GERMANY continues to slander protesters against the Muslim invasion of Europe as “Neo Nazis” and “Right Wing extremists”

Germany says it can accommodate 800,000 MORE Muslim illegals this year. That’s in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who invaded last year and the year before. The German people are pushing back and the government doesn’t like it.

















Barack Hussein Obama forces court to reduce court-ordered payments by Palestinian terrorists to victims of multiple Palestinian terrorist attacks

Back in February, a Manhattan federal jury sent a critical message about holding the perpetrators of terror responsible: It found the Palestinian Authority liable for six attacks and assessed $218.5 million in damages. But on Monday, thanks to Team Obama, that message was all but obliterated.

Obama's BFF, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas

Obama’s BFF, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas

NY Post  Both the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberty Organization have been found liable by a Manhattan jury for their participation in some six terrorist attacks that took place in Israel between 2002 and 2004. During these attacks, some 33 people were killed, several of whom were American, and 450 injured.

After an unprecedented intercession by the State and Justice departments, the judge hearing the case ordered the PA to post $10 million cash plus another $1 million a month as a bond while the case is appealed. That’s a far cry from the $30 million a month the victorious plaintiffs had sought. And it’s a pittance next to what most other defendants would have to post.

The jurors held the PA responsible for attacks from 2002 to 2004 that killed 33 and wounded 400 others. The plaintiffs — 10 US families directly affected by the terrorism — showed that the PA employed the perps and made payments to suicide bombers’ families.

Scene of one of the Palestinian terrorist suicide bombings in Jerusalem which killed several Americans

Scene of one of the Palestinian terrorist suicide bombings in Jerusalem which killed several Americans

The usual appeals bond is 111 percent of the verdict — which in this case would be $655 million, since the amount is tripled under the 1992 US Anti-Terrorism Act. But the Obama Regime pushed Judge George Daniels not to hit the PA too hard for fear it might collapse and endanger “a two-state solution” to the Middle East conflict. (A non-solution ‘solution’ that will never come to pass)

So Daniels wound up assessing exactly what the PA said it could pay. That token amount probably won’t even cut into the PA’s subsidy of convicted terrorists — payments one official likened to “Social Security.”

Will the administration now try to overturn the whole verdict by saying the PA can’t afford to pay the damages? Actually, the larger question is: How did US policy sink to the absurdity of relying on the terror-sponsoring Palestinian Authority as a vehicle for peace? (How? The leader of the free world is a Muslim terrorist sympathizer, that’s how)



“REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYRIA?” The ultimate reality show where American Muslim women learn how to enjoy the jihadi lifestyle

4221396001_3759926546001_IS-1More and more American Muslim women are joining the Islamic State (ISIS), not to be wives, mothers, and sex slaves, but to be trained killers. When they return to the U.S., they won’t be investigated and will be able to move around freely in full Islamic face-covering oversized black garbage bags, a great place to store weapons and bombs to kill Americans. In at least one state, Muslim women are allowed to cover their heads in driver license photos.


Hey, all you Gov. Rick Perry fans, his relentless pandering to Muslims is why Islamic indoctrination of children is spreading in Texas schools


Opponents tried, but failed to stop the opening of an Arabic (Muslim) Immersion School in Houston. Check out the links below to see why former Gov. Rick Perry is responsible for the rising Islamization of Texas.








NEBRASKA: CAIR is demanding federal hate crime investigation of a single broken window at a mosque

That’s right, CAIR, call out the feds and local law enforcement to initiate a ‘hate crime’ investigation, looking for the masked ‘terrorist’ who hurled a rock through a window at the Islamic Center of Omaha while no one was there. 

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but the alleged rock thrower looks to be wearing a muslim headbag in the CCTV clip.


Violent protests by German people against ‘Muslim Immigration Jihad’ and the EU leaders who are enabling it

merkel-cyborg-imagebot1-e1437850697738This is  NOT a ‘refugee crisis’ – this is immigration jihad – a full blown Muslim invasion, sanctioned by the EU, backed by the OIC and facilitated by the UN. The German people are fed up with being ignored by their leaders. Their protests fall on deaf ears, so they are resorting to violence to save Germany from being turned into an Islamic hellhole.

If that’s not bad enough, wait’ll they hear this: germany-opens-gates-welcomes-all-syrian-asylum-seekers-urges-uk-to-do-the-same

Posters showing Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag are appearing at every anti-Muslim invader protest

Posters showing Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Muslim headbag are appearing at every anti-Muslim invader protest

Yahoo News  Germany scrambled Tuesday to quell a wave of anti-migrant violence, as a suspected arson attack hit a planned refugee shelter just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced xenophobic protests as “vile”.

Vowing to take tough action against perpetrators of such attacks, top politicians sought to reassure the unprecedented number of migrants arriving in the country that far-right extremists did not represent Germany. “With regards to xenophobic violence, there can only be one answer: police, justice and, if possible for those we catch, prison as well,” said Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

Germans are burning down buildings identified as asylum seeker housing

Germans are burning down buildings identified as asylum seeker housing

Merkel, who has been criticised for failing to forcefully address the wave of anti-migrant sentiment until this week, will on Wednesday visit a refugee centre targeted by far-right extremists and neo-Nazis in the eastern town of Heidenau.

Germany is expecting to receive a record number of 800,000 asylum-seekers this year, four times higher than the number in 2014.


The sudden surge in people coming from war zones such as Syria as well as countries that are not at war like Albania and Kosovo has left the authorities struggling to cope.

It has also exposed anti-migrant sentiment, particularly in eastern Germany, which still lags behind the western part of the country in terms of jobs and opportunities 25 years after reunification.


 The latest case of suspected arson hit a temporary shelter in a sports hall in Nauen, a town near Berlin, just a week before 130 refugees are due to move in. Police said the speed of the flames ripping through the site early Tuesday suggested arson was the cause.

The state president of Brandenburg, where Nauen is located, Dietmar Woidke urged residents to “distance yourself from xenophobic mobs”.


“Be it agitations against foreigners or attacks against people in need in Heidenau or the hindering of the arrival of refugees in Nauen by arson, such action is shameful and unworthy of Germany,” he said in a statement.


Over the weekend violent protests broke out as patriots and demonstrated against a refugee shelter in Heidenau.

Merkel also had strong words on Monday for those marching alongside in support of the anti-migrant cause. “It is vile for far-right extremists and neo-Nazis to try to spread their hollow, hateful propaganda but it is just as shameful for citizens including families with children to join them” in their protests, she said in her strongest statement to date about a wave of anti-refugee protests in eastern Germany.

These are the people Angela Merkel is calling "Neo-Nazis"

These are the people Angela Merkel is calling “Neo-Nazis”

Justice Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday said the extremists “have no place in the street but before the courts”. But he ruled out the establishment of security barricades around refugee shelters, telling ARD television: “I don’t want to live in a country (where such measures have to be taken) for people to feel secure”. 

– A flood of threats – As Europe’s top economy braces to receive an unprecedented number of asylum seekers this year, the number of migrant hate crimes appear to have increased in tandem.

Wherever there are Muslim invaders, there are violent brawls

The real violence in the EU comes from the Muslim invaders who are angry that their demands for asylum and housing are not being met in a timely fashion

Arson has hit refugee homes and Red Cross volunteers pitching tents for asylum-seekers have been attacked. On Monday, police said two neo-Nazis had been arrested for urinating on two children onboard a Berlin train because they were foreigners.  “Asylum-seeker scum,” one of them was reported as saying by the Bild tabloid.


The Social Democrats evacuated its headquarters after receiving a bomb threat — apparently linked to party chief Gabriel’s comments against the far-right, although police said the threat was not serious.


Since Gabriel’s visit to the Heidenau refugee centre, the party has received “a flood of threats linked to xenophobic agitators”, general secretary Yasmin Fahimi said.


German filmstar Til Schweiger — who has been openly supportive of asylum-seekers — is under police protection after a fire was reported within the grounds of his house and intruders were apparently seen in his garden.

Right wing anti-Muslim immigration parties are rising all over Europe as a result. Germany needs to step it up.



YES! Donald Trump WOULD crack down on out-of-control Muslim immigration into America, too

repubparThere are two ways Islamofascists plan to conquer America — one by violent jihad, the other by mass Muslim immigration. They are NOT refugees, NOT asylum seekers – they are conquering armies posing as refugees, performing ‘al hijra’ – mass migration to conquer infidel lands for Islam. Barack Hussein Obama has enabled it. Donald Trump wants to stop it.


IBD Lost in all the coverage of the GOP presidential hopeful’s plan to seal the Mexican border is his proposal to curb Muslim immigration, which Obama is dangerously abetting through liberalized refugee programs. In fact, this administration has been ushering in immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries at the rate of more than 100,000 a year.

Citing national security, Trump would stop the flood of immigrants from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other Muslim countries posing a terrorist risk.


“Additionally,” he said in his five-page immigration reform proposal, “we need to stop giving legal immigrant visas to people bent on causing us harm.” “From the 9/11 hijackers to the Boston bombers and many others, our immigration system is being used to attack us,” he added. Importing more hard-core Somali families and male Saudi students raises our risks of being attacked.

Somalia's Islamic al-Shabab spokesman Sheik Muktar Robow Abu Mansur addresses a news conference in Mogadishu

Trump and Sen. Rand Paul are the only major presidential candidates talking about limiting the influx of immigrants from the Middle East. To that end, Trump also wants to increase standards for refugees and asylum-seekers “to crack down on abuses.”

Minneapolis has been nicknamed “Little Mogadishu” because of all the Somali Muslim parasites and potential terrorists there.

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Little Mogadishu

Right now, Obama’s State Department, with assistance from the United Nations, resettles Syrian and Iraqi “refugees” in small cities across America, even though those two countries comprise the headquarters of the Islamic State.


Muslims in Minnesota protest FBI crackdown on their terrorist family members

Muslims in Minnesota protest FBI crackdown on their terrorist family members

The regime has allowed so many Somali “refugees” to enter the U.S. that they have turned Minneapolis into “Little Mogadishu” and a hotbed for al-Qaeda and Islamic State recruitment. They are arriving at a rate of 5,000 to 12,000 a year, according to the State Department.

According to census data released in 2011, more than 32,000 people of Somali ancestry live in Minnesota. The largest Somali population in the U.S. is based in and around Cedar-Riverside, but the community has been under federal investigation. 


According to reports from Reuters and The New York Times, at least 20 ethnic Somali men have left Minnesota to join Al-Shabab since 2007. Investigators looked into the possibility that several of the fighters involved in the September 2013 Al-Shabab attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya came from Minnesota. A November 2013 Associated Press report identified the four gunmen who stormed the mall as ethnic Somalis.


A few years ago, a  building (below) in the Cedar–Riverside area of Minneapolis, better known as  “little Mogadishu” because of its large Somali Muslim population exploded and caught fireThe building where the explosion took place had a Halal market on the first floor and a mosque next door that teaches sharia law. According to Star-Tribune, “the apartments are all occupied by single Somali Muslim men.”


Other Somali immigrant hot spots are Nashville, Tenn., and Alexandria, Va. — not far from the Pentagon and just across the river from the White House.

This represents a big shift in immigration flows. The surge in immigrants from Muslim countries now actually outpaces the flood of immigrants from Mexico and Central America combined.

Little Mogadhishu

Little Mogadhishu

This is not only alarming, it’s suicidal. No one’s really talking about it, with the exception of Trump and Paul, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat.

While it’s true that Americans joining the Islamic State have been a fairly diverse group, the largest single group has consisted of Somali immigrants from Minnesota.


BUSTED! Radical Muslim cleric who preaches about ‘morality’ was found to have an active account with the Ashley Madison extramarital affair site


Breitbart London can exclusively reveal that the Ashley Madinson account connected to the British Islamist preacher Hamza Tzortzis was validated by the adultery-enabling website, according to the raw data analysed by a senior data scientist. 

Breitbart (h/t Kevin C)   Tzortzis originally took to his Facebook account this weekend to claim that the account was fraudulent, and said that he had made a complaint to his bank and the police. The Facebook post has now been removed.


Now we can exclusively reveal that Mr Tzortzis’s account listed him as an “Attached Male Seeking Female” including sexual preferences involving “Cuddling”, “Receiving Oral Sex” and “Sensual Massage.”

The account was created on 22 October 2014, directly after Mr Tzortzis’s Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca, as he stated in his Facebook post. This coincided precisely with a speaking tour of Australia that Mr Tzortzis was involved with, as advertised by his website. On 22 October, he was due to speak to the Muslim Student Association of New South Wales at the University of Western Sydney. The IP address of the user that signed up for Ashley Madison came from Sydney.


But the claim that Mr Tzortzis never knew about the account has been called into question by the fact that his own, working e-mail address listed on numerous slideshows and presentations by Mr Tzortzis was the one used to sign up to the service. 

The counterclaim from Mr Tzortzis is that “It could have been someone who knows me, someone who hates me, or a malicious person who found out who I was.”


But as one commenter wrote in response, “So Hamza, you are claiming that some guy knew all of your private information and wanted to screw with you so he created a fake account on Ashley Madison. This guy then paid hundreds of dollars to maintain the account for 9 months. This account was then used to make transactions at locations where you were also present at the time.

Then the ultimate plan was to hack the Ashley Madison database and release 40 million users so you could be exposed. Am I getting this right?”

It is also worth noting that Mr Tzortzis’s date of birth, 21 September 1980, was also linked to the Ashley Madison account, again linked to his company registration information.


Muslims threaten non-practicing Muslim beauty who defies Islam by entering Miss Italy contest

Ahlam El Brinis-2Ahlam El Brinis (photo right/below) is a 20-year-old Moroccan woman who hopes to become the next Miss Italy. While Brinis has the support of her family and friends, she has also become a target of devout Muslims for not adhering to the guidelines for women in the Muslim faith (She is NOT a practicing Muslim which makes her an apostate – the punishment for which is the death penalty).


IBTimes  A model from Italy who was raised by a Muslim family said she plans to defy insults from social media users and persevere in her dream to become Miss Italy, the Local reported Monday. Ahlam el-Brinis, a 20 year-old of Moroccan descent who was selected to compete in the semifinal round of the contest, said online criticism related to her heritage would not discourage her from the upcoming competition.


“Miss Italy is a beauty contest, religion doesn’t enter into it and I don’t want everything focused on that,” Brinis told local Italian media, according to the Local. She was born and raised in Padua, Italy, and despite her family’s religion, she has often said she no longer practices Islam.

Brinis was selected to be “Miss Elegance” for the northeast region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Miss Italy semifinal contest set to take place Sept. 20 in Jesolo, Venice. Criticism of her appearance and Moroccan heritage sparked wide criticism soon after the announcement that she had won the “Miss Elegance” title in early August.


Many of the insults posted as comments to her social media pages criticize her for looking “too Muslim” or not Italian enough. Other users on social media have been supportive of Brinis, responding to negative comments and writing replies to the photos she posts on Facebook and Instagram with such encouraging words as: “Congratulations! You deserve to compete in Miss Italy!”

“Whoever is attacking me has an old-fashioned attitude” Brinis said in response to the insults about her Miss Italy bid. “They are writing about me on Facebook. They are offending me. What I am doing wrong by modeling?” she asked.



HONG KONG: Pizza Hut, McDonalds, & KFC reject Islamic-approved ‘halal’ meat…MUSLIMS FURIOUS!

anm18e90c2ba71b77e6Fast food chains McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and Pizza Hut have all REJECTED a request from an Islamic cleric to have Islam-approved meat served in their chains throughout Hong Kong. Businesses that serve halal food all pay a special hidden tax for the ‘privilege,’ part of which goes toward funding Muslim terrorism and Islamization around the world.


Political Insider (h/t Judith R)  In Hong Kong, Mufti Muhammad Arshad contacted these popular, global chains demanding they use “halal meat” in their outlets there to please Muslims. He said it would be a “shrewd business move,” too. 


Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible.” Halal meat comes from an animal slaughtered according to Islamic law. That means Allah’s name must be pronounced during slaughter, the instrument used must be very sharp (the animal must be slit at the throat), the animal must not be unconscious, and it must be hung upside down and allowed to bleed dry.

In other words, the animal’s throat is cut while he is still conscious but not his spinal cord which means the animal spends several minutes suffering agonizing pain before he finally bleeds to death.


It’s an extra-painful process for the animals. No pork prepared in any way is allowed, neither are certain parts of other animals (such as the rear end).

Arshad said he sent letters to the fast-food chains, but McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut all said that they had no plans to introduce halal meat in their outlets. But Arshad said it would be only a matter of time before they signed up, as McDonald’s and KFC served halal food in other Asian markets, such as Singapore.

“It’s disappointing that we could not convince the companies,” Arshad said. “It doesn’t have to be Hong Kong-wide. In the main areas, like Central, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, the New Territories and at the airport, it would be a great service. The companies have to realize there is a need for this and that it is good business for them.”


Tourism sector lawmaker Paul Tse Wai-chun said, “The government has been trying to promote Islamic investment here, so the move would be beneficial to tourism in Hong Kong and our financial market,” Tse said. “It’s also a chance to attract tourists from Muslim countries to Hong Kong. We’re showing that we are catering for them.”

There are about 250,000 Muslims in Hong Kong, more than half of whom are Chinese. The rest are either locally born non-Chinese or are from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Middle Eastern and African countries. In recent years, the biggest segment of Muslims in the territory have been Indonesians. Mostly female domestic workers, they account for almost half of Hong Kong’s Muslim population – 120,000 people.

More on HALAL Slaughter


“We are a pack of wolves, not a herd of sheep. Courage is contagious when intended innocent victims rise up and take on an armed Muslim terrorist.”

Three unarmed Americans and one British citizen took down a Moroccan Muslim terrorist gunman on a French train, saving hundreds of lives. America is still a great country, despite the best efforts of Barack Hussein Obama to “put us in our place” and weaken our resolve to fight the Islamic threat.


HONG KONG: Indonesian Muslims wearing headbags suffer heatstroke as Hong Kong swelters

Some 20 Indonesian Muslim maids fell ill under the scorching sun while celebrating their national day in Victoria Park, as the effects of Typhoon Goni sent Hong Kong temperatures soaring.


SCMP  (h/t Scott R) Nine Muslim domestic workers required hospital treatment after experiencing headaches and other heatstroke symptoms on a day when the Observatory‘s hot weather warning was in place from early morning and temperatures pushed record levels recorded on August 8th. In urban areas, the Observatory recorded temperatures over 34 degrees Celsius, while in Sheung Shui they hit 37 degrees.

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