YES! CAIR is livid over UC Berkeley decision to override student group’s demand that Bill Maher be dropped as a speaker because of his anti-Islam views

mahersignThe University of California at Berkeley, in a show of support for the first amendment right of free speech, has shown fortitude in its refusal to cave to strong-arm pressure from Muslim student groups, by reversing a decision to disinvite Bill Maher as commencement ceremony speaker in December.


CAIR-- The San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) tonight expressed disappointment at the decision of the UC Berkeley administration to override the rescission of an invitation to Bill Maher by the student group that selects speakers for the university’s commencement ceremonies.

The original invitation to Maher had sparked controversy and calls for him to be dropped as a speaker because of his history of anti-Islam comments.

“We are disappointed by the university’s decision to disrespect students by casting aside the long-standing process for selecting commencement speakers and instead imposing its own will,” said CAIR-SFBA Executive Director Zahra Billoo. “While Mr. Maher has the right to speak whenever and wherever he likes, he does not have the right to have his hate-filled views honored and tacitly endorsed by a prestigious university.”


UC Berkeley statement on commencement speaker

For many years it has been the responsibility of UC Berkeley undergraduates, through a committee known as the “Californians,” to select speakers for the university’s commencement ceremonies. In August the “Californians” chose Bill Maher as the speaker for the December commencement ceremony. However, last night the “Californians” reconvened without administration participation and came to a decision that the invitation should be rescinded.

The UC Berkeley administration cannot and will not accept this decision, which appears to have been based solely on Mr. Maher’s opinions and beliefs, which he conveyed through constitutionally protected speech. For that reason Chancellor Dirks has decided that the invitation will stand, and he looks forward to welcoming Mr. Maher to the Berkeley campus. It should be noted that this decision does not constitute an endorsement of any of Mr. Maher’s prior statements: indeed, the administration’s position on Mr. Maher’s opinions and perspectives is irrelevant in this context, since we fully respect and support his right to express them. More broadly, this university has not in the past and will not in the future shy away from hosting speakers who some deem provocative.

A recent interview on MSNBC about this issue:



IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists slaughter 46 Iraqi tribesmen in the middle of a street near Baghdad

Jihadists from the Islamic State group have executed at least 46 members of a tribe that fought against them in Iraq’s Anbar province, sources said. The men from the Albu Nimr tribe were killed in an area overrun by the militants last week north of the town of Heet, a local leader and a doctor said.


Digital Journal  A police colonel and a leader from the anti-jihadist Sahwa forces confirmed the killings, saying they took place on Wednesday. ISIS jihadists have overrun large areas of Anbar, and the killings are likely aimed at discouraging resistance from powerful local tribes, who will be key to any successful bid to retake the province.

Images said to show the aftermath of the public executions were circulated on micro-blogging site Twitter. One picture shows a long line of more than 30 men in civilian clothes lying in the middle of a street with streams of blood running over the dusty ground, as young men and children look on.


The victims are barefoot and many are blindfolded, their hands bound behind their backs. ISIS did not immediately claim responsibility for the killings, but the group has executed hundreds of people in areas of Iraq and Syria that it controls.

ISIS spearheaded a militant offensive that has overrun much of the country’s Sunni Arab heartland since June, sweeping security forces aside. Iraqi security forces, Shiite militias and some Sunni tribesmen are fighting to push IS back, but have made only limited local progress so far.



EGYPT is punishing Gaza for attack on its military by Hamas militants

Egypt gives residents on Gaza border 48 hours to leave as Egyptian Army prepares to destroy homes to build buffer zone after deadly attack.

Egypt's President Sisi vows retribution after 31 soldiers slain in Sinai

Egypt’s President Sisi makes good on his vow for retribution after 31 soldiers slain in Sinai

Times of Israel  Egyptian authorities on Tuesday ordered residents living along the country’s eastern border with the Gaza Strip to evacuate so they can demolish their homes and set up a buffer zone to stop weapons and militant trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, officials said.

The measure comes four days after Islamic militant fighters attacked an army post, killing at least 31 soldiers in the restive area in the northeastern corner of the Sinai Peninsula. After the attack, Egypt declared a state of emergency and dawn-to-dusk curfew there. Authorities also indefinitely closed the Gaza crossing, the only non-Israeli passage for the crowded strip with the world.

Slaughter: The scene in Sinai following the killing of 31 police officers by militants near Egypt's border with Gaza

Slaughter: The scene in Sinai following the killing of 31 police officers by militants near Egypt’s border with Gaza

The buffer zone, which will include water-filled trenches to thwart tunnel diggers, will be 500 meters (yards) wide and extended along the 13 kilometer (9 mile) border.

The Egyptian army has waged a broad offensive in northern Sinai against Islamist groups, who have turned several areas into strongholds over the past three years, destroying most of the sprawling smuggling tunnels that connected the area with Gaza.

Egyptian army soldiers seen in a watchtower on the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip

Egyptian army soldiers seen in a watchtower on the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip

Egyptian media meanwhile has accused Gaza’s Hamas rulers of meddling in Egypt’s affairs, with some suggesting that the Islamic terror group is supporting fighters inside Egypt since the military overthrew Egypt’s elected president, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi, last year. Hamas officials deny any interference and criticize Egypt for imposing stricter border crossing rules since then.

An image of Egyptian military demolishing homes in Northern Sinai on Wednesday to create buffer zone along the borders with Gaza

An image of Egyptian military demolishing homes in Northern Sinai on Wednesday to create buffer zone along the borders with Gaza

Since Morsi’s ouster, attacks against security forces in northern Sinai have escalated, something Egyptian authorities blame on Morsi and his allies. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood group, which has been branded a terrorist organization in Egypt, denied links to violence. Another al-Qaida-inspired group called Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks.

Egyptians guarding the border with Gaza

Egyptians guarding the border with Gaza

Instead of homes, the region will be replaced with a series of water-filled trenches, with the hope that this will drown any Gazans who try to dig tunnels into the Sinai Peninsula.

In addition, Egypt plans to “indefinitely” close the border crossing into the Gaza Strip, meaning the sole non-Israeli crossing, through which humanitarian aid might cross, will be entirely inaccessible. Given the Sisi government’s hostility to the Gazans, this could remain the case for a long time to come.




STATE DEPARTMENT says, “We are not going to apologize for calling Benjamin Netanyahu a ‘chickenshit'”

“But we are still going to bash Israel for building homes for Jews in Jerusalem.”

Who’s the chickenshit? The young IDF fighter on the left (Netanyahu) or the young pothead on the right (Obama)?

Don’t you wish we had an American president like this?


FRANCE’S FIGHTING JEWS – Fighting IslamoNazi antisemitism in France with physical force, not verbal pleas

Unknown-2According to the French Interior Ministry, anti-Semitic incidents have increased 40 percent during the first three months of 2014. And in a country where a whopping 37 percent of the population harbors anti-Semitic attitudes, one Jewish youth group, Betar France, has started to fight back.

At its core, the 90-year-old youth Zionist movement called Betar aims at empowering and promoting leadership within young Jewish communities. But with an increased number of Jews falling victim to anti-Semitic assaults on the streets of France, the Parisian sect of Betar resumed training five months ago in Krav Maga—a martial art used by the Israeli Defense Forces.


UPSTATE NEW YORK town angry and fearful over proposed Islamic Indoctrination Center

After two decades of serving food at Suzanne’s Fine Dining in Wheatfield, the owners have closed up shop. They said they’ve accepted an offer from the Islamic Cultural Center of Niagara Falls.


Buffalo TWC News  When the building re-opens, Town Supervisor Bob Cliffe said it will be a community center and possibly a mosque as well. Cliffe recently sat down with the potential buyer, Amid Agwa, and said he believes he’ll be buying the building with his father, who formally ran the Islamic center and mosque in Niagara Falls. 

“Amid wants to get into instruction,” he said. “He wants to teach young people respect, teach young people about Islam, and wants to teach them how to speak Arabic for those who wish to learn Arabic.” (All the better to train future jihadists of America)

In their discussion, Cliffe said Agwa never mentioned using the facility as a mosque. However, as long as the group is not making any major changes to the outside or inside of the building, they’re allowed to have a place of worship on commercial property without permission from the town. (These places are ALWAYS mosques whether they admit or not)


The news isn’t sitting well with some residents. “I’ve gotten a couple of hate calls already. I’ve gotten calls of deep concern,” said Cliffe. “‘Why are we inviting these people in?’ Well, we didn’t invite them in. It’s strictly a private transaction. It’s one party selling their property to another party. The town has no say in that matter.”

Dr. Philip Frusti is the principal at St. John Lutheran School, right across the street from Suzanne’s restaurant. He said people should be vigilant, but not judgmental. 


“We love our neighbors and care for them,” said Frusti. “While you have a general group that seems to be peace-able, there is the group behind it that takes things literally from their belief system that we’ll do whatever it takes to move our faith forward, even in terms of extreme things, such as terrorism.” (Coming soon to your neighborhood)

“Let’s take it for what he says,” Cliffe said. “Let’s take him for his word, and keep our eyes open at the same time.”

Time Warner Cable News reached out to the Islamic group several times since last Friday, but have not heard back. The owners of Suzanne’s said they expect to close on the sale in a couple of days. 


ISRAELI MP calls for a ban on the offensively loud ‘Muslim Calls to Prayer’ across Israel

makeitstopA member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahi’s coalition is formulating legislation to put strict limits on the Islamic call to prayer, known as the Athan, being blasted from mosques in Jerusalem and across Israel. The legislation, that is likely to attract accusations of religious intolerance from Israel’s Muslim minority, claims the prayer calls generate, “intolerable noise” that disrupts citizens’ sleep.

(See for yourself in the video below from Israel)

IB Times  Hundreds of thousands of citizens in Israel, in the Galilee, the Negev, Jerusalem and other areas in central Israel suffer on a common basis from noise that is triggered by muezzin calls in mosques,” states the bill, reported The Telegraph.

A muezzin is a Muslim appointed at a mosque to announce and recite the call to prayer, five times a day, starting as early as 5am. Parliamentarian Robert Ilatov is sponsoring the bill and supporting him is Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman.

The bill will be presented to the ministerial committee for legislation in the next few weeks and would grant the interior minister the autonomy to decide whether or not public address systems can be installed in “homes of prayer” –which in turn will permit Muslim calls to prayer to be banned altogether from mosques if the minister wills.


FRANCE: Muslim funeral home in Orléans defaced with anti-Islam graffiti

a0ccOrlans-Islamophobic-graffiti-2Saphir News reports that last Friday night racist (What ‘race’ is Islam?) vandals broke into the office of the Muslim Assistance funeral home in Orléans and defaced the walls with anti-Islam graffiti.

The graffiti featured swastikas and Celtic crosses, and a drawing of a pig’s head, accompanied by slogans such as “Islam out”, “close or die” and “dirty Arabs”. Computer equipment was stolen and a photocopier damaged.

The manager of Muslim Assistance, Abdessamad Errich, later received anonymous phone calls boasting of the attack. Last month he had been subjected to telephone threats.

The vandalism may be connected to the fact that Errich publicly opposed the recent closure of a Muslim school at La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, which was itself the object of a graffiti attack at the end of September.



CHINA warning Muslim students not to practice Islam in their homes


BEIJING—­Schools in China’s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region, where a series of attacks by Muslim terrorists has left hundreds dead in recent months, said they would actively discourage the religious practice of Islam at home, state-run media reported.

Manila Standard Today  Principals at more than 2,000 kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Kashgar, near China’s border with Pakistan, signed a pledge to “defend schools against the infiltration of religion”, according to a report by the Global Times, which is close to the Communist Party.


Party members, teachers and underage students should not practise religion either at school or at home, it quoted a Kashgar education official as saying.

Xinjiang is home to more than 10 million Muslims, mostly members of the Uighur minority, some of whom chafe under Beijing’s rule. Children younger than 18 are banned from entering mosques throughout the region.


Beijing has blamed a series of recent violent attacks on separatists from Xinjiang motivated by religious extremism, and linked them to overseas groups. Rights groups accuse China’s government of cultural and religious repression which they say fuels unrest.

Kashgar’s education bureau has sought to fight extremism by regulating student dress, said the official quoted in the Global Times report, who expressed concern over students displaying no religious affiliation at school but then going home to study it under their parents’ guidance.



UK: Pig’s head found outside Islamic Center in Ellesmere Port

A man has been arrested after a pig’s head was placed outside an Islamic cultural centre in Ellesmere Port. Police were called to King Street after a member of the public reported suspicious activity outside the Islamic Cultural Centre shortly before midnight on Oct. 23rd.


Chester Chronicle  A pig’s head was found at the building, police have confirmed.

A 41-year-old man from Ellesmere Port was arrested in the early hours of this morning (Thursday) on suspicion of committing a racially aggravated public order offense. He remains in police custody and enquiries are ongoing.

Officers remain at the scene of the cultural centre, which is currently under construction after being granted planning permission by Cheshire West and Chester Council earlier this month amidst angry scenes.


Police have vowed to put an end to all racist incidents and hate crimes in Ellesmere Port following the latest attack on the centre, which will be used as a place of worship and to hold religious festivals terrorist training sessions.

Chief Inspector Giles Orton said: “Local residents can be reassured that the police have a high visibility presence in the area. “Through firm policing we will put an end to racially aggravated incidents in Ellesmere Port. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) “Hate crimes are not tolerated within this community.” (Then why is Islam allowed to be practiced there? Islam is a hate crime against humanity)

The vow comes as a facebook group containing racist content, including images of pigs and anti Islamic messages, reached almost 600 likes. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

The ‘community’ page, named ‘Ban Ellesmere Port Mosque’, was set up on September 12 by an unnamed individual, and says it aims to “stop Muslims taking over Ellesmere Port” and “keeping Britain British”.


When asked about the social media page today (Wednesday) police and community leaders would not comment due to ongoing enquiries, and would not confirm whether it was connected with the incident.



ALBUQUERQUE: Walk planned to support Islamic Indoctrination Center where a teeny tiny Molotov cocktail allegedly was thrown by an unidentified man, causing virtually no damage

But when a Muslim beheads a white Christian grandmother at work in Oklahoma, Muslims not only don’t plan a walk in support of the dead woman, they don’t even say a word about it.

ABQ Journal  Several local organizations are sponsoring a “peace walk” in support of the Islamic Center of New Mexico following an attack last week in which someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the center’s building.

This is what they are marching about

This is what they are marching about

The walk will start at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, at the intersection of Harvard and Silver SE. It will proceed along Silver to Yale and head south on Yale to the Islamic Center at 1100 Yale SE, said Sue Schuurman of the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.

This will be a family friendly walk open to anyone who wishes to participate, including children. Those who participate are asked to bring a candle and, if they wish, flowers.

At the Islamic Center a statement of support will be given to Imam Shafi Abdul Aziz, signed by groups and individuals within the community. The Islamic Center has invited the walkers to a reception at the center after the walk.

Sponsors include: Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, Albuquerque Chapter of United Nations Association, Jewish Voice for Hamas, Albuquerque, Stop the War Machine, Stop 30 Billion to Israel and ANSWER.







SWEDEN: Socialists want to seize private homes of Swedish citizens and give them to Muslim immigrants

UnknownThe municipality must begin to expropriate Swedes houses and condominiums and give them to Muslim immigrants, according to the social worker Anders Wilhelmsson in Halmstad.

Speisa (h/t Colin W)  It’s not enough that the Swedes who live in rental units are thrown out of their homes to make way for Muslim immigrants, according Wilhelmsson, who is a social worker in the department for educational and social financial assistance.

In a letter to the municipal government, he writes that the municipality should go a step further and use the right to expropriate to seize primarily single-family homes and condominiums owned by Swedes. The homes, the municipality must then give to refugees, he says. “The whole community should join in solidarity to give received refugees housing and integration.” the letter said.

Anders Wilhelmsson says that something “radically” must be done if Halmstad municipality shall be able to provide homes for the 450 new Muslim refugees, plus their families, who is on their way to Sweden.

Voluntary is best, but something radical is needed. It says in the Constitution that expropriation may take place if it is for the public good, and I think housing and integration for these people is more important than taking land to build roads, Wilhelmsson says to Hallandsposten.


HOORAY! Australia’s most senior Islamic State leader, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, reportedly has been killed


AUTHORITIES are trying to confirm reports that Australia’s most senior Islamic State leader, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, has been killed. The fugitive Australian terrorist and ISIS recruiter, who allegedly masterminded a foiled plot to kill a random member of the public in Sydney, was believed to be in Syria.

The Australian  (h/t Eric M) Reports of the death emerged as the Senate overwhelmingly endorsed new criminal sanctions against Australian terrorists, giving authorities the power to arrest and charge suspects who travel to conflict zones.

Abdul Salam Mahmoud, an activist from Street Dawah Australia purportedly in Syria, last night wrote on Facebook that Baryalei had been “martyred”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop could not confirm the death “at this stage” as agencies were working to verify the reports. “It does highlight what the government has been saying, that Australians who leave this country to fight in Iraq and Syria are putting themselves in mortal danger; they have a great risk of being killed,” Ms Bishop told the National Press Club in Canberra. (You say that as if it were a BAD thing)

News of the death was also tweeted about 11 hours ago by a British-based researcher Shiraz Maher, from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at Kings College in London.

Abdul Salam Mahmoud, also known as Yassin Ali, wrote on Facebook: “I’ve just received the news that our beloved brother Mohamed Ali who was recently strongly attacked by Australian media has been martyred. He was a brother a friend and our leader in street dawah Sydney.”

Baryalei was believed to have been holed up in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the stronghold of the terror group and the “capital” of its self-declared caliphate.

As reported by The Australian, Baryalei initially travelled to Syria with Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qa’ida’s official affiliate in Syria and Islamic State’s rival. Baryalei was initially close to fellow Australian Abu Sulyaman, one of Jabhat al-Nusra’s top officials. He soon defected to Islamic State, where he went on to become one of the most senior Australians to fight among the Syrian jihadists.


UPDATED! LONG ISLAND: Man jumps in front of train after allegedly beheading a woman

Police are investigating after a person reportedly committed  suicide by jumping in front of a Long Island Rail Road train in Farmingdale after brutally beheading a woman on Long Island Tuesday, according to WPIX.



Sources tell PIX11 a woman was found beheaded on Secatogue Avenue in Faramingdale. Nassau County police confirm the crime scene at Secatogue Avenue and that a person is dead on the LIRR tracks a short distance away.

The body of a woman believed to be in her 60s, was found at a home in Farmingdale, N.Y., NBC New York reported. The woman’s head was severed.  Witnesses told The New York Post that the woman’s head was removed and was found at least 20 feet from her body.

Police confirmed the man who jumped in front of the train had beheaded the woman. Officials said they did not believe the incident was terror-related. (Oh, here we go, it’s never terrorism just domestic violence, right?)

A man in his 30s is believed to have cut off the head of a woman in her 60s before jumping in front of an eastbound Long Island Rail Road train on Tuesday night,  NBC 4 New York reports

Investigators believe that the woman may be the mother of the man.  Her body was found outside an apartment complex in Farmingdale, Long Island, east of Manhattan, with the head severed. Officials said that the incident appeared to be related to domestic violence, not terrorism. (Was he a Muslim?)

h/t Jeanne


NY POST  A man beheaded a woman at her Long Island apartment Tuesday night and dragged her out into the street where he kicked her severed head about 20 feet before jumping in front of a train, cops and witnesses said.

Nassau County Police did not identify the names of the deceased. According to WNBC, the woman is the man’s mother. The woman, who appeared to be in her 60s, was discovered dead outside an apartment building in Farmingdale at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nassau County police said. 

“I looked through my window and saw the body down there,” said neighbor Nick Gordon.  “I saw the lady laying right in front and her head was across the street, close to the corner. I thought ‘holy sh–!’”

Gordon said the gory scene extended out into the street from inside the apartment building. “There was blood all over the floor,” he said. “You can see smears going down the stairs… as if somebody were pulling a body.”

Some of the neighbors thought the headless body in the street was a Halloween prank, only to lift the lifeless body and discover it was real, witnesses said.

The man was struck and killed by a LIRR train about 25 minutes later. His body was found about a mile from the Farmingdale apartment, cops said.