“Iraqi Gay men’s rectums are glued shut and they are force-fed laxatives and water until their insides explode”

The Hunted  by Matt McAllester


“Killing gays is halal,” permissible under Islamic law. “We’ll get points in heaven for it.”


From Baghdad—frightening reports of gay pogroms, where homosexual men are targeted, tortured, slayed. From New York—a scurry to find those same men before they are killed, and shepherd them to safety. On a bright afternoon in late March, an 18-year-old named Fadi stood in a friend’s clothing store in Baghdad checking out the new merchandise. A worker in a neighboring store walked into the boutique with a newspaper in his hand and shared a story he had just read. It was about “sexual deviants,” he said. Gay men’s rectums had been glued shut, and they had been force-fed laxatives and water until their insides exploded. They had been found dead on the street.

That evening Fadi met up with his three closest friends—Ahmed, Mazen, and Namir—in a coffee shop.“They’re doing this to frighten us,” he said. In recent weeks, with rumors of gay death squads and torture on the rise, the four friends had lowered their profile. They no longer went to the Shisha every night. “We’ll see what tomorrow brings,” Fadi said, on the last night they met there.


On April 4, at about 8 p.m., Fadi’s cell phone rang. It was Mazen’s brother. “Mazen and Namir have been killed,” he said. The maimed bodies of the two friends had been discovered together in the vast Shia district of Baghdad named Sadr City, which is a stronghold of the Mahdi Army, a powerful Shia militia. Mazen had had his pectoral muscles cut off. There were two drill holes in Namir’s left leg, below the knee. Both had been shot in the head, apparently from close range.

“Two young men were killed on Thursday,” an unnamed Sadr City official told the Reuters news agency in a story published that same day. “They were sexual deviants. Their tribes killed them to restore their family honor.” In the same story, Reuters cited a police source as saying that the bodies of four other gay men had been found in Sadr City on March 25 with signs on their chests reading PERVERT.

 Murdered and set ablaze April 2006, Karar Oda is just one of the many Iraqis dragged from their homes by hooded militia and shot, set on fire or beheaded because they were believed to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The grisly image is all that was left of Oda, a farmer who was seized and killed by Badr brigades – militia of the The Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى الإسلامي العراقي) (previously known as Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)) – because they suspected him of having an affair with another man.

Murdered and set ablaze April 2006, Karar Oda is just one of the many Iraqis dragged from their homes by hooded militia and shot, set on fire or beheaded because they were believed to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The grisly image is all that was left of Oda, a farmer who was seized and killed by Badr brigades – militia of the The Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى الإسلامي العراقي) (previously known as Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)) – because they suspected him of having an affair with another man.

Fadi called Ahmed. They spoke for an hour. They were devastated by their friends’ deaths, of course. They were also terrified. Under torture, Mazen and Namir may have given up their names.

There was no announcement, no fatwa, no openly declared policy by a cleric or militia leader or politician, but a wave of anti-gay hysteria hit the country. An Iraqi TV station, with disapproving commentary, showed a video of a group of perhaps two dozen young men at a private dance party, wiggling their hips like female belly dancers. Terms like the third sex and puppies, a newly coined slur, began to appear in hostile news reports. Shia and Sunni clerics started to preach in their Friday sermons about the evils of homosexuality and “the people of Lot.” Police officers stepped up their harassment of openly gay men. Families and tribes cast out their gay relatives. The bodies of gay men like Mazen and Namir, often mutilated, began turning up on the street. There is no way to verify the number of tortured or harassed, but the best available estimates place that figure in the thousands. Hundreds of men are believed to have been killed.

Public Hanging of gay men in Iran

The eruption of violence in February appears to have been an unintended consequence of the country’s broader peace. In the wake of the surge in American troops and the increase in strength of the Iraqi military and police forces, Iraq’s once-powerful Sunni and Shia militias have wound down their attacks against American forces and one another. Now they appear to be repositioning themselves as agents of moral enforcement, exploiting anti-gay prejudice as a means of engendering public support.

It doesn’t help that gay people have virtually no allies in Iraqi society. Women, ethnic minorities, detainees, people who work for the Americans—just about everyone else in the country has some sort of representation. But there are no votes to be gained or power to be accrued in any Iraqi community—Shia, Sunni, Kurds, Christians, Turkmen—by supporting gay people. Gays in Iraq today are essentially a defenseless target.

Iraqi victims of "glue torture" (AP Photo)

Iraqi victims of “glue torture” (AP Photo)

United States officials have been aware of the gay killings in Iraq for several months and have raised questions about the Iraqi government’s role in the rise in violence and its response to the purges. But the Iraqis sometimes express repulsion at gay people, sources familiar with American diplomatic efforts say. And there is only so far Americans can push the Iraqi government without inadvertently causing a backlash on gay Iraqis. The U.S. State Department says it is working to accept as many Iraqi refugees as it can into the country, but Scott Long insists not enough is being done. “Only in the past year has the U.S. really started meeting its obligations to endangered Iraqis by ramping up the numbers it’s willing to accept. But it’s critical for authorities to commit to recognizing LGBT Iraqis as among those endangered, and as fitting into the U.S. numbers. We’re waiting for a public commitment.” READ THE REST: The Hunted

NOTE: The purpose of this post is NOT to initiate a discussion about whether  homosexuality is genetic or a choice but rather the horrific Muslim treatment of gays.  COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED.  –BNI

























  1. If you want to know who kills and mutilates the most, well just look at the governments of the world. By the way there is no such thing as “Human Rights”. That is a man-made term designed to suit a purpose and defend behaviors whether good or bad. It always results in division.

  2. All in the name of Allah! What kind of religion is that!! What kind of God is it that would permit these atrocities!!! The forces of the Universe are impartial. If God is the Universe, than God/Allah takes no sides! You will be judged for your deeds: killing a child of God, who has as much rights and value to life, as you do!

  3. Craig, that is absolutely wrong. Blacks are by far treated the best in this country. You have your first half black muslim in the white house. Any time a white person stands up and points out what he is, you are labeled racist. Stop crying racism. And start electing real black leaders, the leftie trash black seem to run to.

  4. Stop with the taqiyya…your ‘religion’ is exposed more every day. More and more people are waking up. The JIG is up, MO. I am very grateful for the work of the moderator..

  5. I need Liberals to honestly explain this to me. You defend Muslims and Islam in America AND Gays. You can’t have it both ways. How can you justify your support of Muslims/Islam when you know what they do to Gays, Christians, Jews and anyone who doesn’t agree with them? Don’t feed me some brainwashed rhetoric about not all Muslims are like this. If you are Islamic, you must follow the Qu’ran – or face death. There is no pick and choose. That’s as ridiculous as saying as a Christian I can decide if I’ll obey Commandment #6. Christians either obey and follow the Bible’s teachings or they aren’t considered Christians. There is no such thing as a “Moderate Muslim”. That is only a ploy by Muslims to get you to accept them. If war breaks out on American soil against Islam, who do you think the Muslims are going to side with? You? Fat chance. They will kill you faster then you can say “I’m your friend”. Their loyalty is always going to be with Mohammed. Yes, there are extremists in almost every religion and cult. (BTW, Islam is not a religion. It is a cult. Muslims call it a religion as part of their effort to gain sympathy and special treatment.) The difference is “Christian” extremists like Westboro Baptist Church do not murder innocent ppl. They are not trying to take over the world. They just run their hateful mouths and use the law to protect them. FYI, true Christians do not consider them Christian and want no parts of them. We go head-to-head with them every chance we get. We do not want anyone to think they represent Christianity in any form. I have yet to hear or see ONE Muslim speak out against the atrocities of Islam. If there really are peaceful Muslims out there, they would – in the millions. They greatly outnumber “bad Muslims”, so I won’t accept the excuse that they fear for their lives. Silence is complicity. The silence of these “good Muslims” you think exist is deafening. No, I am not a racist. I am a highly educated realist. I have studied the Middle East, Muslims and Islam for 10 years. I have tremendous resources and I know ppl who have lived in the Middle East. I continue my research daily. So please tell me how Liberals justify their positions.

  6. why should I believe these scenes are the result of gay crimes…in Islam, it is a punishable crime to mutilate a human being…I think these articles are strongly laced with propaganda…

  7. Homosexual activists want to eradicate anything that is true Christianity, and willing to side with and bury their heads in the sand about Islam while doing so. And the result will be them leaving themselves alone to contend with Islam. The sin of homosexuality is such a powerful sin that they can’t even see this blatant obvious truth.

  8. ‘working to let as many refugees in as possible’-State Department/ Wonderful. Sure why not? All of us taxpayer can afford it. I am so sick of this.
    As for the rest of the article, horrifying and barbaric. Disgusting thing to do to someone. But it’s pisslam…

  9. While i accept that gays are humans like every body else … i can’t help notice how they’re being prosecuted by the same hands that taught them to believe that it was kool to have sexual contact with the same kind( men) , these muslim mosque has been working along quiet well with that for years !!! why now ???

  10. No man, woman, or country has the right to kill anyone, just because they are homosexual…. that’s God’s business. God wants us to love one another, pray for one another, and forgive and forget the sins of each other…. non of us are sinless for we sin in thoughts,words, and deeds. Jesus loves and died for us all no one is excluded no one…… i pray the murder stops and all religions just love one another and pray..

    • Your so right Kathleen. I get so angry at the muslims and would like to pay them back but God says revenge is His. But I worry what my kids/grandkids will have to live through and witness. God bless you and your family.!!

  11. In the US Gays are mostly Liberal as well as Muslims. That makes strange bedfellows, no pun intended. If the Muslims take over which is their goal all those same sex marriages may become hunting licenses for the Muslims.

  12. Those making comments about Obama are pretty much unintelligent and Aldo expected. Just hate he because of the color of his skin. If all the “none whatever you are” hated you and all built an alliance and was out to get you verbally and physically. How would you feel? You folks are the reason others look at this country as divided. I’m furloughed bit I know it’s not his fault and since I’ve saved for rainy days, I would rather know the President stood his ground although I didn’t vote for him.

    • You better hope it does not rain for a long time or you stash will run dry.. Have you got your obamacare yet? most are finding they are going to have to pay 4 and 5 times more than they were before and less coverage… I don’t care that he is half black and half white or Kenyan… I don’t like what he has and is doing to America.. you are blinded by his color fixation and not paying attention to how he is tearing our country apart. He said he was going to change it and he has but certainly not been for the good. List one thing he has done that has been good for our country… there is not one thing to list…5 yrs of going down and nothing positive yet!!!

  13. The article is about persecution of gays in Iraq, but the caption of the hanging photo says Iran. Typo?

    • Lou, not a typo, just the only photo available back then of how gay men are treated by Muslims. There have been stories posted since then here about how they get beaten up and killed in Iraq. This story is from 2009.

      I have added some more photos now.

  14. I don’t understand; these men who are engaged in perverted, un natural and deviant sexual practices … when they know and see their behavior being punished by brutal death; why do they choose to continue to pursue their perversions driven by lust?

  15. I don’t like what usa lets happen here about marraige, mm+ww not excepted, I love them but not what they do or what they stand for

  16. It’s not for men to judge, trust in god. God is almighty not man. As far as perverts go, isn’t a rapist or a man who earns 72 virgins a sicko and a pervert definitely a hypocrite according to gods law. Judge not less ye be judged. God is love, Allah is the devil who will mislead many.

  17. A lot of bullshit being spoken on here. We are talking the murder of Young men because of who they are. This isn’t right even if you disagree with homosexuality. But racism, hatred is OK isn’t it. As long as you are not the group being hated. Islam is not a race it is an ideology that is still living in the dark ages.

    • Paul, I have to agree with you. I get confused reading the comments because someone advocating “love thy neighbor” is booed and hating, well it looks like everybody, is condoned? I hate what men are doing in the name of islam (and I don’t consider them a neighbor) and I’ve read enough of the koran to know it is a hateful book. No one has the right to kill another man just because they don’t like that man. I do not advocate homosexuality but I’ll certainly do all I can to get the gospel to them but if they reject, that’s their business and their judgment. I don’t kill them and I don’t hate them.

  18. What does this matter most Muslims r gay they start w little boys. There’s mothers have to start masterbating them when there young kids.

    • These people are animals.. This is so disgusting… if it is evil they do it.. God help us if they take over America… we have so many evils now trying to take our country under since the evil one got in the leadership of our country… we will get what they voted for …

    • Mr. Travis What does hate get you? We as a people are suffering un necessarily because of UN-warranted hate.. Gay, Straight , Christian,sinner, black ,white until we can love all we have are those things which are tangible .. but when we love true wholeness and internal satisfaction takes over us in a real way,,, and love always trumps hate!

  19. hopefully they will eradicate them all, purge the nation from east west north south, hunt them like rats.

    • David, why would you care what they do? Are they hurting you? I think they are wrong but thats not for anyone but God to decide.

  20. From some of these post it seems hate is everywhere. God please forgive ua as we don’t have a clue about love.

    • Indeed. They seclude their females from their interactions with each other, while they pray, party, and God knows whatever else they do with each other. The same idiots that commit these crimes against humanity, are the ones who have sex with their fellow man for sport to only turn around and say they’re not homsexual.

  21. A lot of gays are like a lot of minority groups. It’s like they come complete with an instruction manual that tells them what to think, how to live, what their politics are, etc. I do think it’s funny that part of part of the indoctrination in to their “lifestyle” is radical leftism, support of islam, and hatred of Israel.

    • No they are not… Being Gay is nothing like being black, I hate when people say this… Blacks are treated worst by far means.. and if you’re not black you may not understand or agree with this.

      • same old whining from blacks! The only one treating you diffrently is you! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start living! ” but i’m black! everybody hates me buhuuu”

      • I am gay and black and i believe human rights are human rights!! there are some differences between the treatment of gays and of blacks but both are treated as lesser citizens and whats sad is the gay community is treated really bad by the Black community!! Oppressed people shouldnt oppress others!

  22. The gays in the U.S. are being used by the left and the communists to mount their stupid marches and protests. They will come to see that their chosen lifestyle should be practiced quietly.
    Also, they may give credit for the odd bashing by muslims to our #1 muslim and SLL* in the white house. Anyone of y’all want to vacation in Iran ?

    • First of all homosexuality is not a chosen lifestyle. Science and psychology both show that homosexuality is not in fact a choice but an inborn trait cause by both biological and environmental phenomenon. In fact wikipedia shows exactly how homosexuality is inborn and it is thought to be caused especially by epigenetics. Also homosexuals are not being used by communists or the left. In fact communists hate gays and the left kisses the ass of Muslims. Gays are trying to get equality and freedom from the evil Abrahamic religions. Gays should no more be quiet about who they love anymore then heterosexuals as there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. The problem in the West is that the Conservatives are on the side of Christianity and the Liberals are on the side of Islam and if you are a Pagan, Atheist, Woman or LGBT you are on your own. Which is why we must strive to fight against and end the evil Abrahamic religions.

      • Then get yourself over to Iran and Iraq and start fighting for the lives of the gays! Or is it easier to hide behind your computer in the West and rail against Christians?

        • Michelle
          Perhaps you don’t know the saying “Don’t kill the Doctor to save the Patient,” so you wouldn’t understand the concept of fighting for a good cause without bring physically there!! It’s also called Strategy. In my country, people fought for Human Rights while in exile, very effectively too! I do not have to be gay to comprehend the atrocities of gay-bashing. Neither do I have to be gay to join the fight against those who murder and maim gay people. So, Yes, I WILL “hide behind my computer” and continue to fight – together with my gay community while I am not gay myself.

        • Maria Avalon…..”The problem in the West is that the Conservatives are on the side of Christianity and the Liberals are on the side of Islam ” Gotta be the dumbest comment EVER!

      • BS – one chooses to be a sexual deviant, just as one chooses to be a serial killer or a truck driver.
        This “I have no control, I was born this way” is hogwash. We each have free will to do as we choose, it just makes it easier to embrace deviancy when you don’t have to take responsibility for it.

      • Keeping your pants up takes a conscious, deliberate effort. Having sex, or being celibate, or monogomous is not like having the hiccups. It is a choice, else the THOUSANDS of gays who have came out of the lifestyle wouldn’t be able to testify against it. What did you do with your brain? smh.

    • Okay, that was kind of harsh. But you are wrong, and the people who actually did these things deserve to be hunted down and shot. Perhaps it would be more beneficial to society if they were caught and incarcerated, but the government doesn’t seem to care to enforce laws against murder and torture where homosexuals are concerned. When there is no law, the violent actions of the wicked can unfortunately only be fought with violence.
      I’m sorry I lumped you in with those animals simply because you share their disgusting opinion about homosexuals. I’m sure you are a person who would rather discuss the disagreement than resort to unprovoked violence.


    • What is the source of this claim? This sounds dangerously close to the hundreds of blood curling stories about Sadaam Hussein and his “Torture Rooms” and putting people in wood chippers (LIE). Not saying this isn’t true but I take this “expose” with a grain of salt. It is plainly obvious this is an Anti-Muslim site. That is bigotry. Sure there are Muslims that do some terrible stuff, so do Catholics, Jews, baptists, etc. I’m sure Gays are targeted in Iraq, hell they’re targeted HERE in the USA and we’re supposed to be civilized.