Another TURKISH GENOCIDE – this time it's dogs

TURKEY, the country that wants to join the EU, keeps slaughtering dogs, cast out in the depths of Istanbul’s Beykoz forest with poison frothing from their mouths.

Animal rights activists from the Animal Rights Activists Foundation, or HAYVİST, came across the dogs during a routine visit to feed and look after stray dogs in Mahmut Şevket Paşa village.

The vast number of stray animals that roam Istanbul’s streets have for decades posed great problems for municipalities, but despite efforts made by animal activists to come up with lasting and non-violent solutions, municipalities are continuing to carry out such massacres.

“Is this how we became the European Cultural Capital? By massacring so many dogs? This is inhumane,” HAYVİST chairwoman Asude Ustaoğlu said. HURRIYET NEWS H/T Religion of Peace

Last May, a dog genocide took place in the Kepez, Konyaalti and Muratpasa areas of Antalya in Turkey.

It was so appalling that animal rights defenders from all around the world stood up against it. Over 20 mass graves were found, and there were over 5000 dead dogs in them. It took days for all the graves to be dug and all the bodies to be exhumed. During the first days, it was understood that some dogs, including puppies, had been buried alive. Some of those puppies were rescued, others gone. The authorities were arguing that there was a rabies outbreak in Antalya so they had to kill the animals – yet many of the dogs killed were wearing ear tags indicating that they had been vaccinated against rabies. Rabies was simply a pretext.






3 comments on “Another TURKISH GENOCIDE – this time it's dogs

  1. latifah,what part of Islam don’t-you understand?it is common knowledge -Islam regards dogs as unclean ,and have now issued -jihad against them ,they are being poisoned in Spain and Europe ,muslim taxi drivers are not allowing the blind with their guide dogs into taxi’s,I think this might be the straw that breaks the camels back,as we Westerners love our dogs and animals ,Islam might find it has overstepped the mark as we would not stand by and let any dog hating fanatics hurt-our animals ,so inform your mob -be warned.

  2. This is a monstruosity!!!
    This is not Islam!
    Im muslim,and i have dogs …i passed many times collecting animals from the streets, treating them of their infirmities with much care and given up for adoption.
    Islam learn us about respect with any forms of life.
    There is nothing in the Quran ordering killing of animals, this was an isolated incident in unknown conditions, and there is disagreement among hadits from Prophet!
    People keep in ignorance!

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