8-yr old Yemeni girl beaten, raped by her ‘husband.’

Forced to marry a man 3 times her age, Nujood Ali escaped, and found a human rights lawyer to help her get a divorce.. Under Sharia Law, her husband received compensation from the family, and was never prosecuted.

Her family believes Nujood’s actions have dishonored the family and she has been stigmatized for life.

Escape from a forced marriage.

Zahida Minhas, a 16-year old girl who is 9months pregnant and living in a safe house, was sold into a forced marriage by her mother. As Zahida’s delivery date rapidly approaches, she fears that her “husband” will find and kill her, while her mother, threatens to take the baby.

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“Please help me get a divorce, next time he will kill me.”

12-year old Muslim girl fears for her life from the pedophile husband she was forced to marry. Look at the scars on this beautiful child:

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Muslim fathers often sell their young daughters into marriage with an older man to pay off a debt.

CNN report reveals that an 8 year old girl is forced to marry a 47 year old man to fix a debt. The more shocking part is that Saudi law has no way to stop this kind of crime.

Forced marriage at age 14 nearly killed her.

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9 comments on “FORCED 'CHILD' MARRIAGE in Islam

  1. These zealots are the same ones calling us infidels! Go figure. They are barbaric cowards who routinely murder innocent women and children under the guise of religion.

  2. Poor little girls what chance do they have,it would be so hard to get away from their parents or the filthy pedophile of a husband,where would they go?who would protect them?so sad that women are treated worst than dogs,islam and shariah is so ingrained in these cultures,if they live in Western countries,they should be informed where they can go to a safe house,but then they don’t trust us,-with reason,for those who ask for help -there should be help made known to them.

  3. It is heartening that human rights activists are able to combat this abuse of children. In times past they would have found themselves on the wrong end of sharia law.

  4. It is no wonder that more and more Muslims are fleeing the religion. Islam is the Great Beast, the perversion of true faith.

  5. Islam needs Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bellah Abzug, and Naomi Wolf. Saddle up, feminazi’s!

    Oh, that’s right, I forgot: They’re only interested in “deconstructing” Western society for cultural Marxism. That womens rights thing was just an excuse.

    • Rashina,

      You Mozzies are so afraid of being ‘honor-killed’…NOTHING will change.

      You must abandon Islam, because it CANNOT be reformed.

      You worship a pedophile.

      Be honest with yourself.

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