UK: Muslims keep marrying first cousins despite the horrific genetic consequences

In the UK more than 50 per cent of British Pakistanis marry their first cousins – in Bradford that figure is 75 per cent – and across the country the practice is on the rise and also common among East African, Middle-Eastern  and Bangladeshi communities.

By TAZEEN AHMAD My mum has always had a special place in her family because she was the first girl to live beyond childhood. Five of her sisters died as babies or toddlers. It was not until many years later that anyone worked out why so many children died and three boys were born deaf.


Tazeen Ahmad

Today there is no doubt among us that this tragedy occurred because my grandparents were first cousins.

My family is not unique. Back when my grandparents were having children, the medical facts were not established. But today in Britain alone there are more than 70 scientific studies on the subject.

We know the children of first cousins are ten times more likely to be born with recessive genetic disorders which can include infant mortality, deafness and blindness.

We know British Pakistanis constitute 1.5 per cent of the population, yet a third of all children born in this country with rare recessive genetic diseases come from this community.

Despite overwhelming evidence, in the time I spent filming Dispatches: When Cousins Marry, I felt as if I was breaking a taboo rather than addressing a reality. Pakistanis have been marrying cousins for generations. In South Asia the custom keeps family networks close and ensures assets remain in the family. In Britain, the aim can be to strengthen bonds with the subcontinent as cousins from abroad marry British partners.

Some told us they face extreme pressure to marry in this way. One young woman, ‘Zara’, said when she was 16 she was emotionally blackmailed by her husband’s family in Pakistan who threatened suicide over loss of honour should she refuse to marry her cousin.

She relented and lives in a deeply unhappy marriage. But others told me of the great benefits of first cousin marriage – love, support and understanding. To them, questioning it is an attack on the community or, worse, Islam.

At a Pakistani centre in Sheffield, one man said: ‘The community feels targeted, whether that be forced marriages or first-cousin marriages. The community is battening down its hatches, not wanting to engage.’

As a British Pakistani, I am aware of the religious, cultural and racial sensitivities around this issue and understand why people would be on the defensive when questioned about it. At times I was torn between explaining the health risks while privately understanding the community’s sense of being demonized.

It is not about religion or cultural identity. It is about avoidable suffering such at that experienced by Saeeda and Jalil Akhtar, whom I met in Bradford. They are first cousins and have six children, three with the genetic disease mucolipidosis type IV. This stops the body getting rid of waste properly and affects brain functions controlling vision and movement.

Mohsin, their second eldest, is 17 and blind. He wanders aimless and helpless, often crying in frustration. His sisters Hina, 13, and Zainab, 11, have the same condition. They live in almost complete darkness. Saeeda is worn down from years of round-the-clock care. She spoon-feeds them, dresses them and fears for them. Neither she nor her husband can quite accept that their familial link is the cause of this pain.

This is a major public health issue that has huge implications for other services. The cost to the NHS is many millions of pounds.

On average, a children’s hospital will see 20 to 30 recessive gene disorders a decade, but one hospital in Bradford has seen 165, while British Pakistani children are three times more likely to have learning difficulties, with care costing about £75,000 a year per child.

However during this investigation we found no efforts to introduce any national awareness-raising campaign. Why? We approached 16 MPs with a significant number of British Pakistani constituents for interview – every one declined. A lone voice was Ann Cryer, former Labour MP for Keighley, near Bradford, who said ‘fear of being accused of racism or demonisation’ prevented politicians speaking up.

The conclusion some will draw is that cousin marriages should be banned. I disagree.(Then you are part of the problem) But people must be able to make informed choices about the risks involved and options available, be they genetic screening, counselling or carrier-testing.

If this were any other health issue, politicians would have been out in force. But they are silent and as a result children continue to be born with terrible, prevent­able disabilities that are devastating their lives and those of their loved ones. UK DAILY MAIL H/T Scottish Infidel







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  1. Wow! How will the world be like when the entire muslim population of inbreeds become blind, retarded, deaf and have many other defects?

    • They will have to get rifles with braille sights so that they can continue killing us. In which case Obama Care will pay for guns for the blind and retarded.

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      Fuck Islam!

      • Omg that is sick. That I’d exactly the kind of thinking that lead to the mass sterilization of Jews by the nazis. Are you a Nazi by any chance?

        • Not by a longshot.

          Moslems were allied with the Nazis and Hitler during WWII. The Hussienai, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was Hitler’s ‘special’ guest in Berlin WWII and Husseinai raised 3 SS divisions from among the Moslem faithful to fight alongside the Nazi SS, Yasser Arafat-boy was Husseinai’s nephew and that is more than likely where Yasser got his homosexual tendencies. In his spare time Husseinai went to the Nazi death camps and provided input on ways they Nazis could speed up their genocide.

      • That would literally be world war 3, where muslims will dominate and destroy all those who have oppressed them and taken their rights away from them all through history. Donald clown trumph will only be an opening for the anti christ to come out.

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        • Just reading through this again, since it popped up as a memory from a year ago. Take over the country? Steal the goods? Rape women? Kill innocent people?

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          Sorry, Islam is the disease, and Trump is now the cure. And by the way, get out, and stay out of my Nation.

  2. Medical study discover this problem and we should thank for the advance research that we gave now to avoid the inbreeding of adnormal gene from the century. To many millions of inbreeding people in the the world specially in Arab country you will discover the different of there mental attitude than the normal one. So why we have to spread this kind problem?
    It’s not about following the tradition or it was a will of GOD but we all know the bad cause of inbreeding very bad why need to follow it? We are already in a 20th century. The world was change so why we can’t?
    Do we want our children to be suffered in mentally illness, just think who we takecare of them when you are gone?
    Be normal lets your children live normal to stand in there own feet alone, that knows what is good to bad, and know how to respect people and LOve & afraid to GOD.

    Be a happy normal family and a Normal individuality.
    Don’t be so ignorant & stupid!!!

  3. The photo with the un-normal large head is more of a fluid issue then cousin marriage. How many of those marriages are more likely the couple are brother and sister then cousins. Large families are great but it would be nice if fertility testing and sonogram testing is used more often then just for the few in Pakistan. Those in the UK have access to fertility testing and sonograms and they don’t hurt. The west used to do blood testing as a requirement to get a marriage license to make sure the couple aren’t with TB, STD’s or VD and mostly not related directly. Most of the marriages that result in defect of children even today are where the couple are directly related and many never knew untill it was too late and the marriage is then declared null and void and their parents are blamed. But unfortunately many laws have repealed blood testing since the 1960’s as a requirement to a marriage license and ought to be returned. You then reduced birth defects.

  4. Dear Writer .. Please write an article that more then 90 percent of Britisher drink Alcohol beside HORRIFIC CONSEQUENCE on their LIVERS … I can provide you with the Scientific Data…

  5. I am Muslim, and our Holy Qur’an speaks against this in the STRONGEST of terms…it’s is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN not to mention completely disgusting. For all of those so-called “Muslims” that says this is okay, take your Qur’an off your high shelf, blow the dust off of it and READ IT OVER AGAIN. Don’t you DARE try to say that Islam accepts this filthy practice. You are insane and digusting.

    Kamran Malik… this response was for YOU and any other person who agrees with this abomination.

    Islam is already given a bad reputation as it is, with so many wicked psychopathic zealots killing people in the name of Islam. You and people like you are the reason that most of the world believe Muslims are “Monsters” , as recent poster, “philipsmeeton” stated earlier in this thread. He’s not going to be one who tries to research Islam for himself to get any true documentation. NO ONE will. People believe more in what they see with their own eyes and when Islam is constantly being portrayed in a negative light, that’s EXACTLY what they will continue to believe.

    • Muhammad posted: “Islam …already {has} …a bad reputation…. with so many … psychopathic zealots killing people in the name of Islam. You and people like you are the reason that most of the world believe Muslims are “Monsters”

      Olly Golly Gee, and Mohammedans behaving like monsters has no bearing on peoples opinions of Mohammedanism? Why fancy that.

    • I totally agree!!!!
      I am not of anyone religion, I am just someone who believes in ‘we are all one’ .
      People do not care enough for others and use religion as an excuse to be cruel to others.
      Everyone has the right to follow the religion they want to follow as long as it is on truth and love.
      I feel for the Muslim community, a very dad time.
      With everything there are always ones that use it for power .
      Who ever this person in spreading such hate and filth is one very sad small minded person!!!
      Peace to all x

  6. It is a known FACT that in every species on this planet, including humans, the wider and more diverse the genetic diversity, the stronger, smarter, healthier and superior generation is produced. Religious based monotheistic societeys generally have the overwhelming majority of genetic disorders. The numbers in Texas,Kansas,Arkansas, West Virginia,Tennessee, are outrageously high compared to the rest of the country, and the developed world. The Pakistanis are no different than the fundamental Christians of the USA and their offspring, and the Mormons score even higher, but they are very secretive about the true numbers. These are the facts.

  7. I pray for this family that they seek the peace and hope that only Jesus Christ can give. The world can be cruel, but He forgives and is loving. I can’t imagine my 17 year old son crying all the time :'(

  8. Haven’t we learned anything? I guess if it’s okay to exploit street orphans and poor little boys (bacha bazi), marrying your cousin isn’t so bad…smh.

    • What if u found out that Jesus was actually a product of an incestial marriage and was mentally ill because of s brother married a sister. What if it were true.

  9. What about America? (Christian) “hill billies” they’re known to marry first cousins and so i say to hell with anyone who tries to find something to hate on islam with. Islam is the cleanest and purest religion. And another thing, it is not in the religion that first cousins can marry it just doesnt say they cant.. I am albanian and a muslim and we would get our heads chopped off if anything were to happen with a first cousin.

  10. Islam is bullsit sorry ! That is just sick! And all of that religious stuff is bullshit! be religious but use your brain. don’t u think religioun has been changed by kings and lordwars just to controll your behaviour!!!!!!!!THINK USE YOUR BRAIN!

  11. If people choose to marry first cousins generation after generation…..then they should pay for the NHS treatment and long term care and school support. SIMPLE.

    • Yeah and if the people chose to Drink alcohol and smoke Generations after generation… then they should pay for the NHS treatment and Long term Care and school support… SIMPLE

  12. in my country it is illegal to marry your first cousin as far as i know, for that very reason…due to increased genetic malformations in children.

  13. buncha sick heathens that believe in a false religion written by some inbred named Allah Mohammed, Judaism came first get a clue Islam is a copy of the real thing christianity AKBAR AKBAR I want to marry my 9 year old cousin she is so beautiful

    • What a bunch of bullshit thats written on this site.
      Just look at the front page “It isnt islamophobia when they are really trying to kill you”.
      This actually made me laugh, this site is for sure not ran by any government with the intentions to get muslims and christians fighting eachother more and more, no no…
      And for the people that do really fall for all this crap… I feel sorry for your ignorance, do your research, dont blindly believe whats said in the news and on other sites…
      You are the kind of persons that will destroy this planet, wake the fuck up!

    • You know how for example the apple iphone has gotten so great. I see religion that way as well. Judaism then christianity then Islam, my point here is what comes later is realer and better analyzed and just how you have jesus as a prophecy we have Mohammad.

      • Except Christians don’t consider Jesus a Prophet (Muslims do.) Christians believe he is the Son of God (more like God on Earth.) If we use your logic then Mormonism (of which I’m NOT a believer) would be more advanced then the Muslim faith because it came later. ) Bullshit. But then, IMHO ALL RELIGIONS ARE B.S.!

    • The main reason that year olds are in high demand for Mohammedan brides is because in most Mohammedar socities only the 9 year olds are vergine suc

  14. Well i aint racist to anyother religion or beleif or race for that matter…. Why beacause they dont cause any harm or try and impose their religion and their beleifs on other nations espicialy one that isnt yours. Could you imagine if all the british people (white and blac) were to go to afganistan or wherever and started celebratin daint georges day ln their streets!!? Thry woulf kill us all because their goverment lets them. The problrm isnt them… Fuck me if you could go to another country, claim benefits get free heslthcare ehy would you stay in your countrt. People its the go erments fault for allowin them in and allowing theso much freedom

  15. I hope you realize…
    1. what you do to others you do to the self – the proof – right in front of you
    2. marrying bad genetics WEAKENS your bloodline in a way that it can’t get rid of that genetic encoding and you literally CURSE all the spirit that comes into the body will have bad life because ppl will only see the spirits body and not the truth … therefore they will live sad because here … body is very important … the way it looks… anyways … what the fuck are you duing ppl? religion??? WHAT RELIGION??????? isn’t religion about some god? since when has it become a MUST B E!!!! ????? wtf muslims and all the fucking other ppl that identify with belief and faith and religion …. FUCK YOU ALLL!!! YOU’RE RUINING THE WORLD WITH YOUR RAPE!!!

  16. I’m not going to be beheaded…or anyone else I know or have met or will meet for that matter. Sex with your family members is sick but muslims do have sex with kids and animals so why not…

    • Let’s be honest: it’s us Western whiltes who have contributed the lion’s share of scientific and technological discoveries. Likewise with art, music and so much else of good – even if we’ve contributed all too much evil too…

      Whoever you are: you wouldn’t even have a computer were it not for us WHITES!!!

    • Inbreeding, child raping, murdering, stealing, lying, uneducated, unevolved, ignorant genetically inferior Muslim trash. All of you with no exceptions whatsoever. If you respected yourself you wouldn’t even speak to reveal your ignorance.

  17. Even the ones without defects aren’t really necessary for the UK and Europe. They should all go back to their homelands.

    If that happened there would be a party in the streets that would last for weeks, the Europeans would be so happy!

    • Nothing wrong with marrying your first cousin , do some recent(2010,2011,2012)research and you’ll find out ,I don’t even feel the need to do the leg work for you. I say again NOTHING WRONG WITH MARRYING YOUR FIRST COUSIN.Not because your modern science admits there’s nothing wrong with it but because Islam says so.AND YES YOU ARE A PATIENT OF ”Islamophobia”

      • Kamran, and your extreme ignorance is a perfect example of the kind of damage inbreeding does to muslims. I don’t need to see phony research. I see muslims everyday who represent the mental/physical disorders common to inbreds. It isn’t Islamophobia when inbreds like you keep trying to kill us. Everyone should hate muslims. You are a plague on the civilized world. Do us a favor and go kill yourself.

      • Kamran you idiotic imbecile, it would seem that you are the result of a vastly reduced gene pool if you think that marrying first cousins is seen as advisable by modern science (as opposed to medieval science? Islam says lots of things like it is OK to marry a 9 year old. Does that mean that you will be sharing your conjugal bed with a under age first cousin child bride?

      • The problem is not that first cousins occasionally get married. this becomes a problem when people keep doing it generation after generation.
        In European history, some of the Habsburgs suffered becasue of inbreeding.

        • Exactly; so did the Coburgs (hence Victoria of England passing on the hæmophilia gene as follows: her youngest son was a hæmophiliac, while two of her daughters carried the gene into the ruling houses of Russia (Rómanov) and Spain (Bourbon), perhaps also Germany (Hohenzollern).

          It also contributed mightily to weakening the Habsburgs as well as to the destruction of the Aviz (Portuguese ruling house of the 15th and 16th centuries)

          Yes, the difficulty is with cousins’ marriage being persistent and regularly repeated – an occasional such happening may be OK. [E.g., the great composer Sjergjéy Vasíljevich Rakhmáñinov ended up marrying his first cousin Natáljiy Sátina with their children being unaffected.] However, the practise is definitely never to be recommended…

      • @James
        Why did Europeans, specially UK invade India, Pakistan, Iraq etc…and even when they left, people didn’t party in such countries, because they left such countries in total destruction and war. you better teach yourself a bit of history then comment. Those people are not gonna leave you alone, until you give them back what you have stolen from them. unfortunately, you are not capable to repay what you have done to them in the past. but you can only accept them.

      • you are nuts dude..go and research islam and all other religions than talk and don’t eb a sheep to follow some bullshit. Lords and kings have changed and made up shit to controll you. u live in a tiny box . u are not free!

      • Kamran, your Koran has now been taken apart and studied. It isn’t as you think it is. If you are going throw insanity in the faces of people who are a civilized society we will psychoanalyst it. Keep marring your cousins and you will always be ignorant and live in the darkness of hell.

      • LOL!!!!!!!! wWHAT AN IDIOT!! Please go back to your country and stay there, we dont want birth defects in the Western Countries. If you dont accept our teachings, stay AWAY THEN!!

      • Islam is not based on one grain of tangible
        fact. In essence it is truly shocking that anyone
        in the modern world gives it any credence.

      • Kamran , following something blindly will not get you anywhere . First of all this article is written by some Muslim who has a different opinion than yours. Secondly , let me enlighten you that in Hinduism , if you properly follow , we match horoscopes and “Gotras ” before marriages. The main purpose is to know who your ancestors were so that no such problem like these genetic troubles arise. We dont marry in same Gotra . Now in 21st century scientists are acknowledging what we have been following for Centuries.

      • Are you sure it isn’t the other way around? Like what Anjem Choudary suffers from. You know, “Infidelphobia”? Isn’t it the sole and dire duty of all true islamic believers to infiltrate and take over non-muslim countries to further usher in a Sharia Law under the CaliFAT?