AFGHANISTAN: ‘BACHA BAZI’ BOYS – where very young boys are the ‘entertainment’ for grown men


Native to Afghanistan, these “dancing boys” are actually sex slaves, lured off the streets by pimps, taught to dance and sing, to wear make-up and to dress like girls. Then they are made to perform before large groups of men. ALL of them are sexually abused. But in Islam, sex with boys under 18 is not considered homosexuality, so it is allowed.




“Dancing boys” are a lucrative business. Powerful former warlords and businessmen love to watch them and will pay a lot of money to have their own boy for Bacha Bazi. Some of the boys are traded like swap cards amongst the rich and powerful and if they disobey their “owners” they are killed or brutalised. The trade in boys is well known to the United Nations. According to Nazir Alimy, who compiled a report on the issue for the UN, there is no doubt who is funding this practice and why the police refuse to stop it. “According to our research these dancing boys are used by powerful men for sex,” Mr Alimy said.

Paedophiles and pimps search for young boys so they can sell them or groom them to be trained as “dancing boys”. In one case a journalist goes in the car with a paedophile named Dastager. As they drive, Dastager explains the type of boy he is looking for. Then in broad daylight the “dancing boy master” stops the car, goes to a shopfront and brings a boy back to his the waiting car According to a report prepared for the United Nations there is evidence that the practice of bacha bazi and the sexual abuse of boys is common throughout the north of the country. It confirms that young boys, some of them only 10 years old, are lured into life as a sex slave.

There is also evidence that this type of abuse is spreading throughout Afghanistan.”It’s true they make the boys wear girls’ clothes and make them dance in front of many men,” he said. The powerful customers are often former warlords who helped drive the Taliban out of the north. Others who involve themselves in the trade of boys are wealthy businessmen. Under the Taliban, Bacha Bazi was outlawed. Today it is still a crime but clearly there is no concerted effort being made to stop the practice and the criminal activity that surrounds it.

Preview of 6-part documentary about BACHA BAZI  - The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan:


See full documentary here: bacha-bazi-documentary





Bacha Bazi Dance boy


This is where the Bacha Bazi boys live

This is where the Bacha Bazi boys live


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  1. How anyone can know the truth about Islam and still defend it is beyond my human comprehension. Islam is straight from the pits of hell. So sad to see these things I almost can’t watch but I make myself. I feel so sorry for the kids who by no choice of their own are born into this filth.

  2. They hate women so much that they dress boys in women’s garb?
    They must be so sick in their perverted moslem minds.

  3. This site is obvious propaganda.
    Incorrect facts with doctored pictures.

    But I guess you’re just telling these readers what they want to hear.
    So the truth here is irrelevant.

  4. I am sickened reading what these boys go through but not really surprised. I agree we must all join to rid the world of this violence and hate that is Islam. Why do they keep saying it is a peaceful religion? Being an atheist I think all religion is violent but this really is sick and depraved. There can’t be peace because peace makes no money for Governments and they are the sickest and corrupt.

  5. Green said he is an atheist, but in the second reply he said assalamu alaikom. green is a muslim in disguise. islam is a backward and primitive religion.

  6. Islam is not a race, well technically anyway. Why would you write that I may not post here again if I had no answer for that? This is the kind of hostility I was referring to in my comment. When I was referring to the sickening racism that has been displayed on this page, I think you know I was talking about comments like “nido listen paki boy”. I tried to convey a wee message of peace and love and I am ultimately shunned? I get it now, type some nasty, venomous hatred and your more than welcome here! My Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, Cousin and myself have all fought for this country in the Armed Forces and for what? To give people like you the freedoms you enjoy today, including the freedom of speech. Your website probably reaches a large number of people, why not use it constructively and positively and say something that would at least give the impression that you have more to say other than the small-minded abuse that’s basically directed toward every single Muslim that walks the earth. Assalamu alaikum.

    • green, it is not racism if no race is involved. You didn’t answer the question so you are banned. All you muslim apologists claim to be former military and you are all liars. Buh Bye, Muslim.

  7. The racism in some of these comments is very sad. So much hatred. I’m not going to preach to anyone because I am far from perfect but my fellow brothers and sisters, surely this is not the way forward for humanity? How are we to grow morally and spiritually when we speak to each other like this? Yes most of us will agree that using and abusing young boys is disgusting, but why should we verbally attack every follower of Islam as if they are a party to this madness? I am an atheist. I respect each and every individual on this planet until they give me reason not to. I know for a fact that most Muslims would not condone the treatment of these kids. If we spent more time loving each other instead of hating then I’m sure the world would be a much nicer place to live in. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Peace and love to all of you.

  8. Allahu Ta Ala curse these abuser…Ya Allahu Ta Ala’ Cusre these abuser let the real Muslims rise and stop the oppresors and exploiters of the Muslims.

  9. Islam is a religon of Peace and RESPECT, IF SOME PEOPLE ARE DOING WRONG ITS NT MEANS ALL MUSLIMS ARE WRONG AND ISMAL IS WRONG. I dont know wy all non muslims are afraid about ISLAM. Its real facts that inside they all are follow Islam educations which are not available in other religons.
    if you observe westrun culture i think they almost forgot all its right rituals, they dont have any respect of their daughters, mothers and sisters. you all observe your own homes conditions your sisters have boys friends what you can do even you cant ask any word to what she do with him even…. God bless you all IF YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT OTHERS PLZ FIRST YOU HAVE OBSERVE YOUR OWN CULTURE, UR OWN HOME YOUR OWN RIGHTS AND RITULES ( I AM SORY IF SOME ONE IS HURT BUT ITS TRUE )

      • dear just check your own culture you feel good when you find their is no difference between you people’S life and Animal’s life, hope so you must understand reality SORY DON’T MIND BUT ITS FACTS,

      • the culture of the Western world, for all its’ faults, remains superior in every single respect to the culture exemplified by the pre-medieval barbarity of Islam

  10. muslims are the scums of the planet. The world must unite now christians/jews/hindus/Buddhists etc to get rid of this virus called islam and save millions of innocent women and children.

  11. it is happening in scotland as well i had a taxi driver ask me if i wanted a boy or a girl under 14 to play with for the night only £200 sick cunts i reported the taxi driver to the police but suprise suprise nothing happened ………ian

  12. This comment thread is full of idiots with half information talking out of their ***. They say a half informed idiot is more dangerous than a trained gunman, damn it if it ain’t true! If you actually read the article you’ll see that DURING THE TALIBAN REGIME BACHA BAZI WAS OUTLAWED AND ACTUALLY DEALT WITH. BACHA BAZI IS A CULTURAL THING THAT PREDATES ISLAM, AS IS THE DEGRADATION OF WOMEN. It’s exactly the kind of things that Islam came to correct. So try to study all the facts before you start spewing bull shit.

    • Can you PROVE that we’re wrong with what we know and discuss here?

      How about the way you treat your womenfolk, forcing them into burqas?? Or throwing acid into their faces? Killing Christians?

      In any case, Islam’s history speaks infinitely more eloquently than all your taqiyya LYING!!!! [And my ancestors suffered under Islamic rule for a full 5 centuries...]

      • You are wrong You are all wrong.
        You dont know about Islam and muhamed.
        The things you are seeing here is not islam..Islam is not representative of what its followers do and neither Christianity is.
        I understand these people who are entertained I belong to their tribe.I mean I am a pathan but the fact is they dont do sex with these kids.These kids just dance nothing else and as a muslim we should regret that.
        Ok Now tell me in your country How many clubs do you have in which you serve lil boys and girls to grown up men.And you also have a name for them Sugardaddys.Lets talk about them

      • Nido, listen Paki boy, you are way over your head here. Save your defense of Islam for the left wing blogs.

      • I have pages and pages of sentences and paragraphs from Islam’s Koran and other “religious” texts that tell and give horrible directions for the Muslum to follow. Sick, sick sh-t.

    • Listen you curry muncher. You can’t fool me with your propaganda. Unlike your uncivilized country India, we in the West know more about Islam than you. And we don’t buy everything the gov and media sell about Islam. Ha!! You folks are brainless sheeps, swallowing everything your communist/socialist Indian media feeds you. Its partly because of your stupid pacifist Indian ideology that the west is in such a mess.
      P.S. Expect your country to be overran by Indian Muslims with the help of China and Pakistan. Your country is already doomed.

  13. hay stop saying rubbish about every muslim
    look at there faceses they are pathan no one likes them every one want to get rid of them

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      I positively HATE Arab faces no less, and Somalis, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Albanians, Muslimised Serbs and ALL other Muslims to boot!!!

      There is that most odious stare that virtually ALL Muslim bigots show off regardless of ethnic origin – whenever and wherever I see it, it’s the absolutest of all turn-offs!!! That stare is race-independent: it has everything to do with the pure HATE that Islam inculcates in ALL of its adherents from babyhood!!!!

      It’s the Muslims that truly are worse than anything considered as “rubbish”!!! They are devils, and Islam is the “religion”/ideology of Satan himself!!!!

  14. I’m in afghanistan right now working as a contractor and I’m here to tell you this is 100 percent accurate. They have demonized women so much that at least 90 percent are homosexuals. Most have never even seen a women’s face because they can’t afford to buy a wife, so what do expect the next best thing to be a lifetime virgin to be? You guessed it, animals and other men as well as the ”bacha dup,” or ”dancing boys. pre marital sex is punished by stoning where as raping 10 year old boys is acceptable. After all women are for babies and boys are for pleasure here.

  15. I know a guy here in America who moved here a few years ago from Egypt. He told me all about sick stuff like this going on over there. From what he told me, its really common. And don’t try to turn them in for it cause it will only come back on you in a bad way. His brother learned that the hard way. Its one of those commonly known but not talked about things in that culture. Its not just rich older men doing it either. Men who have positions of authority like a principle at school or such.

  16. And to think that people want to embrace ISLAM… Muhommad whom created Islam was a pedophile himself as he married a 6 year old girl… Do not give me the excuse that this was their culture? Do not give me the excuse this is only a few whom are like this…. Look at the nations whom embrace ISLAM such as IRAN, PAKISTAN, EGYPT, SUDAN, and many many more… then tell me it is only a few…

    I have NEVER heard of CHRISTIANS (whom are true Christians, not KKK or Skin Heads or White Surpremeist or Nazi’s – as these groups are not true Christians) but I have never heard of a Geniune True Christian Believer thorwing acid on their wives or daughters… ONLY IN ISLAM do I hear these horror stories…

  17. What’s hell going on here…..
    Its so rediculous/rubbish..

    If a naked western woman dance it is good everybody enjoys…
    its may be some festivals happen which shown in video.

    • dude … these are kids … young boys .. dancing for the pleasure of men …

      at da same time u hv muslim men distributing pamphlets in the UK .. condemnin homosexuality .. nd demanding that homosexuals be hanged ..

      u guys r such hypocrites ..

  18. Wrong! Mohammad had all sexual perversions, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, and though no perversion, had homosexual tendencies too. What they don’t tell you is that Mohammad said that along with the 72 virgins, he as well as all others going to heaven get 28 virgin boys for a total of 100 virgins.

  19. Doubtless this buggery craze goes all the way back to Mohamed in an unbroken link (as if each generation of Muslim men is still connected by the . . . well, you know).

  20. There is nothing to say to or about this. It is incredible, horrible, disgusting, anything but good, peaceful or holy. Sick Bastards, every one. How are these people allowed to live in the world with the rest of us?

    • Thats exactly what cortez thought when wiped out the indians he encountered. then again, who decided that our culture should be the moral compass for the world. If they see how we treat the elderly round this part, they’d probably say we’re savages, too. Just visit your local nursing home if you want proof.

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