AFGHANISTAN: ‘BACHA BAZI’ BOYS – where very young boys are the ‘entertainment’ for grown men


Native to Afghanistan, these “dancing boys” are actually sex slaves, lured off the streets by pimps, taught to dance and sing, to wear make-up and to dress like girls. Then they are made to perform before large groups of men. ALL of them are sexually abused. But in Islam, sex with boys under 18 is not considered homosexuality, so it is allowed.




“Dancing boys” are a lucrative business. Powerful former warlords and businessmen love to watch them and will pay a lot of money to have their own boy for Bacha Bazi. Some of the boys are traded like swap cards amongst the rich and powerful and if they disobey their “owners” they are killed or brutalised. The trade in boys is well known to the United Nations. According to Nazir Alimy, who compiled a report on the issue for the UN, there is no doubt who is funding this practice and why the police refuse to stop it. “According to our research these dancing boys are used by powerful men for sex,” Mr Alimy said.

Paedophiles and pimps search for young boys so they can sell them or groom them to be trained as “dancing boys”. In one case a journalist goes in the car with a paedophile named Dastager. As they drive, Dastager explains the type of boy he is looking for. Then in broad daylight the “dancing boy master” stops the car, goes to a shopfront and brings a boy back to his the waiting car According to a report prepared for the United Nations there is evidence that the practice of bacha bazi and the sexual abuse of boys is common throughout the north of the country. It confirms that young boys, some of them only 10 years old, are lured into life as a sex slave.

There is also evidence that this type of abuse is spreading throughout Afghanistan.”It’s true they make the boys wear girls’ clothes and make them dance in front of many men,” he said. The powerful customers are often former warlords who helped drive the Taliban out of the north. Others who involve themselves in the trade of boys are wealthy businessmen. Under the Taliban, Bacha Bazi was outlawed. Today it is still a crime but clearly there is no concerted effort being made to stop the practice and the criminal activity that surrounds it.

Preview of 6-part documentary about BACHA BAZI  – The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan:


See full documentary here: bacha-bazi-documentary





Bacha Bazi Dance boy


This is where the Bacha Bazi boys live

This is where the Bacha Bazi boys live


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  1. You guys are all crazy, tell you aint never heard about a pastor that rapes and molest young boys, But did we say All christians are pedophiles? No! We don’t blame the whole followers of are particular religion because some stupid people among them or actually claim to be followers of that religion….. People make stupid mistakes, So you don’t go condeming the whole muslim community because of what some few bad people that claim to be muslims did… If any of you knew the True meaning of Islam, Trust me you’d be ashamed of yourselfs.

    • So true. The muslim culture has twisted so many of the normal and natural ways of being in the world that I’m actually not surprised that it is the largest religion in the world. After they have torn down all ability to express free thought, the next step is easy, join, become fanatical, or die.

  2. Damn with you who ignorantly decided against ISLAM. All of the people in the world really know that Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) is the last Prophet, is the last messenger of God. Those who do not know about Islam go to Learn Islam. A true Islam, not the Islam in USA, or Islam In Saudi Arabia, The pure Islam, recite Quran, Sorah Al-Nesa. You will find the best rule applied for the human rights there. You don’t know the Biography and moral characteristics of Muslims’ Prophet Mohammad. Why are you so ignorant that you blindly think and decide upon the events which are common among the fake muslims, the people who are apparently named Muslim, but actually they are unbelievers? you do not consider Wahabi and Taleban and Daesh people “MUSLIM”. They are cruel and worse than Kafer people. Read a lot about “SHIA” Muslims to find out true ISLAM. you certainly believe that the representative of true ISLAM is SHIA Muslims. God Bless you.

      • Are these men who use these boys Muslim? If so then they are Pedofiles. Pigs, the evil of the devil, taking what they want and ignoring their religion, their Quoran. Because they can and no one has stopped them because people are frightened. I would put a bullet in their head immediately. They do not deserve to live. They are evil. If Muslim people want to be taken seriously and their religion respected, then create boundaries that is not to be ‘the infidels that rape young boys’, and execute them as an example.

        • J, muhammad (pbuh)piss be upon him was a Pedophile, what do you call someone who marries a 6 year old girl?? Plays with small boys penis and sticks his tongue in their mouths ???? It’s all “sunna ” and in the hadiths.!!!!!

        • It’s not just Afghanistan this goes on all through the middle east.
          They justify all kinds of hatred and evil in the Quaran.

          The ABNORMAL practice of segregating the sexes has brought on this abhorrent behaviour.
          Muslim men with have sex with anything that moves.

          Don’t hang your washing out on a windy day.

      • Consider this parable when it comes to muslims: A man was walking along a cold street when he encountered a snake. The snake said to the man “It’s very cold out here, will you allow me into your warm house?” The man allowed the snake into his warm house. When the snake got warm, it bit the man. As the man was dying he asked the snake “I allowed you into my warm house, why did you bite me?” The snake replied “Because I am a snake.” We would do good to remember that a muslim is no different than a snake.

      • Amen, take your blessing but know it will bite you, you CANNOT mock God (Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit/God all mighty,) Trinity! 3 in 1! When you do things condoning sin don’t be surprised when the hand of judgement comes down upon you!

      • Not girls. Just boys. They are called toy boys. The documentary is called “The dancing children of Afghanistan” be aware if you watch it. It will stay in your mind forever. It is very sad

    • Why would you waste your time posting a comment on a site that is occupied by people who despise you because you are a Muslim? In doing so you are only giving them a chance to throw their hatred in your face. All you and others like you who try to preach Islam on this site achieve is give more ammunition to those who hate you and hate Islam. It is amazing that you can’t see that you are just giving them exactly what they want – fuel for the fire. You would be much better ignoring sites like this and try to convince more moderate people that Islam is a tolerant, peaceful religion, without the proselytising – that really pisses even tolerant people off.

    • Atrocities happen everywhere. In every other country on earth, these are shameful acts hidden always and persecuted when possible. Nowhere else are they given authority from their god as being acceptable except Islam.

    • Islam is nothing more than a hate filled religion that it trying to take over the world. Muhammad is a very hateful person that doesn’t really exist. Radical Islam are nothing more than a coward religion who will go to any means to satisfy themselves.

    • If you go to there is a documentary “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan” which
      goes deeply into this subject. If you want to face the truth you should watch this
      provacative piece. Sadly this is the truth and for all the name calling by the Islam
      community about how morally corrupt Christians are, they should look in the mirror.
      This is truly a disgusting practice. Boys taken from their families, poverty-stricken families,
      who take the money, their hearts breaking so they can feed the rest of their children.

      • Horrific documentary and part of their culture. What is just as bad is U S had / has an official policy in theatre not to stop it……. see actions taken against special forces soldiers who attacked Afghani for abusing boys and see BBC Panorama on USMC experience with this policy.

        The key here is to obviously have a policy against it and regarding children and poverty drop the pill bomb on Afghanistan. Less children = less poverty = less children / families in position of being subjected to exploitation.

    • all muslims, and i mean ALL muslims, are sick, perverted, and evil….. there is a movement among christians…. we are preparing to take the fight to the animals that call themselves “islamic”….. we know how to fight and we know how to defeat you….get ready for a taste of your own medicine!!!!!

      • Amen Brother, I am with you. These people are an enemy of the Cross. Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!!

    • Go kill yourself, you Muslim piece of shit!!!!! Your ‘religion’ needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth!!!!!

    • Mir, it is you who blindly think. You follow a “prophet” with no credentials. God, the father of Jesus, sent his prophets to perform miracles, and to predict future events with unerring accuracy. He allowed this so that his power might be seen through them, to give their words validity. They predicted the coming of Jesus as the Christ–his birth, his death, and his mission to save those who believed he was the son of God. With what credentials or validation does Mohammad speak? NONE. Despite the obvious power through which the prophets of Jesus were sent, you ignore them and follow a powerless charlatan like Muhammad. Who is truly blind?

      • Joseph Smith was an anti Christ just like mooHAMit; ghandi; pope; confusion; and the rest. If you believe not in Jesus Christ, you are already condemned. God is angry with the wicked everyday! Repent all you heathen; pagans and idol worshippers!!!!!

    • You need to understand… you men are homosexuals! Now go throw yourself off a very high building you sick twisted quaran queer!

    • Mir Hamid—Towel Heads like you should not be allowed to live in this country as you don’t even want to live by our rules and laws. Mohammad was nothing more than a pervert, and the Islam religion is very hateful, and the Quran teaches hate. The men who do this are nothing more than child molesters and perverts.

    • The Catholic Crusades took care of the Ottoman Empire and will do it again .
      here we come. In the name of God’s ONLY begotten Son Jesus Christ ,Head of the One Holly Apostolic Roman Catholic Church. You were named the heretics and Infidels.

    • Absolutely vile…… abusing young children….. probably because a woman is too much to cope with. Sex and sexual actions with the same sex is homosexuality and that is fact. But to abuse children….. thats sick and also a fact.
      Islam is a peadophile way of life an order of depravity and barbaric filth. You scum bags wont eat bacon…. but can assult women children and animals….. mentally twisted shit heaps.

      • all you ragheads need to leave USA. Only Christians can live here. Go back to where you came from. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructs us not to get yoked with unbelievers.

    • We know that your kind are nothing but a bunch of towel heads and camel humpers . You probably play with yourself when not playing with yourself. Keep humping those camels. I know you love it. Also your prophet Mohammed was a pervert, just like yourself Mir Hamid.

    • Exactly how is a person supposed to distinguish rather or not you’re a ‘good’ muslim? Before or after you behead them?

  3. Something I thought very interesting, is some of the comments here. The Bacha Bazi are a fact. This happens. Not only in Afghanistan either. Yet I’m seeing all these comments (thankfully not too many!) from people who are Muslims, or Muslim sympathisers, and instead of denouncing the horrific atrocities committed by their fellow Muslims, all they can say is “bigot” “racist” “discrimination” etc etc.

    This site probably wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is if Muslims were not invading the West, which is forcing us to realise the truth of Islam. Now, paedophilia and sexual abuse are abhorrent no matter where it happens, but Westerners need to be made aware of the type of people our governments are forcing onto us against our wishes.

    With all that said, this topic is absolutely depressing. Those poor boys.

  4. Depraved closeted savages, the lot of them. How most of these paedophiles aren’t in prison for life is beyond me.

  5. Those are not Muslims. Islam goes beyond merely disapproving of homosexuality. Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

      • Don’t ya just love a religion that says don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t rape, homosexuality etc. Then there’s the quoran version of ‘fine print’, justifying killing, stealing, raping, etc. They’ve got all their bases covered. What a great religion if you’re a man, pedophile, a thief, rapist, or what have you.

        Would someone please tell me what good has come out of Islam?

    • Mamoon you too need to leave USA because you approve of pedophilia. We don’t want your types here. Jesus will send you straight to hell when you die for your false god worship and your approval of small boys getting raped by monsters like you!!! Get out of MY country!!!

  6. It’s funny the Islamic men says we’re not gay but although they’re having male sex slaves. Does that make any fucking sense…

    • That is because they have a different definition of “gay”.
      As i am told multiple times they believe that you are only gay if you marry another man…so sleeping with other man, or in most cases little boys, is perfectly fine by them. There is a saying in afghanistan: Women are for children…boys are for pleasure.

    • Islamic pashtun Afghan culture is other wordly, tribal and closed to the global world Community. These are a disfunctinal psychotic people that are solutions and best to be isolated as mental cases in Afghanistan.

    • Ben..if that is all you see, it’s because you are being willfully ignorant. Before pointing fingers, hold a mirror up to your own face. If you have nothing of value to add to the discussion, it is assumed that your own intention is itself inflammatory. We on this site do not suffer long with mudslinging without throwing it back. If you can’t run with the big dogs (and Grumpy Cats) , stay on the porch.

    • Ben, the “dancing boys of Afghanistan” are a well known fixture in the circles of wealthy business men. They are wearing female dress and make-up, they are under age, and they are used for sex. On the other hand, by the Koran’s rules, homosexuals need to be killed. Do you see the problem here?

  7. There is no love and no passion for it. so to me it should stop because I’m bisexual and I am a lovable and a passionate person. Not only that it is just lust and why don’t the men I have sex with each other instead of little boys and if its in their religion tender religion is pretty retarded. Because last time I checked they’re not supposed to love and do sexual things with men…

    • Why when you tell the truth and its inconvenient does it become bias or racist. Good job BNI for exposing this backward cultural practise. Just for the record in any other western culture this would be criminal behavoir and child exploitation. One more example of why the religion of peace has no place in the civilized world.

    • Klumsy, Klubfooted, Arab ! You don’t even spell it correctly !
      It’s “ALLAGH” !
      And it’s pronounced with a dominant “G” sound. You know, like in clearing the palate and throat of gathered snot and mucus prior to launching a semi-solid hawker on the sandal clad feet of some mucking fuslim.
      Practice with your own feet until you get it right.

    • Typical muslim, trying to deny the reality of your sick cult from being exposed. I saw the original Frontline documentary on PBS many years ago and was appalled. Everything we consider perverted and evil is normal and accepted in Islam.
      Islam is a sick and perverted cult that should be banished from civilized regions.Due to the hatred and banishment of women, men pretend young pretty boys are women in order to satisfy their carnal lust, all the time denying their homosexuality and pedophilia.A bunch of sick hypocrites. I’ve read that the rich “devout ” saudis when
      they get to Southern France in their big yatchs demand women and young boys to
      be brought in for their sexual pleasure. Paradise in islam not only has 72 young
      virgins but also YOUNG BOYS as pretty as pearls to please the perverted jihadis. So,
      go somewhere else with your fake outrage. To think that US soldiers died and keep
      dying to protect this degenerate backward country..and all the millions of taxpayers
      money wasted on these people…what a waste…and now this scum is being brought
      into Europe and US by traitor politicians…it makes me sick. No wonder rape not
      only of women but of boys is becoming more and more frequent in Europe..

    • If you are Muslim — Yes, I admit I hate everything about you and your sick, retarded ‘cult’ you call a religion.
      I hate the very sight, smell and sound of anything or anyone Islamic.
      Wherever one goes in this world there are always diseases — but Islam is the most revolting disease in existence.
      Muslims are vile carriers and are hated through the length & breadth of my country. If one such monster dared even breathe on of my family I would happily kill him. I, who has never hurt anyone in my life. Please,those of you who make excuses & suck up to these barbarians remember they are responsible for the most atrocious killing of Christians or non-believers in the history of the world. They keep murdering, they always will. Keep them out of your country.

  8. What can you expect in a culture which virtually denies males all contact with women?

    It’s not at all unlike the pedophilia problem among priests. It was almost always young boys who were molested by their clergy!

  9. To the owners of this propaganda website. I promise you I will spread the true peaceful Islam across the whole world 10 times faster Than your ugly website. Using media and I will beat your ass. You can reach few thousands. I can reach millions.

    • I have reached over 87 million people. You have reached none. And since I just banned you, you won’t even reach the 50 or 60,000 people who will visit here today.

    • saud – your religion is a mockery and abuseNESS of men all of ages. you have to abolish this barbaric abuse . if not, A CURSE WILL BE ON YOU – WHO PRETEND TO WARSHIP GOD FOR VAIN. YOU HAVE TO REBEL AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN/ POOR PEOPLE/

    • Mr Said, May ALL the household of the prophet of Allah and the house of Israel know that nearly 600 years before Mohammed that God made the same Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and Saviour. Your Taqqiyyah can’t stand anymore. Repent of sin and believe and confess that Jesus Is Lord. I am calling you back to God through the gospel instead of the previous hate communications. GOD is showing you Mercy and offers you salvation as a gift WITHOUT works if you believe and receive Him.

    • The sickness and perversion of islam started with your sick and perverted warlord , murderer, rapist, thief, satanic Mohammed. The fruits of a poisoned tree are poisonous, and that is islam, rotten to the core.The example is open for the world to see. ISIS is true islam, following on the steps of the is the sick regime of Saudi Arabia and other places where islam unfortunately has taken hold.

    • You idiot !! There is NO peaceful Islam.
      It is a murderous regime, peppered with sick-minded paedophiles and rapists. Those of us in Western civilized countries outside of the fools in Western Europe , loathe each and every one of you. Vile, contemptible creatures that you are.

  10. How about the 72-Virgins ??

    As to Islam’s “72 Virgins”, there seems much “Dissent” and “Lashback: from Muslims attempting to “Debunk” it, but INTERESTINGLY enough NOT as a “Lie” or as a “Myth”.

    This indicates that, although the “Physical” Reality IS a “Myth”, there IS some TRUTH in this Muslim “BELIEF” that this IS a “Physical Reality”, but now “Excused” as a “Misinterpretation” of the Qur’an.

    With Website Posts such as from “” Post – states: “As I said many, many times before, the Quran has been misinterpreted. The follower will not receive 72 Virgins when attaining Heaven; it’s 72 Raisons. How did they come up with this virgin stuff? Can’t leave them alone for a minute! ”
    BUT, of course Christians could say the SAME thing about Islam’s and the Muslim’s, “Religion of Hate”, seemingly intentional “Misinterpretation” of the Christian Bible.

    (11 LINKS DELETED BY BNI. William you are not allowed to post laundry lists of links here. This space is for comments. You may post links but not lists of them)

    • Since Islamic men and boys are generally not at all able to establish any meaningful contact with women and girls, they can only dream of the “72 Virgins” in heaven! However, here on Earth, they can only satsfy their sexual needs with young boys like these, since, thanks to their faith, they have grown up almost completely without opportunities to meet women!

  11. Sarah…

    Why do you persist in this mindless brow-beating of BNI?
    BNI is doing what she can–she’s reporting this abuse. Where have you seen it reported anywhere else? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And, what do you expect her–or anyone else here–to do about it? Come on, stop this pathetic whining and get specific; EXACTLY what do you want BNI–or anyone else here–to do about it? Your tiresome pandering for some empty show of “boo-hooing” will change NOTHING.

    And, she’s right: It IS a muslim problem. It’s only OUR problem when they’re allowed to bring it HERE. And, unfortunately, LOTS of these cretins ARE coming here. Meanwhile, it’s THEIR sick religion, their country, their choice and their problem. We are merely forewarned–and hopefully–fore-armed.

    Seriously, Sarah…it’s time for you to put a sock in it…

    • @geo sincere apologies that my compassion and despair appears to hve upset you so much. I can’t help how I feel and believed ( incorrectly) that this was one place it was ok to speak your mind. Won’t make that mistake again. Raised believing children were innocent on the whole, sure there are some evil brats alive but on the whole kids hve the right to be just kids. It grieves me that some kids suffer so much just as it does it see the suffering of men and women. Obviously I totally misunderstood this site, the only form of expression acceptable is when it completely maligns Islam I won’t make that mistake again, care I mean, I won’t make the mistake of caring again. Just so I’m certain can you clarify please, I can hate and despise all Muslims and ALL victims of Muslims? It would help to know what free speach is allowed.

      • Sarah,

        I asked you a couple of questions:

        1. Where have you seen this abuse reported anywhere else?

        2. What do you expect BNI–or anyone else here–to do about it?

        You answered neither of those questions–never touched them. Rather, you played the martyr-card. It’s all about poor YOU and YOUR precious feelings, There’s nothing in the world wrong with your feelings, as such… but they’re not going to reveal any truth or resolve any problems in and of themselves.

        BTW, Sarah, no one here endorses inhuman behavior–we’re shocked and affected by it, too–as you would expect from any decent human being. But, that’s why we’re here…because we hate evil and we are (rightly) outraged by it.

        Here’s a news-flash for you, Sarah: There are larger issues in this world than YOUR self-indulgent feelings! Issues like: Why does this happen? Who’s doing it? Does it fit a pattern–i.e., is there a common denominator for who engages in these malign practices and what drives people to do them? That’s why BNI is here–and that’s why those of us who follow this site are here. We’ve connected the dots–we see the commonality. Does that mean we can stop it? Unfortunately, no. But, we can be aware of it, see the truth and speak the truth, unpleasant as it so often is. Admittedly, it’s not for the weak…but nobody’s forcing you to come around here, are they?

        “I won’t make that mistake again, care I mean, I won’t make the mistake of caring again.”

        Sarah, if caring is what you do…then by all means, care! If your feelings are more important to you than facts? That’s YOUR choice. But…with your (whimpering) badgering and brow-beating…you’re trying to FORCE YOUR cares on others. That’s where we part company, Sarah…

        Have a nice day…


  12. Everyone is apalled by thus abuse but I still challenge you bni as a woman forget Islam these children are being abused how the hell do you expect them toe re get out of this life if we turn our backs because ‘ it’s a Muslim problem’ I say again these are innocent children with no choices it us the responsibility of all those who believe children ate innocent I cant believe how narrow minded yup ate being are you really saying leave them to this life? It’s not our problem? Turn ypur back people on child abuse!

      • Unfortunately I have no feet and hve been in two comas but if I was physically able and able to fly I would explore how to help these children. You cannot hate the children born into this life you cannot hate the innocents who hve no choice. I support everything you do in highlighting these atrocities but to say you don’t care about these innocents makes you as bad as them. Do you know what Jesus said about children ? Suffer the little children to come unto me for there’s is the kingdom of heaven. ….automatically accepted by Christ cos they are kids. By saying you don’t give dam because it is Muslims abusing them is a step too far you cannot tell me you feel nothing about these kids why dhow us all this……is it some sick form of entertainment ? What about all those young girls raped and groomed in Britain again by self confessed Muslims it’s been all over the news do you also think they deserved it or do you hve any compassion for all these children in Britain? Non Muslim innocent girls. Do you dismiss them this flippantly too?

        • Sarah, I have compassion for everyone but muslims. STOP trying to get me to agree with you. I won’t. And since I am not Christian, I don’t have to love my enemy.

      • Since u gave me no way to reply I am using a previous reply click to respond to your last point. Apologies. Bni u hve this completely wrong u hve me wrong I just want t know why you bothered showing us all this (and you showed an awful lot about them) why? Just so all comments aim at hating Islam? I’m still insistant that these are children they are victims. Victims of Muslims they are NOT MUSLIMS. They are not responsible for 9/11 they hve not chopped off heads they are abused children abused by Muslims they are not Muslims. Didj feel anything wen looking at the photo of where they slept? I am struggling to understand why would you highlight the awful lives of these kids if you didn’t care Less about them you Wldnt show this sorry but I don’t believe you cldnt care less if that were true you Wldnt show this stuff.

    • The feminist organizations concern themselves ONLY with illegal sexual trafficking in women and girls.
      If you’re a male, you’re SOL!

    • Sarah, when people turn their backs on abused children because of what God their abusers pray too then you can’t expect anything from them. Stop trying, it’s like expecting a budgie to do advanced maths, and your energy could be better spent. Maybe watch the videos and find a white child being abused, that will get interested xx

      • So, we’re “turning our backs” on abused children, eh, Nicola? Well, what are YOU doing about it? Come on, Nicola, exactly what’s YOUR plan to combat this?

        May I remind you, Nicola, that in CIVILIZED societies, child abuse as depicted here is a FELONY crime. And, everyone here endorses and approves of that.

        It’s cheap and easy for you to come in here and impugn us with ZERO facts and ZERO contribution of your own. Perhaps YOU are the “budgie” who can’t handle advanced “maths?” So, if you have an answer for this, let’s hear it. And, if you don’t…maybe you should shut your pie-hole.

        Note: Just “caring” is not an answer; an answer means a solution and action, not whining, hand-wringing, and putting-down others for your own purposes.

        I’ll be waiting for your answer…

  13. Sounds like what feminists want. Men to be so revolted and afraid of women that they abuse boys, which are just future useless men to them anyway. No wonder the left loves Islam.

    • Exactly Jay! The more I learn and read about the atrocities committed by Islamists, I strongly believe that their religion advocates and propagates misogyny and extreme hatred of and toward women and abnormal affection toward the same sex and innocent minors who can’t retaliate or fight back. This is horrendously sick on so many levels. These demons have a special kind of hell awaiting them.

  14. muslims are doing what comes naturally to them mohamedd was a paedophile, so no change there..let them fuck each other and kill each other, I dont care. just keep eradicating each other..I love reading about muslims mutrtdering each other, YEMEN, SYRIA etc I dont give two shits about scum or vermin.

  15. Islam and its low life followers need to be wiped out for eternity, luckily thats what the bible says will happen, soon

    • Actually, it says anyone of any race, religion, or belief that rejects Jesus as the son of God, and rejects his mission to die for their sins…will be wiped out for eternity. That includes ALL Muslims, and a lot of white, anglo-saxon unbelievers. If you don’t want your ass thrown in with their lot, get down on your knees and repent to Christ. Just sayin’

      • What a sad reflection on life. Why? Why is it the Muslims job to help them? Bni do you really believe that? It is not just a Muslims problem as you seem to be suggesting. These children are innocents it is the responsibility of every one on earth to protect these innocent boys. You did get that they are the victims right? Thank god for the people that make a difference, that do something that make life matter. These boys, there lives matter.

        • It is a Muslim problem. There are 56 Muslim countries in the world, many of them filthy rich and they never lift a hand to help their own but expect the West to do it. Muslim lives DO NOT MATTER to me.

      • Europeans, and increasingly Americans and Canadians and Austrailians have more than enough to worry about with the mass mudslime child rape epidemic in the West, due to the importation of tens of millions of barbaric savage Islamist cockroaches who feel it is their religious duty to rape infidel children.

        As we haven’t even got close to tackling this Muslim sickness which Islam has imported into the West, why should we care about what goes on in Shitistan?

        The documentary is worth watching as it shows the degree of barbarity and sickness prevalent through all Islamist culture, however BNI is perfectly correct – it is a Muslim problem, and its the Muslims responsibility to sort it out.

        The Koran is full of references to sex with little boys, view Anne Barnhardts Koran burning for the exact passages and references.

        Truly satanic and revolting, as one might expect from the inbred Islamic culture, but due to the mass Muslim colonisation of the West we are now having to deal with this disgusting Islamist sickness here.

      • @Sarah………BNI is right….and the answer is Straight forward…..not a lie…..How and Why should we help?……………..When we were in trouble no one helped….and tomorrow when you are in trouble no one is going to help you too…… But BNI is doing one good thing…..IT is bringing things to LIGHT… you know it because of BNI…..Now it is your job to take the decision…..

      • Sure, you’re right. I will. If only Authorities would hunt these perverts down because this is a blatant paedophile ring. Then again silly me! It’s just Islam isn’t it DUH!

      • Bin back to my original point that you failed to demonstrate was invalid despite removing anyone’s right to also comment on my question. This is not just a Muslim problem it us a problem to humanity. These boys are the victims of Muslims so why do you think the very people controlling them would EVER help? Why has our country deployed marines to aid those suffering from these ‘Muslim problems? Why dud we drop food parcels and blankets to the 1000’s of Christians stranded wen driven out? By very definition you dint believe we should help them either. The solution cannot be to turn it’s back on human suffering from any part of the world. If we do we are just as bad as the persons responsible. These children are abused by Muslims why wld a Muslim want to help them.
        You know, I had quite a respect for you as a fellow woman I thought how brave u were but by condoning this/saying it is only Muslims that can rescue these children… get they are children? I can see this is a losing battle and I am not even Muslim. I just hve compassion for suffering in the world . You can say whatever u please about Muslim faith but if that us all you hve then you too hve lost something essential in preserving humanity. I’m very sad that my respect for you has taken such a nosedive

      • BNI I am one of your supporters. If u can’t even consider points of view unless they contain vile language and derogatory inflammatory comments then how does that make us any better than them?

      • @aleague, yup! Very true. These are not human beings, they are demons in human form. Only demons without a conscience can commit crimes like these against innocent children. Honestly though, even prayer can’t do a thing to change demons, they are beyond hope, they are just that—Demonic, and will burn in a special kind of hell awaiting them.

  16. They are terrorists. They dont have any religion. They should die of shame. Real muslims are those who follows Qur’an and orders of our prophet Muhammed. Please dont blame Islam.

    • Rashid, Islam is terror, it is a cult not a religion and moslems are not a race. There are no “real moslems”, omly moslems. I read the Koran and hadiths several times and I see nothing of value to follow. It is a book of directions on who to kill, why they should be killed, how to kill them, and when to kill them. Seems pretty terroristic to me and that terrorists are following it word for word. Lets face it, when you read this “wonderful” book it is very simply stated, it is not rocket science and there is very little if any room for interpretation. It is what it is, evil. Another story that turns my stomach is the life of your “prophet”. Lets use that word loosely. There is nothing about love, kindness, joy, forgiveness, hope etc. unless it is between moslems. No quarter is given to anyone else especially Jews, Gays, then Christians and on down the line. Rashid you don’t even like each other, so what is to blame for this evil mess? islam and only islam. Why don’t you come out of the 4th century and find a religion that is more suitable for modern times? Times have changed, islam has not.

      • The free conversation of religion, cult, tradition is engaging. But as to the biology, the race or country was represented before Mohamed was born. Any competent Christian or Islamic know this story. Why don’t you?

    • Rashid:
      Islamists and muslims all hold Muhammad up as the ideal man and the pattern for all men to form their lives after.
      So tell me, Rashid, can you get excited and get it up when thinking of a six to nine year old girl ? Do you paw and snort at the thought of a naked 10 to12 year old boy ?
      Muslims can and DO act like this and then hurry off to bang their heads and wave their smelly, left hand cleaned, butts in the air in praise of the made up god (small g intentional) that the hallucinating Muhammad had conversations with.

      The ONLY reason there are so many muslims today is that their “perfect man” convinced other homicidal maniacs to kill them (and take their belongings) if they showed signs of leaving the faith. Good assured growth program, eh ?

    • Islam is a sick perverted cult because it follows the actions and teachings of a sick perverted prophet and founder, Mohammed, piss be upon him…

  17. This people are frustraded homosexuals, which makes it even more bizarre, because they say they are against homosexuality, and even trow homosexual men from buildings, so in essence they hate themselves, that´s the reason of the killings, a huge inferiority complex.
    Let it be noted that I have nothing against homosexuality or any other kind of behaviour as long as it does not infringe on other people´s freedom.

    • Remco, These people are not frustrated homosexuals they are pedophiles which has nothing to do with homosexuality. Pedophiles pray on young children for sex. Hence the sex grooming gangs that target children, male and female. There are specific examples of how to have sex with children concerning penetration etc. Read the Koran! Yes they think consensual sex between adult people of the same sex is evil and their punishment is to be thrown to their deaths. Their “prophet” (of doom) was a pedophile not a homosexual ( although there is reference to that and other sick stuff in his life story). They do not hate themselves, they hate you and me and everyone else including their own kind, but not themselves. Please perform due diligence when using terminology you do not know the definition of.

  18. I have a friend that calls himself a, “reformed Muslim”. The reason he left his religion and his family was a simple one, he was sick and tired of being molested, raped, beaten and forced to perform oral sex on his father, uncles and older brothers. He has no religion now.
    He despises all forms of religion and mostly, The muslim religion.

    • Thomas, Another great testimonial to the “religion of peace” . Your friend sounds like an ex-moslem not reformed. I hope he goes for psychological help so he can get his life back. This a great example of moslem family values as dictated by the prophet and their book. Imagine what the women in that family have endured. Don’t you just love the “religion of peace”?

  19. Just when you think depravity has its limits,this comes along.At least
    nazis and communists don’t trade little boys like baseball cards and dress them up in versace prada or jimmy choo.

  20. This is totally shown true but what you are trying to say that they are use for sex is totally wrong if you hv any solid proof then show it to all

  21. I just watched the sickening video re dancing boys!! HYPOCITES!!! LIARS MURDERERS PEDOPHILE RAPISTS! And these are the ass backward scuzratts prez obola traitor scuzratt in chief is importing to these shores! You know that since these pus bags never integrate or work, ever, that this goes on here in spades in their horrid squalid nasty communities! Notice how an apt block looks before and after the scuzratt hordes move in?! They’re too busy plotting terror raping boys etc to clean up their living space or give it a lick of paint! I hate these people even more than I did after reading article on sex slaves seeing that young blond girl cowering before the pus bag filthy smelly giant auctioning her off then seeing these videos n reading article… They truly r the scum bags of the earth and all need to be put down and a huge Bon fire made out of all confinscated burkas!

  22. If I had my way, I would feed all of islam each morning with Napalm mixed with pig guts and Daisy cutters dipped in pig shit first.

    • Not all Muslims are like this. Remember, it was the BRITISH whom invented the concentration camps (as Hitler used them), to imprison Afrikaaners during the British/ Afrikaaner/ Zulu wars. And enough people died just as cruelly at the hands of the British, because they were thought of as second class citizens in their OWN country. Yes, Britain has enough cruel blood on it’s hands. No nation or faith is perfect, there are always people who take the true path and distort it to their own ends.

      • oi I’m English and yes in the past our country did bad things as well as good things – BUT – we do not back kiddie fiddlers, or wife beaters, or rapists, or treat women as sub humans, or get enjoyment from killing an animal as sadistically as we can – we don’t condone murder because someone is of a different faith, we don’t stone people to death, we are not stuck in a backward 6th century evil cult – so easy answer you don’t like it here in the UK then bugger off and take your evil cult with you

      • Islam was spread with sword. Millions who refused to convert to Islam were killed in India alone. even now non-Muslims are being killed for refusing to accept Islam in Islamic caliphate.

      • All muslims are secretly like this. Islam is the religion of satan. Be thankful I am not President for I would bomb all of Islam back to the stone age.

      • You are a lying pig “prince”! It’s you scumbag muzzrats who have all the blood on your hands from the raping murdering and selling women to the goat fuckers you are…say prince, you claim Britain is so bad you don’t live there right?! You live in one of the great countries that you are all trying to sneak out of for western nations to scrounge benefits.. You hypocrite scumbag… If your in Britain I hope they throw your stinking ass out the door along with your hundres of illegal family members! You picked the wrong site buddy to spew your muzzratt lies! Now go f**k yourself or your goat!

      • @Prince Sayyid Daoud Al-Saud
        Nobody said ALL Muslims were like this. And, what do the Brittish have to do with Bacha Bazi? NOTHING! Why are you deflecting from the TOPIC/ISSUE here? And even those who do NOT participate in Bacha Bazi but say nothing, do nothing are just as responsible. Silence condones! If 5000 non practicing rose up against the 500 who do THAT COULD STOP IT AND CHANGE THINGS!

      • Maybe but the British / Afrikaners didn’t have sex slave boys like you Muslims STILL DO!!! Lying hippocrate. You’re all cut from the same cloth, trained and conditioned by the same war criminal that you called a ‘prophet’! None of you can be trusted so stop trying to justify the disgusting practices of Islam by comparing them to the British / Afrikaners / Zulus. They also didn’t behead people, mutilate the genitals of young girls, beat and throw acid on their women, enslave girls for sex – Islam is a disgusting, low-life, EVIL control system that is being brought to light with the aid of the internet and the atrocities of ISIS and other terrorist groups. I hope it gets totally outlawed and eradicated in the near future.

      • The tragedy is that the name of Islam is dragged thru dirt. It seems that those that shout and are the most hate filled…do not know THEIR history…and the common sin of all of humanity.

      • The Muslims have been trafficking humans on a massive scale for hundreds of years before western cultures and most Muslim countries didn’t even outlaw it until the 20th century, some the 21st. When I was in Saudi Arabia in 1979, they were legally, actively auctioning off Nigerian slaves in the middle of town for anyone to see.

      • Maybe true my friend, but all Society’s except Hitler learned not to live in the past, but to learn from their mistakes. He doesn’t exist anymore. It may take YEARS, but one day your sickening society won’t exist either.

        • You are letting your passion against sin distract you from God’s plan (I.e. Spread the gospel.. And if a country doesn’t accept you you are to blast them into the Stone Age… NOT!

      • Prince, Lets for once talk about now, today, here. Can you do that?? Times and people have changed and the people that did that stuff are long dead. So what has islam done for use lately? The answer death and destruction. I had no idea that the British “invented concentration camps”? WOW that is new history. Did they sell the idea to hitler? You are the Prince of Fools. Signed, King John

      • hi prince if your pakistani guys in britian are too good and dont do anything evil than see this video, i dont know if the brit police have arrested them or not


      • Oh right ,you must mean the “moderate muslims. The only difference is the moderate holds your feet while the radical beheads you.

      • How about the dark kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and how it treats its people, especially women..Islam has been doing damage to those unfortunate enough to be around it for 1400 years, way before there was England…and it all started with the sick scum false prophet Mohammed, piss be upon him.

  23. Yes you should be ashamed. You are given refuge and you show appreciation by sexually assaulting the hosts under age children.

  24. HOW DARE YOU! This is not Islam. The truth is Islam is a disease that destroys the soul. All made up infidel lies.

      • Hee! Hee! Merde de la Merde ( translation from French, Shit of Shit) describe Islam as a disease that destroys the soul. He said it, and he is right.Then he’s outraged by the lies…he seems confused.

  25. Christians everywhere unite!! Remember Revelations foretold in the Holy Bible, the building of God’s Holy Temple and the seven year covenant with the Jewish people orchestrated in some way by the Muslim Turkish antichrist. When the world will say ‘Peace Peace’ when there is no peace will be a terrible time after the first three and a half years when the Antichrist (Mahdi) Abomination that causes Desolation sits in the Temple of God and proclaims himself God and of course breaks the covenant. For the next three and a half years, The great deceiver who practises Hudna (Mahdi) at this time will be terrible for he will turn on the Jews and Christians in the Middle East and some will hurt those in the West like that poor soldier in Britain and after three and a half years ie 1260 days, Jesus will return – he will come riding on the clouds straight into Egypt where he will save the Coptic Christians and then he will go into the other countries of the Middle East that surround Israel and fight against them and in the plain of Megiddo there Jesus will judge them. Jesus will rise up the seven shepherds to fight the antichrist ( the Mahdi) and he will be beaten.
    What the Muslims do is a blasphemy against God and all creation and especially when they harm little children ‘ better for a man to be thrown into the deepest ocean if they harm my little ones than to fall into the hands of the living God’ but Jesus will soon and put an end to all barbarism. The moment a Christian is killed he goes into the very presence of the God of Love. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!,
    Don’t be disheartened by the terrible things we see the Muslims do but fight against it. Give to Rescue Christians, support the charities like Open Doors and any others. Fight with love and testimony and never deny Jesus. Do all you can to give a good and faithful witness. Put on the armour of God and pray. Also pray for Muslims who are truly looking for God as they will find Jesus just as Walid did and thousands of other a Muslims. Christianity is still the most powerful religion in the world even if it doesn’t feel like it because the Muslims are so vocal. Because in our Father God, The Lord Jesus and the beautiful Holy Spirit we have true peace, true love and we become better than we could’ve imagined and one day God will make us sinless. For more information go to Youtube and search Walid Shoebat – I believe he is a Prophet of God and will answer all your questions.
    Come Lord Jesus come!, Amen and Amen.

      • Any religion is bad when it is used to justify the evil in men and women. I know some great christians who believe what they believe but dont ram it down others throats. Ive known a few muslims tbat were very accepting of me despite me being gay. They had their own beliefs on it but never insulted my right to be who I am just because of their religion. Its extremists that are the dangerous ones. Those who twist religion into something bitter and twisted for their own nasty ends. Religion or faith is a good thing. It only becomes bad when people turn it bad.

      • Thomas Move to a moslem country. Send us a post card every week. When don’t get your cards any longer, we will know why.

        • Same with Steve, the muslims you know accept your gayness because their numbers are low. If they get any power, they’ll throw you from a tower, and if you don’t die of the fall , the mob bellow will finish you off.

      • Thomas HOW DARE YOU. HOW DARE YOU COMPARE CHRISTIANITY TO ISLAM. We believe in a New Testament god who decide do show love and care rather than the anger you may read in Old Testament that’s the whole point of Jesus. Jesus is loving compassionate and grieves over the acts of man. I am very disgusted that you could ever compare Islam to Christianity. You have it wAy wrong

      • Why? Why are we as bad? Do we cut off heads? Murder people? Or do we just have hope? Get put of the Old Testament, read the new after Christ, the whole point of Christ was to demonstrate love and abolish the angry Old Testament god who everyone knows the verse ……so LOVED the world he sent his only son …… It makes me so angry when ignorant people like you compare Christians to Muslims. We are NOT alike why else are they killing us all? Eh? Answer me that.

      • Jesus wld never do that. Why would God himself condone a satanic religion. I despair. Some of these comments are pathetic and the ones attacking me because I voiced my opinion are sad and unnecessary I hve the right to my opinion. I hve the right to voice my opinion. Those of you who attacked me are wasting their time and energy and attacking the wrong person!

      • Mr Said, Jesus Christ Already provided that you. IT is historical fact. Now repent of your sins and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and you will receive the Holy Ghost to purify and bless you.

  26. I think that “the holy book” of Islam is bullshit!

    How the hell can a idiot like Mohammed write such a long book without help of others idiots with gout beard?
    Allah suck,Mohammed suck=Islam is a piece of shit!

  27. never be with a Muslim male or female alone, never, it doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or if you are strong or weak… when I was younger, I was almost raped/abused by one of these weirdos… Shout stop or not or enough, push them away or/and move away while you can.

  28. holy effin crap! is this real? i thought that these guys were hardcore with all the hellfire and brimstone stuff. how in the hell is this justified?

    • ‘Jedi Master’ You closet homosexual when was Afghanistan a part of India. I think u are a true example of a muslim inbred fool. Please read history books……

      Oh sorry I forgot u are an illiterate inbred………
      Fellow BNI members this guy is surely a porky from porkistan (Pakistan). They can’t stand India and always get their asses kicked by them at everything. The majority of Indians are either Hindus or Sikhs. Pakis share borders with Afghanistan please see the Atlas and is a breeding ground for terrorists.

      • actually Afghanistan WAS truly a part of India during ancient was called the kingdom of Gandhar. The Kandahar region got its name from it. It was a Buddhist majority region until Muslim invaders annexed the whole Gandhar and beheaded all buddhist population. Thats why there was an ancient Bamiyan Buddhist statue in Afghanistan, which the Talibaan blew with dynamite.

    • slave of allah your trying to tell me that all those boys dancing and having a good time are all due because of the west and its tv programs and the net, and we do not know how Islam really is because we are all brain washed by the Media dude what you be smoking I want some of that stuff lol

  29. How anyone can know the truth about Islam and still defend it is beyond my human comprehension. Islam is straight from the pits of hell. So sad to see these things I almost can’t watch but I make myself. I feel so sorry for the kids who by no choice of their own are born into this filth.

  30. They hate women so much that they dress boys in women’s garb?
    They must be so sick in their perverted moslem minds.

  31. This site is obvious propaganda.
    Incorrect facts with doctored pictures.

    But I guess you’re just telling these readers what they want to hear.
    So the truth here is irrelevant.

      • Go get your facts straight kid. And Stop being lazy ass and get spoon fed information to you. Go do your own search instead of this propaganda: so much shit talking and you didn’t even read one page of what Islam is. So please sush. Don’t post until you educate yourself.

        • Saud, I have educated myself about your filthy death cult posing as a religion and now so have my 87 million visitors. But rag heads like you are not allowed to post here so you are now banned.

    • yeah, please prove it. but I believe you can’t, just like muhammed and his assistant, allah, couldn’t prove that quran was not man-made. Tom Holland outsmarted muhammed and his assistant, allah.

      • Well you think that quran is man-made … how stupid you are! Can’t you see the truth ? Did you ckecked wether this info. Is true or even do you know profite Esa who you lie and say that he is the son of our only God ? or even do you profite Moso ? Do you know Mohammad ? Do you ever opened a translated Quran ? I’m sure that you didn’t before you said this …

    • I’m sure you wish it wasn’t true. But in your heart, you know it is. Humans always fall short of God’s ideal. That’s why we must submit our life to God and Christ.

    • This isn’t propaganda. This is real. I’ve spent time in Afghanistan with the military and this was one of the many disgusting “cultural” habits the nation had. Before you decide to call something out on something you know nothing about take the time to learn. Political correctness doesn’t have a place when the truth needs to be told.

    • These are not doctored and I promise you, on my 5 year old little girls life that this is a very, very REAL thing. I have spent quite a bit of time in several different areas of RC east and south , Afghanistan with the US Army. Myself and my fellow operators have witnessed this part of their culture up close and personal and we’re not allowed to react to it. There is a saying amongst the Pashto people who also make up the bulk of the Islamists or Taliban, the saying is; “Women are for work and breeding, little boys are for fun and pleasure”. I know your going to think that I’m probably some fraud trying to move what you think is false propaganda forward, please, I am begging you to open your eyes, when and if you do what your going to see will be ugly, violent and utterly horrifying and unacceptable, it IS REAL and many of our young combat veterans have been exposed to this. It is also here in the USA and other western civilizations. I have been CONUS for almost a solid year now and haven’t had a decent nights sleep because of this disturbing hypocritical Islamic cultural behavior.

    • WWWYP, islam is obvious propaganda, evil, nasty, death cult, etc. A Fact by it’s very nature can not be incorrect. Facts are just that, truths. I am sure all the ugly pictures and videos all over the internet are photo shopped and doctored by someone to make islam look bad. Ha, get a life fool. Thankfully we have these sites or we would never know the truth.

    • What? Are you serious? There is nothing so far on here I have seen that is a lie. The media tells snippets this lady tell it how it really is. I hve difficulty with some of the things said to me on here but only because I think all opinion is at least worth considering but yours is one of the more absurd I hve read in a while

    • This site is a hate filled sack of crap but sadly when it comes to this they are right. I knew a Moroccan muslim who said, and I’m quoting here, that “Women are for raising a family, boys are for pleasure. Not all muslims agree with this but it IS a fact that boys are dressed as women and abused, they are passed around and kicked out when they are 18 as they are men. Sadly many boys only know this life and so end up abusing boys themselves. But they are muslims, so who gives a shit, right?

  32. I am sickened reading what these boys go through but not really surprised. I agree we must all join to rid the world of this violence and hate that is Islam. Why do they keep saying it is a peaceful religion? Being an atheist I think all religion is violent but this really is sick and depraved. There can’t be peace because peace makes no money for Governments and they are the sickest and corrupt.

  33. Green said he is an atheist, but in the second reply he said assalamu alaikom. green is a muslim in disguise. islam is a backward and primitive religion.

      • We feel pride for we’re muslims and when you tell these lies to your stupid people I feel sorrow for the darkness that privents you from seeing the truth . If you guys want the naked true open a traslated quran and ckeck your-selves.

        • We HAVE read the quran which is why we know Islam is so evil. Show me evidence that this story is a lie. You can’t. Are you also proud of being the most hated people on earth?

      • You are the evil and you are the one who is telling lies …
        Islam is the religen which remove the slavary mantality and it is the religoin which ordered us to respect each human … you are just lieing you did not read a quran for sure

      • Dear brother … some people who does not belong to islam religion do very evil action because of thier misunderstanding of our pure good mantality these people does not present us ! Profite mohammad said a hadis which mean:22 groups of ill saparateexist under title islam all of them are in hell except one…the real one and all the others does ot reffer to us… but for God sack …. maybe these evences are fake who knows?

        • TV, I am NOT your brother, don’t ever refer to me as that.

          Show me many of the evil actions that Muslims do and I will find a passage in the quran/hadith/sunna that condones it.

      • I want to ask you why you removed my explanation ? do you fear the truth or do you want read what you really want to here … as i said before some people who does not belong to islam do very evil actions but they does not represent us in no way …. they edit this holly and pure religion as they wish and they make what God prevented us from doing legal and so on …
        on the other hand I ask you to prove that this file is not fake ! who knows maybe you made this up…..

        • I don’t have to prove anything. You the one challenging the facts, in any court of law it is YOU who must prove me wrong. Your nonsense posts are very boring and soon I will delete you too.

      • I agree with you that we are not brothers in humanity now for i had know that you are from those human animals ! I cant understand that some of you do sex with there mothers !! Moreover you are tring by your last comment. To push the truth away !!!! You must prove from quran/sunna that !! stealing and alll bad deeds are illigal in our holly religion! We gave all the world the best. Morals from its south to its north ! Nullify now this fact!!!

      • A Godless droid of the Islamic sewer dwellers. No God. No imagination or creativity. They really are all the same. A real and present danger to any unarmed human walking down the street. Without a soul brain dead savage trying to sound rational. If ever there is a stupid disease brained crawly creature this turd is a good example. Imagine aspiring to go to a brothel after the world gets sick and tired of your sorry muslim ass and expecting the pros to be virgins.

      • you are brave and make people think and be aware to their surrounding. in war you have to be sharp, and not politically correct. this is a sleeping drug for people who cannot understand the magnitude of the Muslim invasion to the west . every one accounts . more knowledge – more effectiveness. the main important thing is collaboration between organizations that fight against stealing america freedom in stealthy ways of Muslim agents. and so called converted Muslims. the danger is already here.

  34. Islam is not a race, well technically anyway. Why would you write that I may not post here again if I had no answer for that? This is the kind of hostility I was referring to in my comment. When I was referring to the sickening racism that has been displayed on this page, I think you know I was talking about comments like “nido listen paki boy”. I tried to convey a wee message of peace and love and I am ultimately shunned? I get it now, type some nasty, venomous hatred and your more than welcome here! My Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, Cousin and myself have all fought for this country in the Armed Forces and for what? To give people like you the freedoms you enjoy today, including the freedom of speech. Your website probably reaches a large number of people, why not use it constructively and positively and say something that would at least give the impression that you have more to say other than the small-minded abuse that’s basically directed toward every single Muslim that walks the earth. Assalamu alaikum.

    • green, it is not racism if no race is involved. You didn’t answer the question so you are banned. All you muslim apologists claim to be former military and you are all liars. Buh Bye, Muslim.

    • I think the fact that the Koran allows followers to lie to non believers with complete impunity. It makes it hard to be trusted down the road. It will take a long time to build trust. Islamic clerics delivered messages of consolation and sympathy at the memorial after 9/11 but immediately retracted their statements when they returned to their homeland. Still, as Christians we should all judge people by their own actions, not any groups they are part of, be it race, religion, gender etc. Thank you for your service. We all come from somewhere else and are looking to make America a better place. And even broken, America is a better country than any other. If God was willing to save Sodom for 10 righteous men, we must be willing to spare the Muslim community a few righteous Muslims. I think most Muslims prefer America to a Sharia society. In my mind, good behavior doesn’t count unless it’s in a free environment. If you are behaving well, because you’ve been intimidated into it, that has no value. Only when you choose to follow God’s laws does it have any redemptive value.

      • GM you need to learn more about islam. I believe the ones that are here are not to escape sharia or the harshness of islam, they are here to conquer and dominate.
        Should we not judge one nazi because of the others? A nazi is a nazi, due to his/her belief, just as a communist, and for that matter a muslim.

    • gc if you are islamo the only reason you or your forebears went along was because you didn’t have the number to do otherwise. That is to take our freedom and throttle it. That we shall all know too well over the next few months and years.

  35. The racism in some of these comments is very sad. So much hatred. I’m not going to preach to anyone because I am far from perfect but my fellow brothers and sisters, surely this is not the way forward for humanity? How are we to grow morally and spiritually when we speak to each other like this? Yes most of us will agree that using and abusing young boys is disgusting, but why should we verbally attack every follower of Islam as if they are a party to this madness? I am an atheist. I respect each and every individual on this planet until they give me reason not to. I know for a fact that most Muslims would not condone the treatment of these kids. If we spent more time loving each other instead of hating then I’m sure the world would be a much nicer place to live in. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Peace and love to all of you.

    • greenc, you are a moslem, I am not your brother, sister, friend. Every follower of islam has the same agenda, submit or die! If they are not actively pursuing this they are not actively rising against it. You don’t know shit about most moslems, for a fact. The cult is evil and shit follows moslems where ever they go on this planet. Stop using the word racism, it is incorrect. Plain and simple I am anti islam. Get it? I will spend no time trying to loving islam, it’s followers, or you. This is self-defense first and for most, and resistance follows. I do not hate, I need that energy to repulse islam. The world would be a much nicer place without islam, ask anyone who has to live near them.

  36. Allahu Ta Ala curse these abuser…Ya Allahu Ta Ala’ Cusre these abuser let the real Muslims rise and stop the oppresors and exploiters of the Muslims.

    • By all means orlando, let them rise and stop them. Where are the “real moslems”?? Well? Do you know where they are? How do we get in touch with them? Are they planning to rise and stop the oppressors and exploiters of the moslems? Dates, places, times, please, that is if you happen to know. Maybe you are their leader? Maybe they do not exist? I think they don’t exist. So boom chuk-a-lak-a to you too.

  37. Islam is a religon of Peace and RESPECT, IF SOME PEOPLE ARE DOING WRONG ITS NT MEANS ALL MUSLIMS ARE WRONG AND ISMAL IS WRONG. I dont know wy all non muslims are afraid about ISLAM. Its real facts that inside they all are follow Islam educations which are not available in other religons.
    if you observe westrun culture i think they almost forgot all its right rituals, they dont have any respect of their daughters, mothers and sisters. you all observe your own homes conditions your sisters have boys friends what you can do even you cant ask any word to what she do with him even…. God bless you all IF YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT OTHERS PLZ FIRST YOU HAVE OBSERVE YOUR OWN CULTURE, UR OWN HOME YOUR OWN RIGHTS AND RITULES ( I AM SORY IF SOME ONE IS HURT BUT ITS TRUE )

    • The islamic culture is the culture of love and it is the culture of rights in which each human have his own rights … we are muslims and we know this religoin more than any one here knows it are being so crusal to us .. islam is teaching us respect to humanity to all people black and white …many people converted to islam for we don’t differ the black from the white.. profite Mohammad said what means : all people are equal

      • TV, it’s way past time for you to go away. You are wasting my readers’ time with your BS. We don’t like most Muslims and we certainly to not respect them. There are a handful of exceptions.

      • Muslims are hated everywhere in the world because of the deeds. Even peace loving true Hindus hate them.

      • In my schools I had muslim bullies.They used to start fights & I used to kick their asses during recess hours but one of the muslim assholes once video taped it & showed to our principal and I got suspended for 3 days but those inbreds were let off with a warning, the reason being they cried like sissy s in front of the principal.
        This is what they truly are, a bunch of coward bullies more pathetic than a 3 year old girl.

      • The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.

        Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing…
        but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

        Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

        Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”
        Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

        Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

        ‘truthvoise’ Man, there is more. This is to prove that u don’t have a knowledge of Islam or Quran so please stop wasting our time and dont comment anymore this is to all the other muslims here as well who use fake western names…….

    • ata, yes we have rites and rituals and education. The fact remains, we DO NOT want yours so stay home and do not bring your shite here. ( USA ) P S What my sister does with her boyfriend is her business. This you will never understand I guess. It is called freedom and you don’t know how that works and it frightens you. So please stay out!

    • Mr Ata, I spoke to Mr Said and I Tell You the same: both the house of Israel and 600 years later the house of the prophet of Allah crucified Jesus. God made Him Lord and saviour. Repent of your sin and confess Jesus Christ is risen And Lord. You will receive God’s love and be filled with the Holy Ghost to be clean like wudu from within you.

  38. muslims are the scums of the planet. The world must unite now christians/jews/hindus/Buddhists etc to get rid of this virus called islam and save millions of innocent women and children.

  39. it is happening in scotland as well i had a taxi driver ask me if i wanted a boy or a girl under 14 to play with for the night only £200 sick cunts i reported the taxi driver to the police but suprise suprise nothing happened ………ian

  40. This comment thread is full of idiots with half information talking out of their ***. They say a half informed idiot is more dangerous than a trained gunman, damn it if it ain’t true! If you actually read the article you’ll see that DURING THE TALIBAN REGIME BACHA BAZI WAS OUTLAWED AND ACTUALLY DEALT WITH. BACHA BAZI IS A CULTURAL THING THAT PREDATES ISLAM, AS IS THE DEGRADATION OF WOMEN. It’s exactly the kind of things that Islam came to correct. So try to study all the facts before you start spewing bull shit.

    • Can you PROVE that we’re wrong with what we know and discuss here?

      How about the way you treat your womenfolk, forcing them into burqas?? Or throwing acid into their faces? Killing Christians?

      In any case, Islam’s history speaks infinitely more eloquently than all your taqiyya LYING!!!! [And my ancestors suffered under Islamic rule for a full 5 centuries…]

      • You are wrong You are all wrong.
        You dont know about Islam and muhamed.
        The things you are seeing here is not islam..Islam is not representative of what its followers do and neither Christianity is.
        I understand these people who are entertained I belong to their tribe.I mean I am a pathan but the fact is they dont do sex with these kids.These kids just dance nothing else and as a muslim we should regret that.
        Ok Now tell me in your country How many clubs do you have in which you serve lil boys and girls to grown up men.And you also have a name for them Sugardaddys.Lets talk about them

      • SOB halla. Bothering to respond to any muslim is pathetic. Unconscious and in the depths of darkness. Talking rubbish from the savages monkey-see-monkey-do written so called koran. The mass grooming trials have begun. Lots of little boys and girls surfacing and going after the pervert that is the average muslim. Now go kill or torture some living thing. Or maybe desecrate someone’s holey place – pun intended. But maybe these words are beyond your ignorant brainwashed comprehension.

      • I have pages and pages of sentences and paragraphs from Islam’s Koran and other “religious” texts that tell and give horrible directions for the Muslum to follow. Sick, sick sh-t.

    • Listen you curry muncher. You can’t fool me with your propaganda. Unlike your uncivilized country India, we in the West know more about Islam than you. And we don’t buy everything the gov and media sell about Islam. Ha!! You folks are brainless sheeps, swallowing everything your communist/socialist Indian media feeds you. Its partly because of your stupid pacifist Indian ideology that the west is in such a mess.
      P.S. Expect your country to be overran by Indian Muslims with the help of China and Pakistan. Your country is already doomed.

      • for fuck sake dnt speak india and muslim in same beathe….first deal with your share of muzzies in states and europe and then talk about my country,btw how do u like it if i abuse your country for some shit muzztard’s statement who now officialy holds your county’s passport and claim to be more of american or european than you, watch out buddy we are facing the same problem as you, dont be too quick to abuse whole of a nation. As for my poor english and grammer i am sorry as its not my mother tounge and am trying to imrove it.We all are not facing small problem, our nation,culture religion and people’s future is at stake, its useless to fight among ourselves for petty issues, while whole world face such evil,lets all world get united against this evil or we are doomed

  41. hay stop saying rubbish about every muslim
    look at there faceses they are pathan no one likes them every one want to get rid of them

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      I positively HATE Arab faces no less, and Somalis, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Albanians, Muslimised Serbs and ALL other Muslims to boot!!!

      There is that most odious stare that virtually ALL Muslim bigots show off regardless of ethnic origin – whenever and wherever I see it, it’s the absolutest of all turn-offs!!! That stare is race-independent: it has everything to do with the pure HATE that Islam inculcates in ALL of its adherents from babyhood!!!!

      It’s the Muslims that truly are worse than anything considered as “rubbish”!!! They are devils, and Islam is the “religion”/ideology of Satan himself!!!!

      • I can really see how you hate Muslims and Islam … but I want to ask you :

        what Is the meaning of “Islam” ?

        who is Mohammad ?

        what is the holly Quran ?


        this site really shows your lack of DEMOCRACY and HUMANITY ! these morals were originated more than 1400 years ago BY our holly religion !

      • Ahhh really so tell me why our Christians neighbors does say that ! We are brothers with the Christians! we have 18 religions in our country and we are friends and neighbors and they are from the people of the country they love us and they pay us visits and we do so ! but you who you think your self better than us go and ask them they want tell you except for our good deeds of treating with them! Trust me they will DAMN you & nullify you as one of them!!

  42. Pissing on the dead bodies of these sick mf’s should be the punishment for the tourture of these CHILDREN!!!

  43. I’m in afghanistan right now working as a contractor and I’m here to tell you this is 100 percent accurate. They have demonized women so much that at least 90 percent are homosexuals. Most have never even seen a women’s face because they can’t afford to buy a wife, so what do expect the next best thing to be a lifetime virgin to be? You guessed it, animals and other men as well as the ”bacha dup,” or ”dancing boys. pre marital sex is punished by stoning where as raping 10 year old boys is acceptable. After all women are for babies and boys are for pleasure here.

  44. I know a guy here in America who moved here a few years ago from Egypt. He told me all about sick stuff like this going on over there. From what he told me, its really common. And don’t try to turn them in for it cause it will only come back on you in a bad way. His brother learned that the hard way. Its one of those commonly known but not talked about things in that culture. Its not just rich older men doing it either. Men who have positions of authority like a principle at school or such.

  45. And to think that people want to embrace ISLAM… Muhommad whom created Islam was a pedophile himself as he married a 6 year old girl… Do not give me the excuse that this was their culture? Do not give me the excuse this is only a few whom are like this…. Look at the nations whom embrace ISLAM such as IRAN, PAKISTAN, EGYPT, SUDAN, and many many more… then tell me it is only a few…

    I have NEVER heard of CHRISTIANS (whom are true Christians, not KKK or Skin Heads or White Surpremeist or Nazi’s – as these groups are not true Christians) but I have never heard of a Geniune True Christian Believer thorwing acid on their wives or daughters… ONLY IN ISLAM do I hear these horror stories…

  46. What’s hell going on here…..
    Its so rediculous/rubbish..

    If a naked western woman dance it is good everybody enjoys…
    its may be some festivals happen which shown in video.

    • dude … these are kids … young boys .. dancing for the pleasure of men …

      at da same time u hv muslim men distributing pamphlets in the UK .. condemnin homosexuality .. nd demanding that homosexuals be hanged ..

      u guys r such hypocrites ..

  47. Wrong! Mohammad had all sexual perversions, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, and though no perversion, had homosexual tendencies too. What they don’t tell you is that Mohammad said that along with the 72 virgins, he as well as all others going to heaven get 28 virgin boys for a total of 100 virgins.

    • @Afsaneh you may be right about Muhammad I never cared enough to find out but what there is no escaping is the utter hypocrisy of Islam they recently threw a man off a building for being gay ( despite no proof) and the crowd waiting at the bottom finished him off by stoning him to death. Where exactly in the Koran does it mention these virgins anyone ever think it may simply hve been Muhammad way of creating utter anarchy? If anyone believes that they are blinded by deceit. Islam is one of the worlds biggest hypocrisies and Muslims are utterly blinded,

  48. Doubtless this buggery craze goes all the way back to Mohamed in an unbroken link (as if each generation of Muslim men is still connected by the . . . well, you know).

  49. There is nothing to say to or about this. It is incredible, horrible, disgusting, anything but good, peaceful or holy. Sick Bastards, every one. How are these people allowed to live in the world with the rest of us?

    • Thats exactly what cortez thought when wiped out the indians he encountered. then again, who decided that our culture should be the moral compass for the world. If they see how we treat the elderly round this part, they’d probably say we’re savages, too. Just visit your local nursing home if you want proof.

      • devi, I visited my Mom in a nursing home 2-3x week for the last 5 years. The people there were treated with love and respect and all of their needs looked after. I can not say enough good thinks about that place. So stfu. What does Cortez have to do with anything? Live in the present please.

      • I happen to agree in some part because I was a sister in a nursing home that drove me to near insanity at the cruelty I witnessed at the hands Of carers but in such a low paid undesirable job it is hard to find replacement staff who genuinely care. But…….what has that got to do with Islam again???