muslims that non-Muslims are infidels and that they should be killed. It also teaches them that women who do not “obey” their husbands must be beaten. Most of the terrorist organisations are Muslim. Muslims are renowned as mass murderers and terrorists. Moreover the highest religious leaders in your religion themselves use religious doctrine to justify killings so please do not say that Islam is a religion of peace.

And you talk crap about Palestine and Kashmir. Indians are doing nothing wrong in Kashmir. Kashmir is, was and always will be part of India. Do you even know what the history is behind Kashmir? When India and Pakistan were becoming independent, the leaders of all the states that border what was to become India and Pakistan were offered a choice of whether to become part of Pakistan or part of India. Kashmir had a Muslim population but a Hindu prince, and he wanted to be part of India.It was your beloved Muslim country Pakistan that actually started this whole dispute by attacking India.

At first the Kashmiri Muslims had no problem with becoming part of India. So please check your sources out! And you are quick to say that Kashmiris are oppressed and that they are being killed, but how conveniently do you leave out all the Hindus that were slaughtered in Kashmir in order to tilt the demographic favour towards the Muslims. There are hardly any Hindus now in Kashmir because they have all been killed by your Islamics. It is ok for Kasmiri Muslims to muder and wound hundreds of innocent Hindus every year in terrorist attacks but the moment that the Indian army tries to defend its citizens and crack down on the terrorists we are accused of “oppression” and human rights violations.

Hindus were under oppression from Muslims for ten centuries. In their own country they were treated as second class citizens. The British gave the Hindus their self-respect back. Under the British, Hindus thrived. They felt that finally they were living in their own country again. So why shouldn’t they have co-operated with the British???

It makes me sick when I hear you people justifying terrorism by saying that you are oppressed. Look at South Americans, Look at Africans look at East Europeans. These people have faced much more hardship than you people have yet I do not see them producing terrorist organisations. And anyway, for the all the “Muslim brotherhood” rhetoric and nonsense that I constantly hear about, why aren’t all the rich, oil owning fat Arabic sheikhs helping their impoverished Muslims out? Clearly they have MUCH MUCH MUCH more than enough capital to ensure decent living standards in Palestine. The problem isn’t oppression. The problem is ISLAM.

To hell with Islam!”

Raj Kumar Bhardwaj


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  1. So true, and for all Muslims who say that their religion advocates peace and tolerance the truth is “tolerance” talked about in Islam is only for fellow Muslims , as long as they are from some other religion it is totally okay to murder and kill them . There is Islam vs Christian rivalry, Hindu vs Islam rivalry and Islam vs Sikh rivalry and it were Muslims who started all three of them by attacking Constantinople , invading India and torturing and killing two Sikh gurus . Islam is the most violent and hateful religion, one that actively advocates killing any non believer of Islam , even the first accounts of murder and violence in India Pakistan partition were of Muslims slaughtering Hindu and Sikh refugees who retaliated after hearing horrifying stories of Muslim atrocities. That said earlier I felt that we shouldn’t encourage such hateful thoughts against a religion since that only promotes further conflict. But after seeing the new jihadist terrorists I know that Muslims simply love to crush weaker people.

  2. Hello sir / ma’am , I totally agree with you and am a Hindu Indian who wants Muslims to leave our country . Many Muslims live in India and they talk bad abt India . I wish all the Muslims leave India

  3. Excuse me I’m Muslim as well .But brother Ur telling that all Muslim as doing such horrible things like rape etc.But they are not Muslim doing such horrible and sinful things are not considered as Muslim . They are the the Persian not Arabs.The difference between them is they do all sinful things like u say even drink they are not Muslim they are like terrorist that who tease Islam they will punish with such brutual repression.so pls understand the difference between sinful Terrorist and good Muslim of India and as well as Arabs and Persians they are good but they involve in small sin.

  4. yes it hurts so much that India’s devatation is caused by radical islamists. But i think they all went to pakistan. what we can do is that we should pass legislation to control population. All these radicals are succesfull due to uneducated muslims and islamic shariat knowledge given by madrasas and all that type orgs.

  5. Very good sir….. U must have iron balls to write things like this…. But what we do fo our politicans who continousl y lick foot of mullas and the houlabe supreme court……

  6. Truly said brother , Islam is not a religion it never was it was only made to rape women and kill people . I know what Muslims had brought in India it was burqa parda system and illetracy

  7. First a fall i am telling to all that i am not speak english well. So, if my sentence is worng (to maaf kijiyega) i am really sorry.

    I am telling to all that
    God is one
    We are calling ram and at the same muslims are calling rahim
    God is made only human beings not cast and religion
    So we are all brothers and as like a family in the earth.
    So i request you to all please dont fight for cast religion.

    I am Gaurav from india and i respect all cast and religion.

    • Gaurav: You are being foolish. Islam is not a religion but apolitical ideology. Just because someone calls it a religion does not make it one. Secondly you must read the Koran and you will see there is no religion. Religion has a philosophy and that too a compassionate one and there is much speculation about the soul and god, etc. Islam lacks that an a few scant mention of heaven, hell and day of judgement. Christianity was the same because the Chisttian bible and the Koran share the “Old Testament” and both believe in it. But Christianity got better because Christ came along and “New Testament ” was added. The N Testament is all about love, forgiveness, compassion and service. Yes, with the addition of N Testament, Christianity deserves the label of a religion. Where as Islam just has the “Old T.” which is very violent and recommends killing and torture of the non muslims. Please read this stuff before making foolish decisions. Koran has rules & regulations just like a countries constitution. A constitution cannot become a religion. You have been taught the leftist and liberal agenda and the first mistake they make is to say that all religions are equal and all religions are deserve the same respect.

      • tbh im a hindu and i dont really think that islam is a religion! i dont know what is Islam but its evil disguised as angel. Firstly whether Hindu Christian Jews Sikhs Buddhism Jainism and so on.. have you heard of them killing people in the name of Krishna or Buddha or Jesus etc etc etc? Never! Dan: you may find that funny but being a proud hindu i still hope that Christian remain the largest religion worldwide as long as its not Islam. Another thing which i think Gaurav doesnt know is that in the Quran it has mention to lie to the unbelievers which i believe happened in India as mention above. They lie to non muslims makes them believe that they are ”good muslim” and in the end you will find yourself wearing a burqua or going to mosque, they brainwash you in order to convert. In fact they are still lying! i supposed that everyone have heard about ”ISLAM BEING THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION”. They say it to make non muslims think that they are ignorant about Islam being the true religion. Actually Islam converts is mostly stable. Its their birthrate which is high. Another thing.. Muslims keeps on denying stuffs from their Quran.. why? Why do you think they are trying to build mosques in controversial places like London Olympic, the New York ground zero outside the Vatican? for me Islam is not a religion because it seems fake! theres no logic behind its belief! Is sex between a 53 years old and a 9 years old child moral or immoral? The saddest part is that in countries where sharia law exist they still practice this kind of marriage! Another thing which make me believe that Islam is fake. Muslims always attack Christian concept of original sin and the Hindu\Buddhist concept of Karma. So how do you explain innocent people born with aids or being born deformed? Is it allah’s will to make innocent children suffer? Does he thinks its funny to create Hermaphodrites and Schizophrenics? Why does allah curse those who pluck their eyebrow or get a tattoo? whats so wrong with that? It seems as if the Quran is only a book of essays from a teenager! Why some stupid non muslim convert to Islam? Why they cant see their quran hold things which make no sense! Muslims believe that their body parts will testify their sins in the hereafter. How is this concept apply for those who donate their body part? They say you cannot critisize islam unless you know classical arabic. Doesnt that mean Muslims are following and propagate a religion they themselves dont understand? so how can you say islam is a religion when there are so many facts about it that makes it look fake. I just hope that one day the non muslims eyes will open and see the truth about islam.. and for the islamophobe.. why are some people being called islamophobe? because they seem to know more about Islam than they are supposed to

    • Dear friend, would like to ask you only one question. Do you think that majority of Muslims will respect your thoughts? They consider you “Kafir”. And it’s an honour for them to steal your wealth, your wife, sister & daughter. And even killing you will help them to get “Jannat” .

      • Who even cares what they think. And it’s funny that you are more concerned about their opinion rather than looking from a humane point about mass killing.

  8. Muslims are innocent in one sense. They are practicing what their Koran tells them. “Kill non muslims.” There are over 100 verses in Koran pertaining to violence. The muslims in India do not understand Koran because it is Arabic and the translation of Koran is not allowed. Their prayer is memorized Arabic and they dont even know what they are reciting. So they rely on their mullahs to tell them what to do and so they are subject to being lied and manipulated.

    • So the initial Muslims who attacked India also didn’t understand Koran is it? What’s wrong with you Dan? All those guys who attacked India and still funding terrorists know Arabic. Say if Bible was not allowed to be translated and if Pope tells you to kill someone, will you do it? Does it require language literacy for a man to decide right and wrong? Have some common sense.

  9. I grew up to be a secular indian. Under 70 years of Congress influence and the distorted history taught by Nehru’s historian left me ignorant of the actual realities. Now i have seen the light and the truth. The N. E. part of India has been largely converted to Christianity and an Indian needs a special permit to go there. In their own land theIndians are foreigners. For india to survive we need to reconvert the Muslims and the Christians in India. you cannot get rid of them, many think about fighting but you can’t and we should no go for violence. Convert them back to Hinduism thru “Ghar Wapasi” program by RSS. Please donate to RSS. RSS is doing a great job of reconverting the adivasis fom Christianity back to Hinduism. and they are also converting muslims too. Please please save the nation please donate to the “Ghar Wapasi” project by RSS.

    • Any religion that believes in conversion lacks its strength. If going back to roots is your agenda then let’s go back to cave days! Live and let others live in peace. Spread and teach msg of love and universal brotherhood. Don’t become a Hindu terrorist on lines of ISIS please. You convert today but give guarantee you will be born as Hindu in next birth?

  10. Islam is an abomination. It should be wiped off the earth, and its followers burnt to the ground. The Crusaders are returning and when they do, your time will be over.

    • To my opinion, this statement is unfortunately true. Sadly, Islam came to India through Babar ( who as basically decoit and tribal doing slaughtery in Central Asia, he was from Gazni, you think how the people were there) . Then history is well know to everyone. Todays Muslims of India and Pakistan forgot that many of their forefather were originally Hindu.During Mughal period, lower class were forcefully converted to Islam( specially during Auranzeb) This is true, Islam did not bring any good thing to hindus/ Buddhists in India. They built mosque where ever there was hindu temple. But I am sure there should be end of this atrocity. Now , today, they are enemy of whole world bringing their own destruction themselves by creating terrorist. I have a dream that that greater India will come back again.

  11. India will respect the people or all the religions who respects us but if it is otherwise, those who tries to dominate and intimidate us, we will make their lives hell.

    • The comments about Muslims are right. In India we never allow Muslims to overtake us but s thr are many good hearted Muslims too

  12. Muslim don’t like Christian ,
    Muslim don’t like jews,
    Muslim dont like Buddhism,
    Muslim dont like hindu,
    Muslim dont like other religion.
    Then why world should like Islam.

    common enemy for whole world is Muslim / Islam / saudi arabia the whabisim godfather

    Whole world must knows about Muslim/Islam ideology.their ideology is clear kill infidels / Kaffir. kill all other religion and take world dominance make Sharia law.muslim are very clear and clever they never will change their ideology now or in future.

    Islam follows takfiri , taqqiya , sharia

    It’s dangerous for our children and grand children future world.all human thinks their children must have safe future.??

    Muslim strategy of world dominance is by making more population and spreading like cancer and spread cancer.

    Building mosque / barracks in other countries.i ts a war strategy.its symbolic in Islam.

    Saudi Arabia is God father of Islam.they are the strategist of islam.

    Saudi arabia strategy of world dominance:

    They are spending billions for building mosques around world.then speread whabisim through saudi trained clerics in all mosques.Example just see in Europe how many mosques have been build with in 20 years.

    Saudi created isis attacked siriya,libya made shia Muslim to flee to other countries.refugees particularly selected asylum in Europe can you imagine why?

    whole world open arm for refugees but Saudi Arabia Qatar refused to take refugees but instead Saudi Arabia proposed to build 200 mosque in Germany you now why?

    Now it’s rest of the world to decide how to defeat islam.

    Defeat Saudi Arabia defeat islam simple.crush saudi economy no import or export.make hostile country like north Korea.or rage war on saudi.

    • Don’t worry your self too much…you’ll die and find out which religion is the right one…You are hell bound…stop complaining about Islam…practice what u wish

      • ‘You’ll die and get to know which religion is the right one’??

        The above sentence proves that your Muslim life on earth is miserable and useless. And nobody here is complaining about Islam. We call a spade a spade. Islam means submission to Satan and Muhammad was his puppet.

      • My friend I have a question to you… If any terror attack was done in world, you ever seen the terrorists are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh… etc? Why they will be always Muslim ???

  13. The one thing that this writer says that can be considered inaccurate is when he says the British gave the Hindus their “self respect”. The reality is that the British favored the Muslims as their police dogs and helped the Muslims conquer Hindu areas!
    The history of India is the history of the unthinking British who cared not what they were doing not just in India but throughout the Middle East by seeing positive attributes in the Muslims that just weren’t there for short-term benefit even though in the long-term, it led to the loss of their Empire to Islamic States! The Hindu community of India had its champions most notably, two great leaders with the last name of Bose who dedicated their lives to saving their culture! The first Bose went to Japan and accepted life-time exile in an Asian country rather than collaborate with the British! If only Gandhi had been made of that stuff! The 2nd Bose organized the Indian National Army which sought liberation for the Vedic culture!

    • We have already snatched everything from u all brothers.. And we will snatch the remaining from your progenies !! Jitna bacha haii wo b cheen lenge ab to !! Or koi kuch nii kr paenge ab to !! Ab samjhana chorh dia haaii non Muslims ko … Ab jo ilzaam laga rhe ho … Wahi kr k dikhaenge !!! End times have arrived my friend !! Watch out we are about to make a come back .. 🙂

      • Snatch? You guys aren’t our brothers, never were. Brothers’ don’t harm each other. You guys started it; we will end it. You guys still have time. Change for the good of mankind. Give up your evil ways or we will have no other option but to annihilate you. Not one of you will be left to yell the demonic death cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’. Come back? LOL. Cockroaches dreaming to take over the world. 😂😂

      • You muslim guys are sick. A Million muslimic refugees entered my country Germany last year. Raping, killing the disbelieving, this is the big fear, that the Germans have, and then i read here, what happend in India, i must say, our fear has a reason. God help the Germans and the Hindus.

        • What is necessary and sufficient to save Germany and Europe is for Verile German men (or imported white men) to impregnate every fertile German women every year for four to six years.  Boom!   Problem solved.  Verile German men should not take “no” for an answer from any unpregnant woman, married, single, or widowed, except for medical reasons certified by a doctor.  A womb is a terrible thing to waste.  German women must do their part to support the war effort to preserve the German people and Europe, free of Islamic rape culture and tyranny.  If German women do not step up their reproductive abilities, Germany will fall to Muslim invaders, and German women will be raped by virile Muslims.

          Muslims marry cousins as a matter of Islamic law, and this causes them to have a lot of genetic problems, unless they enslave and rape foreign women.  The perpetuation of Islam depends on rape.

          German women must chose to mate with verile white men of high intelligence, high empathy, and and military-grade physical strength.  The genes that German women multiply will determine the character of German men of the future.

          The mating choices that women make, cause a big difference.  Look at America.

          In America, millions of unmarried urban black women on welfare have been deliberately mating with violent black sociopaths (criminals, thugs, gangsters), and this thug-gene selection is causing an explosion of violent crime (despite over one million blacks already being in prison), and the collapse of inner-city schools.  

            Can there be any doubt as to the existence of black superpredators born of genes making them entirely devoid of empathy?


        • U please pressurise together to government of your country to send this buggers out these are parasite on this earth

        • Bloody Bastard Hindus .
          Is Taj Mahal ,Qutub Minar ,Agra fort etc . made by your बाप . Those who insult Islam or any other religion are worst than Pakistan dogs and islamists terrorist . In Hindu no one respect women . most of Hindu are thieves . Don’t you read about Shaheed -e- Azam Ashfaqullah Khan who gave his life for sake of Indian Freedom. Don’t you know Abdul Kalam . Hell on you stupid Hindus

          • Aurobindo, were the Taj Mahal(Tejo Mahalaya) and Agra fort constructed by your papa? Ashfaqullah Khan and Dr. Kalam were Indians and we respect them for their contribution. Are you an Indian? Least you can do is use your real name. Why are you trolling with a Hindu name? Maybe you are a Bangladeshi Muslim. Am I offending you? Fuck Muhammad. Now what?

      • really? you nthink we are cowards? koi kuch nahi kar payega? Just go and check east punjab. The present day states of punjab, haryana and himachal pradesh. 40% of the of the population was muslims before partition. Today less than 1%. All wiped out during partition.3000 mosques are lying empty. What we can do in punjab with 40% of the population, we can damn well do in india with ONLy 12% of population. Bring it on you muslim coward.

      • First save yourself before snatching . See that the things are changing now. Your own people are calling you terrorist because until you kind of people are here on earth the peace can not be there. because you do not like peace and brotherhood. you have become blind in effect of your religion. You people are killing brutality your own people. Can u call urself human? u don’t know only god/allah has right to give death to a person. and u disobeying HIM. By killing innocent persons u are showing ur braveness. if u have courage come face to face then time will judge who is brave.
        Bhai I am not angry with you but with ur comments. You and we have come on this earth with empty handed and will leave this with empty handed. Then what will you snatch and for what……….?

      • Hello, “inshalallah we will snatch”

        Hindus were and are honest, patient and respectful, having said that the history taught us very clearly how coward Muslims invaded us and created mess in India and Muslims are like “Jis Thali Mein Khana Us Thali Mein Ched Karna” So now we know what is islam and muslims are up to, so we know how to deal with you. Hundreds of years back you messed up India but now the time has changed entirely. All muslims who hate other religion will have to pay a huge price if you try to override on us. Just look at the situation of muslims all over the world now, how they are feeling the heat. It is just the beginning. Nobody will come to your rescue. Your terrorism cannot scare anyone, world will unite and you will be slaughtered if you don’t stop it and respect others.

        Come out of wonderland and instead of thinking about snatching, learn to respect other religion. If not, your days are counting.

      • Don’t worry my muslim friend, The almighty God is coming as Kalki Avatar to put an end of your Islamic terrorism(Kali Demon) and then Satya Yug will start again, just wait for the reaction of karma you are creating…You demons will be perished from Earth forever.You the worshipper of Satan exists just because it is Kaliyug’s(Dark age) and as per Puran you will rise to become the ‘Kali Purushan’ only to get killed by the God himself, 5000 years of Kali Yug has already passed,just wait for more 1000 years ,He will come 😀😁😁😁

      • Dear brother, your brothers with this ideal have already had their balls castrated by our army. You may join them as well. Go and see how your brothers are butchered by the army..

    • OBS – w/ respect to what you’re saying, you know personal experience, heritage, & history are subjective. In this way his analysis is correct.

    • I believed it was the sikh king maharaja Ranjit Singh and his general Hari Singh Nalwa that lead expeditions to conquer khyber pass and even far as kandhar. Wasn’t it the sikh warriors that saved thousands and thousands of Hindu girls from Abdali shah. They also fought 2 wars against the British, Anglo-sikh wars. Folks sikhs conquered Afghanistan and governed it for 50 plus years. The only people to do so. Even the U.S. and allies were exhausted.

  14. i think hindu is better religion than muslim, they have real respect for female and elders, not like what kuran says and what we practise

  15. The idea that killing Muslims violates human rights is irrational. The only thing I agree with Muslims on is that they should have their own set of laws, but I think those laws(not sharia) should be written by the author of the above article.

  16. The Muslims in India support Pakistan’s claim of Kashmir. Kashmir always has been an issue of conflict. Let’s look into it.

    After partition, the Maharaja of Kashmir Hari Singh, had two choices: become part of India or Pakistan. Before his decision, the Pakistani army attacked the state. The Maharaja requested the Indian armies help. Thus this prolonged fight for the state of Kashmir still continues. The article 370 which was supposed to be temporary has been made permanent because the legislative of Jammu and Kashmir failed to make their own constitution and dissolved in 1957. This article 370 has special provisions unlike any other state of India. The laws passed by the parliament of India cannot be extended in the state of J&K(Jammu and Kashmir) unless it is accepted by the legislative of J&K, the state government. Pakistan army did not withdrew first from Kashmir under the UN resolution on 13 August 1948. Why should the Indian army? Since then, the demographic has changed drastically as Pakistan handed over part of Kashmir(Trans Korkoram Tract) to China and also occupies a portion of it. The Constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir elect voted in favor of accession to India. Still we hear the Pakistanis crying over the Kashmir issue.


    More than 300,000 kashmiri pundits(Hindus) eloped the state fearing for their lives and are living in other states of India. Thousands were killed which should be termed GENOCIDE. Their only mistake was that they were Hindus. The Indian government takes good care of the people of J&K. The human rights commission crying out loud about the so called atrocities of the Indian army in J&K fails to acknowledge that the same INDIAN army rescued more than 200,000 people in the aftermath of the flood in 2014. The Indian government sanctions more than $800 million to the state of J&K annually. The state of J&K has 4% incidence of poverty which is much less than other states of India where farmers still commit suicide. The Indian railways is investing $2.5 billion for it’s plan of the Kashmir railway project. Hindus traveling to the Vaishno Devi shrine as pilgrims alone contribute $70 million to the state of J&K annually. The human rights organizations are more concerned about the 500 graves found in J&K which they think are of innocent Muslim civilians. Muslims following the barbaric ways of the POS MUHAMMAD can never be innocent! They will always be bloodthirsty.

    The election of 2014 saw the highest turnout of voters ever and has a HINDU deputy chief minister of J&K as a result. 68% of the population of J&K is Muslim and they proudly wave the Pakistani and ISIS flag after the Friday sermons. The only TV channel they watch is Peace TV run by Zakir Naik. The same person who has refused numerous times to debate Ali Sina. The culprits of the recent bombings in Bangladesh accepted that they were inspired by Zakir Naik’s Peace TV and it’s sermons. The government of India should jail Naik for his Islamic rhetoric which is anti-democratic. All Muslims consider him as hero along with Asadudin Owaisi. They raise posters of them during their festivities like Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha across India. These Muslims are terrorists or in-making terrorists because they read/recite the KORAN. The only goal of their miserable life is world domination as ordered by the POS Muhammad on his deathbed. They will never be like us humans because they lift their asses to SATAN five times everyday who they call ALLAH. There are numerous accounts of atrocities committed by Muslims across the world. Take a good look around and witness it in Europe especially.

    The British and Canadian government warns it’s citizens whilst visit J&K. The people of J&K have access to the CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) pattern and should be grateful for it. Just imagine the population of J&K educated in their MADRASAAS where the KORAN is Science, Mathematics, Geography, History and LAW! Shameful and derogatory.

    The so called separatists of J&K: Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Farooq, Agha Syed Hassan, Mohammad Yasin Malik, Al-Moosvi Al-Safvi, Molvi Masroor Abbas, Ghulam Hubbi, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Bilal Siddiqui, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, Ashfaq Majid Wani, Farooq Ahmed Dar, Zafar Akbar Butt are all Muslim terrorists and the follower of the POS Muhammad. These people, if given power will destroy us Indians without any thought or hesitation. We Indians know it better than the western countries, the reason they(Europe and USA) are/will suffer this barbaric invasion. The Indian army using pellet guns against violent protesters in J&K are crying on humanitarian grounds. Now the army will be using PAVA shells which is chilli based and makes the target immobile. What else can we do to protect ourselves? Where were these human rights people when the Kashmiri pundits were slaughtered? They portray the same innocent Muslim picture in J&K as in Palestine. The Jews deserve to live their lives and have the right to protect themselves. Just like us Indians who are mostly Hindus. For those who don’t understand the plight of the Jewish people, consider this situation:

    Hindus killed and persecuted in India elope to other countries for safety. They thrive and help those nations with their knowledge and skills. Then, a man named Hitler considers Hindus as inferior race and starts exterminating them in the most sadistic way. Now the Hindus want to escape this atrocity. Where will they escape to? Which is their homeland? INDIA. Similarly, for Jews, their homeland is Israel since four thousand years. Where else could they go? It’s their land as much as India is for Hindus. There are two I’s in this war of survival. India and Israel. Both democratic countries surrounded by Islamic countries.

    The USA based NGO Freedom House considers J&K partly free. But it considers the Pakistan administered Kashmir as “Not Free”. Think why? The Indian government providing all the facilities and rights to the people of J&K but they are still oppressed. Why? It is because they want the infidels called Hindus killed as prescribed by the POS Muhammad. Till then they won’t be happy or satisfied. We Indians know better. We Indians will fight against these Muslim bastards till our last breath. We Indians(one Billion) have a right to survive. I urge all the indians who have relatives in America with voting rights, to please ask them to vote for Donald Trump. Trump and Modi can make us feel safe and secure in these times of Muslim domination. These two leaders can together make this world a better place to live in. This way of life is offensive to every Muslim. Please contribute as much as you can. Hillary Clinton is a fu#king whore who has accepted millions of dollars for her campaign in this election from Saudi Sheiks and will be accepting millions of middle eastern people into USA as planned. These mostly men are the soldiers of Muhammad and will run havoc on the American citizens. We Indians should do our part. To end this comment, let it be humorous:

    An Indian representative opening his speech in UN, “Let me share a very old story. Rishi Kashyap, the naming father of Kashmir, saw a beautiful lake and wished to take a bath. He removed his clothes and put it on a rock besides the lake. When he came out of the lake bathed, he found his clothes missing. The Pakistanis stole it.” A furious Pakistani representative loudly retaliated saying, “What are you saying? The Pakistanis were not there at that time.” The Indian representative smiled and continued, “Now that we have it clear, let me begin my speech. They(Pakistanis) say that Kashmir belongs to them….

    Long live India, USA and Israel. God help Europe, Australia, New Zealand, south America and Africa.

    Peace to all.

    • I just read your first sentence that muslims of India support pakistan’s claim on kashmir….sorry to say but u r WRONG….they dont….clear the misconception of ur mind….

      -Indian Muslim

  17. You’re insight is beautiful and well stated. We, as a race on a dying planet, need more knowledge of this sort. We are destroying ourselves, and all the arguing in the world won’t help our species. LOVE and be at peace with ALL living things..🌍

    • Buddha said there are hells..My thinking is that..Victims in hells are not to be suffered forever..to be released when it is time..Then vacancies are arised..As a substitution..the person who are qualified with hell’s entries requirements..are appeared in these vacancie..
      .By nature..there must be a black force to get the misfortuned releiving people who are eligible or competent with hell. They are unlucky dare to do ( unlucky means…they are brain-washed to think that is right way)bloodsheds..brutalities..cruelties..They can be seen in plain with not decent..nonglory appearances with blind concepts with non-return or one way valve phylosophies before they die in nowadays of scientific advanced discoveries of nature..
      But..there is right and wrong..good and bad..white and black..light and dark..by nature..
      They must be on earth. …but not forever..Once upon a time..people thaught that the earth was a flat plain….They were not to be blamed upon their believes…

  18. Hey people… Those who say Islam is bad is only looking at one side of the coin.But you are forgetting APJ Abdul kalam who is called the missile man of India.You are forgetting Moulana Azaad who had a great contribution in India’s freedom. Ahmed Khan in Bangalore made the use of polythene and made 40 kilometres roads.Shahrukh khan who is great ambassador of India. Not only shahrukh but also Amir Khan, Salman khan,shaif Ali khan,Irrfan khan,Farah khan,Imraan khan and many more are giving great contributions in film industries. Muslims are becoming IAS,police officers,Doctors, Engineer, teacher, lecturer, Bank manager and many more.Total world survey says 95.26% Muslims are good and others 4.74% Muslims are in terrorist organizations. Its not bad.Because in every religion there are some bad people.
    Even in our Hinduism 9.45 % are Maoists, naxalists,thieves, rapist,murderers.Our religion are in more dangerous to be finished.We should take care of our religion first.Islam is fastest growing religion because they are much dedicated to their god and prophet. They do 5 timesprayer,they do 30 fasting in Ramzaan months.

    Muslims are said to be it who submit to god.But our sanatan dharm being the oldest didn’t know that our own Vedas says not to do “Murti Puja”. Vedas says Ishwar neerakar.It mean no shape of any god but we give shape to 330000000 gods and godess. We must be shame @barenakedislam.I think you are a RSS people that’s why u are hating Muslims. Be a good Hindu.we must respect and invite our Muslims brother and sister on occasion of diwali dushera etc.Because they invite us on occasion of Holy Eid and Bakrieid etc.

    I have my boyfriend a Muslim and I came to know about it all.He showed me Vedas what is written is ” Last rishi is coming ” and also came as prophet Muhammad.

    Please read vedas it is written clearly.
    My boyfriend have also showed me upanishad where it is written god has no shape. But we made shape.

    My eyes are open now.

    I got the real beautiful mesmerized miraculous exotic exuberant and remarkable religion Islam.

    He never force me to accept Islam but I did. Because it is the truth of human kind.

    I thought many wrong about Islam and Muslims previously but my doubt is clear.

    Please accept Islam and then you can understand that it never says to do terrorism in world but says terrorism in own self to remove dirty things like lie,greed,proud,mischief, bad manner. Terrorism against these things says Islam. Islam never says to kill innocent or even never says to kill those who don’t believe in Islam.But Islam says to make them understand the fact of Islam and do terrorism against the evil things inside his/her heart.

    Hope my friends you will understand.

    Now I m a Hindu but have no misconceptions against Islam because I go very deep with my boyfriend’s help and now I got the truth.

    My request to all hindus to know the truth of what Islam says.

        • Islam is a religion of saitan , when a person converted into Islam, he lost his all freedom,of religious, he loss free thinking, he loss the right to rise any question against Islam, on merit, he have to bound to follow all wrongs and ugly in life, Islam ignore all logic and science, they are blind follower of kamuk Muhammad and Koran and back to 1500 years barbarian culture , no love only win by force or kill to other is it a religion of god or saitan ?


      • The article was written by an Hindu lady named jothi rani modi is not true the person who wrote article is a pure muslim terrorist. Because the world knows better about Islam and founder of Islam named Mohammad, how he established Islam in the name of Allah the devil , declaring war against neighbouring countries and looted the Treasury and shared among themselves . Mohammad share was 20percent, the balance was shared by the Islam army. Muslims are joined to Mohammad not to preach about Islam but to get share haring of looted treasury . Let Jothi rani modi to know the truth of islam first of all really if u r an Hindu.

        • The author of this article is Raj Kumar Bharadwaj …he has stated facts…jyothi rani modi is either a muslim troll or a victim of ‘love jihad’ and has been brainwashed. Vedas dont speak of Mohammad but Puranas do and refer to him as Maha Mada and as ahead of the evil force. Google persecution of hindus to atudy islamic atrocities over 1300 yrs

      • ….mesmerized miraculous exotic exuberant and remarkable… sorry but you are not clear in head. Dont overvalue any religion, this causes only blood and death.

      • Somebody needs to get reported. You are the real terrrorist for spreading hatred against your fellow citizens. I wont defend my religion because i dont need to. I am as much indian as you are. How deeply saddened i am to see such horrific comments from my fellow citizens. How could someone even think of such things. You guys need to get a job. And guess what we are not going anywhere we are staying right here. 😊 Peace ✌🏻️

    • If you are really a Hindu girl, you are entitled to be the most ‘stupid’ one alive. That boyfriend of yours must be inserting all this “Good Muslim” ideas in your head with his dick/penis!

      • Rani, remember this :
        You will start abusing Islam after some muslim rapes you in the name of religion, after he kills your family just for religion. Shouting Allah hu Akbar.

        You study about condition of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

        Muslims are god and secular only if they were minorities.
        If they were majority all you can hear is Islamic state and Sharia law.
        People like you won’t wake up, till it comes to you.
        Even in Bengal and UP they are showing their colour.
        Mohammed wrote quaran to fight against meccans and it is more cruel, which they are following.

        “A drop of poison in glass of milk is enough to kill you.”

        See how Hindus, Sikhs and bhuddists were wiped out from country.
        Read about Nalanda university.

        Increase your knowledge and talk.

    • I suggest you to please read rangila rasool once.you say god is one it is written in Vedas.you should follow these Vedas.why kuran??

    • jyoti rani modi you are posting from a fake id actually even you are a muslims and you are not a hindu girl.DON”T think that we are stupids,stop posting idiotic things.

    • He didn’t shown you the real hinduism he has shown love – jihad to you if he really loves then tell him to convert into hinduism . He told you about apj , sharukh , aamir and all others but what about aurenzeb , babur , gazini who looted somnath temple 22 times and killed millions of hindus just to convert them. And

    • hinduism tell that every human has power of god within him and one just needs to get enlightened with it. But islam tell die for allah and his cause so u will get heaven. So dont relate dirty violentic islam with hinduism. Secondly if you are a hindu, then why convert to islam and why are you telling others to convert to islam. Your own post showed how dangerois islam is in matters of conversion. Beta if your husband was good person u would not have converted to islam u wud have stayed hindu. N beta ur prophet married a six year old girl and had sex with her when she was nine. So please dont tell about your atharki prophet. Islam is worst religion. And please dont relate islam with hinduism.

    • Only few of the muslims are good but all r fools n they always were lyk we want this we want that only they have given so many rights in our country only for vote banks…. N by the way what about kashmiri pandits ??? All news channels shows the gujrat rikts but no one showed the kashmir riots…. Do u knw how many hindus r living in kashmir… They only wants azaadi from india but do u knw all the sindh and baloochistan states of pakistan wants freedom from pakistan

    • Its a waste to make such morons understand that there is no such thing written in any religion to kill for it or die for it….not even its written to protect your religion as its not a person who can’t defend himself its a knowledge and faith and they don’t need anyone’s protections……for peoples actions we should blame there religion, in our country no one do crime based on their religion they do because of there mentality…. And u all r taking about past not Hindus died Muslims also died not for the relation but for ruling over India….and don’t don’t forget Muslims and Britishers only developed India…

    • you should study both religion again. Islam has taken most of part form Judas and Christianity. As Joseph became Yususf ,Jacob became Yakub in Islam. and Even all the stories of Old testament has been Copied by So called scholars of Islam.
      you have mentioned about Vedas. Give us the Reference where it is mentioned that we can not worship Idols. there are 4 Vedas,6 Vedang,108 Upanishads,18 purans and even many other Great books. one single quote of These books are Better than whole Concept of your Bloody Divine book.
      there are 58 Islamic country in world and most of them are indulge in civil war. better to save your own Bro an sis,in spite of defending their act here.

    • You are a big idiot jyoti , you don’t know anything about hinduism, your boyfriend just fooled you and given you just little information about hinduism, we all must shane on you , shame on your family even your family also shane on you to bring a terrorist in your family, your boyfriend rape you then your boyfriends family members rape you then leave you as a bitch in thier home , muslim always terrorist they snells bad where they live just go abd check it out , if you want to know about the truth of Hinduism then go to iskcon temple you will get your answers, don’t believe on your boyfriend, he will never say ram ram or jai shree ram but you foolish always say Allah or allah hafiz why you do such chutiyapa , just think about it that what you doing and what your bastard muslim boyfriend doing, never try to compare hinduism to islam because hinduism is best and which you are going to be is worst in the world, after reading this you are going to do what your boyfriend says then you are the world’s biggest chutiya, foolish girls

    • Please see the verses of kuran you will find hate, terror, lust,loot, violent jihad, innocent killing and slaughtering of non Muslims.

    • Assume you are muslim girl and arugue with your husband for his alchoholic consumption/or your husband is interested in a onother women/you have given girl child and he suddenly says talaq 3 times then what…….and he repeates his offence…..How it benefits to equality

    • You know nothing about Hinduism. Hinduism is more than a religion. It’s the only religion which gives you freedom to worship the ultimate power i.e Brahman(Aum) in any way you like be it idolatory or without idolatory or not worhip i.e be an atheist. The reason we have so many Gods is also a beautiful part of our religion which no other religion in this planet gives i.e. it says there is no compulsion to follow one particular God, you can create a God of your own and worship it or don’t create. Hinduism gives freedom to either follow idolatory or not cause afterall Param- Aatma(Aum)i.e Brahman is the ultimate power which never came and will never go which is always there.
      To understand Hinduism you need an open heart and mind else you’ll never understand what this great religion is.

    • Girl please get some knowledge first, don’t repeat zakir naik here,,,,,
      How is it possible that all people from Islam is terrorist only…. there is something wrong with their religious books….

      And Muslims themselves worship stone at kabbah ,,, we gave beautiful shape to them,,,

      Not everyone can understand Brahman and they are idols of Hindus, Ram , sita , Krishna etc are all ideals of Hindus,

      We learn to follow their path by worshipping them ….

      Just because all Muslims says murti puja is wrong we can’t start believing them ,,,,,

      And who these Muslims are to say that idols worshipping is wrong ,,,, we don’t say them this is wrong that is wrong about their religion…..

      We had accepted them as they are but see them they keep interfering in your religious beliefs and preaching their wrong mentality….

      Islam born in desert means marusthal it’s a dead religion. It’s so dry and devoid of beauty and serenity….

      One achieve God by reading a book 5 times a days and becoming parrot…. it’s brain washing idea to read 5 times something…..

      That’s why all Muslims all-over the world are not living in peace …. where is the peace which this religion claims ……

      Even world became islam then also they will never be peace ….

      It’s like keep updating the old software on new windows ,, it’s won’t work man ….

      All Muslims majority countries in world are dying.

    • Mam do you ever read quran….?….please read once…..and please try to read simple quran in chronological order otherwise you will never understand. U can search for simple quran….if you can’tfind tell me 8 will send direct link to download……I insist please read once

    • Who told you RSS hates muslim? Read their oath carefully and you will know Rss was established for welfare of mankind in India. Be it of any religion.

    • Jyoti rani modi .. either you haven’t red any version of Kuran or you are in deep love shit! That I are blind.. I don’t say sharukh ..Aamir ..etc are bad .. but have u ever been to Kashmir? Or mumbai’s Muslim dominated regions ..? Have you ever read that women in Muslims when are born go through a process so that they can’t please themselves and can be used only to please their men ! If your husband ..sorry shohar decides he wants a talakh you have no say on it ..besides he is allowed to get married 3 times !! N being a girl u are that blind that you are ignoring all of it ! You are amazingly dumb girl! In kashmir when I went on a vacation ..their are open announcements that Kashmir hamara h ..hinduoṅ ko humne nikala hai .. in mumbai ..by-Culla you will see Muslim flags hosting everywhere n on Fridays people shouting hame faqr h Muslim bhaiyo pe n then they talk all shit about hindu .. they eat chikeṅ halal kar ke only .. you realy think 90% Muslim teachings are correct ? Seriously girl you need to read first n learn n then write ..people are always good but what they have been taught reflects in their thinking ..n muslims living in pak .. I mean al-kaida is supported by Afghanistan ..

    • Hindu scriptures have corruptions..it must have been a corruption that last avtar in hinduism is prof.muhammed done during the mughal era..now it is showed by ur boy friend as true in front of you..you first study well all these Vedas and upanishad..Islam is believing God as well as prophet..but hinduism is knowing God with out a specific prophet..it is utter foolish that you have converted to Islam..if you know that idol worship is wrong,you need not do it..Hinduism by definition is a monotheistic religion..what you understood from ur boy friend is from zakir naik who play a bright game using religious scriptures to convert hindus.none can worship or pray without the help of an object or more..Muslims are also doing it,because of the presence of blackstone(hajre aswad) and Kaaba to the direction of which Muslim start their daily 5 prayer..Muslim simply deny it..but actually they are the so called idol worshipers..don’t believe in God,try to understand what is god..the problem of Hindus is they are unknown about their own scriptures..don’t believe that last avtar is prophet Muhammad but kalki..scripture,bavishyapurana in which there is mention about muslims is corruptive and is interpolated during mughal era..there is also a prediction from Muhammad that the entire world will not be the land of Islam or islamic dominion and there will be come back to Medina where Islam started under the commandment of Muhammad..Muslim can convert Hindu like you..the whole conversion will never happen and this people,hindus remain and live after Islam..
      It is sad to me to know that you were a Hindu..I had a Muslim girl friend and she also told me what your boy friend told you..but I know the reality you dont.then she left me getting married under compulsion of parents.
      She did her duty to convert me for her religion ..likewise I did my duty..first you understand that Hindu scriptures were being corrupted by each and every era..then how can you understand that prophet Muhammad is in Hindu scriptures..by name,i say no.. it is a hypothesis that kalki avtar is Muhammad..I have another hypothesis that mecca is a shiv temple and black stone is shiv ling(shape of universe) which was splitted into pieces by Muhammad’s companion..better you study about preislamic ere..born as a Hindu live as Hindu and die as a Hindu..come out from your infrastructure(Islam) to freedom(hinduism) to know god not to believe god.you pls understand that by means every religion is idol worshiper..Muslims don’t agree but actually they are..you must have found the reality of ur past religion,way of life before conversion to Islam.can anybody state a religion as scientific as hinduism?it can’t..bcoz it is way of life not a religion like Islam that is under the teachings& laws of prophet muhammad

  19. I was very happy to find this discussion. I must commend the courage of the writer of the first article. I have to say that as an outsider to Islam and Hinduism I must agree with the author. We may well all be victims of our own ideas. The failure to distinguish what I’s fact from what is idea is the root of our problem. Even though we may have an immense idea of this god, we have to accept that it is our very own idea. I see room for this view in ancient Hinduism, and admire it’s superb world view.

    Anyone who does not understand the fantastic contribution of IndiAN IDEAS TO THE WHOLE WORLD IS EITHER TECHNICALLY AN IGNORAMUS OR A moron. People who suggest that Islam has made a significant contribution to world of thought usually know nothing of this very same Thought. Rather it appears to be violently parasitical on those civilisations who have slowly and with effort produced these sciences. I could quote Shakespeare but I wouldn’t say that it is Law..
    I do dislike the threats veiled or otherwise against this thoughtful writer.

    • Absolutely true. Would also like to add that one cannot expect anything better from a race with a history of incestuous relations, which is still openly prevalent. Horrifying to imagine morals from people who marry their own cousins, neices

  20. Hello All,

    All muslim people in India they should at least understand that there ancestors were hindus.. Later they converted to islam due to mughal’s… they must convert to hindu again..

    You people need to read Bhagwad geeta,Ramayana.. so that you all can understand what is humanity…


  21. I can see many funny comments about so called religion Islam. First it is not an religion. Moreover who the hell Muslim think to question on Hindu religion. Hindu religion is not borned by anyone so don’t say anything rubbish about Hindu religion. Talking about Quaran did u know who has written quarran and if u read it you will never know from where to start as first chapter comes after many chapters now tell me if the author him self was confused how to write a book then thimk of the situation of readers and followers who are following it so Muslim stop talking nonsense and just focus just to prepare a index then set ur book in proper manner then do gyanbaji or just leave ur nonsense and start following humanitarian approach . Please read it carefully as u dont understand my words in once as ur mulla’s have made ur brain dumb. Lastly ask ur experienced people what has happened when ur 11 pir was came to take exam of knowledge of Ramdev pir and they all take lessons from him.

    • Whatever muslims speak in front of public, internally they are different. muslims are so much foolish people in this world that they are brain washed by their mullahs. muslims never able to be a true friend of Hindu, as from inside they hate Hindus. almost all terrorist are muslins. I hate muslims.


      • My friend, I am really sorry to say, Hinduism one of the funniest religion in the world. But I never hate you. Because my allah create you and me.
        He create all mankind equal.where black and white, high cast low cast is not exist. We don’t have billion of God. Our only one God never eat like us, never sleep, never have sex with his own creature. He is most powerful nothing comparable with him. Our God teaches us. Every one has right to live on earth. He gives us a short period of time of life to enjoy on earth. We believe, we have day of judgement where every body has to face a trial in front God. Once you pass the trial. You will be rewarded to paradise, if you fail on trial you will be punished on hell fire. That’s the very briefly Islam. My friend we never believe four major cast in the society.
        Low cast are neglected by high cast. It’s not fit for modern society. Besides this woman has no right parent property, divorce women or widow can’t marry other man..!! Though she is young. There are thousand of discrimination in your religion. It’s time to put this region in Museum. yes my friend Hinduism such a religion, which doesn’t fit for modern civilisation . Thx

        • Hinduism is Real Religion of earth, all other religion are just derived by their some leaders…

          i want to say …don’t give your opinion with QURAN to we Hindus…its bulshit…

          first go and read our history,

          read GARUD PURAN , RAMAYANA, VISHNUPURAN,SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA it has all answer for your question…..

          check our Veda purana… then talk with us…….

          first do educate yourself and then talk with US …you cheap uneducated people…

          do you know the single word “OM…”chanting is more powerful then any other word…. “OM….” the most easily compile able word that directly connect any people to the universal power (GOD) ,supreme power… … had you ever try it ??

          Science also accepting this thing …so guys you need to accept that HINDUS ARE THE BEST AND EVER ….NO ONE BEAT US …AND WILL NEVER… !!!

          Om Namo Narayana ….

        • Before talking about our religion plz insure that you know everything about your religion.
          Hinduism is a great religion and it can’t be understood by your kind of fools.
          To understand our religion you need to be very knowlegable which you are not and can’t be…
          I am proud to be a hindu……

        • oh really so first of all tell your brothers of isis to stop killing innocents andbeheading them does islam teaches you this first answer my question if they are afraid of allah then how they can do it they follow quran so obiviously islam should be names as a cruel religion which will fade away within short period in the entire world

        • Mohammad Amin , You don’t know anything about Hinduism.God doesnt sex with anybody like your paigambar had sex with 6 year girl.and paigambar’s age was 53. and he had 11 wife. And you said women don’t get married again in your islam beacuse all her physical needs satisfied by her father in law or brother in law in islam. we know this very well. and many examples are there in front of me. Also we dont hate muslim because our god teaches to spread love only and not jihad..

        • As I’ve already said, you guys are a result of incestuous relations with cousins, nieces. It would be futile to expect anything better from you guys. 4 wives and each bearing 4-6 kids, you breed like pigs you perverts and still do bloody so called Motherfucking Jihad so that you can have ’72 VIRGINS’ when you die. You live a Pig’s life and you die like them as well

        • Time to put YOUR religion (albeit, it’s generous of me to even label your Moon God worshipping as that) in a museum! A 7th century, Satanic, regressive totalitarian ideology which is no different to Communism and Nazism. Please ‘fornicate’ off, and invest in some time thinking sexy thoughts about a pack of Dromedaries!

        • I am not a Muslim or Hindu but I have common sense and do notice a difference in the two. As i have interacted with both. Most Hindu people I know
          Are loving and kind. The Hindu philosophy have contributed/ responsible for all Greta modern day stupidest. Muslims are evil
          Very wicked and all the men look evil. They are stupid Brainwash idiot. Muslims are not allowed to think just follow orders like a solider. There is only lies and deceit in the army. That’s what all Mislims are, stupid foot soliders. Islam is an empty devil
          Worshipping religion. Mohammed was a molesteor . He even killed a family member to steal
          His wife. A very evil
          Man . The Vatican created Islam to fight the Jews . Islam was a created religion .

        • Filthy Islam is not fit for the modern world.There is slavery in islam and it is thuggish personality. Cult. It is a predatory. Parasititic ideolgy for world political. Domination. Only pagan religion.can save humanity

      • Btw Barenakedislam, Hindus never thrived under the British. I dont know what the hell you’re talking about

      • Hey look u have all miss connection just please tell me and SHOW ME where in the Quran it’s says that it’s ok to do all that SHIT show me pls I’m calling u out nigga if u a Man U better do it they raped women THAT IS ZINA it’s a major sin in Islam N even ur religions States that OUR God is the only one so here…FACE THE FACT alright and stops criticizing respond ASAP I want to hear this from u

  23. Hinduism is Real Religion of earth, all other religion are just derived by their some leaders…

    i want to say …don’t give your opinion with QURAN to we Hindus…its bulshit…

    first go and read our history,

    read GARUD PURAN , RAMAYANA, VISHNUPURAN,SHRIMAD BHAGWAT GEETA it has all answer for your question…..

    check our Veda purana… then talk with us…….

    first do educate yourself and then talk with US …you cheap uneducated people…

    do you know the single word “OM…”chanting is more powerful then any other word…. “OM….” the most easily compile able word that directly connect any people to the universal power (GOD) ,supreme power… … had you ever try it ??

    Science also accepting this thing …so guys you need to accept that HINDUS ARE THE BEST AND EVER ….NO ONE BEAT US …AND WILL NEVER… !!!

    Om Namo Narayana ….

  24. Dear Bhardhwaj,
    First your good observation “The Muslims contributed NOTHING to the Indian culture, intellectual establishment or civilisation.” yes ofcourse.. some of the moghul emperor’s negative attitude towards culture could be visible to you.. and you totally seeing the negative or the people who does the wrong things belongs to great ISLAM or in the name of islam.
    dear brother please understand that no community is preaching wrong things to perform either hindu or muslim, or christian.. all the community preaches love to human beings and good things to do to have a better (short and temporary life in this world) living in this world.
    So once again please know about the concept fully & deeply and what is preaching by ISLAM,HNUDUISM,CHRISTIANITY etc…then you understand.. mistake is not the community… but the persons.. please FIRST CLEARLY UNDERSTAND….

    Some thing could hurts you because of our muslim brothers., I fully apologize on behalf of them..but community not done that………please understan..
    god bless you..

      • it is because of the support that the so called “outcasted Jihadist” get from you that they survive .
        simple argument if 6 out of 10 people say that muslims are dangerous,then that is what it is.
        plus u muslims had a chance to go to pak. go there and talk about support for islam and stuff like that ….
        plus just use that tiny brain of your and think for a while if the whole world is against some thing there must be some valid reason…………………………….
        oh and RAHUL u dont have to prove your secularism by siding with hajies…………..

        dude u r an indian and a hindu we understand u dont have to prove it by siding with them

        this country is the only place where a hindu has to prove he is secular

        and muslis have to prove that they are patriotic

    • I agree with you Sir…. but one should not be violent to others or animals on the name of God. Always respect others & accept their methodology when it is so pure & non violent .. high in values.. Gods represents sacrifice.. either its Christ, Lord Rama, Shri Krishna.. interpretation has to be correct … Not to you but for people reading here! Thanks.

    • You fuckin Hindus who the fuck do u think u are questioning about islam.islam is the true religion.have u ever thought why you kafir are never happy,why u have too many problems HAVE U EVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT the reason is because u are kafir this the punishment for u for being kafir.for u this might be bad fate but it is a punishment from allah.on the last day everything will be REVEALED.all that nonsense men “raping women” “killing” etc us all a LIE u KAFIR live with this LIE as the “truth” then on the last day BURN IN HELL!!!!

      • Dear Natasha how do define word Majhab, I’ll translate this word in Hindi Din charya not Dharma ,, moreover Islam come in to existence after death of pft Mohd so before his death which religion he was following? Moreover Jise Allah kehte he woh to Hums nam ke kabile ka Kuldevta tha jiski pooja mecca ke mandir me unki tin betiya nam 1. Allat 2. Al mannat aur 3. Al uzza ke sath hoti thi aur Mohmad sahab ke Kuldevta the Hubal jinka putla 24 feet uncha tha aur jiski pooja Mohamed sahab khud aur unke mata pita, Dada dadi sab karte the.
        Refrance encyclopedia of Islam by munshi mehboob alam page no 485.

      • Let us be VERY honest Natasha. Your Muslim men are vile misogynists, but you probably get a thrilling S and M style kick out of being treated like Chattel, by the male Muslim goat molesters, whilst you endorse and encourage them to rape and molest Infidel women and underage girls. Let’s look at all the rapes in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Finland, since all your brethren went on a pseudo-refugee plight / Hijrah invasion into Western Europe. These feral animals just cannot control themselves, and it is all racially and religiously motivated. Furthermore, the Afghans have imported their Bacha Bazi molestation of young boys, into European swimming pools. I’m proud to insult yourself, your men and Islam, per se. I’m also proud that you will label me as a Kuffar. It makes me superior to you.

      • Lol.. Wait till you get married, bitch. And dont worry, you will get used to rape. Its astonishing that you are still not raped by your uncles and cousins. Maybe you are anticipating it with bated breath. Are you?

      • Natasha there isnt existing “a real true religion”. This is a illusion. There is only one God for everybody and it is for this singularity absolutely uninteresting, if, for example, women wear a head scarf or not. you underestimate God if you think, such ridicoulus minor details were important for a singularity like God. These rules are made from people to suppress other people. This is the only sense of these “rules”.

  25. yes islam is a religion which has to be wiped out of the world. it is actually a satanic religion. i have experienced the religious hatred of muslims. in the coming end time, islam will be devastated. there are lots of evidence about the massive religious tribulation in the coming end time in the bible and the nostradamus predictions.

  26. ”I am requesting those muslims who have never read the Quran in a language that they understand to please do so NOW. To save you time, go directly to the below verses and double check them against your version of the Quran.

    Now tell me honestly, were you aware of these verses before? Why do you think that your religious leaders insisted you read it in Arabic only? Can you defend these verses? Do you not feel like a mug now? Will you now remain a Muslim or join the rest of Humanity?
    1) Kill any one who insults Islam or Moham-mad. (Koran.33;57-61).

    2) Kill all Muslims who leave Islam. (Koran.2;217/4;89/Bukhari.9;84-57).

    3) Koran can not be doubted. (Koran.2;1).

    4) Islam is the only acceptable religion. (Koran.3;85).

    5) Muslims must fight (jihad) to non-Muslims, even if they don’t want to. (Koran.2;216).

    6) We the non-Muslims are pigs and apes. (Koran. 2;62-65/Koran.5;59-60/Koran.7;166).

    7) We the non-Muslims cannot be friends with Muslims. (Koran.5;51).

    8) We the non-Muslims are sworn enemies of Muslims and Islam. (Koran.4;101).

    9) We the non-Muslims can be raped as sex slave. (Koran.4;3 & 24/5;89/23;5/33;50/58;3/70;30).

    10) We the non-Muslims are the vilest of creatures deserving no mercy. (Koran.98;6).

    11) Muslim must terrorize us (non-Muslims). (Koran.8;12 &59-60/ Bukhari.4;52;220).

    12) Muslims must strike terror into non-Muslims hearts. (Koran.8;60).

    13) Muslims must lie to us (non-Muslims) to strengthen and spread Islam. (Koran.3;28/16;106).

    14) Muslims are allowed to behead us (non_Muslims) (Koran.47;4).

    15) Muslims are guaranteed to go to heaven if they kill us (non-Muslims). (Koran.9;111).

    16) Marrying and divorcing pre-pubescent children is OK. (Koran.65;4).

    17) Wife beating is OK. (Koran.4;34).

    18) Raping wives is OK. (Koran.2;223).

    19) Proving rape requires 4 (four) male Muslim witnesses. (Koran.24;13).

    20) Muslims are allowed to crucify and amputate us (non-Muslims). Koran.8;12/47;4).”

    • Teachings of Islam are horrific. It is preaching terrorism; this could have been denied by the masses. Had it been done so, the massacre could have avoided. Civilised people will earn their bread by hard work and not by invasion.Infact, Indian people never wanted to spread their empire out side and therefore they never equiped themselves with modern waponary at that time. In addition to this, there was ban on other communities not to hold the weapon. Disunity among the kings in India lead to our defeat. Islam has taught them looting and murder. Invasion was done for the sole purpose of looting our wealth and spreading Islam. Islamic foolishness ISIS activity should be contained immediately.

      • That’s the reason Americans n Europeans are accepting Islam problem is with superstitious n ignorant penis and vaginas worshippers.

        • Who told you that, some people always change their religion. Hindus become Christians or Muslims, Muslims become Christians or Buddhists, Buddhists become Muslims or Christians, Christians become Muslims or Buddhists and some even become atheists. That does not prove any religion right or wrong. What matters most is what as a society you have achieved. Let me ask you this question, How many Noble Prize have the Muslims won in the last 100 years? How many Olympic Medals? How many inventions have they made( TV, Computer, Cars, Airplanes etc,), How many World-Cups? Find the answer and ask yourself, Why

          • These bastards are openly challenging our freedom and security everywhere and ignorant America and Europe are providing them asylum. Thats exactly what we need now, huh? More suiciders and rapists. Fools.

        • accept shafique islam is a virus for this world preaching wrong things in your quran makes you a terrorist and nothing else

        • I never saw a Hindu or Jain or British or Christan terrorist. It has to be only Muslim. That is sad. There is some fundamental problem here.These people are brainwashed in the name of Islam. I never saw one muslim who respects other non-muslim person. Most of them seem to be driven by non-intellectual and barbaric hat redness. Why can’t they think? Why can’t they repair their fundamental problems arising out of their holy book? Is there no intellectual person in this mostly barbaric violent gang? Why peace does not appeal to them? While the rest of the world is happy to co-exist and continue to be humans, this particular gang has some serious brain malfunction non tolerance disorder. Hope some wise person from their gang realise this basic fundamental problem, so that one day this gang of muslims realise they have to be first loved and for that they have to follow peace and the path of kindness. How come the rest of world gets it, most muslims seems to be fundamentally brainwashed by thoughts of violence and non-tolerance. Wake up. Use brains if you can. You can’t go against every other non-muslim. I never saw problems with Hindus,Jains,Americans or Europeans for that matter. They are so peace loving and really respectful. Unfortunately you people are not wise. May be one find day the whole world will decide to fight against You Terrorists and you will be wiped off. The only pathetic thing is good people (Non-muslims) have to waste their energy to wipe out stupid fundamentalists. Every terrorist is a Muslim and all terrorists will be wiped out.

        • Rani if you agree satanic worship is right then we can also agree woman is made for sex of man and child production machine .can you ready to marriage which person who married three women one time .why Muslim people country not equal right of non Muslim .today Islam is more dangerouss than atom bomb.


    In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and who-ever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no God but Allah and we bear witness that Mohammad is His Messengers.

    Now question needs answer…..Muslim, do you believe it?
    The answer is “YES.”

    * Mohammad ordered you to Kill non-Muslims (Koran. 2;191).
    * Mohammad ordered you to fight with non-Muslims until there is no more dissent and religion is that of Allah. (Koran. 2;193).
    * Mohammad said we the non-Muslims are uncleaned. (Koran. 9;28).
    * Mohammad ordered you all to instill terror into the hearts of the non-Muslims ; smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them. (Koran.8;12).

    Hi Muslim how can you EXPLAIN these most Evil verses in the Koran? How can you say that ISIS, Boko-Haram, Al-Shabab etc are NOT real Muslim?

    • well said jane, Then who do you think britishers are who tortured My INDIA and took its valuable resources.if you are a true INDIAN kindly conform who is the terrorist here britisher or our patriotic freedom fighter who fought for the nation and almost sacrificed their life to the nation.

  28. A real Muslim’s loyalty is not and will never be to your countries but to the global Islamic “Umma” (nation) only.

    At this point please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that ALL Muslims are bad; But we have no choice but to take care of them all because they ALL believe totally in this evil ideology,  but they do ALL believe in an evil man, a warlord, The Prophet of Islam.
    In the world of snakes and vipers, the average person can’t distinguish between the poisonous snake and the non-poisonous snake; the average person has no choice but to avoid all kind of snakes.. Since the world did not invent a tool able to detect who is the “devout” Muslim and who is the “nominal” Muslim or a device to detect who is telling the truth and who practising “taqqiyah تقية” (telling lies to the unbelievers in order to advance the cause of Islam), so it is wise to take your precautions against ALLMuslims and not accept them as immigrants or asylum seekers, they left us no choice but to avoid them all.

    It’s no ones fault that Muslims put themselves in this situation, since not one single Muslim has the will, the courage or indeed the ability to stop his fellow believers from harming others in the name of his religion. Not one single Muslim group has the guts or the will to organize manifestations to condemn Islamic terrorism, like those organized to condemn cartoons and youtube videos criticizing their “Prophet”, not one single mosque or Imam or Islamic organisation can teach against those violent texts in the Quran and the Hadith (words, deeds and biography of the prophet of Islam) which incite thousands of Muslims to commit acts of terrorism, because they can’t go against their own islamic books ….

    Until Muslims can accept responsibility and act to change, then they have no right to demand respect. Until then they have no right to endlessly act like robots and repeat that Islam is a “religion of peace”. This claim has absolutely no value or credibility now. Muslims can’t ask the rest of the world to respect them as they don’t respect others and continue to impose their laws and way of life on others.

  29. 1) The prophet Muhammed, in his 50s, married a little girl because it was legal in those times to do so. Apparently she was mature enough to do this and was pleased when he “took” her at age 9. Tell me this, someone, because I can’t understand it – what on earth ever makes it right for an adult male to have sexual intercourse with a child? These laws were not made by little girls, these laws were made by grown men who wanted to have sex with little girls. What am I missing?

    2) Muslim men are allowed to beat their wives; what on earth makes this right? Men should respect their life partner not bully them into submission. If they’re threatened by a woman perhaps they should not marry.

    • He was allowed because he had 3 things

      1) White cap ( taqiyah )
      2) Beard
      3) Fat stomach

      If you have a white cap , beard and fat stomach , you can get away with these things…

    • I find it also both curious and asinine, that the false Prophet went for a ride up into the Heavens, on a flying donkey. Call me cynical….

  30. That is what called Xenophobia !!!-
    About 10000 years ago Zoroastrian was the largest religion in the world
    About 5000 years ago Idolatry was the largest religion in the world –
    Since year 2000 Christianity is the largest religion of the world-
    In year 2050 Islam may or may not become the largest religion of the world-
    In year 3000 Atheist will be the Largest religion of the World-
    If you are sick why do you want to make others sick? – Aren’t you a big Mother Fucker !!!!-

    • Keep your fucked mind with you don’t utilize more. If Muslims are older in civilization then how come your Quran says Christians and Jews. How the word Christian and Jew was texted in Quran?

    • Researchers had said Hinduism dates back from 5500 BC when the Vadic (VEDAS) Ideas were scripted. But Archeological evidences are found which says that Hinduism dates back even older.

      • Hinduism is a fine frame formed with The Rich/Best steps to be followed to attain Eternal peace. It shows the path to Atma Moksha. it believes in the teachings of one who has SEEN rather than Heard. Researchers have found that even before Europe had Born, Indian(Hindu) Rishis have tried and succeeded in diverting their external senses towards internal and attained Moksha. The Hinduism has born with the collection of exceptionally best ideals of one’s peaceful and prosperous life, so their., no one had Forced for the birth of Hinduism like others.

        Atmano Mokshartam Jagat Hitaya Cha.

  31. This entire thread should be studied by “comparative religionists” for some time to come. Amazing. Thank you, BNI.

      • Muslims have contributed almost nil to world culture and knowledge. In primary school we were taught that our numbers were hindu-Arabic or just Arabic (as opposed to Roman numerals.) The truth is that these numerals were a Hindu invention/accomplishment. The Muslim Arabs appropriated the Hindu breakthrough, and of course, as is typical of their avaricious ideology and “culture”, claimed credit for them. So sad — and so typically Muslim.

      • BNI, This thread will continue as long as this filth called “Islam’ is totally wiped out from planet earth. I am an Indian born fourth generation Catholic. I know for a fact that my ancestors were all Hindus and I don’t know why and when they converted to Christianity. But I’m sure they had their reasons. As a kid, the only reason I hated Sundays was because I’d to wake up early on a holiday and go to or forcibly sent to the church to learn Hyms and prayers and what not. Nothing wrong with my parents to do so as they were doing what they were taught. I hated those parish priests who took things in their own stride as if they were the sole authority of god. God? Namely, Jesus of Nazareth. Well, today I believe that Jesus was a truly gifted teacher/master/guru in his own right who walked on earth. But God? Hmmm. Born on December 25th? Ascended to heaven? Sits at the right hand of the omnipresent? Spoiler alert!! MITHRAS, anyone? Powerful people have ways to instigate things and philosophies into dumbwits and it is still prevalent today. Jesus taught non violence, love, brotherhood, virtue, freedom of speech etc just like Buddha or Mahavir or any other teacher/guru did or does. I would love it if I’m proved wrong by the second coming of Jesus and will for certain kiss his feet and pray for mercy.(I see I’ve some new FB requests that needs my attention.. On my iPhone and…) Quiet an age to live in but what the fuck have we got ourselves into?
        I totally respect Hindus( I’ve the same blood running in my veins I guess) as they are very tolerant and diversified. Doesn’t matter how many gods they worship or what they eat or dress or look like. They are good humans with some exceptions as any other. Trust me, here, If I’d an argument or fight with a Hindu guy over some issue and I am correct in every imaginable way, I have had Hindu guys supporting me against the other Hindu guy. Why? They are not stupid. Still asking why? My friends, its because they understand the difference between right and wrong. Simple as it is.
        As for this motherfucking breed called Muslims, they don’t have the right to chose between right and wrong because they are forbidden to do so by the child raping, murderous, warlord, misogynist son of a rabid bitch named Mohammad. Period. Role model and the perfect human to emulate? Kiss my black arse. That bastard used juedo-christian believes and stories and made up the most heinous and barbaric military manual that the world has witnessed so far which makes Mein Kampf a fairytale in comparison. With over one billion bastards like Mohammad walking this earth and all guns blazing to take over the world(read:fuck over), in the name of all the good things being taught by Jesus like people, ohh how I so miss the American second amendment in India! Why? Look around. Again asking why?? Are you fucking kidding me?
        They were the subject and inspiration for all those zombie movies. George Romero nailed it way back in 1968. A true visionary I must admit. This Ishmael breed is doing exactly what YHWH told Abraham. No? Really? Read! Watch! Witness! Turn around and open your eyes! You dumbfuck securals/liberals/right wing assholes… Don’t you use the internet, iPhones, androids? Fuckkk.. They won’t give us a chance to survive unless of course we circumcise. Jews don’t even have that option as they are already doomed being circumcised because well, they are after all Jews. I pay to go to zoos and sanctuaries all over India to find them squeaking and jumping over trees as the shithead Mohammad must also be enjoying from hell the same sight whilst sucking Lucifers dick. That motherfucker also claimed to have cut the moon in half! 1400 years go? Man.
        I stand by each and every word I say as first hand experiences. Out of my 10 friends about 12 years ago, 8 were Muslims. Today= 0. Not only because of 9/11, slaughtered Kashmiri pundits, Bangladeshi/Pakistini Hindus, African ethnic minorities but because I closely watched and monitered them right here in a Hindu majority country. In a Muslim majority country, I’d have been killed long ago for even daring to say so. And as for all those who think that this disease called Islam can be peacefully dealt with, FUCK YOU TOO.. Dont get me wrong as I too believe in second chances but not to rabid dogs. No Sir. Annihilation is the only justice they deserve. This country treats me fair and square and no, not one of my family or relatives were killed by Muslims so as to say all these. Its my study and observation of this breed since the last 15 years that makes me do so. Mr Ali Sina, you are my brother from another mother.
        They don’t want to understand truth, logic, reasoning, humanity, eternal bliss, harmony. Things the rest of us acknowledge and crave for. For the only purpose of these zombies is to enslave the world and establish their view of things or die trying. Its time we all unite against this vile and sickening breed and get rid of them once and for all.
        Peace to my fellow human brothers.

        PS: Mr. Sina: The way you suggest this breeds mindset can be changed and all like showing them the true face of Islam and killing it from the inside, its not gonna happen pal. They know what they are doing and I am sure so do you bro.

      • BNI, I have so much respect for the Japanese people if religion or race is to be looked at. I mean they were such a powerful country which defeated almost every other country in Asia, China included. Bombed Pearl harbor and other colonies of European countries. Uncle Sam had to bomb them to surrender. Strategically correct but I feel sorry for those who suffered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki likewise for those killed by the Japanese forces all around which includes atrocities occurred in Peking(read: Rape of Peking.) But Japan, after that is still considered a world power supported by Uncle Sam itself. Restrictions were imposed on them too like Germany but Japans GDP growth in the 70’s and 80’s was phenomenal 7% to 8%, more than USA and Soviet Union. But today they don’t fight to rule any piece of land, left alone conquering the whole world with their culture or race. BTW, I support Uncle Sams war on Terrorism. But i don’t support their other propogandas though. I totally support Israels defence against the Muslim subcontinent especially Palestine(Not only because they were mostly dancing on their streets whilst their brothers were killing innoscent people(Kafirs) in Mumbai. Palestinians claim a land which has been a Jewish land since almost 4 thousand years which is a fact which they again occupied in 1947 but gave Palestinians land to live. There are still mosques in Israel like churches which are not blwon away but protected alike syanogogues. A stupid Indian Muslim also told me openly that ISIS and BOKO Haram and other terrorists are all jewish peple disrespexting islam. WHAT THE FUCK? Just look at the number of Nobel prize reciepients of among Jewish people. They have helped mankind with so many inventions and discoveries like Hindus and Christians. And what has Islam given. A false interpretation of sprirituality and true form of MILITARY MANUAL, nothing but that. ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO PROTECT ITSELF. Misslies are fired into Tel Aviv from schools and hositals which the Iron Drome identifies and in defence fires back. Its a machine. Then the sympathisers cry out loud and show pictures of killed children in those places. BTW, Hezbollas’s chief safely resides on Qatar being funded by Iran.
        98% of Japan constits of 98% Japananese people. Today they have a constitution which forbids them to make war and also not to support their allies like America. They can only do that if they are first attacked. Imagine a country thinking of attacking Japan which has the total backing of Uncle Sam with most of their navy bases there. Its not that Japan cannot protect themselves because they have the worlds 7th largest army. But knowing that Japan has not fired a shot since WW2 is amazing. Fuck. They convert Uncle Sam provided F15’s and make them 3 times better. They are so haman today. Not wanting death and destruction which they themselves so many times have done in the past. They still follow their culture like Hindus, Jews, Christians but religious wise they are Buddhist mainly. They have knowledge and are using it for mankind today. They learnt from their mistakes. One of the most fascinating monetary exchange is run by Japan where their currency is almost nothing or less than developing nations like India. Ever think why they don’t have too many migrations? Culture and tradition. A fucking nomadic Arabaic won’t understand a shit what is uttered in Japanese. Otherwise, muslims would have already done what they have in Europe and other countries. Hope these hopeless Muslims take notes and learn. Help Mankind!! We all are worthy of living on this beautiful planet. We all are acceptable according to our views and ideas. India, Uncle Sam, Israel and Japan rockzz!! Peace to all.

        • Dave, ever since Obama took office, Japan has expanded its military capabilities extensively and could produce a nuclear weapon in about 6 months. Of course, they say it is for defensive purposes but could easily be converted into offensive uses if need be. They knew right away that if push comes to shove Obama wouldn’t have their backs so they made adjustments accordingly.

          Who could blame them?

          • BNI, Japan was too smart for Obama administration. And rightfully so. I don’t understand America’s current ME propaganda. I mean they support many of ME countries with aids and military help. Which also included the fact that they have an equally strong ally like Israel there. Their support to Saudi Arabia is so obnoxious that it makes me feel nothing compared to their support to Pakistan. Their diplomats surely must be submitting Bibles, Torahs or for that matter the book of Satan at the Riyadh airport before entering the Muslim holy land. Saudi has a chop chop street. Small crimes which can be punished with imprisonment are treated with maiming or death. I dare any American diplomat visiting the Saudi royal family’s dinner party and ask for pork chops. Huh? Americans respecting other religion’s sentiments, huh? Building a mosque at the site of 9/11, huh? Where was the number one most wanted terrorist according to America found and killed by the seals, huh? Still providing Pakistan billions of dollars in aids and also F16? For military co-operation, huh? Bloody morons! Saudi can and will definetly acquire Chinese made nukes for Pakistan to bomb Israel while you are preoccupied with Tehran. Or are you late? The Obama administration warning Pakistan of any terrorism related activities only during his recent Indian visist? Motherfuckers. That’s how you understand terrorism? We deal with it daily here in India while you keep arming them to their teeth. America has had it’s flaws. But like Japan they have a beautiful history right from Lincoln’s effort in abolishing slavery, for creating a strong economy, diversified cultures, FREEDOM, equal opportunities etc. Think. Lincoln was shot, Kennedy shot(FBI couldnt let his sex tape with Marilyn leak among the American people, lol) Martin Luther King shot, thinking USSR will gain more power and attack during the cold war, thinking the Chinese people as just yellow people BUT…………… CONSIDERING ISLAM AS A RELIGION OF PEACE??? The current presidential candidate commenting on the horrendous killing of innocent school going kids in Pakistan, and I quote, ”Pakistan cannot breed snakes and only expect it to bite the neighbors”. Hillary Clinton saying this and then rallying around all over America looking for every possible way to win the elections has many of these infested muslim organizations backing. If not all. A LA Obama backing her. Donald Trump will be ousted from office or turn into a American version of Hitler if he wins, that’s for sure. I personally dont think he is capable of running a great nation like America. Trump is not the only solution to the American problem in the long run. But why not, me thinks. At least the world will be rid of the one most violent and evident face of tyranny. Good luck Americans for the time has come again to use your rights and do the right. Think!
            We Indians can very well protect ourselves now with PM Modi calling the shots. Still vulnerable to some extent though. Them killing cows and bulls in India and bragging about how it is a part of their culture is so stupid that they don’t understand that by doing so they are hurting the feelings of almost 1 billion Hindus who consider cows sacred. Modi government’s call for banning it in some states of India has them fuming. I used to eat beef as well and the ban has actually not affected me. Well, the liberals will say, ‘Poor man’s meat taken away’. But there is plenty of fish, chicken, goat meat, vegetables etc to eat. Did I mention pork? Which reminds me that I want to venture into a new business in the middle east. I want to open pork shops in all the ME countries for pork loving people living there. Is that fucking possible? Unless, of course if only and I mean only, if Mohammad had a pet pig which he loved more than Aisha!! Take that assholes! Think of an animal forbidden and one which is sacred! We chose Mr Modi because the Congress party and their likes were supporting the Muslim bastards creating ruckus and protesting here in Mumbai for the Rohingya Muslims killed in Burma by Buddhists? What made those peace loving Buddhists go on a killing spree leaves little to imagination. The Sri Lankan cricket(sport) playing team was fired at is Pakistan. That peace prize winning Pakistini girl was shot in the first place for????
            Americans, choose wisely. You are a country whose, land of the free and home of the brave quote needs some serious thinking now. Peace to all.

          • BNI, point noted. All the posts on this website should be read by all the citizens of this world because the perspectives and experiences shared are from different individuals, with different religions and cultures but with one major struggle against the followers of Islam. I just wasted about 7 hours waiting for some Koran educated moron to try and refute what I’ve mentioned in my posts earlier today. Surprising, but what the hell. I know this breed too well to expect anything but intelligence.

            BNI, North Americans, South Americans, already in shithole Europe, soon to follow Aussies and Kiwis, let an Indian give you the internal glimpse of the followers of Islam in India. After all, we have suffered for centuries because of Islam and want a death warrant issued against it. And for those good Muslims living in these mentioned continents, FUCK YOU ALL. Let me begin by my first experience as to what the fuck is wrong with these people expression I first got.

            Circa 1991-92, being a school going kid aged 10 and just like the rest of my nations craze for for the only sport we are good at, cricket, rushed to a friends house near school to watch Pakistan bowling with Sachin Tendulkar(Indian equilivalent to Babe Ruth) and Sanjay Manjrekar at crease. Sachin was playing well just when he was bowled by Aakib Javed. I was shattered but was more shocked by the instant standing applause and cheers from my friend and his family including elders who I doubt could even see the match with their wrinkled faces, right here in their house in India. I was made aware that they are Muslims first.

            Its not that our cricket team don’t have Muslim players. Nawab Mansur Ali Khan of Pataudi and Mohammad Azharuddin were captains. Now what the fuck should I understand of this? We don’t give them equal chances or we fail to recognize them? Mohd Azharuddin always played well against the Pakistanis. What was he trying to prove or why not similar gusto against other nations is what confuses me even to this day. Nevertheless, he was a good player. Again all are not same argument but I dunno what to think of them. To all those Muslims who say we support Indian team but actually try to bat and bowl like Shahid Afridi, LOL, shut the fuck up.

            Muslims in India openly speak out their mind asking, what has this country done for us? I, a Catholic, has got equal opportunities in school, same medical treatment as Hindus, no tax imposed for not worshipping Shiva or Rama, voting rights, rights to buy land and other properties among other facilities shared with Hindus. I can go on one limb and tell for a fact that every Muslim has got the same in India. With the exception of their beloved SHARIA LAW. See the point? They can’t openly say this. The Supreme court of India refused to acknowledge their law recently and they are as you know oppressed! Their problem is that if Islam has ruled over any country and then had to give up on it for whatever reason, they are bound by their religion not to accept that countries policies, parties or rulers unless of course the Muslims rule it again. Twisted huh? We know very well.

            India’s Kennedy family, the Gandhi’s have ruled over India for 60 years with their political party Congress. Karamchand Gandhi elected Jawahar Nehru as first PM of independent India even after losing the election within Congress to the landslide victory of Vallabh Patel. Nehru threatened to divide Congress if not elected. Nehru was well educated from UK thanks to his father Motilal Nehru a prominent INA leader which the Congress is an offshoot of. Nothing much is know about his childhood years till the age of 13. They say, he was born to a courtesan in Allahabad. Not my fucking problem. But my problem is that his daughter Indira married Feroz Khan and gave birth to Rajeev Khan and Sanjay Khan. During the bloodbath of partition, Karamchand Gandhi because of Nehru’s request named Indira and Feroz as Gandhis to save them from angry mobs apparently. Karamchand Gandhi was shot dead on January 30 1948 by Nathuram Godse a week before the formers trip to Pakistan where Jinnah had a pact ready to be signed by Gandhi which approved four Pakistani demands. 1) Direct road to Dhaka(East Pakistan) from Islamabad(Pakistan). 2) The road should be some kilometers in width. 3) The population on both sides of the road for about some kilometer should only be of Muslims. 4) The road should go via New Delhi. Nathuram Godse refuted each and every accusation against him in court after he killed Karamchand Gandhi. Justice Ranawade sentenced Godse to death saying that he agrees and can’t find anything wrong with the laters explanation for the assassination but that he had killed the father of the nation.

            Indira Gandhi ruled after her father. Under the guidance of Jayprakash Narayan, the wheels seemed to be turning against Congress. But she prevailed with the maximum Muslim votes that always has been reserved for Congress. Muslims very well know the Gandhi families secrets. After her assassination, Rajeev ruled. Technically his ideas were good but short lived because of his assassination too. Still Congress partly ruled till recent years with Rajeev’s widow Sonia at the helm. This was only possible for 60 years because of every ounce of Muslim blood in the Gandhi family. Then came Narendra Modi to the rescue. The newly elected PM was not invited by Indias most reputed Jama Mosques chief mulla on the day of his sons succession to his position but the Pakistani PM was. Sonia Gandhi also avoided that function. Indian Muslims hate Modi but had to elect him because the rest of us wanted him. They hate him for the Godhra episode. Uncle Sam banned him for it. The true fact being that the Muslims set fire to a train in the state of Gujrat carrying Hindus returning from Ayodhya and working towards the rebuilding of Ram temple. The Ayodha mosque was demolished by Hindus because it was built at the ancient Ram temple location. Mughal king Babur could have selected any other place to build it.

            A very similar story occurred in Israel too. The Dome of Rock is situated exactly on the site of King Solomons temple or the second temple of Jews. I’m sure this has been repeated by Muslim conquerors all across the world. My fucking problem with this is why? Muslims believe that all other religions are fake and have no respect for them. These stupid Muslims ask questions like where is the evidence of Ram or Krishna. I will show. Rama ruled and was worshipped as king of Ayodhya. Ayodhya still exists today. Rams setu or Adams bridge is still visible between India and Sri Lanka. Ram lived during 7000BC. Lanka exists. Need more proofs of Ram? Now Krishna. He was a king who ruled and was still worshipped during 5000BC. His clan was Yadavas who still exist in India. Mathura and Kurukshetra still exist. Oppenheimer said after the first test of the BOMB that it has been successful done so for the second time. First was in Kurukshetra during the Mahabharata war between two clans, the Pandavas and Kauravas. Google you Muslim bastards, google. Don’t try control key and F in Koran as you will not find anything as rich as the Indian culture in there but shitloads.

            All people and countries have flaws but we accept it, learn from it and move on unlike you Muslim morons.

            During Congress rule not so long ago, a Muslim named Owaisi(an elected representative) in a southern Indian state, during a gathering openly challenged that if the cops of this country turn a blind eye for 15 minutes, THE 300 MILLION MUSLIMS WILL CUT THE 900 MILLION HINDUS IN HALF. The crowd chanted along Allah Ho Akbar. He no longer is in India but since then his brother is very cautiously taking steps from where the former left and is busy teaching us about how peaceful Islam is and how every child is born a Muslim and the parents are stupid to convert them to other religion. MOTHERFUCKER. If every child is born a Muslim, ask your fucking moon god to send them circumcised. Same goes with the theory of the so called first born of the Abrahamic religion Adam. Who the fuck circumcised him? Every child born in this world is a human first! Then the parents have their choice of upbringing but later on in life that child can have his own way of life. This is how it should always have been for all. This is the way of life you Muslim assholes and not blasphemy. Drink some camel urine along with its shit as prescribed by your Mohammad but it will not cure any disease but might add some proteins in your rotten brain so it starts working. Bastards.

            The Muslims in India exist because of the invasion started by Muhammad Ghori in the 11th century. They have respect for only the Afghan conqurers of India and also for some of the regional muslim kings or warlords.

            Which brings me to a very interesting topic which the Indian muslims always misquote with immense pride. In the south of India was a chieften/warlord named Haider Ali. His successor was Tipu Sultan. Tipu ruled and fought against the European colonies to save his kingdom and not for the country. Muslims accept Tipu as a great king which he was. But will you also accept the fact that in a letter to the Sultan of Turkey, he mentioned that he forcefully converted 2 million Hindus to Islam just a day before the letter was written. Most of the Iyengar clan still living in India. So much for some of their rant about belonging to the Sayed family of Islam. They also hate the Maratha clan of western part of India because they never gave up to the Mughals. And as a matter of fact fought and gave befitting reply to the Mughal emporer Aurangazeb under leadership of their brave and master of guirella warefare king Shivaji. So much is the contribution of the Maratha clan that when they were in power and fighting against the British, they agreed to make Bahadur Shah Zafar the emperor of India but not the British outsiders. Marathas still rightfully take pride in saying that they had the power of crowning Delhi. These Muslims still can’t forget nor forgive Shivaji for killing Afzal Khan who was actually sent by his master to kill Shivaji. This is so ridiculous.

            There are many other things about stupid Muslims of India that cannot be overlooked. My childhood Muslim friend directly told me that if he could he would kill all the dogs in the world. He knew that few years ago, I adopted a street pup and that I love it like my family. Did he give a fuck about my emotion? They say if a dog touches their body, their prayer goes void! Do they realize that the oxygen they breath is the same for dogs. Why the fuck will the omnipresent create a living thing and then call it haram? The three most successful actors of the Indian movie industry are Muslims. As if only Muslims made them stars and not the rest of the population. One of those three actually said that this kind of mass appreciation is a surprise in a Hindu majority country given the fact that some of their movies get banned in Pakistan. That actor, I won’t name but he really understands the double standards of Muslims not only in India I’m sure but the entire world. But he too is bound by the SATANIC VERSES. Go ahead issue fatwas. That’s all you can do.

            What more should we give the Muslims to make them happy and live peacefully with us. You got it!! And we ain’t giving any of that you shithead Muslims. Not at the cost of our freedom. Never. Saving some more of all these for the next time. Till then, peace to all.

      • wow hats off to you bare naked ass hole,poisoning entire human kind.people like you wont dwell within the makind.you should have been raised in jungle.
        what is your problem i dont understand.are Mr.world or trying to prove some thing which cant be proven.We are human act like one.dont try to poison peoples mind .people like you should realy see the touch of pain,then you will respect humanity.

  32. Hey, listen you Hindu maniacs you Idiots! You should respect all the Muslims in India! You know why bcoz the 7th Wonder Of The World Is “TAJ MAHAL” Bcoz of us only the TAJ MAHAL is standing still. You Morons! Bloody Nothing is Famous about You Hindus in world wide! 😕

    • What’s famous about Hindus, for one thing, is that they are kind, generous, compassionate people. That cannot be said of Moslems such as you, certainly. Islam is one big mistake from start to finish and it will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Maybe you can live underground like moles and get stuck in our mole traps.

    • Christians and atheists have little patience for Islam either. No Islamic country has achieved anything or invented anything since Islam arrived. Quite the opposite in fact. Islam distinguishes itself today as a religion of violence, destruction and self absorbed whining, blaming everyone but Muslims for the failings of Islam throughout history. Muslims would have to cure cancer and develop faster than light travel to offset the negatives this religion has delivered. But they won’t. They’ll just continue to destroy, oppress and complain.

      • 1) coffee – khalid
        2) clocks – al jazari
        3) camera – ibn al-Haitham
        4) university – Fatima al-Fihri
        5) flying machine – Abbas ibn Firnas
        6) surgical instrument – Abul Qasim Khalaf
        7) maps – Muhammad al-Idrisi drew a map of the world in Sicily in 1154 and it is said to be one of the most advanced ancient world maps.
        8) music – al kindi
        9) algebra – al-Khwarizmi
        Things we use daily basis invented my muslins… u want to know more about islam n our peoples, do let me know Ill explain you everything in detail… n think twice before pointing

        • Dear Shahnawaz,
          Please check your facts and then post such rubbish. Most of the things that appear in your list especially clocks and mathematics existed in India even before the silk route was established. The arabian Muslims only carried them to the West via silk route where they marketed these arts and sciences as Arabian inventions. Those sly Muslims didn’t even show the courtesy to acknowledge our ancient Indian wisdom as our own.Instead, they only marketed our wisdom as their own and made money. They only destroyed the evidences like the Nalanda university, the Somnath temple and all..
          The Muslims of the middle east have always been merchants. A few with a little more talented, learnt arts here in the golden land of India which was later plundered and raped by Muslims themselves. So it is like, spitting out in the same plate that you eat in.
          We don’t any royalties for our discoveries and inventions. We just want you to acknowledge it.

        • 10) kill the infidel where ever you find him
          Founder – Islam
          11) a prophet who limited 4 wives for followers
          but himself had 13 – Islam
          12) sun sets in a muddy pool – Koran
          13) ok to rape captives of war
          14) Most violent
          15) prophet who married his step sons Wife
          after getting him to divorce her
          16) ok to marry and have sex with
          pre-pubescent girls
          17) prophet forbid his Son-in law to have more
          than one wife ( he had 13! )
          Etc etc
          Etc etc

        • They have invented an important look in mens fashion – the white cap , beard and fat stomach. The modern version is to wear Nike sneakers with your white cap , beard and fat stomach. This is the real fashion invention. Hats off to them ( or should I say caps off ? )

        • Camera- Johan Zahn in 1685. Know your facts, Shahnawaz. By the way I thought photograph was forbidden in Islam. Stop falsifying facts.

        • I wonder which terror organisatiin you are a member of! Least bothered though, you are all narcissistic & cynic. You kill innocent people & pass it over as a service to God….you stone your men & women to death…..you are all a disgrace to humanity.

        • 1) anti semitism 2) vile misogyny 3) female genital mutilation 4) paedophilia 5) bestiality – usually with goats and camels 6) honour killings 7) Bacha bazi 8) flying carpets 9) slavery 10) terrorism 11) a dearth of democratic Republics 12) tinnitus inducing ululating when peeved or irate et cetera 13) satan worshipping under the guise of a supposed Abrahamic Monotheistic religion 14) constant election fraud via postal voting in European countries. I could go on endlessly….

    • Get your facts right…the entire Indian history is distorted or somewhat morphed.Taj Mahal was Tejo Mahal built by some Hindu guy,it was a temple to Shiva…Proof-1)There is nothing as Mahal in The Islamic world
      2)shahjahan’s wife’s name wasn’t even mum tax mahal it murtaza zeelani(something like that)
      3)if it is a tomb then why is it called a “mahal” which means a palace.
      You guys are just a bunch of noobs,learn to stand on your feet…

      • Recently visiting my village I saw the Shiva temple near our hindu crematory ground,
        The positioning was like theres a river, to the west of the river is the temple,
        and to the right of the river is the cremation

        Every crematory grounds in hindu religions are built near a river, and has a shiv temple, or atleast the shiv ling.

        The Ceremony ground in agra, which is just around the river opposite to Taj Mahal,
        the shiv ling is missing. because taj mahal is built on it.

        Because as intended by thier muhumad who built kaaba by destroying idols of arabs, Muslims rulers too did the same by building the mosque on a hindu temple.

    • we hindus have the world spiritualiy. hindus were very advanced at time of Lord ram . we have the world the art of meditation And yoga ayurveda or country was called the land of golden bird before the britishers came and what do got have in your Muslim countries.. u have the world terrorism and morning else

    • Why all people hate one religion?? That is ISLAM?? Muslims have the difficult task of erasing all that has been inculcated since birth that muslims are the victims and others are to be hated. No other religion brings their religious beliefs and customs to public and try to enforce it except muslims. Niqab, halal, refusal of dogs by cabbies, parallel courts like sharia, no-go zones, leeching on welfare. You see

    • It’s the filthiest religion, as per quran, they want all non believers to become Muslim, it’s fine if you embrace it peacefully and if you won’t they will slit your throat. In india, they have started a campaign called love jihad in which they target Hindu girls and force them to convert to filthslam. There motive in india is to surpass hindus in majority. Fuck them all.

    • Taj Mahal has been built on a coveted Hindu Temple of Shiva.

      Second Taj Mahal is no a great monument in itself – visit Agra and see the other monument, it is great as it is the most costly monument buit by a husband for his wife in love. It sucked the mughal treasury so much that the mughal prince auranzeb the son of the builder of taj mahal stoped the construction in later stages and even down sizing the construction.

    • Lol nothing is great about Hindus? Do you know Angkor ? Do you know RAMAYANAM ,MAHABARATHAM OR BHAGAVAD GITA Lol they were here even before your Quran!!! hinduism exist for 110 centuary and islam only 14 centuary so dont try to teach us about who is great 😛 !!! Taj mahal being the 7th word its a world mistake the one who did vote for it are surely BLIND !! DO YOU KNOW WHY? Cause there is nothing impressing in that somehow called wonder ! He destroyed a sivan temple and constructed the taj mahal how can it be sign of love? Go look at Hindu biggest temple that were constructed even before Your islam exist and his arts!

    • All you Muslims are Hindus only. We all have come from one. The ultimate Godhead, Sri Krishna. Hindu dharma is the Sanatan Dharma. All Muslims and other religions are converted. We all were Hindus.

    • Quran is the most dangerous and terryfying.It should abused as much possible.A muslim is born-terrorist.they are nothing but only the peace breaker.
      Death to Islam.

    • Hey you Muslim pig,Muslim pigs are 18% population of India,but zero Nobel prize.

      Bengali Kulin Brahmins and Tamil Brahmins with only 3 million population have produced 5 Nobel prize winners.

      Muslims have almost zero/lowest invention rate in the world.Only aboriginal or blacks are worse in inventions than Muslim pigs.

    • hello mister the workers at that time were mostly hindus, they also taught some muslim workers how to do carvings and sculpture of hindus style…like lotus , flowers which i dont think is present in other islamic monuments present in arabic countries….and who cares about taj mahal , we invented zero and we also have some great monuments which are much older than yours let me tell you the name of them…konark sun temple , great sanchi stupa and many more more awesome than your taj mahal , and if it would be in any arabic country it would be destroyed and if it would be over their it would not be visited by the people around the world and this is all because of terrorism , its in india thats why it is visited and is world famous!

  33. To all u Hindus out there, I have one question for you. Since it is in the Vegas that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient the 3 O’s then why do u worship the deva taste?
    According to Hinduism God is unseen
    Then y do u worship idols?

    • I mean devatas. U all need to go back n educate yourselves on all the religions before bashing it. U hate is against the people that did wrong things hundreds of years ago. Not against the religions. Please do educate yourselves on Quran. QURAN like the BIBLE, RAMADAN, GITANO, TORAH they all speak in parables someone needs to explain those parables it’s not to be taken out of context. Spread love not Hate..

      • Doesn’t Islam teache to kill people who don’t believe in Islam?
        Tell me – Yes Or No

        Religion freak people.
        In anything and everything….Religion Religion Religion.

        And as far as multiple Gods in Hinduism is concerned, Ms Chandni,
        There’s only one God in Hinduism- Parameshwar..
        Remaining whichever form you see, are advent of God. .who took birth on the earth to kill evil.

        As far as idol worship is concerned, it’s like
        when someone’s mother father brother, whoever passes away…..don’t they keep their photo framed n tagged on the wall? Why do you retain pics of your loved one….? Why do people look at the pic of their loved on and cry, when they are apart? It’s all because, the photo represents the person who you are missing…
        same happens when you see some old gift or similar things. …don’t you feel attachment with those non living things…??
        Dear, Idol worshipping is a concept of representation of God….
        We believe that God is formless, that’s the reason we worship anything in the name of God. ..
        We believe God is everywhere n into everything….that’s why stones are treated as god in the temple…
        freak people you Islam follower…

      • Dont try to teach hindus about Hinduism !!! Islam will destroy the WORLD one day ! We worship idols or stone its our problem hinduism presence in the world is more that 110 centuary , christianism 20 centuary and islam 14 centuary HINDUISM doesnt exist till today with a reason our gods are the real ones ! We dont drink Cow urine we dont eat pig half of the hindus are vegetarian we dont kill any animals for our eating pleasure. Where the is a muslim population that country population will be killed look at France , america , pakistan, etc….

    • Ok moderator u took out my correction comment. For the readers I meant Vedas, Ramayan, TORAH .
      To all the Islam bashing Hindus: I challenge u to pick up any Quran that is written in the language u can read and read it a little every time u have a chance,, u don’t have to read it all at once just a little say 1 or 2 pages at a time and then come back and tell me if u did not experience a miracle in your life. If u say no that u did not experience anything then I don’t know. But please do this and then come back and let me see if u will still bash Islam. I dare u to do it! This is for the moderator as well.

        • Reply to:@barenakedislam

        • Reply to @barenakedislam
          So tell me one thing if u see a Muslim child or kid about to be killed for believing a “terrorist religion” u will spit on him or her?
          And since u accuse the Quran of being an Isis manual please explain to me where does it state to kill no followers ? Where does it say that we r based on killing what proof do u have that Islam isn’t a religion what proof do u have that we r taught to kill ? If u guys point the gun it’s okay but if we even touch it suddenly the world thinks we r murders ? People all around the world kill but no one accuses them of being based on murders ? U are stupid for believing that u say u kept ur arms warm and welcoming when we arrived but that only lasted a few years where’s that warmth that once overcame u open your eyes and realize the things these people did isn’t a part of us realize that that happened many years ago realize that the first Isis attack only started because you people disrespected our prophet and realize that even we know what they do is wrong ur saying all Muslims hate you and all Muslims kill that’s not true because I live a normal life and my best friend is Hindu so ur saying I seceretly plan on murdering my friend your saying when I hear Isis attacks I’m happy no I’m not happy it kills us that people that call themselves Muslims kill others those are highly defensive people and either way what they do is wrong no matter what their purpose is

          • TT, I don’t want to waste my time on answering your stupid questions. My readers have seen the answers to all those questions thousands of times here. You are boring so I am banning you now. Muslims are not welcome here.

            And the answer to your question about the muslim child is YES, I would.

        • MUSLIMS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.??.?? WHY??? Do you fear that the craps you post here would be questianed????

        • Islam is a demonic religion. And the way ISIS is going lol they are just making things worse for islam and I am kinda happy that ISIS is showing true face of Islam to the world. Islam will be eradicated from this world sooner than you think muslims. And I completely agree with you @bare naked islam

      • You are arguing fine points of religious doctrine. Nobody outside of religious fanatics care about that garbage. But you are using those fine points of argument, to reject all Hindus and to support Moslem beheaders, rapists, immolators, and murder bombers. That’s downright inexcusable. Moslems follow the Koran: The Koran requires all Moslems to persecute and attack all non-Moslems, and that’s exactly what you are doing. I wouldn’t trust you even as a dogwalker if I had a Great Dane, you’d probably molest that dog as a form of persecution against me. So I will never trust a Moslem; I will only urge and ask that all Moslems abandon Islam, in which case I can begin to try to trust such ex-Moslems again, somehow. Will you dump the Koran into the nearest recycling bin? If not, you are the enemy of all that’s good and holy, and I will never trust you, at all.

      • No, it only led to questioning..y the concept of slaves if all are equal in Islam..why a women to be beaten lightly if she has a disagreement..y a god believer who isn’t however Muslim is any less Fidel as is a Muslim.god is compassionate.as long as one prays , no matter what’s their method , whether Muslim or Hindu or Christian or any way, they are loved ..

      • This reply is for Miss Chandni,

        Chandni, if you are Hindu, the question you asked does not make any sense. Because every hindu knows we see god everywhere, even in animals, trees, Mountains etc etc(Krishna in Gita says, i am present everywhere in everything).

        God has unlimited power, God can become monkey donkey, cat bat rat anything for us if we trust him because he is almighty, it is possible for him to do so as he is omnipotent, so what is wrong in it if hindus worship Devtas, Yakshas, Ghandarvas, etc etc. Moreover aryans worshipped nature. Hindus of ancient time personified god in different forms for their ease.
        You can say Hindus were smart enough to realise this that it does not matter which ever way you worship god, but you worship, thats all matters. God himself
        will show you the way to reach him( Krishna says in Gita), once you follow God truely, you will not need any pandit, maulvi, priest etc etc, he will connect to you.

        And if you would have read Gita, Vedas etc or atleast enquired from some intellectual Hindu what exactly Vedas and Gita contains , you would not have asked the question you asked.

        Vedas deal with materialistic world,
        Gita talks about the way to achieve God in different ways.

        The rationale is once the soul has learnt the lessons and learnt that materialism is an end in itself that is when you move from Vedas to Gita, that is to say from materialistic world to strive for Liberation from this World of miseries.
        If you dont trust things blindly, read vedas before it and then gita you will understand what hinduism is all about. One who has read all the hindu texts, and atleast have a basic knowledge of all the world religions. I am sure he will say that Gita is the best. There is no philosophy so astonishing if you call it so, as convincing as Gita which makes sense. And one could say that yes it could be possible.

        Islam say God is one and that is allah and there is no other god. Well Hindus dont have a problem with it, God can be called Allah too, but it is true
        that God is one. But when Islam says Hindus worship false god. They are idol worshippers, well hindus know what they do why they do it. Its just that Muslims
        dont understand that this is 21 st century where societies have changed, where everyone has a right to follow any religion they want. They want to live in same old world of Arabia.

        This is where Hindus have a problem. Hindus are tolerant because they know muslims are ignorant. I will tell you the best way to understand this. Muslims have only one god and still they fight for that one god. Hindus have many,many and many forms of god still they dont fight for god. Because they know God is one, and god exists in everyone.

        Islam needs reforms.

      • I DID indeed experience a miracle!! Prophet Mohammed (p*ss be upon him) be praised! Those sacred pages from the Quran, really were as soft, as the upper echelon priced toilet paper, on sale, throughout Western Europe.

      • Holy Crap!!! I’ve read Quran, and I’ve found hell lot of facts about your so called Prophet Md. He did miracles, and none of those were seen by others (JUST HIM). I know a lot about your Prophet MD ‘The man of self driven prophecy’, he married to a girl who was 6 years of age, did you recollect?? I’m talking about Ayesha. Also, he told that 4 marriages are allowed but he was married to 9 women. STRANGE. How come the rule got changed for him?? Duhhh, ruled were for others not for him because basis his requirements, he used to manipulate everything. I don’t hate Allah because for me Allah is my god(Bhagwaan) but I don’t value your so called Prophet – The man of desires. Thanks!

  34. Knowing a muslim will only make you more vulnerable. He could be a good friend and helped at times. But a muslim has no doubt where his loyality lies. Hindus and muslims have lived in india for centuries they fought british together but at the time of independence they aske for a seperate country and they got pakistan and bangladesh. Muslims were a minority in lebanon which was a chritain country now majority is muslim and chritians are pesecuted. The south of thailand is facing muslim insurgency…..everywhere in the world you look where muslim are there is hell lot of problem. Even in most peaceful countries where they are welcome they start trouble. Islam is smallpox in the mind its time the world get rid of it before it gets rid of the world.

  35. Mani : Correction, bastard. I ain’t a muslim. And NOBODY likes that BLOWJOB party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu. Not even Hindus, not even Christians. I’m an atheist. I come from a Christian family. Got a fucking problem with it? blow me. I mean why target Christians? When the fuck has the Christian community been responsible for violence? It’s only Islamic barbarians and some brahminical groups like RSS that are responsible for violence in India.

    I insult the party coz the dumbfucks do the same shit that muslims do. I’m talking about all the prudish non-sense.

    I agree with this site (at least 90% of it).

    • you christian bastard, you and your family will be raped and killed if you were born in bangladesh or pakistan, be happy that india is still hindu because of bjp rss, just watch news how pastors and bishops are burned to death in bangladesh and pakistan

      • These muslims are quite funny! !! They insult HINDUS EVERYDAY ON INTERNET BLOGS, FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,YOUTUBE
        Christians say our gods are Satans but when hindus defend themselves we are cruel, we are monsters lol You only get back what you give if you are not happy leaving next to hindus go to pakistan benglash or europe (if you are Christians)

        • If I have got a chance I would like to cut down the throat of at least one jihadi Muslim who had done the same to my family and other

  36. Hindu sickular fools, wake up brothers before it is too late. These mullahs will take over India soon. one of the world’s dirty bast***ds are forcing and multiplying like virus everywhere and creating havoc. It is time for Hindu fools to wake up in India before it is too late. Look at West Bengal, Assam, and Kerala, already the so-called MINORITIES have become majority in so many districts and soon will become whole state majority. These corrupt politicians will lick anything for topi votes and pamper them. Already lot of conversion is happening in the name of Love Jihad and forceful conversions. They are particularly targeting your sisters, yet some fools say we are still SICKULAR. Look at the history, now it is time for mass execution of these mullahs world wide and make world a secure place. Imagine how the world will be peaceful without this dreaded religion.

    • brother you are right. Muslims are morons and believe their Quran blindly and follow it. Hinduism has given freedom to all hindus to believe in the God they like whether it is kali or govinda. Because all human beings are different. Some like Sree Rama for their worship. Other may like Lord Shiva to get mukthi. It is their choice.
      But Muslims are bloody idiots. They force everybody to follow their religion .If not they kill them or torture them. That’s why Muslim country has no other religions in it.
      Islam is a demonic religion. People with less brain can easily follow it. But Hinduism can not understand easily. The basics of hinduism may appears stupid because it is for laymen. If anybody think that they are brilliant and says hinduism wrong, I request them to go and study veda and upanishads, bagavatham. You will be come a most modern physicist or scientist like Albert Einstein.
      Indian government has to take steps like Myanmar government and Australian Government. Myanmar government restricted by law the number of children among Muslims When the Muslims started multiplying like pigs. They asked to leave the country when found started their ” Muslim” activities.
      Australian government asked the Muslim to leave Australia if they are not satisfied with the Australia rules. And government cancelled their demand for separate law for Muslims.

      • First of all u can’t accuse Muslims of torture and murder because “Muslims” that do that aren’t considered Muslims any longer they pull those kinds of acts and call themselves Muslims that is wrong Islam isn’t about forcing and murdering it’s about appreciating what we hAve its about doing what’s right it’s about believing one God and worshiping one God it’s about feeling what others feel . U people think whatever isn’t u is wrong u think ur so kind but being kind isn’t pretty much telling another religion to go fuck themselves and die that’s wrong because of words could kill people u would have killed more of us than u think we killed u stop hating on Muslims u don’t hate us u hate those dirty souls that hurt u and those are not us we aren’t ur enemy they are

        • Tt, how convenient, as soon as a muslim does anything that disgusts civilized people, you muslims try to claim he is not muslim anymore. Sorry, Charlie, that only works with liberals, not here.

        • Lol “islam as nothing to do with terrorism” ? Really? So why do they kill in the name of God? I saw a pic posted by a muslim himself that a Muslim can kill a un Muslim if he wants and im not lying cause its even written in the quran and can i ask you something why dont arabi saudi help your Palestine brother and sister that are killed everyday? If allah is your savior and the real god what the heck is he doing when his children’s are dying? You only get back what you do to others Muslims killed more that 13 billion of peoples since it was created 14 centuary back (Hinduism 110 centuary) !! You are paying this now its only the begging brother ^^ even if not every muslims are against hindus these muslims have ancestors who participated in these genocides !!! And dont forget that if you are a INDIAN MUSLIMS it bcoz your great great great GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER was rapped and forced to convert into islam !!!!!! No one can decline this

        • The usual excrement being espoused – ‘oh the naughty terrorist is NOT a muslim’ et cetera. The constant denial, as per usual!!!! Isis ARE Muslims and are in fact carrying the Quran out to the VERY letter – beheadings, killing infidels, taking sex slaves – the list goes on! Riddle me this – when Catholic Priests have been caught and prosecuted for paedophilia, do you hear Catholics say – ‘oh they’re not Catholic.’ Answer – NO!

  37. I am a proud Hindu in India I live in West Bengal and in Kali Puja we eat meat. But nevertheless vegetarianism is preferred. All religions are equal.
    Ekam satya bipra bahuda badanti

    Lord sri Krishna has said in gita that “YADA YAD HI DHARMASYA,GLANIRBHAVATI BHARATHA,ABHYUTHANAM DHARMASYA,TADATMANAM SRIJAMI AHAM” meaning whereever there is decay of righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, then i manifest myself insome way some form so beware of wrong doings because lord almighty is watching.

    Islam is the religion of all prophets from Adam, Noah, moses,Jesus Muhammad

    It says LA Ilaha illallah muhammadur rasullallah
    There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.

    Quran 6.108 forbids reviling gods other than Allah.
    It also says there is no compulsion in religion.

    The Bible also speaks aabout one god. actually Trinity

    It says seek the truth and the truth shall free you.

    So all religions are equal.

    • “Islam is the religion of all prophets from Adam, Noah, moses,Jesus Muhammad” WHAT? How could Islam be the religion of all prophets before Islam existed? Please consult your calendar (see Wikipedia etc.), and then correct this outrageous statement! All religions certainly are not equal. If all religions were equal, there would never be any separation between the religions at all, now would there be? The differences between Islam and all other religions are vast and incommensurable. Please don’t say all Judeo-Christian doctrine is equivalent to the murderous Koranic screed put forward by the depraved beheader pedophile Mohammad. That’s simply bizarre. It would be nice if all people could just live peaceably and not fight like dogs, but the Koran would certainly never allow it. So we cannot tolerate the Koran and its henchmen, minions, and running dogs.

    • you are from bengal and you still believe after seeing the creeping effect of islam that all religions r same? what krishna said was a different era when dharma was not enforced by violence but by debates or shastrarth. islam is not a dharma as it says either u accept mohammad as allahs last prophet and reject all others or u will go to hell where u will be burned till the end of times. for an average hindu this is unbelievable ,we have never believed in such horseshit. we have never cared whether 2nd person believe in our god or not

  38. Dearest admin@barenakedislam
    Before i begin, allow me to congratulate you on yet again disuniting a country fraught with troubles of all kinds in your own very unique and special way.
    Now, as to what you and your sickening thoughts suggest, it seems you’re one person who’s a sadist. You know, like the guy who immensely enjoys others in pain. I believe nothing gives you more pleasure than watching the some people that you managed to influence bicker over and over again about how good a certain religion is and how an another contrastingly is the cause of all your miseries.
    *All hail barenakedislam!
    Now, now. Let’s see what exactly do we have here. A man, *or a woman,* stuck in a time, dating back to several centuries ago. Probably with a lot of free time on his hands to come up with an article, *excuse me, will you?* as sick as this one. Apparently, loves playing blame games. You know, the sort who’d blame everyone else for their own shortcomings. Tch tch. Too snobby to get a girlfirend, because he’d probably kill her if she so much so tells him that he’s wrongly paired sherwani with a pair of running shoes. And mind you, our dear admin wouldn’t forget about this even fifty years down the line. And he wouldn’t let go of a single opportunity to remind her. Regardless of her apologising a million times. And even if she was right.
    So, you @barenakedislam, think that a person who disagrees with anything that you have to say shouldn’t be allowed to post a comment here. Some democracy! I wonder, what exactly is it that you’re running here. Like minded people who just can’t stop *excuse the profanity* bitching about Islam (Oops! What happens now?! I said the name of the religion. You might want to kill me).
    *fifty years later
    Bae: haye raam! I accidently hurt my finger :/
    Admin: Serves you right bitch for not letting me wear my uber cool running shoes to the Sharma’s shaadi
    *Bae faints*
    Oh BTW, I found the part where your author expresses ardent live for the British, the most interesting bit. Congratulations to both of us, on our mutual ancestor’s two hundred year long stint with them. Yay! We thrived!! Hinduism thrived! Life was so good. And then they left.. It must upset him so much.. The fact that Gandhi sent them away, must rip his heart apart :'( well life’s good for him now. He went back to living right at the source of it. 😀 all hail the queen!!

    O Silly, stupid, fellow human being. You’re going to turn into dust soon. And I guarantee it’ll be a lot sooner if you carry that weight around. Here’s an advice. Take it or leave it, either way I am laughing at you. Try forgiving. They’re not that bad a lot you know. Aanddddd don’t start all over again. Okay forget I said that. Try following our dearest Mahatma Gandhi who said
    “I came to the conclusion long ago … that all religions were true and also that all had some error in them, and whilst I hold by my own, I should hold others as dear as Hinduism. So we can only pray, if we are Hindus, not that a Christian should become a Hindu … But our innermost prayer should be a Hindu should be a better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, a Christian a better Christian.”

    P.S. Kashmir is love.
    P.P.S. Life is good! No hard feelings. You’re loved.
    P.P.P.S. Have you tried gardening? Its supposed to be calming


    • Gee, thanks Ayesha, for all that mindless drivel. I bet writing that made you feel like you just had a good dump. Are you any relation to the paedophile prophet mohammed’s child bride Ayesha?

      FYI: I am not a “he”

  39. I agree that Islam is a cult but as followers of Sanatan Dharma it is not right to spread hatred. Islam will fight and kill but it will not last just like Christianity and other religions. I have Muslim friends but they are not fanatics. Not all muslims are bad. My best friend is muslim but one day caught her singing hanuman chalisa and other Vedic chants. Understand that this is the age of Kaliyug the age of confusion and ignorance and its going to get worse as time goes. We as Hindus know this, so just keep chanting Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman!! to protect us from the effects of Kaliyug. Eventually there would be no false religions, only the Vedic religion will survive!!



    • You’re no better than a Moslem or a Marxist (Communist)!!!

      FREEDOM OF RELIGION – the freedom what to believe in, if you choose to believe at all!! – is one of the things that is CARDINAL to our Western system and ways of life in this day and age. Furthermore, you sure sound as if you have not studied Christianity and/or Judaism before condemning ALL “Abrahamic religions”!!! If you did, you at the minimum would realise that Islam is truly NOT – repeat, NOT – a true religion at all, LET ALONE a real “Abrahamic religion”.

      SHAME ON YOU!!! It’s people like you who give Hinduism (especially with its notorious “caste-system” which has positively GOT to be eradicated everywhere!!!) a BAD – and I truly mean a REALLY-BAD – NAME!!!!

    • Ok, according to u Hindusm,bhuddism,Jainism are Indian religion thn what about Sikhism???…when Mr.Bhardawaj forgot to mention about Sikhism…how Sikh fought against mughal for their hindu brother-sisters…

      • We always admire Sikhs for their bravery against Muslims. But terrorisim in Punjab took around 35000 lives of people which is really dent on Sikhisim. Navjot ji agree ?

    • To be fair – 1) Christians aren’t committing terrorism or rapes in your country 2) Islam is a FAUX Abrahamic monotheistic religion – plagiarised in as much as it would like to be the ‘other’ two, then twisted by a paedophile false prophet, who sat in his bat cave – all whilst he had supposed visions (actually epileptic convulsions). All that the Paedo espoused was solely to suit his twisted, lurid Libertine mentality and lifestyle 3) Do what Angola did and ban Islam.

  41. You people don’t belong to any religion and are just jealous of a beautiful religion like islam… You are clearly showing how you people are… I have seen no muslim website against other religions but you people…

      • Hey what ever mentioned above is not that right . Iam hindu brahmin and i do a lot of reaserch on religions and i say that” Islam was formed in 600 bc at that time there was no maturity to people so they changed original principles to their wish as it is an old religion but hinduism originated very earlier than that but hindu god always appeared and directed them but where as islam’s god never looked upon them this is only because they dont understand the difference between good and religion . they think god’s will is quite the rule but it’s not and that’s why islam has least position and also due to few people they say jihad on name of islam. Okay, good said to kill all those who were against islam{islam prophecy} , change them towars religion{ hinduism and christian prophecy}. that’s it. sory for my english iam not that perfect .

        • People ! Hinduism is 15000 years old Religion. Whereas Islam is only 1400 years old religion. Moreever, Islam has evolved out of Hinduism. They never had any granths or so in Islam. Now they started doing everything like Hindu’s.

          Muslim’s are sitting on time bomb right now with the remote control button that will be pressed soon by one of their own so called “Jihadi’s”

      • Ik I have and it says nothing wrong it doesn’t say kill whoever doesn’t follow us it doesn’t say do bad things to others it doesn’t say hate the others it doesn’t say don’t help others in need it doesn’t say criticize the others every move it doesn’t say that but if u have a book does yours say that because that’s exactly what u think it says and that’s exactly what ur doing I’m not saying all Hindus are like this I’m saying U are see atleast I know that just because one person does someone thing doesn’t mean all of them do to

    • Islam is a beautiful religion? Beheadings are not beautiful. Islam is a disgusting doctrine–not even a “religion” in my view. Nothing beautiful about Islam. Moslems are so afraid of beauty, in fact, that they force their women into sex slavery and hide any beauty they have. Moslems are so afraid of beauty that they don’t allow artists to depict any living creatures. Moslems are disgusting; Islam is disgusting; Mohammad is disgusting and the Koran is disgusting.

    • The Quran, per se, is utterly critical and belligerent of all non Muslim religions! Taqiyya!!!!! Off you go, you daft Muslima!

  42. We humans evolved in this earth through evolution says Science. We humans get information through our sense organs. Science is built through information that we gathered through our sense organs. This science we can understand easily as we can verify the facts with our sense organs. So there is no fighting about science. Fights come when we fails to detect facts with our sense organs.
    Religions are created as a resultant product of information gathered through super consciousness of extra ordinary human beings called Guru’s.
    These gurus showed extraordinary powers hence ordinary people considered them as Godmen and followed them blindly. What these godmen said became a religion.
    99.9% of human being did not have this supermind or super consciousness to detect god, life, secrets about birth and death secret behind this universe. We have only ordinary sense organs and some stupid equipment which has 100% helpless to work beyond this material world. Because of this helpless ness we can’t verify what our Gurus said. The totally confused human beings continues fighting from time immemorial .
    It is very difficult to develop super consciousness . The religion which gives clear cut methods, techniques to help human beings to achieve super consciousness is HINDUISM. Hinduism is the only religion which still exists even after 3000 years and continues its development. All other religions are new and dead because No body can add any new information, gathered through his super consciousness to Quran or Bible. No body is allowed to say anything about these books. They will be get killed by the people who administering these religions. But Hinduism is opened to any one. Any one can come and practice hinduism then create his own method of worshipping God or ways of better life after developing super consciousness. No body going to assault these gurus.
    Gautama Budha a Hindu after developing super consciousness give his set of Dharma.
    After Krishna hare Krishna comes
    Sakaracharya, Gurunanak, Mahaveera………. We can’t count the “religions” developed by hindu gurus.
    Hinduism is live, it evolves along with human evolution, it respects all people with tiny brain and those with super consciousness . Hinduism gives us choice like either we can live like an animal eating flesh or practicing higher levels of rituals and become a God. YES , HINDUISM IS THE ONLY RELIGION IN THE UNIVERSE WHICH TEACH US TO BECOME A GOD .o

  43. https://m.facebook.com/ResurgingHinduism/posts/526781754059654
    Living in a Muslim country feels like living in a he’ll. In Almost all Muslim countries people are not happy..
    Muslims thinks that their religion is great. And all other religions are bad.
    But what is the fact?
    I have lot of Muslim friends. They are good as my friends like people from any religion. but act stupid, they fear their God, they fear their religion, they act stupid for their religion. Speaks stupidity because of religion.
    I feel sorry for them. There is no growth in side islam or Christianity , but in hinduism you can grow step by step and turn in to a God by yourself.
    That’s why a lot of gurus in hinduism and it still exists . Hinduism accommodates all types of people. From little brains to highly evolved brains.
    In hinduism , people with less wisdom are happy with worshipping different type of God’s and devata . People with high wisdom goes deep meditation and meet God and achieves the ultimate wisdom that a man can achieve in this life time, ” the super consciousness”.
    From my experience what I understood is people with a little brain goes behind Islam , Christianity, and Budhism. Because they can easily understand and feels great. These religions permits them to eat and do whatever they want at the same time to make the religions as a great it has put some restrictions like
    Don’t eat pig
    Don’t marry more than four
    Wearing black dress purdha
    5 times prayers a day.
    This is enough for Common People to feel great about this religion. We can eat anything, sex with four women, ………..too materialistic.
    Christianity also same materialistic approach. but not stupid like Islam, Christianity have much tolerance about other religions. You can eat anything. You can do any bad thing but telling your priest about all your sin may save you from that sin.
    Hinduism is great in all aspects. I am a pure vegetarian and very carefully living keeping my words and acts without hurting anybody even the animals around me. Because I wants to get enlightenment if possible. I don’t want to kill animals for tasty food or beef . I don’t want to hurt my Muslim or Christian friends….. this is because doing this acts pulls back my journey to enlightenment.
    This is the secret of being a Hindu.
    That’s why a Hindu wants to stop killing of animals
    That’s why a Hindu wants a Hindu nation

  44. It is very simple if you think a the religion act as operating system of a computer but driver kernel are the same for every one . please stick with the core of computer. Jay shri krisha.

  45. First of all ..assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah ….subhanallah ..this website clearly tells dat Islam is d only religion in dis world ..masha Allah ..and d people who r against it r truly jealous of au beautiful religion ..and trying to create voilence but most beautifulmy to tell uall one thing is …WE DONT CARE AT ALL ..and continue this as much as u want ..But alhamdulillah by Allah’s mercy au imaan is strong enough to say ..YA ALLAH THERE IS NO GOD BUT U AND MUHAMMAD IS UA MESSENGER …

  46. During King’s times, the kings in india did not unite under one rule except during Ashoka and few other emperors so Muslim Invaders like Ghazni looted India. During those times many old empires in all continents went through changes so the reason Islam entered India.

    • I have a news for all of you it doesn’t really matter what you guys say Islam is growing and it will grow and no one can stop it. it is going to be the world largest religion you all will see peace my friends.

        • Dear brother,I completely accept with what you said. But how could you say that straight not even hiding your identity in a society where disrespecting Islam may harm your life! I’m scared to speak even a word against such brutality.

          • Brother , I have lot of Muslim friends. They are so friendly and show patience in all discussions except religion. I think they are getting brainwashed and become psychic because of early childhood Madressa training.
            I have a guru. I saw a number of Muslims and Christians are coming to see my guru. They are coming to see him secretly first because they fear their religion and it’s priests. After receiving the blessing from my guru, they solved their problems. After knowing my gurus power, these Muslims and Christians are no more shy . They come to meet my guru without Amy hesitation.
            Only, we Hindus can do is to study ourselves about hinduism at its highest level then bring these Muslims and Christians in front of guru.

      • You’ll all be wiped out like the Islamofascist dogs you are, in order to protect free speech, democracy and the USAmerican way. And I will be glad to see you go.

  47. I m just sharing my opinion. Not bothered for any one to agree wid me .at 1st actuly we dnt knw abt wht is god .the actual meanig frm where we get positive energy we can say that is the medium of god bcz god is a power which always remains in our peace and inside our body .now come to the point like if u want to say something then we must a person of which we can share our problem for example in our family
    Like brother ,sister ,father, brother .each and every problem cant share evry one or u can say each person never guide u for a particular problem.
    Thats why for our compactness we create diffrent god .so where is and what is wrong . I dnt think so any thing is wrng.
    I have no problem with some other religions .bcz if they are talking abt humanity thats fine.but plz they have no right to comments and challenge the test or custom .
    Becz custom is prepared for our comfotrness.
    And if we are always trying to find what is wrng in others alwayas find diffrent fault.
    But when a religion discriminating the right of human then i would say sorry i m not under the fear of god. So far as i knw there are many rules and regulation in islam which is only apply to woman .so my question is why .for example
    Till than my age of 26 year ,i have never ever seen a single lady in mosque.why they are untouchable with god .if any body has ans plz reply me.and if some one tells me any reason i will not accept.beacuse if in humankind those cn go near the god . I will say ist woman than man .
    So if rules are created bye human i m not obliged to follow.but the all rules created by nature i respect and responsible to follow bcz i knw nature never ask me which religion u r belongs.when sun gives his light never ask u r hindu or other religion .when rain falls never ask frm farmers wht is ur religion.when tree gives fruit dnt think the person who planted me are muslim or hindu.
    So plz block to blame on other religion. Its not a sollution but the solution is understand the humanity .there is only one religion that is humanity.
    Try to respect other no matter which religion u belongs.
    And the main thing if some one feels that he is in danger zone always save ist then apply all formulaa of humanity.i hve proud on me that i m hindu.

    • Hindus also killed people who followed Jainism and Buddhist. I am not saying that Muslim looters didnot looted India, they looted, but same goes for Hindu Kings who killed and persecuted people who followed Jainism and Buddhist.

  48. Before Talking about Islam do u know what our religion was even we don’t know how many gods we have we say god to every thing we find such as pigs cows monkeys elephants human beings rocks stones etc. One question to all my brothers do elephant looks like tiger or monkey looks like fish then how can we say that gods (ex. Shiva parvathi Vishnu and so on….30000000..) look like humans they should have their own shapes such as islam teaches that there is no god but Allah and muhammed is messenger of him and he has no relations sush as wife son etc he is alone he looks like a bright light not like a human being and Islam also says no human being saw god on earth as our gods roam evere where in india . why our gods didn’t went to other country’s oh they are only gods of India not of America Europe Dubai etc… right our gods are man made they do not have any truth but where Muslims have a perfect answer From the begining of the universe to end. They believe in god who created the universe not the god who was created by humans iam a Hindu but I believe in Islam and Christianity if they are not god there is no god in the universe.

    • To know our religion 1st go & learn about rather than learning from movies & media.
      for starter see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXuTt7c3Jkg
      you are another guilty Hindu who is ashamed of being hindu who doesn’t know Hinduism. For your information other concepts of god came to our land by invasion of their followers & its the same thing with other countries.
      1st go & learn the concept of god in Hinduism.
      After so much atrocities done by Islam on Hindus if you still in favour of them then there is no future for Hindus.
      you are the perfect example psuedo-secular generation.

      • Yes you are right becuz those who don’t believe in hindu religion must leave this hindustan if possible search another planet because we are true indian and my religion is hindu, and we are proud to be hindu

    • Santosh Kumar Ji, Truth has to be searched it will not come to you in a plate like food to chew on. First find out the truth behind 30 crore gods of your own religion, The truth is there are only 33 Supreme Hindu Gods not 30 Crore. 30 crore raised due to wrong translation of Vedic Sanskrit text. In vedic text its written ” 33 Koti ” Koti has two meanings Crore and Type . The names of 33 type of Hindu gods is available online so find that out first.

      Coming to muslims, They noise pollute the world 5 times daily and populate the earth more than any other human beings. Its normal for these goons to have 4 wives and 40 children. allah permits it. I hate them.

      • Its legal nislam having 4 to infinity wives. But it must done with acceptance of first wife & other wives. By divorcing and having a realationship with others in hindus, wat r u gonna say about that.
        Think before u speak….

        • Islam has disturbed world peace. Muslims should be ashamed of themselves. But they are NOT! Look at what happend in Paris, now what you will say? Terrorists are not muslim? Terrorism has no religion? Terrorism has a religion its called ISLAM!

          Muslims are actually double crossers. They silently agree with terrorists!! After all muslims of the world will agree that Islam should be the only religion in the world! They agree on this but they don’t agree on the killing of Non Muslim? a lie!

          All muslims shud taste cyanide and rid this planet of nasty plague called Islam!

        • Are howle, those 1000’s are not his wives, they were his bhakths in earlier life, who did tapas and got blessings from him, and he blessed them that he will spend a part of his avatar with them while in Gokul before returning to Mathura.

          last but not least, you will not be there to see the end of your islam, but surely it will end.

      • KHAN

        Krishna has female friends in 1000’s
        one girl friend (radha)
        one wife soul mate (satyabama)

        he only had one wife and had sex with wife only….
        not 8 to 9 wives

      • Why u hate muslims u want to have 4 wives too? Lolol
        In India they all misinterpret the meaning of the 4 wives it says in Quran that a man can marry up to 4 times only if the first wife cannot fulfil the duties of a wife and only with the permission of the first wife then he can marry another, and it goes on to explain only if the second cannot fulfil the duty of a wife then he can marry a third etc… which means that if a condition arises then n only then a man is allowed up to 4 wives. It does not mean to have four wives for the sheer pleasure of having 4 women at his pleasure.

        • So as per Quran only a female fails to do her duties! How strange a man can never fail to fulfill his duties? How many of us have heard of a Muslim woman having 4 husbands? Don’t talk crap…..of course 4 wives is for pleasure!!!

        • Talaq divorce n taquiya discovered by Muslims. And of course suicide bombing.
          And sun sets in muddy spring. And people of other religions are apes and pigs, and aprophet can marry his
          adopted son’s Wife!….ok to kill all non- Muslims.. religion of peace….tell that to baby Aisha….

      • I completely agree with you! These muslims they don’t have much time left soon they will be buthered like pigs. Death to Islam!!!

    • History is not what had happened, it is what is told to you and what you decide to understand. So it is up to you what you want to make of it. And the thing you misunderstood is that by the saying that god is in animals and in different kinds deities, they actually mean that god is everywhere and has no form. This is the problem with all the religions that people know half truth and some greedy priests in every religion on this planet exploit this vulnerability. So you are also one of the exploited one. Just get a rational thinking about the world.

    • Off Course ISLAM is BLOODY, CRUEL and BASTURED in curtain of peace..
      and pseudo seculars like santosh kumar is responsible for declining ancient indian culture.

    • Don’t talk rubbish, u don’t know any thing about islam u stupid. Islam is evil and the only religion with political view and has plans of taking over the world. There are thousands of other regions and nobody have any problem with that …. But ISLAM IS EVIL.

    • hello brother hindus have the capability to see goodness in pig. hindus have the capability to treat monkey with love and affection as they treat humans. hindus can capture good from anything. hindus are generous and benevolent and not as cruel as islam and christian. aah! of course this is the same innocuous nature which is making india the best country. hindus respect every religion.they do not tell to attack on non-hindus nor they have their bad wish to impose their religion on others. if u do not know anything it is better to consult some respected elders rather than speaking as per ur whims and fancies. i lov hinduism i lov india.

    • if u don’t respect your own religion then your insulting your self and your mother and father also…read about Hinduism when its started and how strong it is…a person like swamy Vivekananda given a beautiful lecture on Hinduism in a international conference everybody appreciated him…and you bloody bastard talking all nonsense here

    • Dear brother,
      In hinduism we believe existence of god in all living and non
      Living things,
      It is thrimurthy sankalpa, and not exactly three gods
      A picture of vishnu has scientific meaning like the serpend denotes
      The shape of our galaxy, 33 crores gods denote the three bhavas or gunas
      Deva,asura,manushya ie 100/3 .
      Please try to learn hinduism or sanadhana dharma
      At least in a scientific manner, Hinduism is 90% scientific

    • Dear santosh kumar
      First of all
      Jay shri ganesha
      I would like you advice you please read some thing about Hindu culture and its believes
      We don’t have 33 crores gods
      In Sanskrit 33 koth god doesn’t meant 33 crores
      Its 33 different spiritual gods who runs the universe as per work given by lord Vishnu

    • 1st of all come with ur real name…2nd Idon’t know much about Hinduism so i will not comment about that….but i will surely comment about Muhammad’s wife kid thing….who said you that Muhamnad has no wife n kids etc etc….muhammads youngest wife was hardly 10-12 yrs of age…so stop giving false knowledge from false id..

    • First go and learn the real meaning of Hindu gods then talk your nonsense here. In Hinduism a single god doesn’t exist but rather there is god in everyone, it says that we are just waves of an ocean named brahmana, he is not one but our collective conscious forms him , thus everyone who has a pure conscious is a part of him . Doesn’t that make more sense rather than Islamic idea of a singular god because we all have a conscious and thus brahmana is a practical thing for us to feel.

  49. I think man behind barenakedislam is right. Hindu worship animal and never eat. There is no non Muslim other than Osama, dawood, Arre haa chota rajan , manya surve etc. Why Gandhi said that Mohammad is most influential personality. Gandhi was non Muslim I think so. Who is Satan, the one who says bad. Here we know who r saying bad. There is no theif in the world who is non Muslim. I guarantee only Muslim haina admin. Ok world created by Allah , u guys forgot the path. No issue keep walking have patience. Is this ok. There is no one non Muslim who likes aamir, srk and salman. Hey admin, u wrote Kuch nhi badlega, sach mein Kuch nhi badlega Tere aisa karne se. Likhteja jab Tak dum hai. Khuda Teri sahi muraad puri kare. Aamin Inshallah Tu aur bole aur log aur jyada surf kare aur unko jyade se jyada Islam padhne ko mile. Aur kya hoga pata hi hai. Movie pk because of controversy crossed 300cr. Thanks continue ur try. I love u guys, good and healthy discussion.

    • Oh btw you forgot your nation is currently thriving on these so called outsiders. So stop uttering such racist comments until your people learn to work as well as the “outsiders”!
      And of course not to mention get educated too!

  50. semitic paths&peoples are evil.
    Vande Mataram
    Truth alone triumphs!
    Cheers fellow vegetaryans!
    Ghar wapsi: think and act globally!
    We need lebensraum for our children and gou mata.
    Apologies for the idiot Sino (Sikh in name only) comment from the stupid fool who thinks they are Sikh. A true Sikh is rare. Our tenth Master commands us to have zero contact with Mozlems.

  51. It is rightly said that almost all the muslims are evil forces. The basis of Hinduism is to destroy the evil forces and set right the Dharma to all the living creatures on this earth. This muslim bastards never contributed anything to the world of Science and Tecnolgy but they were always readily destroying the Science and Technolgy groomed over seveal thousands of years. There might be very very few like converted Mulims like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir, Noble Laurate Dr. Abdus Salam, etc. who are very exeptionally contributed to Science and Technology but the original fellows who claimbed to be muslim bastards are ruthless and cannibals and going on destroying the human and other races of the world. The so called islam has no scientific basis and has no creativity and due to that they know only evil doings and the natural world and must be eliminated from this Mother Earth as soon as possible…………….ppc

    • Dear PPC,

      I dont know how was your upbringing but I am sure that some wrong muslim who are criminals as a human being raped your mother and sisters in front of you. You very well expressed your pain over here and i am truly by heart with you. See the problem is the reservation that your religion got in India and due to that Muslims were forced not to enter or participate in many of the achievements of India.
      The main question is who divided the country and the answer is the sick mentality Jawaharlal nehru and Jinnah did , for what? actually for a whore who was planned by englishmen. we were robbed and looted by Englishmen but yoy forgot that and today your mother sister and wife dress like them to put a pin in your ass but they look sexy so you dont have any objection. You being a sanatan enjoy christmas the religion of Jesus, you know who Jesus was? leave it you are not educated enough to understand that. Tell me what Geeta made you understand if you heard it by heart or read it. No way this is also not possible that you read any book of your religion otherwise you wouldnt use the faulty language. You know Adam he was the first man on earth kindly give me a reference of its presence in your Holy books>>> I know you cant you are a simple Jerk who knows nothing. Today you are facing reservation Issue, Vyapam and the over burdened cost but you blame muslim for everything. if you have a complete Hindu rashtra then also CWG, Vyapam, Coal Scam couldnt be stopped. Shame on your parents who didnt taught you Humanity.

      • Muslims are nothing but trouble.The non muslim world must unitedly drive away Islam if the world wants peace.

      • Yes Adam was the first man, BUT HE WAS NOT A BLOODY MUSLIM.










        Islam has no connection or lineage to the true religions Judaism and Christianity.

        Islam is a bastard Un-Godly religion of Satan, created by Satan’s bitch, mu-ham-head (a curse be upon him).

        It was created by a sick savage pervert, to serve a sick savage pervert.

      • Mr.Hasan or whatever you are… Do you know that Quran is a guide for terrorism … It is evident from your behavior… U r blaming us for dressing in western outfits what do u get by wearing that sick cap on ur head and barking in the mosque like a dog for ur pevert God or prophet (may he be fucked by everyone)….. U think that Adam was the first person in the world… Can u please tell me which was the website from which he was downloaded or from what did he originate…. U tell that our religious books have no mention of Adam… It is because of the fact that he did not exist….

  52. Before becoming a part of a religion we shall all become humans first. You are all arguing about one another’s religion, this is just spreading more hate and I personally think that whatever is true and whoever is wrong will be punished by GOD, who are we to punish people as only God has had the right to do so. Whoever is reading this, you should learn to become a human being and respect others because no matter what religion you are, isn’t that what God wants you to do? I know that many people hate Muslims and maybe because of history and media we can’t blame them but at least we shouldn’t make things worse. If any Hindus personally hate Muslims then don’t talk to them or have anything to do with them and I’d any Muslims hate Hindus then you should also not talk to them or have anything to do with them. Leave the rest to God. P.s I am a Sikh and I only want everyone to be happy and live their lived without harming anyone else and if believe that one or the other is wrong then don’t spread hate because that is never going to solve anything, all it will do is make other people hate Muslims and other Muslims hate the other religion. I know that most of you all feel hate for another person’s religion because they are not following your religion but it’s their life and they have been given the freedom to believe in whatever they wish to. If in the Muslim Holy book it does state that they are allowed to beat their wife or whatever then they will be punished by God so just chill and relax. Anyway I think that beating their wife or whatever used to be before and they don’t hopefully do that any more but if they do then the wife does have the right to leave the husband and if she doesn’t want to an still bears the husbands beatings then that’s also her fault. Your thoughts are important but just don’t spread hate as that will harm everyone’s future. If you say something bad about Islam then they will obviously retaliate and it’s not their fault because everyone would protect their religion and if you don’t spread hate then there won’t be any further war or harm to your future.

      • please do not insult our religion. every muslims are not the same. each individual is different. many muslims are good as well. your blog may break the unity in between us. please don’t look Islam through ISIS, AL QAEDA, TALIBAN etc. people from these organizations are not muslims. they are terrorists. they are only defaming Islam.their actions is creating a bad picture of Islam. and terrorism does not have any religion. Islam is the religion of peace.

        • Our job is to insult your death cult posing as a religion. No, muslims are not good. We want to break the unity with you that we don’t have in the first place. We are not looking at terrorist groups we are looking at muslims like you and we don’t like what we see. Terrorists are the good muslims because they are following the teachings of Islam better than anyone.

          Religion of peace, my ass. Get lost.

        • DONT TRY TO CONFUSE US YOU MUSLIM….! every muslim is mad for his religion from inside they just want that everyone becomes a muslim…! i can also give a example but u are a muslim so u would know your feelings!

      • u people are not going to listen in a polite way……hear is the perfect example why we people are like this……now shut your dumb ass and just fcuk off if not u will get from me u jack ass.

  53. Dear Mr Vasoo
    This man Raj indeed is Rajuddin.
    He is trying to divert our attention to BJP instead of the current topic.
    Kerala might have the highest Christian population but the area is dominated by Muslims.
    I would like to tell something.
    BJP is not a threat to Kerala and never will be.
    In Kerala the fight is between Christian and Muslims.
    Keep BJP and Hindu out of it.
    The interesting thing is that these Muslims are now feeling the heat.
    Nice work Admin.
    All the Hindu and christians will be thankful to you.

    • Bitch please! I’m from Tamil Nadu, not Kerala. I was not diverting the attention, you cunt. I was saying that this man is probably a bhakt. I was explaining what hypocrites some of these bhakts are . In case you didn’t notice, I agreed with almost everything he said. It’s just that I find bhakts who talk like this have major double standards.

      I don’t have an issue if a white Jewish/Christian guy says all this. Americans ( and Europeans who are mostly christian or jewish) don’t talk shit about a group of people behind their backs and then, start kissing their asses for money the way most bhakts do. I can see your ass clearly needs some burnol because the stuff I pointed out is quintessential of such assholes.

      BJP is not a threat to Kerala because of the Christians there as you pointed out. I do not know about muslims dominating Kerala, I will ask my mallu friends and get back to you on that. Tamil Nadu may not have a christian majority but BJP is a joke here as well. And if you still think I’m a muslim, go fuck yourself. There are more christians and hindus here than muslims. I talked about BJP because BJP has a history of harassing Christians as well. All the church vandalism and rapes of nuns seem to be rampant these days.

    • bro I swear to god look at this picture our great somnath templehttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f2/Somnath_temple_ruins_%281869%29.jpg/639px-Somnath_temple_ruins_%281869%29.jpg I swear a muslim destroyed this then how is it justified that islam is a religion of peace tell me any muslim guys tell me huh and you call islam a religion of peace how just tell me how you guys destryoyed our great somnath temple which sardar vallabhbhai had to reconstruct again in 1948 and also muslims pose a greater threat to india as there population is increasing in significant amount I hope that they don’t become 50% in the future as that will pose a greater threat to our hindus, Sikhs, parsis, Buddhists and Christian brotehrs survival and whoever doesn’t like muslims in general the fact is that I wish out prime minister narendra modi does something about this like maybe banning islam completely from our country as another African country has banned islam from their country and I have a source for it as well read this article http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/angola-first-country-to-ban-islam-muslims-mosques-demolished/1/326414.html thanks a lot guys I hope that this islam virus, cancer or deadly disease or famine can be wiped out of our country hopefully in the future before it’s too late but there are some muslims who are committed to india very few but there some who don’t wish bad for india or are spying in india illegaly and who mix in with us and celebrate holi so even in greater evil there’s is a little bit of goodness and humanity I believe well I am not saying that islam is good but there are some people who are muslim and are willing to die for their country but they will probably be hard to find hope you guys don’t mind such a long explanantion

  54. I slam , Islam – Its an excellent organization { ………….. } good system design, devised, developed and tested by intelligent persons known as Mohammad ( founder director ) and latter on by his board of directors , commonly known as Califas. The main objective of these nomadic tribal’s were to survive , grow and to be powerful in their region. The complete Islamic system design is based on (1) Multi level marketing system / ponzi schemes – to hire more people and bring them into our company – promising them some thing – which they can only experience after their death (2) if some one tries to question any sayings of Quran etc or wants to leave Islam – MAFIA style operations. (3) To camouflage the covert operations and to create goody goody image in the eyes of innocents and prospective recruits – some basic and advance practices of yoga. (4) … and some more

  55. Brothers and Sisters, Muslims are irritating, annoying, highly violent, and primitive people. They have only 1 goal and it is that every human on the planet earth should be Muslim! Kaise harami kutte hain? Thats why they blow their horn in each of there Mosque at over 100db, 5 DAMN TIMES A DAY, putting their Unholy words of Quran into every humans ears. I hate islam. Bhenchodon apni quran apne mann main padho. Prathna mann main bhi karte hain bhosdi walon? Sale Muslim puri duniya ko disturb karte hain Haramjade kahinke.

    • My friend please do not look at islam through muslims , look at it through the HolyQuran and ahadeeth of our prophet then you will get a clear and real image of islam

      • A careful study of the Quran and Muhammad’s life will reveal to any objective-minded person that Muhammad never talked to a supernatural deity or received revelation from such an entity. Muhammad invented Allah and turned him into a criminal god to give political power to himself and utilize his made-up teachings, allegedly received from a fictional Allah, as a religious and legal justification for his criminality. Allah existed only in Muhammad’s imagination. Muhammad and Allah were the same—two in one. 

        Sanctioned by Allah, Muhammad practiced deceit, torture, murder, assassination, massacre, genocide, pillage, robbery, enslavement and rape as halal (legal) acts, deserving of paradise, as long as they were perpetrated on the infidels. These evil, immoral teachings became the eternal laws of Allah. Muhammad was no man of God but a criminal.

      • Due to the actions of the Muslims world over has created fear and hatred against Islam.
        Do not suggest us to read Qur’an carefully but ask your Muslim brothers to do it. If they understand then there would be no problem.
        Thanks for taking to us.
        Now get lost

      • We understand your Satanic books only too well.

        Sick, Sick, Sick.

        You call this religion?

        What other religion wants 75 to 80 per cent of the world destroyed in the most sickening and barbaric manner?

        What other religion COMMANDS its followers to PLUNDER, RAPE, ENSLAVE, TORTURE, AND KILL?

        Is this the WORD OF GOD?



  56. well, I agree with 90% of what is mentioned here except for a few things. Muslims DID contribute and not ALL of them were fanatics. There WERE exceptions like Akbar. This man is not under the influence of a Zionist organisation but he seems under the strong influence of a political party called the BJP. I agree with most of the things against islam but these guys aren’t any better either. Now, these are the same guys that claimed that nuclear weapons, aeroplanes, algebra, pythagoras’ theorem were all from India; praise Godse for killing Gandhi; harass couples on valentines day.

    These are the same people who are AS hypocritical as muslims themselves. They’ll claim that they want a hindu country, bla bla and talk about patriotism but you’ll find they all want to go to USA, UK and some middle east countries (hypocrisy). These idiots will claim that they are patriotic but will target Tipu Sultan who even managed to give the British a hard time. How were hindus doing well under British rule? I’m sure the British didn’t really care. Why would they rub pig and cow fat on cartridges if they did?

    About muslim contributions buildings like Taj Mahal, Agra fort; Tipu Sultan’s work against the British ( Hyder Ali and Tipu invented the Mysore rocket) ; In terms of cuisine, Biryani and Haleem. I know they were mostly scumbags but to say that they contributed NOTHING clearly shows that this man who grew up in the UK has probably not even been to India.

    • Raj, in addition to everything muslims claimed to have done, but actually never did, muslims did not build the Taj Mahal. The Tajmahal is not an Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva Temple known as Tejo Mahalaya which the 5th generation moghul emperor ShahjahanShahjahan commandeered from the then Maharaja of Jaipur. The Tajmahal, should therefore, be viewed as a temple palace and not as a tomb. The ending “Mahal”is never muslim because in none of the muslim countries around the world from Afghanistan to Algeria is there a building known as “Mahal”.

      A Sanskrit inscription too supports the conclusion that the Taj originated as a Shiva temple. Far from the building of the Taj, Shahjahan disfigured it with black koranic lettering and heavily robbed it of its Sanskrit inscription. The Taj Mahal is scrawled over with 14 chapters of the Koran but nowhere is there even the slightest or the remotest allusion in that Islamic overwriting to Shahjahan’s authorship of the Taj. Had Shahjahan been the builder he would have said so in so many words before beginning to quote Koran.


    • @Raj

      You sound like that typical pro Muslim liberal apologist, a stupid bastard of the highest order. Its because of extremely naive and ignorant arseholes like you, Muslims are winning this war. You should be killed by banging your head on a rock. I’m sure after cutting it open no one’s gonna find a brain inside.

      • And YOU sound like a typical BJP bastard. I guess assholes like you are very common in North India. When the truth is spoken about your group, you cry like a bitch. Also, why do your right wing assholes target Christians? Christians are the most peaceful people in India.

        I’d agree if an American insults muslims but BJP supporters in India are HYPOCRITES, nothing more. The admin of that facebook page ‘The Frustrated Indian’ , Shefali Vaidya epitomizes it. She insults Christians and Muslims but lives in muslim country and will even wipe a Sheik’s ass for money. what the fuck is that? And the rest of them bash Christian missionaries but they go to USA (again, what the fuck???). ShankNaad group is another example of such idiots.
        why go abroad when Ache Din is already here? Also let me point out, a lot of so called ‘Indian muslims’ converted from Hinduism to escape the caste system. The same goes for a lot of Indian Christians.

        • Guys, this camel fucker, posing as “Paul raj” is surely a muslim. Or might be a christian, but i’m sure he must be a muslim by seeing his replies, and his bad views about BJP. I can guarantee anyone in my country that “muslims in india , all of em hates BJP” that’s 100% for sure. This bitch ass cunt, the way he insults everyone who says that he is a muslim, confirms that he is the follower of pedo mohmd. He’s living in tamil nadu, And even in tamil nadu no muslim likes BJP. So that’s it, This guy is a muslim. Period.

    • Vasoo Kamulkar, London

      This bloke Raj is really Raj-ud-deen. I have come across many such Raj-s in Sindhusthaan’s Mumbapuri. Mostly they earn by repairing cars. They must be slightly scared of telling their Muslim names. Never mind.

      (a) AKBAR – He was as great as Prince Rahul Khan’s I.Q. Real things about Akbar’s greatness, are being deciphered now. He might have been a bit crafty. Under the guise of Sindhu-Muslim unity, he had dreamt of being the Paigambar of his religion, ‘Deen-e- Ilaahee’. There is a ground to suspect that Birbal, and not Abul Fazl was the vital force behind the new religion. Think as to why Birbal, the real brain behind Akbar’s rule had to convert himself to Islam.

      (b) Aryan and Drawidian Sindhus were highly advanced in Science, Maths and Arts. It is not a lie. Even Westerners (excluding the Anglos of course) now admit that Maths and Sciencehad originated in Sindhusthaan. Read American Will Durant’s book published in 1930, “THE CASE FOR INDIA”; which suggests that the European industrial revolution could take place only because of the foundation in science and maths, laid down by the Sindhus

      (c) The right thinking Sindhus had never praised Nathuram Godase. They had never criticise him either. They believed that nothing was gained by Gandhi’ assassination. Give a thought to Sindhusthaan, which after Gandhi; had remained after Indonesia, the second largest country with the Muslim population.

      (d) Tajmahal: Raj should read P. N. Oak’s book. The late Professor from Indraprastha and Pune had maintained therein with ample proofs, that Tajmahal was first a Sindhu Shiv mandir and Shajehan had fabricated on the original walls; the so-called mausoleum. It is unthinkable that Shahjehan with a hundreds of concubine in his harem had so acutely loved Mumtajmahal. Aldous Huxley’s poetic sensitivity had carried him away when he had described Tajmahal as the King’s tear-drop.

      (e) Tipu Sultan. the so-called tiger of Mysore, did give a good fight to the British, but he did so only to save his principality of Mysore. Indore’s Maratha Chieftain Tatya Tope and Pune’s Nanasahib Peshwe were the real heroes behind the ‘Swatantrya Sangraam’- Indian War of Independence fought with the British in 1857.
      One piece of friendly advice: never sing the Tipu Ballad, while in Kerala. His atrocities over Sindhus were far worse than Aurangzeb’s in Indraprastha. Keralite non-Muslims still remember Tipu.
      Haidar Ali and his son Tipu did not invent any rocket. Some Dutch or the French commanders employed by them were behind the production of a new type of gun.

      (f) There is a logic behind wanting to have a SINDHURAASHTRA. In the Muslim League Conference, perhaps in 1935-36; Quiad-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had declared that the Muslims could NOT- under any circumstances, BE expected to co-habit with dirty Sindhus – (and mind you, the Sindhus wash every day), in one nation. As usual the Britishers who had engineered Jinnah had granted his request and devised Partition. Logically, while the Muslims had their own home, Sindhus ought to have been “left alone” in Sindhusthaan. But the progressive (?) Gandhi-Nehru were taken to ride by the English and the Muslims ALSO had remained in Sindhusthaan. Muslims therefore had enjoyed the ‘CAKE’ and also had it. So, there was nothing illogical if the Sindhus had wanted their Sindhuraashtra! Raj’s Pakistanis also go to UK and USA for employment. What is wrong if Sindhus wanted to better their financial circumstances?

      By the way, St Valentine was an Italian play-boy. Do the Muslims of Pakistan and India allow their daughters and sisters to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?

      • My name’s Paul Raj, by the way. You’re trying to connect me to islam because I bashed your favourite political party, nothing more. FYI, I’m an atheist.

        “Aryan and Drawidian Sindhus were highly advanced in Science, Maths and Arts ” – It’s Dravidian, by the way. Oh, yes. India invented planes, nuclear weapons, surgery, Sanksrit++ (the first object oriented programming language), even the earth was discovered in India. India literally had every damn technology in the world before others but still got pwned by invaders. Isn’t it?

        “The right thinking Sindhus had never praised Nathuram Godase. They had never criticise him either” – Nathuram Godse? They fucking worship him. You have no idea.

        “Taj Mahal” – I believe I already agreed with the admin on that.

        “Tipu Sultan” – I agree the part where he fought the British for his gains. I acknowledge your advice. Can you provide a link about the rocket not being invented by them?

        I have some friendly advice for you too : Don’t sing the BJP song in Kerala either. Even Hindus hate them there. Must I remind you that 99% of all the communal violence and terrorism takes place when and where BJP is present? Tamil Nadu and Kerala reject BJP outright. Almost no terror here. Coincidence? Nope.

        “Pakistanis also go to UK and USA for employment. What is wrong if Sindhus wanted to better their financial circumstances?” – Yes, and those pakistani assholes go there and say that they are Indians and not Paki cunts. It is not about going to another country to make money. It is about hypocrisy. BJP supporters will preach patriotism, Indian culture, hinduism and other shit when they prefer to live/study abroad. And when they’re there , they’ll go for strip shows in vegas and eat beef. They’ll beat up people in India who do the same thing.

        The fucking idiots who preach harassment of minorities and lower caste hindus will cry like bitches if they go to muslim countries or even christian countries and THEY do the same to them. I’m just saying ‘Don’t like muslims? Don’t work for one. Don’t like Christians? Don’t fucking go to USA/UK or most other European nations..go to fucking Nepal or stay here in India..show us your patriotism and your love for Hinduism.’
        Most of the people who bark at Christians and Muslims keep their ass and mouth shut in those countries. I fucking hate hypocrites whether it’s an RSS whore or a mulla. Both of them suck. Must I remind you that RSS people NEVER participated in the freedom struggle? It’s because of the casteist bullshit assholes like Hedgewar promoted, the dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu started kicking ass.

        “By the way, St Valentine was an Italian play-boy. Do the Muslims of Pakistan and India allow their daughters and sisters to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?” – I don’t think they do but much of this so called ‘Indian culture’ that BJP follows seems to be from Abrahamic religions. You fool, don’t you realise that the hindu extremists and muslim bastards have a lot in common? Premarital sex is a taboo in Christianity and Islam. People were killed in Spain for merely believing that casual sex is ok. Muslim bastards follow this shit even today. That’s the difference.

        In case you didn’t know, India is the land of Kajuraho, Kamasutra, Konark and also the highest population. Hindutwa assholes are confused bhakts who say that porn should be banned but will watch porn in the parliament themselves.

    • You are not a Christian.
      You are a Muslim.
      Have some self respect and reveal yourself.
      BJP is going to burn your Muslim ass where ever you are.
      Good luck Maderchod

      • Bitch please! BJP is a joke in my state and my neighbouring state. Educated people don’t vote for assholes. And YOU are a dumbfuck if you think I’m a muslim, nothing more.

        Go on, bastard. Preach your hindutwa shit and do all the shit that muslim countries do.

        Ache Din effect : you can’t have premarital sex, can’t have beef, can’t have alcohol, can’t watch porn, can’t voice your views about the government, can’t watch the documentary, can’t have maggi, can’t watch fifty shades of grey, can’t have certain words in movies, can’t have app based taxi services, can’t have lingerie mannequins.

        This isn’t far from the shit that happens in middle east.

        I bet even a hindi-speaking,bjp-bhakt bastard like you had to apply burnol after the porn ban. Btw, BJP gets ITS ass burned in my state. Chetan Bhagat NAILED it when he described bhakts. Most of them are Hindi speaking bastards with no class.

        I can have all the beef, pork and alcohol I want in my state. So, go on apply burnol. The dravidian movement must have showed a nice, large dildo up RSS’s ass.

    • Get your facts right sir! Atleast islam wouldn’t teach us to be as hypocrite as you did. According to Islam, these “muslims” who committed these crimes you said deserve to be severely punished. How can you talk about Islam without even knowing about it? Tell me what do you know about Islam ey! Redirect your title, it is not Islam you hate, it’s the sins people created in the name of Islam, which is wrong! Islam teaches us to respect other religions. To raise our voice to injustice yes, but not to offend other people! If I choose to behave like you, I would be about saying terrible things on HInduism. But I am not. Instead I am behaving civilised and explaining to you that you should not judge without even knowing. Islam is a beautiful religion. You have seen too many people ruining it’s beauty. Please get your facts right. And do not blindly insult. Oh let me guess? Didnt Hinduism teach you guys to respect people? Good Job! Ur not making a good image for ur religion bro.

      • I’m sorry Ayesha but Abrahamic religions preach murder of those who don’t believe. Islam and Christianity do that. The difference is that christian nations have civilized and muslim nations are stone aged barbarians even today.

        In India, bhramins discriminated against lower caste people and those people converted. The ones who converted to islam like this were the Ajlafs (or were forcibly converted by the arabs) and the descendants of the arabs were the Ashrafs. If Islam really taught people to respect other religions, arabs wouldn’t have been force-converting people to islam or killing non-muslims.

        “To raise our voice to injustice yes, but not to offend other people!”. Other people don’t get as butthurt as muslims when you criticize their religion. What happened in France a few months ago is the best example of that. They didn’t raise voices, they raised guns.

        “Instead I am behaving civilised and explaining to you that you should not judge without even knowing” – Civilized and islam are opposite words. You are a non-believer. Islam’s most true form is shown in the Islamic State.
        Take my word for this..any secular muslim is an atheist.

        And about the sins in the name of islam. Islam seems be something common with all these sinners. Coincidence? no. When a book, movie or a leader can be blamed for the actions of its followers, why can’t a religion be blamed for the same?

        Also, let me remind you that you have the same name as the girl your prophet raped.

  57. Hello , Mr barenakedislam thank you for your efforts sir. And one more thing Christianity is equally worst sir. Mr. Paki Muslims come to India by war and by peaceful as Buddhism and Hindus are not savages. Hindus had first university in the world for education which you Muslims had destroyed. if they came to India for peace then why did they plundered treasures, enslave people. Read history properly you idiot. Remember Babur or any other Muslim idiot are not your brother. They are murders, rapist, killers, thief’s taking pride for them is idiotic. Sati system was created because of you fucks who kill people and make their woman sex slave. Instead of becoming sex slave they choose death. You fucks forced 8000 women in Chittagong to death. Muslim king who attacked Chittagong wanted to make Chittagong queen is sex slave. where he heard of her beauty so to acquire her he attacked Chittagong. After his failure to acquire he burned whole Chittagong down in frustration. This is the true face of you Muslims. You fucks have so much material obsession and desire for others property then how could you people be peaceful or achieve peace which can never happen within Muslims. Never ever until you leave your material obsession which would never happen because your religion prescribes it. when you cannot accept us and why should we accept you people. First of all who are you to accept us. if you don’t want peace please get out of my country. We want to leave in peace. Enough is enough. Stop your atrocities or it would be too late before we erupt. There’s is a limit to our patience don’t test it. We aren’t the same people we were before.

  58. you sure wrote good hate story about musims hindu brov/ it confirms the hatred plots by some extremist hindus like your self to fan the flames the fact is hindu wanted muslims as there slaves not their equals aftter the brtish left india/when the british were here they used the hindus to kill muslms//nd so on/ your one sided is it no wonder that that they inturn get mad

    • U are sick , muslim do not deserve to even live on this earth anymore , they deserve to go to hell to their allah(demon) whom u’all muslims worahip . “Islam is totally man-made. “

    • Our country was so pure and when these muslims destroyed our country we were all helpless ; now here is that pakistan ; these muslims don’t know the meaning of ‘pak’ ; pak means pure ; where as pakistan is a straight hell which ; pakistan doesn’t live in peace and it doesn’t want others to live in peace ; now leave pakistan ; in our own india ; there are people like Asaduddin Owaisi who want muslim everywhere ; we can’t do anything if our country is having these people ; first of all those muslims who are against india and they are living in india ; these people should be restricted out of india ; and people like Hafiz Muhammad Saeed should be killed ; if seen anywhere and the real problem is not a muslim actually ; the real problem is islam which teaches them these dirty things.

      • Deepesh thukral…well ” pak’ means pure or ‘ tahir’ as opposed to ‘ najis’, but in english it could mean pure hell LOL..so the muslim pakistan is a state of pak/pure hell ha ha ha

        Islam is a demonic ideology that divides humanity. It has damaged mother india and has divided the indian people….after all pakistanis are islamized indian people. Even urdu is actually dehli form of hindi with lots of persian, turkish , arabic vocabulary and then written with modified arabic script whereas hindi uses the devanagari script..

        Kashmir is a modern day disaster , look at how the invading islamonazis ethnic cleansed and kill so many secular hindu pandits. Kashmir used to be a verdant vedic paradise on earth and so many beautiful bollywood movies were shot there…..and now the islamonazis has turned it into a hell hole . Heck they don’t even have anymore movie houses because the retarded islamonazis say that watching movies is haram, but honor killing their daughter and raping infidel sikh or hindu or buddhist women is totally halaal . Now if this kind of immorality is from the demonic realm, i dont know what is.

        Mr. Zakir Naik the big mouth muslim propagandist is always trying to fool gullible hindus into joining the death cult of islam. He even claims that the vedas fortell the coming of Mohammad LOL. .. and that Mohammad is the Kalki Avatar ! 🙂

        Actually according to the Bhavishya Purana , Mohammad is synonymous with Mahamada who is the incarnation of Tripurasura – the Demon. Maha Mada the Demon ( ie Mohammad ) is a Dharma-dushika or polluter of Righteousness !

        According to the Bhavishya Purana prophecy , the religion founded by Mahamada ( ie Mohammad ) is Paisachya-dharama i.e. a demonic Religion !

        http://endofreligions.blogspot.com/ —-Maharshi Vyas wrote ‘Bhavishya Purana’ 5000 years ago and he prophesied the advent of demonic islam !!!!

  59. I literally cannot believe this. Everyone has different views and opinions. Instead of boasting them and expressing them, trying to convince everyone to believe them – can’t we all just get along? Can’t we accept eachother’s opinions and neither criticize nor hate the beliefs of others? Please? I feel sick reading all this.

    I’m just a kid as well.

  60. Dear all the people on this website i read all of your comments
    Pls do not say anything to each other this will undermine the unity of our nation India
    Just leave the muslims as they are.
    What they did is past what they do is present so we can punish them for the present(according to constitution)not for the past

  61. There is nothing original in Islam; everything in Islam is either borrowed or worse merely snatched from others- be it the theology; it has no philosphy as it is. In any case, its a religion of rituals miles away from any sort of deeper understanding of nature or its creator. So far as borrowing or snatching is concerned, lets begin with the Kaba itself-it was a place of worship and pilgrimmage since millenia and Islam came and claimed it be its own. In India, there are thousands of such temples and holy places which have been usurped by Islam and its peaceful followers-just too name a few: Al aqsa Mosque Jerusalem,babari masjid, krishna janambhumi idgah mathura, atala masjid jaunpur(atala devi temple), jama masjid ahmeda bad(erstwhile bhadrakali Temple),qutub miinar and so on. The list is endless. And yet they claim themselves to be adherents of religion of peace. Why is it that there are problems wherever Muslims are there in sizeable number? To show their magnanimity and broad mindedness, they should first begin with advocacy to allow other religions to prosper in places and countries like Saudi arabis too. Muslims essentially are the examples of what humans should not be.

  62. I have only one issue with E-Salam Stop barking on loudspeakers over 100 db fucking 5 times a day. BHEN KE LODON maderchodon, Stop disturbing rest of the world just because you need to pray 5 times a day because your faggot muhammed kutta maka loda bhosdi ka said so. You can worship quietly without disturbing others. Dekho behen ke lodon, People with primitive mentality always misuse technology. Hindus dont bark 5 times a day. Worst religion on the planet a plague.

    • first of all , none of you guys have the right to say this about religion . Every religion has its own belief . There are lots of bad people in every religion . This society is very much messed up and hateful . I was born Hindu and Muslim and i found islam to be much more peaceful . In my eyes ? yes . Dont judge muslims because that is their past and we shall forgive and forget and im pretty sure your god would not want you to discriminate another religion . HInduism and Islam is beautiful and they both have different religions . if you dont like either one then keep your mouth shut your not defining what kind of ” stupid ” religion it is , your defining what kind of person you are .

      • ZD, yes, we DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRASH ISLAM as the garbage ideology it is. You, on the other hand, do not have the right to give people orders here, so I am banning you.

      • fuking muslim who lied first of all about being born a hindu so that “it” could please us other religions.

        we all want rid of muslim and their terrorism not just a few.

        most hated religion google it you would know not only the past but the present.

        muslims want kasmir to spread terrorism just like in all the muslim dominent countries.

      • Zd my main issue is noise pollution. I live near a mosque and a temple mosque barks 5 times a day over 100 db each fucking day, it makes me even wake up from deep sleep and temple? That pandit rings bell once in the morning which is pleasing to the ears not disturbing. So plea se chutiye sir. Stop telling me what I am, I am a victim of Muslim noise pollution . You are a follower of terrorist religion called Islam ma ke lode.

    • I donot know who are you and to which religion you belong , but be happy that we never met. Because if we had met ,then i do not think that you would be doing those things that you can do now.If the muslims pray their prayer, then that is nonsense?And when you(i am assuming you as a hindu)do your worship and take out your ramnami etc and disturb the whole area ,then that is part of your religion.I am also an indian and do not say that you do it peacefully without disturbing and closing the roads , etc since i have also seen what you do.

      • It is clearly mentioned in the Quran that these people will lie to u to turn you to their religion and will confuse you
        islam never threatened HInduism but the muslims remained peacefull and tried to tell hindu`s that they are doing wrong but the hindu`s did not took it peacefully and started war Then the extremist hindu groups like ” ARYA SAMAJ ” started harassing ISLAM and started criticizing muslims. The groups started lieing and Vidhya And Mandir schemes were introduced to turn muslim children to hindu`s
        Muslims do not rape anyone , it is against religion and marrying to a Kafir is HARAAM
        What it is taught to you * hindus* is wrong and a Lie
        And your gods are nothing but fuel for HELL
        These things are bitter but the truth

        • You said that your stupid Islam religion is the only way…and ours is bad….is there any evidence to i?

          Why your religions is sinking inside is because…the argument is happening everything on tv…like is Islam danger, is Islam is good, Islam isis and so…that shows how good your religion is.

        • You said that your stupid Islam religion is the only way…and ours is bad….is there any evidence to i?

          Why your religions is sinking inside is because…the argument is happening everything on tv…like is Islam danger, is Islam is good, Islam isis and so…that shows how good your religion is.

  63. Hello to the ignorant idiots on the web. I cannot express how sorry I am to have had the misfortune of finding and then proceeding to read this page in my quest to find out more about Islam. Before I go on I just want everyone to know that i am a very proud Hindu who understands my religion apparently more than most of you who decide to speak about Hinduism. I love Hinduism it is a logical, tolerant, peaceful religion that promotes intelligence and is a path to no longer being ignorant. Islam as a religion is one of tolerance and peacefulness, whose followers are supposed to walk the path of God. Hinduism believes that there is more than one path to reach God and that the other religions of the world do that for other people, just because Hinduism is your way to God doesn’t mean that there way is any lesser or inferior. Also, you cannot generalize and say that ALL Muslims to this or that just because in the past Muslims have done things. That is the individual person’s choices not the religion’s and not everybody else’s. That’s like saying every blonde haired blue eyed person of German decent is a Nazi, or that if you have an ancestor from the 1500s that raped and murdered someone that you too should be labeled a rapist and a murderer. Oh and the reason India is no longer a world power is hardly because of Muslims or Hindus, it is because as a community Indians of all religions believe in seeing everyone as brother even when those people are actually out to hurt you. And that still exists today , it causes us to not be able to move forward and gives us a generationally ingrained self esteem issue that causes us to turn against each other like we are doing now and not see that it only ends up hurting us. As for the terrorist groups, there are screw ups everywhere and one day some psycho decided to use jihad as a excuse to rationalize being a murderer and he kidnapped children and brainwashed them into believing the same things that he did and it caused a cycle that continues today. These people do not even count as Muslims because they do not understand what it means to be Muslim. All they know about Islam is jihad, not giving a percent of your income to the needy, not even the pilgrimage to Mecca, they know less than a 5 year old at an American public school (if that doesn’t put things into perspective I don’t know what to tell you). Basically, what I am trying to say is its ok to hate what is happening and what has happened because of certain people but those people are more than just Muslim. Those who ruined temples and raped women and murdered men were also men, fathers, husbands (I mean bad fathers, and abd husbands, but they still were fathers, and husbands) so does that mean that we should hate on ALL men, ALL fathers, and ALL husbands, just like you guys are hating on ALL Muslims.

      • Hello Admin,
        Please attention.There is clearly written in the history, “These savage Hindu society in India, Islam came with a light sheen”. Otherwise, Hindus could never be civilized. What was the Hindu society, a husband dies, his wife, who beat and burned alive. Stone, who is worshiped. The plant is to be worshiped. Cow is worshiped . Dear Admin Please read The 100 Most Influential Man in History by Micheal H. Hart – Muhammad is the first in a hundred people and the last Mahavira…Why…?
        Naked man, who is believed to be the god. Now tell me who is naked – Islam or Hindu…..

        Abdul Alim Allamin Hossain.

      • I know, you do not have any answer. It is true that you will not be able to cover it. Many people like you are creating chaos in society. It is time to shutdown your site and try to create love with Hindu & Muslim.

        • Do u really want to know about sati pratha. Actually sati pratha is a gift from mughals. When the husband of a hindu girl dies they try to marry the widow and thats why sati pratha started to save their dignity

      • Abdul
        Hinduism worships god ,nature ,all other living organisms hence it is better than that of the beliefs that destroy enviroment and especially in some extent the muslims are responsible for the distruction of humanism culling animals jihad and all other bullshit is in islamism not in hinduism and when it comes to influencial people then everyone have different views and opinion you fool

      • You actually made the comment that it is not right. All religion is good to everyone. You comment bare naked Islam hence i tell u Naked man, who is believed to be the god. so who is naked..?
        I live near Varanasi. I almost can see the people.
        And remember one thing Terrorist have no religion, that is why we call them terrorist and do not think of their caste.

      • I would like to comment something on Bare Naked islam: when muslims do anything to protect their religion ,then they are terrorist,and when hindus start killing muslims for examplein gujarat riot then what they are doing is because they love india and to save it they are doing these things?

    • Sorry you are a lying Muslim because all Hindus hate Islam and Muslims because Islam has only given pain and Jizya (Religious tax part of Sharia for being a Hindu..

      Get Lost Lying Muslim.

      • @ Abdul,
        So you are from Varanasi aye? Varanasi is the most sacred place to Hindus, like that damn kabba to Muslims. Did you know that your evil Muslim ancestors had disrespected Lord Shiva’s temple in every possible way? dirty fuck get out of our country you Muslims are not welcome here, if there rises a moment to destroy that black stone in Kabba I will volunteer to join in.

    • All Muslims are demons because they prey on friday( Shukra-var in hindi ) which is day of Shukracharya. Shukracharya was the preceptor of the Asuras, the demons. Don’t trust them. There are too much contradictions in the verses of Quran. They try to make us fool by citing the examples of few good verses in Quran but they do not say a single word about other evil things in Quran.

      • @ Dilip Its as if you stole the lines right out of my mouth brother 😉
        Yes Muslims are Daithyas (Demons) who in ancient India were cannibals who liked destroying things and interrupting holy rituals being done by Rishis (peaceful vegetarian monks) for the benefit of man kind.

        If you didn’t know, Mohammad (Hell fire be upon him) was the reincarnate of Tripura demon from the ancient times who has been described in Bhavishya Puran (Book of prophesies) as Dharma Dushaka (Polluter of Righteousness/Justice) and a creator of Ghoulish religion (Daithya Dharma) And Lo, no other religion is more Ghoulish than Islam, if Hindus consider Lord Sun and his light as most auspicious, Muslims consider night time as most auspicious.
        All the world writes left to right Muslims write from right to left.

  64. I don’t get it,

    Muslims have problem with Hindus
    Muslims have problem with Jews
    Muslims have problem with Christians
    Muslims have problem with Buddhists
    Muslims have problem with Atheists

    All and all Muslims have problem with entire humanity

    So the whole world is idiotic and only smelly Islam is right? eat shit Muslims keep pissing us off and we will wipe you out of this earth.

    Really Alla is a sick bastard and should be publicly executed for sending Mohammad (Hell fire be upon him)

    • do not speak of a god like that , its like im speaking of your gods like that . not all muslims have problems with other religions . I mean explain why my mom is hindu and my dad is muslim and there married ? stop hating a religion and the god . Karma will get you ..

    • True @Aditya brother ; it was us hindus who accepted them as brothers it was our mistakes ; and they took its advantage ; but now what why the hell we don’t kill that dirty a** pakistan who is making so much trouble for us ; its population is only 21 cr and our population is 125 cr and why the hell we can’ do anything coz we have that mercy factor ; those f****** muslims should leave our country or they should be punished for what they have done

      I hate muslims ; and muslims pray on friday means shukarwaar which is the day of shukracharya ; who was a preceptor of demons; but we have that mercy factor which stops us from killing them ; like arjuna in mahabharat was not able to kill his neighbours earlier ; but after the holy teachings of shri krishna ; he killed every of his neighbours who was with duryodhana ; these muslims are demons actually ; and they should be punished for what they have done

    • By the one who has made islam the most glorius religion , if you were infront of me i would not have leaved you to walk properly . Is this what you call hinduisim? Does your religion says you to disgrace other religion? But i am proud and very much proud that my real Lord has guided me to worship him alone.

  65. Dear fellow Human brothers,
    I am a Hindu and I fully agree with this article, Hindus are basically peaceful and a little bit of cowardly lot, we don’t like conflicts, Muslims took advantage of this and they have ravaged my country, they are just plain dirty and filthy, Oh western world, please deport these Muslims, I respect and hold dear the western values, don’t let the darkness of Sharia descend of your world.

  66. The reason behind all this is Islam – a political ideology which prevents a person (read Muslim) from thinking or using his brain. The word islām is derived from the Arabic verb aslama, which means to accept, surrender, or submit. Moreover it is well accepted by the Muslim populace that Islam is perfect. If it’s perfect then it can’t be wrong or reformed or criticised. Hence Muslims still live with their 7th century mindset and want to drag the whole world into it. Generations after generations Muslims have been prevented from thinking thus resulting in low IQ levels.

    Another reason may be interbreeding.

    • Muslims are dieing all over the world except in India.In India their population is increasing,they are prospering because of selfish politicians.One day will come when Hindus in India will be a minority.

      • No I don’t think so, Bharath (India) was, is and always will be a Hindu country, don’t worry, these invaders won’t takeover NEVER!

        • Perfect answers…Islam will never rule India…even if they begets thousands of pigs…it doesn’t happen..coo….our almighty will never let his pur dharma to destroy by these filths

  67. Muslims religion is bull shit religion. i explain why because even they worship lord shiva in kaba which is kabaleshwar in original name, but even that they wont accept… they just coverup their mecca with blanket because if they show what iside that mecca all the muslims get hurt, the reason why they do all in back of “parda” parda means which we use for window and doors the cloth. if they really believe that only those religion is true and others is false then open the parda… I know they wont because there is a shiv ling inside. muslims is just 1300 hundered year old that means satrted in kaliyuga the demons yuga, demon kali purush is the head of muslims where he doing all these nonsence in the name of muslim. but he dont know that he cant destroy “satya” the truth… our sanathana dharma is from satya yuga the yuga of human birth in the world. muslims christian buddism jainism all came in kali yuga which is the last yuga, u people are newly created which is fake. where is the quran at the time of vedic time, nothing is there only vedas which come from mighty lord vishnu who is the creator of universe. Shiva is the core of the universe like a lamp and the vishnu is all over like the light of the lamp. both are same. but bull shit when the allah created this world??? if muhammed says this world is created by allah then why he is not worshipped in satya yuga , Thretha yuga, and Dwapara yuga,? and that too he is getting worshipped in the last chapter of kaliyuga, kali yuga satrted 5000 years back but islam started in 1300 years now guess where you guys stand??? u people nothing but a fake religion…

  68. ….guys what happened cant we just let it b why are people still fighting….i want all the religions to be one 🙁 but it’s not possible but it’s possile that we stay wherever we are but if we want to cross then with love not hate 🙁 Muslims n Hindus should not fight now …

  69. Islam is responsible for the downfall of the hindustan. If they never came than our country would be the superpower of tue globe

  70. during mughal time Hindu men send their daughters to mughal harem so that their social status would be increased. Rajputs have hundreds of their women into Mughal harem it was great respect for them

    • Thats because it was kill or convert, by the Muslims, they often forced or put to death the Rajas, if they did not surrender their women and kill the towns folk, I see you are proclaim your and ex Hindu, if you were an ex Muslim there would be a death threat on you!

      • The Bastard Muslims are worried more about after death and they are not worried about the life God gave then….. only in their religion they are taught to kill others and you will get heaven…..

        The problem is they are ignorant….they want to live for their community and others not for themselves….and they want to take the world back to the barbaric century….

        But the funniest thing is….Indian muslims of any muslims they want to move to US or Europe or Canada or Australia….why dont these mother fuckers just stay in their own place…..AND AFTER THAT WHAT HAPPENS….they want to make those places like Middle east…..

        My Advice is…..If you are a muslim just stay in your hometown….you are not at all welcome abroad…..be happy with your own kind and be slaves all life long and when you die you will find yourselves in HELL…..

    • Ex Hindu is a chutia
      Muslims are always considered as lower than untouchable in indt.
      Giving their daughters to Muslims can only bring abuse to their family.
      People in India use to kill their girl child so she never suffer the atrocities committed by Muslims.
      Child marriage was another tactics.
      No rajput have any women to Muslims instead they committed Jaohar and killed themselves.
      Chutiye hai ye mudalle.
      Kuch bhi bolte hai

  71. I, have a few lines to share on these Islamic lunatics using some stupid holly war (Jihad) is because they have a mad philosophy which heard from a bunch of Islamic people who came to India from different parts of the World to give speeches on life after death.

    These guys say there is a heaven of the God above and one day we will soon reach that heaven. I asked one of the guy ‘After death what happens to us, is not known to any one, but as we are alive it is our responsibility to live in harmony and that is the primary cause we all are in this World’.

    But, that guy was insisting his philosophy is correct and I was telling mine is natural and evident, but his is not.

    This is the illusion these fanatics carry in their thick heads and want to kill all people in this World (this has no restrictions – you can see what is going on in Iraq, Syria and many Islamic nations – including Pakistan) these guys are completely lunatic and they want to kill and destroy humanity at all cost and make this World free from living humans, so that we all can meet in their so called heaven.

    So, we can understand these are no human beings – they are international criminals and must be eliminated, before they spread this madness across this World.

    • Who care about what Allah said… I m hindu and my god says that “i created men and all things for my worship and pray”. U worship my god… Ofcourse not why u force us to.. Bloody terrorist..

      • Islam came as a curse to humanity. From the day Islam came into picture millions of human are killed across the world on the name humanity.

    • The very word Allah is of Sanskrit derivation, even the Jews used the word Allah way before Muslims got incorporated it into their vocabulary.

    • Noushad Ansari: The problem with you Muslims is not that you worship God but you also worship Muhammad and the things that Muhammad said and did and what he commands you to do. Muhammad was not influenced by God but by demons who want all the murdering, enslaving, stealing, oppressing, mutilating. Demons used Mohammad or he was just plain very mentally ill. Many people worship God but Muhammad used God’s name for evil and for this-he has been in hell and all who follow him go to hell too. The greatest sin is to use the name of God for your own selfish purpose and for evil. God loves all of his children but when you make him angry, he uses what we call “tough love”.

    • just take a look over false promises here by muhammad
      Westerners misunderstand Quran because they hear much contradictory evidence about it. One day George W Bush would call Islam a religion of peace, the next a Jihadist would shout out an inflammatory verse from Quran does not support such things as human rights abuses, discriminations and terrorism, they are actually lying to their audiences and to themselves as well. Many , including Muslims, don’t know that the chapters of the Quran are not arranged in chorological order in regard to the timing in which they were written. Therefore deceitful Muslims turn to various places throughout the Quran and read verses that sound peaceful, tolerant and reasonable. The impression is that the entire Quran promotes peace, equality and tolerance for all. That is the biggest religious fraud of all time. Faced with confusing information, non Muslims naturally wonder where the truth is!
      When Quran contradictions or absurdities or the violent verses are pointed out, Muslims will ask aggressively, ‘Do u know Arabic?’ Then they tell you triumphantly, ‘You have to read it in the original Arabic to understand it fully’ or ‘These are not there in the original Arabic Quran’. With this western critics are generally dismissed. Now the question is how many Muslims have read the Quran in the original Arabic? Since the vast majority they have to rely on translations. However, the full knowledge of the Arabic language is not necessary, all that is needed is a critical sense and thought, and clarity of thought. The language of Quran is classical Arabic which is totally different from the spoken Arabic of today. So even Arabs have to rely on translations to understand their holy Quran
      It has two parts, Historical context and Textual context. Historical context is out of the question because Muslims claims that Quran is the eternal words of Allah and its truth and validity must not be limited to certain period of time. In extreme cases Islam sucks away the brain of Muslims. The two best examples are famous ‘ flat earth ‘ and ‘ the earth is motionless and the sun revolves around the earth’ arguments.
      The following verses of Quran prove beyond any doubt the evil nature of Allah and Muhammad, when see Allah makes direct attempt to create hatred and animosity between parents and the their children as stated:
      In verse 9:23 “ O you who have believed, do not take your fathers or your brothers as gyardians if they have preferred disbelief over belief, and whoever does so among you then it is those who are oppressors”
      In verse 58:22 “ You will not find people who believe in Allah and the last day having affection for those who oppose Allah and his messenger, even if they were their fathers or their fathers or their children or their brothers or from their tribe..”

    • Muslims are demons and asuras, they always anti-god members, in vedic time they called as demons and asuras but in the new generation they called as muslims.. he he he he..!!!!!!!

  72. Chuck out Muslims from every other nation. Send them back to their deserts where they will start chopping off each others heads in a decades time!!

  73. It is because we Hindus are so divided my numerous Gods. Saivaites vs Vaishnavites is just a small example (A new page might be required to fill in the rest of the examples). We need to learn to stand together. I agree with one point.. The act of Muslims is to yell oppression right from the word go, and when they are given equal rights, they start to enforce their ways of practice and laws (which sucks totally btw). If India must become Hindustan again, Hindus must be one in this stand-off against this demonic religion! It was foretold in the Bhavisya Purana that there will be an uprise of a demonic religion and that Shiva will re-incarnate to destroy it. If you ask me, each and every Hindu should become Lord Shiva the destroyer!!

    • People in India have the right to choose whatever God, they want to worship. I think this is the most beautiful thing about Vedic culture. We can worship a stone, a cow, a tree, a human or anything we will still be Hindus. Even if someone does not believe in god he is still a Hindu in this nation. Shiv, Vishnu and Shakti devotees respect each other.

  74. Hello all – I am writing this to form an understanding of why there are problems between ‘followers of moon god’ and infidels.

    Phase 1 – ‘followers of moon god’ less than 10% of a country’s population – They appear very friendly and also carry on their daily routine just like any other infidel. But deep inside, they hate all infidel neighbors and never make an attempt to assimilate into or love the host country. They indulge in terror acts of varying intensity, ranging from rape of children to targeted killings. See UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France etc. If they really read their satanic verses, they will understand that their heavenly reward is not ’72 virgins’ but ‘a 72 year old virgin’.

    Phase 2 – ‘followers of moon god’ between 10% – 50% of a country’s population – They hate democracy and being governed by majority infidels. So they cause civil wars to gain a separate nation. See pigistan partitioned out of India, Kashmir wanting to be separate, Chechenya, Uighur and secessionist movements in the Philippines, Thailand etc.

    Phase 3 – ‘followers of moon god’ between 50% -100% of a country’s population – They are considered to be citizens with full rights while infidels are treated as second class dhimmis with no or lesser rights. Many of these countries have strict ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws and Sharia laws. Unlike in western countries, infidels in these countries don’t have right to citizenship, right to buy properties, right to do commerce, right to practice any religion of choice etc. For example saudi barbaria does not allow any infidel’s dead body to be cremated on its soil. Any infidel publicly eating during Ramadan in iran will be flogged with 80 or so lashes or have his/her lips burnt. The name pigistan literally means “Land of the Pure” in urdu and persian and hence implies that infidels are impure and they are not worthy of living in that land. Asia Bibi, a Christian in pigistan was punished under ‘anti-blasphemy’ law on false charges. Her real crime? She drank water from the same cup used by the “pure” women!

    My solution to our country’s problems? As a business man, I only hire infidels and as a customer I give business only to infidels. I support Modi and his party.

    I welcome other’s ideas as well.

  75. Today when u look at the world ..you will realize one thing there is suffering ,violence and crime whereever muslims dwell …how can it b that countries which do not have a bulk muslim population are taking giant leaps in science and technology while countries who have dominant muslims are war ridden filled with suffering and poverty , There is something very wrong with this religion and i ll tell u what it is ..it the absence of free will , yes they wrap their women in clothes like mummy …ask little children to study Quran , ask their men to keep beards …you can not dictate people to follow u shd give them free will if a women wants to wear minis u shd b proud and not afraid ..ppl from other religion are not gng to take ur women ..there is no acceptance no tolerance in this religion ..so the basics of this religion is wrong and ppl who follow it will always b in conflict with rest of the world because …we will protect our way of living at any cost.

    • It may be true that Islam is not bad..and i believe it is not bad
      But I have a few questions:
      1. if Islam is good why is it so dominating? Like in Follow us or go to hell kind!
      theres only one god and that is Allah.
      2. Are we not in the new age, why should a women wear burkha or cover herself up totally? Doesnt she have the right to wear a skirt or dresses, guys can watch mariah carey shake her booty in half naked clothes, but force dress her wife in burkha only.comeon why cant she wear what she wants?
      3. Why is it that you guys are really very comcerned about each other, just in the common name of religion you stand to fight and more, If you are so concerned about each other why dont you provide financial aid and help in any capacity to your needy brothers, but only religious enlightenment.
      4. Why is that you guys force to pray or go to mosques, See Saudi or gulf nations.
      5. Its ok if youre fanatics, but why you destroy peace of others. Cant you guys live and let live?
      If islam was also followed as a way of life, like other religions-i say it would have been what it really means.
      donot disrespect any religion.
      follow what they teach you and your life will be happy peaceful amd glorious.
      they teach us love brotherhood and respect for all. Which is what all the humans (men or women) and creatures deserve equally.
      we are human the world is ours, whoever gave it to us whatever his name is lets make this place a home for all of us and live peacefully rather than fight and destroy it all.
      If there is god, he would be crying and repenting to see all of these happening in the world he created with such efforts and details! Shame on us..we cant just even follow the nature.

      • 1. Islam is not a dominating religion. In Islam, Allah(God) gave everyone the freedom of choice to do the wrong things in life and to do the good things in life. If you do the good things you’ll go to heaven, but if you do the bad things then it is all up to Allah where you go. See in Islam muslims believe that Alah is the most generous, the most merciful, and the most forgiving. so if you pray and ask for forgiveness with true sincerity, then he’ll give it to you. One way that shows he is generous is that when you convert to Islam ALL the bad things you did before then are forgiven but all the good things are not. So even though your not a muslim, Allah might look at how many good deeds you have and put you in heaven.
        2. Muslim women CHOSE to cover themselves up because they are strong in faith. In islam, women cover themselves to be modest. Muslims do not believe in showing of your skin and exposing yourself to others. Also, muslim men SHOULD NOT BE looking at Mariah Carey shake her booty because that is totally against Islam so Im not sure where you got that from…
        3. Muslim men do help eachother in financial aid!! Infact in Islam you HAVE to give “Zakat”(charity) to people who are in need. Its 2.5% of your wealth and its paid annually.
        4. Muslims dont force to do anything. However, you do get good deeds for praying in the mosque, but you can pray at home. Going to the Kabbah in Saudi Arabia once in your life is obligatory to worshiip your lord and ask him for anything. You dont have to go if you cant afford the trip or your body isnt in a healthy state and wont be able to uphold taking this journey.

      • Answer to aml..

        1. Why you guys want everyone to convert to muslims.If you have so much faith in your religion then be it..we are not asking you to convert and check.Infact Hindu is the only religion in the world that allows Free Will conversion but dude, no coming in back again!

        2.Talking about mariah carey’s booty, i am pretty sure even you would look at some things which are out of ordinary, because science says if your a man you are bound to get excited looking at these things.And if you believe in religion more than science, dude the next time you fall sick, dont take medicines and pray your Allah not 5 but 10 times a day and tell me if he did get u well faster and better than it.

        3.womens dont choose to cover themselves, they are forced or taught in a manner such as to cover them in that black piece of cloth.Whats in that skin, Gold or Diamonds hidden such that if she shows it, she will fall in trouble? Tell me of Muslim women who donot wear Burkhas too! There a lot of them. Arent they Muslims?

        4.If zakat was such useful brother..and you think all of them do it..then why are the beggars stil there..i see the beggars outside the mosque in a queue how many times u walked past them all Did u help them all with a part of a bill. I tell you, all these things at a time was strategically designed such that you could force increase your numbers. Be strong and attract people toward follwing you guys..but now what u know, the equation you guys formulated has hone pathetic and haywire.So more suckers now.I know 2.5 % zakat, the rich pay to terrorist organisations not the needful or in building a mosque in every street and helping to buy loudspeakers. And u talk about peace..balls.

        5.if your god was so generous, then why he wants people to convery to Islam and then shower him with generosity, Did he whisper in your ears saying i m the captain and i only support my team..comeon be mature God is one for all. No matter what.

        6.i have a very imp. Question here why is that circumcision is required for both male and females. And when as a kid? Dont you think its against the universe. It does cause grave psychological effects.If god had made it that way and you doubt it..why not cut it apart..anyway you guys are extremely against skin showing and booty watching coz you guys are not human beings.you proved your points. NO THANKS. COZ WE ALL KNOW TAT!

  76. whatever muslims have to say about them, everyone knows that they can’t beat Hindus in any sphear of the world, whether it is literacy rate, government/private sector, politics, awareness/wellness. We hindus will always dominate muslims even if muslims get 90% minority reservation. Muslims, you can not beat us at all, you just know how to grow your population, and stay illeterate. you just know how to suppress women so that they couldn’t be literate more than you ( otherwise they won’t marry stray boys of your religions ). you just know how to show your worthless importance to the world (because no one cares about you ). Whatever you think is incorrect is called “haram” in your religion even if that is 100% right. You muslims keep manipulating your own beliefs according to situations. How ridiculous?? you demand reservations for yourselves because you know you won’t stand anywhere against us generally. fuck you idiots, illeterates, cockroaches. Gujrat riot was a perfect responce to your self admiration. We wiped your supporter “congress”, we took away a great backsupport of you and you couldn’t help it. wait and watch what comes next!!

    • I am interested to know, if you think islam is non violent how would you explain the beheading of people by isis, do they have any reason, can their be any reason of beheading people, no matter whatever culture or race they belong to, i dont want to insult anybody’s religion without any reason but i cannot understand how to call such activity as good, like the one osama did in past and what isis doing today, can any muslim explain that, is it good to kill people just to populate your idea over most of the earth, tell me how and why?

  77. Islam is the worst disease of mankind ever. All non-muslims should wake up to it’s dangers, unite & eradicated this terrible disease from the face of earth.

  78. go to hell you hindus.Is this your religion teaching you???????hun????? at least we are not complimenting on you and our thousand goddddssss we, muslims do not say any thing about your religion……………does your religion teaches you to make cartoons on prophet of muslims??????????our religion at laest dont taeches us these owful and nonsense things ………….so we are 10000000000000000 tmes better than you………………you hindus just bark like a dog we, muslims dont care about dogsssss………….lolzzzzzzzzz

    • LOL you said you don’t care about barking dogs, clearly you are caring as you commented on this article, stupid bitch, you said muslims didn’t do anything bad to hindus, read the full fucking article you moron, and guess we are having brains while you morons are stinking frothing ignorant pigs and we have killed you before several times, remember maratha empire thast stretched till the afganistan, just one example, you can go fuck yourself — Regards, Also we didn’t do mohammad cartoon, but your favorite bastard painter mf hussain did naked drawings of our gods, still we let him live not because of cowardice but we thought he is one of the pathetic old fools of your ilk, we have humanity, but you katuas do not. Remeber whole world is waking up to your dirty ilk and its actions LOLZ. Please spare me so I don’t have to talk how a 52 year old man screwed 6 year old child.

    • I would like to draw the attention of the Hindu brother, to the book “The Journey to Mecca” written by an European Muhammad Azad,(jew) who reverted to Islam . in that he says: ” The ludicrous notion that islam was religion of crue sensualism and brutal violence of an observance of ritual instead of a purification of the heart, entered the western mind and retained there; and the soil was so good and fertile to sow the dark seeds of hatred against islam. Thus it was no accident that the fiery Chanson de Roland, which describes the Legendary victory if christendom over the muslim ‘heathen’ in southern France, was composed was not at the time of battles but three centuries later- to wit, shortly before the first crusade- immediately to become a kind of “National Anthem” of Europe; and it is no accident, either, that this warlike epic marks the beginning of a european literature, as distinct from the earlier, localised literatures; for hostility towards islam stood over the cradle of european civilisation.

      Also read, Temple desecration and muslim states in medieval India”, by an American historian- Richard Eaton, in which he debunked the allegations against Muslims. Search thro’ Google to find the truth.

      I know it is not easy to convince you, until u make up ur mind to get the truth with open heart. otherwise ?????? wait for His Decision.

      • The truth is muslims are also people/humanish, not just like us but they have managed to retain some of their ancestral human attributes. I know a lot of muslims, not only from India but also people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt etc. I always had a great time with them, I wished them for Eid they wished me for Diwali. But all this harmony bonhomie would vaporize right when a religious debate would start, best part I was not even involved in those debates. Those debates were between muslims i.e. Shias of Iran to Sunnies of Pakistan/Afghanistan/egypt, it was amazing how such people could fight over issues like how to pray how much to pray in a day, how to behave etc. well lets agree all people would have arguments but these arguments would always end up violent. I say it is amazing I haven’t seen Vaishnavite bombing a Shivite over such issues or any issues ever and I am sure such arguments would never lead to consequences of the Abhramic Kind.
        A muslim or even a christian (all them converted of course) would jump their guns to insult our great religion without even understanding their own religions, hardly muslims or christians are aware of their own texts; all they bitch about are things they have heard from local madrassa/mosque/church or those idiots blabbering text refering televangelists.
        We hindus have an Open Mind we like to listen before we speak, we inspect we consider we judge all the facts it is in our blood to be smart and a muslim suggesting a hindu to keep an Open mind is a joke.
        Go to Africa, those poor africans are still talking about baptism and other kind are talking about Jinns, yes they are still killing each other over these differences. It is Sad how those poor guys were given books and were robbed off of their natural resources while they still believe in that God/religion brought to them by their looters.
        We Indians also have been looted of our many natural resources by Muslims and British but it is the will of the Supreme lord and the golden knowledge passed on by our ancestors that we are not only surviving the modern world but thriving in all fields all over the world without any caste reservation without any oil money without any missionary aid.

        PS: RAINCHECK BROTHER we have 100 gods and zero fights whereas you guys have 1 GOD and a 100 fights.

      • Dear M.Nazar sheriff. You can taquiyya all you want but we’ve read the books of Islam and we are not fooled by taquiyya by you or any other who follows a pedophile schizophrenic genecidal maniac. Your Muhammad was a sick, sick greedy individual with sick, sick greedy friends.

    • Hindu Religion means a discipline , Its teaches you to leave civilized.It teaches you to listen to conscience which tells you what is right and what is wrong.Here faith does not matter but your deed matters.Thats why hinduism is greatest

      • And yet here we find you using abusive language and showing no tollerance against other religion!
        Never the less please carry on what you are doing for it proves that the two ation theory was right and Gandhi was wrong every step of the way. Maybe now the muslims in India will finally realize the truth.

      • Well if the gandhi theory was wrong why the hell you bastards are fighting for kashmir and killing people in the name of jihadd…you got your natuon , now why dont you shut up and stay there..

    • last angel: your religion does teach you awful and nonsensical things. Islam is constantly slandering other religions. Islam has murdered and enslaved hundreds of millions of people. We’ve read your stupid books apparently more than you have. Are you so illiterate and gullible that you haven’t actually fully researched your own religion? You may be that stupid, but we are not. We read. Go back to your sand hole and grow a few brain cells, if that is at all possible.

  79. Guys, I’m leaving another video I found in YouTube.

    Like in the rest of the world, Muslims do what they do best going ape-shit bananas crying ALLAHU-AKBAR like maniacs and trying to impose themselves by sheer numbers.

    This is from what’s happening in Australia, but human’s best friend taught muslims good lesson.

    Did you know that dogs are capable to literally tell evil people apart from others by smell?

  80. These muslims donot have any brains..only kill and eat…what about the development…where they are larger in number, the quarrel is more…they treat the ladies as equipments, mary four five….it makes me laugh when i see the burkhas…dont dare to talk about HINDUS,,,,HINDUS have existense long long before any religion….the histroy is filled with killings and destruction by the madharchod muslims…u all rot in hell..

    HINDUS maintain peace in Real….whereas the muslims only talk about it and do the opposite…madharchod muslim..

  81. Well Written. I am a Kashmiri Hindu who had to leave his home in middle on night because Muslims there feel that Pakistan is their future. Islam have major flaws which are showing as world becomes more educated, open, transparent, flat and small. Islam does not allow worshiping any God except Allah. Anyone who does not follow Allah and Islam should be killed. These guy dont like getting up in morning and working and going back home in evening. They dont like human progress and developement. All they are interested is Islam and its growth. Religion is important for Humans and its is supposed to support Humanity. But in Islam it is the other way around – with Islam humans have to support Religion, protect religion. I would have been OK had they done all this in a limited area of Arabia but these guys are after the whole world – why cant they give a strip of land to other religions and people to live peacefully. Do what ever you are going in Iraq but leave India alone. Time is ripe to change or get wiped out.

  82. everyone in this planet knows Sanskrit is adi (first) language to be known to mankind, from it hindi, urdu every other language is altered. Hinduism is earliest before people used to light up fire they used to worship shiva linga. 🙂

    • Religion is purely man made. Universe is a puzzle and will remain a puzzle forever. Religion does not come by birth. It is a Political tool to capture land,women and perpetuate the rulers whim nothing else. Morality can be learnt without religion. Rituals are meaning less. Peace is must in Society but I donot find peace in Islamic Societies be it now or starting from 6th Century. So, I say establish a religion free society of Morality alone.

      • Mr. Human , You are being illogical, it is easy to say to create a religion free moralistic society, but human being a hero worshipper by birth want to believe some kind of rituals or some kind of god or else he won’t obey any morals, as he has realized there is no one stop him even god, so there should be a moral symbol such as god to create faith and you can just say that those who create the faith must be good, that is all. How human made laws are proved good enough for us until now you ask yourself that, I am not saying religious dogma is good, but it should be taken as a pinch of salt with our meal rather than the whole dang meal which muslims are taking rather too much of it. Sorry if I sound negative but be practical my friend. since hinduism is the first faith (not organised religion) we hindu people are proud of it. It was born as a moral first then it is extended to faith. So even if religion free society is made possible this faith won’t cease to exist. Respect all religions created to make humans morally good not to control others. Peace

  83. Why is that where ever Muslims go ..it becomes DESSERT ..and the rest of the world is somewhat green …..

  84. i somewhat disagree with this article. I sort of understand the hatred toward the muslims. But the christians are just as guilty as the muslims when it comes to killing non christians and converting them i.e native americans, africans, asians, south americans, etc. Wasn’t the Taj Mahal based off of islamic architecture? I think it was. But it is true to say that muslims started this whole conflict with the hindus when they invaded india several centuries ago. But not every muslims is bad or an extremist. That’s just a stereotype tbh. There are plenty of muslim extremists but not everyone is one of them. Btw my mom is hindu and she feels the same way about muslims as the author of the article but I don’t agree with everything. I abhor the honor killings, sharia law, the covering of the faces of muslim women. It’s very sexist.

    • Sorry no religion including christians converted people by the sword. Only islam . All muslism ancestors were converted by the sword. Islam created by the sword will die by the sword. There is no evil as great as the evil in islam

    • Dear tejas,
      any Christians who have done wrong did it against their teachings. They will suffer the consequences for their actions. They used the name of God and twisted his message which is the worst sin, we Christians believe. But Muslims are actually following their teachings when they murder, enslave, mutilate and oppress others. They are required by Muhammad to do it. It’s all throughout their books. Jesus never had a slave or ever mistreated anyone. He stood up for the rights of women and the disadvantaged and downtrodden. The Crusades were mostly in retaliation to the estimated 548 or so wars started by the Muslims and the fact that by that time, Muslims had enslaved over 1 million Europeans. BTW Native Americans, Africans, Asians and South Americans all have a history of killing and enslaving each other. But the difference in Islam is that it is written in their books to do so and they will go to paradise. They venerate Muhammad who committed every crime known to humans on a vast scale. That is the difference between Islam and all other major religions.

  85. muslims ruled many years onto many countries…and made them as 100% islamic in 10 to 20 years. but when they entered india they ruled for more than 600 years but they failed to convert hindu nation to 100% islamic nation(600 years)!!! and still there are 83% of hindus in bharat!!….think muslims why

  86. Islam is the religion of peace. And Muslims never abolished hindu culture. They had an influence over it giving birth to Indo Islamic culture. Please dont talk rubbish if you dont know anything about Islam. If you want to know about Islam then read The Holy Quran not muslims. Islam is perfect but muslims are not! My religion doesnt even permit me to scold other religions! first you go nd find out about your religion …read the vedas and puranas.. Its written ther is only GOD . And there are people like you trying to spread hatred and make communities. Continue with this stuff and we will see you burning in the hell fire! But I stil pray Allah guides you to right path with his mercy!

    one thing : You can destroy muslims , hurt them , kill them but you cAN NEVER destroy Islam.

      • you barenaked islam you have no right to insult islam you people are doing this because you know that islam is the only true religion on earth christian ,hindus,jewish and all have no true identity and firstly talking about hindus does this religion make any sense first making statues and then praying infront of them do it make any sense nooo !!!! and christians and jewish are the most biggest culprits talking about israel there the jews are killing the innocent people of palestine small kid are being killed you tell me any child even if they belonged to any religion should be killed they does’nt have fault childrens are being separated from there mothers does it makes any sense and those fucking jewish are being happy on it shame on you you people does not even have any humanity just once have a look at those poor little kids you guys should die doing this!!!!THE REALITY IS THAT CHRISTIANS ,HINDUS AND JEWISH ARE THE BIGGEST TERRORIST ON THE EARTH WHO DONT CARES FOR THE HUMANITY !!

        and you people want to destroy islam because you know that its one and only true religion in the world and the muslims are present in the largest quantity in the world just search for firon and then think of your self on his place and wait for the day of judgement!

        • I have every right to insult your filthy death cult posing as a religion and will continue to do so. How does it feel being proud of worshipping a paedophile? Oh, that’s right, most of you are also paedophiles because islam condones it.

        • Islam is the only true religion?!?! I don’t even consider it a religion – even worse than a Satanic Death Cult which includes paedophilia, bestiality and sickeningly, necrophilia. Islam ranks BELOW Scientology on whether it actually ranks as a religion.

      • “DUAA”:

        YOU JUST PROVED WHY you filthy, barbaric, SATANIC Moslems should absolutely NEVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to set foot outside of your “Islamic world”!!!!!

        When you DARE to call everybody else “terrorists” when ITS YOU MOSLEMS who are waging war and committing terrorist acts everywhere you go thanks to your IDOLATROUS APING of that DEVIL Mohammed – who most certainly was THE WORST man who EVER existed at least in his time – then it shows just how completely PERVERTED, INSANE and Satanically-EVIL you are!!!!!

        ALL of us human beings, especially in the West, not only CAN AND WILL say what we like about Islam – just as with anything and everything else!!!! – we have the DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to WARN our compatriots, neighbours, friends and family against your utterly-Satanic and MONSTROUS IDEOLOGY – truly EVIL beyond ALL comparison!!!!!

        Moslems are NEVER, EVER, EVER any more “innocent” than they consider us “infidels” to be innocent!!! The way your imam Anjem Choudary made it plain that all Moslems MUST consider non-Moslems of ALL ages as “guilty” of everything and anything MERELY BECAUSE of their being non-Moslem!!!!!) is such as to ensure we can NEVER be able to mix together under ANY circumstances whatsoever!!! FUCK ALL of you ULTRA-FILTHY (in EVERY POSSIBLE REGARD) IDOLATERS of Mohammed, the truly subhuman MONSTERS of ALL POSSIBLE TIME!!!!! [And may God Have Mercy upon your utterly-twisted souls…]

        BRAVISSISSIMA to Ms. BNI for answering you the way you truly deserve!!!

        In pidgin Arabic: allahu asghar, allahu skatta, allahu Shaytan, Yahweh (YHWH) akbar, Ya’sua bin Yahweh!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Calling Islam a slaughterer my foot. You people are basstards insulting Islam, bloody morrons. Insha allah you are destined to hell.
        And amit mind your words.

      • u DUAA ur religion believes in a god which does not exist at all. U all just belong to the troops in the desert where u should be and moreover u all are suck ups who cant even pray with peace and u all bark like dogs in front of ur so called god. ur so called god is fugitive. muhammad the pevert prophet is a voilence freak and u believe in a so called religion where people are taught to forcibly convert others by propegating violence and unethical prctices. ur religion allows to get married as many times as u want this makes u all a male prostitutes…. u have no right to live ur bloody rapists calling urself a religion

      • What my brother has said is totally correct . Does your religion says go and criticize other religions?well if that is the case ,then you should go and first see and check your religion.

    • Hey Arshad how do you define Kafir ? a) the one who does not believe in God or the b) one who worships other god then allah?
      and other question:-
      Visit this link “http://quran.com/2/221”- This is from quran Surat-Al-Baqarah That says that if someone involves in “Polytheism” then don’t marry them and they are worst then slaves. We hindus have lots of deities does that mean even slaves are better then us?

      P.S : I never offend any religion I respect them. But please help me understand this.

      • Don’t expect any civil answer from these muslim scum, Actually don’t expect him to give any goody little two shoes certificate to you, by the way for all the scum who are ridiculing hinduism must understand that we worship nature in our own personalized forms, and also even if our religion is considered as polytheistic still it is good than all monotheistic ones, because we don’t have the ego that says truth and god are our own religions property. Maybe world should worship multiple gods (within their own religion) so that there will be no single founder and don’t give any mediator a chance between you and your god like pope or imam, world will be much better place without these mediators and so called religion of peace / truths. World will be without war. so my dear hindu brother let the dogs bark at our faith, don’t care about it, peace and justice and truth will prevail maybe it will be delayed but it couldn’t be silenced forever.

        Muslims deny that their religion is corrupt yet the reality is different, Muslims deny that their religion is violent but the reality is different, Muslims claim that they didn’t fuck around with any other faith, but the reality begs to differ. As BNI said arguing with logic around a muslim is like playing chess with a pigeon. So Apurv better try with some human rather than a stupid bird

      • Brother, ‘Kafir’ word has been derived from ‘kufr’ that means to believe in other ‘gods’ than Allah (SWT) . Many Hindus and other non-Muslims feel offensive as if it is abusive. In hinduism also God is one but you have many images or idols of HIM, the almighty. In Islam we believe in no image or idols but one Allah who has no face or shape.

        • So your ALLAH has no image…

          Hindu strongly says, God is personal at the same time impersonal like SUN AND SUNSHINE.

          If you say GOD has no form then these follows..

          no smell,
          no activity
          No color
          No opulence
          No ‘Minuteness”
          No need place
          No need direction
          No need heaven and what not..


          So where you’ll go after death? To see god..where. when he himself not existed anywhere nor has any personal abode…

      • Why to give such an abusive word to person who follows another religion?? they are also humans and as humans we want to live peacefully. We don’t consider other people who don’t believe in our deities to be lower or “kafir”…

      • Why do you misinterpret it as an abusive or lower word. The word ‘Kafir’ is from Arabic language that means a person who worships more gods other than Allah. If you worship five gods, it is your concern, Why should anybody has a concern about your belief. It is just a categorical difference between the two ideologies. Do you know where from Hindu word came? It was mispronounced from ‘Indus’ a river (now present in Pakistan) by muslim invaders in ancient times. You are originally a Sanatan because you belong to Sanatan religion. And this will be interesting to understand that the geographical identity of every muslim is Hindu only because he lives in India. Every word has a sense of use also. I feel that in Indian social context we should avoid using such words who are misinterpretted by majority of people. At the time of partition of India, my grandfather did not leave for Pakistan because of his affection for motherland. A muslim also wants to live in peace. But it is sad to know that we have to face obligations such that we don’t belong to this country, we don;t love our country. Every religion has good people as well as bad people. Due to some of the misguided, if you blame the whole community to be wrong. That’s also not right brother.

        • Dear Indian Brother, I really want to respect islam, but what the invaders have done to this country is unacceptable, answer me this do you think that 80 million lives is worth 1 Allah even if he is the real God as you claim to be? Yes I agree there are some patriotic highly educated muslims, but they are all misled in madrasahs, they always start riot , they won’t even show slightest respect to our national song vande mataram — which was the song of every indian not only hindu. Any Muslim even a normal looking one — if he gets little rich, he wants to shove his religion up our throats whether we want it or not. Have you read news papers or net — what is love jihad, and mind you I have seen land jihad, Many muslims soldiers have died in kargil war, but I have seen muslims from mumbai kicking the memorial for those died indian hindu as well as muslim soldiers, every time when a hindu defends himself be it godra or kashmir, all you guys say is “SAffron terrorism”. You love your country then atleast support the majority you live in, don’t create conflict, be greatful that you are allowed to stay here inspite of giving you 2 islamic republics and still what we hindus have is a Secular nation by name and sickular by work, I think you know what I meant. What you say about Indian mujaheddeen — all Educated Elite Muslims, All are busy blaming isreal for gaza, nobody cares that hindu piligrims from amarnath have been attacked by muslims — they are indians — they are not gazans. What about kashmiri pandits who were forced out by jihadis? Answer all these and then say what you will! I have many muslim friends who are at outside indians for only reservations in jobs, education etc but not by heart. They are willing to strike their weapons as soon as they get sufficient number. They already put arson in many hindu households which was given to them for rent. We hindus don’t have unity of you or political support to save us. So In order to save us we stay away from bad people.

      • Thanks for your approval that I am Indian, Brother (dude571) . But don’t you see how contradictory your own statements are. You say some of the educated muslim are patriot also and on the other hand you condemn their religion and how they are misled then dear? If a person is misled how can he be a patriot? It is their religion and culture only that must have influenced their bringing-up to be good human beings and lovers for their motherland, to whom you extended your friendship hand. I too have many friends from other religion, hindus as well as sikh. All are very nice and friendly.
        What happened 600 years ago is not agreeable to we muslims also. And what’s the difference between your thinking and that of a Mughal king 600 year ago? Won’t you do the same if you have that power?
        It is human nature to conquer the weaker. Don’t you remember a few years back what happened in Mumbai. What Mr. Raj Thakre did? His supporters burnt properties of the North Indians so that they leave Mumbai and vacate the job places for the Maharashtrians. Now where does the religion stand here. Nowhere? It is the power only. As you quote tyranny of muslim kings and harassment incidents of kashmiri pandits etc., (you have not quoted about the muslim victims in the riots of Gujrat, Surat and Meerut) it is also no more different but the game of power. However the role of media in India is also questionable as most of the media groups are influenced by the bearocracy or the government in power.
        Hindus and muslims never fought before the British arrival in India. The communal harmony between the two major religions was not accepted to the Britishers, so they created a policy to divide and rule. Finally, they left India free but also left their mean policy here. And now our own religious leaders are using the same policy to fulfill their selfish goals.
        Human is the best creation of Allah according to the holy Quran and human knowledge has always been upgraded through ages. Islam never encourages evil practices or compels anybody to convert to a muslim. In fact nobody could be a muslim by forcing him to conversion. Some misled muslims don’t even know the meaning of ‘Jihaad’, that in fact means to control your nerves to do good deeds to the humanity.
        To your knowledge, a muslim objects to say ‘Vande Mataram’ because it means I worship my motherland or this motherland is my god. In Islam it is ‘Shirk’ ( to involve any thing or any one in the name of Allah) and cannot be accepted as it conflicts with the basic fundament of Islam, ‘la ilaaha illallaah’ (There is no god but Allah). But we respect our motherland and we must.
        This site is full of hatred and abuses for my religion as well as our prophet Mohammad S.A.W. (nauzubillaah) but it is my religion only that never permits me to write even a single word that hurts sentiments of people from other religion.
        Brother, if you have decided to see evil only everywhere, you will never see good.
        This is also a misfortune to you as well as to me that we don’t even get an environment to discuss about our progress, growth or development of our country. But yes, we get plenty of time discussing religious differences.

        • My dear indian brother, answer me these below queries: You said that weaker section will be invaded by stronger section according to human nature, but why the Hindu civilization when at it’s peak still didn’t invade or force it’s faith on other lands? Because we believe in something called tolerance. Why you can’t sing vandemataram, when you know that Ram, Allah are the different names to same god? We can show up at mosque and do namaz, while why can’t you guys chant vande mataram to show the solidarity towards your brothers of other religion. Also please read and know who started godra, meerut or even latest amarnath piligrim attack, muzaffarnagar riot. Please don’t add tackrey in this section because he hated a man just because he is north indian, not because of his religion, yes I condemn him still he was nowhere responsible for amount of lives as muslim invaders did to my no — OUR Country india. Yes I have said some muslims are good that doesn’t mean that because of islam they are good, They are despite islam are good. You have added what about their environment of growth, while I have seen good people from muslim faith in my state karnataka full with non muslim people, why the people of kashmir /kerala won’t behave in a cordial manner. Why they are selective in case of sharia – they can marry 4 wives but their arms couldn’t be chopped off for theft WHY? I am not against any other religion but this really bothers me. Why you people follow strictly — MY Religion situation rather than my Indian situation, Why do you allow yourself manipulated by imams who give hate speeches and why people like owaisi who said that 25 crore muslims would kill 100 crore hindus if police is absent for 15 minutes and muslims there supported him, while togadia just said the statement to conserve our culture you guys will cry booHOO and remember even hindus didn’t support togadia and finally I know that brits divided us, still we are ready for friendship but you people influenced by pope style mediator are not ready for that. why? India is a democratic country only because of hindus who are tolerant to other faiths, while would you please look at pak or bangla even whith hefty minority at the time of independence — they were declared as islamic republics, could you answer me why? We have given you 2 countries for your faith to be praciticed, why are you staying here and are not greatful. And finally why there was a need for you guys to ask separate state, is it because you couldn’t bear to see that hindus will rule in future would give you the same treatment that you made them bear for many centuries. Answer all these and then I am ready to discuss with you. Also Even if Allah is a true god — would you think 80 million peoples death are worth for him, you say that you wouldn’t agree with that, but my brother your kind of sane people are minority in your faith. You may say they are not educated but could you kindly answer Indian mujahedeen. You can say RSS is one of such groups, but it is not a extremist group rather it is for all indians, at the times of any natural disaster They are first almost all the times before military, While we give you taxes and yet give our temple funds and all our mercy, I have not seen any muslim sympathetic to any of their hindu brothers at the need of time and I don’t see any Waqf board giving it’s money to hindus while the reverse is true. Please stop asking reservations, don’t be supremacists — that about will solve 90% of your problems with me and other indians here. May Allah give your fellow muslims some good grace to tolerate other faiths. Peace

        • and khurram, you say that some muslims don’t know the meaning of jihad and commit crimes, yet they know or not they were misled by islam and a loss of life is unexcusable. I don’t see any RSS/hindu guys causing loss of death for islamics’ or anyone but the reverse is true. Why it is always muslim who does landjihad, love jihad, Indian mujaheedeen full of educated muslims serving in government hospitals as doctors and software engineers etc, Read the quran yourself and ask the imams to shut up and stop brainwashing little children in madrasahs. Then I will be considerate of islam. Have you seen an area known as tannery road in India. All Muslim separatists parties hartals thrive there, SIMI was banned still was very strong in that area. kerala temples won’t get any govt money yet all the money from rich temples are given to minorities for the sake of being minorities. Stop playing victim, minority card and stop your supremacism — if you love your god — keep it to yourself. Stop putting nose in others affairs and please stop begging nay ordering for minority rights although you have crossed UN Recommended 10% mark. Then I will be considerate nay Respectful to my islamic brothers.

        • Khurram, for those uneducated muslims — RSS is a organization started by a person named hedgewar in 1925 to unite indians under one platform to gain independence from the british. In order to do that Hindus — the majority must be united, so to do that casteism was flushed in the toilet and all upper and lower caste hindus were united by this organization and all were Indians who fight against british not the people who killed muslims, yes some miscreants are there who use the name of RSS to get selfish deeds but the main manifesto of that organization Rastriya (National) Swayam (Volunteers) Sangh (Group) was just the above. Due to Royal British Indian Navy Mutiny in 1946 by the encouragement by RSS and the by the deeds of Subhash Chandra Bose, our nation India got independence, not due to womanizer gandhi sitting in his ragged clothing and sleeping in the floor. But he was furious that such movement took place without his leadership. All the people who were protesting carried subhash chandra bose picture and most of them were RSS People. Even today many old RSS Man were still have not given up on the vow to serve the nation. So many of them practiced Brahmacharya (Being Unmarried for the sake of country). Even Today This same RSS serves as a platform to unite Indians be it Hindu/ anyone else. During 1970’s India faced emergency Rule due to the arrogant Indira gandhi, many of RSS leaders were made to rot in jail, because they were about to unite people against the Emergency which was against Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and such values. Due to this selfish PM Indira termed RSS as a detriment to nation. Even nehru (Former PM and Father of Indira — latter PM during 70’s) at first accused RSS of killing of gandhi which was proved to be false in the late 70’s by judiciary means. Even for the sake of Minority votes and the fear to keep good old Indira GAndhi’s name still this shit party called Congress will scorn upon RSS and even PRime ministrial candidate of Congress of 2014 Election Rahul GAndhi quoted that RSS is even worse than lasqhar e toiba — a rabid muslim organization as per wikileaks. Some organizations got separated as factions from RSS has committed some crimes. But RSS Still is committed to its goals.

          They (Karsevaks or volunteers of RSS) are always the first to donate blood and do NOT differentiate between religions. They are the first in case of natural calamities.

          In the written mission statement of MS Golwalkar an RSS Man — RSS aims to inculcate in Indians devotion for Bharat Mata and its national ethos; kindle in them the spirit of dedication and sterling qualities and character; rouse social consciousness, mutual good-will, love and cooperation among them all; to make them realise that casts, creeds and languages are secondary and that service to the nation is the supreme end and to mold their behaviour accordingly;

          to instil in them a sense of true humility and discipline and train their bodies to be strong and robust so as to shoulder any social responsibility; and thus to create all-round Anushasana in all walks of life and build together all our people into a unified harmonious national whole, extending from Himalayas to Kanyakumari.

          There will be no participation is electioneering politics or power sharing . Nor ther will be any room in RSS for any hatred or opposition towards any particular caste, creed or party. The RSS movement considers Hindus as inclusive of Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, tribals, untouchables, Veerashaivism, Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission, etc. as a single community, a view similar to inclusive referencing of the term Hindu in the Indian Constitution. RSS men must lead a simple life away from wordly pleasures. Such a lofty mission indeed.

          So please I urge Muslims to look other than islamic sources and judge upon any matter be it comprising of their own faith as well as others. Be proud of ancestral faith or atleast be tolerant of it.

          • Dude, our eyes are starting to glaze over. You are not just talking to one person, you are talking to thousands. Please don’t stray so far off the beaten track.

        • Khurram, Also you say about Media being bad to muslims. .. Recently a paper named an incident of accident of Hindu software TEchie in Mumbai as just an accident, while a muslim techie was screwed by his friends and had a problem, suddenly that paper was very wild to call it has Muslim Techie was in problem due to some Hindu hooligans, and more recently a MP was accused of making an hotel server who was muslim observing his fast in ramadan eat what he serving to the MP. While the News spread so quickly that a leading Newspapers published it in a second. While They didn’t even know that the server is a muslim or not, But in Gurgaon a Hindu lady was kidnapped and raped in mosque while no media gave coverage for it. Even more recent as 22 august 2014 — a leading anti hindu writer in Kannada language known as anantamurty was reported dead by Renal Failure, All Hindus were happy so much so some group in Manglore in Karnataka was reported celebrating it with bursting fireworks. Anantamurty was a person who married to a christian woman known as Esther against the wishes of his parents and also he has illtreated them at the time of death. He allegedly said that He has urinated on hindu idols but nothing happened to him, Why only hindu idol, I say and most of the hindus say that let him urinate on jesus christ or even urinate in mosque to prove god is not there. But the truth is his christian wife would cut off his appendage if he had done so. While every muslim and any christian were mourning for his loss were mad enough to condemn hindus who were in joy for God putting final nail to the coffin of Mr. Murty. That too with Renal Failure — An organ which is responsible for peeing Kidney was failed. To all the Muslim friends all hindu’s asked whether they would calm if he had commented about their religion and relationship of prophet. All Media was saying is that to give severe punishment to those who celebrated his death. They never cared to understand what made them happy about his death. True — A Man’s death should not be celebrated even if he is an enemy as per my religion hinduism, but the man who commented in such a way being of literary stature of almost winning booker t prize that too about the same religion which says that even enemy’s death should be celebrated — is just shameful and he will be rotting in hell for that. Yet you people unitedly are ready to criticize hindus and the minority whore media are all there to criticize hindus for celebration. Where were those same Media — who are unfair to muslims in case of kashmir, kerala or even pak or bangla, All you people worry about is gaza, what about your own indians in amarnath, muzzafarnagar ? Why HAMAS killed 3 innocent children from israel — who started the fight? Please No one is unfair to muslims — all are unfair to the real secular majority who are suffering against united Communal Minority but are labeled in a reverse manner.

        • Also khurram why did saudi arabia has banned the name of “RAM” — a name of hindu deity for new born children? Can India reciprocate in such a manner by not making possible for muslims to name their children mohammad or tippu — who was a bastard of his own kind and history as per brits made him a do gooder while he was nothing but worse than brits because he was responsible for 4 lakh people’s conversion and killing in Kerala alone and destuction of 20,000 temple in Kerala alone. He was made in to a national symbol of patriotism by ruling congress govt as a bust representing my state Karnataka during 26th jan 2014 which was a republic day of india. Why do you call him shaheed, if anyone is shaheed it’s bhagat singh. That’s it. Tippu has wrote that he was proud of killing infidels in his own sword which was bought by vijay mallya — a hindu rich man in an auction from london. Read it yourself, it’s not that you religion preaches exclusivity to God, it’s the supremacy you have that only you must survive and the rest of cheap compared to you. Good Bye. — Proud Indian Dude 571

      • dude571, I appreciate your keeping up with the knowledge of national issues as well as history and more that of your stamina to write. Hats off !
        My objective to write on this blog is not to appreciate a particular religion and religiously I never condemn any other faith also. I just try, if I could clear misconceptions people have. And what you say, I never try to put my nose to other religion people.
        What happened in the past, hundreds of years ago cannot be re-lived or recovered. History cannot be a principle. It is only a subject to the lifestyle and culture related to a particular period.
        And more earlier than the civilizations man used to do many practices which we cannot do or allow to do now. For example man ate flesh because he didn’t know how to cook, what is fire and what more is edible. Women were burnt alive if their husbands died (Sati Pratha). Muslims buried their daughters alive to get free from their responsibilities at the time of prophets. There were a innumerous evil practices earlier people used to follow no matter what religion they belong to. Let’s do not go in details.
        Man learnt to get rid of ill-practices. Now what bad or good happened in the past will be condemned or appreciated by educated (honest) people. If we learn from our mistakes we will conquer all problems.
        In your write up I find only one side of facts (muslims torture hindus), the other side is still ignored by you. My dear brother please mention the facts where muslims have been good to hindus. You’ll find innumerous live examples if you scroll the net.
        I always prefer ‘my Indian situation’ and never stick to ‘ my religious situation’. And I never try to impose my faith on any person. You always want your queries answered. Why muslims do this whay that, if you read Quraan (translation) I am sure most of these queries will be answered themselves Inshallah.
        I have also read Bhagwat Geeta and take good points from there. Now it is my view point how to merge those points with my faith.
        Cutting off hands if found accused of theft is not a Sharia law. It can only be subject to a country. Some other country, where naming Rama is banned. Where slaves are kept till date. That is some other country. And Islam is not the property of that country.
        In India we signify and follow our constitutional laws. If my religion or your religion should not dominate that.
        Thanks for explaining about RSS. Of course it should be having good nationalistic aims and objectives. You said some miscreants damage its image. Then why don’t some good RSSians come forward with open heart to muslims.
        Dear, miscreants are those also who defame Islam and damage its image. Due to those you take all muslims to be same bad.
        For Waqf Board not donating money to non-muslims, I would like you to find facts on internet.
        And for History please take international historians’ to get the real facts, what I know most of the history written by Indian historians has been manipulated.
        Your queries cannot be answered in one go, as I find you so much biased and possessive about a subject. Let me try to clear your one or two misconceptions this time.
        Marrying 4 or more than 1 woman: It tends to a situation only. In earlier time when a woman was poor or helpless without any support, could be married by even an already married man in order not to give her shelter only but also all the rights of a wife. This was to save her from evil people. I regretfully admit that this point of Quran has been highly misused by miscreants.
        Killing Infidels mentioned in Quran: Most of the anti-Islamics quote a verse of Quran and give its translation also. The verse that is quoted for this is just a part of the full verse.
        At the time Prophet Mohammad (SAW), peace be upon him, was promoting Islam some anti-Islamic people did not want to accept it tried to kill him. Then this verse was given by Allah (SWT). It meant ‘Guide those ignorants. If they do not accept and try to kill you, then Kill infidels (in self defense). That is never meant for all the people following other faiths. It is just misinterpretation and manipulation of the verse meaning.
        Rest, the next time.
        Good Luck !

        • @khurram, I appreciate your thoughts, yes all religions at one point of time had practices which are outdated by todays standards, but my problem is Muslims being over protective and aggressive of their religions, not many muslims can take criticisms like you do. And about RSS not integrating with muslims, they have formed a group known as Rastriya Muslim Manch which consists of muslims who believe that godra riots were not caused by hindus/bjp. But most muslims give authority (even educated ones) to uneducated ambitious imams who try to propogate hate between groups. And they will give it to you by the name of islam. But in hinduism or any other faith we don’t listen to such nuts. But muslims may be good rational beings but they will listen to nuts like imams. Close of madrasas and take up real education. Even the educated ones have so much proudness that they will try to shove their religious faith whenever they get time. When they get time all muslims will lecture me about the great faith of islam and how other religions not only hinduism are flawed, I even told one of them to shut the fuck up and respect all faiths, live and let live is our principle. If it is good faith to you may your allah be there for you, but keep it to yourselves. Hope to find many sane muslims like you.

        • You have told that you worry about “indian situation” not muslim, glad to know that, but all muslims are egotistic people about their faith — they always tend to be secular and cry for reservations because they couldn’t fight in open competition (when they are in minority) and they want their own laws and women to wear burkha and try to convert everyone (pak bangla — where hindus were made to wear yellow badge to show them as kuffar) why such vile practices, you can argue such things don’t exist in saudi, but you are not allowed to freely do any religious parades of minorities like you do here in india. You can’t practice your faith freely if you are not a muslim in saudi. It’s better than pak or bangla i agree, still whatever i mentioned above does hold true. Also hindus are secular people because it is built in their dharma ” ekat sat viprah bahuda vadanti” — intelligent people call god in different names. That is why hindus always think indian situation and beat up bigots if they try to taint against any minority, hindus have stood up for muslims lives in godra, but i don’t see any muslim standing up amarnath riots, muzzaffar nagar riots or rapes by muslims which is happening in karnataka from since 6 months, you can’t say its because of bjp rule like stupid muslim, because in Karnataka mulsims favorite party is ruling right now. Good Luck brother

        • Also please think why did muslims wanted a separate nation when hindus were about rule it after british, because the torture faced by hindus would return back to them. Still we loved muslims like brothers, but even after getting separate country for their faith, you are still living here, complaining the majority and blaming majority for every problem, please grow a brain cell. I will stop here. Let it be, believe what you want to believe. Good bye

      • Hi Dude571
        Ever since, man has been educating himself to fight against the ignorance. But there is a lot of knowledge yet to be gained. As I think knowledge has no end, it is a constant process of learning and overcoming from the wrong and the evil like – hate, anger, aggression, intolerance, telling lie, thinking selfishly etc. This is true education. The day a muslim could control all these evil practices, he will be a true Jihadi. And the day a hindu learns to control these, he will definitely become as good and true as a pious saint. There are good people in all the religions and this is because of that education level.
        By its true meaning, jihad is a practice to control one’s nerves against anything evil. I am sorry to see how hatred is spread by the so-called jihadis in the world. Those are ignorants as they have not understood the real message of Quran.
        If you know something as a good thought and hear somebody speak ill about it, what will you do, if you agree and accept the ill thought, you will regret for why you thought good of it. And if you don’t agree, you will not only condemn his opinion but may try to let him overcome the ill thought. Now if you only condemn this opinion, you create a gap between you and him. If your muslim friends lecture you about Islam being the best religion, why don’t you let them be aware of Hinduism dude571. Islam is the newest faith, approx.. 1400 years old and Arya Dharma is said to be one of the oldest faiths in the world. There must be much more to answer back to your muslim friends. I am sure that you will make them answerless. And before lecturing someone about one’s religion, one himself must become a good muslim or a good hindu.
        I am happy to know about RMM, this is really a good effort by the concerned. Until people from both the religions come forward with a generous approach towards each other there will always be communal differences.
        Actions speak louder than words. A person is known more by his actions and practices, no matter what religion he or she belongs to. If I tell someone about greatness of my religion, I have to be in his ideal frame. Forcing someone to convert to Islam is meaningless. According to Islam, one can only become genuinely a muslim if he/she accepts Islam willingly and by heart. I or any muslim with liberal thoughts will highly condemn such forcible conversions.
        Muslims never wanted a separate state ‘Pakistan’. Before achieving independence in 1937 elections when Congress defeated Jinnah’s Muslim League party and came into majority to form the ministries, it made no efforts to understand and respect their muslim populations’ cultural and religious thoughts. The Congress leaders of that time were even more responsible for partition than Mr. Jinnah. In fact Jinnah was regretful for his this decision when he saw hindus migrating from Pakistan because he wanted the state to be as communally democratic as India where people from all the religion could live peacefully.
        Best wishes.

    • Mr. Arshad, it would be better and right time to teach your muslim communiuty what is Islam and islamic culture. You are saying that the Islam is perfect and not the muslim. The followers of Islam are called muslims. If they are following the Islamic culture and Quran and your Islam is not permitting to scold other religions then why all over the world the terrorists who are especially muslims murdering innocent peoples, raping women from other religions calling them ‘Kafir’. In Islam the definition of ‘Kafir’ is non-followers of Islam and Allah. If your Islam teaches you peace and follow Islamic culture and faith on Allah then who is ‘Kafir’ ? Why your muslim community peoples killing innocents. Are they following their Islam, your Quran and Allah. So you stop talking rubbish.

      All over the world wherever your Islamic followers or muslims are staying they creating problems to the citizens of that particular Nation and destroying happiness of their lives and creating terrorism.

      Nobody is trying to destroy and hurt your community you are destroying your Islam and muslims at your own.

      So jeeo aur jine do.

      • Who fought two world wars, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the swords and trishuls are in the hands, the war of kalinga. Bhagwan on the Lion. Who erased the budhism from India? Who went to fisht from Celon? Who was Ravana? Who are LTTE, Bodo, Assam terrorists, Nexals, Bhumihar sena, Shiv sena, killing in the name of Ram janam bhumi, Killings in Gujarat? Who who who? Who was behind the Jalian wala bagh? Who jailed to Mahatma? Who hanged to Shaheed Bhagat singh?

        • even though ranayan and mahabharata are regarded as mythologies, still it was fought for good against evil, (kidnapping of sita in ramayan, kauravas were bad ppl in mahabharat). both parties in mahabharat were relatives, one is good and one is bad, it was jihad against unbelievers, shiv sena nay act like idiot and had got punishments not like islamic gangs, godra — pls see who started it. i’m not supporting brits for hanging of bhagat singh, but as of now all people have left their except you muslims

      • Hello my friend , the answer 2 your dirst question is that if muslims fight to save their religion , then they are terrorist, but if you hindus kill innocent muslims rape muslim womens take 4 example the gujarat riot then you do these things for your nation.

        • Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Nice – ALL examples of Koranderthals fighting with murderous belligerence and NOT being defensive. Everywhere your vile religion rears its ugly head, it bring murder and chaos.

    • Arshad, WE HAVE READ YOUR IDIOTIC QU’RAN!!! It DOES bash other religions, relentlessly. It says to convert everyone or kill them or oppress them. Muhammad committed so many crimes against God and mankind and commanded all to venerate himself. Just try and tell me he wasn’t selfish and truly a very mentally ill or demon possessed person. I’ve read the Qu’ran. I know. The whole essence of Islam is that it does spread hatred and violence and oppression. Look at all the horrible things Muhammad said and did. I don’t understand how anyone who proposes that they have read the Qu’ran could not see that Muhammad was possessed, ill or manipulative for his own selfishness or all three. How could you not realize this?
      The Qu’ran is hate speech and Muhammad was a selfish, sick and hateful person.

  87. i pray may Allah show u all the right path….. What u sea is wrong what you hear is wrong is better to….analyst and research…. get ur basic knowladge 1st… rest will flow…

    • Boko Haram was shown right path by Allah so they abducted 250 christians school girls. Right ? Al Queda have made analyst and research by grace of Allah to butcher journalist and make video out off it ? Am i Right ? You want to know more ?

    • Dude, I didn’t know anything about Islam when I started reading the Quran, I loved Islam very much by thinking that its religion of peace. Just because I loved Islam, I decided to read and learn about it and I brought a copy of Quran. When I started reading it I discovered how barbaric it is. Now no more I love Islam. I pray all mighty god to make every one study about Islam so that they too will come to know about the true face of it.

    • Sorry BNI I’m trying to educate some of the ignorant muslims who don’t understand why hindu people would hate them? Or any other faith for that matter:
      Here are few:

      1.The UN charter says that a minority means less than 10% of the
      population. But Muslims constitute over 15 percent
      of the Indian population. Yet they are called a minority.

      2. Gandhiji prevented the construction of Somnath temple (Hindu temple) with
      government funds. But in 1948 he prevailed upon Nehru and Sardar Patel
      to renovate Delhi’s mosques at government expense. People who seriously think that this bastard gandhi is great should rethink, especially foreigners who think that after hearing few fake stories about gandhi think him as legend.

      3. Sucking up to minorities reached its peak when Rajiv Gandhi (Former Late PM)
      declared that if the people of Mizoram (A State in India) voted the Congress to power, it would run the government on sthe basis of the teachings of the
      Bible. ( here christians are majority thanks to High illiteracy rate — the missionaries have successfully harvested souls, during independence it had only less than 5% christians now it is over 60%. )

      4. Muslims and Christians are considered as minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc. But Hindus in Mizoram, J&K, Nagaland, etc who are in a minority there are not accorded minority status.

      5.Congress politicians and the mercenary pro Christian, pro Muslim English media hysterically scream about the death of Muslims in the Muslim provoked Godhra episode. But their silence about the extermination of lakhs of Hindus in Kashmir is
      thunderously deafening.

      6. When Christian and Muslim schools are allowed to teach the Bible
      and the Quran, Hindu schools are prohibited from
      teaching the Ramayana ,the Mahabharat and the Bhagavad Geeta.

      7. Muslims and Christian pilgrims are given Rs,20,000 as Haj and Holy land
      subsidies. But Hindus are denied the same for their pilgrimages. On the
      contrary, Hindu pilgrims traveling at their own cost to Amaranth
      receive bullets.

      8. A nationalist like Dr. Pravin Togadia has been arrested many
      times on flimsy grounds. But the Shahi Imam of
      Jumma Masjid has got off scotfree for his various seditious anti national, pro
      Pakistani actions and utterances.

      9. Major Hindu temples are government controlled. Revenues from
      these temples are used to fund Muslim madrassas
      that teach hatred, sedition and sterror.
      For instance in 2002,
      Karnataka’s — (a state in southern india) income from temples was Rs.72 crores. Out of this Rs.50 crores was given to madrassas, Rs.10 crores to Christian churches and only Rs.10 crores to temples. While muslim money to mosque is without govt handling, muslims can keep their mosque money in the name of Waqf Board, christians can do so too. Why this BS?

      10. The government allows muharram processions
      in Hindu localities. But Hindu processions are
      banned in Muslim localities.

      11.A Pakistani becomes Indian when he marries a
      Kashmiri girl. But the husband of a Hindu Kashmiri girl cannot become a
      resident of J&K. So tomorrow if the ISI Chief from Pakistan marries
      a Kashmiri girl he will become an Indian citizen and can even try to
      become the PM, just like Sonia Gandhi.

      12.A majority of criminals in Indian jails are Muslims.
      They are allowed to offer Namaz in jail.
      But when HH the Sankaracharya ( A Hindu Saint) was
      imprisoned on trumped up charges following a
      conspiracy carried out by Sonia Maino at the behest of the Vatican, he was
      not allowed to perform pooja.
      The Pope was invited to India as a State Guest.
      But the Hindu King of Nepal Was not permitted to attend a makara sankranti
      function in Nagpur in 1965.

      13.Muslims are allowed to follow their personal law that
      includes the right to marry four wives. But Hindus are convicted for
      bigamy if they do so.

      14.Bhajans (Hindu Devotional Chanting) are prohibited in Mumbai’s local trains.
      But Muslims are allowed to sing quawalis in trains. Bangalore’s
      jakkur airfield belonging to the defence ministry was not allowed to be
      used for a dutta jayanti function. But the same
      airfield was allotted to the rabidly anti Hindu Benny Hinn for his
      traitorous function to convert Hindus.
      Hindustan Times — A news paper in India termed the immersion festival ( hindu ritual) as “immersion frenzy” But does not dare describe Muharram and Good
      Friday processions in such derogatory terms.
      And finally when be burst crackers during Diwali — A festival of lights, all idiots cry air pollution, while muslims and christians sing loudly through speakers, especially muslims, no body calls it noise pollution.
      These are but a very, very few examples of how Hindus are treated in their own land and how the Muslims and Christians are being pampered.

      Please My Dear America please save your country from lefties who will make your country like my India ( not a total miserable place, but on the way now), or worse pakistan. Please wake up and save your country.

      • In my point No : 9 I made a typo, it’s not 10 crores it’s only 2 crores — what was given by govt for Hindu temple renovations. You can add a muslim called Akbaruddin Owaisi who said if Police is removed 15 minutes in India, All 25 Crore Muslims can finish off 100 Crore Indian Hindus. Please If you let these muslims thrive in your America, please examine the above reply of owaisi and let your imagination run amok. Regards dude571

    • if u think so,then it’s very clear that u do not know much about Islam.and it’s a point that a non-muslim will always talk against Islam.I think you haven’t read or understand QURAN.scientists researchs on basis of QURAN.poets write their poetries following QURAN.after all, QURAN leads us a peaceful way to live. you named yourself “an orthodox hindu”.so u won’t agree with me,I know.but as a well wisher i would like to suggest u to read QURAN and ISLAM related books.then u will find that ISLAM is a storehouse of knowledge.
      And if u mean we the muslims r not developed minded,then search in google by muslim scientists,doctors and many important proffessions.
      Overall don’t mind.I’m a student.just tried to break your fault.good bye.best of luck with your hinduism…………….

      • Read vedas first then bhagvad gita ……we hvae read your crap have you? Explain how islam came to India ? I’m dying to wait for your response u butcher of non muslims

      • Ishaan, I’ve read Quran, I found nothing special in it. I request you to read some Hindu scriptures especially Upanishads also if possible read “Understanding Muhammed – A psychobiography of Allah’s prophet.” written by Ali Sina an Ex-Muslim. After reading once again comment here. And coming to science, Hinduism and Buddhism are considered the most scientific religions in the world. Anyway after reading those what I have mentioned, write below. Best wishes, bye 🙂

    • Some Quotes From Hindu Holy Book…
      In the Brhadārankyaka Upanishad scripture(advocating rape):Surely, a woman who has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period is the most auspicious of women. When she has changed her clothes at the end of her menstrual period, therefore, one should approach that splendid woman and invite her to have sex. Should she refuse to consent, he should bribe her. If she still refuses, he should beat her with a stick or with his fists and overpower her, saying: “I take away the splendor from you with my virility and splendor (6.4.9,21).

      In the Smriti(Lord Rama’s mom has sex with a horse ‘all night long’ to cleanse sins):The prescribed victims — snakes, birds, the horse, and aquatic animals — were bound at the place of immolation; each was dedicated to a specific divinity as is set forth in the ritual texts. The priests then bound them all to the posts in the manner set forth in the ritual texts. Three hundred beasts in addition to Dasaratha’s jewel of a horse were bound there to the sacrificial posts. Kausalya (Rama’s mom) walked reverently all around the horse and then with the greatest joy cut it with three knives. Her mind unwavering in her desire for righteousness, Kausalya (Rama’s mom) passed one night with the horse. The priests — the hotr, the adhvaryu, and the udgatr — saw to it that the second and the juniormost of the king’s wives, as well as his chief queen, were united with the horse. Then the officiating priest, who was extremely adept and held his senses in check, removed the fat of the horse and cooked it in the manner prescribed in the ritual texts. At the proper time and in accordance with the ritual prescriptions, the lord of men then sniffed the fragrance of the smoking fat, thereby freeing himself from sin. Then, acting in unison, the sixteen brahman officiating priests threw the limbs of the horse into the fire, in accordance with the ritualinjunctions. In other sacrifices, the oblation is offered upon branches of the plaksa tree, but in the Horse Sacrifice alone the apportionment of the victim is made on a bed of reeds. The Horse Sacrifice is known as the Three-Day Rite; for both the kalpasutra and the brahmanas refer to the Horse Sacrifice as a rite lasting for three days. — Ramayana 1:13:24-33.

      In the Purunas(Hindu Gods Rape Gautama’s wife)Formerly the gods lusted for Gautama’s wife and raped her, for their wits were destroyed by lust. Then they were terrified and went to the sage Durvasas [an incarnation of Siva], who said, ‘I will remove all your defilements with the Satarudriya Mantra [an ancient Saiva prayer].’ Then he gave them ashes which they smeared upon their bodies, and their sins were shaken off. — Padma Purana 4:101:174-9.

      In the Smriti(method of turning women back to virgins):”A woman who has been unchaste should worship Siva in his calm aspect, Siva who is Kama. Then she should summon a Brahmin and give herself to him, thinking, ‘This is Kama who has come for the sake of sexual pleasure.’ Andwhatever the Brahmin wishes, the sensuous woman should do. For thirteen months she should honour in this way any Brahmin who comes to the house for the sake of sexual pleasures, and there is no immorality in this for noble ladies or prostitutes.” — Matsya Purana 70:40-60; cf. Mahabharata III:2:23.

  88. I don’t prefer texting abusive words just to prove someone wrong, but here is my opinion, anyone take it or leave it. What is the point of proclaiming good and bragging about the principles of a religion, when its past is drenched with the blood of communities with a different faith(s). What kind of a religion is it that forces other faiths either to follow or perish? If your Allah says that he has created MAN, don’t you guys think that even your Allah has created the person with a different faith, and in fat every person in this world? And does your Allah like you killing and torturing non-Muslims, just because they follow a different path of truth? And if really does then what kind of pathetic preaching is that? Belief and Fanaticism are not same, the same applies to Christianity too. Genocides took over in the Christian era over non-christians, and they too should not talk about peace. You believe your Allah is ultimate truth, and so with other faiths. And if there can be only one and only one allah, then I guess Allah created MAN is false, because you cannot contradict your statement that Allah created MAN, and so MAN has to be killed if he doesn’t believe allah. In a tough phrase “belief by force is like spraying deo over crap”. The purpose of a religion is to inculcate kindness, love, self discipline and respect to every living creature and faith in such kind religion is good to humanity. What is the point of believing in a religion that encourages killing of non-belivers. Believe is god, you believe something is right, keep it to yourselves and spread it as long as it harms no living creature in this world. The hindutva culture (by the way Hinduism was and is never a religion, it is a culture, either you follow it or leave it, no one forces you to practice it) says, “Sarve jana sukino bhavantu” meaning “let every person be happy”, and never preaches “kill all non-hindus”. Shame on such religious believes that encourage killing, molestation and hatred.

  89. I am a muslim and i am really ashamed of it. Hindus have a freedom to do anything. But we are been taught to hate hindus which i cant. To come in majority Muslims are being told to deliver maximum children. Fuck muslims. Hinduism is great.

    • Dude kudos to you for finally realizing greatness of your root religion — the religion of your ancestors — the great humane faith hinduism, I would love to see this same sane behavior from other muslims, but alas they are all fanatic listening to paid up imams who incite hate between faiths just to get political advantages. Don’t be bummed up, just follow your nay our religion hinduism in your own comfortable way. Welcome to sane world brother, welcome!

    • @ihatemuslims
      i know what you’re saying. I also come from a muslim background and at times i feel appalled by some of the things we are taught. I have many hindu friends and colleagues and they are so nice to me….and i’m like, man…we dont see you guys the same way…we just see you guys as evil disbelievers. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this idea of taking females as slaves on the battlefield and then having sex with them….even if they are already married. Islam says a man cannot have sex with anyone except your wife or your ‘right-hand-posession’ (milk-al-yamin). So what should sexually frustrated young men do? Go to war and pick your pretty female kafir slaves. God how horrible. And then we’re told if you have any problem with this…..then you will go to hell.

      • Stupid Bhardwaj, Most of the Ministers of Indian govt are Hindu. So whats the problem, just enjoy the special privileges from these ministers. Only Hindu people are allowed to buy/rent house in mumbai whereas some muslims are living a miserable life at slums. Thanks to Pravin togadia to spreading hatred against Muslim. Hindu muslim bhai bhai is all bullshit. Muslims are treated like black people in America.

        To ab rona band kar.

        • Hello muslim idiot, You have atleast given right to live in India which is nation of hindus and you should have went back to nation of muslim i.e. pakistan, where you rightfully belong because you people demanded a land. STill why are staying here and cry that hindus persecute us. why do people don’t give flat to you because most of you are born supremacists and separatists, so you have been doing terrorist activities, if proven the hindu owner will arrested instead of you because of ruling congress alteast in some states (rajsabha). We don’t have your muslim unity to be escape from any thing. So we take precaution by not giving you vermins a inch to live. Also have you seen in many muslim dominated areas Muslims also behave in a similar way. Fuck OFF

        • Also all hindus (most of them) are just hindus by name, they don’t know about their culture and they don’t feel proudness for their own culture, because they don’t know their proud culture which was whitewashed by congress through education. Most of ministers are hindus — but for them licking italian ass is more important than their motherland. they are if are real hindus — are not patriotic. You compare your situation to african americans in US LOL. Go read a history book of US and then come back. You are treated fair and given all kinds of reservations in jobs, education, yet you are in same begging state because you breed like bunnies. You are the only one minority who are complaining — I don’t see christian, jew ( Yes — some of them are there), buddhist, parsi doing any complaining. And all minorities except you are way ahead of hindus in terms of economic prosperity. You think that god will save your kids, so you will breed like bunnies, but we think that if we pop a kid out, we think of our responsibilities for our kid. When you get a kid you will send it for garage cleaning, motor repair etc. WE send our kids to schools to get good education.

          Conclusion: You are treated fairly than any other minority in the world. Yet you are in poverty because of your own aim to overpopulate than hindus and to take over india just like you are trying everywhere like in Europe. Atleast respect hindus that they have still given you right to live — even though you have been granted your own land which was more than your proportion 21% of people (muzzies) — 33% of land (pakistan and bangladesh combined).

        • Also whatever the author Raj Kumar Bharadwaj has said is all true, except for the brit rule part. Even though brits were good compared to muslims — atleast they didn’t kill us. We were better off during our own rule, like Shivaji of Maratha empire who rose and kicked all muslim asses in the sub continent. Muslims were enemies who show openly that they are that. But Brits tried to poison hindu scriptures and tried to convert the whole native population. It was not possible due to the great saints like Swami Vivekananda, paramhamsa and arabindo etc.

      • NO He is right, Muslims are problem in INDIA, I have faced problem with Muslims, I was normally riding my bike to office today and at signal there was a veichle in front of me , that guy applied sudden break and even I did, but mistakenly my bike touched his vehicle, I said to him that I applied breaks but it still touched, he was ok but another Muslim guy came and abusing me with bad words and started hitting me. on my face, threatening me saying “Me marunga tho koi bachane nai aayega”. Because there was helmet I didn’t felt anything but I was controlling my anger, as I didn’t wanted to make it an issue,But he was taking it as my weakness, but felt like kill that bastard. He was thinking himself like a gunda, Mean while traffic police came and stopped , But to be frank 1 more second I would have broken and started hitting him so bat that he would have never even able to think of hitting someone. Till yesterday I was justifying that we all are humans and we must be united and be friendly. But today I lost that faith. These people themselves bowing seeds of hatred.

        • Thanks for realizing the muslim problem in India. Please vote for Pro Hindu party and leaders to ensure the welfare of hindus, enough is enough, being good to other faiths in india has yielded nothing good to hindus, Please spread the message and be united in your will to kick anti hindu parties and people like congress. (Without being United, we are slaves in our own countries to these reservation whores who are even ungrateful and dangerous to us in every step of the way) Never give that shit party congress another chance. This is a honest request from a honest Hindu Indian. Thanks BNI and Prashant

      • Shitslam is a threat to my nation and everyone knows it deep in their heart. It is their biggest horror. They cannot do anything about so they deny it for their mental peace. (Dil Behalane ke liye Ghalib Khayal Achha Hai)

        They say to themselves it won’t happen now or will happen in few years from now.

        Then they start to make friends with Shitslims and talk about their qualities to pacify their own heart in which they have fear for Shitslam.

        When you discuss the atrocities of Shitslam they will agree to it and say not all Shitslims are like that or only one percent of the shitslims are like that, rest are good.

        Then you tell them about the Stealth Jihad and they will be shocked and won’t believe it.

        Then you give live examples to them and they will be in a mute mode for a while and then they will come with the argument that how Shitslam is good and Shitslims are good people.

        If you oppose them they will accuse you of hate talks and label you as Shitslamophobic.

        With each such argument they will accuse you for hate speech and you will not be able to do anything about it.

        This is a regular thing which I come across every day.

        I am accused of Hate Speech and labelled as Shitslamophobic.

        The so called secular people are not fighting me but they are defending the belief that Shitslam is good.

        They know that if they start believing me they will not be able to sleep at night.

        But then comes something which makes me happy.

        A day comes when these secular people come across the brutality of Islam in their own life and then they become Shitslamophobic like me.

        I am able to sleep at night only because I beleave there is still time. I prepare myself for armed combat or Dharmydha against Shitslam which we are destined to.

        I beleave that Shitslam is Adharma and there will be a war between people like me and people of shitslam.

        If I die I will get a veergati and if a win I will live to see the glory.

        I will kill myself before being captured or converted.

        This time I want to strike first so that I can kill maximum no. of Shitslims.

        “We Shall overcome

        We shall overcome

        We shall overcome shitslam one day

        Deep in my Heart, I do beleave

        That we shall overcome shitslam one day.

        We are not afraid

        We are not afraid

        We are not afraid today

        Deep in my Heart, I do believe

        That we shall overcome shitslam one day”.

    • Can’t you read properly English headbanger that you can’t tell what’s going here ? Here is where your shit won’t sick, your lies exposed, your death-cult shown for what it truly is, your paedo-momo laughed at and so on. Got it or do we need to go on and really spell it out for you ?

      Now scram out of the kitchen since you can’t take the heat, you subhuman vermin.

    • Off topic, BNI but I swear that this is the last 😀

      To all those bitch ass whiny indian muslims and their supporters, just wanted to say that you ain’t minority to whine here in india. According to UN, the minority community is the one which should consist less than 10% of population of a country. But you rabbits have risen your percentage of population to 14% already according to 2001 official census. So shut the fuck up and don’t condemn hindus who are generous to you. If you and your secularists ain’t happy than go to pakistan or saudi barbaria or any of 57 hellholes.

    • “saurav”:

      IF – and that’s a GIGANTIC “if” – you Moslems were human, you would NEVER treat non-Moslems the way you do!!!!!

      That you do what you do categorically PROVES that you Moslems are SUB-human, not to say INHUMAN!!!!! At best, if you have human bodies, your souls are possessed by SATAN (one of whose MANY names is “allah”!!!)!!

      As long as you remain Moslems (because to be “good Moslems”, Mohammed commands you to be evil to “non-Moslems!!!), Ms. BNI and everybody else here are more than completely right to consider you NON-humans!!!

  90. must read for muslims& chistians :depth of Hindu philosophy — with its spiritual insights collected over 5,000 years by thousands of meditative sages, its universalism, its tolerance, its vastness of scope, its democracy of thought – offers a formidable threat to the simplistic and shallow “true god, false god” philosophy on which Chritianity and Islam are based.

    Hinduism has no founder. It is merely a collection of deep spiritual insights collected since 4000 BC by thousands of sages who sharpened their mind and intellect through yoga techniques. After decades of practice, gradually their mind developed a penetrative power to absorb the nature of the ultimate reality. They began to get flashes of insight with their eyes closed. That is why the central percept of Hinduism is: “Close your eyes and see. The truth you long for is inside you.”

    Hinduism is thus nothing but what thousands of yoga practitioners over thousands of years have discovered on their own about who we are, where we are going, why were we born, what happens to us after we die and why some people suffer while others enjoy. The answers are found in Hinduism but it may take a lifetime of study.

    As you go deeper into Hindu philosophy, a strange kind of peace and contentment takes over which makes you self-satisfied and indifferent to pleasure and pain. You live in this world but the world does not live in you. Hinduism uplifts you and you are contented to stay alone, savouring the inner quiet and peace. This is why Hindu sages never look for a mass of followers. They prefer to retreat to the forests and stay alone. Spiritual peace is their best company.

    Hinduism appeals to sophisticated minds while Christianity and Islam cater to primitive minds which can only bear the burden of their existence by creating comforting delusions. The Semitic faiths appeal to the poision that exists in the psyche of all of us in which you consider everyone else as beneath contempt . As people evolve, liberate themselves mentally and learn to think freely without any self-imposed limits, the philosopy of Hinduism begins to appeal to them. Like what is happening in America today.

  91. before muslim arrive to india the share of indian economy to word economy was almost 25% but they destroyed every thing they destroyed our temples build their masjids over there if india was the richest country in the world thats why many foreigners attracted towards india but what is the condition of india is it is due to only muslims

    • Hi buddy might be your four fathers/ ancestore have not said about islam. to know islam better know your religion and every one can comment but think before wt you say i don know which religion you worship but none of the teachings say to talk against any other religion.

    • Muslims are the worst religion in the whole world because most of the terrorist belongs to muslims other things is that I’m Hindu and I worship cow and I believe Cow as my mother but they not don’t have any emotion for cow(my mother). other thing is that, I live in Patna capital of Bihar, when by mistake pakistan wins the match(Asia cup 2013) the muslims were celebrating.

    • Everybody looted india my friend, the atrocities oi the british rule are not taught in india which in a way is a good thing. Read this book “the case for india” by will durant . Chritians have left no stone unturned to attack hindus . They do it in a different manner.

  92. Truth is pathetic for you guys because ISLAM was hated since its beginning but still it stands as the fastest growing religion in world. There is no way to get rid of Judaism and Islam. The non-sense Hinduism is going to die within a few years.

    • Hey Fucking Moron, Even if all religions die out, you can’t destroy hinduism, mozzies have tried it for 500 years, christians have tried to do that for 300 years, still couldn’t destroy our religion, we are not pathetic rather we are divided which had led to the downfall of our country and we became slaves, but after 60 plus years things have changed and this religion will be eternal you know why, because it is named sanatan dharma / eternal law. It won’t be dead. No matter how hard you idiot atheists want to believe in it. But your athiest populace is becoming muslim by the influence of islamoturds in Europe, because you don’t have any belief to place your life in to be confident, that’s why you are weak minded and can easily be misled by just a cult dressed in religious political garb — i.e. islam. Fuck You Sir

      You can find lot about hinduism and its gifts to science, medicine etc in web and it is not non sense. Jews whom you despise are todays innovators and inventors While our hindus were inventors and innovators of ancient world, if it is a bullshit religion like you say, how can scientific minds achieve anything of good sorts and why should the rest of the world applaud it. Think moron think

    • Check history and check facts hinduism has survived islam rule and british rule and many people are leaving islam or mon practising Muslims they only reason peiple dint say openly is u people kill them islam is a fake a religion and not the religion of god but cult of teroristMuhammed pls read and try to under Koran then u will come to know what ur religion is dont just read repeat like a parrot.

    • hey mr. terrorist, you dont’t know that your religion is at end. You don’t Know that your has been banned in a country of africa! ha! you idiot. You belongs to a terorrist riligion.

    • hi , u are seeing in hinduism only what u want to see not the truth , u are with prejudice,hinduism has vedas written by many sages (intelluctuals) thousand of years ago and also many science relating facts including astrology,medicine(ayurveda),avighana sakuntalam(mathematics) these are all written by hindus when the whole world were fighting for kingdoms ,hinduism has santana dharma , even founders of many religions like budhism ,sikhism,jainism were born in hinduism they improvised the hindu principles in their own way ,so hinduism will never end because it is not based on founder or god it is based on principles and values which will help everyone to lead a better life of happiness p.s.read bhagavat gita once then u will understand what hinduism is.

    • Muslim religion is growing faster because of forcibly conversion.all the muslim majority country forced the minorities to accept the pedophile and barbaric religion.this is the truth.like isis in iraq and syria in pak in everywhere.

  93. Muslim are such a idiot…. They don’t know who are Hindus … U Muslim fuckers go and search in websites about Hindus… Hinduism is the religion which has no birth year and date… Muslim shit came before 1200 years only.. But Hinduism before 52000 years ago…. We have a strong sentiment in women’s… Girls r our eyes… In Muslim girls are your bitches…. Shit you will suffer a lot for this …. Treat girls as a eyes of ur face… Will u hurt your eyes yourself…. Some one said that the Hindus are old fashioned… Yes we are old fashioned in our religious thoughts that makes our life become rich and …, but Muslims are modern age peoples so only they think of how to destroy world with modern weapons…. And they are modern of thinking of how to fuck their girls in different position…. Hate Muslims ….. Be good u idiot…. I don’t say you to change your religion…. I am saying you to change the rules of your life,,…..

    • You guys are taught to drink cow piss beacause it has “benefits” and can “heal” wooooow and a day in India dedicated to rape women?

      • Hey GodIsOne, What about camel piss drinking of muslims explain? And piglover it is not a day to rape in India, you fucking moron rather it is the day that will be remembered every year that the lady Nirbhaya (rape victim) fought against the gang rapists, even though she died. Such days should be there to be remembered to alert people of such henious crimes, This is not like your pakistan or any muslim country where you will rape a dead body and you have no feeling of repentence for it, here in India for 1 bastard we have many good men, so we feel sad that a woman had to undergo such horrible act. Even though if you try to bash a religion at least respect woman and don’t go calling the Her death anniversary as “A Day to Rape” — You fucking inhumane pig

  94. Fuck muslims……..they r absolute shits.By body burns when i hear about them.
    Fucking muslims hear me dont dare to touch my people in my nations. WE love peace so u have lived here from centuries. If we rise u will all burn into ashes. Dont try to shake us fuckrs. Our religion was the first to begin in this earth and remember it wil be last religion to end up. Not only islam if all the religion joins then also they cant defeat. Our history has stories of great rulers who conquerd the world, our history has great minds that enlightened the whole world. It was our patience which allowed u shits to fucking rise.

    Shame upon ur fucking religion which have no daring to fight in front. So u always attack from behind

  95. anywhere u see u will see all other religion people hate islam really bad, dont know why, there must be something really interesting thing in islam that so many people hate them really bad. may be bad smell, jihad, burqa, force on women, lack of interest in reasoning and real knowledgebale books then there so called holy quran that teaches most of the muslim men to fight and fight like animals an