EGYPT’s decision to side with Israel has hurt Hamas


Last week a convoy carrying medical supplies to Gaza from Egypt was turned back by Egyptian soldiers over 100km from the border. The convoy’s organizers knew they risked being stopped – but that was part of the point. “It was expected.” “They do not want Egyptians to show support for Palestinians. They want to make sure that this siege and this isolation continues.”

The Guardian  During this latest Gazan war, the conflict has been predominantly portrayed as one between Israel and Hamas. But a third party has exacerbated the tensions in Israel’s favour: Egypt. A traditional broker of Israeli-Palestinian relations, Egypt is usually assumed to act with Gaza’s best interests at heart – and has done its best to maintain that perception in recent weeks.

It has condemned Gazan deaths, called for a ceasefire, and allowed a few critically injured Gazans to be treated in Egyptian hospitals..but that’s about it.

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Other Egyptian actions – both over the past year, and in recent days – have led to accusations that Egypt is indifferent to Gazan suffering – and that its interests are aligned with Israel’s. Since last July Egypt has bolstered Israel’s blockade on Gaza by destroying over 1,600 tunnels that smugglers once used to bring crucial goods (and weapons) into the territory. The end of the tunnel trade, which Egypt had tolerated for years, crippled Gaza economically, since the simultaneous closure of Egypt’s formal border at Rafah meant Gazans had no other way of importing many supplies.

Hamas’s decision to carry on fighting in recent weeks despite catastrophic civilian losses owed as much to Egypt’s refusal to lift this blockade as it does to Israel’s. Egypt wanted Hamas to accept an immediate ceasefire without preconditions. But Hamas wanted Egypt to spell out how it might ease the siege before it did so.


Egypt’s leaders are loathe to help Hamas because the group is an offshoot and ally of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – whose scion, Mohamed Morsi, was ousted from office last July. To shore up its power, Egypt’s new regime, headed by the former army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, has since waged a brutal crackdown on the Brotherhood inside Egypt. The squeeze on Hamas is part of the attempt to starve the Brotherhood of any remaining support.

Egyptian Americans urge Obama to denounce Mohammed Morsi administration

To this end, Egypt has banned Hamas from operating inside Egypt, accused the group of aiding Egyptian terrorists, accused it of espionage, and tried many of its members in absentia. As Egypt’s counter-revolution gathered steam, Hamas was even blamed for a jailbreak during the 2011 Egyptian uprising.


Egypt’s pliant media have provided rhetorical backing to the government’s war on the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas – and parts are doing something similar with Gaza. The country’s media are usually sympathetic to Gazans, but this time several columnists and presenters have appeared far more hostile.


Some journalists have even denied any distinction between Gaza and Hamas. As Israel began its ground invasion earlier this month, Adel Naaman, a columnist for al-Watan, a private Egyptian newspaper, wrote: “I’m sorry people of Gaza: I’m not going to sympathise with you until you get rid of Hamas’s gang.”


The public’s attitudes are harder to gauge. Returning from the blocked aid convoy to Gaza, Salma Said said her colleagues’ work had revealed huge sympathy for Gazans among ordinary Egyptians. “The television makes it seem like no one in Egypt wants to help Gaza – but we are trying to show that’s wrong,” said Said. 


Three weeks into the conflict, there are signs that Egypt’s official stance may be softening too – but for political reasons rather than wholly humanitarian ones. Rival countries – Qatar and Turkey – are also angling to broker a ceasefire, and the fear that Egypt may lose its traditional mediation role may finally spark its leaders into easing their stance. (Not likely. Egypt has kicked out al-Jazeera, cut ties with Qatar, banned Turkey’s PM Erdogan from entering Gaza, boycotted Turkish products, and banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.)





















87% of Israelis strongly support the war on Hamas


This is a stunning level of approval for PM Benjamin Netanyahu, especially considering that a very large segment of the population is comprised of leftists.

Washington Post  Barack Hussein Obama continues to press for an immediate ‘permanent’ cease-fire. But at home, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is riding a massive wave of popularity.


Domestic support for the Israeli leader’s prosecution of the war in Gaza, which has left more than 1,200 Palestinians dead, has only grown over the past three weeks, as the Israeli public and political class rally behind an aggressive, definitive campaign against Hamas and its rockets and tunnels. The deep support among Israelis, from left to right, for the military’s Gaza offensive and Netanyahu’s leadership is almost unprecedented, political analysts say.

A poll this week for Israel’s Channel 10 news, conducted by the Sarid Institute, found that 87 percent of Jewish Israelis support continuing the Gaza operation.  A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 95 percent of Israeli Jews think the operation in Gaza is just, and 4 out of 5 oppose a unilateral withdrawal. Just 4 percent said the Israeli military has used excessive force.

And in another survey this week, by the University of Haifa, 85 percent of Jewish Israelis said they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Netanyahu’s leadership.

“Israel has never been this hard-line, maybe not since the 1967 war” against Egypt and other Arab states, said Amotz Asa-El, a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, a Jewish think tank in Jerusalem. “A sweeping majority of Israelis want a protracted, systemic, thorough uprooting of Hamas and its military capabilities.”

Netanyahu has brushed off pressure from the international community and from Obama, who told the Israeli prime minister on Sunday that he wanted to see a quick permanent cease-fire to stem civilian deaths.

Israeli Official to Obama: “Leave us alone”



Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose father helped found Hamas, says the group is looking beyond the destruction of Israel to a global Islamic state

6a00e55108db848834014e5f708569970cMosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of Hamas’s founders Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has said that the current conflict illustrates how the Islamist group’s disregard for human life is central to its ideology. “Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis or Americans – they don’t care about their own lives.”  “They consider dying for the sake of their ideology as a way of worship.”

INN  Youssef – who left Hamas after becoming disillusioned and serving for a period as an Israeli spy – added that there was no way for Israel to reach any kind of compromise with Hamas, whose very charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and whose leaders have repeatedly called for the extermination of the Jewish people.

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise – Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over,” Yousef insisted. But he went further to describe Hamas as part of an imperialist force seeking to establish an Islamic super-state – much like the so-called “Islamic State”, formerly known as ISIS, which seized control of much ofIraq and Syria.

“The destruction of the State of Israel is not Hamas’s final destination. Hamas’s final destination is building the Islamic khlifa (Caliphate) – which means an Islamic state on the rubble of every other civilization. These are the ultimate goals of the movement.”

Yousef recalled how he was taught “since the age of five” that establishing an Islamic state couldn’t be achieved “without shedding innocent blood”, and expressed pity for the children of Gaza who, he said, have little choice but to follow Hamas.



U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv severely restricts visas for Israelis, NOT for Palestinian terrorists

telavivutlevel01The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis, according to a statement on its official website, in a move it claims is a matter of staffing and security.  “Due to the current security situation in Tel Aviv, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv remains open but is operating at reduced staffing until further notice, and has canceled routine visa application processing and American Citizen services,” the statement said. “Emergencies involving an American citizen and visa applications will be considered on a case by case basis.”

INN  The statement surfaces in the midst of both souring US-Israel relations and an already-pressured visa crisis, which has seen the visa process for Israelis grow more and more difficult over the past year.


In April, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced an internal review into claims that hundreds of young Israelis were being barred from entering the US for political reasons. An initial investigation found that the rejection rate of visa applications for young Israelis ages 21-26 had doubled, from 16% in 2009 to 32% in 2014; Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro stated that the visa crisis is close to coming to an end several days later. 

“The department will take immediate steps to increase the number of young Israelis that can travel to the US according to our immigration laws,” Shapiro wrote, in a Facebook post. 


“The law dictates that applicants must prove that they intend to return to Israel in making the request, and that the visa does not allow recipients to stay beyond the designated time period or to work legally in the US,” he said. “But we are aware of the fact that although two-thirds of young applicants receive visas, some people harbor a misconception that young Israelis are not welcome in the USA.”

“Surely that’s not true,” he continued. “Israel is one of the US’s closest allies, and we welcome all networking between Israelis and Americans, including visits to the United States.” Israeli officials have yet to respond to the letter, which responds to earlier claims that political motivations were at stake in the visa rejections.


Earlier this year, Israeli security officials also claimed they were being targeted by the US, and that hundreds of defense officials were turned away from making important visits to Washington. 

Major Israeli politicians claimed in May that the US had been“humiliating” them during the visa application process for years, according to a report in Yediot Aharonot, and had been forced to endure long wait times for acceptance and allowed only brief visits to their alleged ally.

tsa airport security checkpoint arabs midle easterners profiling agents terrorists motivational posters



BROOKLYN: Anti-Muslim flyers distributed throughout Bensonhurst apartment complex

That area of Bensonhurst used to be heavily Russian Jewish. I guess they don’t like the growing infestation of Muslims and Islamic Indoctrination Centers (mosques) in the area.

NY Observer  Police are investigating anti-Muslim flyers calling members of the religion “terrorists and bastards” that were apparently left in a Bensonhurst apartment building, City Councilman Mark Treyger said Tuesday.


“These flyers—which obviously send very chilling, very alarming messages of hate and intolerance—they aim to divide the community,” Mr. Treyger, who represents the area, told the Observer Tuesday afternoon.

Dhimmi Mayor Bill de Blasio also weighed in Tuesday evening, decrying both the anti-Muslim flyers and recent vandalism of the Israeli Discount Bank in Brooklyn and saying there was no room for hateful language or actions in the city.

“The recent incidents of hate speech and bias attacks are disgraceful and run counter to the values we cherish most. They are a stain on our collective conscience, and we must make it clear that there is zero tolerance for such behavior,” Mr. de Blasio said in a statement. “My administration is fully committed to protecting the security of every community of faith across the five boroughs, and we refuse to allow these divisive acts and language to threaten the safety of any New Yorker.”

Bensonhurst Apartment Complex that received the fact-based flyers

Bensonhurst Apartment Complex that received the fact-based flyers

The incidents of hate speech come amid tensions over the the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which has spurred numerous rallies and counter-rallies in the city.

The flyer reads, in all capital letters: “Islamists! Go to your own country!!! USA hates you!!! You are terrorists and bastards!!! You are the second Holocaust!!!!” There are also clip-art style pictures of a woman in a burka and the word Islam inside circles with slashes through them.

The anti-Islam leaflets are not the first sign of religious tension in Brooklyn since the clash between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has intensified in recent weeks. Earlier this month, a mosque on Coney Island Avenue was egged and worshippers at another believed a man in a car with blinking lights was trying to intimidate them, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

On Monday, elected officials, members of the Jewish community and thousands of others held the second major rally in as many weeks supporting Israel in the midst of the bloody conflict in Gaza. While pro-Palestinian protesters garnered significant attention as they demonstrated nearby at a previous rally, Monday’s event saw any counter-protesters drowned out by the large crowd.




ITALIAN Reporter confirms Hamas cover-up of misfired rockets which killed 10 children on playground

An Italian journalist who until Tuesday was embedded in Gaza has backed the IDF’s account of a rocket strike on a school playground in central Gaza’s Shati refugee camp on Monday.


INN (h/t Mike F)  At least 10 people were killed in the attack – most of them children – and some sources claimed the death toll was as high as 30. Palestinian sources were quick to blame Israel, claiming that an Israeli fighter jet fired missiles directly at the playground and nearby hospital. Israel denied the accusations, saying that Hamas rockets aimed at Israel from the area misfired, and struck both the school and the hospital:

Verifying facts on the ground in Gaza is notoriously difficult for foreign reporters, and even for Palestinian journalists seen as aligned with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority, as journalists are closely watched by Hamas security forces and can face interrogation and a permanent ban from Gaza for publishing material deemed unfavorable to the territory’s Islamist rulers. As such, little information has emerged on what exactly happened that day in Shati.

But returning from a stint in Gaza, and safe from what he ominously referred to as potential “Hamas retaliation”, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati broke the media silence by tweeting the following message, confirming that Hamas terrorists rushed to cover up evidence of what wasindeed errant rocket fire aimed at Israel:

  • The rocket that killed the 10 children came from Hamas.
  • When Hamas made the area off limits to reporters, it was cleaning the area from any debris that could show the truth.
  • Hamas intimidates even good journalists from telling the truth, so much so that they won’t report what they see while they are in Gaza. EOZ

 During the 23 days of Operation Protective Edge a handful of journalists have defied, purposefully or inadvertently, Hamas’s restrictions on reporting negative information from Gaza – only to backtrack soon after. Two cases in particular were highlighted earlier this week.

In one, Wall Street Journal reported Nick Casey tweeted evidence – and veiled criticism – over Hamas’s leadership’s use of Shifa Hospital in Gaza as a command center, shedding more light on the group’s use of human shields. Hamas reacted furiously, and a Hamas-affiliated twitter account blacklisted him as a journalist “who lies for Israel” – a potentially deadly accusation for anyone in Gaza, let alone a foreigner. Shortly afterwards, the tweet was promptly removed by Casey.  

Numerous foreign journalists have admitted to interviewing Hamas leaders inside the hospital, but their reports are notable for the lack of emphasis placed on such a flagrant violation of international law.

In the second case, another WSJ journalist tweeted evidence of a Hamas rocket misfire which damaged Gaza’s main hospital. Again, shortly after tweeting it, Tamer El-Ghobashi removed the evidence.

DELETED TWEET: Btp113fCQAAhuNJ.jpg-small

The use of human shields by Gazan terrorist groups during the current conflict has been repeatedly documented. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad have stored and fired rockets from within densely-populated civilian areas, making Israeli attempts to stop them without causing collateral damage near to impossible. To compound the problem, Hamas has openly encouraged civilians to act as human shields, glorifying their actions as heroism.

Screenshot 2014-07-12 at 9.42.11 AM

Terrorists have also used hospitals and schools as command centers and military bases. On Tuesday, the United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA) admitted that it had discovered rockets stored in one of its schools for the third time.

Hamas has not issued a response to Barbari’s claims, and it is unclear whether he will face a ban from reporting from the Strip in the future. But whatever happens to him, his claims raise some uncomfortable questions about the objectivity of reports coming from Gaza – in particular the accuracy of the much-touted civilian death toll, and who may be responsible for it.



IRANIAN official says “Iran will arm the West Bank with missiles”

Former Iranian defense adviser says Tehran would seek to arm Palestinians in the West Bank with “strategic weapons” including missiles to target Tel Aviv and Haifa, which will be much easier to hit from Judea and Samaria than from Gaza.

10509611_10152576568449717_8501732861550222034_n Times of Israel  Iranian researcher Amir Mousavi told Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV channel that “a major reshuffle awaits the region” as “new and significant fronts will be opened all of a sudden, to support the Palestinian cause in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Mousavi added that Gaza would also receive increased military support from Iran. As for the Palestinian Authority which controls the West Bank and has in recent years cooperated closely with Israel on security issues, Mousavi remarked: “We hope that the brothers in the Palestinian Authority will help rather than impede this.”


On Tuesday Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged the Islamic world to arm Palestinians to allow them to counter what he called Israel’s “genocide” in the Gaza Strip. In a speech marking the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, Khamenei said Israel was acting like a “rabid dog” and “a wild wolf,” causing a human catastrophe that must be resisted.




IRAQ: ISIS’s latest mass executions of approx. 1,500 Shiite young men

ISIS has released a new video of Iraqis whom they executed in cold blood, According to the video description, the place of the incident was Tikrit, and the victims are described as Rafidis, which include Shiites, Iranians, Alawites.

Mercifully, the horrendous music audio has been turned off but it looks like the victims are pleading for their lives.



DENMARK politicians calling for more restrictive immigration rules for Muslims

0_denmarkIn another sign that immigration is going to once again dominate the political picture, Venstre’s Inger Støjberg said there should be a difference in how Denmark welcomes “an American or Swedish Christian and a Somali or Pakistani Muslim.”

The Local  (h/t Maria J) Denmark’s largest opposition party, Venstre, is calling for the nation to differentiate its immigration policies based on religion.  Venstre’s political spokeswoman Inger Støjberg wrote an op-ed published in Berlingske on Monday in which she said that it should be more difficult for non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds to come to Denmark.


“It is not necessary to set the same requirements for everyone, because as a general rule there is a big difference in the ability and will to integrate between a Christian American or Swede and a Muslim Somali or Pakistani,” she wrote.

Støjberg said it was important to talk frankly about immigration issues.  “To say it directly, it is primarily Muslim immigrants who do not value democracy and freedom. In certain environments, they directly oppose it,” she wrote. “Too many non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds do not want our freedom-orientated society model.”


Støjberg suggested that Denmark should adopt an immigration approach that makes it easier for Westerners and harder for Muslims. “In the future we should make it easier for those who traditionally can and will integrate to come to Denmark, while we make it more difficult for those who don’t have the ability or the will,” she wrote.

Støjberg also pointed toward the incendiary remarks by an Aarhus-based imam as evidence that “too many Muslims in Denmark practise a medieval interpretation of the Koran and it prohibits them from being a part of normal Danish life.” Her remarks quickly created a stir amongst the other political parties.


The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DF) warmly welcomed Venstre’s approach. “If Venstre has now finally understood the need to differentiate between immigrants and limit non-Western immigration, then we are getting closer to each other,” DF’s Martin Henriksen wrote in a press release.

Fellow opposition party Conservative were not on board with Støjberg’s suggestion, however. “For me as a conservative it is important to set requirements [for immigrants] but it is also important that the requirements are equal regardless of what country one comes from,” party spokesman Tom Behnke told Danmarks Radio.

Muslims burning the Danish flag over the Mohammed cartoons

Muslims burning the Danish flag over the Mohammed cartoons

The governing Social Democrats and Social Liberals (Radikale Venstre) both dismissed the idea of creating two sets of immigration rules. “It doesn’t stand a chance on earth,” the Social Democrats’ Mette Reismann told DR. “You can’t discriminate people on the background of their home country or religion. It says that directly in our constitution, so it’s as simple as that.”

Støjberg’s message to Denmark’s Muslims came on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan.













































Thank Barack Hussein Obama for turning Libya into a war-torn hotbed of competing terrorist factions

Muammar Gaddafi said if he were overthrown, Libya would become another Somalia. It has.

Libya burns , world ignores it



















OBAMA throws a hissy fit at Benjamin Netanyahu demanding he accept an unconditional permanent ceasefire

President Barack Obama “yelled” at Benjamin Netanyahu during a tense phone conversation as he demanded that the Israeli prime minister agree to an unconditional, humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, a former Israeli defense official told Newsmax TV.


NEWSMAX  “It was not a pleasant conversation if you saw what happened . . . it was not pleasant,” Danny Danon — a Likud party member of the Knesset and Netanyahu’s former deputy minister of defense — said on “The Steve Malzberg Show.” “He was yelling and telling Prime Minister Netanyahu what he should do and what he should not do.

“I tell you very frankly, we have a very close relationship with the U.S. — the strongest ally of Israel. But this is not a way to treat the leader of an ally country.” According to Danon, the fireworks erupted as Obama urged a permanent end to the hostilities between Israel and Hamas, which last week began firing rockets at key Israeli cities, prompting retaliation.

image But Obama’s tone was uncalled for, Danon said. “He is not talking, President Obama, with a leader of the Taliban. He is talking with the leader of the state of Israel, of the Jewish people, and when we are in a time of war. We need the backing and the support of the U.S. Unfortunately, we do not have it now,” Danon said. “[It's] not pleasant, to hear such a voice when you have so much pressure.”

Danon added that he thinks a permanent ceasefire is impossible for now as Hamas continues fighting. “I can tell you it is not easy for us when we see our boys being buried on a daily basis,” he said. “As we speak now, when I’m on my way to Jerusalem, we have air-raid sirens going off and we are still under attack from rocket attacks as we speak. 

obama-phone “I urge Prime Minister Netanyahu and my friends in the cabinet to be strong now and to do whatever is good for Israel, even if it means to tell President Obama, no, we cannot satisfy your wishes or your pressure to sign a ceasefire, which would be bad for Israel now,” Danon told host Steve Malzberg.

“It is an insult the way President Obama is treating Israel and Secretary [of State John] Kerry is treating Israel. It is an insult for us,” he said.”The demand to have a ceasefire . . . is unacceptable. The U.S. knows how to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban, and we are fighting Hamas . . . You don’t beg for a ceasefire.


UK Prime Minister David Cameron: “This Ramadan, Muslims have shown what Islam is all about”