LONDON promotes ‘Ugly Muslim Baghead Fashion Week’…sponsored by an anti-American brand

The inaugural ‘Modest Fashion Week’ (aka Islamic Supremacist Misogyny Week) took place over the weekend, an event targeted at Muslim consumers and sponsored by a makeup brand who refuse to sell products to supporters of President Donald Trump.

Breitbart  According to organisers of the event, at which the clothes showcased are said to ‘comply with Muslim values’, modest fashion is one of the fastest growing consumer markets. Headbags were seen on most of the audience members.

Event organiser Romanna Bint-Abubaker, founder of modest fashion website ‘Haute Elan’ told Sky News: “The fastest growing global consumer is at the moment the Muslim market. 

Official sponsors of the Muslim-only event Illamasqua have announced they are staunchly opposed to populism, last week promising that the brand will “never knowingly sell” their products to Trump supporters. (Not to worry, no Trump supporter would ever be caught dead wearing slave-wear pretending to be fashion )

A dedicated prayer room ensured Muslim bagheads were fully catered for at the Chelsea event.

In a statement posted to its website the company says it’s “horrified” by the U.S. president’s actions, declaring: “We refuse to remain silent while extreme right-wing populism gains momentum… wherever it is happening.

“As such, we will never knowingly sell our products to people who support President Trump’s values”, the post by Illamasqua founder Julian Kynaston continues, before demanding that would-be customers sign an “anti-Ameircan pledge”.

“We know we can’t stop anyone buying our products. But we also know that no matter how hard some people work to make themselves beautiful on the outside, make-up can never hide the ugliness inside”, the blog post reads.

Also present at the event, held at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, were stalls for Muslim charities including Team Kitrinos, which provides assistance to illegal alien Muslims invaders who have illegally entered Europe.