“And I’m the Queen of England…”

…if you believe that the attack on a bikini-clad woman in France by a Muslim because she was dressed “immorally” had nothing to  do with Islam.

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UK: Muslims from the ‘Islamosewer’ of Birmingham threaten Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Muslim savages in the UK call on designated terrorist group Hizb-ut Tahrir (banned in several countries) in the Netherlands to wage a campaign to silence one of the world’s most renowned and respected warriors against Islamization of the West – Geert Wilders.


In their ongoing campaign to eliminate freedom of speech in the West, Muslims are calling for a “Khilafah” (Islamic State Caliphate) to take over the governments of Western countries, by any means possible, even violence…once again proving that even muslims whom you believe to be peaceful and/or moderate, never are. They are just biding their time and overbreeding until their population numbers are sufficient to wage war on all non-Islamic countries where they reside and often live off state welfare benefits.



FLORIDA: Islamic State (ISIS) follower arrested for plotting to blow up filthy American kuffar (unbelievers) on a public beach using a backpack bomb

“We will destroy America and divide it into two. We will raise our black (ISIS) flag on top of your White House and any president on duty,” says Harlem Suarez, 23, most likely a recent convert to Islam.


WPTV  (h/t Susan K)  A Florida man described by the FBI as an Islamic State sympathizer who hoped to mount attacks on U.S. soil was charged Tuesday with plotting to detonate a nail-filled backpack bomb on a Florida beach.

A criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday charges 23-year-old Harlem Suarez of Key West with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. Authorities say Suarez came to the FBI’s attention through his Facebook posts praising the Islamic State group and containing extremist rhetoric.


In April, Suarez allegedly posted, “Be a warrior, learn how to cut your enemies head and then burn down the body learn how to be the new future of the world Caliphate” – a reference the Islamic State goal of building a regional fundamentalist entity.

The FBI says he later added a request “from any brother. How to make a bomb send me a video or something, what do I need to make it.” Suarez made his first court appearance Tuesday in Miami and was being held without bail. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.


The complaint says Suarez told an FBI informant he wanted to make a timer bomb, bury it on a Key West beach and detonate it remotely. Suarez was arrested Monday after taking possession of an inert explosive device provided by an FBI informant.

Suarez had given the informant some bomb supplies, including two boxes of galvanized nails, the backpack and a cellphone to be used as a detonator, according to the complaint.


“I can go to the beach at the night time, put the thing in the sand, cover it up, so the next day I just call and the thing is gonna, is gonna make, a real hard noise from nowhere,” Suarez told an FBI source in a recorded call, according to the complaint.

Suarez was being monitored for months by U.S. authorities and never made an actual explosive, and there was no indication in the FBI complaint that he had contact with any Islamic State militants overseas. Still, Miami’s FBI special agent in charge, George Piro, said the alleged threats had to be taken seriously. 

Backpack Bomb Plot

“There is no room for failure when it comes to investigating the potential use of a weapon of mass destruction,” Piro said.

Among other things, the FBI says Suarez also sought to make an Islamic State recruitment video using a script he wrote himself. It eventually was made under FBI surveillance at a motel in Homestead, according to the complaint, with Suarez dressed in a black tactical vest, black shirt, mask and yellow-and-black scarf.

“American soil is the past, we will destroy America and divide it in two, we will rais(e) our black flag on top of your white house and any president on duty (cut head),” Suarez says in a script for the video.

Is that a bomb under your burqa?

Is that a bomb under your burqa, sir?

The FBI says Suarez also ordered an AK-47 assault rifle on the Internet and intended to have it delivered to a Key West pawn shop. Although he could legally purchase the weapon, the FBI says, Suarez incorrectly filled out paperwork and it was returned to the seller.

Several dozen people have been charged in the U.S. with attempting to fight alongside the Islamic State and other militants or with lending them material support.


ITALY: Turin councillors under fire for removing a filthy Muslim prayer rug from city hall

Hey, Italy, it’s time to grow a pair and stop selling your soul to Muslim supremacists who are trying to conquer your country.

'Moschea' in Comune Torino, blitz Lega Nord, tolto tappeto

ANSA (h/t Barbara R)  Councillors from Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party faced criticism from political opponents on Tuesday after they removed a Muslim prayer rug that Turin’s city hall had provided for Muslim attendants of a conference.

Fabrizio Ricca and Roberto Carbonero from the Northern League said they had removed the rug because the city office is a secular building.   

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in front of the Colosseum in Rome

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in front of the Colosseum in Rome

“If someone wants to pray, Turin has many religious centres where they can go,” League councillors said. “Why is it that no one ever bothers to set up a chapel when conference participants are Christians?,” they added. 

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in Rome's Piazza Venezia Square, with the monument of the Unknown Soldier in the background at right, demanding Islamic religious accommodations in Italy

Muslims lift their asses to Allah in Rome’s Piazza Venezia Square, with the monument of the Unknown Soldier in the background

The city council had set up a Muslim prayer room during an international conference on Islamic fashion. Michele Paolino, head of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on Turin council, said the League’s action was a “violent gesture that offends believers of any religion”.

The president of Turin Council, Giovanni Porcino, sent the League councillors a letter condemning their “unjustified and unseemly actions.” (The only thing  unjustified and unseemly are muslim supremacists in a Catholic country)

This is the only place in Italy where muslims should be praying in public

On the other hand, VENICE has a lot of good places for muslims to pray



IS IT THE HEAT OR THE INBREEDING? Muslim Deputy Minister insists a make-believe people called “Palestinians” were living in Jerusalem centuries before there was a Jewish religion

PA Deputy Minister, Salwa Hadib, says so-called ‘Palestinians’ have been present in Jerusalem for thousands of years before Jews were invented, claiming that an Israeli engineer and an archeologist just threw some Israeli coins on the ground to prove that Jews were in Jerusalem all that time.


WOO HOO! Headbag-wearing Muslim women are being turned away from beach resorts…in EGYPT!

Many Egyptian women say they are facing a difficult summer season as Hijab-free zones have soared in popularity, as more restaurants and high-end resorts enforce a de-facto ban on wearing headbags.



al-Arabiya  Social media users in Egypt flocked to Facebook and Twitter over the past week to condemn the apparent decision by some venues to deny veiled women entry. Many deemed the ban as “discriminatory” against practicing Muslim women in Egypt – a country in which 90 percent of its 80-million population are Muslim.

The ban is not completely new, it was reportedly common at resorts and restaurants frequented by foreigners, in cities such as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada.



Recent reports suggest that several swimming pools and restaurants at five-star resorts lining the Egyptian north coast are also restricting the entry of veiled women to their services.

Reem, a 28-year-old woman who wears the Hijab, said she was turned away at the doors of two different beaches at upscale north coast resorts for being veiled, she told Al Arabiya News. “I was with my husband when I was told I cannot come in because I’m veiled.



“The outing was quickly cut short when the security at the door told me guests complain about the appearance of veiled women,” she added. Reem said such door-selection policies are never written.

Sally Nashaat, a 26-year-old mother of two girls, said she was also not allowed to enter a beach club house at a five-star north coast resort for being veiled.



Among a group of friends, she was told: “Everyone can enter, except her.“It feels degrading, we are in our own country and we are not happy. “I was about to cry,” Nashaat said, “no one has the right to deprive me of entering. This never happened to me anywhere else, even in the United States. (That needs to be changed)

Nashaat said in some beaches that permitted access to veiled women, she was allowed to sit on the beach wearing the “Islamic” swim suit but not into the swimming pool. “I don’t want to be stopped for being veiled. I don’t want any of us to feel ashamed. We are not doing anything wrong,” she added.



Dina Sherbini, who owns a chalet at an upscale resort in Ain Sukhna, about 200 kilometres east of Cairo, told Al Arabiya News she was threatened by staff members if she swam wearing an Islamic swim suit. They threatened “they would throw excess chlorine in the water” and that they would “shut off fountains and Jacuzzi in the pool,” Sherbini said.

When she bought the chalet three years ago, Sherbini said, nothing in her contract mentioned that swimming while covered was unacceptable in the resort. “It was allowed before but now they changed their mind. What can we do now? Neither myself or my daughters are now allowed to swim.”

Sherbini also recalled a recent incident where the same administration refused to sell a friend of hers a unit at the resort for being veiled.



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TENNESSEE: Knox County Clerk under fire for telling the truth about Muslims on Facebook

Knox County ‘dhimmi’ commissioner blasted County Clerk Foster Arnett and questioned whether Arnett could fulfill his job duties after making “disparaging” (but accurate) remarks about Muslims on Facebook. (Oh, please, give Arnett a promotion and a raise!)

30758287_Still McKenzie_22054455_ver1.0_640_480KnoxNews  “To make statements like that when you have a countywide office is just inexcusable and unforgivable,” Commissioner Sam McKenzie (photo right) said Monday at the body’s regular monthly meeting. “I think it does have an effect on you when you issue hate-filled statements like this about any one person, it’s not isolated to that one particular one. He doesn’t like the fact that we’re a melting pot (for Islamic terrorists and Muslim sympathizers like you), in my opinion based on what I’ve read and what I continue to read in his non-apology.” (Shame on you, considering what just happened in Chattanooga in YOUR state of Tennesee)

Arnett issued an apology in a statement to local news outlets Monday, more than a week after he posted and then deleted the derogatory statements in the wake of the Chattanooga fatal shootings. The posts were captured with screenshots and posted to the local blog KnoxViews.


The posts were shared on Arnett’s personal Facebook page and not on the clerk’s office website. One photo contains a caption that uses a derogatory term for Muslims and reads, “Stop being afraid of being called racist … and act like Americans.”




MOLINE, IL police offer $1,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the person who broke mosque window

Don’t the police in Moline have anything better to do with their time than obsess over a broken window?


KWQC  Police are looking for information on damage that occurred at the Islamic Center in Moline last week. Police say a large window in front of the Islamic Center at 6005 34th Ave. was shattered at around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, July 20, 2015. Officials don’t know what caused the damage, but say there were no reports of shots fired. They believe the glass was struck by a rock or a similarly hard object. The damage reportedly exceeds $1000.

Police says that Crimestoppers organization is offering their maximum award of $1000 cash for information which leads to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for this crime.



ARKANSAS Gun store owner, Jan Morgan, saw her business quadruple after she declared it ‘Muslim-free’

As more and more gun stores declare themselves ‘Muslim free,’ they will have to turn their businesses into private clubs to stay legal under the law.















It is said you should judge a man by the company he keeps… get to know the man Presidential Candidate Gov. Scott Walker chose as foreign policy advisor

kevinhermeningKevin Hermening (photo right) is quickly becoming the face of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s foreign policy. Hermening, a former Iranian hostage, was one of 52 Americans held hostage for 444 days more than 3 decades ago by militant Iranian students. He was a 20-year-old Marine sergeant stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran at the time.

Journal Sentinel  The Republican governor cited Hermening when opposing the nuclear deal with Iran. Walker said Hermening had taught him that Iran “is not a place we should be doing business with.”

Imprisoned in Iran, Kevin Hermening, bottom left

Imprisoned in Iran, Kevin Hermening, bottom left

Shortly after 9/11, Hermening expressed these points in an inflammatory opinion piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in September 2001, just weeks after the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“Every military response must be considered, including the use of nuclear warheads,” Hermening wrote in the column. And his views have not changed much since then.

There, Hermening called for the deportation of all illegal immigrants, especially those with a Middle Eastern background and anyone who reacted “with glee” to the coordinated attacks by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists. He also urged wiping out the capitals of seven heavily Muslim countries — if they didn’t support American efforts to kill Osama bin Laden.


The fact that Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper, the national spokeskihadist for designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), denounced Hermening’s views on Muslims as “utter nonsense” and “extremist,” is reason enough to give Scott Walker some serious consideration.

Hooper asked how undocumented immigrants would be tracked down and would Hermening have favored a two-track deportation system, one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims.

Ronald Reagan, Kevin Hermening

As for nuking the capitals of various Middle Eastern and northern African countries, Hooper said no reasonable person was advocating such views. He said it was disturbing that Walker is being advised by someone who pushed this proposal.

In the 2001 article, Hermening outlined a four-point plan that he described as “the only acceptable and appropriate responses” to the attacks.

First, he called for the “immediate and unequivocal deportation of every illegal alien and immigrant.” He said this effort should “focus on removing those of Middle Eastern descent, and especially those who reacted with glee at the horror of Sept. 11.”


In addition, Hermening said he favored a “prompt and massive military response that includes the destruction of the capitals of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Yemen.” The only way out, he said, would be if these countries “agree unequivocally to support our efforts to kill Osama bin Laden.”

“After the annihilation of each country’s capitals, we can make them the same kind of financial offer we made to the leaders of Japan and Germany after World War II,” Hermening continued. “Cooperate with us in the establishment of democratic governments, and we will assist you in every possible way. Don’t cooperate, and your people will perpetually suffer — that ought to be our unspoken message.”

Some have suggested, Hermening said, that he can’t get past his experience as a hostage in Iran. He said he doesn’t see it that way. “Iran is a part of my life — it isn’t my life,” he said. “It helped make who I am today. It’s given me this view: You need to be trusting of your international partners, defending your global allies and standing tall and tough against countries that are adversarial to you.”

Even if that means, in some cases, deporting people of Middle Eastern descent and resorting to using nuclear weapons.


GERMAN BLOWBACK! Car belonging to politician who supports mass Muslim colonization is blown up, reflecting the nationwide fervor against Islamization

islam-in-europe-1-resizedGerman police are investigating an explosion that damaged the car of a left-wing politician who had been working in support of Muslim refugees in Germany. The incident comes amid increasing tensions following a flood of unscreened Muslim ‘refugees’ from Syria and Iraq as well as from the Balkans.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Terry D)  In Germany, the number of so-called asylum applications is expected to at least double this year from around 200,000 in 2014. 


Police said it wasn’t clear what caused the blast that damaged the car of Michael Richter, a town councilor in the Dresden surburb of Freital, but that detectives were treating it as intentional. A member of Die Linke, he is a supporter of refugees and the attack is seen as an escalation of the campaign by German patriots against them. 

In the first half of 2015, Germany has seen almost as many crimes against refugee accommodation as in all of 2014, according to the Interior Ministry. Of the 173 crimes recorded, 19 were violent.

Mosque under construction attacked in Germany

Mosque under construction attacked in Germany

Incidents have been reported in recent weeks in several regions, primarily vandalism against new refugee homes being built. In Freital, there were protest recently against a new asylum home and clashes with pro-refugee leftist activists.

Antje Feiks, a senior official in the regional branch of the Left Party, suggested that the right-wing Pegida movement, which has staged regular rallies in Dresden, has stirred up more violent anti-immigrant sentiment in the area.. The rallies ‘have fueled an anti-Muslim sentiment in which people are motivated and legitimised to use violence,’ she said.


On Sunday, vandals broke half a dozen windows in a hotel in another part of Dresden that is being converted to house refugees starting this week and on Friday supporters of a right wing party clashed with backers of a new camp for refugees in the city.

The incidents prompted Rainer Wendt, the head of the German Police Union, to call for a ban on demonstrations within a kilometer of centers housing refugees. ‘People who flee persecution have the right not to look into the faces of those throwing stones,’ Wendt told the Saarbruecker Zeitung newspaper.

"No asylum seekers" sprayed on the wall of a house in Vorra, Bavaria, during attacks on  refugee hostels

“No asylum seekers” sprayed on the wall of a house in Vorra, Bavaria, during attacks on refugee hostels

The Defense Ministry on Monday announced a plan for six former barracks vacated by the military to be been made available for refugee housing, and two further barracks still in use to be partly used for refugee housing. Lt Col Boris Nannt said the eight barracks will provide room for 3,500 refugees.

In May, three men and a woman held for possession of explosives and for planning attacks on mosques and leading Muslim figures. German authorities have conducted raids across the country, seizing explosives and arresting four people accused of founding a group to attack mosques and housing for asylum seekers.

Exterior view on a planned Muslim refugees home that burnt down on July 18 in Remchingen,

Exterior view on a planned Muslim refugees home that burnt down on July 18 in Remchingen,

German police have noted a significant rise in attacks on Muslim illegal aliens amid a growing debate about a new anti-Islamization movement. The trend is seen as a backlash against a sharp increase in Muslim refugees arriving in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy and a top destination for Muslim asylum seekers and illegal aliens.

Members of the anti-Islamic Pegida alliance gather and hold up a sign that reads "Islam and Europe's suicide,"

Members of the anti-Islamic Pegida alliance gather and hold up a sign that reads “Islam and Europe’s suicide,”

In the latest attack, three buildings reserved to house Muslim asylum seekers were set ablaze in the southern town of Vorra last Thursday, with Nazi swastikas and anti-Muslim slogans scrawled on the walls.

A poll for Spiegel by the TNS institute, found a majority of Germans were at least open to some of the views voiced by PEGIDA and the right-wing party – Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has voiced sympathy for the demonstrators.


Over a third, 34 percent, believed Germany was undergoing a process of “Islamization”, while 65 percent said the chancellor’s  coalition was not taking current record levels of immigration and asylum seekers seriously enough. Germany has an estimated 4 million Muslims, in a total population of nearly 81 million.

Muslims are flooding Europe with thousands of parasite wannabes and potential terrorists heading to Germany every week.




UK: Horrific CCTV video shows gang of Muslim men launching vicious, unprovoked attack on a 29-year-old man for no apparent reason

Sickening footage has been released showing a 29-year-old man being brutally beaten by a gang of Asian Muslim men on Tower Bridge in what police have described as a ‘cowardly attack’. (UK pussy media insist on slandering all Asians by referring to Muslim savages as “Asians”)


UK Daily Mail (h/t Terry D) The lone victim was on his way back from a friend’s wedding when he was approached by a group of ten to 12 men walking from the opposite direction on the bridge in central London. One member of the group can then be seen punching the victim in the back of the head as the unprovoked assault begins. As he falls to the ground, the other men join in and repeatedly kick him in the head.

City of London Police are appealing for information and say the sustained attack, which lasted around a minute and was caught on CCTV, left the victim with cuts and bruises. The suspects are described by police as being in their mid or late teens to early 20s and from an Asian Muslim background. They spoke with East London accents and were dressed in hooded tops, jackets and tracksuit bottoms. 


FRANCE: 21-year-old bikini clad French woman beaten up by self-appointed Muslim ‘morality’ police

Time to pass a law making Islam illegal in France! French women outraged after Muslim girl gang attacks what they consider to be an ‘immoral’ sunbather for wearing a bikini in a public park.

Caption says: 'A swimsuit and a book. A special occasion'

Caption says: ‘A swimsuit and a book. A special occasion’

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Maria J) An attack on a woman in France because she wore a bikini in a public park has sparked outrage on social media. The 21-year-old victim, who has been named as Angelique Sloss, was beaten up by a gang of reportedly Muslim young women – aged between 16 and 24 – when she was sunbathing with two friends.


Protesters wearing bikinis and swimsuits held a rally at the park, in the northern city of Reims, yesterday despite rain and cold winds. Hundreds across France joined the campaign on Twitter, posting photos of themselves wearing swimsuits in public places.

Spectators have likened the campaign to the JeSuisCharlie Twitter campaign, following the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris in January. 

Caption says: 'All women are free in their bodies, and no one can decide for them.'

Caption says: ‘All women are free in their bodies, and no one can decide for them.’

One Twitter user added: ‘All women are free to wear what they want, and no one can decide for them.’

Another wrote: ‘I’m posting a photo to say no to the draconian (MUSLIM) oppression of liberty.’


The anti-racism organisation SOS Racisme with the hashtag ‘JePorteMonMaillotAuParc’, meaning ‘I wear my swimsuit in the park’. The attack took place on Wednesday at Parc Leo-Lagrange. 

All five (MUSLIM) women were arrested after the attack, with the eldest three – named in French newspapers as Ines Nouri, Zohra Karim and Hadoune Tadjouri – set to appear in court in September. The 16-year-old and 17-year-old (MUSLIMS) involved in the attack remain anonymous.  (Deport them all)


French police said the attackers came from (public) housing estates with large Muslim populations.

This has sparked assumptions that the attack was religiously-motivated, and the incident is being held up by some right-wing observers as proof that Islamic ideas pose a threat to French values.


The Mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, said: ‘We have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions. All the same, I can understand why people have assumed that this attack had religious motives. If that turns out to be the case, it is a very serious incident.’ (Idiot, of course it had everything to do with Islam)


One of the group of MUSLIMS is reported to have shouted at the woman for ‘immorally’ exposing so much flesh in public. The woman responded and the group attacked her, slapping and punching her.

Passersby managed to stop the assault, but Ms Sloss has been unable to go to work following the assault because of the ‘severe bruising’. 


Police told L’Union newspaper that they couldn’t confirm whether the attack was motivated by ‘religious opinions’. (More idiots)

Four years ago a poll by the Le Monde newspaper found that Islam is considered a ‘threat’ by many French and Germans to their national identity. The poll of 1,600 people in both countries found that Muslims have ‘not integrated properly’.


Le Monde ran the results under a headline which brands efforts to get different religious communities to live side by side as a ‘failure’.

France, with 7 million, and Germany, 4.3million, have the largest Muslim communities in Europe. There are around 2.4million in Britain.


In 2010 Germany’s Angela Merkel conceded that her country’s multicultural society had ‘failed’ while a number of French politicians have complained about the growing influence of radical Islam.

According to the Le Monde poll, carried out with marketing firm IFOP, 68 per cent of French and 75 per cent of Germans believe Muslims are ‘not well integrated into society’.