UK Muslim beats the crap out of his sweet Labrador puppy (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, son of a prominent Tunisian diplomat, who was caught on CCTV raining down more than 20 blows on his labrador puppy, as she cowered in terror, because he was ‘having a bad day’ will serve no jail time.

UK DAILY MAIL– (H/T QV) Abou-Sabaa narrowly avoided being locked up for the horrific attack. In a final, sickening, attack, the 21-year-old student was filmed kicking the blameless pet down a flight of steps outside his luxury city centre flat.

But despite his behaviour being branded ‘despicable’ by RSPCA inspectors, magistrates agreed to let him walk free from court, imposing
a suspended prison sentence and banning him from keeping animals for four years. They told him they were letting him off because he was in full-time education.

Brazen Abou-Sabaa punched and kicked the dog outside the entrance to his building. ‘The defendant was seen wiping sweat from his brow and only stopped the assault when people entered the building, resuming the unprovoked assault when they had gone.”

An investigation was launched after the appalled caretaker saw the attack on CCTV and contacted the RSPCA.

When he appeared in court, shocked magistrates asked for the gruelling six-minute video footage to be stopped because they couldn’t bear to sit through it all. It shows the uncomprehending, mild-mannered pet cowering while Abou-Sabaa beats it ferociously, stopping only to mop his brow.

At one stage he yanks the puppy up by its neck then slaps it to the ground, also standing on the terrified dog with his full weight. Finally he uses his knee to launch her down a stairwell. Poppy was seized by RSPCA inspectors and has made a full physical recovery from the attack in July. 

Abou-Sabaa told investigators he had been having a bad day after learning he had failed with a job application and was training the dog. But David McCormick, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told Manchester magistrates it was a sustained and brutal attack – a ‘wanton and deliberate act of cruelty.’


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  2. In the UK the Criminal Justice System, is only to look out for the guilty as it cost money to look out for the victim. And the UK courts cannot look Raciest by convicting a Muslim From trafficking young white Kaffer girls, to kicking the shit out of defenceless animals. as like everything in the UK is racist (by none Muslims)

  3. This is the most cowardly a-hole I’ve seen……Do this to my dag and you’ll pro
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  4. Where are the gutless residents? Why did nobody cone to the pup’s aid and kick 5 colours of shit out of this miserable excuse for a human? More importantly GUTLESS, GUTLESS magistrates. If you or me we’d be handed the most severe sentence possible. WAKE UP UK. You are losing your country!!

  5. what a hero. he is a real tough man. what next. beating up rabbits or guinea pigs. apparently people who hurt animals are uncertain about their sexuality (secretly gay). they have always felt weak and powerless and the only way that they can feel in control is to hurt defenceless animals. and I am not saying that all gay people hurt animals, before I get any replies focusing on that last comment

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  9. If I ever witness something like this personally, two things will happen with Absolute Certainty.
    1; I’d snap his neck, or shoot him, close-range, through the back and heart..
    2; The pup would have a brand new home after she recovered.

    I would have not even the vaguest hesitation, remorse or regret in ending the existence of a crature like this thing and walking away.
    he deserves none of such for attacking an innocent that cannot defend itself–and I know what that feels like personally.
    the sub-Human creatures who do this always go one to murdering or hellishly abusing people–typically children.

    This is a well established and long-known Fact in criminology and psychological profiling.

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    • AMEN, Mario!!!!

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      I sure hope that poor puppy has recovered not only physically but mentally and spiritually and is with a loving Christian (or Jewish) owner who’ll truly spoil and welcome her – and that she’ll ALWAYS hate every last Moslem man, woman and child she meets!!!!

    • No, not all of them. But unfortunately the ones that are what Viking USA says they are, those are the ones who make the news and the most waves. The good ones are quiet and not making waves.

      • In fact, MOST Moslems (over 2/3 – two thirds!!!) are our enemies and if pushed by their own “radicals” would attack us…

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  11. I so much want to see the same thing done to this ( MAN?) as what he did to this puppy. What a horrible stench and stain on the human race he is.

  12. The Christmas, remember the birth of Christ and the sacrifice he made.

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    • WOW, “jim”!!!!!

      BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN – I couldn’t have said it better!!! In fact, with my desperate urge to include as many details as possible, it would only be worse, alas…

      This should be remembered not just at Christmas (or whenever you want to commemorate Christ’s Birth): it should be remembered DAILY!!!!

      And may God’s and Christ’s Blessings be always upon this poor little bitchlet who had to suffer so cruelly and NEEDLESSLY because of an Untermensch totally dedicated to SATAN (masquerading as “allah” – I DELIBERATELY find myself refraining from capitalising that good-for-nothing false ‘god”s name as well as enclosing it in quotes because he’s such an utterly IMPOTENT, EVIL “deity”)!!!! Here’s hoping that she has been completely rehabilitated and living in a totally-LOVING, JOYFUL and WORTHY home which she can guard against those DEVILS…

  13. Warning to Americans: As long as you continue to be force-fed a daily sanitized version of Islam by corrupt media outlets like CNN or a State Department campaign declaring that America is at war against terrorists but not Islam, your Middle East policy will continue to be marked by failure and your interests both home and abroad will remain in danger.

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