Now, Islamic Terrorist Network ‘Al-JAZEERA’ is targeting your children

BNI readers might remember that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized American news outlets last week and held up notorious Al-Qaeda mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, as a beacon of truth and great reporting. She glossed over any mention of the network’s anti-American, pro-Islamic terrorist bias. So she will be positively ecstatic when she hears about this story.

The Blaze –Al Jazeera, the controversial Arab news network often criticized for its unfriendly-to-America bent, is trying to figure out a way to get on American cable television. So what idea did it come up with? Use the kids. Yes, Al Jazeera has just announced plans for an English-language network for children — in North America.

According to the magazine Fast Company, the project is supposed to be completed by the end of 2012.  And while the new channel will feature some original programming, content will also “be a mix of syndicated shows from other sources and original programming, dubbed into English, from the already existing Arabic-language Al Jazeera Children’s Channel.

So what kind of programming might kids, and parents, expect to see on the new Al Jazeera cartoon network? One need only to look at the current content of Al Jazeera’s Arabic childrens channel to guess.

There’s “Saladin,” which tells the story of the crusades through the eyes of a legendary Muslim warrior. Al Jazeera Children’s general manager Mahmoud Bouneb, however, told Abu Dhabi news outlet The National that American airtime is a goal

“We have an ambition to create an international feed for JCC that will benefit other markets, [such as] Asia and North America […] We are thinking probably by the end of 2012 because it takes a long time to prepare and to penetrate the market … we have so many requests from Asian countries to bring Al Jazeera [Children’s Channel] in Arabic and to be dubbed in English […] It is essential our international feed will cover North America. I don’t think we will face the issues related to the distribution of Al Jazeera (English News).”

“Because if cable operators object to offering viewers exposure to Al Jazeera’s news,” Mediaite says sarcastically, “they’ll probably jump at the chance to provide those viewers Al Jaz for Kids!”

Remember when Hillary Clinton demanded that the Palestinians stop making children’s videos that incite hatred for Jews? Well, they didn’t.

In fact, there is more anti-Israel television for children now than ever before. The Birds of Paradise band has released a new song in which children express their desire to be shaheeds (martyrs).