LAMPEDUSA: Muslim savages are rioting, attacking police and locals, after setting the Immigrant Centre on fire yesterday

Crazed Muslim barbarians from Tunisia and Libya are wilding in the streets, fighting police, and now they have started attacking and robbing the people of Lampedusa, while  threatening to blow up gas stations. So why aren’t the police shooting them dead yet?

UK TELEGRAPH  (H/T Maria) The devastating fire started on Tuesday night when the Tunisian MUSLIM invaders, protesting against their immediate repatriation, allegedly set fire to their bed mattresses. The blaze reduced much of the controversial centre to a smoking ruin.

On Wednesday violence broke out between riot police and refugees on the island. Three Italian Carabinieri, a policeman and seven Tunisian MUSLIMS have been injured. (Only 7 wounded? Why aren’t 7 or more dead?)

The fire dealt a heavy blow to Italy’s ability to deal with a continuing flood of refugees from North Africa in the wake of the popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt and the civil war in Libya.

More than 48,000 Muslim rats have reached the shores of southern Italy since the start of the year. Many of the 1,200 MUSLIM invaders held in the centre fled like rats when three fires set by the invaders out late on Tuesday.

As police stationed on the island rounded them up, the fires blazed out of control and destroyed three buildings in the complex.

The fires were allegedly lit deliberately by Tunisian MUSLIMS protesting against their imminent return home, having been ruled to be economic migrants rather than bona fide asylum seekers.

Bernardino De Rubeis, the outspoken mayor of the island, said he had been warning the government in Rome for days that tensions among the migrants were increasing to breaking point. He said islanders were fed up with having to host so many MUSLIM savages. “We’re in a war, and the people will react. There are people here who want to go out into the streets armed with clubs.” (Forget clubs, take guns)

The mayor demanded that Italian navy ships be sent to the island “immediately” in order to transfer the migrants to camps in Sicily and the mainland. (Transfer? How about sending them back to Tunisia?)

“We can’t understand why police and Carabinieri go in hard against fans in football fans – their own compatriots – while on Lampedusa it’s completely different. We need a strong hand on the island too. People are tired of all this, they want to get back to living in peace.”

The UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, has said that the rate of transferrals from the island needs to be speeded up in order to avoid overcrowding in the centre. (Nooooo, they need to be sent back and future boatloads need to be sunk before they get there)

This is the second time in just over two years that the reception centre has been torched. A large fire in February 2009 caused serious structural damage.