‘CALIPHORNIA’ Muslim leaders cry “Islamophobia” after police cancel Muslim day event in Darby Park

Muslim Warning Traffic SignMuslim community leaders questioned whether ‘Islamophobia’ was at play when Inglewood police canceled a Muslim gathering at Darby Park. At a news conference, community activist Najee Ali said the group received a permit from the city to host a picnic and ‘talent’ show, but it was suddenly revoked after the group released a promotional flier reading:

“Come share your ‘talent’ with your Muslim family. Interested in performing, contact Masjid Ibaadillah.”

Daily Breeze  “We believe that once police saw the flier with Muslim names and organizations attached, the red flags came up,” said Ali, director of Project Islamic H.O.P.E. (Obviously they were afraid that this ‘talent’ show might include bomb-making lessons for lone wolves)


“As far as we understand, the permit was granted. All steps were taken to make sure we can have the event, so for police to cancel the event after the fact … we were blindsided.” Inglewood police did not respond to requests for comment.

“I’ve lived across the street from that park for 24 years, so I feel entitled,” Bakeer said. “We know that there are still people that harbor anti-Muslim beliefs and we really won’t accept it. If in fact someone took it upon themselves to discriminate against us, we want to confront that.”

“We’re just at a loss for words,” Blair said. “We have events all the time so want answers and to address any Islamophobia within the Inglewood Police Department if it exists.”




South Carolina town succeeds in keeping dead Muslims out of the neighborhood

Now that a South Carolina Zoning Board has rejected a plan for a Muslim cemetery in Rock Hill, perhaps they will find a way to keep living ones from moving in.


Herald Online  After a contentious public hearing where several residents opposed a Muslim cemetery in a Rock Hill neighborhood – including one woman who admitted she was not being “politically correct” or “nice” but said she was scared of what would go on inside a proposed Muslim cemetery fence – the cemetery was shot down Tuesday night by the city’s zoning board of appeals.

Members of the Islamic Center of South Carolina, which operates a mosque in Rock Hill, want the cemetery to perform burials in traditional Islamic fashion (no caskets allowed), but the zoning board voted three for, three against, which left the measure defeated.


The decision drew big applause from a packed City Council chambers filled with people against the cemetery. Muslim leaders were dismayed by not just the vote but what they said seemed like prejudice against Muslims. (Seemed like? No, IS)

Nazir Cheema, a Muslim Rock Hill resident and leader of the effort to build the cemetery said, “If this cemetery did not have the word Muslim, it would have been different. Are we not Americans? Do we not love America? (Nope)


Muslims, rebuffed by both the city’s zoning appeals board and neighbors when trying to purchase property in a neighborhood and use it for a cemetery, said Friday they had talks with city officials about a portion of one of the city’s three cemeteries being sectioned off for Islamic burials.

However, whether that will happen – or even could – remains unclear. City officials have not confirmed the possibility of a Muslim spot on city property. The city has so far agreed to no solution involving city property.

A compromise on city property could solve a potentially thorny legal problem for the city, as the city’s zoning board rejected a Muslim cemetery on Bird Street near Anderson Road last month. Federal laws generally prohibit zoning decisions based on religion. Despite city planning officials being in support of issuing a zoning variance for the Bird Street property – and a warning from a city lawyer during a public meeting that later included private attorney/client meetings in closed session – the zoning board denied the Bird Street request.

Anderson Road sign_1437572415173_21878491_ver1.0_640_480

Does anybody care if Muslim invaders from N. Africa and the Middle East starve to death in Europe?

If you do, you’re stupid. The filthy ingrates refuse food packages from the Red Cross because they do not contain Islam-approved ‘halal’ food. So let ’em starve, or ship’em back to the Islamic hellholes they crawled out of. Even better, don’t let them in. Australia turns them back, so they don’t try to break in there anymore.

This is what the Muslim illegal aliens do in Italy when they don’t get their halal food.


MICHIGANISTAN: Angry Sterling Heights residents come out in droves to protest against proposed mega-mosque in residential neighborhood

Sterling-Heights-Mosque-Protest-1-pngFearing lowered property values and traffic congestion, hundreds of protesters lined a section of 15 Mile near Mound recently to protest a plan to build a large mosque at the residential site. Chaledean Christian immigrants from the Middle East were among the most vociferous in their opposition.

Detroit News  Many of the demonstrators waved American flags and crosses, others carried signs like “Wrong place” and “Build homes on this site” and “No mosque.” Some chanted “Vote No on land review” concerning the 20,500-square foot monster mosque planned on four and a half acres of largely undeveloped property between Hatherly Place and Davison Drive.


“We said no to this (plan) earlier this month — that should be the end of it,” said Mark Cacho, who lives on Maple directly across from the site. “Take it somewhere else. This is a neighborhood, we don’t need anymore traffic. This is America and everyone expresses what they feel.”

While many citizens did raise strong points about zoning issues the place of worship could bring to their neighborhood, the shocking number of residents who expressed their bigoted views overshadowed them.

From suspecting that it is funded by international terrorist organizations, to raising concerns that it would lower property values in the neighborhoods, one by one residents took their turn to lash out radical comment to city leaders.

Chaldean Christian residents had a heavy presence at the two meetings, sharing their dissatisfaction towards the proposed mosque. Said resident Hana Aboona. “Take your mosque and go somewhere else; we don’t want you there.” She added that she would move out of the city if plans were to go forward.

Chaldean Christian immigrants from the Middle East voiced the biggest opposition to the mosque

Chaldean Christian immigrants from the Middle East voiced anger at the creeping Islamization of their neighborhood

MUST SEE VIDEO (below) of the city council meeting began circulating on YouTube just days later. The meeting included comments from Chaldean and other residents who strongly opposed a new center being built on 15 Mile road.

“I wish they’d go to Dearborn or somewhere else, just not this area,” resident Saad Antoun told city officials. “I don’t want to be near people like this. This is not humanity. My point is that it’s not right to live with people like this…this is not acceptable at all. These people…they are scaring the public.”

Antoun proceeded to hold a picture of a woman in a burqa (above) and suggested that city officials outlaw it and other Islamic attire, such as the hijab, in Sterling Heights. He said he tends to see local residents wearing them at the malls and grocery stores and called it “scary and disgusting.”

Faces in the below video are covered out of fear of retribution by Muslims:

Cacho, like many others at the demonstration, said they first learned of the plan in late July when they received a postcard from the city advising them it would be taken up at a Sterling Heights planning commission meeting. Many packed the meeting earlier this month, hotly debating the project for more than four hours and stalling a vote for special land use. The property is currently zoned single-family residential but approval can be made for a house of worship.

Debbie Rossi, a long-time city resident, who also lives across from the site said, “This is being planned in a residential Catholic community. We live here because it is a residential community. Now we have deer and fox and beautiful trees. I don’t want to hear Muslim calls for prayer five times a day.”


“There is already enough traffic along 15 Mile Road,” she said. “The site being planned is supposedly for 400 people but they have only 100 parking spaces. Where are the other cars going to be parked? They are going to be parked along our streets in our neighborhood. Realtors said we can expect a 30 percent drop in our property values. We don’t need this. It’s a bad, bad idea.”

A site plan shown at the August 13 meeting detailed plans of the 20,500 square foot building with a 3,200 square foot main worship area for 325 people. Plans showed 130 parking spaces.

Paul Smith, candidate for Mayor of Sterling Heights and opposed to this mosque has been accused of being anti-Muslim by designated Muslim terrorist group CAIR for statements like this

Paul Smith, candidate for Mayor of Sterling Heights and opposed to this mosque also opposed the Ground Zero mosque and has been denounced by designated Muslim terrorist group CAIR for allegedly making statements like the one above

The multi-million dollar project is being proposed by Jaafar Chehab, director of the American Islamic Community Center in Madison Heights. Three pro-mosque demonstrators showed up late in the event and stood on the outskirts of the group carrying their own signs which read: “Islam Loves You” “We support the mosque” and “What is this really about?”

Police broke up a heated argument between the three, including one man carrying a copy of the Koran, and the much larger group of anti-mosque demonstrators. All were advised that everyone had a right to free speech and the event continued without further incident.

Hostile crowd reacts badly when Muslim petitioner says “Islam is just like Christianity.”



If you live in Minneapolis, an al-Qaeda Muslim terrorist suspect could soon be driving your child’s school bus

A Minneapolis MUSLIM man suspected of terror activities has been granted his commercial truck driving license, and he is now vying for a special endorsement to drive school buses, says Fox News 9.


IJ Review  Almost a year ago, Amir Meshal was booted from two Minnesota mosques for radicalizing and recruiting men to go to Syria for terrorist training:

In May 2014, Meshal was removed and trespassed from a Bloomington, Minn. mosque, Al Farooq, after he was suspected of radicalizing young people who would later travel to Syria. According to the police report, religious leaders said, “We have concerns about Meshal interacting with our youth.” Meshal had previously been asked to leave an Eden Prairie, Minn. mosque for similar reasons.

And Meshal has been on the FBI’s radar for quite some time. He was arrested by the FBI in Kenya in 2007 because he was suspected of leaving a terror training camp in Somalia. He was held overseas for three months, according to an ACLU lawsuit.


In 2007, The New York Times reported about Meshal:

A 24-year old American who told the F.B.I. that he went to Somalia last December to help build an Islamic state there is now being held in an Ethiopian prison, where he was sent after being detained in Kenya.

Despite going to Africa to establish an Islamic state, the Egyptian-born man was not determined to have firmly established terror ties. But now officials have changed their tune.

Meshal is currently on the “No Fly” list. The ACLU has sued to get him delisted. Meshal claims the FBI was attempting to turn him into an informant.

Fox News 9 says that Homeland Security believes Meshal is a threat:

Homeland Security responded in a letter obtained by the FOX 9 Investigators that Meshal, “..may be a threat to civil aviation or national security,” adding that, “It has been determined that you (Amir Meshal) are an individual who represents a threat of engaging in or conducting a violent act of terrorism and who is operationally capable of doing so.”


Fox News 9 says they haven’t yet gotten an answer as to why a man suspected of terror ties would be given the keys to a semi truck or a school bus full of children:

The FOX 9 Investigators asked the Minnesota Department of Public Safety why they issued a Class A license for someone who Homeland Security believes has the “operational capacity” to carry out a terror attack. We have not heard back.

They also report that taxpayers paid Meshal’s truck driving school tuition:

The FOX 9 Investigators revealed last May that Amir Meshal was attempting to get his Class A license from a South St. Paul truck driving school. The $4,000 tuition was paid for through the state workforce program.

Needless to say, people are shocked by the news:


FRANCE on brink of civil war? French Army prepares amid fears of September 11th-style attack or missile strike on airliner by Muslims

French security forces are bracing for riots in the streets following reports of possible impending missile strike on a passenger airliner or a September 11-style attack by Muslim terrorists. “Airlines have been warned of a possible attack on a plane but pilots are unsure how to take evasive action.”


UK Telegraph (h/t Emma)  After Friday’s thwarted attempt to massacre passengers on an Amsterdam-Paris train and a series of terrorist attacks and attempted killings in France this year, President François Hollande warned the nation to prepare for more violence, considered inevitable as the Islamist threat grows.

The army has made contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory”, meaning to win back control of neighbourhoods where the Muslim population become hostile to the security forces and where guns are easily obtainable, according to the source. 

“There are a lot of alienated and angry fourth-generation Muslim immigrant kids in the suburbs and the prospect of Islamic radicalization is increasingly likely,” the source said. 

Muslim 'youth' torch cars and buses and riot in the streets several times a year

Muslim ‘youth’ in French suburbs torch cars and riot in the streets at least a few time every year

“The idea that attacks like the one on the train are carried out by individuals acting on their own is not credible. We’re dealing with highly-organized networks of militant Islamists embarked on a campaign of violence and determined to intensify it.” 

Kalashnikov automatic rifles — used by the train gunman and Islamist terrorists who killed 17 people in Paris in January — and anti-tank missiles are now obtainable in France. Many were smuggled in from the former Yugoslavia after the Balkan wars in the 1990s. More weapons have come in from Libya, the sources said, adding that organised crime and terrorist groups were working together to procure them.


We don’t know what happened to the arms we (France) gave to Libyan rebels. It’s worrying,” the source said. (Obama sent them to the Syrian rebels via Turkey)

In the chaos following the fall of the Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, French officials described the north African country as an “open-air arms market”. In 2011, France admitted to sending “light weapons” to Libyan rebels in 2011, but French media reported that consignments of heavier arms, including European-made Milan anti-tank missiles were also sent. 


There were fears that ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups were procuring heavy weapons from the stocks of Gaddafi’s former army, and that rebel groups were losing control of their own arms. 

As early as 2010, an anti-tank missile was seized by police along with several tons of cannabis. Since then, an unknown number of rocket-propelled grenades and missiles are believed to have been smuggled into the country. 

A missile attack could be devastating for an airliner, particularly if the plane was taking off and full of fuel. The main Paris airport at Roissy is near drug-infested suburbs of the capital prone to violence. 


Agents of the DGSI, France’s equivalent of MI5, warned they are powerless to improve surveillance of Muslim terrorists bent on losing their lives to cause maximum carnage, and have been “lucky” to have avoided far worse catastrophes since the Paris Muslim terrorist attacks in January that killed 17, Le Canard Enchaîné, the investigative and satirical weekly, reported.

“We’ve been lucky. Passengers in a train who neutralise a suspect, another who shoots himself in the foot then calls the emergency services, and a third who fails to blow up a chemical factory; without these fortuitous turns of events, the human and material toll would have been much higher. And we wouldn’t have been able to change a thing,” he told the weekly.



THAILAND: Police arrest Turkish Muslim suspect in Bangkok bombings that killed 20 and injured hundreds


Police have arrested Turkish (Muslim) national over Hindu shrine blast that left 20 dead and scores wounded after finding ‘bomb making materials in his apartment.’ Officers say Adem Karadag fits the description of the man  seen on CCTV leaving a rucksack near the scene of the massive explosion.


UK Mirror (h/t Barbara R)  Officers raided an apartment in northern Bangkok this morning and found possible bomb-making equipment. National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said the suspect – named by authorities as Adem Karadag – was a foreign national who “looks like the one we are looking for.”


As images emerged of Karadag in handcuffs, Thavornsiri added: “They also found a lot of materials which can be used to make bombs.” Police say Karadag is Turkish, and several Thai TV channels showed an image of a passport reportedly found in the apartment during the police raid.


A blast tore through the crowded Erawan Shrine in the Thai capital on August 17, killing 20 people including one Brit. Following the attack, police released CCTV images of their prime suspect – a young man with shaggy dark hair, dressed in a yellow shirt and seen dropping off a backpack before casually leaving the scene. Minutes later, the bomb went off.

The military government said the bombing was an attack aimed at hurting Thailand’s troubled economy, and authorities had offered a $85,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the main suspect.

Officials have had different theories about the identity of the man, saying he could be foreign, or a Thai man pretending to be foreign. Police have been criticised for providing contradictory information, and it was reported yesterday that authorities had not checked some CCTV footage taken minutes after the blast, which featured a man dressed like the chief suspect.

The Explosion:


















‘Hotel Jihad’ – where an invading army of angry, young, strapping illegal alien Muslims are demanding immediate attention to their ‘needs’

getimageITALY: Newly arrived Muslim invaders (No, they are NOT refugees) are rioting in the streets of Milan and fighting with police because they don’t much like their temporary living conditions and are angry they haven’t been given the kind of food they demanded – hamburgers and pizza. Alessandro Morelli, local councillor for the Northern League in Milan, posted a video (below) showing the wild-eyed savages in action.

MUSLIM invaders who illegally are flooding Italy, moan and riot over 'poor living conditions'

MUSLIM invaders who illegally are flooding Italy, moan and riot over ‘poor living conditions’

DMF  In the video, one of the angry freeloaders complains, “We asked several times for better food.” “We complained hundreds of times, the food they are giving us here you wouldn’t even give to a ‘whore.'”

“For example, several times we asked for but never received pizza or a hamburger.”  “The bread is hard. It’s not good. The menu needs to be redone completely. If I went to a restaurant with some friends, we would definitely eat better than we eat here.” 

Muslims get impatient while waiting for their documents so they can go to EU countries with better benefits than Italy offers

Muslims get impatient waiting for their documents so they can go to EU countries with better benefits than Italy offers

DMF  More and more of these hotel protest stories, in which asylum seekers invaders stage some protest about the quality of the hotel they are lodged in at taxpayer expense. Perhaps Italy should put them up in fancy hotels like the one below instead?


Usually this is something absurdly trivial and almost invariably the story ends with the local authorities offering the invaders some other arrangement more to their liking.

Although the phenomenon is not particularly important in itself, it’s a good indication of the extraordinary sense of entitlement the invaders have, one that has been cultivated by the deranged compassionism of our ruling class.

Italy Europe Migrants

Some Africans transferred from Sicily to Tuscany and headed for Livorno have got into a bother because they did not appreciate the Hotel Campiglia Marittima.  The motives for the protest. There are many and rather fantastical. Notably their objection to the presence of married women in the hotel. 

A virtual tidal wave illegal aliens wash up onto Italy's shore everyday

A virtual tidal wave illegal aliens from N. Africa wash up onto Italy’s shore everyday

On getting out of the bus, the illegal invaders – all young men aged between 20 and 25  from North Africa –  immediately started to protest their accommodations. Among their complaints is having to stay in a hotel where married women are present, Islam does not allow this kind of proximity. 

Turning the streets of Milan into NO GO areas for non-Muslims

Muslims are turning the streets of Milan into NO GO areas for non-Muslims

But what also bothers the Africans is the logistical aggravation and their living space: “We don’t have enough space to cook on our own.” Something they were apparently used to having when they were in Sicily.



YEE HAW! Texas leads the nation in anti-Muslim hostility

While most of America remains in a left wing media-influenced, ignorant/complacent stupor that makes them ignore the threat that Muslims pose to America, Texans, increasingly, have been lashing out.


Houston Press  This week, anti-Muslim protesters hoisting American flags took to the sidewalks outside of Houston’s new Arabic Immersion Magnet School. To the protesters outside, however, somehow this equated to teaching a religion (Islam, of course), supporting jihadist terrorism, and denouncing American patriotism and culture.

“Everything I ever cared to know about Islam was taught to me by Muslims on 9-11-2001,” one sign read.

“QATAR OUT OF OUR Schools,” read another.

“It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic,” Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of the Houston chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, told the Houston Press this week. “The school is just trying to teach the students Arabic—it’s just learning a language. And I don’t know why someone would protest that. It really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me,” says the man who thinks Muslims in America are above the law.


“Any time there’s an Arab anything or a Muslim anything, these folks come out of the woodwork,” Carroll said.

SIX other incidents in Texas that had designated terrorist group CAIR whining to the media and playing their overused ‘victim’ card.

Third grade teacher spews anti-Islam sentiment on cable show:

Houston-area third-grade teacher, Angela Box, found it appropriate to go live on a local right-wing cable-access show, Tommy’s Garage, and say that “every normal human being in the world thinks that goat-f*cking Muslims and boy-f*cking Muslims are the evil of the world.” Although that was the episode that CAIR used to get her fired, the behavior was unsurprising coming from Box, a weekly regular on the show who frequently spewed anti-Muslim speech.

Conference aiming to dispel Islamophobia draws …well, Islamophobia:

Although the theme of the January Muslim conference at the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland allegedly was “Stand With the Prophet Against Terror And Hate,” the attitude outside on the streets was, well, pretty terrorizing and hateful. Hundreds of protesters gathered holding signs like, “Sharia Free Zone” and “You are NOT American. Don’t fly our flags!”


Free Beacon  The Saturday event, which seeks to combat “Islamophobes in America” who have turned the Islamic Prophet Muhammad “into an object of hate,” according to organizers, comes just a week after radicalized Islamists in France killed 17 people. The victims died in events that began with the shooting attack on French newspaper Charlie Hebdo for its satirical cartoons that skewered the prophet.


Keynote speaker at the forum was controversial New York-based Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial. Wahhaj has called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists” and expressed a desire for all Americans to become Muslim, according to the New York Post.

HOUSTON: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands the firing of a teacher who presented the truth about Islam to the class

In March, an teacher at Foster High School in Richmond gave a pretty nasty social studies lesson about Islam. He handed out an eight-page document, which he appeared to author, called “Islam/Radical Islam (Did You Know).” Virtually nothing was cited, or accurate. (See below) And it ultimately led one Muslim student in the room to complain to her parents, who alerted the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


CAIR provided some of the lesson’s grossest examples to the Houston Press, including “Islam is more of an ideology than a religion. It is also an ideology of war,” and, “You will either give into their demands recognizing Islam’s ‘noble’ rule, you will become a Muslim yourself, or you will die.” 



There was even a section about what to do if taken hostage by “radical Islamists.” Although CAIR brought this to the school administration’s attention, it’s not clear how the school disciplined the unidentified teacher.


The school told KHOU it was “disappointed”—that the teacher made changes to a lesson plan.

Protests against Muslim Capital Day

Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) was out of the office on Texas Muslim Capitol Day on January 29. But she graciously left specific instructions to staffers in case any Muslims entered her office. warm invitation.


Mustafa Carroll, who has said “Practicing Muslims in America are above the law of the land” said, “These same kinds of folks came out to protest us taking kids to the capitol to learn how to be good citizens. This was the most American thing you can do. But somehow, it’s seen as a nefarious act when Muslims do it.”

Farmersville residents lash out against Islamic Cemetery

After an Islamic group purchased some land in July to build a cemetery in Farmersville, north of Dallas, the locals perceived it as Muslims coming in to overtake the future of the town. One resident, Medford Sumrow, told NPR, “We don’t need that crap up here. What the hell they want to come up here and jack with Farmersville for?”

Khalil Abdur-Rashid said, “We saw this land and saw this property and we thought it would be a beautiful place to preserve the memory of folks that we thought were beautiful.” An offensive idea to many Texans, apparently.

Houston Islamic Center burns down, receives outpouring of hate from the public


Even though the homeless man accused of setting fire to Houston’s Quba Islamic Institute in February said it was an accident, that didn’t stop the Internet from reacting hatefully—toward the members of the mosque, that is. One Facebook user wrote, “I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel like throwing severed pig-heads at every Muslim on my path.”

And another, a truck driver from Georgia, said that he “hopes a mosque burns for every American killed by these terrorists.”


At the time of the fire, Assistant Imam Ahsan Zahid told the Houston Press“It definitely makes you think and wonder why people think that way. It’s a very simple thing. You have to understand that we are here to promote love, that’s all.” 


CANADA: Media mostly silent after court backs government funding cuts to antisemitic Arab Muslim group

276735_483324711684303_143814719_nAn appeals court has upheld the Conservative Harper government’s decision to cut funding to the “radical and anti-Semitic” Canadian Arab Federation, that once was headed by a Liberal candidate.


National Post (h/t Mars)  In 2009, then-Citizenship and Immigration minister Jason Kenney cut $1 million in annual funding to the Canadian Arab Federation, arguing that the group’s leadership had repeatedly expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah. The Federation had a long track record of “expressing hateful, antisemitic views, and glorifying terrorists,” said Kenney in a Wednesday email to the National Post.

The group has subsequently failed in two lawsuits to have the funding reinstated. The Federal Court upheld Kenney’s decision in 2014, followed more recently by the Federal Court of Appeal. The Canadian Arab Federation had been paid an annual sum of $1 million in exchange for providing language-training services to new immigrants.

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney

In severing ties with the group, Kenney’s office had cited several specific incidents, including a CAF executive attending a Cairo conference where Hamas and Hezbollah delegates were present, and a CAF-organized rally in which the Hezbollah flag was flown.

Last year, a decision by Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn wrote that, based on the Ministry’s evidence, “CAF appears to support organizations that Canada has declared to be terrorist organizations and which are arguably anti-Semitic.”

The most recent court decision, released by the Federal Appeal Court in July, rejected CAF claims that Kenney’s decision was an “abuse of authority” or “a blatant attempt to suppress criticism of Israel.” Paul Champ, a lawyer for the group, said they are “seriously considering” taking the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.


WARNING: Never get in a taxi with a Muslim driver

samp36b0bef662f09255-vi1-e1410559147993But if you must, don’t verbally assault the driver as many have CCTV cameras inside the cab. At the end of the ride, simply pay the fare, but don’t leave a tip. When you exit the vehicle, leave the door open and walk away. The driver goes ballistic and starts cursing you, as he must get out of the cab and close the door. Turn around and smile big.



CAIR ‘butt hurt’ continues over Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller’s refusal to apologize for telling the truth about Muslims

pc-fascismOnly now, designated terrorist group CAIR recruits their leftist buddies in the media to whine about it for them. Sometimes, in politics, it’s what you don’t say that matters most. A lack of action can tell us so much more than a call to action, just as a failure to take form can be a shape in itself. And so it is with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, whose team recently posted on Facebook a call to nuke the Muslim world. Ho-hum.


MySA  It was a recycled post, originating from elsewhere. But Miller’s team shared it, then made it clear there would be no apology, which is, you know, sort of like an implicit endorsement. Maybe that’s not so surprising since Miller has said he worries about the U.S. becoming a Muslim country. 

As political apologies go, this one would have been easy. It was ready-made. Miller was traveling in China at the time, about as far away as a person can be from his Facebook handle. Staff error. Case closed. Moving on, right?

What’s unspoken here is a troubling political calculus. One that says apologizing is far more damaging than the offending act. As Rice University’s Mark P. Jones put it, not only does the “nuke ’em” message play well with the GOP base, “but also apologizing for the message plays very poorly.”


Right. Just imagine the primary attack ads: Sid Miller, apologist for Islamic terrorism. Inwardly, hopefully, some GOP leaders are squirming about this dynamic. (Actually, they are cheering him on now)

Not for the next election cycle or for Miller’s prospects, but because an apology is simply the right action, no matter how it plays with primary voters. Besides, one has to wonder just where all this offendin’ is taking the party long-term. Anchor babies. Nuclear holocausts. Keep this up and, one day, there won’t be anyone left to alienate or incinerate. There is a sense nobody is at the controls. (Tell that to Donald Trump who is leading in the polls precisely because of it)

To put the Facebook post in context, just what would the reaction have been if Miller’s team shared something similar about a different religion, say Judaism or Catholicism?

“He would have gotten back right away from China,” said Sarwat Husain, president of the San Antonio Chapter of the Council on America-Islamic Relations. “He would have been held responsible and probably would have been asked to leave the office.” (Because there is no possible good reason for saying that about Jews or Christians)


Like others, Husain characterized the Facebook post as a “clear suggestion of genocide for the Muslim world.” (A lot of people don’t see that as a bad thing) How strange it must be for her to have an elected representative give that notion a wink and a nod on social media. Or maybe it’s just another day in the life. Husain said she is often harassed, stared at, flipped off and jeered. (Good!)

“The looks I get,” she said. “After we saw this post, you could see the difference in the eyes of people when we were out in public.” No doubt. Just the other day I received an email from a reader imploring me to “examine the Muslim ghetto that is growing around Wurzbach east of I-10. How did these people get here anyway?”

Such rhetoric speaks to the trouble with Miller’s refusal to apologize and the deafening silence from the rest of the GOP. (Only trouble if you’re a muslim or a leftist muslim apologist)  It’s not a matter of political correctness. It’s the reality that saying nothing becomes a statement in itself, a tacit endorsement. (Political correctness is dead, or haven’t you been paying attention?)