ISIS threatens to crucify Lebanon’s Christians as the Islamic State prepares to cross Syria border

LebanonChristians_LGChristians in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley have begun arming themselves in preparation for an ISIS (now known as the Islamic State) offensive as it seeks to expand its territorial control outside of Syria. For Christians, who comprise 20% of Lebanon’s population, it will be fight or flight. 

IB Times  Up to 3,000 militants from the Islamic State and other jihadists occupy the mountain range between Lebanon and Syria near the Sunni town of Arsal.

A woman reacts during a sit-in organised by families of the Lebanese soldiers who were captured by Islamist militants in Arsal, demanding their release in the Lebanese town of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley

A woman reacts during a sit-in organized by families of the Lebanese soldiers who were captured by Islamist militants in Arsal, demanding their release in the Lebanese town of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley

As ISIS seeks to grab land outside of the mountain caves and farms they currently control, Christian volunteers have now created village defence forces to protect against the Sunni militants who have taken up to 21 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hostage.

“We are a minority and we are under threat by the jihadists,” Rifaat Nasrallah, a commander of the volunteer guards in the Greek Catholic town of Ras Baalbek, said. “It wasn’t the idea of anyone in particular,” Nasrallah says of the formation of defence units. “The whole village felt in danger so we all agreed it was necessary.”


“We don’t shoot if we see someone or something moving in the mountains,” said one of the watchmen. “We just call the Army and they investigate.” Ras Baalbek has a population of 15,000 and is  separated from the flashpoint town of Arsal by a range of hills.

“Imagine if Islamic State makes it into Ras Baalbek and they crucify a Christian. It will set Lebanon alight,” a western diplomat in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Times. There are approximately 2.4m Chrisitans in Lebanon, 20% of the total population.


The terror group has continued to crack down on religious freedom since the announcement of its Islamic “caliphate”, straddling the Iraqi-Syrian border. The Sunni jihadists have taken over Iraq’s largest Christian town of Qaraqosh causing thousands of residents to flee towards Kurdistan region.

They also issued an ultimatum to Christians in the city of Mosul to convert to their radical form of Islam or be forced to either pay a tax, leave the city or be harmed for refusal to convert.


The city is now reportedly empty of Christians as hundreds of families fled following the ultimatum of death or a historic contract ‒ known as “dhimma”‒ where non-Muslims can receive protection if they pay a fee known as a “jizya.”

ISIS  has now beheaded it’s second of the nineteen hostages taken during the brief occupation of the North Lebanon border town of Arsal.


ISIS beheading of Lebanese soldier:



CHILLING: Man who attended Oklahoma Beheading suspect’s mosque exposes its radical teachings

The former mosque member, identified only as “Noor,” discussed his experience at Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which beheading suspect Alton Nolen (Jah’Keem Yisrael) attended. Unlike what the mosque leaders are saying, they advocated violence as well as stealth jihad against the unbelievers.

FOX News  (h/t Jeanne) “I observed the teachings of Islam […] to the public, the mosque will not promote terrorism or any kind of radical acts, but when they’re among friends and congregants only, they will promote the true teachings of Islam, which include the offer to non-Muslims – the choice, rather – that you must convert, live under Islamic rule or be fought against,” he said.

Megyn Kelly asked: Did the mosque talk about speaking differently in front of the media? “Absolutely,” he said. “When they cannot do jihad physically, they attempt to do jihad by means of stealth, by endearing themselves to the media and government, endearing themselves to the American people to slowly work their way in.”


OKLAHOMA Police locate suspicious man with thick Arab accent who entered Moore High School and started asking about security 4 days before beheading by Muslim at Vaughn Foods in the same town

Police have made contact with an Arab man with a thick accent who entered Moore High School unauthorized. He allegedly asked suspicious questions about security to students and teachers at school. Specifically, he wanted to know how many police officers are present on campus each day and where is the nearest police station.


News on 6  (h/t Jeanne) According to Moore Schools Superintendent Robert Romines, a teacher was also approached by the man. The man allegedly inquired about enrolling his students at the school.

Moore Schools Administrators warned parents of the situation in a letter sent home with students, Wednesday. “Why did it take so long for this to come out?” asked Stephen Vaughn, while picking up his son after school.


The letter stated the principal was notified of the incident until Sept. 26, one day after the highly-publicized attack at Vaughan Foods in Moore. “Can’t go to school or work, always something to be worried about,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn was already on edge after learning the suspect, Alton Nolen admitted he beheaded a co-worker and stabbed another at Vaughan Foods in Sept. 25. Given the recent events, he said he is even more concerned the Arab man was able to gain access to his son’s school.


“We take this very seriously and that’s why we are working with Moore schools and they will possibly notice a difference in the patrol at the schools,” Lewis said two officers are always on duty at the school.

He also assured parents in a news conference the matter will be fully investigated. “It’s very concerning. This is something we need to fix as a police department and we need to fix this as a school district,” said Lewis.

Police located the individual, who is cooperating with investigators. He does not face any criminal charges, at this time.The Moore Police Department is encouraging students and teachers to be vigilant in reporting anyone or anything suspicious on a school campus.



Awww…Muslim leaders allege they are getting death threats because of Oklahoma Muslim beheader’s religion

Screen-shot-2014-09-03-at-11.33.18-PM-300x248Top Islamic faith leaders in Oklahoma City believe their lives are in jeopardy following the beheading of a Vaughan Foods employee last week in Moore. Earlier this week, Imad Enchassi, senior Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City turned over four specific threats to the FBI. One message threatened the beheading of Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Red Dirt Report  “It is scary and disconcerting, but I believe in my faith, my community and standing up for what’s right,” Soltani said. “I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing in showing the true image of Islam.” (Watch out Oklahoma, that could mean more beheadings) Soltani admitted that he and other Islamic leaders in Oklahoma City have taken extra security precautions since the threats began.

Another threat warned that “judgment day is coming soon” for Oklahoma City Muslims and a third message showed a photograph of a gun with the words “We’re ready for you.”


“We take all of these seriously,” Enchassi said. “But on a positive note, we have had overwhelming support from regular Oklahomans, civil liberties groups and interfaith organizations. Many people in Oklahoma are on our side and do not wish us any harm.”

FBI Special Agent Martinus McConnell said he could not comment on the threats, but acknowledged the agency is working in a supporting role with the Moore police, which is heading the investigation into last week’s attack at Vaughan Foods.

Enchassi described the current situation as the “perfect storm that climaxed with the beheading of the victim in Moore.” A majority of Americans already were incensed by the beheadings of two American journalists in the Middle East by the extremist group ISIS. That anger hit new heights in Oklahoma after the suspect in the Moore case was identified as a Muslim and a practicing member of the Islamic faith.


Alton Nolen, 30, arrived Wednesday at the Cleveland County jail under heavy guard after being dismissed from the OU Medical Center where he had been recuperating from a gunshot wound suffered after killing a co-worker at Vaughn Foods.

Nolen was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the death of Colleen Hufford, 54, and assault and battery with a deadly weapon in the attack on Traci Johnson, 43. He faces a third count of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with threats to Mark Vaughan, the chief operating officer and a reserve deputy, who shot Nolen last week to stop the attacks.


Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn has not said if he will seek the death penalty against Nolen, a man neighbors and colleagues described as “odd” and “quiet.” Still, others who knew Nolen said they were “totally shocked” at his involvement in the case.


Soltani said Nolen is not a good example of those who adhere to the Islam faith. (HAH!) “It’s been very unfortunate that this happened. Our biggest concern is that after years of civic engagement that this man who is a Muslim has become representative of the faith through all of the media reports and social media,” he said. “But his actions are the exact antithesis of the our faith.” (No, they aren’t. It’s in the quran)


The beheading hasn’t hurt CAIR’s alliances with social justice and interfaith organization in a “bad light” with other Oklahomans, Soltani said.

Enchassi said he has witnessed anger toward Oklahoma Muslims and the Islamic faith on previous occasions, but none of those instances reached this heightened level of hate and prejudice. (Somehow, beheadings have a way of heightening hatred for Muslims)


“From Day 1 of the Moore beheading, my mind has gone back to the Oklahoma City bombing when people initially thought it was Muslims who were responsible for that. But in a day and a half, Timothy McVeigh was caught and the fears went away,” he recalled. (McVeigh’S MUSLIM terrorists connections were revealed later, you idiot: the-third-terrorist-isnt-it-time-to-put-to-bed-the-myth-that-islamic-terrorists-were-not-involved-in-the-oklahoma-city-bombing)

Other notable cases that sparked anti-Muslim sentiments are the 9/11 tragedy (Tragedy? It wasn’t a tragedy, it was Islamic jihad) and the passage and repeal of a ban allowing Sharia Law in Oklahoma courts(People haven’t forgotten that an Obama judge repealed the ban on sharia law that they overwhelmingly voted for)


Despite the death threats aimed at Muslims, Enchassi and other Islamic leaders continue to say that Nolen’s actions were that of “an insane man.” “Those kinds of people are extremely unstable whether they associate themselves with any faith, Islam or otherwise,” he said. “I saw his Facebook profile and a photo of himself in front of my mosque, but I have never seen him. We don’t know him. He has never been to any of our classes. We believe he acted with a really insane and confused personality.” (NO, he acted like a typical Muslim)


While Islamic leaders like Enchassi and Soltani preach that Islam is a religion of peace, at least one Oklahoma lawmaker promotes the idea that Islam advocates violence against non-believers. State Rep. John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) has publicly said the Islamic faith “is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.” In a previous Facebook post, Bennett wrote that people should be wary of Muslim Americans


“The ultra-right wing, the media and some (state) officials who have unsophisticated views at things have linked all of this to terrorism and the Islamic faith. It is a war of words brought on by Mr. Bennett,” Enchassi said. “He’s a self-proclaimed Muslim expert but I don’t understand any of his logic.” (You don’t have to be an expert to see how evil Islam is,  just read the headlines)



MINNESOTASTAN Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison named Muslim of the Year by Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR

Radical Leftist COPE PINK and terrorist-tied Democrat Congressman Jim Moran also were honored at CAIR’s (Council on American Islamic Relations) 20th Anniversary banquet and celebration of renowned America haters, where Al ‘Shady’ Sharpton was an absentee keynote speaker.

Keith Ellison insisted on being sworn into Congress on a quran which trashes everything in our Constitution

Keith Ellison insisted on being sworn into Congress on a quran which is against everything in our Constitution

Code Pink founder and Hamas-supporter Medea Benjamin

Code Pink founder and Hamas-supporter Medea Benjamin

Jim Moran not only receives money from terrorism tied Middle East sources, he is a contributor to Hamas-linked CAIR

Jim Moran (D- VA) not only receives money from terrorism-tied Middle East sources, he is a contributor to Hamas-linked CAIR

CAIR National Board Chair Roula Allouch opened the banquet, which was emceed by New York Muslim activist, Hamas-supporter and Israel-basher Linda Sarsour.


Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour

“I would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate this milestone in the history of the American Muslim community by marking CAIR’s first 20 years of promoting justice and understanding,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “I extend my deep gratitude and appreciation for all the past and present staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters who helped CAIR grow and expand our work for justice, understanding, and equality.”

At CAIR’s sold-out event, community members, activists, diplomats, and civil rights and interfaith leaders also heard from Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), who accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award (Moran has long been criticized for taking money from Middle East sources with ties to terrorism, known as “the Wahhabi Lobby”).

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who received CAIR’s American Muslim of the Year Award. Civil rights leader and MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton sent a message by video.

CODEPINK, a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement, accepted CAIR’s award for 2014 Community Organization of the Year.



The Sharifa Alkhateeb Community Service Scholarship was presented to Loyola University student Tasniya Sultana.

The banquet program book included letters of support from 61 members of Congress. Attendees could also visit a room with displays about CAIR’s work over the past 20 years.


Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR whines “It’s a sign of the times that a Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) banner was removed from Muslim American Society building”

The uproar that resulted in the removal of a Hajj banner at the Muslim American Society of Staten Island, NY is a sign of the “near hysteria” nationwide over anything related to Islam,  a spokesman for the Council on Islamic American Relgions (CAIR) said.

(Gee, if the barbaric removal of an innocent Christian grandmother’s head by a Muslim isn’t a cause for anti-Muslim hysteria, what is?)

Why are Muslims allowed to lift their asses to Allah at Midland Beach, a public beach in Staten Island?

Why are Muslims allowed to lift their asses to Allah at Midland Beach, a public beach in Staten Island?

SI Live  “This is unfortunately just one symptom of growing anti-Muslim sentiment in our society, in which any reference to anything to do with Islam or Muslims becomes ‘controversial,'” said Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“I understand their motivation, they want to be good neighbors,” Hooper said of the MAS decision to remove the sign. But Hooper added, “I don’t think they should have had to take the sign down. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the sign.” (Anything to do with Islam should be removed from America including 2.6 million Muslims)

The red sign that was hung outside of the building at 180 Burgher Ave. contained a picture of a white Saudi Arabian aircraft with Islamic writing.


The sign was in celebration of Hajj which is the annual Muslim pilgrimage now underway to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Scott LoBaido, a local artist and community activist, deemed the sign offensive and said it was insensitive of the MAS to display the image so close to the anniversary of 9/11.  

“Is there some buffer period when nothing related to Islam can occur around 9/11?” Hooper said. “American Muslims are part of this society just like any other faith.” (How about forever? Anything related to Islam should be permanently banned in civilized societies, especially CAIR)

Staten Island junior jihadist in training

STATEN ISLAND, NY junior jihadist in training and his jihadist-looking father

He noted that many mosques throughout the country are doing Hajj theme displays and that the airplane image is appropriate since most pilgrims fly as part of their journey to Mecca.

“Pilgrims from different parts of the world continue arriving in the Kingdom for the Hajj,” said a post on Wednesday on the web site for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.



WTF? Pope Francis meets with illegal alien Muslim survivors of Lampedusa invader boat shipwreck

These North African Muslims successfully invaded the Italian island of Lampedusa and this ignorant dhimmi Pope welcomes them? Why weren’t they sent back?

































SYRIA: Islamic Terrorists bomb primary school, at least 48 dead, including 41 children

Not sure if this is the ‘work’ of ISIS or al-Nusra Front terrorists. Two car bombs were exploded in the central Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday afternoon near a school killing at least 48 people including 41 children.

Middle East Eye  (h/t Martin) The explosions took place as children were leaving school at the end of classes on Wednesday in a neighbourhood dominated by minority Alawites, a Shiite offshoot sect that President Bashar al-Assad belongs to.

The first blast was from a car bomb and was detonated in front of the Ekrimah primary school, followed minutes later by a suicide bomber who drove by and detonated his vehicle, state televison reported.It was the deadliest strike to hit the government-controlled area in over a year.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group said the toll could rise as body parts were still being collected from the scene and several of the wounded were in serious condition.

Footage from the aftermath of the attack shows parents screaming and looking for their children amid scattered schoolbags and blood on the ground as a car burns nearby. In another clip, a man pulls the limp body of a young girl in a red dress covered in dust from the rubble, as blood trickles down her face. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Homs was once dubbed “the capital of the revolution” against Assad. Most of the city, including the shelled-out ruins of the Old Town, has returned to regime control after two years of bombardment and siege. Since re-capturing the city, Syrian forces have struggled to secure it. The district has been targeted more than once before, including on 19 June, when at least six people were killed in a car bomb attack.

“Homs is a city that is under the complete control of the regime who won the battle there months ago and yet you still find that the pro-regime communities are vulnerable to spectacular terrorist attacks,” said Aboud Dandachi, an IT worker from Homs who spoke to Middle East Eye via Skype from Istanbul. “The problem is that a lot of the checkpoints in and around the city are controlled by “Shabiha” so-called pro-government militias some of whom are easily bribed. 

Homs, a strategic city in central Syria close to the border with Lebanon, has been vital to the government and the rebels since the uprising broke out in 2011. The city has for years served as a kind of administrative capital as well as a hub through which major roads that crisscross Syria feed into.   

For the regime, control of Homs is a matter of life and death,” said Dandachi. “It is the gateway to cities across the country, Syria’s jugular vein. The regime would sacrifice huge chunks of Syria so long as it controls Homs. That is where the revolution should have succeeded.”


Deleted sermons reveal close ties between Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR and the Oklahoma beheader’s mosque

Breitbart News was able to secure through direct URLs the past two Friday Khutbahs (sermons) preached at the ISGOC (Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City), which are believed to have been deleted from the Mosque’s website shortly after Islamic radical Alton Nolen (aka Jah’Keem Yisrael) beheaded an innocent woman at his workplace.

Oklahoma Beheader giving the one-finger ISIS salute

Oklahoma Beheader giving the one-finger ISIS salute

Breitbart News (h/t Mike F) has found evidence of inextricable bonds between the Oklahoma City Mosque and the Hamas-linked group CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations). During his September 19, 2014 sermon, Imam Imad Enchassi referred to CAIR Oklahoma City Executive Director Adam Soltani as someone who “doesn’t do anything without consulting me.”

Oklahoma Beheader’s Imam Imad Enchassi defended Muslim terrorism, called for jailing Pamela Geller because of her counterjihad ad campaign

Oklahoma Beheader’s Imam Imad Enchassi defended Muslim terrorism, called for jailing Pamela Geller because of her counterjihad ad campaign

After Alton Nolen’s beheading of an innocent woman, an unidentified man addressing the congregation said that “CAIR is handling this,” while showing no remorse and making no mention of the victim of the brutal murder.

Breitbart News has also learned that the Imam of the mosque did not truthfully reflect the words of Oklahoma State representative John Bennett in his criticism of Islamist ideologies. The Imam falsely claimed that Bennett had described “American Muslims” as a “cancer that need to be eliminated.”

(What he said was “Islam needs to be eliminated”: hamas-linked-cair-goes-ballistic-as-oklahoma-congressman-john-bennett-r-ok-continues-to-educate-his-constituents-about-the-cancer-in-our-nation-that-needs-to-be-cut-out)


Shortly after Bennett’s comments criticizing Islam, both CAIR Director Adam Soltani and ISGOC Imam Imad Enchassi had claimed just days prior to the beheading that Muslims and their children had been receiving death threats from Oklahoma residents; going as far as to say that Muslims and their children were under threat of being beheaded and were no longer safe in Oklahoma. Breitbart News has learned that the Imam claimed top FBI officials were called into the mosque to investigate claims of death threats against Muslims.










Below are the highlights of the past two Khutbahs at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City:

Sermon Before Beheading, 9/19/2014:

Words believed to be spoken by Imam Imad Enchassi.

“The last two weeks, brothers and sisters in Islam, our din (religion) has been attacked.”

“We believe in freedom of expression. We believe in freedom of speech, but Subhan Allah (Glorious is God), this politician went above and beyond the freedom of speech. The prophet was attacked, many of the prophets of Islam Subhan Allah were attacked. But this particular politician went above and beyond… We are not passive Subhan Allah.”


“We have death threats against the two faces that aren’t shown on TV. and then i get some people saying: ‘why are you doing that for. You should be wise.’ This is not wisdom, this is cowardness.”

“Brothers and sisters of Islam, slaves and servants of Allah. John Bennett… Two weeks ago he put on his Facebook that you should be worried of all American Muslims, enticing violence against us. We went the right way. Soltani of CAIR doesn’t do anything without consulting with me. We went to his [Bennett’s] boss, which is the head of the republican party, in order to resolve this issue, and what we got is worse than what John Bennett actually said. Not only that, John Bennett went onto say that the Koran… 90% of the Koran is violent. We value freedom of speech. He can say whatever he wants to say. I don’t know which Koran he’s reading. He went to say that all Muslims… Or anybody who is under the banner of Islam is under the banner of ISIS.”


“This is coming from a state rep. who is in charge of anti-terrorism task force in the state of Oklahoma.”

“Two days ago he said Muslims and American Muslims are cancer that need to be eliminated. That’s when he crossed the line.”

“We did a press conference right at the Republican Party. If there’s any Muslims who are Republican, you need to talk to [the] CAIR representative here.”

“Law enforcement on all levels have called me. And after we pray… the head of the FBI will be here to address you. The supervisor of the FBI will be here to address you… and address your concerns. Hate speech will never be uttered by me, and hate speech that advocate violence against a minority is not okay.”


“at 4:00 O’clock today… there will be a rally. Muslims against ISIS. We do that… because we believe in Allah, and ISIS does not represent the Islamic faith. We do that so our neighbors could see that not all Muslims are ISIS, and we do that… Because we are being accused of being quiet about the atrocities being committed overseas.”

Sermon After Beheading, 9/26/2014:

Identity of Speaker Unknown.

“CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) is handling this.. Its just one of these things we have to handle. So Don’t worry, live your life as usual–we will handle the media–we will handle this. This will only be inshallah (god willing) another bump in the road.”


The radicalism of the Council On American Islamic Relations. which was originally named the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, was thoroughly documented in federal court when the group was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, which was the largest terrorism financing case in United States history.

Click Below To Hear the Full Friday ISGOC Sermons Uncovered By Breitbart News




SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) beheads 7 men and 3 women in Kurdish area

Islamic State beheaded seven men and three women in a northern Kurdish area of Syria, a human rights monitoring group said on Wednesday, part of what it described as a campaign to frighten residents resisting the militant group’s advance.


Reuters (h/t Martin)  The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human, Rights Rami Abdulrahman, said five anti-Islamic State Kurdish fighters, including three women, and four Syrian Arab rebels were detained and beheaded on Tuesday 14 km (8 miles) west of Kobani, a Kurdish town besieged by Islamic State near the Turkish border.

He said a Kurdish male civilian was also beheaded. “I don’t know why they were arrested or beheaded. Only the Islamic State knows why. They want to scare people,” he said.


Reuters could not independently verify the information. Islamic State fighters have carried out several beheadings of enemy fighters and civilians in Syria and Iraq.

The beheadings are often carried out in public and with a message that any violent or non-violent dissent with not be tolerated.

When fighting Sunni Mulsim tribes in eastern Syria, Islamic State have used beheadings to scare local leaders to withdraw from the battlefield. Islamic State has also beheaded foreign journalists and an aid worker.



UK Tesco defends its policy of promoting barbarically-slaughtered halal meat after appalled customer vows never to shop there again


imagesSandra Hill, from Mickleover, wrote to the Derby Telegraph after going into a local Tesco and finding halal meat being advertised in big letters. Halal is essentially meat that Muslims are allowed to eat according to Islamic law and must be prepared in certain way: It involves a cut to the neck of the unstunnned animal but not the spinal cord which means he dies in agonizing pain while he bleeds out, a process that can take several minutes. 

(She should be happy they are advertising it. A lot of stores sell halal meat without labeling it ‘halal’)

Derby Telegraph  Some (Not ‘some,’ MOST civilized people) consider the process controversial as it can involve slaughtering animals that have not been stunned to prevent them from experiencing pain or suffering. (See video below)


Sandra Hill, from Mickleover, wrote to the Derby Telegraph  after going into a local store and finding Halal meat being advertised in “big letters”.

Halal is essentially meat that Muslims are allowed to eat according to Islamic law. It must be prepared in certain way – involving a cut to the jugular vein and the animals must be healthy at the time of slaughter.

Ms Hill said she came out feeling “absolutely furious” after seeing the large advertisement. She said: “As I passed one aisle, there was a large sign over it, in big letters saying Halal meat.


“Do not think for one minute that I am racist or anti-religious – I am most definitely not – but I am anti-cruelty to animals, and, from my understanding, so are a large number of people. “I am appalled that a large supermarket chain sees fit to promote a product which ensures that animals are not killed in a way that the average person approves of.

“I spoke to the manager and voiced my annoyance. I asked her if she would put up a sign over another aisle saying ‘non Halal meat’, and she said ‘No, it was company policy to do what the store was doing’.


“I am a non-meat eater, but I did not see a sign anywhere promoting vegetarian food in big letters, so Tesco is happy to promote cruel animal practices, but not healthy lifestyle choices. I for one will not be shopping in Tesco again.”

In response, a Tesco spokesman said: “We sell a range of Halal meat in areas where there is a demand for them. All Halal products we sell are clearly marked as such, to enable customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.”

Meanwhile, the RSPCA said it was opposed to the slaughter of any animal that has not been rendered insensitive to pain and distress. However, it welcomed Tesco’s decision to clearly label Halal meat.


A spokesman said: “We recognise that religious beliefs and practices should be respected. However, we also believe animals should be slaughtered under the most humane conditions possible. Evidence clearly indicates that slaughter without pre-stunning can cause unnecessary suffering.

“We’re pressing for law changes to improve animal welfare at slaughter. Until this occurs, we propose UK Jewish and Muslim communities review their slaughter practices. We also believe meat produced from animals not stunned before slaughter should be clearly labelled to allow consumer choice.”



Rep. Michele Bachmann to Obama: “Islam is the problem and you need to declare war on it”

Michele-Bachmann-at-Value-Voters-Summit“Yes, Mr. President, it ‘is’ about Islam!” she said as the audience applauded wildly. At the 2014 Value Voters Summit, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam, and that President Barack Obama failed the American people by deciding not to declare war on it. 

Raw Story  “In their fantasy world, being a smaller, diminished, less-powerful United States is somehow supposed to bring about global tranquility. “Well, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, we want our 1980s foreign policy back!” she shouted. “Peace through strength! Peace through strength! We don’t want your failed ‘Russian reset’! We don’t want four Americans dead in Benghazi!”

“Nothing will change the world more than your foolish lifting of sanctions on Iran as they are racing to complete nuclear weapons — and they will,” she said to Obama, “if you stay the course.”

Very sad that Bachmann is not running for re-election in the House this year. She should run for the Senate against that schmuck Al Franken.