Now Muslims have set up child prostitution rings in the U.S.

FBI busts up huge interstate SOMALI MUSLIM child sex trafficking ring.

(Just think, Obama is bringing in 80,000 more Muslim refugees, many from Somalia. And your tax dollars are paying to bring them here)

WDAZ — MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis and St. Paul allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio.

The 24-count indictment, unsealed in U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Tennessee, said one of the gangs’ goals was recruiting females under age 18, including some under age 14, and forcing them into prostitution so the defendants could get money, marijuana or liquor.

The indictment details several instances in which young Somali or African American girls were taken from place to place and forced to engage in sex acts with multiple people. One girl was under 13 when she was first prostituted. Another girl was 18 when she was raped by multiple men in a hotel room, the indictment said.

John Morton, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the case is significant because the girls were repeatedly victimized over several years and transported to many places. The indictment lists incidents involving four victims, but says “other minor children” were involved. It’s not clear how many victims there were in all.

The indictment claims the ring involved three Minneapolis-based gangs — the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws — and that all three gangs are connected. The men and women charged were either gang members or associates of the gangs, the indictment said. They range in age from 19 to 38.

The indictment says the sex trafficking ring operated for 10 years, with the defendants recruiting young girls to engage in sex acts. One girl was just 13 when, in 2005, she was taken from the Minneapolis area to an apartment in Nashville to engage in prostitution, it said. The girl was also taken to Columbus, Ohio, and other locations for prostitution.

In another case, a girl was under age 13 when she was first forced to engage in sex acts in November 2006. Two defendants had sex with her the next month at an apartment in St. Paul, and then other males arrived and were charged money to do the same, the indictment said. That scenario happened on many occasions.

The indictment refers to the girl as Jane Doe Two.”Jane Doe Two was informed … that selling Jane Doe Two for sex would be called a ‘Mission.’ It was a rule that members of the (gangs) would not be charged for sex with Jane Doe Two as they were fellow gang members,” the indictment said.

One defendant, Haji Osman Salad, nicknamed “Hollywood,” later made Jane Doe Two “his girl,” picking her up from school, engaging in sex acts with her, and then instructing her to engage in sex acts with other men, the indictment said.

Over the course of two-day period in April 2009, the girl was forced to engage in sex acts at least 10 times with nine different men, it said. Then, she was driven to Nashville. On the way there, Salad made a cell phone video of her engaging in sex acts with some of the occupants of the vehicle, the indictment said.

Law enforcement officials said Monday that 12 of the indicted people were arrested in Minnesota, eight in Tennessee, and six were already in various jails. Three of the defendants were at large.

Jerry Martin, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, said the defendants traveled back and forth easily between Nashville and St. Paul, and some may have been related. Both cities, as well as Columbus, have large Somali refugee populations.

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  1. A lot of americans slagged the English with regard to rotherham, now you have the same problems and i see you are doing nothing about it just like the people of Rotherham Sheffield Oxford Peterborough to name a few.


  2. Can you see why it’s time for God to step in and destroy this wicked (Satanic) world, just like in Noah’s day? Repent everyone and turn to Almighty God Jehovah and his son Jesus while there is yet time. Find out what you need to do to be saved when God’s final day arrives.

  3. Fair warning to you slimy, savage barbarians: This grandma has a gun and knows how to use it…you even look like you want to touch a young person within my purview, I will use it on you and I will shoot to kill…you will not be merely wounded. Then I will very happily face the consequences with a trial by my peers….even prison would be preferable if it meant giving you the possibility of walking free. My LOVING God will judge me.

  4. People, we are the power, we are the ones in control
    Not the Gov. They work for us but we let them do these
    to us, the one who tells you that you are free is your enemy
    You are the ones that need to do something about it.
    Free will is what we all have use it…..

  5. white people are cowards and ignorant,your so worried about being called racist u let these freak foriegners run u over wake up people im embarrassed to be white

  6. You can thank your Prez,Obama bin LYIN” for all of this Shit-here you have a man[if thats what you want call him] that has sealed all of his records from us-and were sappost to TRUST him-NOT on your LIFE !! As far as I can see, he’s a commie loving Muslim who needs to be IMPEACHED!!!

  7. This is really a shame and disgrace!!!!!
    America has so many things going against with this Commander-In-Chief we have today.
    Our forefathers died trying to keep America a free Country and with rights.
    Our military over the years has given up everything to serve as a Proud American to protect their loved ones.
    God really need to be put back into our schools, homes, business…everything.
    Many years ago when I first became a Christian and a soldier in God’s motto will forever be…”With God we can do everything, but without GOD we can do nothing”!

    With these illegals coming to our country and changing our ways after we are the BEST, THE STRONGEST AND THE RICHEST COUNTRY to downgrade us to their society……THEY SHOULD BE SEND BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY REGARDLESS WHEN THEY CAME TO AMERICA.



    • so many good things said about the dung invading our country. We have an enclave of taxi driving filth near our hood; and believe me they stick together. have taken over a small shopping center with their numbers. these comments are refreshing to read, about what average citizen Joes’ will do if confronted w/ the abduction of one of their daughters or little ones.

    • What an awesome idea DW,………. Have all these animals they are pushing on the regular folks move into the leaders and lawmakers of the western worlds neighborhoods so they can help them assimilate with them before they are unleashed on us. Bet all this would stop then

  8. P Jay excellent post. So we bring these people here because they are being “persecuted’ in their home country and they do this crap? No wonder they are ‘persecuted” it’s a well earned position in my view. Their own people were against the actions they practiced there so our government in its great wisdom lead by an administration and a commander in Chief that seems to be complicit in this travesty. Porous borders and a demand of tolerance and acceptance has allowed these animals to plague our country and prey on these poor young children.

  9. While it’s true that pedophiles, rapists, and other perverts come from diverse religious influences, Islam is the only one that I know of that makes a national pastime of pedophilia. Several Islamic countries, including Iran, now allow the degenerates that seem to account for 90% of their male populations, to “marry” girls as young as 9. Consummation of these hellish unions is a legal requirement if the groom so desires. Decades ago, the United States took steps to end the exploitation of women and girls by outlawing such behavior under the guise of “religion” . They recognized that if your religion victimizes, harms, enslaves, oppresses, or objectifies others, it’s NOT a religion, it’s a cult. Is it practiced anyway? Sure, but by the dregs of society, who at best can be cleaned up enough to be of minimal interest on tedious reality television. Get back to rooting these criminals out and prosecuting them, by tolerating them, and snickering at them, society is treading onto dangerous ground.


    Hawo Osman Ahmed, (Ifrah Abdi Yassin) SO SAD IFFY WHY WHAT HAPPEND WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE DOIN THIS? and Hamdi Ahmed Mohamud appeared at a detention hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on charges that they had threatened and assaulted a witness identified in an affidavit only as “MA.”

    Ahmed was ordered held and will be transferred to Nashville to face charges there. A U.S. magistrate judge ordered that Yassin and Mohamud each be released to a halfway house while their cases are pending.

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