COVER-UP: Chinese Uighur MUSLIM rioters burned bus passengers alive, raped women and decapitated children, displaying their heads on a highway median.

Even in China, the government covers up savage acts of brutality by Muslims. The Ministry of Truth hid grotesque Uighur Muslim violence against Han Chinese.

Like reading a passage from George Orwell’s book 1984 comes this article describing a lecture given by China’s deputy chief editor of state news agency Xinhua, Mr. Xia Lin. It reveals, not surprisingly, the Communist Country’s overt efforts to conceal the truth from the Chinese people.

Titled Understanding Journalistic Protocols for Covering Breaking News, the speech was intended to help budding journalists understand Xinhua’s dual mission: To give Chinese leaders an accurate picture of current events and to deftly manipulate that picture for the public to ensure social harmony.

The article begins with a space flight cover-up but even more interesting to this blog is Mr Xia Lin, exposing and confirming – in a few snippets – what really happened last year when rioting angry Uighur muslims went on a rampage. Mr. Lin tells of the Uighurs raping & slaughtering innocent Han Chinese men, women and children. The facts are bone chilling.

“Mr Xia’s journalism lecture included other examples of Xinhua’s handiwork, most notably the coverage of ethnic rioting in Xinjiang last year that left nearly 200 people dead. According to the transcript, Mr Xia explained how Xinhua concealed the true horror of the unrest, during which the victims were mostly Han Chinese, for fear that it would set off violence beyond Urumqi. Uighur rioters burned bus passengers alive, he told the class, and they raped women and decapitated children, displaying their heads on a highway median.”

Interesting that like it’s far too similar Western propaganda counterparts, authoritarian China feels compelled to mitigategrotesque muslim violence and downplay it’s motives – all under the guise of community cohesion. Thus we have the Chinese version of the British “move along now – nothing to see here” that is so prevalent in the British and Western “free speech” media particularly when the subject of muslim violence is involved.

And, not to be outdone in their own Ministry of Truth quest – much of the Western media downplayed the Uighur brutality preferring instead to portray them as victims of aggressive police action:

“AFP news agency quoted general secretary of the Uighur American Association in Washington Alim Seytoff as saying that police had begun “indiscriminately” shooting at protesting crowds.” SOURCE

Thus the conclusion can be made: When it comes to muslims, the “Ministry of Truth” style censorship has clearly gone global. Article in full: TODAY ONLINE H/T The Opinionator

HAN Chinese describe violence (English subtitles)

Yet these are the kinds of signs the Western media want you to see: