PREEMINENT ISLAMIC HISTORIAN: "The Negro nations as a whole are submissive to slavery because they have attributes that are similar to dumb animals"

Ever wonder why so many American blacks choose to convert to Islam?

Compare the USA’s short Colonial slave  to that of the of Arabs (Islamic and Pre-Islamic) who colonized North and East Africa, who hunted, enslaved, tortured and killed Ethnic Africans for several thousands of years before the same geographical Arabs started/opened the slave trade to Colonial America.

One of the most tragic facts is that MECCA, the geographic heart of the Muslim community, was one of the LARGEST SLAVE MARKETS in the Muslim world all the way up until the 2Oth century when the standards of the international community, championed by the West  informed Muslims that chattel slavery is a violation against dignity, humanity and their own standing in global affairs.  But today, black slavery is alive and well in many countries in Africa where there are Muslims.