EGYPT: Cross-dressing for survival

A woman in Egypt has been dressing as a man for 42 years in order to support her family. Sesa Abou Douh’s husband died while she was pregnant and traditional gender roles where she lives in Upper Egypt meant it was easier for her to find work as a man. She recently received an award for her dedication to her family.

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Muslim-created ad campaign is NOT mocking Pamela Geller’s anti-Islam ads, it is reinforcing them

In response to the growing number of anti-Islamic subway ads launched by Pamela Geller, some Muslims in America have decided to launch a campaign featuring ironic and humorous messages displayed on the NYC subway. (‘Humorous?’ Muslims don’t know the meaning of the word humor, let alone use it )


Morocco World News  According to New York Daily News, documentary filmmakers Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah said they would post 144 posters in 140 subway stations thanks to roughly $20,000 raised through crowd funding.

Islam does NOT mean peace, it means submission and YES, we are scared of being forced to submit to Islam

Islam does NOT mean peace, it means submission, and YES, we are scared of being forced to submit to a death cult like Islam

The posters bear messages such as: “Beware the Muslims are coming! And they shall strike with hugs so fierce you will end up calling your grandmother and telling her you love her.”

The campaigners also posted a message with very interesting facts (FALSELY) highlighting the achievements of Muslims. The poster reads, “Fact about Muslims: They invented coffee, the toothbrush, and algebra.” (NO, they didn’t: they-came-they-saw-they-plagiarized-1001-so-called-muslim-inventions-virtually-none-of-which-were-actually-invented-by-muslims)

NO, they didn't

NO, they didn’t

The campaign comes in response to an anti-Islam campaign (below) that featured a series of $100,000 ads on MTA buses with text and images likening Muslims to Hitler.









WISCONSIN: Shutting down churches and replacing them with Islamic Indoctrination Centers that support Hamas and Hezbollah

sharia1The Islamic Society of Milwaukee has purchased a former church across from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union and will convert it into a mosque for a growing east side Muslim community, Society President Ahmed Quereshi said.

JS Online  The Islamic Society purchased the former Point of Grace property at 2223 E. Kenwood Blvd. from an investor for $700,000, according to Quereshi. Point of Grace, a ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church, still maintains a presence at 2215 E. Kenwood Blvd.


The Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee is Othman Atta. He opposes the labeling of Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups. He legitimizes violence against Israelis, saying “it’s within the right of an occupied people to resist their occupiers” but makes a generic condemnation of attacks on “innocent civilians.”

psc logo 2 (2)

In November, he spoke at the American Muslims for Palestine conference that featured at least 13 Islamist speakers. In 2001, an FBI memo documented that some members of the mosque were fundraising for the Holy Land Foundation, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that was later shut down for financing Hamas.

Milwaukee Muslims march for Hamas

Milwaukee Muslims march for Hamas

The newly acquired property includes a 3,150-square-foot worship space and adjacent triplex. Quereshi said he expects the worship space upgrades to be completed before the start of Ramadan in mid-June, but that the triplex renovations could take longer.

It will be the second new worship space opened by the Islamic Society in recent months. It unveiled a new $3 million mosque in Brookfield — a first for Waukesha County — in March

ANOTHER Milwaukee Mega Mosque

ANOTHER Milwaukee Mega Mosque


Quereshi said the Islamic Society has been looking for new worship space for the east side Muslim community, including UWM students and faculty, for years. They currently worship in a nearby duplex owned by the organization. UWM’s Muslim student population has grown to about 600 students, he said.

ANOTHER Milwaukee Mega-mosque

ANOTHER Milwaukee Mega-mosque

“In my opinion, this location serves the dual purpose of providing a convenient location for Muslim students, who are not readily able to leave the campus during the day, and increasing the attractiveness of UWM as a place for Muslim students to attend,” he said.


SEATTLE Muslim students try to fight “Islamophobia” by putting non-Muslim women in headbags and offering barbarically-slaughtered food

‘Islamophobia Awareness Day’ was created by a group of Muslim girls from Rainier Beach High School.


KUOW  They were motivated by what they see as ‘misconceptions’ (code word for truth about Islam that we don’t want you to know about) surrounding their religion and especially the way Muslims are portrayed in the (politically correct Muslim sympathizing) media. That’s why they opened up a safe space to talk about Islam, and answer questions from the public. 


Nafiso Egal, a freshman at the University of Washington, learned about the event through Facebook  and decided to show up to support her Muslim sisters. 

“The people that you see on the news that are extreme — that’s not really a part of Islam,” Egal said. “Islam teaches you to be a good person. Islam is peaceful.” (CRAP and everybody knows it)


At the event, youth set up stations with information about Islam along with cupcakes and savory sambusa pastries. At 1:30, a dozen girls stood in straight lines for Salat al Dhur, the midday prayer. 

HALAL - Eat at your own risk

HALAL – Eat at your own risk

At the hijab station, Hannah Corpuz stopped to learn how to put the Muslim head scarf on. “It’s kind of interesting because I never really knew how the process worked, or if you have to do your hair in a certain way,” she said. “It’s actually kind of really comfortable!” 


Later in the day, the youth organizers posted on Instagram saying the event was a success. They’re speaking with mosques in Australia, London, Spain and Holland in hopes of making this a global event next year.



Designated Terrorist Organization CAIR and other Muslim groups object to counter-terrorism measures designed to stop recruiting of Minnesota Muslims for the Islamic State (ISIS)

terrorists_among_us_-450x337Nearly 50 mosques, Muslim organizations and student groups have signed a statement that highlights concerns with a federal pilot program to combat radicalization and terror recruitment in Minnesota.

FOX News & SC Times  About 40 Muslim groups in Minnesota are voicing concern about a federal program designed to fight terror recruiting, according to a statement sent out Friday by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


The statement, which contains the names of several mosques, student groups and other Muslim organizations, asks the Department of Justice to discontinue the program, saying it unfairly singles out members of the state’s large Somali community for their nationality and religion.

“While we support the right of all Americans to live in democratic communities free of violence, we cannot in good conscience condone or help refine programs that are fundamentally discriminatory and are likely to further subject our community members to additional civil rights abuses,” said the statement released by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


The pilot program in Minnesota is focused on the state’s Somali community, which has seen more than two dozen youth leave in recent years to join the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia or militants in Syria. Community members who have long sought help in stopping recruiting initially embraced the pilot program as an opportunity.

The statement lists 44 Muslim organizations as undersigned supporters. “It is our recommendation that the government stop investing in programs that will only stigmatize, divide and marginalize MUSLIM communities further,” the statement said.


The groups instead suggest the following framework to combat extremism:

Support for a Minnesota Muslim community-based task force, which is currently under development to serve as an outreach resource for law enforcement agencies. (“Outreach” is code for allow us to brainwash law enforcement with the myth that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism is anti-Islam)



Funds for anti-radicalization programs should be separated from federal counter-terrorism and law enforcement agencies. Instead, funding should come from foundations, community organizations and state and local government. (That way, we can keep funding our terrorist pals overseas)


The Department of Justice should protect groups and individuals who intervene with those they believe are vulnerable to recruitment into extremist groups. Those who intervene should not be penalized with prosecution, watch-listing or surveillance because of their association with a potential violent extremist. (Surveillance of Muslims and mosques should be banned)

The statement also calls on Congress to investigate the federal government’s “overbroad surveillance of mosques and American Muslims, absent evidence of criminal activity.” (Just because mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists, the government should not be spying on them)

Members of Minnesota’s Somali community rallied at the Capitol on Monday in support of the families of the men accused of trying to join the Islamic State in Syria. Some wore shirts that said, “Free our boys” and chanted, “We’re not ISIS! We’re not terrorists!” (Even though our sons are)

Members of Minnesota’s Somali community rallied at the Capitol on Monday in support of the families of the men accused of trying to join the Islamic State in Syria. Some wore shirts that said, “Free our boys” and chanted, “We’re not ISIS! We’re not terrorists!” (Even though our sons are)

Instead of counter-terrorism activities, CAIR wants the government to focus on:

– Youth and after school programs for MUSLIMS

– Job fairs and job training programs for MUSLIMS

– Eliminate ethnic profiling at the airport of MUSLIMS

– Get more Somali MUSLIMS into law enforcement careers (AKA fox guarding henhouse)

– Increase engagement between MUSLIM religious leaders and MUSLIM youth (one of the best ways to recruit future terrorists)

Organizations listed on CAIR letter of concern
Read a complete copy of the letter at

Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR MN 
Global Somali Diaspora 
Muslim Youth and Family Services 
Islamic Relief & Social Services 
African Family and Education Center 
Abubakar As-Sidique Islamic Center 
Tawfiq Islamic Center 
Islamic Center of Twin Ports “ICTP” 
Brooklyn Park Islamic Center 
Building Blocks of Islam 
al-Mahmood Foundation 
ICM-Muslim Youth of Minnesota 
Dar Al-Farooq 
Al Farooq Youth & Family Center 
ICCMN/Al-Iman Center 
Masjid Al-Ihsan 
Islamic Center of Owatonna (Masjid Al Rahma) 
Burnsville Mosque (Al Salaam) 
Roshester Islamic Center 
Irshad Islamic Center Eden Prairie 
Masjid Al-Huda (ICCC) 
Masjid Al Tawba/Eden Prairie Islamic Center (ICCC) 
Ummatul Islam Center 
Masjid Ash-Shafi 
Masjid As-Sunnah (St Paul) 
Minnesota Dawah Institute 
Al Farooq Youth & Family Center 
Dar-Alqalam Islamic Center 
Abubakar As-Sidique Islamic Center-Faribault MN 
Masjid Rowdah 
Masjid Ni’mat ul-Islaam 
Muslim student association SCSU 
Mankato Islamic center 
Islamic Center of Minnesota 
Abukhadra Mosque 
Al-Madinah Cultural Center 
University of Minnesota Muslim Student Association 
University of St Thomas Muslim Student Association 
MCTC- Muslim Student Association 
Engage Minnesota Muslims 
Global Deaf Muslim the Minnesota chapter


UK: Cornwall school makes field trip to mosque MANDATORY for Christian and other non-Muslim students

fightislamforme-viAfter publicly humiliating children who didn’t want to go on a trip to visit a mosque, the governors of a small rural school in Cornwall have reacted to concerned parents fears of violence and indoctrination of their children by mosque leaders, not to mention all the worldwide negative news coverage of it, by making the trip mandatory for all students. (Time for parents to sue the school and refuse to send their kids to it until this obscene sharia-compliant policy is revoked)

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: ten-young-british-students-publicly-humiliated-in-school-after-parents-refused-to-allow-them-to-take-part-in-school-field-trip-to-a-mosque

I wonder if these parents know that when their children are brought to a mosque, they are forced to recite an Islamic prayer which automatically converts them to Islam?


Breitbart  Earlier this week, it was reported that ten families had not given consent for their children to travel from Lostwithiel School in Cornwall to Devon to visit the Exeter mosque, citing fears about violence and danger to their children from Muslims. Governors have now told parents that absences from the trip will not be allowed, citing the importance of ‘promoting different faiths and ethnicities’ to school-age children.

Earlier, school staff humiliated children who weren’t going on the trip by singling them out during assembly and asking them their reasons for not going on the trip.

mosque visit

Despite the school being in one of the least ethnically and religiously diverse counties in England, rising intolerance in Cornwall has been used as the reason for the trip, which will now take place next week. The Independent newspaper quotes Cornwall-resident Muslim Mostofa Abdul Rahman, who said that attitudes towards Muslims were changing for the worse.

Remarkably, the newspaper even managed to claim that plural “Mosques in Cornwall have been defaced with graffiti”, despite there being only one mosque in the whole county, a converted Methodist chapel.


Insisting that parents of young children had absolutely nothing to fear from Muslims, or Islam, school governor Kat Smith who is understood to be the force pushing the trip through against the wishes of parents said: “The visit to the mosque will provide an insight for pupils into the nature of British Islam, help them understand how Islam is presented in the media and that groups like Isis are not a true reflection of the Islam followed by the vast majority of Muslims in Britain”.


“Religious Education forms part of the basic curriculum in schools and its teaching is enshrined in law. The school recognises that parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE in whole or in part, and provide alternative work to further their child’s knowledge and understanding of the parents’ beliefs and values.

“However, the school is aware that children growing up in Cornwall may have little contact with Muslims and it is aware that it has a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to promote good relations between people of different beliefs and ethnicities as part of its single equality duty.”

Muslim School Takever


SOMALI MUSLIM WOMAN: “If more Muslims would read the quran, more Muslims would leave Islam”

MonaWalterSomaliExMuslim“Allah is a god who hates and Islam is NOT a religion of peace,” says this Somali woman who is now an ex-Muslim.

Vdare via TROP  Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim living in Sweden who left Somalia for Scandinavia as a refugee, says she read the Koran for the first time and discovered the truth of what Islam is about. Her search eventually led her to Christianity, but her mission is still with Islam, namely to tell Muslims what the quran really says.

“It’s about hating and killing those who disagree with Islam. It’s about conquering. Mohammed, he was immoral. He was a bloodthirsty man. He was terrible man, and Muslims can read that in his biography — what he did to Jews, how he raped women, how he killed people. I mean, he killed everyone who didn’t agree with him,” she explained.


Collateral damage? What collateral damage? Civilian homes become ISIS breeding grounds.

A new photo has emerged that shows an infant next to a hand gun and grenade and draped in a blanket with the sinister symbol of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. These kinds of photos appear to represent a growing trend of support for the Islamic terrorist group in and around the Middle East.


Raqqa-sl  The image was posted on Twitter by an anti-ISIS activist in Syria with the message: ‘What will happen with this child?’ Abu Mohammed, an administrator for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RIBSS)‎, believes the baby is the latest in a line of children being forced to pose next to weapons by their jihadi parents.

The image appears to have originally been posted on the Twitter account of an ISIS sympathiser whose other posts include The image comes days after another RIBSS activist posted a picture of a baby sleeping next to a grenade, a handgun and what appears to be a birth certificate.


It was uploaded by Abu Ward Al-Raqqawi, a self-proclaimed ‘founder of the Syrian revolution’, with the warning: ‘This child will be risk to you not just to us’.   The images bear strong similarities to earlier ISIS propaganda which attempt to radicalise the next generation of jihadis.


The post says the newborn child is called ‘Jrah’, while its mother’s name is ‘Om’ and its father’s name is ‘Abu.’ It claims the certificate next to the baby is an ‘ISIS issued ID for a child.’ The image was believed to be posted by Al-Raqqawi in the hope of garnering attention to the international threat posed by ISIS.


Australian National University terrorism expert Dr Clarke Jones told Daily Mail Australia the image appears to be authentic. ‘By showing the birth certificate, and the fact that the group are indoctrinating babies, I think ISIS are indicating they will be around for a long time.’


Last September, a harrowing image was released by the group of a baby dressed as a fighter lying on an Islamic state flag next to grenades and automatic firearms.

In August, notorious Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf posted a Twitter image of his seven-year-old son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier with the caption: ‘That’s my boy!’

syria isis flag

ISIS has made it a policy to groom children to take part in jihad, brainwashing them from a very young age.

Online propaganda is an integral part of this process, with the group using scores of social media accounts to disseminate their messages to youths around the world.


GEORGIA: Telling the truth about Barack Hussein Obama in a middle school classroom will get you fired

281F554300000578-3059578-image-a-32_1430281774931Nancy Perry (photo right), veteran Dublin Middle School teacher, has been removed from the classroom after she gave students her highly critical personal opinion of  Barack Obama allegedly telling students that Obama is a Muslim and that any parent who support him couldn’t be Christian, either, which caused one parent to complain.

281F5C1B00000578-3059578-image-m-31_1430281763285UK Daily Mail  A 12-year-old black boy in Perry’s class brought the matter to the attention of his father, Jimmie Scott (photo left), who complained to the school. ‘If your parents voted for Obama, they’re evil and I don’t see how your parents could vote for someone that’s Muslim’ he told WMAZ, paraphrasing Perry’s alleged comments. Instead of discussing Nancy Perry’s classroom comments, Scott says that she and her husband showed him what he described as internet propaganda. 

‘She showed it to me and said, “See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they’re coming through the birth canal.”‘ Superintendent Ledbetter said Perry was already planning on retiring before the complaint about her behavior.

Scott said his family had been ridiculed and had racial slurs thrown at them. Scott is black and Perry is white. ‘We’ve lost loved ones in the community because a line was drawn,’ Scott said. ‘Either you were for my son or you were for the teacher.’


University of Kansas expels 4 Jewish members of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity for dressing up like a Muslim and shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Four members of a fraternity at the University of Kansas have been kicked out after admitting to participating in a video mocking Muslims. Big deal.

The Blaze  Zeta Beta Tau, a fraternity known for its Jewish roots, punished the members just one day after learning about the clip, which was posted using the Yeti app on April 9, according to the Associated Press. The short video showed a man dressed in blue, wearing what appears to be a turban and repeatedly saying “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great.” Others can be heard laughing at the spectacle, which can be viewed below. (I guess they should have stuck to allowable Muslim commentary such as “Death to Israel” and “Kill all the Jews”)


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR thug attempts to disrupt press conference with Geert Wilders

geertwilders1-e1417327160538Hamas-linked CAIR today released a video showing its questioning of the politician they have dubbed an “infamous Dutch Islamophobe,” Geert Wilders, at a Capitol Hill news conference with his congressional hosts Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

CAIR Government Affairs Manager Robert McCaw pressed Rep. Gohmert as to whether he stood by “Wilders’ statement that Islam is an ideology of a retarded culture.” Congressman Gohmert stated that he “proudly stands by Wilders.” McCaw also pressed Wilders on whether or not the Republican Party should adopt his Dutch Freedom Party’s proposal of “banning the Quran and the building of new mosques.” “By endorsing and promoting Geert Wilders’ anti-Muslim hate, CAIR says these elected officials tarnish the Republican Party’s reputation and harm the nation’s international image,” said McCaw. In April, CAIR called on Republican Party leaders to disinvite Wilders from two speaking events in Washington, D.C., hosted by GOP Congressmen King and Gohmert.

And here we go, Muslim congressmen Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Andre Carson (D-IN) whining about “importing hate to the steps of Congress.” Only when the two of you are standing there is there hate, you terrorist-supporting pieces of garbage.


HEH! Judge dismisses case brought by a Muslim suspect over FBI’s secret GPS tracking of him

A federal judge has dismissed a California Muslim’s lawsuit over a GPS tracking device the FBI secretly planted on his car in 2010. Yasir Afifi discovered the device after a technician doing an oil change noticed a strange box attached to Afifi’s car. He was later visited by FBI agents who asked him about his finances and travel to Yemen. 

 Yasir Afifi points to where the GPS tracker was found

Yasir Afifi points to where the GPS tracker was found

Politico  Represented by designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Afifi filed suit in 2011, alleging that he was subjected to a warrantless search and had his rights violated under the First Amendment and the Privacy Act.

In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that placement of a GPS tracker on a person’s automobile is a search that requires a warrant under the Constitution. However, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell ruled Thursday that Afifi could not seek financial damages under that precedent because it was not widely-accepted law at the time the FBI placed the tracker in 2010. Howell also denied Afifi’s request that the records be erased from FBI files in accordance with the Privacy Act. (Good)

Apparently NOT!

Apparently NOT!

“The pertinent question is whether the investigation was valid and not whether every act taken in furtherance of the investigation was valid,” Howell wrote. “The plaintiff’s information was collected prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in Jones and was valid under then-existing law in the jurisdiction of collection. Accordingly, even to the extent the proper inquiry should focus on the investigative tactic used to collect the records, the collection of the plaintiff’s records in this case was valid under the precedent of the jurisdiction where it was collected.”

Howell placed portions of her 27-page opinion under seal. They appeared to quote an FBI official’s classified declaration detailing the reasons for investigating Afifi.


“The information contained in the sealed declaration is sufficient to determine that the records are within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity. Nonetheless, it bears noting that to the extent the plaintiff seeks to vindicate his own actions or to otherwise discredit the initiation of the FBI’s investigation through the use of discovery, the investigation is now closed and this Court is satisfied regarding the evidence giving rise to the FBI’s investigation in the first instance,” Howell wrote.

CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor whined that the Supreme Court decision three years ago affirmed the central legal point Afifi’s suit sought to establish. “This outcome is what CAIR sought in raising this particular challenge on Yasir Afifi’s behalf in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. 


French Muslim schoolgirl kicked out of class for dressing like a ‘Muslim,’ which is banned in France

Leftist dhimmi media have their panties in a wad after  a 15-year-old French Muslim girl was banned from her class twice for wearing a skirt that was too long, and therefore supposedly a conspicuous display of religion. 


Washington Post  France’s state secularism has led to very strict laws prohibiting students from wearing overtly religious symbols in institutions of education.

The student, identified as Sarah, already apparently removed her headscarf before entering the school, in accordance with French law. But her long skirt was deemed a “provocation,” and potential act of protest. “The girl was not excluded, she was asked to come back with a neutral outfit,” a local official in the northeastern French town of Charleville-Mezieres, near the border with Belgium, told the AFP.

The news sparked an outcry on social media, with commentators remarking on the hypocrisy and bigotry lurking beneath Sarah’s treatment. On Twitter, the hashtag #JePorteMaJuppeCommeJeVeux (“I wear my skirt as I like”) trended. Critics of France’s secularist laws in schools say they often thinly conceal a widespread bias against Muslims and immigrants in French society. (Don’t like it, cupcake, LEAVE!)